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Don’t come to school tomorrow.

by reddit user MichaelDj54

That was the last text my friend sent the night before the shooting.

It wasn’t all that surprising, to be totally honest. David, my friend, had a real rough time the past year and a half. Everything just sort of…fell apart around him. His sister ran away from home and wound up murdered about a month later, chopped to pieces in the woods.

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Erenbun and Levicat. Bonus aggressive cheerleader Eren.

[coughs loudly] why not both? ;;;;)))

Selfless Love - part 7

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: A journey toward recovery and the story of a broken man falling in love with a woman.

Word Count: 1,074

Warnings: None. Not my gif.

A/N: His lips are sinful, he’s killing me… Let’s hope this is worth all the teasing. Btw it’s not over, babes :)

Selfless Love - Masterpage

At the pancake house, you sat across from Bucky and studied the menu. There were so many different choices, you were completely lost. Seeing you hesitate, Bucky ordered a huge breakfast fest, including a large stack of pancakes and two different kinds of juices.

“You’re insane,” you laughed when the waitress left. “We’ll never be able to eat all that food.”

“Don’t worry, I’m starving.”

You noticed he kept his metal hand on his thigh under the table. He looked around, hoping no one would recognize him. You watched him with a fond smile.


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anonymous asked:

well, sorry now you gotta tell me your favorite animes! (i'm the same anon from before, the one who asked about tv shows, not the mean one lol)

Yassss, you my friend are asking all the right questions. Here are my faves in order of how many times I’ve rewatched the shit out of each one, plus a little comment because i love them so much and hope you all watch them. 

1) Nodame Cantabile: Basically a very well written a romcom about musicians. Good content, hella cute relationship progress, realistic topics and character development. Watched it like 4 times, 10/10 would watch again, especially the last season. Lots of classical music it’s a huge plus and also Chiaki is FINE. 

2) Fullmetal alchemist: Brotherhood: WHAT THE SHIT. This anime is too good. A complex story, lots of good characters, politics, female representation ftw, and do you know how rare it is to see an anime that properly adresses racial issues as an important element of the plot?? Fuck man this show is so good and made me ugly cry 12 times, also ROY FREAKING MUSTANG THE FLAME GODDAMN ALCHEMIST AM I RIGHT.

3) Death Note: Dude. It’s a classic for a reason. Entertaining af. The second part after *huge spoiler of the show* happens is a little meh but still. 

4) Steins;Gate: Yassss. Physics, Time travel, parallel universes, crazy ass protagonist with an A+ development, LOVE. All my fave tropes are here. And the story is actually interesting and well telled. El psy congroo bitch.

5) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Fucking hilarious. Seriously it’s comedy gold, especially if you’re are remotely familiar with manga culture and basic japanese stuff. I personally prefer the manga which is a masterpiece but the anime is also pretty good. 

6) Slam Dunk: It’s from the 90s so it might seem a little outdated but NO. A bunch of hot ripped dudes playing basketball, an amazing art work and the comedy is on point. The anime never finished tho and that sucks, but the manga did and it’s 10 times better, seriously the art style is ridiculously good.

7) Attack on Titan: Surprise! But seriously tho, it’s such a good concept and I love how you never know where the plot is gonna take you. Also, captain Levi of the Survey corps can punch me in the face and i would be grateful. 

8) Sket Dance: Idk i just love it??? It’s such a random anime and very few people know about it but i think it’s so fucking funny. At first it seems like the classic episodic comedy with no continuity but it slowly goes developing subplots and they’re so interesting and dramatic!! This anime really knows how to go from buttmonkey humor to real drama with such mastery, like one minute you’re laughing your ass off and the next you’re crying like a bitch and I respect a show that can do that to me. Also the manga is GREAT and unlike the anime, it has an ending and it will leave you sobbing in your bed hugging the pillows. 

9) Black Lagoon: Lmao this anime is so fucked up and so over the top it actually works. It’s basically a huge 90′s action pastiche with guns, gangsters, mafia, guns, drug dealers, a shit ton of guns and yakuza. Some lines are so cheesy and 90ish but they somehow work?? how they do it?? And there’s Balalaika OMG BALALAIKA she’s too cool to punch me but she would 100% step on me and it’d be amazing. 

10) The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Love it, so random, so silly yet so clever, so basic yet so complex. Kyon’s narration makes everything hilarious and yeah, i love the whole god/time traveler/alien/esp shit. Also, in a quite unpopular opinion, i really loved season 2??? Like everyone was so pissed about the episodes being the same but I really got it and enjoyed each and everyone of them, like ???

OMG I totally forgot Yuri on fucking ice wth is wrong with me

Yuri!!! on Ice: Brilliant. Pure. Amazing. Talented. Showstopping (Insert Lady Gaga gif) GAY. This anime is so cute and so realistic, with such real adulthood topics and issues. Also when the animation was bad it was pretty bad lol, but when it was good it was HEAVENLY OMG. Anyways this anime would probably be in 3rd or 4rth place if I hadn’t forgot about it for  a moment like a goddamn fool.


Hello I’m back with a real artwork! With real artwork I just mean something I actually took my sweet time with finishing it _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

I’m currently reading “H&H Roman Company” by Mum and GOSH I’M IN LOVE WITH IT (that I had to do an actual fanart for it-)

I also made a SPEEDPAINT, please take a look if you have time~ (It’s also my first speedpaint ever!!)

Ps: I LOVE RUM SO MUCH O H GOD I LOVE RUM SO MuCH plzlookatthebrownhairedguyinthebottomleft ////

when it’s been a long few weeks, draw a happy best girl to make yourself feel better