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Before TDA Orlando starts I wanted to share Lizzie Garcia’s story again

This girl is the most inspirational dancer EVER and she deserves every ounce of support in the world. She started dance very late after being in a wheelchair due to a terrible disease for months and months. Today she is dancing at Stars and even placed first at Nuvo Miami against some absolutely insane talent. I am seriously rooting for this girl to get top 10 and even if she doesn’t I want people to be aware of her incredible story and be able to feel as moved when she dances as I do.

Mornings With You- John Laurens X Reader

request from anon: Ok, so like I saw this really cute story about a couple, and I so saw John Laurens doing this? So like, could I have a John Laurens x reader where the reader normally goes to work early but not today, but john doesn’t know. So he just slides into the kitchen singing and dancing and then sees the reader and it’s just fluff? Maybe? Idk. If u don’t wanna that’s chill. Love you, byeee!

a/n: this is so cute, thank you so much!! love you too!!

I heard my phone buzz and I reached over, almost knocking it off the nightstand in the process, and grabbed it. I tried to make out the time as I adjusted to the sudden change of light.

After a few minutes of staring at my phone screen, I no longer had to squint to try and make out the time. 10:02 am. I sat up quickly, stressed out that I was late for work before relaxing and remembering that today was my day off.

I looked over at the other side of the bed, expecting to see John still curled up and still asleep but to my surprise, the bed was empty. Huh, he must’ve forgotten that I wasn’t working today. I walked out of our room and into the hall that led to our kitchen. I heard John singing loudly and I smiled a bit, peeking into the kitchen.

He was wearing sweatpants and socks, the latter he was using to slide around the kitchen while he was making his coffee. He was using a spoon as a microphone and was twirling around and because of the socks, he almost fell several times.

“So this is what you do when I am off to work.” I said, amused and he turned around upon seeing me, smiling widely. He ran towards me and hugged me tightly.

“You’re home!” He grinned and he kissed my cheek and I smiled again. “So am I wonderful singer or is that just my opinion.”
“Well I definetly don’t think you can exclude the dancing from your singing act- but yes.”

“It would be better if you were here every morning.”

“Are you trying to impress me?” I asked him and he grabbed my hand and spinned me around in the kitchen.

“Maybe.” He smiled and he twirled me around.

“Well I didn’t know you were so good at dancing.” I told him and he brought me close again. He kissed my lips this time.

“Only for you, dearest. On that topic, is there a special reason you are home?”

“Isn’t wanting to spend time with my amazing partner reason enough?” I smiled and he looked at me amused.

“For me, yes. But I don’t think your boss would let you off if that was the reason.”

“I’m taking your advice.”

“What are you and what have you done with my partner?” He teased and I rolled my eyes.

“Yes I didn’t know it was possible for me to take a break either.”
“What are you going to do all day?”

“Spend time with you or sleep.”

“If I were you, I would chose sleeping with me. So you can multitask.”

“Tempting offer but you can invite your friends, if you want.”

“To sleep with me?” He asked, confused. I laughed a bit and shook my head.

“To come over today. We can all hang out, play games on the wii?”

“Alex is banned from playing on the wii.”

“Do I dare to ask the story?”

“You know that hole that I helped fix in Laf’s apartment?”

“Yeah, I believe I know the one.”

“Alex lost a game- Mario Kart I believe.”

“I mean I understand what happened but this is so vague. Like what happened? Did he punch the wall? Did he throw the controller?”

“You may never know.”

“Oh come on.”

“Fine, fine. So I was in the lead somehow- probably because Hercules was half asleep but he was still kicking Alex’s ass, right? But somehow Alex gets ahead of me and Hercules and we are in the last lap. I deploy a blue shell and it hits Alex. Alex looses terribly. He kind of threw the wii remote harder than he intended and he hit the wall at the perfect angle to make a hole.”

“Mm. Who won that round?” I asked and he grinned.


“I’m guessing Alex gets angry everytime you bring up?”

“That day didn’t happen according to him. Fortunately he doesn’t decide whether or not a day happens.”

“That happened the day I met you, wasn’t it? I was living with Peggy and I lived across the hall from Lafayette and I knocked on his door to see what all the commotion was about.”

“Never have I been so happy to open a door in my life and if I remembered, I was very smooth.”

“You were crying because of how hard you were laughing.”

“Same difference.”

“Ha. So anything in particular you want to do today?”

“Everything’s fine as long as it’s with you.”

Live steam mistake

Thank you to whoever requested this! I had fun a lot of fun writing it and I hope I can do more of these! 

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You and Ethan were two peas in a pod. You guys were inseparable to the point that the whole team always assumed that you were dating each other. Mark always cracked jokes about “How you guys secretly love each other.” And it started getting out of hand that the whole fandom started shipping you two. “Mark, you need to end this whole ‘Ethan x [Y/N] thing’.”  You told him as you were looking through your Tumblr.  "I’m just telling people the truth that you and Ethan are completely in love with each other.“ He joked around, "I mean look at you guys, you both have vibrant personality and hair. It’s the perfect relationship.” He added wrapping his arm around you two. “That’s the only reason you see us as a couple? Because we have colorful hair and loud personalities?” I questioned. “Besides, I see [Y/N] as an annoying little sister.” Ethan added. “At least, I went through puberty.” You sassed him. “Aww! The couple is roasting each other.” Amy hopped into the conversation.  "And going back to ignoring you two.“ You put your headphones back on. 

