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True Crime Book Master Post - At the request from a few of my followers, I have decided to make a second master post including some of my favourite true crime books that I have read recently. Click here to see my first true crime book master post. Click the name to be linked to where you can purchase the book online!

The Shankill Butchers - During the 1970s a group of Protestant paramilitaries embarked on a spree of indiscriminate murder which left thirty Northern Irish Catholics dead. Their leader was Lenny Murphy, a fanatical Unionist whose Catholic-sounding surname led to his persecution as a child for which he took revenge on all Catholics. Not for the squeamish, The Shankill Butchers is a horrifying detailed account of one of the most brutal series of murders in British legal history - a phenomenon whose real nature has been obscured by the troubled and violent context from which it sprang.”

The Texarkana Moonlight Murders - “ In 1946, years before the phrase “"serial murder”“ was coined, a masked killer terrorised the town of Texarkana on the Texas-Arkansas border. Striking five times within a ten-week period, always at night, the prowler claimed six lives and left three other victims wounded. Survivors told police that their assailant was a man, but could supply little else. A local newspaper dubbed him the Phantom Killer, and it stuck. Texarkana’s phantom was not America’s first serial slayer; he certainly was not the worst, either in body count or sheer brutality. But he has left a crimson mark on history as one of those who got away. Like the elusive Axeman of New Orleans, Cleveland’s Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, and San Francisco’s Zodiac, the Phantom Killer left a haunting mystery behind. This is the definitive story of that mystery.”

The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins - “ Reggie and Ronnie Kray ruled London’s gangland during the 60s with a ruthlessness and viciousness that shocks even now. Building an empire of organised crime that has never been matched, the brothers swindled, extorted and terrorised – while enjoying a glittering celebrity status at the heart of the swinging 60s scene, until their downfall and imprisonment for life.”

Cold Serial: The Jack the Strangler Murders - “Cold Serial” paints the picture of five girls who were raped and strangled in the Dayton, Ohio, area between 1900 and 1909. The working conditions, lack of rights for women and police protection, and the sexism of the age portray these girls as victims not only of a crime but also of their time. As their stories unfold, a common thread appears, a modus operandi that begins to link them together. During that era, police did not recognize the lurking shadow of a predator. But through diligent research conducted by the author, it is now revealed.”

America’s Death Penalty: Between Past and Present -  “Over the past three decades, the United States has embraced the death penalty with tenacious enthusiasm. While most of those countries whose legal systems and cultures are normally compared to the United States have abolished capital punishment, the United States continues to employ this ultimate tool of punishment. The death penalty has achieved an unparalleled prominence in our public life and left an indelible imprint on our politics and culture. It has also provoked intense scholarly debate, much of it devoted to explaining the roots of American exceptionalism.”

Fred And Rose: The Full Story of Fred and Rose West and the Gloucester House of Horrors - “ During their long relationship the Wests murdered a series of young women, burying the remains of nine victims under their home at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, including those of their teenage daughter, Heather. What was left of Fred West’s eight-year-old stepdaughter was dug up from under the Wests’ previous Gloucester home; his first wife and nanny were buried in open country outside the city. Several victims had been decapitated and dismembered, their remains showing signs of sexual torture. These twelve are just the ones the police found when the Wests were arrested in 1994. There may be more whose bones have not been located.”

Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent Crime - “Edited by an internationally recognized expert on serial killers, this encyclopedia covers both murder and violent crime in their variant forms. Included are biographies, chronologies, special interest inset boxes, up to 100 photographs, comprehensive article bibliographies, and appendices for items such as famous unsolved cases, celebrity murders, assasinations, original source documents, and online sources for information.”

Bind, Torture, Kill: The Inside Story of BTK, the Serial Killer Next Door - “For thirty-one years, a monster terrorized the residents of Wichita, Kansas. A bloodthirsty serial killer, self-named “BTK"—for "bind them, torture them, kill them"—he slaughtered men, women, and children alike, eluding the police for decades while bragging of his grisly exploits to the media. The nation was shocked when the fiend who was finally apprehended turned out to be Dennis Rader—a friendly neighbor … a devoted husband … a helpful Boy Scout dad … the respected president of his church.Written by four award-winning crime reporters who covered the story for more than twenty years, Bind, Torture, Kill is the most intimate and complete account of the BTK nightmare told by the people who were there from the beginning. With newly released documents, evidence, and information—and with the full cooperation, for the very first time, of the Wichita Police Department’s BTK Task Force—the authors have put all the pieces of the grisly puzzle into place, thanks to their unparalleled access to the families of the killer and his victims.”

Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields - “ History has it that the role of women in Nazi Germany was to be the perfect Hausfrau and a loyal cheerleader for the Führer. However, Lower’s research reveals an altogether more sinister truth. Lower shows us the ordinary women who became perpetrators of genocide. Drawing on decades of research, she uncovers a truth that has been in the shadows – that women too were brutal killers and that, in ignoring women’s culpability, we have ignored the reality of the Holocaust.”

Tent Number Eight - “ On a warm summer day in 1977, the State of Oklahoma was shaken by the heinous and vulgar murder of three Girl Scouts in Tent Number Eight at Camp Scott near Locust Grove, Oklahoma. The investigation of their murders and the subsequent trial of the Native American man accused of those murders will forever be marked as one of the most historical in Oklahoma history. Author Gloyd McCoy dissects the investigation of the Girl Scout murders as well as The State of Oklahoma vs. Gene Leroy Hart from the vantage point of the families, the law enforcement, the news reporters, the lawyers, the judges, and the jury. He provides background information on all the parties involved and explanations regarding why certain decisions were made, including the acquittal of the accused murderer, and what might have happened if the lawyers on both sides had made different decisions and modern technology were available. Tent Number Eight will enlighten you on the court proceedings and cultural influences of 1977 and preserve this piece of history in your mind forever. Follow the overgrowth of history back to the site of the crime. Step into Tent Number Eight and witness the events of the murders and trial first hand.”

The Only Living Witness: The True Story of Serial Sex Killer Ted Bundy - “ Ted Bundy was America’s first celebrity serial killer, and one of the most chilling enigmas in criminal history. Handsome, boyish and well-spoken, a law student with bright political prospects, Bundy was also a predator and sexual deviant who murdered and mutilated at least thirty young women and girls, many of them college coeds but at least two as young as twelve.”

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Fic recs? Fic recs!

For Fandom Fic Rec Days because this is a fantastic idea. These ones will be for Voltron, but if people want fic recs for other fandoms I’ve clawed through extensively (Batman, FMA, Young Justice, One Piece) I can do those too.

(Also, sorry to any writers who aren’t tumblr-tagged. I am terrible with names and probably don’t know you’re here. But I’ve still linked to your fic profiles in this case!)

a.k.a. “you should read everything they do it’s all quality okay”

@maychorian Okay look, if you are in any way excited that I’m in this fandom, you owe maychorian a big ‘thank you’ since she was unwittingly the reason I decided to stick around after watching S1. Boom Crash The Sound Of My Ship was one of the first fics I found after wandering into the fandom and holds a special place in my heart to this day. I have fond memories of eating up the whole series by staying up late or sneaking chapters at work on my breaks. I once hid in my car during my lunch break to read a chapter right after it released? Recs all around, just read all her stuff.

@bosstoaster You’ve probably read BT’s stuff already because who hasn’t but I don’t care I’m reccing her stuff anyway. BT writes everything. Like, everything. With a Shiro focus primarily, but she’s got a great handle on the other characters and will tackle such an insanely crazy variety of prompts I am continually stunned by whatever is produced next. Known for making you suffer but will make you laugh or feelz too. Special shout out to Spark to Ignite which is probably my favorite. Is this cheating because it was an exchange fic for me? Hell no. This was my One Thing that I desperately wanted to see in the fandom and it was not anywhere. BT did a fantastic job making it come to life and making me suffer but I asked for it so it’s okay and I reread this one all the time.

@butteredonions Where do I even START? So much good fic, guys. Onions fills my cravings for all things AU and she has such an insanely wide variety. If you like AU’s there is something there for everyone and they are always so well thought out and still fit each character so well. Also (in)famous for smol!Shiro, and I’m not actually partial to a lot of deaged!chars fics because people have a bad tendency to write toddlers and young children so innacurately, but this one is gold and so it’s great. But my personal fic shoutout is gonna go to The Throne In The Hall which is just all around amazing. Gorgeous imagery, great setting, solid plot, beautiful characterization, and badass fight scenes, this whole thing is just a delightful treat from start to finish.

@ashinan Has some great works all around and you should read it! I can’t speak for Ash’s ship fics because I’m not really into ships, but people swear by both Ghost of a King and Bombs and Bullets, so I assume they are top quality for ship stuff. Me? I’m gonna rec you all Something Strange which is the most best, shut up, I will fight you on this. Amazing piece that is the modern supernatural cryptids-and-ghosts AU I didn’t know I need until I read this. Amazing characterization and so many little details that I just love picking out of the narrative and basking in. This fic is both hilariously entertaining because of the group shenanigans and frightfully haunting because of the ghosts (pun sort of intended?) Ash has also hinted at maybe doing more for the series and I’m clawing at the walls waiting for it. Read now. Do it.

@mumblefox Rounding out the Think Tank, mumble’s work is worth checking out too! Like ash, a lot of mumble’s stuff is tagged for ships, which I don’t really do, but I absolutely adore Reconnaissance which is all I need to tell me mumble’s got top quality word weaving skills. Mumble does character dynamics wonderfully and I love watching Pidge and Keith work together in this, playing off each other both in the safe Castle environment and the heat of battle. There’s gorgeous imagery all throughout this fic and tons of little details buried in the narrative that just add so much character to the story itself. Also, I am a sucker for building any kind of alien culture or worldbuilding in general, and it’s here in spades.

GriffinRose: I don’t see this fic writer recced a lot? It’s a crying shame, they’re good at what they do. Lots of Keith-centric stuff but not necessarily in a shippy way (which is usually what I see for Keith-centric stuff), but they also tackle some other characters too! My favorite is actually Mama Holt because we see a lot of Matt and Sam hanging around the Castle with the paladins in fics but Pidge’s mom? Not so much. This is a sweet little piece that hits all my found family feels, in which Mama Holt ends up on the Castle of Lions and slowly ends up adopting absolutely everyone in it, and I love every word in it. Yes. Check out Griffin’s stuff, you won’t regret it.

a.ka. the “holy shit I found this amazing story I love and you should read it” section

You Can’t Take the Sky From Me by isabeau225
Voltron fan? Firefly fan? This fic is the fic for you! Now a series and too damn adorable. Shiro’s not expecting any kids but somehow he just keeps getting more, and somehow he’s okay with that. Again, one of those fics that does child characters well. After I read this I squeed for half an hour and melted onto the floor.

