i took it 4th of july

England character facts

🇬🇧In contrast to popular belief, he does trim his eyebrows

🇬🇧His eyebrows are cursed to be thick

🇬🇧He is “the king of losing things”

🇬🇧He has a tattoo of an electric guitar

🇬🇧He has very few fears.

🇬🇧He can’t swim

🇬🇧He hates firecrackers

🇬🇧He likes embroidery, criticizing America’s movies, reading, and rock music.

🇬🇧He always dresses practically unless he is having fun. Then he dresses “like a punk”.

🇬🇧He gets sick every 4th of July

🇬🇧Canada took care of him after the American Revolution

🇬🇧His eyebrows are modeled after a Shiba Inu

🇬🇧Early England:


Fourth Of July // Fall Out Boy

Tonight’s warmup, on top of a photo I took the last 4th of July I was in Florida. I guess this is what’d it be like if Liya hadn’t been taken by the Order–Hawk would’ve woken up, and they would’ve just kept living their lives without Em, I guess.

‘Washed out late morning sun’ is a hard look to get, especially when I like doing vibrant color so much, but that’s the point of practicing!

anonymous asked:

Ok update on the art situation! I believe they took it down, but your 4th of July drawing was one of about 5 that I commented on (it was the easiest to distinguish because of your style & I was upset since I knew this happened to you and Katie before). When they took it down, someone else put up multiple pics of 2p characters including one that you made. I just asked them to credit, and I've offered to help. There's still a lot of unsourced work. Let me know if there's anyone else I can do!

ahhh youre a trooper you!

you were the first breath i took through my love-lungs. of course, there were others before you, but they weren’t real. this is real. you are real. the l-word was so hard for me to say before, but now it’s my favourite word. i love you, i love you and your ocean eyes. i love you and your ear-to-ear grin. i love you and your veiny hands. so hold mine.
—  4th july 9:13pm
theory ? ?? ?

just a thought,,,but when I was watching Riverdale and Betty went all psycho on Chuck and started calling him Jason, it made me think

what if Betty killed Jason? The show, as far as I remember doesn’t talk about where Betty was on 4th of July (correct me if i’m wrong) 

I’m betting Betty found out whatever Jason did to her sister and was so enraged, like she was with Chuck that she took on the personality of Polly and tortured/murdered him without even knowing it?? Idk 

I donated my aborted embryo.

A few years ago, I got pregnant.

After relationships exclusively with women for many years, I got rusty on birth control. So, when my cis male partner and I paired up, I made an appointment for an IUD. Sometime during that three month wait, a condom broke, and I got pregnant.

I took a test right around 4th of July, so Planned Parenthood was closed for the holiday. I made an appointment for the Monday following the 4th; I was about 4 weeks along. I considered going to my personal GYNO, but my insurance through a private catholic university did not cover birth control or abortion. So, I needed a place that offered income based reductions.

Because I was so early on, I went through several blood tests and ultrasounds to determine that I actually was pregnant. Everything was professional, except that one clumsy blood draw-but that’s to be expected one in a while. After the tests, I settled into the waiting room full of women in paper gowns for a few hours.

During my intake interview, the counselor asked if I wanted to participate in a research study that would result in my tissue being used in cultures. As an academic, I was thrilled to be able to participate in ongoing medical research, and I happily signed the form. I was very happy that my tissue would be used to help people in some small way.

During my procedure, they confirmed my decision to participate in the research study and moved through what I imagine is a normal abortion. None of the consent forms or follow up conversations with the researchers involved compensation. There was no mention of PP getting any funds or recognition for their participation. This was a legitimate case of medical professionals assisting one another in research.

That’s it.

No body parts. No coercion. No pay day. Just research.

Oh, and in case you’re thinking PP is only about abortions, I’d like to note that they offered me sliding scale contraception in my early 20s when I needed it for hormonal regulation, GYNO exams, and STD testing. Without PP, I would have never been able to afford to take control over my own health care.

