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Thicker than Water - Part 3

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Bucky x Reader series

Summary: Inspired by this post (x)
Being born and raised in a HYDRA family means you must be a devoted member to the organisation, carrying out orders with blind obedience. But after being assigned the suicide mission of being the Winter Soldier’s handler, you slowly start to question where your loyalties truly lie.

Warnings: Violence, swearing, mentions of nakedness

Word Count: 3171

A.N: BUCKLE UP KIDS! this is only getting started

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February 2004
0428 hours

“I can’t believe you’re working in the lab,” said Daniel as he inserted a new magazine into his gun, tossing his old one somewhere on the floor of the shooting range.

You were sitting behind him, feet propped over the small table while you leaned behind on a chair you had dragged all the way to the cubicle, smirking.

“I mean-” -he went on, gesturing with both hands but stopping once realized he was holding a loaded gun in one of them “sorry- it’s just- you’re probably the best shooter we’ve had and they’re making you waste your abilities.”

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you know how i prepare for the holidays? writing more shitty comics about my ‘diego as dio’s brother’ AU. the sum of the AU is they are a bit explosive when in the same room, but instead of alternate selves exploding literally in front of each other, they just sort of explode metaphorically

but sometimes things are okay. siblings can just be jerks occasionally, especially if they’re brandos.

(there are captions if you click! if tumblr makes the comics look unreadable, here’s an off site link. the new york salt was provided by my friend who lives there, and told me immediately what borough would be the least exciting one to receive from your all-powerful immortal brother for christmas)

BTS Comforting You (Bad Test Score)

“Jagiya I’m home,”Namjoon said happily as he closed the front door. “Hi,”you said weakly as he went to him and hugged him. “What wrong? Oh wait you took your exam today!”he said as he looked at you smiling but then realized how upset you looked. “I think I seriously failed that test,”you said as he covered your face with your hands. “Don’t say that. You did just fine because I was your tutor so you obviously passed the test with flying colors,”he said with a cocky look on his face.

Taehyung: “Why do you look so down?”Taehyung asked you as he gave you side hug. “You know the exam I told you about?”you asked him. “Oh yea the one that you spent the whole night studying for,”he nodded as he looked at you confused. “Well everything that was on the test wasn’t what I was studying about. I didn’t know more than 80% of the test,”you said as you leaned your head on his shoulder. “Whenever you think you failed you always get an A so don’t worry to much on it. Let’s go get some ice cream,”he said smiling at you reaching out his offering you his hand.

Hoseok: You were pacing back and forward around the apartment when Hoseok came home. You looked at your phone and quickly went to your laptop and refreshed the page. “Hi jagiya,”Hoseok said wrapping his arms around your waist. You nodded in response as you looked through the list of ID numbers but none of which had grades on it. You sighed in frustration as you tapped your finger as you refreshed the page once more. “Test results?”he asked as he stepped away. “Yea,”you said as you looked at him sadly,”If I don’t pass I have to start all over.” “Come over here,”Hoseok said motioning you to the couch. You sat next to him as you started to tap your foot quickly. He put his hand on your knee,”(Y/N) it’ll be alright stop stressing over it. You can also retake the test over the summer. Come on lets go take a nap. The test results will be there when you wake up.”

Jin: When you arrived to the apartment Jin was in the living room reading a book and when he saw he went to you quickly to hug you. “It was easy wasn’t it?”he said with a really big smile. “Far from it. If anything I failed the test. Now how am I going to get into the college I want?”you said frowning as you hugged Jin tightly. “Don’t think of the negative. You can reapply for the next semester so that way you can take the test again,”he said as he rubbed small circles on your lower back. “You’re right I just really wanted to go straight away to college but maybe it’s for the better,”you said as you laid in Jin’s arms.

Jungkook: “Hey (Y/N) what’d you think of the exam? It was easy right?”Jungkook said smiling,”I was stressing over nothing.” “What are talking about! It was the most difficult exam ever,”you said staring at him disbelief,”I wouldn’t be surprised if I failed.” He laughed causing you to get angry,”Why do I even bother with you.” “I’m sorry (Y/N) you must be joking right? You always get the highest scores at school. You probably just missed one question that’s why you’re freaking out,”he said smiling at you kindly,”Tell you what if you do by some magical force fail this exam I’ll buy all the buckets of ice cream you want but if you do pass you’ll accept to go on a date with me.” You rolled your eyes,”I hope you get paid soon because you’re going to be spending a lot of money on ice cream.”

Yoongi: “Are the scores posted yet?”Yoongi asked as he was typing new lyrics half paying attention to your dilemma. “I told you I’ve been checking every two seconds but nothing is popping up. What if I did so bad that the professor doesn’t even want to post it,”you said with wide eyes as you start to panic even more. “Maybe they blocked you off the site because you’re refreshing it to many times. Come here I need you to listen to this,”he said as he took off his earphones. “Yoongi-ah I can’t even think straight how do you think I can judge your music right now,”you said but went over to him anyways. “Shut up and listen to the song. Once it’s over you can refresh the page don’t think about what score you got just let the melody consume you,”he said as he took your phone and started playing the song.

Jimin: “Wait did you already get your results?”Jimin asked you worried. “No I haven’t gotten the scores but almost everyone that I know already has. I have a bad feeling about this. Plus some say if you don’t receive anything it means you total failed the test,”you said as you paced back and forward. “Let’s not jump to conclusions,”Jimin said stopping you. “What do you think? Be completely honest,”you said as you begin to panic even more. “I know you passed the test. There’s no use in panicking about something that you know deep inside that you passed. Namjoon tutored you so that’s another reason why I know you didn’t failed the test,”he said smirking. “So you’re saying that without Namjoon’s help I could’ve failed the test?”you asked raising an eyebrow. He smiled as he saw you becoming distracted about the results,”It’s possible.”

If you’re converting to Judaism or in the process of reconnecting to Judaism, don’t get your information off of Jumblr. Speak with your local Rabbi and Jewish community. Don’t try to fit into Jumblr because you won’t, I know I don’t and that’s ok. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re less than what you are. This site is pretty toxic and I’ve seen prospective converts be bullied or told they don’t belong. You belong.

I know this is out of nowhere but it’s been bothering me for a bit. Also please remember if you have no converted yet you can not speak over Jewish voices and bully other Jews and other prospective converts. How about no bullying at all and know that people have different views and opinions.

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What do you even mean by, you should just shrug it off? A death threat seems like a serious issue who would do that??????

Ok, to give some context. I write for a fansite. My latest article was for pride month. I got a lot of homophobic backlash, and this morning I got a death threat. The site deleted the comment once I told them about it, and he does not know where I live, and has no way of getting to me. So I know I should just stop thinking about it. I’ll get there, I’ll be fine

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Did your mom check your blog? Did she see your blog and posts? About suicide and self harm? If yes what did she tell you?

yeah, she checked my blog. she told me i need to get out of my head and off this toxic site.

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen CA.

It’s time I parted ways with Channel Awesome. This has been coming for a awhile. So it might not be a shock to some. The direction and attitude at CA changed after the filming of the 4th year anniversary movie, To Boldly Flee.

Now things weren’t always perfect before that, of course, but it really was the start of the team/group feeling at CA being lost. Once upon a time I used to watch almost everything on TGWTG. That was something that was actually kind of possible at one point. Now it’s gotten to the point there are so many people I don’t even know most of the names on there. That’s nothing against them, I’m sure there’s a lot of talented producers on there, but it’s more of a crowd than a team at this point.
CA itself used to also make us feel remotely like we were part of team but post TBF it became clear the only goals were productions made in their studio with the Chicago crew. The company goals/focus for it’s other producers had changed. There had been quite a few things promised to us over the years including us actually being hired on by them at some point if we were consistent with our videos. Of course none of that was even close to happening. The main thing was I wasn’t a part of any of CA’s plans and it certainly doesn’t make sense for me to stay on as an appendix to the site.

While I don’t wish to be OVERLY negative about my departure I do want to be truthful and being part of CA just stopped being something I was happy about. And believe me I WAS happy about it before. I wanted to support the site before. I made that original CA bumper on my own just as a way to plug CA and give people something to show the group we were a part of, if they wanted to use it. I also did a lot of the more complicated effects for Suburban Knights for free, plus the amount of effects I had to do for that movie ended up pretty much doubling.

This leads to to another major problem I had with the company during the making of effects for the next movie, TBF. This time they promised me some pay, which was cool and there was no problem with that BUT after completion of an effects sequence I was accused of half assing it. Actually, accused sounds a bit more forthright than it actually was. They talked about it behind my back and decided to send Mat (Welshy) to covertly try and find out if I was “half assing” my effects for the film. Mat is an actual friend though so he wasn’t going to play that game and just told me flat out what was going on.

