i took a nap sitting up


Characters: Dean x Reader, Castiel, Sam

Words: 2110

Summary: The reader has been sick for the past week, but when Dean has to go on a hunt and Cas takes care of the reader, Castiel reveals that the reader isn’t actually sick.

This one shot is dedicated to @soaringeag1e , in honor of her baby girl coming in September!! :D The idea came to me and I just had to write it. So this is for you Megan. And special thank you to @the-thirteenthhour for helping me with this! :) Enjoy!!

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Sleeping Beauty; Kylie Jenner Smut

Days at work felt as if all they ever did was drag on and on, but that was partially due to the fact that I was so antsy to get home to my beautiful girlfriend, Kylie. We’d been dating around six months and already moved in together. Things moved quite fast between us, but I most certainly didn’t mind. I was already head over heels and she felt the same. We were attached at the hip practically, except for when I was working. Although she’d told me time after time I could pursue a career in acting or modeling, I still wanted to keep my job. Today had started off so well, from Kylie giving me morning head to wake me up, that I couldn’t wait to get home to her.

My drive home was a good twenty minutes, but twenty minutes too long if you’d ask me. Finally pulling into our driveway, I got out of the car faster than I usually do and made my way into the house. Luckily, I hadn’t called out Kylie’s name since I saw right away that she was fast asleep on the couch. The model looked blissfully adorable as she was lounged on the couch in her cropped sweatshirt and underwear, but at the same time incredibly irresistible. As I gazed at my beautiful girlfriend, an idea popped into my mind. Putting my stuff down, I tip toed over to the couch where I carefully moved between her legs and was positioned right in front of her core. With a smirk, I let two fingers carefully rub over her clit through her underwear. As I did that, my girlfriend began to stir in her sleep. Her eyes fluttered the slightest, but she remained asleep through my gentle touches.

Sitting up on my knees, I delicately tugged her panties down her legs and discarded them off to the side. As I bent back down to her core, I noticed she was already wet and a grin turned up at the corners of my mouth. Someone was getting herself off before she took her nap. Leaning in, I let my tongue take a slow swipe along her slit, just enough to start waking her up. My eyes remained gazing at her perfect figure when I took her clit into my mouth and began sucking lightly.  With that, I noticed my girlfriend start to stir more until her eyes fluttered open to look downcast on me. I couldn’t help the smirk that tugged at either end of my mouth when I noticed her initially sleepy eyes darken with lust. “Did I wake you, princess?” I mumbled. As Kylie nodded, I noticed a flash of dominance rush over her as her hands rushed to rake through my hair and then push my head back down against her pussy. “Don’t you dare stop eating me out until I’m cumming.” She demanded and I did exactly as she said.

Harshly, I began sucking at her clit, feeling her body contort below me while moans were belted out. Moving my hand up, I gripped at her thighs before letting her index and middle finger drag to her center. My two fingers began pumping in and out of her. My eyes didn’t look away from her face as I curled my fingers inside of her just to see the way her jaw went ajar when louder groans filled the room. My entire focus was on my girlfriend below me and making her feel better than ever. Kylie’s hips arched upwards as I took her clit between my teeth and let my fingers pump in and out of her at a faster speed. I watched as her lower lip was tugged between her teeth to conceal a moan, jerking her hips up against my touch. The speed of my fingers pumping and curling inside of her increased and I felt as her body tense up below me. Her release was approaching and I wanted it to be incredible for her. My tongue lapsed over her clit over and over and I slid another finger into her, attempting to further her along. Before I knew it, her head fell back against the couch and a sling of curse words were leaving her lips.

Almost immediately after her climax, Kylie yanked me up by my hair to her level and looked me straight in the eyes before our lips collided with one another’s. “I’m gonna fuck you so good.” She muttered before her teeth sunk into my bottom lip, tugging at it before releasing. Taking me up to the bedroom, she shoved me down onto the bed. “On your hands and knees, slut.” She commanded, and I obeyed immediately. I loved when Kylie got dominant like this. She came up beside me and pressed her lips to mine. “Don’t even think of looking back, either.” She said before walking away, leaving me dripping and staring at the wall. Lust was growing within me. I was aching to see what she had in store for me as I sat hands and knees on the bed, ass up in the air. 

Caught off guard in the middle of my thoughts, I felt a strike come down against my ass and a loud gasp escaped through my lips. Little did I know, behind me, my girlfriend was putting on a strap on. That was followed by the shift as Kylie kneeled behind me. I had been expecting her to eat me out, but what I got was even better. The feeling of the tip of a dildo grazed along my dripping wet slit, teasing over my clit. I couldn’t help the moan that fell past my lips. “You like the feeling of this cock on you, babygirl?” To which, I nodded my head and that earned me a spank. “Use your fucking words.” She demanded. “I love it, princess.” I whined, attempting to jerk my hips backwards. “Such an eager slut.” She muttered and continued to tease the cock against my cunt. “Beg for it.” 

“Please, fuck me.” I began, almost sounding exasperated. “I ate you out so well. Make your girl feel as good as you did.” I was trying to tempt her and it worked as I felt the hard cock slide into me, followed by the sound of my moan once again. Soon enough, she picked up and a rhythm and was just about pounding into me at a fast and steady pace. Her hands reached down to grip at my hips, scratching gently at them. My moans echoed throughout the room as she thrusted her hips to slide in and out of me until my core clenched around the length and I reached my climax. “Fuck.” I gasped as I dropped down onto the bed, catching my breath.

I had a few moments of just hearing my own breathing until I felt the shift in the bed again, then a vibrating sound. “We aren’t even close to done.” My girlfriend whispered in a seductive tone.


sorry this took so long, babes! busy times, but i’m back and hope you enjoyed this. let me know if i should make a part two??

OH dear! SO.

Please keep in mind that this was yeeeears ago, actually quite awhile before I started working on the show. I was just a fan of MLP at the time.

And it actually starts with Kingdom Hearts. At the time, @kiaxet and I were doing a Let’s Play for KH2, and were recording it in my room at my parents’ place. This was our first LP, and was a fairly low-key, just for the fun of it kinda deal, especially since neither of us had really fancy recording equipment. So this one Saturday we got together and were gonna record for several hours, easy to do since I was the only one home that day. However, my really good friend who I’m going to call Kel here (she’s not on social media) also had the day off and wanted to drive up to spend time with us. She said she should arrive between 4 and 5.

And I’m all “Yeah sure you can come hang! We’re going to be recording the LP that day. So just come in the house, head on upstairs and join us whenever you get here.” Again, low-key LP where we had other friends walk in to join on occasion.

Now, keep in mind that I figured this would be fine to tell Kel, for a number of reasons. We both had our cell phones with us, and we pretty much always left our front door unlocked if at least one person was home. On top of that, the back patio door was also always left open for the dog. And all that aside, the dog we had at the time, Sophie, was a big ol’ pitbull/swiss mountain dog mix. She was 1) pretty territorial, and 2) had a BOOMING voice. Which meant if anyone approached the front door, she let the whole house know with a giant bellow of a howl. I figured with all that, Kel would have no issue getting in and we’d know when she did, too.

(Here, have a doofy picture of her) 

WELL. Four things apparently happened.

  1. Our cell phones were turned off so that they wouldn’t interfere with the microphone.
  2. The front door was, for reasons unknown, locked.
  3. So was the back patio door.
  4. Sophie apparently decided that day she was going to take a very long afternoon nap and not care about the front door at all.

So I’m sitting up on the top floor with Kiaxet merrily let’s-playing away, wondering when Kel was going to show up, when we finally took a break at 5 and I went downstairs to get snacks. And then I heard knocking.

Kel had actually arrived at 4, discovered all entrances into the house were locked, that we weren’t answering cell phones and she’d been knocking and ringing doorbells for an hour while waiting outside. I’d basically left my good friend locked outside of the house for an hour because I didn’t think to stop playing Kingdom Hearts for a bit.

And I’m just like HOLY FRIGGIN CRAP I AM THE WORST FRIEND IN EXISTENCE, I AM SO SORRY and spent all day apologizing because I am a scumbucket of a friend who locked someone outside and did not hear them knocking at all. So I was all “DUDE. I SUCK AND I’M SORRY. To make it up to you, please let me make you some original art. Absolutely anything at all you want to request, I’ll paint it and it’s yours for free.”

Kel was a total class act and accepted the offerpology. Since she was big into Star Trek and MLP was fairly new at the time, fresh and exciting and we both enjoyed it, she asked for a painting of Discord on a throne saying one of Q’s famous lines from a favorite ST:TNG episode. So, I broke out the watercolors and spent awhile painting this for her. Once done, I was ready to pass on the painting for her.

However, Kiaxet was planning to attend an upcoming Gallifrey, and knew that John de Lancie was going to be there doing autographs, so she offered to make my apology painting extra-special and get it signed by him. Kel agreed, so Kia brought that along for an autograph.

