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Destruction Of A Muse (M) [Final]

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Words: 8.418

The harsh slap of your phone dropping to your thigh was what pulled you back into the present, your stomach churning and clenching, your ribs feeling as though they were closing in on your lungs, caging them and preventing any air from getting in. You could hear the barely-there muffle of Tae’s voice, screaming at you to answer him, and it took all the willpower you had to pick up the phone once more and bring it to your ear, hand trembling.

“Y/N, please fucking answer me, I’m losing my fucking mind!” He wailed, his deep voice pitched and terrified.

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Alright! It only took forever but I did it! I’m a little rusty since I’ve had no time to write at all but I gave it my best shot!  (Marianna belongs to @upperstories!)

Being cornered by your former boss from thirty years ago in a different dimension was not how Henry wanted to spend his Friday night. Well, his date he had planned was the least of his concerns right now.

Joey limped closer to him. His back was already against the wall and he didn’t trust the toon logic to work in his favor. Shouldn’t his gimp foot not be affecting him anymore?

It didn’t matter. Not now at least. He still wasn’t exactly sure how cartoon logic would play out at the moment since technically speaking he is the good guy, but so far nothing has been going in his favor. Well maybe not good but not exactly bad either. How was he to know that if he tried to make a break for it that a banana peel wouldn’t show up out of nowhere?

“Henry, Henry, Henry. What to do with you.” Joey said with a smile. He was absolutely drenched in ink. At least his body wasn’t actually ink like Sammy. That poor son of a bitch…but he can’t think of that now. He can worry about him later.

“Joey…Joey please…don’t do this.” Henry begged. What could he do to get through to him?

His eyes quickly scanned the room. If Joey were to try something he needed a plan. Wait, is that Bendy? His eyes were wide and…scared? Alice and Boris had a hand on both of his shoulders. Wait a minute, cartoon logic. Bendy is the star of this show. Maybe since Bendy perceives Henry as the villain that’s why he’s always the one getting the short end of the stick. If that were the case he just needs to get him to see the truth, but how?

Wait. The hero being trapped by the villian. All the toons and even that fucking machine right there in all its glory. Evil genius with a master plan. Getting Joey, the evil genius, to tell him his master plan shouldn’t be too difficult.

This better work.

“Before you…you do whatever it is you plan to do with me…I need to at least know…why?” What was he thinking? Of course this wouldn’t work! Joey may be toonified, but he’s still Joey! And unfortunately Joey isn’t an idiot.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Never mind.

Henry saw the toons slip out of the door frame from the corner of his eye. Good. The last thing they needed was for Joey to catch onto his little plan.

“No? You brought our characters to life. What more do you want?” Henry tried to calm himself down. He was in no position to be yelling at Joey.

“What, them?!” Joey began to laugh. “Of course I want more! They’re only alive because I needed to make sure that I could actually pull this off!” Joey gestured to his beloved machine. “Yeah, I mean I they’re cute and nice to keep around but they’re nothing compared to what I have in store!” Henry refused to move. This couldn’t be right. Joey loved them when he still worked with him! They were his whole world! The reason he woke up in the morning! What happened?

“This machine is more then you think! Not only can it our bring cartoons to our reality, but it can bring us here! To this world! Where I am the god here. I can literally bend reality to my liking!” No. No this wasn’t the man he once knew. How could someone change so drastically? “One day I will have our world collide with this one. I will-”

“We really mean nothing, huh?”

Bendy’s voice caused Joey to jump at least a foot in the air. He turned around to look to the small toon. He was still surprisingly in his normal state. Well, he was dripping a bit.

“Bendy I…I just..I thought.” Joey stuttered.

“You created us…you promised we would one day leave! That we would be a family.” Bendy said. Henry’s heart hammered in his chest. He was just waiting for Bendy to snap, but Bendy kept calm. A little too calm.

“But Bendy I though that maybe you liked it here! We could still be a family I just need more time to figure out how to make this world merge with reality! You just need to wait.” Joey rambled. Bendy began to walk out of the door frame and into the room. Joey took a step back with every step Bendy took in.

“This was the place everyone walked out on me. This place is nothing but bad memories…I can’t stay here any longer. You promised we would leave soon!” Bendy stopped walking and stared at the ink machine.

Joey knelt down in front of Bendy and began to wipe the excess ink out from Bendy’s eyes. “We still can. You, me, Alice, and Boris can all live somewhere far away from here! We can still be the family you’ve always wanted! I just need more time and we’ll be okay.”

Bendy leaned forward into joey for a hug. Henry saw his eyes. They were void of all emotion.

“we can even rebuild our studio somewhere else. You can still become famous again.” Joey said. Bendy and Henry didnt break eye contact. What was Bendy thinking?

“Yeah…” Bendy murmered.

Poor Joey, he didnt even see it coming.

Bendy pulled away from the hug gently enough but he grabbed the collar from Joey’s shirt and pushed him back as hard as he could. Joey’s head made a sickening crack once it connected to the ink machine.

Henry couldn’t look away. No matter how badly he wanted too he just couldn’t. He just barely registered Alice getting in between Bendy and Joey. Judging by the starts swirling around Joey’s head, he was still alive.

He pushed himself off the wall. How dare Joey do this to him? To everyone? Didn’t he mean anything to Joey? What about Sammy? Oh god, who else did he bring down here that ended up worse then Sammy?

Henry’s fists clenched. He didn’t know whether it was the fact he was in a cartoon world or not, but nothing felt real. He had to keep Joey alive though.

“Bendy, don’t kill him.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.” Bendy’s voice was the softest he’s ever heard it. “Not in front of them anyways.”

Henry let out a breath he did even realize he was holding. What now? Was Bendy still hellbent on getting revenge on him? Would Bendy be okay? What will happen to them all when he leaves? When would he be able to leave?

Could Henry even get home?

No…no he had to be able to get back to his family, right? He couldn’t just be stuck here, right….right?!

One look at the toons and he knew that now was maybe not the best time to ask. Boris and Alice were tying up Joey with some rope they must have grabbed from the pocket dimension they all have behind their back while Bendy just stared at the ink machine.

This had to be the first time Henry ever seen Bendy drip without him being pissed at him and honestly? It hurt seeing Bendy like this. Sure, Bendy has been getting his kicks by messing with the old man, but he was…mostly harmless. Okay maybe mostly harmless is a stretch since Bendy got quite a few blows to him, not to mention Sammy, but still. If Joey hadn’t kept everything a secret from everyone and hadn’t been feeding the toons lies then Bendy wouldn’t be acting like this!

“Henry…” Bendy’s voice snapped Henry out of his thoughts. Out of instinct he blocked his face from the demon.

Bendy gulped and pushed back the excess ink out from his eyes. “You…you gotta get out of here…you….” Bendy walked up to Henry and sat down next to his feet. Henry soon followed his lead and sat with him.

“What are we gonna do?” Henry asked.

“what do you mean? I’ve seen Joey work that machine more times than I can count. You’ll be able to get outta here in no time.” Bendy whispered. His dripping only got worse. “you can go and live your life and…forgot about us again.”

Henry couldn’t help but laugh. “F-forget? Bendy, not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought about you!”

Bendy could have melted into a puddle right then and there. He’s honestly surprised he didn’t. “Then…but why…you didn’t…”

“Come back?” Henry finished. “I wish I could have. Joey told me if I took one step out the front door that I would be sorry if I ever came back…and I planned on coming back, I really did but…the war really fucked me up. I couldn’t function…would have been homeless or worse if it weren’t for my wife.”

Bendy shuddered. “but..but you’re better now, right?”

“well…not exactly. But I’m working on it…being here hasn’t exactly helped though.” Henry said. “But we can talk about this later. You said you can work this contraption so we can maybe have a cup of coffee and all of us can have a much needed heart to heart conversation. I’ll have to figure out all of our sleeping arrangements though. I’ll try to get everything situated to you can all have your own rooms, but for now would you all be okay if two of you had to share a room for a bit until Marianna get everyone’s rooms set up?”

Alice’s head snapped at attention. “wait.. all of us? At your house?” Alice looked over her’s and Boris’ work and they both sat in front of them, leaving Joey in the far corner of the room.

“Well yeah? I won’t just leave you here with Joey. I can’t just abandon you all.”

Bendy couldn’t take it anymore. Tears formed in his eyes before he crashed into Henry’s side, sobbing. Henry tensed. He already felt awkward and anxious about inviting Bendy to live with him since he was just terrorizing him not even ten minutes ago, but this was too much to handle.

“I-I’m so sor-sorry!” Bendy wailed. Henry relaxed a little at the state Bendy was in. It was sobering to see him so upset. Of course he feels guilty! He’s still the same little dork he once animated! He was just misguided. Maybe misguided isn’t a strong enough word. He was manipulated by the asshole currently tied up…who could wake up any second now.

“Hey Boris? Do you know how to use the machine to bring us back?” Henry asked while picking up Bendy and himself off the floor. He was in no condition to be doing anything.

“Uh..yeah I think so! Alice, could you help me just in case I forget something?”

“Of course.” Alice smiled weakly at Henry before running over to the machine with Boris.

The two managed to get the machine on with only a few hiccups here and there which Henry was surprised with. Joey must have worked on it with them more then he thought. It took Henry forever to turn it on in reality!

“Alright, y'all ready?” Boris asked, looking quite proud of himself and Alice.

“You two should go first. I’ll meet you out there with Bendy.” Henry said. Bendy pushed his face into Henry’s chest and wailed. The poor guy…but Henry didn’t have time to worry just yet.

Alice and Boris hesitated, but went anyways. First Boris, then Alice were sucked up into the nozzle of the ink machine. Henry couldn’t help but feel a bit sick. Would it hurt him to go through it? Would Bendy be able to go through it with him or would something happen? He wasn’t really in the mood to be molded together with the demon…but he had to try.

“Hen-ry.” Oh of course. Right when they were about to be home free Joey just had to wake up!

Against his better judgement, Henry turned around to look at him. He had his hand gently placed on the back of Bendy’s head so he wouldn’t have to look at the monster that created this mess.

