i took real pictures of my costume today it was so fun

Rutnam Shore


Dean/Cas, Dean/Cassie
21k words
Chubby!Dean, college au (kind of), mystery, hurt Dean Winchester, chock full o’ plot

Summary:  Dean Winchester has never been past the city limits of the sleepy town of Rutnam Shore. Except in his dreams, where he travels the country in a classic car and fights mythical beings with his little brother. It’s the only time he gets to see his brother, since Sam died in a car crash when they were kids. Dean wants nothing more than to get as far away from Rutnam Shore as he can, but unfortunately he’s afraid of driving and feels like he’s stuck.

“Dean! Dean, don’t go over there!”

Ignoring the distant sound of his father’s voice, Dean continues scaling the wall of rocks separating him from the rest of the beach. He’s lived at Rutnam Shore for his entire life and yet this is the first time his parents have taken him to the actual beach. He’s not going to miss out on the opportunity to explore to his heart’s content.

But, as it happens, Dean is only 5 and his legs can only take him so far before his dad scoops him up and carries him back down to the crowded beach.

“You could’ve at least put your shoes on before pulling that stunt,” Dad chastises as he sets Dean down beneath the umbrella and cleans off the bottom of his feet. “Don’t do that again. You hear me?”

“Yes, sir,” Dean mumbles.

His dad doesn’t say anything else, but Dean knows if he tries to get up and join Mom and Sammy down at the shoreline then his dad will fuss at him again.

So he sits quietly, if a little huffy, and watches as Sam smacks at the sand while sitting in Mom’s lap, the tide gently washing back and forth beneath them.

Eventually Dean turns away. He finds an old woman looking his way, but she quickly averts her gaze toward the water. Dean looks at her a moment longer, but she doesn’t look at him again.

He thinks this must be a perfect day, if he could only climb over that rock.

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tiny dancer (jane/kurt fanfic)

summary: jane has to miss eden’s dance recital and the whole team pitches in to help

series: what i never knew i always wanted

A/N: I have no explanation for this one other than it’s all I could think of today and I just had to write it.  You’re all probably getting sick of this AU by now…but if not, enjoy this very long and extremely ridiculous but (hopefully) fun fic!

tiny dancer

Jane waited anxiously, her eyes darting between the fussing baby in her arms to the iPad currently propped up on her hospital tray. She gently rocked her newborn son, attempting to soothe both him and her own nerves.

Just as she was about to pick up the iPad to call him, the screen lit up with Kurt’s name and an incoming call. She reached out to accept the call and waited the few seconds for it to connect.

“Hi mommy!” Eden’s cheerful voice came through, followed by her smiling face.

Jane immediately felt herself calm down at the sight of her happy daughter.

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ptilo  asked:

HI THIS IS PROBABLY A WEIRD MESSAGE BUT ive never cosplayed at a big event before and today (friday aug 11) i went to boston comic con as sock and it was one of the best days of my life, so many people recognized me and took pictures and it made me feel so much better about my cosplay skill and myself in general, i just wanted to thank you for. making this character i guess because this was such a fun costume to make and wear, and it was pretty much the focus of one of my best days !! jst. Thank

Nonono, thank you for sharing this with me!  That sounds like it was a real blast, I’m glad so many people recognized you and wanted to say something nice.  That’s what I like to hear!!

It happened last night...

The sweet and lovely donttrustthe20somethingbitch requested some Jensen x reader smut. 

Summary: The reader runs into Jensen (who is single, because I can’t write bring myself to write it any other way) at a Supernatural convention. They are attracted to each other, and smut follows.

Word Count: 1919

Warnings: This is pure smut. It even made me blush.

A/N: Thanks for this request, it’s been a while since I’ve written Jensen. I hope you love it, my darling!

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They lived!Au. Because we all need something a bit cheerful and fun on a day like today. And because I actually remembered to write something for once.

“You need to hold still.” Lily held a small paint brush in one hand and a pallet of face paints in the other. She could think of a thousand spells that would make this much easier, but James had insisted that this give this years Halloween the ‘Good ol’ muggle try.’ Normally Lily appreciated his enthusiasm in giving the muggle way a chance, but she was simply too exhausted to feel appreciation at the moment.

“You’re getting it in my eye.”

“Grace, you have to hold still.” Lily repeated, using the tip of her small finger to wipe the edge of her daughter’s eye. “Did I get it?”

“Yes. Are you done yet?” She was trying to be patient and Lily appreciated it. Her older daughter, Joy, had pushed Lily’s hands away in a huff and declared that she would do it herself. She was five, so Lily was looking forward to seeing how that turned out.

“You two about ready?” James walked into the room carrying their youngest son, David who was dressed as a parrot, on his shoulders. James of course, was a pirate.

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Start the New Year Right

Happy Christmas, New Year & Epiphany!  @mlsecretsanta substitute Santa here with a gift for @daninha-chan .  This story got WAY out of hand!  Hope you enjoy!


Ladybug looked like she’d been hit in the face, and quite frankly Chat Noir couldn’t blame her.  Their meeting with the mayor had turned out unexpectedly to say the least.  How they agreed to this was beyond him.  There were much more relaxing ways to spend New Year’s Eve than being the guest of honor at the Palace Hotel. Yet there they were with a month and change to prepare for the event.

“How did this happen?” Ladybug finally asked him.  They had ended up at Notre Dame for no other reason than it gave them enough space to pace he supposed.

Chat Noir shrugged his shoulders.  “Guess it’s one of the reasons he’s mayor.”

There wasn’t going to be a good answer to her question.  In all actuality it was probably rhetorical.  None the less it gave Ladybug a reason to pause and look at him. She then let out a long sigh. “I guess you’re right.  No reason to fret over it now.  It’s done.  Now we just need to coordinate our outfits.”

“Our outfits,” Chat Noir parroted as he tilted his head questioningly.

“Yes, I mean I could just design and make our outfits myself,” she held up one hand as though trying to weigh out their options but Chat Noir wasn’t having any of that.

“Wait, I thought we were just going to go in costume,” he interrupted, looking at his lady with new admiration.

“Certainly not. If we have to go then I’m going to,” and then she stopped, her eyes going slightly wide as she covered her mouth. “Um, that is to say…”

He couldn’t help it, he stepped closer to her gleefully. “That is to say you already have ideas?” She nodded silently and he could feel the grin on his face widen. “If you’re really going to make us both something to wear to this New Year’s gala then I’m going to insist I pay for all the material and accessories.”

Ladybug’s eyes went wider.  “I couldn’t ask you to…” she made an eeping sound as he carefully placed a finger on her lips.

“You didn’t ask, and we’re in this together, right?  I can’t exactly help you sew, but I have plenty of access to the type of things one might need for making a gown and suit,” he assured her.  Ladybug narrowed her eyes, likely judging the truth of his statement.  “Do you trust me?”

