i told you not to click the read more

Even if you never listen to any other thing I have to say, please listen to this:

Stop disparaging your work.

No matter what form it takes, prefacing your work with phrases like, “This sucks; This is probably bad; I’m not a good writer/artist/creator but I did this anyway,” is a two-edged knife and both sides are lethal.

On the one hand, putting yourself down rots away not only any self-esteem you do have, but any you might be trying to build. If the most constant voice in your life – your own – tells you you’re awful, you’ll never be any good, why bother when so-and-so is ‘better’ or such-and-such is ‘more popular’ guess what? You’ll start believing that voice. And, chances are, you’ll stop creating anything at all, because why bother?

The other deadly edge of the knife is that if you’re putting work out there – and I see this all the time – with tags or artist’s/author’s notes that say, “This probably sucks,” or variants, many people won’t give it a chance. They will never even click the read more or the link that might let them make up their own minds because you’ve already told them it’s not worth their time. People are pretty susceptible to suggestion. If you start them off with the thought, “This is going to suck,” even those who do click that read more will be predisposed to see the flaws you’ve prepared them for and think poorly of your effort.

Stop disparaging your own work.

I know it’s hard. I do. Putting yourself out there where anyone can see and anyone can say anything is so terrifying. Creative work is personal. It often leaves us feeling particularly vulnerable. When we’re vulnerable and afraid of being hurt, we often get defensive even before anything bad has been said. A lot of the time, that defensiveness comes out as self-deprecation.

Nothing is ever perfect. Everything has flaws. That’s part of what makes each creation unique. Some people will love your work. Others won’t. That goes with the territory. Make art for the audience who’ll love you, not the ones who won’t. Above all – and I cannot stress this enough – make sure that you are part of that first audience. That starts by not putting yourself down in the instant you put yourself out there.

Creating work is challenging and scary and wonderful and brave. Letting other people see that work? Even more so. Keep working. Keep learning. Keep failing and trying and failing and trying; that’s the only way any of us learn and grow and change and get better. 

But most of all? Stop putting yourself down. You deserve better than that. Yes. You do. You really, truly do.

NieR Automata x Amazarashi’s “Deserving of Life” Reflects Your Psychological State

Back in February, Amazarashi released a collaborative song with NieR Automata titled “Deserving of Life”. Hiromu Akita, the vocalist songwriter of Amazarashi, is actually a NieR fans and immediately accept Yoko Taro’s invitation to create a track for NieR Automata. Akita said that he created the song with the theme of “What is important enough to make you throw out life” which is a common theme to the NieR series and amazarashi.

The music video was created with a deep psychological background in mind. It features 200 dolls that getting destroyed to pieces by machines. Even though the story was based on Yoko Taro’s draft, the video direction was created by a creative team. Since they wanted to create a video that will impact deeply in the viewers’ mind, they invited an expert social psychologist, Hiroshi Kawashima, to the team. 

Hiroshi Kawashima explains that the video was designed to reflects the viewers’ psychological condition. It’s possible to diagnose a character of a person by identifying what kind of reaction a person have after viewing the video. Kawashima said that there’re 8 patterns of personalities that can be identified after watching the video. Feel free to join the personalty test bellow.


Alternative Links: JP || NA


What kind of impression did you have after watching the Music Video?
Please choose one of the answers from 1 to 8 which is closest to yourself.

  1. “I can not forgive the action of destroying a beautiful doll”
  2. “I felt an unbearable emptiness” 
  3. “I felt a ray hope in the middle of desperation”
  4. “I felt a beautiful thing somewhere in the ruins”
  5. “I felt a bit of excitement” 
  6. “I thought that the soiled beautiful dolls were erotic” 
  7. “I thought of the dolls were a poor thing” 
  8. “I thought that it was cruel and disgusting”

Click “Read More” / “Keep Reading” to read the diagnosis.

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Should Have Listened - Derek Morgan Imagine

Derek x reader

Summary: The team doesn’t know about Derek’s new girlfriend until she becomes a vital part of a new case they’re working.

JJ laid the folder in front of each of them. ‘3 women, all kidnapped and murdered in the last two weeks’ Hotch explained. ‘Right here in Washington, the last one was kidnapped yesterday’ He sat and clicked the remote three pictures coming up on the board. ‘They all look the same, that’s a clear link between victims’ Reid observed.

