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FP Jones/Andrew’s Family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 12 - Final Part(For now)

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AN: So we’ve come to an end until Season 2 comes out. I will continue to write FP and Riverdale imagines so if you don’t already please follow me for more. I am so in love with this fic and all of you have been so kind about it, I hope to continue it next season and I hope you stick around for that. Love you all!

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Three)(Part Four)(Part Five)(Part Six)(Part Seven)(Part Eight)(Part Nine)(Part Ten)(Part Eleven)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 3,947

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic, 

The following few days that came after the discovery of the true murderer of Jason Blossom was a whirlwind of events. Clifford Blossom killed himself and was busted for hard drugs, the Blossom house and company was completely ransacked by the sheriff’s department, Cliff Blossom’s funeral (if you could even call it that), the Cooper’s reuniting and you constantly fighting with yourself to go see FP. 

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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “OMG of I only could say how much I love your Jeff imagine, but I can’t find the right words. Saying that it is perfect isn’t enough. But I want you to know that I really love this one and, I have to ask, is to soon for asking for a part 2? About the morning after, maybe Clay finding they two lol Thank you for writing my request <3″

“hi, i loved ‘Sharing is Caring’ and i wondered if you could maybe do a part 2? maaaybe where they wake up and they’re cuddled up and when clay comes into the room to wake jeff he smiles and quietly calls his parents (he secretly shipped them because jeff never shuts up about her and he wants someone good for his sister). so when jeff and the reader wake up her whole family stands there and it gets a little awkward but it’s still cute? 😂”

“OMG please do a part 2“

Word Count: 2.063

Posted: 08th of May 2017

A/N: Here’s “Sharing Is Caring”’s second part, link is down below if you haven’t read it yet. I am sorry if I took so long to write this. I hope you like it, although it didn’t convince me so much. I think it has a lot of flaws. I really don’t know. It would be great if you send some feedbacks. Thank you so much! Enjoy.

- G. x

Link: Part 1

Warning: Light swearing

“Hmm…” You stretched your bones with your eyes closed as you felt fully rested, waking your still-sleeping soul slowly. Although you still had your eyes closed, the sunlight that penetrated your window pane blinded you.

You were so calm and thoughtless as you felt a strong arm around your waist and you quickly opened your eyes, rubbing them carefully to focalize your vision. You were facing your wall full of posters and Jeff was hugging you from behind, you were being the little spoon of your innocent cuddling session.

You were shocked and shy, of course, but it felt so nice to be cuddled up with your ultimate crush. You wanted to wake him up, but also to stay in that position at the same time. Because who wouldn’t love to cuddle with Jeff Atkins? We all know right.

His touch made you feel warm and relaxed, although you felt uncomfortable for his morning erection. Yes, the thought of his boner made you feel the heat in your cheeks and you knew how red you became at the same time.

“Jeff!” You murmured as you nudged him carefully, trying to wake him up. “Atkins.”

“Hmm?” He mumbled, you hinted that he was still sleeping and still had his eyes closed because of his response.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” You softly giggled as you drew small circles on his arm. You didn’t want for this moment to end, but you knew that your family would freak out if they ever saw you in that position with Jeff. “Hey, Atkins.”

You heard him yawning softly as he tightened his grip and your bodies touched even more. You felt his hot breath on your skin and it made you shiver.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” He whispered and his morning hoarse voice made you smile. You found it sexy and you surely wanted to sleep with him one more time.

“Did you sleep well?” You asked as you lingered the warmth of his body and the blankets. You loved cuddling and it was really a moment that you would always do with Jeff.

“I did.” He giggled softly, surely pointing out your position at that exact moment. “Did you?”

“I honestly did.” You smiled and there was a little bit of silence between the two of you. You were astonished, because it wasn’t one of those awkward silences. In the contrary! It was honestly comfortable and sweet.

You both continued cuddling and thinking of how amazing it was to sleep with each other. There was a dead silence in the room, but you didn’t mind it for the thoughts that kept running through your mind.

Yup, there was a dead silence in the room until you heard your brother Clay coughing like there was no tomorrow. He almost spat his lungs out, but you knew that he was doing it to have your attention.

“Good morning, cuddle buddies.” Clay happily exclaimed and, in a fast-swift movement, you and Jeff broke the hug and faced the door, revealing a Clay with a smirk on his face and your parents, Lainie and Matt, behind him. You sat on the other part of the bed to set some space between you and Jeff.

“What the fuck?” Your eyes were widely opened and you knew that you had a crimson red coloured face for the embarrassing moment.

“Words, (Y/N)!” Your mother pointed out and you rolled your eyes. It vexed you how those people stood there with a smirk on their faces, obviously teasing you.

“Did you sleep well?” Clay teased as he laughed hard, together with Matt. You despised your brother for telling your parents that you had a crush on Jeff.

“I personally did.” Jeff answered and you nodded in response. It was awkward to be busted by your parents in that way. C’mon!

“It seems like you don’t need my help anymore, Jeff!” Clay winked at his friend and you shot a glance to Jeff. He was blushing and shocked too. “You already confessed your feelings to your crush.”

“What!?” Your eyes grew wide for what your brother has told you. You saw Jeff face palming himself as your talkative brother revealed his secret. Your heart beat faster and you felt uncomfortable for that. You looked at your family and then at Jeff once again. You wanted to burry yourself alive for the embarrassment.

“Alright, breakfast downstairs.” Your father shouted as he killed the awkward silence in the room. “This is a little bit awkward.”

Clay flashed an apologetic smile to Jeff and they started to go downstairs. You looked at Jeff and he flashed you a shy smile, to which you smiled back.

“You can use the bathroom in Clay’s room.” Your words weren’t too understandable because you talked quickly, trying to avoid his presence now.

You ran through the bathroom and you did your daily morning routines. You took more than the usual time, since you wanted some time to think about the things. How did they even happen that fast?

You liked Jeff too, but it was awkward. Jeff was your brother’s best friend and you’ve never thought that he would like someone like you. You thought that he was more into cheerleaders, the popular girls.

“Clay!” You groaned as you combed your hair in front of the mirror. You bit your lip as your cuddling session came into your mind and you suddenly found yourself smiling widely.

You then changed your clothes and you quickly went out of the bathroom. The bed was already fixed and Jeff was nowhere to be seen.

You went downstairs and you noticed that the awkward silence before has already packed its baggage and left. Your family and Jeff was talking some stuffs about school and they were even laughing. What the hell happened?

“(Y/N), sit down here and have some breakfast.” Lainie called you as she patted your usual chair. You nodded silently as you took your place and got some food to eat.

“How did it go with Hannah?” Clay curiously asked. You rolled your eyes as he was trying to fix the things between you. You loved your brother, nevertheless he has always teased you. He was your best friend and he was your Superman, because he would always be there for you. He knew how to save the day and you loved him for that.

“We had to cancel the sleepover, because her parents fought.” You answered as you chewed your food quietly. “She felt uncomfortable.”

“Ow.” Jeff and Clay reacted and you nodded sadly. You felt sad for Hannah, because she was already going through something at home and those assholes at school kept on bullying her. Luckily, you always had the guts to stand up for her.

“Oh,” Your eyes widen as you remembered something. “why don’t you ask Hannah out?” You asked with a smirk on your face.

“I am asking him the same thing, believe it or not.” Jeff answered and you smiled at him. Clay got the looks from your parents and he became red, obviously embarrassed and shy.

“Mind your own love life, instead of minding mine.” You teased him and you laughed, together with Matt and Jeff. Lainie was so happy because you were close with your brother and you knew each other’s secrets. She really taught you well when you were both young.

“Shut up!” Clay rolled his eyes and you started to feel comfortable around Jeff. Your father teased Clay and your mother just laughed.

“Should I train you how to ask a girl out?” Your dad teased and you all laughed. Clay was hating you, but you got your revenge and you felt a little better.

“You maybe should, dad!” You giggled and winked at Clay. “Hannah’s a great girl, she’s beautiful and she deserves happiness.”

“I second this.” Jeff agreed and your dad kept on teasing Clay.

You spent the rest of your breakfast teasing your beloved brother. You and Jeff are always having the point and you loved the complicity that you had.

“Wait for me upstairs, I’m helping this freak to clean this mess.” Clay said to Jeff whilst looking at him. Your parents went to work as they were already running late.

“Hmm…” Jeff mumbled as if he was thinking. You started to clean the table as you pretended that you weren’t listening to them. “Let me do that, go upstairs.”

“Oh, alright.” Clay replied and you heard his footsteps vanishing. You then felt Jeff’s presence as you started to wash the dishes.

“Hey.” Jeff shyly greeted you as he helped you with the dishes. You looked at him and you noticed the nervousness in his eyes.

“Hey.” You smiled at him and stopped what you were doing, turning the faucet off. “I can do this alone, go to Clay.”

“Uhm,” He looked at you and grabbed your hands to stop you from what you were doing. “don’t you think we should talk about it?”

