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It’s You That I Hold Onto (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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✩ prompt: a lovely anon message a few posts back :) includes a jelly reader and an overprotective thunderbird

✩ word count: a fair amount idk man

✩ warnings: so sweet u could possibly get a toothache :(

It’s You That I Hold Onto

It’s a typical Saturday evening in the Goldstein residence (plus a few), Queenie and Jacob waltzing to sleepy crackling records, dappled golden mid-winter light on the wallpaper, the smell of something delicious wafting from the kitchen. 

Everything seems perfect to Y/N as she makes her way to the living room, her brilliant crimson skirt swishing rather gracefully about her waist, her hair (for once!) cooperating falling over her shoulders smoothly.

Queenie smiles at her, elegantly breaking away from Jacob to switch which record is playing, new music erupting from the golden phonograph.

“Would ya’ care to dance?” Jacob asks, giving her a rather sloppy grin and holding out his hand.

Y/N nods gleefully, enjoying the time with one of her best friends as the stout man spins her about the room, Queenie clapping to the music.

Newt’s eyes flick to the duo dancing gleefully through the living room, his gaze caught on the pretty woman in his arms. How that skirt shows off her hips-

He looks away immediately, blushing and mentally kicking himself for being “an absolute bloody creep.”

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Pen Pals - Part Two

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean wants to take the relationship to another level. Would the Reader want to take that risk or will she back out?

Word Count: 1.8kish

Warnings: AU, Fluff, Light Cursing

Author’s Note: Here is the second part of Pen Pals! If you want to catch up, read the first part here –> Part One. I hope you guys like this chapter. I’m sorry for not posting it fast enough. Life got in the way and I had to stop everything for a cool minute. I hope you enjoy this and feedback is always welcomed!!

Chapter Two: Long Distance Relationship

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ok but another headcanon nobody cares about

Harry’s rummaging through his room, tidying, because he ”lives in similarity to a wild baboon“ (thanks, Hermione) and finds an old plain green tie, which was one of Dudley’s old garments, before his sudden growth spurt. (The Dursleys really splurged on that one.) 

 Out of sheer curiosity, he puts it on instead of his normal red Gryffindor tie, and instantly falls in love with it. He looks sharper, feels smarter, and damn, is he confident. Dudley didn’t have horrid taste, all the time. 

 So pleased with himself, he decides to go to class like this, not giving a damn if anyone says strange things or gives him weird looks. 

He walks in the room, chin held high and ego even higher. His classmates are gawking at him, especially the fellow Gryffindors, the Slytherins are confused yet smirking, as if they’ve converted Harry to one of their own. Snape himself takes a moment to raise an eyebrow at his sudden fashion change. 

 After class, Ron catches up with his green tie clad friend. ”What’s up with the color change? Decide to listen to the sorting hat and give Slytherin a bit of a try, eh?“ 

 ”Yea right, I just thought it looked good.“

”I wonder what the Slytherins think.“ Ron pondered out loud. 

 Speaking of the Slytherins, a certain blond one had quite a lot to say.. 


 ”Merlin, Draco. You ought to relax, rant any longer and someone might just think you were masking your feelings with anger.“ Pansy exasperated. 



”What feelings??!?!?!?!?!?!“ 

“Oh shut it, Draco - it’s quite obvious. You were staring at him like how the weasel stares at Granger.“ Blaise retorted. 

 ”I did no such thing!“ Draco defended. 

 The other two Slytherins simply rolled their eyes. Draco huffed. 

 The next few days, Harry shows up in full, green robes. 







“Draco, it’s a fucking color.“ Blaise replied, leaving Draco a pale pink mess. ”And stop thinking out loud, you’re going to expose yourself one of these times, for Merlin’s sake.“ But Draco couldn’t help it. He just looked so good

The hue of the robes matched his eyes, his glistening ever as brightly eyes that made Draco’s own pupils dilate every time he looked at them. And with the tie, it was such a good contrast with the white button-up for his tan - but not too tan - skin tone. And of course, he had to loosely tie it, looking scruffy. 

Fuckin’ Potter, can’t he put effort in anything he does? Like wearing his own bloody house robes? Why must he wear Slytherin ones that bring out the ever-so-pink pigment in his plump lips that Draco wanted to smash against his own? 

It made him so angry

So. Sexually. Angry. 

And he was staring at him. And he had been staring at him for a couple of minutes now. And he was so fueled with anger at this point that he could just go over there right now and jus- did Potter just fuckin’ wink?

Oh ho, now Draco was angry. 

He took his APPROPRIATELY DRESSED SELF (unlike SOMEONE) over there, furious at the other boy for looking so damn attractive, he did not tolerate anything in his way between him and Harry (Draco was sure he had pushed aside a few classmates, but that did not concern him at this moment) and found himself in front of the Gryffindor dressed Slytherin. 

He eyed the boy up and down, followed by a sharp intake of breath. ”Potter.“ he sneered.

”Yes, Draco?“ He smirked. 



So this is how it was. 

Draco was a burning ball of desire and fury at this point. 

 He could just.. 



 He narrowed his eyes at the raven haired boy, his frustration showing on his face. As if he were fighting an internal battle. He looked him up and down again, his loosely put together outfit which looked oh, so good sending him into overdrive.

”Shut up, Potter.“ He said, and grabbed the Gryffindor’s face with both hands, spontaneously kissing him before Harry even had time to cheekily respond with, ”Make me.“


fic or scrap it??

We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.

Request: could you do #18 from the prompt list pleease? :)

#18 from the new prompt list! (I love your writing btw its my favourite)

Summary:…… It’s a surprise.

Originally posted by gounderoos

Rain thrummed down on the roof in a steady, continuous beat. The scene outside had been fogged by a misty grey illusion displayed from the unfaltering, downpour. A comforting aura had been set since morning from the damp weather, and it was one that you lived, and lusted for the most. The pelting waterfall from the clouds blanketed you with relaxation and delight, as you sat in your window seat, hugged by an over size knitted sweater and warm glass of tea coaxed between your hands. Hours have ran by the clocks, but to you it felt like minutes since you’ve sat down and pondered out the picture window at the range of raindrops. You had not a care in the world, you could sit there all day gazing at everything and nothing for as long as it poured. 

Slipping past your attention, Peter had finally woken up and dragged himself out of the alluring bed you both shared, and slogged into the living room. He wiped the sleep out of his brown watery eyes with his palm, eager to clearly see your figure in the pale, gloomy light. His naked back pressed against the chilling, dark leather chair, tensing his muscles and yanking any drowsiness that remained in his system. He looked upon you, his love, sitting comfortably cross legged in a faded peach colored sweatshirt, and black knee high socks. The over sized fabrics kept most of your complexion hidden, except for a slit between the end of your socks and the hem of your shirt, daring Peter to try and look away. 

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anonymous asked:

Maybe a prompt where Link is noticing the little things Sidons body does? Like a Zoda sneeze (if they even sneeze???) comes out his gills, or the first time he notices his tail wag, or the shark-based Zoe's grunts Sidon makes? 0; Love your writing so much, much love your way <333

First of all, thank you so much!!!

Secondly: Z O R A S N E E Z E S

God I love it when you guys make me think about anatomy on these guys. There will be a lot of Link and Sidon noticing small things about each other in my main fic but this scene was too cute. Thank you for the adorable prompt! 

With the flowers in bloom, Hyrule looked as if it had been born again, basking in rays of every color known to the eye. For Link, it was a little slice of heaven.

For Sidon, well…Link didn’t know why he hadn’t thought of the possibility, but he didn’t think that Zora could possibly have allergies.

He also didn’t realize that they could sneeze.

It was kind of funny though, while Hylian allergies were completely related to sinuses and runny noses, Sidon’s allergies seemed to be triggered purely by proximity and left him scratching at his sides, the insides of his gills looking a little irritated.

“I’m so sorry, Link, I do enjoy the view, truly. It’s just the pollen for some reason is irritating me,” Sidon apologized again, sniffling. While his face scrunched up just like a Hylian’s would when he did so, his flexed outward while the ends curled around the openings to protect his lungs from any more pollen that could seep through. It really was fascinating to think about; Link was long familiar with the variety of instinctual noises that a Zora could make from their content purrs all the way to their grunts, snorts, growls and roars. He had just never thought about how many of those sounds actually came from the gills. True, some very obviously came from the back of the throat, but there were definitely some snorts that Sidon had been prone to make that came out when he was in the middle of speaking. Those must’ve come from his gills.

But sneezes, Link had no clue where those would come from, if they happened at all. 

He learned almost immediately after the thought occurred to him because as Sidon tried to sit down he inhaled sharply from his mouth, his face contorting just as anyone else’s did before the sneeze. 

“Ahh-aaahhh,” Sidon gasped, and Link prematurely flinched, expecting his sneeze to shake the earth as much as his furious roars did in the heat of battle. 