Everyone started leaving for the day and it was just Ethan and you. "Hey, I’m sorry for calling you an annoying little sister. I see you much more than that.” He implied. “I’m sorry that I made a puberty joke. Your acne isn’t that bad.” I said. He scoffed, “Are you kidding me? There’s a face under all this acne.” “Please, at least you’re not hella needy and annoying like me.” You argued backed. You guys were basically having a ‘You’re better than me’ competition. “At least, you’re not called an off-brand pewdiepie!” “At least, you don’t get called a cow in the comments!” “ARE YOU KIDDING ME, YOU’RE ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL I’VE MET WITH LIVING IN CALIFORNIA!” “AND YOU’RE ONE OF THE MOST SWEETEST GUYS I’VE MET IN MY WHOLE LIFE!” At this point, it was face to face between you two. The tension was thick and heavy, the room was quiet that you could hear a pin drop. You felt his hand pressed against your cheek and closed the gap between you two. It was sweet and soft just like you imagine. Once you pulled away, you felt like you were on cloud nine. “Wow.” Is all you can manage to say. “You mean, wowie.” He corrected. You rolled your eyes and pulled him back into a kiss. 

You guys decided to keep your relationship on the down-low for a while since you didn’t want to hear “I TOLD YOU SO!” from Mark. Your relationship was basically the same but with kissing, you guys looked at memes, went to get Starbucks for the team, play with Chica, insult each other but then apologize when no one there and kiss and make up, it felt normal. Today was Mark’s monthly live stream and you and Amy were making cupcakes for the stream. “Good idea on the cupcakes, [Y/N]!” Amy approved. “No problem, I didn’t want you to go through all that work for mini pancakes. Plus, I love baking.” You said putting a spoonful of frosting in your mouth. “You love frosting, not baking.” “C'est la vie.” “La vie!” you both laughed. You carried a tray of cupcakes into the streaming room seeing the boys yelling at each other about dumb shit. Before you could put the tray down, Mark’s hand flew up which caused the tray to hit your face. You ended up falling on your back and had a face full of pink and blue frosting, you heard someone on the couch called, “Are you okay, babe!?” “BABE!!?” ‘Shit. Cat out of the bag.’ You thought. Ethan helped you up and grabbed a towel while Mark and the chat freak out about Ethan’s reaction. “HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON FOR!” Tyler freaked out. You wiped your face off before telling Mark and Tyler, “We’ve been dating for a good month but before you start losing your shit, Ethan and I still want to be treated normally and act like everything is still the same.” Ethan agrees. “Okay, okay but first… I TOLD YOU SO! I WAS RIGHT! MARK IS ALWAYS RIGHT! I TOLD YOU SO!” The black haired man started dancing around the room, pointing at you two. 

After the steam, your ship name between Ethan and you were trending on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. You were officially cannon and you felt relieved that it was out there. You were packing everything up when you heard voices from the other room. “Now, I know you’re going to care and be there for her but if you lay a finger on her the wrong way or even make her shed a tear, I’m not afraid to end thing immediately.” Tyler warned Ethan. “I really like her, Tyler. Like REALLY like her. I care about her a lot and I have no plans on losing her.” Your heart flutters when you heard what Ethan said. “Just promise me, you’ll be there for her when she needs you.” Tyler requested. “Cross my heart and hope to die.” You walked in and gave Ethan a kiss on the cheek, “Hey, can you go put some of the boxes in my car for me? Pretty please?” Ethan smiled and did what you asked for. Tyler tried to leave until you stopped him, “Hold it, mister!”. You heard a sigh from him and he walked back over to you, “I guess you heard what I told him?” “You know I did. I hear everything.” You sassed him. “I just want you to not get-” “Hurt. I know, Tyler.” You rolled your eyes. “Tyler, I know I’m 19 years old but this isn’t my first rodeo. I can take care of myself.” You grabbed your purse and smiled, “But thanks for protecting me.” He smiled at you as you walked to your car seeing your blue haired boyfriend, leaning against your car. “So, what were you and Tyler talking about?” You hopped in your car and looked at his hazel eyes, “I told him he has nothing to worried about.”  He smiled at you and gave you a sweet kiss.

I hoped you enjoyed it! My requests are OPEN! Don’t be afraid to message me either and I’ll see you guys later!

BTS Reaction To Their Sister Getting Dumped From Her Cheating Boyfriend

Request: Hello can I request the BTS members having a younger sister and she comes to the dorm in tears one night, because she found out that her boyfriend of 9 months has been cheating on her/ been in a 4-year relationship and lied about it. He also lied to the sister saying that she meant more to him than just sex, and he took her virginity too… this happened to me a few days ago, so that’s fun. @panda-bitch-aru

 A/n: I thought it would be easier to make this into a reaction rather an imagine, so enjoy! (Also I’m sorry you had to go through that.)


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I think Jin would be a very caring brother and would do anything in his power to keep you happy.


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Yoongi would probs kill the guy, or do serious damage to him for hurting you.


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Hoseok would be that brother that would do anything to keep you happy, and stayed by your side the whole time.


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Namjoon always had a bad feeling about your ex and now that he broke up with you, he felt the need to do an I told you so dance but realized you were in a lot of heartbreak to do anything so he just gave you a lecture about how your ex shouldn’t matter to you.


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I think it would be very awkward since you had a fight with Jimin not too long ago about how he was just using you and you refused to listen to him. 


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He would probably do everything to comfort you.


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Jungkook would probs beat him up.

She May Be...

Request: Hiiii!! Are requests open? If so, can I have a one shot where reader and sebastian stan get into a fight and they dont talk for days but then they meet each other at a dance and they dance to the song She by Elvis Costello? Thank you!! <3 (@dramaqueenlito)

Warnings: angst, fluff, language (many uses of F**K)

A/N: Okay, I hate to admit that I had never heard this song until now, but it is beautiful and I love it

Tags: @yourgayonlinemom, @broken-pieces, @bubblyanarocks3

All contemplation of love and eternal intimacy he had aspired to have with (Y/N) in their lifetime disappeared the second he walked into her home upon returning from filming overseas for six months and jealousy struck him like lightning. “What the fuck is this?” he grumbled as he dropped his keys in the trinket bowl located in the kitchen. (Y/N) sat on the couch, laughing as one of her old foster brothers tickled her feet relentlessly. As soon as Sebastian’s voice entered each of their ears, the man sitting with his girlfriend jumped from the couch and turned toward the man who just entered. “(Y/N), what’s happening?” he demanded.

