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Oh my gosh could you pretty please do married with jihyun headcanons?

wym headcanons lol i’m already married to him jk jk jk

  • “hey do you still like like me?”
    “jihyun we’ve been married for seven hours”
    “you never know”
  • the wedding was super cheesy and he wrote his own vows and everyone was tearing up at it (even jumin)
  • he has videos of the wedding and also photos and takes his own photos during his own wedding because he’s extra as hell
  • and you bet your sweet ass there’s a giant portrait of the two in the living room that may or may not have been painted 
  • he’s very persistent about writing love letters on the fridge that mc finds daily and he always has something new to compliment mc on 
  • mc doesn’t realize how many books v has until they reorganize his kind of messy apartment and the books take up a whole shelf wall
  • despite the fact that his vision was horrible v always bought books and when mc tries to throw some out that’s their first married couple bicker
  • seriously, who needs a book on the art of cheese?
  • jihyun buys unnecessary things solely because he grew up with a shit ton of money. so he buys those food shapers and makes eggs in the shape of a heart for mc and it wasn’t worth $20 to pay for that but it sure is cute
  • but they definitely did not need to buy mugs in the shape of camera lenses
  • they always end up in the cardigan section whenever they go clothes shopping and they don’t really keep track of who’s cardigans are who’s anymore 
  • jihyun has a lot of soft clothes and mc wears it a lot because it’s soft and smells like him
  • when he goes away on trips and can’t bring mc along they have very cheesy goodbyes at the airport and when he comes back mc always has a cute sign ready for him
  • they definitely run to each other and there’s a lot of kisses all over mc’s face
  • jihyun, eyelid kisses are cute but please don’t mess up mc’s eye makeup it took them like twenty minutes and he does it anyways
  • museum dates. so many museum dates and they’re always taking dumb pictures at exhibits and they have annual passes
  • jihyuns that photographer who’s always taking pictures of their significant other and posts them on his website like
  • “look at all my photos from this year”
    “that’s all the same person”
    “i know!!! she’s my wife!!”
  • an actual puppy whenever anyone mentions mc and in the most professional way possible but on the inside he’s screaming
  • “oh yes, my wife is quite spectacular company to keep around” is code for “i’m obsessed w my wifey and i wanna be around her all the time”
  • they sit on the floor a lot instead of the couch because he’s always got his head in her lap while she reads
  • mc does the laundry because jihyun turned all mc’s white wardrobe blue once and they’ve never let that go
  • jihyun has this dumb habit of just walking up to mc, squishing their cheeks and then being like, “you look so nice today” and he’s got the weirdest ways of showing affection but it’s very cute
  • he has this weird ability to make the perfect coffee his hipster is showing so it’s usually jihyun on coffee duty while mc makes breakfast
  • jumin always shows up for no reason and nobody questions it. but jihyun has to stop his bad habit of walking around without any pants on because nobody really needs to be seeing jihyun’s gudetama boxers that mc got him
  • jihyun always forgets to buy toilet paper so sometimes there’s a wide roll of paper towels hanging on the hook and everyone goes hysterical upon seeing it
  • everyone in their neighborhood loves them, especially the local bungeoppang seller by their home because they always go there and tip like five dollars every time.
  • they’ve got a bunch of plants growing around the windowsills and jihyun and mc alternate on water duty but sometimes jihyun forgets to water them and he gets a punch to the arm
  • weirdest pda ever in public. all he does to flirt is pinch mc’s cheek and the most normal thing he can do is hold hands but even he misses grabbing for their hand sometimes
  • even after jihyun gets eye surgery he still wears fake glasses to be cool and mc loves how ridiculous he is for it 
  • finds it particularly funny when they whisper something in his ear and his fake glasses fog up
Every Me And Every You - Eleven

You entered the restaurant arm in arm with Emily, meeting Garcia in the lobby, her wide grin and neon shoes brightening the place up.

As the maitre de led you to your seats, you lagged behind.


“I’m here.” You set an alarm for twenty eight minutes later, giving yourself time to excuse yourself to go the bathroom if you needed to.

An immediate reply.

“Excellent. 19:33 will be the next check in. At dinner you’re drinking vodka martinis. You may have three in here. No more. Along with at least two glasses of water. For starter you’ll have Gorgonzala Mushrooms and your main will be Pollo Parmiggiano. If you have room for dessert, vanilla ice cream and the tiramisu. I know that Garcia is an instagram girl, I’ll be checking hers for photos of the food and drinks she’ll no doubt post.”

You chuckled under your breath. Penelope was indeed what you all jokingly referred to as an insta whore. Whenever there was a team night out, photos of food, drinks, and toilet selfies ended up being posted throughout the night. Luckily, her settings were private.

