i took my brother driving today

Lattes and Tattoos

It appeared out of thin air, on her forearm, a tattoo of a latte cup, steam rising from the open lid, the heart design in the foam dominating her skin.

She had heard of things appearing on others, soulmate designs, they were called, doodles, sketches of art, permenantly etched on one’s skin.

She was 33 and she had never even gotten a lame butterfly in all her years, until that day in the bookstore, as she reached for a book of poetry, her skin exposed.

Her soulmate had drawn their coffee cup and as the sketch completed she saw a scribble of a name on the sleeve.


Was it her imagination or were her senses playing a trick on her? She could smell the vanilla and cinnamon, the rich grounds of coffee, coming from the far counter of the bookstore. She looked from her tattoo to the only man sitting at the barista’s counter and caught her breath.

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She tucked the book under her arm and approached the broad-shouldered man, with the tawny brown hair, and pencil to paper.

“Excuse me,” she tapped him on the shoulder and he turned, his green eyes piercing her dark ones, “are you Sam by any chance?”

The man looked at his sketch and noticed her forearm, shook his head, sadly,

“Name’s Dean,” he pulled a stool out for her, “there’s something you need to know.”

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 She cautiously sat next to Dean, who asked if she wanted one of the fancy coffees to which she accepted. As the barista made hers, she inclined her head and asked,

“Who is Sam?”

“Sam was my little brother, law student, obnoxiously smart, but taken too soon.”

“Every town I drive through, I stop and order one of his favorite coffees, reminiscing of what we had.”

“And today, you drew the latte, but why?”

Dean sighed, a tear slid down his cheek, “it was just us two against the world and now, now I’m tired of being alone.”

“I’ve been here this whole time,” you took a sip and noticed Dean never drank the latte he ordered, just held it in his hands for warmth, for a connection, for memory.

“I never believed in soulmates and when I saw the drawing and the name, I felt whole.”

Dean gulped, “but now you know I’m your soulmate, not Sam, and I’m not the man you thought I’d be.”

You placed your hot mug on the marble countertop and folded one hand over Dean’s on his mug.

“You’re more than I could ever have imagined and I’m yours to tell more stories of Sam to as well,” you grinned.

“But I want to know more about you, the artist for one,” you scooted closer, “would you tell me another story?”

“Are you sure, Sweetheart, hell I didn’t even catch your name,” Dean chuckled and his eyes for a brief second sparkled.

You took his pencil and scribbled in cursive on the napkin, and your name appeared on his wrist.

“YN,” he said your name like a prayer, “I’d love to tell you another story.

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Today I took a quick trip to visit my brother who was working in Las Vegas with my son and my ex. He kindly shared his hotel room with us and ate dinner with us. Then he had to get up and leave for the airport at 4.

Initially the purpose of our visit was to try to help with some back pain he has been experiencing. However, we didn’t have time. But as we never see each other, I think a 10 drive is worth a 3 hour visit sometimes.

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How was your day in and outer world? Who ever is reading this ♡

Oh this plays in nicely to what I was about to post so thank you for that 😁

I’m just really happy because I got to see my dad today both in and out. I saw him in the clinic place inner world and he gave me lots of cuddles and said how proud he was of me because I got some of my GCSE results through and they were all top grades. So he was really happy and made me feel great. My daddy took me so it was just us three rather than my little brother and sister too so it was nice of us to spend time together. Dad has promised me when he leaves he will make sure we get some more 1 to 1 time because I prefer it that way 🙂 I like to catch up with my parents when it’s just us.

Out here I spoke to dad a lot today and he came out for a little bit when we were driving and stuff and honesty it was just nice to hear him talk and hear his voice because it really helps me relax and feels like my inner home is closer to me out here.

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Hi! Once you get this SHARE 6 facts about yourself and send it to your 10 favorite blogs ✿♥‿♥✿

First of all awwwwh i’m one of your faves 

1. I LOOOOOVEEEE reading. Like, I really really REALLY love reading

2. When I was a kid, I was attacked by a rooster, and my mother just stood there and laughed. 

3. At seven I decided that my fave song was gonna be Un-break my heart by Toni Braxton, so even today, I feel really bad naming some other song my fave, so I mainly just stick with Un-break my Heart.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio was my first celebrity crush. My parents took me to see Titanic in the cinema back in 1997, and to this day, I love the guy.