And apparently, John de Lancie really liked it?? Like, kept gushing about how much he loved the painting to Kia. Eventually asked for my phone number so he could request another, since the original still belonged to Kel. So one day a couple weeks later I’m doin’ my thing and I get a call from someone I don’t recognize, aaand yeah, it’s John de Lancie.

“Hey, I really liked that painting you made that I signed at Gallifrey! I’m doing signings at another con real soon and I wanted to have something I could pass out for autographs if people didn’t have something. Can I commission you to do another painting like that?”


SO. I DID. Another watercolor of Discord saying one of Q’s lines. Trying to make sure I spent as much time on that as I did the first, even if there was some slight variation! Since I was giving him the original to make copies of and he was going to pay me in cash, we agreed to meet up in person for the exchange.

Sooo we meet up at a nearby Johnny Rocket and we get some fries and milkshakes, do the commission payment, and get to chatting. And he’s all “So…I keep getting all these emails from guys who apparently really like ponies and the voice I did for that show? Can you please explain this “My Little Pony” fan thing to me?”

And I’m just sitting here with my oreo milkshake like

Ho boy here we go

So that’s how I ended up explaining the concept of Bronies to John de Lancie because I accidentally locked my friend out of the house.

First Love // Lee Donghyuck


the prompt: can I request a donghyuck fluff scenario, can it be set like in high-school and you’re a year older so often come over to help mark study at the dorms which is when he sees you!! and he’s really nervous around you & the older boys notice except mark

words: 1309

category: fluff

author note: if haechan doesn’t get off my bias list i am going to slap someone the boy has been looking too good lately. i feel like i suddenly realized i love my best friend since childhood. anyway i thought this was cute so enjoy!

- destinee

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isak stayed up until three in the morning to finish his history paper and now he’s paying the price for it. he’s in physics class and he’s looking out the window, completely zoning out when the teacher asks him how to calculate the acceleration of a horse falling off a tree. and sana turns her head toward him, whispers the answer behind her hand but the teacher notices, reminds them that she asked the question to isak, and isak jolts slightly when he hears his name, and then yawns, and the teacher shakes her head, gives him a little speech about how it’s not a good idea to show up to class tired and unprepared and when she’s done and resumes her lecture, isak groans. when class is over, he spends at least five minutes complaining about how “calculating the acceleration of a horse falling off a tree is just ridiculous, in what context would that even happen" and sana can’t help but chuckle, she knows exactly why isak is like this, and when they say goodbye to each other, she tells him “please get some rest tonight, class is even more boring when you’re like this” and isak can’t help the little smile barely lifting the corner of his mouth

they head to even’s place after class, and isak goes straight to his room, slowly climbs up the ladder and lies in his bed. and even is in the kitchen and he asks “aren’t you hungry?” and isak simply mumbles “’am not, come cuddle me, i wanna kiss your nose” and even is laughing as he comes and joins isak, lies next to him and isak’s eyes are only half open when even asks him “you wanna kiss my nose?” and he leans in, strokes isak’s lips with his nose and isak laughs a tired laugh, actually starts planting small kisses that aren’t really kisses, just a slight touch of the lips. and even runs a hand through his hair, massages his scalp and whispers “oh, baby” and he joins their mouth, and they make out very slowly, for a few seconds until isak’s lips aren’t moving against even’s anymore, and when even opens his eyes, they’re met with a sleeping isak

isak wakes up three hours later, and even is sitting with his back against the wall, laptop on his lap, earphones in his ears, and he’s listening to drake’s more life. isak has a confused look on his face, and he asks, voice groggy “what time is it?” and even can read the words on his lips, smiles and replies “almost eight” as he takes out his earphones. isak sits up and goes to sit next to even, rests his head on his shoulder and yawns, and then he asks “is it normal that i feel more tired now that i took a nap? i’m never ever going to wait until the last minute to do school work, never, ever, ever” and even wraps an arm around his shoulders and pulls him close. “that’s a good idea”. even breathes into isak’s hair and whispers “we’ll go eat now and listen to this for a bit and then we’ll sleep, okay?” and isak nods 

the next day, even shows up to isak’s place, and he’s hiding something behind his back, and isak asks “what is it?” and he tries to reach behind even’s back but even quickly makes a step back, tells him “close your eyes” and isak pouts and crosses his arms, but he does. “you know, when i’ve got a lot of projects going on and too many things i want to do, i find that using this can be very helpful to, like, manage my time. so i thought that might help you never, ever, ever waiting until the last minute to do school work” and when isak opens his eyes, he sees even holding a planner in his hands, and when isak opens the planner, he sees that even already wrote his class schedule for the semester. of course he’d remember it. and isak feels warmth spread through him, and he just stands there and smiles at even, before he sighs and wraps his arms around his neck, says “thank you” in between two kisses against his cheek 

the planner is empty except for isak’s school schedule, but there’s something even wrote for today with a pencil. going out to diner with even + sexy times when we get back? and isak sticks his tongue out at even when he reads the words, and even shrugs innocently, says “it’s your planner, you’re free to do whatever you want with it. that was just…a suggestion”. and so isak smiles at even, grabs an eraser and he erases the question mark, tells even “that sounds like a good idea”

anonymous asked:

could you write lucien helping damien recover after getting top surgery?

When Damien wakes up from a nap in the hospital, the first thing he sees is Lucien.

Which is surprising, considering he took their only car to the hospital and left him at home. It takes a few minutes for him to actually come to, and Lucien looks up when he notices his father moving.

“You up, dad?”

“Lucien…” Damien makes a move to sit up and is stopped by his son as the teenager reaches down and presses a button on the side of the bed, slowly reclining the mattress so he’s more elevated. “What are you doing here? I told you I’d be home tomorrow–and I took the car!”

Lucien shifts in his seat uncomfortably, and only then does Damien notice there are a few books and notebooks at his feet and on the other’s lap. “You said tonight,” he begins quietly, staring down at a book in his hand instead of making eye contact, “but then changed it to tomorrow.”

“It’s just high blood pressure–the surgery went without a single hitch, don’t worry about a thing.”

“I’m not–but Ernest’s dad drove me.”

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Drawing the King’s Card (Requested)

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OTP(s): Yixing x Reader 

Genre: Smut, fluff

Word Count: 5,036

Sypnosis: Yixing recieved something he didn’t expect, but so did you.

Request: (from Anonymous) Yixing comes home after a long day of work so you give him a pretty intense massage in the living room, but once he joins you in the bedroom he finds you wearing a unicorn outfit (or lingerie and some kind of unicorn horn thing idk??) And that results to loads of smutty sex with a dom Lay?

A delicious breeze rolled through the house, rumpling the clothes of the sleeping figure flattened on the sofa. Her (y/h/c) tresses flowed silkily along the curves of her chest and she tightly grasped a large, soft pillow for comfort. Its scent carried the contents she deeply adored — the strong, robust whiffs of cologne, the sweet droppings of fruit, the soft waft of tea. The more the smell swelled in her face, the longer she slept.

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Spencer Reid

It was dark when you woke up. You searched for your phone, surprised to see that it was only 11:17 pm. You had text messages from Garcia and Morgan, all wishing you well and begging you to join them at the bar if you felt better.

You did feel better now you’d slept non stop for the past 5 hours. The team had returned from their latest case yesterday and you had spent most of the day completing the mountain of paperwork that went with it. It had given you a migraine. Penelope and Morgan had wanted the team to go out together for drinks afterwards but JJ had wanted to get back to Henry and Hotch had needed to spend some time with Jack.

That had left you, Reid and Rossi for them to bully into taking part in their drunken shenanigans. You’d been game originally until the migraine had hit you around 4pm and you’d felt the desperate need to retreat to a dark room to hide.

Spencer had seen you wincing and rubbing your temples. “Go home” he’d said tenderly, understanding the pain you had been feeling. You took his advice, texting Penelope as you headed to the parking lot. She’d called you immediately asking if she could do anything to help.

“No thanks” you were touched by her concern. “I just need to take some meds and sleep.”

“Well if you’re sure my little cupcake. If you feel better later we’re still planning on heading out to Ben’s,” she’d said naming the bar right around the corner from your apartment.

You’d had a text from Spencer too. ‘Hope you feel better soon Y/N. Sleep will help,’ he’d sent not long after you’d left the office.

He’d text you again at around 9pm, ‘I think Morgan is trying to get me drunk. He keeps buying me funny coloured fruity drinks. Did you know that the human body actually produces its own supply of alcohol naturally, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.’

You’d received a picture message from Garcia about 30 minutes later showing a table filled with shot glasses, all with various brightly coloured liquids in them, and then another picture showing the glasses empty but with Reid and Morgan in the background pulling disgusted faces.

Reid had texted you again only ten minutes ago which must have been what woke you up. ‘Save me Y/N. I think Morgans trying to break my liver.’