“Um, Seth was in town and I told him to stop by if he had time,” she tried to explain without sounding upset or angry or afraid of what Sebastian was thinking.

“I’m just going to-” Seth tried to say as he attempted to slide past Sebastian.

“Get the fuck out,” he growled at him as his eyes narrowed in on (Y/N)’s doe-eyed face. As soon as the door clicked behind Seth, (Y/N) rose from the couch to approach Sebastian, hopeful she could greet him as she did everyday when he got home from work, and he’d drop whatever attitude that came over him. Unfortunately, she hadn’t made it a foot away from the couch before Sebastian’s anger became even more apparent. “What the fuck were you thinking?” he snapped at her.

“Excuse me?” she asked defensively.

“What. The. FUCK. Were. You. Thinking?” he grumbled as he rounded the living room and started pacing. 

“I’m sorry, do I need your permission to bring people into my house?” she asked in return. 

“Our, house,” Sebastian slipped. 

“Do you pay rent? Is your name on the lease? Have you been here for the past half year? I didn’t think so,” (Y/N) quickly snapped. 

“Oh, so now you can fuck whoever you want because I’m not on the lease or in the country?” he shouted. 

“What the hell is your problem?” (Y/N) shouted back at Sebastian as he angrily stormed across the room. “I never have and will never have the desire to cheat on you.

“Tell me what was going on just then,” he demanded while shoving his face into hers, his eyebrows narrowing down at her. Fearlessly, (Y/N) narrowed hers back at him and kept her mouth shut until Sebastian backed away. 

“I already told you,” she started while crossing her arms over her chest. “Seth was my foster brother from age eight to fourteen and then again from sixteen to eighteen. He was in town and wanted to hang out.” 


“Seb, why would I be trying to bullshit you with this?” she asked while trying to sound calm, hoping he would read her body language and calm down as well. “You have no one to be jealous of!” 

I’m not jealous of that little shit,” he lied while coming closer to her again. Immediately (Y/N) flashed him a look that made him stop in his tracks. “I’m pissed that I can’t even trust my girlfriend to not bring some sleazy asshole back for a quick fuck before I get home.” 

“Seth is the closest thing I have to a blood-relative! Whatever you’re thinking, you’re incredibly mistaken!” 

“Quit talking to me like I’m in the wrong.” 

“Then quit talking to me like I’m some whore,” she shouted in return. “I have much more of a reason to be upset or jealous than you will ever have,” she grumbled before walking away from the living room and toward the kitchen. 

“And what is that supposed to fucking mean,” he asked while following her, grabbing her arm and spinning her to face him. (Y/N)’s heart was pounding now and she wanted nothing more than for this argument to end. 

“You have actually strip naked and dicked around–” 

“FOR WORK,” he shouted back while speaking with his hands, throwing them up in the air in aggravation. “How many times do we have to go over it, (Y/N)? I’m an actor. I was away for work, not to cheat on you–” 

“So occasionally I’m just going to have to allow you to shove your tongue down some other woman or man’s mouth or ‘pretend’ to fuck them for the sake of art?” she snorted in return. 

“Is my career a joke to you?” he asked condescendingly. 

“Not at all, but when you try and tell me–over the phone, might I add–that filming a sex scene between a woman you’ve been away on assignment with for half a fucking year means nothing and doesn’t turn you on in any way, I’m going to tell you that you’re full of shit!” 

“I told you, it’s just for work,” he reiterated. 

“And if I was a stripper you could honestly believe me if I told you dancing naked and giving lap dances was ‘just for work?’” 

“So now you’re comparing my job to sex workers?” Slowly, (Y/N) tried to back up only to trip and fall backwards into a chair as Sebastian lowered himself over her. 

“No, Seb, I’m saying you can’t stand there and tell me that I’m your everything and I’m the only person you could imagine being with–especially not when you’re away on assignment with some model as your co-star who you just ‘happen’ to have a sex-scene with. How am I supposed to believe what you say to me when your job is to say the exact same thing to someone else? Who’s to say I’m not the one living in fiction?” 

“Who’s to say you’re not?” he agreed in question. “Who’s to say all of this is a huge fucking lie? Who’s to say that I don’t want a life with you anymore? I can’t imagine having a family with someone who trusts me so little while I’m away that she has to bring another man into the house.” He words seemed more like an admission of guilt than anything else. She tried to rationalize it as sarcasm or his anger, but his tone of declaration seemed to make everything perfectly clear to (Y/N). Before she could try and fight back any more tears, her face was a waterfall of sorrow and Sebastian ran his hand over his face before sighing. “I can’t do this anymore,” he groaned. “Fuck me, I can’t…” (Y/N) watched the one person she truly loved disappear around the doorframe, heard him pluck his keys from the bowl, and exit her life entirely.   

(Y/N) refused to stay at her place alone. No matter what she did, she couldn’t get the image of Sebastian walking out of her front door and not coming back out of her head. Sure they had fought before, but this was like nothing they’d ever disagreed on in the past. Normally one or the other would realize they were in the wrong and immediately apologize upon cooling down, but normality was not something she could rely on in this case. As she laid on the bed she used to share with her boyfriend of a year and half, (Y/N) couldn’t help but feel guilt swelling within her.

“(Y/N),” her friend called out as she knocked against the door. “You need to eat,” she sighed while placing a bowl of soup on the night stand.

“I’m not hungry,” (Y/N) muttered as she curled up, her tear streaked face pressed against the pillow that lay vacant on Sebastian’s side of the bed.

“You haven’t eaten anything more than a pack of almonds in five days,” her friend chastised.

“I told you I’m not hungry,” (Y/N) snapped with what little energy she had left. Slowly, her friend lowered herself on the empty side of the bed, taking the place Sebastian left empty in (Y/N)’s life.

“I know you loved him–”

“I didn’t love him,” she grumbled helplessly. “I still love him.”

“And I understand that, but you haven’t gotten out of that bed since he walked away. He’s driven you to starving yourself and drowning in your tears. You don’t deserve this,” (y/bff/n) said, “he does! I hope he knows what he fucked up!”