The exact effects sequence in question was where Noah has turned into the containment unit from Ghostbusters, they unplug him so there was a red light flashing, Noah’s eyes glow white, energy shoots out of his mouth and explodes through the roof.

Now if there was a problem with an effect last year on SK, Doug would simply ask me if I could make a change to it and I would. Apparently that was far too effective, so gossip and attempted covert information gathering was the way to go next year.
By the way the response I got from Doug when I originally sent him these particular effects was “LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! …”
I should have known there was a problem clearly. He would have said “love it” one more time if he was actually OK with it.
Holly was the only one who actually apologized to me for the situation either. Any of them that actually started the high school BS drama about something that could have been as simple as asking me, didn’t.
That was my thanks for doing so many effects for them last year for free.

They seemed grateful back when I did them but with CA it always seems to be what have you done for us lately.
I really wish it didn’t start feeling like that but the sad fact is it did. I’d been with them since late 2008 and started realizing they didn’t really care about me or what I did. The sad fact was we weren’t really important to CA. It was my disenchantment with the site that partly lead to me going into a heavy depression during the beginning of 2013. You might have noticed I barely did anything during the 1st few months of that year. This was partly why.

There’s been many times other producers have had a hard time with management. Especially getting answers on anything. So much so we had several meetings with them to really try and get things fixed between us and them. It resulted in a monthly newsletter they didn’t send consistently and died a quick death. Then, they let Holly go. The one person that actually communicated with us regularly. Plus it was right after she got out of the hospital. Those things were pretty much the end of me wanting to remain a part of CA.

I had made the decision to leave all ready not planning to post to the site anymore in 2015 when Michaud had an argument with Allison and told her she was off the site for not being around to talk to him with in 15 minutes. It can take DAYS to get a response, if you get one at all, from them so yeah 15 minutes in return is pretty fair. I didn’t want there to be any drama crap going on with my departure but apparently I couldn’t even have that. I informed Rob of my decision to leave the site which he was cool about but I guess Mike wasn’t and my vids were removed immediately.
6 years on that site…

I don’t rant much besides OC shit, but I have no idea why I'm encountering so much dumb shit in roleplay in June:

a few weeks ago some asshole contacted me online, after spending like 20 minutes playing “Who the fuck are you?” i gave him my url. This bitch than has the nerve to me that”Is it true that i send underage rpers nudes”…. I have not shown my face on this site for 4 fucking years, so what makes you think I’m going to someone nudes? what pisses me off is he gets this from some girl named “Heather” and he wants to confirm it like if this shit is going on a tabloid. He hasn’t seen the picture himself, which I told him to send me the evidence which gets all grossed out by it saying “I don’t want to see your nudes thanks. That’s kinda gross”, bruh…you haven’t seen the shit but you believe her…

Then today I find out one of my rp friends gave me the soft block treatment. It’s not necessary the soft block that has me pissed off but the fact I just finished up her damn rp a few days ago and all of my shit is fucking wasted effort. Now it wasn’t mistake, she unfollowed by Skype and Tumblr and she hasn’t said a single word to me. Like I'm cool you don’t want to interact anymore since we just talked about a month.Like she pretty much told me ” fuck you” and left me hung dry and shit and I get some bs excuse from her. Then when I ask for answers on why get more bs like “A variety of things changed that made me disinterested in continuing to interact. ” 

Fuck service dog scam “certification”

I just went to re-sign my lease. They said oh, you have a dog. I told them no, I have a service animal. And she said she needs “that certification paperwork”. I told her no such certification exists. She said yes, it does you get it from the state.

My phone refused to work so I couldn’t pull up the laws saying there is NO registration or certification.
And she goes yes, there is. It’s a certificate of authenticity and it has the dog’s picture on it. Someone else just moved in with a service dog and had it.
I told her that is illegal. I’m willing to provide a letter from my therapist (I don’t currently have a doctor) and I can print out the FHA regulations as well. I informed her that those certificates are all scams and she just blew me off going “We know what we’re doing”. Obviously not.

So to anyone who thinks using those fake registries doesn’t hurt teams, fuck you. I might get evicted because some asshole can’t read the law. Whether that person’s dog is actually a service dog or not isn’t my call to make, but fuck those scam sites.

Oh Hell (Bucky X Reader)

<b>A/N: WOW. I am on a roll with my Bucky writing. Poor Steve. I’m slacking. Anyway. I was in the mood for writing some angst tonight after that smut. So here y'all go! 💙</b>

<i>‘Oh hell. What did I do last night?’</i> That was Bucky’s first thought when he woke up. This wasn’t his bed. And why the hell was he naked? And man, did his head POUND. 

Snippets of last night came back, but they were hazy. 

 A bra. 

 A blue thong. 



 It was only when he turned his head and saw your familiar form, asleep, just as naked, that it all clicked. And not in a good way. 

 His eyes widened in shock and he stared at the ceiling as he tried to remember what exactly happened last night. Maybe you two didn’t fuck. Maybe you just cuddled. Naked. 

 He remembered the rest of the team going on a mission except for the two of you. Then the boredom. Then the drinking games. That’s where it got fuzzy. But he did remember that he made the first move. And God, did your lips taste like heaven. 

 He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. He should NOT be having these thoughts. It was not helping his morning wood. But then again neither was the thought of you sleeping naked next to him. 

 You shifted and rolled over to face him and he froze. Bruises and bite marks dotted your neck and chest, disappearing under your hair and he looked around. He needed to get out of here before you woke up. But where the hell were his clothes? 

<i>‘I am never drinking again.’</i> He thought to himself, still in shock. How could he have had sex with you? Did he like you? Fuck yes. More than he wanted to admit. But there was no way he’d ever let himself get involved with you. You needed someone safe, not a flight risk with murderous tendencies.

 He spotted his black boxers crumpled in the corner of the room and quietly eased out of bed, trying not to wake you. He tip toed over and slid them up, glancing around for the rest of his clothes. 

 “Bucky?” Your groggy voice asked from behind him and he froze, heart dropping. He sighed and cleared his throat. “Yeah?” He turned back to face you and you sat up in bed, hair rumpled, and even more hickeys and bite marks coming into view as the blanket slid off your shoulders to pool around your waist. God, your breasts looked great. He hated to admit it, but a jolt of satisfaction ran through him at the site of his marks on you. 

“What’re you doing?” You asked, rubbing your eyes as you gazed at him. His heart clenched as he prepared himself for what he was about to do. “I’m…I gotta go.” He finally told you, spotting his jeans and padding over to them. 

 You yawned and moved to get out of bed. “Okay. Let me get dressed and I’ll come with you.” You offered and he shook his head as he zipped up his jeans. “No, no. That’s okay. I know how to get out. Same way I came in.” He brushed you off, finally looking at you again. 

 Your brows were drawn together and confusion was obvious in your gaze as you hugged your chest. “Is…this about last night?” You asked hesitantly and he sighed, running his hands through his hair. “No? Well, yes. Actually, I don’t know.” He laughed without humor. “To be completely honest, I don’t remember everything about last night, but I can piece it together.” He nodded awkwardly. 

“And I mean, we were… We were pretty drunk, (Y/N).” He laughed, looking desperately for his shirt. “And mistakes happen when you’re that drunk.” He added, glancing at you. He wished he hadn’t. 

You’d pulled the blanket up around you again as if it could protect you from his words and you looked ready to cry. “A mistake. This was all a mistake to you.” You whispered so quietly he almost didn’t hear. 

He sighed. “No, that’s, that’s not what I’m saying.” You shook your head at his words, putting your face in your hands. “What about all those things you said? What about what I said?” You asked him shakily and he shrugged, grabbing his shirt from under the bed. “We were drunk. People say stupid things when they’re drunk.” He offered. Why were you making this so hard? Why couldn’t you let him escape already? Couldn’t you see it was killing him to hurt you?

 “I wasn’t that drunk, James.” You told him, and he grimaced. You used his first name. The only other time you did that was when he got shot on a mission. Using his first name was not a good sign. 

 “Listen, (Y/N),” he began, his previous one night stand experience kicking in, but you cut him off, voice shaking. 

“Am I supposed to forget last night? Because I was buzzed, yes, but nothing is hazy for me.” You told him, lip trembling, and seeing you like that only made him want to hurt the fucker that made you cry. Except this time, it was him. 

“Yes.” He amended quietly, and you flinched like you’d been slapped. “We can go back to the way it was. But only if you pretend last night never happened.” He explained, willing you to understand. “I didn’t sign up for a relationship, (Y/N).” 

 You laughed bitterly. “The way it was? You mean how we act like we don’t like each other? How we pretend like we don’t notice the other when they walk into a room? Am I supposed to go back to pretending I don’t want to kiss you? Because I don’t want to go back to the way it was.” You paused to take a shaky breath, wiping away a tear that had fallen. “I’ve never… Never had someone I could trust in my life. And I thought with you…. Maybe i found someone. I don’t regret last night, Bucky. And I know you don’t either. Or else you’d be looking at me right now, and not at the floor.” You were crying freely now and all he wanted to do was run to you and hold you in his arms and kiss the tears away. 