I remember.
It’s been two years,
two long years
and goddammit I still remember.
I remember the color of the sky
as we watched the sunset 
and lit sparklers that 4th of July.
I remember your room,
the ugly green walls and the smell of your little twin bed.
I remember the first time I stayed over,
and how I watched the sunrise out your window 
because I couldn’t sleep.

I remember that night in the hospital,
when I was so scared and in so much pain
and you were there for me.
I remember how gentle you were with me,
and how safe I felt with you.
I remember the city,
how you took my hand as we walked through Washington Square Park.
I’ve since then taken other boys there but every time I go,
I am thinking of you and not them.
I remember the train ride back,
when I leaned my head on your shoulder
and you leaned your head on mine
and I remember how I had never felt so happy.

I remember crying into your arms when you said
that summer was over
and we couldn’t be together anymore.
That was the first night I’d ever seen a boy cry.
I remember you drunk a week later,
telling me that you loved me
but then forgetting it in the morning.
I remember how I felt myself die
when you told me that no matter what you said,
it didn’t change anything- you were still leaving.
I remember pain,
Unrelenting, consuming, and raw.

It’s been two long years,
and I’ve moved on I swear.
I got off those sleeping pills,
and went back to school.
I stopped seeing my therapist,
and I fell in love with a wonderful boy,
a boy who makes all the pain you put me through
seem like it was worth it- just because it led me to him
but still,
I remember.
You never forget it do you?
You never forget your first love.

—  I remember

Sam wilkinson smut *Requested*

abkilink I hope you like it sorry it took so long 

You were having your anual 4th of July party at your lake house and everyone was invited,but only your closest friends were allowed to stay the night in the cabin.There was one person you always try to avoid,Sam Wilkinson.Sam has always been extremely flirty with you, but your not into the whole fuck and leave type of thing which is what Sam is known for.You thought as long as you could make it through the night until everyone leaves you wouldn’t have to deal with him,but boy were you wrong.Sam was staying the night.Sam has never stayed the night,the only reason Sam got to stay that night is because of one of your closet friends,Jack Gilinsky. 

   “(Y/N)” someone said. You turned around to see your best guy friend Jack. “Whats Up,G?” you asked.“I know you are going to hate me for this but, I need you to let some more people stay the night with me tonight” “What’s the girl’s name?” you asked laughing. “Well theres 2 and there guys.” “What are there name’s?” you asked now extremely confused. “Well you know them,Nate and Sam” he said the last name to quite for you to hear. “Who was the last guy?” “Sam” he said just loud enough for you to hear this time. “No No No NO, why does Sam have to stay?!” you were more than beyond pissed, Jack knowns just how much you hate Sam. “Well he is all the guys ride, and me and Johnson said we don’t need one we are staying the night,and well Sam just invited himself and Nate.” he tried to explain “Couldn’t you just have said he couldn’t” “I mean yes i could of but he is kinda high and he is hard to reason with when he is high” “FINE whatever just keep him away from me” 

   You just sighed and walked away heading to the fire pit, better known as the smoke pit where all the the smokers hang out. Usually you try to stay somewhat sober and not high, but tonight you needed to relax after what Jack just told you.When you got over to the fire pit all the seats were taken both Sam and Nate taking two,but you had a plan to get Sam to leave the party. You have no clue where this new found confidence was from, but you went along with it. You walked right over to Nate pointed to his lap and asked “Is this seat taken?” as innocent as possible. “Never if your the one asking” he said, you just smirked and sat on his lap. You glanced over at Sam to see is jaw clenched and fisted balled up, but he wasn’t looking at you. You saw the joint in Sam’s hand, perfect you thought. “Sam, can have the joint?” You asked innocently “Since when does little miss perfect smoke?” he asked. “Since when am I little miss perfect?” you asked while smirking. He said nothing just smirked and handed you the joint. While you took a hit all eyes were on you.You took another hit,but this time did a french inhale perfectly. All the guys were frozen, no one has ever seen you smoke besides the Jacks so they were very impressed. “What?” you asked innocently. “Stop acting so innocent (Y/N), you just french inhaled perfectly without smoking before” Sam stated “Yeah,but it was hot as fuck I don’t even care how you knew how to do it” Nate said. Everyone agreed and laughed with Nate besides Sam. Time to kick it up a notch you thought to yourself. “Do you really think I’m hot Nate?” you asked just loud enough for sam to hear. “Yeah if you let me I would be hitting that everyday” he said matching your volume.You just giggled in response, that set Sammy off.  