“What do you want?” Henry all but hissed. He could feel Bendy’s body melt even more. His breathing started to get faster. He couldn’t stay here much longer.

“Please…Henry..my best and dearest friend..you can’t just leave me here.” Joey began to cry. “Please…you can’t…don’t leave me here.”

Henry’s grip on Bendy grew a little tighter. “Thirty one years ago i wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving you, you know that, right? I cared about you so damn much.” Henry felt his eyes sting. “But after all this shit you put us through?”

Henry turned around.

“I hope you rot in hell.”

He stepped up to the machine with Bendy securely in his arms and was sucked up back into reality.

They didn’t think twice about unplugging the machine.

Well, Marianna’s always talking about how she misses having children in the house. Hopefully three traumatised cartoons to raise will be enough for her. He just hopes she isn’t too angry with him for missing their date.

Awww this is so so cute!!  And… wow, intense, too.  Thank you for sharing it!! :D

Gosh, it’s kinda making me regret having my version of Henry be single… 

The long way home. Pt. 2

He fumbled in the pocket of his jacket for his phone and then realized he had no idea what her number was. Magnus’ phone, it would be in that. He patted down his pants’ pockets and then his jacket before he found it and tapped the screen to find what he was looking for. If it had been any other situation, he would of gotten a kick out of seeing Magnus’ screen saver was a picture of them together.

He dialled the number and waited. And waited. Caterina wasn’t answering, the call going to voice mail.

“Caterina, its Alec Lightwood, there’s something wrong with Magnus. I just came home and found him on the floor out cold. Please call as soon as you get this.” He hopped that Caterina was able to make sense out of the message, the words had flown out of him in a panicked rush. The loft was in darkness now, the only light coming through the balcony doors from the lights of the city. Alec needed there to be light. The dark was too depressing. Fear lived in the dark.

He gently removed Magnus’ head from his lap and got up and turned on the lamps before returning to him. He sat with his back against the sofa and as gently as he could, pulled Magnus close to him so his upper body was lying in his arms against his chest. He ran a finger down the side of his face, feeling the warmth of his smooth skin. Most of the time when they were together like this, they were in their bed, surrounded by red satin sheets. It usually only took the slightest of touches for Alec to be able to wake the warlock and be rewarded with the sight of those beautiful amber cat’s eyes glowing back at him and that pretty mouth curved into a smile that was just for him.

God, how he prayed that it would happen now. He checked Magnus’ phone again but there was still no reply from Caterina.

“Please, Baby, wake up. I need you to wake up.” He said, holding Magnus closer to him and burying his face in the spiky tufts of his hair. He closed his eyes and took in the scent that was all Magnus’ own. How he had come to love that smell. It was as exotic as the man himself. Completely unique.

“I remember the first time I ever smelt you. It was the day we first met at your old lair and we’d just put down that Circle member that was attacking you. You came up to me afterwards to introduce yourself. I remember thinking I’d never seen anyone like you before and how you made my heart race, just by standing in front of me. You probably thought it was me just being a big dork stuttering like I was but it was because the second you came near me and I could smell you it just made all my sense want to leave me.” He told him. He bent his head and placed a soft kiss to Magnus’ forehead. But the warlock slept on.

“I can’t believe now what an idiot I was for so long. All that time wasted when we could have been together.” He gave a small laugh, as he looked down, watching his face. “But you knew, didn’t you? You knew before I wanted to admit it to myself.” He traced a finger over his perfect lips.

“You never gave up on me, did you? Even when I proposed to Lydia and was determined to go through with it, you kept going. The hardest thing I’d ever done to that point was denying how I felt about you to your face that day when I came to see you. I told myself I came just to ask you about finding the warlock who had made the potion that Jocelyn took,  but it was because in spite of everything else I still wanted to see you, I thought, for the last time.” Alec put his head back against the sofa closing his eyes and letting the memory take over his mind.

“You have no idea how much it ripped my guts out to stand there with you talking about love and the way you made me feel without giving in to those feelings. You were right on the money when you said you knew I felt what you did. And it scared me shitless. I’d never been so utterly attracted to someone before let alone another guy. Not even the stupid crush I had on Jace.” He took a deep breath remembering that moment and then the horrible way he had snapped back at Magnus, determined to live the lie that Magnus had confronted him about.

“It took every ounce of will power I had to walk away from you that day. I thought I’d never see you again, and it was almost too painful to bear it.” Alec looked back down at him, feeling a similar pain once more. He placed a soft kiss to his lips, trying to will Magnus awake but he remained unchanged. He could feel tears stinging his eyes. He couldn’t leave him, not now. He had to come back to him. He looked at the screen of the phone. Where the hell was Caterina and why wasn’t she calling back?

“You have to wake up now, Baby, please, I can’t loose you. I never wanted to feel this way again, like I did after the attack on the Institute and I couldn’t find you. I’d never been so scared in all my life at the thought of you being hurt, or worse. At least I can hold you this time, be with you even though you don’t know it. I love so much Magnus Bane. Please come back to me.” Alec felt the tears run down his cheeks and fall onto Magnus’ waistcoat with a soft plop. He  hugged him even tighter to him, and buried his face into his neck.

He had no idea how long they had sat there for, on the floor of the quiet apartment. Alec slowly became aware of something touching him. He could feel the warmth of a hand on his face and he gave a slow smile. Then he felt warm lips on his and he instinctively kissed them back, his own hand reaching up to go around the back of a neck, forcing them to press harder. Suddenly the fog in his mind cleared and he pulled back, his eyes flying open.

Magnus was still in his arms but this time those beautiful amber eyes glowed back at him only inches from his own. A soft smile curving his lips.

“Magnus! You’re awake! Oh by the angel! I thought… I mean.. I didn’t…” He stammered. Magnus gave a small laugh and held a finger up to press it against his lips.

“Sssh, it’s alright my love, I know. I’m so sorry I made you go through that, not knowing what was wrong with me. I know what you must of been feeling, having been there myself after you lost yourself in your parabatai tracking that time. I nearly went out of my mind.”

“But what happened? Why couldn’t I wake you up?”

“I was with Caterina on a job that had required us to burn through quite a bit of magic. She was very weak herself  but I managed to talk her into leaving and I stayed to finish up. I knew my own magic had drained me but I thought if could just get back here and get to my elixir I’d be fine. Seems I underestimated a little. Making the portal to get back here finished me off, I’m afraid. I was completely spent, Alexander, that’s why I was so unresponsive.” Magnus explained.

“I was nearly out of my mind worrying about you, Magnus. I came home and found you on the floor like that, it was horrible. I tried calling Caterina but she never rang me back.”

“She was probably asleep as well. Once a warlock depletes their magic to that extent, the only way to recover is by sleeping it off. The elixir I have can revive it but not when it gets that bad.”

Alec frowned at his boyfriend and wrapped his arms around him tightly.

“Never do that to me again, Baby. I can’t go through this for a third time. Promise me you’ll stop before you get that bad. The thought of you passed out somewhere where I couldn’t get to you is too much to think about.”

Magnus pulled back from him so he could look into Alec’s deep hazel eyes. He put a soft kiss on his lips and smiled.

“I promise, Alexander. I don’t want to cause you that much worry if I can help it. What do you say we get off this floor and go to bed?” he purred.

He stood up and offered him a hand. Alec took it, hauling his tall frame stiffly off the floor. He rubbed his butt, wincing at the numbness from sitting for so long on the hard surface.

“Need a hand with that?” Magnus said, smirking at him, one elegant eyebrow arched. He reached his arms around him and started to push his hands down into the back of Alec’s jeans. Alec grabbed his arms to stop him.

“Are you kidding me? You need more rest, we’re going to bed and you’re going back to sleep.” He told him, determinedly.

“Wanna bet?” Magnus crooned and he grabbed the front of his shirt and started hauling him off in the direction of the bedroom door. Alec thought about trying to resist him but once again he knew he was powerless when it came to the wonderful Magnus Bane. This time he wasn’t even going to try.

anonymous asked:

What's the story of the time you got an A? (Sorry if you've been asked this a lot)

No problem, babe; you’re the first, actually!

Well, Mr. Moses, lovable, huggable, wonderful Mad Scientist that he was, had a reputation for being a no-nonsense grader and testmaker. He had never had a student make an A on his final, and as an incentive, he had a bet going.

He said that any student who made an A on his final would get to shave his head. For reference, this is what he looks like with his hair “short”:

Of course, with him being known for his shaggy and ridiculous hair, all the students studied extra hard, trying to take him down. In over 10 years, nobody had done it. One guy got close, scoring an 88, but nobody had gotten farther than that.

With my class, he amended the bet, “Because he was scared some of us might actually do it.” If any of us made an A, we got to give him a haircut, and if anybody made a 100, we could shave his head bald, including mustache.

Now, in my school, I was known as the smart kid. For reference, I graduated Valedictorian at 4.0 (unweighted) while the Salutatorian had a 3.6. So my whole class was determined I would be the one to make a hundred and shave him bald. They even did a story on me and my “quest” for the school paper. Kids I’d never even met before were telling me they were counting on me. I was terrified, mostly because I was a straight A student and didn’t wan’t to have that ruined. I could have cared less about Mr. Moses’ hair.

The day of the final was the Thursday before actual finals week, so that the final week could be spent doing makeup exams. Thursday came and went, and I was nervous as heck. It took him over the weekend to grade them, and we were all dying by the time Monday came around. He marched into class, sat down his bag, looked right at me, and pulled out a pair of scissors.

I had made a 99.

My classmates ran and got the yearbook photographer, and not only the photographer but half the school, the principal, and the superintendent all showed up to watch. He requested that I make him look “like Mr. Spock,” so I gave him a bowl cut, and everybody cheered. They still have my test and that picture framed somewhere at the school. Apparently, I’m the only student in the whole history of his tenure, both before and after my class, to ever get an A. Even teachers from other schools knew about it, because he told them at conferences.

So that was my 15 minutes of fame; made an A against all odds and got to chop off my teacher’s hair.

