i took some liberties with the definition

@rootenist - I just reblogged your contest post (@tootenist) and I was wondering if you could do a fic where Spock and his s/o are on a diplomatic mission but the place they were going gets attacked and they get separated. Spock has to try and find her before whoever attacked them does. (If I did the contest thing wrong just ignore this 😅)

Word Count: 2544
Author’s Note: I took some liberties, and Spock and reader aren’t actually in a relationship. Yet ;) Also, I couldn’t find a definitive confirmation of the Vulcan word I used actually being canon, but I used it anyhow. And finally, this fic kinda got away from me, and is longer than anticipated. I’m sure you are all very disappointed in that. Uh, also, totally made up the aliens because sometimes new aliens are the easiest to vilify.

“I’m still not quite sure what we’re doing?” You asked as you fastened your safety belt in the shuttle.

“The Creatotians are extremely literal. They do not understand analogy, or symbolism at all. Jim assigned me to be the negotiator for the peace treaty between the two factions that are warring on Creatotia. He did not want to risk an agreement that was not clearly understood by both sides,” Spock explained.

“I know, I get that,” you replied. “What I don’t get is why I have to come?”

“You are the woman on board I am most comfortable with, and I am in need of a spouse,” Spock explained. You choked and stared at him.

“What?” You sputtered.

“Obviously, Y/N, we are not wed,” Spock clarified. “But the Creatotians were very clear about the parametres of what made an acceptable negotiator. And mated was one of the specifications. As I was qualified in all the other areas, the captain chose to blur the lines, so to speak, and hope they do not notice we are not, in fact, a couple.”

“So I fake being your wife, and we can be off this rock quickly?” You asked. Spock nodded slightly.

“That is the idea, Ashayem,” he agreed. “I am uncertain about how much the Creatotians know about Vulcans, but you should know that we are not as physically affectionate as humans.”

“I’ve been working with you for months now, Spock,” you countered. “I’d figured that out. But what about affectionate nicknames?”

“No.” Spock’s response was immediate. You laughed.

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Once upon a time I did body studies of the girls of Mineral Town and Forget Me Not Valley, so I figured I kind of had to do Pelican Town too. Kind of an amalgamation of their overworld/dialogue box sprites, but definitely took some creative liberties here and there #justiceforabbysbow

I Would (mRyder x Reyes)

I write so much Sara/Reyes I figured it was only fair to take the Scott one! I hope you enjoy it anyway, anon. Scott is so adorable. I took slight liberties with the prompt, too. I think it fits a little better with Reyes’ situation.

PS: @kadarakings I remember you mentioning your Scott wasn’t fond of crowds or confined spaces. I figured I’d sort of base this on your character. 💕

Kadara Port didn’t really have a work day, and it definitely didn’t have a weekend. It didn’t seem to have many parties, either, unless you counted the ones Sloane used to throw - but Scott had learned that some nights at Kralla’s came pretty close. Their timetable was predictable, too. The big nights always followed a Collective win, and Umi was always in a strangely good mood beforehand. Kadara Port was hundreds of feet above its closest water source, but the rhythm was like a tide. Ebb. Flow. Repeat.

Scott was grateful for it - because it meant he could avoid the crowds.

It wasn’t that he was scared, although the bustle of a close-pressed throng still made the back of his neck prickle. It was caution, really, and care honed to its finest point. He and Reyes were keeping low profiles. It bothered him a little, though Scott would never have admitted it. The simmering anxiety; that niggling fear of exposure - it all got very tiring. There were times when he dreamed about screaming it from the roof of the palace.

Reyes is the Charlatan! Come and fucking get us!

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I figured that after spending 13 hours on a game and genuinely enjoying it, I might just as well dump three hours into some fanart! @promdreamsofficial made a pretty damn good cross between a horror game and a, yes, dating sim and man, was it nice. So, here are the three romanceable characters, ready to head to the afterparty…


here’s the casual and formal wear challenge for rosamund ✌️️im totally at my friend’s house havin a smirnoff and finishing this. i might post again with better quality pics.

i kinda took some liberties cos i don’t know what most nohrian casual clothes look like… but i stuck to the color scheme at least 🙃 she definitely likes her everyday dress more than fancy clothes. since she was a noble of sorts, she went to a lot of parties when she lived with her family. the formal dress she’s wearing was from a gathering where she was able to see the royal family in person. she didn’t get to personally meet them, but she was intimidated all the same.

