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SNK Fanfic

Forever Yours

an Ereri fic | NSFW | reincarnation au

based almost entirely on dreamxxdream’s reincarnation au fanart (part 1)
written and posted with their permission

WARNING! It’s really long since I didn’t want to cut it up into parts. Consider it a really long one-shot if that helps.

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anonymous asked:

The 100, Bellarke. I invited you over to Netflix and chill but this is actually really good, so no sex for you!

So, I kind of took this and ran with it.  Hope that’s alright! 


Netflix and Chill: An Evolution
Rated: T (lauguage & some content)

It started out of laziness.  Procrastination hadn’t helped matters either.  The deadline for their thesis was due the next day and Clarke was all but dumbfounded as to what hers should be.  That is what lead to Raven insisting on them all doing shots while they brainstormed ideas for these senior demonstration presentations.  For every bad idea they take a shot.  Needless to say, Octavia — the only junior in the circle, but participating nonetheless for “solidarity” purposes — is seven shots in before Raven practically shouts, “Netflix and Chill: the newest way to fuck.”

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