i took out my tablet

It’s okay, I miss home too.


I give up on color palettes and drawing without pen pressure

“Look at us, when did we become old men?”

Happy birthday to my favorite Grunks ❤️


etihw…bc yes I still love them to bits

I’m not sure if you all know this but I have an AU I’m working on currently at my own pace.. and this is it? I guess? Well it’s more like it’s the cover for the first arc for the comic I plan to do eventually… I just wanted to practice drawing backgrounds and poses eue;;

I’ve yet to post any more info on my au aside from what is on this post  and on this side blog. Like I said, this AU is done on my own pace.

a gift for @oh-mother-of-darkness based on this post

I know it’s shitty but there you go!!! happy late bday Killua!!! <3


Allow me to stir the pot with what may be an unpopular opinion, but I really don’t like Alice Angel’s design.  It’s too cluttered, and some of the design choices clash.

So I took out my tablet and tried to do an alternate take on the character.  I retained some of the original design but made some big changes.

  • removed the horns
  • shortened the hair 

These two changes are gonna be grouped together because I’m assuming TheMeatly wanted a devilish angel sorta vibe.  By removing the horns and shortening the hair, you get a more subtle version of this.  It works twofold when short hair on a woman during the times these cartoons were probably produced (late 20s-mid 30s) already implied independence and spitfire, and her hair ends can curl up to give a devilish silhouette

  • made her hands smaller and dainty–kept the circle marks on her palms because the wiki noted them, so they may be important in the future
  • added wings.  you want an angel, you better give her wings 
  • didn’t add any monochrome to her design outside of the eyes.  this isn’t intentional, just leaving it blank so black can go wherever it needs to

I’m certain I’ll get backlash for this, but do keep in mind that this will not retcon anything in Bendy and the Ink Machine.

-Someone with a tablet who likes that classic cartoon aesthetic

PS- I may revisit this when all the chapters are released.

Sick days are best days to get art done

These two dorks have been pestering my mind for like the past week now so it was about time I actually sat down and made some cute fanart for the ship

/// ❤❤❤❤❤ The Smallest of Waifus ❤❤❤❤❤

“You were always my favorite customer, darling~”