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The Hunt

Part 2.

 Claire leaned against her pale blue Hudson, a cigarette half forgotten between her fingers. It was well past midnight, her trench’s collar turned up against the unforgiving chill of the night. She needed to get ahead of the police, and for that, she needed what they knew to be going on with.

Her contact had sent word they’d meet her at their usual rendezvous. They were late though, and that made Claire more than a little antsy. She absently took a quick puff of her cigarette and glanced at her wristwatch - 12:34am. What’s taking you so bloody long? she thought irritably. She took one last puff and stomped out the cigarette under her heel. The night’s stillness finally broke as she heard the rumble of a car engine making it’s way toward her. Looking up, she saw dull headlights shine through the haze of fog and smoke. The car came to stop a few metres from her.

“Standing alone, in the dark, in some dingy corner for an hour, isn’t my idea of a well spent evening,” she said without preamble as her contact stepped out of their car.

“There have been some developments since last we spoke, Dr. Beauchamp,” he said, pulling his coat tighter about him.

“Don’t call me that. What’s happened?”

“Someone called the police claiming to have spotted Fraser heading north, deeper into the Highlands. We’ve been scrambling to get all roads leading out of Inverness cordoned off.”

“And was it? Fraser, I mean,” she said, pushing off her car, fear inexplicably shooting through her.

Seeing the cigarette butt on the ground by her feet, he said, “Thought you quit?”

“I did - have. Stop stalling, Grey, and just tell me what you know,” she said impatiently.

He sighed, running a hand through his already disheveled hair. “Well, there’s only so much ‘Saw that big red-heided fecker on the news skulking aboot me ma’s bed ‘n breakfast. Dinna ken where he was going, but seemed right fashed, I’ll tell ye!’ gets you. We sent a couple of units to investigate, but came up with nothing. If he was there, he’d long been gone by the time we’d arrived.”

She smiled. By all accounts, Fraser was intelligent, he wouldn’t linger too long in one place. He also knew these lands like the back of his hand, cordoning off the roads would only slow him down, not stop him. “You know, John, for someone who’s lived in Scotland as long as you have, your attempt at a Scottish accent’s rather atrocious,” she said lightly.

“Yes well, I wouldn’t attempt it in a room full of them, that’s for sure,” he replied with a self-deprecating chuckle. He looked at her then, concern lining his face. “How’d you get involved in this, Dr- Claire? This isn’t your usual type of case by any means.”

She leaned back against her car and he slowly came to lean beside her. “His uncle came to see me this morning. I can’t quite explain it, but there’s something odd about this one, John. I believed his uncle when he said Fraser wouldn’t do this. I believed it even more when I saw the crime scene -” Grey looked indignant as he took a breath to say something, she quickly cut him off and continued, “- I know what you’re going to say, you don’t need to say it, dammit! But Fraser couldn’t have done this, John.”

She slowly told him everything she’d observed in the study earlier that night, explaining the blood splatter patterns, the angles and directionality. Grey patiently listened, taking in all she said, but doubt still flitted across his half hidden features.

“All that is plausible, and certainly the coroner’s report noted the acute angle of Randall’s initial wound, but… Perhaps Fraser was crouched before Randall and struck upwards in a backhanded motion. Could explain the patterns you saw?” He said watching her.

“Perhaps…” she said, “but here -” she said pulling at his sleeve so he stood in front of her. He was a few inches taller than her, just tall enough for what she needed to show him. She leaned in and pulled out her torch from the glove compartment of her car and handed it to him. “Here. Say you’re Fraser, and you’re coming up at Randall from a crouched position,” Grey looking at her dubiously, but complied and crouched before her. “Ok, now swing the torch at me, backhanded as you suggest.” Grey did as he was told, and the torch slowly came up and gently touched her just under the left side of her jaw. Grey looked surprised. “I’m willing to bet Randall’s head wound was around his temple, was it not?” He nodded. She took the torch from him and took him by the shoulders, straightening him up in front of her. “Now,” she said, a little too excited for Grey’s liking. “Say the assailant was shorter and right handed, as I suspect,” she brought the torch in a wide arc towards Grey’s head, the tip touching his temple, then gently pushing his head, extending the torch’s arc into a full swing. With her arm still outstretched, she looked at Grey who followed the path her arm had taken and knew he saw it more or less matched the angle of the blood on the Manse’s walls. “When someone whose heart is racing - adrenaline pumping through their system - gets a head wound of any sort, it bleeds far more than you’d believe. Even a small wound can look worse than it really is. And judging by the bedlam that’d broken loose in that study, Randall’s heart was definitely pumping. A well placed blow, even from a weaker assailant, could and did cause enough damage to turn the tide in their favor.”

Grey stood a moment, processing. “Why’d he run though? If Fraser had nothing to do with this. His fingerprints were on the murder weapon, for Christ’s sake!”

“I don’t know,” she admitted, “but that’s why I have to get to him before anyone else does! He needs someone who’ll truly listen to him, and not just shoot and ask questions later.”

“Fraser doesn’t strike me as the type to come quietly. He will fight back, no matter who goes after him” Grey said darkly.

“He has his reasons,” Claire countered.

