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i only ever played the trial of the sword once so i never noticed before but i was watching my twin beat it and they pointed out in the final room that the blue decoration in the background is actually hyrule?? we took some pics of the most recognizable parts (death mountain and vah rudania, the deku tree, vah naboris, the rito rock plus vah medoh, and dueling peaks) but i just thought it was super neat


EP11 comparison! tv on the left and bd on the right (x)
note: the last two bd pics were clearly distorted from the camera lens, so i fixed them a little bit according to how the backgrounds should look (ie no bendy walls/reflections)

(part 1)


I never thought this AU could get better and yet

(they decided to keep him)

I wanna talk about Viktor’s room at the Katsukis’ Onsen. 

A room says a lot about you. I mean, just look at Yuuri’s room. We are made to understand right from the start who he is.

Yuuri’s room was designed to really hammer the point across that he’s the biggest Nikiforov fan out there. And let’s be honest, although we learn a lot about who Yuuri is, from his anxiety to his competitiveness, his developing relationship with Viktor is the heart of Yuri!!! On Ice.

Viktor has moved into his new room temporarily but he’s pretty damn extra and brought everything with him so there’s a lot in there to look at.

So essentially this is Viktor’s room. It’s pretty self-explanatory for the most part. We’ve got the lamps he clearly likes as we see them in his Russian apartment in ep 1. Matryoshka dolls, because he Russian duh, giant bed to share with Makka, books to read. Then there’s a large artsy painting of a woman and a, no doubt heavy af, stone sculpture. These two things show that Viktor’s got money, that he’s classy, and that he’s extra. All pretty straightforward.

So what really interests me about Viktor’s room is the photo frame. More specifically, the frame that holds a picture of himself

Unlike painting and posters, photo frames are far more personal. 

Yuuri has posters of his idol, okay yes there are a lot, but it’s still pretty regular behaviour. But something that I, and many others from what I’ve seen, found super endearing was that he had multiple framed photos of Viktor. That’s far more personal, and it really hinted at Yuuri’s stronger feelings. 

So then we have Viktor’s room, and the only photo frame he brings with him holds a picture of himself. 

At first, I thought damn isn’t that arrogant? So conceited, it’s actually a bit cringe even. 

But then, this is Viktor. Yes he’s a legend, yes he knows it, but he’s never truly flaunted it. That doesn’t seem very in character to present him this way. 

I wondered if maybe it was Yuuri who put it in there. After all, Yuuri clearly had the same poster– 

– which we saw him take down from his room.

But then, that seems unlikely. That would defy the point of hiding the posters in the first place! Plus, look at Viktor moving in.

The room is completely bare, there wasn’t anything in there. Everything came from Viktor’s boxes. The frame had to have been his.

So, thinking of what I know of Viktor, one of the things that stands out the most about him was that skating was his everything. No life and love as he much later explained, but that was fair to assume even in ep 1, given that he was a legend. The sport clearly took up a lot of time!

If someone wanted to frame a picture, what would they pick? A picture of their family? A shot of them with their friends? A cute pic of them and their dog? It would be a picture close to them, something or someone that matters. And what does Viktor have?

A picture of himself skating.

Because his whole life has been his skating career, he pretty much knows nothing else. He even admitted that he rarely got to spend time with Makkachin before. 

Looking at it that way, the picture is suddenly really sad. 

When you move to another country, you’d want a reminder of the people you love, of home. Viktor brings a reminder of skating because it’s all he’s known, and it’s the thing he’s going to miss most

Because, think about it. He skates and skates and skates, and now it stops. He knows that choosing to be a coach means putting skating aside. His skating is framed there on his table, because it’s like looking at a missed loved one for him. 

But this is actually really beautiful. Because, throughout the entire series, we don’t really see a Viktor who mourns the fact that he’s not practicing a routine for himself. Yuuri doesn’t catch him skating by himself thoughtfully, missing having the ice all to himself. Not once do we see that on their journey! Viktor is completely engrossed in coaching Yuuri, and now he only skates to teach him. His devotion is so genuine. I  knew that Viktor loved Yuuri to have put everything on hold like that for him, but I didn’t know it like this.  