“About what?” You played fool and he just smiled at you. You aren’t feeling awkward around him anymore, luckily.

“Oh, shut up!” He laughed and you faced him as you decided to talk about everything. You couldn’t pretend that nothing has happened, mostly when you like him too.

You leant on the kitchen counter and you waited for him to start his explanations. You took the moment to admire Jeff’s flawless face and body. You admired his soft brown quiff and his blue mesmerizing eyes. His pierced ears made him look sexier and you wondered how toned his body was.

“Hmm…” He started as he fiddled with his hands, waking you up from your deep thoughts. “I know that it was a shame that you discovered my feelings for you because of your brother, but I want to tell you that I really really really like you.”

You felt the heat of your cheeks and you blushed, although you already knew it. It was surely different to hear it from him and you felt so satisfied and reassured.

“That’s plagiarism for Carly Rae Jepsen’s song.” You winked at him and he just laughed at you. “But I really really really like you too.” You confessed, taking the courage out and covering it with by singing the song. His gaze lightened and he let a alleviated laugh out.

“Really?” He asked because he wanted to be sure of what you were really feeling.

“What? Is it strange that someone liked Jeff Atkins?” You playfully asked him and he rolled his eyes. “Aren’t you one of the campus’ crushes?”

“Well, (Y/N) Jensen likes me. That’s an honour.” He winked at you and you punched his arm playfully.

“Flatterer!” You exclaimed as you shook your head. You couldn’t believe him that he was praising you. Well, he was Jeff Atkins.

“I was just telling the truth.” He smiled at you and you giggled softly. “Can I hug you?” He asked and you found him cute with that.

“You already hugged me the whole night, why do you have to ask?” You winked at him and his face became bright red. You threw your arms wide open and he ran to you to hug you tightly.

You relaxed as you felt his arms around you again. Even though you slept hugging each other, you still longed for his hugs. You felt safe and warm once again.

“Are we having a sleepover again?” He flirtatiously asked and you slapped his toned chest. “Hey, didn’t you say that sharing is caring?”

“Dork!” You shook your head as you smiled widely. You saw Clay smirking as he was standing behind the kitchen’s doorway. You rolled your eyes as he took some pictures of his favourite ship. Of course, he has always shipped you with Jeff, because he already knew everything since the very start. Was he or wasn’t he the most supportive brother ever?

You knew that it was a start of something new for you. It was one of your desires to have him by your side and you would treasure this moment forever. You would keep on longing for him, for his hugs, for the warmth of his body and he would always take care of you, no matter what.

He would do everything to let you feel that you were the most important girl in his life, nevertheless his uncountable admirers.

5 Times When

Peter Parker x Reader~Masterlist



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5 Times When Peter Parker had a completely obvious crush on you

1) He anonymously sent you a copy of your favorite book

Peter overheard you talking to one of your friends in the hallway of school. “I just cannot believe,” you were saying, “that A Tale of Two Cities is my favorite book and I don’t own a copy of it!”

Gwen, the friend by your side, shrugged. “Buy it.”

“Ugh, but that’s so much work,” you sighed. “I’d have to go all the way to the store and talk to someone to purchase it.” 

Peter closed his locker, eyeing you from the side. You had moved on from the topic, slinging your red and black checkered bag over your shoulder and walking away. 

He waved to you nervously and was delighted when you smiled to him. “Hi, Peter,” you say before continuing on. 

The following morning shocked you because there was a package inside your locker. Well, more of a present. 

It was wrapped neatly in gold paper with a ribbon on top and a note card with your name on it. 

You looked around the hallway-it was still just morning time, students still filing into the school. You supposed it couldn’t have been hard for someone to break into your locker seeing as you spend every minute you can spare by sleeping in. Who, exactly, thought it would be a good idea to start high school at seven in the damn morning? 

Either way, you hesitantly unwrapped the paper. 

You couldn’t help but squeal in delight when you saw the contents; a book! Not just any book, but your favorite book! 

You’d been talking to your friend, Gwen, about how you had yet to own a copy of it just the day before now. Perhaps she had something to do with it? 

You grinned while you held the book to your chest, retreating to class. 

Peter waved to you from his locker and you waved back. 

2) You were gushing about your crush on Spider-Man

Michelle laughed at you from her side of the table. “You’re utterly insane, [Nickname], you know that?” 

You pouted. “I’m not. I’m just saying that Spider-Man and I will probably ended up making out at some point. It’s bound it happen. I’ve read the fan-fiction on tumblr, Michelle, and I know at least one third of it was written by you.” 

She rolled her eyes when you pointed at her with a plastic spork. “Hey, so on a totally different-and normal- note, can one of my friends sit with us today?” 

You put her hand over your chest in mock terror. “You have friends other than me? That’s bull,” you laughed. 

Michelle leaned back on her cafeteria seat. “Nah, he’s a little and helpless puppy-nerd. Yo, Peter!” 

You looked back and smiled when Peter Parker made his way over. He set his bag beside yours and you pulled a seat out for him. “[Y/n], you know Parker, right?” Michelle asked, gesturing between you both. 

“Yeah, sort of,” you replied happily. “You were in my biology Freshmen year! And we have lockers close together,” you told Peter, as though he didn’t remember it himself. Trust me, he did. 

“So Peter, enlighten us both with your ever so smart nonsense,” Michelle purred, resting her chin in her elbow. “Do you think [Y/n] has a chance with Spider-Man?” 

Your eyes widened and you promptly kicked your friend underneath the table. “Why?” you hissed. 

Michelle laughed over her wince of pain. 

“Uhm. W-why would you want a…chance…with Spider-Man?” Peter asked, looking at you. “Because,” you replied slowly. “He’s-well he’s the type of guy who just-”

“Because [Y/n] has a huge crush on him,” Michelle answered for you. 

The rest of the day, Peter imagined what it’d be like for him to swoop you up in his arms while wearing his suit. 

3) He offered to be your date when yours stood you up 

The Midtown High School committee always held a party right smack in the middle of the year. It acted as a fundraiser and a survey for student interests at the same time. 

This year, the theme is super heros! Everyone that would show up was meant to be dressed as a super hero, whether real or fictional. You would get to take pictures with little kids who showed up and what not. Plus, when the photography portion is over, there would be a marathon of hero movies in the theatre of the school-food and drinks provided. 

Someone had ended up asking you out to this school event. You supposed he was cute enough. The plan was that you’d buy the tickets and he’d pay you back at the end of the night. You guys even decided to go as a super hero couple! 

So you now stood in line at your school, handing money to Gwen. Gwen is the type of girl who is in ever single club at the school so it didn’t surprise you that she is also apart of the committee. “So,” she grinned, “I hear you’re going with Dreamy Danny?” 

You blushed, looking away from her as she counted the money and tickets. “Yes, I guess.” 

“You guess?! [Y/n],” Gwen said, all serious now, “Dreamy Danny has been the number one wet dream boat for everyone ever since he transferred. I’m going to be the sister-in-law of Dreamy Danny!” 

You took the tickets from her hands. “You are not because we aren’t getting married. And Dreamy Danny isn’t all that, you know,” you grumble back. 

Gwen nodded. “Oh, yeah. I’m sorry, I forgot you were only into nerds like Spider-Man and Peter Parker.”

You wanted to scream at her to shut up. “I don’t like like Peter, okay! All I said is that he happened to be really cute and I’m happy we are starting to be friends…and Spider-Man isn’t a nerd!” you added before walking off. Gwen called out to you, something along the lines of “Nerds are so your type!” 

You tried to forget Gwen’s comment on Peter-especially since you are headed to the library to spend free period with him. 


He greeted you with a cute smile, as usual. He had the seat pulled out for you and you happily took it. 

“Ooh, you’re going to the fundraiser?” he asked, spotting the tickets in your hands. 

“Yep! Maybe Spider-Man will be there,” you joked. Your crush on Spider-Man became an inside joke between you guys now, since it was the first thing you two had actually talked about. 

Peter had quickly become a good friend. You enjoyed his company. 

“Are you going with Gwen?” he asked, biting into an apple. “No, Danny Rand.” 

Peter stopped in the middle of his bite. Danny Rand?! As in the guy everyone in school thought was really hot? Hell, his nickname is Dreamy Danny!

“I thought the same thing when he asked,” you admitted. “It’s all very weird. I actually thought he liked that girl, Colleen. But whatever, right? Peter, you said you’re going to the fundraiser tomorrow?”  

He opened his mouth to answer but noticed your phone light up. The number hadn’t yet been saved. 

“Oh. That’s Drea-Danny,” you say, unlocking the phone to read what he had sent. “Oh…” 

Peter leaned in towards you. “Wait, what’s wrong?” 

Your face had fallen, just a bit, and you wrinkled your nose with discomfort. “I’m getting stood up,” you announced, putting your phone face down. “And I already bought his ticket…do you want to come with me to return this?” you asked, waving the other one in your hand. 