When Sidon pitched forward, however, his voice let out one more loud pre-sneeze gasp but the sneeze itself was the tiniest, quietest little squeak Link had ever heard in his life. His gills pushed out air so fast that they sounded like a quickly deflating balloon. They also flexed completely - more so than they ever had when Sidon flared them - making Sidon look three times wider and rounder than he actually was. His tail stuck straight out on reflex. He then inhaled again for another sneeze and the same quiet little whistle left his gills. When his tail finally relaxed Sidon looked up, his snout scrunching slightly in discontent and he sniffled again before looking over to Link as if the sudden action had been an everyday occurrence.

Whether it was from the shock of how that did not go anywhere near what Link would have guessed or because what actually happened was so damn cute, Link did not know, but for whatever the reason the Hylian doubled over laughing.

“What?” Sidon asked, looking a little miffed.

It took several minutes for Link to calm down enough before he could lift his hands from his own sides and sign, “That was just the cutest thing!” 

“My…sneeze?” Sidon asked. “It’s no different than any other sneeze.”

“No, no!” Link cackled, trying to form the words on his hands, “Hylian sneezes are nothing like that!” 

“Oh,” Sidon looked down in thought. “Well…I suppose you have a point considering that you breathe through your noses. Would your sneezes be more vocal, then?”

Link giggled, nodding his head.

Sidon gave a small smile, his tail wagging a little, “Now that is the cutest thing I have ever heard.” 

Link had calmed down from his laughing fit enough to give Sidon a quizzical stare and sign, “Actually, Hylian sneezes can be really loud…and a bit annoying.”

Sidon chuckled, his smile growing. “I was talking about your giggles.”

Any residual laughter stopped in his chest and Link felt his ears turn a bright red. Sidon smiled even wider, his tail wagging pretty consistently for several beats before it stiffened again.

“You going to sneeze?” Link guessed, his grin returning. Sidon couldn’t answer but this time Link watched his tail as it lifted further and further up (he didn’t know his tail muscles could flex that direction!) with each inhale. And then Sidon pitched forward again and then ‘squeeeeeee!’ there came that cute whistle again and Link was rolling in the field of flowers laughing.

 He felt bad for Sidon, he really did. But even so, Link learned that day that Zora sneezes were probably one of his favorite sounds.

“I Hate You So Bad, It Hurts” - Mitch Rapp Smut Part 1

Paring: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Warnings: Smut, cussing (lots of it), Mitch’s fucking hands, violence and DEATH

Word Count: 5,557



Author: @lukehemmo134

*I got a little help from a friend btw (@mf-dispair-queen ), also CAN WE JUST HAVE A MOMENT IN PEACE TO APPRECIATE THOSE GOD DAMN HANDS???* - Adrianna

You were guided by an older man as the sky above you got darker, your skin itching to find out who your new partner was going to be. For the past couple of years, every partner you had was shit lying around on the floor and waiting to be stepped on by the unlucky soul that does step on it. But as you had been guided by Stan, you felt eyes stare into you and your skin crawled. Your eyes scanned the area smoothly, not wanting to be jumped in case this was a test and you had to pass it like an assassin.

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Bound To Happen (Part 5), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,686

Author’s Note: Yes, I know the Tony Awards are in the middle of June but I needed to make this scene possible and this is how it worked. Whoops. This makes up for my lack of a Valentine’s Day fic, right? Right?

Warnings: As always, a slow burn. Things are happening in this one, though.

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“Today’s the day.” Lin stormed past you, stride confident and determined.

“Good morning.” You offered, trailing after him.

Today’s the day.” He repeated, stopping in his tracks just as he made it center stage. He glanced around for a moment, taking in the thing he had created. He looked at you, his eyes shining with something you only momentarily saw on stage.

“Today’s the day.” You confirmed, noticing a majority of the cast had collected onto the stage as well. Tommy Kail was striding from his office with a group of producers in tow.

There was more money among his little posse than you would ever see.

Tommy’s face was wet and soon everyone else’s were as well. He held up a crumpled sheet of paper.

“Is that it?”

“Straight from the office.” Tommy told him, just as Lin snatched it away. The yellow color of the pages signified the importance.

Lin scanned over the page, thumb brushing over each word.

“Thirteen.” He sighed, “Thirteen Tony nominations.” He watched as the cast erupted in cheers, embracing and laughing and standing in disbelief because this wasn’t something that happened everyday to people like them.

The producers were sharking hands and offering congratulations, and Lin swept you into his arms before he could stop himself. The stack of papers you had organized in your hands were on the floor in a pile, but you didn’t move to collect them.

Suddenly the entire team was around you, but all you saw was Lin grinning down at you, repeating ‘Today is the day’ in a hushed voice, as if this day was just for the two of you to share.

“Who are you using your extra ticket on?” Mandy asked conversationally, fingers running through your hair. Eyes were on you - the person who trailed after Lin and didn’t seem to do much else. There was no talk of boyfriends or girlfriends or any friends outside of the theater.

You smiled at the idea of having a secret identity away from these people who tried and failed to pry information from you. Maybe you fought crime - or committed them?

“Nobody. Considering selling it on E-Bay.” You shrugged, knowing that your joke could easily be a reality and make your rent payment a little smoother.

“And your dress?” She pushed further.

“I have the one from opening night.”

The women in the room gasped and you suddenly wished you hadn’t taken Lin up on that break he offered you. Mandy’s fingers tugged a little harder on your hair.

“You are not wearing that dress again, didn’t you say it was your Senior Prom dress?” Karen’s eyes were bearing into your soul, it felt like.

You didn’t answer - which was an answer enough for them.

“We are getting you a new dress and a date.”

The dress was an easy choice - something satin and pale in color that looked oddly similar to your prom dress but with a heftier price tag.

The date was another thing entirely. Within the month before the awards, you had shuffled through a handful of guys - and one girl - from Mandy and Karen’s black books. None appealed to you in the right way and eventually you were starting to lose hope.

Not just hope that you would find the right person to attend the event with - the hope that you would find the right person in general.

As the day rolled closer and the dates began to stop, you found yourself dreading the awards night more than anything else. You would be all dolled up in a room full of important people with amazing partners alone.

You decided five minutes before you were supposed to leave for the pre-party that you weren’t going. You left a hurried voicemail on Mandy’s machine, something about the snow and a headache and every single excuse you could make in the span of a minute.

Dressed in your gown and with pristine makeup that took a little longer than you were proud to admit - you drank a warm beer on your couch with Sesame Street paying in the background.

The snow was falling lightly outside and you could only imagine how warm the club the cast was currently in could be. Drinks and laughter and love were probably filling the air and you could spit at the idea.

“Remember we’re on a Broadway budget here - not too many drinks, please?” Tommy called to the group as another round was ordered. There was already a buzz and they hadn’t even walked the carpet yet.

“It’s a celebration!”

“Where’s Y/N?” Chris asked, eyes darting over the crowd the club provided.

“She’s not coming. Something about the snow and a headache and life in general.” Mandy was one drink in, stirring her cocktail with a tiny straw. “I called her six times but no answer - I don’t think there’s any getting through to her.”

“She’s not coming?” Lin asked, dumbstruck. Mandy nodded. “Is this about the date thing?”

Nobody spoke, all waiting for Lin to do exactly what he should.

“Okay. Guys, grab your coats. Ladies, order another round on me.” Lin fished in his pocket and slammed a bill on the bar, tossing back the final sip on his drink. “We’ll meet you at the theater.”

“Where are you going?” Karen called after his retreating form, the gaggle of men following his determined steps.

“I’m gonna kill her.”

You were halfway finished with your beer, rummaging through your pantry for an opened box of Girl Scout cookies you swore were still in there when you heard a thud.

You paused for a moment, waiting for another sound.

Thuds echoed through your entire apartment, and you nearly tripped over the length of your gown trying to find the source.

The sounds led you to the window of your living room - the visual of snow pelting the glass signaled someone trying to grab your attention. You worked the bottom of the window, shoving it open and having to dodge a snowball in the process.

The buzzer was broken - of course the buzzer was broken. Lin groaned as he retreated from the steps of your apartment building.

“Dude, where is your jacket?” Alex asked Chris, who was standing shivering in the snow.

“On my wife.”

“Why does your wife have your jacket?” Questioned Tommy.

“Sometimes you have to give up your jacket and develop hypothermia for the people you love.”

“Buzzer’s broken.” Lin sighed. “She’s not answering her phone either.”

“Looks like we’re breaking in.” Andy shrugged, already taking a step towards the door. A hand on his chest stopped him.

“We are not breaking in.” Lin pushed him back to the group, “I got this.” Lin pivoted back to your building, shouting your name at the top of his lungs.

“Don’t forget we have to perform today.” Chris chided him, hand on his shoulder.

Lin surrendered his yelling and instead found himself packing snow into his hands, wailing it at your illuminated window. The rest of the guys watched as his attempted throws narrowly missed and decided to help him out.

Soon, all four men were chucking hastily made snowballs at your apartment as their cab driver sat and watched, the toll slowly ticking higher and higher.

“What the hell are you doing?” You shouted down to the group of giggling men.

“Get down here!” Lin shouted back, quite a bit louder. “Come on!” The rest of the guys joined him.