   “Uh, (Y/N) where’s the bathroom?” sam asked. “You should know where it is you’ve came to this party since freshman year.” you scoffed “Well I forgot” he said while taking your hand, leading you into the house. “What the fuck Sam,we both know you know where the bathroom is” you said pulling my hand out of his grip. He just pushed you up against the wall and started attacking you neck. All you could think about how much you hate him, but it felt so good you just pushed the hatred aside. “Sa-m-m” you moaned. “Call me daddy sweetheart” was all he said before picking you up and taking you to your bedroom. While walking up the stairs you took this as an opportunity to kiss his neck. “Ba-bb-e shit” he moaned. To shut him up you smashed your lips to his. This kiss was like no other kiss you have ever experienced. It was full of love,lust,and passion all at once.Breaking the kiss Sam threw you on the bed while taking off your shirt and bra following close behind. “Fucking beautiful” sam said while slowly kissing down your body. Just as he was about to get to your heat he went back to kissing you. Two can play at this game you thought. Flipping him over so that you were on top you took off his shirt and pants. While kissing down his jaw to his neck you start slowly grinding on him. “Sh-ii-t, baby girl no tea-s-ing” he moaned out. “As you wish daddy” you whispered in his ear while slightly bitting it. You started your decent kissing down his chest taking your time. Once you got to his boxers you snapped the waist band against him causing him to hiss. You put light open mouth kisses on his covered erection. This pissed off Sammy more than anything. Pulling you back up to his face and flipping you over so he was back on top he asked “Why, are you being such a bad girl what did I say about teasing?” you just whimpered in response. He was done with teasing he ripped off your panties and slammed into you without any warning causing you to scream out of pain and pleasure. “Do you like that you slut, do you like it what I pound into you, when I make you scream my name.” “Yes” you moaned. “Yes what?” he asked slapping your ass “Yes daddy I love it when you sla-mm into me” you replied almost yelling it. “Shit babe your so tight are you close?” You just moaned and nodded. Sam lifted up your leg and started to rub your clit.“S-h-iit daddy i’m so close.” “Let go baby girl” he whispered in your ear. That sent you over the edge allowing yourself to hit your high with sam right behind. 

   Sam pulled out of you, put on his boxers and handed you your panties and his shirt. “Why the shirt?” you asked “Cause I know girls like to sleep in guy’s shirts.” Thats when you remembered your just another one of the girls to check off his list. He must have read your mind because he said “I didn’t mean it like that what I feel for you is real I really like you (Y/N).” “Since when have you like me?” you asked as he laid down on the bed. “Honestly since I first meet you” he said quietly “While you have an interesting way of showing it” you scoffed. “Please (Y/N) just give me a chance” he pleaded. You could see it in his eyes he really did care about you. “Okay” you said cuddling into his chest. “Thank you” he said kissing the top of your head.

Stay Stay Stay

4th of July Fanfic 

“Come swim with me babe” Calvin begged wrapping an arm around Taylor giving her cheek a sloppy kiss as she flipped over some potatoes at the grill. 

Her friends at come to talk to her so she won’t alone but she really wanted to be where Calvin was, in the pool 

“Here’s the stuff you wanted” Ed said handing it to Taylor. she thanked him and he took another beer from the cooler and stood next to Gigi 

“Adam I’m cooking” she looked at him with an annoyed look on her face asking him to move away from her 

“Ok I’ll just stand over here” he said standing next to her friends.   

He got out his phone and took a picture of her. She turned at the exact right moment to look at him and he chuckled at the picture. 

