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His light (song-fic)

Summary: Lazy morning, Bucky thinking about the day he met you, he being a dreamy gentleman (Bucky saving you, I’m sure one of the most popular fantasies, but I can’t get enough), ugh basically so much fluff.

A/N: I got inspired by one of my favorite songs “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, so you can blame Elvis for this one, I felt like writing something sweet and romantic, this is the result of listening this song and watching the rain through the window. First time I do a songfic, I hope you like it, is almost Christmas people! (well not really but it feels like that to me), a big hug to everyone! :)  

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2,099

Warnings: none

Y/N: Your name

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He couldn’t express in words how grateful he was for you, that he found you. Bucky never thought he deserved love, not after all the things he did, but here you were in his arms.

For Bucky you were without a doubt the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, you didn’t have superpowers, in fact, most of the time it seemed he was the one who kept you safe even from yourself (being a clumsy person, accidents were normal in your life). But you had a heart of gold and so much love to give, he never understood that, and until now is still a mystery, how someone so amazing like you could exist.

“Bucky…” your sleepy voice brought him back from his daze, he didn’t answered, instead just hug you tightly, holding you close to his chest and kissing the top of your head, with the rhythm of his heartbeat putting you back to sleep. This is how he wanted to spend the rest of his days, he was sure of that.

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Laurel’s Ascension to Black Canary

WARNING: THIS POST IS ANTI-LAUREL LANCE. It’s in the anti-laurel tag, I haven’t tagged it as Laurel Lance or Black Canary. If anyone reblogs this please don’t put it in the Laurel Lance tag.  If you’re a Laurel fan or you don’t want to read Laurel criticism then don’t read this, I’m not forcing you to.

I’m not the only one who has found Laurel’s “rise” to superhero this season questionable. Fans have argued over all aspects of it: Her characterization, awkward relationship with Team Arrow and questionable motives for fighting.

Ultimately though her journey has one immovable problem. Laurel doesn’t have the necessary training. Mental or physical she makes no sense as a superhero.

Let’s recap. The show roughly progresses in real time, give or take a few weeks. Laurel decided to “become a hero” in 3x03. She already had some vaguely defined self-defence training that failed to stop her getting captured numerous times in Seasons 1 and 2.

She spent seven episodes getting boxing lessons from Ted Grant. That’s a whopping 3, maybe 4 months. In 3x10 Laurel decided that was tot’s ok preparation and squeezed on Sara’s costume sewing on a few hundred buckles as she went.

She carries on blundering around the streets while highly trained war veteran Diggle twiddles his thumbs back in the lair. In 3x14, a few weeks later, Quentin calls her black canary in an argument. For no discernible reason she thinks he’s suggesting superhero names and dubs herself ‘The Black Canary’. I assume she put out ads in the paper or something because suddenly the public is calling her that.  Bam! Laurel the legendary superhero is born. Phew, don’t miss it guys.

11 episodes and approximately 4 months to become a superhero. Wowsers.

And please don’t bleat ‘But Nyssa trained her!’ at me. She trained with Nyssa between 3x17 and 3x21. The show was speeding up the pace by then so that was barely a couple of weeks. Maybe a month.

Let’s be generous and say Laurel spent five months training. Stretch it to six months if it makes you feel better. Go on and head down to the gym guys, by this December you could have a mask too!



I know there’s willing suspension of disbelief and all but….six months? On top of her normal life? Please don’t patronize me.

Honestly the biggest problem with this set-up is that Laurel is a replacement for Sara. Unlike the other origin journeys in the show (Roy, Thea, Ray) who start from a blank slate with few expectations Laurel has to match up to her sisters place. Sara who had 5 years of mental hell to toughen her up, most importantly training with the freaking League of Assassins. Unless Laurel sails away to her own hellish island for five seasons it is impossible for her to match up to that.

Her taking Sara’s place will ALWAYS seem unrealistic and ALWAYS make her second best.

(Side Note: Oh, imagine five seasons without Laurel. Actually. Don’t. It will just make you sad to think about what we can never have.)

If Laurel = Black Canary was the writer’s master plan all along, they shouldn’t have introduced Sara at all knowing it would only make Laurel look worse. But tough like they did. And now they’re stuck trying to make her work as viably trained hero. And tough for us too, because now we’re stuck with a sub-par Black Canary. With her whole six months of training.

Good job writers.

I’ve heard plenty of defences for Laurel and her training, so I’ll whip through the biggest ones:

Thea only had a few months training too! No one’s complaining about her skills:

Thea started training between 2x23 and 3x03. According to the show that’s 6 months training. 6 months of League of Assassins training, where Malcolm dragged her through both physical and mental hell that included stuff like burning yourself repeatedly. Laurel got boxing lessons from a guy who offered to let her take a break if she looked tired. Then with Nyssa who let her stop for milkshakes. Thea completely immersed herself during these months and was physically forbidden from leaving. Laurel popped down to the gym for a few hours after work. (Work as an Assistant District Attorney which has insanely long hours btw).

After Thea returned she also continued to train with Malcolm from 3x03 to 3x13. And even in 3x13 she was defeated by a Chase, a member of the League of Assassins. The same episode Laurel ‘defeated’ her hallucination of Sara and realized she was totally capable of taking her place.

After 3x13 Thea continued training with both Malcolm and Oliver. But Thea still didn’t suit up until 3x21. Why? Because before that she knew she wasn’t ready. Even though she had more experience than Laurel, she wasn’t arrogant enough to rush out onto the street waving a baseball bat until a year of training.