Accepting Amelioration by XILVerify
Daemon fics are my other weakness…when handled well. The problem I see with a lot of daemon fics is that writers will include the daemons but they are there more as a prop then as another character. This fic does a GORGEOUS job of avoiding that pitfall and a BEAUTIFUL job of writing the daemon concept in space with these characters and I fell in love with it. Also has some very interesting interpretations of daemons that differ a bit from the novel, but in ways I really enjoy…like breaking some of the standards for what animals mean what personalities, or making touching another’s daemon less of a sexual interaction and more of a close trust or strong platonic bond kind of thing. Beautiful work. Check it out.

One for All, All for One by KaijuDork
Absolutely gorgeous Shiro-centric (but also team based) fic. Hurt comfort in spades as Shiro tries to help the paladins and they try to help him at the same time. Some beautiful and haunting imagery in this one. Still a WIP, but I’m hoping the writer can finish one day. I believe in you :)

Of a Sort by hameru
For the sickfic fan. Shiro is really, really sick, and the others do their best to help him out. Also a WIP but the first two chapters are just…quality sickfic and will fill all your hurt/comfort needs by themselves. (Still will be excited when/if more posts though)

Empty Spaces by Oreramar
Kind of a modern AU without the space stuff. Shiro loses his arm in an accident and things start to go downhill from there, until he unexpectedly finds the perfect new career…in daycare. Again, one of those rare fics that handles kids well (although they’re kind of there peripherally in this one), and the modern AU aspect is handled really skillfully too. Makes you feel all happy inside when you’re done reading it. The kind of fic I would love to see more extension on, although I’m content with this too.

Shadows of our Dreams by KUG
Because sometimes you just need a cuddle pile. This one fills the niche for both cute and fluffy as well as angsty and hurt comfort. If you need all kinds of feels all in one place this is your one-stop shop.

Lean on Me by GlassSoldiers
Wouldn’t be a good fic rec without a good 5 times! This is one of my faves. Shiro looking out for all his team, and his team looking out for him. I’m a big fan of this theme, obviously, so this one really hits the spot. Everyone gets a chance to shine, which is great :)

how to win friends, influence people, and form voltron by brosura
A WIP but a very worth it WIP, holy crap, read this. An AU in which Keith doesn’t get booted from the Garrison, and ends up slowly integrating with the rest of the Original Trio. Primarily Hunk’s PoV too which is awesome. Double awesome, it literally just updated as I was writing this list, which means there’s a new chapter, which means I need to find time to read it. AAAAAH.

These are amongst my favorites. Good job to everyone on the list, and thanks for making my nights and work breaks exciting, for making me stay up late to finish just ONE MORE CHAPTER, for giving me something to read while eating, for giving me something to motivate me to get my own work done, and for giving me things to look forward to after terrible days. Love you all and this fandom has been amazing to me so far. :)


Epic Movie (Re)Watch #119 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Originally posted by westwingwolf

Spoilers Below

Have I Seen It Before: Yes.

Did I Like It Then: Yes.

Do I Remember It: Yes.

Did I See It In Theaters: No.

Format: DVD

1) Starting this comedy/noir film off with what appears to be an animated cartoon from the 40s is a good way of establishing tone for a few reasons. First of all it tells us what kind of toons Roger and company are. The kind that star in short after short after short like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny, as opposed to say the Care Bears (it was the 80s, so I’m going with that example) who had a TV Show and a movie. It also introduces us to Roger, Baby Herman, the idea of ACME in cartoons, and Maroon studios. Also the film’s excellence in slapstick is there from the get go.

Originally posted by jpoxxed

2) But as soon as the cartoon is over, we’re in the “real” world. This film has a slight bit of edge to it that I wildly appreciate. Not like Martin Scorsese edge, but come on. This is a film starring animated characters that has swearing, murder, sexual innuendo galore, and an alcoholic main character. For example in the original version of the film (now edited out): after Baby Herman walks under the skirt of a female employee on set, his finger is extended upward and has some liquid on it. That is VERY adult but will go over the heads of children.

3) According to IMDb:

Joel Silver’s cameo as the director of the Baby Herman cartoon was a prank on Disney chief Michael Eisner by Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg. Eisner and Silver hated each other from their days at Paramount Pictures in the early ‘80s, particularly after the difficulties involved in making 48 Hrs. (1982). Silver shaved off his beard, paid his own expenses, and kept his name out of all initial cast sheets. When Eisner was told, after the movie was complete, who was playing the director - Silver was nearly unrecognizable - he reportedly shrugged and said, “He was pretty good.”

4) Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant.

Eddie is a wildly interesting character. He’s a former goofball who has kept his sharp tongue for wiseass remarks and being a pain in the ass, which is always appreciated by me. His conflict is incredibly interesting (more on that later) and he’s just a great character to follow around in this world.

Bob Hoskins is perfect for this role. I’ll go into detail on this later but his interactions with the cartoon characters look easy when they’re not, and Hoskins is able to balance the sourpuss aspect of Eddie’s personality with the wiseass, heartache, alcoholism, and former goofball in a complete package.

According to IMDb:

On the Special Edition DVD, Robert Zemeckis recounts that he had stated in a newspaper interview that Bill Murray was his and producer Steven Spielberg’s original choice for the role of Eddie Valiant, but neither could get in contact with him in time. Bill Murray, in turn, has stated that when he read the interview he was in a public place, but he still screamed his lungs out, because he would have definitely accepted the role.

I think Hoskins can’t be replaced though.

5) This film is more of a noir film than an animated fantasy. You have your archetypes like RK Maroon begin the big money slime, Judge Doom is the shady government official, and Jessica Rabbit it the femme fatale. This is felt in every aspect of the film, from the cinematography right down to Alan Silvestri’s wonderful music.

6) Remember how I said Eddie had a great conflict?

Angelo [bar patron who Eddie flipped out on]: “What’s his problem?”

Dolores [Eddie’s sort-of-girlfriend and bar owner]: “Toon killed his brother.”

Like that is such a strange idea, a murderous toon, and it provides such great conflict for Eddie. A conflict which we see laid out before us when the camera takes the time to look at all the stuff on his and Teddy’s desk. You SEE that Eddie is in pain, and without a flashback you see the guy he used to be when his brother was around. The fun goofball who liked working Toontown and helpings toons out. To go from that to where he is now takes a lot of heartbreak.

7) I love that the password to get into the Ink & Paint Club is, “Walt sent me.”

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

8) Daffy and Donald Duck.

Originally posted by the-disney-elite

This is the first (and to date only) time cartoon characters owned by Warner Brothers and Disney have appeared in a film together. Since the film was being made by Disney, WB only allowed to have their characters show up if the major characters had the same amount of screen time as the Disney characters. That’s why Donald/Daffy and later Mickey/Bugs always share the screen together.

As a kid THIS was my favorite part of the film! The crossover aspect. Getting to see characters interact who normally don’t. AND they got the official actors at the time to voice them. Mel Blanc voices all his Looney Tunes characters, Tony Anselmo is Donald, and Wayne Allwine is Mickey Mouse. These aren’t cheap cameos, these are the genuine articles and that’s amazing!

9) There are also some appearances by non-Disney/non-WB characters, such as Betty Boop.

Originally posted by the-disney-elite

I think the inclusion of Betty is a nice way to pay respect to the early days of studio animation, and her original voice actress was still alive at the time so she got a chance to reprise the character.

10) Jessica Rabbit.

Originally posted by adrixu

Before anything else, I would just like to point out that Jessica’s proportions are PURPOSEFULLY impossible. I think that this is done to play into the idea of her being a femme fatale, but more so even to critique some of the ridiculous bodies animated female characters have (but that last part may just be wishful thinking on my part). Kathleen Turner unfortunately does not get credit for her voiceover work as Jessica, which is a shame because she gives the character so much of her heart and intrigue. When she’s just the femme fatale Jessica’s a bit of a stereotype but by the end of the film she becomes truly interesting to me because she doesn’t just fill that role. There’s also a fan theory about Jessica I’m totally onboard with, but more on that later.

11) Robert Zemeckis’ films are marked for their incredible special effects, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit is no exception. Ask yourself: every time an animated character opens a door, or moves a desk, or splashes water, or bumps into a lamp, or (in the case of Jessica) pulls Eddie close to them by his tie and then lets him go, how did they do that on set? Because they had to! CGI is not a factor in this film. The animation is done by drawing over the film that was shot in the traditional fashion, but everything else had to be done practically on set. It’s so subtle and so natural that I marvel at it every time.

12) Okay, I love the theory that Jessica Rabbit is asexual. If you want to read the full post click the link above but here are the basic points of argument:

  • She’s in love with a rabbit because he makes her laugh.
  • She uses her body to get things she wants from people, but outside of that doesn’t she interest in anybody.
  • Her line, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”
  • Her line, “You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.”

The only thing that really contradicts the theory is that later in the movie Eddie says to Jessica that Roger is a better lover than a driver, to which she replies, “You better believe it buster.” But I can easily see that as her defending his loving husband side instead of any sexual prowess.

Originally posted by tvneon

13) Another thing that supports the asexual Jessica theme is that instead of her doing anything sexual with Marvin Acme, she plays Patty Cake with him. Like literally, patty cake.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

That is a joke I did not understand as a child.

14) I haven’t talked too much about Roger’s voice actor yet, Charles Fleischer.

During filming, Charles Fleischer delivered Roger Rabbit’s lines off camera in full Roger costume including rabbit ears, yellow gloves and orange cover-alls. During breaks when he was in costume, other staff at the studios would see him and make comments about the poor caliber of the effects in the “rabbit movie”.

Fleischer’s voice IS Roger in so many ways. All he can do to deliver Roger’s heart is speak, and Fleischer’s performance in this film is not to be underwritten because it is amazing. It is full with such life, such heart, and a surprising amount of honesty. It works brilliantly.

15) You have to keep your eyes open for the little innuendos in this film. For example, when Eddie meets Jessica at the crime scene he quickly peeks down at her boobs. This is the first time I’ve ever noticed that and I’ve seen this film a lot.

16) Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom.

Originally posted by neganomics

Director Robert Zemeckis had worked with Lloyd on their most iconic film Back to the Future (where Lloyd played Doc Brown), and now Lloyd gets to show off his villainous side. He is wonderfully and gleefully evil, showing no remorse and has a cartoon like quality which makes the bad guy work wonderfully in the role. He’s just threatening enough but also just funny enough. And Lloyd never phones it in once. It’s a fantastic performance through and through.