5. I have a slightly darker patch of skin all over my stomach and back, like vitiligo, but not as extreme. My brother has the exact same thing.

6. I hate driving, but I LOVE my car

Suicidal Thoughts (Zack Merrick) (All Time Low)

Warnings: Possible triggers

Requested by Wattpad user: futureheart12345

Word Count: 1,518


People didn’t understand why you chose to dress and act differently to all the other girls your age. They called you rude names throughout elementary school and now into your high school years. They never took the time to ask why, and if they did then maybe they’d understand. Your mum died when you were four and your dad raised you and your two older brothers, he was a great dad but you were raised on sports and plaid shirts because your dad didn’t know what to do with a girl.

You only had four friends; Zack, Jack, Rian and Alex who said they’d stick by you through thick and thin. That all changed when the guy you had a secret crush on started dating one of the popular girls who’d made your life hell. You put on a smile and acted nice but soon you found Zack defending you less and less. You were next door neighbours and had been inseparable since your mums met in hospital.

Eventually he pulled away from you and took the rest of the guys with him, leaving you utterly defenceless to the tidal wave of bullying and abuse his girlfriend and their friends put you through daily. You soon became depressed and were put on anti-depressants and forced to see a school counselor by your dad and teachers. Your good grades started to drop and you didn’t seem to care. Everyone around you either left you; felt burdened by your presence or saw you as a mistake. Maybe that’s all you were, a mistake who couldn’t do anything right.

Your fears were answered after a session when Zack’s bitchy girlfriend strutted over to you and shoved you against your locker and laughed when you didn’t fight back.

“You’re pathetic y/n. Why are you even still here? No one in the school likes you, hell even your own dad wants to disown you. And let’s forget the fact that your mum killed herself to get away from you.”

Tears welled in your eyes but you’d never give her the satisfaction of crying in front of her. Your mum was killed by a drunk driver coming back from a late work meeting, she loved you. But what if Zack’s girlfriend was right? Everyone left you eventually and your mum got out early. You knew what you had to do to end your miserable life, no one would miss you when you were gone.


I couldn’t believe she’d say that about y/n’s mum, y/n’s mum loved everyone especially her daughter. I knew my girlfriend and her friends picked on y/n but I never expected her to stoop as low as telling y/n to kill herself. Sure I could have stepped in and defended y/n, but I was part of the popular crowd along with Jack, Alex and Rian. What got to me was the fact everyone in the hallway started to laugh and chant rude things at y/n. She took it like a trooper and stormed out of the school.

“Can you believe how pathetic she is babe? Aren’t you glad you joined our group instead of hanging out with that tomboy freak?”

My girlfriend wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned in for a kiss but I pushed her away. Two years after abandoning y/n I had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen to her, you never forget the little things which is what made us inseparable. Up until now I chose popularity over friendship and maybe even more with y/n. I’d always liked her but Jack was always flirting with her and she’d flirt back. I needed y/n to know that she wasn’t alone.

“Zack baby what’s wrong?”

I pushed my clingy girlfriend away once more and glanced in the direction y/n had just run.

“We’re over. I can’t be with someone who can tell another person to end their life.”

She scoffed but I didn’t wait around to hear her whine, right now I didn’t care about my reputation. I ran outside into the school parking lot and saw that y/n’s car was gone, I didn’t have a car of my own but luckily Rian had followed me outside.

“Zack what the hell was that?”

“Don’t you hate what we’ve become Rian? We left our best friend for popularity. I know through my parents talking to y/n’s dad that she’s on anti-depressants and has suicidal thoughts occasionally. Today might just push her over the edge so I need you to drive me to hers Rian.”

His face paled.

“She never did have a thick skin but surely she wouldn’t actually kill herself.”

“We were always there for her Rian. Now can you please drive me?”

He nodded and pulled out his car keys.

