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The Soccer Player - Pt. 7

quick note: i never thought this would get this far but here we are thanks for reading :) also there should only be one or two more parts because  i know how i want this to end part one part two part three part four part five part six 

Walking out of the lecture hall, you found Calum leaning up against the wall scrolling through his phone. When the students started to pour out of the room he looked up, eyes locking onto you. He sent you a smile as you began walking towards him. “Are you waiting for me?” You asked, a slight smile playing on your lips at the idea. 

“I am.” He confirmed, standing up straight so he was taller than you again. “Got a problem with that, Y/L/N?” You shook your head, trying to hide the growing smile. 

“Not at all, Hood.” He held his hand out for you to take, which you did. “My class ended a few minutes ago and I wouldn’t mind the company back to the dorm.” He said, pulling you with him to begin walking to the doors. 

“Sounds good to me, but don’t you have practice in like 30 minutes?” You asked, checking the time on your phone to see it was 1:33. As soon as you fell into step with him, he dropped your hand, raking his fingers through his hair. 

“Yeah, but it won’t take us that long to walk there.” 

“I guess you’re right.” 

“Are you coming today?” He asked as he held the door open for you. You stepped outside, feeling the heat of the day. 

“Yeah, if Charlie does.” You waited for him to fall back next to you. 

“What about me?” He laughed, only joking. 

“What about you?” You said, earning a grin from him. 


The day was packed full of studying and more homework, and you stopped to meet Charlie after practice. You walked back together, after saying hi to Calum and Luke, and now you were back in your room again. Charlie was showering and you were scrolling through Instagram when you got a text from Calum. 

Let’s go for coffee, on me? 

To which you replied, Right now? 

Yeah, let me know when you’re ready and I’ll be at your door 

You told him you were ready now, as you hadn’t changed from earlier. A few moments later he was knocking at your door. You wrote on Charlie’s whiteboard that you went for coffee with Calum and took your keys and met him in the hallway. 

“Hi, princess.” He greeted, pulling you in for a kiss. You eagerly kissed back, feeling him smile against your lips. He pulled away and brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear. The moment didn’t last long as someone was left their room and you two went out the entrance to the hall, wanting to get to the elevator before they did. 


You sat down after ordering, Calum sitting opposite of you, putting his wallet back in his back pocket. “So, tell me about you.” You laughed, not expecting him to say that. 

“What do you want to know?” You said, leaning on your elbow on the table top.

“The usual, your family, your favorite color. The not usual. Who is Y/n?” He leaned back comfortably against the booth, crossing his legs under the table.

“My favorite color is silver.” You offered.

“You skipped the family part, I think.” He joked, earning a laugh from you.

“Did I?”

“Ah, so we’ve hit a soft spot.” He deadpanned, leaning forward and clasping his hands together on the table. “Interesting, do tell me more.” He waited for your response, a grin on his face as he saw you slightly smile.

“You first.” He sighed and you heard the defeat in it.

“I have a sister, Mali Koa.” He explained. “This is for her.” He showed you the tattoo he’d gotten for her. You read the pretty font, looking at the bird and finally putting a meaning to the picture. “These are for my parents.” He held his hands out, showing you the initials on either hand.

“You must love your family.” You concluded as he folded his hands together again.

“And you don’t?” He asked, genuinely curious now.

“I do, just sometimes I don’t like them.” You looked up at the bar as an employee pushed your drink onto the counter and called out your order. You got up and went to retrieve it, grabbing a straw too. As you sat down again he urged you to pick up where you left off and you reluctantly did. “I’m close with my sister, in fact I have a tattoo with her.” His eyebrows raised.

“I didn’t notice a tattoo anywhere on you.” He said in thought, obviously replaying the scene you took place in earlier in the week. You smacked his hand, earning an ow and a smirk from him. “What, princess? I’m just trying to remember what I-ow!” You smacked his hand again and he laughed, pulling back from the table.

“Maybe you didn’t look hard enough.” You said. At that time the barista called out his order and you stood up to go get it. “Please, let me.” You said with a grin of your own, you turned and knew he was looking for it somewhere. You grabbed his drink and a straw and returned and he was still stumped. You slid his drink towards him.

“Where the hell is it?” He asked, giving up on his search. You laughed, turning your head to the side and pulling back your hair so he could see the small heart with the letter F enclosed in it behind your ear. “Ohhh. Well of course I wouldn’t have found that.” He stuck his straw in his drink and took a sip. “So is her name Fiona or something?”

“Francine. She has one just like it with the first letter of my name.” He nodded.
“So what’s the story with the rest of your family then?” You took a sip from your coffee, deciding a way to say it.

