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Baby’s First MatchHector Bellerín


“Guess who we’re gonna see today?”Y/n cooed as she stared down at her beautiful son, currently on the changing table in his nursery.

Six month old Mateo Bellerin responded to his mother’s question the best way he knew how– with spit bubbles and incoherent gibberish. Y/n giggled because by the way he was going on, he seemed to think he was really giving her an answer. Hearing his mother’s laughter it didn’t take long for Mateo to follow suit. 

Laughing and clapping his hands, his loud joyous squeals filled the room. The sound was music to Y/n’s ears. Her son was such a easygoing baby. Even when he was being fussy pulling a smile from six month old wasn’t a hard task–so much like his father.The thought of him only made Y/n’s smile grow as her heart fluttered. 

Hector always had that effect on her since they met three years prior and he had swept her off her feet in every sense of the word. They fell so fast and hard for one another and when they found out Y/n was pregnant with Mateo, Hector was over the moon with excitement.

He was happy to be starting a family with the woman  he loved and even happier to find out they were having a son. He never once treated her in a way that wasn’t loving. Y/n could only hope that her son would continue to take after his father’s happy and loving nature as he continues to grow. Speaking of him, the person they were going to see someone was Hector himself.

Arsenal had a match against Liverpool today and Y/n was taking their son to see it. It would be the first time little Mateo would see  his daddy play. Y/n didn’t even told Hector they were coming, opting to surprise him.

“We’re gonna see daddy, Teo,” Y/n smiled as she secured his diaper. As if he understood,Mateo fell into loud and physical glee.

“Da!Da!” He chanted happily as he kicked his legs out and wildly moved his arms. She laughed,“I see you’re excited. But what about mommy?Can you say ma-ma?”

Y/n knew realistically it wasn’t going to happen; Mateo was still very young, and his ability to form word would come sound enough. She couldn’t deny feeling a bit jealous. After all she spent the most time with their son–not that she faulted Hector for not being around at times–taking care of him nurturing him. But the moment Hector stepped into the room “Da-Da” filled the home the family of three shared.

But she didn’t take it to heart too much, in two months time he would be able to say mama as well. She’d just have to wait a little long but the happiness would be well worth it.

“Mmm-ma"Mateo interrupted her train of thought. Y/n’s heart swelled; she knew it was more then likely gibberish that he probably wouldn’t repeat later but she’ll take it .

“Okay, baby boy lets finishing getting you dressed.“She grinned before putting him in his Arsenal onesie, matching socks and puma booties,“look at you looking just like daddy!“Y/n cooed before scooping Mateo up into her arms. She walked her over to his crib placing him inside before grabbing the jersey and jeans she had brought along with her into the nursery.

She had already showered and got her hygiene necessities out of the way before tending to Mateo. All she had do was get dressed, so while her son entertained himself with the stuffed animals in his crib, Y/n got herself ready.  When she finished she made sure she had her own necessities–her phone, and keys mainly–before grabbing Mateo’s Peter Rabbit diaper bag. She already had everything he would need inside.

She just barely slung the bag over her shoulder when Mateo started yelling happily as loud as he could. Y/n smiled as she scooped him up and kissing his cheek.

“Time to see daddy play. ”


“Da! Da!”

Mateo had been repeatedly chanting the moment Hector walked on the pitch.  Earning the precious boy endearing glances from onlookers. He was so excited to see his father, nothing could still Mateo as he happily claps and bouncing in Y/n’s lap. He may not remember this when he got older but Y/n knew she and Hector would treasure it.

Speaking of Hector, the look on his face when he caught her eye was priceless. He looked  shocked but his eyes immediately lit up and the smile that took over his lips made Y/n smile. ’Surprise’ she mouthed before making Mateo stand on her lap and helping him wave at his dad. Hector winked and blew them a kiss before getting back into match mindset. Y/n had to giggle at that, she couldn’t wait for the match to start.


“DA!!!” Mateo suddenly screamed again 38 minutes into the match. Y/n, who had been momentarily distracted by her phone, immediately snapped her head up. She was just in time to see Hector  gain  possession of the ball. Some how Mateo knew his dad was doing something right because he was going crazy in her arms. Y/n and  the rest of the crowd soon joined when Hector attempted and successfully scored a goal, breaking the  scoreless deadlock.

“You see that Teo? Daddy made a goal!“Y/n grinned, as she stood up to cheer for the love her life, with their son securely in her arms. She laughed as Mateo screamed happily as he drooled over his Arsenal’s top dribbler bib.

Hector was immediately embraced by his teammates in  a celebratory hug but barely paid them any mind. Pulling away from them,  he locking eyes with Y/n and smiled as he made a heart with his hands. Y/n blushed as the cheers converted to a mixture of applause  and ‘awws’. The aww’s only increased when Hector stuck his thumb in his mouth, dedicating the goal to Mateo as well.

"See that Teo? Daddy dedicated his goal to us, say thank you daddy!"Y/n cooed as she gently bounced him in her arms. Mateo continued to squeal gibberish and drool in response much to his mother’s amusement. When the match ended, Arsenal won beating Liverpool 4-1 much to every gooners delight. It was always great to have results like these especially at home games.