~Skip Car Ride~

Rian pulled into y/n’s empty driveway indicating she was home alone, her dad and brother took the drive while she parked on the road.

“Are you sure you want to go in alone Zack?”

Rian had changed his tune during the car ride and now was really concerned about y/n. He hated what we’d become and stated we needed to go back to our roots. The car windows were rolled down so we both jumped upon hearing a single gunshot come from inside y/n’s house.


My mind went into overdrive with a million bad thoughts. Had y/n shot herself? I ran out of the car and towards the house leaving Rian shouting my name behind me. The front door was unlocked so I easily navigated my way inside. Her bedroom window was opposite mine so I knew where her bedroom was. We use to climb between our bedroom windows when we were little to keep each other company.


I opened her bedroom door with caution and stopped in my tracks upon seeing a tear stained y/n shaking and holding her dads revolver to her head. Next to the door was a bullet hole, the gun had obviously gone off by mistake. I needed to get her to put it down.

“y/n put the gun down please. You don’t have to do this.”

“No one will miss me Zack. Everyone leaves me, first my mum and then you and the guys. Don’t forget how much of a disappointment I am to my dad, no one wants a depressed child.”

Pain was evident in her voice. I needed to find a way to tell her that she wasn’t a disappointment and that I was going to be back in her life for good if she let me.

“Your dad isn’t disappointed in you y/n. Remember how proud he was when your photography was showcased. You have a talent with a camera that needs to be shared with everyone. High school is nearly over and you will find other like minded people y/n. Trust me.”

She laughed.

“Trust you Zack. You broke the pinkie promise we made when were six, we promised to always have each other’s backs. You stood back and let your perfect girlfriend bully and abuse me.”

I chewed my lip and shook my head.

“Before today I didn’t know just how nasty and abusive she was to you y/n. She was great at playing the victim card, but I couldn’t stand back and let her drive you to this. I dumped her and forced Rian to drive me over here because I had a gut feeling you needed me to stop you from doing something stupid.”

She cracked a weak smile.

“I still get that feeling too Zack even though I should hate you. Why can’t I hate you?”

I took a cautious step towards her.

“Because no matter what life throws at us y/n we’ll always find our way back to each other. I was a douche bag but I’ve seen the errors of my ways, yes our bridge will take some time to mend but I’m willing to try if you are y/n.”

The time she took to process my words I was able to close the space between us and take the gun off her easily before putting safety on. She threw her arms around me and buried her face into my chest and started to sob silently, I guessed the day’s events had finally caught up to her. All I did was hold her and stroke her hair, which always calmed her down when we were kids.

“Are you going to leave me again Zack?”

My heart broke as she looked up at me with puffy red eyes; here was a broken girl who just needed on person in her life to tell her they weren’t leaving her. I smiled and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“I’m not going anywhere y/n. You’ll get so sick of me that you’ll want me gone.”

She laughed but I meant every word, we had a lot of catching up to do and I was pretty sure the rest of the guys would come around soon. I promised myself that I was going to rebuild y/n into the strong woman I knew she could be.

100 days of productivity | day 5

I didn’t have much time to study today because I spend most of the day with my boyfriend and after that I practiced driving the car with my mom for about two hours. So I only studied for 30 minutes. After writing this post I will plan out my whole week, my meal plan for the next five days etc. My brother was also studying at the time I took this picture so not all of these papers are mine :p. 

today i went to church with my mom and church lunch after with my dad joining … it was a cloudy white-sky fall kind of day … we drove on the dusty back roads and then i attempted to study when we got home. then we met my brother for dinner at outback (with the best caramel cookie ever) and saw thor afterwards. on the drive home i pondered my career options and took an aptitude test with my mom revising my answers to protect from self-bias. my options ended up revolving around therapy and art (i’m not surprised)!

Yoongi - Flower Girl

Genre: super fluff


oh fukc the hell yes. this is gonna be super fuckin cute

You loved flowers every since you were a child.

Your family had a giant flower garden since your mother ran a giant nursery so you had always been around flowers. Everything about them intrigued you: the smell, the flashy colors, and even the animals they attracted. Your love for flowers followed you all through life, even into college. Once you graduated from college, you took over the nursery since your mother had fallen ill. Since you had taken over for her you took in all her clientele, one being a man by the name of Min Yoongi.