16.5) Can we talk about how this judge just murdered a cartoon shoe for no other reason than to show that he could and no one stopped him. Like, is the shoe technically a prop and so it doesn’t count as murder? Because that thing seems more alive than a prop!

Originally posted by horrorsoflife

17) So I talked about Roger’s voice actor but not much about Roger as a character yet.

Originally posted by 1980s-90sgifs

Roger is a pure cartoon character, and I mean that in a sort of literal sense. He’s not tainted by greed or hatred, he is pure joy and humor. A bit of a dunce but he trusts people and WANTS to see the best in them. His entire purpose in life is to make people life and that feeds every decision he makes. It’s a wonderful cartoon counterpart to Hoskins as Eddie.

18) Hoskins’ interactions with Roger is where he shines. Because remember, Hoskins was not on set with Rogers. He was looking at an empty space which would be drawn in latter. But when you watch the film he’s never looking through the space. He’s miming it excellently, he is looking AT an animated character who isn’t even there yet. It’s amazing and the key reason he excels in the role.

19) I never caught this line before.

Roger [asking Eddie for help]: “You know there’s no justice for toons anymore.”

So toons are sort of a disenfranchised minority. That’s an interesting concept. If there’s a sequel maybe they’ll play with it.

20) According to IMDb:

When Eddie takes Roger Rabbit into the back room at the bar where Dolores works to cut apart the hand-cuffs, the lamp from ceiling is bumped and swinging. Lots of extra work was needed to make the shadows match between the actual room shots and the animation. Today, “Bump the Lamp” is a term used by many Disney employees to refer to going that extra mile on an effect just to make it a little more special, even though most audience members will never notice it.

21) @theforceisstronginthegirl, this is for you:

Originally posted by i-am-the-wallflower

(GIF originally posted by @i-am-the-wallflower)

Nothing sums up Roger more than the fact that he can only get out of those handcuffs when it’s funny. It feeds into how Roger entertains all the guys at the tavern because they’re down on their luck, even though they could turn him over to Doom for a ton of cash (but they don’t). He believes in the power of laughter.


Judge Doom [upon observing the record on the record player]: “‘The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down’. Quite a looney selection for a bunch of drunken reprobates.”

“The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down” is the theme to the Looney Tunes shorts.

Originally posted by cashmanny

23) The rest of the bar scene is filled with so many great cartoon gags. The fact that Judge Doom is able to lure Roger out by having him respond to, “Shave and a haircut,” is great. But a subtler reference is how Eddie gets Roger to drink the alcohol and loose control (thereby freeing himself from Doom). They go back and forth where Eddie wants Roger to drink the drink but Roger doesn’t want it, but when Eddie says Roger DOESN’T want the drink Roger says he wants it just to continue the conflict. Sound familiar?

Originally posted by americana-plus

24) Benny the cab is another fun original character added to the film, and he’s the same voice over actor as Roger!

Originally posted by gifsfrommydvds

25) I find this hysterical.

Benny [right before they’re going to hit a car]: “Pull the lever!”

Eddie: “Which one?”

Roger: “Which one?”

Benny: “‘WHICH ONE?’!?”

26) I am so ashamed of myself that I never caught the Back to the Future reference this film makes! Benny is driving down an alleyway and the evil weasels are driving straight towards him, and one of the weasels declares, “I’m gonna ram him!” Well in Back to the Future (also directed by Robert Zemeckis) Biff Tannen is about do the same thing to Marty McFly and says the EXACT same line as we get the EXACT same shot of his car!

Originally posted by egp10990

I love that.

27) Me too Roger, me too.

Roger [expecting another cartoon to play in the movie theater but it’s a news reel]: “I hate the news.”

28) When we were introduced to Roger in the opening cartoon, I was trying to dissect what made him a unique cartoon character. Like Donald has his temper tantrums, Bugs Bunny is a wise guy, and Roger I’ve discovered likes to go on tangents. Like someone will tell him to do something and he’ll talk for five minutes about how well he’ll do it even when no one is around to listen. I like that.

29) The animated bullets Eddie uses in the gun given to him by Yosemite Sam are very much in the style of Chuck Jones and I can appreciate that.

30) It’s pretty fun watching for all the animated characters the filmmakers inserted into Toontown.

31) Droopy Dog is another cartoon character who shows up despite not being owned by Disney or WB. This meant he got to show up again later in an animated Roger Rabbit cartoon.

32) When Eddie is in a Toontown bathroom there’s writing on the wall that says, “For a Good Time Call Alyson ‘Wonderland’,” but then there’s no phone number. The theatrical release DID have a phone number but it was Michael Eisner’s home phone (I think) so it was edited out for the home video release.

33) What could possibly top Donald Duck & Daffy Duck dueling pianos?

Originally posted by samuelljackson

I love everything about this. But it also gets to another agreement between WB & Disney: Disney did not want any of their characters doing anything to harm Eddie, so that’s why when he gets the “spare” from Mickey & Bugs (it’s a spare tire but he thought it was a parachute) it is BUGS who gives it to him!

Honestly it’d be awesome if Disney and WB could make more crossover cartoons. That would be pretty awesome.

34) File this one under jokes I didn’t get as a kid:

35) So Judge Doom’s end goal, his whole villainous plan, is to construct…a freeway? God, if it weren’t for the twist coming up that would’ve been so stupid.

36) Eddie’s comedy routine is great. It shows Bob Hoskins’ skill at slapstick and goofball and is just a joy to watch. Also we get this fun line:

Eddie: I’m through with taking falls / And bouncing off the walls / Without that gun, I’d have some fun / I’d kick you in the…

[bottle falls on his head]

Roger: Nose!

Head Weasel: Nose? That don’t rhyme with “walls.”

Eddie: No, but this does. [kicks Head Weasel in the balls, propelling him into a vat of Dip]

37) Doom is a toon!

Originally posted by dinosaurrodeo

This is a nice twist in the film that you can totally see was setup if you’re looking for it. Christopher Lloyd is able to play Doom with an even bigger sense of cartoony evil, and it means his end goal of a freeway isn’t so stupid after all.

38) The train that hits the dip machine at the end has a bunch of window. If you go through it frame by frame, each window depicts someone being murdered. Fun fun fun.

39) According to IMDb:

The opening track on the Sting album “…Nothing Like the Sun”, the song “The Lazarus Heart” was originally written as the movie’s musical finale, at an early stage of the movie’s production when the book’s tragic ending, where Roger is killed in the crossfire during the final duel, was still in the script. When the studio ordered its default ending to be used at the film’s end, in which Roger is alive at the end of the duel, however, the song was deleted from the script and ended up on Sting’s album instead.

40) I like that the film ends not only with the classic, “That’s All Folks,” but also Tinkerbell to let us know this was special.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is awesome. It’s fun, funny, gives us interesting characters, has effects which stand the test of time even 29 years later, and is just a wonderful ride. Hoskins’ performance and the animation are the true standouts here, but that is not to discredit any of the other amazing aspects of the film. A true joy to watch all the way through.


Sasusaku is a fraud

 or how sasuke has been manipulated into SS.

I’m gonna analyze it through two POV: Kishimoto’s and canonverse’s.


let’s say he was genuine about it.

1) He admitted in one of his interviews that he even wanted to write a love triangle (that’s just… wow) but ACCORDING to his own words, it wasn’t possible because a) this is a Shonen, and b) he had to prioritize. So, if you say romance was equally important here, you’re deluding yourself. He was focused on everything appealing to boys, i.e. just friendships, popularity contexts and fights. So, it’s only normal, that no romance would have deep development.

In this case, some positive and ROMANTIC-looking moments -no matter how few they are- are enough for romance in this genre. Yet SS doesn’t enjoy from such privilege: part I, team 7 is like family to him (canon), so Sakura is like a sister. He thus protects her as one. Part II -call it ‘he’s in darkness’, or ‘fake Sasuke’- but there’s nothing left of this relationship. The worse is SS went from sibling relationship, to nothing, to romance with a guy that never showed interest in such trivial things as being “attracted to girl or romance”, despite him knowing it actually existed.

2) Kishimoto had only cared about Naruto, his MC, tailoring the rest of the series around him. It’s so bad that every fodder character, every guy from the “main cast” and every evil has surrendered their soul to him. So, once he’s given Naruto his fucking acknowledgement, nothing else mattered for the author.

Sasuke who should have been seen getting over UCM, mending, finding his ways, healing or anything catering to his mental abuse and this abominating genocide has never happened. Why? Because Kishimoto never cared. It wasn’t in his plan.

How can a real Sasuke fan be satisfied with that?

The fact that romance wasn’t even relevant to Kishimoto, and that he didn’t cared about his own creation, he just took the nearest short-cut possible, since ‘Sasuke’s chapter’ was closed to him the moment Naruto beat him.

Since then, he manipulated everything to suit their –SP & Cie’s agenda -Boruto-

Basic reading comprehension.


First, proofs that sasuke is broken and damage i.e. in a state he can be manipulated and driven to do something he doesn’t much care about in the first place.

He’s a ghost of himself

You see there? Sasuke ceased to exist at that very moment. How any decision he made after this can is something genuine? He just surrendered his soul to the world. He keeps living for other people, putting their wishes first, since he doesn’t have any drive himself.

This fragile sasuke can easily end with sakura not because it’s something he has always wanted but, he’s not himself anymore.

Here, he shows us that he’s always been inferior to Naruto and Itachi. Here, you witness a broken man who doesn’t have any more self-love or self-esteem. He’s lost. How is he that Sasuke who made choices because he felt it necessary or what he wanted?

Also, very important, is his dynamic with Itachi. Sorry Itachi fans but he accepted to side against his own family. He betrayed his family, so how Sasuke who is pro-Uchiha forgave a pro-Konoha! Itachi was the last link to the family he ever loved.

Obviously, Sasuke became someone who can be manipulated and everyone who can substitute to his family/Itachi can manipulate him just as well. So, no silly things as “Sasuke can’t be manipulated or driven to do something that doesn’t go with his normal way of being”. He hasn’t even a mind for himself anymore, lol. He deemed necessary to become another Naruto/Itachi.

Because team 7 became that substitute, team 7 can have a huge impact on his mental, and that include Sakura with all that pushing her obsession on him until he breaks. That’s his reality now.

When Sakura confesses, he thinks back again to his family.

For Sasuke, nothing was as much important as his family. He even admitted that he had craved for love, and how he sought for a substitute in Naruto.

That’s back when his old family was more important than anything. After Naruto wins, he breaks down his final wall. What kept team 7 from replacing the Uchiha family, has been vanquished by that final fight. Now Team 7 is not only his sole “decent” connection but his only family.

