i took a careful whiff

20 Questions--Imagine #17

Anonymous asked: Could you do an imagine where you ask your crush out on a date and he is uncertain at first but then later he calls to say that he wants to go on a date, followed up by a cute date like maybe a dinner or something pleaseee? thank youuu!! ❤❤❤

A/N: This was such a cute fluffy idea! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! :) Keep dreaming!~Logan

Me and c/n were swinging gently on the swingset on the playground that was a few blocks away from school. We had just walked here after school had let out about ten minutes ago. 

C/n was looking especially cute today. His jacket accentuated his broad shoulders. Tiny snowflakes settled in his thick locks making him look like a snow angel. So many times I would shyly compliment the way he looked. But he still hadn’t made a move, and my disappointment had been mounting with each day that passed. Was I delusion to think I had a chance with him? I mean, true, he seemed to really enjoy my presence, but what if I was just reading into it too much? 

Pushing aside those questions that had been tormenting me, I took a deep breath. I realized I had been staring at his lips, which I had a habit of doing involuntarily. As my eyes met his I could see the mischievous twinkle in the clear e/c of his gaze. 

“Do I have something on my face?” He asked, a lopsided smile spreading over his face. 

I giggled nervously. Ugh, pull yourself together, I thought. 

“What’s on your mind?” C/n’s smile softened. God, he could see right through me.

“You,” I blurted. Well, there goes being tactful. 

I looked up. He didn’t look disgusted as I had worried he would. Instead, a pensive, curious expression replaced his smile. His eyes searched mine inquisitively. 

“And me,” I drove on, because there was no way I could go back now. “And how nice it’d be if you w-would maybe wanna…goonadatewithme,” I spluttered out.

I chanced a glance at him. His hand ran through his hair and he scratched at his jaw–one of his nervous ticks. At least I wasn’t the only one who was nervous. 

“I-I, god. Umm, thank you for asking me, y/n,” he said, and I let myself look at him in the eyes again. “I’m flattered, really. It’s just–well, I’m just not sure.”

My eyes dropped to the frozen, frosted wood chunks that made up the playground floor. 

“Forget I asked,” I mumbled, rushing away from the playground. 

He tried grabbing my elbow, but I yanked it free. My face on fire I marched down the sidewalk, to the bus stop. 


My humiliation raged for awhile like a forest fire until it burned down to sadness. Glancing at my phone I saw I had missed five calls from c/n already. I had only been home for a couple minutes. 

While I was staring at the phone, praying it would tell me how to fix all my problems, c/n’s name and picture popped up on the screen. I stared at the buzzing phone for awhile like it was on fire before I snatched it up off my desk.

“I’m sorry,” we both blurted at the same time. 

“Wait, why are you sorry?” He asked me confusion clear in his voice. 

“I was going to ask you the same question,” I let out a breathy laugh. 

“I’m saying sorry because I didn’t come after you. I shouldn’t have let you go thinking I was rejecting you. I just–,” I heard him take a deep breath. “You mean so damn much to me, y/n, and I don’t wanna fuck up what we have. Because I mean you’re the best thing in my life and I couldn’t bear losing you. But then I realized how stupid it would be to reject a chance to get to know you even better than before,” he said, breathless. 

“Wow,” was all I could get out. “I was expecting you to be disgusted and tell me never to speak to you again.”

“Oh man, I’m sorry, y/n, that’s not at all what I wanted you to think. I feel like the luckiest guy on earth to be chosen by you.  If you haven’t changed your mind, I would love to take you to dinner?” He asked, his voice becoming small.

“Yes,” I breathed, then cleared my throat. “Yes, c/n.”

“Great,” he said and I could hear the excitement in his voice that he was trying to contain. “I’ll be at your house at six-thirty.”

I agreed and we hung up. I could feel the heat of my blush, and the zoo inside my stomach was stampeding. I let out a girlish squeal that I’d otherwise be ashamed of, but fuck it, I was going on a date with my crush. 

The doorbell rang at precisely 6:30 and I felt my pulse quicken. I had slaved over trying to make myself look nice. I was wearing a dress that was form-fitting but not like it was skin-tight. It was like a long sweater and I knew I’d look nice but still be warm in this weather. 

I hoped I didn’t look like the mess of emotions I felt like. My mom hugged me before I went to open the door. 

“Have fun, honey. You look absolutely beautiful,” she said, placing a light kiss to my temple before pushing me gently toward the door and leaving me alone in my entryway.

Taking a deep breath, I timidly opened the door. I almost fainted at the sight of c/n standing in my doorway, wearing a gray, ironed dress shirt and black slacks. The shy smile he was wearing on his face made my heart beat faster. His eyes swept over me and I would feel insecure, normally, but the expression on his face made me feel like a piece of art. He seemed to almost be in awe.  When he reached out his hand, I realized he was holding out a single, ruby red rose. 

