i took a break from this pairing for a little while for a variety of reasons but

stripped down

kind of spec fic based on a crack-y headcanon I’ve had since we found out about the alternate/cursed identities, further spurred on by the odd title for 7x05 and the enablers. muchas gracias to the amazing @optomisticgirl for looking this over!

completely gratuitous. 1.5k.

Backstage was so poorly lit that eyes were nearly useless. It was just as well—he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to see what was surely just a brick wall, chipped paint peeling away, and a floor with cracked tiles he could feel shift under his shoes.

Loss of vision meant the other senses took over; he could hear the high-pitched, mostly feminine squeals of the overzealous crowd; smell the booze wafting off them and from where it was likely spilled over sticky tabletops; feel the heavy pulse of the music booming through the beams of the building and shaking him where he stood.

He’d heard this same song way too many times from this same spot. The singer’s repeated invitation for an unnamed person to jump on his saddle was starting to fade out, telling “Hook,” as he was known around here, that it was almost showtime.

What little light there was dimmed to a green glow as the cowboy guy—Butch or Billy or something equally stereotypical; he’d never bothered to learn the guy’s name—left the stage in just a stetson and assless chaps, nodding while strolling past.

He ran his hands down his tight leather pants, checking one last time to make sure everything was in place and giving the workers on stage a bit of time to dash around collecting the dollar bills that gave Greenbacks Bar & Lounge its name.

Then the strains of a slowed-down version of a John Cale piece began to play and a hush fell over the crowd. He smirked at the reaction; he did every night, but it was something that always amused him, and made it that much easier to play the role of a cocky pirate captain.

As soon as he took the stage, the audience erupted and cash started flying. Some panties, too, if he wasn’t mistaken. It was all a blurred confetti coming from the crowd around him as he stalked down the catwalk-like stage.

He still wasn’t entirely sure how mild-mannered Officer Rogers had become the main attraction at a semi-seedy strip joint under the guise of Captain Hook, but he wasn’t about to argue it. Not when it broke up the solitary monotony of his days, and not when it was so oddly liberating.

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Darkness is your friend now ( part Seven )

I am incredibly sorry for delay in this chapter of Darkness is your friend now. 

I’ll be real with you guys, I just lost interest with this up until this point of my life which is 5/17/16 at 5:19 am and I got the biggest inspiration to continue this.

 I hope you guys find this story still enjoyable. Enjoy!! 

Song(s) I am listening to while writing this: Henrietta, Creeping Up The Backstairs by The Fratellis and Limelight By Boy in a band Feat. Cryaotic

(Y/N)= Your Name

(E/C)= Eye Color

(H/C)= Hair Color

(S/J)= Side Job ( Like an artist, voice actor, music composer ect. )

(J)= Job


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BTS Reaction to girlfriend being paired with another member for the pocky game

Anon Requested:  Bts reaction to their girlfriend being paired with another member for the picky game?? 

I actually didn’t really know the actual rules for the pocky game and had to look it up so if I get anything wrong I am so sorry

Jungkook (Taehyung): Jungkook hated this, he didn’t want you to play this game and seeing that it was Taehyung that you were paired up with killed him. He knew that Taehyung wouldn’t push boundaries but that doesn’t make him feel any better. You and Taehyung were in the living room with the rest of the boys surrounding you, most of them were laughing and smiling like idiots, all of them but Jungkook. He didn’t want to watch but he couldn’t tear his eyes away, the mere thought of you and Taehyung accidentally kissing ate him up inside. The moment you two started the game Jungkook was already throwing himself in between you two breaking the chocolate covered stick and letting it fall to the floor, he immediately pulled you to him and began dragging you away from all of the boys constantly repeating “Nope.” as he finally made up his mind about the game.

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Taehyung (Jimin): Being in a relationship with Taehyung was easier than you thought, you being an idol as well it was easier in a way to be together, no feeling like you weren’t good enough for him, no inconsistent jealousy because of tabloids or blogs because you both knew better than to listen to them, you also got to see a lot of each other as shocking as that sounds. You two had appeared on multiple variety shows, some with both of your groups and sometimes it was just random stars and you two so happened to be some of the idols asked to be on the show. When you both were on the same variety show with your groups and some other groups a fan question from Twitter had asked you two to play the pocky game but with different members from each other’s group. You both were shocked to hear the request but you both nodded and agreed to it as you both were very close to each others group. When you were paired with Jimin Taehyung honestly didn’t care, he was happier it was with Jimin rather than one of the older members and seeing him paired with Chae-young the vocal lead of your group you couldn’t care either, they were like brother and sister anyways so you had to reason to worry. When playing the game with Jimin you were getting close so before your lips had touched you quickly bit down on the stick ending the game for you and him.

Originally posted by mochi-nochu

Jimin (Namjoon): Jimin wouldn’t like that you were paired up with Namjoon to play the pocky game but he bit his tongue when the game actually started. He cursed at himself because he was actually the reason you two were even in this predicament. If he did say that the losers have to play the pocky game then you wouldn’t be so incredibly to Namjoon, Namjoon was like a big brother to you but that doesn’t make anything better. You two would stand in front of each other and you could literally feel the awkward tension in the room, it became even weirder to you when Namjoon put his hands on your hips so we could balance himself so when he bent down to your level he wouldn’t fall. Namjoon wasn’t even halfway down the stick when you bit down on it, you wanted to end the game as quickly as possible. The boys around you booed you but you didn’t care, you caught the rest of the pocky stick that fell and simply put it in your mouth walking back to Jimin.

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J-Hope (Jungkook): Hoseok only laughed when he heard that Yoongi dared Jungkook to play the pocky game with you, Hoseok didn’t really mind when he heard Yoongi say this, you two have been dating long enough to not have to worry about small little dares like this and how close you’re going to have to be with Jungkook. You were perfectly fine with the dare as you were the one to go get the pocky box from the pantry and sit in front of Jungkook. Jungkook on the other hand was completely shocked by the dare and how calm you and your boyfriend were about this. He’d look back from you, who was focusing more on opening the pocky box than you were on how nervous he was and Hoseok who was just laughing at Jungkook’s expression. “You’re okay with this hyung?” Jungkook asked astonished. Hoseok only shrugged in response looking at you struggling to open the box, he quickly took it from your hands and opened the box and pulling the packaging out and soon putting the pocky in the box. “But what if we kiss?” Jungkook’s eyes widened wider than they already were.

“Kiss then.” Hoseok chuckled handing you the box and you quickly put the stick in your mouth. 


“It’s part of the game Kookie, are you scared to kiss (Y/N)?” Hoseok laughed again and Jungkook could only let out a shaky breath and lock eyes with you feeling the small amount of confidence he had leave his body. You raised an eyebrow at him and eventually Jungkook leaned in taking the pocky in his mouth.