He had the same bet going with his Physics class… until I signed up Senior Year. XD

Sometime I’ll have to tell more Mr. Moses stories, particularly about when I took Physics. There were only 4 of us, so things got crazy. We had free reign of the shop and took field trips and blew stuff up and set it on fire on purpose, and he made us a steak dinner one night while we were working on our projects, we almost broke a law of physics and had to confer with MIT to make sure the rule wasn’t wrong, we had a grand total of 3 days of lecture in the whole class because the rest were all designing, creating, performing, and analyzing experiments to teach us the principles in the frameworks… I really love that man; we’re still really good friends! Of course, I’ve never let him live down that haircut. ;)

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can you do a prompt where nico and carter get really bad headaches and stuff and will doesn't know what's wrong until he realizes that it's storming outside?


Really, the dark room and the groaning should have been the indicator. Will had thought he was more observant then that. When Will failed to catch the hints though, his mind instantly jumped to that of a worried husband and father. Nico was curled up under the comforter on their bed, burying his head and moaning softly. Carter, on the other hand, was on top of the blankets, resting his head on one hand and holding a pill bottle with the other. He was squinting at the back of the bottle and Will frowned. He spotted the black framed glasses on the nightstand and picked them up.

“You can read better with glasses, Champ,” he handed the frames to Carter, who finally looked up from the pill bottle. He glanced between Will’s offering and Will himself, leaving Will with the feeling of being scrutinized.

“Those are Pop’s.” Carter nodded his head towards the blanket volcano, where Will assumed his husband was somewhere underneath. Will wondered if Nico was sick or if he forgot to take his meds again. If the groaning was anything to go by, Will figured the volcano was going to erupt soon, and Will would most definitely hear what Nico’s problem was. He set the glasses back down on the nightstand, picking up the practically identical ones that sat next to them.

“I can’t tell the difference when you two have the same frames.” Carter took them from Will and set them on his face. “What’s with the groaning party in here? And why are all the lights off?” Will flipped a lamp on and Carter hissed, shying away from it and pulling the lenses back off his face. Will frowned again, it wasn’t the reaction he had been expecting.

“Headache,” Carter mumbled the same time Nico finally spoke up. “Migraine.” It was strange that both of them would have the same issue at the same time. Will vocalized so before Nico let out a pitiful sound, sticking his head out of his blanket fort. “Have you looked outside lately?” Will wasn’t sure what that had to do with his son and his husband’s sudden ailments, but he walked over to the window, lifting the curtain up.

Lightening zipped across the sky as realization dawned on Will. He felt more then heard the rumbled of thunder that followed. They had headaches because it was storming outside. Will let the curtain fall back down as he turned back around to face the duo on the bed. Will never really understood why, but Nico always got migraines when it stormed. Something about Zeus hating him. Carter got them by relations, because he was Nico’s son. They had tried all sorts of medications to try and help curb the intense headaches Nico got, but nothing ever seemed to work. Carter had been able to subdue his pain with a handful of pills, though Will didn’t like him taking that many. They had even made the walls in their bedroom thicker to keep out the sound of the thunder.

Nico whined as Carter swallowed a few pills and Will made his way onto the bed between them. For Nico, they would just have to wait out the storm. That didn’t mean that Will couldn’t help though. He had been told before that he had magic kisses and that his cuddles could cure diseases. He could at least make his boys more comfortable while they suffered. “Scoot over, I’m coming in.”

Nico and Carter with matching glasses


Chapter 6: Sentiment

The night went quickly for Evan.

He woke up to Jon cuddled into his armpit with his mouth open, dribbling slightly. He looked so little, like back when they use to cuddle up next to each other and it wasn’t gay and wasn’t weird for them too. He loved those times were they didn’t have to worry about anything other than what they felt then. It was peaceful. Now they had so many responsibilities and such that he forgotten what it felt like to relax and not worry about anyone other than himself.

Evan found himself staring for too long at Jon though. No, something was different, it wasn’t just the responsibilities, but the way Jon’s jawline and his perfectly assorted face was held, the way his arms had tangled their way around him, how his sleeve tattoo and his piercings only added to the fact he was already a good looking human. Perfect in Evans eyes. Growing up had always scared him and Jon, but nothing could have prepared him for these confusing feelings.

Evan gingerly moved his arm a little, coming to bring Jon closer. He looked across to see Tyler sleeping across his feet, Brock was next to Jon, hugging Brian as he saved him from falling off, Anthony and Scotty were already on the floor with a space of where they once were on the bed, Lui seemed to be sleeping on Jon’s desk chair, David was half in the wardrobe somehow and Craig, Marcel, Ryan and Luke were nowhere to be seen. Luke being sober probably meant that they were somewhere sensible rather than in the cramped bed.

It took a while for them all to wake up. Luke was the first up, knocking lightly on the door frame of the bedroom.
Evan looked up, he seemed to be the only other one awake.

“I can’t believe you’ll cramped in here, there was another bedroom me and Ryan could of shared. That one has a door too.” He whispered, chuckling to himself.

Evan smiled in agreement, his head hurting like a bitch.

“You want anything there?” Luke asked, rather amused by the way his brother from another mother was wedged into Evans arms.

“Water please.”

He heard Luke walk away before laughter erupted from the bathroom causing a few people to stir. Luke came running back in, almost crying.

“Marcel’s in the fucking bath asleep, scared the complete shit out of me!”

Evan giggled slightly causing Jon to turn.

“I thought he was with you and Ryan?”

“No! I guess that’s where he’s been sleeping all night, freaking idiot.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Tyler mumbled, his eye cracking open slightly.

“Where’s Craig?” Luke whispered now, Evan shrugged. “This is when we find him dead some place. And also, why the hell is David in the wardrobe?”

Evan chuckled lightly.

“I actually have no clue.”

There was a weird silence as they looked over the sea of dead looking teens.

“Water.” Was all Luke said, before turning to leave.

Evan had gotten up after Luke had given him glass of water. They talked for awhile about random things.

Evan liked Luke, he had acted like a big brother to him and especially Jon. He loved Jon to bits.

“What the hell happened last night?” Scotty asked, walking slowly down the stairs.

Luke laughed at his pain.

“You fucked Anthony.”


Luke laughed harder, causing Evan to snicker. They had agreed to tell everyone the most outrageous things they could think of, and that was having sex with another person.

“It’s true.” Evan added, taking a glass of water to him. “In Jon’s fucking bed too, it was gross.”

“Yeah! We had to pry you from the fucker before any of us could get some sleep.”

Scotty started to turn red.

“You’re lying!”

“Nu-uh.” Luke mumbled, putting his serious older brother face on. Evan was internally dying of laughter.

Scotty stood there in shock before shaking his head. This made Luke laugh hard.

“I know you’re fucking lying you dicks.” Scotty frowned, punching Luke’s arm lightly.

They told Scotty the plan.

They waited for an hour, talking again about nothing in particular.

“Where the fuck is Ryan, is he dead?” Luke stated, beginning to climb the stairs.

A minute later he came down basically dragging the hungover lad by his arm.

Ryan cursed under his breath, before rubbing his eyes.

“Hey guys.” He yawned.


“Anyone seen my glasses?”

“I’ve got them.” Luke replied, going to his bag and handing them to him.

“Thanks buddy.” Ryan popped them on. He was good at rocking both the contacts and the glasses, as long as you could still see his beautiful eyes he was a catch.

“Hey did you know you two fucked last night?” Scotty said a little too excitedly.

Ryan laughed sleepily, looking over to Luke.

“Oh yeah? Did we now?” He replied sarcastically, brushing Luke slightly. “I remember it being the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Stop it you fucker.” Luke mumbled, he knew that wouldn’t work on Ryan. He was far too flirtatious to get all red and shy if he had fucked him anyway.

“Yes a fucker is what I am, I’m guessing you must of been the fucked then?” Ryan laughed far too cutely for Luke’s liking.

“You’re a bitch.”

This made Ryan laugh harder.

“Can I play?”

Tyler was the next to come down. They told him he had fucked Craig, but he was far too stubborn to believe them. Next it was Anthony who got told about the whole Scotty case. He was convinced until he saw Scotty start to laugh. Then it was Lui, who thought the idea of him fucking David in the closet was hilarious and was way too funny to be real. After that it was Jon.

He almost fell down the stairs, tripping over his half-on sock.

“Alright mister eager!” Luke cried in laughter.

It was about 1pm and Ryan was only now making breakfast with whatever food he could find. It smelt delicious.

Jon groaned.

“I am either dying or dead and this is a shitty afterlife.” He yawned, coming to sit next to Evan.

“Sup man.” Evan mumbled. “Have a good one?”

“I dreamed I was in a weird ass universe where we had all the inside body parts of us on the outside. It was damn weird.”

“What?!” Luke laughed.

“Too much information.” Evan added. “I didn’t ask you for a novel.”

Jon snorted, still a little too light headed to start laughing.

“Oh,” Tyler butted in, getting up from the sofa. “Did you know you and Evan fucked last night?”


“Yeah dude, Evan was trying to get over his girlfriend and-”

“Too soon!” Ryan yelled over the sound of the pan sizzling.

Evan exhaled loudly, looking over to Ryan and nodding. Ryan smiled, before going back to his cooking. Thank God he had saved him. He didn’t feel like he could deal with the whole Georgia thing this morning. He had actually forgotten until Ty had said something.

“Anyway you two just fucked. Totally not for that reason.” Tyler mumbled, annoyed Ryan had ruined his catch.

“What?” Jon said again, a little less surprised. He raised an eyebrow up at Evan.

“Yeah totally.” Evan said in his sarcastic monotone voice. “We frickle fracked in yo bedroom.”

“Damn without a door? That must of been spicy!” Luke added.

Jon laughed, a little blush still on his face. “Damn that’s risky. I bet it was good.”

“Of course it was.” Evan said, feeling he was taking it too far. “Could work a little on flexibility though, I had a HARD time getting there.”

Evan started to blush, damn why had he said that. He was thinking about it now. An image he could never get rid of in his head.

“Well I’m sorry! We can’t all be perfect hoomans like you, you damn hoodini.”