“You speak as if you know him,” Grey said, curiously. He could tell from the look on her face, her own adamance surprised her. “If you’re right, we’re hunting an innocent man.”

“I am. And you are,” she said.

“The Frasers once owned an estate somewhere not too far from Inverness,” he said quietly. Lallybroch, she thought immediately, the name floated to the surface of her memory, Fraser’s uncle had told her about it. “We’re working on the assumption Fraser is perhaps looking to go hide out in the ruins. Finding the location is our number 1 priority. I suggest you work faster.”

Grey made to move towards his car when she asked, “Do you have the name of the estate, by any chance?”

“Castle Leoch, according to local records. Belonged to his mother’s ancestors.”

Leoch? “To the north is it?” she said a little too casually.

“Yes,” Grey said, watching her. “Whatever you’ve just figured out, Beauchamp, work quickly. It won’t be long until we figure it out too.” He looked at her a moment longer, a sadness flitting across his face before he sighed and said, “Why do you always do this? Get attached so?”

“If I didn’t get attached, John, Hal would be dead,” she said, unable to meet his eye.

“And you’d still be a doctor,” he countered softly.

He made to get back into his car, when a thought occurred to her, “John,” she called and he half turned, jerking his chin at her. “Did you manage to question the eyewitness? The one who saw Fraser near the B&B?”

He shook his head, “No. We couldn’t find them and the innkeeper claimed her son to be working down in Newcastle.”

Claire turned so he wouldn’t see the smile that split her face. Sneaky bastard.


Claire drove furiously through the night. Murtagh had given her the directions she needed to get to Lallybroch within a few of hours, perhaps it’d be enough to reach Fraser before the police figured out he wasn’t heading north. And with Fraser’s diversion - for she had no doubt he was the one who made the call that sent the police scurrying north, while he ran south - she may have the head start she needed.

The sun had barely began to touch the horizon as she caught her first glimpse of the derelict Manor. Seeing it gave Claire her first stab of uncertainty. What if Fraser wasn’t here? What if she’d grossly miscalculated, misjudged the man she thought Fraser to be?

“The lad’s had his problems, but his dream ever since he was a wean, has always been to renovate his family’s estate,” she heard his Godfather say in memory. “His mother once painted Lallybroch as it once was and the lad has never been able to get the image out of his mind. Unfortunately, the only way he’d ever have the money to fix it up as he dreamed, would be to sell the property.”

“Catch 22,” Claire had said with a sad smile.

“Aye,” he’d replied quietly. “He’d go there, whenever he needed time away. Time to himself. He didna tell anyone save me and his Da. Sleeping in the ruins, picturing what it could be.” He’d looked at her then and sighed, “he isna a violent lad, he’s a hopeful one.”

The estate’s ruins came into full view as she crested up the finally corner, the dim grey light of dawn cast it in eerie, foggy shadows. Her car came to an unnaturally loud, grinding to a stop just feet from the stairs that led inside. Her fingers twitched towards her flip knife as she slowly got out of the car. If she was right about Fraser, she wouldn’t need it. Get a bloody grip, Beauchamp, there’s nothing to fear!

She was immediately swallowed by a dusty, dank darkness the moment she stepped inside. “Mr. Fraser,” she called tentatively moving gingerly further into the house. There was no answer, no sound but her crunching footfalls on the ages worth of debris. “Fraser,” she said more forcefully, as an unease began to settle in her bones. She felt, rather than saw, a swift rush of movement to her left, moments before a grimy hand clamped down hard on her mouth, yanking her head back and stifling the scream that caught in her throat, while another slowly, carefully, pushed sharp, bitingly cold steel to her exposed neck.

“I dinna ken who ye are,” a deep Scottish brogue hissed in her ear, “but ye’ve made one grave mistake coming here.”


Safe Haven

Hey guys- this oneshot is a continuation of 13x23, about Omelia staying at Meredith’s with the Shepherd kids while the chaos ensues in Grey Sloan Memorial after the fire. According to Debbie Allen, apparently there would be 2 storylines going on at the same time in the season finale. I’m assuming that the storylines are the fire and Omelia at Meredith’s. Here, I’m going to explore how Amelia would be there to support Owen, while babysitting the Shepherd kids.

This is also based on a prompt sent to @omeliafics

Prompt : Can someone write something about a prediction of what happens after the last Omelia scene we saw ( Owen sleeping) and what happens when Megan comes and stuff?

P.s  This is written before the season finale airs.

Thank you so much @jia911 for helping me to proofread this  :)

The door closed behind Meredith, leaving Amelia alone in the sitting room with Owen still peacefully sleeping on her lap.

He had poured out his heart and soul to her earlier on, as he admitted to how guilty he felt for giving up on finding Megan and moving on with his life while she was being held captive and most probably tortured. He let out all his anguish and regret as he sobbed in her arms while she held him in a warm, comforting embrace. After all the times he had been there for her, including holding her as she sobbed in the elevator a week ago, she knew it was her turn to support him. So she held him tight and rocked him in her arms, the gesture which she knew would bring him comfort. Gradually, his sobs ceased as his hold on her loosened and his eyes closed.