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Namjoon: You being the rapper of your group a variety show decided on having all the rappers of different idol groups to come. You were happy about this because along with just you Namjoon and Yoongi was also a guest at this variety show. Yoongi was your best friend and well you were dating Namjoon and you haven’t seen him in a while. When the hosts announced that we were going to play a pocky game contest you were originally excited because you assumed they’d pair you up with your boyfriend but you should’ve known better. If you could only see your own face on screen you probably would’ve laughed along with everyone else but when you heard that you’d be paired up with Yoongi for the game you couldn’t help but be nervous. You grabbed the pocky stick from the host and walked to the middle of the stage you were on and stopped in front of Yoongi. You took a quick glance at Yoongi before sticking the pocky stick in your mouth, his hands gripped your shoulders and he slowly lent in. Namjoon was simply watching you, he showed no emotion that displayed disgust or disinterest in what you two were doing but on the inside he wanted to break the pocky stick and pull you away.

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Yoongi (Jin): When Yoongi offered Jin to play the pocky game he was absolutely flustered, he’d eye you and him seeing if this was some sort of trap, Yoongi would just throw his arm over your shoulder bringing you in closer while you both had a smile plastered on your face. Jin would be completely confused, he honestly did think this was a little trap for him to fall into and at first declined but you and Yoongi wouldn’t accept that. You leave Yoongi’s side and tug on Jin’s arm, whining and talking in a high little girls voice as you begged him to play. Yoongi had the pocky box in his hand and as you pulled Jin back towards you and grabbed the stick from your boyfriend he finally gave in, taking the stick from you and putting it between his lips. Yoongi watched as you two played, Jin flashing his eyes from you to your boyfriend who was behind you. He let out a chuckle as he saw how nervous the eldest member was being, Yoongi honestly didn’t have a problem with you two playing but he still stayed just in case.

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Jin (J-Hope): Jin was a little in between when you were in an interview with Hoseok as you two collaborated with each other on a new song of yours and now you two had a lot of interviews and variety shows that you were going on. As a request from an interviewer to test out how well your chemistry was with Hoseok he asked you two to play the pocky game, you both were a little wary as you didn’t know how Jin would react but eventually you both agreed and a box of pocky was brought out to you two. As you played the game Jin was watching intently, he didn’t know how to feel, he didn’t want your lips to touch but he knew it was just a game and that the kiss wouldn’t technically be considered a kiss just because it is part of the game but still he couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealously fill up in the pit of his gut as he watched Hoseok inch closer and closer to you. 

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Inspired by a Twitter flailing with @simling. Happy Halloween!

The trio stopped in front of the old, dilapidated hotel, staring up at it in awed silence. Derek adjusted the camera on his shoulder to get a better angle on the honest to God gargoyles lining the roof.

It was built in the late 1800s, shut down in 1992, and had been purchased just two years ago with the intent to reopen someday soon. The reason the Ghost Files crew were there? The construction crew remodeling and updating the hotel kept having workers quit suddenly due to the experiences they’d had while on the job, and when Scott put out the request for other people to send in their own experiences, their inbox had flooded with stories. 

And not of the fanfiction variety.

Scott broke the silence first.

“Dude, way to pick the creepiest place possible.”

“Um, duh,” Stiles scoffed, “it’s our live Halloween show. Go big or go home.”

Scott sighed. “This places does not look safe. I can’t believe we have permission to be here.”

“It’ll be fine, bro. We’ll just stick together in case anyone falls through the floor.” He stuck out his arm and waggled his fingers at Scott a few times.

Scott rolled his eyes but laced their fingers together anyway. This was exactly why their show was so popular online.

“You’re kidding, but there’s no way this place is structurally sound. Good thing we brought the big First Aid kit.”

“Aw, you take such good care of me.” Stiles cooed, before they started forward in unison, swinging their joined hands between them.

Derek hung back to get the shot of them walking up to the entrance, and then turned the camera around towards him and rolled his eyes to give it his best deadpan stare.

“They do this every time we go somewhere. Every. Time.”

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Save Me (A - Jimin)

-Requests Closed-

Request:  “Save Me” w/ Jimin💙

Worrd Count: 1,608 words

Warnings: Mentions of death, suicide

Give me your hand save me save me
I need your love before I fall, fall
Give me your hand save me save me
I need your love before I fall, fall

Just imagine.

Your body completely submerged in water. The cold temperature chilling its way through your bones. The fabric of your clothes floating as if it was suspended in mid movement.

Slowly sinking into the deep blue sea, the light of the surface fading in and you senselessly grasping. Praying, hoping that you would reach the top. That you would make it out.

But you–

“Jimin?” You looked at him in worry; your iridescent eyes making his voice get caught in his throat. He could remember it now, your soft beauty always captivated him. The way you spoke, the innocence your eyes always seemed to hold, the gentle smile you gave him when his eyes met yours.


“Are you alright? You were just staring into space when I got home.”

“I was just thinking about what we should do tonight..” You sat next to him, resting your head on his shoulder and your arm linked with his.

“Hmm. I got an idea, rollerblading.”

“Rollerblading? How did you come up with that?”

“It was always something I’d love to do.”

“Why not?”


You were ecstatic, running out the car and pulling him inside the roller rink. It was dark with strobe lights of a variety of colours going off. There were people playing by the arcade games, cussing and kicking the machine when they lost. Benches with couples that aren’t interested in actual rollerblading.

“Jimin, come on.” He followed you along as he continued to scope the room. The stingy counter that contained a man with the cash register and skates behind him. It felt more like a bowling alley but he wasn’t going to let that sweet smile on your face disappear with the sound of disapproval.

“Hey, cutie.”

“Thanks for the compliment, dude. But I think my girlfriend would be a bit jealous.” You rolled your eyes at his lame attempt to get the man to let you be and he scoffed at him.

“What size are you both?”



“That’ll be 15, enjoy your rolling.” You took your pair and his while he took the keys for a locker, finding an empty bench to put on your rollerblades and locked up your shoes.

“Are you sure you want to try this, we could–” You cut him short, pulling him along to the actual rink which was sparse with people. He was surprisedly wobbly on his feet, having trouble balancing while you managed. You rolled around him while he stayed by the border of the rink, watching you gaining speed and finding better balance.

“Come on, Jimin. You can do this.”

“Y/N, slow down, you’re going to–,” he tripped over his foot, planting a kiss to the floor while you stopped to roll over to him,“fall.”

He looked up to see you trying to stifle your laughter while he struggled to get up, curse these blades. You finally burst into laughter, helping him out and he pouted at you.

“Babe. It’s not funny.”

“Aww, Jiminie. Are you alright?”

“No, my feelings hurt.”

“You can’t lie, the way your face looks like when you fall is priceless. You have this little cute worried look and it makes me laugh.”

“My pain brings you joy.”

“Don’t be so dramatic. Come on, I’ll teach you.”

“I thought this was your first time too?”

“It is, well since I was 4.”

“Help me.”

“Just grab my hands.” He did so, you guiding him while you both rolled around the rink. Your hands made him calm and he soon found his balance, eventually being able to roll laps with you.

“See, Jimin. I knew you could do it.”

“Thank you.”

“Any–”You tripped over your feet, him fast enough to catch you before you fall. Your hand on his biceps, your hair cascading down your back, your eyes large and unmoving from his eyes. “time.”

“I told you to slow down.” He pulls you back up, your body close against his. Your hands fisted over his shirt and you didn’t break from this close proximity, rather embracing it. He leaned into your kiss, capturing your lips in a sweet, chaste kiss and you gripped his shirt. His hand rested on your back, your arms snaking around his neck, your soft rouge lips synchronized with his lips and he had to resist his cravings.