Derek lifted his head to look at the women, they seemed familiar, like he’d seen them before. ‘That’s not the only one’ Prentiss looked at the file. ‘They all work in The Dover Institute, all on the same ward’ That got Derek’s attention. ‘They work where?’ He began flicking through the sheets and sure enough they all worked at the same place. No wonder he had recognized them.

Derek shoved his chair back before hurrying out of the room. ‘Hey, Morgan, wh-’ But Hotch was cut off by the door closing behind the agent. When outside he pulled his phone from his belt and pressing the speed dial.

You looked down at you phone as it began to ring. ‘Excuse me’ You smiled politely at the nurse you were speaking to. Rounding the corner you hit the answer button. ‘Hey Babe’ You smiled chirping into the phone. ‘Let me guess, new case you’ll be gone for a few’ It was always that when he called you at work. ‘New case, right here. Listen to me sweetheart’ He rushed and the smile instantly fell from your face.’Tell them you’re sick go home pack a bag and go to mine, do not let anyone in, do not stop and talk to anyone, always have someone around you. Do not, ever, be on your own until you get into mine, and stay there’ You furrowed your eyebrows.

What was this? Why did he need you to go? You were already understaffed with Aine not turning up for work and Sandra being on holiday. Then there was Denise, you didn’t even want to think about what happened to her, the poor girl’s body was found almost a week ago. ‘Derek, I ca-’ He grunted at the other end. ‘No, Y/n, listen to me. There’s some guy going around killing people from your ward, they look exactly like you. Go to mine. Now’ Your hand flew to your mouth. ‘You-you mean Denise? Is that what happened to Aine? She never showed up today. Oh God’ You fell back into the chair.

You heard his uneven breathing on the other end of the phone. ‘Sweetheart, no, listen, calm down, deep breaths, come on, deep breaths’ You could feel the tears coming in your eyes. ‘Calm down?’ You hissed. ‘Derek, by the way you’re making it sound I’m next, oh god. Poor Aine’ You closed your eyes willing not to cry. ‘Three, there’s been three abductions Y/n, you’re not next, I’m just being safe, please go home beautiful, please’ You froze your body rigid.

Three? ‘Derek, three? There’s only two of us mi-Sandra? She-shes supposed to be on holidays’ You felt a tear slip out of your eye rolling down your cheek. ‘We found another body, three. Sweetheart, go home. Now’ You nodded frantically wiping your tear from your face. ‘Y-yeah, I’ll grab my stuff a-and be at yours in an hour’ You told him. ‘Good, thank you beautiful, ring me when you get back, ring me if you’re alone. Promise’ You nodded again. ‘Promise, I’ll see you later’ You hung up and dropped your head into your hands.

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How to start an ask blog

I already answered this question, but my tips were pretty short so for the 20k I decided to take the time to write all the tips that I learned. So I hope that I will help the new ask blogs!

If you don’t know me, hello I’m Sarah and I started this blog in June/July 2016 when there were only 3 ask blogs and the other 3 were inactive, yep. It’s been now 8 months than I run this blog so hopefully this will help you! (ofc my tips are good for not only bts ask blogs!).

Also it’s just tips and things that I noticed so you don’t have to follow everything!

Warning: very long

1. Chara Design

*Chara design is really important, it’s the first thing that people will see. Since tumblr users scroll down really fast, they need to recognize the member really quickly. So before starting your blog I think you should take your time to sit down and to create the chara design. Try different things and see what is the best for you! A quick way to do it is to mix their personalities with their real life features! But don’t worry, you will surely change your design after a couple of months, but it’s a great beginning to have a design in mind!

*Color palette is also really important. I don’t like to whitewash but do what you want. If you don’t like to whitewash like me I think that this VLIVE  really shows their beautiful skins♥. But again you will change it for sure later, I often change my color palette tbh. It won’t be perfect, and it can’t be perfect so don’t be too pressured by this!

2. AUs (Alternate universe, other professions, ships & OCs)

1. Alternate universe

My ask blog isn’t an AU so I don’t know everything about this. But I’ll try my best to give you all my advices. 

I think that AUs are really funny and really great (for ex witch au etc). And a good way to create one is to ask yourself some really simple questions who will help you to develop this universe and to keep it consistent.
For example: Where are they? Do they like were they live? The mood of the place? Specificities of the place/universe? Do this place affect their appareance? In which way? Do they have the same age? How the universe interacts with them? etc….

