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B99 Hiatus Writing Challenge

In the immortal words of Captain Raymond Jacob Holt, “EVERYTHING IS GARBAGE.” – The finale left our favorite squad in pain, we have to wait months for new content, and Dianetti still isn’t canon.

Even Terry knows what we need most in these trying times: fanfiction

Under the cut is a list of 30 prompts/summaries put together with a ton of help from @stardustsantiago, @peraltiagoisland@scullysthumbtacks, @three-drink-amy​, and @dogworldchampion. Feel free to run away with any (or many) of these plot bunnies!! Let’s make this hiatus as gr99 as possible. ★

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wanna chat? pt.25

on ao3
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alright!!! so this chapter is a little special. its a contest!!!!

for literally no reason at all, i decided to have a little fun with this chapter. in this chapter, there are a bunch of pop song references. the majority are from the early 2000s (before 2010, tho there may be one or two from 2011 or 12) and one is from the 90s. whoever can list the most references wins a drabble/short fic of their choice from me!

to enter, submit a list of all the songs that were referenced in this chapter (or the ones you could find!!)

shoot me an ask if you have any questions~!

mental support = nino, ebony = alya, draco = adrien, vampire = alya

i hope you enjoy!


mental support: a reminder that i hate all of you

ebony dark’ness dementia raven way: u love u s

mental support: i can t believe you just made me listen to all of that
what the fuck

draco malfoy: Now You Know

mental support: i wish i didnt

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Break The Ice

Characters: AJ Styles x Kenny Omega

Summary: After being single for a long period of time, AJ finally decides to listen to his friend’s advice and gives the dating scene a try. He just wasn’t expecting the first time to be in a place like this. Or with the same sex, for that matter.

Warnings: m/m sex, and um.. not really anything to be warned about. Maybe just a whole lotta smut, language, and bad writing. This is also kind of an A/U fic, meaning no wrestling related stuff will be involved. Also stating the obvious that if you don’t like slash pairings.. look away!!

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Summer to Remember-Part 16-Taylor Caniff

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Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15

I woke up to something licking my face. I open my eyes to Roxy licking my face. I laugh and sat up. I played with her for a few minutes, but she soon had to go pee. I put her in my arms and we ran out the house. She did her buisness and I go inside. I walk in to see all the boys taking selfies. I laugh and take a vine with Kirstin, Tristen, and Skylynn.


“Look at them.” Kirstin mumbled to the camera. Tristen and Skylynn were giggling.

“COCK!” I yelled and heard a click of the camera when they all turned to me. We start laughing and the boys continue on their, ‘selfie session.’


And I be getting’ super hifi in the function Let me hit my this face its nothing Got my whole team with me and its rockin’ Vans…“ I sung and danced while making a nutella sandwich. I sat on the counter and I turn on some netflix. Right when I was about to chose Teen Wolf, Taylor jumped on me. I remembered. Were going to the Mall. “Taylor, if you want to leave for the mall and basketball, can you please get the fuck off me.” I say placing hands around his sides. I tickle him and he gets off. I smile, but Taylor puts me on his shoulders and leads me to the stripper pole. “TAYLOR!” I groaned. He kissed my neck. “If the kids come in, were gonna be in big trouble.” I say.

"They went to the mall before us you know.” He said breathing on my neck. I shiver.

“I’m still going to the mall. I don’t wanna be sore when I go to the mall, nor want to fall in public.” I say with a fancy tone. He smirked.

“I can make you sore any day and any time.” He said rubbing my sides. I kiss him.

“To bad you can’t get it now!” I say running up the steps.

“AYE!” He yelled. I lock myself in his room and change. I change into a crop tank that said, ‘Bam.’ and high waisted shorts. Mall here we come. Out of no where Taylor comes in. He grabbed me and backed me up to the wall.

“I’m sorry. Don’t punish me.” I teased. He grinned.

“What makes you think I’m gonna punish you?” He asked holding two more bandanas. I raise an eyebrow.