It didn’t totally bother you; Dreamy Danny isn’t your boyfriend, anyways, and you hardly knew him, so why should it bother you? But on the other hand, you’d gotten a bit excited. Maybe the idea of having a date was why you’d been excited.

But now you’re going alone. It made you a little sad. 

“Uh, no,” Peter said, clearing his throat. “You don’t have to return it. I’ll go with you to the fundraiser,” he said, a small smile drawing the corner of his mouth up. 

You raised your eyebrows. “Don’t you already have plans?” 

He shook his head, leaning down on the table. Peter tapped his fingers on a textbook rhythmically. “No, I was going alone too. And besides, I didn’t buy my ticket yet. I’ll just pay you right now for it.” 

You held the extra ticket close to your chest. “I don’t want your money, though. I’d feel bad!” 

“Why?” Peter asked. “Wasn’t Danny Rand going to pay you back?” 

You slowly nodded your head. “Well, yes, but isn’t his family super well off? Not that you’re poor!” you quickly apologized. Peter only laughed at that. “Hey-think of it like this! I bought my own ticket, you just picked it up for me. Okay? Say ‘Okay, Peter,’” he coaxed as he switched the spare ticket in your hand for a five dollar bill. 

“Okay, Peter,” you nodded. 

4) You showed up as his superhero S/O 

Peter insisted that he should have picked you up for the fundraiser, but you told him no and he’d already been enough of a big help. Peter, you texted him, you don’t have to go out of your way to do that! I’ll meet you there, don’t worry! :)

So he waited, bouncing on the balls of his feet while playing on his phone. His costume was a Nightwing one, black and blue with his hair slicked out of his face. 

A taxi eventually rolled up and he watched curiously to see who would get out of the car. 

He almost screamed out loud when he saw your costume. 

You had decided to come to this thing as Starfire. 


Since the event was a school function, you’d opted for a more modest take of the alien’s outfit, seeing as the comic version involved as little cloth as possible. But your hair was curled the way Starfire’s was and you looked absolutely gorgeous. 

You happily skipped over to Peter and admired his costume. “Hey! We match! You know, Nightwing and Starfire are da-”

“Yeah, I know,” Peter quickly interrupted before you could say it. Dating. 

After some chatting, you guys decided to head into the school. All Peter could think about was the fact neither of you planned this. 

What a coincidence. 

5) He saw you in an unexpected place

Summer had finally come for New York. The school year ended with Peter romantically confessing his feelings for you then giving you a hard, passionate kiss. 

Haha. Not. It’s what he would have liked to have happened, but instead you guys went back to his apartment and ate ice cream with his Aunt May. 

The intense July heat gave Peter much more of a reason to ask Mr. Stark to help him train and learn more at the facility. The air conditioning there was so cold and perfect. Not perfect for winter, anyways, but it would be just fine for this time of year. 

Tony escorted him around the place again for good measure. “Hey, so when can I meet the other Avengers?” Peter asked eagerly. “I mean, you know, officially meet them.” Peter wouldn’t call getting his ass kicked by Steven Rogers a ‘proper introduction.’ 

Tony hesitated. He wasn’t completely over the incidents with Steve-i.e the time when everyone on the Avengers split into side and tried to beat each other up-   but gave in. “I guess you can meet some of them now. Come on, kid, follow me.” 

Peter cheered to himself and followed after Tony. “You can meet a few of the softies first. You know, to ease your way into it. Let’s start with Banner.” 

Peter paled. “How is he a softie?! He-he could kill me,” Peter said quietly, as though if he said it louder he would actually die. 

“A lot of people could kill you, kiddo, but Banner won’t. You can also meet his kid. She’s about the same age as you and has some weird powers. Probably something to do with Bruce’s bio~hazardous sperm.” 

Peter wanted to point out that if Bruce did sleep with someone without a condom, his ‘bio~hazardous sperm’ would most likely kill the poor woman. 

There was a wide set of tinted glass doors, a few words of warning printed onto them. “This is our playground,” Tony explained. “The science lab. If the Big Guy is anywhere, he’s here. You wouldn’t have seen him yet, but his kid, you have. She was at the airport.” 

How could Peter forget? She pummeled him into small Spider-Boy pulp. And all because he said her mask was a bit unreasonable( his exact words were “I mean seriously, how do you breathe with that? And purple? Not a good color on you.”).

Tony pressed a few buttons and then pushed the door open. “After you,” he grinned to Peter. 

Peter stepped in, cautiously, and looked around. There wasn’t anything absolutely crazy like he’d expected. In one corner of the room there was a couch with a new looking book on the armrest and a knit blanket sprawled over the cushions. 

In another corner, a cabinet of glass beakers and other items; beside that, a door that led to a storage room-Peter thought to himself that it probably held chemicals. 

In the very center of a room was a wide table. Expensive looking computers and the same hologram screens Tony used were littered about it. Behind the table was a man with scruffy dark, graying hair. He has thin glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, buried deep into his work.

Although that wasn’t what made Peter gasp in utter shock. 

There was a girl standing on the ceiling. 

Standing. On. The ceiling. Her hair didn’t fall out around her head, and her clothes weren’t slipping off of her that way it should have when someone is hanging upside down. She was humming to herself, occasionally doing flips and spins. She even landed perfectly back onto the surface! 

“Kiddo, Big Guy, why don’t you stop being weirdos and say hello to the guest,” Tony says. 

The girl didn’t bother to look at Tony and huffed. “Yeah, yeah,” she mumbled. Peter watched in awe at how she got down from the ceiling. She simply walked down the wall and to the floor. 

But Bruce had already moved over and blocked Peter’s view of the girl’s face. “Tony, who have you kidnapped now? He’s only a teenager.” 

“Maybe Tony should be kidnapping teenagers if you guys intend on locking me up here and raising me hidden away from society.” That voice-

And then she pushed past her dad. Her [e/c] eyes widened in complete surprise. “Peter?!” Bruce’s eyes narrowed at Peter, then. “You know [Y/n]?”

“Wait,” Tony interrupted. “You know Peter?” he asks you. “Well duh, I know Peter,” you say, though your eyes don’t stray off of your friend. “Why do you know him?” The question was directed at Peter now. He realized you had meant ‘Why do you know Mr. Stark?’

Tony proudly pat Peter’s shoulders. “Kiddo here is Spider-Man!” 

It was then that you realized not only have you once beat up your favorite hero-but also your crush.

Where We Belong

Title: Where We Belong

Summary: Sometimes one little moment can change everything…

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 1370

Warnings: Um, lemme think. A smudge of angst and a very brief mention on nigthmares in the beginning. And then it’s all fluff. Fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff and fluff. Okay. I’ll shut up now.

Author’s Note: So, this oneshot that was supposed to be a drabble (I tried, I swear) was inspired by a conversation I had with my twin about how cute Dean looks in the gif below (it’s not even surprising at this point, I know.) Anyway, the story took a life of its own after that. 

So. Enjoy <3

(Gif used is not mine. You can find it right here.)

It’s a habit really.

One of those stupid little routines you can’t and don’t really want to quit, although it’s a bit more substantial than drinking coffee at midnight or always reading your favorite book with a cup of hot chocolate nearby.

It started a few of months ago, after you and the Winchesters had returned from a nasty vampire hunt in New Orleans, and it’s been happening ever since, but neither you or Dean ever talk about it and Sam probably doesn’t even know.

That’s not what matters though.

What really matters is that Dean Winchester has nightmares.

It’s been going on for years, the ordeals coming and going in the stillness of the night without warning. If he’s lucky, they’re just a few horrible pictures that vanish as soon as he opens his eyes, but if not, then they take him away with them, drown him in tides of loss and despair and leave him so broken that you find it hard to put the fragments back together without missing a piece afterwards.

Most of the times, he comes to you. He shuffles through the hallway quietly and leans against your door, waiting for even breaths and youthful smiles. When he’s sure you’re asleep, he gently climbs into the covers and wraps his arms around you, lips on your forehead in a warm kiss, while words like G’night, sweetheart and Thank God you’re okay, kid make their way into the duskiness of the room.

Sometimes though, the creaky sound of the door and the light padding wakes you up the moment he gets inside. These are the nights Dean will look at you like a puppy caught doing something it wasn’t supposed to and murmur a flustered apology, gaze drifting from your eyes to the floor until you tell him to shut up and c’mere already, pulling him to you. And when you curl up next to his side, body pressed against his firmly, all of his apologies and all of his reticence go away.

But then, there are nights like tonight, nights when you’re the one that tiptoes to his bedroom in silence –just to make sure he’s okay.

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I'd just like to say: Chloe coming into the Dupain-Cheng bakery specifically when Marinette's on cash register duty and asks the names of pastries she already knows but just wants to hear Marinette talk, and eventually Marinette catches on but does nothing because she enjoys talking to Chloe



Words: 1968

Sabine smirked as she pulled a tray of croissants from the oven. “Marinette. I think your favorite customer is here.”

Marinette finished tying her apron behind her back and was pulling her hair up and away from her face as she got ready for her register shift. “Who now?”