2. Other professions

It’s basically the same than 1. but with different questions: Where do they work? With who? Do they work a lot? How are the customers? Do they like their job? How involved are they in this job? Are they good at it? Someone ocasionally helps them? etc…

3. Ships

Ships are part of the AU because in your universe, the ship is canon (which is not the case irl). It’s also the same than 1. and 2.: How is the relationship? Do they have habits? (things they do often etc..), How the members interact with the ship? Things they love about each other? Things they hate? Where do they live? etc…

4. OCs

I only saw a few ask blogs including OCs but they exist so I have to talk about them eheh. (oc x member, doesn’t me it’s a romantic relationship tho)

If you want to create this type of blog, be ready because it’s going to be really difficult. The thing with Ocs is that it will take time to your followers to like your OCs because they don’t know them. You should introduce the OC in your first post: How do they know each other? (member and the oc), Age? Type of relationship? Interactions with the other members? Do they know the other members?  Reasons why the member likes your OC etc…

*obviously you don’t have to answer to all the questions!^^^^

3. The start of your blog & tips

1. Make an introduction! 

It’s basically just a post saying “hello i exist plz send me asks ty”. You can maybe tag other art blogs to bring some of their followers on your blog so you can starts somewhere! If it’s an AU, introduce it a lil bit. Don’t be too pressured by this post. You will hate it later trust me, just draw something cute, introduce the theme of your blog and that’s all!

2. Don’t answer directly to the ask

By that I mean don’t answer in this lil box (?) here

And here’s why:

  • The quality is better when you upload your drawings in the picture post (idk how it’s called??), plus it takes more time to load (at least for me?)
  • But the major reason is because of this:

When someone reblogs an ask, it will cut/hide the pictures a bit. Which is really not good. If you write some texts it might be hided because of this, and the tumblr user will have to click on it to read everything. But the majority won’t click on it. I did this myself, and I’m glad that an anon told me about this! 

So what I do now is that I took a screenshot of the ask, I save it and upload it in the picture post (still don’t know how it’s called ugh).


  • Clarity is key guys! I see a lot of beautiful artworks who aren’t clear, so we don’t understand what’s going on! :^((. Tumblr users scroll down really fast, if they don’t understand something or if they have to take the time to understand it, they will keep scrolling. 
  • So don’t explain all the story in one or two pics (or maybe it’s just really short but wtv). There will have a lot of informations in one pic and it’s not good at all :^((
  • Don’t be afraid to SHOW things. Show what’s going on. Yoongi is watching Jhope’s body roll for 5 minutes on Youtube? In an other picture, zoom on his laptop to make it clear: “yes Yoongi is a J-Hope trash, look at his laptop”. That’s why my comics are 6-9 pictures long. I make sure that everything is understandable. 

4. I don’t get attention, why? :^(

OK this is a really complicated topic, but I get this question pretty often. I won’t talk about the lack of reblogs or anything like that.

In this section I will talk about things ask blogs don’t talk, so here we go.

  • For some reason,people reaaaally don’t talk about this topic in the drawing or writing community (in the kpop fandom). But ayy let’s talk about this: Depending on the member, you will get more or less notes. That’s sad but true. The maknae line is more popular and the hyung line is less popular. So if you choose to create a blog centered on only one member and he’s not really popular, you will get less notes. Be aware of that.
  • Same for ships. Some ships are more popular! And some are less popular.
  • (for this one please don’t be offended ;<;)

After working on this blog for a while, I realized something. Maybe you noticed it, but I don’t answer questions like “what’s your fav color”, “do you like this instrument?, “do you like that?” etc… It’s because…it’s not the most interesting questions in the world. Let’s say you answer and say “blue”. Well yea, the drawing can be amazing, but the content isn’t really interesting. It’s blue, well ok. So if you only answer this kind of asks, there’s chances that people might not be really interested.

Again, I’m not here to tell you how to run your blog! If you like to answer to this, keep going bro!

  • An other thing that I noticed. Comics are always prefered to illustrations. Because it’s a story. The illustration can be amazing, but it’s an illustration. People really enjoy comics because it’s a story and it can be funny, and angsty or idk. My asks are stories. It’s not a direct answer, it’s a story that answer to the question. But again, if you don’t like to make comics, don’t do it :^DDD It’s just something that I realized! 