“J-Jimin.” You whispered as he pulled away before he gave into his sinfully delicious desires.

“Come on.” He weaved his fingers between yours and rolled along with you around his arm.

“I love you.”

The memory was etched into his heart as a tattoo. The reminder for the rest of his life. As were these.

“Come on, Jimin. You’re moving too slow.” You had come home, wanting to show him something ‘cool and interesting’ and he had no reason to say no. Now he was wishing he had said no, this walk was too long.

“You have the energy of a 5 year old.”

“It’s because I’m young.”

“You’re only a week younger!”

“And yet, you whine more than a 5 year old.”

“Babe, where are we even going?”

“Wait. Let me lead you.” You covered his eyes with your hands, leading him to wherever you wanted to take him.

“Are your eyes covered, Jiminie?”

“Does it matter, you’re covering my eyes anyways?”

“I’m just making sure you don’t peek.”

“What you have to show me can’t be that interesting. Don’t pout at me.”

“Are you seriously peeking, Jimin?”

“No, you’re really predictable.”

“I’m hitting right after we get there. Okay. Open your eyes.” The first colour he picked was yellow, then the green faded into his view. You stood in front of him with a silly grin on his face, knowing he had the same on his face.

“It’s beautiful, right?”

“Not as beautiful as you.”

“Always a flirt, aren’t you, Jimin?”

“What kind of flowers are these?”

“You don’t know? They’re–”


It’s how he remembered you. The sweet yellow flowers that gathered in a meadow. He could see you twirling in your favourite sun dress, telling him to keep his eyes on you.

The smell was you, the sweet scent perfectly complimented the sweet personality you possess.

Used to possess.

He looked out his window, the hard pounding of rain against his roof oddly calming and he hugged into his sweater. He was about to pour the remaining hot cocoa he had sitting on his stove when there was a knock on his door.

“It’s not true, is it?”


“She just tripped and her lips ended up on yours, right?”

“You know it’s not like that.”

“I want to give you a chance, Jimin.”

“I don’t deserve it. I cheated on you. I hurt you–”


“I don’t deserve you.”

“I don’t care, Jimin.”

“Come inside, you’re going to get sick.”

“I don’t care, I’m already sick of being without you.”

“Let me get you a towel.” It’s all him. He kissed her, he was tipsy but he had no real excuse. He kissed another set of pink lips that weren’t yours. He held a body that wasn’t yours close, he nuzzled his head into her neck. He could still smell her perfume, the rose breeze scent clench to his body and the smell overwhelmed his nostrils when you were around.

It didn’t matter. You were deserved better. You needed someone who wouldn’t have a moment where you weren’t on their mind. Every step they took would only lead to you. His hands would never touch anyone else the same way he touched you.

Someone that wasn’t him.

He poured the rest of hot cocoa into a mug, returning to you in the foyer. He placed the towel over your head and handed you the mug.

“This should warm you up.”


“I’ll drive you home in the morning.”

“Jimin, please.”

“I’m going to bed. Goodnight, Y/N.” He turned his heel, walking straight towards the bedroom and shutting the down behind him. The calming rain grew violent as he slept, loud roars of thunder and streaks of lightning filled the autumn night.

“Jimin, Jimin…”

“What..” He rolled over, wanting the voice to leave him quickly and allow him to return to slumber.

“Jimin, I’m scared..” His eyes open, focusing on your figure and seeing you as a child that was too afraid to sleep without their parent,


“I can’t sleep without you stroking my hair… Please?”

“I’m leaving as soon as you’re asleep.” He walked with you back to the guest room, crawling in bed with you and you rested next to him. His gentle strikes against your soft hair relaxed you through the violent night. He hummed to you, hoping it would help you sleep faster.

Your eyes begin to droop before settling in staying closed. He watched your abdomen rise and fall, indicating that you fell asleep. He got up, placing your hands off his sheets and into the sheets. You looked so beautiful, his hands reaching out to fix the pesky strand that rested on your face and kissed your head.


“Y/N! Y/N!”


“What the hell are you doing? Come here.”

“I can’t.”

“What do you mean, you can’t? Just come right here, in my arms.”

“You don’t love me anymore.”


“You can’t love me anymore.”

“That’s not true, I–”

“You don’t want me.”

“If this is about her, then Y/N we need to talk.”

“There is no words between us. Only actions.”


“I love you, Jimin.” You were like a bird that was learning to fly, falling through the air but…

You forgot to spread out your wings.

~Admin Blake

Midnight Strolls - Peter Pan Imagines (requested)

Request: 1.) Possesive Pan who got mad when you went on a walk without telling him where you’re going….


I’m so excited to write this!!(: Enjoy!!


Y/n’s pov-

Ever since the Storybrooke ‘gang’ had stepped foot on the rich poisonous soil of Neverland, everything had changed. Tension around camp was growing thicker with every second that passed. Pan was becoming more controlling than ever and with this his rules were less lenient to surpass and far more strict. This being said, that meant far worse consequences inflicted on the Lost Boys and I courtesy of Pan. Not that this was a drastic change in personality from him and it wasn’t like Pan would intentionally harm me in anyway. We had a… unique relationship so to say. We both cared deeply for each other it was just neither one of us knew how to act upon these feelings. The Lost Boys and I were all used to the devilish ways Peter had grown accustomed to. It was part of his nature. Though it was a bit more so enforced now that Henry was here.

None of us really knew Pan’s full plan involving Henry, except maybe Felix, but the rest of us were all smart enough to know not to question him. It wasn’t that Peter didn’t trust me or anything. Actually he did, a lot. I was, as he addressed me, his very own Lost Girl. Which was slightly the reason I was so mentally involved as to what exactly was going on. I would be lying if I were to say that I hadn’t grown at least somewhat curious of what he was up to. It was crystal clear to my knowledge that if I wanted answers I would have to get them the dirty way or at least spy my way into the truth.

As the moon casted its bright shadow high above the crisp skies of Neverland, a party full of high spirits had begun around the Lost Boys camp. Pan had informed us all that it was a celebration in honor of Henry becoming an official Lost Boy. The boys were dancing wildly around the burning fire chanting a variety of cheers that traveled in one ear and out the other. I couldn’t care less about the party taking place in front of my eyes. On any other day I would most likely be right in the middle of the celebration, but my mind was glued to the idea of getting answers. I had figured out where Emma and the rest of her crew was camped out, it was just a matter of finding the right moment to sneak away.

Glancing across the fire my dark blue eyes locked on a pair of forest green ones. Dancing figures past before us but my soft gaze remained tight on his. Pan’s lips drew into a solid line, almost in a disappointed manner. His body was tense and his hands pulled together in a harsh grip while his knuckles turned white to the bone as he twiddled a handmade arrow between his fingers. His hard glare gave way, sort of like a secret, like he knew exactly what I was up to. Pushing the chill that slowly rolled its way up my spine, I diverted my eyes from his own only to focus back on the group of boys celebrating for the rest of the night.

Not long later, the fire burnt down as well as the Lost Boys energy levels seeing they all retreated one by one back to their tents seeking sleep. Following their leads, I faked a quick stretch and retrieved back to the small hut Peter had made for me when I first stepped foot on the island. It was located directly in between Pan’s and Felix making it harder than it should be to try and manage to sneak out.