You giggled. 'You still out?’ you messaged him back. You dragged yourself out of bed quickly going to the bathroom and freshening yourself up. After ten minutes Reid hadn’t replied so you sent the same message to Garcia.

'Oh Yes Yes my gorgeous little munchkin’ she’d replied almost instantly.

'Be there in ten’ you shot back as you quickly brushed your hair and re did your make up. You threw on a short denim skirt and a black vest top grabbing your purple converse and hoodie. Not exactly classy but you looked good enough for the local dive bar you frequented so often.

“Sweetcheeks you made it!” Penelope squealed excitedly from her perch as you made your way through the bar to the table where her and Derek were sitting. You placed the bottle of wine you’d just purchased on the table and gave her a quick hug.

“Yep I feel tons better after my nap,” you said quickly downing a glass and refilling it.

“You need to catch up with us lady bird,” Derek smirked at you, handing you a shot glass full of an amber coloured liquid. You took it, screwing your face up at its bitter taste.

“Where’s Rossi and Reid?” you asked scanning the room for them.

“Rossi left with a hot blonde about five minutes before you arrived,” Garcia replied happily.

“Yeah she looked like she was ready to eat him up,” Morgan added in. “And the pretty boy is currently being chatted up by a very attentive cougar over there,” he made a notion with his head and you followed.

You laughed as your saw your friend looking horribly uncomfortable as a women in her late forties was sat drawing circles on his arm with her nails whilst attempting to lean over seductively, giving him a good view down her dress. You could see him trying to avoid looking, but every so often his eyes would drift down.

'Men and boobs eh?’ you thought to yourself. You caught Spencer’s eye and waved. His eyes lit up as he saw you, mouthing 'Save me’ in your direction. You giggled shaking your head watching his brown eyes plead for you to come and help him.

“Poor Spencer,” you chuckled taking another long sip of your wine.

“Poor Spencer nothing, princess. That boy needs some female attention. It’s about time he got laid, ” Derek knocked his drink back.

“Yeah but really Derek…..a cougar, she’ll break him!” you giggled. “How long has she been there?“

“Well I pointed him out to her about 30 minutes ago when she grabbed my ass and asked if I was looking for a good time tonight, ” Derek laughed. “I figured the boy genius could have a good time instead. If he can’t find himself a hook up, I’ll do it for him.”

You shook your head at Derek feeling sorry for Reid. It wasn’t that the profiler was unattractive. Far from it. In fact, as far as your own tastes went, Reid was preferable to you than Derek. But he lacked confidence with women, not knowing what to say or when to stop rambling. You’d been surprised at how quickly you two had actually become friends outside of work to be honest, seeing how awkward and shy he could be around people.

You glanced at Reid again. He looked so miserable, but you knew he’d rather sit there than risk offending someone, even someone who was blatantly trying to get him into bed.

“Be right back,” you said to Garcia and Morgan as you hopped off your stool and walked over to the booth where the cougar had imprisoned Reid.

“Baby!” you exclaimed sliding in next to him hoping he’d catch on. “I’ve been looking all over for you,” you took his hand and squeezed it gently, leaning in and pecking him oh so lightly on the cheek.

He smiled gratefully, “I’m so sorry Y/N. I’ve just been listening to Shirley here telling me about her job as an air hostess.”

You smiled at 'Shirley’ sweetly. “Well thanks so much for keeping my boyfriend company for me.”

“Boyfriend?” she sniffed curtly. “His friend over there told me he’d be in need of a good time tonight,” she nodded over at Morgan who you could see was trying to hold back laughter. Spencer’s cheeks started to blush at the implication of what she meant.

You started to stroke his hand softly feeling him getting flustered. “Yes boyfriend, Shirley. Our friend over there must have meant someone else. The only person showing Spence a good time tonight will be me, right Spence?” you raised an eyebrow at him. He flushed red at your words.

“Pffft,” Shirley huffed. “He’s too scrawny for me anyway. Probably wouldn’t be able to handle a real women.”

'Bitch,’ you thought to yourself. Some people just didn’t know how to handle rejection well. You felt Spencer wince at the insult from her. 'And there goes his confidence levels plummeting to the ground again,’ you sighed internally.

“Let me tell you something Shirley,” you leaned over looking her dead in the eye. "This man right here may look scrawny, but he has no trouble pinning me up against my bedroom wall and fucking my brains out. He definitely, 100 percent knows how to handle a real women. Now I suggest you leave so I can discuss with Spencer exactly how he’s going to handle me when we get home.“ You smiled as her jaw dropped. Her face started to flush as she gathered up her bag and stalked away from the booth in the direction of the bathroom.

You knocked back your drink and turned to look at your friend. "Hi” you said nudging his shoulder with yours.

"Hi yourself” he replied licking his bottom lip. “Thanks for getting rid of her,” he smiled taking a sip of his own drink.

"No problem…. She pissed me off when she didn’t seem to believe that I was your girlfriend. So I had to put her in her place a little!“

“Well of course she didn’t believe it Y/N. Why would someone like you be with someone like me,” he said softly suddenly seeming very sober.

"What’s that meant to mean Spencer,” you asked sharply turning to look at him.

He gripped your hand realising how what he’d said might have sounded. “Oh no. N-no. T-that didn’t come out right,” he stuttered. He looked at you sadly and sighed. “You’re gorgeous Y/N. She couldn’t believe that someone as beautiful as you would be with someone like me. Like she said; I’m scrawny and definitely don’t look like I’d be any good at….. Well….that,” his eyes focused on his drink not wanting to look at you.

“Look at me Reid,” you put your hand out and touching his jaw, turning it towards you. “Spencer look at me.”

His sad brown eyes found yours. “Spencer, you may not be as built as guys like Morgan but trust me when I say that you could have any girl in here, if you’d only learn to be more confident.“

He huffed as if to say 'yeah right’ and started to look away again. You grabbed his face keeping it aimed on yours and moved closer to him. "I’m being serious Spencer. You’re gorgeous. You have a jaw line that most guys would kill for, eyes that someone could easily get lost in and hair that most women would love the opportunity to run their hand’s through. Add that to the fact that you’re a genius as well as kind and funny and well… What’s not to like?” He started to bite his lip the way he does at least ten times a day. "Oh and lip thing you’re doing right now Reid? Sexy as fuck….When ever you do that I can guarantee there’s at least one girl in the room watching you, wanting you to bite down on their lips instead…..Seriously, if you can teach yourself a whole new language in the space of a weekend then you can teach yourself to be confident. You could have anyone you wanted if you just had confidence in yourself.”

You sat back in your seat feeling sad that your friend didn’t realise what a good catch he was and feeling angry with Morgan for sending that bitch over to try to seduce him. You weren’t saying those things just to be nice either. You genuinely meant them. He was gorgeous and would make someone an amazing partner.

“What if I don’t want just anyone?” Spencer spoke quietly after taking a deep breath. “What if there is someone I like but I’m too scared that she doesn’t think of me like that?” he looked at you shyly.

You sighed racking your brains trying to think who this girl could be, feeling slightly jealous that there was someone he liked.

“Then tell her Reid, at least that way you know. If she doesn’t want you, then that’s her loss but at least you have an answer. Tell her.”

“I’m trying to Y/N. I’m trying to tell her right now,” he spoke so softly you almost didn’t hear him. He must have felt you tense as the meaning of his words finally clicked in your mind.

'Wait what?’ you thought. 'Me, he likes me?’ As much as you wanted to believe that’s what he’d just said, you couldn’t.

“Shit.” he muttered. “Guess that’s my answer. Can we just forget about this please?” he smiled at you weakly.

When you didn’t respond he made a move to leave the table. When you realised he was going to leave you blurted out, “NO.”

“No?” he asked quizzically.

“No, we can’t forget about it. Spencer…. You like me? Like properly more than a friend like me?” you wanted to be sure before you made a fool of yourself.

He blushed, “Well, erm, yes I do. A lot. A hell of a lot actually. I just never thought that anyone as awesome as you could like me. I don’t really have girlfriends, you know this.” He brushed a brown curl that was escaping back behind his ears as he bit his bottom lip again nervously.

You giggled, “Spence… I’m that girl.”

He looked confused.

“You’re biting your lip again… I’m that girl who wants you to be biting hers instead.” you laughed at the expression on his face. "I like you too. A lot,“ you whispered.

He smiled at you, his eyes lighting up. He looked so adorable right now.

"Listen,” you said. “Let’s go somewhere and get some coffee and talk okay.”

He nodded and you both stood up. You caught Penelope’s eye and mouthed 'We’re going’ across the room to her. She looked confused. You made a 'I’ll text you later motion’ with one hand and slipped your other hand back into Reid’s hearing him sigh happily at your contact.

Garcia clocked the hand hold and her eyes widened as a huge grin came over her face. You could almost hear the squeals that must be happening inside her head.

“Come on Dr Reid. We’ve gotta go find a wall for you to pin me up against. Wouldn’t want to have lied to Shirley now do we?”