SO I FINALY FINISHED IT!!! It was long and it took me so much time omg. I hope this will help you♥♥

anonymous asked:

How can I get into art? Like, I am into art, but how can I learn about it?

In many ways!  The first I would suggest would be to go to your local museum (if you have one).  Most museums offer tours (sometimes free), so take one!  Alternatively, you can walk around and read the plaques, or get an audio guide, if they have them.

Next, use the internet to your advantage!

  • I know Wikipedia is “untrustworthy” but I think it’s a really great source, especially for just finding stuff out.  Look up your favorite artist or your favorite painting and just read about them, and then click all the links and read those articles too.  Some other online resources:
  • Khan Academy - we used this in my art history class last year.  It goes along with the AP course curriculum, but it has way more than just that.  They have fantastic videos and articles about all types of art, and they’re very interesting and informative.  They also have lots of other topics, but I’ve never really explored anything aside from art history
  • Google Culture - this is new, and I haven’t really looked at it, but @asteriaria recently told me about it and it seems awesome!  You can explore artists, eras, exhibits, etc.! Just to show you, I took a few screenshots of my favorite era/painter, and they have exhibits from different museums, articles, the works, a timeline of all the artists of different eras together, etc… It’s amazing.
  • The Met’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History - I’ve read a few articles from this and it’s fantastic.  The Met has an amazing collection and all of it is catalogued online, so you can simply read the little plaques that they have at the museum, or you could read the articles they’ve posted about them!  They have countless essays (and I recently heard at my orientation that the Met has some two million works, most of which are catalogued online).  It’s almost as good as going, I think!

Also I would certainly suggest going to your local library or bookstore and looking for some books.  There are so many authors and topics to look at that I couldn’t really name a specific one that gives you a good overview and isn’t a textbook … but Janson’s History of Art is pretty good, though it only covers Western art.

If you have any more questions, please come and ask!!  Especially if you want to know where to find more about a specific era or topic :)

So I recently got around to color coding my gmail, and I thought it might be helpful to make a guide on how to do it! I find color coding email into certain categories to be helpful for finding things, as long as I don’t have too many categories.

Right now I have color codes for emails from my parents, from myself, about my new job, and of things that I need to do (for example if people email me tasks, forms, etc.) I was told at a seminar at my last job that keeping categories minimal is important, because otherwise you just have a large mess of colors. I know some people like only having “to do,” “doing,” and “done” categories, but do whatever works for you!

Now to the actual tutorial! (under a read more to keep this post short)

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What it takes

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Hoseok X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: j hope x reader where they go on a coffee date and a fan took a photo of them and posted it on social media and the internet just blew up? 

It was the two of yours first time out together since you’ve made the announcement of your relationship. You were a little nervous of being stopped or insulted in public because of it but Hoseok continuously kept reassuring you that the armies were happy for the both of you. Despite your doubts you happily agreed to going out on a date with him. It was probably the first time you went on a date that wasn’t just in their company or abroad. You walked along side of him to the café, staring down at the hand you want to hold so badly. He looked over at you, letting out a chuckle before he holds your hand himself. You felt your face start to warm up but you didn’t say anything. As you walk into the café you both were greeted and you head to the front to order.

“I can do it. You wanna find us a seat?” Hoseok asked.

You nod. “Yeah, sure.”

Finding the first table you see you sit down next to the window, looking out at the busy streets. Right as you start to space out a drink gets set down in front of you, snapping you out of it. You look up at your smiling boyfriend. The drink was your usual making you happy that he remembered. Honestly, you couldn’t have asked for a more caring boyfriend.

“Thank you.”

“I hope I got the right one.” He said, taking a sip of his drink.

You nod. “No, it’s perfect. Hey, Hoseok?”


“Does it make you happy now that we can go wherever we want?” You asked.

“Of course I am. That means I get to let everyone know that you’re mine and I’m yours. If they still don’t get then I’ll just have to scream it so everyone can hear it.”

You laughed. “Don’t you dare!”

He stood up pretending as if he was going to and you grabbed onto his arm, giggling. He laughed and sat back down.

“I won’t do it…for now. But just wait until we get outside.” Hoseok teased.

“Yeah, yeah. As if we need more attention these days.”