You succeeded, slamming your window shut and slipping on the shoes you had perched by your front door. They crunched the snow as you descended the steps of your apartment building onto the empty street.

Lin’s coat was immediately wrapped around your shoulders.

“What are you doing here, you guys should all be on your way to the awards.” You shoved his chest gently.

The other guys stood in the back, making it rather obvious they were watching closely. They shared looks, each wondering is this going to be the night?

“Not without you.” Was Lin’s immediate answer. “It wouldn’t be right. You’ve been with me longer than any of these assholes.” His thumb jerked back to the guys, “You deserve this night more than any of us do.”

“Lin, I’m not in the mood for this right now.”


“You guys should go enjoy your night and I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

“You don’t understand-” Lin stopped himself, the wild rush of adrenaline he had been feeling on the drive over coming to a sudden halt as he took you in. “You look amazing.”

For the first time that night, you smiled.

“I’ll be your date tonight.” He insisted, gloved hands holding yours as you clenched them in the cold. “This is a night of celebration and happiness and the only way I can do that is with you standing next to me.”

You considered this for a moment, before looking over Lin’s shoulder at his merry little gang.

“Hey, guys.”

They all called back equal responses. Lin held out his arm to you and you couldn’t find it in yourself to turn away. You linked your arm in his as your friends climbed back in the cab, mumbling words on how happy there were you would be joining them.

“I’m sorry you did all this for me, on your big night.” You whispered to Lin.

“None of that.” He told you, arm squeezing a bit tighter, “You’re gonna have to sit on somebody’s lap.”

You piled into the car, your half finished beer long forgotten on your kitchen counter. Lin, as he was in your everyday life, was right by your side the entire night. You watched as he accepted a Tony Award and pointed at you from the stage, rhyming your name expertly in a perfect couplet.

Your lousy dates and prom dress was in the very back of your mind, and at the forefront was Lin. Not just the Lin who was making his dreams come true that night, but the Lin from all those years ago who had a dream and decided to bring you along for the ride.

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Framed Photos

Steve Rogers x Mexican!Reader

A/N: Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration. I wrote this, because I love sharing my culture and Halloween’s coming soon and I want people to know my culture is not a costume. So maybe this will shed some light to how important this tradition is for us. 

Summary: You invite Steve to a Dia de los Muertos altar celebration.

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

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Coffee and Colors (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You’re a historian who agreed to help Lin through his writer’s block. You’re taken with him immediately and spend a lot of the time being distracted by the charming company you’re keeping.

Word Count: 1,127

Warnings: y i k e s. nothing really though.

A/N: Literally, @gratitudejoyandsorrow is a blessing and patiently played my soundboard all day and @l-nmanuel is absolutely a m a z i n g. This fic would’ve found a new home in the trash bin if not for these two. 

It was a friend of a friend, who had this friend, who knew someone who needed your assistance. They told you that he had ideas that he couldn’t possibly get down on paper without help and you were the perfect person to do it. You normally would brush the idea off but after having spent weeks pent up with your newest research paper, getting out and about didn’t seem like such a bad idea. You figured if nothing else, some fresh air and coffee out of a cup that wasn’t your Columbia University mug would do you some good.

That’s how you found yourself walking into the coffee shop that you had been instructed to be at, at the exact time you were instructed to be there. The soft chime of the bell drew a few eyes to you but no one stood up so you figured he wasn’t there yet. You took the opportunity to order coffee and find a table by the window, pulling out your notebook and scrawling down anything you thought might help the paper you were returning to tonight. 

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B R O K E N  ❦  s h i r o

+ for: anon

+ words: 1k

+ genre: slight angst?, hella makeout

+ summary: Could you do Shiro x reader? With fluff and cuddles and kisses? / Just imagine Shiro with an s/o who is just as broken as he is and somedays he’s just so brought down by his ptsd he looks up to his s/o who is somehow strong even through their tough times. Omg what if they werent dating yet and liked each other, but both thought they were too good for the other aaaa. 

+ key: _____ = your name, (e/c) = eye color

+ hope you enjoy. i combined two requests because im bad at really vague ones. i hope the 2nd request worked out well. i think if i wasn’t about to head into class it wouldn’t seem so rushed. 

+ request? + masterlist?

Shiro really had no clue sometimes what to do with himself. A year on the Galra ship was traumatizing, even for him. The rock. The man who held the group together. The leader. He couldn’t sleep at night, running at most on four hours of sleep the night before. He drinks at least three cups of coffee in the morning, and sometimes puts on concealer so no one sees the bags beneath his eyes.

You were in the same boat. When Shiro had made it out of the Galra ship he had been placed in the same room as you. You had been there far longer than you and he couldn’t believe he wasn’t as strong as you. Or at least, how you seemed. You felt the same way. You both looked so tough in front of everyone, hiding your fears and tears that no one suspected anything else.

They were all fairly ignorant to your feelings that they sometimes dismissed the times you were missing in the past. That it still affected you.

“Hey Shiro,” you smiled, passing him on your way to the training room.

“Hey _____,” he greeted back with a slightly strained smile.

Your smile turned into a grin as you eyed him. “Come back from the training room?” you asked curiously, noticing him rotating his shoulder.

“Yeah,” he laughed slightly, holding his hand to his arm.

“Let me help,” you told him, taking his free hand and pulling him along with you to your room.

He watched as you walked with his hand in yours, confused and slightly smiling at the touch of your hand. He was glad his human hand was free so he could feel your warm skin against his. He could never imagine you would find him anything redeemable. He was so weak and tired all the time. You were far better off than him.

He wanted to be able to hold you in his arm, you both comforting each other into the night.

He was glad that when they went back to the Galra ship he was able to get you too. You had been there for a better part of five years and you were quickly deteriorating. Thankfully, Allura’s ship was able to heal you to where you’d be able to survive. Your ribs still showed and you ate quickly at every meal but he could see that you were finally doing better.

“Shiro?” you asked, looking into his dazed eyes. He blinked a moment before looking back at you.


“Are you alright?” you asked, the second time you had asked him.

“Oh, yes.”

“Alright, then. Let’s go,” you urged him, tugging him into your room and setting him down on your bed while you went off into the bathroom and retrieved a paste to help relieve the tension in his shoulder.

“Your shirt,” you demanded, twisting the lid off the paste.

“Wh-What?” he stuttered, surprised by your direct command. A blush made way on his face and when you looked up you rolled your eyes.

“I’m just trying to help,” you laughed, holding the jar up and he rubbed the back of his neck in nervousness.

“Right, right,” he muttered, pulling his shirt off. You looked at him, taking in his ripped muscles as well as the scars running along his skin. You sighed at the sight before making your way behind him.

“Just your right shoulder? Or left too?” you asked him, starting to pull up the paste into your hands.

“U-Uh, both,” he stated, looking back at you slightly. You nodded, beginning to kneed the paste into his right shoulder first. He relaxed instantly, the paste heating up his skin beneficially. He smiled slightly, letting his neck roll a little.

“What’s on your mind?” you asked, continuing at his shoulder.

“Just the ship.”

“What about it?”

“The whole… experience. How do you stay so strong? Not showing any emotion from it?” he asked, he felt his insides crumbling at how weak he felt, breaking down his walls in front of you.

“I cry at night. Use makeup to hide my bags. Drink seven cups of coffee throughout the day. Constant nightmares. I’m not strong, I’m very, very weak Shiro. You should probably see that.” Shiro didn’t know what to say, he never thought about that. You started to lean very close to his ear, his skin perking at the feeling of your breath against his neck. “You do it too. I see it,” you whispered.

He turned to look at you through the corner of his eye, you hadn’t moved for a few seconds and he couldn’t move himself away from you. Your (e/c) eyes were sparkling and your lips just there, tauntingly that he took them up for their taunts. He leaned in quickly, smashing his lips against your own. You squealed at the sudden motion but was quick to return his kisses.

You laughed while falling backwards onto the bed the two of you kissing heatedly. You started to kiss his neck while he sighed low. You smiled against his neck, giving him the faintest hickey. Travelling down, making them darker as you went.

He sighed, pulling you back up before you could find your way below his chest. He started to kiss your own neck, sweetly. He was slow and teasing and you almost pulled his and your own hair out at the feeling you. After ten minutes of making out you both pulled away to look into your eyes.

“Hey,” he laughed.

“Hey,” you laughed back. “How long have you been waiting to go that?” you asked him with a smirk.

“A while now.”

“I could tell,” you smiled.

He smiled back pulling you into his chest, the two of you sitting together quietly, holding each other until you had both fallen asleep.

“Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!” Lance exclaimed, walking into your room with Keith trailing behind him complaining that he couldn’t find Shiro anywhere. Lance always came to wake you up if you were sleeping in. He opened his eyes when Keith shoved his elbow into his side. “What the Hell was that for?!”

“That!” he shouted, pointing towards the sleeping mass on the bed that was way bigger than you.

“Woah! _____, you’re getting some!”

“From Shiro!” Keith shouted.

“Look! They both have hickeys!” Lance shouted with a laugh.