You slid into the booth next to Emily, placing your phone on the leather seat beside you, tucking it just enough under your leg so that you’d feel it vibrate.

A waiter came over within a minute of you sitting down.

“Would you ladies care to see the drinks menu or do you know what you’re having.”

Emily looked at Garcia. “Wine?”

“White wine, Pino Grigio please, two bottles.” Garcia agreed. This was your standard drinking game. White wine at the restaurant, followed by shots or cocktails where ever you ended up.

“Actually ladies, I’m not feeling wine tonight. Could I get a vodka martini please?”

“Of course. I’ll be back shortly with your drinks.” The waiter handed each of you a food menu which you pretended to look engrossed in.

“Martini, Y/N. You feeling a little shaken but not stirred?” Emily asked you.

“Oh she definitely needs a stirring,” Garcia laughed.

“Yep, it’s been a while since I’ve had a good stirring ladies…  Speaking of which, Penny. When exactly are you and Derek gonna admit to each other that you’re secretly in love with each other?”

“Oh baby cakes, there’s nothing secret about our love.”

You played along with their banter, throwing comments backward and forwards until the waiter came back with your drinks. As predicted, Garcia pulled out her phone taking a photo, and seconds later you felt your phone vibrate with what you knew would be an instagram tag.

The waiter took your food order, you ordering exactly what Spencer had told you to and feeling a slight rush as you did so.

The conversation flowed between you three ladies as it always did, although you kept glancing at the silver wrist watch you had on. At 19:28, you made your excuses, and went to the bathroom. 
Waiting until 19:33 exactly, you texted Spencer.

“Checking in.”

“Good good. I’m out for an early dinner with my mother too. Enjoying the martini?” He must have had his phone out and literally waiting for you to text as the reply was instant.

“It’s not what I’d normally drink but it’s enjoyable.”

“You seem to be finding that about a lot of things you wouldn’t normally do Y/N. 20:03 please.”

You reset your alarm for 20:01 and headed back to the table where your food had arrived. You tucked in, Emily and Garcia draining their first bottle of wine quickly and moving on to the second. They raised the bottle at you in offering, but you shook your head. You still hadn’t finished your first drink, although you were starting to feel slightly fuzzy already. It was super strong.

Eight pm came and you felt your phone vibrating, this time just casually picking it up and texting “checking in” before resetting the alarm for 20:30.

“Everything okay?” Emily asked.

“Just my sister,“ you told them, starting on the main course that had arrived and ordering another drink from a passing waiter, the girls asking for another bottle.

The night went on and you hit every one of your check ins until you got to the club.

Garcia had wanted to try a new bar that had opened and you missed your check in as you were stuck at the entrance desk, paying your cover. By the time you got to the toilets it was 11:07 and you had a message from Spencer.

“One strike.”

You felt a surge of excitement.

“I was paying to get in to a club. Do I go from the new time now? Also… What am I drinking here? I’ve had the three martinis I was allowed.”

“New time. 11:37 for the next one. Buy the girls a round of tequila shots and then get yourself a beer to chase it down with. Any brand will do. You can have two more shots, but that’s it as I know the girls will try to buy you more, and two more beers. You’re to stay out no later than 1:30am.”


You left the bathroom, spotting the girls at the bar and making your way through the crowds to them.

“What you drinking?” Garcia asked you, shouting to be heard over the music.

“I’ll get these!” you yelled back, leaning over the bar to get the bartender’s attention.

“Three tequila slammers and three bottles of bud please.”

The bartender took you money and lined the shots up, limes and salt packets on a little dish to the side. As predicted Garcia took a photo, posting it to her instagram feed before you all knocked them back.

“Another round please bar keep!” Garcia instructed the bar tender, waving her money at him suggestively.

And so another round was had, you wincing at the sharp taste and the sudden buzz. Emily was just about to order round three when Penelope grabbed your wrists and tugged you over to the dance floor.

“This is my jam!”

Prentiss just looked at you and rolled her eyes slightly. When Penelope was drunk, every song was her jam. But still you went with it, bumping and grinding up against each other like college students rather than the late twenties/mid thirties that you all were.

One song merged into the next and between the tequila buzz and the pounding of the bass, you didn’t feel your phone vibrating signifying the next alarm. And when Emily dissappeared to the bar and came back with another round of shots, you were too distracted to feel the texts that were landing in your inbox.

A group of guys had started to inch closer to you on the dance floor, Garcia playfully flirting with them. When they actively started dancing behind you, you made your excuses and disappeared into the ladies, slamming one of the cubicles door shut and sitting down.

Pulling your phone out, you saw it was 12:48am.

What the fuck… How was it that time?

You had seven messages.

“That’s two strikes Y/N.”