“You’re right. What if someone sees how beautiful you are and tries to take you away..” He says, pouting.

“That won’t happen. You already know that I wouldn’t leave you for anyone else.”

“…I know. I just like hearing you say it.”

You threw the tiny crumpled ball from your straw wrapper at him, jokingly. He gave you another smile.

When you both finished your coffee, Hoseok promised to take you to one of the local stores to go shopping with him. He stopped on the street, hearing his phone notification.

“What is it?”

“Taehyung told me to check twitter.”

You walked over, leaning your head on his shoulder to look at his phone as well. When he opened it up he saw that both of your names were trending worldwide. When he clicked on the tag it was filled with multiple familiar looking pictures of the two of you at the coffee place. Hoseok saved one of them, telling you how cute it looked. He asked you how to read some of the comments he couldn’t understand. The more and more you read it was surprisingly positive.

“Whoa….they really do like us together.”

“I told you. Our ARMYs are mature and thoughtful.” He said proudly

“….Can you send me one of the pictures too?”

He chuckled. “Yeah. I will. This is what it takes to date an idol. Cute pictures of us all the time.”

Found (Part Two of Lost)

Part One~ Lost

Found- Harry Hook x Reader

Written by: mouseymagines

Request: Can you write an imagine about harry hook where a reader who used to be On mal’s crew but she wasn’t picked to go to auradon with them and is angry so after that she bumps into uma and she takes her back where harry and Gil are, and Harry takes a liking to her so he flirts with her. (Sorry if it’s too detailed)

Requested By: Anon

Warnings: I’m bad at flirting or at least I think I am so this may be very poorly written xD Yes thats a warning.

Originally posted by butterflywingednight

Once you and Uma entered her mom’s business eyes were instantly on you. You couldn’t help but feel so small and helpless. Usually in these situations you had your friends and now you had nobody. For some reason you felt tricked into something that something was going to happen.

“Come on, have a seat” Uma spoke up, guiding you over to the long front table, basically the bar of the room. Following after the girl with the teal colored hair, you grabbed a seat at one of the wooden stools, looking around. You look forward seeing Gil. His eyes were on you, the look of confusion evident in his eyes. “Gil, you know Y/N”.

“Y-Yeah” Gil mutters, looking from Uma to you then back to Uma. “Why?” he questions.

“Well with the others gone, they forgot her” she explains, looking to you with a small smile. “Right?” Uma’s question aimed at you.

“Yeah” you mumble, looking down. You sigh, bringing your gaze back up to her and nodding. “Can i get the salmon?” you request.

“You get the chips” She tells you, walking off into the kitchen.

‘Okay’ you mouth to yourself, looking up to the TV which was turned off. Soon after sitting there kinda zoned out of it, the doors had opened and you heard the voice of Harry, Uma’s right hand man. His heavy footsteps started coming in your direction. You looked to the pirate as he climbed over the table and onto the other side. Once he turned around his gaze met yours.

“Well well” he said in a sing-song kind of voice. “What might you be doing here?” he inquired of you.

“Came for food”. Your voice meant to sound confident, strong, but ended up coming out quiet and had a hint of fear to it. You knew he sensed it, evidence being the smirk that grew across his face.

“Did ya now?” he sounded intrigued by the news. Why exactly, you didn’t know. He never seemed interested before or at least you couldn’t recall it.  

“Yeah, what about you, Hook?” you asked, tilting your head slightly and leaning your body more to the table to try and help build yourself up. He noticed this and a small chuckle left his lips.

“I mean, you would know, aren’t I always here?”

“Well matter of fact, I wouldn’t know considering this isn’t usually my scene” you shot back. A slight smile playing at your lips.

“Maybe it should be” he told you. It honestly caught you off guard at first. This is what you told yourself exactly not to get into. Getting asked to join Uma’s crew.

“Yeah I don’t think so” you reply, attitude evident in your voice.

“Aww, what a pity, would’ve been a nice addition”

“Well that decision isn’t up to you, now is it?” you retort

“You’re a very snippy girl” he remarked, blinking at you. The same smirk on his face from before. “It’s a fire I can’t help but like”. You roll your eyes at this. Soon enough Uma comes out, dropping two trays, one of your chips and the other with whatever Harry usually got. You looked to her.

“Help me”

“Yeah I can’t help with this” she tells you, motioning at Harry. You knew it wasn’t that she couldn’t cause she really could but it was more that she didn’t want to. She walked off to another table, helping some other people with their orders.