“Lance, shut the fuck up and leave,” you called to him, sitting up some before laying back on the bed.

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Edge of Seventeen (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Requested by a lot of people, begging for a badboy!Ethan.
Word Count: 2,771
Warnings: None.
A/N: I kid you not, I spent all night thinking about ideas for this fic and I ended up dreaming about badboy!E and I woke up so disappointed. I would recreate the dream if I could remember it but all I know is that it was hella good. Also, enjoyyyy xx (Title from Stevie Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen)

Picture edited by me.

There he was again. Ethan Dolan. The annoying, tattooed guy who liked to throw deadly glances at someone who stared a second too long at him, smirking when the person would scramble away. He was cocky, rude, had no good sense of humor and would hang out in the courtyard with his equally as annoying friends.

You tried to avoid him the best you could, not because you were scared of him. But because he was just annoying you so badly that you couldn’t stand to stare at his stupid face. Sure, he was attractive but the boy was bad news.

Ethan and you had classes together; three to be exact. So he knew who you were, same as you knew who he was. But you had never given him the benefit of the doubt whenever he tried to rile you up, only turning the other way and completely ignoring him. Maybe that’s why he enjoyed making your life a living hell, because you were probably the only one at the entire school who dared to defy him. Whereas you saw him as this troubled, young bad boy, he saw you as this pristine, stuck-up princess and that’s what he’d call you. Princess.

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It started with a movie [Klaus Mikaelson x Reader]

Request: Can you do a Klaus Mikaelson x reader where she’s Bonnie’s sister or cousin and Klaus falls for her so the Salvatores take her as leverage against Klaus?

Word count: 2575

Warnings: Swearing, abduction.

A/N: (f/m) = favorite movie, (f/d) = favorite drink, (Y/I) = your initials

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Originally posted by hayatahatiira

Silas. Who would expect that the name of a man who you had never seen or even knew existed before a few months ago would play such a big role in your life.

Your cousin, Bonnie Bennett, and her friends had decided to go on a field trip to find the cure to vampirism which laid in Silas’s tomb with him. You, being the ‘spare’ witch for the group, had been left behind in Mystic Falls, not that that bothered you.

Unbeknownst to you, they were about to give you a task during their absence. So, when you opened the door to your cousin and Damon Salvatore, you guessed that they were going to ask a favor, again.

So much for the relaxing weekend you had planned…

Bonnie stepped through the threshold but Damon was held back, not having been welcomed into your home, “Let me in.” he ordered gruffly.

“I would, possibly, if you were more polite.” You replied nonchalantly.

He plastered a superficial smile onto his face, “My dearest (Y/n),” he exaggerated, intensifying each gesture he made, “will you please do me the honor of letting me enter your humble domain?”

You flashed him the sweetest smile that you could muster, “I have to admit, that was very well,” he grinned genuinely, “But, I’ll have to deny your request, good sir.” Adding the last part for your own enjoyment.

Immediately, his smile fell, “What?! Why?” he asked, raising his voice.

“Well, you see, I want this house to be safe zone for non-vampires. Thus, it has to be…” you hesitated to find the appropriate word, “vampire-free, if you will. This means no letting you or any other vampire in.”

He groaned loudly, “Is this really necessary?”

You crossed your arms, a smirk on you face, “Yes.”

“Okay, this conversation is over, I don’t want the two of you to do anything stupid. So, how about we just talked here?” Bonnie offered, earning to grunts in agreement. “Good. Damon, I’ll do the talking.” She threw him an authoritative look.

“May I ask what you came here to talk about?” you inquired.

“You know that we’re going to Nova Scotia for the whole Silas and the cure business?” You nodded, leaning onto the wall beside you. “Well, Jeremy may or may not have killed Klaus’s brother Kol to complete his Hunter’s Mark with Elena and Matt’s help. They also asked me to imprison Klaus with a spell in their living room and since we were hea-”

She was interrupted by the sound of Damon’s voice, “You’re taking too long Bonbon. Long story short, Klaus is stuck in the Gilbert living room for three days and the only people that are not coming with us are wolf boy and blondie who look like they can pounce on each other at any second. We need you to keep a third eye on the hybrid freak.” He told you.

“Please?” Bonnie added, giving you a hopeful look.

You sighed and rolled your eyes, “Fine, but you owe me one.” You shot them a stern look.

“Thank you so much (Y/n).” She hugged you tightly, “Do you want us to drive you there?” she suggested.

You nodded gathering things you would need before locking the front door and entering the vampire’s car.


The three of you rolled up in front of the Gilbert driveway and you exited the car with your belongings, waving goodbye to the pair. You walked up to the door and knocked.

After a few seconds, Caroline opened the door, the sound of Tyler nagging the Original in the background, “Hey (Y/n)!” she exclaimed, “You came, great!”

“No problem.” You smiled and she did the same. I don’t want to be here, stop lying.

Her phone beeped, she looked down at the device and made a bothered face, “It’s Elena, she said that she needed us to research Silas in the library for things that we may have missed, do you want to go, or should we?” she asked.

You sighed, you were tired of books, research and grimoires, “You guys can go, I’ll stay here. Okay?” you replied.

She beamed at you, “Perfect. Ty, let’s go!” she called her boyfriend.

He ran up to the two of you, placing a kiss on the blonde’s cheek, “What’s up babe?” he asked.

“Elena needs us to do some research on Silas while (Y/n) keeps an eye on Klaus.” She said, catching him up.

He nodded in comprehension and they both ran off. You walked up to the living room where the Hybrid was kept prisoner.


You looked around the room for a chair, knowing that the sofa wasn’t very comfortable and too close to the Original for your taste. You groaned when you found the location of your preferred seat: in Klaus Mikaelson’s ‘prison’.

“What seems to be the problem, love?” he questioned, a small smirk decorating his face.

“First of all, the name’s (Y/n), not ‘love’ or ‘darling’ or whatever, you can keep those for Caroline. Secondly, what is wrong is that I want to sit down on the one seat in the house that is truly comfortable but it’s in your fucking prison-thingy. Finally, I’m stuck here babysitting you for my cousin and her friends when I could be in my bed, watching a movie and eating popcorn, like I had planned!” You ranted, gesturing towards the brown couch chair behind him.

He chuckled, getting up from where he was sat, “Well, (Y/n), you do know that nothing is stopping you from watching your move here, I certainly can’t.” he said reaching for a chair and giving it to you.

“That’s actually not a bad idea. Thank you.” You said, taking the chair, “Well since you’re going to watch whatever I am going to watch, you should at least get the right to pick a movie. I make a selection and you pick from it, deal?”

“That is very generous (Y/n), I guess we have made a deal.” He leaned back on the chair he had returned to.

You left to get some movies and came back a few minutes later, stopping in the entrance brutally and dropping all the small boxes. Klaus was leaning onto the couch in front of the TV. Shit.

“Well, love. Why did you stop?” he asked.

“B-Bonnie didn’t tell me that you could enter the living room, I thought that you were stuck in the dining room. I entered your part of the force field, why didn’t you kill me?” you asked.

“To be honest, I have never really talked to you and I would like to know someone without wanting to kill them.” He responded

“Okay…” you said, suspicious but open to the conversation, “I wouldn’t mind that. I have a suggestion,” he nodded, “How about we tell each other nothing about the supernatural and just try bonding like normal people?” you suggested.

“I’m fine with that.” He replied and you smiled at him.

“Well,” you started, picking up the movies and handing them to him, “pick a movie, I’ll make us some popcorn.” You walked to the kitchen.


You stepped out of the kitchen not long after you had entered it with a big bowl of popcorn cradled in your right arm, two bottles of (f/d), one filled with blood, in your left hand and a bag of chips beneath your left arm. You were struggling to hold everything and called the Original’s name, “Could you help me please.” You asked, not moving for fear of the dropping the bottle of blood slipping from your grip.

He ran over to you and stopped suddenly. “I can’t help you (Y/n), come closer and I’ll get some of the stuff.” You looked at him doubtingly but, still, took a step towards him. At the second step, the drink dropped and Klaus vamp-sped towards it by reflex, forgetting about the barrier. Your eyes automatically closed, waiting for the glass to break.

It never came, you opened your eyes to see Klaus, a bottle in his hand and a confused look on his face. A grin crept onto your face, “Surprise!” you exclaimed, “I modified the spell so you could walk all around the house. It’s not much but it’s a start.”

He looked at you, his blue-green orbs meeting your (e/c) ones, “Thank you.” He smiled, “That is very kind of you.”

You blushed lightly, staring a little longer before coughing, “I-Uh, which movie did you pick?” you asked, breaking eye contact.

“I, um, picked (f/m).” He said, heading to the couch.

“That’s my favorite movie!” you squealed and settled down beside him.

He pressed play and you leaned your head against his shoulder, taking a sip of your drink.


You watched as the credits filed up the screen. Klaus was already putting away everything and you looked at the time, 4:17. There was a lot of time left and Klaus had come back to his seat beside you.

“What’s your favorite color and why?” you asked, starting a conversation that would not end for some time.

