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On the Importance of a Good Dog.

Requested by @halpdevon (enjoy)

A fire roared in the grate, the wind outside screeched; the branches of the trees tangled together and scratched at the glass in the windows, though Alexander was peaceful. There was a calmness that spread through their lodgings that night; well, it spread through Alexander, he thought it had something to do with the ball of fluff that was currently curled up on his lap. He was reading, or trying to read, Plutarch but the words were slipping past his eyes; without making any significant impression on him. The warmth from the fire seeped into his bones, and the wine he was sipping at spread more warmth through, he leaned his head back against the chair and sighed.

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Milk Gurgles
Milk Gurgles

Sooooooo I took yall’s advice and I bought two quarts/liters of Dutch chocolate whole milk the other day, chugged one down one day with little fanfair, and chugged the second one this afternoon with what started as the same~ Felt like a brick sitting in my belly at first, but after a nice shower it settled in fine~ Took a nap and woke up to my guts tangled up in a pretty good fight with the milk from earlier, I-I haven’t heard them quite this upset in a while~!! Needless to say it was definitely time to try my hand at a longer recording for these~!

…guess I’m off to buy more milk heheh~ <3

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may i please get a fic request where you are spending time with yoongis family but paying too much attention to holly and hes getting jealous?

Holly’s Love

genre: Fluff, so much fluff

A/N: This honestly made my day writing, thank you so much for the request! I’m sorry it took so long to post!

While Yoongi was out grabbing dinner for the two of you, you decided to sit down and watch something on television.  You heard a little pitter patter of feet on the floor coming closer to you.  You looked down to see Holly, Yoongi’s dog, sitting in front of you.

“Aw, did you wake up from your nap, sweet boy?” Holly’s ears perked up and his tail started wagging, he kept looking up at you with his big black eyes.  You couldn’t resist.  “Do you want to come sit on my lap and watch a show with me?”  His tail started wagging even faster, and he gave a little yip.  You reached down and gently placed him on your lap.  He quickly plopped down and laid his head on your arm sweetly.  You started scratching the top of his head and behind his ears as you kept searching for a show.  You heard him sigh in what you could only assume to be contentment and he gave your arm a little lick.  

When you finally found a show, you set down the remote and used that hand to play with his little feet.  Your phone chimed with Yoongi’s text tone and you glanced at where it sat just out of reach on the table in front of you.

“Hold on tight, Holly.”  You whispered before you held him to your chest and stood to grab your phone.  He gave a little whine, but other than that seemed completely unperturbed by your jostling. Once you sat back down with your phone, he was looking up at you expectantly again.  “Yes, yes, I’m sorry, I’ll keep scratching.”  As you resumed your petting, you unlocked your phone to see the text from Yoongi.

              Yoongs: Hey, what did you say you wanted to drink?

You quickly responded that you wanted a water before you put your phone back down and focused on the show.  You made it halfway through the show before you heard Yoongi at the door.

You turned around slightly, trying not to disturb Holly.  “Do you need any help, Yoongi?”

He turned towards you from the kitchen and smiled sweetly.  “Nah, I got it babe, thank you though.”  Holly perked up at the sound of Yoongi’s voice, and gave a little yip.  “Was that Holly?”  He asked looking around trying to find his dog.

“Yea, he’s here in my lap.  We’re watching Kitchen Nightmares.”

Yoongi came up behind you with a box of food and a drink in his hands, and gave you a kiss on the cheek.  “How sweet. Holly, are you trying to steal my girl?”

“If I weren’t your girl then I wouldn’t be able to see Holly, you know that.” You said and Yoongi moved around the couch to sit next to you and Holly.

“Oh, so you’re only with me for my dog, is that what you’re trying to say?” He looked over to you with a mischievous look in his eye, waiting for your answer.

“Obviously.”  You laughed before reaching for the food in Yoongi’s hand.

“Oh, so it’s my dog and my food!”  He was smiling at you as he held the box out of reach.

“Ah, you know that’s not true babe!  You know it’s your dashing good looks and smiley personality!”

“Oh yea?  Then why are you holding my dog so closely and still reaching for my box of food without even giving me a kiss?”

“Because if I do that then Holly will get jealous!”

“Oh, Holly will get jealous, will he? Well then, I guess I’m just going to go eat this food by myself so I don’t bother you two love birds.”

“But then Holly will miss you!”