I took it from his fingers with the utmost care. I lifted it to my nose, and took a deep whiff of the poignant smell. When I opened my eyes, I blushed to find c/n was staring at me intently. He seemed to be in a trance. 

He took my free hand in his and I stepped out the door. Being close to him was almost too much to bear. My nerves were fried. And his delicious natural scent that mixed with his cologne that wafted in the air around us wasn’t helping. 

He stopped me before we got to the car. 

“You look…” he looked me up and down again like he couldn’t take his eyes off me. “Absolutely stunning. Which really, you always do. It’s just I’m going on a date with you, and it’s kind of hitting me right now, and you look so cozy and cute in that sweater-dress, but also so extremely elegant,” he rambled. 

I ran a hand down his arm, reassuringly. 

“Thank you,” I blushed. “I never knew someone could make dress shirts look so irresistible,” I shyly flirted. 

I was satisfied when a deep red blush climbed up his throat to spread across his cheeks.

I could have sworn this was all a dream. He had taken me to a fairly expensive restaurant. I argued with him that I could pay for my own bill, but he said he wouldn’t be able to enjoy himself fully if I did that. 

We were in the middle of our meal, having just finished a debate on cats vs. dogs when I felt his legs stretch out under the table. He wedged one foot between my legs and his other ankle hugged one of mine so it was encased between his. 

I looked up at him from under my eyelashes, a shy smile creeping over my face. That mischevious twinkle, the same one he’d been wearing earlier at the playground, gleaming in his eyes. 

“I think we should play a game,” he suggested, a hesitant smile gracing his beautiful features. 

“I’m up for a game,” I grinned, leaning forward. 

“20 questions,” he shyly said, as if he expected to be made fun of. “But we ask each other things like what we first thought of each other and what’s our favorite personality trait of each other.”

“Ok, you go first,” I nodded eagerly.

“Alright,” he leaned forward and the mood suddenly became more intimate. As if only me and him existed. “What did you first notice about me?”

“Easy, your hair. Thick and luscious locks,” I smiled. 

He flipped his head, comically like those stereotypical bitchy girls in movies. I laughed, and he joined in. I loved how his eyes shone when he really laughed like he was doing now.

“Ok, what was the first thing you noticed about me?” I asked curious. 

“That would be your smile. It lights up a whole room. Makes my day brighter everytime I see it,” he said, the candles on our table making his skin glow. 

I blushed. The game went on, us learning more about each other, and the atmosphere becoming more intimate with each question.  

“What’s your favorite body part, or body parts, of mine?” I quirked my eyebrow, our conversation making me loosen up and become more flirty.

C/n looked me in the eyes, accepting the challenge. Leaning back he crossed his arms over his chest, letting his gaze drag down my figure as far as the table allowed. His eyebrows were raised slightly, and he rubbed his lips thoughtfully. His gaze was so intense and so…so…sexy I couldn’t help but cock my head in insistence. 


“Mmm, that’s a hard one,” he mused, a lazy smile spreading over his lips. 

I felt his ankles shift around my ankle that he had captured earlier in between his. My eyes widened when I felt his bare foot grazing my ankle and drag up over the swell of my smooth calf muscle. 

He leaned forward, closer than he was before, demanding my attention. “Your legs demand my attention all the time, but nothing can compete with your lips. I’ve spent so much time wondering what they’d feel like and taste like,” he murmured, his voice low as if he was confessing his deepest, darkest secrets. As he talked about my lips he seemed to be in another world. 

As soon as he finished he seemed to come back to reality. He flushed and tried leaning back, but I put a hand on his, pulling his arm close to mine. I looked up at him, and I knew his attention was all on me because the ministrations to my calf stopped. Slowly, I lifted his large hand to my lips. Kissing his sweet skin felt like a dream, and I felt his eyes trained on me. I lifted my lips off his hand, but still held it close to me. 

His mouth was parted in awe, and the cutest pink blush tinged his skin tone.

“There’s more where that came from,” I smiled, and he twined his fingers in my hand as I held it to my face. 

He cleared his throat a couple times, and took a sip of water. “Okay one last question. If you considered this date a success, and I didn’t make you want to run screaming in terror and that I’m worth your time, would you like to go out with me again?” 

The huge grin that spread across my face was enough to let him know how I felt about that.

“And if that one also goes well would you take me as your boyfriend?”

“Of course,” I breathed, my smile threatening to split my face.

“I’m the luckiest man on earth,” he shook his head, taking both my hands in his and peppering my knuckles in sweet kisses. Our soft laughter joined and twined just as our souls did in that same moment.