“Blue, like the night sky. I find that it is a color that holds many secrets and show beauty and mystery.” He replied.

“You sound like an experienced artist.” You told him.

“I have been painting for quite some time, maybe I’ll show you someday.” He smiled and you mirrored his action.

You continued talking like that for hours. Caroline and Tyler came over at 8 but, you acted like the barrier was in the same place as before and that everything was alright. When they left, you and Klaus resumed the conversation from where you had left off. This continued as a routine for three days. When your friends returned, Klaus had left. The both of your hearts swelling for the other.


You were at the Grill, working on an essay you had to write for history. A lot had happened since the last time you and Klaus saw each other. Jeremy had died, Elena had turned her humanity off and burned down her house down. Basically, everything had gone to shit.

Yet, here you were doing your homework without a care in the world about the happenings of the supernatural world. Matt was still, working, even if he probably didn’t want to.

He walked past you and you took his arm, “Hey, how is it going with Elena?” you asked, a concerned frown on your face.

“She’s still… off.” He replied roughly, violently tearing his arm from your grip. You stared at his back, curious as to what just happened and why he was so hostile.

You continued writing your essay, stopping to have a drink or to text Klaus (you had exchanged numbers before he left). When you were done, you packed your things, paid your waitress and left the Grill.

You were barely out of the restaurant when a cloth was placed over your mouth, you struggled to free yourself from your assailant’s grip but it was too late, everything went black.


You woke up, your vision was blurry and there was a pain in your wrists, you were sitting on a chair. Your vision cleared up and you identified the room, it was the basement of the Salvatore boarding house.

Damon sat in a chair in front of you, “Hey there sleeping beauty.” He said.

“What the hell is this Damon?” you asked, shaking your hands that were tightly tied to the chair.

“Well, we wanted to bring Elena back by making a Hybrid bite me and make her feel again. But, to do but to do that and survive we need the cure.” He leaned towards you, “Guess who has it? Klaus Mikaelson. To get it, we sent Barbie, funny thing Klaus doesn’t have feelings for her anymore so I wonder, who could it be? And she tells me, that the whole time, he was texting someone named (Y/I). When we met up here to talk about Elena, you were texting someone.”

“Someone named Nick. Is who I saw you were texting.” Stefan interrupted, leaning onto the door frame.

“Now I don’t think that you wrote it the right way but, what are the chances?” Damon continued

“Nick is a childhood friend, from before I moved here. We keep in touch.” You snapped at them.

“That knows about the supernatural?” Stefan asked.

“He was the neighbor of a family composed of three witches and one of them was his best friend, I think he’d know.” You answered.

“That’s the thing, (Y/n). We also doubted, not wanting to kidnap you and then discover that you were innocent. So, we always looked at your phone, to see something that wasn’t right. Who is Bex?” Damon inquired.

“His little sister, she was a baby when I last saw her.” You told them confidently, “My turn, why isn’t my magic working?”

He grinned, “Ah, that is the work of your cousin, I told her that we were questioning a witch and needed this place witch-proofed. Of course, she doesn’t know that it’s you.”

Stefan spoke, “You do realize that we are vampires, right? We can hear your heartbeat.” Shit.

Damon raised something to your face, your phone, “What’s the password?” he asked, “We tried your birthday, didn’t work. We tried everything else that we could think of, nothing. Tell us.”

“Or what?” He threw you a warning look, “you get a bone broken.” He threatened.

“7439” you mumbled.

“Thank you (Y/n).” he smiled before dialing a number which you guessed was Klaus’s.

He stood up and smiled when an accented voice spoke, purposefully putting the phone on speaker phone, “Hello (Y/n), is everything okay?” he asked

“I think that everything is positively great. I have (Y/n), I need your blood, I suggest a trade.” He said, getting straight to the point.

Let her go.” He ordered sternly.

“How about… No. I want Elena back.” Damon countered.

Elena Gilbert stopped being my problem when she became a vampire.”

“Yes but, (Y/n) (L/n) started being your problem when the two of you fell for each other.”

Klaus stopped speaking for a few seconds. Tears had started falling down your face and your eyesight blurred again.

You heard a neck snap and a British spoke, “Bad move Salvatores.” Klaus. “I suggest you don’t do this again, or I’ll let my sister join me.” He told Damon before snapping his neck too.

He rushed over to you, cupping your face and wiping the tears away. He placed his hands on the cloth that was binding your left hand and ripped it, he moved onto your other hand.

“N-Nik, w-was it true?” you sniffled.

He freed your arm and started unbinding your legs, “Was what true, love?” he asked.

“Damon said that you fell for me, just like I did for you.” You declared nervously.

“He’s was right, how could I not he asked.” Picking you up bridal style.

“Really?” you said, still doubtful.

He didn’t speak, he leaned towards you, placing his soft pink lips onto yours. Even if it was just for a second, it felt magical. Butterflies fluttered in your stomach and fireworks exploded across your lips. “Is this proof enough?” he smiled and you nodded. “Now, let’s go home.”

“Home?” you questioned unsure that you were safe in your old house.

“My house, you’re coming to live with me, love. Are you okay with that?”


“Achievements” - Oneshot

“Achievements” - Oneshot 

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,188

Key: Y/N = Your Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Small Injuries, Violence(?), Cursing (?)

Summary: You help Bucky through a nightmare, but get injured in the process. But breakfast fixes everything.

Originally posted by secretly-buckybarnes

Author’s Note: Just some cute Bucky stuff. The title is kind of weird, but it’s the best I could come up with when I was writing this at midnight.

Shout out to the ever-fantastic @the-witching-hours12-3 for being a great friend and always being down to read/edit my stuff before I post it here! I am so glad to be able to be her beta reader! Please go check out her stuff! The epilogue for Best of Friends ( Part 1 / Part 2 ) is going to hit all of the feels and I’m ready.

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

It was 3AM when you shot up, wide awake to screaming coming from the room across the hall from yours. The team had just gotten back from a mission at around 9PM, so everyone should be asleep. It only took a couple of seconds for you to establish that it was Bucky having a nightmare. He had been getting better, but he would still have them once or twice a week. Sometimes Steve helped him, but you and Bucky had grown close very quickly, so you had been helping him with his nightmares lately.

You knocked on his door first to see if that would wake him up. 

“Bucky? I’m comin’ in.” No response other than continued  screams and pants. 

When you walked in, it was like every other nightmare you’d helped with; Bucky was laying there with a layer of sweat over him as he either gripped either his blanket, or pillow, or both. You pulled out a fresh pair of sweatpants and a tank top from his drawers and put them on the bed before you sat down. You knew he was too deep in his nightmare to be gentle, so you got a good grip on his shoulders and shook him. 

You tried speaking at a normal volume, “Bucky! C’mon, wake up! You are safe! It’s just a nightmare!” 

Apparently that was enough because his eyes shot open. Only they weren’t Bucky’s eyes; they were full of fear, and instinctive defense. Within seconds of opening his eyes, he was able to grab a hold of your wrist with his metal arm, and the top of your arm with his other hand. His grip was insanely tight and slowly getting tighter. You had to act fast or your wrist and arm would be broken.

“James Buchanan Barnes! You are safe! You are not the Winter Soldier. Now let me go!” 

You knew that that would get him to snap back. You saw the nightmare fade from his eyes, only to be replaced with the fear that he had hurt you. He let go and sat up, with his head in his hands. His breathing was still labored but he was starting to really come back. You inspected your arms really quickly; your wrist hurt like a bitch, but it wasn’t broken. It was most likely sprained though. And your upper arm was fine, it was just going to bruise for a few days.

Once you finished assessing yourself, you moved and sat next to Bucky. Putting a hand on his back and slowly drawing circles with your fingers. 

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t mean to–” You shushed him to cut him off. 

“Don’t apologize. I know you were just reacting to whatever nightmare you were in. This isn’t the first or last time I’m gonna help you. You’re stuck with me, James.” You smiled a kind smile, trying to make him feel a bit better. You both sat there for a few minutes until his breathing smoothed out, then you handed him the clean clothes you pulled out earlier. He took them and went to the bathroom to splash some cold water on himself and change.

When he came back into his bedroom, you were laying in his bed. You patted the space next to you; you knew that being close to you helped him calm down. He graciously took it. He wrapped his arms around your middle and rested his head there too. The two of you had fallen asleep this way multiple times.Honestly, it helped both of you sleep better.

“I’m sorry again, (Y/N). It’s usually not that bad.” His voice was just a bit above a whisper, sleepiness already creeping on him. You just placed your right hand on his head and shushed him. You tried to lightly play with his hair, but your wrist hurt to move too much. So you hoped the pressure and warmth of your hand on his head helped him sleep.

“It’s fine, sweetpea. Just get some sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning.” He quickly fell back to sleep, you weren’t too far behind him.


You woke up before Bucky, the clock on his bedside table read 7AM. You’d only had a few hours of sleep, but you knew you couldn’t fall back to sleep. You decided to sneak out, back to your room and get try to get dressed. 