To tell you that you were right. That he didn’t regret last night, because with every second he spent talking to you and looking for his shoes, a new memory resurfaced. But he couldn’t do that. It wasn’t fair to you. And you’d end up hating him for this, but it was better this way. For everyone. 

 “I’m sorry. But you’re wrong.” He took a deep shaky breath himself as he prepared to tear you apart. “You’re not the only girl I’ve had a one night stand with. You’re not special.” He said coldly, picking up his shoes in one hand. You bit your lip and clenched the blanket in your fists. 

“I guess I was wrong about you, Barnes. I guess I can’t trust you either.” You whispered and he turned away, gripping not the door handle as he walked out of your room and closed the door, wishing he couldn’t hear you sobbing from the other side as a tear ran down his cheek himself. 

 By telling you that you were nothing special, he’d severed all ties to you and made you feel like nothing. You’d handed him your heart and he’d crushed it and threw it back at you. And he couldn’t go back. No matter how much he wanted to.

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Sub Michael- Michael Clifford Imagine- straight version

Requested- Yes

Anon-  If so can you do a Sub!Michael were he’s a virgin and has literally no idea what the fuck he’s supposed to do because he’s never watched porn like most guys his age? Love your blog btw ?￰゚リリ?

Pairing- Michael Clifford & Y/N

Words- 2500+

Summary-  You discover your best friend, Michael is a virgin and decide to change that 

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


Masterlist / Ask

It was one of those weekends when you had the house to yourself. It didn’t happen often and you had planned to have a ball. You were going to eat all the junk food you liked, sprawl out on the sofa and dance naked without a care in the world but at ten pm on the first night you had found yourself freaking out and, eventually you had gave in and called your friend, Michael. 

 He had just arrived and given you a proper teasing about what a wuss you are. You didn’t want to confess that your plans had fallen through. You’d actually intended on having another boy stay the night but his parents had grounded him and he was struggling to sneak out. You had a bit of a thing going with this boy. It wasn’t anything serious but he was insanely good in bed.  

“Shut up,” you whined as Michael ribbed you again.

 "Nah it’s cool. You better have food though. I’m starving.“ 

 He stalked past you and straight in to the sitting room. 

 "Wow you sure do have food,” he chuckles, taking in the array on the table, “you were going to eat all this yourself?" 

 You gulp. You’d forgot to put that away. Michael laughed at you until his eyes fell on the numerous candles lit around the room and he noticed the sexy music playing. You really should have tided up before he got here but you’d spent the time convinced that you’d heard a noise and waited outside on the door step for Michael. 

 "Whoa. Were you expecting someone else?” He frowns.

 "Um,“ you blush furiously. 

 "Fucking hell Y/N. Great so your booty call can’t make it and you invite me round? Wow I feel so used." 

 He’s teasing but you can hear an underlying hint of hurt in his voice. 

 "I meant to tidy up,” you admit.

 "So what was the plan? Force feed him mallows and popcorn then dance for him to this shite before boning on the sofa?“ 

 "Okay you do not get to judge me!” You snap at your best friend. 

“Yes I do. That’s what friends are for.”

 He laughs as you scowl at him and takes a seat on the sofa. He grabs the remote and points it at the TV and you are just a fraction of a second too late. Porn that you recorded earlier flashes up on the screen and Michael drops both the remote and his jaw. 

 "What the hell?“ His head cocked to the side. "How is she bending like that? What is that?!!!!" 

 He quickly turns it off, his face flustered. You’d never seen a boy react like that to porn before. Most boys loved it. 

 "You watch some crazy stuff,” Michael scoffed. “Gee relax Michael it’s just porn. Nothing you won’t have seen before.”

 You flopped down on the seat beside him and instantly noticed the red tinge on his face. 

 "Wait are you blushing?“ 

 "What? No!" 

 "Yes you are. You’re bright red. Why are you so embar-,” you stopped as it hit you, “you’ve never watched porn before have you?" 

 "My parents blocked those kind of sites and it’s not like I’m going to get up at 3am and go downstairs to watch some while they sleep." 

 "But what do you get off to then?" 

 He gulped and his Adam’s apple rolled down his throat. 

 "Michael you do masturbate don’t you?” You ask. 

 "You know this conversation is getting a little bit too personal for friends.“ 

 "Oh come on Michael,” you snap, “I know you have a crush on me. You told Ashton and he blurted it out at the party last week when you were passed out in the toilet." 

 "What? Ugh I’m going to kill him." 

 "Never mind Ashton just answer the question. Have you or have you by masturbated before.”

 He sighed and closed his eyes as he answered. 


 "Oh my god." 

 "What its not a big deal." 

 "So the only time you’ve ever orgasmed is during sex?" 

 You see and hear him swallow deeply. 

 "Well not exactly. I. Um well-" 

 "Whoa are you a Virgin?" 

 "I need a drink,” Michael got to his feet and stalked out of the room but you raced after him. 

 "How?!“ You demanded, "how can you be a Virgin??" 

 "Look Y/N can we talk about something else please?”

 "I just don’t get it. Your like the hottest guy around and you’ve never slept with someone? Never had an orgasm?“ 

 "Did you just call me hot?" 

 "Not the point Michael!”

 "No you know what? I’m thinking it is the point. You think I’m hot and you know I have a crush on you so why haven’t you said anything till no?“ 

 "Ashton didn’t tell anyone you had a crush on me. I figured it out myself and wanted to check if I was right,” you admit. 

“Why would you want to know?”

 "Because you’re hot Michael. Okay? I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about going there and maybe if we weren’t such good friends then I would but-“ 

 "But what? What y/n? I don’t see a downside here. I get to lose my virginity and you can teach me the tricks of the trade." 

 "You want me to teach you how to have sex?" 

 "Why not?”

 "Um cause it’s us!“ You laugh.

 "Michael you covered me in silly string at our last school dance and you helped me egg that old guys house for our first Halloween together. You’re the boy whose always been there. What if sex changes that?" 

"What if doesn’t? What if it’s amazing and we realise how right we are together?" 

 You want to be strong and turn him down. It’s such a huge risk but you know your not strong enough to do that. He’s standing in front of you in his ripped skinny jeans and green day tank top and his raven hair is sticking up all over the place. He licks his rosy lips and his cheeks are flushed and the idea that nobody has ever touched this boy is bringing out a dominant side of you. You know you could give him the best night of his life. And, you also knew that Michael was a pleaser. He wouldn’t stop until you were taken care of too. That didn’t happen a lot with the guys you had been with. 

 It had always been in the back of your mind that maybe you and Michael weren’t meant to just be friends but the reality of it was scary. He knew so much and you cared for him in a way you’d never cared about anyone else. It was also an immense amount of pressure. What if he slept with you and then decided that he hated sex or something? He didn’t let you deliberate any longer and you gasped as his hand slid round your waist and he crushed your pelvis to his as your lips met in a flurry of passion. 

 "Tell me about your fantasies,” he begged as you pulled back and bit down on your lip.

 "Well you are a cocky little fucker most of the time so they mainly consisted of me making you my little sex slave,“ you confess.

 Michael’s face says it all. You’ve never seen anyone look so turned on and you feel his length twitch against your core.

 "Fuck y/n. You’re going to kill me." 

 "No baby I’m going to give you the most intense pleasure you’ve ever felt,” you smirk, taking his hand and leading him out of the room. 

 You take him to your bedroom and it’s a mixture of sexy and strange. Michael’s been in here loads of times. You’ve laid on your bed and shared your darkest secrets but now he was here for something entirely different. 

 "Kneel on the floor while I get changed,“ you demand pointing to a spot in the centre of your room.

 Michael cocks an eyebrow at you.

 "Don’t make me ask twice Michael!” You sigh, rolling your eyes. 

 He seems enticed by your dominant attitude and quickly does as you say with his lower lip between his teeth.

 "Don’t move until I say you can.“ 

 You exit the room to change in to something a bit sexier. You already have sensual underwear on under your clothes though it was not originally planned for Michael. 

 When you enter the room again he looks round at you and his jaw drops. He’s completely at a loss for words and you sashay towards him and take his hands, helping him to his feet. You turn away from him with your back against his chest and you press his hands to your body. He lets out a sharp breath as you guide his hands in yours. You splay them across your stomach then lower them down to your thighs before bringing them back up to cusp your breasts through your bra. When you turn to face him his face is red and his breathing is irregular. You lift his hands above his head and pull his top away from him. 

He lets out a shrill moan as you lean in and kiss across his pectorals. 

 "I’m so going to enjoy making you come inside me,” you admit and he gulps loudly. 