This made Evan laugh. Thank God Jon hadn’t made it awkward.

“Anyway…” Tyler mumbled, a little freaked by the flirting the two were doing. He thought he had got use to flirting from Ryan’s flirty nature, however this was more innocent. The way they lightly blushed and the nervous teasing. It made him shiver. “Where the fuck is Craig?”

They found him in the garden, sleeping like a log underneath one of the boys cars.

Marcel woke up about thirty minutes later complaining of being wet and achy and David around an hour later, confused why he was hanging out of a closet.

Brock and Brian were the last to wake up. Their soft chatting could be heard from the boys downstairs.

“So what do you guys wanna do?” Evan asked knowing some had work later and such. “I’m staying here tonight, right?”

“If you wanna, it’s kind of a shit-hole.”

“It’s always a shit-hole.” Evan stated.


“Well me and Brian have to go like, now, we have a date with Brian’s mom. I agreed to swing by and paint her living room.” Brock mumbled, getting up and helping Brian up. “And I’m helping I guess.” Brian said in annoyance causing Brock to laugh.

“It’s your mom.”

“I can take some of you dudes home in a bit. As Craig knows my car’s outside if anybody wants a lift, but it’ll have to be in a sec. I’ve got work at 4 and it’s like half 3 now.” Marcel said, also getting up as he looked around the circle of his friends.

“I’ll take you up on the offer dude.” Tyler mumbled.

Anthony and Scotty looked at each other. “us too”

“And me!” David yelled, Marcel frowned.

“Man you like live a million miles away I’m not taking you home.”

“Damn it.”

“I’ll take you home.” Craig muttered, rolling his eyes. “You can come with me a Lui.”

“Woo awesome!”

Jon looked towards the two older boys for their answer. Luke spoke first.

“Well my car’s out front so we’ll go when ever my princess wants too.”

“Aw thank you my dear prince Lukey boy.” Ryan replied, chuckling. “So that should basically be whenever you want us to go Jon.”

“Okay.” Jon replied. He looked towards Evan who was watching them all leave.

“How long are you planning on staying?”

“Um, like all holiday basically? I was hoping if you got bored of me I could crash at someone else’s for a while.”

Jon laughed.

“You’re damn right you’re staying all holiday.” Jon smiled, shuffling slightly. “You gotta make up for the years you’ve missed with me.”

Evan giggled, looking in his direction. “I will, don’t worry.”

The early boys left then and there, and not even an hour later the Craig carpool left, leaving only Jon and Evan, and Ryan and Luke.

“What do you lads wanna do?” Luke asked as Ryan went to the toilet.

Jon shrugged. “my mama said she’d be back at like 8, so make that about 9-ish to 10-ish so we have load of time.”

“Yeah, we’ll go when ever your mom gets home.” Luke mumbled, before the footsteps of Ryan could be heard.

“How about filling us in on anything interesting that happened last night Luke?” Ryan asked as he jogged back down the stairs, coming to join them all snuggled on the sofa bed.

“Hmm.” Luke scratched his beard. “Well I’m like 100% sure that Brock and Brian are a thing, Marcel got a little too excited and threw up outside, and Craig stepped in shit whilst he and Tyler ran around wrestling In the garden. Hence why he slept outside. Evan you decided it was a good idea to teach Jon to ice skate by throwing ice everywhere. And Ryan, oh Ryan, I think you sent a dick pic to everyone we know. I’m not even lying this time.”

“Well fuck.” Ryan replied, grabbing his phone from his pocket.


“Told you.” Luke laughed along with Jon.

“I think I got one.” Jon mumbled, bring up his phone to find Ryan had text him.

Ryan snatched the phone away from him.

“Deleted.” He muttered, giving Jon’s phone back causing Jon to laugh harder.

“Oh boy, I wonder who else has seen.”


Luke burst into laughter as Ryan showed him the angry text he had got from his mum.

“Goddamn it, can I stay at yours tonight luke?”

“Convince me.”

“Well I didn’t send you a picture.”

“You did, and I caught you in the act too. That double minus points.”

“Fuuuucckk. I’m dead.” Ryan cried.

Jon was laying into Evan, trying not to wet himself. He hadn’t remembered laughing so hard in the last year he had been here.

“Of course you can stay, I got you bro.”

“Thank God, you lifesaver.”

“Just call me Jesus fucking Christ.”

“Jesus is fucking Christ? I didn’t know that. Is that something that also happened last night?” Evan joked making Jon laugh harder, he was laughing so hard nothing was coming out and he was just rolling around as he grasped for air. Evan had missed this so much. He had missed Jon the most though. His laugh alone made him laugh. It was the best feeling ever, laughing at nothing other than someone else’s happiness.

They decided on playing a friendly match of Mario Kart. Evan, of course, being Luigi, Jon as Baby Luigi, Luke as Peach and Ryan as Daisy.

“YOU DAMN HOOCHIE!” Jon screamed as Ryan bashed him with a red shell as he flew past him into first place, with both Evan and Luke following close behind. “DAMN IT ALL!”

Evan somehow managed to get first as Luke and Ryan beat eachother up. He jumped up in triumph.

“Come on Jo, you can do it!” He chanted as he bumped into him lightly.

“I’ll never do it!” Jon cried back as he raced towards the pair, with Ryan hit by a shell and Luke falling from the side.

“You will.” Evan whispered, getting closer to his ear. “If you do it I’ll give you a kiss.”

Jon’s head spun to meet his eyes causing his character to crash into the back of a fence, making him loss.

“Oh dear, looks like you won’t get one. Did it distract you that much?” Evan began to laugh, forgetting the other two were sat right next to him.

“No!” Jon exclaimed in panic. “No, of course not. I let ya’ll win! Yeah, yeah…”

“Of course you did.” Luke said, rolling his eyes.

They suddenly heard the front door go before the familiar face popped around the corner.

It was Jon’s mum. She almost looked identical to him apart from her long hair.

“Hey guys.” She mumbled quietly, carrying what seemed to be a suitcase.

“Why you back so early mama?” Jon asked curious. He knew she had stayed at a friends last night and had told him she’d be back late.

He jumped up to help her in, as well as Evan who seemed stuck to his side.

“Hey Carol.” Evan smiled, causing her to look up to the unexpected voice.

“Oh! Ev! I haven’t seen you ages, how have you been?” The cheery voice she had on didn’t seem like her at all. Jon frowned.

“I’ll take that mama, you speak to Evan. I told you he was coming down, didn’t I?”

Carol nodded, not really remembering if he had or not. She frowned weirdly at her son and then back over to Evan. He had grown a bit taller and harboured buff shoulders and muscular legs. It was weird to not see him as the round little boy anymore, mind you, she could’ve said the same about all of Jon’s mates, including himself.

Jon started to take the suitcase, lugging it up the stairs as it was heavier than expected. Evan stared at him for a moment, before looking back down to his best friend’s mother, she had changed and not for the better.

“Hey Jon.” Luke hollered before Jon had made it all the way. “You okay there? If so me and Ryan are gonna head off. Ryan reminded me there’s a car show I wanted to watch on TV.”

Jon laughed, God Luke was a nerd.

“Yeah I’m good, see you guys some other time.”

Evan sat in the kitchen with Carol. It was weird. He felt like he hadn’t seen her in forever as she was never really here when he was here anyway. “So, how have things been Ev? I’ve heard a lot about you from Jonathan. He’s been real excited about you coming back.”

“Has he now?” Evan chuckled, hearing a light bash upstairs. Jon was too cute.

“I’ve been rather busy with my whole hockey thing, I’m just looking for Universities now.”

“Why don’t you go to the one down here? Ryan said it is really good there, especially for whatever he’s doing… business is it? I can’t remember. And Jon has missed you so much, I think it would be great to have you down here again.”

Evan stared at her, the sentiment sweet and kind. The thing was, he had been looking at St Yale-field University as it was well equipt in the realm of economics as well as business, but the hockey was limited. He couldn’t decide on whether to go with the head or the heart in his predicament.

He just needed more time to think it over, hence why the holiday was going to be a long one.

“Yeah, I might go there.” He mumbled under his breath causing Carol’s face to light up.

“That would be nice, for all of us.”

Evan frowned, what was Carol saying? He didn’t want to make decisions based on others; okay, maybe he would for Jon though.

If Jon needed him, he’d do anything

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10691808/chapters/23896068

Fire Hazard

Fic idea I just couldn’t shake. Hurt/Comfort. Enjoy

Ed pushed the door to Colonel Mustang’s office open with his shoulder. He grasped the white bread stump of a used-to-be sandwich in one hand, a stack of papers in the other, which his eyes skimmed through before glancing up. Ed crammed the rest of the sandwich into his mouth as the door shut under its own weight behind him.

“Is the Colonel here? I’ve got something for him from General Raven.”

“Hey Ed.” It was Riza who spoke. She’d taken the open seat next to Breda, a black ballpoint pen running sightlessly along her papers as she looked up to greet Ed. A small, echoing chorus of ‘Heys’ bounced from Falman, Fuery, Havoc, and Breda.  “He’s in a meeting with Colonel Lucibella right now.”

Ed’s expression soured, as if the idea of the Colonel engaging in work irked him. He swallowed and licked his empty gloved fingers. “And how long is that gonna last?”

“Why? Got a date?” Havoc asked. He tipped the edge of his cigarette against his desk’s ashtray. Not that the cigarette or the ashtray were allowed under office regulations.

“No, but that doesn’t mean I’m not busy.” Ed tilted his head over his shoulder, eyes to the unmoving door. “Me and Al are sticking around in Central for two more days to dig through—well what’s left of the library. Except someone told Raven we’re here and now he’s got me playing errand boy.”

“It doesn’t have to be a chore.” Fuery laid his pen down on his desk, wrist twirling to loosen the strain. “You can stick around and chat with us while you’re here. I’m sure the Colonel would be glad to see you too once he gets back.”

Ed let out a small guffaw. “What? And give him the chance to order me around too? I’ll pass on that.”

