i took the idea from a girl on tumblr

in love with the idea of love:

i thought i wanted you
wanted a cynical boy
to become enthralled with
my enthusiasm,

ensnared in my arms
my heart

(the first half worked)

all it took to bind you were
bright green eyes
pearly whites

I’m sorry, I’m sorry



So, simple character studies of these guys! It started with a desire to colour Rhys’ shirt and ended up being this. Also, I might not be able to ever replicate that face I made for Rhys but it looks good here so eehh

They are a little messy at some places but goddammit, I’m still kinda proud for not giving up half way through. Yay me!

But here ya go, TftBl art again! I hate Rhys’ shoes but love his stripes and Vaughn is a perfect, buff baby. Also, copy+paste is a friend!

anonymous asked:

(I'm gonna send this multiple times because i think tumblr is eating my asks)) Dark didn't want to admit that he missed Aspen. He didn't want to say that he desired the girl's companionship. The idea scared him really, to think that he was just as fragile as his victims. It took him actually doing something fragile, breaking down in sad, in angry tears in the privacy of his own home to decide he was going to see her. - @realdarkiplier

Aspen was sitting in her kitchen drinking her coffee when her phone went off, seeing she had a message from dark. She rolled her eyes playfully and replied telling him to come over. She didnt bother to change from her sleep shirt and shorts , because let’s face it. It was only dark.


Technicolour: Chapters 1 and 2

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Okay so before I start, just want to mention again that this is my first shot at fanfiction and that the soulmate A/U idea is from tumblr but the storyline is mine. 

The charcters belong to Erik Kripke and not me.

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