“Just Holly, huh?”

“I mean, I have Holly, so I will be ok, but Holly is really attached to you.”  You said, nodding your head like it was the most obvious thing ever.

Yoongi pouted.  “Holly really did steal you from me.”  You giggled before leaning over to kiss Yoongi.  Holly whined.

“See, I told you he would get jealous!”  But then Holly licked your hand like in goodbye before hopping into Yoongi’s lap.

“Oooooh, the betrayal!  How does that make you feel, babe?”  

“Well, I suppose my lap is free now so I can take that food from you.”  Yoongi rolled his eyes and chuckled before handing you the box, but before you could put it in your lap, he spun on the couch and placed his head in your lap, his legs thrown over the other side, with Holly laying on his stomach.  “Watcha doing down there, Yoongs?  I was going to put my food there.”

“Oh, you know, I just figured your hands would be lonely now that Holly is with me.”

“Actually, I was planning on using my hands to eat this food.”  Holly whined, and you looked over and saw Yoongi was barely petting him.  “I think you should be paying more attention to Holly, he really missed you today.”

“And I think you should be paying more attention to me, but I can see that isn’t going to happen very easily tonight is it.”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe if you were to be giving Holly some attention I will pay attention to you too.”

“Oh, is that how this is going to work?”

“I mean, I couldn’t possibly leave Holly out dry all by himself.”  Yoongi rolled his eyes and laughed.  You raised your eyebrow and nodded towards Holly.  Yoongi’s hand began scratching around Holly’s ears expertly and Holly melted against Yoongi’s stomach.  You looked down to see his eyes were on you and his mouth was expectantly open.  You smiled at him before moving a small portion of the food in the box into his mouth.

“Mmm, I could get used to this.”  He said when he finished chewing.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re enjoying this Yoongs.”

“I know you are, because you love me so much.”  You hummed in agreement before leaning down to kiss his lips. You both kept it slow and gentle as you relished in the feeling of each other.

You broke the kiss before sitting up and saying, “I really do love you the most, Yoongs.”

For the rest of the night was spent sharing the food, sharing kisses, and sharing ‘I love you’s.


The whole gang was out taking advantage of a friday night. Isak was hosting and everyone was there. Somewhere in the kitchen where Isak and Even just messing around with each other taking a break from the people and spending a couple of minutes alone.

“Emma is so damn drunk” Even laughed because they were singing karaoke and they could hear Emma singing along with Baby of Justin Bieber at the top of her lungs.

“She just loves the biebs” Isak giggled.

“You should get up there” Even was playing with Isak’s curls while he was half sitting on the counter.

“Why should i?” Isak asked for a kiss and Even gave him one “I don’t sing”

“Bullshit. I’ve heard you singing and playing my guitar on my room” Even looked at his boyfriend accusingly.

Isak was busted, everytime Even went to kitchen, was taking a nap or doing whatever it was Isak took his boyfriend’s guitar to jam a little. Though he never told Even because he was a bit embarrassed and didn’t believe he was any good. Anyway Isak was saved by the bell because there was fighting over the mic and apparently the karaoke session was over because 5 Fine Frøkner started playing. Even and Isak looked at each other and laughed remembering the morning they spent together eating breakfast and Even singing along.

“Remember?” Even asked playfully

“Oh yes I do” Isak pulled Even closer and started kissing him.

The kiss got intense, Isak was playing with Even’s hair while he grabbed Isak by his waist. They were in their own world. But a very drunk Eva managed to ruin the moment.

“Guuuuys you’re so cute together” Eva said stamping on every piece of furniture in the kitchen.

Even and Isak laughed. it was the only thing they could do anyway. While Even helped Eva to stand Isak grabbed a glass and filled with water for Eva to drank it.

“Sweet little Isak” Eva said looking at Isak giggling and turned to Even “Can I ask you guys something?”

“Sure” Isak and Even answered almost at the same time

“So who made the first move? Who you know…took the first step?” Eva laughed at her question and Even and Isak looked at each other remembering their first kiss. You could say Even did the first move but Isak would’ve done the same sooner or later. It was something they both wanted.

“That would be Isak” Even said confident and smiling at Isak.

“That’s bullshit and you know it” Eva was not paying attention. This was a two way conversation now.

“You know it’s true” Even was playing silly on purpose.