Like he drank Itachi’s words, he’s bound to drink Team 7 words too.

By the way, why Sasuke felt like helping to save the world but then pull that bullshit? Another bullshit to end this too-long Shonen for Kishimoto.

That he had always loved his family, that team 7 took this place now, that he feels that what he fought for or thought is inferior to Itachi’s and now Naruto’s moral and that Naruto beat him until he had surrendered shows that he shifted his emotions from his old family to team 7.

Now he thinks he’s the worse person to ever walk on this earth when he actually acted like any other ninja. That lets it read that Itachi and now team 7 are always right and he’s wrong to think otherwise. Because he puts himself under those people he thinks are saints moral-wise, he surrendered to their wishes.

He’s like a wound left open now. Every bacterium that ever existed can contaminate him. Yahoo!!

What happened after the big fight and team 7 reunited?

-Kakashi just keeps reading his porn in a shady place.

-Naruto gave up on him.

-Sakura kept confessing until he said yes.

-He has no one but team 7. This team 7 is what is left for someone who put connections above else, and once craved for love.

-All that is important in Naruto is to be pretty, cool and have super power-ups and whatnot. Also get married. You know, ticking everything on the usual bucket-everyday-lists without actually giving it second-thoughts. What? Friendships? Forget about it! Let’s just scratch it a bit and forget about it later on.

So, Sasuke pleases them now, and there’s no one out there to put him first or at least help with his mental health or scars. I mean, now that he isn’t against the Shinobi system why cares about him? Just know something: the moment you get married, whatever pain or mental scars you have will vanish without actually caters to it. (Sarcasm again)



-The OOC of both to make SS:

Sakura went:

From this:

and this

note her promise

(Makes this face):

to this:

like this:

and that:

a) Sakura reverts back to her 12 self around Sasuke. Crying and repeating confessions. b) Her natural confidence that could have helped Sasuke is none existent. Now she acts like a doormat. Please go watch canon written by Kishi –she’s got little to no backbone when Sasuke is concerned. As long as Sasuke answered positively to her confession she’s okay with everything. c) Sakura who is a cheerful young lady tone down her personality to match Sasuke’s moody one.

Meanwhile, she never writes letters to Sasuke or even tells him to visit to see his daughter, but she wears gladly his Uchiha crest. See how SSS in gaiden is another guilt-trip session for Sasuke. He wanted a family and now it became a source of stress. Everyone, from Sasuke to Sakura, going through salad, everyone was apologizing.  Sweet love!

I like Sakura (she’s evolved emotionally and physically), and I love Sasuke but together? I wanna choke a teddy-bear.

-Sorry but Sasuke has NEVER showed romantic interests or whatsoever in anyone. Instead of ending like Jiraya or Orochimaru, aka with no burdens like raising child but travelling freely, he’s got now a child? What happened? How? Sakura raped him or something? Did he ask her? Had they actually had sex? That’s insane.

-In real fucking life, when a boy doesn’t show interest for any girl, he’s gay or aromantic.  Don’t even start with culture. Naruto showed interest. Jiraya did. Rock lee did. Heck, shojo and shounen ai come from japan.


-yeah SS is canon lol. So? If I could fucking take it seriously though, it’s empty, boring and with no real sparks or frictions. Nothing at stakes or anything one could write books about except their aesthetic. Just headcanons like Sakura opening Sasuke’s heart to life -when it’s Naruto-, Sasuke looking like a love interest from a shojo or SNS rip-offs…

They don’t match the canon, neither their respective in character persona.

So, only stupid people can get butt-hurt over the fact that not everyone wants to ship it or find it logical. You like it, ship it elsewhere instead of looking for trouble with antis or other shippers.

To summarize my point is:

-SS indeed happens because Sakura drives him -along team 7- to response to her feelings, not because he was “in love”. (It’s not the same old independent Sasuke). There’s nothing remotely special or admirable about it.

-Sasuke’s last relationships aren’t what could have helped him. Look at him; he’s still vagabonding. Even Naruto ‘let him down’. You think that it’s not Naruto’s job? Then their bond is cheap. You think otherwise? Then let’s admit together that Kishi mostly ruined it all.


I don’t care if you ship SS but how Kishimoto handled it and some extreme fans of his had me angry as hell. 

I can’t believe I’m still receiving “kill yourself delulu fugly”, “kill yourself” and the likes because I ship a crack-ship, like wut?? Please come down your high horse, lol. You ain’t nothing special, neither is your ship.


words: 1418
Stiles stilinski x reader
teen wolf


I was frantically checking everything, making sure it’s all perfect before the girls get here. We decided to have a movie night, a completely normal, teenage sleepover. No supernatural, no parents, no drama and especially no boys! I had even gone to the trouble of building a blanket fort! i was pretty proud of it to be honest. 

when the girls arrived we sat and talked for a while and pizza arrived some time later. Once grabbing everything necessary, not forgetting to leave all of our phones in the kitchen we scrambled into the fort. I was really enjoying myself, we had watched one film and it was late, around midnight so we decided to put on a scary movie. Half way through there was a tap on the window, we looked at each other terrified, then there was a loud knock at the door. naturally we all squished together and started whisper arguing who should answer it. Eventually I got irritated and stood up walking to the door to open it. There was nobody there,I stepped out onto the porch when a rough hand was placed on my shoulder. I screamed and turned around to see the girls run to the door quickly, and Scott, Stiles, Isaac and Aiden laughing hard. I glared and stomped inside leaving the door open for the boys to come inside.

I crossed my arms along with the girls, glaring at the giggling boys.
“that was not nice! why are you even here”  I rolled my eyes. 
“well it’s nice to see you too y/n” Isaac smirked. 
Lydia sighed loudly. “we’re sort of busy right now!” the boys chuckled at her desperation.
“we know, movie night! if you don’t mind we’re going to join you” Scott smiled. we all looked at each other staying silent knowing we’d never be able to get rid of them, so much for no boys then…

the girls crawled back in the ‘fort’ followed by Scott, Isaac and Aiden. Stiles held his hand out in front of him gesturing for me to go first, i smiled as i tried to control my heart racing as there were now four wolves in the room.

i may have a little teeny crush on Stiles. OK,no huge lie. I’m inevitably beyond in love with him. we met in nursery, he and Scott were best friends and me and Lydia were too. we were playing in the sand pit when little 4 year old Scott comes over to ask if he and his friend can play too, we agreed and immediately all became friends. I took a special interest in Stiles but he never re-cooperated. He had a major crush on Lydia. Then when high school came Lydia got more glamorous, she started wearing more make-up and going out with boys. I started wearing make up too but I didn’t need any other boys than the two i already had.we remained best friends always but she started ignoring Scott and stiles. i was still as close to them as ever but it was hard because Lydia insisted i sit with her and her group including her pig boyfriend Jackson. They understood of course and were fine with it because they knew afterwards I’d go straight to them to tell them everything. 

Then Allison came to school and Lydia and I’s twosome became a threesome. Then Malia and Kira. I’ve felt a bit awkward sitting with the pack nowadays though, Scott was With Kira, Allison with Isaac, Lydia with Aiden and Stiles with Malia to my dismay. Then me… During the movie they were all sitting close and sharing small kisses now and then. So half way through it I slipped out the side of the fort. I went to the bathroom and shit it quietly so they wouldn’t realise I’m gone. I slid down the wall letting a tear slip. Loneliness is always awful but when you have to watch your crush all lovey dovey with one of your best friends it’s heartbreaking. I sniffled feeling pathetic for crying, I’m not this weak, he’s just a boy. I sighed fidgeting with the cute little charm bracelet Stiles had made me when we were five. Surprisingly it still fit and i almost never take it off. I stood up walking to the sink, gulping the lump in my throat away and splashing my face with water. i opened the door and walked into the kitchen making a hot chocolate, grabbing a blanket and going to sit outside gazing at the stars. A cough interrupted my daze when i looked to the side seeing scott standing awkwardly, i pat the couch next top holding half of the blanket out for him to wrap himself in. 

“i uh, I noticed you were missing so i followed you and heard you crying in the bathroom. what’s wrong?” his eyes soft and softened even more when my eyes became moist. He pulled me to his chest squeezing me tight, I mirrored him clinging onto his waist.
“I just feel so lost, and out of place your all being romantic in there then there’s just me and I’m sick of it, and I couldn’t watch him and her be like that” I stepped back when I realised what I said. He smirked
“watch who y/n?” he hummed.
“ Allison and Isaac, yeah them I know a little bit of you still loves her even if you love Kira now…” I trailed off hoping he believed me.
“you don’t need to lie to me buttercup, I know you’ve been in love with him since nursery! ” he whispered pecking my forehead.  I gasped.
“ am I that obvious? ” he shook his head before replying.  
“ no, but I’m your best friend. I know you and don’t think I haven’t noticed you never take that stupid bracelet off. He gave it to you when we were little didn’t he? He spent hours trying to make it pretty for you” he laughed. I blushed looking down.
“it wasn’t hours it was like one…” Stiles’ voice interrupted. My mouth dropped open and I hid behind Scott my face beet red. I kept my eyes closed clinging onto the back of Scott t shirt, I could feel the rumble of his chest as he spoke.
“did you hear everything? ” Stiles chuckled. “yeah, is it true? You love me?” Scott walked out of the room exposing me to Stiles. He walked closer and I turn away letting a tear drip down. I felt his firm chest press against my back and his warm breath on my neck.
“please just go” my voice came out fragile. His lips touched my ear softly.
“no” he whispered.
“please” I begged.
“no” he said and turned me around quickly cupping my face and kissing me. I kissed back immediately feeling his soft lips engulfing mine, the moment I’ve been waiting for since I met him. Suddenly I gasped stepping back and slapping him. He hardly flinched but held his face.
“what was that for!” he hissed.
“your girlfriend is literally inside! I can’t believe I just done that, I’m so sorry!” I spluttered quickly. He started laughing and cupped my face stroking my cheek.
“were not together anymore, we haven’t been for 3 days, we just didn’t know how to tell people so we kept up the act… It sounds stupid I know. And it’s not your fault, I kissed you. Malia and I decided we were better friends than lovers. She also knew I could never fully commit to her because I’m in love with someone else. The same person who just bitch slapped me, damn you’d be good in a fight” he giggled.
“so what does that mean for us?” I tried to control the grin. He linked our fingers together, picking me up with the other so my legs wrapped around his waist. Holding me up with one hand, I didn’t know he was so strong. My hands joined together fisting the back of his hair.