He coughed and spluttered at what you’d just said.

“Haha. I’m joking Spence…. I don’t do that on a first date,” you turned to look up at him. "But someday, when you’re ready, we are soo doing that okay?“

He lowered his head so his lips were next your ears and whispered, "Okay, but maybe tonight, we could try some of that lip biting you mentioned instead.”

It was your turn to cough and splutter then as you pulled his hand and nearly dragged him out of the bar.

Icing De La Styles // H.S.

It’s been a month since I’ve seen Harry and God I miss him so much. He calls every night after a show and we talk for hours on end but that’s not enough. I need physical contact and He knows this. My plane landed around two thirty, but Harry won’t able to personally come and pick me up seeing as how he had to be at the stadium at three for sound-check. He suspected I would be tired when I landed so he’d told me that I could sit this performance out and “rest up” for him until he got back, so I decided to use my time wisely.

I’ll have a surprise for him when he gets back.

I went out and got the necessary supplies: Sushi take out, an apron, candles, and a little something extra.

When I got back to the hotel, I’d cleaned his clothes off of the floor and took a nap until an hour before he was to be back. Groaning as my alarm went off, I got up stripping off my clothes as walked into the restroom to shower, making sure everything was shaved smooth just the way he likes.

When I got out I didn’t bother to dry off. Instead, I walked into the kitchen where I’d left the black lace french maid apron and tied it around my naked, wet body; setting the table and dimming the lights for mood.

About fifteen minutes later, a key card could be heard unlocking the door.

“Y/N? Where are you love?”

“Just here Harry.”

As I called out he followed my voice into the kitchen. The expression on his face changed from happy and excited, to happy, excited, and aroused as a sexy smirk graced his lips.

“Hello, sexy.” I walked up to him pressing a quick kiss on his lips; the lips that would be in between my thighs in about fifteen minutes, before walking back to the table lighting the candles.

Swaying my hips effortlessly, I could feel Harry’s eyes on my bare ass. He’s still standing in place and has yet to say a word letting me know I’m getting the effect that I wanted.

“How was the show, baby? Did it go well?”

Feet could be heard padding behind me and soon two large hands were on either side of my waist causing goose bumps to rise and my nipples to harden against the satin part of the apron that covered my breast, adding to my arousal. Harry’s hands ghosted up my side until they reached my neck, moving my damp hair out of the way in order to place a kiss on my shoulder.

I could feel my clit swell and ache at the contact. The simple touch mixed with Harry’s cologne and a hint of sweat from him running around on stage no doubt, made my need for him develop getting me wetter and wetter by the second.

“Down, baby,” I coo’d to him, “we still haven’t eaten dinner yet and you didn’t answer my question. You’ll be able to have dessert soon enough.

Harry chuckled letting out a deep breath and I swear the vibrations of his laugh went straight to my clit. He sat at the head of the table as I pulled out the chair for him.

"Fuck. Y/N, how am I supposed to get through dinner? I want you so fucking much. This is torture. You’re torturing me and I haven’t seen you in a month.”

I chuckled as he ran his hand through his hair eyeing me up and down, before I purposefully dropped a table napkin next to his chair. Bending over slowly and spreading my legs slightly, I gave him a view of my wet pussy as I picked up the cloth. I could hear Harry groan and suck in a sharp breath before I felt the sweetest, sharp sting on my ass from his palm making a connection.

I yelped before I stood turning around with a smirk on my face. His bottom lip was pulled in between his teeth whilst smiling and I could swear that the green of his eyes had been blown out as his pupils dilated. I placed the napkin on his lap and while unfolding it, I brushed my hand on his growing erection. Harry’s cock is huge and I know it had to be uncomfortable for him as it began to strain against his tight black skinny jeans.

“Mm Y/N, don’t tease me.” Harry’s voice rasped through his chest in a growl. I love how aggressive he gets when he’s hot and bothered. Horny for me and me only.

“Be a good boy and eat your sushi, Harry.”

“I’d rather eat something else.”

I grinned at him trying to hold back my desire myself as I sat in the chair next to him. I’m sure that when I stand the chair will be slick with my arousal. Getting a rise out of Harry was too easy, but it made it harder and harder for me not to knock everything off the table and let him fuck me right here, right now.

I crossed my legs seductively all the while trying to buy myself some relief as I sipped on the wine I bought to go along with dinner.

“You’re forcing me to eat right now, but you’re not going to join me?” Harry asked around a piece of sushi raising an eyebrow.

“No, I have to have room for dessert.” I grinned before finishing off my glass of wine and standing to take it to the sink.

“What are you going to have for dessert?” Harry asked as he stood to put his plate on the counter, his food unfinished.

“Icing De La Styles.”

Harry raised an eyebrow in confusion this time, but a smirk still played out on his lips as he cornered me against the counter.

“Are you ready for dessert?” I asked him seductively as I playfully tugged on his earlobe with my teeth.

Harry groaned in response, picking me up with his palms and fingers kneading the skin just beneath my ass. Our lips joined together quickly, hungrily moving in sync with each other as our tongues exploring the others mouths. I couldn’t keep the moan that escaped my lips inside. He tasted so good and the kiss began to make me dizzy with need.

I didn’t notice that Harry had walked us over to the table until my ass was on the top of it. He blew out the candles, leaving us only with the dim lighting of the room as he stripped off his shirt allowing me to eye his toned tattooed torso. His hands quickly untied the bow I’d made in the front of my apron as his lips left hot tender trails of kisses down my neck and to the top of my breast where he bit and sucked, marking me.

“Fuck, Harry.” I groaned as I felt his fingers enter my slick heat. I almost came right then.

“You like that Y/N? Hmm?”

“Yes! God YES!”

He continued to pump his middle and index finger inside me. His long fingers going in so deep that I could feel the coolness of the rings that clad them against me as he moved them in and out.

“Did you miss me Y/N? Did you miss me as much as I missed you?”

I groaned as my eyes rolled to the back of my head, causing Harry to chuckle before his mouth pressed against my clit. My legs shook as he began to lick and suck the ball of nerves. His strong right arm pressed me down against the table as his left continued to work my pussy.

“Harry! Harry I’m so close!” I could feel the pressure build in the pit of my stomach as my first climax of the night neared.

“Come on, Y/N. Cum for me love.”

With on final suck, I released on against Harry’s lips. He lapped up every drop leaving no mess behind, but I wasn’t done yet.

“You didn’t even finish your food Mr. Styles. Didn’t your mum teach you that dessert comes last?”

“Dessert just came all over my lips and I want seconds.” He spoke seductively before sucking the fingers that were only just inside of me.

I dropped to my knees in front of him unzipping his tight black skinny’s and pulling down his pants and boxers at the same time. Harry’s cock sprung free in front of me and I could already feel myself become wet again. I began to pump his shaft firmly but slowly before I licked the head of his dick just along the slit causing Harry to grab on to the back of the chair beside him and a hand full of my hair. I took what I could of him into my mouth sucking and gagging slightly as I forced him to the back of my throat.

“Fuck! Ugh, Just like that Y/N! Just like that, baby! Fuck yeah!”

The sound of Harry’s voice moaning my name made the ache between my legs unbearable. I reached my hand between my legs rubbing my clit to bring myself some relief, but it didn’t work. I need him. I need Harry’s dick so bad. I stopped sucking, not wanting him to come without being inside me first. Besides, I had one more surprise for him before he was allowed to get off.

I stood from my knees and as soon as I did, Harry was turning me around to face the table. His hand pressed firmly in the middle of my back signaling me to bend over. As I grabbed the tables edges, I looked over my shoulder at the beautiful man behind me. His hand at the base of his cock stroking it lightly as he positioned himself at my swollen labia. I could feel the head of his dick press against my entrance without pushing though causing me to moan out in frustration.

“Now who’s doing the teasing?”

I could hear Harry chuckle before it finally happened. As Harry’s penis began to stretch my sex, we both moaned out in complete and utter ecstasy. He moved slowly at first, pulling out to the tip and then burying himself deep within me once more, driving me wild on purpose.

“Harry, fuck me harder please?”

I whimpered as he continued gradually picking up his pace and slamming into me as I asked him to. I would be sore in the morning and I couldn’t wait.

“Ugh, Y/N! You’re little pussy is so tight around me babe! You feel so good!”

I moaned in response and could feel my climax building once more, this one more powerful than the last. It felt as if my blood was on fire and racing within me. My entire body tingled and my grip on the table tightened in a deadly manner right before my walls clenched and released around Harry’s cock.


I collapse on the table in front of me, almost lifeless as my orgasm shuddered my entire being. But I had to regain my consciousness quickly, as I still had a surprise for my love.

Harry’s thrust began to come more sloppily and I knew that he was close and ready for my little something extra. I mustered up the little strength I had left, pushing against his sweaty chest to stop him.

“I want you to fuck my mouth. I want to taste you.”