Sabine jutted her chin towards the front of the bakery and Marinette followed her gaze, allowing herself a sigh and a small smirk when she saw who was meandering near the counter. “Stop teasing, maman.”

“It’s not teasing,” Sabine said. “She comes only on the days when you’re working and seems rather enchanted with all of our palmier flavors. Moreso than anyone else I’ve ever seen…”

“Oh hush, maman!” Marinette blushed, gently tapping her mother’s shoulder. “It’s nothing like that.”

“Don’t keep the poor thing waiting,” Sabine smiled as she carried the croissants to the counters in the back. “She must be eager to see you if she came right when your shift started.”

Marinette puffed her cheeks out and headed to the counter where Chloe Bourgeois was waiting, leaving her mother laughing and grinning behind her. 

It started when Chloe had to come into the bakery to order a huge commission of mini-cupcakes for a dinner she and her father were holding. Because Chloe loved being difficult, Marinette had to take out all of their sample books, explain all of their flavors, all of their frostings, all of their fillings, and all of their options for garnishes for close to twenty-five minutes before Chloe was satisfied. Marinette thought Chloe was making her explain herself so much for the sake of being annoying until she came in the next day asking for detailed descriptions of all the chocolate cakes they had on display for no other reason aside from her being “curious about your selection of dark chocolates.” Marinette’s father was too close by at the time for her to tell Chloe to buzz off, so she humored her for twenty minutes before Chloe settled with just buying a regular old palmier and left without buying a single cake. 

It was maddening, and for the next couple of weeks Chloe would come into the bakery when Marinette was working and ask her to rattle off all that she knew about their pastries, breads, cakes, rush orders, and catering plans….only to leave without having bought anything she had shown such a deep interest in. 

It was ridiculous to think Chloe had a passion for baked goods, otherwise she’d bother her parents about this. It wasn’t as if Chloe was using this as an opportunity to make fun of Marinette seeing how she was oddly quiet and attentive whenever Marinette spoke. It wasn’t until last week that Marinette had finally picked up on the obvious. 

Chloe came just to hear Marinette talk. 

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The Little One || Jughead Jones

Originally posted by thenighthawkes

word count : 1,136

pairing : Jughead x Reader

warnings : none!

summary : You find a kitten on the way to school and decided to ask Jughead to help you hide it from your horrendous peers and teachers.


      You just couldn’t leave it on the side of the road. What type of person would you be if you let the small kitten alone and probably get hit by something; a horrible one that is. Upon seeing the small gray kitten that couldn’t be more than a couple weeks old, you began to thank your lucky stars that you decided to walk to the school today. The only real issue was where were you going to keep it? Considering your home was to far away to walk it back, and your parents would kill you for being late again, so that was out of the idea pool. You refused to leave it outside any longer in fear that something would hurt it, so the only thing you could think of was keeping it with you the whole day.

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Genre: Angst, Fluff, Highschool!AU

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Requested: No

Word Count: 9,909

Summary: Although she was considerably out of his league, he couldn’t help but fall for the girl who always stood up for him when no one else would.

Author’s Note: This took forever to write but I think it’s okay for what it is…Some parts really had me in my feels ;-; but I really hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think!

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for anon who requested something super fluffy about vernon and his long distance girlfriend. i had so so much fun writing this and may have gone a lil overboard, but im still excited. i hope you like it! (also, sorry for any typos or weird grammar errors, i still need to do a lil bit of editing but i didnt want you to wait too long before i posted it <3)

genre: the fluffiest fluff

word count: 1,256

warnings: none <3

Originally posted by xoxo-vernon

     It was early. It was cold. You were tired. Honestly, by this point, the only thing you wanted was food that wasn’t from an airplane, but you still had 3 hours to go. Staring out the window at the perfect, fluffy clouds eventually got boring, so you shut your eyes and tried your hardest to get another nap in.
When you woke up again, the plane was just about to land. It took you a second, but once you came to your surroundings, your heart jumped. You were gonna see him again. Biting back a grin, you waited patiently for the plane to land, and once it did, you were desperate to get back on land.
Coming out of the airport and into a taxi, you had realized a terrible mistake in fashion. Where you lived, it was really warm, but it was still chilly in Korea. You wrapped your arms around yourself and hoped that the dorm the boys stayed in was relatively close. To your relief, the taxi quickly made it to the dorm where your boyfriend and his 12 band mates lived. Biting back nerves and any fears, you swallowed, and raised your hand to the door. A couple short knocks seemed to echo inside until the door opened to a very shocked Seungcheol. Before he could say anything, you interrupted him, praying that he wouldn’t ruin the surprise. 

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character: lai guanlin.

genre: fluff, soulmates!au.

word count: 953w.

concept: your soulmate has a unique scent that only you can smell when they’re near.

summary: “he smells like cinnamon. i hate cinnamon.”

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Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 8]

mood board by my love @memoiresofaneternaldreamer

Chapter 8 of Too Right To be Wrong

Prologue  Prologue 2  Prologue 3  Prologue 4  Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4  Ch5  Ch6  Ch7

Series Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff

“What the fuck did you just say?” Mark shot back.

His heart was racing. Not only was he nervous that the massive repercussions of his actions were finally coming to a head, but he was pissed. You weren’t Jaebum’s girlfriend anymore, you were HIS girlfriend.

“You heard me,” Jaebum said, stumbling out of his chair.

He fought to keep his balance as he made his way towards Mark.

“You’re drunk, Jaebum,” Mark scoffed, trying to help him stand upright.

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Unknown King - part V

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: Here’s part V and let me tell y’all this is gonna turn into a huge sugar daddy bucky fic. Just be patient. Also please understand that the house is huge! and I am not descriptive at times but I will in future parts!

Word count: 1.5K

Part I Part II Part III Part IV 


Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

You stuffed your last travel bag into the trunk before slamming it shut. You didn’t get any sleep. You spent the entire night packing your things up and cleaning up around the house. Bucky wasn’t home so you hoped to make a quick escape without him noticing. But you know he’d notice soon. You hated yourself for doing this, leaving this way. Without a single goodbye, but you knew it was for the best.

You took a deep breath and gazed at his house. The sun loomed overhead happily. You wiped your nose and grabbed your keys. Before you could open the car door, Bucky abruptly stopped his Porche in front of your car. He stepped out with a smile on his face, but it quickly faded when he saw your luggage loaded car.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Traveling,” You forced a smile onto your face.

He frowned, “with every single on of your bags?” He closed the car door and walked towards you. “What happened?”

You shook your head and smiled sadly, “I’m traveling to California.”

Bucky crossed his arms, “I went to The Report, they said you packed your things. What happened?”

Your shoulders shuddered as you covered your face with your hands. An overwhelming feeling came over you and you cried silently into your hands. You felt Bucky’s arms wrap around you as he pulled you into a hug. You clung onto his broad frame and cried in his rich smelling shirt.

“I’ve been having money problems,” You admitted. “My savings are gone. I was evicted from my home because the landlord raised the price on rent and I was fired from work.”

“Why’d they fire you?” Bucky asked, he pulled away and looked at you.

You looked away, “Because they wanted me to give them a story about you for the paper. About how you get your money. Cole fired me on the spot when I refused.”

“Oh, Y/N,” Bucky hugged me even tighter. “You pure heart.”

“I couldn’t do it,” You continued. “They only wanted me because I was friends with you.” You shook your head. “I’ve never felt so dirty.”

“You’re not,” Bucky said. “C'mon, you’re staying at my house.”

“What?” You asked.

“Yeah, I’ll have Ace bring your stuff inside, just park your car in the driveway.”

“I can’t do that, Buck. I could just go home,” You said.

“No, Y/N. Please, let me do this. You’ve been nothing but a good friend and this just tops it all. You got fired because of me. Let me return the favor,” he said. “Plus, it looks like you need some sleep.”

You hadn’t realized how tired you were until you eyes began to glaze over. You reluctantly agreed. You got in his car and he took the short drive over to his home. Bucky led you into the palace and took you to your room. It was a beautiful vast bedroom. Bigger than any room you’d ever had. Bucky told you he’d have your bags in your room in no time. You nodded and kicked your shoes off. Without a second thought, you collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep instantly.

You woke up in a room that wasn’t yours. The sun had disappeared, replaced by the lonesome moon and it’s stars. The cream colored walls now looked white from the rays. The sheets under you were soft, so soft. You came to the conclusion that they were the softest thing you’ve ever touched. The blanket that covered you fell off your body when you stood up. The bed under you felt like a marshmallow.

You rolled off the bed and your feet touched a carpet. You walked to the window and was met with a view of the lake that Bucky’s house sat next to. The moon reflected off the infinite pool, making it darker than it actually was. The houses across the lake were brilliantly lit. Residents of East Egg lived lives almost equal to West Eggers. Rich and luxurious lives.

