i took da picture on the left


So in honour of US Thanksgiving, I thought a wee up-to-date picture of @gotham-ruaidh’s Modern Glasgow DollFrasers family seemed appropriate..

For very fortuitously and quite delightfully, wee William arrived this morning, and, well doesn’t he look a bundle of mischief?

And of course there’s Bree on the left, cuddling her Da, and then on the right, fearless Faith, her mother’s shadow….😀

And if anyone is wondering where Murtagh is, well, he took the photos of course….😆

The entire Kirkwall gang had flower crowns for today’s shoot. I made mine 10 minutes before I left my apartment and I love it. As usual, this is the only picture I took today. Although someone from our group does have a video of me sitting on the floor hugging a giant dog while he licked my face for two minutes, so that happened too. 

Huge thanks to @catamancycosplay for offering us a chance to shoot all our DA 2 characters today! That’s always such a fun group of work with so I’m glad we were able to get together! 

Now for a quick dinner, shower, and then sleeping, because I need to be up really early for another shoot tomorrow morning. Because it’s The Force Awakens, not The Force Got To Sleep In. 


So i met both James McAvoy and Jamie Lloyd today. Jamie was so sweet. No one seemed to be interested in him, everybody was focusing on James or at least he felt like it bc he was typing on his phone. and i walked up to him and asked if he would take a picture with me and he first just looked at me then his eyes went big and he smiled and said yes of course. It was the sweetest thing ever. James first just took pictures of himself holding my phone so it was impossible for me to be in the picture. Then he said ‘oh wait a minute that is just me’ and then he put is arm around my waist and pulled me in so i was in the picture too. When i left he said thanks darling. and i still don’t know how to get over this whole day.