“You can leave the reports on his desk, Ed. I’ll tell him they’re from Raven.” Hawkeye had refocused on her own paperwork, a stack a few times taller than the other soldiers’. She signed Mustang’s signature at the bottom of the top-most page and flipped it into the next pile.

Ed shrugged. He charted a careful path around loose papers which had dropped to the floor, frowning at the growing number as he neared the Colonel’s desk. When he looked up, it was with distaste. The entire top of Mustang’s desk was obscured beneath a thick coating of notes and papers. A scattering of pens topped some, buckled others upward. Stacks bled together with dog-eared pages appearing like chipped out cement in tall towers. Books open to odd pages, crumpled sheets of trashed loose leaf, rubber shavings from erased charcoal drawings–Ed gave the mess a once over, then looked to the paper tucked under his own elbow.

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My White Diamond Highlander theory

I posted a theory a few days ago, but I refined it some since then.

There’s a ton of theories flying around about who actually shattered Pink Diamond. I’ve seen Yellow Diamond, Rose actually did it, and some great theories that it was actually Pearl.
I keep thinking one huge question in all of this:
Where is White Diamond?

We know she’s out there somewhere. We don’t know anything about her. We don’t know what kind of person she is or her relationships with the other Diamonds. No one has mentioned her. All of the gems we’ve seen belong to either Blue, Yellow, or Pink Diamond. We haven’t met anyone belonging to White. Where are her gems? So here’s my crazy theory (and it’s just a theory):

I think White Diamond is behind shattering Pink. I think there’s some Highlander, “There can only be one!” stuff going down. I think she’s working to be the only Diamond left and the ultimate big bad. Now after the Trial, the other two Diamonds are fighting. They’re distrusting each other. It would be easy to get them to lose faith in the other.

The other part of this is I think our Pearl belonged to White Diamond. We don’t know Pearl’s owner. It’s never been confirmed. But judging by the look of Pearl’s face when Steven found out Pink Diamond was shattered, I think those Pearl theories have a lot of weight. Zircon asks where Pink Diamond’s Pearl was. Pearls are like walking furniture to these guys. Our Pearl could probably stroll right up past everyone, and no one would bat an eye.

I think Pearl did it on White Diamond’s authority. Rose got framed for it. By this time, Pearl was a Crystal Gem, defected from White Diamond, and joined Rose full time. Rose took the blame as a rallying point for her rebellion.
Somewhere in all of this, the gems belonging to White Diamond hidden away from Homeworld or maybe they fell victim like the other Rose Quartz and were bubbled. Maybe White Diamond’s gems are the ones who made up the Cluster to hide evidence? They saw too much and were put into the Cluster.
That’s my crazy theory.

Part 2, Chapter 3: Abandoned Places

Once, in a better life, Alice and I took a very different kind of roadtrip. From Dubrovnik in Croatia through the Serbian region of Bosnia to Mostar. We got to the rental place, and the man at the counter drove us in his personal car several miles to a residential neighborhood overlooking the sea. There, above a stunning panorama of water and sky, he showed us a beat-up sedan with bald and cracking tires.

“We’re driving over the mountains,” you said. “It’s supposed to rain later. This car will kill us.”

The man assured us that this was the only automatic transmission available in southern Croatia. Neither of us knew how to drive manual. Not yet. I looked to you to see your decision. You were always the driver then. I didn’t like driving. I do now. Or maybe I’ve just convinced myself I do.

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sarajaspers  asked:

Something I am wondering about now since the finale: where did Q get that picture of C from? It did not look like an 'official' photo from CIA or so, it looked more like a private one. I imagine he took it that night after her fathers funeral from her sisters house. Maybe it was standing there on a sideboard in a frame. That idea just makes me so sad 😥...he was so in love....

Wherever he got the photo from, it’s from the same photo shoot as the picture of Carrie and Franny that Carrie keeps on her nightstand in S4′s Kabul. Note the same lighting, Carrie’s sweater, and backdrop.

So, it was a family photo - a private photo - that Quinn picked up somewhere. Maybe someone gave it to him, but I like your idea that he snatched it out of the frame at Maggie’s house. That makes my heart hurt.

IRAQ. Dhi Qar governorate. March 25, 2003.

“I shot this picture almost ten years ago [in 2003], just about the time when it was obvious to me that a war - a real one fought between armies - was over. Dead bodies were all around the road to Baghdad. Who is the person in the picture that I took from atop an armored vehicle carrying U.S. Marines towards the Iraqi capital? I don’t know. Not far from this man, there was the wreckage of a truck hit by something powerful. More bodies around, in different positions. All dead. It immediately got lost, the photo itself, amongst others full of emotions, blood and military action illustrating what would be celebrated as the liberation of a country from a tyrant. Somewhere near Nassiriya, this man was left to rot under the desert sun - and forgotten on my hard drive. Not long after, I realised that was probably my best frame from the short and bloody desert rally - a simple but powerful picture of an unknown man “of military age” killed and left in an ugly landscape among tank trails, surrounded by nothing but dust and the noise of war. After all, this is how I see the whole war thing - a dirty nightmare and ugly emptiness you are alone in. Dead or still alive, but alone.”

Photograph: Damir Sagolj/Reuters

The Battle of Nasiriyah was fought between U.S and Iraqi forces from 23 March to 2 April 2003 during the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Fresh Start

A/N: This is the first part in my new AU series with Mechanic!Dean and single mom!Reader. It will be mostly fluffy with a side of angst. I will use mostly characters from the show.  I will try and post a chapter each week, but will let you know if something comes up that prevents me from doing that. Hope y’all enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing this. And a huge thank you to my beautiful beta @thorne93

Summary: Reader moves to a new town with her daughter. They both makes some friends on their first day.

Characters: Reader, Beth (daughter), Sam and Jess Winchester, John (their son) and Crowley. (no Dean in this part)

Pairing: eventual Dean x Reader.

Warnings: None I think.

Wordcount: 1257

You had spent countless of hours online, searching for good schools and nice neighbourhoods in the city of Lawrence, Kansas. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself as you and your four year old daughter, Beth, stepped inside your new home, hoping that this would be the new start you hoped it would be.

It was late Sunday evening when you got there, the only thing packed in your car was two camping beds, some clothes and some toiletries, the rest would arrive with a truck the next day. Before turning in for the night, you two took a tour of the place. It had three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, kitchen living room and hallway on the main floor and a giant one room basement. That’s where you were planning to set up a darkroom and maybe a home studio for your photography. Last stop on the tour was the back yard, which honestly was half the reason you bought the place. It had a large, roofed patio where you were going to put some furniture, a jungle gym for Beth and a small pond with some fish in it. You picked up your daughter and placed her on your hip “You think this will be a nice place to live?” you questioned, she nodded her way through a yawn. “I think someone is tired” you smiled, walking the two of you back inside.

“This is just like camping” Beth said with a sleepy voice as you both climbed into the beds in the middle of the empty living room.

“Yeah, it is.” You smiled at your little girl. “You ready to start school tomorrow?”

“Yes. I’m gonna learn so much and I’m gonna make so many friends and…” she rambled on.

“Good night, sweetie.” You reached out to brush the hair away from her face. She was already asleep and you lay completely still, just listening to her steady breaths until sleep took you over.    


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Scattered: Part 9

Notes: Fluff/Angst. Hopefully you guys are still enjoying my story without smut? kinda nervous about that

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Halloween just got exciting [SEHUN SMUT ] HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

Hi Admin L here again with another SMUT about SEHUN.

this is actually the picture that started the idea of a Halloween Special because heey I mean look at him. This boy kills me on a daily basis and messes with me bad. 

I know this is not scary but I promise you a really scary weird and disturbing one on Monday with our lovely Suho. 

I hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to leave requests. 

admin L ♥♥♥

You never liked Halloween that much you thought it was rather stupid to dress up as a sexy nurse or so to scare away evil spirits, which the original intention was, but your friend had talked you into it because her crush was here and she needed moral support. She lend you a costume and now you were a cowgirl with jeans hot-pants a knotted flannel some cowboy boots and a hat. Now you were in a corner with your drink observing the Party goers next to a couple that was ready to get it on. You scanned the crowed to see so how your friend was doing, apparently she was doing fine as she was closely dancing with her crush laughing and staring at each other. You say some interesting eyes looking at you piercing. you never seen that guy before but he sure was handsome with those sharp features and milky skin in a big contrast to his black hair. You looked at him for a few seconds then you turned away slowly walled to the kitchen wanting another drink. You filled your cup with a mixture or strong alcohol and soda taking a sip to see if it was an enjoyable mixture. Someone put a cup in front of me.

‘Can you pour me one as well?’ An unfamiliar man’s voice asked and I nodded without looking up. His voice wasn’t really deep still it had a kind or dark and mysterious tone in it, it simply sounded interesting. You didn’t dare to look at him often interesting voices had ordinary faces, not saying they weren’t pretty but you could see faces like them in many places. You carefully poured him a drink still looking at the counter you slit it carefully towards him. His hand grabbed the cup and you looked at it carefully. He had a pretty hand, if you could say someone had a particular pretty hand. 

'Are you mute?’ He asked and you shook your head.

'So you’re shy…or why are you staring at the ground like this?’ You looked up to look him straight in the face a witty comment already on your tongue but seeing his face your mind got blank. It was the guy you saw earlier he had a smirk on his lips taking a sip. 

'This is good’ he said appreciating. 'What’s your name’ he asked jolting his head up a bit.

'Y/N’ you said looking at him, he even looked better up close, his sharp eyebrows gave him a bit of a dark touch but he smiled brightly when you said your name showing you perfect white teeth and an adorable eye smile. He was wearing dark clothes a red checkered flannel and a black biker jacket. You weren’t really sure what he was dressed up or if he was even dressed up in any way.

'Are you a cowgirl? In which way are cowgirls scary’ he asked looking at you carefully looking closer at your cleavage and neck.

'There are ten cops walking around at this party and 20 cats how are they scary. Halloween stops being about being scary some years ago I think you just didn’t got the memo and what are you supposed to be anyways?’ You finally got your guts back.