You walked to the door and pulled it open. The mansion was eerily quiet. You used your knowledge from the tour to try to navigate your way down to the first floor. After a few wrong turns, you were able to find the marble staircase. The chandelier was on. Your feet made no sound as you waltzed down the stairs. The racket of pots crashing made your head turn on the direction of the kitchen. You entered the kitchen to find Renaldo and Anthony working around. It smelled as delicious as usual.

“Miss Y/N!” They exclaimed loudly with smiles on their faces.

You smiled, “Hello.”

“Mister Barnes is not here at the moment,” Renaldo said in his thick Italian accent. “But we have prepared you a dish!”

Anthony grabbed a plate from a large oven and placed it on the island. It was fettuccine alfredo. Your mouth watered at the exquisite smell.

“A famous Italian dish,” Renaldo explained and began to cut some bread. He grabbed a small dish and placed two slices on the plate before setting it next to the fettuccine.

You smiled, “This looks amazing!”

“Indeed,” Anthony said. “Go on! Sit, eat.”

You pulled out a chair and sat before indulging in the most divine dish of pasta. Renaldo and Anthony went about their business in the kitchen. Though they occasionally asked you if you wanted more bread or pasta.

After you finished your food, Anthony asked you if you wanted dessert. You declined, explaining that you were much too full. He nodded and took your dish. Bucky walked into the kitchen. He was obviously dressed for business. The chefs greeted him and Bucky smiled. Renaldo and Anthony closed up shop, they thanked Bucky and said their goodbyes to you.

“How long was I asleep?” You asked him.

“Maybe ten hours,” He replied. “Did you like the food? Renaldo likes to keep in touch with his roots so he’s constantly offering Italian dishes.”

“I thought they lived here,” You said truthfully.

Bucky chuckled and shook his head, “No, they both have families and would much rather live in their own homes. I know cause I asked.” He paused. “But anyways I let them go at around 9 each night and they don’t get here until noon. They have Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays off.”

You smiled, “Bucky, I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing. I really appreciate it.”

He shrugged, “It’s kind of my fault you got fired. I should’ve known better than to befriend you, I put you at risk.”

“But why?” You asked. “Why are they so bent on trying to find out where your money came from?”

He sighed. “I live on West Egg,” He began. “West Egg represents ‘new money’. Actors, producers, mafia leaders, drug lords, and so on. East Egg represents the old and respectable money. Businessmen, children of wealthy parents etc. East Eggers do not like us, West Eggers. They think we’re frauds and criminals.”

You frowned, “Are you?”

“Not all of us,” He explained. “East Eggers are just trying to expose us, to bring us into the spotlight and to ruin us.”

“So there’s like a rivalry,” You concluded.

“Eh,” Bucky made a 'sort of’ movement with his hand. “We have nothing against them, but something is bound to happen.”

You pursed your lips, “Bucky, am I gonna be safe here?”

He looked at you, “Yes, of course. I have twenty-four-hour security, a safe room in case of emergency and a plane ready to go any moment if needed.”

Your lips pulled together in an 'O’. Then you remembered something, “Oh! Weren’t you going to ask me something? Before I left to The Report and got fired.”

Realization struck his eyes, “I totally forgot about that.”

You sat up, “Are you still gonna tell me?”

Hesitation fell across his face but he quickly covered it up and leaned against the island. “I was wondering if-and it’s completely fine if you don’t want to!” He exclaimed interrupting himself. “With your situation, I don’t want it to seem like I’m taking advantage because I’m not, it’s just that-”

“Bucky,” You smiled, a giggle rising from your throat. “Just say it.”

“Would you like to go on a date?” He said.

You felt your cheeks grow hot at the question he just unfolded for you. Your palms began to sweat. It wasn’t because you felt pressured to say yes. Because you didn’t. You wanted to say yes. Bucky was handsome and so, so good to you. It almost felt too good to be true, but you took the leap of faith and dove into the deep end.

“I would love to,” you smiled.

“G-great!” He stuttered, clearly shocked you had said yes. “Tomorrow at 7?”

“My schedules all cleared up as of yesterday,” You laughed.

He chuckled, “Okay well, tomorrow then.”

“Tomorrow it is.” You said.

Bucky walked you to your bedroom and said his goodnight before turning away and walking towards the East wing of the palace. You closed the door and covered your face with your hands. A smile engulfed your features and you almost couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“Oh my god,” You whispered repeatedly. “That just happened.” You got up and flung yourself onto your fluffy bed. You sunk into the silk duvet and smiled, a feeling of ecstasy flowing through your body.

You felt ethereal.

*What do you guys think Bucky’s business is?

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Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (9)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: This part took FOREVER to come out guys and for that I am truly sorry. I ended up getting super busy with college assignments and then some other stupid and possibly regrettable in the near future stuff. But hey that’s life right?! I am going to try put up part 10 before the end of the week because y’all are such perfect readers!

Word Count: 1158

( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 ) ( Part 8 )

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ravenclaw-of-cabinseven  asked:

I agree with Bunny. I've always been a fan of the idea of Bats finding out about Dan and being totally supportive about it. Writing prompt! The League just learned about Batman's contingency plans to stop them if they go rogue. While they through a hissy fit, Danny is the only one who understands and supports his decision which leads to a talk about Dan and gaining of respect all around.

“God damn it!” Green Lantern slammed his hands on the table. The Justice League was at a meeting and everyone found out that Batman knew their weaknesses and actually have plans on how to take them down.

Well, except Wonder Woman. She doesn’t have a weakness.

“Calm down,” Zatara rose a hand to silence Hal.

“Calm down? Calm down? How can I calm down when HE,” Hal jabbed his finger in Batman’s direction, “has legitimate plans to take us down!”

“I will admit, this is disturbing,” Aquaman spoke.

“This isn’t something that I would like to know,” Green Arrow shook his head.

“This is only a precaution,” Batman told the others, eyes narrowing.

“Well, I’m glad that Batman knows how to take me down if I ever go bad,” Captain Marvel admitted, wanting his input to put some insight on the situation.

“But what if HE goes bad?” Green Lantern countered. At this point mayhem went wild.

Shouts, insults, and even rude gestures were catapulted to others. Most of it, however, was aimed at the Dark Knight.

“Enough!” A young voice rung throughout the room. Immediately all quieted. They all felt the air grow colder by a few degrees.

All eyes landed the acid green eyes of one ghost teen. Despite Phantom’s appearance and usually laid back personality, his presence demanded attention.

And attention he was given.

“I think Batman is in the right,” he said.

Outrage was their response.

“Shut it!” Phantom’s eyes glowed brighter, deadlier.


“Let me tell you a story,” he started, “and no interrupting.” He gave Plastic Man a glare, knowing that the man was planning to interrupt in some way, shape, or form.

Everyone nodded.

Phantom took a breath.

“Some time ago something happened to me. Something… unpleasant to say the least. I met with the ghost of time, Clockwork, who watches over the timelines. And in one of the timelines a villain so powerful rose that not even the Justice League could stop him.”

The teen paused, watching as all who attended (except Batman) stiffened at his words.

“I was taken to the future with my two friends and saw that that timeline became my future if something didn’t happen. The only peaceful place left was Amity Park, but the reason for its ten years of peace fell and I met with the ultimate enemy.”

“… who was it?” Plastic Man asked in a audible whisper. Which caused Phantom to glare at him because of the interruption.

The man made of plastic held up his hands and gave an uneasy grin.

Phantom sighed.

“It was me.”

Everyone gasped.

“Well, technically it was me that somehow merged with Plasmius, but that’s not the point. Point was my future self was evil and was destroying everything.” Phantom lowered his eyes.

“Eventually we all went back to the past, and he, Dan,” the name spoke with venom and absolute loathing, “wanted to make sure he would exist. So he planned to have my family and friends killed with a teacher from the local high school.”

At this point the teen’s eyes were shut, hands clenched and trembling with anger and perhaps fear.

“I did something surprising. I gained a power that took him ten years to learn. I beat him,” he chuckled a little at this, “and you know what happened next?”

Many were afraid to answer.

“I failed them! They died in that explosion and I couldn’t save them!” Pure anguish was heard from the ghost teen. Tears leaked out from his eyes that were screwed shut. Slowly, the tension slipped away from his form.

“Thankfully Clockwork decided to be good to me. He set back time and brought them back,” Phantom looked back up at the Justice League, “and I count my blessings every day.”

The heroes relaxed at that.

“However I’m still not in the clear.”

They all tense back up at that confession.

“He still has a chance of existence until those ten years are up. So because of this I agree with Batman.”

No one said a word as Phantom left the meeting.

Ignorance || 10k x Reader

Fandom: Z Nation

Characters: 10k, Reader, Addy, Doc

Warnings: fluff stuff

Word Count: 693

Summary: The group starts to take notice of how 10k acts around you, all the while you remain ignorant

A/N: Just a short little one-shot that I hope you guys like :)

At first, the group never took notice of how 10k would act shy around you, cheeks lightly coloring a rose pink while his eyes never strayed from your form. How if he decided to say something, his words would slightly stutter before he completely shut up and let you talk. How when you rested your head on his shoulder, he would freeze up, glancing at you from the corner of his eye before relaxing his body, carefully patting your arm before giving it a small squeeze.

