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Testing some new CC from @kotiij and oh my god this hair and the rune markings are sooooo pretty! I had a lot of fun on this edit too, very interesting trying to cut around the hair XD

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How can I get into art? Like, I am into art, but how can I learn about it?

In many ways!  The first I would suggest would be to go to your local museum (if you have one).  Most museums offer tours (sometimes free), so take one!  Alternatively, you can walk around and read the plaques, or get an audio guide, if they have them.

Next, use the internet to your advantage!

  • I know Wikipedia is “untrustworthy” but I think it’s a really great source, especially for just finding stuff out.  Look up your favorite artist or your favorite painting and just read about them, and then click all the links and read those articles too.  Some other online resources:
  • Khan Academy - we used this in my art history class last year.  It goes along with the AP course curriculum, but it has way more than just that.  They have fantastic videos and articles about all types of art, and they’re very interesting and informative.  They also have lots of other topics, but I’ve never really explored anything aside from art history
  • Google Culture - this is new, and I haven’t really looked at it, but @asteriaria recently told me about it and it seems awesome!  You can explore artists, eras, exhibits, etc.! Just to show you, I took a few screenshots of my favorite era/painter, and they have exhibits from different museums, articles, the works, a timeline of all the artists of different eras together, etc… It’s amazing.
  • The Met’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History - I’ve read a few articles from this and it’s fantastic.  The Met has an amazing collection and all of it is catalogued online, so you can simply read the little plaques that they have at the museum, or you could read the articles they’ve posted about them!  They have countless essays (and I recently heard at my orientation that the Met has some two million works, most of which are catalogued online).  It’s almost as good as going, I think!

Also I would certainly suggest going to your local library or bookstore and looking for some books.  There are so many authors and topics to look at that I couldn’t really name a specific one that gives you a good overview and isn’t a textbook … but Janson’s History of Art is pretty good, though it only covers Western art.

If you have any more questions, please come and ask!!  Especially if you want to know where to find more about a specific era or topic :)


Since I love pausing movies to look for meme-worthy moments, I thought I’d try with Secret Of The Tomb and post it. This is what I like to call Volume I.

I challenge you to caption these since I obviously have no explanation.


I have a theory about this photo.
It may be nothing, but still.
Okay so, this is to the fangirl’s eye, Antisepticeye. But some people are just saying that it’s Jack wearing earrings. While that’s probably the more logical answer, I have theories!!! Okay so first of all, Jack NEVER wears earrings. And yes you could say that he misses them, but does he really? If you take a look at the description of the photo, you will see that there’s no sign of enthusiasm. Usually, if you take a look at the other ones that I’ve taken screenshots of he shows a form of enthusiasm, or just something to tell people that he’s not being too serious. A lot of the times he uses some form of punctuation, which he’s not doing in his recent photo. Okay second, the face he’s making. I took screenshots of a few, but if you go to his Instagram you’ll see that he’s never posted a photo quite like this one. It’s almost like he’s going insane. The only times he’s ever posted a photo remotely close to his recent is when Anti came in October. And also, the only time that Jack has posted a photo of him with earrings on is when the Anti takeover was close! Coincidence? I think not! And Jack posted a Detention video today. Which is the only series at the moment with Anti in it. SOOO, my theory may be WAY off, but I wanted to share it with you! Let me know if you agree!


The Chaos of War

Here are some of the many Mythic Firefight screenshots in Halo 5 that I took a few nights ago. I am excited because I got an message recently from one of the Community Coordinators at 343 industries that wants to have one of my screenshots featured on the game to promote the Mythic Firefight game type. I hope it happens soon.

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As a screenwriter w hundreds of hours of critique under my belt, some things just have to be said firmly to get the point across. And you profiting off a pagan story is like, for example, a Christian profiting off a Muslim story. Its not ethical, regardless of how accurate/respectful it is. Instead of focusing on the aggression of critique, understand that when 1 person expresses discomfort or issue, a lot more follow whether theyre vocal or not. Be mindful of it.


First off, being a screenwriter has nothing to do with being qualified to critique things. That’s just the way it is. I accept people’s personal opinions, but please don’t try to make yourself look more important to prove a point.

Secondly, I don’t see how it’s unethical. I’m not retelling any classic stories pertaining to your religion, using copyright characters or undercutting pagan writers telling their personal stories. This is an original story, written by an agnostic, which has pagan characters in it (not pagans in their world, but would be considered as such by our standards). I can understand it being considered morally wrong if I stole the idea from a pagan or perpetuated negative stereotypes about pagans. However, saying it’s unethical regardless of how accurate or respectful it is is incorrect in this scenario. 

I’m mindful that others may share the opinions voiced by a few people, but you also have to understand that it doesn’t mean everyone disagrees with me.

As you can see here, other pagans do also disagree with the negative views of the person/ people disagreeing with me. This isn’t some obscure screenshot either- I took this just a few minutes ago. 

Please be mindful of your arguments and try to come with correct ones if you do continue to critisize. As someone who enjoys a good discussion with logical arguments, it’s borderline depressing to see some of the stuff you’ve come up with. 

Sincerely, someone writing their own creative work and trying to be respectful of others’ religious beliefs.


A few of the screenshots I took in the Dofus Beta to have a look at the new Ouginak class.

- The entrance of the Ouginak temple and the surrounding Ouginak village in Ohwymi, which is the current log in screen of the Beta.
- The Ouginak character information screen (French only, so far).
- All the options for both genders, put together by me. Have fun planning your Ouginak for when they go live!
- And the statue of God Ouginak within Incarnam.

So I heard it was Voltron week