'I am not dressed up why would I. Paint my face or spill blood on my clothes or ripping them. Or walk around with those masks or fake weapons naaah thank you.’ he flipped his hair and looked at you.

'Mhh’ you hummed not really knowing what to say.

'so how come that a cowgirl dressed like this doesn’t have a dozen boys hanging on her ass.’ he asked and you looked at him a bit shocked.

'is this your way of saying that you think I am attractive?’ you asked grinning at him he brushed his hair back.

'maybe’ he cheersed and drowned his drink in one gulp you did as well and filled your cups again afterwards.

'no seriously why are you alone?’ he asked smiling at you and you shrugged.

'I came here with my friend as a moral support because her crush is here’

'and where is your friend now?’ he asked and you took another sip.

'she’s talking to him or dancing or maybe probably making out with him right now’ you smiled and he nodded 'and what about you why are you here alone?’ he shrugged.

'why would I be out there’ he smiled at me and leaned next to you on the counter.

'I don’t know… should I leave?’ you shook your head.

'no no it’s fine’ he smiled and poured you another drink.

'I haven’t told you my name yet… or don’t you want to know it’ he bumped his shoulder into you and you smiled at him.

'I’m Sehun’ he laughed and you smiled at him brightly.

'nice to meet you’ you took another sip, already feeling the effect the alcohol took at you.

'so did you came here on your own?’ you asked looking at him. If it was even possible the alcohol made him look even more attractive.

'no I came here with friends as well but they are not looking for me, don’t worry they are probably drunk somewhere.’ he smiled at you and you smiled back at him looking him into the eyes. Damn those eyes were pretty, a very dark chocolatey brown framed with long lashes. You stared at him then quickly looked away realizing you were staring. He chuckled and pushed himself away from the counter.

'Tequila?’ you heard him ask.

'Tequila!’ you answered grabbing lemons and salt he stopped infront of you holding the shot-glasses. You carefully wet his skin with the lemon slice and poured the salt onto his hand. He handed you the shot-glass and you both took the shot pulling a face at the strong taste. You but the glass back at the counter looking at him from the side, he reached behind you to put away his glass and looked at you closely. He stopped in his tracks and stared at you scanning your whole face. His eyes darted to your lips and you bit your lips already imagining how his lips would feel.

'can..’ he started and you nodded looking at him. He bend towards you a little bit while you pulled your chin a little bit forward. He softly placed a kiss onto your lips, his soft warm lips made you melt a little. He parted your lips and looked at you grinning. He raised his hand and brushed your hair to the side moving a bit closer to you. He looked at you again and you moved your hands towards his hair and neck. You pulled him down kissing him again. You made out and he put his hands onto your hips pushing you against the kitchen-counter. He brushed his tongue softly across your lip and you tilted your head a little bit pulling him closer. Sehun was one of the best kisser you ever kissed, his lips softly but surely against yours and his tongue skillfully but not to much against yours. The kiss turned more heated and you slightly parted your legs just enough so he could stand between them closer to you. His hands pulled you closer to him and you deepened the kiss running your fingers through his soft silky hair. 

He placed his hands on your stomach then softly pushed you more against the kitchen counter you jumped up and sat in the counter. He moved even closer and you wrapped your legs aground his hips. Hands roaming over his body you explored his muscular body and pushing yourself against his body.  He pulled away and looked at you panting a little bit. He looked so hot with his hair messy and lips pink and slightly swollen form the making out. 

'Y/N?’ He asked and the way your name rolled off his tongue made you excited, pulling his neck down so you could kiss him again but he pulled away after a short kiss.

'Y/N’ he tried again and looked you in the eyes. You nodded grinning eyes quickly darting back to his lips wanting to taste them more.

'Do you… wanna go somewhere more private?’ He asked and without thinking twice you nodded kissing him again. His hands moved to the rim of your jeans brushing over your skin you felt yourself shiver which made him chuckle. He took your hands down from his neck and pulled you off the counter, smiling at you he started walking dragging you along. Sehun was leading you upstairs to the far end of a corridor with no one noticing you two. You reached a room and Sehun opened the door,it was a bedroom. Hearing the door lock behind you you turned towards Sehun smiling at him. 

He kissed you pulling you close and soon you found yourself stumbling backwards till the bed hit your legs and you fell backwards onto the bed. He hovered over you and kissed you deeply.

'Is it OK?’ He asked and you nodded pulling him close brushing your fingers against his collarbone letting your fingers slip under his shirt. He pulled up and took off his jacket and flannel. You felt his body on top of you and you wrapped your legs around his waist, his hand roamed your body touching you exactly where you wanted to be touched and you got more and more desperate for his touch. Your hands travelled over his torso exploring his body, you started to collect the fabric of his shirt when he pulled away. You let out a sound of frustration and he smiled at you. He tugged at your boots and took them off then he pulled his shirt over his head. You looked at his muscular body trying to remember every inch of his body. He saw your look and smiled being satisfied that you really liked looking at him. He knelled above you and let his hands slip under your shirt you grabbed his arms but not to stop him but to feel him. You felt his weight on your hips as he sat down softly and started to undress you looking at you. You observed him as he slowly opened every single button while stroking his arms. He was so handsome with sharp jaw, plumb lips, white skin and dark eyes. He recognised you watching and smiled at you brightly then his eyes darted to your body which was now laying in front of him with an open shirt hot pants and a black bra. You raised your torso to kiss him again, touching his body you pulled yourself closer. He pushed you down again and started kissing your jaw moving down to your neck. Pulling your head to the opposite side you tried to give him more space to kiss you. He left passionate kisses on your neck his hands travelling town your body holding your hips tightly. 

You slowly and teasingly scratched his back slightly when the first moan escaped your lips. You felt like it encouraged him and he moved his hands to your bra brushing the straps off your shoulders then totally freeing you of it. He slowly massaged your breast and another moan escaped your lips. You pressed your legs together in an attempt to regain a little bit of control. You hands found their way to Sehun’s crotch and you already felt his erection pressing against the fabric. Slowly rubbing his bulge you first felt Sehun’s breath getting faster, then he quietly moaned and you pulled him down onto you by his waistband. Your  hips pushed against him wanting to feel him so bad you opened his belt and jeans. His kisses moved down your body across your boobs down your belly stopping at your pants. Your hips darted up moaning again, your fingers in his hair. You heard him chuckle and he started rubbing the fabric making you push harder against him. He opened your pants and pulled them down letting you lay there in your panties he looked at you, probably thinking as much about how you would feel as you thought about his touches. He placed his hand on you core and chuckled again. 

'You already want me so bad?’ He said looking hungrily at you you nodded and panted a 'yes’. He took of your panties and started stroking your tights teasingly. You whimpered under his touch and you saw him smile looking you in the eyes then he moved down on you. He started kissing you under his belly button moving downwards. You buried your fingers in his hair tugging a little bit pushing him down so he put he out of his misery. He kissed you core and you sucked in air waiting for him to continue. 

'Sehun please do something… anything…please’ you plead and you felt him grin against your skin. Then he brushed his tongue against your folds and you moaned louder holding his head tight. He moved his tongue slowly leaving you a whimpering and moaning mess, head pulled back and back pressed into the mattress. He teased your clit, hands holding your hips and you feel your body tighten, moaning getting more high pitched. He pulled away and you squealed in frustration pulling yourself up looking at him. He licked his lips and pulled down his pants after reaching into his pocked taking out a small shiny package. He let his erection jump free and looked at you smiling waiting for you reaction, you smiled at him rubbing your tights together. He lazily pumped his member a few times then rolled the condom down his length. He laid on top of you again kissing you hungrily. You felt his tip brush against you then you felt him slipping inside you. You moaned in relief and Sehun breathed hard.

'Oh my gosh’ he said with clenched teeth closing his eyes for a second. He gave you am moment to adjust then he started moving slowly pulling out of you then pushing in again kissing you and holding you tight. Your hands digged into his shoulders as waved of pleasure crashed over you. The way Sehun moaned his name made you feel high ecstatically moving against him feeling every inch of his body, feeling every movement. Sehun’s movements made you feel higher and higher, your legs twitched and you felt your body tighten around him burying your face in his shoulder and slightly biting his skin. Sehun let you ride through your orgasm, holing you in position while your legs gave up their support he pushed into you again and felt him twitch inside you grunting and panting sloppily. He collapsed onto you and kissed your forehead. He slowly pulled out and you shivered at the sudden emptiness. Sehun brushed your hair out of your face and smiled at you. Then he reached over to your pants and pulled out your phone typing in something.

'I put in my number. I think we are a pretty good team and we should go on a proper date’ he said bluntly, you laughed and smiled kissing him then slowly getting dressed again. You looked at him while you brushed your hair.

'You will text me right?’ He asked ruffling his hair and closing his jeans. You nodded eagerly.

'Defiantly’ you really wanted to meet him again; what you just experienced was awesome and he seemed to be a very nice guy and you felt like your personalities clicked. He pecked your lips and finished putting on his clothes. 

'Let’s go back down and dance’ he suggested and took your hand intertwining your fingers. Walking down no one really noticed you leaving the room, no one really noticed you two left in the first place. You two started dancing together for the rest of the party. Sehun managed to make this Halloween party, you didn’t even wanted to attend, exciting for you 

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i feel so stupid. i'm a beginner and all of the info on the internet and from my trainer (who trains with a grand prix rider) confuses me. i'm not anywhere near capable of asking for contact from a horse, which makes this situation worse for me. i hear "on the bit" "in the bridle" "contact" and i've read the german training manuals but everyone seems to have their own definition or what theyre looking for. when i hear "frame" i know it's a red flag. but i just.... need clarification somehow. idk

You’re not stupid! We all start somewhere and we’ve all got to learn sometime. 

Ok, sooo. I feel like a lot of the time these days “on the bit” has just become something that means the horses head is on the line. Where, if you took the photo of the horse and drew a vertical line down from its forehead to the ground, it’s face would all sit directly on that line. And seemingly, the horse can be as disengaged (meaning it’s back is hollow and it’s dragging it’s back legs) as it wants and no one cares as long as it looks good.