Once you got to your room, you discovered that picking up anything with your right hand was a no go. Your wrist was definitely sprained. You somehow got one of Bucky’s sweatshirts on over your tank top. He gave you one of his cause he knew it helped calm you down sometimes. 

“Hey Friday? Is Bruce or Tony up?” You called out to the AI system.

“Good morning, Miss (Y/L/N). Both Dr. Banner and Mr.Stark are in the lab. Should I alert them of your incoming arrival?” 

“Yes please. Tell them my wrist is messed up and I need Banner to take a look at it.”

“Of course, Miss. They will be alerted immediately.”

You knew it wasn’t broken, but might as well double check. Plus you liked visiting the science dorks. 


After X Rays and talk, they confirmed your thoughts and told you that your wrist was sprained. Bruce gave you a brace for your wrist and told you to take some painkillers if needed. They went back to work, but you kept your tradition.

Your tradition being, the morning after the team came home from a big mission, you would make french toast and various breakfast sides for everyone. It was something you looked forward to doing.

Since most of the team were still sleeping, you quietly put on some music and thought it would be safe to take off the sweatshirt you were wearing. Getting everything you needed out of the cabinets, you began to hum along to your music while you cooked. You had gotten so into your music and french toast, that you didn’t notice Bucky standing in the archway that opened into the kitchen. 

He couldn’t help but watch you; he knew you were more introverted than the rest of the team, but you loved to do things like this to show that you loved everyone. He just hoped you loved him the same way he loved you. 

Bucky was admiring your physical appearance as he was thinking about everything he loved about you. You were in a looser fitting tank top and a pair of your favorite leggings. But then he saw your arms. Your right wrist was in a brace and your left bicep had big bruises covering it. He instantly worried, thinking you got hurt on the mission and didn’t tell anyone. He clears his throat and you kind of jump in surprise. 

“Bucky! I didn’t think you would be up for another hour or so!” You notice him staring at your arms, you start to reach for the hoodie on the chair nearby, but Bucky steps in between you and the chair.

“What happened?! Who did this?” Bucky was honestly worried about you.

“It’s fine. I’m fine. I just… I was stupid and messed up during my workout this morning.” You tried to play it off and continue cooking, but then Bucky put a hand on your upper arm that wasn’t bruised. 

“That’s bullshit. Don’t lie to me, (Y/N/N). You never mess up that much during training.” He then looked at his hand on your arm. It was gently placed there, no pressure on it or anything. But it was enough to make him realize something. 

It was him. He hurt you.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I did that didn’t I?” You didn’t respond, but when he asked again, you nodded. 

“Yes. But it was an accident and I’m not mad at you in any way. I promise.” He looked at you like a sad puppy before you continued,  “You wanna kiss it and make it better, or do you wanna help with breakfast?” 

He just took your hand and kissed the inside of your wrist over the brace, then headed to the fridge and got some fruit to cut up. You stood behind him for a second and hugged him from behind. He stood there stunned for a moment before cautiously putting his hands on your arms, being careful so he wouldn’t hurt you anymore. 

“You are a good person, James. You know I care too much about you to let anything like this get in the way. And you also know that I am serious because I’m using your actual name.” You both chuckle a bit a that before going back to breakfast. 

You had a lot of french toast to make, so Bucky took care of everything else. He finished cutting the fruit, set the table, and cooked various breakfast meats. You took the last pieces of toast off of the pans and then turned to Bucky, who was sitting at the counter near you, watching you in case you needed help. You walked over to him and before you could even get a word out, Bucky begins apologizing again.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry. I didn’t think I would do something like that to you. I told you I wouldn’t hurt you and I messed up. You don’t have to help me anymore. You don’t even have to talk to me anymore. I–” 

You couldn’t take this anymore. You just took his face in your good hand and kissed him. He was taken aback for a second but then kissed back. He wrapped his hands around your middle as if you were made of glass and he was scared you were going to shatter at his touch. After a few seconds of long awaited kisses, you pulled away so you could speak.

“I am not letting you out of my life anytime soon. If you haven’t guessed by now, I kind of love you. I have for awhile and now I’m officially saying it. I love you, and you don’t need to apologize for anything like this because I choose to go through this. I choose you. All of you. The good, the bad, and everything beyond and between. I have been through broken bones and bruises from so many missions and stupid dares in my past. This is nothing. And I see it as a good sign. A badge of honor, even. I was able to help you. I know that that isn’t something that everyone can do. So it’s an achievement. I would gladly do it over and over again, because I love you.” 

Bucky’s eyes were starting to get a bit glassy from tears. He just looked at you with love showing everywhere. He brought one of his hands to the back of your neck, but it was very gentle. 

“You know I’m not made of paper, right? You don’t have to be so careful.” He kind of laughed embarrassed before adding a bit more pressure and pulling you down into another kiss, both of you smiling into the kiss. He is the one to pull away this time.

“I love you too. So much.”

“Wow. Two achievements in one day. Not sure how this could get any better.” You said sort of jokingly. Bucky moved his hands back to your waist and pulled you a bit closer to him.

“I think I know something that could make this better.” He teased with a sort of cutesy smile on his face.

“And what are you thinking about, Sarge?” You knew he loved it when you used that nickname for him. It made him feel a bit more confident. 

“Well, I was wondering if you would be my girl?” He actually seemed a bit nervous when asking that. You sat sideways in his lap and put your good hand on his shoulder to keep you steady, although his hands around you were sure to do that. 

“There’s nothing that would make me happier, James.” You both smiled before leaning in for a short kiss. “Consider that three achievements within the past 24 hours!” Bucky laughs at your comment.

“You’re such a dork, doll.”

“Yeah, well you’re really stuck with me now.” You smiled. 

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, sweetheart.” You leaned down and kissed him some more. 

You could get very used to this. It wasn’t until you both heard someone clearing their throat that you broke the kiss. You turn around to see Steve standing off to the side with a smirk on his face. 

“It’s about time,” he joked before starting to take the two plates of french toast that you had made to the table.

“Shut up, Stevie,” you call out playfully. 

You kiss Bucky’s cheek before he helps you up. You grab the bowl of fruit with your good hand while Bucky takes the breakfast meat plates to the table. Soon everyone files in and eats. While you were eating, Bucky had a protective but comfortable hand on your thigh. 

You could get used to this. 

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Theory Time: The Mad Hatter Madness

ok so, i was thinking with myself for sometime now about an issue that Alice through the looking glass made clear.

Alice made the Mad Hatter mad.


it’ll be a long, long, long (really, trust me) ride, so try to keep up with me.

i can promise it will be worth it.


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Marry me? - Bucky Barnes

Title: Marry me?

Parings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Will Bucky ever succeed in asking (Y/N) to marry him?

Words: 2’816

Warnings: None. Cuteness

Genere: Fluffy

A/N: I haven’t written in a while. So maybe this sucks. I don’t know. What ever. As always English is not my first language, so be nice. 

- Katie xx

(Y/N) - your first name

(Y/F/N) - your full name

(Y/E/C) - your eye color

(Y/H/C) - your hair color

Your name: What is this?

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It was 3am and Bucky was still awake. He sat in a red velvet chair next to their shared bed, his feet propped up on the mattress and with his fingers he was twirling a ring. He had been in this position since 30 minutes. His eyes switching between staring at the silver in his hands and her. How she lay in their bed. Cuddled into a blanket, sleeping peacefully. To him she looked like an angle. He saw every little detail of her appearance. Even in the dark room. He could see her shiny (Y/H/C) hair spread across the pillow, the long lashes, her lips that were slightly parted and the slight rose color on her cheeks. His eyes traced the curve of her body. He could vividly remember how his hand had followed this curves only a few hours ago, while they made love. Yes, she was truly perfect. His eyes went back to the ring in his hands. He had this damn thing for weeks now. He had carefully picked it out with the help of Steve. Who had since then kept on bothering him with the question if he already asked her. His friend was very excited about their potential marriage. It meant so much to him that Bucky finally found the one.
He hadn’t asked her. He tried. So many times. But something always came in-between. At the beginning he thought about doing something romantic, but he knew she would find it cheesy. So he tried to make it simple. When it was just her and him. He thought back to the first time he wanted to ask her to be his wife.

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Brett Talbot - Prom


In honor of Brett Talbot’s death, I am doing another imagine for him.  I’ve always loved Brett, he was my favorite minor character.  Jeff Davis should’ve done so much more with him, but he didn’t, and that kind of disappoints me.  But oh well, a little Brett is better than no Brett at all.

People stared at you as you walked into the principal’s office.  You could feel all eves on you, so you kept your eyes focused on the ground in front of your feet.  You knew exactly why they were staring, and you hated it.  They were staring because of the filled out forms in your hand.  Forms to bring a student to prom that didn’t go to Beacon Hills High School.

Normally, nobody would care if someone brought a date from another school.  But for you, it was different.  You were dating Beacon Hills High’s Public Enemy Number One.  Not only was he from the rival school, Devenford Prep, but he was the star of their lacrosse team, your school’s biggest rival in the league.  You were bringing Brett Talbot to a Beacon Hills High School Prom.