Placing my hand delicately on the wooden door of the hut, a hushed voice stopped me cold in my tracks.

“Heading to bed already, darling?” There was no need to seek out the owner of the voice. Pan’s icy tone swept over the forest floor turning everything cold by his very word.

“I was feeling a bit under the weather… thought it might be best for me to turn in early. Hope that’s alright by you?” Turning my head to peak over my shoulder, I sent Peter a light smile. Although the smile was not returned, I felt a bit more at ease as he tilted his head to the side and steadied his stare more warmly this time around.

“Yes… of course. Well then, you should be getting some sleep. Goodnight, love.” A faint flushness washed over my cheeks. I nodded silently pushing the creaking door open without looking back and whispered,

“Goodnight to you too, Peter.” Shutting the door slowly, I met his eyes one last time ignoring the wicked smirk that played on his lips. It was only a matter of time before the whole camp would be soundlessly asleep, now all I had to do was wait.

An endless supply of leaves crunched beneath my feet while I maneuvered around the distant forest in a stealth like fashion. Emma and her little band were only a mere foot away from myself but yet it still seemed so far. I had planted myself sneakily behind a large oak tree facing Charming or as the rest of them called him, David’s, backside. Snow was to his left, the Evil Queen across from the two of them with Hook by her side, and the Savior standing directly in the middle. Her determined stance gave off the vibe that she was in the middle of a pep talk of some sorts, making valid hand gestures as she spoke loudly.

My hand grasped the bark loosely chipping small chunks away with every inch I lean closer to the group in front of me. Snippets of their conversation was comprehendible though not as much as I had been hoping for. It was like something was blocking me from hearing the full discussion taking place before my eyes. I figured leaning closer into the action would give me a better chance of hearing what was going on, but as I took a step forward I felt a tight grip lock itself around my arm causing me to scream out of fright, or at least I would’ve if it hadn’t have been for the hand sealed firmly upon my mouth.

A cold, dark aroma filled the woods, captivating it like a chilling blanket. I was instantly pulled back and shoved into the tree I had previously been using as a hideout. A whimpered screech escaped my lips in a muffled form as my back smacked into the backside of the tree. It wasn’t a bone breaking push, but it was hard enough for a tingle of pain to course through my body.

A pair of parted lips pressed intimately against the shell of my ear. His warm breath trailed along my goosebump covered skin while the same permanent smirk outlined his face.

“Sneaking around now are we? I distinctively remember the last conversation we had involved you informing me that you were off to bed, now isn’t that right Y/n? Now, it looks to me as though you’ve lied to me and are going against my orders which I for one, thought were made very clear. So… tell me love, what’re you up to?” His voice was stern with a hint of mockery. His rough hands etched their way to my hips griping them as if afraid I would make a dash for it and believe me that would be the absolute worse choice for this exact situation.

Peter’s eyes narrowed until the only visible portion was the mesmerizing glow of green reflecting from his evil orbs. My breath hitched quickly and I shook my head in attempt to come up with a reasonable excuse but sadly nothing came to mind.

“P-peter I swear I wasn’t doing anything bad! I was going for a stroll and I accidently came across-“

“So in that case you left camp without my permission… honestly darling, you expect me to take your word when you tell me that you ‘accidently’ stumbled upon them, huh? I’m not stupid my dear Y/n. You may be my Lost Girl, but in no way does that mean the simplest of rules don’t apply to you. Now, tell me the real reason you’re sneaking out of my camp, without my word, and eavesdropping in on them. Are you trying to turn against me? And to think I was starting to grow feelings for you… and all you wanted was to go against me.” My throat had grown dry with every word he spat venomously. This was not the same Peter I was used to… this was not the same one I had grown to love so long ago. This one I feared. This one made my heart pick up its pace but not in the way most would hope for. I squirmed around desperate to free myself from his possession. Sadly, it was useless. My strength was nothing compared to his, especially when magic came into play.

“It wasn’t like that truly! I just wanted to know the truth! I would never turn against you Pan, I’m not stupid either and I know very well how that would end. I have feelings for you as well, but you’re not the same! I’m sorry Peter but something’s been different with you ever since you brought that boy here. Therefore you can’t expect me not to wonder at least a tiny bit about what’s been going on lately. I was just curious and-“

Pan’s hand fell to his side as he took a step back, crossing his arms over his chest in the process.

“Well, love, haven’t you heard… curiosity killed the cat. And it seems you’re digging yourself into a hole much bigger than you can handle. Now please, will you just let this go and head back to camp? I… I don’t want you getting hurt out here alone and I certainly don’t want them,” His finger pointed out in the direction Emma and the rest of them were all sitting, “Catching sight of you. I’d be done for if they figured out my one weakness.” It was odd how fast his mood swung back and forth. It was like one second he was ready to tear me apart and then the next he was sweet talking me.

“You don’t really mean that, do you Peter? There’s no way I’m your weakness, it’s just not possible.”
“Of course it is. Why do you think I actually care about your safety? The only reason you’re still alive and living on this island is because I care for you.” Closing the small bit of space between the two of us, Peter gentle placed his lips upon mine in a sweet matter. His grip loosened greatly as his hand snuck up to cup my bright scarlet cheeks. Taking a few seconds to register to moment, I was quick to return the favor while moving my lips in sync with his plump ones. I rested my palm on the backside of his neck leaning farther into the tree for support seeing though my legs had turned into jello.

I was the first to pull back, yearning from the lack of air. A delicate smile tattooed onto Pan’s features. It wasn’t normal like his usual smirk, but it was genuine and real… and loving.

Stepping back and giving myself more space to think, Peter reached his hand out, lacing it as one with my own.

“Now c’mon let’s head back to camp. Certainly nothing in these parts of the woods for you.” His hand clamped onto my shaky wrist practically dragging me back in the direction of his camp. Thoughts flooded my mind making it harder to decipher the truth than I hoped but one thing stuck out.

“Peter, uh, why couldn’t I hear what they were saying? Is there something wrong with me? Perhaps they were just speaking awfully quiet… yeah that’s it.” A light chuckle sounded from deep within Pan when we entered the brightly lit camp.

“Oh Y/n, you really can be so naïve sometimes can’t you? Did you really think I hadn’t known you would sneak off? Of course I did! That’s why I blocked them from you. It’s better off this way anyhow, it’s not like you would be needing to speak to them anyways. But I want you to drop that for now, it doesn’t even matter. Now c’mon, you’re sleeping in my tent tonight… just so I can keep a close eye on you that is.”

-Daizy xxx

27. Lost and Found (ft. BTS’ Jimin) - Rated

a/n: My first birthday gift to myself. I have more, I promise. 

Genre: Smut

Warning(s): Sexual themes, profanity, semi-kinky (?), dirty talk (warning for a a reason)

Summary: Of all the people who can find themselves lost in the streets of your city, it had to be one named Park Jimin and not just any Park Jimin, THE Park Jimin. Being his fan and possibly his only chance to find his way back to his hotel, you can’t possibly let this opportunity slip away, right?