(Y/N) couldn’t help the small fleet of tears making their way down her face again. The last image she had of the man she loved was one of him walking away from her forever. Red faced and angry, he stormed out of her home without so much as a giving her a complete sentence as a reason, and yet she was the one who felt the most guilt. If only I hadn’t brought it up, she thought as an apathetic depression flooded her heart. 

“Here,” her friend said while handing (Y/N) back her cell phone. “I think it’s time you have this back; it’s been going off like crazy for some reason.”

“Are any from Seb?” (Y/N) asked as a mix of anxiety and hope filled her heart.

“I didn’t check.” (Y/N) unlocked her phone and decide to go through her texts first.

Sebastian <3: (Y/N), I was wrong. I know I was so wrong! please call me…-3 days ago

Sebastian <3: I know I fucked up, but please just call me! -3 days ago

Sebastian <3: I know you’re upset at me–you have every right to be. Please just let me know you’re okay! -3 days ago

Don S.: I noticed you weren’t with Seb at the gym today, are you okay? -3 days ago

Sebastian <3: You don’t have to talk to me, just send me something so I know you’re alright -2 days ago

Gramma: Hey, sweetie, (y/bff/n) called and told me what’s going on. I love you. Call me if you need anything. -2 days ago

Sebastian <3: Your grandma called and said you were okay. I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I love you. You know I love you. -2 days ago

Sebastian <3: You should know I love you… -2 days ago

Sebastian <3: Maybe I should have been better at letting you know I love you -2 days ago

Sebastian <3: If you give me one last chance, I will show you everything I didn’t before. -1 day ago

Sebastian <3: please (Y/N) please believe me… -1 day ago

Don S.: We know you and Seb are pretty rocky, but everyone’s still hoping you’re coming to the Drive 495 #SuitUp red carpet gala event tomorrow night -1day ago

As soon as she finished reading her messages, (Y/N)’s phone started vibrating in her hand as Sebastian’s name and photo popped up. “It’s him,” she said to her friend softly as she decided to answer. “Hello?”

“(Y/N)! Thank God you picked up!” she hated how his voice entranced her and made her want to be wrapped in his arms and cuddled into sleep as the little spoon. Almost instantly, his voice changed from relief to guilt. “I know I’m in no position to as this of you, but-”

“I’m still going to Don’s event,” she murmured. “But I’m going to support a friend, not to be your arm candy.” (Y/N)’s sharp words received a grin and two thumbs up approval from her friend who lingered on her bed.

“That’s okay,” he called out quickly, just glad to hear her voice once more. “I’ll come by and pick you up in an hour?”


“Okay, (Y/N),” he said softly. “I’ll see you then.”


An hour later, as promised, Sebastian pulled up to the house he had desperately tried to avoid since angrily and dramatically storming out of. He wasn’t trying to stay away from (Y/N), he just couldn’t bring himself to admit how horribly he’d treated the woman he loved. Hesitantly, he knocked on the door only for it to open and reveal (Y/N) in a floor length blush, one shoulder dress with a metallic, lace inset along the left side of her waist, and a pair of subtle rose gold heels. She was forced to wear the ensemble for a friend’s wedding years ago before she met Sebastian, and he was floored when he saw her.

“You look…wow,” he stammered.

“Let’s just get this over with,” she grumbled and slid around him and made her way to his jag. Strategically, he kept the car locked until he could swoop up behind her and open the door.

The ride to the hotel the event was held at was longer than (Y/N) had anticipated and Sebastian couldn’t help the knee jerk instincts and habits he had from dating her slip into his behavior. One too many times he had stretched his hand across the cab and rested it on her thigh or tried to lace his fingers into hers, and each time was more and more painful than the last when she slipped away, but still, he kept quiet, knowing he deserved her silent treatment.

When they arrived, she walked the red carpet with a smile curled onto her lips so large it was impossible to see how hurt she was. With the cameras surrounding them, Sebastian realized it was the only time of the night (Y/N) would allow him to even pretend to be her boyfriend again. He slipped his arm around her waist and held her so tightly it was obvious to her he was afraid of letting go. “Please don’t let us be over,” he whispered lightly in her ear as he leaned over for a photo. His voice lifted her heart again, just as it had over the phone, but the sorrow filled tone only pulled her further into a pile of guilt. 

The rest of the night, (Y/N) tried avoiding physical contact with Sebastian. Everything was still too soon for her to not turn into a quivering pile of putty under his strong hands. It wasn’t until closer toward the end of the night when the press was allowed inside the event for photo opportunities that Sebastian tried to make his move. “I know you hate me,” he said softly, “but can I please have just one dance?” (Y/N)’s eyes trailed the room as the cameras entered and she sighed. For some reason, she believed that if the press didn’t catch wind of their breakup then it wasn’t ‘official.’ Maybe it was foolish of her to think so, but it was the little thing she held onto. Quietly and slowly, she took the hand he had extended toward her and he helped her from her seat as a slow piano ballad sounded through the ballroom.

She may be the face I can’t forget; the trace of pleasure or regret; may be my treasure or the price I have to pay. She may be the song that summer sings; maybe the chill that autumn brings, maybe a hundred different things within the measure of a day.

As each word flooded the room, Sebastian found himself holding (Y/N) closer and closer to his chest, wanting nothing more than to feel her heart beat against his one last time. Each lyric brought a new wave of tears upon (Y/N)’s eyes, forcing her to fight them away in order to not draw attention from press or Sebastian.

She may be the beauty or the beast; may be the famine or the feast, may turn each day into a Heaven or a Hell. She may be the mirror of my dreams, a smile reflected in a stream. She may not be what she may seem inside her shell.

Every line urged him to pour his apology on her and beg for her forgiveness. He never meant to make her feel inadequate in any way. She was the love of his life, he thought he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her, but the incident five days ago set back all of his plans for a future with her.