“I expect an update in the next ten minutes or else it’s three. Unless there’s a good excuse.”

“Three strikes.”

“If there’s no update in the next fifteen minutes, I’m doubling the amount.”

“Six strikes.”


“Y/N, are you okay?”

The last one was sent three minutes ago and you quickly hit the call button, you didn’t trust yourself to text.

“I’m sorry,” you blurted out as soon as he answered.

“I was beginning to worry Y/N.”

“I know, I’m sorry. The music’s too loud and I couldn’t feel my phone.”

“You realise you have six strikes right now against you right?”

“I know,” you whispered, not daring to let your mind wonder how he would redeem those.

“For your sake I hope you don’t rack up too many more tonight. Unless of course, you’re actually wanting to be punished?”


Every inch of your body was screaming Yes Yes YES.

“Good. Although for my sake, I’m hoping you do rack up more. Having you naked in my apartment all evening and crawling around on all fours is definitely seeming like the next level of punishment for you.” His voice was cool, but breathy.

“I’d do that for you anyway….. ”

“Would you now?”

You leant your head against the side of the cubicle, right next to a Carly loves Dan graffiti love heart drawn in crude black marker. “Yes.”

“And have me paddle you from behind?”

“Fuuuck,“ you groaned into the mouth piece and you heard him laugh.

“Y/N?” You heard a yell. “You in here?”

“Shit. I gotta go. ”

“I heard, I’ll let you off the rest of the check ins. Text me when you’re home okay.”

“Okay.” You hung up and slipped your phone into your back, finishing up and flushing.

When you unlocked the cubicle, you saw Emily leaning against the sink.

“Who were you talking to?”

“Me?….erm… No one.” You started washing your hands quickly, not meeting her gaze.

“Bull shit.” She over pronounced both words carefully. “I heard you. And you dissappeared in here almost as soon as those guys started making serious moves towards you. Are you…. Are you seeing someone?”

“NO!” Too loud Y/N, too loud. Emily’s eyes narrowed.

“You are! What’s his name? Where did you meet him?”

Ah shit.

“Erm…. He’s an old flame from college. We bumped into each other a few months ago and hit it off again. His name…. ” You racked your brain quickly. “Is Dan… Daniel.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?!”

“It’s erm…. early days yet. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of things.” You dried your hands on a paper towel, discarding it into the bin and suddenly feeling sleepy.

“Well let us know as soon as it becomes a big deal. I won’t say anything okay, I’m guessing you don’t want people to know otherwise you’d have said.”

“Thanks Em. Listen.. I think I’m gonna get out of here, I’m beat.”

“Me too. Let’s find Penny and go.”

Forty five minutes later and you were home, peeling off your clothes and changing, then crawling into bed having placed a bottle of water onto your night stand.

“Home.. Sleepy.” You texted Spencer, struggling to focus on your screen. You were too old to be drinking tequila shots. And those vodka martinis had been strong.
“It’s a shame your so sleepy Y/N. I was looking forward to directing a certain object into your underwear over the phone.”

As exciting as that sounded to you, you’d have probably passed out halfway through. And that was NOT sexy.

“Too tired… Another night.”

“I’ll hold you to that. Drink plenty of water and get some sleep then, Snow White.”


“You remind me of Snow White. In fact, you’re the physical embodiment of the written description of her. Skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony.”

This was true, a comparison that even you could see, although you wouldn’t quite go as far as the lips as red as blood.

“Night Spencer.”

“Night Snow.”

Bruises, part 2 : We share the same last name and the same color eyes

Word count : 891

Author note : Part 2. I don’t really know at what time that one is going to be post because tonight is the big night guys, I’m seeing The Phantom of the Opera and I’m so freaking exciting !!!!! Feedback is still appreciated as usual and the tag list still at the end and will re-open on March 21st.  Domestic violence is not normal, don’t let that happen even once because it’ll happen again, run away or go to the police or call special numbers for domestic violence.

Warnings : Mentions of injuries, blood, mention of nudity, Tony being a worried big brother.

Song of the title : Brotherly Love, Keith Whitley & Earl Thomas Conley


Bruises masterlist 

Part 1

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Hi Shy anon here ><, Can i request a fluffy Wonwoo asking you out on a date?

Hi there, I really hope you enjoy this! We are trying to post more often these days but if we don’t please be patient we are working through all the requests! Requests are always open please feel free to send in your requests! Everything is welcomed! 

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Jeon Wonwoo, your childhood friend but also known as a member of a popular k-pop group called Seventeen. Everyone around you was envious of your close friendship with Wonwoo and they all want to be in your position, which you don’t blame them for because he is quite sweet and attractive at times. But because of this friendship, you have also gotten hurt and a few death threat simply because you didn’t want to give the crazy fangirls his number. Although you knew he wouldn’t be happy if he found out that you’ve been threatened but you want to do the least for him and protect his privacy being his childhood friend.