“Bandanas.” I say. He smirked.

“Sit up babe.” He said. I did as I was told. He wrapped one bandana around my head and one over my eyes. 

“What are you doing?” I ask as I swung my arms in the air.

“Just follow.” He said. I huff.

“How the fuck am I suppose to follow you when I’m fucking blind folded?” I huff and he puts me on his shoulders causing me to gasp earning a laugh from Taylor.

-skip car ride-

I felt the car stop. He took off the bandanna and we were at a carnival.

“Well done Caniff.” I remarked. He smiled.

“Anything for the cars.” He joked. I punched his arm lightly. “I’m kidding.” He said wrapping his arms around me.

“You better be.” I say crossing my arms over my chest. He kissed my lips and deepened the kiss. I felt them damn sparks again. Just like the first time we kissed. 

“Does that prove anything?” He asked swings our hands back and forth slowly. I smile and we ran to the Ferris wheel. We got there and we waited. We talked about the summer and stuff. His voice was killing me. We got to the top. That’s when he made another move. “I love you Y/N.” He said in between the kiss. I part away.

“I love you even more.” I say without hesitance. He pecked my lips and we walk around laughing, smiling, talking, and enjoying each other’s time.We decided to go to the mall a little bit.

“Taylor, can we buy some beanies or something at Tilly’s cuase my suitcase is empty.” I say. He raised an eyebrow.

“You brought like 20 suitcases.” He said. I raise an eyebrow.

“Did not, I only brought 10.” I say and he smirked. I roll my eyes and we go to an Auntie Anne’s. Taylor took out his phone. He took a selfie. I laugh. “Typical selfie king.” I mumbled. 

-Basketball time-

“14-15” Johnson spoke. I wipe the sweat off my forehead. I go get a drink and I felt hands grab my sides. The person lifted me up and I was soon placed onto someone’s shoulders. I look down to see Taylor.

“TO THE BASKET!” I yell and he ran to the basket. I grab the ball without making us both fall and I put in the basket and Taylor helped me to sit on the basket. I watch as the boys play. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I got stuck in the basket. Then I hear clicks of heels. I turn my attention and look to see a familiar girl. All the boys go silent. Hayes just runs up to her.

“Taylor…” I whisper yelled. He looked up.

“Yes?” He said starring at my ass.

“Caniff.” I snapped him out of his thoughts. “Are you gonna help me down or..?” He went to get a ladder and he came to me.

“Come on Rapunzel.” He said with arms open. I jump and land in his arms safely. He went down and I walked with him. I felt myself getting lifted again. I look both ways and I see the Jacks.

“Omaha boys, get me down right now.” I snarled playfully. They chuckle and let my get down. We decided to go to trampoline/arcade/etc. I went to the bathroom and changed into a light hoodie that said, ‘High’ and wore high waisted shorts. I tied my red vans and walk out. Just on time Taylor and I came out at the same time. “Bloop!” I say poking his sides. He chuckled.

“Hey.” He said. “I wanna show you something.” I followed him and  it was in the arcade. He stopped at the car game. I sat down and he sat next to me. We played and we met up with the gang at a table. 

“Y/N! Look what I got!” Skylynn exclaimed. I looked and saw she had more than 500 tickets.

“Woah, who helped you.” I ask sitting down.

“All me!” She remarked. I smile. I see Tristen and he had a bunch of tickets.

“Do you guys wanna get your prizes?” I ask them, they nod. We go to the counter. They both got 6,000 tickets. Damn. Tristen claimed the razor dirt bike and Skylynn chose the grow a horse and a barbie doll. We walk back and see Madison on top of Carter. I turn around and we went to another table.

“Why didn’t we  go back to the others?” Tristen asked. I looked at him. I need an excuse. Ugh. I saw Taylor coming out of the bathroom.

“We had to wait for Taylor!” I say and Taylor came over to us.

“Nice ride bub.” He said to Tristen.

“Sky can I ride your horse once it grows?” He asked.