“You look incredible tonight,” he cooed as her tears dropped onto Sebastian’s suit jacket.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” she said through a small jerk as she tried to hold back a sob. His hands traveled along her back, one holding her around her waist and the other clasping the back of her neck as she rested her forehead against the crook of his neck.

“Shh,” he called to her as she started to cry. “It’s okay, doll. Everything is going to be okay.”

She, who always seems so happy in a crowd, whose eyes can be so private and so proud. No one’s allowed to see them when they cry.

“I screwed up, babe,” he sighed against her hair, blocking his teary eyes from the photographers. “I should have never called you any of those horrible things. That’s no way to talk to someone you love-”

“Or someone at all,” she grumbled back through his jacket.

“(Y/N),” he sang her name softly. “She may be the love that cannot hope to last, may come to me from shadows in the past, that I remember ‘till the day I die. She maybe the reason I survive, the why and wherefore I’m alive, the one I’ll care for through the rough in many years.” She couldn’t help the smile that rose to her face as Sebastian sang softly into her ear. Her heart had ached for so long to have her back. “I love you so much, (Y/N). I should have listened to you and trusted you. You could never turn a single day of my life into Hell because the past five years worse than any Hell I could experience on Earth and I know that any day that I have you in my life will be a Heaven. You are a face I could never forget and I would never want you to be a regret. All I know is that I can’t let a girl like you get away because she may be the perfect woman for me.”

Yoongi loves Hoseok’s basement parties because Hoseok is his friend and they have similar music taste and he knows he can expect good music to be playing the entire night. He loves the basements parties because Namjoon always gets the best weed and Seokjin buys the best beer and he knows if he really wants to get fucked up he can without worry because he’ll always have quality stuff to help him lose his mind. 

He loves the basement parties because Taehyung always dresses his best in his tightest/ shortest clothing that hugs his body in all the right ways and no matter what it is the younger has on it will for sure leave Yoongi with a dry mouth and a half hard dick. He loves that he can just sit and watch his boyfriend look hot as fuck as he drinks or smokes the best stuff while his favorite songs play. 

Yoongi also hates Hoseok’s basement parties. 

He hates them because Hoseok’s parties always include a big dance floor that will have Taehyung pouting and asking Yoongi to dance until the elder turns him down for the hundredth time. He hates how he’ll have to watch Taehyung look sad all for five minutes until Jimin pulls him away to the dance floor to grind together and probably make the guys and girls around them cry because they want to touch but know both Namjoon and Yoongi will fuck them up if they do. 

Tonight is different though. Tonight Taehyung doesn’t take no for an answer. 

“You know i don’t dance, Taehyung.” 

Yoongi keeps his eyes on Taehyung’s exposed stomach rather than the younger’s face because he knows if he looks at his boyfriend’s face the younger will be pouting and everyone on earth knows Min Yoongi cannot say no to a pouting Kim Taehyung. 

“I know, baby but i promise, you’ll like this dancing!” 

Yoongi pretends to look annoyed as Taehyung steals his beer before he pulls the grumpy elder up from his spot on the couch. He’s hoping Taehyung won’t pull him right to the center of the dance floor but of course Taehyung does exactly that. 

“Just follow my lead okay.”

Taehyung has that mischievous look in his eyes that Yoongi loves as he positions himself to stand in front of Yoongi until they are pressed together back to chest. It’s the same look Taehyung had when he smiled right before he gave Yoongi a hand job in the back of their math class as the teacher went on and on about triangles and other bullshit and it sends a shiver down Yoongi’s body in anticipation. 

Taehyung closes his eyes, almost as if he’s feeling the beat that is playing from the song, and Yoongi groans when the younger moves his body in a way that has his ass pushing against Yoongi’s dick slowly. Yoongi feels lost on where he should be holding and Taehyung seems to notice as he giggles and uses his own hands to lead Yoongi’s so they slide down Taehyung’s chest until they stop to rest on the younger’s pretty hips. It’s easy enough to move his hips so they can follow Taehyung. The friction is just so fucking good Yoongi pushes himself closer to his boyfriend trying to get more as they move together. 

“See i told you you would like this dancing!” 

Taehyung tosses his head back so he can turn it enough to suck at Yoongi’s neck and he knows by the end of their dance there’s going to be a dark purple mark he’ll have to hide from his parents for days. Right now though Yoongi doesn’t give a fuck. He’s already half hard on his way to full boner and he has no problem with grinding against his boyfriend until they cum in their pants like the horny teenagers they are. 

“Is this dancing or dry fucking?” 

Yoongi moves one hand from Taehyung’s hip to let his fingers slip under the waistline of Taehyung’s leather pants and the younger thrust against the air in hopes of pushing Yoongi’s hand further against his dick. Yoongi follows his move and pushes his own dick against Taehyung’s ass pulling a hiss from his mouth. 

“Does it matter?”

Yoongi notices Taehyung is panting and they’re both sweating, if it’s from the heat of their teasing or the bodies surrounding them on the dance floor, Yoongi doesn’t know but it makes everything that much better. 

He’s manages to get the button of Taehyung’s pants open and the younger’s zipper pulled down so he can grip Taehyung’s dick and the moan Taehyung lets out at the first up and down movement of Yoongi’s hand makes Yoongi groan himself. There he was in the middle of a crowded basement jacking his boyfriend off as they grind against each other and people around them danced and probably watched them and Yoongi was moments away from just saying fuck it and fucking Taehyung right there when the younger seems to read his mind. 

Taehyung turns around, pulling Yoongi’s hand out of his pants, and giggles as he pulls Yoongi away from the dance floor and out of the basement, no doubt to one of the bed rooms upstairs. Yoongi manages to lock eyes with Hoseok as he walks by and his friend wiggles his eyebrows as Yoongi rolls his eyes. 


Hoseok screams and Taehyung laughs before moving to whisper into Yoongi’s ear.

“Let’s fuck on Hoseok’s bed, hyung.” 

Min Yoongi was in love. 