And of course she did.  It wasn’t a phrase he’d throw around needlessly, but Chat Noir was well aware that trust in each other was something they had in spades.

So it came to pass over the next several patrols, Ladybug came with sketches of what she intended.  The rough drafts getting more detailed quickly.  She even took in the few suggestions he’d made.  He was both flattered that she took what he said to heart and proud that all his time surrounded by the fashion industry was paying off so unexpectedly. If he wasn’t seeing the progress first hand, he might have suspected the art was being copied because it seemed slightly familiar. Whose work he wasn’t sure, he’d met so many designers over the years and he wasn’t familiar enough with how certain styles got copied by students or followers of a designer anyways.

That he didn’t bat an eye the day she brought a tape measure on patrol gave Ladybug pause and he couldn’t help but be amused by the turn of events. By the end of that session she was giving him calculating looks, but every time he joked at giving her an idea why he knew what she needed before she’d asked (because let’s be real he’d been measured so many times over the years he could do it half asleep anymore) she’d promptly find another topic to discuss.  Not before looking tempted though.

It wasn’t really fair of him he knew.  Keeping their identities a secret wasn’t something she insisted on a whim or for frivolous reasons.  It was to keep both of them, and those around them, safe.  Secretly he even worried how she would feel about him once she knew the truth.  Would she still see him as Chat Noir, her friend and partner, or just the celebrity Adrien Agreste?

Adrien Agreste had a problem.  A very very big problem.  Of course he had been invited to the New Year’s gala by Chloé.  It was an event for big names, and he was a big name.  His father had declined the invitation but told him to go.  What was he to do?  He couldn’t be Chloé’s date.  He’d never get away from her.

“Why don’t you invite someone to be your date then,” Plagg suggested as he chomped on some Camembert atop Adrien’s computer desk.

Adrien wasn’t going to look too closely when advice was freely given to him from his kwami, even if said advice did bring to mind a host of new problems to him.  Still after considering his options, it had to be a girl, it needed to be someone that would actually enjoy that sort of party, it needed to be a friend, who wasn’t dating someone else, there was really only one choice.

Adrien wasn’t expecting the answer though.  “I-I can’t!”

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Sooooo in case you didn’t know I actually visited the PLL set today!

Story time!

It seriously was such an incredible day. I honestly did not plan this: yesterday I was just sitting in my bedroom back in Australia and here I am on the other side of the world having seen the PLL set (and Marlene)! My taxi driver from the airport to the hotel actually recommended the WB tour on a Friday as it’s quiet so we may see more stars (which I did!!!!!! But no pics!!!!!) So it all happened very fast, I didn’t really plan on doing this.

Side note: people may think I’m crazy if that’s ALL the pics I took! Hell no, I’ve got like a hundred! Hahaha
There’s a limit of 10 on Tumblr so I just chose the most distinct ones showing off various sets. (I may post the ones with myself in it after when the show ends, when I’m thinking about revealing who I am)
Most of you probably/definitely know this already, but from left to right, the pics are the Rosewood Town (IT’S TINY, 100 metres MAX from one side to the other), Rosewood City Hall (fun fact: on the other side of this exact building is Rosewood High! other side as in it’s a two in one building), The infamous church (which had nothing in it, damn!), the Rear Window Brew (and also where Spoby kissed in 312), Rosewood High School (TINY TINY TINY - it seemed so much bigger when it’s filled with heaps of extras), Alison’s house (which was empty), the new Radley which turned into a fancy hotel (the scene between Ashley and Hanna in the 5 years forward 611 premiere was taken in the space of that pic), the Lost Woods Resort (and actually, to the left of where I took the picture is Noel’s cabin too, which was also Ezra and Nate’s cabin), Spencer’s backyard where the fireworks lit off in 514 and the snow in 513, and then of course the barn which is directly opposite Spencer’s backyard. (That smaller house behind the tree that you see in Spencer’s backyard…. yeah that’s Emily’s house! They don’t show that in the show however)

Aside from these pics I of course saw heaps more, such as the Pennsylvania airport where Ezria kissed in 6B (which is actually a cafeteria for all Warner Bros staff!), the movie theatre from season 1, Hanna’s house, Emily’s house, the woods, the lake where Jenna drowned, Mona’s house, Aria’s house, the New York from 501, the park bench where the girls tried blocking A’s number in early season 1A, the train station where Haleb hooked up, etc. HEAPS! We were going through all these areas and I could instantly recall heaps of scenes that were shot right in front of me… my tour guide was impressed! Hahaha

It’s SO much smaller in real life. They make Rosewood seem like a huge town in the show but in reality it’s just this tiny block and another strip of houses, and The Radley, located elsewhere.

I did get to go through the actual stage of PLL, where the girls’ makeup rooms were (we practically lived there too, thanks to Ash and Shay’s Snapchats!) however there was nothing there. I got pics but it’s boring. Just wooden stages coming down, but most was gone. This is where the insides to all the houses were, so they’re gone now. Tours no longer go inside Spencer’s kitchen for example. But oh well, I was still SOOOO happy I got to walk through Rosewood, with the signs still saying Rosewood, before it’s totally totally gone as they’re finished filming obviously!

Tour guide: “so lots of different movies and TV shows have been filmed right here on the Warner Brothers lot, are there any movies or shows in particular you would like me to focus on a bit more throughout the tour?”

Me: “I came here for Pretty Little Liars. We can look at all the other movies and shows later.”

The other 7 people in my tour group were too shy to speak up so he literally followed my demands. It was practically a PLL tour despite being marketed as a “Warner Brothers Tour”! So cool. He was an awesome tour guide in that regard but also extremely shitty because as you all know I’ve been ranting at the fact that I saw Marlene walking ten metres from me (pic on my blog too) and he didn’t let me leave the tour group to go say hi, despite knowing my strong passion for the show. “I can loose my job if I let my group members start wandering off”. Pfffft I was only wanting to go ten metres and say hi to the woman who created this wonderful world!

Fun fact he told me - they had a tour group pass through Rosewood whilst they were filming 514… aka, the episode of Mona’s funeral. Normally visitors don’t watch them film episodes so the visitors generally never see spoilers, however, a massive picture of Mona was situated right outside the church and all the cast was wearing black - so the visitors put two and two together: Mona dies in an upcoming episode! Ever since then they’ve been really strict about letting people onto the set whilst the sets are decorated ready for filming. Mona “dying” was actually public knowledge WAAAAYYYY before 512 had even aired!

Hope you enjoyed mini story time with me ;) I highly recommend this tour if you are in LA. I of course LOVED seeing other stuff like the Friends set and the costumes used in the ACTUAL DC movies (they said don’t touch Superman’s suit, but I’ve always wondered what it felt like so I had to touch it! It’s rubber…) As this is a PLL blog I’ll keep it exactly that; PLL, but still, I recommend this for all shows that you know of that are filmed in the Warner Bros lot! The part of the tour where you walk through the props was sensational. So many “A"s in there and also Supergirl props too which was cool!