“Sure Mr. I forgot my ID let me take you home to get you stoned and jealous” Even knew exactly what Isak was talking about but still he couldn’t hide his surprise. Isak knew all along about his plan to get him alone that day Isak asked him to buy him beer. Though the jealous part wasn’t on purpose he truly forgot he had friends, and his girlfriend, coming over.

“That’s right. You’re busted” Isak said with his victory smiled.

Eva laughed and they joined because tonight they were both busted, they both learned something new about each other.

LazyTown characters as stuff I've done

Stephanie: colored a labeled map in 14 different shades of pink to turn in for history

Robbie Rotten: took a nap at 2:30 pm and didn’t wake up until 2:30 am

Sportacus: ran up 17 flights of stairs while staying a hotel instead of waiting in line for the elevators

Stingy: got dinner with friends from a place with no place to sit inside, didn’t let friends eat in the car out of fear of getting the inside dirty, instead forced them to eat their food outside in the snow

Ziggy: found Mommy’s stash of Hershey bars for making s'mores and ate them all in one sitting

Pixel: set up dual monitors and keyboards to watch Netflix and do schoolwork at the same time

Trixie: drank a glass of dirt water to show up some boys at camp who were too chicken to do it

Let's Play A Game Muke

“Lukey! I’m bored!” Michael groaned from behind his phone screen.

“Then go take a nap.” Luke replied.

“Noooo. Let’s do something together.” Michael whined.

Luke smirked at the boy sitting next to him on the couch. He had a pretty good idea on what they could do.

“Okay. Let’s play a game.” Luke proposed.

“Yay! Okay let’s play.” Michael cheered, putting his phone on the table.

“Upstairs. My room. I’ll be up in a minute.” Luke told the boy.

Shocked by his controlling demeanour, but slightly hard much to his embarrassment, Michael took off to Luke’s room. He didn’t know what to do when he got in there, so he just awkwardly sat on the bed. That is until Luke walked in.

“We’re gonna play a game called ‘How long can Mikey last before he begs’.” Luke explained.

He chuckled at the confused look on Michael’s face so he explained.

“We’re gonna do a bunch of things. You’ll suck me off. You’ll please me until I make you stop. And then I’m going to tease you until you beg me to fuck you.”

Michael visibly gulped but nodded his head anyway. He was overly excited for this.

“Okay then. On your knees in front of me.” Luke demanded.

When Michael got on his knees Luke pulled his hair so he would have to look up at him. He knew that Michael loved it. He had seen his internet history a lot.

“C'mon. Suck me off.” Luke told him.

Michael immediately went to Luke’s belt buckle and undid it, popping the button open as well. He fumbled with the zipper, overly excited and now extremely hard, but eventually got it unzipped. He was nervous to say the least.

“Michael. Let’s go.” Luke demanded from above him.

Michael slowly pulled Luke’s pants down to his ankles, looking him in the eyes as he did so.

“No. You don’t get to tease me. That’s my job. Now I have to punish you later.” Luke said.

Michael gulped again. He liked that idea a lot. He wanted to see how far he could go before Luke fucked him without him having to beg.

So Michael slowly but surely pulled Luke’s boxers down. The blonde groaned above him, over all of the teasing but not willing to give in.

Michael brought his lips to Luke’s hard cock. The tip was red and leaking with precum already. Michael kissed the tip.

He kitten licked at the slit, all the while keeping eye contact with Luke.

“Fuck. Don’t make your punishment worse kitten.” Luke moaned above him.

Michael thought for a moment about what Luke could possibly have in mind for a punishment. But when he realized that Luke could deny his orgasm he decided not to prolong this blow job.

Michael wrapped his lips around Luke’s cock. It was a lot bigger than he thought. And certainly a lot bigger than some of the other cocks he’s had in his life. Luke was thick and long. Perfect combination for Michael.

He bobbed his head up and down on Luke’s cock, his eyes tearing up when he gagged every now and then. And damn. His throat was going to be sore as hell tomorrow. But all of the breathy moans escaping Luke’s mouth was worth it.

“Can I fuck your mouth kitten?” Luke asked.

As controlling as Luke could be, he still liked to know if some things were okay.

Michael moaned at the thought, the vibrations on Luke’s cock making it hard for the taller lad to hold back a groan. He took Michael’s moan and a yes and started fucking into the boy’s mouth.