 "You want that Mikey?“ You tease him. 

 "Fuck yes,” he breathes. 

 "You circle around him until you are behind him and then you reach a hand around to unhook his belt while you rest your chin on his shoulder. 

 "I’m so wet for you right now,“ you confess and you feel his whole body stiffen in response to your dirty words. 

 You pull his belt clean off and drop it to the floor before kneeling and shuffling him round to face you. He peers down at you through long lashes and his lips purse as you tug the button on his jeans loose and pull them down. Wow. He’s not even completely naked and you can tell he is huge. Your friends used to always tease him and say that he must be small cause he has stubby little fingers but they couldn’t have been more inaccurate. You’d never been with anyone even near his size.

 You began to feel nervous but you kept your composure and palmed him through his boxers. His hips thrust forward, pushing himself further in to your hand with a soft groan. You removed his boxers completely and then stood. 

"You sure you want this?” You asked. 

 "Please,“ he begged. 

 You nodded and lead him to the bed. You beckoned for him to lay down and his length stood to attention off his smooth body. You loved the look on his face when you stood at the bottom of the bed and remove your panties. His eyes widened and they skimmed your body up and down with the most hungry expression you’d ever seen on another persons face. He had no idea how much his innocent face was turning you on. 

 He gulped as you strolled round the side of the bed and leaned over, gripping his hands. You took them together and tied them to the head rest with your panties. It wasn’t the best knot but you didn’t have a lot of fabric to work with and it did the trick for now. 

 "What?” He gulped. 

 "Close your eyes,“ you demanded. 

 He obeyed without question and you removed your bra before climbing above him and wrapping it round his eyes. 

 "Fuck, y/n. What are you doing?" 

 You just giggled as your lips lowered to the line between his pectorals. He groaned as you kissed across them, loving the feel of the hair on his chest as it tickles your mouth. You, slowly worked your way down his body, following the little happy trail at the lower end of his torso. His moans were consistent and even until you brought your lips down around his tip. His hips bucked and he groaned loudly as he tried to free himself from his restraints.

 "Fuck y/n." 

You smirked to yourself and leaned back, taking a proper look. You’d never have guessed Michael Gordon Clifford would be beneath you like this but it was the most thrilling sight you had ever seen. You couldn’t wait to have that large shaft inside you but you wanted this to be amazing for Michael. You grinned as you gripped his balls and his mouth fell open with a guttural growl. 

"Please baby. More,” he mewled as you rolled his balls in your palm. 

 You lowered your mouth again and this time you went to town on his length. His moans and grunts just egged you on like an arousing song and you deep throated him as best you could until you noticed his legs begin to stiffen. Then you stopped and a whine fell from Michael’s lips. 

 "Hey I’m in charge here you whinge,“ you teased him. 

 Oh he had no idea what he was in for. You line yourself up, hovering over his length while gripping the bottom of it in your right fist then you sink down on to him. His head jerked upwards and curses spilled from his innocent mouth. You quickly removed the panties from around his hands and he rubbed his wrists a little before resting them on your hips. 

 He was still blindfolded but you wanted to see those eyes as he came apart beneath you and, so you reached over and pulled the bra away from his face. His eyes instantly went to your breasts and a raspy cry echoed from deep inside him. 

 He lifted his hands and brought his fingers around your nipples. He seemed a little overwhelmed about what to do and uncertain if this was right so you pushed your chest forward, encouraging him and he began to get the swing of it. His fingers rolled your nipples and you let out a loud moan that made his length twitch inside you. 

 "It’s so much tighter than I thought it would be,” he confesses and you smile. 

“Shh just enjoy it Mikey,” you smirk. 

 You bounce yourself on his length while his fingers explore every inch of your body and you know he is close when his hands freeze on you and his boyish face screws up.

 "Look at me when you come,“ you demand. 

 He does as he is told and the face he makes tips you over. The pair of you come together and it’s like tsunami of pleasure. No orgasm has ever felt this good, Michael’s length can reach parts of you that you thought were only myth.  

"Wow,” he chuckles as you roll of him and lay down on the bed beside him. “That was amazing. That was amazing, right?" 

 "Out of this world,” you assure him.

 "Okay now I want you to teach me something else?“ 

 "What’s that?” You ask, not bothering to look at him.

 His next sentence makes your head snap round to look at him though. 

 "Teach me how to eat you out?“

I Chose You... - 11 (James T. Kirk/Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten

Originally posted by iamnevertheone

You opened your eyes a while later. You must have fallen asleep, something you had not intended. Pushing up slowly you stood up trying not to put strain on your side. Your landing had really done a number on your body and the Essabe did everything they could, but it wasn’t what you needed.

You walked out into the other room and saw the trio plus Suri looking  as something on the table. Kirk looked over to you finally as you stepped in, “Hey…you’re awake.”

“What are you looking at?” You walked over to them.

“Chekov and Suri were able to get plans of the city.” He told you as you stepped up to the table, “We were just getting a feel for where things are located, while Suri explained what some of the structures and technology was made of.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?” You looked at him irritated.

“You…were sleeping…” He told you putting on his captain face, “With some input from your doctor I decided that it would be better if you rested.”

“You decided…” You looked away from taking a deep breath, “Fine…we should get to work.”

“Sor Y/N…” You looked over at Suri, “I was talking with Mr. Chekov on the way back. I had explained to him how everything is linked through our…I think you called them veins…we call it Vembas…it’s a power source. He said it would be a good place to start.”

“Chekov has a good head and was thinking along the same lines as I…” You smiled at him.

“She also said that this problem started a few months ago.” You looked at Bones as he pointed to the furthest point on the map, “I know you were already taken here to see what has happened, but maybe another set of eyes can see something else. If this place is really all organic…maybe my scanner can pick something up.”

“Yes…I took basic samples but I couldn’t see anything of note.” You nodded slowly crossing your arms over your chest, “Take Captain Kirk with you, I’ll go with Chekov to the Vembas source.”

“Bregon will take you there.” Suri smiled at Kirk and Bones as you and Chekov moved for the door, “He’s outside waiting.”

Kirk stood there a moment as Bones gathered up his things, “Did I do something wrong?”

Bones looked at him, “You are asking the wrong man…Don’t you remember when we met I just got out of a nasty divorce. Star Fleet was the only place I could go.”

“She…just seems…” Kirk started.

“Look Jim,” Bones put a hand on his arm, “she was kidnapped, she’s in a lot of pain even if she denies it, and she probably just wanted to be included so we can go home. You did the right thing, she needed the rest so the meds could take effect.”

Kirk nodded following him out.  He looked up at Bregon who was standing there like a pillar, “Hey buddy…gonna give us a ride? Or are we hoofing it?”

Bregon huffed rolling his eyes as he started walking. Bones looked at his captain, “I don’t think he likes you.”

“It’s going around…” Kirk sighed adjusting his jacket as he caught sight of you with Chekov in the distance. His heart fluttered a little as he licked his lips. He hoped you were okay and took care of yourself.

“Jim! Come on keep up, I don’t big guy is going to wait for us.” Bones shouted at him.

You glanced over seeing Kirk run to catch up to Bones and Bregon. You smiled a little knowing he’d gotten distracted by you. You hadn’t meant to be so crossed with him, you just weren’t made for away missions.

“Suri…” The young girl looked down at you, “There’s something Chekov and I need to do before the power source. We need to get a message to our ship so they know we’re okay and so they don’t send anyone else here.”

“Yes…this vould be a goot idea. No doubt Mr. Spock will be worried…” Chekov nodded backing up your claim.

“Of course. I’ll take you to the communication relay first. My brother works there I’m sure he’ll be happy to help.” Suri smiled at you brightly.

“Good…we can see if any of their hails have finally made it through.” You looked at Chekov giving him a knowing look. He smiled giving you brisk nod knowing that the understood as you passed a group of Essabe who looked less then thrilled to see you walk about the city.

Kirk leaned over an hour later, “I’m not sure walking was a good idea.”

“With all the running you do from aliens on other planets…I’m really surprised that you aren’t in better shape.” Bones commented as he started scanning the area.

Kirk looked at him debating whether or not to make a smart remark. He decided against it, “You getting anything?”

He watched the doctor scanning everything as he walked further into the black masses. Bregon had left them at the edge of the decay where there was a clear contrast of what was alive and what wasn’t. 

Where Bregon stood was bright and full of that rich blue colors everything was made of as well as the the constant pattern of the neon luminescent Vembas. Kirk looked back to Bones seeing the black earth…as if the very essence of everything was sucked from it. Like a withering plant loses everything about it’s self.

“It’s strange…” Bones stopped looking at him, “It says that it was a live…that all of these buildings at one point as some semblance of life, but now it’s just…ash.”

“Ash? Like literal ash or metaphorical?”  Kirk looked at the ground beneath his feet.