I could write a thesis but I’ll end it here. What a day!

The Avengers go to Comic Con

At first it was just Steve. He’d gotten a booth to sell the comic book he’d written, a small series about a nurse named Sarah using her magic healing powers to fight monsters and save the world. It had gained a small following when Tony put the first issue online, and now Steve was finally getting to publish his own work. Bucky won’t stop currently teasing him to no end about how even at his age, dreams could still come true.

How no one had worked out that “Roger Stevens” was Tony’s carelessly put together psuedonym for him, he still didn’t know. In an attempt to keep the silly secret a while longer, Darcy had come up with a disguise for him. Which consisted of him growing a beard and dyeing it and his hair brown. Still, somehow it seemed to be working, as the people around him seemed to be giving no more than a “you could be Captain America, but that’s crazy” look. Natasha said it was because it was so obvious people couldn’t accept it as real.

Sam and Bucky, of course, had to go and visit him there, both dressed as Captain America. Bucky–left arm hidden holographically to help protect his identity–insists their versions of the uniform were improvements.

“They’re just cooler.” He says. “We have way more style than you.”
“Thanks, jerk.” Steve replies with a roll of his eyes. “What’s everyone else doing this weekend?”
“Coming here.” Sam tells him.
“All of them?” Steve asks.
“All of us.” It’s Clint who answers. He’s dressed as Legolas with Cooper and Lila–as Robin Hood and Merida,respectively–in tow. “You didn’t think we’d miss this, did you?”
“I love Nurse Sarah!” Lila exclaims, bouncing excitedly. “Are you gonna write more of them, Uncle Steve?”
Sam laughs, “You’re not planning to let down your number one fan, are you?”
“Of course I won’t.” Steve says. “There’ll be more. But …if everyone’s here, where are they?”
“Well, ‘everyone’ isn’t accurate.” Sam states. “Bruce opted out; didn’t wanna risk it. He and Betty went up to the cabin for a nice, quiet weekend.”
“And Laura stayed home with Nate.” Clint adds. “Jane and Darcy are at some panel right now. Tasha’s …somewhere. Last I saw the twins, Wanda was checking out some Sailor Moon display with Vision. She said Pietro’s not allowed to come because he wouldn’t promise not to run around.”
“For the best.” Steve says. “That still leaves a lot of people.”
“Believe it or not, Rhodes and Thor are in line to get William Shatner’s autograph.” Clint says. “Thor I get, but Rhodey I always took as more of a Picard guy.”
Sam laughs, “Whatever makes them happy, right?”
“So that just leaves …” Exhaustion creeps over Steve as he realizes who’s left, “Tony.”
Bucky groans, “You won’t believe what he’s doing now.”
“Oh no.” Steve isn’t sure he wants to know.
With a heavy sigh and a facepalm, Sam explains, “There’s an Avengers costume contest later today. He’s planning to enter.”
“You’re kidding, right?” Steve asks.
“Pepper’s forcing him to make a costume instead of just taking an actual suit.” Clint goes on. “He’s pouting about it, but she’s not letting up.”
“Daddy,” Cooper tugs at Clint’s arm, “come on, this is boring.”
“Alright, buddy, hold your horses.” Clint says. “I guess we’ll see you guys later.”
Steve nods, “Have fun, you three.”

Clint takes no more than a single step before tripping and falling to the floor. As Cooper and Lila laugh uncontrollably at their father’s lack of grace, he grumbles that the floor shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Elsewhere, Natasha has busied herself posing for picture after picture with little kids excited to see such a fantastic Ariel costume. Alongside her are Maria and Sharon–dressed as Belle and Rapunzel–getting just as much attention as she is. Some of the adults around them have commented that their costumes look like they came directly from one of the Disney parks themselves. Something the three former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents keep to themselves as true. “Borrowed” they insisted to each other; they’ll return them before they’re missed.

“You kind of look like the Black Widow.” A little girl–in a Black Widow costume, no less–mentions as she admires Natasha’s dress.
Natasha gasps, “I do? Really?”
The girl nods excitedly, “Yeah! She’s my favorite Avenger!”
“Oh she is?” Even with her years of training, Natasha can’t quite stop the smile that forms at the girl’s enthusiasm.
Maria drapes her arm over Natasha’s shoulder, “I bet the real Black Widow would be happy to hear that.”
“What’re you talking about?” Sharon asks. She points at the little girl, “There’s the real Black Widow right there.”
“I’m not!” The girl giggles. “It’s just a costume!”
Natasha kneels down to her level, looks over her carefully, “Hmm …are you sure? You look an awful lot like her.”
Still giggling, the girl shakes her head, “No! I’m not the real Black Widow!”

They carry on the exchange a minute longer, until the giggling girl and her family have to slip away.

“You’re her favorite, Nat.” Maria teases, taking advantage of being one of the few people on the planet allowed to do so.
“Oh shut up.” Natasha laughs.
Sharon nudges her playfully, “It’s sweet, little girls admire you.”
“Shut up before I kill both of you.” Natasha threatens, though they all know it’s fake.

Eventually, the time comes for the Avengers costume contest. As promised, Tony enters in what he insists counts as a costume–one of his suits with every weapon and possible combat feature and even the thrusters removed. To everyone’s surprise, he loses to a contestant dressed as Quicksilver who quite literally appears out of nowhere, then vanishes again, leaving nothing but a blur behind.

"This can't be the end" - Jack Barakat Imagine #5

I have no idea why this gif doesn’t move, enjoy a derpface Jack then.

Request : can you please do a jack barakat imagine, where you two have been together for a while and he starts talking to holly for a while but you’re not worried and then one day you’re both in bed just cuddling and he tells you he slept with her and you kick him out and then you decide the rest? sorry if its confusing.

Changed it a little, might have a part 2 if you guys want. 

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The Firebird - Chapter 2

My huge thanks to @titaniasfics and @dandelion-sunset for beta-ing :)

The awesome banner and aesthetics were made by the most talentuous @akai-echo - I’m WOW at the magic she makes :)

Here on AO3 // FFN


Katniss just couldn’t stop staring at Madge’s text, and trying to understand how in hell she could have accepted to go with her. She would also like to know, thank you very much, WHERE she was supposed to go, you know, to be able to dress appropriately.

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My Mockingjay Wrap Party Experience Berlin-06/21/2014

When I heard that Mockingjay, the movie adaptation of the books, that changed my life, will shoot in Berlin, the city that I live in, I totally freaked out, so I knew from the beginning: I will spend every day searching for the cast!