Sometimes Luke thrusted his hips a little too hard and Michael gagged. But god. Luke loved that feeling and kept doing it. He could feel his orgasm getting closer and closer and shoved Michael off. He wanted his cum to fill the older boy’s ass.

“On the bed. On your hands and knees. Face down, ass up.” Luke said, pointing to his bed.

Michael loved this side of Luke.

“Gonna tease you okay?” Luke stated, though it came out as more of a question.

Michael furiously nodded his head and waited for Luke to start.

“Hmm. I can’t do anything with these clothes on.” Luke pouted.

Michael flipped over and ripped his shirt over his head, and pulled his pants down, along with his boxers as best as he could. Luke chuckled and Michael’s quickness to get undressed. Once he was undressed, he resumed the position he was in before and waited.

He could feel the bed dip behind him and took a sharp inhale. Only to let it go seconds later when he felt Luke’s hand slap his ass.

“Such a pretty ass you have kitten. It’s gonna be all red when I’m done with it.” Luke whispered into Michael’s ear.

Michael let out a breathy moan and pushed back, urging Luke to do more. Luke’s hand came back down on his ass moments later, a loud slap bouncing off the walls. Michael bit his lip, not wanting Luke to know how much he liked it.

“Now don’t do that. Wanna hear how good I make you feel.” Luke said.

Michael let out a loud moan the next time Luke’s hand hit his ass. And the time after that and the time after that. By the time Luke was done there were obvious hand prints on Michael’s ass, and it was probably going to hurt to sit for a while, but Michael loved it.

Luke’s fingers were in front of Michael’s face and he just looked at them.

“Suck kitten.” Luke told him.

Michael took Luke’s fingers in his mouth and sucked them like he did Luke’s cock not that long ago.

When Luke felt that his fingers were wet enough he pulled them out of Michael’s mouth. Michael whined when he felt one of Luke’s fingers circle his hole.

Suddenly the finger was pushed in past the tight ring of muscle, making Michael whimper at the feeling.

“Luke please.” Michael whined.

“Nope. Try harder.” Luke chuckled, inserting another finger.

“Oh God. Please Luke. Need your cock in me. Please.” He moaned.

“Little Bit more.” Luke said.

“Need your big cock in me. You make me feel so good. Please fuck me Luke.” Michael begged.

“Good job.” Luke praised.

His fingers were still going in and out of Michael’s ass as he reached behind him to grab the condom package. Luke removed his fingers from Michael’s ass and he rolled the condom on.

“Want it rough?” Luke teased.

“God yes. Really rough Luke.” Michael moaned.

Luke teased Michael’s entrance before sticking the tip in; only to pull it right out, resulting in a whimper from Michael.

“We’re gonna see how long you can last before you beg. Ready?” Luke asked.

“Fuck yes.”

Luke thrusted his cock into Michael without giving him time to adjust, making Michael whine.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it Michael. I’ve seen your internet history. You love the pain. You love being used. Don’t you?” Luke teased.

Michael let out a loud moan at Luke’s words and he pushed back against him when Luke stopped moving.

“Answer me. Don’t you like that?” Luke growled.

“God. Yes. Just please fuck me.” Michael begged.

Luke slammed his hips back into Michael’s, hitting a spot in him that made him scream. He hit that spot over and over again.

“Please Luke. I need, need to cum.” Michael moaned.

“No. Hold it.” Luke groaned, pushing Michael down into the bed.

“Please.” Michael begged.

“Shut up. I said to hold it.” Luke growled.

And fuck. Michael did just that. He shut up and tried not to cum. But he loved Luke dominating him even more.

Luke tugged on Michael’s cock, making Michael try to squirm away.

“Stay still.” Luke demanded.

“Fuck fuck fuck. Please let me cum Luke.” Michael begged.

Luke let out moans and groans from above Michael. His begging was really making it hard Luke not to cum.

“Please Luke. Please. Let me cum please. I need to cum. You make me feel so good. Please.” Michael begged.

“Cum for me.” Luke said, tugging on Michael’s cock.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” Michael screamed, shooting cum onto Luke’s hand and the sheets below him.

Michael collapsed into the bed and let Luke use him to get off, too tired to care about how sensitive he was.

“Fuck Michael!” Luke moaned, cumming into the condom.

After a few moments, Luke pulled out and took the condom off, throwing it away.

“So. I see it didn’t take you too long to start begging.” Luke said, smirking.