Here you are, @pokeharvest - Ooh, you should write a Scotty one where the reader is in engineering and names all the little parts of the ship, and at first Scotty is like “woah and people think I’m nuts about the Enterprise” but then he finds himself joining in on it, confusing everyone else

Word Count: 2007

Author’s Note: I took a few liberties with your request. I hope you enjoy it! PS, TOS Enterprise is approximately ⅓ the size of AOS Enterprise. Despite the fact that my blueprints allow for 250 crew on the Enterprise, TOS Bones once said there was 430-ish people on the Enterprise, so there’s obviously some wiggle room in interpreting size. That means AOS Enterprise could have a crew of 750-1200, depending, but I couldn’t find a definitive answer. Also, aside from size, no new specs on AOS Enterprise. So I had to do a little faking. The swimming pool and bowling alley are totally on the blueprints I have of TOS Enterprise though, they just have nothing really to do with the work of an engineer. Also, I hope I didn’t vilify poor Appleton too much. I’ve been dealing with a bully at work, and it just… bubbled over into the story. P.S. The best part of this was trying to find a song about how currents work, and re-discovering School House Rock’s Electricity.

“Mr. Scott, this ship is huge. I’m worried I’m going to get lost,” one of the other newly assigned grads blinked her eyelashes in a show of wide-eyed innocence that made you want to gag. Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer on the U.S.S. Enterprise, quirked an eyebrow and turned to face her.

“Aye, lass. She’s a little over 700 metres in length -”

“725, sir,” you interrupted. You couldn’t help yourself. You’d spent most of your last year at the Academy fantasizing about being assigned to the fleet’s flagship. Studying the Enterprise specs had been your geeky little secret hobby. Stepping off the shuttle onto her had felt like coming home. There was nothing out of place. It looked exactly as you’d imagined, you suspected largely in part thanks to the handsome Scotsman standing at the head of your Engineering bay orientation. His blue eyes flicked over to assess you, and the hint of a smile lit his face.

“I love the enthusiasm of new grads,” he grinned. “Thank you, Ensign?”

“Y/L/N,” you provided. Ensign Eyelashes glared at you for the rest of the orientation, obviously angry that you’d distracted Mr. Scott’s attention.

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Flat Color Commission for guardianangel213, who also happens to be the Sage cosplayer in the top reference photo! Thank you very much for your business!

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So, May 4th is @Metakazkz’s birthday. So first, happy birthday.
They created the Abysstale AU. Teeeeeeechnically it hasn’t begun yet and the Abysstale comic they made started out as a prologue I believe but now it’s 200+ pages, I believe. Which is… a great deal longer than any comic I’ve actually made, in fact.
That many pages in a year, to me, is impressive. Their AU has some really beautiful designs, and their comic while has some extremely interesting ideas, concerning origin stories.
So, last week a couple people were drawing their favorite moments from the comic, and I wanted to join in. Most of theirs were pretty recent. But me? I’ve always really really loved beginnings. They’re exciting, and yeah you have no clue where on earth you are or where you’ll end up going but there’s a sort of magic in it, anything could happen. And I while it took a couple more pages than I was used to to get to the point that feels like the ‘beginning’, it was still a moment I seriously enjoyed~
I was trying to draw Abyss at that moment in the comic, so I couldn’t do his current design. And I was kinda going off memory with no internet access when I drew and colored this soooooo… Sorry for any inconsistencies. May have taken a few artistic liberties with the portal and shading, and definitely one of my first times trying this angle. I’m aware there’s some areas that seem a bit awkward. Mostly the background, or lack thereof. But overall I’m really happy with it came out. ^^

I drop in and out of Svadalica’s streams and her nickname of Kayle is no joke. The woman is some kind of crazy sleeper assassin on that champion.. She needs to play her more.