“It’s not ash…it’s death…like…” He looked at Kirk, “it’s like whatever keeps this place alive was cut off. Like if you wrapped a wire around your finger, eventually the lack of blood would start killing the finger.”

“What would cause that? I mean…how? How can a planet just caught off a section of itself and die?” Kirk put his hands on his hips.


“I know, I know,  you’re a doctor not an agricultural engineer…” Kirk waved it off.

“No, Jim, look.” Kirk stepped up to where Bones was standing and looked at what he was pointing at.

“Well…I’ll be damned…” Kirk looked at him, “We need to get to Y/N and Chekov and let them know.”

You stood there behind Suri as she tried to get us into the communications room, but her brother was not being helpful. From his body language and hand motions he was in fact very against it.

Finally you couldn’t take it anymore, “Suri…excuse me…Hi…I’m Y/N. I’m the unwelcome visitor that your higher ups decided to take from her ship to help you.”

You paused briefly for Suri to translate, “You may or may not have heard, but I and my crew members have been given access to whatever we need to help save your planet so I’m afraid I have to insist that we get in there to contact our people.”

He looked down at you then to Suri shaking his head again, “Hey! This isn’t a negoatiation…I’m coming in there.”

His large hand pushed you roughly back when you took a step forward. You fell back into Chekov’s arm, “Ay! There’s no need vor hostilities…ve’re simply trying to help!”

With his help you regained your balance as the door shut in Suri’s face, “…what are you keeping from us?”

She looked at you, “I don’t understand…”

“What aren’t you all telling us? Maybe you don’t know…but maybe you do…” You put a hand to your side, “I don’t understand…you came to us…we are willing to help…but your people are constantly blocking any help that I offer.”

Suri looked down, “Our people aren’t like your Star Fleet, Sor Y/N…We have only known ourselves and no one else. What is happening is frightening…the fact that it has reached out city limits…”

“Wait…” You stopped her as you stepped forward looking into her dark eyes, “There are more areas then the one you’ve taken me too?”

“Yes…there are several sites in the forest. We have been told to stay away from them.” She told you.

“Are they mapped out? Could you show them to us?” You asked her hoping to get to the bottom off all the questions.

“I…well…” She seemed conflicted, “I suppose I could show you on the map…but…”

“But, what?” You watched her as fear spread through her face.

“I can’t…take you there.” She told you, “I’m sorry…I just…I could get into a lot of trouble…I…”

“Suri it’s okay…as long as you’re sure where these places are…I need you to be sure.” You put your hands on hers.

“I can be…” She nodded looking into your eyes, “Let me take you to the Vembas…I’ll get it for you while you make your studies.”

You smiled, “Thank you Suri…I’m glad we have you on our side. I really do want to help you and your people.”

“I know…” She nodded, “I watched you talk to your…uh…leaders…you convinced them of the changes that needed to be made. I wish I had courage to speak up.”

“Well I didn’t get it over night.” You smiled at her, “Suri, it takes brave moments…like getting the correct locations for people, to find find that courage to speak up against masses. Never be ashamed that you can’t speak up now.”

She smiled and nodded, “Follow me.”

You nodded taking a deep breath before you felt Chekov touch your arm gently, “Ma’am…are you alright?”

“Yes, Pavel…I’m alright…” You smiled at him reassuringly, “I’m just not an explorer. This is…you and James…I’m meant for labs and stations, not forest with alien cultures that I no doubt will upset and offend.”

He smiled at you, “If it makes you feel better…Captain is very a o-ffensive to many alien cultures and ve run very fast and quite frequently…”

You laughed looking at him, “Thank you Pavel I needed that.”

He nodded walking with you, “So…you and ze Captain…you are quite friendly, no?”

You looked at him surprised by the forwardness, “I guess you could say that, yes.”

He smiled brightly, “This is goot…”

“Is it?” You tilted your head a little.

“Yes, a happy captain means happy crew.” He told you, “But a captain who is in love…that captain ensures his crew is not just happy…but safe.”

You stared him as you walked, “I…are we so obvious?”

“No…” He shook his head, “But ze way he reacted upon you capture…is only a way a man in love vould react.”

“Pavel…” You smiled at him, “You will make a woman very happy one day.”

“Ay…I vish it was sooner then later…” He put his hand over his heart, “I long for vhat you and ze captain has…”

You chuckled listening to him. You wondered though if what you and James had would work? You were dedicated to your work, as was he. He was an explorer and you were a scientist, and neither of you would just give up your career. 

Certainly choices would need to be made in the future…but for now more pressing matters needed attention.

My Little Baby Llama - Part 2

This is the second part of “ My Little Baby Llama” series. This one is more Phan Fluff than Lizzie and Dan fluff, but I loved writing it as all. Hope you guys like it! And forgive me about the mistakes, English is not my first language, and its 4am right now.



Part 2: A weird night 

Dan’s POV

I have always been very lucky on the “new parent” department. First of all, Lizzie didn’t cry at night. She wouldn’t sleep until 3 am, but she wouldn’t cry either. For the first few months after she was born, I would sleep at Clary’s, to take care of her in the middle of the night, since I wouldn’t sleep early either. It was hard because of the fans, Phil and I had to pretend to be living together, but we weren’t for 90% of the time. I always thought that we were too lucky, that one day we would be sleeping at 4am and she would wake up screaming and wouldn’t stop until noon, but that was never the case. After she grew up, she never gave us hard time either. I moved to London when she was really small, so she was used to talk to me most of the time trough facetime and skype, and I would make sure to come home to her every few months and on Christmas. For her last two birthdays I wasn’t able to be here for her, because of radio show and live show, but we always made sure to celebrate it in a big way, and I was present online. She is fine with that. She is a really smart girl that understands the world around her, and that makes me one of the luckiest person in the world. Except for today.

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When the Sun Goes Down (Newt Imagine)

Title: When the Sun Goes Down

Prompt: Could you write an imagine that takes place during The Scorch Trials and the sun is going down, so the reader says “Whoever starts the fire can sleep with me tonight.”

Requested by: Anonymous.

“It’s getting darker.” Minho noted looking up at the sky. It was the end of the fist day of being out in the scorch and you were already felt dead from walking so much so you guys started a camp.

“Thanks for pointing out the obvious.” You said sarcastically.

“Yeah, we need a fire.” Newt said wrapping his arms around himself.

“Now’s who pointing out the obvious.” Minho smirked and you rolled your eyes.

“Okay, Minho so, start a fire.” You told him taking a small sip out of your canteen as you didn’t want to waste your water.

“Look around, Y/N. There isn’t a single firewood in site. Were not gonna be able to start a fire.” Newt said.

“Hmm okay, well whoever starts a fire gets to sleep with me tonight.” You smirked, hoping it would work, I mean not to sound like a self-centered bitch but you and Teresa were the only two girls so someone has to like you, right?

Minho rolled his eyes and Thomas looked like he may have gotten up if Newt hadn’t jumped up and sped off looking for something to start a fire with.

“Don’t get lost!” Teresa yelled at him.

“I can’t believe that worked on the shank.” Minho said, “Are you gonna keep up your end of the deal?” He smirked.

“Yeah, of course. If he starts a fire, I’ll sleep next to him tonight.” You smiled, secretly you were hoping it would be Newt and you were sure that even if Newt didn’t build a fire you’d still sleep with him, I mean you gotta find ways to keep warm some way or another right?

- 3 and half hours later of watching Newt helplessly getting even the tiniest twig to make a fire

“Done.” Newt sighed, falling back on the sand obviously super tired from trying to build you a fire.

“Thanks you so much, Newt!” You said and rubbed your hands in front of the fire. Everyone thanked Newt and soon after some very bad ghost stories it was time for bed.

You saw Newt sleeping near Aris, “Hey Newt, aren’t you gonna sleep with me over here?” You whispered, not that it stopped anyone from hearing you.

“I didn’t wanna make you uncomfortable or feel like you had to sleep next to me.” Newt confessed.

“Don’t be silly, come over here.” You said and he smiled and made his over to you and you made room for him. It started off with you guys far away from each other as possible but as the night went on, the night got colder so you gravitated towards him and snuggled into his chest, he woke up a little at but smiled when he saw you on his chest and wrapped his arm and pulled you in closer and kissed your forehead before falling back to sleep.

Let’s just say that’s what you guys did every night after that, not wanting to sleep without each other.


Do not, I repeat, Do Not repost anybody’s work without their express permission. Even if you give them credit. Because you are the one getting the views. You are the one getting attention for work that isn’t yours. And you are the one who is basically getting credit for something that the other person most likely spent a lot of time and effort on.

It’s not okay. Whether it’s art, fanfiction, or anything else that somebody created, if you are not the original artist or creator, you have absolutely no right to post their work. More to that, posting it on a site that is not frequented by that creator so that the only way they would know is if a kind soul told them.