“will you finally be my girlfriend?” he stated into my eyes.
“ew no” I spat teasingly kissing him, he smiled into the kiss until we were interrupted by loud cheers. The pack came out smiling. Stiles turned around so we could both look at them comfortably.
“finally!” Lydia yelled. Malia gave me a small smile. I just kissed Stiles again. Resting our foreheads together he whispered.
“ I love you”
“I love you too Stiles”

‘Tis the Season

to get carried away w/ these GoT leaks, so I decided to try my hand at it too - more specifically the bits concerning Sansa/Arya/Littlefinger.

behind the cut I wanted to “fight” wild speculation with wild speculation (and I actually ended up liking my version somehow like seriously here’s to King Petyr, 1st of his name, new ruler of the land of the dead)

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Seat 5A

Originally posted by okayoongz

Word count: 2,105

Content: Fluff, lot’s of fluff! (It’s our chim chim after all ^^)

It was 2am and the girl was glad to have finally settled down in the plane. She began shuffling around her seat, getting her usual flight routine ready.
‘Earphones, check. Pillow, check. Eyemask, check. Favourite cosy blankie, check.’ She does a little happy dance as she sniffed the blanket she had with her since she was a baby.

Once the girl was done sorting out her flight routine, she leaned back on her seat with a sigh of relief. The girl had spent the last 6 months writing her honors thesis and shewere glad it was over and was looking forward towards this month long break in Australia. Her best friend had moved to Australia for his studies upon graduating high school and she finally found time to visit him in the little quaint city he has been gushing about.

It was 2am but Park Jimin is feeling more alive than ever. BTS have had a crazy fruitful year and he was more than grateful for it, however, he was also glad that it has come to an end and he is finally able to take this long awaited solo-trip that he has been planning since forever.

Jimin removed his face mask and hat then fell back on the seat; relieved. He muses at himself and did a happy dance as he recalled how he left his luggage behind in the airport transfer bus in Norway and made a mental note to remember his luggage this time.

Just as he was amused at himself, he noticed the girl next to him; sniffling some sort of a cloth and doing the exact same happy dance he just did. Jimin’s bushy eyebrows tweaked up and he was curious about the girl. Jimin did not feel like the usual shy boy he is tonight because he was happy and the few glasses of wine at the pre-departure lounge probably added some courage as well. So, Jimin decided he was going to talk to the curious girl next to him.

‘Aren’t you a little too energetic for a 2am flight?’ Jimin arched over his seat and addressed the girl.

‘Well, I think I’m very much allowed to be happy at 2am because I just submitted my honors thesis that I had been working on since forever!’ The girl quipped.

‘Aren’t you a little too energetic for a 2am flight as well then? And what’s with the hat and face mask, what, are you a terrorist?!’ The girl teased.

Jimin was dumbfounded, he was not sure of how to respond. He thought that everyone in Korea would know that people who generally hid their faces were celebrity of sorts and now that the girl has seen his face, he thought she would know who he is for sure. Afterall, bts and Park Jimin were indeed pretty huge in 2016.

‘Yaaa!~ Chill. I was just teasing you. Since we are both so happy and we have a long flight ahead of us, let me get us some booze, my treat!’ The girl shot her hand up to catch the attention of a flight attendant.

‘To be fair, these drinks are free since we did pay a lot of money for this full service flight right…’ Jimin corrected the girl.

The girl did not respond. Instead, she shoves a glass of apple maritini in Jimin’s hand and knocked his glass gently before downing the content of her glass.

‘This boy is so uptight, but I guess that makes him kinda cute. The way his eye disappears when he smiles, what on Earth?!’ The girl made a mental note in her head as she watches the boy down his drink. She was feeling a bit of the heat rising to her head. She has never been a good drinker, especially in Korean terms and the fact that she was running on little sleep did not help her alcohol tolerance level. However, she was determined to make the best out of this flight; afterall, she did pay quite a hefty price for a business-class upgrade.

She quietly muses about how the upgrade even came with a cute neighbor.

‘What are you laughing about?’ Jimin enquires.

‘Mm nothing. Busybody.’ The girl shot her tongue out at the boy and they both broke out into laughter, possibly thanks to the alcohol running in their system.

Jimin was smitten. He had not seen anybody so beautifully carefree in a long time. Although he was always surrounded by beautiful idols, he thought they were often uptight and too polished. Himself included. It was refreshing for him to be around somebody who’s so real for a change.

‘BUUuuuuuUURRRrrrrRRrRP’ The girl covered her mouth and giggled.

‘Wow. that. was…. pretty… weak huh?’ Jimin teases; unimpressed. He then proceeds to burp, louder and more obnoxiously.

The duo continued their little burping battle which often follows with a roar of laughter. They were so engrossed in their obnoxious little game that they did not notice the stares of the other patrons.

‘You’re not like a regular korean girl aren’t you.’ Jimin commented.

‘What do you mean?’ The girl shook her head in confusion.

‘I mean, you don’t seem to care who I am at all, and we just had a burp battle… that’s not very much a stereotypical lady-like korean right?’ Jimin muses.

‘Well… perhaps maybe because while I was born in Korea, I practically grew up in America and only came back to Korea for 6 months of university because I have been really intrigued by the richness of Korean culture so I decided to major in Korean studies! What about you? We should be about the same age right, are you in university?’ The girl asked.

‘Well… I am… technically.. sort of..’ Jimin answered.

‘What do you mean sort of? Omg. Are you like a korean idol or something that’s why you don’t have time for school?’ The girl teases and nudges as Jimin.

Jimin’s face was heated and he wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the fact that this beautiful girl next to him had no clue who he is. He decided to play along and pretended to be a regular college kid for once.

‘I mean yeah I am in school! Duh! I am 22 years old, obviously I am in college.’ Jimin laughs it off.

The duo continues to be loud and obnoxious through the plane ride but they eventually got tired as the night went by and eventually fell asleep leaning on one another.

The girl shuffled around and rubbed her eyes, only to realize she is very much stuck. Her head was on the boy’s shoulder and his head was gently leaning on top of hers. It felt safe and she smiled to herself. That was when she realised, their hands were linked and the boy was holding onto her hands tightly. Suddenly, she felt her cheeks heat up, slightly overwhelmed by the unexpected skinship from the random cute stranger she met on the plane. The girl felt her heart racing and butterflies growing in her tummy as she gingerly positioned the boy’s head on her shoulder so she can watch the beautiful boy sleep. She felt him shuffled in his sleep and she held her breath; afraid to have awoken him from his slumber.

Jimin tiredly opens an eye, smiles at the girl and reaches forward to place a gentle peck on her cheeks.

Jimin forgot the last time he had so much fun as a regular person. He was glad to be treated like a regular person; unlike a celebrity and just have mindless fun as a typical college kid. It made it extra special since the girl seated next to him was totally his type. She was petite and has cute chubby cheeks and a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. Jimin loved the sound of her laughter, the way her eye crinkles and how she subconsciously tugs a strand of her beautiful long raven hair behind her ear.  She kind of reminded him of his best pal, Taehyung. Minus the annoyance and definitely a lot more attractive than his pabo buddy. At least in Jimin’s eyes.

The girl has fallen asleep on his shoulder and he is smiling to himself silly. He knew the members would definitely tease him about it if they had known. Something about ‘ooooh our jiminnie is a big boy now’, so he was quite sure he was never going to tell the members about the girl.

Jimin rested his head on hers as he takes in her comforting scent. She smells like a mixture lavender, roses, jasmine and the ocean. Jimin casually wondered if it is possible to place her scent into a wax candle so he could bring it back home with him.

Just as his thoughts floated away, he quietly reached out for the sleeping girl’s hand. The last time Jimin actually held a girl’s hand for real was in highschool before he debuted with BTS. It felt strange and refreshing as it has been so long. It felt innocent and simple, unlike the occasional flings he had simply to satisfy his needs as a man. This refreshing occurrence made his heart race and butterflies grew in his stomach. He was shy again. He ordered another glass of apple martini and gulped it down; not wanting his shy persona to come out just as he was getting close to the girl who’s still sound asleep on his shoulder.

Jimin felt her shuffle under his head and he immediately kept his eyes shut; pretending to be asleep. Just as the girl gently picked his head up and place it on her shoulder, he smiled to himself. Her scent was even stronger now and it seem to have made Jimin braver, along with the glass of alcohol he had just downed a while ago.

So Jimin did something he never would have dared on a regular day. He reached forward and gave the girl a peck on her cheeks.

The girl turned around and faced him; flustered. Jimin moved closer to get a good view of her response and inched closer to her face, asking for permission to kiss her on her lips. The girl smiled and Jimin took his cue and rested his soft plump lips on hers. Their lips molded together perfectly as Jimin intensifies the kiss, begging for entrance to her lips. The girl smiled into the kiss again and Jimin took the opportunity for his tongue to enter her mouth. Her breath was warm and their tongues did a little dance together. The girl broke off from the kiss and smiled again.

‘You’re an opportunist aren’t you?’ She teases.

‘That’s my motto, sweetheart, I’m known for my greed to be the best and to work hard at everything I set my mind to.’ Jimin kisses the girl again as he bragged about his work ethics.

‘I know… but I’m sorry but I like Yoongi oppa better.’ The girl teases in a sing-song voice in the midst of their kiss.

This time, it was Jimin who pulls away.

‘Wait. what? Yoongi oppa? So you do know who I am! Why did you pretend like you didnt?’ Jimin was confused, slightly worried that he might have just made out with a crazy fan.

‘Erm… to be fair, I did not actually say I don’t know who bts is. Besides, would you prefer if I had made a big deal about it? Relax, I am not a crazy fan. I was introduced to kpop by my roomate in university a few weeks back and that was where I found out about you guys. I must say, Min Yoongi is seriously cute.’ The girl declared.

‘Well… well too bad. Yoongi hyung isn’t here and you’re not even his type!’ Jimin was defensive. He crossed his arms and stuck out his tongue at the girl.

‘And.. I am your type?’ The girl teases as she leans closer to Jimin.

‘Yes.’ Jimin responded as he dives into her lips again. This time stronger and more passionate.

Neither of them knew what was this entire plane ride was about, but they knew they needed to let their overwhelming feelings for one another out and the only way was to be as close to one another as possible as their tongues dance to the rhythm of the airplane’s systems. Nothing mattered at that moment; nothing except the intense, strong feelings they shared with one another.

Jimin thought that maybe, maybe he is already experiencing the highlight of his trip as he secretly pray for the flight slow down.

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anonymous asked:

what is your favorite fic of all time?? Why is it? (sorry for being nosy omg)

OH MY GOSH, okay get ready coz ive got em prepared.