She slowly rested his head on her lap as she stroked his hair softly, like she would do to the Shepherd kids to calm them down. Looking down at Owen’s sleeping figure, Amelia felt a guilt pang. She ran away and left him with a mere note, letting him believe that he was responsible, when in fact all he had been was kind, caring and loving towards her. His eyebrows were still furrowed in his sleep, inadvertently showing the burdens he had been carrying alone all this while. She now realized that when they had been staying apart - she still had her sisters to talk to, and her nieces and nephew to cheer her up. Owen, on the other hand, had no one at all. He had been keeping all his emotions, his anger, loneliness and sadness pent up inside, and they all exploded when he received news about Megan.

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Nico x MC - complicated

Nico watched the Princess as she strolled down the hall away from him. Deep in conversation with Giles, her curled ponytail bounced every time she nodded in agreement.

Letting out a sigh, Nico rubbed the back of his neck. Why was everything so complicated? Infiltrating Wysteria had been the easy part, becoming a gentleman butler, learning the Wysterian etiquette, making tea, carrying luggage, but this - she - was not expected.

He had not expected this beautiful, lovely person to become the Princess of Wysteria, no- as a matter of fact, she should have been his enemy. She should have been a snarling, rude, ugly, detestable woman - of course she was absolutely none of those. No matter how hard he tried to convince himself, he could not hate her, hell, he couldn’t even dislike her, and on top of that - he actually thought he was in love with her.

Nico went about his daily chores, well whatever he could do to ensure he looked like a butler, a long with some major snooping. He found his way to Giles’ study. Fortunately Giles was not giving the Princess a lesson- he was in a meeting, he would be gone for at least another hour. Nico flipped through documents and searched in drawers, anything to get some inside information on Wysteria.

About midway through his search, Nico’s keen ears heard someone coming down the hall. His pulse quickened - was Giles back already? Assuming the worst, Nico clamored into the tight wardrobe in the office and shrunk behind the winter coats.

The person entered and the door clicked shut behind them. Nico heard a heavy sigh and someone murmuring under their breath in a quiet voice, a high pitched voice - unlike Giles’ deeper tone.

Peeking through the cracked door, Nico’s eyes spied the Princess as she slid down onto the sofa with a soft thud. She wiped tears from her cheeks and sniffled quietly.

From his napping spot on the chair, Michelangelo appeared to comfort the Princess, rubbing his cheek on her leg and purring softly.

“Oh, Michelangelo,” the Princess sighed, “I can’t do this. I can’t be Princess and learn these things, and meet all these people, and find a suitor. I’m not cut out for this.”

The Princess slouched on the sofa as the cat jumped into her lap.

Nico’s heart broke for her. He felt the weight of her sadness.

“I can’t tell anyone,” she whispered hoarsely to her confidant. “No one would understand,”

Nico had to restrain himself from bursting through the closet doors and telling her how much he supported her. It took all his might to stay hidden. I want to tell you so badly how much faith I have in you Princess! And - and I love you!

A hand clapped over Nico’s mouth. He’d almost blurted the words out loud.

A few minutes later, the Princess dried her eyes. She set Michelangelo aside and stood up from the sofa, smoothed her skirts, and left the room.

Nico took the chance to leave and hurried out of the office before he was found out, the Princess’ confession still on his mind.

Hours later he entered the Princess’ chambers for tea service. She was sitting on her sofa reading a book on Wysterian history. She looked up at him with a smile.

“Hi,” she said, “thank you so much Nico,”

Nico’s face reddened, he stuttered for a moment - he’d wanted to say something, but she didn’t know he knew about her breakdown earlier.

Instead he put on a brave face. “Doing well this evening, Princess?”

She nodded. “Yes, thank you.”

“Is everything ok?” He asked as he poured her a cup of earl grey and offered it to her.

“Everything is fine,” she said, reaching to take the teacup and saucer. “Why are you so serious tonight?”

Nico shrugged. He didn’t know what to do. He certainly didn’t want to leave her there alone all night.

“Nico you’re not acting yourself,” she chuckled and took a sip of her beverage, “are you ok?”

He sat down in the chair across from her, “Sometimes, I wish things were different, don’t you?

"Like what?”

“Like maybe, I wasn’t a … a butler, and you weren’t a princess, do you wonder what things would be like?” Nico’s eyes wandered as he spoke, unable to meet her gaze.

“Being a princess is fine, it’s got its perks I guess,” She lied. “You don’t always have to be a butler, I’m sure Giles would let you work into another position …”

“Right…” Nico said.

If only he really were a butler and it was that easy.

Professor’s First Kiss

Summary: While reader is out to dinner with Chuck, Professor John makes a surprise appearance. This was not how you thought your night would go.
Characters: Professor John Winchester & Female Reader
Word Count: Just shy of 1,200
Warnings:  Slight language, alcohol consumption, kissing (but seriously, does that really need a warning?).
Author’s Note: Part 2 of my Professor John series. GIF not mine (x) @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @hidingfrommychildren @balthazars-muse @mrs-squirrel-chester @aprofoundbondwithdean @mrswhozeewhatsis @iowarose

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For Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

A journey through separation, heartbreak, uncertainty, and support, into the happiness, love, and life that they more than deserve.

