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Just joining the fandom, been listening to them from the beginning of the year. It's so hard to find their content >.< Could ya help me and post/tag a thread on their profiles? I mean the kinda profile fans have inside jokes with and everything, not their blood types (which is basically all I've been reading because IT'S SO HARD TO FIND THEIR CONTENT).

AHH welcome to the fandom bud!! Hmmm I think I know what you mean? I don’t think I remember seeing many of these so I’ll try and make a little one for you but I’m not sure how good it’ll be,, I don’t know how caught up I am with the fandom really and whatever inside jokes they have sdklnfsdlkfn BUT

Jae (Park Jaehyung):

- born 1992.09.15 !! (oldest member)

- lived first few years of his life in Argentina then in the United States then moved to Korea what a cool guy

- participated in the first season of Kpop Star along with Park Jimin, Lee Hi, Baek Ahyeon, Lee Michelle, Lee Seunghoon (Winner ;;), Yoon Hyunsang etc. and placed 6th!! leading him to join JYP Entertainment 

- had a youtube channel called yellowpostitman when he was a small baby and sang covers on there :’‘)

- hosts asc (after school club) with his pals Jimin and Kevin

- does vocals and guitar in Day6!!

- is called Chicken Little (cause he looks like him like really does it’s wow), Sweg Chicken (he doesn’t even know what this means why’s he called that)

- uses a lot of hashtags like.. calm down my guy

- wanted to have long hair the way JB from Got7 did at one time it was the cutest

- is the designated English speaker in the group and you can watch one of my favourite clips of him speaking English here!! (you feel me? you feel me Brian?) incredible

- can play badminton !!!! and was on Cool Kiz on the Block (?) for that

Sungjin (Park Sungjin):

- born 1993.01.16 (leader!!)

- does vocals and guitar and can also do percussion (I’m not sure the term for the instrument apologies) as you can see in a couple of their radio covers and in this predebut performance as 5live

- needs to let Wonpil live

- says that he’s the most emotional at dawn xdknvfkldnfs

- a legendary dancer

- people used to joke that it was his fault Day6 didn’t go on variety shows because he once went on Hidden Singer with Park Jinyoung (JYP) and was pretty nervous and couldn’t speak very well

- he’s like a dad but is actually a mystery to me???? because somehow he’s simultaneously a lame joke bad pun kind of dad and such a savage so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- has a gorgeous, super distinct voice it’s really amazing one of my favourite voices

- is called Bob because Jae thinks he looks like Bob the Builder which.. I have no words for..

- also has suCH a beautiful laugh,, they all have beautiful laughs though !!

Young K (Brian Kang or Kang Younghyun):

- born 1993.12.19

- stage name is Young K and he always tries to get people to call him that but everyone still calls him Brian

- lived in Canada !!!! my Canadian bro

- when he lived in Canada performed songs on a youtube channel with his pal Terry He !!! (Terry and pals made a cover of Congratulations when Brian debuted you can watch it here ;;)

- when in Canada was also in a band with Terry called KMESS + one called 3rd Degree

- does vocals, rap and bass

- originally played guitar before debuting with Day6 and didn’t get along with Jae (this isn’t the right wording but) when they first trained together because he took his guitar spot and he had to learn bass but they’re great buds now

- told YG to get an attitude (some peeps say that’s not what he actually said but I’m going to believe it forever) you can see here !! truly iconic, legends only

- is studying in University !!!! while still balancing being a part of Day6 what a guy :’‘) he works very hard

- Did a song with Baek Ahyeon called Shouldn’t Have and here you can watch the cutest performance of it in the whole world look at his dancing and them smiliNG at each other if you ever need to be cheered up watch this 

- also watch this with him and Jae !! the best thing? in the whole world? another iconic moment

Wonpil (Kim Wonpil):

- born 1994.04.28

- is the most emotional member according to Sungjin

- does vocals, keyboard and synthesizer !!

this is what he looked like predebut sdfsklnfsk

(a shark angel?)

