i took a few screenshots

YOI Screenshots


So I took a lot of few (69 to be exact) screenshots of that scene where they skate “Stay close to me” so beautifully together 

I may have exaggerated a bit on the amount this are only some of the screenshots I took but hey I gotta survive till season 2 okay?!? So feel free to use them to survive too :D

But really every time I took a screenshot of Yuri and Victor looking to each other while skating my heart just melted and I just awwwwwwkfjhzdjfvbhzdgbflnsjdhb


The Chaos of War

Here are some of the many Mythic Firefight screenshots in Halo 5 that I took a few nights ago. I am excited because I got an message recently from one of the Community Coordinators at 343 industries that wants to have one of my screenshots featured on the game to promote the Mythic Firefight game type. I hope it happens soon.

So I heard it was Voltron week


A few of the screenshots I took in the Dofus Beta to have a look at the new Ouginak class.

- The entrance of the Ouginak temple and the surrounding Ouginak village in Ohwymi, which is the current log in screen of the Beta.
- The Ouginak character information screen (French only, so far).
- All the options for both genders, put together by me. Have fun planning your Ouginak for when they go live!
- And the statue of God Ouginak within Incarnam.


Just a few screenshots I took during the Q&A live stream. :) 

Honestly I’m happy and thankful that Seán did this tonight because stressful things were happening in my house tonight while this stream was on and it made me extremely anxious and overwhelmed. So I kind of used the stream to block out the noise. All I’m gonna say about that is thank god Seán’s voice and positivity is so loud. :P When things stopped being stressful I calmed down a little bit (especially after the rainy mood part) and it was nice to just chill and hang out with Seán for a little while and listen to him talk about things. Even though I wasn’t tweeting at him or talking in the chat or anything. I just need a place where I felt safe for a little while and his stream was there for me at the perfect time tonight. I wish that I could make this post a little more positive but I’m not feeling 100% yet and I still feel a little stressed and kind of sad about the whole thing and I don’t want to fake positivity and not be honest about how I’m feeling. But I wanted to make this post so I could have a way of saying that this stream got me through a overwhelmingly stressful moment that happened in my house today. 

Seán I don’t know if you’ll see this post or not but if you do thanks for being there for me tonight and just giving me a safe place for a little while, it really meant a lot to me. Even though I wasn’t able to talk back to you it was nice to hang out with you for a little while. :) 

Its great that whenever you see Tales of Zestiria trending, you just know that the episode had a whole lot of Sorey x Mikleo moments

A bit about how I art

So, I just took a few screenshots during my last drawing and I thought I’d write a bit about the process. I use MyPaint to do everything, which has a lot of cons and some nice pros.

First I pretty much just go around collecting references. And then usually put then in MyPaint. Because MyPaint uses an infinite canvas, I also mark the area I’m actually going to use to draw (otherwise proportions get even weirder):

During the initial sketch phase I use a small, round red brush and put squares and lines everywhere (sometimes other geometrical shapes). I don’t have a great eyesight, so squares make it easier for me to notice some mistakes (not that I fix them often, but…)

After the initial sketch is done, I reduce the opacity and start putting some “final” lines in a new layer. I usually start with the hair, if there’s nothing in front of it, but that’s pretty arbitrary. I don’t really care about tracing over the sketch perfectly since that’s pretty pointless with my non-clean-lineart style, but it’d be very inefficient if I cared about clean lineart as well — just make sure to get some similar lines.

After this second sketch is done, the lines will be awfully light. That’s mainly due to the brush I use (round, low opacity). So I just go over the lines and add some thickness and colour to darken things a bit.

(By the way, a lot of people complain about their lineart not looking as “dynamic” as their sketch. You can get something more dynamic by putting in varying line weights, and adding some more flowing lines. I tend to over-exaggerate hair movement to compensate for how stiff and lifeless my drawings look otherwise :’D)

Some people like the way I draw eyes. I basically just add long eyelashes on everyone, and two major bright spots on each side of the pupil, then some hatching. It looks pretty nice, imho.

I don’t always add colours, but I’ll generally add just a bit of blush and marking other areas with a bit more blood with a light red, using a smudging brush.

When I *do* put a bit of colours, I’ll just pick some nice pastels and put them in with a smudging brush, without any base colour underneath. Mostly I go with pastels because I love pastels, and because it’s hard to *really* screw up with them :P

For shading, I’ll just pick a less saturated, colour with a blue-r hue and a bit less of light, and add them on top using the same smudging brush. Lighter areas are just the places I didn’t add as much colour. It work a-okay-ish.

Once the colours are done, I’ll pick an eraser and put in some highlights. Mostly just some ellipses on the mouth, a line on the cheeks, some contouring in other places.

Since I didn’t add any colour to the hair this time, I tend to draw some ellipses where the highlights would otherwise go in some chibi-er styles.

The “finished” drawing (since I haven’t bothered fixing things):

The girl is Chami from the idol group Color Pointe, btw. They mix ballet with some neoclassical music, and THEY’RE GREAT!

Thanks so much umadatalien! I’ve been working on a Josh drawing actually, so I took a few screenshots while I drew :) I hope this helps!

For anyone else reading this, I’m using Manga Studio 5 (digital download version is called Clip Studio Paint, which is why my app is called that as you’ll see in the screenshots).

I based my drawing off a photo of Josh, so first off I started with a loose sketch, to try to nail the basic shapes/gesture.