I met almost everyone, but as we all know, we only saw Jennifer on a bike, on set or in a restaurant on the rooftop of her hotel. No other pics of Jen in Berlin. My biggest dream was to finally meet her, not at the premiere like I already had, because it’s all chaos there. This dream came true.

After Mockingjay wrapped and we saw the group hug picture of Jennifer, Josh, Liam and Woody, I went to the set with two of my friends. The whole crew was partying (no cast members in sight), drinking champagne and my friends and me were heartbroken. It’s really over.

So we went to the trailers of the cast, they were not far away from the set, and we asked a security guy if they still needed the name signs, he said: “No, you can have them.” and we really got them!

As you can imagine, I haven’t slept the whole night. The next day I went to the hotel to meet Jeffrey Wright, so he could sign our picture. Very important!: Every day a guy went outside of the hotel just to smoke a cigar. I met Jeffrey and asked him if there’s going to be a wrap dinner, but he said: “Oh, you mean the Wrap Party? It is tonight!” Oh, so it’s called a wrap party, cool, didn’t knew that.

Of course after this long day I wanted to go home, but a friend of mine called and said he knows where the wrap party is going to be, BUT he won’t tell me. A lot of paparazzi knew it too, but there’s an another entrance, so there is no chance to even see the cast. That’s why there are no pictures, there was nobody there! My friend said, he could pick me up from the subway station and go with me there, so I wouldn’t tell anyone where the party is going to be. But still we had no hopes for anything to happen.

There were rumors, that we drove after Jen’s car to the Wrap Dinner, which was in Grill Royal (we knew that a day later) and from there to the wrap party. These rumors are TOTALLY not true!

We got at about 8 pm to this Bar “Rocco and Sanny” and of course my phone battery died, so I only had my old camera with me, if I ever wanted to take a pic. We sat there, nothing happened, it was cold, I had barely make-up on, a sweater, underneath that an old top, because I thought nothing exciting would happen today. After some time a taxi stopped by and VE NEILL got out of it! I was like: OMG, are they really going through that entrance?! ALL OF THEM?

So we waited and then Francis Lawrence came out of the car, some time later WOODY, he walked past us and smiled! Then the sisters of Jacqueline Emerson (YES, OUR FOXFACE!) came, too. It was past 11 pm and a black car stopped in front of the entrance and of course, I knew who’s car it was: IT WAS JEN’S!! So I stood up and was super excited! She came out of the car, looking at the ground, going straight to the entrance, like you see her in every paparazzi pic. She didn’t even stop and I totally understand that, she just wanted to go inside, but only to see her one more time, it really made my day! “Gilbert” (we all know it’s not his real name), her bodyguard, was with her, too. Liam was nowhere to find, so we looked forward to seeing Josh! Unfortunately, he drove in in the car, so we haven’t seen him.

Okey, so everybody was inside, both of us were outside, but we were still sitting there next to the entrance and honestly I had fun! You could hear everything that was going on inside! The cast watched the soccer game, because you know Fifa World Cup and stuff and you could hear Jen screaming: “Yeeeeah!” and then Woody: “HELL YEAH!” after a goal! They had a DJ, who made a mix out of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and other old hits! I tried to record it, but as I already said: my camera is old and fucks up… 

Seriously, every person passing this club/bar/restaurant (I still don’t know what it is exactly) waited a second and asked the security guy if they could come inside! It was a veeery big party there inside! Response: “Private party.”

Sometime later, “Gilbert” came out, to take Jen’s purse out of the car, so I talked to him for a minute and I was surprised: he was actually really kind! I asked him, if there’s a possibility, like in this century,  to take a picture with Jen, because she never made any pictures at the premieres in Berlin. He said, we could come tomorrow in front of her hotel and she’ll come out for us! (She didn’t.) I asked him: HOW THIS GIRL GET THE PIC IN PARIS? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? LIKE HOOOOW?! He said: “Ahh, the Paris picture… She simply lives in the hotel they were in.” I still don’t know if it’s true, but it would explain a lot. After that he went inside.

Then a guy came out of the bar with a CIGAR (!) in his hand, sat down right next to me and said really happy: “Oh, its’s you guys!” He really knew us! His name was Damien, he works in the costume department and we talked a lot that night, about L.A, how similar L.A., Paris and Berlin are to each other, about his daughter, everything! Like old friends! After he was done with his cigar, he went inside and came back with a new one to smoke. This happened like five times. After I asked: “Don’t you want to party inside?”, he said: “I’m rather here with you.” HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

In the meantime, a girl tried to come inside (she had a bag of the Soho House, so she clearly knew what was going on there) but she wasn’t on the list. So she called her friend and told him she’s waiting outside, few minutes later a guy came out, said she’s with me and she could go inside!… Connections , guys! Connections!

My friend said: “Hey! Why don’t you ask Damien, if he could take us inside?” I totally thought he went crazy. ASK HIM TO TAKE US INSIDE?! NO WAY!

Then Damien came out again for a cigar. My friend gave me that look, so I began: “Damien? Can I ask you a question?” I wanted to wait for a “yes”, then I would ask him if there’s a possibility to take us inside, which is totally crazy but okay.

But he never said “yes” and I never asked that question. The only thing he said was: “I’ll take you inside.” I thought I’m not hearing good! What did he say?! Take us INSIDE? WHUT?! Me: ”What?!” Damien: “I’ll take you inside! Take your bag. You come inside first, later I’ll come back for your friend. If something’s wrong, you’re my sister. When we’re inside go straight to the bar and get yourself a drink. And no matter what happens: DON’T LET GO OF MY HAND!”

And this is one of this moments in your life, that you ask yourself: What will you do?  Is it clever to take the hand of a man twice as old as you are, past midnight in the middle of Berlin, when your phone’s dead, your parents have no idea where you are and what you’re doing, so he can take you to a party? Answer: Sure! Why not?

So I took Damien’s hand, he went through both securities easily, but of course one of the securities saw me and stopped him. She: ”You can’t take her inside.” Damien: “But she’s with me.” She: “She’s a fan, it’s not clever. You can’t!” And then he screamed at her: “SHE’S WITH ME!” and pulled me inside the club. Then the best night of my life began.

It was dark. The entrance to the club was behind a stage with the livestream of the soccer game. He took me straight to the bar. There were a lot of people, I have no idea where they all came from. He left me at the bar and said: “Have fun.” I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was actually inside at the party! Five seconds after that a security guy came up to me and I thought: Okay, I know, I have to go. At least I was 5 seconds here. But instead of kicking me out, he said with a smile: “Wow, you really managed to come inside! I’m not working after midnight, so I don’t care what you do. Have fun!” He told me every drink you want is for free, the toilets and the wardrobe are down the stairs. WHUT?!

