i told you to get me off this site


you know how i prepare for the holidays? writing more shitty comics about my ‘diego as dio’s brother’ AU. the sum of the AU is they are a bit explosive when in the same room, but instead of alternate selves exploding literally in front of each other, they just sort of explode metaphorically

but sometimes things are okay. siblings can just be jerks occasionally, especially if they’re brandos.

(there are captions if you click! if tumblr makes the comics look unreadable, here’s an off site link. the new york salt was provided by my friend who lives there, and told me immediately what borough would be the least exciting one to receive from your all-powerful immortal brother for christmas)

To be a bit more coherent, today BT UK seems to have turned on parental controls automatically. On the light setting (which blocks things that reference pornography, drugs, alcohol and “tastelessness”) AO3 got scooped up in the mix. (I feel this is a bit of a damning summation of AO3′s content, but I guess it’s covered)

However it should be noted that fanfiction.net WAS NOT blocked by this same filter.

To get past it, you need to be the account holder. I just went and turned parental controls off, because please. It’s meant to take 2 hours for it to take effect, but we will see. You can add exceptions “safe sites” etc if you would rather, but when I tried it told me I wasn’t the account holder (I was.) So I dunno what’s going on there.

Changing the DNS settings on your PC doesn’t work either. What a way to start my day. Blocked by bloody BT of all things.

ETA: For now BT does seem to have agreed to let me turn OFF parental controls, but if you’re not the account holder things might get tricky.

So after paying off my mortgage earlier this year I never received the original deed showing that I now own the house, not the bank. So I emailed Quicken Loans a few months ago and asked what I needed to do. They told me that because the state of Montana doesn’t require them to take care of any of the post-mortgage paperwork, they don’t. Good luck getting it done on your own!

So I started searching on various Montana state websites trying to figure out how to get a copy of the deed and the “Full Reconveyance” letter that basically states “we acknowledge you’ve paid off your mortgage and you now own the property”. But it was all confusing and a couple sites mentioned coming into the courthouse and I just marked the email as unread and left it sitting in my inbox since March.

Today I decided it was time to deal with it. I started the search again. This time I found one page that said I could request the deed and letter via certified mail at $2 per page. And a phone number. So I called to see exactly how to request it via mail, was there a form or procedure?

The woman on the phone was super nice and chuckled a little saying “don’t worry about all of that, I can tell you the two form IDs you need and you can print your deed and Full Reconveyance letter right from our website!”

So this thing I’ve been putting off for months now because I thought it’d be a big scary To Do, took one phone call and two minutes of printing PDFs. Done. Finished.

Sometimes life hands you little wins.