8tracks:  Side A  |  Side B

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art credits: x , x , x

Hot babe in a Harley

Imagine Tig is trying to sell his old motorbike and wants you to pose as a model, your old man Chibs getting jealous 

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“What’s that?” Jax asked looking at the parking lot of TM, squinting his eyes a little, confused looking. “Is that…”

Chibs didn’t nodded, Chibs didn’t made a single move as his stoic face remained while looking at the small photo shoot Juice was doing, being directed, of course, by Tig Trager. “Yeah…” He was fighting so hard the urge of running towards Tig’s old fat boy and knock you off from it. “Lass wanted a new dress…” He chugged down some of his beer. “Didn’t wanted me to buy it for her and Tig showed up…” 

You’ve been married to Chibs for 5 years now, yet you haven’t worked in those 5 years. You were a stay at home old lady; You were sick and tired of Chibs always buying you things whenever you needed/wanted them. So when you saw the red dress in the store the other day you decided you would get a job and buy it yourself. 

Then Tig showed up, of course. He was desperate for selling his old Fat Boy, wanted to start saving to buy another Dyna. He even called an LA magazine to announce it and they asked him for some high quality photos of it; said it will help if they got a girl on it. Being friends with Tig since you met everyone on the club made it easier for him to ask you to pose with his bike and after asking some fellow crow eaters some clothes you were there, under the burning sun, all leather, high heels and studs, leaned over the bike and striking cheeky faces. 

Which had your old man’s panties in a bunch. You stroke another pose as Juice snapped a second picture, as you smiled and leaned against the bike, sitting on top of it now. Tig smile was priceless, as he eyed you up and down. Chibs took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the car he was fixing, as Jax leaned on it and kept staring t the whole scene. 

“You ok with this?”

“Of course not.” The Scotsman said. “I trust Tig, Jackie-Boy, but…” His breath got stuck on his throat when you leaned more, your butt cheeks in full display, shinning under the leather. “Jesus fuck…” He said grabbing a monkey wrench from the tool box. Jax stopped him in the middle of the way, holding his wrist.

“Chibs…” He said with a smirk as the grey goatie man looked still at your little circus you were putting on. “C’mon, man, you agree on this…”

“I agree of her sitting on the bike and smiling a bit flirty, not this bloody Playboy shoot!” He said, accent getting thicker as he saw a couple of Sons staring at your work too. He let out a deep breath. “I need to stop this shit.” Jax smirked, entertained of seeing Chibs this jealous. He walked past the parking lot, heavy boots making it pretty obvious he was mad as hell. Tig turned around when he saw him walk closer and tapped Juice’s shoulder, but he was too invested in his job to notice.

“Lower…” Juice said, talking about you leaning on the camera. “And lower…” He said, sticking the point of his tongue out. “Perfect.” He snapped the picture but only got the dark navy blue of Chib’s pants.

“Put the camera away, Spielberg.” He said, putting his hand on the camera lent as he took off his shirt, throwing it at you. You arched an eyebrow as you saw the greasy and dirty item hit your exposed chest. 

“Babe?” You asked. Chibs pointed at Tig who was now trying to hold his laugh with his mouth.

“Over. First and last time.” The blue eyes man nodded as he was now laughing his eyes out, knowing how Chibs felt. You looked up at him with puppy eyes, his shirt still on your chest. 

“Chibs, I really wanted that dress…” You said as he grabbed your hand and started walking towards his bike on the opposite side. “Now He’s not gonna pay me!” You pouted a little and whined. “Chibbie…” You said stopping and refusing to move. Chibs groaned and turned around, grabbing you by your waist and maybe a little lower, pushing you against him. 

“Okay,okay. “ He said sighing. “First of all he’s going to pay you because he got his photos and second of all I’ll buy you a hundred and one dresses just..” You eyed up at him. “Don’t wear this outfit outside our bedroom…” You smiled, looking down as you felt rose in your cheeks. He picked you up easily and placed you on the bike, before hoping himself and driving you towrds your house. 

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Could you do "No like…. I cant believe you’re actually wearing my clothes" with D.O please?? Love your blog xxxx

The rain poured, it wasn’t the gentle drizzle on a summers night where it barely dampens your clothes and merely coats your skin. This was the type of rain you would expect on the worst night of your life. The kind of rain that would resemble a broken heart.

That kind of rain happened on one the happiest days you have had in a long time.

You started to date Kyungsoo eight months ago, you’d met him accidentally when you had got lost on your way to a supermarket. It was comical how you managed to lose your way, but you were new to town. You knew nothing and no one, he had been your saviour. He gave you tips on a kimbap recipe as well.

You figured that the cute boy from the supermarket was just your average joe, except that he wasn’t. He was the globally known D.O from EXO.

After that, he’d been gone for a long while and you assumed he was on tour or along the lines of what idol does. He appeared in front of you while you were in the queue waiting for a coffee, he waved his hand in front of your face to get your attention.

“Hey? I thought it was you” he smiled, well you thought it was a smile since he was wearing a mask, he saw you staring at it.

“Oh yeah, I have to hide behind this so people don’t recognise me” you nodded, with your mouth in the form of ‘0’

“How have you been?” and from there, a friendship formed. That eventually grew to a relationship and now you were here.