“My horsie!” She said and we laugh. I let Skylynn and Tristen play a little. 

“Taylor…I need to tell you something.” I said. Taylor’s face turned into worry.

“Are you breaking up with me?” He said looking down.

“Babe, no. Its about Madison.” I say. He just looked at me.

“What did that bitch do?” He asked. I looked at him.

“She was trying to get it with Carter.” I croaked. He hugged me. 

“We better tell Hayes before we leave for California tomorrow.” He suggest. I nod and we find Hayes. He was with Madison. Madison was acting all laughy and dumb. I put a fake smile. “Hayes can we talk to you, PRIVATELY.” Taylor said emphasizing 'privately’. He nods and walks with us.

“Hayes this is gonna sound like I’m just trying to ruin your chance or you ruin your relationship, but its not.” I say. He looks at me confuse.

“Hayes, we saw Madison on top of Carter.” Taylor says. Hayes just looks at us.

“Are you serious?”

“Hayes, I fucking saw when I was taking the kids back to the booth.” I say and I see a tear slip out of his eyes. Taylor and I looked at each other and hugged him. 

“Everything’s gonna be alright.” Taylor and I sung. 

“Be strong man. Don’t let her ruin you.” Taylor said. Hayes nods and wipes his tears. We walk back and I see Kirstin looking jumpy as ever and Matt blushing alot. I will get back to that later. I placed my hands on his shoulders.

“You can do this.” I say as I look into his eyes. He nods and turns to Madison. I went to Taylor and he wrapped his arms around me. I saw them talking and Madison instantly turned to me.

“You.” She spat and came running at me. I told Dillon and Cam to get security. I told Aaron and Shawn to huddle with the kids and hide them until this stops. Madison started to throw a punch but I caught it and clenched my fist.

“Listen here Beer. You should stop lying to our bro Hayes. He’s a good guy and you don’t deserve someone like him. If you want a cot damn boyfriend why won’t you join a prostitute gang. I can call you up if you want me to.” I smirked. She looked at me with her jaw dropped. “Sweetie, shut your mouth. You don’t want any flies in your mouth now do you?” I suggest. She gasped. I roll my eyes and security came.

“Is there a problem ma’m.” One said.

“Yes, this girl is trying to punch me.” I say and Madison started babbling shit. By the looks of it the guards thought she was crazy. They got her and led her out. I laughed, but got serious. I went over to Carter.

“Why the fuck was she on you?” I ask. He looked at me.

“She was on top of me.” He answered. I looked at him with a glare.

“Why weren’t you squirming or trying to get her off of you?” I asked.

“She was strong.” Was all he said.

“Carter, she’s 15 and she is like Acaica and Alexa combined.” I say. He nods.

“I-I.” He stutter and never found words. We decided its best we get going and head to California. I pack all the kids stuff and mine. I was going into Hayes’ temporary room and heard crying. I knock on the door.

“Hayes.” I say. He came to the door with puffy eyes and he was hugging a pillow. “I-I.” I was about to finish, but Hayes cut me off with a hug. “Hayes she wasn’t worth it. She used you to get closer to Carter.” I say and he cried into my hair.

“Why. Why does this have to happen to me?” He sniffled.

“She doesn’t deserve you.” I say. I heard foot steps and arms wrap around my leg. I look down and see, Tristen and Skylynn. “Could you make Hayes happy?” I ask them. They nod and lead him out the door. I sat down and looked up at the ceiling. This has been the best summer yet. I just hope college won’t make us distant. I was still starring up at the ceiling.

“What are you thinking about?” I heard a familiar southern accent. I look at the door and see Taylor. I smile and look down. “Y/N, tell me what’s bothering you.” He asked.

“I don’t know. Could we just go.” I say. He held his hand out and hugged me. 

“Come on let it out.” He said. I began to cry into his chest.

“I wish we could all just stay together.” I cried. He stroked my hair.

“Shh.” He said kissing my forehead. “I told you not to think about the future. Just live.” He said and wiped the tear that rolled down my cheek. “Please stay strong.” He whispered. I nod. He started to tickle me and I start laughing.