- they always give him trash for his pink sweater (especially Jae)

(idk what they’re talking about he looks like an angel)

- the sweetest cutest person in the whole world his nickname is Pirimili is that doesn’t prove it to you I don’t know what to say

- likes to snuggle and sometimes goes to Brian’s room dlknfskldnfl really an angel

- he’s also really funny and is almost as legendary of a dancer as Sungjin as you can see here

- also has a super distinct voice !!

- when Day6 need aegyo he’s the one they turn to

Dowoon (Yoon Dowoon):

- born 1995.08.25

- plays the drums !! (also sometimes sings a little tiny bit I hope we can hear more in the future his voice is lovely)

- is very shy especially when they first debuted

- when they first debuted he always had to practice speaking neutrally because he naturally speaks in dialect

- Brian loves him so much he loves making him sit on his lap they’re so cute sldknfskl

- everyone loves him so much really

- I don’t know I don’t have that much info on him really but he’s the most precious in the whole world

Some general things about Day6:

- were originally a 5 member band called 5live and became Day6 when Dowoon joined

- had a past member named Junhyeok who did vocals and the keyboard who left on February 27th, 2016 (I cried)

- good pals with Got7

- do a LOT of covers both in English and Korean on the radio !!

- are very frequent radio guests especially on Kiss the Radio

- are really a true band they’re incredibly talented and hard working and deserve all of the love in the world

SO that’s all I have for now? Everyone please feel free to correct anything I might have gotten wrong and add things that I missed !!


Here is a list of many of their radio covers made by @softwoc !!

And some good Day6 blogs off of the top of my head are @fyeahdaysix (+ all of the fyeah blogs) @theday6 @brianskangs @bryankang @youngk @jaechicken @wonpilimiri @its-youngk their content should be able to help you get into Day6 !!

I’ll try to add on anything I missed and I hope that you continue to enjoy and support Day6′s music :’‘)

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For the one word prompt :) Klance, 35

35: goodbye

Before every operation, Lance had this brief moment of panic. 

Will I never come back?

Will one of my friends not come back? 

Will I ever see my family again?

All of his regrets would twirl around his mind, weaving in and out of his thoughts until he could practically hear himself speak them. 

He regretted not becoming closer with Pidge before being ejected into space. He regretted calling himself Keith’s rival when he wanted so much more. He regretted not being the teammate Shiro wanted, or Allura for that matter. He regretted not being a better best friend to Hunk. 

He regretted that he didn’t get to say goodbye to his family. 

Before hopping into Blue, sometimes he wondered if he should tell his team goodbye. Just in case. Tell them to make it out of the battle alive, tell them to go home and see his family. Tell his family Lance loved them with all of his heart. 

He would open his mouth, to say what he wanted to say. How much he admired Shiro, Allura, Coran. How much he cared about Hunk. How much he wanted for Pidge. How much he admired, cared about, and wanted the universe for Keith. 

Then he would slam his mouth shut, make a comment about seeing them on the other side, and hurry to Blue. 

Something felt different this time. Big fight, hundreds of fighters and hundreds of battle cruisers. He knew they’d fought worse, but he didn’t want to have even more regrets…

…just in case. 

He turned to search for the team, words brimming against his lips. They had already gotten to their lions, except Keith, who adjusted his armor. 

“Keith!” Lance called. 

Keith turned to him, curiously. Lance breathed in, out. He would get his words across. 

“If I don’t make it out of this one, tell my family I said goodbye,” he requested. “And tell the team how much I care about them.”

Keith’s eyes widened. “What are you talking about?” he asked, horror lacing his voice. “What do you mean, not make it out? Lance, you aren’t going to die.”

Lance laughed nervously. “Oh, yeah. I know. But, like, it doesn’t hurt to play it safe, you know?”

Keith hurried to him, eyes frantic. He grabbed Lance’s shoulders, shaking lightly. “You will make it out. You’ll see the team again, and your family. I promise. I couldn’t take it if something happened to you.”

Lance’s eyes widened in surprise. “Keith-”

Keith furiously pulled Lance towards him, slamming their lips together. It wasn’t a sweet kiss by any means, it was furious and terrified and desperate. Yet somehow, it was perfect. 