Dance Practise With Ten

Sorry this took a while I have lots of exams at the moment. I hope you like it, more reactions coming soon - Em xx

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Dance Practise with Ten

“Ten, you know I’m nowhere near as good at dancing as you.” You whined as Ten dragged you by the hand into the dance studio. He turned on the lights and went to find some music.

“I need someone to practise with and all my members have disappeared somewhere, probably to do 127 stuff. Please practise with me!” He pleaded with you, he had already set the speakers up so you knew he wouldn’t take no as an answer.

“Fine, only because we are such great friends,” You relented. Ten turned the music on and you started with some simple stuff to get warmed up. You weren’t a terrible dancer but Ten was so much better than you it was almost embarrassing.

He moved so effortlessly so you knitted your eyebrows together, focusing all your energy on trying to copy the shapes he was making with his body.

It was quite difficult and after an hour or so of intense dancing you started to get tired. You stopped for a second going to get your water. Ten carried on practising the same song over and over. You watched him silently. He was so good looking, you liked him. A lot, more than a lot if you were being honest.

But you doubted he would ever reciprocate your feelings for him. After a few minutes, you joined him again. You practised together for a while, not speaking but it wasn’t uncomfortable silence. It technically wasn’t silence at all as the music was playing but it wasn’t awkward. You were both comfortable just practising together.

You had almost finished one of your last run-throughs off the song when you accidently lost your balance and tripped falling over.

You had hit the ground quite hard but there were no immediately strong pains so you knew you would be fine.

“y/n!” Ten called running over to you. He knelt on one knee and helped you sit up.

“Are you okay?” He asked checking your arms for scratches or cuts. You nodded. When his hands touched your arms, you could feel small sparks course through your body even if he was just checking for injuries.

He helped you up and walked you over to some chairs on the other side of the room.

“I’m sorry I made you practise with me, I know you didn’t want to and now you hurt yourself I feel bad.” Ten said looking at the floor. You laughed slightly.

“Ten I’m not hurt at all, and I had fun today practising with you.” Ten looked up to you.

“Really!” he exclaimed before realising he sounded a bit too happy at this and then calmed down trying to be a bit more relaxed about it.

“I mean sure, cool, whatever.” You rolled your eyes he was so silly“But you are sure your fine, I know you said, but… I just… uh… I just wanna know you’re okay that’s all,” You got up and went to sit down next to him where he was sitting on the floor.

“I’m good Ten, I promise.” You said smiling. It was cute that he was worried about you. It made your heart flutter. Maybe he did feel the same as you. No that was stupid. Ten was just a nice guy, that’s all.

“y/n” He said getting up to go to the music player, “I have this new choreo I made, can you tell me what you think. Ahh but try to be nice, you are the first person I have showed.” He said biting his cheek.

He switched the song on and began to dance. It was hands down one of the most impressive things you had ever seen. It looked so difficult and yet it was so beautiful and the fact Ten had made it himself just made it one million times better.

He finished his dance at switched of the music. His chest heaved in and out from exertion. You were stunned by what you had just witnessed. You stood up and clapped as if it had been a show.

“So what did ya think,” He said nervously, walking over to you. You smiled.

“It was so great Ten, you looked so beautiful dancing there,” You told him. “I have never seen someone do something that has made such an impression on me it was great.” He broke out into a grin.

“This moment is so great I could kiss you!” He said before quickly bringing his hand over his mouth and turning bright red. You were so taken aback you almost fell over. You were utterly convinced you had heard him wrong.

“Oh no… I didn’t mean to tell you like this… why I am so stupid ahhh.” You moved closer to him curiously, but still not quite convinced this whole situation was real. Oh well better make this dream good if it was in fact a dream.

“Tell me what?” You asked.

“Ilikeyoualotandiwastoscaredtotellyoubecauseyouarereallyniceandprettyandgreatandididntwantyoutorejectme,” He blurted out. You gave him a confused look.

“I didn’t understand a single thing you just said Ten,”

“I didn’t mean to tell you like this I had a whole plan but… well here goes nothing. I like you y/n, a lot, well more than a lot if we’re being honest. I was scared to tell you before because you are really nice and pretty and I didn’t want to face being rejected. But I suppose I had to face it someday. It’s a shame because today had been so great.” He said frowning and looking at his shoes.

You didn’t say anything. You were too busy trying to stop yourself from doing a happy dance. Ten looked sad and started to walk away. You ran over once you noticed and grabbed his arm.

“Why on earth would I ever reject you. I have literally liked you for months Ten. I have been waiting for a day like this for ages. I still don’t believe this is actually happening. Can you pinch me?”

“I can’t pinch you because that would hurt and I would never hurt you on purpose… but to prove it’s real I can do this.”

He moved his wrist from your grasp and reached up to push a strand of hair out of your face before leaning closer to you.

He pressed his lips against yours softly and put both of his hands so they were cupping your face. He moved his lips slowly over yours gently but passionately. After a few seconds, he pulled away.

“I don’t know about you y/n, but that is the most real thing I have ever felt.

Desire Pt.8 (p.jimin)

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7

Word Count:1532

Summary: Amber has liked Jimin for sometime now. But unfortunately he is dating her best friend. When things start to unfold before her eyes, her life is changed. But is it for the good or the bad?

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It was the middle of the night, and I laid awake thinking of what occurred tonight. I covered my face due to secondhand embarrassment. The look of Caroline’s face was imprinted in my mind and I couldn’t eradicate it as much as I tried. I quietly got out of bed, and grabbed my converse. I tiptoed past the stair railing, being extra careful not to wake up Eliza, who was snoring on the other side of the loft.

The metal stairs clanked loudly with each step I took. I walked over to the waterfront and sat down. I stripped my socks off and stuck my feet into the water.

The cool air was nice, and the weather wasn’t to bad. I closed my eyes and all I could hear was the sound of the woods. My eyes shot open when I heard footsteps approaching.

I turned to see Jimin walking towards me. I thought Eliza had realized I was gone, but instead I was met by the black haired boy.

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In my head we are dancing.

When I hear the song play (you know the one) I turn and look at you, sitting across the room in an old comfy chair. The gesture is instinctive; my body moves before my mind does.