You slipped the paper into a box, with the words Prom Inquiries and Forms.  After it was in, you immediately turned away and practically ran through the halls to avoid all of the eyes bearing down on you.  

You hated how much hate you got for dating him.  Everyone in the school took the rivalry really seriously, which often got you accused of being a traitor to the school.  You didn’t like to talk about it much, especially not to Brett.  The first time you told him, he got very upset over it, and he thought he’d ruined your life.  But he hadn’t.  He’d made it so much better, because you loved him.

So you’d deal with the hate if you had to.  It wasn’t going to stop you from seeing Brett.  People who you didn’t even know wouldn’t be able to keep you from being happy.


Prom night had come, and you couldn’t have been more excited.  You’d spent so long looking for the perfect dress, and you were so happy when you finally found it.  You were wearing a floor-length baby powder blue dress, which hid your white wedge heels.  You’d never worn heels around Brett before, so you hoped it would help you pick up your height a little so you could level with him.  

Your heart began to race when you heard the doorbell ring, and the door opened to reveal Brett.  He took a moment to admire your outfit before finally meeting your eyes.  “Wow, you look stunning,” he said as he stepped into your living room.  

You admired him as well.  He looked so handsome in a suit, and his shirt beneath his jacket was the same color as your dress.  You smiled at him and took a step towards him.  “You look pretty wow yourself,” you said, smiling at him.

Your mother stood up from the couch and smiled at Brett.  Your parents had met him several times, and they loved him.  Even your dad, who was very protective over you.  “Picture time!” she said excitedly in a sing-songy voice.

You and Brett spent the next ten minutes posing wherever your mother told you to, doing whatever she said to.  When she finally released the two of you to leave, Brett offered you his arm.  “Shall we?” he asked.

You let out a small giggle as you looped your arm through his.  “Let’s.”  You walked outside to the limo that Brett had rented and sat down in the luxury compartment.  It was truly beautiful, and it made you feel even more special.

When the limo pulled up to the school, Brett climbed out of the car first - because he was closer to the door - and held out his hand to help you out.  You smiled as you took it, and he led you into the venue.

All activity ceased the moment you entered the room.  The music didn’t stop playing, but it might as well have.  All eyes were on you and Brett as you walked in and took your seats at the assigned table.  Conversations had stopped, and people stepped out of your way when you were walking.

Brett pulled out your chair for you before seating himself.  “Do we look that good together, that everyone has to stop and stare?”

You sighed and shook your head.  You knew he was trying to be funny, but there was nothing funny about the situation.  Everyone was staring and judging you because you went with him.  “It’s because you go to Devenford,” you said quietly.  Conversations began to start back up, and you let out a frustrated sigh.  School was one thing, but prom?  Prom was supposed to be the most special night of your life, and they were trying to ruin it.

Brett placed his hand beneath your chin gently, and lifted your head so you were looking at him.  “y/n, do you love me?”

You nodded your head slowly as you stared into his green eyes.  “Of course I do, more than anything,” you said quietly.

He smiled at you.  You loved that smile, you loved it more than anything, and that was why you put up with all the hate.  “Then focus on that.  Don’t focus on any of them, or their stares, or their judgement.  Tonight isn’t about them.”  He leaned forward, his hand still beneath your chin, and pressed his forehead against yours gently.  “So let’s enjoy this night together, okay?”

You nodded again as a smile played its way across your lips.  You quickly gave him a peck on the lips, then took a deep breath as you pulled your face away from his.  “You’re right,” you said.  “Let’s enjoy this.”

He grinned.  “Would you like to dance?”

Your smile grew as you nodded for a third time and stood up.  Brett led you by the hand to the dance floor, ignoring all the eyes on you.  You did your best to block them out as well.

You could feel the eyes on you as you danced with Brett, but you tried your hardest not to let it get to you.  Brett stopped his dancing when the music slowed down, and he gently took your hands in his.  

Play the song California by Chase Goehring on YouTube if you can, it’s a beautiful slow song and I’m imagining it for this moment.  I can’t put the video into the post :/

“May I have this dance?” he asked you.

You nodded with a smile as you raised your arms to hand around his neck, and his hands found placement on your hips.  As you swayed side to side and your y/e/c eyes locked with Brett’s, you forgot all about the staring and the judgement.  It became so easy to block it all out and just focus on the guy in front of you.  You didn’t care that you were still being watched, you forgot about it all together.  It was just you and Brett dancing.

You wished that you could capture the moment and hold onto it forever.  You wanted to stay there in that moment, smiling and slow dancing with the person you loved the most in the world.  

“I love you,” you whispered quietly.  For your entire life, before you met Brett, you’d always wondered what real love felt like.  Was it as amazing as people described it to be?  Or was it the most painful thing you’d ever experience, as you’d also heard?  But in that moment, you knew what love was.  It was a mixture of the two.  Being in love with Brett brought you a lot of hate, which caused you more pain than you’d ever imagined possible.  But he made up for it by being the sweetest, kindest, most loving boyfriend you could ask for.  He always made you smile when you were feeling down, and he helped you with whatever you needed whenever you needed it.  If you needed help in a class, he’d tutor you.  If you couldn’t walk, he’d carry you.  He was the embodiment of everything you ever wanted from a guy.  “I love you so much.”

He leaned forward, so his lips just barely grazed yours as he spoke.  “I love you more.”  He connected his lips to yours, locking the both of you in a passionate kiss, then and there.  You could feel the stares, but you didn’t care.  All you cared about was Brett.

When you broke the kiss, the two of you continued to dance slowly to the music.

I wanna live in California.  I wanna be with ya.  I want you to be the reason for the ring on my ring finger.

Brett looked into your eyes after that line.  “I love you so much, y/n,” he said quietly.  He rested his forehead against yours and closed his eyes.  “I want you to be the reason for the ring on my ring finger, someday.”

A smile made its way across your face as your cheeks blushed red.  “I feel the same way,” you said quietly.  “So, if all goes, well, I will be.”

He opened his eyes.  “Will you promise me that?”

You nodded and tightened your arms around his neck slightly, bringing him closer to you.  “I promise,” you whispered.

||❥ best friend’s brother

j o s h u a ! s c e n a r i o

words: 13k

genre: some fluff + some angst + light mentions of smut + my tears

request: hello choco! i’ve been having a lot of josh feels and i was wondering if you could possibly take a request for the reader to fall for her best friends older brother (of course the difference only being like a year) thank you!!

✎ someone physically hold me back from writing such long requests, this isn’t a joke anymore,, it’s gone too far,, ANYWAYS i hope the anon who requested it  likes it, cause yeah i took this plot tOO seriously lmao 

12 years.

Nerve-wracking was the word best fit to describe sitting around the family dinner table, porcelain plates settled in their according places as breaths of steam hovered from the food.

 The chair you’d chosen had framed your hardly grown structure quite poorly, the large cushions leaving you to take on the appearance of a flea, so small and nothing more than a spec compared to the adults that sat across from you. You hadn’t moved a muscle since being seated at the table, you were waiting for your best friend, Jennie, to come upstairs with the drinks.

The dull scratch of a fork against your plate stole your eyes from wandering, soul too frail by quickened heartbeat for you to face Jennie’s parents properly.

“So, how’s school going? Do you like your teachers?” The mother asked in a tone very gentle and smooth. You had always treasured Jennie’s mom, satin black hair curled swiftly under the chin, sparkly doe eyes gleaming softly in the orange lighting. There was something about her that relaxed you, your head finally tilting up for the first time since sitting round the table.

“I like school. The teachers are nice, sometimes helpful, but I don’t like the homework.” You felt your cheeks crackle with a simpering heat when both adults chuckled at the same moment, which you thought strange for an answer so generic. 

But yet again, they were probably trying to distinguish the awkward fog that clung like cobwebs to the air, so thick you could take one of the butter knives off the table and slice it. You fiddled with your hands in your lap when Jennie’s father went on to say that every child felt the same way, and that you should cherish the homework was nothing more complicated than coloring.

“I guess.” Was your simple reply. No less than a minute after, Jennie was hopping up the stairs from the basement, three cans in her arms and about to tumble to the floor by the looks of it. You observed in wallowing amusement as she let the drinks roll onto the table, until you had picked up your iced tea and invited her to take the seat next to you.

“I’ll sit on this side actually,” Jennie said while snatching a plate from the center of the table, “that’s Josh’s seat.”

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hi pup!~ I have a au/scenario request for you! Whichever member from bts is fine with me (jimin would be nice though ;~;) Waking up to their soulmate countdown being 0:00 and finding out their S/O has just died, but five or so years later the countdown starts up again (full lifetime count). I hope this made sense? I lub you..

I gave this a whirl, so hopefully you like it! I LUB YOU MORE!

Park Jimin x Reader // Soulmate AU // 1072 Words

Originally posted by belenusjenchu


I woke up to a shooting pain in my arm, my hands clawing at my skin before my eyes had even opened to register what was going on. 