Laurel trained for six months part-time to become the Black Canary. Thea trained for a year – most of the time intensively – before becoming Speedy/Red Arrow.  Do the math.

Roy suited up at the end of Season 2! No one complains that him!

Ok, let’s hash this out again.

Roy has more practical, real-life experience in fighting than Laurel. He grew up fighting on the streets; he was highly skilled in parkour before even meeting Oliver. In his first appearance he was able to defend Thea from armed street thugs and get away with only a flesh wound. So his starting point is one step up from I-Took-Self-Defence-Classes-But-Can’t-Hold-My-Own-Against-One-Guy-Even-When-I’m-Holding-A-Baseball-Bat-Laurel-Lance.  His journey also started way earlier than Laurel’s. He started physically helping people on the streets in 1x23 and continues over the break to 2x02. That’s six or seven months. Like Thea he made the most of the hiatus. He starts training with the Arrow in 2x11 until 2x18. That’s another few months.

And yes he gets the mask in 2x23, but may I remind you fans complained about that being unrealistic too. Laurel is not being picked on. But Roy’s clearly kept training with Oliver throughout the break to 3x01. That’s another six months. By the time he gets his name in 3x06 he’s been preparing for almost 2 years. And he’s still Oliver’s sidekick.

Compared to both Thea and Roy:

Thea and Roy’s journeys are also very different from Laurel’s in that they are implicitly set up as sidekicks. Roy is support and back up for Oliver as Arsenal and Thea fights under Malcolm’s guidance and replaces Roy in Season 4. They operate as the less-skilled members of Team Arrow who are still learning. On the other hand Laurel is set up as an independent hero. No one supports her training; she goes off and gets her own help. Her first masked appearance was her going solo and even afterwards she’s an uneasy ally of Team Arrow not a team player. The Black Canary in the show isn’t presented as a side-kick, but a superhero in her own right. So when Laurel suits up with less time and less training than sidekicks Roy and Thea….WE HAVE A RIGHT TO COMPLAIN.

Also, Thea and Roy are both around 20 during their training, Laurel is 30. There is a difference.

But They Haven’t Made It Easier for Her, She’s Got Beaten Up So Many Times!

Yeah, I’ll give you that. But I hate to break it to you. Beaten up doesn’t equal training. If anything it makes it more unbelievable that she can’t take on one civilian guy with a baseball bat, then 10 episodes later jumps out of windows onto helicopters. Not to mention she can’t take on one common street thug while training with Nyssa, but an episode later fends off members of the League of Assassins. That’s not development. That’s inconsistency.

Just because she’s Suited Up Doesn’t Mean She’s A Superhero, She’s Still Learning:

Ok. Then why did she get her name so fast? As I said above Roy took almost a season and half from deciding to be a hero, to getting his name. Thea took a whole season. Oliver took a five year journey to become ‘The Vigilante’, six years to become ‘The Arrow’ and he still isn’t ‘Green Arrow.’ Laurel took 11 freaking episodes before she swanned around as ‘Black Canary’. Don’t give me that crap.

She Has a History of Self-Defence and has shown off her fighting skills before:

Yeah sure the ‘Laurel has self-defence classes’ line has been thrown around by characters and fans alike. And in Season 1 despite her frequent kidnappings it was believable. They showed her beating up guys in clubs. Had she started her training after Tommy’s death I might have believed she had a good grounding in martial arts. But come Season 2 she disintegrated into a physically unstable drunk, and in Season 3 they set her at an even lower point in physical ability than before. (Again, she couldn’t even take on a random, unarmed guy while she had a baseball bat – really? I’m not a Laurel fan but I could have bought her being able to take on an average person). But Laurel is so inconsistent I have to take her season by season, and in Season 3 she can’t even tell when a gun is loaded. Sorry.

Felicity Beats People Up and she has Zero Training!

Ha. Right. Let’s go through Felicity’s action girl moment since the end of season 2: Stabbed Slade with the mirakuru cure. Disarmed her ex-boyfriend. Bashed a League of Assassins members with a pole. Rescued Oliver in the Atom Suit. 4 moments. Oh yeah, Felicity’s always doing stuff she shouldn’t be able to.

Slade was a planned ploy that took him by surprise because she wasn’t an action girl. Her ex-boyfriend was a computer hacker who was even less physically proficient than she was. The League of Assassins member was taken by surprise, from behind, in the middle of a fight.

The Atom suit wasn’t based on physical ability, but technological. And she helped build that thing remember, she knows it better than anyone apart from Ray! Ray also flew it successfully the first time, it was fighting that he had a problem with. And she didn’t engage in a fight like Ray/Oliver combo did later. She flew in, caught Oliver and flew away. That’s it.

Also guys, Diggle’s been giving Felicity self-defence classes since mid-Season 1. Two and a half seasons of coaching from a war veteran. If she was Laurel she’d be the best boxer in the world by now.


It’s a TV Show, It’s not realistic!

If it’s not realistic don’t give every other character more realistic training and development. (Including Laurel’s Canary predecessor and the hero of the story himself). Don’t give us a superhero story grounded in reality (Lazarus pit notwithstanding though that’s been criticized also) and then an unrealistic journey for the Black Canary. It can’t be one rule for everyone else and one for Laurel. Life doesn’t work that way.

Oh wait, if you’re Laurel, it does.

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