I catch your eye, your beautiful blue eyes; my lips are curling, my eyebrow cocks. You look down at your small fingers resting in your lap. Your cheeks are warming to the softest pink. I catch my breath as your eyes flick up and your mouth falls into an open smirk.

In my head we are dancing.

I walk across the wooden floor to you. The padding of my feet is in time with the beating of my heart. I can feel it thumping in my chest, the butterflies in my stomach seeming to be fueling it’s racing pulse. Like some sort of cartoonish hamster wheel generator connected to my veins, creating excited energy in my blood.

I grab your hands without saying anything. I hope you don’t notice the shaking, that my flirtatious eyes conceal how nervous I am to be touching you. I pull you upward, for a moment our faces are inches apart, but I start walking backwards, moving my shoulders and our arms, my hips and my feet, in time with the music. Your cheeks are still flushed. I wonder how you would have reacted if I had kissed you.

In my head we are dancing.

We move awkwardly at first, still holding hands, a foot a part. I can see you’re uncomfortable– you’ve told me so many times that you can’t dance–but you’re swaying your hips and gripping my fingers. You’re trying. I smile in a way that I hope conveys my gratitude as move my feet closer and closer to yours.

My right arm rests on your hip, my left on your shoulder with my fingers in your hair. My left leg moves between your thighs as my right moves closer against the outside of your body. It helps guide your hips to move with mine. Your arms find their way up my sides to my shoulders. I feel a shiver down my spine. When I look at your eyes the pupils are dilated, the irises mesmerizing. I pull you closer against me and you laugh.

In my head we are dancing.

Our timidness has faded and inhibitions are forgotten. I twirl you under my arm, grabbing your waist and pulling your back against my stomach before you can face me again. I grind slowly into you, my hands moving up and down your stomach and thighs. Your right hand is gripping my thigh, your left against my head, keeping me close to you.

When I raise my arms, elbows bent, so that they criss cross above my head, you turn to face me, grabbing my waist and pressing me against you. Your breasts feel soft against mine. My cheeks burn when you caress them for a moment with your finger tips before letting them trail down the rest of my body. When your hands rest on my ass I can’t help myself: I lean forward and kiss you, biting your bottom lip as I pull away. I give you a devilish grin, concealing my panicked thoughts surrounding your response. You lean forward and kiss me, your eyelashes brushing against my skin.

In my head we are dancing.

In my head we are always dancing, always moving in time with each other, getting to know one another’s bodies in an intimate and vulnerable way that doesn’t involve orgasms or a removal of clothes. Because as sexy as you are, I crave knowing you, every part of you, more than I crave your moans.

In my head we are always dancing, but I fear that’s the only place we’ll ever be together. I wish I knew how to express exactly my longing, how I ache for the girl across the ocean and half a continent from me, how much I’ve questioned if the connection is worth pain.

In my head we are dancing.

And I have faith that, one day, your skin will be within my reach, and we’ll be doing the same outside of it.

I’m tired of waiting, I’m exhausted by it.

But if waiting is what it takes, then I’d wait a lifetime for just that one dance with you.

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hello sweetie, what do you do when you're feeling sad and wanna turn it around?

I like making lists and plans. Even Excel spreadsheets. lmao Don’t judge me. It’s just. I do think it’s healthy to allow yourself to feel bad about whatever is sucking in your life - if one doesn’t, it means it’s plain denial and it will lead to be bigger problems. However… Feeling bad for too long seems like just a waste for me, ‘cause whatever is making me feel sad is either something that I cannot fix so I just have to accept it and move on or it’s something that I can fix or at least manage in a better way. So I do lists on how to change that and they help me move on quickly, I start doing plans on how to bring better situations regarding those or in life in general. Or even lists on things that I should not do again ‘cause in retrospect they were the ones that made me get to the situation that is making me feel sad. Lists focused on making me better at handling those. Makes sense? So I normally give myself some time to just plain feel (depending on the situation it can be a couple of hours or a day? really depends), then I put on some music and start writing. Doing some research also relaxes me, specially if they’re related to whatever I’m planning on. I guess focusing on the future instead of just complaining in the present is my thing, I find it efficient when talking about getting over sad stuff. Sorry if this makes me sound like a robotic weirdo. lol I’m very practical and try to make my friends act like this as well when they’re facing hard times - but they never listen to me!! Anyway. Not related to the ask. Okay. So if you, lovely anon, are asking this because you’re feeling sad, I’d recommend you to try this. Also, feel hugged if that’s the case. <3

@ anon who sent the kiss meme request: I got about half done and should finish the rest when I get home in a few hours, so that should be ready for action later tonight 🌟

A Little Late...(Mick/reader)

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You laughed as your brother in law twirled you the dance floor. He smiles at you, “You make my brother very happy, you know that right?”

“He makes me very happy too.” You smiled as the song ended and he kissed your cheek.

“I’ll leave you to the next dance.” He told you smiling, “I don’t recognize him, so if your need…”

“I’ll be fine. I can handle myself.” You told him turning to the next gentleman to dance with. You froze a little as he walked up to you, “Mick…”

“You look beautiful.” He whispered putting his hand on your waist and taking your hand as a slow song started.

You trembled at his touch as you began to move, “What are you doing here?”

“I saw the announcement in the paper…” He wasn’t taking his eyes off you.

“Mick…” You swallowed looking away.

“I didn’t come here to cause trouble.” He told you.

“Then why?” You looked at him confused.

“I just wanted to see you one last time.” He said after a moment, “I just wanted the chance to see what I’ll never have because I was a fool…”

You swallowed frowning, “Mick I waited…”

“I know.” He smiled a little, “I want you to be happy…I came to say goodbye.”

You looked at him as the song started to end, “Mick… You know that…”

“I know.” He leaned down kissing your cheek, “I love you too.”

He smiled before walking away your husband walking over to you, “Are you OK?”

