i took like 20 pictures before deciding on this

the signs as things my (aquarius dominant) family has done
  • Aries: fought over who was going to yell at and confront this kid who said something to my brother
  • Taurus: had a family nap time and just all laid on the couch together
  • Gemini: always dissect what i'm wearing and talk about if we like it or not
  • Cancer: always give chocolate and hugs to anyone who cries
  • Leo: have "i love you more" fights
  • Virgo: debate about danny devito and how amazing he is
  • Libra: talk about the kind of people we think each other is going to marry
  • Scorpio: spent 20 minutes trying to decide where i got my leggings and why i hadn't worn them before
  • Sagittarius: got banned from playing apples to apples, monopoly, or mario kart because we all get too heated
  • Capricorn: put clothes on my dog and then took pictures and laughed
  • Aquarius: communicate through weird noises and still understand what each other is saying
  • Pisces: watch TV shows together but never finish them because we get too sad that it is ending