The first to take notice of 10k’s infatuation was Addy, who, upon spotting the pink tint on his cheeks after you brushed your hand against his, took him to the side and tried to get him to talk.

“I think someone has a little crush on our dear old (Y/N),” Addy pestered, backing the young man into a corner of the house they were staying in for the night. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 10k tried ducking under her arms that were caging him in, but Addy managed to keep him in place.

“C’mon Ten, you can’t fool me! The glances, the light touches. I mean, you’re blushing,” Addy emphasized, arching a perfectly shaped eyebrow while poking him in the chest. He chose not to say anything, eyes looking anywhere except for the redhead before him. She sighed, giving in to his wishes and moving away, but not before saying, “This is far from over, lover boy.”

The next to notice was Doc after he spotted you walking away from 10k, the undeniable blush in full bloom as he skimmed his fingers over his cheek. The older man walked over to him, standing in front of the dazed young man who was staring at your retreating form. Doc focused on where exactly 10k’s eyes were set on, only to discover that he was staring at the curve of your hips. Doc laughed, breaking the boy’s attention before blushing an even darker shade of pink, moving to turn around and flee.

“Now, hold on there kid. Were you checkin’ her out?” Another loud laugh escaped Docs lips, slapping a hand against 10k’s shoulder while trying to lower his voice. “Never thought I’d see the day. Good for you kid.” And with that, Doc walked away, leaving a baffled and embarrassed 10k to stare at nothing in particular. 

After that, Addy and Doc were always trying to find ways to get the two together. When the group would sit around the makeshift fire on cold night’s, they always made sure the two were sitting next to each other with Doc on 10k’s other available side and Addy on yours. If Warren made everyone split up for supply runs or to scope out an area, they would always switch partners at the last moment to make sure you were both going together. And when everyone was piling into the truck or whatever vehicle they were using that day, they would always make sure to shove everyone else into the cab while you two were left to sit next to each other. 

Soon enough, the others came to the realization that 10k was harboring a large crush, if not a real feeling of love for you. It would have been less obvious if Addy and Doc weren’t trying to pair the two of you up every second of the day. Except, the only one who didn’t notice anything going on with 10k was the person who he was crushing on: you. At every glance, every lingering touch, every small smile and quick cheek peck, you had never seen a reaction from the boy. And it broke his heart because he wanted you to see his reactions. 

It was the only way he could really show how he was feeling without opening his mouth and making a fool out of himself. So almost a month later, when you innocently gave him a hug of gratitude for saving you from becoming Z chow and pulled back just enough, you noticed that he was looking at you with a flushed face and an awkward smile.

And you were no longer ignorant.

‘Versace on the Floor’

The Elite Fics

This Fic is a result of the Pole I posted, were Kenny was the winner. I am writing this Fic to be based off the song ‘Versace on the Floor’ by Bruno Mars.

Pairings: Kenny Omega x Reader
Rating: M. M. Mature (Nsfw)
Warnings: Language, Smut
 Word Count: 1655
Author’s Notes: I know you guys are prob tired of Kenny Fics…BUT YOU VOTED FOR IT. Thnx.

 As you shut the Front door, your eyes caught a glimmer of red on the white marble tile floor. You turned placing your bags on the ground, walking towards the rose pedals on the floor, your heart beating faster as you took each step.

 “Kenny?” You called, walking up the stairs towards the bedroom, following the trail of velvet flowers to your bedroom door.

“Kenny?” You called once again, your voice shaking. He wasn’t supposed to be home for another 3 weeks.

As you pushed the bedroom door the rest of the way open, you gasped. The floor was covered in rose petals, the room dimly lit with tea-light candles, the room was slightly warmer than the rest of the house, the candle’s warm glow illuminating a gown that lay draped across your bed.

 You walked into the room further, now able to see a thick piece of paper laid on the gown, Kenny’s sloppy hand writing scrawled across the paper. You look around the room confused, flipping the note open.

       ‘Y/N, Put this on, then meet me down stairs. Don’t ask questions, for once. I love you.’

You grinned at his note. Looking down at the long dress that lay before you, its material shinning lightly against the flickering of the candles. As you lift the soft material you wonder idle if you should blow them out before heading downstairs; worried they might catch something on fire.

You chance a glance in the mirror as you bend to put the shoes Kenny had provided on your feet. The fabric hugged you perfectly. The scarlet dress had a deep plunging neckline, dipping to your waist, and was sleeveless. It had a split that made it’s way clear up your leg, stopping just at the top of your thigh.

The red shoes he had chosen, had a band that wrapped around your ankle, and a 6 inch heel. Slowly, you tested your balance in them, walking the hallway that lead to the stairs a little slow, enjoying the resounding clack of your heels.

As you reached the top of the staircase, note in hand, you spotted Kenny, his usually unruly hair pulled back into a bun atop his head, his large frame covered by a black suit. You made a mental note to get the tailer’s name, because the suit hugged him perfectly, showing his muscular arms, and tapering down his midsection, making your mouth water.

 “Wow.” He purred as he met you at the bottom of the staircase, reaching a hand out to take yours, his blue eyes shinning as they glide over your figure, his tongue darting out to wet his lips before his teeth catch his full bottom lip.

“Wow yourself Mr. Omega.” You giggle, reaching up to adjust his red bowtie, straightening it, and pulling his lips down to yours.

“I believe I was invited?” You hand him the note, smiling coyly at him, leaning forward to place your lips on his, your teeth replacing his on his bottom lip, nipping him lightly, whimpering quietly as he pushes you into his body. The material of your dress was so thin, you could feel the heat of his hand against your own as he pulled you into him.

“I do believe you were.” He says, pulling away, looking you over once more. “But, after seeing you in this, I really just want to see it on the floor.” He continues, running his hands down your sides, making you shiver and close your eyes, your head lulling back a little.

 “Mmm, anything you want, you did buy it.” You smile as his lips find your bare neck, the scruff on his chin tickling and pricking your sensitive skin.

“Mmmm, Only the best for you baby.” You can feel his grin on your neck, and down your collar bone as his lips trial their way down the dip of your dress, his fingers digging into your hips, pulling you deeper into him.

“Kenny, please?” You whimper as he pulls away, gripping you by the waist and leading you into the kitchen, lifting you by your hips onto the cold Granit counter-top.

“Please what baby, all you have to do is ask.” He grins, bending to his knees, running rough hands over your bare leg.

You lean your head back as his fingers glide down your thigh, over your knee and down your legs slowly, stopping at your ankle to unbuckle your heel. As he moves his fingers, he presses his face to the inside of your thigh, his stubble making you squirm as his tongue runs the length of you to your knee slowly, driving you crazy.

“Please, you know I need you.” You moan out softy as he pulls your shoe off, his eyes coming up to meet yours as he kisses your now bare instep.

“Need me to what Y/N? Ask me.” He continues, moving his fingers to your other foot, making quick work of your remaining heel.

“Take me.” You say, a command, not a question. His eyes darken when they meet yours, his lips part slightly as he takes in a breath, his gaze locked with yours.

“Your wish is my command.” He says as he stands, shrugging his jacket off, and dropping it in the seat of a bar stool that sat to your left.

He pulled you forward so that your hips were pressed together, your heat rocking against the strain in his pants as he walked you towards the stairs, his mouth never leaving your neck as he made his way to your shared room.

 “K-e-nn-y,” You say around his mouth, your lips crashing together nosily as he enters the room, pressing you into the wall just inside the door, “Watch out for the candles.” You giggle as he kicks his shoes off, bringing each of his knees up one at a time, to just under your ass, reaching down to push the heel of the dress shoes off with one hand, and balancing you with the other.

He let out a low moan as your teeth found his jaw, just in front of his ear, nipping him, then running your tongue over the reddening flesh of his neck and jaw.

 “I need you Kenny.” You purr into his ear seductively, your teeth grazing his lobe and making him stiffen further underneath you, his fingers gliding the zipper of your gown down, and letting it fall so that it pooled around your exposed breasts, revealing your hardening peaks to him.

 His eyes travel to your face for a moment before he spins, and makes his way across the room, setting you down at the foot of the bed, his eyes locked on your body as the silken cloth cascades down your body like a waterfall, falling to the ground before you silently.

“Lay back.” He nearly pleads, and you can the outline of his cock straining against the material of his dress-paints.

You do as you were told and lean back on the bed, spreading your legs so that your dripping sex is exposed to him, your eyes never leaving his.

“Touch yourself.” He says, slowly and with adept fingers he unbuttons his shirt, pulling it from his waist line to reveal his perfectly chiseled abs and chest.

You lean your head back against the pillows, gliding your fingers down your body and running them over your sensitive bud for a moment before dipping one into your soaked core.