Art by @bekkodraws

Mod Note: I took the liberty of using Bekko’s last commission for me as well (thanks Bekko you’re the best)! I’m really flattered you think so, you must have caught the rare game I don’t get camped to hell when I do play her. I’m still learning but I think it’s going well! I actually picked her up after people started calling me Kayle. She’s my baby, and I don’t play her enough, I definitely agree. -Mod Svadalica


Made a lemonhead lemonkid plushie for a friend!! I’m totally inexperienced when it comes to sewing round things, but I gave it a shot q-q

It’s stupidly soft, and surprisingly durable!! I’m gonna make a few for myself- Probably a big one I can use as a pillow…

I definitely took some artistic liberties, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!!

[Lemonheads/kids belong to @loverofpiggies!!]

{Bonus under the cut}

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Strawberries And Cream

Summary: Helena is one of Negan’s wives. After noting some wild strawberries, she decides to bake a sweet surprise for Negan. 

Pairing: Negan x Original Female Character

Type: One shot, smut

Warnings: Swearing, Negan being Negan, teasing, marijuana, drug use, rough oral sex

Rating: NSFW


Ok! This is my first writing challenge entry ever and I had SO much fun writing it. I had several prompts, strawberries and cream was the first one I finished. (My URL used to be @dreadwolf-inthetardis in case im confusing anyone)

Couple of things:

This takes place in the same universe as Saviors and Sinners BUT its from Helena’s POV, which never happens. Should more often though. I love being in Helena’s head.

I took some liberties with the wives. I didn’t know all their names so I made some up. Kimber Lynn (Kipsy), Helena, and Rikki are all original characters of mine.

Helena has a lot of anxiety, and some PTSD.

This is almost definitely a one shot.


@negans-network @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash



Saviors and Sinners (My other Negan fic series) on AO3:http://archiveofourown.org/series/675053

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r e q u e s t  b y  a n o n

“Hola, guapo,” you say as you enter Rafi’s office. Knowing Rafael, you know he hasn’t eaten lunch; always so busy with work. So you took the liberty to bring him food.

“Mí amor. ¿Qué haces aquí?” You furrow your eyebrows in confusion. Two years of Spanish classes and you only know how to insult people and make small conversations. They definitely did not teach what he just said in high school.

Rafi saw the puzzled look on your face and translated. “What’re you doing here?”

"Well being the best girlfriend that I am, I pick you up a few things.” You stride over to his desk and set the paper bag on it. “Your favorite Cuban place is close so you’ll have to settle with some orange chicken, fried rice, and egg roll,” you say with a smirk.

Rafi opens the bag hungrily. His eyes slightly rolls back at the smell of the delectable contents. You can’t  help but grin at his expression.

When all the dishes are laid out on his desk, he furrows his eyebrows and looks at you. “You didn’t order chicken teriyaki?” Now you’re the one at lost.

“Why would I? You don’t like chicken teriyaki…?”

“Are you not going to eat with me?” Your eyebrows relaxed and you smile.   Oh of course. He’s wondering why you didn’t order your favorite!

You pat your stomach and say, “No, no. I’m here for mere company. I had lunch with Nick earlier.”

You can see the scowl on his face while he dip the eggroll in its sauce.

He’s normally been keeping his jealousy at bay. Right now is not one of those times.

Rafael points the eggroll at you for you to bite, which you do. With mouth full you say, “¿Porqúe papí? Are you jealous?”

Rafi chuckles mockingly. “No.” Although he denies it, you know it bothers him. You don’t understand why; maybe it’s just an alpha male thing.

You take one of his chickens and shove it in your mouth. Again, mouth stuffed, you say, “Te amo, querido”

Rafi grunts, a ghost of a smile twitching on his lip. “I love you too.”


pairing: oak x reader

summary: request - oak x reader having a slumber party but then a thunderstorm happens and the reader is petrified so oak uses his cuddle powers and it ends in smooching

warnings: none i think lmao this is pretty much 100% pure fluff tbh

word count: 1,504

a/n: i took some liberties with the plot but i included what you asked for so i hope you like it! requests are open so if you have any ideas send them my way :)

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Malik Ishtar's Relationship with Atem After Battle City (Character Analysis)

So something I realized about Kazuki Takahashi’s work is that Takahashi is very fond of giving away a lot of background information on characters from very small details. Many of these details are only seen in one or two panels out of an entire page, but give away ample information about a character.