Okay, so I wanted to go to the wardrobe and leave all of my stuff there, also my sweater, because it was really hot inside and dark, very dark. Sometimes you could see some flashlight go on, just for a second. Later, I found out that it was a photo booth! And I really had to go to the toilet. So I looked around a little and saw nobody from the cast. I don’t care, I’m inside! So I went past the booth, down the stairs, and now all Joshifer shippers out there attention, please: I had to stop in the middle of the stairs because of what I saw. Jennifer, Josh, “Gilbert” and some guy talking (of course the only people talking were Josh and Jennifer as always) privately down there next to the wardrobe! I swear my heart skipped a beat. Okey, okey, act natural.. (as if this would be even possible at this point..) You’re part of it, they can’t see you’re a fan.

I left my stuff in the wardrobe and I realized I have a big problem! If you want to go to the toilet, you have to go right BETWEEN Jen and Josh! So I took all my sanity together I asked if I can go past by! Jen: ”Yeah, sure! Of course!” I went to the toilet, died thousand deaths and after I was done, went back upstairs. Jen was gone and Josh was on his way to the toilet (way too much information, sorry). Everybody was dancing, I took a coca cola and because I’m a geek, I can’t dance. I just can’t. How are you supposed to look inconspicuous, if you don’t dance at a party? So I tried some moves, it looked really bad. So I just took my drink and decided to stand by the column right to a guy, who wasn’t dancing either, thank god. Then I saw Jen, Josh and someway LIAM was there too, dancing with each other like in that group hug (but without Woody). They were holding each other, laughing, having fun, but you really could see: They were sad that this is really the end!

Have you ever seen a video of Josh dancing? Yes? Imagine to see that in real life, only 1000 times better! I swear, he was the king of this dancefloor! He was dancing with everybody! And Liam and Jen smiling about it in the background watching him dancing! Jen’s quote from 2012: “I am the worst dancer ever.”  This is the biggest lie she has ever told us! If that, what she was doing there, was bad dancing, I really want to dance bad. She looked gorgeous!

Later I realized that Josh stopped dancing and went towards me. I looked around and thought: Hmm, where do he wants to go? Wardrobe? I bet his stuff is not there. Toilet? He was already there. (still sorry for knowing that) He came up, like 40 centimeters away from me, and started to talking to that guy, who wasn’t dancing right next to me! He hugged him and they talked a lot! WHAT?! So I looked away and wasn’t listening, it’s just way too private! And they talked and talked and then Josh said “Bye.” He went back in the direction of Liam and Jen. The only thing I ever wanted is to hug Josh. I have pictures with him. I didn’t want any and I didn’t even had my camera with me so whatever. So I took all my courage and touched him on his shoulder. He immediately turned over and waited for me to say something! The only thing I could come up with, was to tell the truth…! Me: “Hey Josh! I’m a really big fan of yours and I just wanted to ask, can I hug you?” Josh was first surprised and then really happy: “OF COURSE!” He hugged me and it was a really long hug. We let each other go and he waited for me to say something again. What would you do in this situation? You could talk to him, even if it’s really loud there, or you could ask him for his contact. Anything?! What did I do? I just said: “Thank you.” Josh was surprised again and said “Cool. Have a good night!” Aaaand I died. He went back to Jen and Liam and then I realized, they were about to make a picture! Probably a private picture, because it’s nowhere to find. They are really making pictures! I decided: Let’s go to the wardrobe and take my very bad camera! Who knows what happens?! Maybe they’ll be a chance to take a pic with Jen and I will not have a camera! I wouldn’t forgive myself!

On the way to the wardrobe I met Woody! with his friends and I almost bumped into him! It was really close! So I said “Hi, Woody!” and went straight ahead. I actually started to feel comfortable! I took my camera, went back upstairs and saw Jen dancing with Francis right in front of me! So I went into a corner and waited for my opportunity. The same thing like with Josh and Liam: they were sad and happy at the same time! You really could see that! Then her manager or someone else (I don’t know who, some woman) told her they have to leave. Jennifer wanted to go, but then a female friend of her grabbed her from behind and they both started dancing! Guys, Jen can dance, she really can! After few minutes, the same situation, woman: “We have to go!” Jen was almost on her way and then, I really have no idea how, a woman, who works on Mockingjay, you could clearly see she’s a part of the crew, came up with a girl, who was like idk 6 or 7 years old (! I don’t want to say anything but it was about 2 a.m.), to Jen and said: “Hey, Jen! This is my daughter and she loves Katniss!” Jen smiled immediately, thanked the girl and KISSED HER ON HER HEAD! WHAT IS LIFE?! The woman went away and I thought: THIS IS MY CHANCE! I HAVE TO TAKE IT! Sooo, I did the same thing that I did with Josh (I mean, it worked, right? And it was the truth. The only thing they could’ve done is to kick me out, because I’m a fan and not working here.) So I touched her on her shoulder, she turned around and I said: “Hey, Jennifer! I’m a really big fan and I wanted to ask you: Can I hug you and can we take a picture?” She smiled and said: ”Sure!” and was already posing for the pic, when I grabbed her and pulled her body to mine and I was never so happy in my life! She was really happy, hugged me back and we wanted to make the pic, but she said: “Can you promise me something?” My thought: WHATEVER YOU WANT! Jen: ”Can you please not post it now?  Because you know, it’s a party and I don’t want it to be online.” I was like: YES, NO PROBLEM! Of course someday I would post it, we both knew it, I want it as my profile picture, so I waited over a year and a half and her birthday is in my opinion a good occasion to post it. So we took it, before she went I hugged her again, told her she’s perfect and she’s the perfect Katniss and that I love her. (She was really tall in those shoes!) Then she wished me a good night and drove back to the hotel.

What do you do when you just met your idol? You go and get yourself a drink! In exactly this moment my friend, who didn’t wait long for Damien (who told the securities, that my friend is his boss! Of course no one believed it, we even met Damien’s boss before :’D), finally found me and said that he bumped into Josh and Josh was like very happy: “Oh Hey! Sorry, have a good night!” My friend just stood there shocked and said nothing. What do you even say in that situation? Later we got to know, Josh was on his way back to the hotel! So my friend came (and the securities told him that he can’t take any pictures at all), the cast was gone. The only thing we did, was to go to the photo booth and take some pictures! Yes, my black and white profile picture is from the booth! We saw Francis having fun time with Jeffrey and Woody right next to the booth! I took a napkin with me, because why not and then we went back home. BEST NIGHT EVER!

It’s long, I know, but it’s really everything that happened with all the details. I’m trying to show it to you, how I experienced it! I was awake for 40 hours, so yes I look bad. :’D I hoped you liked it, because I loved it. 

Questions ? Just ask.

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Hiya! Id like to request a headcanon if you wouldnt mind about the KBTBB guys spending a day with MC at.... DISNEYLAND!!! What rides would they do, maby meeting some charming face characters? Thank you! (ps: please include Soryu XD)- Anon

Ohh, two requests for this one! I rushed home tonight to get this posted for you (since my next chance would have been tomorrow afternoon after work, eep!)