Do Not Repost Other People’s Work

What would happen if Leonard had met Amy First?

This idea popped in my head last night. What if Leonard had been the one to meet Amy? I just had to write it out. If you like it I will write a bit more.

Leonard lays face down on the couch moping about Penny and her new date Zack. It is getting old and the guys are all sick of it. Seeing them up on the roof together had been like a kick in the gut. He hurt so bad, and just when he thought he was moving on this happens.

“Dude you have got to move on.” Raj chides.

“Yeah, Penny is getting her jollies elsewhere and so can you.” Howard tells him looking over his shoulder. “I found this great new dating website, I have had twelve dates in the past week.” Leonard perks up his head.

“Maybe I could go on a date or two it might make me feel better.” He says “Go ahead and sign me up.”

“Already have.” Howard tells him, “and there are four lovely ladies matched to you. One of whom can meet you tomorrow for coffee.”

“I look forward to it.” Leonard says getting up.

“Do you want to know anything about her?” Raj asks him

“No I think I want to be surprised.” Leonard says smiling.

The next day Leonard goes to the coffee shop nervous as hell. This is his first blind date and he does not know what to expect. He is sure whoever she is she won’t compare to Penny but she could at least be a start in the right direction of recovery. Then as a small dowdy brunette walks over to him and extends her hand he groans inwardly. Leonard knew whoever she was that she would not compare to Penny physically but this was ridiculous. What were Howard and Raj thinking?

“Hello, you are Leonard Hofstadter and I am Amy Farrah Fowler.” She says shaking his hand with a grip so firm it makes him wince.

“Hi Amy.” He says and he gies into hug her but she recoils like he just hit her.

“Before this goes any further, I feel the need to inform you that all forms of physical contact up to and including coitus are off the table.” She says staring him in the eye.

Of course it is, Leonard thinks not that he would have wanted to go that far with her anyways. He would leave right then and there but he is not an asshole. Leonard thinks the girl at least deserves a beverage before he dismisses her.

“Fine,I respect that, do you want me to buy you a coffee?” He asks trying to smile at her.

“I don’t drink coffee.” She informs him unsmiling, of course she doesn’t he thinks.

“Tea? Hot chocolate?” He asks his patience wearing thin.

“Tepid water please.” She says and thinks he has finally found a person more boring than his roommate. They sit down at a table with there drinks. “You know coffee stunts growth, perhaps that is why you are so short.”

“I think that has to do with genetics.” He says annoyed. “So Amy what do you do for a living?”

“I am a neuroscientist at UCLA, you are a experimental physicist at Caltech. Why all this banal chit chat? I thought the purpose of the profile on the dating website was to cut out this step.” It is the last straw for him. She did not want sex , coffee or conversation and he really did not understand why she was here at all.

“Amy you seem really nice, but I just got out of a long relationship. My friends set me up on this date to make me feel better, but I just don’t think I am ready.” He begins.

“Oh here it is. This is your exit strategy.” She says sadly clutching her cup.” I myself am only here because my mother has forced me to date at least once a year. “

“Well I think you have fulfilled your requirement.” He tells her smiling and she smiles back and then looks down. He thinks she is actually pretty cute when she smiles.

“None of the other dates liked me either, which is why I only date once a year. It is just too heart breaking to keep getting rejected.” She says looking down. Leonard thinks it is an oddly personal confession from a girl who was giving away so little.

Now Leonard feels bad how many times had he been on the other side. Been rejected just because he was not tall enough or good looking enough. How many times had he wished some girl would just give him half a chance to prove he was worthy to date.

“No this isn’t an exit strategy. I like you….in fact I think we should do this again sometime.” He says kindly.

“How about tomorrow, there is new exhibit at the science museum.” Leonard had not think the offer would be so quickly accepted

“Umm sure, I will pick you up at noon?”

“I will meet you at your place, having strange men come to my apartment would make me uncomfortable.”

“Sure my place at noon. Do you need my address?” He asks her and she shakes her head no.

“Your friends gave it to me.” She says getting up and slinging her large bag over her shoulder and marching out of the door

“What an odd duck.” Leonard says to himself getting up. As he drives home he regrets his hasty decision to accept her offer for a date. Amy seems sweet and she certainly is smart and accomplished. There was just no attraction as much as he wanted there to be.

When he walks in the door the guys are all assembled around the coffee table playing Magic the Gathering.

“How was the date?” Howard asks.

“Interesting.” He sighs flopping down.

“I take it you mean interesting bad? I am not surprised.” Sheldon says playing a card without looking up.”

“Why, what do you mean by that?” Leonard asks annoyed. It had not been bad just not what he was hoping for.

“The algorithms used by those dating sites are complete hokum. The odds you will meet your perfect match on one of those sites are slim to none.” He says haughty.

“We are not trying to find his perfect match we are just trying to get someone to tickle his pickle.” Howard sniggers.

“Well there will be no pickle tickling she told me all forms of physical contact up to and including coitus where off the table.” Leonard tells him.

“Hmmm… An efficient statement to make on a first date. Declare your boundaries right off the bat.”

“I actually thought you might like her Sheldon.” Leonard tells him and he snorts derisively.

“I have no interest in dating.” He says.

“Well would you at least come with me to the science center tomorrow.”

“You must have liked her a little to make a second date.” Raj says playing a card.

“She made me feel guilty. She told me that she only dates once year per an arrangement with her mother. That none of the other dates she went on liked her either. “

“Fascinating me and my mother have the same arrangement only about church.” Sheldon says getting up and going to the fridge.

“I am telling you Sheldon you would like this girl.” Leonard tells him.”I can give you her number if you want to call her.”

“Again I have no interest whatsoever in dating.” He huffs. “As tempting as a trip to the science center is I also have zero interest in being your third wheel.”

“It is not a third wheel it is called the buffer. You will separate Leonard from his less than desirable date.” Howard tells him.

“Its not that she is not desirable. When she smiles she is actually kind of cute. I am just not over Penny. I may never be over Penny. Girls like her…”

“Are around everywhere!” Howard says.

“Not that will date me… Penny was my soul mate. “

“But you were not hers… Move on man.”

“I think the notion is lovely. Penny is Leonards Penguin he will mourn her loss the rest of his life.” Raj says patting him on the shoulder.

“You know Penguins are not the only mammals that mate for life.” Sheldon begins

“Oh here we go.” Leonard moans as Sheldon launches into a lecture.


Amy walks into the building on Los Robles avenue with a feeling of excitement and dread in her stomach. Normally she would not have been so forward but her mother had been adamant. She had to go on a date that resulted in a second date or she would have to engage in two dates a year. Leonard seemed like a nice enough man but he was just not her type. Amy did not think she had a type at all. If given her druthers she wold like to be spending her Sunday alone. Amy approaches the elevator and sees that it is caution taped off. Amy stares at it for a moment before a bouncy blonde appears from the basement carrying a laundry basket on her hip.

“Oh, it does’t work.” She tells her kindly.

“I understand that given the yellow caution tape.” Amy tells her confused. “It just looks like it has been out of service for awhile. I was wondering how in a building of this size something like elevator maintenance fall by the way side.”

“That is a question you would have to ask my neighbors. They are the super smart geniuses.”

“Would your neighbor perhaps be Dr. Leonard Hofstadter?” Amy asks.

“Yeah, you know him?” Penny asks beginning to climb the stairs.

“Yes, we went on a date last night and today he has agreed to take me to the science center.” Penny smiles at her. This is why she broke up with Leonard so he could find someone like this girl to date. Judging on looks alone this girl is probably just as smart as he is. She probably has a great job and a fancy education, Leonard could be proud to tell his mother about her. Penny even thinks that they look like they belong together. With her dark hair and studious glasses her and Leonard make a cute couple.

“That is great, Leonard is a good friend of mine.” Penny tells her omitting the part about them dating. She does not want the girl thinking that she is trying to intimidate her. “So what is you name.”

“How rude of me.” Amy says sticking out her hand. “My name is Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, and you are?”

“So a doctor eh? Like a Leonard doctor or like a fix you up doctor?” This girl really was perfect for Leonard. Penny is happy for him finding someone like Amy. Penny really cares for Leonard and wants him to find someone who can make him happy.

“I suppose you mean do I hold a doctorate or do I practice medicine?” Amy clarifies finding her bubbly stair partner quite amusing. There was something about her that made you like her immediately. “I have a doctorate in neuroscience from Harvard. I work at UCLA.”

“The boys work at Caltech. So does that mean you guys are like Romeo and Juliet working for different universities?” Penny jokes as they round the landing.

“No, we all work together in academia. Also Romeo and Juliet was about two thirteen year olds who commit suicide. Hardly the love story I would want to emulate.” Amy jokes back and the blonde girl looks like she is thinking hard about what she just said. “You never told me your name by the way.”