However, as you can see, my draftsmanship skills are waaaay off… I’m not one of those people who can draw things perfectly just from sight, unfortunately! Oops.
It’s not terrible, though. In fact, I kind of like the exaggerated length of his arms/legs, so I’m not going to throw the sketch out completely. I might make a few changes, though.

I don’t always do this, but for this drawing, after my initial sketch, I traced over the photo on another layer. I traced it pretty loosely - the idea was to get a sense of the shapes/forms, and pick up any details I might not have noticed. 
For example, I didn’t notice that Josh is wearing a longer black shirt under his white t-shirt - so that’s something I’ll definitely have to add in!!

Oof. Huge difference between initial sketch and traced sketch. Not necessarily a bad thing though!
It’s always interesting to see the difference between how your eyes perceive things, versus how they actually are, though. Apparently my eyes think everyone and everything is anime as hell.

Revised sketch in the middle! I took elements that I liked from both the initial sketch and the traced sketch, and combined them to make the middle sketch. 
So I’m keeping the basic shape of the initial sketch, but using things I learned from the trace to make the sketch better. 
Tracing is useful as a tool to improve sketches and help pick up details, but be wary of just using traces for artworks. It can be perceived as lazy. Unless a deliberate rotoscope-like effect is what you’re aiming for, of course!

Final composition. I got the iron filings background off Google; the image is grainy since I had to resize it, so I’ll be redoing it in Illustrator once I’m done. (P.S. I actually flipped it some time after taking this screenshot, bc I decided I wanted Josh facing the right - I’m doing a version with Tyler as well, and when I put them side-by-side I want them facing each other. Josh is always on the left, so he has to face right!)

Lineart time! I lowered the opacity of the sketch layer to about 14%-17%, made a new layer on top, and used my slightly modified version of the G-pen to draw the lineart. (You can do the same thing with the normal G-pen, though. This is just a slightly personalised version.)
Lineart is always the longest and most tedious step for me. It usually involves a lot of hitting command-z, a lot of redrawing the same line over and over, and copious amounts of swearing :) if there’s an easy, stress-free way of drawing lineart, I haven’t found it yet!!

Even with the stabiliser set to the second-highest setting to avoid shakiness, it’s still really hard to make a line exactly how I want it. So many other factors like angle, line weight, length etc all come into play, and I really struggle with getting my hands steady enough to co-operate. A lot of artists I know also struggle with lineart, so I think it might just be one of those things that are always going to be annoying and hard and tedious!!

It’s a nice process when you get into a rhythm, though. I like it when I get really focused on it, so I stop thinking about anything else. It can be really therapeutic - when it’s not being frustrating!

Lineart complete!

Flats! For flats, I use the Magic Wand tool to select areas of the same colour. My Magic Wand is set to expand the selection area by 3 pixels, so a bigger area than the actual space is selected. Then I fill them in with that colour on a layer UNDERNEATH the lineart.
Expanding the selection area (and so the area of colour) allows the lineart to overlap the colour slightly, so you don’t end up with white edges. 

I try to keep each colour on a separate layer. 

Shading time! (here’s where I flipped the image haha). 

I made a new layer on top of the flat skin-colour layer, then clipped it to the skin-colour layer. This means that anything I paint outside the skin-colour layer’s area becomes invisible, so I can paint freely without worrying about staying inside the lines. Which is super handy! (I was never a colour-inside-the-lines kind of kid. I’m way too lazy for that.)
I used the G-pen to colour the slightly darker orangey skin-tone, and the bluish-grey shade (both on separate clipped layers). Hence the hard edges on those shades.
Then above those layers, I painted on the pinks and white/yellow highlights with the Watercolour tool, so those colours were nice and soft.

The crosshatching is actually a dark blue colour, lighter than the scarf. It’s set on top of all the colours. I set the layer mode to Colour Burn, which causes it to interact with the colours below it in fun ways, creating those super saturated reds and pinks. 

I painted the jeans/scarf/boots with a lighter blue colour using the Watercolour tool.

Then I created highlights with the G-pen set to a low opacity, layering up the lighter colour.

I used the same technique for the shirt and jacket, except I started with a light base colour and shaded it with a darker blue. Right at the end, I highlighted the shirt+jacket with white using the Watercolour tool, just to brighten it a bit.

I painted the hair using the G-pen, using a bright red for highlights, and darker pinkish-red for shades. Both on separate layers above the base hair colour, remember!

For more highlights, I painted pink strokes on a layer above the hair shading (technically a desaturated light red - as you can see on the colour wheel in the screenshot, hopefully!!), then set the layer mode to Glow Dodge, which creates that extra highlighting effect.

Once all the shading was done, I locked the transparency of the lineart layers, and then coloured the lineart - so dark reddish-purple for the hair, dark blue for the white clothes, and VERY dark blue for the black clothes!
I don’t do that for all my drawings - I actually like it when the colour scheme is cohesive enough that I can use one colour for all the lines.
But with tøp fanart, I like to leave the lines a dark colour (usually blue-black), and colour the lineart surrounding red objects, like Josh’s hair or Tyler’s socks. Dark red lines usually look better with red objects than dark blue.

In this screenshot you can see I gave him red eyeshadow - that was added in after everything else was done. I just did that on a new layer (clipped to the skin tone layer above all the other shading layers) with the Watercolour tool!

And with that, I think Josh is done! Or Dun. Dammit. Now I just need to draw Tyler *weeps quietly*

I hope that helps! I think a couple of people have actually asked for a tutorial/process-record now, so I hope this is okay! :)