Lance could barely breathe, and Keith pulled away before he could kiss back. Keith licked his lips, looking away with red cheekbones. 

“This isn’t goodbye,” Keith said, determined. “If you go down, I’ll go down with you. The whole team will.” 

Lance was frozen, limbs numb and unmoving. When he could finally piece thoughts together, he murmured, “I…yeah, okay.”

And with a gentle smile, a genuine smile, Keith stepped away to go to his Lion.

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Savanna’s asks:

1. What is the best nickname someone ever gave you?
2. What has been your favorite age so far?
3. What is your favorite kind of music?
4. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
5. What is your favorite drink?
6. Have you ever written fanfiction?
7. Do you believe in aliens?
8. What is your favorite planet?
9. Are you more of a cat person or more of a dog person?
10. Have you ever had any pets?
11. If you could change your name, would you? To what?
12. Do you like fireworks?
13. Are you right or lefthanded?
14. Do you have any sibblings?
15. What is your all time favorite movie?
16. Do you like playing boardgames?
17. What is the color that most of your clothes have?
18. Who would you call your idol?
19. What do you when you need to relax?
20. What is the coolest place you have ever been to?
21. When was the last time you cried? Why?
22. How are you feeling right now?
23. Are you hydrated?
24. What was the last you ate?
25. What is the best birthday present you ever got?
26. Have you ever met an internet irl?
27. Who did you fangirl over when they followed you?
28. Do you prefer giving or getting presents?
29. Are you a procrastinator?
30. Pineapple on pizza, yes, or no?
31. How do you feel about bananas?
32. Do you know miffy/nijntje?
33. What’s your favorite season?
34. Who are people you met on this strange site that you wish you had met in real life?
35. What were you like as a kid?
36. Have you ever eaten something that is not meant to be eaten?
37. Do you have any currently alive houseplants?
38. Are you happy with who you are?
39. How do you celebrate your birthday?
40. Apples or bananas?
41. What does your room look like?
42. Do you speak any other languages aside from English?
43. Are you capable of playing a music-instrument?
44. Do you like fruit/vegtables?
45. Do you prefer calling or texting?
46. When was the last time you wrote a letter?
47. What is your favorite kind of tea?
48. What is your personal opinion on aliens?
49. What is the last movie you saw?
50. Talk about something you’re passionate about.

Extra: Get the nearest object which contains text, go to page 15, sentence 8, type it up here with no further explanation, no matter what language it is.

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whats your favorite yoongi era?? :D for like hair clothes or everythinggg (my fave was INU the pink muahh)

INU hands down, without a doubt, 100%, no questions asked.

this was truly his prime hair color, unforgettable undercut, the softest look. i will forever hold this era in my heart.


Hermione Granger x Pansy Parkinson
Warnings:  HP spoilers

Pansy Parkinson felt lonely.
And she never thought she actually would be.


After the war, there was a small percentage of students returning to Hogwarts to finish their schooling. Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, and The Golden Trio were some of them.

It was mid-September when Pansy realized Draco wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. She had tried, for days, weeks. Poured her effort into a friendship that had developed into being tragically one-sided. A relationship that was probably damned from the start.

And when Draco began dating Harry Potter, it was if Pansy has never even existed to him at all.

That’s when the loneliness began to settle in her chest - like a helpless man trapped in quicksand.


By the end of September, the staff at Hogwarts decided that because of the underwhelming number of students attending school this year, all four houses would be bunking together, additionally to provide a sense of closeness and house unity.

Pansy considered it a bad omen when she was placed in a dorm with Hermione Granger - and only Hermione Granger. 

The two girls completely ignored each other for five days.


The thing that had finally caused a conversation between Pansy and Hermione had been, interestingly enough, literature.

Pansy had been sprawled across her bed, laying on her stomach, quill scratching against parchment for a Transfiguration essay with an approaching deadline.

The Great Gatsby?” Hermione suddenly blurted out from her side of the dormitory, causing Pansy’s head to snap up, her short hair brushing alongside her neck.

“What?” she said, peering at the bushy-haired girl across the room.