“My mom and dad are divorced, so Francine and I went back and forth a lot. We didn’t like it and so the relationships with our parents were often strained, but they’ve gotten better over the years. Now my mom is remarried and has a son named Cameron, he’s only 8 but he’s the smartest kid I’ve ever met. He says he wants to be a doctor.” You stopped when you realized how much you’d just let spill out, and he probably didn’t want to know that.

“Why’d you stop?” He asked, leaning on the palm of his hand and gazing dreamily at you. The look he was giving you was making you smile uncontrollably.

“It’s boring, isn’t it?”

“Nothing’s ever boring if I’m doing it with you. Besides, I want to know more about you.” He gave you an award-winning smile that genuinely showed his happiness in the moment and you swore in that moment you loved that and everything else about him. It’d only been a couple weeks, nearing a month, since you two started whatever this was, but it was turning into something deeper by the minute.


request for part 8!

Guardian Angel

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Angst and slight fluff

Warnings: Mentions of cancer, death, and suicide attempt

Word Count: 6.4k

Summary: A tragedy unexpectedly strikes your family, and when you start to believe that you’ll never be happy again, you meet the person who will change your world.

A/n: Honestly, this took longer than expected to write this, but it’s finally completed. I also would like to give a shout out to @aichan11 for being my beta for this because she’s amazing and put up with all my questions I asked.

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College and Coffee Shops - Gyuhao

Words: 1043

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Minghao’s a sleep deprived chemistry major and Mingyu’s the new barista at the college coffee shop.

A/N: This was such a cute prompt and I’m really tempted definitely going to do a part two.

College was, to put it lightly, a place borne from the very depths of hell, so bad in fact that it had been cast out of the abyss of the Underworld and left to rot in the world of mortals for even the most maleficent of demons couldn’t hold a candle to its ever looming dread. Well, at least it seemed that way to an extremely sleep deprived and befuddled Minghao who awoke to sunlight streaming in the window of his dorm and a crick in his neck from falling asleep at his desk with his chemistry notes for pillow.

He groaned. He hadn’t meant to doze off; the last thing he remembered was being scared shitless for his chemistry final and resolving to pull an all nighter in a futile attempt to cram the knowledge of the entire last semester into a short six hours. Like that was going to work. For about the millionth time since he had arrived at Pledis University two years ago, he cursed himself for choosing a major with such a high course load. Not to mention that his professor was an old geezer who was the only person capable of a beginning a lecture about the nature of oxidation-reduction reactions only to find himself an hour later lost in tales of the types of bar establishments he used to frequent when he was, to put it in his terms, “young and stupid like you all.” So of course, Minghao was left to teach himself one of the hardest classes on campus, all while stuck in a dorm room with quite possibly the sassiest drama major to ever set foot at Pledis.

Don’t get him wrong, Minghao adored Seungkwan, but the latter had a tendency to be just a little bit over exuberant. Especially at odd hours in the morning when Minghao was catching up on much needed sleep or trying to finish an essay on time. Speaking of his roommate– Minghao craned his neck to peer around his, for once, nearly silent dorm. Almost immediately, he spotted one of Seungkwan’s favorite pink post it notes on the door. Groaning a bit, he stood up to retrieve it.

Have a lecture until 9:30 today. Could you get me coffee for when I get back?

Minghao glanced at the clock, which read 9:02 AM. Deciding he might as well grab coffee for himself too (he needed it after last night), Minghao slipped on his favorite pair of ratty converse and tugged on a simple white t-shirt over his faded jeans. Running his hand through his chocolate locks, he gave himself a once over in the full length mirror near the door. He looked like a zombie from that Walking Dead show that Seungkwan was always watching, but figuring that the majority of the student body would probably be sporting read, bleary eyes for the next week or two, he grabbed his dorm key from the hook and walked out the door.

The campus coffee shop was a relatively short walk away, situated in a cozy nook next to the library and overlooking the quad, which was significantly less crowded than usual. As he entered the quaint cafe, he was greeted by the tinkling of a bell somewhere overhead and the the aroma of his favorite fresh ground coffee. He approached the counter, desperately trying to remember whether or not Seungkwan took cream in his order, when he noticed a new face among the otherwise familiar coffee house staff. Minghao didn’t really know what it was about him, perhaps the boundless energy and positivity he seemed to radiate despite the dread had settled on campus with finals week, or maybe the way the way he could effortlessly pull off the barista get up, but whatever the reason, Minghao instantly knew he liked him.