“Are you taking pictures of her cooking. That’s creepy!” Gigi exclaimed looking over at his phone and she shook her head when she saw the picture   

“Babe I’m posting it!” he exclaimed with a big cute smile ignoring Gigi completely   

“Really out of all the ones you’ve taken of us you choose that one?” Taylor exclaimed shaking her head at him disapprovingly   

It was 4th of July and Taylor and Calvin were hosting a big party with all their friends. Everyone was in the pool, laughing and having a good time. It was the first time they had all of their friends together at a place and so far everyone was getting along. Taylor and Calvin were together for the most part but when they weren’t they were always looking over at the other. Despite their different schedules they always managed to spend time with each other. they decided to host this party on the 3rd because Calvin had to work and she wanted to spend as much possible time as she could with him. She loved him and everyone could tell just by the way she looked at him. Everyone was commenting on how happy they look together and Taylor couldn’t stop her cheek from turning deep red. 

“Do you want to eat burnt potatoes babe?” she asked him and he shrugged coming up from behind her He wrapped his arms tightly around her and lifted her up and smiled as he heard the sound of her giggles. 

When he put her down she turned her body slightly to look at him. “you’re wet and you got me all wet Adam!“ 

“Ooh that’s gross” Karlie said turning the potatoes and taking what Calvin said the completely wrong way. Calvin looked at Karlie confused and then realized what she meant. 

“Karlie! No. He didn’t mean it like that!” Taylor exclaimed shaking her head at her friends who took everything the wrong way 

“I don’t wanna be around you all if you’re saying or thinking stuff like that” Gigi said and everyone in the conversation agreed and left. 

Taylor scoffed and glared at Calvin. He just smiled widely and kissed the corner of her mouth his way of asking for forgiveness. She only shook her head. 

“I’ll watch the grill” Karlie offered "you’ve been working long enough. Go down there and make out" 

“See now you’re stuck with me” he said he whispered in her ear making shivers go down her spine taking her hand and leading her down to where more people were hanging out 

She turned around and let him wrap her up in his arms as he brought her closer into his embrace. She hid her head in his chest and he kissed her head. She felt at home and if she had it her way she’d stay in his arms forever. She listened to the sound of his heartbeat and kissed his chest gently.

“Alright come on babe it’s swim time!” he said after a few seconds of them just standing there   

She moved away so she could look at him “Noooo not yet Adam.”   

“Yes now please” he said pouting and she laughed standing on her tippy toes and kissing his pouted lips   

She kissed him quickly but he pulled her back for more. Then it was just them two in their own little world. Their lips moved together in sync as they continued to make out.  The laughter and the music in the background silenced and the people surrounding them all disappeared. Taylor pulled away hesitantly realizing someone was calling her name. 

“What?” she called back to Gigi who was on a float with Joe 

Calvin chuckled and wrapped his arms around her once more burying his head in her hair. She swore he couldn’t go a minute without touching her when they were together. They were like magnets and something always pulled them each other 

“Get a room!” Gigi called and everyone was now staring at them, Taylor moved away from Calvin and closer to the pool 

“you ruined our moment!” Calvin called back and Taylor slapped his chest shaking her head   

“What? She did!” he asked and everyone started laughing. Taylor smiled and Calvin kissed her cheek 

She saw her mom whisper something to her dad and he nodded. They were probably talking about how in love the couple was. Taylor had introduced Calvin to her parents a few months back and they adored him, it’s impossible not to. Her parents opinion mattered to her parents and thankfully he passed.

“Does this mean you’ll swim?” he asked when everyone stopped laughing 

She started walking towards the cooler and took his hand as she walked by him. He followed and tightened the grip on her hand.   

“I don’t wanna get my hair wet babe” she whined touching her hair “I’ll go get a drink”   

Calvin rolled his eyes “You’re hair? Really baby? I don’t care what you’re hair looks like. It’s beautiful in whatever style and if someone doesn’t like it it’s their problem”   

“Adam” she laughed at him being so defensive about her 

Most guys had too big of an ego to stand up for their girlfriend, They didn’t want to look bad in front of their friends. Calvin didn’t care about what other people thought. He cared about how people felt especially the ones that he loved.  Taylor deeply admired that about him.   

“You’re adorable you know that?” she turned around and stroked his cheek and looked into his eyes her heart skipped a beat as his hands moved down to her waist 

“You know you’re not so bad yourself” he joked picking up her by her legs as she screamed   

She disliked being picked up and he knew it too. He only did it if she was sleeping and he was carrying her upstairs or at times like this. He just wanted to swim but not without her. 