Y/n made her way down onto the pitch, congratulating Hector’s teammates once she got there. She gave hugs and kisses on the cheek and Mateo gleeful gave high fives until they got  to where Hector stood goofing off with Jack Wilshere, Danny Welbeck and David Ospina.

"Congrats guys."she smiled brightly at the happy teammates before looking at Mateo,"can you say congratulations daddy?”

“ Da!!” Was Mateo’s loud response. They all fell into laughter as Y/n shook her head; close enough.

“Thank you mi angel,” Hector cooed as he tenderly kissed Mateo’s cheek. Y/n smile ;that had been his nickname for him since he was born–his angel. As much as he loved his mommy, Mateo was a daddy’s boy through and through.Y/n already knew they were going to be a handful when Mateo started walking.

Hector smiled down at her, as if he knew what she was thinking. Y/n smiled back as he leaned down and placing a kiss on her lips, “thank you."He didnt have to elaborate because Y/n understood.

"You dont have to thank me. I would hug you but the way your sweaty body is set up…"she teased causing his teammates to laugh at his expense. But Hector being the good sport he was, took it in stride.

"Thats okay, you can make it up to me later."he winked. Y/n laughed as she gave him a shove,"shut up, and go take a shower stinky.”

Once Hector, had showered and changed, he met Y/n  outside the locker room. Mateo noticed him first. He squirmed in his mother’s arms while reaching for father. “Okay, okay go to you dad,"Y/n giggled as handed their son off to his ‘Da’.She smiled as he cuddled into Hector’s chest.

Y/n couldn’t help but become their personal paparazzi as she whipped out her phone and proceeded to take numerous photos. Hector groaned but didnt hesitate to pose and position Mateo in a way that Y/n could get good angles of both father and son.

She picked the cutest one–Mateo hand moved his hands to Hector’s cheeks squeezing them together until his lips pucker out like a fish,kissing his lips in an adorable moment–and uploaded it to Instagram.

y/username Mateo congratulating his daddy on a good game. Proud of you @hectorbellerin!!! #fatherandson #papiyhijo #familia #lovesofmylife 👪👏😍😘😘

"Okay I’m done,"Y/n said cheerfully.
"Yeah for now."Hector retorted, laughing when she frowned at him.

"you drove?” He asked, changing the subject. Y/n shook her head no, she had caught a cab to the stadium so they could  come back together and she told him just that. Hector smiled giving her a quick kiss before leading her to his car he helped Y/n get  now sleeping Mateo into his car seat. Once their son was buckled in securely, Hector helped Y/n into the passenger’s seat.

“And they said chivalry was dead.” Y/n teased,
“They obviously haven’t  met my man.”

“Well, you know I try,"Hector chuckled as he brushed off his shoulders and flexed. "Oh my God,If you dont get in this car and take us home,"Y/n laughed; he was such a goofball. Hector saulted her before doing as she said.

Y/n shook her head, how he had so much energy after  playing in a 90 minute game she didnt know. Once he got in the car, he started it but instead of driving he took her hand in his.

"I’m so happy you came today."he said seriously,"I’m always better when you’re there to cheer me on.”

“You’re amazing regardless."Y/n countered, not wanting him brushing off the hard work he put in everyday.

"Yeah but you make me 100 times better,"He insisted,"I mean how could I lose with my good luck charm cheering for me? Knowing you and now Teo are in the stands…it makes me go even harder, so thank you.”

Y/n couldnt stop the tears filling her eyes if she tried. Hector sucked for doing this to her. He knew she was a sucker for cutesy moments like this,“You just wanted me to cry, huh?”

Hector laughed and shook his head,“no…..well, maybe a little."he admitted before pulling her into him for a kiss,"let’s get our sleepyhead home.”

Y/n looked back at Mateo, who was still soundly asleep then she looked at Hector, the man she loved and loved her just as much. She couldn’t have imagined a better life if she tried.

“Let’s go home.”



a/n: so that was the first of the multiple ‘football kids at their dads games’ I’ve written. Maybe i’ll post the other versions eventually. Oh and technically babies can’t really say real words at six months(thats usually at 8-9 months) but this is fiction, so whatever lol

Hair Dye - Jacksepticeye/ Seán  McLoughlin imagine

A/N: Really want to get back to writing because I have missed it sooo damn much. However I no longer watch some of the youtubers I used to write about (I will still do imagine or preferances on them tho) and have started watching more Mark and Sean ect. Also over the past few years have got more into WWE so I might do some WWE imagines, possibly along with some bands and maybe book fandoms ;) anyway hope you enjoy this, I may be rusty and don’t worry all those who requested imagines you will still get them ^_^ Long note short Im gonna try and get back into all of the writing :P and thank you guys for still reading and wanting more.