WW: Where are you?

Y/N: I’m at uni, whys that?

WW: I just came back from tour, do you want to meet?

Y/N: Um yeah sure, meet where though?

WW: I’ll come to uni and pick you up?

Y/N: Are you sure? We can meet somewhere if you want!

WW:Yeah I’m sure, I’ll come now so come straight after class okay? I’ve got something to tell you!

Y/N: Okay sure, is it something serious?

WW: In a way… I just need to get your opinion on it!

Y/N: Okie dok see you soon! Better have my present ready

WW: Never forgotten! Bye~

You read the last text and smiled to yourself, you were half worried and half excited since you haven’t seen him after he left for tour three months ago. “Lucky I dressed nicely today” You thought to yourself.

The lecture finished, as soon as it ended you rushed to the toilet to fix your hair, makeup and outfit, for some strange reason you wanted to impress Wonwoo today. And for some strange reason he felt a bit off today. Although you were worried but you didn’t want to think too much about it. After fixing yourself up, you ran down and saw Wonwoo’s car parked right up the front, he was leaning against the car waiting for you. You stopped and stared at him, he was looking exceptionally good today, he was wearing an oversized white shirt, ripped jeans, the way he dressed made your heart skip a beat. You held your hand against your chest trying to calm yourself down before approaching him.

“Hey! Long time no see!” You greet him with a big smile on your face. “Hi” Wonwoo replied looking shy. It was weird… they way Wonwoo acted. He usually greets you with either a big hug or a headlock, that was what you were use to but today he was SHY. You poked his arm and whispered “Can we get in the car now? Theres like 5 girls staring at you and it makes me feel uncomfortable” Wonwoo turned his head to see 5 girls looking in your direction and taking photos. He quickly walked you to passenger side to open the door for you. His action was so gentlemen, unlike the Wonwoo you remembered three months ago. He walked around the car and jumped in.

There were no conversation during the ride, he was so quiet and it was freaking you out inside, he usually be brags about his trip and tells you all the stupid things his members did during tour but today his eyes was focused on the road and he didn’t make any eye contact with you.

“Wonwoo, is something wrong?” You finally broke the silence. You waited a little while for him to respond. “Oh…no… um… I was just thinking” Wonwoo stuttered. “About what? You’ve been acting so weird and it’s freaking me out” You let out a sigh after confessing your feeling. “I’m sorry if I’m freaking you out…” He says as he parked the car next to a park. “Do you remember this place?” You looked out the car and instantly recognises the park. “Omg! This place~ I’ve missed this place so much, I still remember the times when you and me would play here, tag… hide and seek…and you even asked me to marry you here” The memories you shared with Wonwoo came flying back to your head. “Yeah, I remember too.” Wonwoo smiled at your excitement and said. “Why are we here?” you questioned him looking puzzled. “Well… I just thought it would be a nice place… a nice place for us… -sigh- Y/N, I know this might be very sudden, but will you be my girlfriend?” The words left Wonwoo’s mouth and hit you. You froze for a long time before questioning him “What? Are you kidding? Wait, are you serious?”

Wonwoo took your hand in his and placed it on his chest. “Y/N, I am very serious right now. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you in these three months, I finally realised that feeling I get whenever I’m with you is a sign of love, I’m so sorry I realised so late… I really hope you feel the same way about me” His heart was pounding hard against his chest and you can certainly feel it. You missed Wonwoo too, you didn’t expect this sudden confession but his words were real, you could tell by the way he looked at you. He must have thought about this for a long time as he isn’t someone to do things before thinking twice about it. “Wonwoo… I missed you too, I’ve been feeling the same recently. Whenever you come close to me… my heart skips a beat, even the thought of seeing you freaks me out. Of course i’ll be your girlfriend” Wonwoo’s eyes were mist, yours were too. “Omg Y/N!!! Thank you so much, I really love you, and I will make sure you are treated like a princess every single day” He reached to you and pulled you closer to him and kissed you, this was the first time you felt so safe and secure. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepens the kiss.

Moments later, you pulled away and slapped Wonwoo “Yah, I totally forgot… we just started dating, how dare you kiss me this fast?” you joked with him and Wonwoo laughed before replying “We’ve spent enough time as childhood friends together, and we pretty much know everything about each other so why waste time? We can just skip those unless crap.” Wonwoo leaned in for another kiss which you grant him since you can never resist this man.

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Admin Mi. 

Here it is! The full version of the story I teased in this post. Thank you once again for your interest in my writing! (Please note this is an adult work of fiction and that the full version below deals with the subject of sex work and includes a scene of attempted sexual violence that may be upsetting. Read at your own discretion.)