You sighed. It hadn’t been a good week. Maybe, it hasn’t been a good year for you. After graduating from college with a degree you thought you wanted, with grades that you thought were good enough… still, there you were trudging back to your small, almost empty apartment with a huge box of paperwork that needed to be done.

You needed a break, so you put the box down on the concrete sidewalk and crouched beside it to catch your breath. You hugged your knees as your eyes trained on your heel-clad feet. You silently scolded yourself for wearing heels when you knew you had to walk home. You buried your face in the gap between your knees as you took slow breaths while resting your eyes. You heard a pair of footsteps stop in front of you and that was when you looked up to see very familiar black orbs looking back at yours.

Park Jimin. That was his name, right? You used to be a kpop fan back when you had the time and you were definitely his fan, so seeing him there in front of you made you think that you probably passed out from lack of circulation and now, you were dreaming about the fulfillment of a teenage girl’s fantasy.

He waved his hand in front of you and said in his unforgettable voice, “Excuse me. Do you speak English?”

You almost laughed at his accent, almost pointed out the fact that you remembered making fun of his “Excuse me”, but you didn’t. Instead, with a slacked jaw, you nodded as you stood up, never breaking eye contact… that is, until you lost your balance because your legs had died. He was quick enough to grab your arm and keep you from falling over.

“D-Did you need something?” you asked, scanning the expanse of the sidewalk to see if anyone was watching you or even filming you. Maybe this was a variety show?  

“Oh… Uh… I’m lost. Help me find this hotel?” he pointed at a flyer that he was holding and you recognized the hotel right away. It was a new hotel situated near your apartment complex.

“Sure, do you want me to show you the way?” you gestured and looked around to see where you were standing. You began explaining the directions, but you could see how his face contorted in confusion. “Did you get that?”

He laughed sheepishly and scratched behind his ear. “No, sorry.”

You bit your bottom lip and shifted your weight to another foot. “Can I… call you a taxi, then?”

You watched as he considered the idea before shaking his head. “Dangerous, no? I will walk. Thank you.”

He started stepping away, when you suddenly switched to Korean and called out to him, “I-I can take you there, but I have to drop this off in my apartment.”

“You speak Korean?” he raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“A little.” You turned around picked up your box with much difficulty (because of your darned pencil skirt). “Do you want to wait here? My apartment’s just around the corner, I can come back in 10 minutes.”

Jimin looked around and wondered where he’d be safer, with you or nowhere? He sighed and looked at your corporate attire and heels. You seemed like a decent person, so wordlessly, he took the box you were carrying (which was heavier than it looked). “I’ll go with you.” He tilted his head to the side, studying your expression.

You felt your heart flutter and tried to avoid his gaze as you began to lead the way.

“So what brought you here? Oh, my name’s Y/N by the way.” You raised a hand to shake his, but realized that he was holding your box. “Sorry.”

He smiled and you remembered why you liked him, he had this devilish charm… like he knows  he has this effect on other people, so he plays around with it. For Jimin’s part, he does this quite unconsciously. For example, he makes your heart flutter when he suddenly says, “My name is Park Jimin, do you know who I am?” he glances at you and saw your frozen expression. “I guess you do… Too bad we’ve been on quite a long break which is why I can afford to go on this vacation.”

You noticed that he became much more comfortable when you started speaking in Korean and before long, you two had reached the entrance of the apartment. He gauged the building as it towered over you.

“There’s an elevator, right? You’re not making me carry this up 10 flights of stairs?” he smirked again and you scolded your heart for acting like a fool.

“Is it heavy…? Let me…” he shook your hand off and proceeded to walk inside, forcing you do a short jog to catch up. “Maybe you can wait here? I’ll be right back.”

He shook his head and pressed the up button for the elevator. “No, it’s the least I can do. Besides, it’s so hot outside, I didn’t think that it would be this hot here during the summer.”

You chuckled as you both stepped inside and you pressed the button for your floor.

For some reason, the air inside the elevator was so thick and if you focused on something else other than keeping your heart in check, you would have noticed that Jimin was breathing quite heavily too.

The door opened and your heels clacked against the tiled floor.

As you swung the door open, the cool air hit Jimin’s face and you heard him sigh. You told him to drop the box somewhere as you stepped out of your heels.

“Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable? I’m just going to grab my sandals and we’ll be on our way. Do you want anything?” you took in the sweat littering his forehead and neck, as he stood in the middle of your apartment, and gulped at the sight. “A cold glass of water, perhaps?”

“Please.” He smiled sweetly as you gestured for him to sit down on the couch. He dropped his backpack on the floor and let his eyes wander around your humble apartment. “You have a pretty nice place.”

“Thanks, I know it looks quite empty, but I’ve been living here for a year already.” You laughed as you handed him the glass, barefoot and all.

He downed the glass in less than two seconds.

“You must’ve been really hot.” You remarked as you took the glass from his hand, brushing his fingers with a weird surge of electricity.

“It’s really hot… out there.” He licked his lips and met your eyes. “I don’t know if I thanked you yet for inviting me here in your apartment. I’ve been walking for a good hour in that heat and being inside an air-conditioned room is making my head hazy.”

“Oh, uhm… You’re welcome then?” you met his half-lidded eyes as he leaned back on the couch. “Take a rest, I’ll just go and…”

“Sit with me. Let’s rest, eo? You must be tired, I know I am.” He chuckled like it was a joke.

Oh, but your thoughts were running laps around your head. It had wandered over the thin layer of sweat on his neck, his parted lips and spread legs. You recalled the days when you used to imagine this very moment and yet, there he was in the flesh and you began to wonder where you got all of your self-control.

You realized that he was waiting for you sit beside him, so you awkwardly sauntered through the space between you two and rigidly sat beside him. He could read your wary gaze, so he smiled. “So, this must be an expensive place, being here in the city and all.”

You shrugged, passing your eyes over the corners of the room. “I do what I can. Actually, I got a little help from my parents.”

He nodded. If you were in a film, the silence that followed was supposed to emphasize something, but to you, it was just tense and awkward. Was it sexual to the point that you couldn’t breathe? Yes, very much so.

You jumped off the couch, fully intending to walk away and lead him to where he needed to be, but apparently, he had other ideas. He pulled you abruptly and you landed on his lap, centimeters away from his face. The way his arms slipped around your waist told you that he was either a natural or he has done this quite a few times. 

His breath had that minty scent and he was so close that you could almost taste it. Your self-control snapped, you thought you heard it ring next to your ears, before you went for his lips. He let out a surprised yelp, before starting to kiss you back. “Uhmm… I…” he tried to stutter in between kisses.

Your eyes popped open and you pulled back, pushing him forcefully against the couch. “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. God, I didn’t mean to… Shit, sorry.” You tried to get off his lap, but his strong arms held you in place.

“I didn’t ask you to stop.” He had this small, mischievous smile and a darker glint in his eyes that made you want to attack him.

So you did, you started kissing him again. He moaned into the kiss and you pulled back, a little startled.

“You’re a really good kisser.” He mewled as he went in to nibble on your ear.

“Have you had enough experience to compare?” you whispered, trying not to sound insecure but failing.

“Did you bring me in here to have sex with me?” he countered and you slowly raised an eyebrow.

“Fair enough.” You shrugged and pulled away only to wrap your legs around his waist, straddling him. “It was always 0 to a hundred with you.”