I actually had so much fun with this one! So here you are, my lovely Anons! (Under the read more because this came out at a whopping 1500+)

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I Believe in Rob and in Giving Thanks.

New pictures got me excited. My creative juices started flowing and I need to weave and connect again.  

I am not going to call bluff on Rob, especially if he is working so hard to tell me he is with this woman. I am most inclined to take that Rob the funny man is doing the third option of my theory from the last post. i.e. “He is steel strong in protecting his personal life from media eyes, confuse the public and take the shit on himself to support his wife’s career”, at the same time help an artist.

I am also convinced that he has the blessing and help from his wife and friends who have not yet mumbled a word about this so called artist. It looks like a big set-up from all sides if you know what I mean.

They are happy.

Rob is having fun with the paparazzi, and by doing so everyone is happy (except Robsteners of course). Why do we want to deny his fun? He is doing the pranking, messing with tabloids and fans who have been stalking his every move, his every haircut, fashion mishap, scrutinizing his crotch/pants (totally disrespectful btw I should add) . What is the difference between a ‘loving fan’ and a tabloid when they are both not treating celebrities like human, but an object for entertainment, sexual fantasies  and illusions. The only difference is financial. Tabloids do it for a living, fans don’t get money from this objectification; they get gratification for being right in their theories, for fulfilling their fantasies at the expense of ignoring the integrity of these people. And both co-exist and are co-dependent. I know I am widely categorizing ‘loving fans’ which include admirers only of their work, the people who are rooting for them in their personal lives because of the epic love which we have witnessed in the past, and also some people who seems to be born of hate and jealousy of complete strangers. Tabloids are happy because it is payday! Only when Robert Pattinson is in the pictures then they are worth money because then all the robsessed and RP fans will slurp them up like gold. I shall not elaborate how happy Twigs is, because her work/ music nor her personality appeal to me at all. (I could totally do a separate post dissecting her music and interviews if I want to).

And most importantly, Kristen is happy. She glowed at HFA, and judging from the joyful voice she said she is into her painting and working with her hands, I am content to know that she is in a good place. No one in the eye of the storm of gossips and tabloids have time and peace of mind to pursue other interests. She is not looking haunted and guarded in her pictures during interview like when people kept asking her “are you ok?” post-Rupertgate at TIFF,  her kurt ‘I am fine’ respond to shut up concerned fans/journalists are a world of difference with the confident Kristen today. She is a lady embracing the world and loving it.

I don’t mind being the “not-so-happy part” of the picture when every stake holder in this drama is happy. I am only a fan who admires and cares for these two people. It is show business after all. We are supposed to be entertained not sad, upset and hurt over pictures posted by tabloids or fans and hounding paparazzi.

Rob seemed to have sorted out his wardrobe dilemma. At the beginning of this PR tour, he seemed to say that he is embracing changes with a new wardrobe (might I say I first suspected a jilted person’s first reaction is to have a new haircut and new wardrobe). Then I realised that he switched from his PR costume (strange Danish designers and newly bought French couture) right into normal Rob mode (black bomber jacket, white t shirt, Adidas shoes) on the same day being caught by paparazzi, just with different people. Very strange for a costume change in front of the lenses for someone who is just out normal walking and eating. When he is with T, he had a persona, cocky and smirking, sometimes smiling even to the camera. When he is in normal Rob mode, he has that dangerous glare. Sometimes you get a whiplash on this dual personalities, well that is all Rob, doing his job. ACTING!

In my last post I touched a lot about depression and other mental issues, and one concerned ‘loving fan’ has been harping on my accusation of Rob being bipolar a few times in Robsessed discussion. Thanks for that! My intention was not to classify Rob as a ‘case’, I only want to highlight that beyond the cameras, flashlights and all those glamour, there are real people who are fighting darkness and inner demons just like normal people everyday, and most came out triumphant after overcoming and addressing their illness, some did not because people around them were too late to help them. No one knows how dark these demons are, only people closest to them and most importantly they themselves could pull them out of that ‘permanent funk’. I am/was concerned about how these 'change of personality’ for the sake of pranking us/media is going to affect Rob’s psyche in the long run, or his relationship or his career. Only as a concerned (maybe to some delusional fan). I am hoping his circle of friends and family are on his back for this.

Now back to the wardrobe talk, I found that Rob is upping his game and being more comfortable in his ‘role now’. He held her hands more, and even added occasional ass cupping. Well, that is all in HD from paparazzi photos which we have seen. Sometimes I really need to heed the advice from Angelina Jolie ‘if it is not from the NY times, don’t bother’.  


We are so taken in by the content that we did not realised this showmance is all documented by highly professional photography tools. Not many normal people can afford those, they are all backed by media houses and conglomerates who pay these ‘photographers’ and in return hope to get the best pictures to sell the best money making stories. Sex, violence and scandals sell. Happily married man does not, and not a single pap cares about their careers or I suspect even ever watched one movie either Rob or Kristen made. Rob is also looking happier in fan photos. He is continuing his tour with his ‘reportedly girlfriend’.

I BELIEVE in real account stories, honest experience and encounters with stars unplanned.  I believe her observations and enjoyed her passionate account. I believe in the guy who said Kristen took a photo of him and Rob, asking people to respect his privacy while awaiting the birth of his first child. I believe in back-stories, without a need to say ‘pic or it did not happen’ from any side of the media and fandom, in real people, real encounters, and real lives.   

Thanksgiving is coming up. I am thankful for the good lesson that Angelina Jolie taught me about differentiating media. Thankful for Rob for showing us how to play the paparazzi to his benefit; for once he can sell the story he wants ‘hey go check out my new gf’’s music and concerts!’. Thankful for Kristen for giving us such an insight into her professional world, how she picked her roles, how passionate she feels about her work, and challenge us to ‘judge away’. Thankful for the fans who stood by both these actors (do note that I did not mention celebrity). They don’t want to be celebrities, they want to act and make movies.

I sent a mail to Mama Nails earlier before the pictures come out, still does not change my mind on an ‘imagination gone wild Thanksgiving’.

My happily ever after ending to this drama on Thanksgiving is a picture posted by Scott (Kristen’s PA) on his Instagram, sitting around dinner with Robert ,Kristen, T, BP, OG and the dogs. (I feel the need to exclude the child in this because that would defeat the purpose of PRROB ). 

Like they are all on candid camera

“Gotcha people, Thanks for the hits and ratings!”

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Sirius/Remus + disney world characters au

Feel free to send me a pairing and a prompt from here.

“You’re shitting me. You got cast as who?”

“It was the only penmanship test I passed. And shut up.”