“You’ve read The Great Gatsby?” Hermione reiterated, bobbing her head toward the old paperback resting on Pansy’s bedside table.

“Oh,” Pansy said, glancing at the book before turning back to Hermione. “Yeah. I think it’s the best book ever written - that I’ve yet to read.”

“Really?” Pansy found Hermione’s surprise a bit amusing. The dark-skinned Gryffindor pushed herself up on her own bed and folded her legs underneath herself. “I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but easily in my top fifteen.”

Pansy couldn’t stop the smile from creeping onto her lips. “Top fifteen? You’re insane, Granger.” She sat up and pushed her essay aside.

“I’m not insane, I just like books,” Hermione said, pushing a strand of brown hair out of her face. “And apparently you do too.”

Then they talked about books, amongst other things, into the night.

That’s how the two formerly opposing roommates became an unlikely pair of friends.


Pansy eventually opened up to Hermione about all her regrets. How she felt it wasn’t fair - it wasn’t fair that Draco had seemed to be completely forgiven by almost everyone - and she had received the short end of the stick.

It had always been hard for Pansy to communicate her true thoughts and feelings - but Hermione had managed to draw it all out of her.

And Pansy was trying to convince herself that she wasn’t developing feelings for her.

But it was so damn hard - Pansy was enthralled by so many aspects of Hermione Granger. 

The way she would gently bite her lip as she diligently completed her homework. The way her bushy hair would bounce as she walked across the room. Her utter fascination with books, and her constant push for Pansy to read all of her favorites. The way she would pour her heart into things she felt passionate about.

The way she had forgiven Pansy for who she used to be.


Pansy decided to do it one cold winter afternoon.

She was going to kiss her.

She didn’t know how; she didn’t know when. But she wanted, no, needed to do it.

And it was rushed and sloppy, the way that it happened.

Hermione was slightly bent over Pansy’s sharp shoulder as she explained a potion they had to make for class. Pansy’s pale fingers clutched the duvet of her bed as she watched Hermione’s lips move, bend, curve, press -

She leaned over suddenly and kissed Hermione hard on the mouth.

And she felt the other girl’s surprise, and worried for a moment that she had made a huge mistake. Ready to apologize, Pansy started to pull away -

But Hermione grabbed both sides of her face and kissed her back, even harder. Pansy grinned against Hermione’s silky lips.

After all, Slytherins have always had a knack for getting what they want.


After speaking to Hermione in depth about it all over several weeks, Pansy was finally convinced to do the thing she had been itching to do every since they all returned to Hogwarts.

It was a Wednesday, and Pansy had approached Draco and Harry at their spot in the Great Hall, an encouraging Hermione watching from not too far away.

“Hey,” she said hesitantly, glancing between the two boys. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Draco blinked at her, and then cleared his throat and abruptly stood up. “Yeah, sure. I -”

“Sorry, not you,” Pansy blurted, not actually meaning to sound so rude. “I meant Harry.”

Harry looked surprised as he stared at her, but nevertheless obliged right away. “Alright,” he said, placing his left hand on Draco’s shoulder as he stood up. The blonde boy sat down slowly, all whilst looking at Pansy as if she had sprouted an extra head.

Harry followed Pansy around the corner and out of the Great Hall, and she could feel Draco’s eyes digging into her back like sharpened daggers.

“What’s up, Parkinson?” Harry asked, crossing his arms over his chest and peering at her with his emerald green eyes.

“I just wanted to say-” she began, before realizing how difficult it was to actually say the words. “Erm, I, um…”

Harry Potter grinned at her, and she couldn’t help but envy his easiness around everyone, even her. His smile did seem to put her a bit more at ease - maybe it was contagious.

Pansy pressed her lips together and returned the grin. “I wanted to apologize. For everything I did, how I acted before the war. I just feel horrible about who I was. And, um-”

She began to get flustered, so naturally her fingers brushed through her thick hair. She just had the words a moment ago, but they had managed to fall into some abyss, unreachable.

Harry sensed it. “It’s okay, Pansy.” That stupid, effortless grin was still strewn across his face, but this time Pansy could tell it was wider.