“Next time we’re playing how long can Luke last before begging.” Michael chuckled.

You know what? I am actually legitimately pissed off about the Shaun tags. 

Ya’ll are like “He’s so cold and unfeeling! I’m your fucking father/mother! You should love me! You should adore me!” 

Bitch, he lived for 60+ years never even fucking knowing you. You took a god damn nap, woke up 210 years later and spent a year collecting garbage and saying “Hm, I wish this game would have given me time with my kid so I could give a shit about him.” 

Don’t sit there and play the fucking victim card you hypocritical jackasses. You had more time with him than he did with you. You were there when he was a baby in the crib, playing with him. Running to the vault and seeing how much your characters friggin loved him. 

He. Never. Knew. You. 

He. Doesn’t. Remember. You.

“He treats me like I’m some…experiment!” 

He thinks it’s fascinating that you could unconditionally love someone you don’t know just because he’s your kid! You missed 60+ years of his life, found out he’s the head of this “evil organization” and you still love him just because he’s your son!

“It’s wrong that he thinks your husband was collateral damage!”


My great grandmother killed herself by drowning herself in the river when I was a kid. When I found out, I didn’t actually…feel sorry. I felt bad that she committed suicide, but I didn’t miss her. I didn’t feel love for her. I didn’t feel shit past “Oh wow that’s horrible that you assholes just let her do it”. Why? I DIDN’T KNOW HER. 

Yet he tells you that he thawed you out, organized you to cross paths with Kellog and felt it was some sort of revenge on both of your parts that you killed him. 

He set you free to see if you would go off and look for him. If your love was really strong enough to push you through hell and high water to find your missing son. 

You were an experiment, but you were more than that. You were a reminder that he could have had a life filled with love instead of hard numbers and cold facts. Kellog was a reminder that the Institute took that away from him. Your survival was proof that you love him so much and it’s remarkable. 

He thawed you out because he wanted to know. 

If after all of these years, 

after all of the rumors and harsh and horrible things you heard about the institute

if you’d still love him. 

He’s a dying old man taking a break from his hard work he dedicated his life to to reflect on what he’d missed out on before he died. 

He just wanted to meet his father/mother. 

He just wants you to love him, even if he doesn’t know how to properly respond to it. 

Your dedication to him is remarkable. 

Squad Goals Season 3 Episode 18


“She’s still out, having the time of her life.” I sit in the middle of Cruz’s room in my new house, and relay the night’s events to my mother.

“It’s her right Justin. You however do not have a right to be angry with her.” Cruz fidgets in his sleep before stilling again.

“You aren’t tired?” I ask her as she rocks a snoring Cruz back and forth in the rocking chair his mom had picked out.

“Nope, I took a long nap today so I could be up with Cruzie” she smiles at my sleeping son before placing a kiss on his head.

“You sure you don’t mind watching him mom? I could hire a nanny or-” she holds up a hand to interrupt me,

“He’s my grandchild Justin, and you know how I feel about these celebrities and their nannies”

“What about celebrities and their baby mamas?” Her jaw ticks a little bit before she forces a smile into her face.

“ I have nothing against Elysandra,” it was true. She had been sincere and polite during these past three months with Cruz and Ely, but something was different.

“But?” Mom sighs and stands up to place Cruz in his crib.

“But she isn’t Rhiannon. You know that as well as I do.”

“I’m trying mom, really, I am.” She pats me on the cheek before walking away.

“I know sweetheart. I know.”

“Guess who?” Two large hands cover my eyes and with a smile I lean into the hard chest that I know will be behind me.

“Drake?” The hands slip from my eyes to my shoulders  and knead them in soothing motions.

“Your friends look like they’re enjoying themselves, saw Party and Kylie started doing body shots when I walked in” an eyebrow shoots up into my hairline.

“On each other?” Drake chuckles and walks around the couch I’m seated on to sit next to me.

“Nah, on some fans. Some really horny fans” I laugh and offer him one of the many drinks that line our table. We’d opted for bottle service tonight and I’d decided to put everything on Justin’s tab.

“Nice spread you have here, you fuck with hard shit now? Bieber always used to bitch about how you sipped margaritas and cosmos” I roll my eyes and do a shot of straight tequila, sucking on a lime for added  effect.

“Never doubting you again Rhiannon St. John” I use my thumb to wipe away a dribble of tequila from his beard and he gives me a boyish grin.