Mingyu read his name tag, and the corners of Minghao’s mouth turned up slightly has he rolled the name across his tongue. It fit the dude, he decided, and, releasing a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding in, Minghao stepped up to order from the alluring stranger.

“Morning, what can I get you today?” Mingyu said with a smile that was somehow even more electrifying when up close.

“Could I get a caramel macchiato and whatever drink you have that has the most caffeine?”

“Finals?” Mingyu looked at Minghao with a sympathetic smile on his face, quickly ringing up the order.

Minghao grimaced and nodded, unable to fully meet the barista’s eyes. “You have no idea. Chemistry can be a real pain in the ass.”

“Oh damn dude, I can only imagine. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about the chem professor. I’ll have your order out for you as quick as I can.”

Minghao smiled gratefully as Mingyu disappeared somewhere into the back to make his drink before taking a seat in the corner of the cafe. He idly scrolled through his twitter, his thoughts still firmly possessed by the barista boy. Needless to say, Minghao foresaw a lot more visits to the coffee shop in the coming weeks.

A few minutes had ticked by, when, suddenly, someone cleared their throat in front of him. Startled, Minghao looked up. He was met by the beaming face of Mingyu, who held two steaming drinks in his outstretched arms.

“Did someone order a caramel macchiato and caffeine with a hint of coffee?” Mingyu asked with a lilt of teasing in his tone.

Minghao cracked a grin and reached out to take the cups. “Thanks man, I really appreciate it.”

“Anytime. Come back and see me anytime you’re planning on pulling another all nighter.”

“For sure.”

It wasn’t until after Mingyu had headed back behind the counter with a small wave of his hand that Minghao noticed that there was something written on his cup. Curious, he brought it to eye level, and peered at the words scribbled in a distinct and loopy font, that was so utterly Mingyu.

Don’t sweat it, you’re going to do Fluorine, Iodine, and Neon on that chemistry final. Fighting! - Mingyu

Minghao exited the cafe with a new spring in his step, significantly less terrified of the trials and tribulations to come.

I'd Rather Stay in Bed With You

J-Hope request by sugacookie6: “Next time, when the time is right, I would like a J-Hope scenario of us waking up in the morning. HEHE!! That would be SOOOO CUTE!!! ( ›◡ु‹ )”


The warmness of Hoseok’s body heated the heavy duvet you were snuggles into, and though it was cold around you, you felt warm and fuzzy when cuddling into his chest. His arm was securely wrapped around your waist and it was hot. Almost like a heater that was softly holding you to his chest. Hoseok’s breathing was light and slow, and you took some moments to feel his chest gently rising against your head, up and down, up and down.

You stretched your arms and upper body within the little room you had, meanwhile looking at the clock. 30 minutes left until you needed to wake up. You wanted to return to the sweet slumber you just had but unfortunately you had been fully awaken by now, and there’s no way back now.

Instead of getting up earlier, you decided to admire your lovely boyfriend. Since you didn’t have anything better to do anyways, you started to gently rub his chest.  He was still sleeping soundlessly, just like a baby. His lips were slightly parted and his eyelashes were long and soft. You took a moment to engulf his sleeping image; peaceful and beautiful.

The way his soft breaths hit your face when you gently got up on your elbows to face his face better just couldn’t be any sweeter, and therefore you just had to touch his smooth cheek. You moved your finger over his forehead, barely touching and traveling your fingers on it, then to his nose and lips, pulling his bottom one down until he moaned softly, almost waking up. You smirked as his eyebrows frowned slightly and kissed his cheek a few times.

Hoseok then turned you over so that now he was lying on top of you. His head was buried in the crook of your neck, sending his hot breaths to tickle your skin. You laughed when he shook his head over your neck and grunted tiredly “Why…?”

“It’s not funny.” He looked seriously into your eyes and you erased your smile for a second until he started planting sweet kisses all over your face. you giggled and stroked his hair when he stopped, and he, took the chance and laid his head on your chest once again. “Let’s just go back to sleep…”

“But I need to get up in about 20 minutes.”



Hoseok looked up and stared at you fiercely. “I said no.” then he rolled over and pulled you close to him, securing his strong arms around your body to make sure you couldn’t leave his hold. “You’re not leaving.”

“B-But Hoseokkie…” you laughed, “I have to…”  


“I’ll make you pancakes.”

He stared at you in interest, raising an eyebrow and after a long minute he nodded. “Sounds good enough for me.” You laughed at him and he took your hands to plant small loving kisses on them. Then, you rolled on top of him and gave him a warm long kiss.

“I don’t wanna leave bed…” he whined. You looked at him, smiling, “But you have to.”