A low, husky growl comes from his throat and he over you in a moment, his naked skin pressed to yours. His tongue fighting yours for dominance, as his hard cock pressed into the inside of your thigh, digging into the skin there and making you grind your hips into him.

“Y/N, I want you so bad. Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” He coos into your ear softly as he reaches between you, aligning himself with your opening.

“Oh, Kenny!” Is all you can manage as the tip of his large shaft pushes into you, stretching you ever so slowly, making you whimper, and wrap your arms around his shoulder, your nails clutching his back.

“Say my name again baby.” He orders, moving his hips so that he is pushing into you harder, his hips meeting yours in a relentless pace.

“Kenny, oh Fuck Kenny!” You cry out, pushing your hips to meet his thrusts, your mouth finding his as you both gasp for air around your tongues.

“K-K-Kenny! I’m going to c-c-cum!” You wail as he pulls you up so that he is leaned back, with you on top.

“Let it go baby.” He groans, your hands finding his chest. You begin to bounce, moving up and down on his cock, pushing it deeper than before into you, the feeling sending you flying over the edge into your orgasm, nails digging into his chest.

“Fuck, Y/N!” He Moans out your name, pushing his hips up to meet you as he cums, sending rope after rope of cum into you, filling you.

You collapse on top of him, a smile on your face as you lay draped over his chest, your fingers intertwining with his much larger ones.

  After a moment you both catch your breath and he smiles down at you, blue eyes shinning.

“I guess I like the Versace better on the floor.” He chuckles, making you grin a tired smile.

“Me too, welcome home baby.” You purr before falling asleep in his large arms.


4 Page Letter | Theo Raeken

prompt: Rather than typing out a long message to Theo explaining your feelings for him, a family member suggests being old fashioned and writing a letter. Based on Aaliyah’s 4 Page Letter.

disclaimers: Some cussing to anyone who is against that. Kinda long for anybody with a short attention span like I have.

A/N: My first Teen Wolf imagine, I usually write only Justin Bieber ones but I decided to write some about my other mans Cody Christian/Theo Raeken a.k.a zaddy. And fair warning, I’m mediocre on writing so…there’s that. Hope ya’ll enjoy. xo

She set her phone down on her bed for the third time that hour; she knew what she wanted to tell him but couldn’t put it into words. She rolled over on her bed to where she was lying face up. She reread what he wrote her over and over in her head; she couldn’t believe someone as vigilant as Theo Raeken would confess his feelings.

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stranded || dylan o'brien (part one)

word count: 1954

warnings: death

prompt: none (prologue)

author’s note: this took forever to post and i am so sorry! i know it’s really short, but the next part will be a lot more interesting i promise! i hope you like this

tags: @ sharenaloveyoux


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Adam’s Rib (Part 3D)

Masterlist | Part One | Full-Length Part Two | Part 3A | Part 3B | Part 3C

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: the conclusion. 

Word Count: 8.8k

A/N: …. there’s been a little bit of yelling but honestly we deserve it THANK YOU FOR READING THIS DUMB THING GUYS WE CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MUCH IT MEANS TO US. 

YOU’VE MADE IT TO THE FINAL PART. THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS. sorry for putting you through a novel’s worth of #pain but YOU DID IT LOOK YOU CAN BE DONE NOW.

(we love you a lot, come let us know what you think, and honestly just have fun with the ending, okay b y e)

Warnings: alcohol, drinking, and abuse

You were exhausted by the time you were able to pack up your things, put on your coat, lock up your office, and head down to the lobby. Maybe that was why your internal alarm didn’t immediately go off when you stepped out of the elevator on the bottom floor. Maybe that was why you didn’t see him until he was stood right in front of you with a familiar smile and his hands in his coat pockets.

“Hey, babe,” he said sweetly, stopping you in your tracks as you almost ran into him face first.

Your hands began to shake immediately, hell, your entire body began to shake and your lungs stopped working. There was cement in your veins and ice in your chest cavity and you forgot how to move, how to scream, how to run.

“Adam,” you choked out. “What are you doing here?”

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I Don't Know What To Title This But You&Bestfriend Cal Makeout

Yall all know I suck at titles lmaooo. I’m sorry that I couldn’t think of anything, but at least the imagine is good.

“Dammit, Calum, just find something to watch.“You groaned as your bestfriend flipped the channel for the thousandth time.

"There’s nothing on.” He complained and you rolled your eyes in annoyance.

“Everytime you find something you turn from it and say there’s nothing on.”

“I get bored.” He shrugged.

“And I get annoyed."You shot back and Calum sent you a grin.

"You love me, Y/N. Shut up.”

“I wouldn’t count on that, bud.”

At this Calum let out an exaggerated gasp and faked offense causing you to laugh. You reached over and snatched the remote out of his hand deciding that you’d pick what show to watch. It only took you a few minutes before you decided on CakeBoss.

“Oh my God. No!” He whined, dragging out the word ‘no’ and throwing his head back. “Turn to something else.”



“Stop whining, Calum. This show is good.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Oh well, we’re watching it anyway.”

Calum pouted and folded his arms across his chest. The two of you sat in silence as you watched the people run around the kitchen in a hurry. It didn’t take long before Calum really got into it. You couldn’t even catch his attention by tapping him with your foot. 

During this time, you couldn’t help but to admire the Maori boy as he focused on the cooking show. The longer you stared, the more handsome he had seemed to look. His defined jaw line and cheekbones, his gorgeous chocolate eyes, and his plump, pink lips. You could only imagine what those lips would feel like against your own or how they’d feel leaving kisses down your neck. You bit your lip as you went into deep thought thinking about Calum kissing every inch of your body, unintentionally squeezing your thighs together.

“You okay?” Calum questioned, noticing how you had suddenly began squirming in your seat.

“Yeah, I’m uh…I’m fine.” You said unconvincingly and he raised his eyebrow.

“You sure?”

“Yep, positive.”


Then once it again there was silent and you were left to your thoughts. You imagined him taking you right there on your couch,his lips trailing from your neck to the waistband of your shorts. He’d pull them down along with your panties and leave hickies on the inside of your thighs before his plump lips wrapped around-

“Stop being weird.” He interrupted and you stared at him with a dumb expression on your face.

You blinked a few times before answering, the thought of him going down on you leaving your mind.“ What?”

“You’re staring at me.”

“No I wasn’t.”

“You were.”

“Was not.”

“Were too.”

“Was not.”

“Were too.”

“I was not!”

“ I was looking at you, Y/N!” He laughed and you rolled your eyes playfully.


Calum shook his head at you and mumbled a few things underneath his breath, returning his attention to the tv. At this point you were beyond turned on by the thought of what those lips could do. You clearly weren’t thinking when you slid over closer to him and threw your legs over his lap to straddle him.

“Uhh…Y/N?” He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"I gotta get this out of my system before I explode.” You explained poorly, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“What are you ta-”

You softly pressed your lips against his and Calum’s whole body tensed up. It was only when you pressed them a little harder did he finally respond, his hands hesitantly going to your waist.

“What was that for?” He asked, his eyes wide and you shrugged.

“Your lips are so plump and pink…they looked inviting.”

Calum stared blankly for a few moments then pulled you back in by your neck. You two made out for what felt like hours, and eventually it began to get sloppy. Teeth occasionally clashing, hips rolling against each other, and hands groping. Calum went to lay you on the couch and you wrapped your legs around his waist, allowing him to place open mouth kisses onto your neck. One of Calum’s hands made their way up your shirt while his other began to rub you through your shorts.

“Cal, please.” You begged and he let out a little groan.

“Fuck, this is so wrong.”

“No it’s not.” You mumbled, bringing your lips to his again.

His hand slipped under the waistband of your panties and he ran his fingers up and down your folds before inserting two.

“Oh.” You gasped, biting your lip and rolling your hips up.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” He sighed, but continued. Calum knew that he didn’t want to stop, but there was this voice in the back of his head screaming at him how wrong this was and how bad it was going to end.

“It’s fine, Cal,” you whimpered, “Chill.”

“Y/N, I can’t.” He sighed pulling his hand of your shorts and you groaned.


“I can’t have sex with you…or even do anything sexual with you.”

“And why not?"You questioned him, half of offended, half hurt.

"No, don’t be like that. It’s just…you’re my bestfriend,Y/N, everything’s going to go all wrong.”

“It’s only going to go wrong if you let it. So what we’re best friends? If we want to fuck, then we’ll fuck.” You shrugged bluntly,“ What’s so wrong with that?”

“It’s gonna lead to complications and you know it.”

“I don’t actually."You replied sarcastically.

"Y/N, I’m serious.” He sighed.

“And I am too!”

“It’d be awkward or something after we had sex, Y/N.”

“No it wouldn’t.”

“Look,” He sighed out, pinching the bridge of his nose,“ I don’t want to risk loosing you after we have sex. Even if it’s not awkward and we continue to do it, something is bound to go wrong.”

“Whatever, Cal.” You gave him nothing but attitude and sat upright on the couch, folding your legs underneath you.

“I’m just gonna go.” He pointed to the door with his thumb.