One very good example of attention to detail is Malik’s kohl. In the manga, Malik never wore kohl as a child. It was only after the ritual that Malik walked out of the chamber wearing the kohl. Given that his father wore kohl in the same way, we can gather that this style of wearing kohl is only allowed by the leader and heir of the Ishtar Clan. By way of giving Rishid the right to wear his kohl, Malik is showing that he holds Rishid in extremely high regard as both a member of the Ishtar family and as his right-hand man. All of this information was gathered only by just looking at a few individual panels. Admittedly, this one took me three reads through the manga to actually pick up on it. These details are important to these characters, but can also be easy to miss.

So where am I going with this?

I believe that there are hints in the manga and anime to indicate that Malik Ishtar does not truly wish to be friends with Atem and the rest of the group. The fandom is very quick to assume that Malik became a completely “good” person after Yami no Malik no Jinkaku was banished and that now he’s all about the “friendship.”

My analysis is here to offer a different perspective on this belief. As it stands from my analysis, there is no canonical basis in the original Japanese for Malik to desire genuine friendship with Atem.

I’d like to draw attention to Malik Ishtar in this scene.

Notice that everyone else in this scene are either crying, looking on in dismay, have their eyes shut, or are looking elsewhere. Take a look at Malik’s expression in comparison to everyone else.

While everyone else is trying to cope with the eventual loss of a friend, Malik looks completely neutral. He is staring directly ahead at Atem’s back as Atem is walking through the door.

In addition, Isis and Rishid are bowing their heads out of respect while Malik is not. Even while Malik is the leader of the Ishtar Clan, he is still considered a servant of the Pharaoh. The fact that he’s directly staring at Atem without showing regard to hierarchy is very interesting to note.

This could imply Malik’s blasphemous attitude (similar to how he made illegal copies of Ra knowing that it would be disrespecting the Gods) or just a general lack of respect for Atem.

Later on, in these panels, you see everyone staring at Atem as he’s heading through the door. Malik is included in this scene. This means that while everyone else was looking elsewhere or pleading with Atem not to leave, Malik was watching Atem’s back in silence the entire time.

This leads me to wonder, just what the hell was going through Malik’s mind during this scene?

Knowing that Kazuki Takahashi loves putting in small details to give insight into characters, I assume that showing Malik as the only person continuously staring at Atem’s back has to be a deliberate choice on his part and could possibly be significant to Malik’s character. The expression on his face isn’t happiness or sadness. To me, it resembles something close to intense scrutiny or seriousness. It could mean that he’s very neutral towards Atem? Perhaps Malik wants to burn this image into his memories for his own purposes? After all, Atem’s death is important to being the final step in freeing the tombkeepers of their servitude to the him.

I am also drawn back to this brief exchange between Malik and Atem after the events of Battle City.

Just for transparency purposes, I will include the VIZ translation:

VIZ Version:

Marik: Pharaoh and Yugi… If you ever visit the Land of Egypt… I hope you will see us again. This time as friends.

Atem: We will!

Now, this sentiment implies that Malik wants to be friends with Atem. VIZ even overemphasized this by literally putting the word “friends” in bold in the manga. However, this is off from the Japanese in the original. VIZ definitely took some liberties with their translation to emphasize the theme of friendship. In addition, Malik says “if” here as if to imply that he’s not sure whether or not Atem will need to visit Egypt to put his soul to rest. This situation is one of those times in which the original nuance was very much needed to capture the full context of the situation.

Here is a more accurate translation:

Malik: Pharaoh…and Yuugi… When the time comes for you to visit the Land of Egypt… At that time…I hope that we can accompany you as friends.

Atem: Of course!

The first thing I want to note here is that Malik has certainty in the original Japanese. He knows that Atem will eventually have to return to Egypt and that he and his siblings will have to help him be put to rest at that point.

I’d also like to point out the use of the word 「仲間」 (なかま) or “nakama” in this phrase. This is important to note because instead of using 「友達」(ともだち) or “tomodachi,” he instead uses a word that can be seen as lacking intimacy. While 「仲間」 can mean “friend,” it is also often times associated with “colleague,” “associate,” or “fellow.” Coupling that with “I hope that we can accompany you” is actively putting himself below Atem in speech which is something he has never done before.

So, what is my point here?