“Don’t ya think she’d make a good addition to the crew?” You heard Harry ask. You looked to him, the look on your face reading pure anger. “Well that’s a very inviting look”.

“Maybe” Uma replied to the pirate.

“What- no, no I would not” you told her.

“Why not? You’re one of the more feared people in this place, your schedule just conveniently got pretty free, what else you gonna do?”. The way she asked this made it click in your head that they were most likely expecting this. You felt cornered. That if you said no they may just kick you out on the spot but at the same time you felt like saying yes.

“We don’t bite, Y/N” Harry chimed in. You looked to him. “The protection you’ll have, the power you could have over anyone-” you cut him off at that one.

“Harry, I have all the power i need, I simply tell people their souls are mine and that’s that”

“Yes, but having back up to that? It’s a good deal, Y/N” Uma told you, heading back into the kitchen.

“Frankly, I’d like to see more of those heart stopping glares of yours”. You looked to the pirate in slight annoyance. “There one is” he remarked, smiling once again. There was a silence between the two of you. You were thinking on the proposition. It really wasn’t a bad idea. Deep down you thought it was the perfect revenge on your friends for leaving you but you also thought it was a chance for something new.

“Fine…” you answered, crossing your arms.

“That’s the spirit, beautiful”

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My name is Han, and I turned 16 on October 12th. This is a post I have been struggling to make for a very long time, and I’m afraid if I wait any longer, I’ll never be able to say it.

I was friends with Mary (mortal-apollo or spooky-apollo now) since I was about 13 years old, Mary is currently 21 years old and she was 18 when we first became friends. In the last couple of months some things happened that lead me and her to stop talking. During this time I realized some unsettling things about the way she’s behaved over the course of our friendship. The way she was treating me, my girlfriend, and other minors around us was completely inappropriate and manipulative. My girlfriend and I even  tried messaging the admin of the PJO server Mary is a moderator in and asked her to help us with the situation, but she refused too.

Recently I made a post about my experience with Mary, this post was intended to help other minors involved with this fandom or other fandoms Mary is part of by explaining how she hurt and manipulated me, so they can avoid being put through something similar in the future. Many people who either didn’t fully understand the situation, or didn’t want to believe what I said about Mary at all, reacted very negatively to this post. I was called a liar, I was asked for proof of the abuse she put me through, I was told I couldn’t be traumatized by what Mary did to me, and I was branded someone who was just looking for attention by some.

Below the cut is an explanation of what happened to me, in chronological order. Before you click read more, please be advised of the following TWs: Adult/Minor relationships, NSFW text, victim blaming, emetophobia etc. Proceed with caution.

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reblog to save a life

yo to all you Tumblr quality fanfic writers out there you’re wonderful homie keep up the excellent work you’re SLAYING it

but pls for the love of god


so for people who don’t know what that is, let me explain: when you turned on the TFA in your tumblr blog, the only person that can enter and interact with the blog is you, because the blog requires the password that sent to your phone after you turned on TFA. Other accounts can no longer access your blog content because well they don’t know the required code.

mabey you have your own reasons but just hear me out fam

like yesterday i was searching for some good fanfic but let’s be real you know how hard it can be to find a fanfic (that is not terrible) (esp fanfic smut tho) in the Tumblr community

so i searched for some fanfic recs right because they save me time and usually, the recs are 10000% GOOD (btw to all fanfic-reccomender out there ilysm)

and i came across this rec from this acc like i’d read some of her works and they were lit af so i was assuming that her reccomendations should be lit too right?

the problem is that i was in the moment,,where i needed smut,,,,more than usual,,,,(you know like one of those horny ass day for no reason),,,,anw so the recs were wide-ranging like she got everything from fluff to angst to au to smut,, and i was like,,,,, frsdhcking hell this must be my lucky day,,,,,,,

as i was happily clicking on the link and mentally preparing to read some fine ass fanfic smut,,,, the tumblr website told me to enter a password,,, i was like,, wut password fam,,, and like no big deals there’re still some more smuts for me to read right?


most of the recs was from the account,,which turned on the two-factor thing,,,, and so i was like,,,,,whew better find some other recs no worries i have the whole day to do this,,

and to my very much horror,,,most of the other quality-smut-fanfic writers turned on the TFA too,,,,,,,

like,,,why,,,,,fam,,,,, i need an answer,,, pls reblog this to save my life and many dying souls,,,,,

You don’t own me part 5

Originally posted by deerest-xo

Excerpt: “Before we go in there you should know that you only speak when you are asked. Else I don’t want to hear any noise from you”, his tone was firm which should indicate you that there should be no backtalk. 