“So you did know who I am.” He muttered before you sealed his lips shut. You did know who he was and you have fantasized about this for too damn long for it to be delayed by talking.

His hands lost themselves on your body as he kneaded and squeezed you all over, making you moan into his mouth. He pulled your tight skirt up without much preamble, groaning about how tight it was as he grabbed a handful of your butt. You felt his erection press against your wet panties, the rough material of his jeans stimulating your clit.

“Is this what you wanted when you bent over in that little skirt?” he growled in your neck as he guided your hips to grind against him again. He didn’t wait for an answer and slid his fingers over your soaked clit. “Is this a yes?”

You cursed under your breath when he slid your panties to the side and started fingering you, massaging the soft flesh around your clit. His mouth latched on your breasts as soon as you got your dress shirt and bra off. You took the liberty of interrupting him to take his shirt off and the sight of his toned body seemed to have momentarily blinded you. You let out a sharp gasp when you felt his teeth on your nipples, making your jerk towards his busy fingers.

“Mmmm…” he hummed as he sucked on your beaded nipples, nibbling on it then licking it. He rummaged through your hair, pulling it to reveal your neck where he began to leave hickeys. His other hand spread your wetness all over your labia, making sure you were lubricated before asking in his roughest voice, “You want me to fuck you?”

You whimpered a reply.

“What?” he pushed you away to see your flushed face and lidded eyes.

“Please…” you slid your hand over to your wet cunt, making sure that he was watching. “Please… Jimin-ah, fuck me.”

He threw his head back with a smirk before ripping your panties off in one smooth motion. You were shocked, but the frenzied way he was unbuckling his pants distracted you. When you saw his length, you thought you were going to pass out. He guided your hips and positioned himself under you. You were looking at where your bodies met, shivering in anticipation, but he slid a finger under you chin and made you look at him.

“Look here.” His eyes on you were hot and you thought that when you finally slid down on his cock, you were simply melting under his gaze. “Shit, so tight.”

You started on a delicious pace with you controlling the way his dick slid in and out of you until he became impatient. He grabbed your hips and slammed you down on him, thrusting his whole length in you with every thrust. You moaned repeatedly, variations of several curse words slipped from your mouth, barely knowing where to pronounce the vowels. You kissed him again, sliding your tongue into his mouth, but he pulled you away and without stuttering he commanded, “Ride me harder.”

And how could you refuse?

You bounced on his lap harder, your tits moving along with your rhythm. As both of your highs began nearing, you felt him slide his arms around you to hold you still, so that he could thrust upwards at an unbelievable pace. You gripped his shoulder to keep yourself sane as he hit your sweet spots with incredible accuracy. 

“I’m close.” He declared, making you look at him again. Within a few thrusts, he had you coming undone, reducing you to a screaming, crying mess. He continued fucking you until you felt his warm liquid squirt in your walls, dripping down your thighs.

He slid out of you and you cried out, gasping against his ear.

“I wouldn’t mind getting lost again if I can find someone like you.” He mused as he rubbed slow circles on your lower back.

You looked at him to see if he was joking, but he was actually taunting you. You gave him a puzzled look, a million doubts passing through your head.

“Of course,” he smirked. Oh, how could you forget Jimin’s smirk? “…I wouldn’t get lost again because you’re going to slide that tight skirt in place with my cum dripping down your legs and take me back to my hotel.”

You bit your lip at the thought and the way he was ordering you.

“When we get back, we’re going to continue.” He murmured before kissing your cheek.

consultinghulagirl  asked:

"This isn't my tea," Levi said to her as he looked suspiciously into his cup. (LeviHan)

“This isn’t my tea,” Levi said to her as he looked suspiciously into his cup.

Hanji, who was in the middle of scouring a thick report, looked up from the thin print. “No. It’s not,” she agreed.

Hanji didn’t elaborate. The report had already drawn her attention from him.

Irritated, he cleared his throat.

When this garnered no response, he set the teacup down. It’s ceramic base struck the table with a light thunk.

Brown eyes flicked up.

Whose tea is it?”

“Mine.” And just like that, she was back to reading.

Nearing the edge of his patience, Levi leaned forward. “Hanji.”

No reaction.

Resting his elbows on the desk between them, he lifted two fingers and pinched the bridge of his nose. He tried again. “Hanji!”

She jerked up. “What?”  Bracing a hand on the report, she looked quickly about the room for a disturbance that could have warranted the shout.

Only after her gaze had rapidly scoured the small office did it finally settle on him. With her attention at long last on him, he spoke. “Why am I drinking your tea?”

She shrugged. “Your tea is three times as expensive as the normal variety. We had a few items that were last minute orders. Unfortunately, your tea didn’t make the budget.”

He stared.

Sighing, she elaborated. “A pair of scientists in a city up north developed technology that would allow us to transport and preserve Titan expulsionary matter.” Closing the book, she looked him in the eye. “It could be invaluable for my research. I had to have it.”

On the wall, a round clocked ticked, counting the seconds.

Finally, “You had my tea booted from the budget so you could study filthy titan shit?”

“Actually,” she interrupted, “It’s much more akin to vomit, as the substance is regurgitated rather than expelled through the intestinal tract.”

Again, he stared.

“In short. Yes. Yes I did.” She nodded to his cup. “Which was why I replenished your stocks with what was left of my own tea.”

Hardly mollified, he looked down at the cup. “It tastes like shit.”

“I figured foul tea might be better than no tea at all.” She shrugged. “I elected to have my coffee cut from the budget as well. If anything, that should speak to how important this technology may be.”

It hadn’t been his imagination, then. The bags under her eyes were indeed larger.

And then a new thought occurred to him. Was that the reason the idiot had nearly been grabbed up by her fucking Titan experiment two days ago? He’d thought her reaction time had been suspiciously slow.

His chair scraped back as he stood.

He got to the door before she’d realized he moved. “Hm? Levi, where are you going?”

“Getting your sorry ass some damn coffee.”

“You have coffee?” She frowned. “I pegged you for a tea guy, through and through.”

“I steal a scoop from Mike every time he pisses me off.”

Hanji nodded slowly, as if this piece of information might have explained several mysteries that had previously plagued her. And then, she smiled. “Hurry back then! My taste-buds are already looking forward to Mike’s gourmet brew.”

He paused at the door. “This doesn’t mean you’re forgiven. Next month I expect to see my regular tea back on the budget.”

She waved her hand. “Of course!” Leaning back, she scratched at the back of her neck. “I mean I was debating the merits of purchasing-”

He glared.

“I’m kidding. Next month you’ll have your tea. You’re grumpier than usual without it.“

Rather than dignify that with a response, he turned and made a quick exit. Grumbling under his breath about the hazards of coffee dependency in their line of work, he headed up to his room, to get her stupid caffeine-addicted ass some coffee. At the very least, it would give him a break from the shit she called tea.

Leave the first sentence of a fic [+ character(s) or pairing(s)] in my askbox and I will write [at least] the next five.

I posted this a moment ago as part of a reblog of this review, but given a few of the comments that I’ve seen over the past couple of days, I feel like I want to put these thoughts out there in a way that will be seen:

Here’s my thing: if people want to watch, keep watching. If they don’t, don’t. It’s that simple.