I think Malik’s statement in the original Japanese was purely political in nature. It was an offer of truce. Now, could that allude to friendship in the future? Possibly. However, in the context here, Malik is simply saying that he will no longer pursue Atem and that their goals are now aligned. Malik will fulfill the rest of his duties as tombkeeper to help Atem to the Afterlife.

Even if Malik was implying friendship, I will note the “when the time comes” for emphasis. He is putting a time limit on when they can become friends. Basically, he’s saying, “When I know you’ll come to Egypt to die, then we can become friends for the time being.” Either way, the implication is that Malik is not necessarily trying to make friends with Atem or his buddies. He was just being polite and recognizing that he should return the favor to help Atem since the Pharaoh spared his life.

To really drive this point home, we also have this panel with Anzu.

Again, here is the VIZ translation:

Anzu: “The souls of mortals all have a place to return to.” That’s what Ishizu said… Does the Pharaoh have to return to Egypt?

I get the feeling that there isn’t much time left… Oh, Yugi…

Again, my issue with the VIZ translation is that Anzu is still puzzled over whether or not the Pharaoh will have to eventually return to Egypt. By making her and Malik both seem unsure, the time limit and certainty are diminished and Malik just appears as if he’s offering friendship to Atem.

Here is a more accurate translation:

Anzu: Egypt… The place where the Other Yuugi has to return. That’s what Isis-san had said. The Land of Egypt…

Mou… There’s not much time left… Yuugi…

In this translation, Anzu knows that Isis had mentioned Egypt. She knows that Atem and Yuugi will have to eventually go to Egypt. With both Malik and Anzu being aware of this, Malik’s statement becomes much more calculated and neutral.

Now, I’d like to go back to the Ceremonial Duel with all of this in mind.

One last thing I’d like to note is Malik’s extreme lack of participation during the Ceremonial Duel.

This is Isis and another tombkeeper explaining to Atem that the Millennium Items must be set in the Stone Tablet of Memories after everyone is inside of the temple.

This is Isis explaining to Atem that since he’s lost the Ceremonial Duel, the Eye of Wadjet has seen the truth of the Pharaoh’s soul and he’s ready to pass into the Afterlife. She also instructs him to speak his name to the door.

Even as they’re walking down the steps into the temple, Isis is taking a clear lead over the rest of the group while Malik is notably behind her and a few of the others.

Hell, the only time Malik speaks during this entire duel is to point out that Yuugi might possibly lose to Atem.

Malik: No way…! If the God attacks, Yuugi will take 3000 points of damage! The duel will be over!

I think this particular panel is interesting because Malik clearly looks panicked. It becomes very evident that he wants Yuugi to win the duel.

What I’m wanting to illustrate is that Malik is very silent throughout the entire duel and the only time he speaks up is when Yuugi looks like he’s about to lose. Considering how many lines the other characters get during this duel, there was a definite purpose to giving Malik only one line here. By only giving him one line, it places emphasis on the one line he does say. It’s especially interesting given how we know that Malik is not usually one to be reserved in his speech.

I also find it very strange at how Malik is allowing Isis to handle everything at this stage. Malik is the head of the Ishtar Clan. It’s namely his duty to see to it that the Pharaoh’s soul is sent to the Afterlife. While Isis is also a tombkeeper, I still find it odd that Malik would give her all of the responsibility to explain rules of the rite that he already knows on his own. This gives off the impression that Malik is not properly performing his duty as head of the clan and is pushing his responsibility onto Isis. Yes, he showed up to the event, but he’s not doing the work involved. It’s like a kid showing up to school, but not doing any of the classwork.

Even in the anime, we have this scene where Isis and Malik are meeting up with the group to inform Atem about the Rite of the Duel. There is also this emphasis on letting Isis do most of the talking.

The only line Malik gives in this scene leading up to the boat ride is the line in the subtitles of the above image. Then, they both turn to each other and give mutual nods before Isis explains more details. It seems to imply that Malik and Isis have already discussed how they would share the information and he’s giving her full authority to explain things on his behalf. It is also very telling that the only line he gives in this scene relates to their duties being over which implies a vested interest on that topic.

Perhaps in both the anime and manga, Malik is wanting to wipe his hands clean of the ordeal and is just letting Isis handle the rest of the work? He just showed up to watch Atem pass on to tie up the loose ends? It really calls the amount of respect he holds for the Pharaoh into question.