“You don’t have to call me that you know,”

“Call you what?”

“Rhiannon St. John. Sounds sort of pretentious don’t you think?” Drake laughs and puts down his glass before parting his lap. I look around the club a few times, not quite sure I was ready for this to get out before I sigh and settle myself onto his lap.

“I’ll call you Rhiannon, just Rhiannon if you call me Aubrey. We have a deal?” The way that his hands rest on the small of my back ease my overall anxiety of secret paparazzi and I find myself leaning into him and his scent of Sandalwood and hard liquor.

“Deal, Aubrey” his ears perk up at his Birth name and his thousand watt smile lights up his face.

“I don’t think I’ve ever loved hearing my name more, Rhiannon” my cheeks are red and hot to the touch and he picks up an ice cube and trails it over the apple of my cheek.

“You looked a little hot,” he explains and I push my features into a false pout.

“Only a little?”

“Would it be inappropriate for me to say a lot?”

“We’re both adults here” his smile starts up again and my heart thrums away in my chest.

“Then you look a lot hot tonight. Hope you didn’t mind my screenshot. Something to keep me company when I fly off to Miami tomorrow night” I frown before composing myself, willing myself to continue with the flirty banter.

“Leaving so soon?” He rests a large, heavy hand on my exposed thigh and squeezes it gently.

“Yeah. Views is still topping charts, gotta give the people what they love”

“And that’s you” he presses a finger to my nose in a sweet gesture.

“Yeah. That’s me. At the moment,”

“Who hates Drake?” He pulls me closer and rest his chin right in the space between my neck and shoulder.

“Probably Bieber right about now” I roll my eyes and push Justin to the farthest corner of my brain. I’d had enough of him for one night. For all nights actually.

“Fuck him” I hiss reaching over to grab a hold of the half empty bottle of Ciroc, but before I can wrap my fingers around it’s neck Drake pulls me to his body with a solid and smooth motion of his arms.

“I’d rather fuck you” I wish the ice cube he had used earlier hadn’t melted because this time the blush stays at my neck heating in my veins.

“Oh Aubrey you say the sweetest things” I whisper before toying with his earlobe and grazing the hair of his beard.

“I can do the sweetest things too. I could show you,” I bite my lip and he runs his hands over my ass.

“I’m not looking for anything exclusive… I can- I can’t look for that right now” his eyes sparkle and his grip on me doesn’t waver.

“Drake the type of nigga to get exclusive and get his heart ripped out” he reiterates a meme I’d been guilty of seeing once before before shrugging and massaging my butt.

“I’m not looking for anything exclusive either. We can keep this Lowkey. I’m not in a hurry to fall in love and I’m not dumb enough to think you’re out of love with white boy.” I laugh and run a hand through my hair.

“Aren’t you half white?” He shrugs and gives a crooked grin,

“Yeah, but It made you laugh so,” I laugh again and before I know it or can weakly protest his thick lips are against mine and I’m the one who introduces tongue first.

I feel like an absolute child when I grasp Drake’s hand in mine and pull him towards the club bathroom.

“Come on, before they see us!” I whisper trying to pull him through the crowd of gyrating bodies and away from a sea of our close and mutual friends.

“Don’t think I’m allowed in he-” I tug him into the ladies room and leave him at the door before kicking open each stall to ensure its emptiness. Before he can protest, and before I can change my mind, I’m yanking his hoodie over his head and pulling on his mix of silver and gold chains.

“Scale of 1-10 how sanitary is this?” He wonders as his hands expertly untie the lace of my top and push it down so my breasts are up and out.

“I’m going to say… A 9 they keep it pretty clean” he laughs and the sound goes straight to my middle making it warm and tingly inside.

Don’t think, just do! A voice in my head urges and wth that motivational speech my fingers run up and down the length of his rock solid chest and prominent ab muscles.

“Why’d you get buff all of a sudden? What happened to Jimmy from Degrassi?” He laughs and reaches for the button to my shorts popping it open quickly and slipping a finger downwind under my lacy pink panties.

“This? This is my revenge body” it’s my turn to laugh when he takes one of my hands and uses it to trace over the hard rigid muscles of his pecs. I let out a gasp when his mouth finds my throat, sucking a mark into the skin.

A knock at the locked door startles me so much that I jump away from him, but he puts a finger to his own lips and turns away from the door to hoist me around his waist and onto the sink counter.