The Edge of The Sea 

The beginning of a larger, unwritten story, based on the above prompt, and turned in as my final Fiction project. This is first and foremost a rough draft, into which more research and editing will go, should I decide to pursue it further. 

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Photograph #3

Part 1 (AO3)  / Part 2 (AO3)  / PART 3 (AO3) / Part 4 (AO3)

Pairing: Hyuk x Reader

Genre: Fluff / Slow burn

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 2,019

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Summary: A month after your day with VIXX, you’re still slaving away at your office job but a surprise leads you to a big change of pace and the discovery of your number one supporter.

Author’s Notes: Honestly, this chapter focuses a lot more on you rather than your relationship with our dear Hyogie, so I hope you’re not disappointed! I’m developing our characters as we go along. This was a tougher chapter to write for me, but I hope you all still enjoy! As usual, my inbox is always super open to making new friends, comments about my fanfic so far, anything about VIXX! I’m pretty open to VIXX prompts! I’ve received a couple of new followers and messages since the last chapter and it’s made me really happy! Please keep them coming, I love to hear from you!

If you also use AO3, I would appreciate any comments/kudos there!

You are sitting on a toilet seat in one of the stalls of your office bathroom. You shift your weight, adjusting your scrunched-up pencil skirt and fuss with your button-down top, before hunching down closer to your phone, trying to unscramble letters in a word game. You glance at the clock on the top of your screen and feel the time ticking down from your break.

You jolt as your phone buzzes. You receive a text from none other than Ara.

Sent you something today! Tell me when you get it! You always hear her voice in her texts, even if you don’t mean to.

You frown and scroll up and down your conversation history. The last time you spoke to her was a month ago, the morning after the photoshoot and drinking session with VIXX.  You remember the day after clearly:  waking up with a hangover, lying about feeling sick, getting an earful from your superior, and diving straight back into the worst of work with difficult clients and a clogged up to-do list.

You read your messages. You thank her, She brushes it off and praises you, you get embarrassed, and finally she asks you when will you “quit your damn job so you could pursue your photographer career”. No replies afterwards.

You sigh deeply, trying to expel the pang of guilt in your chest. Your mind is still as blank as it was a month ago.

You straighten your body, stretch your arms over your head, and stare at the door in front of you. You look at the bathroom door, a dull gray with no scratches or markings. The view reminds you of the countless days you’ve spent plopped on this seat either hiding from your boss, playing games on your phone, or just crying.

What was I doing here? Why am I wasting my time? How can I do this while my old classmates are succeeding?”,  You would ask yourself regularly in this exact spot, confronted by this blank door, and the answer would always be the same, the crippling combination of financial, family, and societal pressures. You fantasize about a resignation letter you wrote months ago on your computer, waiting to be dated and printed.

You pull up your phone again and stare at the blank reply line, your thumbs hovering over the keyboard. But before you could begin making a reply, you hear the bathroom door open and high-heeled steps shuffling in. It was your cue to leave so you flush the toilet, wash your hands, and exit the stall. You return to work.

“Are you (Y/N)-ssi?”, A young man asks.

You’re standing at the entrance of the dark, empty office, in front of the young man, who’s dressed in a rain jacket, jeans, and sturdy sneakers, lugging a hefty backpack. He smells like a mixture of sweat and the outside.

“Yes, I am.”, You reply. You were in the middle of getting ready for your noontime nap, a rare quiet moment in the office, until the young man knocked on the glass door. You fidget in place, standing uncomfortably in another pair of cheap flats.

The young man smiles and nods. He hands you a little clipboard with two small slips of paper.

“Kindly sign both, please!”, He says while pointing at the lines at the bottom of the receipts.

He quickly twists his bag towards his front and rummages through. You can hear the contents roughly rustling together as his hand sifts the inside. You sign the papers and hand the clipboard back to him.

“Thank you!”, He takes the clipboard, slips it into his back pocket, and hands you two plastic-wrapped magazines, with your name labeled on both. He bows and bids you goodbye.

You look at the magazines and see the title emblazoned on top, “CHICK”, in a bold font. The cover was a colorful photo of a trendy actress and model, sunbathing on a roof in nineties-themed clothing. You see a few headlines littering the cover but your eyes fall on one, “Your next boyfriends, VIXX”. You couldn’t run any faster to your desk.

You turn on the lights, skid onto your desk chair, and quickly open up one of the copies. You flip through the pages and there you see it, in its printed glory, VIXX standing the way you precariously envisioned and in white letters beside them, “Photographed by (Y/N)”. You stare at it in disbelief, clapping your hand over your mouth.