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Bsm 5: Trouble with paparazzi/fans (Random age)

Liam (5): You were always scared of big crowds and being on tour with Liam means everyday a lot of crowds. You didn’t mind if they were on an acceptable distance but today, you needed to go through the crowd. ‘Lili, I no go there’ you pulled at his sleeve ‘No worry kiddo, I’m at your side’ he smiled at you ‘No, no please Lili’ he took one of your hands to calm you down ‘Listen Y/n if you’re brave, you get from me a… new dollie?’ he chuckled when he saw your eyes lighten up ‘really?’ you asked and he nodded. So the first moment you stepped out the car, you hide your body behind his leg ‘Y/n you know what I told you..’ you nodded and took his hand ‘No leave me, Lili’ he hold your hand tight and walked behind the bodyguards. When the crowd became bigger there were more people that pushed, suddenly you didn’t felt Liam his hand anymore. You looked around yourself but didn’t saw him anymore, your little body started to freak out but you thought about what Liam said earlier and tried to hold back your tears. Suddenly somebody grabbed your arm and when you looked up you saw Liam panicky eyes ‘God Y/n, I thought I lost you!’ he picked you up and you buried your head in his neck. When you were in the building you looked up at him ‘Look Lili I brave so now dollie?’ you smiled at him. ‘I think I promised that but don’t scare me ever like that again!’ you nodded and the next day you had a new doll by your side.

Louis (22): Everybody thought that you were exact like Louis and maybe your looks yes, but that didn’t meant that you were exact like your twin brother, he had some sassy but once they heard you… ** You never get used at the Paps, if someone of your family came outside the house they knew it and followed your family. Louis came home today and asked to hang out at the mall like the old days, ‘I drive!’ you yelled and took your keys ‘Oh no way! I’m too young to die!’ he said dramatically ‘Oh c’mon I drive so much better than last time and I got my own car now so..’ you pleaded with puppy eyes ‘Okay than, let me pray before you start –ouch’ he stopped when you slapped his arm. Once you sat down in the car you knew someone followed you ‘Looks like we got some company on our little trip’ you sighed. Louis looked confused ‘What do you mean?’ you shrugged ‘I just.. you know that the paparazzi follow us everywhere even when you’re not with us, it annoys me a little but yeah..’ you parked your car and watched Louis face ‘What’s wrong?’ you asked him ‘sorry Y/n’ with that he stepped out the car ‘For what?’ you followed him ‘It’s all my fault that our family don’t have privacy anymore, maybe it was better that I never did audition for x-factor.’ Only you saw this Louis, the lovely annoying brother that you love more than anyone else ‘Lou c’mon’ he shook you off and walked to the mall. You saw some Paps taking pictures of him. Anger boiled through your veins and before you knew, you walked to them.  2 guys smirked at you what made it only worse, ‘So what are you guys doing?’ you asked them ‘Just taking pictures babe, nothing more. Your brother looks a little upset, did you guys had a fight in the car or something?’ you shook your head in disbelief ‘Do you know what! Yeah he’s upset and no it’s not because of me but because of you stupid people! Can you guys let us for just one day alone!? Do you not have a family or something? No? I’m sorry but I have and if you don’t mind I would spend some time alone with them! If you want excuse me! Get a life!’ I turned around and saw Louis standing there with the biggest smile ever. I laughed at him ‘What? Just told them the true’ I shrugged and walked with him to the mall without Paparazzi