“ARE YOU COMING OR NOT!” We heard Matt call. We grab our things and Roxy trailed down with us. We hop into the RV and I set my things into the compartment. I went on my phone. I took a few videos or pics, but I’m not going to post them anytime soon.

-3 hours later-

We are still on the road and I was making some spaghetti. The car suddenly stops. We all scurry to Cam.

“What happened.” I asked. We all hop out and Cam opened the lid and we were out of gas.

“Great.” Taylor said sarcastically. We all help push the RV a little to the side of the road. Kirstin and I were pretty much panting at this point so we take care of the kids while the boys pushed the RV.

“So, are you Matt a thing yet?” I say emphasizing thing. She blushes.

“No not yet.” She sighed.

“You know Matt talks about you all the time, right?” I ask. She looks at me. I nod and she smiled.

“So were going to California.” I say. “THAT MEANS WE GET TO RIDE SOME KILLER WAVES BRUH.” I mocked Gilinsky earning chuckles from the others. They finally finished pushing it. I decide we were gonna just picnic so I went inside and opened the windows. Ah nice fresh breeze. I began to just chop some fruits. I felt arms wrap around me and a chin rest on my shoulder. I see in the corner of my eye. It was sweet little Taylor. He twirls me around and kisses me, grabbing the bowl from behind. I grab the bowl immediately and placed it above us.

“Babe were starving.” He whined.

“Hey, its not my fault you guys ate all the pudding cups.” I sassed. He smirked.

“What makes you think we ate it all?” I look at him. He smirked and from behind, he brought out a pudding cup. He opened it and dipped his finger. He got the chocolate pudding and drew on my face with it. I did the same thing on his face. 

“Awww!” I heard Kirstin squeals. I blush and get a towel. We both wash off our faces.

“Babe, what’s this?” He smirked. He held up my lace bra. I snatch it.

“Bad Taylor.” I joked. He pouted playfully. “Can you go. I need to change.” I say, pushing him out of the bathroom. “I’ll let you have the bowl of fruit!” I say and he flashed away. I locked the door and changed. I put on my 'Caniff Property’ crop tank with denim shorts. I grab white vans and walk out. I looked from the window. All the boys were sitting on the ground eating. Tristen and Skylynn were chasing each other. I take a picture.

@Y/I/N: Enjoying the road with my best friends.

I jump off the RV and sit by Taylor. He wraps his arms around me and kissed my neck, but I quickly teased him by brushing him off. He groaned. I smirk. 

“So are we gonna go to Cali or…” I trailed off.

“Cashew walked to a gasoline station a mile from here.” Sammy said. I nod and pop a grape in my mouth.

-2 hours later-

*HONK* *HONK* *HONK* I head a horn and my eyes widen. I saw a truck being towed by another truck.

“AYE! WAKE UP!” I yell and they all jump. We all go into the RV. Cam, Nash, Matt, and Carter were in the truck. Surprising, the truck can actually carry our weight. California here we come.

“Nice shirt Y/N.” Taylor said. I look at him.

“Wait, where did you get that from, I want one!” Dillon whined. I laugh.

“I don’t think crop tanks are your thing.” I joked. Dillon pretended to look hurt. I roll my eyes. I get on my phone and fell asleep.


I woke up to a smiling Taylor with his camera.

“Hey.” He said laughing. I sat up rubbing my eyes.

“ What the fuck did you do?” I ask walking to the mirror. I look and see my make up washed off. I clean it and reapplied a little. I go out and see all the boys passed out. I walk to Taylor and he wrapped his arms around me.

“Please don’t leave me.” He mumbled. I looked at him.

“Why would I leave you?” I ask sitting up. I look straight into his eyes.

“Because I’m a loser with just a camera and phone.” He said. I look at his eyes and they glistened.

“I would never you leave you. You are my loser and I’m your loser. ” I say. He smiled and I returned one too. He leaned in, so did I, but were interrupted by Kirstin. “What happened.” I ask. She drags me to the bathroom.