The numbers that were tattooed on my wrist were no longer giving off a light blue hue. Instead they were solid black and mocking me. They were gone, my soulmate was dead.

I clenched my chest as I struggled to breath. My mind was racing. My heart was frantic. My lungs were begging for me to take just one breath, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t understand how this could happen. We had thirty-seven years left just a few hours ago. There was no way she was gone. It just didn’t make any sense. 

When my cellphone began to ring I knew there was no mistake.  The man on the phone said it was a car crash. Just like that- she was gone.

Five Years Later

I wish I could say that I picked myself up and moved on. I wish I could tell you that after five years the tattoo on my arm no longer made my heart ache, or that I wasn’t a complete wreck every time the anniversary of her death crept around. But the truth is I’m a mess without her.

She reminded me to eat when the day’s work had kept me too busy to realize my stomach had been clenching from hunger, not nerves. She left me little notes in my jacket pocket to brighten my day, and sung me to sleep when I was too high-strung to relax. I can remember sitting in our living room floor, tears streaming down our cheeks, my stomach aching with laughter from something she said. I can remember all the times we ordered Chinese take-out, because her forgetfulness had her burning our dinner. And I can remember the day we said our vows, her shaking hands in my own as she promised to never let me go. She was an absolute god-send in this god-forsaken world, and then God went and took her away from me. 

I was angry, I was bitter, but every day I pushed on. I told myself I had to keep going, I had to make her proud, because even though she wasn’t with me physically anymore, she was watching over me. 

Her hand guiding me along my path was obvious. From the familiar sound of her favorite bird singing in the morning, to her favorite color lighting up the add of the current job I landed when I lost mine to my tunnel of grief. I couldn’t let her down.

I smelled her perfume that day. I know it sounds crazy, but when the goosebumps crawled across my skin and my heart began to beat frantically- I knew she was there with me. I almost ripped the sleeve of my shirt as I tried to pry the buttons loose with shaking hands. The ink I had come to hate was glowing in a familiar blue hue: 394199:57.

I watched the minutes tick by with disbelief, before my eyes started searching the crowds of people on their way to and from work. This had to be some sort of cruel joke. You couldn’t be here right now, it wasn’t possible, you were dead. My eyes met a pair of wide y/e/c eyes and gravity tilted, a band in my stomach tightening and forcing me towards her.  

“It’s you,” she whispered, her voice full of disbelief. “I can’t believe it.”

“T-this isn’t right,” I stuttered, my heart clenching with grief as I looked at her beautiful face. “My soulmates dead.”

“She told me you would be here,” She mumbled, not paying attention to anything I said as she studied my features in awe. 

“Who?” I demanded, electricity shooting up my arm as I gripped her wrist tightly. I knew the answer somehow, even before she said it, but I needed to hear it. 

“You’ll think I’m crazy,” she blushed, sliding her fingers in between my own.

I laughed, unable to help myself, “try me.”

She described her perfectly, not even leaving out the mole underneath her left eye, and I struggled to accept that this was my fate. This was what she wanted for me; This was who she wanted for me. “I know it sounds crazy to jump on a plane and fly to a country you’ve never been to all because of some angel in a dream, but it felt right.”

“I-I’ve been searching for you for five years,” she admitted, kicking the ground softly, before her y/e/c eyes met my brown ones. “I figured this was my last chance.”

The wind blew and I smelled her familiar perfume again, “what scent are you wearing?”

“Oh, um…it’s Versace,” she blushed, “Why is it too much?”

“It’s Bright Crystal, right?” I could feel my hands still shaking as I struggled to breath. It was all happening too fast. I don’t think I could do what she was asking of me this time. Falling in love again was asking too much. When she nodded I felt my knees buckle, her arms rushing out to catch me before I hit the ground.

“You know they don’t mean you’re literally supposed to fall in love right,” she giggled, her soft hands pushing my pink hair from my face. “Just breathe Jimin.”

“She told me this might happen,” she whispered, fingers dancing across my forehead. “She said you might not accept me at first, but that I couldn’t take no for an answer. She picked me herself, you see?”

“She told me- ‘I saw you, so bright, so full of energy- and I knew that you would be what it took to pull him out of the darkness, so no matter what Y/n, don’t let Jimin walk away from you.’“

“So we’ll lay here for as long as it takes, Jimin.” She smiled, my name sounding like a prayer on her lips. “We’ll lay here until you’re ready for me to walk you home and I’ll wait patiently for you to let down those walls you’ve built up so high. I’ll make you a cup of hot coco, because those little marshmallows fix everything, and you’ll tell me all about this angel who came to me in my dreams.”

“We’ve got 45 years, after all.” And for the first time in five years I felt my heart rise, instead of sink. 

“Dangerous Game” - Requested Oneshot

“Dangerous Game” - Request

The song “Dangerous Game” -


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Edward Nygma x Reader

Word Count: 2222

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: A bit of violence towards reader, Murder, Cursing, sort of panic attack type thing,

Summary: After an attacker tries to get the reader in an alley, she is introduced to the dangerous game that her boyfriend is a part of.

Your thoughts are in italics, Normal Edward’s thoughts are in [ Brackets ] ,Dark Edward’s thoughts are in { Fancy Brackets }

Author’s Note: I hadn’t listened to the Jekyll and Hyde musical yet, but now I’m in love with it! Thank you so much for this request. I realized that I did it differently from how some song inspired fics go because I haven’t quite figured out how to do them like the others. Also, I got this inspiration at like 1Am, so it may be a bit wonky. But I tried my best! 

All of the lyrics I pulled from the song are in bold! 

Hope you enjoy! Please let me know how you like it!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @high-functioning-fangirl473 @luciebell-writes

You considered yourself a pretty lucky lady. You had a wonderful man to call our own, you had a sustainable job at the local bank, and you lived in Gotham but haven’t had any bad experiences like break ins, attacks, or even as much as a cat calling. Sure you’ve seen it being done to others, it is Gotham after all, but you had never been the victim. That is, until tonight.

You were on your way to go meet your boyfriend for dinner. He had called earlier to try to insist on picking you up from work, but you thought it was ridiculous for him to go out of his way when you two could just meet at the restaurant. You gathered your things and locked your office for the night.

You were about halfway from the restaurant when you felt a painfully strong grip on your shoulder pulling you against the wall of the alley, causing you to hit the back of your head pretty hard. Not enough to do substantial damage, but it definitely was gonna hurt for a while.

It was dark but there was enough light from the lamp post that you could make out a face. It was no one you knew. They were grimey looking and bitter about something. You realized what situation you were in.

He leaned closer until he was inches from your face.

“You Nygma’s bitch?” His breath smelled like cheap beer and cigarettes. You knew better than to answer any questions or do anything he asks. When he doesn’t get a response, he slaps you across the face, pulls you back up, and pushes you hard against the wall, his hand around your throat.

“That’s no way for a lady to behave. Now tell me where the fuck that bastard is!” You tried your hardest not to burst into tears. Instead staying quiet again while tears welled in your eyes and your lip quivered. The man laughed before raising his hand up and getting ready to strike you again. But then a voice stopped him. A familiar voice.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” 

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Hogwarts Love Story

Originally posted by hardyness

Summary: Newt Scamander and Y/N L/N are both new professors at Hogwarts, Newt teaching Care of Magical Creatures and her teaching Herbology. Everyone’s favorite Magizoologist had never really believed in love at first sight….but then he met her. 

A/N: I know that logically, they couldn’t be at Hogwarts at the same time as Hagrid, but he’s one of my favorites and I couldn’t help but put him in the story. 

Another fall had arrived and with it was the start to another school year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. New students, returning students, teachers who’d been there for year, and even some new ones.

Among the new faculty was Newton A. F. Scamander, Care of Magical Creatures professor.

The students always arrived via the Hogwarts Express, but teachers showed up by their own methods, a day before the student body. Newt had spent that day deep in his work, preparing for all the lessons he would be teaching to the next generation of wizards.

A year previously, the young Magizoologist had finally published his book. A few months after, he received a letter from Albus Dumbledore, the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. With hardly a second thought, Newt accepted the job offer in the letter.

The headmaster and his former student had negotiated that Newt could being his creatures on the campus, provided the case was secure at all times. Professor Scamander readily agreed.

An hour before the opening banquet began, Newt emerged from his office, every single lesson prepared to perfection. As he made his way down an empty and echo-y corridor, a familiar anxiety curled in the pit of his stomach.

Memories of not so nice classmates, and the daunting task of meeting new people made his breaths come out faster and shallower. Cheerful voices could be heard around the corner as he approached the next room.

With a deep breath, Newt rounded the corner. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but a very friendly half-giant surely was not it.

“You must be Professor Scamander!” The large bearded man boomed, pulling Newt in for a crushing hug. “I’ve heard so much about you!”

“Oh-! H-hello,” Newt offered, caught off guard.

“Name’s Rubeus Hagrid. Groundskeeper.” The smiling giant held out his hand. Newt took it gladly and shook.

“Newt. Care of Magical Creatures.” He said, trying his best not to be overly timid.

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