“Adam! No!!” She knew he was heading towards the pool. She held on tightly as he raced. He laughed when she screamed. 

“Look out coming through” he called and everyone turned and moved out of the way quickly “hold your nose baby" 

She did and he jumped in holding her still. They came up for air and everyone in the big pool cheered. Taylor pouted. Calvin brought her into his arms but she pushed him away jokingly. She splashed water at him so she could get away from him. 

“No go away! You threw me in!” she cried angrily but Calvin knew her well enough to know she was joking some people, however looked worried   

She swam away and he swam towards her. He was a little faster at swimming but that didn’t stop her. She would try to hide behind people but soon enough he’d find her 

“No No” she repeated still swimming and getting on her swimmer friend and high school bestt friend, Abigail’s  back   

“Abigail, swim and don’t let him get me!” she cried holding on as she looked to see Calvin coming closer 

“No fair!” Calvin cried but still didn’t give up 

 Abigail swam with her on her back  and as a fish in the water. After a long round of cat and mouse  Calvin managed to get her foot and he pulled her towards him. By this time she forgot why she was trying to run away form him in the first place and she wrapped her legs around him. 

“I hate you. Now my hair is messed up” she pouted and he chuckled kissing her lips quickly   

“I love you even hen you’re mad…mad mad”  he sang her song and she hugged him tightly laughing 

That song meant a lot to her. It was a personal song that was written on the kind of love she wanted. Looking at him, it looks like she had found it. He was different from all the guys she’s dated. None of them seemed to treat her right and it always ended badly.   

“Stay stay stay” she sang softly hoping that he would stay because she had been loving him for quite some time. 

She held onto him tighter. He noticed she was vulnerable because of her tone of voice and he knew she had a hard time opening up. He always made sure to listen to her and let he know it was ok to be open to him. He pushed some of her hair back and held her cheek staring lovingly at her before speaking again.  

“i’ve been loving you for quite some time. No one else is gonna love you when you get mad mad mad” he sang with a smile and she glared at him   

“Hey!” she scolded and he looked at her as though he didn’t know what he said wrong but he tightened his grip on her so she couldn’t run away again “I think that’s it’s best if we both stay”   

They were just about to kiss and someone shouted “picture time" 

“let’s get a swan!” Calvin exclaimed reaching for one. he brought it towards her.
thought she could get on herself she liked making him work “please put me on there?” she pouted and he laughed shaking his head   

He stood up and lifted her up placing her on, letting her get comfortable and then getting on after and wrapping his legs around her tightly. She leaned back and looked at him   

“Picture in 3…2..1” Taylor kissed his cheek and he held onto her waist 

“I love you” he said out of the blue looking at her like she was the world 

“that was really random babe" 

“don’t you love me?" 

“of corse I do!" 

“One two three” he counted and Taylor looked at him confused and he brought them both underwater. He kissed her hoping she wouldn’t get mad when they came up for air. Sure enough when they came back up she pushed him under and was kissing him underwater. 

They floated around.  They splashed each other and played around. She got on his shoulders and played chicken fight with Gigi and Joe. They played around with their friends. 

“Dinner” Karlie called and everyone started to get out slowly. Taylor was on Calvin’s back giving his shoulders a rub from doing at least 30 min of non stop chicken fights with Joe and Gigi. 

“Carry me” she requested kissing his shoulders. He held on to her tightly as he stepped out of the pool. They would get food last and let their guest get food first. 

“Water was great huh?” Joe asked with Gigi at his side, trying to strike up an nice conversation   

“Yeah man it felt great.” he felt Taylor breathe on his ear and he tried to control himself   

Gigi had her phone out while Calvin struck up a conversation with Joe. Taylor smiled at the two men talking. Calvin had talked to her about him being there and how he felt. He didn’t care if he showed up places as long as she was comfortable 

Taylor heard the camera snap “Gigi!" 