From what I can draw from my analysis is that Malik Ishtar doesn’t necessarily want Atem as his friend post-Battle City. He may play cordial and work towards a common goal, but he’s clearly there with his own agenda. That agenda is to see to it that Atem gets to the Afterlife and end his own duties as a tombkeeper. In that sense, I feel that Malik may even feel entitled to Atem’s death because without Atem crossing over into the Afterlife, Malik and his family cannot end their duties. They are bound by the Gods to serve Atem and Malik does not want that life for them anymore. This causes me to ponder a rather decent question:

While Malik has withdrawn blaming Atem for the murder of his father, does Malik still dislike Atem for the pain that the Pharaoh’s family has caused him and his people?

Is this question something that Kazuki Takahashi purposely left ambiguous for the fans to decide on their own?

Conversations that would happen (if Urahara and Aizen were on a road trip)

As requested by anon. :)

Urahara and Aizen are taking a road trip together! I have no idea why. But here are some conversations that would definitely happen on their trip!


Urahara: Okay! First road trip question: do we want to drive on the interstate and get to places fast?

Urahara: OR do we want to take the scenic route which will take a needlessly long time but be cooler?

Aizen: I think we both know that convoluted is better, Urahara Kisuke.

Urahara: Figured we’d be on the same page.


Aizen: I took the liberty of preparing a route for us.

Urahara: Huh. That looks suspiciously like the route *I* prepared for us.

Aizen: You may have made a map, but I took it and made it functional.

Urahara: Well this certainly feels familiar.

Aizen: Yes I so often beat you.


Aizen: Must you wear that hat in the car, Urahara Kisuke?

Aizen: It is hideous and distracting

Urahara: I didn’t say anything about you wearing my coat.

Aizen: …I happen to like your coats.


Urahara: Wow! Will you look at that? World’s biggest ball of twine. Amazing, isn’t it?

Aizen: Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding.

Aizen: It is twine, Urahara Kisuke.

Aizen: If you admire that, you are truly lost.

Urahara: You must be fun at parties.


Aizen: Urahara Kisuke, go get me some beef jerky from the gas station.

Urahara: I’m filling the car. Why not get it yourself?

Aizen: Sadly, I am bound to this chair. Unable to rise.

Urahara: It’s just a seat belt, Aizen. You can take it off.

Aizen: Bound. Forever. To this chair.

Urahara: …you just don’t want to get up, huh?

Aizen: Such a strong seat belt.


Urahara: Aizen! Hands off! Driver gets to pick the radio station!

Aizen: Urahara Kisuke! With all of your intelligence, how can you enjoy this terrible radio station?

Urahara: I love AKB48!


Urahara: We may have been in the car together too long.



Aizen: Fear is necessary for evolution, Urahara Kisuke. Soon this car will be reborn.


Aizen: And here I thought you would understand.


Urahara: Oh good! You got my note that I would be at this diner!

Aizen: Yes. I got your message.

Aizen: In blood. On my wall.

Urahara: Fun, yeah?

Aizen: I can no longer remember why I wanted to take this trip with you.


Aizen: I will be pulling over at the next rest stop. I need to pee.

Urahara: Uh, there’s no rest stop for 50 kilometers, Aizen.

Urahara: Luckily, I have this handy device! It’ll let you pee right here!

Aizen: …why did you bring that?

Urahara: Isn’t it normal to prepare for every eventuality while on a road trip?

Urahara: I also have devices in case we get four flat tires or desperately need key lime pie or get attacked by a squad of rabid squirrels holding knives!

Aizen: Never before did I believe that there was such a thing as being over prepared.

Urahara: You’ll thank me later.


Aizen: Well, we are home.

Aizen: I must thank you, Urahara Kisuke.

Aizen: Thanks to you, prison no longer seems so bad.

Urahara: You’re welcome?

Aizen: Let’s never hang out again.

anonymous asked:

Do you still accept requests? If so, can I requests some Tobirama with a teenage daughter headcanons?