You quickly take a picture of the first page and send it to Ara, your sheer excitement overtaking any anxiety. You carefully turn the pages to see the whole editorial: a close-up of N with one of his signature expressions, a full-body of Leo, looking to the side, soft and sentimental, a portrait of Ravi artfully slouched on a chair, Ken and Hongbin laughing while play fighting, and Hyuk gazing straight to the camera. You feel your face growing warm and you trap a scream in your mouth.

Your phone buzzes and it’s a reply from Ara, “Congratulations on your first editorial!! I told you they would turn out amazing!!” Your mind races, thinking of how to repay her.

You feel your heartbeat pounding, sending adrenaline all over your body. You stand up and pace near your desk, trying to calm yourself down. You check the time on your phone, you have a few minutes until everyone returns from their lunch break.

Fuck it. You sit back down in front of your computer and the whirring sound of a printer fills the empty room.

When you step out of your office building, you feel light, the lightest you’ve ever felt in a while. You begin walking with a skip to your step and you resist the urge to do a little jig. You look at your phone and your eyes widen when you see that you have hundreds of notifications from one of your social media accounts, the account you used to share your photography.

You furrow your eyebrows. You haven’t touched that account in months. You open the application and see that you’ve been flooded with a huge number of new followers and comments on your older works, none of these people you recognize.

As you scroll through the commotion, you begin smelling a delicious aroma. You look up from your phone, and notice that you’re already outside of the little, casual dumpling place you and Ara agreed to meet at. You peep into the windows and notice she isn’t there yet so you decide to wait for her outside of the restaurant while sorting through the sudden attack on your social media.

Your thumb feels a growing cramp as the timeline of notifications seem endless. You groan as the list goes on until an unfamiliar username catches your eye. You tap on their profile.

You see that it’s Hyuk’s verified profile, followed by hundreds of thousands of people. You refresh the page to make sure the number is correct. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t change. Besides his selfies and rare glimpses into his personal life, his latest posts are him showing off the editorial in the magazine, him showing off the pictures you took, and crediting you as the photographer.

Look at my hyungs! Thank you for having us, CHICK magazine!” His caption reads on the pictures of his fellow members, tagging you and CHICK magazine’s social media account. You hold your breath as you see sixty-thousand likes and sigh in relief when you read most, if not all, the comments were positive.

You press on another post, his solo portrait and blink when you read fifty-thousand likes. “Was really nervous during this photo shoot, but it was an unforgettable day!”, He wrote, tagging you and the magazine again. 

You laugh and think, “That makes the two of us”, and smile. 

After finding out that Hyuk was the cause of the fuss online, your stomach grumbles, a sign that Ara is ten minutes late. You look towards one end of the street to the other and can’t seem to spot her in the distance. You think for a minute and decide to get a hold of the man himself.

Good evening, Hyuk-ssi. Are you busy now? Can I call you?”, You type and send off to Hyuk, hoping you weren’t disturbing him in anyway. In the back of your mind, you considered the possibility of him changing his number but surprisingly, you get his reply.

I’m not busy, go ahead and call. :)”, He says.

Your heart skips a beat, but you call him anyway. You listen to the ring twice before he answers.

“Good evening, Hyuk-ssi! I’m glad I was able to catch you. I’m sure you have a full schedule.”

“Nah, I’m just eating dinner,” his voice, warm and familiar through the phone, “What’s up?”

“Nothing much, I just wanted to thank you for sharing the photo shoot and tagging me! I got a lot of new followers and likes and I’m sure the exposure will help a lot!”, You say while bowing your head to no one in particular.

“Ah, it’s no big deal, (Y/N)-ssi,” He laughs, “I really hope it does help you and…Um, I should be thanking you for taking such nice pictures.”

“What! You made my job easier by being so handsome!”, You laugh and there’s a deathly pause, you horrified by what you just blurted out and Hyuk completely silent. You feel each second painfully pass between the two of you.

You look around awkwardly, trying to find something to say, but all you hear is handsome ringing in your head. Unluckily, at the turn of your head, Ara is in your face, her loud makeup emphasizing her growing sneer.

“(Y/N)-ssi? I was-”, Before Hyuk could finish his thought, you interrupt his thought as you watch Ara’s grin get wider and wider.

You swiftly turn your back on her and cup your mouth over your phone, “Hyuk-ssi, I’m so sorry, I have to go now. Good night!” You hang up on him and look at Ara, whose grimace has somehow gotten worse.

“So, who could that handsome person be?”, Ara says as she creeps closer to you.

“No one, Ara!”, You laugh nervously, “Let’s go in, it’s so cold!” You rub your arms and shiver with a dramatic flourish as you brisk walk through the restaurant’s doorway. Ara follows behind you, whining your name.

