i too am the black cat of the family

Imagine being the present day spawn of Ciel and beginning stressed about finals (This is pure Fluff.... I just needed some pure fluff in my life)

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You were in the mood to just curl up in a ball and start weeping till you drowned in your own tears. Your books were thrown to the side as you casted yourself upon your bed, and sank into the cheap bedding. 

 "You look stressed my lady?“ A voice echoed through your room, causing you to sit up in your mess of a bed. 

"Sebastian…. It is the 21st century, you really do not have to call me my lady." 

"I know however…" 

"A butler who fails to address his mistress formally is not worth his salt.” You smiled as he took a seat next to you. 

 "Where is Ciel? I figured his little ass would be…“ 

"Master Ciel was called away, appears he has decided to create a contract with a young maiden on your campus. Maybe he will court her?" 

"I hope, if I have to cradle him for one more night as he cries for my mother, I may scream." 

"Well what about me?” You looked into his scarlet eyes and smiled at his slight pout, “you my dear are far different. You have not binding agreement with me, only my father. However my father sadly happens to be a 200 year old demon with a personal butler who is stunningly handsome." 

"I am still unsure how your young father approved of this? I mean you are the only heir…" 

"To a family who died years ago, I know. However I also know the day my mother died to give me life was the day Ciel made you promise to always love me, and I am sure he was more then happy to discover that his daughter and butler fancied each other." 

"Well if you really fancy me, then why are you not telling me what is wrong?" 

"Because nothing is wrong, I am just stressed. I am in a foul mood today and am not ready for this next week of finals. I promise Sebastian I will be fine, I just need some sleep." 

 "Very well, I shall tend to the chores as such.” Sebastian smiled in his creepily charming way as he slowly exited the room, as you flopped back onto the mess and played on your phone as you slowly feel asleep. 

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 When you awake you found yourself surrounded by red roses, the bouquets littered the desks, the drawers, the closet, the shelves, sitting next to you sat a small black stuffed cat and on your computer sat a small dish housing a slice of cake. You looked around the room and thanked the heavens you had your own room, so you didn’t have to answer any questions. 

“Oh Sebastian.” You whispered as you took the cat into your embrace, upon studying it more you discovered the family ring tied around the collar, a note attached reading, “I am one hell of a lover too, you will be fine my dear. You always are." 

As though he heard the whispering of his name he slowly opened your door, and met your glowing face, "Do you like them, your father always requested red roses at all his events, I was unsure though if you would like tulips like your mother did. He always would order me to deliver them when she too was stressed." 

 "You are too much sometimes.” You whispered as he sat in the chair beside your bed. 

“There is that smile I adore.” He took your hand as you laid in your bed, the cat still wrapped in your embrace. 

“Sounds odd, coming from a demon and all. But you were right about one thing." 

"And what might that be?" 

"You are one hell of a lover.”


Mixed kids are experts at crafting community.

We have to be, because of comments, attitudes, and beliefs like the ones expressed above. We know better than anyone else that you don’t have to be family to be kin, that you can’t always rely on your People to be your people.

Dual ethnic rejection means that you have no one. 

White people aren’t my people for obvious reasons.

My cousin doesn’t think I’m a real human person. He has never “mistreated” me, but he has also never mistreated the cat.

Black people aren’t my people for obvious reasons.

Talmbout some “pure bred” shit.

My people are deviants.

I am too filthy for white people and too dilute for Blacks, so I get to go sit at the Mulatta table and watch both sides of my family alternatively not want me and then fight over me, fight for who gets to lay claim to my skin and my hair and my Other and who gets the honor of laying apart the cells of my flesh and the breath of my day to put me into one of two boxes and in the meantime letting words come out their mouths like they don’t think I been listening for nineteen years.

My people are deviants. 

I live in a community of deviants and I feel the strain in my sinew as I stretch my arms to hold all those people together close to me, because I can never tell who is going to be my kin and who is going to brand me with that scarlet M –





My people are deviants.

My people deviate from one standard or another

My people are not identified by the color of their skin alone, but by the history of their blood and the stories in their fingerprints


My people too often are told they deviate from human

My people’s parents are too often told that they have sinned in the eyes of some God

My people are called living abortions

My people are called absolute abominations


My people shed their skin in the mirror

My people suffer dysphoria when they run their hands over their skin

My people breathe politics and eat it too

My people worry they are a disgrace to their parents

My people’s parents worry that they have failed their children


And underneath it all my people have no where to call home.