(Y/S/N)=Your Ship Name

It had been a lazy day for you and Seán, you had some time off work and he didnt have to record until later so you both agreed to sit around and play video games all day. You had just finished making some coffee, bringing it in to play your next round of rocket league.
”Babe what’s taking you so long?!” you shout down the hall to where Seán had gone to get the post. “I made coffee!”. Soon after you hear footsteps bounding down the hall, gigging to yourself you sit down taking a sip from your steaming cup.
“Look what came!” you turn to see an excited Seán holding a pot of green hair dye and a cheeky grin plastered across his face. “My hair is looking kinda dull so I thought you could help me dye it.” He excitedly jumpped on the couch looking at you pleadingly. Damint he knows you cant resist his puppy dog eyes.
“Okay I’ll help you dye it. but if it turns some weird colour…” Seán gives you a look and you realise his hair is green, a colour some people would consider weird all on its own. “Okay…weirder than it is now. It is not my fault!”. He nods his head eager to get started.
”Its 100% on me. Thank yooouuuuuu” you both giggle as he places a kiss to your lips, grabbing his coffe and hair dye he races to the bathroom leaving you to pick up your cup and follow him. Smiling you place your cup on the sink worksurface pulling on some gloves and reading the instructions. “Okay…. so we put it on and leave it for 45 mins to devlop under a plastic cap before washing it off. Sounds simple enough.” You smile putting the pot down and picking up a comb to start seperating his hair as he throws an old towel round his shoulders.

You’d covered small section of his hair when Seán decided to do a vlog for the people along with some questions. He grabed his phone snapping a picture of you two tweeting with it “(Y/N) and I will be answering your guys questions use the #ask(Y/S/N)”. After a couple of minutes and a narrowly avoided hair dye fight Seán checks his phone and hits record, placing it on the side.
”Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and today I am joined by the lovely (Y/N)!” You smile and wave to the camera, this wasn’t the first time you’d been in one of Seán’s videos so the fans were used to you being in videos or vlogs, “Today (Y/N) is revamping my hair to its natural greenness so while she does I thought we could answer your guys questions!” as you sectioned off more hair he read out some questions like. “Who was most likely to forget an anniversary?” At which you both replied “(Y/N)” laughing because you both know how forgetful you are. After a couple more questions like that and some wierd ones like “If vampires can’t see their reflection, how come their hair is always perfect?”, resulting in a massive debate about getting their friends to do it or having special vampire mirrors. As the questions progressed so did your progress on Seán’s hair, you had fully covered it with all the dye and had placed a little plastic cap over it like it said, by now Seán had stopped the recording and turned to face you pulling you between his legs giving you a peck on the lips. “How bout we go get some more coffee and play some rocet leauge while your hair settles?” you question, resting your hands on his shoulders.
“Actually I have a better idea.” He gave you a mischievus look and turned towards the last pot of hair dye which still had some left in the bottom.
“Seán McLoughlin you are not dying my hair green!” you jump back from him to the other end of the bathroom, holding your hands up in defence.
”Not your whole head just a small strand, I think it’d look cute.” he looked up at you, a pink blush spreading across his cheeks. You smiled at the cute suggestion before giving it a thought, one strand wouldnt hurt. You nodded your head in agreement, moving towards him; grabbing a hair tye and some gloves. Seán jumped up grabbing the gloves motioning for you to take his place while you tied your hair up leaving a strand. He dipped his now gloved fingers into the dye carefully smoothing it through the strand like you had done previously. Carefully he wrapped your hair in cling film so it wouldnt smudge over your face and clothes. Stepping back he threw his hands up in the air putting on a cute accent “All finished! Next customer please!”. Shacking your head you stood up admiring his handwork in the mirror, obviuosly you couldnt see exactly what it looked like but so far he was right, it looked pretty cute.
”And now to kick your butt in ricket league!” Seán ran into the living room picking up his controller giving you a goofy grin, sitting on the couch next to him you picked up your controller.
”Oh its on like Donkey Kong!”
After a 3-2 victory to Seán the timer went off signaling it was time to wash the dye out, with him chanting We Are The Champions by Queen, of course changing it to I Am The Champion. You playfully slap him as you follow him to the bathroom, readying the shower. After washing his out you turn to wash yours out, while Seán goes to dry his hair in your shared bedroom. Rubbing your strand dry you check it out in the mirror, smiling you admitted to yourself that it looked good and maybe you should experiment more with your hair. Looking at the mess in the bathrrom you decide to start clearing up grabbing a few things and cups to wash up, while you were in the kitchen washing things out Seán emerged from the bedroom, hair dried and styled. “What do you think?” you turned to see your boyfriend with his signature bright green hair once more. Walking over you wrapped your arms around his neck, running one of them through his hair smiling. “Looks amazing, maybe I should quit and become a hair dresser.” You giggled and winked at him, he chuckled and picked up your own strand of green hair running it through his fingers. “Hey I didn’t do to bad either.” smiling he pulled you into a hug before pulling out his phone, keeping one arm around you. “This has got to go on instagram.” Smiling he took a photo of your matching hair, posting it to instagram and twitter. “You should dye my hair more often, I think it came out better than at the hair dressers.” You blushed as he pulled you towards him, placing his soft lips on yours for a long kiss. You sighed into the kiss, this wasnt how you planned spending your day but it definitely was one of the best.