“That’s not creepy” she said laughing and snatching it from her and trying not to make Calvin drop her 

“Babe what are you doing?” he asked her holding to her tightly so she wouldn’t fall of his back 

“get your phone from Gigi” she answered and he reached for it and grabbed it out of her hand “awww we look cute!" 

“I’m hungry!” Taylor exclaimed and Calvin chuckled stealing a kiss on her cheek 

“Excuse us we’re gonna go get some food” Calvin said politely to Joe and Gigi

He walked over to the line with her on his back. He was very strong and she weighted nothing so it was easy for him to carry her around. 

“can I get down?” she asked and he set her on the ground gently and pulled her to his side 

“Give me a kiss” he asked and she shook her head moving away from him

“Come on” he pulled her close and he held her as she still tried to escape but he kissed her cheek. 

She rested her head on his chest and he rested his chin on her head. She smiled never wanting to forget this moment. She was surrounded by all her friends by her family and by the man who loves her. What more could she ask for. 

“Stay” she whispered not sure if he heard her or not 

“I’ve been loving you for quite some time” he finished and she moved away to look at him then kiss him

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Bright (Quickening, part 1)

(Happy 4th of July. Happy Owelia. Sweetness for my loves.)

“Do I get a hint about where we’re going?” Amelia wanted to know.

Owen knew she didn’t like surprises.

He took one hand off the steering wheel to reach for hers.

“Do you trust me?” he asked, linking their fingers.

She looked down at their hands together.

“Yes,” she answered without hesitation.

He knew it was the truth, even before she said it.

She turned her body toward him and curled into the seat, resting her cheek against the seatback so she could watch him drive. A muscle in his jaw moved as he breathed. Amelia wanted to kiss him there. Instead she held onto his hand without letting go.

As the car moved along the highway, gentle vibrations traveled up from the road through Amelia’s body. She grew sleepy. Her eyes were closing when she felt a flutter inside her, like tiny wings whispering a secret. She remembered this sensation - from before - from years ago.

Owen saw her move her other hand to her stomach.

“Are you okay?” he worried.

She watched his face before she said the words, knowing they would change him. “…I feel her.”

A smile crept up his cheeks slowly, with awareness. It lit up everything, like the sunset. It made her feel powerful, magical even. It was better than surgery.

“Amelia…” was all he could say at first. His glance passed from her stomach to her eyes and then quickly back to the road. He squeezed her hand tighter.

“It’s hard to believe she’s real, but she’s helping me believe.” Amelia said.

Owen wanted all of this. He had waited so long. “How does she… feel? Can you tell me?”

She thought for a moment. “I’ll show you.”

She leaned toward him and fluttered her eyelashes against the side of his neck. Then she kissed him there lightly before pulling away.

“Like a butterfly,” he said.

With tears in her eyes, Amelia nodded.


Traffic was heavy as they pulled off the highway. The road led to a park where there would be a fireworks display tonight. Owen left the flow of traffic, steered them down a side street, and parked the car.

Not wanting to wait another second, he turned toward Amelia and held her face in his hands. He kissed her softly, thinking of the flutter. He rested his forehead against hers and they stayed that way for a while, just breathing.

“So, you brought me outside of Seattle to kiss me in the dark? We could have done this at home in bed,” she teased.

“As much as I’d love to just stay here and kiss you, we do have some other plans too.” He reluctantly let her go and reached behind his seat. He pulled out a blanket. Then he opened the car door and stepped out into the evening. Amelia followed.

The sun was below the horizon, and the sky held a faint tinge of pink fading to blue. The night was warm.

Owen led them down a driveway toward a tall chain link fence. As they approached, Amelia could see beyond it was a football stadium. The field lights were off, and the school was clearly closed for the summer. At the end of the driveway, the gate was shut tightly with a padlock and chain.

“I used to come here on the 4th of July when I was a kid. This gate was always open then, and people would go down to the field.” He pointed to the other side. “The park where they launch the fireworks shares that fence with this stadium. I came here the first summer after I moved back to Seattle, and I learned that the school keeps the gate locked now. But I spent enough time here as a kid to know another way in.”

“This is a little bit Mission Impossible, eh Mr. Hunt?” Amelia played with him.