These aren’t particularly in order ok? So whichever comes first doesnt mean its on the top of the list lets just say all of these have a special place in my heart that i cannot just give you one, hehe.

Lists and reasons why I love them under the cut:

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This is for you, my fellow Jayhawk, @1dalwaysbenice! It may be a little too specific for some people who don’t really follow college basketball but I threw in some links (I think, I hope) to guide you to some clips of what it’s like at a game at The University of Kansas. Or you could skip the basketball stuff and go straight to the smut at the end haha! Hope ya’ll like it!!

The door closed behind me as I slid into the back seat with Niall. My heart was beating out of my chest and my stomach was knotted up with excitement. In the year and a half we had been dating, Niall had taken me around the world, showing me sites I had never dreamed of seeing. But tonight, it was my turn. I was going to show him something, a place that was magical to me, where I had made many great memories and felt every emotion in the extreme. I was nervous that he wouldn’t get it, that he wouldn’t feel the energy this building contained, but if anyone could understand that a sports arena could be special, certainly it was super-sports-fan-Niall Horan. I gripped his hand and smiled at him. His return smile was warm and full of love, his blue eyes sparkling below the brim of his new Jayhawk snapback.

“KU blue looks good on you, Horan,” I said, tapping the bill of the cap. He looked like a proper frat boy in the snapback, his white t-shirt cuffed at the sleeves, stretching perfectly across his shoulders. It was easy to imagine what it would have been like if he had attended a college like the University of Kansas. He would have really enjoyed it, and I would have had the biggest crush on him. I was proud to be able share this with him and show a little about what my life was like while I was an undergrad.

“Your hands are shaking, love.” He squeezed the one he was holding to emphasize his point. “You a little excited?”

“I’m so excited. Allen Fieldhouse is like my favorite place. I know you’ve been to some great sports venues but,” I sighed, feeling a little wistful. “I know I’m a little biased but I think there’s something special about it. There’s a lot of history here.”

“So you’ve told me. A few times, in fact.” His eyes crinkled in a smile as he teased you. The last couple of days had been heavily filled with Kansas basketball trivia. It even included a trip to the new museum that was built to house the original rules of basketball, typed out by its inventor James Naismith, the first coach at KU. He had listened intently and appropriately marveled at the treasures that were held there.

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EXO’s storyline observations and notes

Hello everyone!

With EXO’s recent mindblowing comeback their story became even more mysterious and complicated. While I’ve been reading through numerous theories (which were totally amazing!), I’ve been taking objective notes and writting down subjective opinions as well. Not only because this the project (EXO × Heroes) stems from EXO’s concept/s and I don’t want to encounter any problems in the story and symbolism but also because the connections truly are fascinating.

I haven’t read everything and probably missed many details so I apologize beforehand for any possible nonsense and for pointing out what may have been already written by someone else. The points may be contradictive for this is not a coherent theory, just a list of small observations.

Feel free to prove me wrong and/or use in any of these points in your theories~

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Christmas in Fiore (And Alvarez) - Fairy Tail Christmas Oneshot

25th December. It’s Christmas everywhere in Fiore. Houses and streets are decorated with colorful decorations. But, In Alvarez, some people celebrate Christmas too.

- Merry Christmas, Empress - said Eileen to a woman with brown hair.

- Oh, Merry Christmas, Eileen.

- It’s something wrong?

- Have you seen Tamashi? He wasn’t here when I woke up.

- He was talking with Invel yesterday. I can’t remember about what they were talking.

- Oh… Thanks, Eileen.

- Empress…

- Yes?

- When this corpse you’re using started to decompose?

- Few days ago. Why?

- You need to be careful.

- I know. I’ve been careful for thousands of years.

Meanwhile, Carlomagno entered in another room.

- Merry Christmas, guys.

- Merry Christmas, Magno - answered Georg, Jack and Marcos.

- Over? What are you doing?

- Hacking the communications - answered Over, who was using archive magic in a lacrima.

- Are you planning to call your brother?

- He needs it.

- Can I call my mom?

- No. I only call my brother. Alvarez could discover this if we made too many calls, or one long call.

- Can I tell him to send regards to my mom?

- Of course. Oh, it finished.

Over took the lacrima and marked a number. In Fiore, another lacrima rang. His owner, who was still sleeping and totally covered with the blankets, answered.

- Yes…?

- Did I woke up you, Larcade? - asked Over at the other side of the lacrima.

- Nii-san! I was awake.

- Liar. You had your sleepy voice when you answered.

- Maybe I was a little sleepy…

- No, I know you. You were sleeping.

- Ok, you caught me.

- Merry Christmas, brother.

- It’s today!?

- Yes.

- Merry Christmas to you too, Nii-san.

- Oh, fuck! - said Magno in the background -. My mother doesn’t know I’m here, closed like a rat!

- Don’t worry. I’ll tell her.

- You will? - asked Over.

- She’ll probably show up tomorrow, asking for him.

- Oh, well. Problem solved. Send regards to the family from all of us.

- With family… You mean all of that crazy guys? Including the dragons?

- Of course. And give Elementia a hug from Georg.

- I’ll do it. You have to end the call?

- You noticed. If I keep it longer, they can discover us.

- I see… See you soon, Nii-san.

- Later, Larcade.

The call ended, and some tears appeared in Larcade’s eyes. That was the second time he talked with his brother. Even if they where in the same place for 25 years, they never talked to each other in person.

- Who was, Larcade? - asked Zeref, who was at the door looking at him.

- Over nii-san - answered Larcade, looking at the lacrima.

- What happened?

- Nothing. He only wanted to say “Merry Christmas” to me.

- I don’t understand.

- What?

- You two are identical. How you can’t read each other’s mind?

- You can?

- I can read Natsu’s mind. And he can read my mind.

- Probably those with human blood can do it.

- Dragons twins can do it too.

- Why we can’t?

- Maybe I sealed it when I sealed your power.

- You’re the worst father.

Larcade covered himself again with the blankets.

- Larcade… - Zeref sat at the bed, next to Larcade.

- Leave me alone!

- I needed to do it. If I let you true power flow, Anastascia would take your body and drop me somewhere.

- Why she would do it?

- Because you and Over are stronger than me. And your power is special. Also… You two are directly linked to the Fairy Heart Mavis’ created.

- Is that all? Our power? That’s the only important for you?

- I’ll never forgive myself if I let her touch you. I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t want to lose my family again.

Larcade uncovered his face and saw his father’s tears.

- Dad…

- I lost my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, my uncles, my aunt, my cousins… Even myself. All lost because of her. I didn’t want to lose you. You were so tiny. I had to protect you, even if I make you hate me.

Larcade hugged his father. He started to cry.

- We are here now, dad. Every single one of us. And she’s not here.

- I know, but I was 400 years alone. I still need to realize this is not a dream. That you and Mavis are here with me, Natsu is cooking crêpes for breakfast, Morgana was born and she’s alive, mom and dad find each other after 400 years, uncle Azrael resurrected, my grandfathers are some kind of brothers, and…

- Dad, I understand.

- I was possessed for 400 years by a dark fairy, and your brother is not here because of her.

- But he called, and give me regards for all the family.

- Dragons included?

- What’s with the dragons in this family?

- They are like some kind of uncles and aunts to us.

- Zeref! Larcade! Breakfast is ready! - said Natsu, who was in the kitchen.

- We’re coming! - answered Zeref.

Both ran to the kitchen, made the same jump to sat at the table and waited in the same position. Mavis laughed.

- Let’s see… Blueberries for Zeref, cocoa for Larcade - said Natsu, giving them the crêpes. Zeref and Larcade started to eat -, fish for Happy, strawberries and chocolate for Mavis, apple for me, and this one for Lucy.

- You made one for Lucy? - asked Happy.

- Yes.

- You liiike herrr…

Natsu only smiled. Zeref and Larcade, tired of eating slowly their crêpes, made a roll with them and put it into their mouths.

- Eh!? What I missed!? - asked Happy, confused.

- You don’t need to know - answered Natsu, taking his and Lucy’s crêpes.

- Tell me, Natsu…

- I won’t tell you.

Natsu left the house. Happy tried to follow him, but Mavis catched the Exceed.

- It’s better if you don’t follow him, Happy - said Mavis.

- But I need to know… - said Happy, with tears in his eyes.

- He told us to keep it like a secret for you.

- Why? I want to know!

- I think your crêpe is salmon.

- Salmon!

Happy flew to the table and ate his crêpe. Mavis sat at the table and noticed her boys staring at her crêpe.

- You want a little? - asked Mavis. Both nooded -. But that’s mine!

- Please… - said both, making puppy eyes.

- But it’s my crêpe… Don’t eat it…

Mavis made puppy eyes. The boys blushed.

- She’s too cute… - whispered both at the same time they stopped staring at her.

- I win!

- That’s not a competition… - said Happy looking at the scene.

Meanwhile, Natsu entered at Lucy’s house through the window, left the crêpes on the desk and kissed Lucy’s cheek, waking up her.

- Good morning, Natsu… - said Lucy when she woke up and saw him.

- Merry Christmas, Lucy.

- What’s that smell?

- Crêpes. And Brandish?

- Probably in Fairy Hills. The girls made a party last night. It was fun.

- You need to take a shower?

- Yes.

- Go, I’ll wait here.

- You don’t want to come?

- Can I?

- Of course.

Natsu followed Lucy inside the bathroom. Meanwhile, Neinhart was sleeping in his apartment.

- Papa! Woke up! - yelled a little boy with purple hair while jumping on the bed.

- Don’t jump, Genos - said Neinhart to the little boy. The kid stopped his jumping.

- Good morning, papa.

- Good morning. And Wahl?

- Dad woke up early and went to Fairy Tail.

- It’s true. He was between the ones Mirajane called to decorate the guild for tonight’s party.

- I’m hungry…

- Let’s go to get something for breakfast.

- Yay!

Meanwhile, in Fairy Tail, Wahl was using a pair of flying boots to change some lightbulbs.

- This is the last one - said Wahl when he put the last lightbulb.

- Thank you, Wahl - said Mirajane.

- What happened last year if you have to change practically all the lightbulbs?

- Nothing. It hasn’t been used for eight years.

- Why?

- It’s a long story.

- The guild lost his reputation for seven years, and the last one was dissolved - explained Laxus.

- Those decorations where in Fairy Hills and they’re not damaged.

- Fairy Tail has a more interesting story than Alvarez - said Wahl.

- And nobody explained you when Phantom Lord attacked us - added Laxus.

- I want to listen that story.

Suddenly, an explosion came from the kitchen. When they entered in it, they found Gray staring at a part of the kitchen who was completely black.