“Can’t I just cuddle with you? Let’s cuddle ____-ah…” he sleepily rubbed his eyes and pouted. You kissed him sweetly and then sighed, giving up on convincing the stubborn man next to you that it’ll be time to wake up soon. “Fine, just ten more minutes. Then we’re getting ready.” You said and laid on top of his warm chest. Hoseok wrapped his arms tightly around your back and said “Or the rest of the morning.”

“Hoseok…” you whined, trying to get away of his hold but he was way too strong. “If you’re going to stay in bed forever the manager will scold you.”

Hoseok then looked into your eyes and sleepily smiled his wide lovely smile, “I’d rather stay in bed with you.”

Forever and Always

hey! how about a Matthew imagination? based on what Matthew said about what he’d like in a girl? you know, holiday decoration, butterfly kisses in the morning etc.?

Can you write more MGG ones?

I just read your mgg’ now! I really liked it Could you write more?

(of course my lovelies! I just really hope that i’m portraying Matthew correctly. I know of some writers who say they don’t write actor fics because they don’t want to offend the person they’re writing about and it really makes me feel guilty and conflicted.)

(also some of these are relatively short)

Part 1

(You don’t really need to read part 1 to understand this part.)


When first we touched,

My heart flew high,

You were a hair and makeup designer for the set on Criminal Minds, proud with yourself of the fantastic job you do everyday being Shemar’s “savior” s he like to put it.

Today, when you came into work, you were puzzled to find out that you were going to be Matthew Gray Gubler’s Make-up artist. Apparently it had to do with Shemar not being in the episode. Usually that would mean you have the day off, but it seemed that another artist was sick so you had to fill in. you were a little nervous. you had never done make-up for Matthew before.

You were skilled obviously, and knew how to do your job so it wouldn’t be a problem, it’s just…to put it simply…you thought he was the best character. Of course you loved Shemar/Morgan, but Spencer’s entire character fascinated you. First his mom, being kidnapped, his headaches, Meave, etc. You just couldn’t help but fangirl.

You stood nervously as you entered Matthew’s dressing room, a shy smile on your face once your (e/c) eyes met his teak-colored ones.

“Hi! I’m Matthew Gray Gubler! You’re my temporary make-up artist for the day?” He stood up from his chair in front of his mirror, holding out his hand politely. He flashed you his ever-sincere smile, making his whole face light up. You returned the handshake, hand soft and slightly shaking. “Nervous? Don’t be. You do such a great job with Shemar’s make-up that I’m sure you’ll do wonders with me.”

A soft blush crept up your cheeks, and you exhaled a gentle sigh. His pleasantly calloused hand slowly left yours, and you felt a bit more calm around him.“I’m y/n.”

You immediately got to work, curling his short hair, making sure it was evenly trimmed where it needed to be. Then you started applying Make-up,  enhancing his face, making his cheek bones and jaw line stand out, lips full and lush, and eyes pop. You took a few steps backwards and put your finger on your chin, pondering for a moment. Matthew just looked at you, curious.

“Alright, I’ve done everything in my power, but I’m afraid you’re just hopeless.” You teased, turning his chair around so he could view himself in the mirror. His eyes looked appreciative, and he stood up so he could shake your hand once more. “Thank you y/n.” You smiled, shooing him away.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome, now go to wardrobe! You’ve got to be on set in 30 minutes!” You chuckled as he gave you a goofy grin and walked away. That wasn’t as bad as you thought.


Over time, Matthew began to ‘bother’ you while you were doing Shemar’s make-up, getting to the set early to get his done earlier. He wasn’t really bothering you, just distracting you. Shemar knew how to play Morgan well, teasing you two all the time until he finally got Matthew to ask you out. It was a sweet and gentle relationship.

“Just remember Matthew, she’s still my make-up artist. She might one day fall for me.” Shemar like to to joke with Matthew who scoffed, waving the comment off. “Oh please, she’ll fall in love with her excellent work on enhancing your face. I’m too flawless for the amount they have to cake on your face every morning.” He would reply.

On gossamer wings through a cloudless sky.

They said it was built upon a lie.

They told me my feelings would surely fade.

Passion would flare and foes would be made.

You smiled as you and your boyfriend posed on a red carpet, entering a classy event he had been invited to. Making your way inside, you tried not to trip over the new heels you were wearing, feeling slightly insecure. This was the first time you had attended something important with your boyfriend. You were glad you guys were just going to be hanging out with Matthew’s cast members.

You were pretty familiar with some of them, so you weren’t too nervous. As you both were making your way to the table you had been assigned, some fans came up and asked for a picture with Matthew. He gave you a look, silently asking if you wouldn’t mind. You shook our head, stepping out of the frame and standing next to a couple people who didn’t seem to know you were there, based on what they said after the picture had been taken.

