i took it earlier

vulcandigby  asked:

2 (you can post that one later if u don't wanna take a selfie rn!) 9 14

  • 2. a picture of me

here is a picture i took earlier of me with a terrible side ponytail

  • 9. tattoos i want

i want a vfd tattoo because i’m a NERD but it would also be cool to get one of those watercolor tattoos? idk

  • 14. piercings i want

i want more ear piercings but that’s it… i’m not a big fan of facial or body piercings (on me at least)

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If u get tired u have to rest, u precious little thing. It's important to take care of your health. Hope u feel better💜💜

Mmm I took a nap earlier! Though… might’ve been dumb on my part since now it’s hard for me to sleep– But thank you love! I’m fine! Just really tired. I’m just sad because I took an exam last Saturday and saw that for the same class we have another exam this coming Saturday so ahhh I just want to draw for the rest of my life. Don’t wanna waste my time with these stupid classes– TT v TT 

Gonna just hop on the thicc Springtrap train ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yes good, look at the good bun! I’m love him so much I weep! ♥

I took a nap earlier and had a dream where Trump started having celebrities and press critical of him killed and used as materials for the border wall and Ben Garrison drew a cartoon of like Beyonce’s face on a brick being added on the wall by a whistling Bob the Builder Trump and the caption was ‘All in All you’re just another Cuck in the wall’ and I woke up not from the brutality of what was happening but the sheer frustration of this political cartoon existing because that wasn’t even a pun

He whispered in my ear the entire night how much he liked me. I was hesitant, eyeing the beer he has in his hand, not trusting his words. The shots of vodka that I took earlier started to catch up to me and so my guard fell little by little. So he grabbed my waist with one hand and pulled my face up into his lips. And I let him.
—  Baby you cloud my judgement and I’m too weak to stop you

The Workjuice Players performing “Love Ain’t No Billy Goat” last night (11/12) at the Bell House in Beautiful-But-Not-Manhattan Brooklyn, NY. #ITookThisEarlier


IWAOI go as Atlantis for Halloween!