Harry nodded and sat down in the chair next to him. As he sat, I grabbed my bag off of the counter quickly and dug out the surprise that wait inside. Harry eyed me skeptically stroking himself as I opened the condom wrapper sized box and dropped to my knees once more for him.

I removed his hand from his swollen, beautiful member before placing a kiss to his lips to distract him. As I got back down on my knees, I rolled the silicon cock ring onto Harry causing him to groan in pleasure before I began to suck again. He thrust upward into my mouth as I continued long languid pumps of his shaft and sucking the head of his dick.

Harry’s groans were like music to my ears. I looked up at him from my position on the floor, a sweat sheen on his skin and his lip sexily between his teeth as his head rest against the back of the chair in lazy enjoyment with his release drawing nearer. He was ready.


I removed the ring just in time for Harry’s ejaculate to coat my tongue in warm spurts and made sure not to miss a drop as I licked his shaft from tip to base. Harry’s pants and groans as his heart rate began to slow back to its normal level was all the confirmation that I needed to know that he enjoyed my little surprise.

“Oh my God.” Harry panted as I stood to sit on his lap, kissing his neck as his arms wrapped around me.

“Y/N, what was that?” He turned his head to face me in awe while still panting and smiling.

“My dessert, baby.” I grinned coyly, “That was Icing De la Styles.”

Obsessions (Part 4)

Writer- @myhellyourstories



Disclaimer- I do not own any of the Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Warning(s)- Cursing, Taking about abuse, Self-harming, Blood.

Words- 2561

A/N- I don’t feel like writing Harry’s pirate grammar, so imagine it’s more piratey.

Originally posted by seaside-stars

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Gone//Isaac Lahey

The fluff is overwhelming

Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Isaac Lahey, Derek Hale, Reader.


Isaac had left without warning. You were inseparable, you’d never dated but you’d come close. No one was as worried as you were, they all just assumed he’d run off, or that he’d be back soon. You knew something was wrong and you were going to get to the bottom of it.

You pull a map out, an array of highlighters around you, one of each color. You highlight important routes.

“What’re you up to?” Stiles stands beside the table.

“I’m…” You knew he’d have something to say about it. “I’m routing out the places Isaac frequented.”

He bites his lip and examines the map, “Y/N…”

“No. You don’t get to say anything. This is my problem, since no one else seems to be concerned about it.” You pick up a new highlighter color.

“He’s gone, Y/N. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see why you’re still looking.” Stiles sighs and stands up straight.

“Something is wrong. Very wrong. I’m looking because I care.” You glare at him.

Stiles opens his mouth to say something but decides against it. He leaves the room, talking to Scott as he enters the living room.

You desperately circle places you recognize, highlighting the roads he likes to take.

“Can we talk to you?” Lydia pops her head in.

You know this has to be some sort of intervention. You haven’t slept since he left, you stay up all night trying to find him.

“Yeah..” You cap your marker and follow her.

You sit in front of Scott, Stiles, and Lydia.

“Y/N…” Scott starts. “I think..we think you should take a break.”


“Stop looking…it’s driving you crazy.”

“You don’t get to tell me to stop, Scott. I’m doing this on my own, I haven’t asked for help.”

“He was happy. He was happy with you.” Lydia nods. “He loved you.”

“He was a great person, we know that. You just…you have to stop.” Scott extends his hand to you.

You stand up, “He’s missing, not dead. Stop referring to him in the past tense.” You grab your things and head for your car. You were going to find Isaac.

You head to Derek’s, you weren’t sure if he was awake but you could try.

You slide the loft door open, Derek sitting at the dining room table. “Hey, you look…” He raises an eyebrow.

“I know. Hey, listen, is it possible for me to get into Isaac’s room?”

“What for?” He stands up.

“Just to look. Please, Derek.” You plead with him.

He nods, “Yeah, okay.”

You flick the light on and walk into his room, pictures of the two of you pinned in the corner of his mirror. His bed wasn’t made, and he had clothes strewn everywhere. Who “runs away” and leaves clothes behind?

You find a slip of paper on his bedside, the address ringing a bell. “Thanks, Derek!” You shout as you run out to your car.

You drive as fast as you can to the address, disappointment filling you as you approach the now abandoned building.

You decide to explore anyway, curiosity getting the best of you. You walk inside, the flashlight on your phone not providing much light. You make your way the back of the empty building, a door with a thick lock on it exciting you.

You bust the lock and walk down the stairs, the room in front of you making you gasp. There’s a full size mattress on the ground, it’s flat and covered in stains. There’s old glasses everywhere, the remnants in the bottoms beginning to mold.

“Y/N?” A voice behind you shakes, the sound making your ears perk up. You turn around, your heart swelling and simultaneously breaking.

“Isaac…” He’s tied to a chair, his wrists look absolutely wrecked. His hair is matted to his forehead and he has circles under his eyes so dark they’re almost black.

You drop your things and rush to his side, pulling at the knots on his wrists. He’s basically skin and bones, you can see his ribcage through his ripped shirt. There’s no way he’s eating properly, or at all.

You undo the knots and begin on the ones on his ankles.

“I-I’ve been waiting for you. I knew you’d come.” He rasps.

“Shh, let’s get you out of her.” You look at him and he tries to smile.

You wrap his arm around your shoulder and help him up the stairs, trying to be quiet. You get him into your car, unsure of where to go. You drive straight to Scott’s, laying on the horn when you pull in.

Scott and Stiles run to the door, Scott rushing to the car when he sees Isaac.

“No. You don’t get to help with this, I just couldn’t take him to my house. Let me do this alone.” You climb out and go around to the passenger side.

“But, Y/N…”

“Scott no! If you want to do something get the guest bedroom ready for him.”

He nods and runs upstairs. You help him out of the car, all of his weight on your shoulder.

“Come on, Isaac. You’ve just got to help me out a little.” You help him up the stairs in into the bed.

“Take your clothes off. Don’t argue, either.” You look at him.

He shakes his head and you sigh. You lift his ripped shirt over his head. “I won’t unbutton your jeans. Just take them off.” You take his shoes off and toss them aside.

He unbuttons and unzips his pants you and pull them off. You run downstairs and grab him some water before returning upstairs.

“Drink.” You help him sit up and you put the bottle to his lips. He drinks the whole bottle.

“Are you feeling better yet?” You caress his cheek.

“I felt better when I heard you walk in the door.” He coughs.

“Let me make you some food and I’ll run you water for a bath, okay?” You pat his arm and he nods.

You jog downstairs, throwing together a meal for him with what you could find in Scott’s fridge.

“Y/N, I’m sorry.” Scott creeps into the kitchen.

“You should’ve believed me. I said something was wrong and everyone thought I was crazy.”

“We know. We should’ve listened.”

You grab a plate from the cabinet and look at Scott. “Damn straight.”

He sighs and watches you.

You grab a fork and take the stairs to at a time. Isaac practically inhales the food. “I haven’t eaten in…I can’t remember the last time I ate.” He sighs.

“Don’t eat too much.” You take the plate away from him. “You could get even sicker.”

“Thanks for taking care of me.” He smiles.

“That’s what I’m here for.” You run water for a bath and clean up his dishes before returning. “Okay, so understand that this is probably going to be incredibly uncomfortable for the both of us, but I’m going to bathe you.”

“What? Y/N, no.” He shakes his head.

“I’m not leaving you alone. You either can stay dirty or feel awkward for half an hour. Your choice.” You shake your head.

“Fine.” He sighs.

You help him out of the bed and into the bathroom. “Take your boxers off and I’ll go grab a towel, okay?”

He nods and you look down at his red wrists, they’re just starting to heal. “I want to know what happened to you.”

“I’ll tell you everything.” He reassures and you leave to go get a towel.

“What’re you doing?” Stiles asks.

“Bathing Isaac.” You head back for the bathroom.


“Mind your own business.” You squint at him before stepping back into the bathroom. You shut the door behind you and lock it. You pull your sleeves up and squat in front of the tub.

“I feel like I’m three years old.” Isaac pouts at you and you laugh.

“You look like it, with that face.”

“This isn’t as weird as I thought it’d be. You don’t have to do this, you know.” He shrugs.

You wet a rag and begin cleaning him up, pressing it to all of the dried blood on his arms. The water quickly turns a rusty color. “You’re my best friend, Lahey. This is what I want to do. I’ll stick with you through everything. The moment you disappeared I started looking and I never stopped.”

He looks into your eyes, “I knew you’d find me. I knew it would be you.”

You smile, “Isaac I could never just let you go like that. Never.”

“Hey, Y/N?”


“When was the last time you slept?”

You sit back on your knees. “The night you left. I catch small naps at school, but I haven’t slept more than thirty minutes.”

“God, me either. It’s was so rough.” He sighs.

He lays back and you begin to wet his hair, the water making his curls disappear. “Where were you? What happened?” You smooth his hair back out of his face.