When I’m looking for a horse to “frame up”/ “come into the contact”/ “come onto the bit” I start at the hind. In my opinion you want the horse to be moving forward with energy, but not rushing. In the trot for example, it will become an upwards rolling sort of motion that pushes you with it but doesn’t become out of control. You should be able to feel the push of the horses hind with the strides. And even in collected (slower and shorter strides), working (medium movement, this is mostly what we school with in the beginning) or extended (long and faster) it should be the same upwards power from the hind. The horses hind legs should be able to reach under them so that their hind hoof lands in the hoof print where their front leg just was. That’s called tracking up. 

Then, I look for the horse to round their back as much as possible. Of course this is personal for each horse (for example, Lily has a very long back, and has issues with her back from an accident years ago, meaning that even if she lifts and rounds her back as much as possible, it won’t be the same as a horse with a strong and short back). I couldn’t for the life of me tell if a horse had an engaged back/core for the longest time. The way I learnt to remember it was that if the horse was disengaged in the core/back they would have a big scoop (again, depends on the structure of the individual horses back, sometimes it’s hard to pick) from the hip down to where the rider is sitting. Like a curve in a banana, or a smiley face (just meaning that the direction of the curve is at it’s highest with the hips and then drops drastically to where the rider sits, only to rise again at the withers and neck). And if they are disengaged you won’t be able to see any of their tummy muscles working. If they are engaged there should be little to no drop from the hips to where the saddle is. (Of course, depends on the horse’s conformation, Lily’s looks dropped still often because her back is so long, but for her built and health she would still be considered on the bit or framed up). That dramatic drop and scoop in the back disappears and if you turn that banana upside down (so the ends of the banana are pointing to the floor) that is sort of the basic idea of how a rounded horse should look, that sort of semi circle that comes from the hind and lifts their whole body from their in a nice round shape. Also their tummy muscles will be lifted and engaged to help lift their back and support the rider. So you should be able to see a little line on their stomach where their muscles are working. 

Then I’d move onto the neck and head. By this time, if everything else is going well, the horse would pretty much be in frame already. When we ask for a horse to frame up into a “on the vertical” position we want the poll (the spot between their ears) to be the highest point. The horse should not be broken at the 3rd vertebrae (you’ll be able to spot this, if you look at a picture of a horse broken at this point, a couple of inches back from the ears there will be a bit of a sharp bend, and then the rest of the neck will be flat until the poll, and then the head will be tucked back from that bent area further back). What is “on the bit” and “framed up” is different for every horse, but should all follow the basic premise of their nose/face being on that vertical line (or slightly in front of it) that I spoke of earlier. If the horse is slightly too tipped out (meaning their nose sticks out too much) I would hold the outside rein as a support and open the inside rein, and squeeze my reins gently (like a sponge) until the horse comes more into the contact, and into a more correct frame. But this is pretty much the last step for getting a correctly framed up, rounded horse. (At least in my opinion).

Though it’s important to mention that a horse can be on the bit in more than just that “classical dressage frame” (where the head and neck is elevated in the position we see in full working movements). A horse can be on the bit when they are in full stretch. Because they are stretching downwards and seeking the contact (that comes from you and your hands/reins, you should be able to feel their mouth in your hands but they shouldn’t be tugging on you). In the stretch their nose may be more tipped out because they’re stretching, but they should still not fall behind that vertical line too much.

Frame isn’t necessarily a bad word or a red flag, it’s just that these days a lot of people misuse the term and it leads to incorrectly ridden horses. 

I hope that was what you were searching for and that it all made sense, sorry it’s so long. I ramble a lot. Feel free to message me if you have any other questions. :) xox

preference #4: he's whipped/clingy and the guys tease him about it


“I’ll be there soon, Ash, don’t worry. There’s a lot of traffic out here,” you promised through the phone, chuckling. Ashton grinned, rubbing his eyes. “Alright. I just miss you a lot, Y/N,” he mumbled into the phone, leaning back in the plastic chair. You smiled at how adorable he sounded. “I know, baby, I miss you too,” you replied. “Just give me ten more minutes, okay? I’ll be there.” “Alright,” he responded before bidding goodbye and shoving his phone in his pocket, walking back over to the boys. “Calling Y/N again, huh?” Michael teased. “Yes?” he replied, unsure of why they were all grinning. “You’re so needy, man,” Calum informed him with a laugh. “No I’m not!” he argued. All the of them raised their eyebrows in disagreement, causing Ashton to scoff. “Because I’m asking her when she’ll be here to pick me up is why I’m needy?” “If you called her once, no. If you even called her twice, no,” Calum responded. “But you’ve called her like, five times since we got off of the plane ten minutes ago!” Luke pointed out. “Not to mention that our flight arrived early,” Michael added. “I’m not needy,” he grumbled. “You are though,” Calum told him. “Just accept that you’re a clingy boyfriend and hope that Y/N finds it adorable.” “And hey, think of all the amusement we’re getting out of it too!” Michael added. “Fuck you guys!” Ashton said, not being able to hide his smile. He found it funny they thought this. “Aw, but Ash, we love you!” Calum exclaimed, wrapping his arms tightly around him. “Hey, I thought it was my turn with him?” You asked, walking up too see Calum hugging Ashton and Ashton trying to push him off. Ashton turns around suddenly, Calum letting go and nearly falling over in the process. “You’re here!” he exclaimed, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and lifting you. You laughed as he twirls you in the middle of the airport, hugging him back. “Hi th-” You go to ask as he set you down but he cut you off, pressing his lips against yours. You chuckled and kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck. You felt him sigh into the kiss before pulling away to rest his forehead on yours. “Hi,” he breathed out, a goofy smile on his face. “Hi,” you replied. “Are you gonna let me say hello to your band mates or are we just gonna stand here all morning?” He let out a dramatic sigh before pulling away. “I guess you can,” he joked. “Hurry up though, I’m angry with them!” You laughed and shook your head before hugging each of the boys. “What’d you do to him this time?” you joked after hugging Calum. “We were just enlightening him on how clingy and needy he is, that’s all,” Michael replied, scrolling through his phone. You laughed. “That’s why he’s mad at you?” you asked. Before any of them could reply, Ashton threw his arm around your shoulders, glaring at the boys. “Don’t call me unless you’re apologizing!” he told them jokingly before grabbing his bags and pulling you with him toward the entrance. “We’ll see you two later tonight!” Luke called, Ashton only waving his hand in the air. “Aw, are you getting touchy that they called you clingy?” you asked in him in a baby voice. He scoffed. “No because I know it isn’t true,” he retorted. You raised your eyebrows at him but pressed your lips together, trying to suppress a smile. He noticed and furrowed his eyebrows. “What?” he asked. “Nothing,” you insisted. “Don’t tell me you agree with them,” he said, stopping in his tracks. You went to deny but couldn’t help but laugh and tell the truth. “It’s cute, Ash, it really is. I love when you get all needy for attention from me,” you admitted. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped, the corners of his lips turning upward slightly. “You just called me needy,” he stated in disbelief. “Yes but I love feeling like you need me around,” you told him. He chuckled, shaking his head as he grabbed your hand and began walking again. “That’s the only reason I do it, you know,” Ashton said after a few moments of silence. “Why?” you asked. “To make you feel needed. It isn’t because I actually need you, I’m just trying to make you happy,” he explained. You laughed, pressing your lips to his cheek quickly. “Whatever you say, love.”


“Hey, Luke?” you called from the living room, bent over and looking through the DVDs the two of you owned. “Yeah, Y/N?” you heard him call from down the hall. You stood up and made your way to the bedroom, stopping when you saw he was in the bathroom instead, dressed and doing his hair. You took in his worn out Nirvana shirt and black skinny jeans, leaning against the door frame. “Are you going somewhere tonight?” you asked, racking your brain for any memory of him telling you. He paused, giving you a look. “I told you last night that I was going out with Ashton tonight and Calum tonight,” he explained slowly. “You did?” you asked, not remembering. He chuckled, shaking his head as he sprayed the last bit of hairspray in his hair. “I don’t know why I expected you to actually listen, you were in the middle of reading some book,” he replied. “You know not to speak to me while I’m reading,” you teased, standing up straight. “Nevermind, then. You look good though, where are you guys going?” you asked, tugging on the end of his shirt. “Some club Ashton went to and liked, I have no clue,” he answered shrugging. “Why? Did you need something?” You lifted your shoulders. “Not really, I was just gonna see if you wanted to get chinese or something and watch movies,” you said, walking down the hallway and into the kitchen, grabbing a bag of popcorn and sticking it into the microwave. “Are you gonna be fine here alone?” Luke asked, eyebrows furrowed as he took a seat at the island. You laughed. “Luke, I’m a big girl,” you reminded him. “I can handle being alone for a few hours.” “I know, but if you wanted to do something, I can call Ash and tell him we’ll just go another time,” he suggested. You sighed, walking over and putting your hands on his cheeks, forcing him to look at you. You pressed your lips to his briefly. “Baby, it’s fine,” you emphasized. “You’ll probably have more fun with them, anyway. I’m most likely gonna still be awake when you get home so we can just spend time then, yeah?” He pursed his lips, nodding. “If you say so,” he said, pressing his lips to yours again. “I am,” you responded, moving to grab your popcorn and a water before leaving for the living room. “Be sure to say goodbye before you leave though!” Luke agreed and went back to your shared room to get his coat, keys and phone. He pulled on his coat and shoved his keys in his pocket, lingering when he went to put his phone in his pocket. He glanced down the hall where you were then back at his phone, contemplating whether or not he should go. He did spend most of his time with the guys anyway. And Michael wasn’t going so it wasn’t like he had to, right? Deciding to stay in, he went to Ashton’s contact and pressed Call, hoping to catch him before he left. “Hello?” Calum greeted. “Calum?” Luke questioned. “What are you answering Ashton’s phone?” “He’s driving, hang on,” Calum responded. Luke heard brief movement on the other end. “Hi Luke!” Ashton called. Luke assumed he was now on speaker phone. “Yeah, hi,” he greeted. “Where are you?” “We just left Calum’s, we’ll be there soon,” Ashton replied. “Yeah, actually don’t come get me,” Luke responded, kicking his shoes off. “Why not?” Calum asked. “I’m just gonna stay in with Y/N tonight,” he answered, pulling his jacket off. “Is she giving you shit for going out?” Calum guessed. “No, she told me to go ahead,” he said. “But- I don’t know, she offered to just stay in and watch movies before she found out I was going and.. I think I just wanna do that.” “You’re telling me your girlfriend has no problem with you going out with us tonight and you’re deciding to stay in and watch movies with her instead? Movies that will most likely be chick flicks?” Ashton asked. Luke sighed, a small smile on his lips as he rubbed his eyes. He knew where this was going. “Yes, Ashton, that’s what I’m telling you,” he confirmed. “You’re so whipped, dude,” Calum informed him with a laugh. Luke raised his eyebrows. “Sure, but while you two assholes will be at a club together, trying and probably failing at picking up girls, I’ll be at home spending time with my girl,” he explained before adding, “No doubt it’ll get me brownie points, too.” “Ha ha, you’re funny,” Ashton replied. “You’re still whipped, Lukey,” Calum added. “Have fun without me!” Luke bid before hanging up and throwing his phone on the bed. He changed into a pair of sweatpants laying on the floor before walking out to the couch, taking the seat next to a confused you. “Chinese?” Luke asked, picking up your phone from the coffee and unlocking it. “That was my plan, yeah,” you spoke through a mouth full of popcorn. He raised an eyebrow at you, chuckling as he typed in the number for chinese and placed an order for the two of you. “So what are we watching?” he asked, getting comfortable. You swallowed the remaining popcorn in your mouth. “I haven’t decided yet,” you told him. “Why did you order you food? And change into sweatpants?” “I’m obviously staying here,” he replied, as if he were talking to a child. You laughed, shoving his shoulder. “I know but why? I thought you were going out with Ashton and Calum?” you questioned. He shrugged, moving closer to you and resting his arm around your shoulders. “I’d much rather spend time with you,” he answered. You couldn’t help but smile. “Aw, how adorable,” you teased, pinching his cheek. He swatted your hand away. “‘Gee, Luke, thanks for making it so I’m not alone tonight!’” he said, in a horrible impression of your voice. “It was no problem, Y/N,” he answered himself normally. “Of course I appreciate it,” you told him. “But you didn’t have to.” “I know, I wanted to,” he responded. You bit your lip, resting your head on his shoulder. “You know you probably won’t hear the end of it, right? You chose to do nothing with me as opposed to going out,” you pointed out. You felt him shrug then press his lips to your head. “I don’t care,” he whispered.