You stood there your hand touching your cheek as Mick disappeared through the door, “I…don’t know…”

Interpreting M3LL155X by FKA twigs

hello ladies,

So like everyone else, I was completely snatched by the long awaited M3LL155X today. The visuals were not only wickedly stunning but also so deep with meaning that it’s been driving me crazy. I don’t post much on Tumblr, but I thought i’d do this since no one else has really tried to decode it yet? Here it goes…

Part 1: Figure 8 - Her Twisted Fate & Destiny 

Figure 8 is such an amazing way to start off M3LL155X. Visually, we’re introduced to an angler fish looking woman resembling a witch or psychic? Throughout this whole sequence, she’s pretty much throwing stank faces to the camera and showing how much she despises everything like any other witch would.

From what I see, she is supposed to represent the forces throwing Twigs into her future destiny and fate as an artist. She literally hurls a fetus of Twigs out of her mouth into pitch darkness alone. Clearly anything coming out of this woman is fucked up and demented, so we know what Twigs is in for. 

Let me live / Through your vice / Mass appeal / I feel in 10 breaths, it’s a miracle if we’re still alive / Can you touch it? / Is it real?

These lyrics represent the delusion and paranoia she is feeling about chasing that destiny. She has to live through the vices and prices that come with fame/rising up and enjoy that pain. She has to live and breathe mass appeal if she wants to stay alive in it. But will she ever reach it? Will it actually happen? 

Part 2: I’m Your Doll - The Abuse 

Here comes the pain. You’ve gotta go through hell to reach paradise; You wanna fuck with the eagles, you better learn to fly etc. 

In this part, we see Twigs is sadly diminished into becoming an inflatable sex doll. A typical asshole-ish looking man appears out of no where and she forces herself to seduce him. However, we realize that he’s taking things out of control and completely destroying her apart. 

Twigs is just laying there traumatized and completely out of it. Clearly, this represents the sexual and emotional abuse she had to face to make it through the industry. You could literally feel all her pain and disgust by just watching this sequence. So disturbing. 

I’m your doll / Wind me up / I’m your doll / Dress me up / I’m your doll / Love me rough / I’m your doll

This is pretty self-explanatory. She must become a dress up doll to the industry if she wants to make it. This may also have a context about how she is treated as a woman in the industry, where she is a puppet to their own desires for her work. This continues to follow her into her next path. 

Part 3: In Time - Popstars & Idols

Twigs suddenly wakes up pregnant in the middle of a stage, representing the development of her work and finally being given her platform now. 

However, the platform they give her is commercial pop as hell. Sonically, In Time gives off pretty obvious 90′s R&B vibes. Twigs is styled like any typical R&B all-female group member with her backup girls a la Destiny’s Child or TLC. They’re even doing super routined choreography and walking around like puppets to the cameras. 

Above them, it looks like they’re being watched by their “target audience.” This part of M3LL155X is very much related to the idea behind Video Girl from LP1. She’s clearly shading the cliché routine of the pop music life, which she dealt with when she was a backup dancer for pop stars a while ago. 

We get constant back-to-back shots of Twigs dressed as an R&B pop girl and her pregnant as well. 

Unable to fit in with this lifestyle, the Pregnant twigs begins to feel uncomfortable and suddenly starts bleeding a colorful ass mess from her womb. She begins to slip around and clearly struggle with the mess occurring, symbolizing her failure in this pop lifestyle as she’s being judged by her audience. 

The general public is repulsed whenever an artist wants to be vulnerable and strong in their work. They would much rather see them ‘play it safe’ as Twigs does through her R&B girl alter ego and mainstream choreography than through her more advanced work. 

Part 4: Mothercreep (Intro) - Birth to Herself As An Artist

Flash forward much later and Twigs is about to give birth to her metaphorical child. The child symbolizes the birth of her true artistry, which comes in the form of colorful scarves that mystically develop into the vogue dancers. 

Moments in change / I’m still chasing / I’ll be home soon / I’ll be there soon

These lyrics pretty much describe this entire sequence well. She’s at home now where she belongs in terms of her work after chasing it for so long. Although she has much more to go, she’ll finally have it soon. 

Part 5: Glass & Patron - Her Identity 

Twigs is finally at home and doing what she wants to do. She broke away from that routine pop lifestyle and is with an amazing crew of people. She emphasizes on voguing because of its free form choreography that goes completely against pop choreo, which she had to go through for many years as a backup dancer. 

I wait all week for a moment’s break away from being told who I am / So do you have a lighter? / Am I dancing sexy yet?

Twigs was tired of being told who she was and being a doll to the industry. She gets hella sarcastic, playing along with that conventional image of a trendy popstar. 

“Teach yourself to rise from ashes built from lust and hurt”

Flashback to “I’m Your Doll” and the Abuse sequence. She’s used all that lust and hurt as a muse for her work now. Although she’s finally found the light, she still has a piece of that darkness in her artistic identity. 

Nature plays a wicked game / Swallow spartans for the pain
A nod to “Figure 8″ and the wicked nature that threw her into her bittersweet life now. Although the game is fucking wicked, she’s still a spartan in the end. 

If you’ve ever attended an FKA twigs show (ESPECIALLY CONGREGATA), you’ll definitely understand how intricate she is about everything going on. Every little detail matters so much and M3LL155X is such an amazing example of that. Anyways i’m out and I hope y’all enjoyed this.

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Hi! Could I please ask for a Lazwald/F!Kamui fic where she stumbles upon Lazwald practicing his dance?

You hadn’t intended to catch him dancing, really. But when you heard from Nishiki that the man was off practicing choreography when she asked his whereabouts, you couldn’t help but grow curious. And so, here you were, back against a tree while sneaking glances at Lazwald’s moves.

Needless to say, you were blown away.

His movements were hypnotizing, sensual and daring at times, elegant and graceful at others. He was the epitome of skill and perfection. Hips turning at just the right angle, arms extending and fingers fluttering in the most tantalizing ways.

You never realized how amazing he was. At least, until you stepped on a twig when you moved for a better look. Both of you froze at the sound, neither daring to speak or move.

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