“I have no idea who took me. It was a woman for sure, she always had a mask on. She tied me up from the beginning. She eventually let me loose, let me eat and sleep…but she just snapped and tied me up. She rarely fed me..” He sighs. “Can we talk about this tomorrow?”

You nod as you pour shampoo into your hand. “Yeah, of course. Let’s just get you feeling better.”

“Thank you. I can’t say it enough.”

“You don’t have to thank me.”

You finish getting him cleaned up and you help him out, wrapping a towel around him. “Come on.” You lead him back to the guest bedroom. “Scott?” You shout.

“Yeah?” He pokes his head out of his room.

“Do you have clothes for him?” You walk over to his doorway.

He hands you a stack of clothing. “I’m sorry..again.”

You nod, “We can talk about it tomorrow.” You return to Isaac and sit the clothes on the bed.

You let him get dressed and you help him under the covers. “I’m going to go home. I’ll come check on you in the morning.”

“No, Y/N. Stay..please.” He grabs your arm.

“Isaac, I don’t think that’s a good idea. You need some rest.”

“So do you. Please?”

“Yeah..okay.” You get in the bed with him and he immediately wraps himself around you.

“I thought about you a lot.” He says quietly.

“I thought about you a lot.” You respond.

“I thought about everything I should’ve done. Honestly, I expected to die down there. I was close to it. I just…the biggest regret I had was not telling you that I’m in love with you.”

You bite your lip to hide your smile, “You’re in love with me?”

He nods.

“I regretted the same thing. I never could work up the courage to tell you.” You let your smile show and he returns it.

“So, you’re telling me that it took me getting kidnapped for us to confess our feelings?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” You laugh.

He groans, “We’re crazy. For now, let me leave you with this.” He kisses you gently and you smile. He caresses your cheek and pulls you even closer. “I’m exhausted.” He yawns.

“Oh God, me too.” You shake your head. “Let’s get some sleep.”

“One more thing.”

“What is it?” You look up at him.

“Can we make this official? I want this set in stone before I go to sleep.”

You giggle, “Yes, it’s officially official.”

“Good.” He kisses your forehead. “I’m sleeping in an actual bed..” He pokes your side. “With my girlfriend.”

“Oh, please. I rescued and I’m sleeping with my boyfriend.” You laugh.

“My hero.” He grins.

Doing Everything

Requested: Hi! Can you do one where Shawn wants you to slow down because he thinks you’re going to burnout if you keep staying so busy. Thanks!


Originally posted by relationshipaims

You have to admit that things have been a little bit crazy lately, but you’re convinced that it will slow down soon enough. You’re always busy and running on less than five hours of sleep every night, but you know that you’re fine and you’re going to be fine. Shawn, on the other hand, isn’t so convinced.


You must have fallen asleep on the couch, because when you wake up, Shawn is trying to pick you up, most likely to move you to bed. “What time is it?” You question, knowing that when you first arrived at Shawn’s apartment earlier in the evening, he wasn’t home.

“Eleven.” He answers, “Lets go to bed.”

“I can’t.” You respond, rolling out of his grasp and rubbing your eyes as you sit up.

“Why not?” He questions, almost sounding frustrated, and like he knew that would be your answer, which is probably why he was trying to move you to bed without waking you up.

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doctorshufflepuff  asked:

okay i am All About the fluff, can I has father/son Moxiety cuddles? baking? painting each others' nails? just little drabbles of happy times

Imma go with baking :)

also this got crazy stupid long because i have no self control but enjoy!

Warnings: none i know of, but let me know!

Basically: Patton and Virgil, against the odds, manage to make a decent batch of brownies

It was late one rainy Tuesday afternoon that found Virgil casually sitting in the kitchen of the common mindscape. Or, more accurately, sitting cross-legged on the kitchen counter by the open window, sipping a glass of milk as he listened to the rain. He found it relaxing, the light pattering, and allowed his head to tip back against the cabinets.

He hadn’t noticed he had started to doze off until he heard the gentle thudding of cabinets, accompanied by bowls and utensils clattering. When he opened his eyes, Virgil wasn’t surprised to see Patton prepping the kitchen for…?

“What are you making, Patton?” Virgil licked his lips, feeling how dry his mouth had gotten during his “nap”. He took a sip of his milk, room temperature.

“Oh! Hey there Virgil! Did I bother you there, son?” Patton’s cheerful face popped up from under the counter where he had been digging.

“Nah, you’re good. What are you making?” Virgil repeated, sitting forward now.

Patton bounced to his feet, grinning widely. “I’m gonna make chocolate chip brownies!”

Virgil smiled. He liked brownies, when they were fresh, at least. But baking was tedious, so it rarely ever happened if Patton was in charge; the sunny trait would get sidetracked and things would get disorganized or forgotten. “Nothing better to do?”

Patton shrugged. “It’s rainy out, which is perfect weather for indoor activities! And no one has made anything in a while so I figured, why not?” Patton continued buzzing around the kitchen as he spoke, pulling out flour and cocoa and other ingredients.

“I can’t deny that. And brownies are good.” Virgil conceded.

He leaned back against the cabinets once more to watch Patton flit around the kitchen, content for the moment, before he had to jump to his feet a moment later.

Patton had stretched up on tip-toes, reaching for a baking pan someone (probably Roman) had tossed up on top of the cabinets carelessly. He had just managed to get his fingers on it when it wobbled and decided to fall. He jerked his arms back to shield his face, but the pan never hit. Instead, it hovered a foot from his head, caught by Virgil who was now standing on the counter.

“You good, Pat?” Anxiety asked, lowering himself down off the counter.

Patton nodded, lowering his arms and taking the pan from his counterpart. “Yeah, thanks, son. We were on the Verge of a real disaster there, huh sport?” He was grinning again already as he playfully elbowed Virgil, who couldn’t hold back a chuckle at the pun on his name.

Still a little shaken over the near accident and the burst of adrenaline, Anxiety busied himself with washing out his milk glass. The rain had picked up again, and he felt the tension melt off his shoulders and go down the drain with the greywater. “So, is that everything you need to get started baking?”

“Yeppers! Now we gotta just put everything together.” Patton was already wrist deep in the flour bag with the measuring cup and Virgil couldn’t keep his eyebrows from shooting up to his hairline at the mess Patton had already managed to make. He also hadn’t missed that Patton had said “we”, obviously meaning Virgil was now part of this.

And so, Virgil pushed up his sleeves and joined the fray. Mostly he wound up passing things to Patton, who measured things out according to the recipe Virgil read off to him. As they worked Patton casually snacked on chocolate chips and Virgil tidied up as they went – to clear counter space and because spills are gross. They made a surprisingly good team as they crossed items off the list; at least until they got to the sugar.

“Patton, it only says 1 ¼ cups of sugar.” Virgil held out his hand uncertainly, stopping Patton from pouring a second whole cup of sugar into the mix.

“Well, yeah sure. But that doesn’t seem like nearly enough to me! And what’s wrong with making them sweeter?” Patton tried to move around Virgil’s hand, but the nervous trait moved and grabbed him by the wrist, lightly, keeping him from adding more sugar.

Anxiety chewed his lip as Patton gave him an annoyed stare at being retrained. After a moment’s hesitation he let go, and was relieved when Patton didn’t move to pour the sugar in. “Logan always says baking is a science, and normally I don’t care about that, but we’re gonna be eating these. What if adding too much sugar makes them fall apart or burn or something? I don’t want to ruin the whole batch.”

Patton pouted for a moment before sighing. “Fine, I guess you’re right. Can we at least add extra chocolate chips then? They’re just gooey and delicious!”

Virgil smirked at him. “Yeh, I guess, if you don’t eat them all first.”

Patton ducked his head sheepishly, but still popped another chip into his mouth.

From there, things continued smoothly. They fell back into their easy rhythm. Patton was doing a good job of staying on task with Virgil’s help, and he enjoyed watching the younger Side move easily around the kitchen; the rare sight of a relaxed smile on his face as he wiped the counter for the dozenth time since they’d started warmed his heart. The small sad voice in Patton’s head wished he could see him like this more often, but he simply shook it off, asserting that Virgil didn’t represent Anxiety without reason. If he wanted Virgil to relax around him more then he would just have to make sure he didn’t need to be stressed.

Finally, the time came to put the batter in the oven, which the younger trait insisted on doing. (“The baking pan has already attacked you once, we shouldn’t give it a second chance.”)

While they waited for the brownies to bake, they elected to watch Parks and Rec, which was about the length of the bake time, in the living room. Patton wound up stretched out on the sectional, with Anxiety perched on the arm of the couch, half his attention on the kitchen, just waiting for something to catch fire or, at least, the timer to go off.

He hated waiting. As Patton laughed along to the “Treat Yo’ Self!” episode, Anxiety quietly got up, again and again, double and triple checking. Did they shut the fridge? Were there any spills he missed? Did he accidently put the oven mitt IN THE OVEN-no ok. Eventually he elected to wash the dishes and watch the TV from the kitchen where he could keep an eye on everything. He could hear the rain in the kitchen.