“I didn’t think it would rain that hard” he itched the back of his neck nervously. You were both standing underneath the shelter on a doorway.

“What shall we do?” you wiped away droplets that fell onto you.

“My dorm is just around the corner, I’m sure they guys won’t mind if you came over, or stayed over…?” he grabbed your hand, looking back at you.

“You ready to run?” he smiled, his thick lips forming a delicate curve.

“As ready as I’ll ever be” you laughed, the sound was loud.

By time you both got back to the dorm, you were drenched. Head to toe.

Kyungsoo disappeared inside the dorm, you took of your shoes and placed them away so they would sit in a puddle and not get the others shoes wet. You stood, your socks wet and forming their own puddle.

“Hey. Have this” he passed a towel towards you, he gave you some slippers while he walked barefoot.

He looked back at you and blushed slightly, his eyes glimmered slightly. You could tell he was nervous because he always has a signature tick. He picked at his shirt.

“um this is my room, and I do share with Chanyeol” you followed him in and his side of the room was clean.

“Yeah… I’m the clean one” you both laughed, you pushed one of Chanyeols teddies to the side slightly so you could make room.

“Do you have a spare towel? I don’t want to get anything wet” you blushed slightly out of embarrassment, you gestured to your very obvious drenched clothing and he immediately shot up.

“I’m so sorry, I completely forgot that we just got caught in the rain” this time, he burned a cherry red on his face and you smiled at his slight awkwardness.

You both were still in that phase of getting to know each other, discovering more about each other. The first few months were spent with him away on tour most of the time so you both never got to actually spend time together. The fact that you both managed to keep it a secret away from the media and the fans was amazing to even you.

“ok so, I couldn’t find any towels but here are my clothes.” They looked worn and soft, you took them gently, feeling nervous over nothing.

“I’ll leave the room so you can change” he smiled warmly.

He left the room, you began to peel the wet clothing off of you. Slowly and uncomfortably, they came off with some ease. You dried yourself with the towel.

You picked up his shirt, it was navy blue with a cartoon penguin on it. His pants were a simple grey jogger, they fit almost perfectly but that was because he was shorter.

“You opened the door to let him know that you had finished, that it was ok for him to come back inside.

He followed you silently, not a sound came from him and when you looked back to see if he was ok. He looked in awe, his eyes shined with adoration and he held a shy smile upon his face.

“Are you ok?” you walked over to him, intertwining your hands together.

“No like…. I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes” he thumbed the end of his shirt.

“You look so cute in them” he pulled you to him, wrapping his arms gently around you. The slight pressure at the stop of your shoulders felt amazing, his warmth leaked into you.

“I love your hugs” you muttered, you felt his smile. He was a similar height to you, so your head rested against his perfectly.

a/n: hey! thank you so much :3

Imagine loving Crowley

You were a hunter, you were suppose to be tough, a killer, a protector. When most people think about hunters they don’t picture someone who is hopelessly in love, someone who gets weak at the knees in the presence of one man, if you can even call him that, someone who is participating in the most dangerous act of hunting right now. Hunters who fall in love end up dead. 

 "You have a date?“ Sam asked as he and Dean looked at you surprised. 

“Yea I do, I left some diner food in the fridge for you both and even got a pie from the store, I left it in the fridge too. I should be home late so don’t wait up for me. And don’t you dare send Cas to spy on me." 

 "Well you look fabulous.” Dean replied as he pointed his glass bottle of beer towards your turquoise sun dress. 

 "Thank you. I’ll see you later.“ 

You walked over to both boys and placed a kiss on their checks before you ran from the dirty, conjoined motel room and towards the sidewalk under your umbrella in the pouring rain. You walked for a bit before you reached the park. You looked up towards the grey sky and muttered under your breath, "Ok dear, I am ready." 

 "Well don’t you look breathtaking.” He hissed as you turned to look at his freshly shaven face. You smiled as he reached his hand out to you and you kindly took it. 

 "I must say you don’t look to bad yourself Fergus.“ You smiled as his smile dropped a bit. 

"I knew I should have never told you my real name." 

 "Oh Crowley, you know you love it when I say it.” He pulled you closer, now you both were protected under the umbrella and you were laughing at the closeness you now had. 

“So Dove did you…." 

"I didn’t tell them who the date was with, just not to follow. I mean could you imagine the look on their faces if I were to say, I have been seeing the king of hell now for a few months and am about to attend a date with him." 

 "Well one day we may have to." 

 "Today is not that day though.” You leaned closer and soon had his lips against yours. When you pulled apart and opened your eyes you couldn’t help but smile. For you still felt like a little school girl when you were with him, you still got the butterflies, the giggles, the uncontrollable smile. You knew deep down he felt the same when it came to you and you could tell that he loved you. 

“So Dove what do you feel like having tonight?” He smiled down at you as he wrapped an arm around you. 

 "Hmmmmm how about Italian?“ You answered as you felt the world disappear around you and another take form around you. 