Niall (16): ‘Hey, Nialler’ you greeted him sadly and took a bottle water from the fridge ‘what’s wrong?’ he said without saying a hello back. ‘Nothing just a bad day that’s all but it’s good’ you shrugged. It wasn’t true because your boyfriend broke up with you and before you knew the paparazzi stood there making pictures of it. ‘You’re sure?’ he asked, you nodded and went to your room. Once you closed your door the sadness changed in anger when you saw the pictures on your wall. You took them off and started to make little pieces of it and threw them on the ground. You looked around yourself, tears streamed down your face. Your legs were shaking so you sat on your bed ‘I thought he loved me’ you muttered to yourself. After a while you heard a knock on your door ‘Y/n? Can I come in?’ you didn’t answered ‘Oh y/n come here’ he said when he saw you. ‘I’m sorry Niall’ you muttered in his hug ‘Why? I saw pictures on twitter, I’m sorry y/n. He didn’t deserve such a beautiful girl like you!’ you looked up at him ‘but-‘, ‘No buts, c’mon whip your tears away and we go to the mall and you can buy everything you want and after that we can watch movies and so much more just to make you feel better. Okay?’ he asked ‘Thank you Nialler, you’re the best!… Still hate the paps, everyone knows it now’ he shrugged at your response ‘Maybe 2 brothers of you tweeted that they are happy that they finally got their sister back’ he winked what made you laugh ‘You guys didn’t?’ he shrugged again and stood up ‘Why not? And c’mon move your ass and come with me’ you both laughed and went to the mall and came back with a lot of food and new movies.

Zayn (15): It was stronger than you, Twitter was an addiction and you couldn’t just delete it. You shared a lot with you friends but that means also with all the other people in the world including the fans of your brother. You had two camps; Camp 1 loves you, Camp 2 hate you. Mostly Camp 2 won like today, you got a lot of hate again, there were people you didn’t know that defended you but it didn’t work. Your brother didn’t use twitter a lot so he never saw it, you cried on your bed thinking about what you did. You were alone at home so you didn’t mind, a half hour passed and you heard your older brother voice in the house. There was also a girlish voice when you recognize it you jumped down stairs, not thinking about how red your eyes would be. ‘Perrie!’ you yelled and tackled her almost to the ground ‘Woho there, nice to see you too little bird’ she laughed. ‘I told you that she would be happy’ Zayn said to Perrie, you nodded with a big smile but they looked confused ‘What?’ I asked them worried ‘Did you cry y/n?’ Zayn asked me ‘I..uh no, I mean-‘, ‘Y/n’ he said ‘Maybe… I did’ he pulled you in a hug ‘Why?’ you shrugged ‘Some of your fans are meanies but it’s ok now.’ He and Perrie shook their head ‘Y/n sweetheart, you know you can always say everything to us? And that you get hate from some people isn’t ok! Your problems are ours because we don’t want you unhappy’ Zayn agreed with Perrie ‘She’s right sis, even miles away I would be there for you! Don’t let people do this to you and if it helps I do everything to let them stop!’ you smiled at both of them ‘Thank you for everything, love you both!’ you smiled and hugged.

Harry (7): ‘Hazza can we go away’ you asked your brother, normally you can stay a whole day at the park but there was everywhere people with cameras and screaming girls once in a while, it made you feel scared so staying at this place was not a good idea told your brains. ‘Now? You know we can stay at least till 5pm, mom told me that’ he said not understanding why you suddenly changed your mind ‘No, no c’mon we leave’ you took his hand and tried to pull him towards his car ‘Y/n can you look at me’ he bent down ‘What’s wrong?’ you pouted ‘I don’t like these people’ you pointed towards the cameras ‘and my ears hurt if girls screaming to you’ he chuckled but stopped when you looked angry at him ‘Ok, ok no funny I know but maybe we can go somewhere else?’ he said ‘Can we?’ you asked ‘Yes and what if we go to Gemma her school? We can go with her to the park and if Gem is with us nobody would scream or take pictures without asking’ he smiled ‘Serious? Let’s go, can we surprise her?’ you smiled and clapped your hands what made him laugh ‘Of course what if we go buy a Chocolate muffin for her and wait at  her school’ your eyes widened ‘Me too!?’ you asked ‘I buy three muffins and we eat them together how sounds that?’ you pretended to think ‘GREAT!’ you yelled. Harry and you bought the chocolate muffins and surprised Gemma with it, you had after all a great day and if you came home you were exhausted.