Ara doesn’t let up the whole night, asking who this secret lover of yours is. You valiantly attempt to protect your privacy and Hyuk’s by dodging her questions and denying her sordid assumptions. You hide your phone in your bag, despite the constant buzz of notifications, in fear of Ara snatching it the moment you pull it out. Eventually her focus turns to drinking rather than interrogating.

The two of you eat and drink merrily, surrounded by the fog of tasty dumplings. You clink your glasses together in celebration of your first work in a major publication and your first step towards pursuing your dreams. You don’t hold back, as you and Ara hop from bar to bar,  feeling untethered to any of your worries.

When you finally get home, you stumble straight into bed, still dressed in the wrinkled button-down and your most hated skirt. You fall asleep in a happy haze, knowing that you never have to wear this outfit, that you don’t have to hang out in bathroom stalls, and you’ll never be obligated to touch a spreadsheet ever again. You groan in your sleep as an alert rings off your phone, a text message from a certain, flustered idol.

(Y/N)-ssi, are you alright? I got a bit worried since you hung up so fast! I know it’s already pretty late, so I just hope you’re safely asleep but text me when you wake up, so I know you’re not dead or something. Good night!

Another alert follows.

By the way, let’s work together again soon, before I’m no longer handsome, haha! ;)

You snore peacefully as your phone battery dies.

Asuma Kousuke’s Fan Meeting Event Report (1st day 1st session)

Hi again fellow fangirls!

Another story time from Felicia Angelika today! Thank you for always reading my gross fangirling babble experiences meeting my obsessions idols in Tokyo! (´∀`)♡

Yesterday (June 18th) and Today (June 19th), our angel Asuma Kousuke had his first fan meeting event! Well Kousuke himself didn’t call it a fan meeting event, he called this event “fan gratitude event” because he wanted to thank all of us, his fans ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡ this boy is just so sweet I can’t

I feel so blessed because I managed to take 3 tickets for me and my 2 other friends to go to the event!

The event was basically a talk event in which Kousuke answered lots of questions and tell us about things we didn’t know about him. Every session’s topic is different but if you’re curious about what did he talk about in the first session of the first day, please keep reading!  ♡

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Drunken Anons

Summary: In Dan’s drunken state of mind, he decides it’s a good idea to send suggestive anons to Phil. The only problem, Dan forgot to click the anon button.

Warnings: smut, alcohol

Author’s Note: Thanks to lessinterested for submitting this prompt to phanfic, to twzntyonepilots for the amazing edit that helped inspire this fic, and a big thanks to emejig16 for sending me encouragements when I doubted my writing abilities.

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Scan - A page from one of Liverpool Beatles fan Susan Houghton’s scrapbooks, as pictured in Yeah!, 19 November 1995.

Susan is also the fan who received that letter from George with “instructions” on washing his car: x. ;)

Below is an excerpt of the article, typed up and previously posted at thateventuality here.

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fic: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Eren finds Levi’s tumblr and is more than a little confused by contrast between the man he knows in real life and his online persona.

Based off of this tumblr post

me irl: speaks in a fairly monotone voice, doesnt smile a lot, literally gets told i seem dead inside

me online: uses double exclamations points!!  says things like omg and aah and oooooooooooooh a lot.  screams at cute pictures of cats

[also on AO3] words: 3.5Kish rating:T+

Eren may or may not have a huge crush on his maths tutor.

Yep, that’s right, the twenty-two year old, five-foot-three, perpetually impassive man who somehow made trigonometric calculus sexy. The teenager spent most of his time wondering why on earth each tutoring session couldn’t turn out at least a little bit more like a porno. Instead he simply had to sit there and attempt to pay attention to the explanations the guy was giving rather than the entrancing way his mouth moved.

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Another C/C College AU: Clint grabs Phil’s backpack by mistake.

Clint slumps into the cracked plastic seat at the back of the lecture hall and puts his head down on the graffiti covered desk. He is sooo fucking exhausted. Work at the rec center this morning had been an exercise in moron management, and the hours of ‘no, you can’t use that machine for that’ and ‘please stop slamming the weights – maybe you need a lighter setting?’ rants at preppy coeds had worn Clint down below any semblance of energy reserves. He’d grabbed his backpack from behind the front desk and only managed to make it across the snow-covered campus to class without slipping and breaking a wrist.

Now he’s sure the mild-mannered, rumpled TA is going to throw a pop quiz on his desk, but he’s too tired to care. He did manage to finish the essay last night/early this morning, and he feels like that’s gonna be the most he can handle for this class today – hand in his essay, try to stay awake through lecture, and screw worrying about a quiz.