 A few days later you were walking done the road, you had told the boys that you were going on a quick run to the store. You needed some snack food for the trip home, plus you had seen this adorable teddy bear in the display case when you had bought the boys the pie, and the more you thought of it the more you wanted the little teddy bear dressed up as a devil for your king. However you were unaware that when you walked into the street after you made the purchase that a few demons would come out of the wood works and somehow knock you out. 

 "Something is wrong.” Cas appeared in the middle of the hotel room as Sam and Dean sat at the table, eating some left over pie. 

“Well yea, we are out of pie. But [Y/N] went to get more so…” Dean started 

 "No something is wrong with her.“ Cas said, "do you know where she was going?" 

"She was going to get some stuff for the road at the store. Why?" 

"Take me there." 

 The boys wasted no time piling into the impala and speeding towards the store. When they got there they were greeted by the plastic bag spilled on the pavement. 

"What could have happened?” Sam asked 

 "I have a pretty good idea, and I think there is only one man who can answer us. Dean, get the devil trap ready.“ Cas instructed. 

 "Squirrel, Moose, Giraffe, why is it that you can’t just call, I mean really summoning me into a devil’s trap is getting old.” Crowley, what did you do with her?“ Dean growled 

 "What do you mean? Hey aren’t you a member short?" 

"Crowley we know that you took her to get to us, now where is she?” Dean was trying so hard to keep his anger in check but it wasn’t going to last long. 

“Wait, someone took Dove?" 

Crowley’s eyes widened with fear, for he had no idea she was gone and knew that there was only one reason that someone would want her, and it had nothing to do with the Winchesters that she cared for so dearly or the baby in a trench coat who made her smile so much, it was him. The little demon king who she loved so deeply, who loved her despite the fact that he was suppose to be incapable of love. For he knew that there were demons in hell who wanted to ruin him, overthrow him from the throne and command hell without him, he thought that he had kept her a secret, kept her safe, for she was the only true weakness he had. 

 "Don’t act like you had no idea.” Cas snapped pulling Crowley back to reality. He looked into the blue eyes and then traveled to the hazel, and finally fell to the green eyes. 

 "I had no idea really, for why would I take the most precious thing I have, I do however know who took her and possibly where we could find her, but first you must let me out of this bloody trap.” 

 "I will, once you tell what the hell you mean about her being the most precious thing you have.“ 

"Oh Squirrel, she didn’t want me to tell you but she will understand I guess. We have been seeing each other for the past few months and I love her. The reason she was taken was probably to hurt me. As you no doubt know not everyone is pleased with the change of command." 

 "So she was taken because of you?” Sam asked 

 "I believe so and chances are she was taken to the head quarters, which is a warehouse not far from here and trust me, I will waste no time torturing them with the most torturous torture they have ever seen.“ 

 "Fine.” Cas walked up and dragged his foot though the circle, creating a small gap to form, “take us." 

 "This should be the place.” Crowley moved the shrub branches to reveal the abandoned warehouse, some of the windows glowed with light which could only be caused by a light or fire. 

 "How many do you estimate are in there?“ Sam asked as the four of them looked towards the building. 

"Anywhere between 5-20 probably." 

 "Well this should be a walk in the park.” Dean sarcastically said 

“It’s not you they are after so you should be ok, however for Dove and I…" 

"Let’s not think about that.” Cas cut in as he started towards the warehouse with the others. 

“So here is the plan…” Dean started but was cut off by your screams. For inside about 7 demons where torturing you, they have to tied to a table, only your panties and bra on, as they slowly sliced you open. For your screams were all Crowley needed to hear. The other three turned to see the Scottish King had vanished and they ran inside after him.

 Crowley was on the second level, down the hall was the room with light, and where your screams were originating from. He set off towards the light, his face contorted with anger. He peeked into the sight and then walked in causally. 

“Don’t you know it’s not nice to treat your honored guest like that?” He said, causing every head to turn, including yours. Crowley saw the tear running down your face and he quickly filled with more rage. 

 "By honored guest you mean your cheap fuck.“ A demon hissed 

 "No I mean your future queen.” And then with just a snap of his fingers the demons disappeared. He hurried towards you, throwing his coat off and laying it over you as he worked at freeing you. Within seconds your hands and feet were freed and Crowley had you wrapped in his jacket and in his arms. 

“What….what did you…." 

"I sent them to the deepest point in hell, where they shall only know pain and agony.” You smiled as you buried your head deeper into his chest.

The boys then came running in and before you knew it Cas had placed a hand on you, causing all the scars to disappear. 

“Thank you giraffe.” Crowley replied as he pulled you closer to him before you disappeared into the hotel room where he gently set you on the bed, his hand instantly finding their way to your duffle and pulling out a pair of sweats and a black tank top for you. 

After you were dressed you tried to return the jacket but he put his hand up and said, “No darling, it looks far better on you." 

"So what do they know?” You whispered as he sat next to you on the bed and placed a hand on your knee. 

“Well they know we have been seeing each other for a while and that I have something to tell you." 

"And that would be?" 

 "I love you." 

"What… Did u just  say….." 

"I love you. I have for a while now but I never knew how to tell you. However seeing you on that table made me realize it didn’t matter how I told you, as long as I did." 

"I love you too Fergus.” You leaned your head up and kissed him, sadly though you were cut short though when Dean said, “gross, really guys get off each other." 