A/n: Hey :) hope you like it and again sorry for any typos :p, ps: you always can leave me something (here), i always answer back so don’t be afraid to ask me something :). x -C


Ive been keeping this shit in for a while but after this, I don’t care anymore, so here it goes. okay so, my first year as a sophomore at my new school I befriended this girl, she was super nice and stuff and I thought I finally had made a friend. She started to tell me about someone she liked, two or so months later they were dating. I never thought much until I met the guy and his GIRLFRIEND. When I confronted Alexis, (let’s call her Alexis, that’s not her name but yeah) she told me that she was his secret girlfriend and a bunch of shit that I believed. A while passed and she kept up with lies I actually believed, I didn’t have any other friends except for her, I was scared to lose her friendship so I believed her. Big mistake. Over the summer she confessed to me that she lost her virginity to him and that she was pregnant, I got worried at that point and offered to buy her a test to make sure but she declined. A month after that she told me that her “ boyfriend ” told her that he didn’t want it and so she got an abortion. When she told me this I had a lot of feelings, I have a strong opinion when it comes to abortion that I’m not going to get into too much, so when she told me this I bit my tongue and just supported her. After a few weeks she told confessed that she didn’t know the guy at all that was her “ boyfriend ” . I was shocked and didn’t know what to do, she sent me a paragraph about how they never had met and that she just had a big crush and a whole bunch of shit. I was furious. I had told her so much and how I hated liars and would not tolerate it, so when I found this out, I didn’t talk to her for a few days. When I finally texted her she acted as if nothing happened and went on her lie she had basically been telling me since September up until August when she confessed. As much as I tried to ignore her I failed because she would harass me a lot. It started off with me waking up to a long ass paragraph sent at one in the morning, saying how I was a bad friend and that I never listened to her and that if I didn’t want to be friends anymore to tell her and just pure bullshit. It got to the point in which I had to explain myself to her every time I didn’t text back or whatever. I kept going with the lie of hers but because I needed proof, at this point I knew I had to tell her parents what was up, so I went with it planning to collect information and later present it to them, I still wanted to help her. Well she ended up telling me about the wild sex she would have with this guy and how she was in fact pregnant again. At this point we were back at school, and every time I tried to talk about it with her in person, she’d ignore the subject, but as soon as we were out of school she would talk about it through text. Things eventually got harder for me and I just started to ignore her more and more, and by doing that she would abuse me mentally and tell me things. I had been going through a lot of shit for the past year and whenever I tried to talk to her about it, she would bring up her lie and change the subject, and if I tried to talk about my problem she would lecture me and then proceed to go on her Instagram and tell her followers on how she had a friend that never listened to her, so I just gave up. Everything that I wanted to talk to her about just built up inside and I came to have a really bad episode that lead me to the ER. She never was the best friend I thought she was. Eventually in September (?) of this year she cut me off saying that she could no longer talk to me. At this point I couldn’t handle anything so after she texted me that I changed my number and deleted my old Instagram so she wouldn’t contact me anymore. November I made a new Instagram and didn’t follow anyone other than people I knew and accounts I loved, I never followed any account that I knew that knew Alexis as well or her at all. Well, before Christmas break I went on my Instagram because a store had posted about a code for a discount that was on Instagram so I went on, I noticed that I had over ten DMs so I went to check them. They were all from different supernatural fan accounts telling me to go and kill myself. I had never been so hurt. I was already dealing with shit and to hear this and to find out it was about her sucked. She’s been telling her followers that I have been following her and going as far as saying that I attack her at school and that I text her shit. I don’t have her number. I don’t talk to her. The screenshots she posted were not me. She had gone as far as to tell people what town I lived in and the car that she thinks my parents drive, but it’s actually my brothers. For those of you wondering, we went to go see a movie and my brother was the one that drove us, so yeah. She made a fake account, and then went on to pretend to be me and harass herself and give herself hate as well as her followers. That all was news to me and it had apperantly been going on since she stopped talking to me in September. It hurt so much, but she really took it too far when I found out that she was telling people that I was doing the shit that people used to do to me. Let me explain, when I was in kindergarten through third grade, I was physically bullied and sexually harassed by kids at my primary school, one of the things they would do was collect pointy rocks and throw them at me when they would corner me in the bathroom during recess. I had kept that a secret for most of my life, until I told her. She took that specific story, and put herself in it, saying that I was doing those things to her, while she is pregnant. When I found that out I lost it. That has haunted me all my life because I was young and didn’t know what to do. I have since deleted my Instagram and have gotten adults involved because some of her followers have gone as far as sending me pictures of the car my brother drives, my school campus which Alexis and I attend, and other personal shit. This screenshot above was taken today, it seems that she gave out my snapchat to her 3000+ Instagram followers and this is just one of many I’m posting. Guys I can’t deal with this, I’ve been a fan of this show since September 13th 2005 when it aired on my tv when I was just seven years old. Alexis and he followers have taken a lot from me, but they can’t take away the one show that would make me happy, the show that would make me forget of the abuse I had gone through. I can’t let her take that from me, and I can’t let some of you take that as well, this show has been part of me for too long to only have it be ruined by her and her followers, AKA fans of the show and people that claim to be part of the spn family. Please guys hear me out please, I’m tagging all these fandoms because I need this to be seen everywhere because I don’t deserve this and neither do the people she’s lying to. I’m not fully exposing her because for some stupid reason I feel as though she doesn’t deserve to be humiliated. This just isn’t fair anymore and I shouldn’t be scared to talk about supernatural anywhere without being told to kill myself, I can’t even talk about Bucky or captain America, and they have been there for me since I was a fucking five year old. I deserve to find people who have common interests with me. I deserve some sort of happiness.