“We will talk about the fact that you actually managed to pass any kind of penmanship test momentarily. I want to discuss the fact that you, Sirius Black, the man who is literally named after the Dog Star, somehow didn’t get cast as either Pluto or Goofy.

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*requested* Thanks for reading it! I hope this is long enough! *le sarcasm*

Nash Grier Imagine

You trudged into the girl’s locker room at work, 7:00am on a Saturday morning. Your job had awful hours (7-3 four days of the week during the summer). But you didn’t mind, the job was fun and it paid very well. You walked over to your locker and opened it, throwing your sweatpants and jacket inside and pulling off your sandals. You let your curled hair down out of the ponytail and blotted the excess oil on your forehead. As you walked over to the costumes rack, you sighed, drearily greeted your co-workers, Lily and Annabelle.

“Hey, Y/N,” they said simultaneously, their twin instincts kicking in. The two girls were tall, blonde and beautiful: twins. They grabbed their dresses and the pair of shoes for the day off the rack and began to pull them on. You sighed, looking towards the Cinderella blue dress that hung by itself on its hanger. You pulled it off and stepped in, tugging the fabric up your body. It fit snugly, as the tailor had altered it just for you. You needed it, as you were working here at Disney World all summer.

Yes, you worked at Disney World, in Orlando Florida. It was a very well-paying job, acting like a princess. You (as Cinderella), Lily (as Sleeping Beauty) and Annabelle (as Rapunzel), all working on the seventh floor of Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom. The other workers (Jenny as Belle, Maggie as Ariel, Natalie as Jasmine, Valerie as Snow White and Hana as Tiana from Princess and the Frog) served on the lower levels, not getting to participate in the main event. You and the twins had been working there the longest, and had a special promotion for the 10:00 brunch event. It was just a little activity for the little girls and boys that showed up. You just had to walk around with your “Prince Charming” and take pictures, sing songs, etc. It was an awesome job.

You sighed, pulling your hair up into your classic Cinderella bun and swiped on some eyeliner and pink lipstick. You carefully put on your fake glass slippers (that looked surprisingly real), before heading out to the main room with the other girls. Jenny, Maggie, Natalie, Val and Hana were already there, waiting with your boss/director, Mr. Davisson, as well as the boys. Not all of the princesses got to have a prince, but you did. Sadly, your friend Aaron had been fired from the job last week for doing something stupid in the boys’ locker room. You didn’t know what it was, but all you did know was that you were getting a new Prince Charming today.

You glanced around the group in the festive costumes, taking in all of the sparkles. All of the little girls looked up to you guys and Mr. Davisson like to give everyone a pep talk before the day’s activities began. “Just remember to stay in character!” he called to you guys as you all nodded in agreement and headed out for the day. You all started towards the Magic Kingdom castle and piled into the elevator, puffy dresses and all, as the elevator stopped every so often and a few characters got out.

Soon enough, it was just Lily, Annabelle, Cameron (who was Lily’s prince), Matt (who was Flynn Rider), you and the mystery boy who was your new Prince Charming. The elevator dinged at stop number seven, and you all scrambled out the door. Julie, the hostess of the level seven breakfast, greeted you all as well as the waiters and waitresses.

A tap on your shoulder made you turn around to a beautiful sight. Your eyes widened at the bright blue you were staring at. Whoever it was, he was gorgeous. His face was adorable, and his body still looked hot even in his Renaissance Prince Charming costume. He looked you up and down and smiled to himself, before meeting his eyes with yours again.

“Hi,” he said, sticking out a hand for you to shake, which you did, “I’m Nash. Nash Grier?” He asked, trying to see if you knew who he was.

“Oh, hi! I’m Y/N. I play Cinderella,” you told him, still holding his hand after an awkwardly long shake.

“I know,” Nash laughed, “Mr. Davisson told me. I guess we’re together?” he said, raising an eyebrow with an adorable shy smirk upon his lips.

“I guess so,” you said, taking his arm. You turned toward Lily and Annabelle who were obviously staring at the boy, but you gave them the he’s-mine-and-totally-off-limits-so-you-better-not-try-to-steal-him kind of look. You and Nash strolled around the restaurant and toward the kitchen, with you pointing out all of the things he would need to know for the job. Not that there was much to know, you literally just walked around looking pretty and taking pictures, occasionally singing for the little kids.

“So…” Nash trailed off, trying to make conversation with you. His arm tightened around yours. “Do you have a Prince Charming in real life?” He said, his eyes staring deep into yours. You glanced down at the counter, biting your lip.

“No… I don’t… Do you?” you asked, genuinely curious. You finally made yourself look at him.

“Nah. I haven’t had time for a girl in a long time. I mean, I’m trying to move into a better apartment, take care of my little sister,” he said.

“Aw, you have a little sister?” you asked, a smile broadening on your cheeks. You loved little girls; it was one of the reasons why you took this job in the first place.

“Yea. She’s actually coming today with  my mom for breakfast. You can meet her. Her name’s Skylynn.”

“That’s such a cute name. I bet she’s adorable.”

Nash grinned, looking at the floor, obviously thinking about the girl. “Yea, she is. I love her to death.”

You just smiled as you heard the elevator door open, revealing a pack of parents and their kids. You and Nash happily made your way to the door, greeting the kids as Julie led them to their tables. A couple of girls were dressed similarly to you, bright blue dresses and all, and some matched the other girls. You smiled at them, giving your best princess wave. Some were friendlier then others, running up and hugging you, some staying attached to their mother’s legs. Nash grinned at the kids, kissing the little girls on the cheek. After every child left, he would retrace his arm around your waist and pull you into his chest.

“Oh, here they are,” he whispered to you as the elevator opened for the fifth time. An adorable tan and blonde little girl was waiting at the front in a pink dress, completed with a little tiara sitting atop her head. She had on the cutest smile and ran towards her brother when she saw him.

“Nash!!!” she squealed, jumping into his arms. “I love you, big brother!” Nash hugged her tightly, smiling and greeting his mom. You had to cover your mouth to keep from saying ‘Awww’ too loud. It was just too cute.

“Hi, Skylynn, baby. I love you, too,” Nash said, his voice happy as could be. He set her down on the ground as you two walked the girl and her mother to their table. Skylynn hopped into the chair and looked out the window over the whole park. It was a beautiful sight.

For the next hour while all of the customers were eating breakfast, you and Nash walked around to the separate tables, greeting the customers happily, taking pictures with some. Nash always held you waist; it made you feel secure. You had a strong feeling towards the boy.

You had made it almost all the way around the circular dining room, one table left before Skylynn, the last customer. There were two girls at the preceding table, one dressed as you, the other dressed as Sleeping Beauty. The smiled and waved at you as you walked up.

“Why, hello girls,” you said in your Scarlet O’Hara/Cinderella voice, giving them a hug as they ran towards you.