- Gray! - yelled Laxus -. What happened!?

- I don’t know… - answered Gray, still scared -. It just… Blow up… All was black…

- How we made the lunch for the ones who will come? - asked Mirajane, worried.

- Three hours - said Wahl suddenly -. Give me three hours and I’ll repair this. And don’t enter in the kitchen in all this time.

- I’ll leave it to you - answered Laxus. Wahl nooded.

Laxus took Gray and left the kitchen with Mirajane, leaving Wahl alone. During the next three hours, no one entered in the kitchen, as he requested. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail members, and Natsu and Zeref’s family, arrived at the guild.

- Hello! - said a blond man, entering at the guild -. We’re here!

- Hello Ezequiel-san! - answered Mirajane -. I’m sorry, but Gray destroyed our kitchen.

- Really? What he did?

- I don’t know… Wahl is working in fixing it.

- I finished - announced Wahl, behind Mirajane -. And I cleaned it. You can use them.

- Great! - said the black haired man who was with Ezequiel -. Let’s go, Ezel!

- Your son will come, Lucifer?

- Probably. Why?

- Remember who he is.

- Don’t worry. He will come with his wife and his daughter to see his twins and his grandson.

- He won’t do a thing - explained Ezequiel -. He relaxed after recovering his family.

- Are you sure? - asked Laxus.

- We know our son very well. And we have work to do. Let’s go, Lucy!

Ezequiel and Lucifer went to the kitchen and closed themselves in it. All the other members of Fairy Tail arrived while they were cooking. Then, the dragons, the royal family of Rubial and the fairies royal family.

- And dad? - asked Zeref to the fairy queen.

- He doesn’t want to come - answered the fairy queen -. Now everyone knows who is he.

- Female Acnologia… - whispered everyone in Fairy Tail while they saw the fairy princess.

- Any problem with that!? - said the fairy princess, angry.

- No, princess!

- Good.

- Morgana, don’t scare our friends - said Zeref.

- You know I don’t like when people talks about how bad and deadly is Acnologia, Zeref-nii.

- I know. I don’t like it too. But it was like this for 400 years. People needs to know the true Acnologia.

- Dad isn’t coming? - asked Natsu.

- Grandpa won’t come!? - asked Larcade, surprised.

- He will come - answered the dragon queen -, just give him time.

- He always does it when he’s uncomfortable - added the king of Rubial.

- You know better my husband than me - said the fairy queen.

- I was with him when all started. He was always uncomfortable when there was too many people around.

- I can understand why. I didn’t want people around when I woke up after the comma. Then, Morgana was born and I didn’t let the other fairies touch her.

- You were lucky to have Morgana with you.

- And Raziel was lucky to find you two. Raios, Shadow, thank you for taking care of him for twenty years.

- That’s not the first time you say this.

- I won’t say it enough times.

Both laughed. Meanwhile, Morgana approached to Mavis and Larcade.

- Mavis and Larcade, I suppose - said Morgana.

- Who are you? - asked Mavis.

- I’m Morgana, Natsu and Zeref’s little sister.

- You are Morgana!? The Acnologia with fairy wings!?

- That’s my dragon form.

- Thank you for your help in the war!

Mavis made a reverence while saying that. Morgana laughed.

- The fairy kingdom is hidden in Fiore. That’s why Anastascia attacked you. She wanted to find our kingdom.

- You’re my aunt? - asked Larcade.

- I am.

Larcade hugged Morgana, and cried. She returned the hug.

- Are you happy to meet your family, Larcade? - asked Morgana.

- Of course he is - answered Mavis -. I’m happy to meet you too.

- Well, we’re family. I hope my father come here today.

- You mean… Acnologia?

- Who else?

- I want to meet him.

- I know.

The Dragneel family sat together. Raios, and the rest of the Rubial’s royal family sat with Gajeel. The dragons sat in random free seats. But there was one reserved for the fairy king.

While everyone was eating, someone entered in the guild. Everyone freeze when they saw Acnologia in his human form.

- Dad! - yelled Natsu and Zeref while running on the table. Then, they jumped and hugged Acnologia, making him fall on the ground.

- My kids. My boys. My twins. My babies - said Acnologia at the same time he was crying, and returning the hug to the boys.

Natsu and Zeref took Acnologia with them and made him sit next to the fairy queen. The fairy queen kissed him. The others asked the dragons what happened exactly.

- The apocaliptic dragon has been reunited with his family - answered the dragons.

During the lunch, the Dragneel family was talking. Lucy, Larcade and Mavis finally meet all the family. Lucy didn’t expect how the true Acnologia was. He was very supportive with his children, and the kind of person you can tell anything.

When they finished eating everything, they noticed that was snowing outside.

- It will get worst - said one of the dragons, the one with iced hair.

- Are you sure, Iceberg? - asked Acnologia.

- I’m the ice dragon. Of course I’m sure.

- Well - said Laxus -, it’s better if everyone goes home now. We don’t know how worst will be.

Everyone went to their homes. As Iceberg said, the storm was getting worst.

- Can I play with the snow tomorrow? - asked Genos to his dads.

- Of course you can - answered Neinhart.

- Yay!

That night, in Alvarez, Invel entered at the stables.

- Merry Christmas Zeref 1, Zeref 2, Zeref 3…

The next morning, the other Spriggans found him sleeping surrounded by goats.

- Where did those goats come from? - asked Dimaria.

- I could say the same about you knives - answered Ajeel.

- Zeref 3482… - whispered Invel while sleeping.

- How many goats are inside this tiny stable? - asked Eileen.

- They are not all there - said the Empress -. The goats are in all the stables of the castle.

- What we do with them?

- Free them, but don’t let them cross the limits of the castle.

The Spriggans released all the goats. They where everywhere.

Meanwhile, in Magnolia, the first one who woke up was Larcade. And the first he did was look through the window.

- SNOW! - yelled Larcade.

He ran outside the house and jumped into the snow. In pajamas.

- It’s cold! - said Larcade when he feel the snow in his skin.

Suddenly, a snowball hit his head. When Larcade turned, Zeref was at the door preparing another snowball. And a snowball war started, with Larcade and Zeref in pajamas. Meanwhile, Wahl and Neinhart were making an snowman with Genos.

- Dad, you’re not cold? - asked Genos.

- I can’t feel the external temperatures yet - answered Wahl -. I’m working on it.

- You can’t feel nothing when I hug you? - asked Neinhart, surprised.

- I didn’t say that. It’s the first thing I modified.

- I love you, Wahl.

- I love you too, Nein.

At the same time, in Lucy’s house, Brandish threw snow on Natsu and Lucy.

- It’s cold! - yelled Lucy, waking up -. Brandish, why did you do that?

- Well, there’s snow everywhere - answered Brandish -, and doesn’t snow too often in Alvarez.

- You took the opportunity, right?

- Yes, but I don’t understand why people think this is fun.

- It’s because you did it in the wrong way - answered Natsu -. You have to make a ball and throw it to someone. But it’s better if you do it outside.

- Why?

- You can made the snowballs you need. Snowball battle, girls?

- Of course! - answered Lucy.

The three dressed up with winter clothes and made a snowball fight.

Two hours later, Larcade and Zeref where covered with blankets. Both catched a cold.

- What I have to do with you two? - asked Mavis.

- Take care of us? - answered both.

- Mavis, there’s someone at the door who wants to see you - announced Happy, entering at the room.

- I’ll go to see who is. Happy, take care of them for a while.

Mavis left the room and both catched Happy.

- You will take care of us, will you? - asked both.

- You’re scaring me! - yelled Happy, scared.

- You two catched a cold? - asked someone -. And what I do with that week I have here?

The three of them looked at the one who entered in the room. That person smiled.

- Over! - yelled Zeref and Larcade. Then, they hugged Over.

- We finally meet in person, dad, Larcade.

- You only have a week?

- It’s the best I could get since Alvarez isolated.

- We will enjoy this week.

- I know. But you two have to recover.

- Will you take care of us?

- What are you? Twins? You’re doing exactly the same. Of course I will take care of you.

Both smiled, making Over smile. Mavis looked at them from the door with Happy, who could free himself when Over appeared.

- Merry Christmas, dad, Larcade.

- Merry Christmas, Over.

- Merry Christmas, boys.

The three smiled looking at her. That day, Over cooked something for his father and brother, who became koalas in his back.

youre-brilliant  asked:

Have you seen the post where someone accidentally said "I love you" at the end of ordering a pizza and ended up dating them? (tumblr is not allowing me to add a link). Sounds like a Sterek AU to me...

oh my god this is precious

Stiles doesn’t know what just happened.

One moment he was taking a perfect order over the phone–True Pizza is slowly building a clientele in town, and it’s good, especially since people often return to them once they taste the delicious taste of a pizza actually cooked in a pizza oven, God bless Scott and his magical hands … wrong phrasing–, writing down the man’s requirements.

And the next …

“I love you.”

“Sorry what,” Stiles says, nearly dropping the phone in his shock.

A sharp intake of breath echoes in the receiver, and then the unmistakable sound of a curse being whispered, and then nothing.

The guy orders what constitutes a perfect pizza in Stiles’ mind–meat lover with extra peppers and extra tomato sauce, come on–, makes him a spontaneous love confession and hangs up on him?


No way.

Stiles presses the button to call back the last caller and waits, drumming his fingers on the countertop.

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The Sun Kissed Her More Than He Did

Soul Eater

Word Count: 1450

SoMa Week: Prompt 1 (Types of Kisses)

please take this story as a gift before my hiatus

Without a doubt, partnering up with Maka had desensitized a thirteen year old weapon to more than he thought possible. Much of their early years of partnership was a constant balance of what he could handle and what he thought he should. As it turned out, living with Maka Albarn, living with a girl, was so much more than he expected, and not at all as bad as he had once thought. Sometimes (secretly, to himself) he admitted that it was even easier than living with Wes. Other times, Maka’s motives were…. questionable.

“Soul, I want to try it.”

He wrinkled his nose. “You hate alcohol. You literally can’t stand the stuff.”

“I know, but I’m twenty one now. I ought to try something new, don’t you think?”

“And you want to try a beer? A Stella, no less? You didn’t like the last three you tried. Why would you like this one?”

“This one is different. Hand it over!” She reached for it but her partner held the bottle high and away from her. “Soul!”

“Why the sudden urge?”

“Just give it, would you?”

“What’s so special about this one?”

“Because it’s yours,” she said, “now please let me try it.”

“Hmm. How about no.”

“I will hit you if I have to, Soul Eater, don’t test me.” Slowly, he handed it to her and watched as she took a swig of it before promptly gagging. “This is disgusting, Soul, why do you drink it?”

