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Made For Each Other

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kat how did you loose 60 lbs. ive been trying to lose weight but struggling

i have a very strict diet and i exercise a lot. i drink tons of water. i take a probiotic every morning. i eat six meals a day. i’m gluten-free, i try not to eat anything frozen except for vegetables and things made of vegetables. (and bread, because gluten-free bread has to be frozen.) i eat six-eight times a day, and i allow myself one cheat meal a week. i box three or four times a week, and i try to walk at least four miles a day. oh! and i cut out alcohol except for special occasions. 

the most important thing, i think, is to have a good support system. i go to boxing class with friends. i bring my lunch to work with a friend. i tried to lose weight a few years ago, and my friends said they were supportive but then they’d not be. they’d only want to hang out in bars or unhealthy restaurants. so finding people who support and respect your choices is really important.

Hey Peeps!
So sorry for the long wait, was really busy for the past few weeks

I shall continue the second installation of Jasmine story..


I deleted her in her undergarment video right away~ and snatched her panty.
She shouted “bastard!!” And hurried out of the toilet right away
Little did she know this is just the start~ I still have got the vid of her giving me handjob…..

After the whole “toilet hand job saga” i went back to join my friends for lunch.

Soon enough, it’s time for the next class.
Lesson was normal, but i can noticed jasmine had been avoiding any contact with me even though i was just sitting right behind her. I was really bored out and frustrated by it.

Soon, it’s the last lesson of the day. As usual, we have to move to another classroom for the next lesson.
I was a little late for the class as i took my own sweet time to get some drinks before the class.

To my surprise, jasmine was sitting at the back of the class all alone, with an empty seat beside her.
I took the chance and sat beside her.
Its too late for her to chance seat as the class had already started.

i whispered to her
“Hey jas~ don’t ignore me”
She didn’t respond.
I went on my putting my hand on her left tight.
She was shocked
“What do u want from me?!” she exclaimed and pushed my hands away.

I slide my phone out from my pocket.
Played back the video of her giving me a blowjob for her to see.

She was furious and tried snatching the phone.
luckily i was quick enough to drop the phone back into my bag.

Me: You better be good or the school shall see this video.

As we were sitting at the back of the class, no one can see whats really happening.

I grab her left hand, she tried resisting.

Me: Be good or u regret! (i whispered)

She stop resisting while i put her hands into my pants to feel and massage my erected dick.

i moved her hands up and down

slowly my right hand rest on her tight and slowly move my way to her inner tight and slowly up to her pussy

Jasmine stared at me and pleaded
“Please stop, i beg you. Please”

Ignoring her

i started rubbing her pussy
i can feel her getting wetter as i rub.
she even used her right hand to cover her mouth as she was afraid to let out any moans.
slowly i started inserting my finger into her, slowly using my middle finger, going inn and out in and out. Fastening the pace gradually.

Jasmine starts letting out soft moan.
soon, she reached her orgasm and her body started shivering.

i pulled out my finger

Me: lick my finger dry!

She followed my order and licked.

class went on with her hand in my pants.

Before the class end, i wrote her a note.

“Be here (my home address) at (5pm), if not u will regret”


I went home right after school to hatch my evil plans.

My parents are overseas leaving me all alone to the house.

Once i got home, i started setting up phone camera in the toilet and webcam in my room.

“knock knock” i went to the door.
it its jasmine.

i opened the door and pulled her in.

she was perspiring and scared.
Jas: what do you want from me? Please just let me go
Me: don’t worry! just let me had a day of fun and i will let u go alright?
Jas: please just let me go. (She started sobbing)
Me: you can leave right now if you want to share your body with the rest of the school! (I raised my voice)

i dragged her into the toilet
Me: awwww, my sweet little girl is perspiring so much, let me shower you first.
Jas had already resigned to her fate.
I took off her top and skirt.
Leaving her with only her bra, because i already had her panty from school
i unclipped her bra, revealing her soft B cup pair of breast with pink perky nipples.

i took off my clothes and started showering together with her.

Tears flowing down her cheeks while i turn on the water.
looking at the water flowing down her perfectly flawless nude body, sends my dick to erection.

i soap her body, caressed her body boobs, ass and pussy. Enjoying every touch.
Squeezing her breast from time to time and pinching her nipples from time to time.

Jas would let out soft moan on and off while standing still.

i couldn’t take it anymore.

i bend her down and inserted my dick right in, jas was pleading to stop.

“pls pls, pls don’t, i am still a virgin”

That got me even more horny.

I insert my dick into her pussy slowly, she is really tight.
I Started pumping her in doggystyle.
Jas lead out a loud moan and started crying.
I ignored and pump her non stop and increasing my pace while the water from the showering tap are still on us.

i grabbed her breast while pumping her doggy.
after awhile,she let out a loud moan and her body started shivering.
Jas had reached an orgasm
i was about to let put my load too,

I pulled out my dick and pushed her down to kneel right infront of my while i cum over her wet and crying face.


My first fan art piece for Overwatch featuring Talon’s top field agents Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra!

I’ve been on the fence about doing Overwatch artwork for a while now, but after spending hundreds of hours on the game (Diamond rank btw) and the Sombra reveal, I felt it was appropriate to make a sweet print. Took my time to make the character models perfect and fit in the composition.

Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more artwork similar to this one!

Seasons May Change

request: Ok so I was listening to El Tango de Roxanne and an idea popped in my head, so hear me out: obi wan x reader where they were childhood friends and reader was forced to marry an important man (a king or smtg) but she doesn’t love him, and obi wan and anakin have to go on a mission on the planet that (y/n)’s husband rules and obi wan is pained to see the woman he loves in the arms of another man and their entire stay him and the reader sneak out bc they love each other and ani covers for them!

a/n: I, um, got a little carried away. This has almost 5,000 words, oops! It’s probably the longest thing I’ve ever written! But I was having way too much fun with this one. Also, I apologize for the wait, I certainly took my sweet time on this one! But I wanted to make sure it was just right! I even rewrote the ending twice! I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it! Thank you for the wonderful request darling, have a lovely day!

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My part of the art collab we made with Kiwiitin ! I surely took my sweet time and Kiwi basically had the patience of a saint with me with this one ;w; 

So yeah, Kiwi did the “sketch” (”sketch” because I was delivered a goddamn lineart, damn you, made my own scrubby sketch shiver in a shame lmao) and colors by yours truly.

it’s back ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

the insurpassable @dibbunsagainstbedtime commissioned me many moons ago and I took my sweet ol’ time, but she never even threatened me once!! A champ, she is. Here’s Broody Puff Sr., aka Dark!Martin, bein’ surly. You can find him in a corner of Redwall Hell, being cranky about having to wear armor in such hot climates. 

Part one of a few more Redwall arts comin’ at ya ;)

Marianne: Ah, I believe our first kiss happened when we were still fairly young. 

Arthur: Right and after the first you would kiss me any time I did something you thought was adorable just because you loved to see my face turn color…

Marianne: How could I not? It was so funny and endearing~

Arthur: Eh… (///-///)