“Matt just asked me, when we get to Cali he wants to take me out.” She stutter. I look at her.

“MATT ASKED YOU OUT!!” I squeal. She jumped and we do a little dance. We calm ourselves and sat in front of the tv. We watched Modern Family. I take out my camera. “Aye, guys! Y/N here. Today I’m on this RV or bus with the crew I’ve been hanging out with the whole summer.

"WERE GONNA SEE A FOOTBALL GAME ON THE WAY!” The boys chant I nod and roll my eye to the camera.

“See this is what we have to deal with every damn day.” Kirstin added. I laugh.

“Boys.” I trailed off. “As Taylor was saying we are going to a football game.” I say gesturing to Matt to throw me the football. I actually caught it. “YES!” I squeal. I did a little victory dance and tossed the football back. “Oops. I’ve gotta clean that up. See you guys later! Oh yeah don’t play football indoors.” I say waving to the camera. I turn it off and pick up the books from the book shelf. I walk back to the boys and all of them laughing and I see Taylor.

I start laughing with them. I take out my vlog camera.

“Here’s Taylor for ya.” I say. Taylor starts to twerk and I back up jumping. He gets closer and rubs his butt all over me. “TAYLOR!” I squeal shielding myself. “IF I DIE I LOVE YOU GUYS!” I joke turning off the camera. I put the camera next to me. Taylor falls back next to me. “Nice dance.” I say laughing.

“Hey, I only do it for you.” He teased smirking. I push his arm slightly.

“How many more hours?” I ask.

“Only a few hours.” He said wrapping his arms around me. I groan. We all start laughing when Tristen starts to dance similar to Taylor.

“Go Tristen! Go Tristen!” We chant. Tristen starts laughing and he runs to the kitchen.

“Y/N can you give me wata!!” He whined. I laugh and get water from the refrigerator. He.He chugs it and is instantly finished it. We all start to laugh. I instantly got a notification from Matt.

@TheMattEspinosa: Get out, let me sleep!!

I laugh and tweet back.

@Y/T/N: Sorry but with us, You’ll never sleep.

Matt turns to me and he grabs his pillow and throws it at me.

“Sorry! You won’t be getting this back anytime soon!” I say walking off. I throw it at Kirstin and she catches it. Matt comes in the room and leaves once he saw Kirstin had it. I laugh and she giggled. I grab some nutella and a sandwich, then sat on the little couch. I ate and went on my phone. I take a selfie and Taylor interrupted me.

“COCK!” He yelled and my attention was turned to him. I get nutella and rub it on his face.

“HA!” I laughed. He walked to me with open arms. “I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me!” I squeal with my hands up in defense. He grinned.

“I won’t hurt you, but I will kiss you.” He said and slopply kissed my face. I squeal and he kissed my lips, which tasted like nutella.

“Damn, nutella tastes good.” I remark and he pulled away, pretending to look hurt.

“So you don’t like my kisses?” He said putting his bottom lip out.

“Sorry babe, nutella beat you.” I say. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Will this make you forget nutella?” He asked as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Depends.” I say. He leans in and put his hand on my cheek. I smile and and he kissed me. Passionate, loving, and I must say the best kiss we’ve had this summer. He pulled away and raised an eyebrow. “Uh-.” I stuttered and he smiled.

“You liked it didn’t you.” He said poking my side lightly. I nod and blush. “Admit Y/N! Ya loved it!” He said proudly. I look up and raised an eyebrow. “Or else your getting the tickles.” He laughed. I held up my hands up in defense.

“FINE!” I whine. “I have to admit that was the best kiss.” I mumbled and he smiled. “Caniff, don’t get your hopes up.” I say and he chuckled.

“Ok.” He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek and left to go with the boys. I sat back and continue to eat nutella.

A/N: Hey guys sorry if this part wasn’t good, I’m really busy with family and stuff. Love you and stay beautiful baes.

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