“Not for the taste, that’s for damn sure.” Soul took it back from her and snickered when Maka scrubbed her mouth with the back of her hand, full of regret. At thirteen, he would have squirmed at the thought of sharing an indirect kiss with his meister. Now?

Soul downed some of the golden liquid. Maka watched him drink it in awe.

“Amazing,” she breathed, sitting back down in her chair, “but that better not land in the hotel lobby.”

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pennyroyalcas  asked:

Hiya! I'm a huge fan of your blog— and I may or may not have post notifications on— And was just wondering if you have any good bakery fics. Baker Dean or Cas, it doesn't really matter to me. I would appreciate it so much! Stay awesome :)

Thank you! Every time someone compliments us I’m suspicious that it’s Admin J disguised as anon :’D! You have proved me wrong! Anyway, do I have good bakery fics? Hell yes I do! Admin J is probably not happy with the length of this post because she’s the one who has to link all these fics for you… but whatever! I swear to God I’ve probably read every single fic in baker Dean/Cas tag and well, everything related to baker AU generally. So here is SOME of my favorite bakery AU stories, yes there’s more to come later :’D

Also you might be interested of our bakery/coffee shop tag, so HERE is a link to that.

Enjoy! – Admin A

Title: What’s Life Without A Little Sprinkles?

Author: emmiegrace

Rating: Mature

Words: 8,549 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: If this isn’t the sweetest and the funniest thing ever written then I don’t know what is! Seriously, baker Cas is one of my favorite tags even though baker Dean would make so much more sense :’D

Summary: From the outside “Bee’s Knees Bakery” and “Demon Ink” don’t seem like the kind of shops to share a sidewalk. But really the cutesy sign hanging above the Cupcakery was drawn one late evening by a tattoo artist with skulls on his arm, but flowers covering his chest.

And if you take a step inside the black painted tattoo shop you’ll find a man with more love in his heart for his husband than he has tattoos on his body. And he’s willing to do anything for his dorky huffy little baker next door. Including going on a lame frilly reality competition show.

In which Castiel takes his husband as his assistant on “Cupcake Wars”

( Read here )

Title: apple pie life

Author: poetictragedy

Rating: Explicit

Words: 5,846 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I need a sequal for this, now! You might not know it yet but if you keep scrolling down this ask you’ll notice that I will go a little crazy and start reccing every single baker fic that I know of :’D It’s my fav tag to read! Just like homeless Cas tag, florist cas, single parent cas… you get the picture :’D

Summary: Dean is a lonely mechanic, and Castiel is a baker. Dean becomes infatuated with him and Castiel fills the empty void in his life.

( Read here )

Title: OPCOST - the oneshot

Author: BeautifulDelusions

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 6,101 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I need to open a bakery called Piegatory Café! Lol thats the best name ever… and this note has nothing to do with the fic because I don’t know what to say about it, except that it was fluffy and sweet and shy Dean was awesome!

Admin J’s notes: I can see you in that café of yours. It’s covered with framed SPN images. And there’s no customers anywhere.

Summary: Dean Winchester is a pastry chef at Piegatory Café, and he may or may not have a crush on a regular customer who probably has no idea Dean even exists. But that’s okay because Dean doesn’t know the guy’s name or where the guy works or if the guy’s single or even interested in other men.

( Read here )

Title: Pity Party Pie

Author: shellygurumi

Rating: Mature

Words: 15,186 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I love Cas in this! He’s no-nonsense, confident and self-assured that doesn’t usually appear on AU’s like this, and Dean is the more shy and awkward one. Because I’m a bottom Cas reader I think I’m more forgiving to the whole whiny-twink Cas thing that people make him to be, but I do love it when he’s like this. Socially awkward, yes! Weak and feminine, hell no!

Summary: Dean just moved to Pontiac, Illinois to get a change of local. New in town, he’s having a hard time dealing, until he finds a bakery that claims to have the best pie around. It helps that one of the workers there is a rather attractive and friendly guy, with pretty blue eyes and an offer to show him around town.

( Read here )

Title: Of Flowers and Flours

Author: angelwingsandthings

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 4,217 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Awww this is adorable. Lol you guys have no idea how hard it is to write notes about short oneshots with the same theme because they all are essentially the same :’D  Still, I never get tired reading these!

Summary: Castiel owns a floral shop, Dean owns a bakery.

( Read here )

Title: Pie ‘Verse

Author: Dalektable

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 13,000 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I feel like slapping myself every time I say a fic is adorable or awesome :’D I need more adjectives in my vocabulary! But this was awesome and so adorably fluffy!

Summary: Dean’s lived here for years, and never noticed the little bakery tucked away into the folds of the town. It’s small and unassuming, but inside is one of the most beautiful people he’s seen in his life.

( Read here )

Title: The Pumpkin Pie Started It

Author: wiccanstiel

Rating: Explicit

Words: 8,118 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I’m not even into omega Dean but damn if this wasn’t the sweetest and the sexiest thing ever written! I think I may have to read this again :’D

Summary: Dean Winchester is your ordinary college student. He does his work, fixes cars, complains about being broke.

Except when he visits the new campus bakery, he ends up getting more than the pie he asked for.

( Read here )

Title: Like Winchesters for Chocolate

Author: tiptoe39

Rating: Explicit

Words: 9,500 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I need an episode of Gabriel specials that would start with the whole ”feeding people, sweetening things”! It took me five minutes to collect myself from the floor before I could even start reading this. I was lauging way too much and now my sides hurt!

Summary: Castiel doesn’t want to join his brother Gabriel in the family business (feeding people, sweetening things). So Gabriel hires Castiel’s crush, Dean, as a candy-making apprentice. But it turns out that when Dean makes sweets, they turn out… special.

( Read here )

Title: In the House of the Rising Bun

Author: imissmaeberry

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 9,046 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: The puns were hilarious! Too bad I’m not really all that funny in real life and certainly not clever enough to make up any puns. My humor is darker and comes from a place of deeply rooted sarcasm and self-deprecating wit (I’m Finnish after all, you can’t expect much else :’D).

Summary: Dean Winchester only has three rules concerning the cafe he and his brother Sam own, “House of the Rising Bun”.

1. Any and all opportunities to make a pun will be taken.

2. Free regular coffee with your student ID (If you want some of that fancy nonsense you gotta pay, sorry kids).

3. Anyone and everyone is always welcome.

Between Dean running the shop full-time and Sam helping out whenever he isn’t in class, there really isn’t a whole lot of time for romance for either of them. But that all changes when they gain a new regular - some writer from London - who may or may not have the bluest eyes Dean’s ever seen.

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Title: Pieradise

Author: blueskiessunshine (rainydayrambling)

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,235 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Cas… you judgemental jerk! I swear he’s just like me in the beginning of this; judging things and people without knowing anything about them and then when proven wrong… feeling guilty about it :’D

Summary: Dean owns a bakery; Castiel is a painter fascinated by the idea of angels. They find each other, thanks to coffee and cupcakes.


“Man, come on,” the baker said, gesturing to the display case. “You don’t come into a bakery and order just coffee.” He paused for a moment and took in Castiel’s appearance. “Look,” he said, “if it’s the money, don’t worry about it. First cupcake’s free.” He smiled.

“No, sir – ”

“Call me Dean.”

“Dean. It’s not the money, I just – I’m not overly fond of confections.”

Dean laughed – chuckled, really, and it shouldn’t have been endearing, but it was, somehow. “You haven’t tried mine,” he said.

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Title: The Baking Angel

Author: tiptoe39

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 27,546 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is the best thing ever! (I say that about way too many fics, I need better standards!) But I mean it every time! I just have a huge thing for baker au, much more than coffee shop Au… Though barista Dean is a good tag too! And now I’m rambling. Anyway, everyone should go and read this one like right now because it was perfect!

Summary: Castiel and Gabriel have been running their bakeshop for thirty years, waiting for the Vessels to show and signal the end of the world. When the waiting ends, the two brother angels find their loyalties – and their world – changing. Romance, brotherly love, and a hefty dose of brown sugar.

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Title: Pie Days

Author: PandionPandeus

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,714 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I’m dying here… I need more! This was just like a short introduction to an actual story. So frustrating!

Summary: Cas bakes pies for a living.

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Title: A Little Slice of Heaven

Author: TakeThePieNow, TricksterMode

Rating: Mature

Words: 40,505 – Ongoing

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: So this is the second time I’m reccing this unfinished story and I just must remind you of it’s awesomeness and that you should all go read it, give it kudos and beg for more chapters! That’s right guys! Beggin still isn’t beneath us!

Summary: Sam Winchester is moving on with his life. He getting married and ready to start the Apple Pie Life his father almost ruined. Everything should go smoothly with the wedding planning, but with Gabe’s brother staring straight into Dean’s soul across the table things are as smooth as crunchy peanut butter.

Dean Winchester, on the other hand, is not progressing very far in his life. His baby brother doesn’t need him anymore and he’s broke because his earnings go to his father’s rehab bills. When a job opportunity comes along it not only changes his perspective on life, but opens him up to new possibilities.

Castiel Novak has Aspergers Syndrome, but doesn’t see it has a hindrance. He likes his job. He likes his life. He also seems to like Sam Winchester’s green eyed brother.

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Title: kiss the frown from your face

Author: dontbitethesun

Rating: Mature

Words: 3,508 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: The moment Dean mentioned the show ”Cooking with Castiel”, I had to take a break from reading, go to youtube and watch Misha’s Cooking with West because it’s been way too long since I last watched it :’D

Summary: Dean gets a job in a bakery, dates his boss, and crashes on his brother’s couch. Sam has an expression for everything. Jess and Dean have a name for each one.

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Title: Between Flour and Dough

Author: Bates

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 5,468 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Okay I know it’s not Christmas season anymore but I can’t help it!

Summary: Dean loves working at the family bakery. He’s grown up there, helping his father in the kitchen and stealing cookies when he wasn’t watching. Except now that his father passed away, he’s alone in the kitchen. With the holiday season coming up, his mother decides they should hire someone to help him out, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks.

When Castiel - and old friend of Sam’s - comes in, it reminds him just how much he’s missed having someone around while working. Soon, their friendship blossoms. Or maybe more?

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So you’re thinking of signing up as a Reverse Bang Author...

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What is a Reverse Big Bang challenge?

A Big Bang challenge is a collaboration between authors and artists.

A Reverse Bang means the artists produce original art first. Then the Authors write a long story (12,000 word minimum, this time around) based on that art - be it a drawing, fanmix, fanvid, gifset or manip.

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