Today, little fluff had many adventures! And she took them in stride like a pro. I drove to Athens early as I had two photoshoots. She stayed at my friend’s house and played with the roomie’s lab. I took her to lunch with my brother; she was great and slept. She did fantastic in the car with about 4 hours total today. After the drive back from Athens, I went to meet up with some friends in our downtown area for coffee. We cross over train tracks from the parking lot to the coffee shop so I grabbed a few quick pictures. She was fantastic at coffee; wooed all the baristas and my friends. We sat for two hours talking and she just slept, chewed her toy, and enjoyed the company. I was a little worried about walking back to the car as it was dark, crowded, and there’s live music downtown on Saturday nights so I thought it might be overwhelming. But Echo proved me wrong! She pranced all over and greeted every stranger we walked by and had no qualms with the darkness. I’m so pleased with this happy, confident girl!!

Hey, friends, I need some help!

Recently (as in literally within the last twelve hours) my family and I have come up $500 dollars short for groceries and emergency doctor visits we have coming up within the next two weeks.

Essentially, my brother’s girlfriend took herself and three friends on a nice (unplanned, spontaneous) 18th birthday trip to California. Please, bear in mind, we all live in Kentucky. On their way back they broke down in Missouri. The car they were driving was just not going to get them there and back, and they failed to do the maintenance checks you should do on a vehicle before driving cross country. She calls my brother at 9AM today (09/05) to tell us that, effectively, the engine blew up and stranded them on the side of the road.

She had ran off with my brother’s money and lied about who she was going with, and called my family to come to pick her and her friends up. St. Louis is 9 hours away. Granted, my father and brother are now on their way home with the trio, but here’s the problem.

Gas for the trip alone was around $200. Mom and I were able to get about $40 worth of groceries today, but most of it was for mom’s cheesecake business but the orders aren’t due until much later this week. We have enough food to probably get two or three meals out of it, and my mom still has to have emergency oral surgery due to a tooth abscess.

I am not artistic. Normally I’d offer compensation VIA drabbles, but with my work schedule and mental health (one of the doctor visits I personally have to go to) state as of late I just cannot commit to them knowing I likely will not finish.

His girlfriend is giving us $100 back, but that’s still around $400 we need. I know that it’s a LOT of money to ask for in such a short amount of time, but we have no other options, and I need to do everything in my power that I can to help make sure the five of us are able to eat.

If you can donate anything, please send anything to my PayPal at dhemented@yahoo.com. Anything helps.

If you can’t donate, a reblog would help so much. Anything at this point. All I need to make sure of is the fact that our health is straight and no one goes hungry.

Thank you all so much for reading, honestly. It means a lot. <3