To try to make the argument that Reign is some shining example of feminist television is extremely problematic. Perhaps it could have been, once upon a time. I think we all wanted it to be, once upon a time.

Then season 2 happened.

I think it is unfair to play on our feminist sympathies when we are talking about a show that chose to rape its female lead in order to punish its male lead (this is an inarguable fact, straight from Laurie McCarthy’s mouth). I don’t want to hear the “Mary was actually raped IRL” excuse that LM tried to use, either, considering that the alleged rape was at the hands of one of those future “epic romances” that we’re being promised.

Understand that the fans who choose to leave are not doing so simply because one half of their favorite romantic pairing is gone. They are doing so because the previous season destroyed any liking or understanding that they had for the remaining half. This review keeps mentioning the role of women and the relationships between the women characters on this show, but after Mary’s assault she did not turn to her ladies for help, or even to Catherine beyond a few token words and platitudes. She turned to a man who wasn’t her husband, and repeatedly expressed her belief that she needed said man in order to heal. The show raped her to punish one man for trying to protect her, and had her heal herself through sex with yet another. I’m not slut-shaming Mary here. I’m side-eyeing the hell out of the producers and writers who thought that story line was anything other than tasteless. Even Adelaide has gone on record expressing her frustrations with Mary last season, so why blame viewers for feeling the same?

I completely understand that it is more difficult to pitch a women-centric show that doesn’t hinge on romance, but

1. Reign has never not hinged on romance. From the very first moment, they were throwing love triangles all over the place, using the tagline Love is the most dangerous subject over images of Mary sitting firmly between two handsome men, and splashing quotes about history never having been this sexy! over its promos. So, yeah, let’s not pretend that Reign ever marketed itself as The Rise of Mary, Queen of Scots.


2. Reign is so ridiculously low-rated that it’s almost unbelievable it has made it this far, with or without Francis. If it fails now in the wake of his departure, I highly doubt that it’s going to have some sort of industry-wide ripple effect that sees female-driven shows relegated to the dustbin. The landscape of television is changing. We are living in the age of Shonda Rhimes, the age of Veep and Homeland, of Cookie Lyon and Annalise Keating. We are living in the age of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling. We are living in an age in which Supergirl premieres to astounding numbers and people salivate in anticipation of Jessica Jones. Do we still have a long way to go? God, yes. But shows created by women and about women are finally starting to get their due, and we are seeing stronger, more vibrant, and more complex female characters than we ever have before. We are seeing women superheroes, women vice-presidents, women surgeons and mothers and lawyers and villains, and what is Reign doing?

Reign is raping its female lead in order to create romantic drama and force her to become “stronger” through her pain.

That isn’t breaking new ground. It isn’t even being terribly creative in the ground that it’s covering.

Honestly, I think that some of the departing viewers would stick around if they actually believed that this show was going to evolve into the story of Mary coming into power and relying on her relationships with her ladies and with Catherine in order to help her navigate along the way. But the audience has absolutely no reason to think that is going to happen. Since the pilot, Mary has done nothing but bounce from man to man to man on this show, and the very night that Francis’s death aired in the US, a new interview with the showrunner appeared on Entertainment Weekly’s website assuring us that Mary would find love again and that it would feel “real.” Do people expect her to be miserable forever? No. But I think many people think that the writing is on the proverbial wall when the showrunner is already talking about Mary’s future love life before Francis is even in the ground. Translation: she’ll be up to her eyeballs in another love triangle in three, two, one…

It took the real Mary four years after Francis’s death to decide that she was ready to marry again. Why is the showrunner already plotting her next romance if, as this review promises, the focus is now going to shift to the complicated political maneuverings of her reign? To her role as a female politician?

Look, girls aren’t stupid. They can recognize when a character feels genuine. If the ratings take a hit now that Francis has died, it won’t be because the romantic male lead is gone. It will be because the romantic male lead is gone and he was the only one to whom they could relate or with whom they could sympathize after what the writers did to Mary’s character in season 2.

Shows and films with women at the core are no doubt a harder sell in Hollywood, which is why it is all the more important for writers and producers to take care with how their female characters are portrayed. If Reign had taken more pains to do that, perhaps the ratings wouldn’t be what they are, and while I do feel that the writers have tried to make a course correction with Mary’s character this season, for many it has been too little, too late.

Please, don’t guilt the people who no longer plan to tune in. Their reasons are perfectly valid. There is no need to imply that they are striking a blow against feminism simply because they want to stop watching a television series that they no longer enjoy.

So, in conclusion: Ladies who intend to keep watching, I understand and respect your decision. Ladies who don’t intend to keep watching, I understand and respect your decision. To everyone, go watch Katniss Everdeen kick ass in the theaters this weekend, then binge-watch some Buffy on Netflix and catch up on Supergirl while you’re recovering from your Thanksgiving dinner-induced comas next week. If you feel like it, give Quantico a try. We all hope to see a greater variety of female-driven entertainment out there in the future, but in the meantime, there’s lots of stuff to enjoy right now.

Whether or not you include Reign on that list is completely up to you.

Second Chances (2)

Summary:  Most parents would love for their children to follow in their footsteps, but if it involves a pair of magical earrings and swinging across the rooftops of Paris, Adrien thinks he can be forgiven for overreacting when a certain kwami shows up in his daughter’s room.

A/N:  Based on this prompt (warning: spoilers!).

Hey guys! It’s Mars here aka HiddenEye, and working with @fickleminder has been wonderful and fun, I’m so glad that we’re collaborating! And so, onto the next chapter! Enjoy :)

chp: ( 13456)

Throughout the whole journey, Emma couldn’t stop bouncing her leg, watching the city whizz by with sparkling eyes and an eager heart from where she sat between Adrien and Madeleine while Alya and Nino was up front, feeling the energy buzzing through her as her wish of getting her ears pierced was finally coming true.

Until a large hand stopped her fidgeting by clasping it on her knee.

When she glanced to her father, Adrien raised an eyebrow. “I know you’re excited, Emma, but kicking a hole in Uncle Nino’s car won’t exactly help us get there any faster.”

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Weirder Than You

Requested: “what abooooout a fic with an alien f/c sent off to examine and document any intelligent life in your solar system? and they examine you :3 any way this could go is okay i just thought it was a neat idea~”

Written by: yumenisor.tumblr.com

A/N: It IS a neat idea! And thanks for leaving me the liberty of choosing the whole plot! Since I gave you some gruesome stuff already, I thought I’d balance it with some fluff (~ ̄³ ̄)~

Fem Reader and Gender Neutral F/C!

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Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Color Me Yours
Pairing: AoKise
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Fluff
Summary: Kise’s hospitalized after an attack and Aomine reflects on how he ever lived in a world so colorless before Kise Ryouta came along.
AoKise Week Prompt Day 1: Firsts/Lasts

Always for Sachi. Based off of our Shatter Me verse RPs here, here, and here

On AO3.

The hospital monitors beeped with a sort of ennui that droned on and the sound of it almost put Aomine to sleep. Almost, but not quite. Kise’s breathing, slow and even, joined the noise as an almost contrast to the never-ending monotonous bleeps. 