"What Squirrel, are you jealous?" 

"No just disgusted that you would put your dirty, demon mouth anywhere near her." 

 "Now that wasn’t very nice.” “Well I am not nice to your kind." 

"What do you mean…" 

"THATS IT!” you yelled, causing all three to look at you, “I love him Dean, and if you don’t like that then fake like you do because I refuse to give up the love of my life because big bad Dean Winchester can’t handle the King of Hell dating his hunting buddy. So ether get out or stop bitching!" 

And then he left, Cas and Sam not far behind, leaving you and Crowley to make out, along with other things 


<b> <i> [1-3/?] <i>


his music was blaring in his ears, his hood up in hopes to not only conceal his face but block out the noise from the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop.  he couldn’t deny that he enjoyed the drinks and pastries the tea kettle served, but the buzzing atmosphere always left him wishing he was back in the quiet of the manor.  “medium earl grey for adam!” rang out, he almost didn’t hear it on account of his headphones, but he took a step forward to take the drink only to grab the cup a little too hard, crushing it and causing the scalding tea to spill everywhere.  “fuck!” he yelled as the liquid burned his hand and he instinctively pulled it back, spilling the tea all over the counter.  “shit, dammit!” 

My daddy is a rockstar - Austin Carlile imagine

So this is my very first imagine, please request if you liked it and want me to make a part 2. And I’ll take all requests and ideas for other imagines ;)

I was tidying and cleaning the house I shared with my husband of 5 years for the hundredth time today. Austin has been on tour with his band Of Mice & Men for a month now, and since they had 3 days off he decided to take the first flight and come home to spend them with me. I was always a bit nervous but most of all excited when he came home from tour. I was once again checking the little present I had for him when I heard a knock on the front door and Austin’s voice.

“Babe, I’m home !”

I quickly ran to the hall, and as he was putting his bags on the floor I jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

“I missed you so much Austin” I said with my face burried in the crook of his neck, taking all of his scent.

“I missed you too Y/N, I’m glad I’m home” he said while kissing my neck.

He pulled away a bit, only to kiss me passionately two seconds later. Throughout the kiss, I suddenly thought of the present that was waiting for him. I pulled away from the kiss and the nervousness was back in my mind.

“What’s wrong babe ?”

“Nothing really, but I do have something for you upstairs. Follow me !” I said as I took his hand and led him to the stairs and then to our bedroom, making him sit on the bed. “Wait a second, ok ?”

I quickly rummaged in my drawer to find a little box wrapped in paper with a grey ribbon around it.

“Open it !” I told Austin after handing him the box.

He looked at me in the eyes and then at the box with a suspicious look on his face.

“What is it for babe ? Valentine’s day is only tomorrow and we don’t use to buy each other presents usually - ”

“I know I know Aus” I cut him off, “But this is not exactly for Valentine’s day you know, it’s something… Special. Open it please !”

I was sitting Indian style on the bed in front of my husband, waiting nervously for him to open the box, anxious about his reaction. He starded unwrapping the ribbon and paper and finally opened the box. He gave me another suspiscious look when he took the little baby onesie out of the box.

“My daddy is a rockstar” He read. “But babe I’m not a da- Wait, are you serious ?!”

“Yes Austin, I’m pregnant ! We’re gonna be parents” I told him, still not knowing if it was a positive reaction or not, even if the two of us have been trying for a few months now.

“Babe that’s amazing ! For how long have you known ? Why didn’t you tell me ?”

“I’ve know for a week now, I’m only 8 weeks pregnant. I wanted to surprise you since you were coming home in only a few days, but believe me it was hard not to tell you on the phone !” I told him.

“I’m so happy ! I can’t believe we finally get to start our little family together. I can’t wait to meet this little baby” he almost yelled, holding me tightly in his arms and kissing my head.

“Well speaking of it, I hope you don’t mind waking up early tomorrow because I have a doctor appointment at 9 AM for the first sonogram.” I told him yawning a bit since it was almost midnight.

“Anything for my babies ! Now let’s go to sleep, I can’t wait for this appointment. And it’s late, you two need some sleep” He happily said, kissing my still flat stomach.

He got up to take boxerbriefs in the drawer and handed me one of his shirts, and then came back to bed crawling next to me.

“I love you so much Y/N, goodnight !” He whispered while kissing my shoulder and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I love you too Austin” I answered, already drifting to sleep.

Partners: Part One

Hartbig AU. (My first AU fic… be delicate.) SWF right now, but not forever. 

Grace is one of a kind. While each of her classmates fall into some sort of clique; jocks, nerds, popular kids, band geeks, she just floats in-between groups, defying the high school stereotypes. It’s not that she does it on purpose. She just happens to get good grades, while running on the track team, playing tennis and thanks to her older brother, knows a few of the cooler upperclassmen. 

It can be hard though. Since she isn’t with a defined group of kids, she often times finds herself getting left out. Such is the case in third hour biology, one fateful afternoon. The teacher has said every student’s favorite words, “You may pick your own parter.”