I really want to see Victor’s photo frame in season 2. My money’s on Yuuri being in that picture.


So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.

star wars aesthetics - padmé amidala (requested by @phereinnike) (x) (x)


Jacket: Sean John 50R

Pants: Sean John 44/30

Shirts and ties: All thrifted

When I was shopping around a masc suit that would fit a fat woman’s body, there was nearly nothing online to help. So here are some tips for the fat butches shopping for suits:

- Avoid pants with flaws that a tailor can’t fix: length of the zipper, no room for hips/butt, etc

- You will need to get the suit tailored. The two I’m wearing the pics have only been hemmed, I’m getting the jacket tailored soon

- Make sure the jacket has vents in the back, otherwise it’ll look tight and uncomfortable

- Go for tapered or straight fit pants, but don’t get too hung up on that because pants can be easily tapered by a tailor. Be aware that pants with pleats can’t be tapered, though

- Sean John suits had the most hip room and best fit of all the brands I tried. But they are pricey so here are some brand that are cheaper and worth trying: Dockers, Haggar, Covington

It took me months to find a suit this nice, so be patient in your search. My inbox is always open for recommendations and help!




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Hello! Sorry i haven’t posted anything but i’m trying to finish a chapter for my fic, but of course, while writing, this popped into my head! I just had to draw it! I don’t know if it’s been done before? 

I spent most of the day at the mall today, my mom made my brother and I go earlie so then we could all have lunch (with my dad too) cause we had to buy some stuff for uni DX! (you know i’ve had the same school bag since eighth grade until now, so it was really sad to pic a new one :c i’ll post a picture of it, it deserves it!) And i took my sketchbook with me and everytime my brother stopped to try on some shoes i would sit down and draw XD

So that’s for now! See you soon! Later tonight maybe! :D

irelandforever  asked:

How did u come up with the idea of that christmas light picture on Insta? 10/10 quality pic

Hm, I don’t know really, it’s usually just a case of “hey these lights would look cool”.. and then.. that happened. I mean I probably took like 50 other pictures and just liked that one :P

I’ve always liked playing around with light though, I did photography as well as 3D, for my last job, and it’s always the part I enjoy the most (both IRL and in 3D), to see what shapes you can create out of light and darkness :)

Pedro Pascal & Oscar Isaac

Moon. Man. #Brooklyn

dan: [posts a pic of himself looking beautiful]


[the realization that phil most likely took that photo]

me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💀💀💀💀💀💀💀!!!!!💀💀💀💀💀💀💀!!!!!!!!!💀💀💀!!

The Hausmates as stuff my bf did: part 3
  • Bitty: drunkenly lost both shoes at a party and sweet talked the host into giving him his for life
  • Jack: has an alter ego called "bad boy troy" which is just him but in a leather jacket
  • Shitty: befriended an MC Donalds employee so he could get happy meal toys for free
  • Lardo: crowdfunded a coat for his teacher
  • Ransom: once nearly became part of a sect bc he was too polite to say no to them
  • Holster: Screams "succubus begone" whenever I undress in front of him
  • Chowder: Greets his best friend by making bird noises. But not any bird noises. Atlantic puffin noises. Google them.
  • Nursey: Got voted "most likely to skip class" on a poll he wasn't even in
  • Dex: once got angry at me for posting a selfie bc how is he supposed to concentrate when he wants to keep checking his phone to see it
  • Whiskey: has an online diary that is just pictures of his dog
  • Tango: had an active Facebook group called "spot niclas" where ppl posted pics of him doing weird stuff at school
  • Foxtrot: took over the role as host at school events, got the school choir to write him a jingle for when he steps on stage

Alright so when I said it was gonna be a small gift I meant it. So basically, I really liked the basegame picture frame but I didn’t want it to always be a picture of the Llamacorns and I went ahead and took a bunch of scenery pics and jammed them in. There are 12 scenery pics total and and they come in all 3 colors of wood the original frame came with, so there are 36 swatches total.


Download: Simfileshare

TOU: Please do not reupload