“Calum, I’ve got to get up,” you insisted, trying to loosen his arm that was wrapped around his waist. “No you don’t,” Calum mumbled, now wrapping his other arm around your waist and pulling you on top of him, holding you tightly in place. You glared at his face, only inches away from yours now. He cautiously opened one eye slowly. “Don’t give me that look, just go back to sleep,” he instructed before closing his eye again. “I have to pee,” you told him. “No you don’t,” he argued. “Well you’ll find out you’re sadly mistaken when I pee on you, won’t you?” you retorted. He opened his eyes, his lips forming a pout. “Y/N!” he whined. “Calum,” you mocked. “I just want to cuddle with you a little bit longer,” he told you. “Cal, baby, we aren’t stopping for another two hours at least,” you reminded him. “We have plenty of time to cuddle after I pee.” “Yes but when you leave, you always take the warmth with you and I might as well get up anyway,” he explained. “Sorry I take my body heat with me,” you apologized sarcastically. He furrowed his eyebrows, his pout now more prominent. “You’re being extra sassy this morning,” he observed. “That’s because I have to pee really bad,” you whined. “Fine, give me a kiss,” he told you. You rolled your eyes before letting out a dramatic sigh then pressing your lips to his briefly. But when you went to pull away, one of his hands moved to find the back of your head, keeping you in place. You decided to play along, knowing this was the only way to get him to loosen his grip. You move your hands to tangle in his hair, pulling lightly as you deepened the kiss. He sighed, his tongue find its way through your parted lips. He moved his hands to your tank top, ready to pull up when you roll toward the other side of the bunk - rolling a little too far and falling out. Luckily, Calum had a bottom bunk. Calum quickly poked his head out through the curtain. “Are you okay?” he asked, eyebrows furrowed. Michael and Ashton also peeked out of their curtains, Ashton’s bunk on the other side and Michael’s above yours and Calum’s. “I’m fine,” you replied, rubbing your butt as you stood up. “Now I can go pee,” you said, walking toward the bathroom and passing Luke on the way. “She did that on purpose,” Calum realized before shouting, “I hope you broke your ass, Y/N!” He heard you laugh loudly in response. “Think you’re clingy enough, Cal?” Michael asked, climbing out of his bunk. “What are you talking about?” he asked, getting out of bed as well and stretching before walking toward the kitchen area. “'I just want to cuddle with you a little bit longer because I’m whiny and needy, Y/N!’” Michael said in a horrible impression of his voice, following Calum. “Fuck off, Mike,” he grumbled, searching through the cabinets for something to eat. “You were being so needy she felt she had to fall out of bed to get away from you?” Luke asked, sitting at the small dining table with a bowl of cereal. “That’s awful.” “It isn’t needy, it’s called being in a relationship,” Calum argued. “Something none of you would understand because you’re all unlovable assholes.” “And this is why you’re no longer invited to the band orgy’s, Calum,” Michael said, feigning offense. “What is this about band orgy’s?” you asked, walking into the kitchen area. “We don’t invite Calum anymore because he’s hurtful,” Luke informed you. “You guys are insisting that I’m needy and whiny,” Calum remarked. “I didn’t say anything!” Luke defended. “You implied it,” he replied before turning to you. “Tell them.” You grinned, leaning up to kiss his cheek. “There’s no need to make fun because I love Calum’s neediness,” you told them, causing Calum’s jaw to drop and the boys to laugh. “What?” Calum asked in disbelief. “I am not needy!” “It’s okay, baby, really,” you insisted. “But you’re like a small, clingy puppy sometimes. It’s adorable though!” “You’re girlfriend just described you as a small, adorable, clingy puppy. How does that make you feel?” Michael teased. Calum scoffed, looking at you. “I’ll show you "small, adorable puppy” later,“ he promised. "Ew, I’m eating!” Luke exclaimed. “Small adorable puppy, my ass,” Calum mumbled to himself, causing you to giggle.


“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Michael exclaimed, watching as his character died on screen. You laughed before standing up to do a little victory dance. “I finally beat you, I finally beat you!” you proclaimed in a sing-song voice. Michael frowned, giving his controller to Ashton. “Wow, found someone better than you at video games, did you?” Luke teased. “She beats me one time and she’s suddenly better than me?” Michael questioned. “What are you talking about? I beat you all the time!” you lied, deciding to drag it out. He narrowed his eyes at you and you only winked. “I hate all of you,” Michael announced, getting up and walking into the kitchen. “What are you doing?” you called, setting up the game for the next round. “Making me a sandwich, leave me alone,” he called back. “Make me one too! Please?” you asked. “You’re better than me so you make better sandwiches. Make your own!” he instructed but got out four pieces of bread. “I love you!” you exclaimed before clicking Start on the game, beginning the race between you and Ashton. It was a close call but at the very last second, Ashton beat you. “Yes!” he exclaimed, holding his arms up in victory. “I beat you, I beat you,” he sang, doing an impression of your victory dance. “Ha ha,” you said sarcastically, handing the controller to Luke. “This is why nobody likes you.” “This is why everyone likes me, actually,” he argued. You went to make a remark but a sandwich fell onto your lap, Michael taking his seat beside you. “Aw, thank you,” you cooed, pressing your lips to his cheek. “I spit in it because I hate you,” he claimed, taking a bite out of his sandwich. “Sure you did, babe,” you waved off, biting into your sandwich. “Did you really make her a sandwich?” Calum asked, looking at Michael in disbelief. “No, she just summoned one and it appeared in her lap,” Michael replied sarcastically, finishing the last half of his sandwich in two bites. “You never make us sandwiches,” Ashton told him, an exaggerated frown on his lips. “That’s because you’re all grown, you can make your own sandwiches,” he responded, getting comfortable and resting his arm around your shoulders. “Y/N’s like am month older than me!” Luke argued. “Fine, none of you have sex with me, that’s why I made her one,” Michael claimed. Your eyes widened and you felt your cheeks darken. You smacked his chest. “Are you serious?” you asked. “I would but you never let me!” Calum argued. “No lads, it’s fine,” Ashton announced. “I think this is just an obvious point that Michael is now whipped.” “I am not!” he argued. You just sat there, entertained as you ate your sandwich. “Because a few weeks ago you didn’t leave Cal’s house early to go home because Y/N had cramps and needed ice cream?” Ashton asked. “He did,” Calum answered for him. “I was being a caring boyfriend!” he defended. “You were being whipped,” Calum pointed out. “What do you think, Y/N? Do you think he’s whipped?” Ashton asked. Your eyes widened. “I’m not apart of this,” you said. “As long as he still does nice things for me a lot, I’m fine.” “She means you’re whipped,” Luke said, starting another round of the game. “Ignore them,” you whispered in Michael’s ear. “I love how you’re whipped.” “Hey!” Michael replied.


wow michael’s and calum’s probs weren’t that good and ended badly but idk i suck at ending this whoops

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Are you still taking genyatta prompts? If so, one word: PROPOSAL. Thanks~!

oh hell yes

just a little thing but boy howdy is it fluffy

Not for the first time, and certainly not the last, Genji felt at peace.

The days seemed to go by at a slow, easy pace, as if life floated him along in the soft current of a lazy river. In the past, Genji might have complained at the simplicity that his routine seemed to take on- but now, he was grateful for the absence of stress and nightmares. The uncertainty hadn’t left, and he suspected it never would, but under Zenyatta’s careful tutelage Genji learned to be at ease with his inner demons.

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