Kids scrambled up from their desks and glommed on to their friends across the classroom. The always more reserved Grace, had waited for the hustle and bustle to die down before choosing a person to team up with. Unfortunately, during her wait, everyone had found a pair, leaving her as the only person alone. “Ok, now. It looks like everyone has a partner, so we’ll get started.”, the teacher said, pulling out a slide for the projector. 

“Umm… Mrs. Cole, I don’t have a partner.”, Grace said slightly embarrassed. 

“Oh, I’m sorry Grace. I didn’t even notice. How about we put you with…” Before she could finish her sentence, Hannah Hart burst through the doorway, with a pass in her hand.

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I was tagged about a million years ago by titania522 with the drabble prompt “Don’t Get Me Wrong.”

I’m about 150 hours outside of the 48 hour challenge target, but I had a sudden inspiration. Hope this is ok!

Once in awhile
Two people meet
Seemingly for no reason
They just pass on the street
Suddenly thunder, showers everywhere
Who can explain the thunder and rain
But there’s something in the air 

Don’t Get Me Wrong by The Pretenders

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Story time

When I was a kid, I lived on this tiny estate with like no other kids on it except for this one boy about my age who lived right across the hall from me, so we kind of became best friends since there was nobody else for us to play with.
Anyway, i remember this one time we thought it would be an awesome idea to swap clothes (idk why we were like 7 at the time) ok so theres me in his baggy boy clothes (which i loved tbh) and then theres him in my little blue denim skirt, grey tights, red t shirt and flashy pink trainers ((THE FUCKING AWESOME ONES THAT LIGHT UP WHEN YOU TOOK A STEP. YEAH.))
So, there we are parading around the estate together in each others clothes feeling bloody proud that we’d had such a great idea, and this estate is like mainly made up of elderly people (who all know us since we grew up there) and most of them were giving us dirty looks but we didnt know why so we ignored them.
Anyway, eventually we’re just sitting on the bottom floor talking when his mum comes in looking furious. She takes one look at us in each others clothes, smiling like idiots and she explodes, “WHAT ARE YOU STUPID CHILDREN DOING?! YOU CANT WEAR EACH OTHERS CLOTHES!!”
Shes like ripping our clothes off and making us change, and we are both so confused. He asks why we cant and she screams “ITS JUST WRONG. BOYS CANT WEAR GIRLS CLOTHES, ITS DISGUSTING!”
So she marches me up to my house and tells my mum about it, who just laughs and says we were only messing around but his mum was so furious she grounded him for a week.
I remember being so confused, I just couldn’t understand why she was so angry about him wearing my clothes?
And that was my first experience with trans-phobia. We were just kids at the time so we didn’t even know that it could make people mad, but the fact that it DID piss someone off is pathetic.

you-aholicx whispered: Hi! I was wondering if you can make me a really cute Luke imagine? (I’m a huge hopeless romantic and a sucker for cute and fluffy stuff hahaha :3) pleaaase<3

A/N: Luke fluff is the best fluff! Hope you like it sweetie <3

Luke-Hot chocolate at 3am (request for ledisneyfreak)

“Y/N? What are you doing up?” Came the cranky tired voice of your boyfriend, Luke.

“Sorry Honey. I didn’t mean to wake you up. I was just making some hot chocolate.” You said, turning to stir you hot chocolate.

“Babe, can I have some?” Luke said, wrapping his arms around you waist and burying his face in your hair.

“Ok Lukey.” You said going to get his mug. Luke sat down on the kitchen stool and yawned. His hair was a mess and he was wearing baggy grey sweat pants. His eyes where tired and you felt bad for waking him up.

“Here you go.” You said, giving Luke his hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows on top, just the way he like it.

“Thanks Y/N” He said, perking up a bit and smiling softly. I grin spread across your face as you got an idea. Walked to the other side of Luke and drapped an arm around him from the back. You took out the whipped cream and sprayed it all over his hair. He shrieked and fell.

“Oh my god, Luke! Are you ok!” You said laughing. He started shaking.

“Luke?’ You said bending down. You heard him whimper when you touched his shoulder.

“Luke, I am so sorry. Please let me see what happened?” You said, tugging on his arm.
Suddenly he lunged at you and pinned you to the ground. You screamed and he started laughing, grabbing the whipped cream can.

“Luke, No! I’m sorry!” You said, screaming and squirming underneath him.

“Payback’s a bitch!” He yelled, spraying whipped cream all over your face. He rolled off you and cried of laughter when you wipped the whipped cream off your face with your sleeve.

“I fucking hate you!” You yelled, pouncing on him.

“Oh no Y/N, You’ve got it all wrong.” He said, flipping you over so he was on top.

“You are desperately in love with me and you think I am the most majestic and hottest man alive.” He said, smiling.

“Hell no!” You yelled back, laughing.

“Hell yes! And you have to say it or I’ll spray you again.” He said, grinning evilly.

“Whoa, Whoa, Slow down there. What if we come to an agreement?” You said, raising your eyebrows.

“I’m listening.” He said, still holding the spray can in position.

“You can kiss me instead.” You said, smirking.
“Deal!” He yelled and kissed you right away. You smiled into kiss and when he pulled back, he had whipped cream all over his face. You giggled and kissed his nose.

“I love yoooouuu!” You sang, smiling.

“I love you too.” He said, his cheeks turning pink.