Kise stirred in his sleep with his brows pinched together in a way that made Aomine think he was dreaming and for a moment, he laid there, tracing his fingertip lightly over the creases that marked the space between Kise’s brows. It had been a long day of endless doctors, nurses, and specialists coming in and out of the blond’s room as though he were a number, an unidentified person on their long list of tasks to do, patients to see. 

If only they could see the person Kise was before the accident; if only Kise could see it himself. 

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Breaking Into Grunkle Stan’s Contraband

Alex Hirsch is a man-child after my own heart. One of the biggest draws of Gravity Falls for me was how many phenomenal allusions to pop culture from my past Hirsch cleverly snuck into his show, allowing for me to pause each and every episode to ask myself things like, “Wait, was that a Polaroid of The Weekly News’s Bat Boy I just saw?!”

Episodes like “Fight Fighters”, “Soos and the Real Girl”, and “Little Gift Shop of Horrors” seem to have been written almost entirely around clever homages to toys, video games, and movies from that most bizarre of decades past (as Dipper wisely observed in the episode “Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons”: “Must’ve been dark times, those Nineties…”), but today I’m going to be picking apart a literal treasure chest of nostalgic nuggets from the oft-overlooked season 2 premiere episode: Grunkle Stan’s box of contraband from “Scary-oke”.

Man, this one singular shot is just incredible! Alex Hirsch is a whole five years older than me, but we must’ve enjoyed the exact same things growing up; I had cardboard boxes filled with stuff just like this as a kid, and I just had to snag a screenshot and dissect every little knick-knack within. Upon looking around my own personal junk drawers, however, I decided to take it one step further and actually recreate the damn thing!

What a glorious project this was. Alex Hirsch, whatever you create in the future, please fill it with opportunities for me to make retro-tastic crafts like this. Now let’s dig in!

1. Street Sharks Action Figure

This is actually the one homage that made me want to recreate this entire box. For those of you youngins who were introduced to the ridiculously-popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the new millennium, most of you probably have no clue how enormous of a phenomenon it was in the late-80s and early-90s. And like every phenomenon, it was lovingly imitated shamelessly ripped off by every animation house under the sun. While the creators of the TMNT were rightfully annoyed, these copycats were straight-up blessings to kids.

I didn’t watch the cartoons upon which they were based growing up, but the action figure line for Street Sharks (four radical teens are mutated into anthropomorphic crime-fighting animals, who patrol an enormous, unsuspecting city from their secret underground lair) was too impossibly awesome for me to pass up. Real life sharks scare the ever-loving piss out of me, but sharks that wear ripped jeans and spiked bracelets are A-okay in my book.

The particular figure Grunkle Stan confiscated looked to be based on Ripster, the unofficial leader (or Leonardo) of the Street Sharks. I can only imagine the reason why Stan would hide away such an action figure would be out of genuine fear that such a creature could exist in Gravity Falls, and that would terrify me, as well. Demons, ghosts, killer gnomes…I could tolerate them. But giant killer rows of teeth that can walk around on land? I would probably just fall to the ground and cry.

2. Bouncy Balls

These particular bouncy balls seem like the insignificant, almost dusty prizes we would all have but never actually play with. We probably got them from a 25 cent vending machine, or maybe as a party favor from a particularly lame birthday party. Either way, they would always end up at the bottom of a junk drawer, and no matter how many you throw away, you always end up finding just an armada of more throughout the house.

Maybe that’s why Stan hid them away? Maybe, in the backwoods of Gravity Falls, these sort of bouncy balls really do multiply, and no matter how often you try to rid yourself of them, they just keep coming back with a vengeance?

Or maybe Mabel kept bouncing them around the Shack. Either way, they would’ve been annoying.

3. Slingshot

Oh snap, what if the dusty, multiplying bouncy balls and the slingshot go hand-in-hand? Maybe the balls are the ammunition? Maybe Grunkle Stan had no problem with these two items on their own, but together he knew that they had to be stopped?

Then again, he let Mabel keep and play with a military-grade grappling hook, so who knows?

The only slingshot I have is hand-carved to look like a pirate captain. I don’t know if this makes it lame or impossibly cool.

4. Playing Cards

Grunkle Stan was, is, and probably always will be a gambling man. He’s also a notorious cheater; if he’s playing any sort of card game, he’s playing by his own devious secret rules. Dipper and Mabel probably brought these playing cards with them to the Shack, and Stan probably confiscated them immediately. He couldn’t have his self-made cheater’s deck and their ordinary, “impossible to know the outcome” deck mixed up, after all.

5. Toy Handcuffs

Probably made of metal, but also the absolute cheapest metal available. Maybe two or three bucks at your local Walgreens, right? Comes with a set of keys that you’d only need if you had the strength of an origami swan; otherwise, all you’d need to do is pull your wrists apart with an ounce of strength to break these things forever.

Grunkle Stan, however, has had enough experience with handcuffs to know that any pair is a bad pair. Toy or not, these had to be removed from his sight ASAP.

6. Halloween Prop Knife

I know exactly which knife this is. I’ve had so many of them, and they’re at every single costume shop from September to November 1st. Usually, you can get one packaged with any Ghost Face costume, and yet I tore my house apart and couldn’t find any of the dozens that I had as a little Halloween-loving tot. Going around to various different stores in the month of January was also fruitless. Who’da thunk that finding a simple children’s toy based on an ultra-violent gutting weapon would be so difficult to find?

7. Glow-in-the-Dark Vampire Teeth

That light-green color specifically makes these fake vampire teeth of the glow-in-the-dark variety, which is such a good touch on the animator’s part. Why they would be considered contraband is beyond me, though. Grunkle Stan is a huge HalloweenSummerween kinda fella, and I’m 99.7% positive that he even wore a pair in that episode. Maybe they just reminded him of the fact that he hasn’t been able to visit the dentist since he took up his brother’s identity?

Or maybe he’s met vampires with legitimate glowing fangs, and he just finds them pretentious?

8. Tamagotchi

Ahhh, glorious little Tamagotchi. I knew you so well.

Tamagotchi’s were little “digital pets” that would demand your attention every minute of every day or it would die a horrible, 8-bit death. This was a bit of a bummer, since every school in the civilized world banned these little pocket monsters from being brought into classrooms. Every one in my family had one (well, I had a Giga Pet, which seems lame until you remember that Giga Pets had a Jurassic Park-themed Baby T-Rex version, which was infinitely cooler if you managed to smuggle them onto the playground and show your dinosaur-loving friends). Nowadays, our digital pets are long gone/dead, but I still have a few Tamagotchi Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s circa 1997! Which totally counts, right?

Grunkle Stan probably had no qualms with either of the twins having a Tamagotchi, until he kept being woken up by its constant beeping cries in the middle of the night. He didn’t have time to worry about a bleeping purple keychain.

So there we go! All of the little Easter Eggs hidden in Stan’s Contraband Box! Next up, I’d love to dissect and review all of the glorious treasures hidden in Soo’s room…I mean, he’s got a Stretch Armstrong, guys!

The finale begins in just a few short minutes. I’ll be doing a full review of the entire show in the next few days, but in the meantime, I’d like to thank Alex Hirsch for creating a show that made me, and millions of other twenty-somethings around the world, feel like a stupid little kid again.