He was ready when the timer went off, checking the brownies were done and pulling them out. He was already cutting them by the time Patton joined him. When he looked up at his counterpart, Patton was wearing a fond smile that broke into a wide grin when he spoke. “Thanks for your help today, Verge. It was fun, wasn’t it? We should team up more! Like a father-son team!”

Virgil felt his brain stutter at the praise and he averted his gaze and cleared his throat awkwardly. “Uhm, yeah. Thank-Thanks Pat. Yeah.”

“Now how about we dig into these brownies, huh? If they taste as good as they smell they aren’t gonna last the day!”

The two wound up finishing the batch while curled up on the couch together, Virgil dozing on Morality’s shoulder as the elder carded his fingers through his hair. 

Patton still thought the brownies could’ve used more sugar.

BTS reacting to you crying

 Seokjin:  He would walk into your shared home with no site of you. He looked around in the rooms, not finding you. When he walked into the bedroom, he heard a muffled sobbing, coming from you huddled under the comforter. Jin sits next to you on the bed, uncovering you, and wiping a tear. 

“Why are you crying, princess?” He asks, he pulls you into his lap. “You can tell me anything.”

Yoongi: Yoongi just woke up from a nap that you both were sharing. But, when he woke up you were no longer in his arms. He groans sitting up, looking around the room from the bed.

Tiredly, he wanders out of the room on the hunt for you. He hears a soft cry, so he follows the sound, leading him to the bathroom door, which was locked.

“Y/N?” He asks, he softly knocks to not scare you. He figures you weren’t going to open the door, so he goes to the bedroom, grabbing one of your bobby pins from the nightstand. He walks back and unlocks the door. He saw you sitting on the floor hugging your knees, so he sits next to you rubbing your back, just letting you silently cry into his shoulder.

Hoseok: You both were watching a movie, a scary one to be exact. Not a good movie for you two to watch together alone, since you both scare easily.

A jump scare would come, causing you both to jump. It scared you so bad you cried. Right away, he would notice the tears falling from your eyes, and immediately turn the movie off. He pulls you closer, placing a soft kiss on your temple.

“Let’s go cuddle instead Jagi.” 

Namjoon: He knew you were stressed with a family issue, along with your period on top of it. So, Namjoon was trying to be as sensitive as possible with you.

Namjoon watched you put your phone down on the counter, and walk away completely emotionless. Instead of letting you go, he stopped you in front of him and pulled you into a hug, kissing the crown of your head, which is when a tear rolled down your face.

“It’ll be over soon baby,” He whispers.

Jimin:  Jimin has been on tour for what felt like forever. When he walked in the door, all you could do why cry. Words weren’t able to be produced by you.

Chuckling, Jimin walks over to you with open arms, wrapping them around you tightly.

“You really missed me Jagi~,” He said kissing your forehead.

Taehyung: He would have just gotten home from a long day at work, to see you on the couch crying into a pillow. Tae walked over slowly to not startle you. Though, he did when he bumped the table.

“I’m sorry Tae,” You sniffle, getting up to walk into the bedroom. He places his hands on your shoulders sitting you back down. Then fake cries to crack a smile on your face; which worked.

“Please smile Jagi~,” He whines, “It makes me just as sad to see you like this,”

Jungkook: Jungkook would walk into the bedroom, freshly out of the shower. When he went to open the closet he noticed you silently laying down curled up. He thought you were sleeping, so he cracked a soft smile. He put on boxers and red plaid pajama pants.

He went over to sit next to you only to see tears rolling down your cheeks. He rubbed your shoulder and kissed it, letting you know he was there for you.

I’m sorry this took so long, I said it’d be posted as soon as I woke up, but then I went sightseeing with my Dad for a little, then took a nap, ate pizza, chat with someone through asks, took ANOTHER nap, worked on love triangle, screamed DNA a few times, then looked for gifs for this (some don’t go with it sorry), then I took another nap, now it’s 10 of 9 and I’m finally posting the reaction :)). THE REST OF BTS IN BED WILL BE DONE TOMORROW (HOPEFULLY)


So far, their first day at home had consisted of nothing more than naps and cuddles and kisses and it had been so much more than Sophia had ever dared to hope for. Harry even succeeded in his first nappy change, all by himself, and the look on his face when he came back into the kitchen with Josie in his arms, neatly tucked back into her onesie, was one of sheer pride and joy.

“I feel so accomplished,” he said as he walked over to where Sophia was stirring something in a pot.

“You did well, babe,” Sophia said.

“Wha-what was that?” Harry asked.

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REQUEST: I loved your truth or dare imagine! Can you make one with Cody Christian where he finally comes home after a long time of filming and you two have a super romantic night and he takes you on a date and stuff? 💕💕

SUMMARY: With Cody being gone all the time, it causes tensions to rise between you two.

WARNINGS: cursing, angst, fluff

NOTES: So, this is my first Cody imagine, and I hope I do the request justice bc I kinda strayed from it a little??? idk


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Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 6

Characters: Derek Hale, AJ, Reader.

Kinda NSFW

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

AJ was at the house almost as much as the pack. You’d done subtle things, such as place your hand on his arm when he says something funny, or wear something just a little too short or a little too tight when he was around. No one had caught on yet, but you knew that AJ would jump you the second he got the chance.

Derek had gone out with Stiles for a training session and left you at home with Max. At three months old, he’s been sleeping through the night a little bit more so you’ve had a bit of time to make yourself presentable. Which is saying a lot compared to the first month, when you were lucky if you’d showered that week.

Derek walks in the door, fuming.

You had Max balanced on your hip, feeding him a bottle. Both of your heads turned towards the slammed door. “What’s wrong?”

Derek shakes his head, taking his leather jacket off and hanging it up. “Stiles is so stubborn! He doesn’t even try to learn. All he wants to do it smart off.” He grunts. He walks over to you and holds his arms out for Max. You hand Max to him and his face immediately softens. “Hi, baby boy.” He smiles and Max giggles.

“What’d he do this time?” You grab a towel off the counter and begin cleaning up.

“I mean, he refuses to let anyone tell him anything. I tried to help him with the whole mental side of things and he just won’t listen. We got into a fight and he left. I’m sure he’ll turn up in an hour or so to complain to you.” He sits at the counter with Max in his lap.

“Honestly, Derek..you’re a little too hard on him. He’s got a quick wit but he’s more fragile than the others. He doesn’t respond to tough love.” You shrug.

“Of course you take his side.” He rolls his eyes.

“Hey, I’m not taking sides. I’m simply putting it out there that Stiles is a little sensitive.”

“Well, I’m putting it out there that I think you never side with me.”

“Oh come on. I’m not defending him. Derek don’t be a big baby.” You roll your eyes and cross your arms.

Derek scoffs. “Yeah. I’m the big baby. It’s Stiles, for God’s sake. The kid has a skull so hard I’m not sure insults even penetrate it.”

“Derek, just because he imprinted on you first after he changed doesn’t mean you understand him more. He’s a kid. He’s barely eighteen. You just don’t understand what he’s going through.”

“And you do? You’re telling me that a twenty-three year old woman can understand an eighteen year old high school boy more than I can? Okay..” Derek stands up with Max.

“What the hell? I was just talking with you, why did you feel the need to get so heated?” You sigh.

“I get heated because you always choose the kids first! You never see my side of things.”

“Derek, I am the pack mother. If you don’t like it, fine. But, you’re not going to tell me not to care about those kids.”

It’s been a week an no one has heard from Stiles. You can tell Derek is feeling guilty, but you are beyond pissed at him. You haven’t spoken to him since your argument.

“Y/N..I’m going out to look for Stiles.”

You throw him a sarcastic thumbs up. “I don’t know why you think going out and searching for him everyday will make a difference. He’s gone, Derek. It’s your fault. He was the baby. He was the closest one to me and you had to screw that up.”

“God, will you stop blaming me for everything that goes wrong?”

“I will when it’s not your fault! You yelled at him and now he’s gone. You keep yelling at me too, you’re lucky I’m here. You could never handle the pack on your own.”

“Oh, sure. I lost your baby and now you’re pissy. Get over yourself. Stiles left on his own, if he was really your baby he would’ve let you know where he went.” Derek walked out the front door, slamming it behind him.

You sat in front of the couch, trying not to cry. Derek had been so mean to you recently and you couldn’t figure out why. A switch just flipped in him. You groaned when you heard a knock at the door. You got up and answered it.

“Hey you.” It was AJ.

“Hey.” You felt better. You were going to start your payback right here. Right now.

He steps inside and you close the door behind him. “Where’s Derek?”

“Oh, you just missed him.” You shrug. “You can wait until he gets back if you want.”

He sits on the couch and you sit beside him. “Where’s the little dude?” He smiles.

“Oh he’s down for a nap. He should be up soon.”