“What?! Am I a dog?”, you yelled.

“Act like one and maybe you’ll get a reward”, an evil grin spread over his face as he exited the car.

Word count: 2549 // Yaas my friends!

Warnings: Angst -  It’s slowly increasing!

Author’s note: I know that mostly after the third part or so the people loose interest in my stories but still there are a some of you who stayed with me!  @httpwyf​ , @dont-hyuck@vicassa@imbaekhyunstrash
@byunbunniess@literaltae@jookyunhoe@crovalkyrie​ I hope I’m not bothering you by tagging you. If so please tell me and I’ll stop ;)  
I’m very thankful to everyone else too! ♥

Even if this part wouldn’t be read at all I still feel like writing it because I do actually enjoy it! I see a lot of people struggling on here by the lack of response they get for they stories while they totally forget the ones who did read and liked it! I must admit that in the beginning I felt the same because it is hard. There are so many awesome writers out there so you always compare yourself. But actually there is no need because writing is  something just for me. It calms me down and I allows me to shut the world out for a little while. And that is what counts I guess. So yeah after telling you my little realization I hope you can enjoy this part :) ♥

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4

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Give the People What They Want

here’s my first fic of the seven that are going up this week!

An accidental like on Twitter brings Dan more than he bargained for.

“Hey guys! I’m joined today by Dan, and we’re going to be doing the chapstick challenge!”

aka the one where Dan and Phil try to do the chapstick challenge and it doesn’t exactly go as planned

words: 2.8k

tags: chapstick challenge, friends to lovers, fluff, making out, slight grinding but no real smut

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anonymous asked:

now that you have the art book have you seen concrete ?

Yes, but this has been in Steven Universe tag for a while now, so it isn’t anything new to me. 

My honest opinion is that instead of attacking the crew, people actually gave the ones who got hurt the spotlight, comfort them, apologize and make them feel safer, ( you know, focus on sharing empathy instead of hate? ) it would be much more productive and positive to everyone.

I’m not here to question if that was racist or not because 1) it’s not my place 2) I really don’t believe this will help the situation in anyway 3)  something much sadder happened: People got hurt. 

Feelings are not fixed by logical reasons, neither they need the approval of the internet to exist.

Lamar and Rebecca recognized this, they recognized that concrete’s design hurt some of their fans and they apologized. You can read their apologies here and here

that said, I must remind you that I’m not American, I’m Brazilian. We have different cultures and Racism here didn’t develop in the same way. Yes, it’s something that we struggle too (even if this shocks some people), but our struggles are not the same because we have different backgrounds.

Every time I read people of this fandom harassing crew members or each other I feel terribly embarrassed and powerless, but I still believe that with a show that has “LOVE” as the main lesson, someday it will click that kindness is much more powerful than hate.

edit: an anon just told me that Hillary Florido admitted writing concrete’s description and apologized as well, you can read it here.

Dating Natasha Romanoff Would Include...

☆ In the relationship, there is basically no PDA, but there are hot makeout sessions at home. In public, she may touch your arm/hand/shoulder to reassure you that she’s right there with you and not leaving. 

☆ Natasha likes talking in Russian to you because you never understand what she’s saying. She enjoys seeing your confused face. You decided to learn it for her sake, and when you speak it, Natasha starts laughing but secretly adores you for learning it for her.

☆ You pulled Clint aside to tell him to watch for Natasha and make sure she’s safe. Clint smirked and said that she said the exact same thing to him about you when she had to go on a solo mission.

☆ It took her forever to open up to you. It took even longer for her to say “I love you,” but once she first said it, she grew more comfortable with saying those three sacred words.

☆ When you’re gone, she enjoys wearing your sweatshirts to feel closer to you. Natasha enjoys wearing them while she’s curled up on the couch, drinking coffee/tea. 

☆ You both find it fun to flirt, but she never blushes. It’s easy for Natasha to get you to blush.

