i took a selfie btw

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Waiting for senpai to post her selfie for mcl selfie day :/ (It's you btw)

i took that pic yesterday lol
i look very ugly right now so will use this pic xD


I contemplated on whether or not I wanted to do the tag. I don’t particularly have high self esteem or confidence in myself but y’all are like family to me.

The picture on the left is the most recent selfie I took btw lol long haired me is no more lmfao.
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Tagged to do the selfie tag by the wonderful: @knkinky

I’ll tag whoever I can think of right off the top of my head. If you anyone wants to do this and I didn’t tag you, please tag me! Also, I know some of you guys already did the tag so I’ll leave out anyone who I remembered did the tag already.

@knkruinedmylife | @knktookovermylife | @jihu-n | @ji-huns | @knkeunakeun | @leaderjihun | @tiknkerbell | @seunqjun | @lnsoeng | @kimyoujinis186cmofpuregoodness | @keunakeun | @keunakeuned | @keunakeunkeunkeun | @keunakool | and….. i can’t remember anyone else but yah. It’s totally optional of course^^


I was tagged by the lovely @layvender to post my lock screen, home screen, the last song i listened to, and the last selfie i took!

I’m not actually going to tag anybody to do this but the only reason is that im pretty sure ive seen all my mutuals do it, but if you see this and really want to please by all means!


11.09.17 - I handed in my final master’s thesis!!! I’m only a presentation and viva away from getting my master’s degree!! *internal screaming etc*

took a hand-in-selfie, got brunch with my coursemates, and went to check out sensational butterflies at the nhm after. it’s been a good day so far.

(I was on three hours of sleep and no caffeine when I took that selfie btw rip)