“Just a little bit.” Owen smiled as he took her hand again.

He led her along the fence line though the landscaping. They curved around the stadium. At the far corner, he squeezed through a gap between the fence and a shed.

“In another month or so I won’t be able to fit through here,” Amelia mentioned as she followed him, “You can’t suck in a baby.”

“Well then, it’s lucky for us that fireworks happen in July not August or September.”

As they walked onto the field, the air was filled with the fragrance of crushed grass.

Owen laid out their blanket, and they lay down together. The sky was clear, and the first stars were already visible.

“I’ve always watched fireworks over water, whether it was in New York, Boston, Baltimore, LA, or Seattle. But I like this already,” she said, moving close to him.

“I’ve heard enough explosions to last me a lifetime,” Owen shuddered slightly, “But this is good. I’ll never get tired of this. This makes me remember the summers when days were long, and I still wanted to grow up.”

Her fingers found his this time.

“I think the universe is on my side
Heaven and Earth have finally aligned
Days are good and that’s the way it should be…”

A firework exploded huge above them. Amelia’s mouth dropped open. She had never watched from so close to the launch.

“Oh my God, Owen. Are you sure this is safe?”

“I’d never put you in danger,” he assured her. He rolled onto his side facing her and rested his free hand on her stomach.

As more fireworks exploded above them, he slipped his hand under her shirt, and his touch settled on her belly. Her skin was so warm there.

She covered his hand with hers and slid her thumb underneath so they were linked. He thought for the millionth time that she was the softest thing he had ever felt. 

Then he felt something even softer – as the baby fluttered under his hand. Owen gasped. He propped himself up on his elbow and looked into Amelia’s eyes to make sure he hadn’t imagined it.

“Our butterfly,” she said.

“…And I see colors in a different way
You make what doesn’t matter fade to grey
Life is good and that’s the way it should be…”

Owen kissed her gently, without moving his hand. The baby fluttered again, and he was overwhelmed with emotion. Amelia watched Owen’s tears reflecting the colors of the sky. Their next kiss deepened, sealing this moment, holding it in.

“I never want to let go,” he told her.

“You never have to,” she promised.


HEY GUYS! Sorry this took so long, life has been CRAZY! But yes, I will be at ANIME EXPO 2016 boothing at G 24/25 in the artist alley, now located in KENTIA HALL

I’ve got some new charms as well as this nifty notebook! as pictured above. Please come find me and if you show this post to me or my helper/brother, you can get a free poster with any purchase! ;D 

Have a good 4th of July weekend everybody! 

imagining the 4th
  • Jack and Bitty took the truck out right at dusk after a veritable feast by Suzanne and Eric.
  • Jack and Coach had a lowkey sweet tea drinking contest during dinner.
    • Coach won (only because Jack was watching his diet, of course)
  • Suzanne plied them with pillows and blankets because there might be a breeze, dear.
    • It was a sticky 82°F 28°C.
  • Bits, bless his heart, packed a dessert picnic. Watermelon from the fridge. More carafes of sweet tea (sorry I can’t drink anymore of that tonight, Bitty). 
    • (Remember that diet? It disappeared when Bitty revealed the summer berry pie topped with fresh whipped cream–because ‘murica!)
  • The first thing Jack and Bitty did after they spread out the pillows and blankets in the truck bed wasn’t actually cuddling.
  • Because then the fireflies came out.
  • And…they were like little hovering stars in that secluded field surrounded by trees. 
  • So Bitty and Jack chased after those stars, and at one point, there was almost a cloud of fireflies that Bitty walked into.
  • Thanks goodness Jack brought his fancy camera because. Well. 
  • In that photo, Bitty’s eyes are squinting in laughter, and the fireflies surrounding his head look like a halo.
    • Halo.
  • And after Jack lowers the camera, he lets himself really look at Eric, and he’s overwhelmed with the simple joy he feels in that moment.
  • Eric looks over at the same time and feels a magnetic pull towards Jack.
  • They meet in the middle.
  • Fireflies are blinking and hovering around their heads.
  • When they finally kiss, the first of the fireworks shoot off into the sky.