“You know your way out.”

Calum picked up his belongings, placed a kiss to your forehead and saw his way out of your apartment. You let out a loud groan and placed your head in your hands after realising that you just made one of your biggest mistakes yet.

You didn’t know that Calum was going to avoid you for two weeks, not even a simple text. He was so afraid of things going wrong after you two had had sex, but things end up going wrong because of a failed attempt. You were doing the laundry when your phone announced that you had a message.

Cal: Are you home?

You: Wow
        You ignore me for two weeks and then text me to see if I’m home?

Are you home, yes or no

Yes, why?

See you in 10

You just stared down at your phone with your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. You then decided to continue doing your laundry, quickly trying to finish before Calum arrived. After ten minutes there were three hard knocks on the door, followed by a few more a few seconds later. Calum was always one to be on time. As you swung open the door to see him standing there, you immediately asked him questions.

“Care to explain why-”

Calum had pulled you into a kiss,his hands gripping your waist tightly as he tugged you closer to him. You kissed back for a few seconds before pushing him away from you with an angry expression.

“How dare you?!”

“Look, I know what I said, but-”

“You can’t just ignore me for two weeks then show up at my door and kiss me!”

“I’m sorry,” he apologized,“but every since that night all I could think about is what you would feel like wrapped around my cock.”

“Calum…” you warned as he stepped closer, closing the door behind him.

“How wet your pussy would be.” He continued.“ How you would sound as I made you moan and scream my name.”

“Fuck.” You whined, throwing your head back onto your neck.“ You said it would be awkward, stop this.”

“I know, but I only said that because I have feelings for you. Once we have sex I’m only going to fall even more for you and I know you don’t feel the same so-”

“Calum, I think I’ve like you for a while now.” You interrupted and he smiled once you were pressed against the wall.

He gripped your waist again and began to place open mouth kisses to your neck and mumbled out,“So you’re telling me I could’ve fucked you months ago?”


“Mind if I makeup for being a blind idiot now?” He asked as his hand rubbed you through your tights.

“Fuck yes.”

Eh, I coulda ended that a bit better with smut, but it’s so complicated to write in my opinion. I hope yall liked the imagine and my request box is still open. This was just something I typed up a while ago, but I’m trying to go through the request since we’re currently out on Mardi Gras break this week. So, don’t worry ya pretty little heads, I’m working on your imagines.

Masterlist xxx

negloves  asked:

"Do you hate me?" with Angus and Taako, for the prompt meme, because I want to feel pain, I guess ha ha



Angus reached underneath his bed, stretched his fingers and barely managed to grab onto the slim paperback. He pulled it out and blew off a layer of dust as he regarded the cover; “Crockery and Utensils for the Working Chef: A Primer.” Angus hadn’t looked at it in years, hadn’t needed it. He stuffed it in his suitcase anyway.

He shut his bag, pressing down until he could latch it shut, full as it was to bursting. With a huff, he stood and stepped over it, turning in a slow circle.

The wagon was still full of all kinds of stuff – pots and pans and small crates of supplies that couldn’t be stored in the roof compartments or undercarriage. The sink was clean, but still cluttered with soaps and moisturizers that Angus didn’t feel like taking. The small closet in the back still had a bunch of clothes inside it, but he couldn’t take it all, and he’d been meaning to clean it out anyway.

The things that got to him were the things he couldn’t take with him – the blackened hole in his bed frame where he’d freaked out and cast Scorching Ray at a stray spider, the glow-in-the-dark stars that Taako had pasted to the ceiling, the notches Kravitz had made on the doorframe to track Angus’ growth with increasing numbers of exclamation marks. His favorites were the little carvings in the wooden walls, mostly by Angus but a couple by Taako; his were crudely drawn wizards sticking out their tongue or flipping the bird, usually at one of Angus’ slightly more recognizable animals.

It was strange; he’d lived in that wagon for seven years, but it had never felt quite so small as it did then.

Angus felt his chest tighten. He adjusted his glasses and turned away. They would get to Neverwinter tomorrow. He was all packed up now. Might as well spend the evening outside.

Taako was alone by the fire pit. He’d insisted they set camp a ways off the road so he could cook something, but he hadn’t started yet – he was still sitting in a small camp chair, legs crossed, poking idly at his little black recipe book.

“Hey,” Angus said, approaching. “Where’s Kravitz?”

“On call,” Taako said flatly, not looking up. “Apparently.”


Silence. Angus rubbed at one of his elbows through his shirt.

“You mind if I sit?”

Taako made an unconcerned noise. “Do what you want.”

Angus grabbed one of the other two chairs, unfolded and sat in it. Not too close, but not too far either. He laced his fingers in his lap and stared at nothing.


Taako said nothing. He crossed out something in his book with a decisive swipe of his pen. Angus swallowed.

“What’s for dinner?”

“Haven’t decided yet.”

“Really? You made us stop–”

“I haven’t decided,” Taako said curtly, still not looking at him.

Angus frowned and looked away, slouching in his chair.

“If you’re gonna be like this, I can just go.”

Taako snapped his recipe book shut and glared at him. “Be like what?”

Angus met his eyes but said nothing.

“Be like what?” Taako repeated. “Like me?”

“This isn’t like you,” Angus said.

“Bullshit it’s not. Or haven’t you been paying attention?”


“And why do you always call me that?” he asked harshly. “Use my fuckin’ name.”

“What, like you use mine?” Angus retorted. “Do you even know what it is? Or was it not important enough to remember?”

Taako scowled and looked away. He braced his elbow on the chair’s arm and his arm tensed as he lifted his recipe book; it looked for all the world like he was considering tossing it into the fire.

Their last night, and this was how they were spending it.

With a quiet growl, Taako pushed himself out of his chair and started to stalk away. Angus made no move to stop him. Why bother? What good would it do?

Suddenly, Taako spun on his heel, cloak whipping around.

“Do you hate me?”

Angus blinked at him, taken aback. “No,” he said, brow furrowed. “Of course I don’t.”

“Really?” he sneered skeptically. “Are you sure? Think carefully now.”

Angus stood, stepping towards him slowly. “Taako, I don’t hate you.”

“Why not?” Taako taking a step towards him, hands on his hips. “You’ve got plenty of reasons to.”

“I – what?”

Taako held up fingers, counted them off. “I’m cruel, vain, bossy, self-centered, and super fuckin’ arrogant. I’ve treated you like a burden, ordered you around like a servant, made you cry more than once–”

“You gonna approach a point sometime soon?” Angus asked, crossing his arms.

Taako took another stride forward, close enough now that he had to look up to meet Angus’ eyes. He looked… not angry, but intense. Focused.

“Why don’t you hate me?” he asked seriously.

“You know why,” Angus replied, as seriously.

“Then why are you leaving?”

Angus opened his mouth and shut it. Opened and shut it again. Taako didn’t move, didn’t look away. Angus stared at him, tried to see what was behind his eyes and felt like he almost could.

“You know why,” he said quietly.

By degrees, Taako’s expression softened. The edge dulled, the intensity faded. He glanced away and a muscle near his eye twitched.

“I don’t,” he said without conviction. “I don’t.”

Angus uncrossed his arms. “It’s for me,” he said on an exhale. “It’s just something I’ve got to do.”


“Because if I don’t, I’ll never–” He paused. “I’ll never know if I am… who I should be.”

Taako blinked, and Angus was certain he saw the beginnings of tears. His mouth twisted and he looked down, stifling them. Angus couldn’t help but reach out, now, take Taako by the shoulders and pull him into a hug. Taako didn’t pull away.

“I’m sorry,” Angus said.

Taako shook his head against Angus’ shoulder. “No you’re not.”

Angus squeezed tighter. “Yes I am.”

Taako sniffed loudly. Angus called no attention to it.

“I’ll stay in touch,” he said firmly. “I promise.”

“You’d better,” Taako said weakly, finally returning the embrace. “You’d fucking better.”

They stayed that way for a minute. Neither of them seemed willing to end it. Eventually, Taako sighed and pulled away, ducking the brim of his hat. His eyes were shining, but no tears had fallen.

“Think I know what I want for dinner,” he said.


“Yeah.” Taako rolled his shoulders and turned, jerking his head back toward his wagon. “C'mon, you’re helping.”

Angus smiled a little and followed his father.


Kravitz returned less than an hour later, apologizing to Angus for being called away. There was nothing to apologize for, of course, and Angus made that clear. Taako gave him shit for it, but the way he always did, where he didn’t really mean it – we’ve just finished dinner anyway, bonehead, put your skin on and get the plates.

The three of them set up their folding card table, laid out their dishes, and pulled up their chairs. None of them talked about tomorrow, about what Angus’ plans were, about where he’d live or what he’d study at the University. They talked about nothing remotely important. They simply ate together, joked, laughed. It wouldn’t be the last time they were together, of course, but it would be last time it was like this. Angus savored every moment, every word, and every bite.

No one could cook a Chicken Kiev like Taako could.