i took the other one down and reuploaded

one of haknyeon’s fansites uploaded a fantaken of haknyeon with youngmin standing right behind him and forgot to censor it

so then they took it down and reuploaded it after blurring youngmin’s face

but then she felt bad about it so she uploaded a preview of youngmin in a separate tweet so youngmin fans wouldn’t get sad lol if that’s not cute then i don’t know what is :”) (cr: @totallyill)

Who are you?

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(Summary You meet min yoongi, one of the top well known kids in school for his group, and winning girl’s hearts. He takes an interest to you after your encounter and seeks your attention. Mix of run era and school Update: I HAD TO REUPLOAD IT, BUT DONT WORRY PART TWO I S COMING )

Work count: 1.2k

Yoongi x reader Part 1


Today was the day of a brand new start ever since you moved to Korea because of your dad’s new job. Today was the day you were given an expensive uniform to attend one of the best schools in Korea. Today was the day you met Min Yoongi.

You took your bag in your grip, tightening your hold every few seconds it started to put too much pressure in your small hands. Your other hand smoothed down the skirt’s pleaded texture, in hopes of getting the day over with with a good look. Sighing to yourself, wanting to not attend a new school with no one you knew, you were called down stairs to leave for school.

You stepped downstairs and out the wooden door, waving goodbye to your mother, hearing her say, “Good luck on your first day!” You took the route shown on your phone’s map to the school; if it wasn’t already obvious enough, you had no idea where you were going and had to use an electronic device to guide you to a school you have never seen or been to. Your dad was already at work, and your mom didn’t have time to drop you off at school since she had to prepare herself for an interview for a job.

As you continued the journey to school, you walked near a narrow, shady alleyway. Something caught your eyes, over hearing a compilation of bark of wild conversation, and curiously leaked to have you stopping to peek at what lies down that path. Looking at the dark path you see a group of boys, huddled together, hearing nasty remarks and howls of laughter.


“Wait, hold up Hyung.”

One of them interrupted the brown-haired man to stop his story telling, having all 7 of them turned their attention to look at you with mischievous grins. During this awkward period of time, you examined how interesting they looked. They wore black pants with a white button up shirt, and a hint of their own style with an accessory. The reason these boys caught your attention was because you could over hear them from where you stood, but also because of their bright colored hair. One color in particular stuck out in the dim zone. Mint.

He dazed into your eyes in with his own, staring right back at you. It was like looking at a reflection; neither of you two looked away or moved. A conversation, just the two of you communicating with each other’s eyes. It didn’t last long as he was starting to blink back to reality, a scrunching facial expression glued to his face. It screamed disgust.

“The hell are you looking at?” He spat with burning eyes that no longer enchant you, but speak the lines of ‘get the hell out of here’.

You narrowed your eyebrows, a scowl shown as your expression, not amused by his comment. One of the boys, who had pink hair, glared at the boy, and spoke up, “Suga, shut the hell up. You’ll have the excuse him, he’s just grumpy. He’s terribly sorry. Isn’t that right, suga?”

The mint haired boy, you assumed named ‘Suga’, only shrugged and pulled out his phone. He simply ignored his friend’s comment by not answering and looking at the screen illuminating with light.

You were getting ticked off with this guy’s behavior, what was his problem? He was an asshole for one, and he was rude towards his own friends. Just a second ago, it seemed like he was intrigued in the moment.

“Whatever,” You scoffed and turned to your heel, beginning to walk away, coming back to the brightness from the sketchy scene. You started a quick pace to ignore their persistent yelling of “come back” or “wait hold up!” What an odd, and “great” way to start off your day with a jerk who looked at you with a displeased expression slapped on his face

You got to school with a few minutes to spare, noticing how everyone else seemed so neat and tidy. What made you think questionably was how the hell did those 7 guys get into this… perfection of a school? There were no boys here with bright colored hair, they all wore their uniforms completely, and they didn’t act unprofessionally towards other students.

As you walked towards a random desk, you pulled out your small journal to keep yourself occupied. Black ink was dribbled all over the pages with emotional and passionate words to describe how you felt. Poetic flows and rhymes were written throughout these pages, creating chants and fast beats to say. The very most you could do was read it and see if there could be changes anywhere. The bell rang and you stuffed your notebook inside your bag.

A teacher walked in, wearing a classic navy-blue suit with a matching pencil skirt. She wore dark makeup, her hair in a neat bun with no hairs poking out, and thin rimmed rectangular glasses. She strode over to the podium and smiled,“Welcome class. I am happy to see new fresh faces this year. I am Ms Park, and I hope we have an eventful year. Now, pull out your books underneath your chairs and read pages chapter 1-1 to chapter 1-10.”

Just as you pulled out your book, you could hear the squeaking of rubber stomping and laughter outside the room. The slam of the door caught everyone’s attention to see who caused the morning disruption.

Your mouth slacked open and eyes widened from the surprise across the room.

There, low and behold, was the mint-haired boy in his white crisp button up, black-tie hooked around his slim pale neck, a chain attached to his pants, and a grin stuck stupidly to his face. Behind him were the 6 other boys running past to get to their classes, creating troublesome and rowdy commotion.

The boy walked over the the vacant desk behind yours. Whispers and gasps were heard throughout the classroom, heads turning to faces in shock and panic, you saw and heard it all.

“That’s the one and only Suga!”

“He’s still hot.. Ahh… I wish he wasn’t such a sleaze..”

“Oh SHIT! I thought he was expelled from last year!”

“Haha, holy fuck man. He’s always late, but hell. How did he get back from the thing that happened last year?!”

Anxiety bubbled in your stomach, realizing you had seen him this morning made your face drop. You had your head low at the book’s cover to avoid eye contact with him, but you could still feel the piercing gaze he had on his face towards you. He sat down, but that just wasn’t his only move.

He didn’t just sit down. He actually had the nerves of sitting down and THEN kicking your chair’s back, causing you wince and get startled from his action. He smugly smirked and leaned back into his chair, propping his legs on the desk, arms crossed behind his head.

“Ah. You. I remember you from last year’s detention list with your silly games. Let’s see…” Ms Park took out her clipboard and used her pen, dragging it oh so slowly to find his name. You waited in anticipation to hear his full name, because there was no way his name was just Suga.

Ms Park opened her mouth to roll off the name on her tongue;

“Min Yoongi.”


A/N: So i don’t know if this should be a continuous series??? But if it is, i dedicate it to @yoongichill because she’s one of the first few friends i have on tumblr and she’s chill and awesome. ////The gif does not belong to me! Credits towards the owner/////