“Hi, Cinderellie!” They chirped, calling you the nickname that Gus the mouse had called you in the Disney film. “Can you sing us a song?” they asked, jumping up and down.

“Oh, of course! Of course! Now sit down, girls,” You said, slowly making your way to their table. You ran through the lyrics of A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes in your mind before starting to sing the song in front of their table. The mom and dad dropped their forks at your voice, looking up to you with their jaws dropped.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you’re fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling through
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true…” you sang. Nash stared at you wide eyed, and the whole restaurant had stop eating to listen your song. As soon as you’d stopped, you’d received a round of applause from the customers and all of the staff. You blushed, burying your face into Nash’s shoulder, embarrassed by all of the praise.

“No, it was so beautiful,” he whispered to you, stroking your back with his gloved hand. You smiled at him as you both slowly made your way to Skylynn’s table while the applause faded away.

“Nash!” she said happily, hugging him before embracing you, too. Skylynn leaned over to Nash’s ear and whispered something to him. She pulled away and said, “Can you do that for me?” Nash looked at you for a second before looking back at Skylynn and nodding.

“If that’s what you want.” She nodded her head vigorously back and forth. “Okay then.”

You were confused until Nash slowly stood up and pulled you against him, so your hands were on his chest, his arms around your waist. He gave you an adorable look, his eyebrows raised but his eyes daring. “Shh…” he whispered to you. “Close your eyes and stand very still.” You nodded gently before closing your eyes.

Soon enough, you felt Nash’s lips on yours, kissing you softly, sweetly, passionately. You felt his lips smile into the kiss as the clock in the dining room struck twelve o’clock, noon. You pulled away to another round of applause from the whole entire restaurant. 


Request: Omg 050 avec robbie !😄 please

Prompt: 050:“I planned out this super romantic proposal and you just ruined it by beating me to whole proposing thing.”

Warnings: none

Robbie was prepared. He had planned out this whole thing from top to bottom. He was going to propose to you. Tonight. You’d been dating long enough, and now he felt as though he was ready to ask for your hand in marriage. He’d spoken to your father for his consent, and he said yes. Instantly he started to put things together. He was going to take you to the set of Once Upon A Time. It was your favourite show, and when you learned he was going to play one of your favourite characters, you fell even more in love with the show. So he was going to propose to you there. 

He had everything ready. Since he was back on the show, he had access. His plan was to just make it seem like he was bringing you along to set just to watch scenes go down. That would be the first part. You’d never been on set of OUAT. Then at some point, the director was going to make you go on the set while the cameras are rolling. He’d make up some excuse as to why he needed you, and that’s when Robbie would come out and propose. He was so excited as well as everyone else.

“Babe, let’s go,” Robbie urged, the ring in his pocket.

“Go where? Ugh, Robbie, I really don’t want to leave right now.” You whined. You weren’t in the best of moods right now. Mainly because you were overly tired, and you were pondering yourself if you should just switch things around and ask Robbie to marry you. You were tired of waiting, you wanted to marry him. You did, and he was taking too long to ask you.

“Please! I promise, you’ll love it.” Robbie dragged you up and off the bed. He took you to the door where your shoes were. You took this as your chance. You decided to have some fun with this. You bent down on one knee, making it look like you were getting on your shoe and tying it, but you took Robbie’s hand.

“Robert Kay,” you said in your best manly voice. “I love you so much. Marry me, babe?” You puckered out your lips, making Robbie laugh. You broke out into laughter as well, standing up and hugging him.

“I’m serious though, Robbie. Can we get married?” Robbie stopped laughing. He pulled away from the hug, looking at you.

“Really? Oh!” He groaned. “I planned out this super romantic proposal and you just ruined it by beating me to the whole proposing thing!

“Wait, you were going to propose?” Robbie nodded his head.

“That’s why I wanted you out of the house. I was about to take you to the place!” 

“Aw, well we can still. I’ll act surprised still. I might even get teary-eyed,” you cooed at him, pecking his lips. He pulled away.

“Can’t believe you actually proposed,” he chuckled. “Ah, let’s get going then.”

So Robbie took you to the car where he drove you to the set. You didn’t have a clue on what he was going to do, but you were still excited. When he got to the set, you nearly screamed in delight. You bounced in the passenger seat.

“You’re proposing on the set of Once?!” You exclaimed.

“Shush! You don’t know you’re being proposed to! You’re only hear to watch me film some scenes!”

“Right, right!” You tried to shut up about it, but your mind was racing as well as your heartbeat. 

Robbie led you inside, you were excited to be on the actual set. “I’ll be getting changed into costume,” Robbie kissed your lips before he left.

They actually were going to shoot scenes today. Robbie was only in one of them today since his character was slowly coming back into play. You were reunited with some of Robbie’s friends on set. You spoke to them as they waited for Robbie for come out of costumes. They were already in their character’s attire, waiting. They all had smug smiles displaying on their faces.

Once Robbie was out, you sat back and waited. You kept smiling, but as far as everyone knew, it was because you were on set. But you watched Robbie film his scene which took a while, but you were still enjoying every second of it. Seeing him in action was amazing to watch. You’d never been able to see Robbie actually perform his parts in any of the shows or movies he’s been in. This was very cool to watch.

But finally, the time came. The director said he needed to check something. He asked you to go to a specific spot on set, just so he could see how the lighting looked. Butterflies swarmed in your tummy as you knew what was about to happen. Robbie came out still in his suit that Peter Pan wore in the Underworld. The rest of the cast that was there, standing off on the sidelines. A few cameramen were filming from different angels. Robbie really did go all out in a unique way. You loved it.

“What’s going on?” You asked, trying your best to sound confused.

“My love,” Robbie began, “I love you very much. We’ve been together for awhile now, and well… you make me the happiest man ever. Also the sappiest sap out there. I don’t want to be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. I want to be a Mr. and Mrs.” Robbie got down on one knee now pulling out a the ring.

Real tears entered your eyes now. “Y/N Y/L/N, I love you so much. Marry me?” He said exactly what you said, just minus the babe part. You cried real happy tears because this was truly magical for you. Even though you saw it coming, it was magical. You nodded your head, saying yes. Robbie slipped the ring onto your finger, standing back up to hug you. Everyone present was cheering, people now coming onto set.

You kissed Robbie and people congratulated the two of you. You and Robbie hugged the cast and crew, everyone saying congratulations and whatnot. You wiped tears, and eventually, Colin said a picture needed to be taken. You and Robbie got together, smiling.

“Show off the ring!” Jennifer shouted. Everyone joined in, and so you held out your left hand. Colin took the picture, and then he announced for everyone else to join in.

Colin joined in, too, one of the crew member staking a big picture with Colin’s phone. Someone else brought over an actual camera where they took the group picture again.

“Ready to become Mrs. Kay?” Robbie asked as everything calmed down. 

“Most definitely.”