“I was just about to go shower…do you mind waiting? I’ll only be like ten minutes.” You smile.

“Sure. No problem.” He nods and you head upstairs. You hoped Isaac wouldn’t come home but you know that he probably would. He’s got a knack for showing up at the wrong moment.

You showered and put on a tight t-shirt and short shorts. You smirked at yourself in the mirror before going downstairs.

“Hey. Sorry, I took longer than I thought.” You sit back down and watch his eyes give you a subtle once over.

“You’re fine..I wanted to ask you something and I hope it’s not too soon.” AJ smiles.


“Do you want to go on a date with me? Tomorrow?”

You smile. “Yeah. I do.”

“I’ll be here at 7 then?”

“Works for me.”

Derek walked in and you turned and looked at him. You immediately stood up went upstairs and left AJ with him.

You called Stiles again. You knew it wouldn’t make a difference but you’re still trying. You looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked hot. You answer the door when AJ arrives.

“Hi.” He smirks. “You look great.”

“Thank you. Come on in, I want to run upstairs and tell Max bye.” He nods and steps inside.

You go upstairs and tuck him in, kissing his forehead before you go. Derek catches you in the hallway.

“Where are you going?”

“What does it matter to you?”

“I’m just asking a question.”

“I’m not sure I should answer. I wouldn’t want to make it your fault.” You go downstairs and meet AJ at the door. Derek follows behind you.

“Ready?” You nod and guides you outside, his hand on your waist. “Bye, Derek!” He waves at him and you smirk. That was petty. AJ was honestly being nice but you knew that would piss Derek off.

The date was average. You knew AJ enjoyed it though. You got home and you saw Derek looking out the window when you got there, so when AJ leaned in for a kiss, you didn’t deny him. You said goodbye and walked inside, taking off your shoes and going upstairs. You got up to your room and started to unzip your dress.

Derek had been staying in Isaac’s room. You didn’t know the details, you just knew you didn’t want him with you anymore.

You take your dress off and put it in the laundry. You’re just about to take off your bra and shower when Derek walks in.

“Derek!” You grab a shirt off the bed and cover with it.

“AJ? Really? Are you trying to make me jealous? Because, it seems like you are.”

“Why does my reasoning for going on a date have to involve you?”

He steps forward. “I know you, Y/N. I know that you’re trying to make me jealous.”

“I couldn’t care less about you being jealous.” You cross your arms over your chest, holding the shirt to your body.

“I know that that’s a lie..I know because I can smell the arousal dripping from you.” He steps even closer.

“Don’t act like I can’t smell you. I know that when I wear those red shorts you’ll smell like arousal for a week afterwards. I also know that when we’re sleeping, if I turn against you I can get you hard.”

Derek smirks, “You getting me hard is no surprise.”

“Oh yeah? Then why’d you tell AJ I was available?”

“Because you are. I don’t see a boyfriend here.”

He steps forward again, your lips inches apart.

He pulls the shirt off of you, smirking.

“Derek..” You look up at him and bite your lip.

He watches your actions and picks you up, holding your thighs while he presses you to the wall. “I think you know what you do to me, the little fights you pick, the outfits you wear..”

“What do I do to you? I had no idea.” You smirk.

“You drive me..” He presses his lips to yours. “Absolutely.” He kisses you again. “Crazy.”

You wrap your arms around his neck, kissing him back. You’d been waiting for this for a long time.

You kiss down his jawline, pressing a kiss behind his ear. You smirk when you hear him groan, sucking on the spot you’d just kissed. You start to pull on his shirt when you hear Max screaming. You both groan and he puts you down.

You throw on a t-shirt and shorts before jogging down the hallway. You kept his crib in Isaac’s room while he was gone. You’d talked about getting a new house so everyone can have their own room, but you haven’t started looking.

You scoop the baby up, rocking with him. His shrieks turn to whispers as you comfort him.

“I don’t want you to go out with AJ again.” Derek says quietly.

“What’s going to stop me?” You turn and look at him.

“Everytime you see him I’ll kiss you like that again.” He smirks.

“You may see that as punishment but I see that as motivation to see him as many times as possible.” You smile.

“If you want it all you have to do is ask.”

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Reactions to SO getting a annoyed that their partner can spend so little time with them, so they retaliate by buying a cheap bodypillow and sending the bandmembers photos of them while they are on tour doing menial stuff with it. SO and pillow at the restaurant, SO and pillow at the movies, SO and pillow on a rollercoaster etc. Just some lighthearted teasing ala "if you're gone so often, this will have to do."


~ He was a little confused at first when he received a picture of you and a blue body pillow at your favorite restaurant. You sent a text following a picture that said, “At least HE spends time with me.” 2D frowned at the text. He sent one back saying, “You know I can’t help it.” You smirked at the text. “It’s a shame. When we get home we’re going to watch your favorite movie. Wish you were here <3” You almost laughed out loud at the text.

~ You pulled the body pillow inside your room when you got home and threw it on your bed. You checked your phone for a text from 2D. There were two messages. The first one read, “That’s not fair! );” You snickered. The second one read, “I’ll be home soon! I promise I’ll spend more time with you!” You grinned as you slipped off your pants and straddled the pillow. You took a very well angled picture of yourself in that position and sent it to 2D. You laughed and awaited his reply. You could almost hear his voice when you read the text, “I’ll remember that.” Said the text. “Maybe now you’ll actually spend time with me.” You sent.


~ You knew you were playing a dangerous game but Murdoc should have spent more time with you while he was home. You had just bought a cheap body pillow at the local shop and you were going to take it everywhere. You got dressed up in Murdoc’s favorite outfit on you and took a selfie with the pillow. He sent it to Murdoc with the caption “Heading out with my favorite guy!” Murdoc replied immediately with a, “What the hell does that mean?” You smirked down at your phone screen and typed, “Well since you’re so busy and won’t spend time with me, this little guy will have to do.”

~ You could practically hear Murdoc growl. “It’s my job to take to you out.” He sent back. You laughed. “Maybe you should do your job better (;” You were enjoying torturing the old man. You walked out of the house with the body pillow and drove with it buckled in the passenger seat. You took another picture with it and sent it to Murdoc before driving off to the movie theatre. Murdoc was having a fit. You kept sending picture of you holding onto the pillow or kissing it. He was pissed, but you kept going.

~ At the end of the night, you stripped off all your clothes and pulled the pillow over you to cover most of yourself. “He’s a better lover too (;” You couldn’t wait for Murdoc’s response. When your phone buzzed you had a text that read, “THAT’S IT! I’M GETTING A PLANE TICKET HOME RIGHT NOW! THE FUCKING ALBUM CAN WAIT!” You laughed at the fact that Murdoc just got jealous over a $10 body pillow.


~ Noodle didn’t like leaving you so soon after not getting to spend much time together. You knew that but you also knew she was the overprotective type. You sat on your bed pouting about your missing girlfriend. You snuggled up to your giant body pillow that you used when she was gone. You closed your eyes, hoping to take a nap, but you suddenly sat up because of a brilliant idea you had. You grabbed your phone and took a picture of you snuggling with the body pillow and sent it to Noodle saying “I miss you ):” Noodle replied a few minutes later with an, “I miss you too, baby doll. But you won’t need that body pillow much later.”

~ You were impatient. You got up and ran into the shower. “Brb just gonna take a quick shower (:” You took a picture with the body pillow sitting in the tub. Noodle was confused, “Are you really going to shower with the body pillow?” You laughed and sent, “I have to. My girlfriend isn’t here to help me wash up.” You giggled. “I’ll shower with you as much as you want when I get home <3” You smiled at the text before jumping into the shower.


~ Russel didn’t like being away from you for so long. Especially since he barely got to see you when he was home for his break. You weren’t very happy about it either. You spent more time alone than you had wanted to. You tried to pass the time by watching films or sleeping but you could only do so much. You sat up from your bed and grumbled. You decided to shower and actually go out tonight.

~ You stripped and stepped into the shower. You took your time washing your body and just letting the hot water hit your back. After your shower, you dried off and put on some nice clothes. You admired yourself in the mirror before heading out. You grabbed your phone and your keys and walked to the car.

~ You drove through town until you passed a shop that a bin full of body pillows for sale. You got an evil grin on your face and found a parking space. You walked to the bin and grabbed body pillow. This was perfect. You went to pay for it and put it in the front seat of your car. You snapped a picture and sent it to Russel. You giggled to yourself when you saw him reply suddenly, “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Family VIII - Alfie Solomons

Family i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii - Alfie Solomons

Alfie was sitting at the kitchen table as if he was conducting some sort of business meeting when you finally got home from the doctor’s office. His son had volunteered to drive you, partially because it was a tedious walk and partially because of what happened to you last time you walked alone at night. You accepted because he had a car and you were still healing. But when you walked in the door you wished that he had done a couple laps around the block.  

“Oh, look who’s home.” Alfie commented. He was sitting with his elbows on the table.  

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