“But it’s not,” she said. I almost turned you over to…”

She couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Really, it’s fine,” Harry reiterated, uncrossing his arms. “I forgive you.”

She had never heard those words before. They echoed in her ears for a moment, and she felt like a weight had lifted off of her shoulders. Her slightly chapped lips cracked into a smile as she replied, “Thank you. That means a lot.”

“Of course,” Harry said. “And, if it means anything, I’m really glad you’re with Hermione.”

Pansy’s grin grew for miles.


They were intertwined.

Figuratively, and, quite literally, as Hermione’s head rested comfortably on Pansy’s chest, their ankle bones clashing as their feet twisted together underneath the cotton sheets of Pansy’s bed. A low-hummed song was pouring from Hermione’s lips, and Pansy was inhaling the sweet scent of her hair.

Pansy’s fingers trailed lightly up and down Hermione’s arm, and she could feel the goosebumps protruding from her skin.

Even Pansy wasn’t expecting the words to fall off her lips.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

A stifling silence filled the room then, as Hermione abruptly stopped humming. Pansy’s fingers lingered over one section of Hermione’s arm as she realized what she just said out loud.

“Really?” Hermione whispered, barely audible.

Pansy swallowed. “Yeah. I, uh, I didn’t mean to say it right then and there, but… I meant it.”

Hermione turned her head to look at her then, and Pansy’s chest filled with relief as she saw the enormous smile on her love’s face.

“You’re a dork,” Hermione said, smile not fading in the slightest.

Pansy knew that was just as good as I love you too.

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Disgusting as 1c ;)

he’s happy now. Look at him, I love him (his name isn’t actually disgusting, nor is he disgusting. I will fight you if you say otherwise)

Harrie Tag!

I was tagged by @fairylightsstyles and @aqua-harry and @harrysparadox to do the Harrie questions tag! (THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME!!)  

I tag……. @netflix-nouis13 @trulymadlysydney @idekstyles @cupcakeharry17 @never-enough-harry  @kaleking @stylessemantics @savage-styles @harryz  @yeshaddy   hope you enjoy this as much as I did! :-) (ps if you were already tagged cause this took me a while to do, sorrrryyy)

rules: you must answer the questions till the end and then tag another 10 harrie blogs to do the same! you can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the questions.

1. Favourite Look: ughhhhh omg I cannot pick…. there are toooo many good ones. ughhh I really like ugly Hawaiian dad shirt Harry, but these two looks just really do something for me:

2: Favourite tweet: 


3: Favourite interview and why:wow how can I pick there are so many good ones!! But I think I’m going to go with the one that was with tattoo roulette and James Cordan.

Cause like damn. So many reasons. But he was in his element and it showed how much of a good person was because he was not going to let Niall Get that tattoo even if his box said safe. He was like “ don’t worry Ni I got you” and He was all smug and like “Eh no big deal” while getting it done and he honestly looked so hot. But he also was so care free. And I’m rambling now so I’m gonna stop.

4: Favourite stage moment: AHH I have so many, but definitely most of them are from my OTRA concert, (Indianapolis) so the time he thought a guy was standing on a chair and called him out for it, but it was a Colts player who was tall af! or When they sang Drag Me Down for the first time ! (during and after the song was over)

5: Favourite hair style: ughhhh omg okay so I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIS hair currently, but Like Man bun Harry gave me the air to breath everyday he wore it like that.

Originally posted by kkjenna

But also this hair era killlled me:

Originally posted by confusedharrie

Which is what we are getting now sooooo Harry please bring back the wraps!

6: Favourite Family member: Ummmm idk how to pick….. Ummmmm Probs Anne because with out the way she raised him he wouldn’t be the type of person he is today. But also Gemma is Goals so like… BOTH lol.

7: Favourite 1D Bromance: Um is this even a question…. NARRY!

Originally posted by nialllookbook

8: Favorites Celebrity + Harry: UMMMMMMMMMMMMM


9: Favourite tattoo: I have a few, Shocking I know…. 

his Theatre Masks:

or his cross:

or his tiger…. cause you all know what I’d like to do to it ;)

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