“Let’s get these off,” he mumbles sliding my panties and shorts down my legs and off so they fall to a heap with his hoodie. I stop him when he crouches down to press his mouth to my clit.

I wanted him now.

“Raincheck?” I say breathily and he laughs, coming back up to press his lips to mine. He steps out of his pants and a small smirk tugs at the corner of my mouth when his Emporio Armani briefs are exposed. Fuck Calvins.

Another frantic knock at the door and he’s stepping out of the briefs and wrapping my legs around his waist before sliding into me with a low

He picks up a fast, yet steady pace that leaves me breathless for the first few minutes because he’s so unbelievable thick.

“This shit is so tight, goddamn” he hisses hoisting one of my legs higher and shoving my bra up over my collarbone to close his mouth over a nipple.

“Oh, fuck… Aubrey” my head falls forward into his shoulder and he’s fucking me so hard and fast that my back slams against the mirror.
he pulled her hand into place over herself in a silent plea.

“Hold tighter,” he demands and once I tighten my hold on him he picks me up from the counter and walks to the middle of the bathroom bouncing me on his dick like I weigh close to nothing.

The angle stabs at my G spot and it’s been so long since I’d been screwed that I come with a loud, mewling cry squeezing around him and scratching his back as he thrusts through my orgasm.

Drake doesn’t need much urging, with a few reflex squeezes of my pussy his backing me up against a stall door before shuddering with a slight yell, muffled by my boobs.

When we catch our  breath, Drake says , “You sure you’re not trying to come with me to Miami?”

I laugh and stand on wobbly legs when he sets me on the ground.

“All this traveling really has me fucked up. I go back to London in four days”

“How will long you be up there?”

“We’ve got three more episodes of Selena’s show to film, then it’s back to LA.”

“Tell you what. You come to Miami with me and I’ll spend some time in London Town” my brain buzzes with the prospect of Drake and I chilling around London.

“Are you trying to kill me?” I ask referring to the number of times I’d been on a plane in the past week.

“Your pussy was trying to kill me so this is me getting even” I roll my eyes and hand him his hoodie before pulling on my shorts.

“Pick me up from Squad HQ. I’ll send you the address. This was fun, Aubrey Graham” I say with a kiss to his cheek before unlocking the door and letting in a flustered looking Kendall.

“I almost pissed myself why would y-” she pauses when she sees Drake pulling his hoodie on and straightening his jeans.

“I don’t have time for this shit!” She pushes past me and then past Drake to get to a stall. When we both walk out Kylie, Harry, and Za wait along the wall with mischievous expressions aligning their faces.

“10 bands” Harry says holding out his hand and the crew places wads of cash into his hand before he shoves hem into his pocket and walks into the ladies room in search of Kendall. Drake presses on the handle and shakes his head with a laugh when he finds it to be locked.

“I left one of my chains in there,” Kylie shakes her head and lets out a low whistle.

“You’ll never see it again,” she tells him before walking up to me and fixing my top.

“I think I’m headed to Miami tomorrow, that cool?” She shrugs,

“This is the new and improved ’ staying out of your business forever Kylie, and she says have fun” I nod and wrap an arm around her shoulder before turning back to Drake.

“Don’t be late!” I call as we walk away he holds up a thumbs up and puts on some aviators.

“Okay. What’s the six God packing?” Kylie whispers with a giggle I hold out my hands to make an example of his length before groaning and plopping down onto a couch.

“I hope Kendall and Harry finish up soon,”


“Because I need to ice this shit before Miami.”

This morning I took a walk in the woods around campus, keeping to the railroad tracks mostly. There aren’t any of the mammoth redwoods I’m used to, but it still felt a bit more like home.

About halfway through the walk, I saw a black and grey cat lazing about on a stump. From the burn marks it looked like lightning took the tree. The cat opened up one eye as I went up to it, and I let it smell my hand. It sniffed a couple times, eyed me for a little bit, and then went back to napping. I took that as permission to sit down and pet it, and I spent about ten minutes sitting there.

A train passed, and the cat jumped off. It ran over and hopped into a passing boxcar, green eyes glowing in the red lights of the train.