“Penny.” She says and then she pauses at a door. “Well this is me. Your Romeo awaits across the hall. Oh wait not Romeo… Your…”

“I have always been a fan of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.” Amy volunteers.

“Colin Firth is hot. Okay we will go with that your Colin Firth awaits.” Penny says opening her door. “Nice to meet you have a great time.” She says disappearing behind her door. Amy almost wishes she was going to the science center with her instead. She could see herself being friends with her. Amy knocks on the door and adjusts her clothes as she waits for an answer. The door creaks open and it is not Leonard who answers but a tall lanky man. My Colin Firth awaits me indeed Amy thinks as she takes the man in. He is handsome in a old fashioned way, like belongs in another era. His dark hair his neatly combed and his blue eyes appraise her making her feel weak in her knees. I may have found my type she thinks trying to find her voice to speak.

“Hello I am Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler I am here to see Dr. Hofstadter.” She says stiffly slightly annoyed with herself at using her title.

“Come in, I am his room mate Dr.Sheldon Cooper.” He says ushering her inside. “Make yourself comfortable.” he says walking to the kitchen. “Leonard is still getting ready. After dating Penny it will take him some time to get used to dates being on time.”

“Penny, as in the Penny across the hall?” Amy asks no wonder Leonard had not been interested in her if he was used to a woman like Penny on his arm. Amy selects the seat in the middle of the couch.

“One in the same.” He says getting a water out of the fridge. “Would you like something to drink, coffee, soda, tea.” He offers.

“A water would be lovely.” She says trying not to stare at him. “I don’t drink coffee or soda but I do like tea.”

“I promised my mother when I moved to California I would not do drugs. So no coffee for me either. I figured it was polite to ask given the types of women Leonard has been known to hold court with.” He says bringing her over the bottle of water and sitting down next to her. “I suppose I am obligated to entertain you until he emerges. So Dr. Fowler what are you doctor of?”

“Of neuroscience, I Graduated from Harvard magna cum laude. I work UCLA in their research department. How about yourself?” She asks taking a sip of water.

“I myself have a MA, BA, Phd, and SciD. I am a theoretical physicist at Caltech.” He says smugly and Amy is impressed.

“Quite the impressive resume.” Amy tells him and he looks pleased with himself.

“Yours is’ t so bad either. When did you get your doctorate?”

“At twenty-two but I graduated at sixteen.” Amy tells him.

“I graduated at sixteen as well.” He says. “Well I got my doctorate at sixteen, I graduated college at fourteen and high school at eleven.”

“Fascinating a child prodigy. You are very rare you know. Tell me very you cultivated for greatness? Did your mother have you playing the piano at two and handing in papers at four?”

“Actually the opposite I grew up in rural east Texas. My genius was a bit misunderstood, my mother would have just as pleased to have a stupid child.”

“I would love to study your brain.” She tells him and immediately blushes. It just slipped out without her wanting it to. Amy feels just as embarrassed as if she just told him she would like to see him with his pants off.

“I have a brain scan that you could look at if you would like?” He asks eagerly.

“I would love that.” She tells him and he gets up and races to his bedroom and comes back holding a manila envelope.

“Now I am a little disappointed with my frontal lobe.” He explains handing her the picture. Amy examines it and is astounded by what she sees. The man truly has a beautiful mind.

“Very impressive Dr. Cooper.” She says her voice thick. “You can take my opinion to the bank the topology of your brain is astounding.”

“I know.” He says looking over her shoulder pleased. When he leans over her she notices his fresh masculine scent and has to refrain from leaning in and sniffing him. Leonard walks out of his bedroom he finds them sitting close admiring pictures of Sheldon’s brain.

“Sheldon you just met my friend and you are already showing her tasteful nudes?” Leonard chides. Making Amy blush and Sheldon snatch the picture back.

“Don’t be lewd Leonard!” He says putting the picture back in its envelope. “Amy is a neuroscientist I thought she would interested in my brain. I was merely entertaining your company while you preened in front of the mirror.” Leonard smiles Sheldon is protesting a bit to much.

“Well Amy you ready to go?” Leonard asks.

“Yes, lets get going before it gets too crowded.” Sheldon says getting up and grabbing his jacket.

“So you are going too?” Leonard asks smirking at his friend. Maybe he and Amy were not love match but he was going to try his damnedest to play match maker today.

“You invited me last night. Or did you forget?” Sheldon sighs.

“No I remember. Amy you don’t mind of Sheldon tags along on our date do you?” Leonard asks already knowing the answer.

“No not at all.” Amy says too quickly beyond thrilled that she will have two male escorts today. Everything is coming up Amy she thinks. Two boys practically fighting for my attention this is the best day ever.

“Hey Amy.” Sheldon says following at her elbow. “You should stick with me at the science center. I can point out all the inaccuracies.”

“Oh you mean like the one…” Amy says as she and Sheldon disappear down the stairs together.

“Howard’s Mother has nothing on me. I am the one true yenta.” Leonard says under his breath following the pair down the stairs.


Even though Sheldon had not been expecting to go to the science center today he had throughly enjoyed himself. He found Leonards new friend clever and engaging and he hoped he saw more of her. After today he could not see what if any fault Leonard could find in the woman. In fact she was one of the fascinating people he had ever met in his life.

Even though he had already given the mammals who choose life partners speech last night. He found himself giving it again for her benefit. Hoping she would take the hint and choose to pair bond with Leonard so he could continue to see her. When they get home he is eager to ask Leonard how he thought the date went.

“So Leonard… Amy is pretty great huh?”

“Yeah great,” he agrees absently sitting down at his computer.

“So when are you going to see her again?” Sheldon asks.

“Oh, I’m not.” Leonard say turning back to look at him.

“What do you mean your not? Leonard if you searched a million years you would never find a woman as accomplished and engaging as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler.”

“That’s right YOU would’ t.” Leonard tells him but Sheldon does not take the hint.
“You always do this Leonard. You meet these fantastic women and you squander your chances. Yet you moan and whine about being alone! Like with Dr. Stephanie she was perfect for you and you just let her go. Amy is even better than she was! I can not let you just throw away your chances with the perfect woman.”

“Sheldon I am not so sure she was the perfect woman for me. As much as she was the perfect woman for you. You guys really hit it off. I felt like a third wheel at the science center the way you two were carrying on.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Leonard. I am a highly evolved life form. I have no desire to be pair bonded with a woman.” He snorts.

“Then don’t pair bond… You don’t have to date her to see her again. I am just saying it would be you squandering an opportunity, if you let this girl walk away.”

“If we were not dating what would we be?” Sheldon asks curious.

“Just friends… You can be friends with a girl. Penny and I are just friends.”

“Bad example you have also been engaged in an on again off again ill conceived love affair with her for the better part of four years.” He says annoyed.

“I am going to put her number in your phone. You can call her… Or you can delete it …. your choice.” Leonard says grabbing his phone of his desk and programing in the number. “I am going to my room.”

“I don’t need you to narrate your every action Leonard!” Sheldon calls to his retreating back as he picks up his phone and looks the new number programmed inside.

When I Get Home, You're So Dead
Mayday Parade
When I Get Home, You're So Dead

Mayday parade: “when I get you home, you’re so dead” song preference


The words are coming I feel terrible
Is it typical for us to act like this
Am I just another scene
From a movie that you’ve seen 100 times
Cause baby you weren’t the first or the last or the worst

“You’re such a fucking slut, did you not think that I would find out about you cheating on me?” I roared at her shaking figure.

She shook her head in fear.

“And with Calum! One of my best friends! How could you?” I shouted enraged

“I-I’m so sorry Michael I-”

“Get out!” I said grabbing her and dragging her to the door. “I can’t stand to be around you any longer go find some other guy to fuck around with because I never want to see you again!” Before I could push her out of the door she retaliated.

“You’re not so innocent yourself!” She screamed “you’re such a hypocrite! I’m not the only one cheating!”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused at how she would have found out.

“You’ve been with a different girl every time you go out!” She shouted

“How the hell did you find that out?”

“Well how do you think Calum persuaded me to get my own back on you?” She spat as her face was red in anger.

“What so you’re saying we’re even now?” I asked

“Yes. Can we just let this go now?” She said tiredly.

“We can’t keep doing this” I said quietly

“I know, but- I’m not ready to let you go” she whispered.

“One more night” I told her

“One more night” she confirmed as I crashed my lips onto hers roughly. We both knew this wouldn’t be the last time.


And baby I understand that you’re making new friends
This is how you get by
The moral this time is
Girls make boys cry

“Come on mate move on she isn’t the type to fall in love and you know that, this Is only going to break your heart” Michael said as we were siting in a booth at the club.

I was currently watching my best friend getting off with some random guy the other side of the room. I hated it. I hated that it wasn’t me.

“Why does she do this? Isn’t it clear how I feel about her?” I asked Michael.