“God he’s so hot.” One of them said.

“I know. Too bad he’s with y/n.” Another sighed.

“So? That relationship’s honestly going nowhere. I bet you he’s only dating her so he doesn’t have to date the crazy famous women. Although their looks would compliment him more.” They laughed.

You stood for a few moments, not quite sure what to do until tears started to prick in your eyes. You looked up and saw Matthew, smiling and being cheerful with his fans. It killed you to know that some of Matthew’s fans thought of you that way. Maybe you were dragging him down? You saw more people coming up to pose with him and you took that as your cue to leave.

You panted as you reached a courtyard behind the building, blooming with flowers and vines, sitting on the edge of a fountain. You hated to make a big deal out of this, but you had never thought about this until now. What if the negative attention you were getting from his fans transferred onto him? Would he lose his job? You didn’t know.

You sat there crying for a couple minutes when you heard Matthew call out your name. You tried to stay quiet but your breathy sobs rang out throughout the yard.

“Y/n? What are you doing out here? Why are you crying?” He asked, coming to kneel in front of you. You told him about your insecurities, and what some of the fans had said. You loved him so much, you were willing to do everything and anything for this man. “Y/n. It doesn’t matter what a couple of petty fans said. I love you, and that’s all that matters. Okay?”

“Okay.” you sniffed, wiping your face and smiling softly, letting him drag you back into the gala.

Can you not put the pass behind?

True love can change a rivers course,

“Y/n?” You heard Matthew call from his living room, you in your office he had given to you when you moved in together. He had ben reading, you shuffling through the new script you had been given. Even though you were an actor on the show, they had created a plot so you could be excused for a few episodes in order to film a movie you had been offered.


“Could you come in here for a moment?” Your brows furrowed but you complied, heading down the stairs to meet him. When you stepped in to the living room you were greeted by the sight of Mathew surrounded with Hershey’s Kisses wrappers. You smiled knowingly as he held up a paper wrapper, instead of the usual blue font saying, “kisses” it said “redeemable for 1 kiss”.

“What are these?” He asked.

“Did you read them?” You teased, moving a mountain of silver with your foot. He rolled his eyes playfully at you, picking a couple more up. “They’re coupons. For you.”

“Are they only for one use per day?” He asked, brow raising wickedly. You shook your head and immediately felt his lips attack your face with kisses. You squealed, wrapping your arms behind Matthew’s neck.

“What are you doing?” You giggled.

“Well,” He spoke in-between kisses. “I figure there’s about 30 kiss coupons here… And I want to cash them all in now.”

Or pierce the strongest vault with ease.

True love can turn coal into gold,

“Matthew?” You called, trying to look around for your boyfriend. You couldn’t find him anywhere, so you decided to look by his desk, where he usually hung out. Instead of his usual clutter, his desk was completely neat except for a jar filled with little slips of paper. Puzzled, you opened it, looking through each slip.

Your smile

Your laugh

The way the sun shines through your hair

The way you put up with all my silliness

Your eyes

Your kisses

The way your hand fits perfectly into mine

The way you love candlelight

Everything about you

There were dozens of more little slips in the jar, and you then realized it was labeled. “Things I Love about You, Y/n.” Somebody coughed behind you, and you knew it had to be Matthew.

Turning back around you saw him smiling sheepishly and holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers.

“Why?” You asked softly, a goofy smile overtaking your face.

“Do I really need a reason to show my girlfriend all the reasons I love her?” He gave you a pointed look, making you shake your head. “Good.” He kissed you passionately, whispering into your ear after you pulled away, “That’s not the only jar by the way.”

Or tame the tempest to a balmy breeze.

Quite some time has passed since then:

People no longer criticize,

For now they see that truth exists,

It was noisy, crowded, and sweaty. In other words, perfect.

You and the whole CM gang were in Los Angeles for a Panel, and all of you were having a blast. You were only an hour in, but you were loving some of the questions that your friends were being asked. Suddenly a voice caught our attention

.“Y/n! I absolutely love your character on Criminal Minds! Spencer totally deserved love after Meave, and you were the perfect fit! I can’t believe you both are dating in real life as well!” You turned to look at Matthew, hand already holding yours.

“Me neither.” He smiled, kissing your cheeks.

Where once there might have been only lies.

Still my feelings are the same today,

“I do.”

“I do.”

“You may now kiss the bride.”

As they were on that very first,

For when we touch, my heart still flies,

on gossamer wings through cloudless skies.