That track has been closed since my parents went here. 

so… it’s been a rather eventful afternoon in cat land. we have about 4 or 5 neighborhood feral cats, i think, and most of them enjoy jumping up on the fence that goes right next to the living room window.  so today, izzy wakes up from her nap on her cat tree, right on the other side of the window from the fence, and the really friendly cat who likes to sit on top of the car is sitting there watching her.  they were just staring at each other for a while, but then izzy started getting vocal and sticking her face through the blinds and trying to climb through them.

i took her back into my room and closed the door and we played in there for a while to distract her and give the other cat time to leave.  she was gone by the time we left the room, but a few minutes later, another cat jumps up on the fence!  thankfully this time izzy is on the floor playing, and doesn’t notice someone’s up there until right as that cat was jumping off the fence on the other side.  but now she’s sitting in the window, waiting for more cats to show up.  we’ll see how it goes when cats are wandering around upstairs across the way, cuz they do that a lot.  i’m just glad she’s not mad at me for picking her up and putting her in a different room.

I’ve been so sick all day! First a migraine followed by my period. I was so sick Joe went out in the snow to get me a heating pad.
He just woke up from a long nap cuz he’s been taking care of me all day.

Anyway I took a nap and then finished all of my water he gave me and now I’m sitting up for an episode of friends to make sure I’m okay to have a little glass of sprite and an apple, I’ve been craving it since I woke up.


summary: Fishing is easy if you know where to go.

Sunny Side Up | Crying Over Onions | Fish | Birthday Cake | Tomato Soup 

“Let’s go fishing, Sasuke.”

Sasuke glanced up from his afternoon playdate with Sarada. He had the day off from missions and was lounging in the backyard with Sarada climbing over him as he took a nap. Itachi had somehow wandered inside his house and was now sitting on the bench that accompanied the picnic table.

“Nii-san, do you always just come and go as you please?” Sasuke asked as he closed his eyes again.

“Fishing, Sasuke. By the lake,” Itachi repeated.

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As a momma I often find myself running around trying to make the most of every second of the day. The quiet moments when Étienne is down for a nap normally consist of cleaning, catching up on laundry or really anything I can cram into that small window of time. It’s easy to forget to appreciate the small moments, to really capture them in your memory.

Mylo has been having a few, rare, days off to work around the house and in that time he’s also dusted off his old camera. After putting Étienne down for a nap earlier I took Mylo a coffee whilst he was uploading these pictures to the laptop and I loved them. They’re simple, just “test shots” as he called them, but to me they captured a quiet part of our routine that I never appreciate enough. I try to sit down every morning and get us to all eat breakfast together, although it rarely lasts long and usually ends up with Étienne throwing his food/sippy cup/everything onto the floor in a raging tantrum. Sleep deprived, pregnant momma ends up complaining about how “this is a great way to start the day” and dad rushes off to work for some peace and quiet and the small moments of laughter are quickly over shadowed. 

It wasn’t until Mylo took this picture that I fully stopped to smile at our smiling boy, growing bump and just the overall simpleness of a quiet morning as a family. It’s not always easy, and I can tell you probably seconds after this picture was taken that sippy cup was flying across our floor but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll try to take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet, simple moments more often, even if they don’t last long.

[FANACCT 2] 150202 ISAC

I think Mark just said hi to Daeryong.

Jackson is resting his head on Jinyoung’s thigh, body sprawled across Mark.

Now Jackson sits up and talks to Daeryong.

Youngjae took off his jacket, so he’s just sitting in his white tee. The Youngjae fan next to me is freaking out.

Mark and Yugyeom were like on the floor. I don’t even know.

And Mark keeps putting his hoodie on, taking it off, then ruffling his beautiful hair. Dies.

The Tasty Twins have now been included into the GOT7 circle. I think they are mainly talking to Jackson, with some Mark input.

Uh… it looks like Yugyeom is napping… babyyy

Aww Jinyoung just went over to say hi to VIXX.

Mark and JB just had a cute little interaction/play fight, in which Mark ends up sitting next to Sunmi

JB climbed on top of Mark’s back, but then Jinyoung came from behind and poked JB in the butt.

And now the members are trying to wake Yugyeom. Jinyoung throws his head back laughing. But finally success. Gyeom is up.

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[01/12/16] finally have some time to sit on tumblr for a while

☑ scored 17/20 points on my c++ programming project
☑ scored 18.8/20 points on my XSLT+FO project allowing me to not write the final exam from this subject
☑ done some reading up on digital technology
took a long nap which i deserved