“Look she’s oblivious but you know this is how she gets by” he told me

“I wish it wasn’t” I said sadly feeling the sudden urge to cry.

“Maybe you should tell her how you feel” he said

“I can’t she would never love me back” I said. My eye caught hers as she waved from across the club happily before gesturing to the boy she had next to her and winking. I sighed before getting up.

“I’ll see you later, make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid”


Consider this as a gift as you taste him on your lips
And he’s making you scream with his hands on your hips
I hope he’s leaving you empty baby this is just a fix
For such a simple little whore

“You honestly can’t tell me you don’t think of me when your with him” I asked her pushing her up against the wall to make her look at me.

“Calum, please leave” she sighed

“Tell me you don’t think about me every time he makes you scream, or every time he touches you here, here ore here” I whispered the last part as I added pressure with my fingers over her clothed heat.

“Calum, please don’t I’m not in the mood to talk to you now” she sighed but I pushed her further into the wall.

“You can’t honestly say you don’t miss me like I miss you” I said sadly looking into her eyes as they softened. “He treats you like you’re some type of… Some type of whore” I said watching as tears sprung to her eyes.

“I know” she said quietly as I took her face in my hands and kissing her sweetly.

“Come home with me?”


Pull the trigger
It never gets closer
You want to start over
but never start over

“I can’t do it anymore Ashton” she shouted at me shaking as tears uncontrollably fell down her flushed cheeks.

“Put the gun down” I told her trying not to break down as she could pull the trigger ending her life any minute. “Please, don’t do this.” I told her starting to cry.

“I have nothing left Ashton. I have nothing no home, no job nothing!” She shouted “nobody will ever love me” she cried

“You have me!” I shouted making her cry harder. “Just-jut please don’t do this it’s not the answer we can talk about it okay”

“Y-you think I’m a whore, everybody thinks I’m a whore. They won’t stop judging me can’t they just leave me alone please” she sobbed falling to the ground. I rushed over to her holding her as she cried. I managed to pry the gun from her hands chucking it to the other side of the room.

“You’re safe with me, I won’t let anybody hurt you ever” I soothed kissing her hair.

A/N: omg the Ahston one is so dramatic oops, but someone requested this like a month ago so here you go it’s really bad but I decided i’d kept you waiting long enough anon.

So after paying off my mortgage earlier this year I never received the original deed showing that I now own the house, not the bank. So I emailed Quicken Loans a few months ago and asked what I needed to do. They told me that because the state of Montana doesn’t require them to take care of any of the post-mortgage paperwork, they don’t. Good luck getting it done on your own!

So I started searching on various Montana state websites trying to figure out how to get a copy of the deed and the “Full Reconveyance” letter that basically states “we acknowledge you’ve paid off your mortgage and you now own the property”. But it was all confusing and a couple sites mentioned coming into the courthouse and I just marked the email as unread and left it sitting in my inbox since March.

Today I decided it was time to deal with it. I started the search again. This time I found one page that said I could request the deed and letter via certified mail at $2 per page. And a phone number. So I called to see exactly how to request it via mail, was there a form or procedure?

The woman on the phone was super nice and chuckled a little saying “don’t worry about all of that, I can tell you the two form IDs you need and you can print your deed and Full Reconveyance letter right from our website!”

So this thing I’ve been putting off for months now because I thought it’d be a big scary To Do, took one phone call and two minutes of printing PDFs. Done. Finished.

Sometimes life hands you little wins.

Jack Johnson - Home this Christmas (based on the song)

I have always wanted to write one based on my favourite Christmas song, Home this Christmas by Justin Bieber and The Band Perry. It’s better if you listen to the song while reading :)


I told him to wait until the next morning, I told him to stay wherever he was, but he had to be so damn stubborn once again, risking his life with driving through a biggest storm of the year just because he wanted to be with me on Christmas Eve, which is really sweet, but I would rather have him stay at a hotel for one more night and come home later than drive through a killer storm just to be home earlier. But this is Johnson, he never listens to me, but that’s maybe something I got used to through the three years we had spent together as a couple.

Looking out the window
Waiting for your headlights
To pull up in the driveway
It’s really coming down tonight

I was walking back and forth in the living room with my phone in my hands hoping he would call me or text me or do whatever just to let me know that he is okay. The light flickered once again not being able to handle the strong wind outside. I glanced out of the window in every other second just to see the exact same thing: nothing, other than snow and darkness. There was no sight of Jack.

I tried to call him, but it went straight to voicemail.

“Baby, it’s me. Where are you? Is everything okay? I’m really worried, just let me know that you are safe. I’m still waiting for you, you dumbass. You should’ve stayed at the hotel,” I said after the beep and then with a sigh I ended the message.

Pacing down the hallway
Trying to fight the urge to call
I could almost hear a pin drop
‘Cept for the clock on the wall

I almost dialed his number again when I put the phone down, but I stopped myself and stepped to the window once more, but nothing changed. It was fully silent in the house, the only sound I wanted to hear was the engine of his car as he pulls over to the driveway. I wanted to hear him shut the door and then call my name, so I knew he was home safe and sound. I wanted to kill him for this move and I knew he would be punished for risking his well-being just because he didn’t want me to spend the night alone.

I’m praying that you make it home tonight
So we can lay down by the fireside
You and I till Christmas morning
There’s nothing else that I want this year
More than just to have you here, whoa
I’ll be waiting

I was so scared that something happened to him. I recalled our last conversation when he called from the car saying he was on his way home.

“Have you lost your damn mind?!” I almost shouted jumping to my feet. “It’s the biggest storm of the season, what the Hell Jack?! There is a reason why your flight was cancelled!”

“Baby, calm down, aren’t you happy that I’m going to be home soon?” he laughed happily, but I swear I wanted to murder him at that moment.

“Jack, that’s the most irresponsible thing you have ever done! Why couldn’t you just stay at the hotel and catch the first flight tomorrow?”

“It’s only a four hours long drive and I’m already almost halfway. I thought you would be excited and happy.”

“I will be happy if you get here in one piece. But when you do, I will tear you apart, I promise,” I growled not believing he would do such a thing.

“Alright baby, we’ll see that. See you soon, take care,” he said and I knew he was smiling. That bastard!

“Stay alive, Jack, I’m serious,” I told him and then we ended the call.

Sometimes I was sure that he was going to be the death of me. How could a twenty-three year-old be so reckless? Every news and every site was going off about the huge storm and how all the flights are being cancelled, and then there he was, sitting in a damn car on his way home, while I was almost dying to know if he was okay.

I lay down to the couch with my gaze still glued to the window. I fully decorated the house since Christmas was my favourite time of the year. The Christmas tree was already standing next to the fireplace, and every corner of the house had something that recalled the Christmas feeling. I even placed some mistletoes to the doorways, above the dinner table and the couch hoping to get a kiss from my amazing boyfriend every time we stand under one of them. But that theory required my boyfriend to be home in one piece.

I must had fallen asleep waiting for him, because the next thing I knew was that someone was kissing my cheek.

“Baby, wake up, I’m here,” I heard Jack’s voice and my eyes immediately shot open. When I saw him kneeling next to the couch my heart stopped a beat. He made it, he got home safely and he was finally there with me.

“Oh my God,” I screamed throwing myself to him. He caught me right in time se we didn’t fall to the floor. “I hate you so much for doing this to me,” I whispered hiding my face in the crook of his neck exhaling his sweet scent.

“I’m sorry baby, but at least we can be together tonight.” He run his hands up and down on my back comforting me.

“Jack, I’m serious, don’t you dare do something like this again. Knowing you were out there in the storm while I didn’t even know where you were because you didn’t answer your phone… It just killed me.” I leaned back so I could look into his beautiful, blue eyes and I swear I wanted to look angry but I was too relieved that he made it through the storm.

“I’m so sorry, I was stupid I know, but I just wanted to see you,” he mumbled caressing my cheeks gently with his fingers.

I’ll be waiting under the mistletoe
While you’re driving here through the winter snow
Baby think of me if it helps to get you home
When the only gift that I really need
Is to have your arms wrapped around me
Baby think of me if it helps to get you home
Home this Christmas

“You were the only thing I was thinking about this whole ride. I just wanted to be with you tonight,” he said brushing a few locks of hair out of my face. “I know it was a stupid idea, but you know how stubborn I am,” he chuckled.

“I know, but next time I will just beat your ass,” I said pouting my lips at him.

“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.” Looking up he saw the mistletoe and he shifted his gaze back to me with a wide grin. “Well, look what we have over there,” he cooed staring at my lips.

“I thought you would never notice,” I giggled putting my arms around his neck. He didn’t waste much time, just pressed his lips to my lips and finally kissed me.

It didn’t matter how mad I was at him, I was happy that he was home with me and that at the end of the day we could cuddle next to the fireplace wrapped into blankets. He was my best Christmas gift.