He pulls his head up after a minute and reaches down to his backpack to pull out his essay, but when he unzips it and reaches inside, he freezes. His sees a tube of tennis balls, two textbooks, a zip-lock bag of carrots, a container of something that looks like it belongs in a toilet, and two spiral notebooks. He was expecting a can of Coke, a history textbook, a wrist-guard, and a folder that might just have lion photos all over it.

This is not his backpack.

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After Right Now (Pt. 3)

Thanks for all the kind words and likes on the previous two parts!! (Part 1||Part 2). I can’t say that I’m fully happy with this final part, but writing this fic, as well as everything that comes out of the amazing fandom here on Tumblr, has helped immeasurably with the overwhelming sadness about the show which has plagued me since the end of series 3 and that’s enough. (Oh and the album by the UK band Spiritualized that Rae puts on is amazing, and hands down, one of the best albums of the 90s. Not Britpop though, but I like to imagine that Rae working at the record shop has broadened her taste.)

After Right Now (Pt. 3)

She didn’t take off her jacket or sit down. Instead Rae walked around the lounge in Finn’s flat, running her fingertips over his side table, the back of the couch, a poster on the wall. In the kitchen, Finn was putting the kettle on and watching her. The outline of her body, the way her hips moved, the wildness of her hair- he drunk it all in. A part of him was saying to memorize her, to draw an internal diagram of her figure, a map of sorts, so that if she left him for good, he would always be able to find her.

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Adam had walked quite far in the last 2 years he had owned his shoes. Two years and not a lot had happened in his life. Hiding from the landlord, delaying paying the rent while he wasted it on cigarettes and cheap booze, running around and stalking people and taking photos of them for a lousy pay, last summer he even did some unfortunate kid’s 8th birthday party where the small guy had been placed in quite an unfortunate looking red jumper. The shoes weren’t important to Adam as other personal attatchments would be, but they always got him where they needed to go, one hole in the right tie and 3 scraggly pairs of shoe laces later. But these shoes were no longer of use to the photographer as they were taken off him and a cold, rusty chain was attatched to his bare ankle instead, a chain that would never leave him as he would never leave. The drug addict set up the scene with the dying cancer patient media had romanticised as the ‘Jigsaw Killer’, putting Adam’s photos in place, the doctor already lay in position. It was a struggle for the weak girl but she managed to get Adam’s slack body into the cold grubby bathtub. Leaving John to lie down, Amanda left and turned off the light. The game would begin in half an hour.
The newly purchased clock which stood glimmering in comparison to the rest of the bathroom ticked away the time slowly and surely before Adam’s head slowly slipped underwater, causing the man to wake suddenly to a potential drowning. Freaking out and having no clue to what was going on, he screamed out under the water, gargling away as he tried to reach the surface in his half concious struggle. Pulling the plug out of the tub with his foot, he managed to splutter his way to the surface and gasp for air, clambering out of the tub and into the darkness. No memory of how he got there came to the apathetic man’s mind, but soon it would all become clear. 6 painstaking hours of tape listening, toilet searching, saw breaking, phone answering, photo finding, x discovering, fake dying and electrocution took place before Adam remembered how he got there. A pig..a guy in a pig mask had snuck in and now he was at the mercy of a killer, the jigsaw killer. His rather pathetic attempt at acting had failed and now the doctor with him was losing his grip. Adam tried calming Lawrence down but to no avail. The clock struck 6 and Lawrence had lost it, doing what Adam feared he would succumb to. The young photographer screamed, begging the elder to stop. He yelled and screamed, crying as he did. It was horrific, blood splurted all over the doctor’s white shirt, saw thrown aside before he moved away from the dismembered foot, he moved towards the gun.

Adams’s eyes went wide in alarm, after everything he had been through, it would end like this. “Oh my god, Lawrence no!! Lawrence please!” He yelled, darting as far as the chain would permit in a desperate atempt to escape his fate. Face pale and horror struck, he begged for his life. “Please! Please Lawrence I wanna live! I wanna-” and then that was it. A bang echoed the room and a burning pain tore through Adam and he fell to the floor, but it was not the end he had thought it was. Lying there, trying to figure out what had happened, he realised Lawrence had shot him there on purpose, not as to kill him. The pain was terrible, he could feel the blood dampening his shirt and leaving his body, but he stayed still as he heard the doctor cry and beg for his family.
Then Zepp entered. Adam wasn’t sure what was going on, trying his hardest to stay still. He almost shot Lawrence before Adam grabbed him, throwing his to the floor in his adrenaline and grabbed the toilet kid, smashing the man’s head in with it desperatley until he was no more. Adam was now a killer and a part of this twisted twisted game. Lawrence dragged himself away with a promise of return, but as the bleeding, begging, bawling photographer soon learnt, that would be a promise never fulfilled.