So I had a little too much fun with this ask, it’s super long so I apologize. I just love Tobirama to pieces and it was hard for me to stop! I also took a lot of liberties with it too. Hopefully it will sate all you Tobirama hoes a little, I’m planning to have some SFW and NSFW headcanons of him and Madara tomorrow. Plus a modern AU of Itachi, Shisui and Sasuke. ;)

Tobirama Having a Teenage Daughter

  • Tobirama is definitely a strict and overprotective father. Protecting his family has been the pinnacle of his life for as long as he can remember, and that very primal instinct would only increase if he had a daughter.
  • Tobirama would’ve been training his daughter to defend herself since she was pretty much old enough to hold a stick. He could never handle having a child that didn’t know how to protect themselves, it would just drive him mad with worry. I think naturally both Tobirama and his s/o would allow their daughter to become a shinobi, because she’s part of such a respected family, of course he would probably let her choose – he wouldn’t want to dictate every decision in her life.
  • He would be a strict father that would keep his daughter on track in school – any spare time Tobirama has automatically goes to helping his daughter excel in her classes. He would also expect her to be the top of her class all the time. To him, anything below that would be disgraceful almost
  • He would be beaming with pride if or when his daughter does graduate top of her class at the Academy. Seeing all those Uchiha boys and girls put to shame would make him rather smug. Tobirama would have to subtly find ways to work his daughter’s genius into normal conversation in front of Madara for about two weeks after the graduation – just to drive the Uchiha leader insane.
  • Tobirama gets very anxious when his daughter is assigned to missions that require her to be away from Konoha for a time period longer than two day. He becomes a bit of an insomniac and sits up or paces around the house the majority of the night waiting to see if she’s coming home. He just worries so much that something will happen and he wouldn’t be there for her. The thought of losing another member of his family again is agonizing, so he doesn’t sleep easy until she’s back in Konoha.
  • Tobirama never used to infuse chakra when he was going about daily activities like attending meetings, but ever since his daughter was old enough to walk, he’s constantly infusing chakra to keep tabs on her. He memorized her chakra signature before she was even born, so he has a general idea of where she is all the time. His daughter has learned that she can’t lie about where she’s going or what’s doing, because her father will find out the truth – one way or another.
  • His daughter also calls him super strict, because she has curfew that is earlier than most of her friends. It has become a sore subject between them, but Tobirama refuses to budge on it. He’s not above punishing his daughter for breaking the rules, which she does on occasion because she’s as headstrong as him. She believes that through constant protest she can change her father’s mind – which hasn’t proven to be the case yet.
  • Tobirama has taken up carrying a sword from his days during the Warring Era anytime his daughter’s male friends are over. He knows exactly how men think, and he likes instilling fear in them so they won’t try anytime he wouldn’t approve of. He’s really against the whole dating thing right now, which his daughter has begrudgingly accept for the time being.  But he’s slowly warming up to the idea, and by slowly I mean microscopic steps. He realizes he doesn’t want his to be alone for the rest of her life. The one thing Tobirama hopes is his daughter never dates an Uchiha boy, because then he would have real problems.

dazzle-camouflage  asked:

Hi! I'm reading (and loving) your Patrik webcomic and I wanted to ask; I have a character who also has a very, very long nose - do you have any tips for drawing long-nosed characters (kissing especially trips me up ahaha)?

OH MAN! The main thing is try to visualize it in 3D space. It helps to simplify it to a shape like a cylinder or cone (which you even mock up with a tube of paper for reference). Pat’s nose it like a slightly tapered cylinder.

As for things like kissing and such, it’s important to remember that noses in general squishy and some-what flexible. There are mostly muscle and cartilage, bone from the skull stops around the middle(-ish area) of the bridge. 

You just gotta get creative and figure out what is possible plus you can always take artistic liberties to make something work. I definitely took some giving Pat hyper-extended “noot noot” trumpet lips so he could give his family raspberry kisses.


For iwillstillopenthewindow​; MAN this took a while but I’m happy with how it turned out!!

This is an (attempt at) illustration for a drabble which I first read back in March or so; this is definitely my favorite drabble of the bunch so far because it’s so short but it was really meaningful to me!! I still reread it from time to time and roll around because IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY LMFAO

I kinda took some liberties with the perspective so I hope it’s ok OTL;;

ANYHOW this does not do you justice at all for your writing prowess but please continue writing such wonderful works!!