☆ You think of every nickname you can for Natasha. At first, she finds it annoying, but after a few times, Natasha loves when she hears you call out a new nickname randomly.

☆ Natasha makes sure that Fury doesn’t put you on a dangerous mission without her. She’s very protective.

☆ During the mission-less weekends, you two eat takeout and watch movies together while staying in your pajamas. There always is major cuddle sessions during this time.

☆ Natasha can tell that you’re lying a mile away. She just has that sense. Natasha will give you space if you need it but won’t hesitate to comfort you if she knows you’re hurting.

☆ When you’re working on paperwork in your guys’ apartment, Natasha will stalk over and give you a quick peck on the cheek. There will always be random kisses during the day when you’re least expecting them.

☆ She told you about her past, and you wanted to get revenge of Red Room somehow and as soon as possible. You held her close to you when she had nightmares of the dreary days there.

☆  When you or she is gone on a mission without each other, you will facetime or skype so it’ll seem like you’re together. 

A/N: I ship clintasha… sorry… not sorry. 


want to read more natasha romanoff imagines? click me!

Blackpink| Their s/o being a mafia leader

Requested by Anon.

In the beginning I was very irresolute since I’ve never written or read AU’s related to Blackpink, but I’ve tried my very best. 

And sorry that it’s short since I wasn’t sure if I should write it with them having a AU opinion or what they think as real persons. I hope you understand what I mean.

Requests are open. Click here for more information.


Jisoo would be worried to no end about your safety. She would have been irresolute about what she should do and would ask you if you could get out off the whole thing, but after you told her that this would have heavy consequences for you and your families, she would try to accept your “job”.

“I’ll try it for you. But please be careful.”

Originally posted by aiyuji


I think Jennie would be someone who sees how dangerous if is for you, her and your families. She would give you a ultimatum to leave the mafia or she would leave you. And she wouldn’t wait long for an answer.

“Decide. I wont endanger my life or the life of my family and I won’t wait for you to get killed.”

Originally posted by jenniekimblackpink


She wouldn’t know what to do. She was afraid about your safety and all the bad things which could happen but she also loves you deeply. She would retreat for some time and ask you about everything. Than she would make a decision.

“Jagi…I love you, but I’m not sure…..about….all that.”

Originally posted by epikcry


I think she would be the only one to thank that this is kind of funny. Of course she would be worried, but when you assert her that you’re able to protect you and your families, she would tease you about your “job”.

“Y’all better treat my good or I’ll tell my jagi about that.”

Originally posted by lalisamanobanblackpink

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 5: The Time Namjoon Gave Up

Recommended Song: Fingertip by GFRIEND

|All Chapters|


Two weeks after you agreed to be Jungkook’s friend, Namjoon has had enough of Jungkook’s abuse and leaves him in charge of teaching you. Things don’t stay on track for long.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 3782

Length: 5/?

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AOS Fic: and we are home

Originally posted by autumncozy

My response to @goingknowherewastaken‘s birthday challenge. Happy 21st, Katie! <3

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk.

“Get in, loser,” Nyota smirks through the drivers’ side window.

Jim picks himself up off the dirty curbside, feeling every bit as dejected as he looks.

Ny reads it in his face. “What happened, Jim?” she asks as Jim slides into the passenger seat with a disappointed scowl. “I thought you had enough money not to let this happen to you.”

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If you need a lock… you have to get a key

Let me start this with a tiny self-celebration - well, it was almost an accident, but accidents don’t just happen accidentally, right? Long story short, if you’ve kept track on my pre-finale spec, you might have seen a statement of mine, namely that Crowley’s role in the finale would be key to the resolution of the story told in the season and, on a meta level, to understanding the season. My usage of the word “key” was almost accidental - I meant it as “crucial element”. I was right. Crowley’s role was crucial both in the story and on the level of understanding the narrative. But I was right in a way that escaped my own understanding at the time, because Andrew Dabb is a smart fucker and in hindsight I could have seen it coming, because of course the story would go in that direction, because it’s Supernatural and that’s how this incredible show works.

Crowley was literally a key. His life became the key that locked the passage between the two realities that Jack’s imminent birth had caused to open. Keys, locks, open, close.

But it’s more than that. The entire season was about keys and locks. Crowley’s death was extremely fitting because he was the one that sabotaged the spell that was supposed to lock Lucifer back into the cage, but instead he played his own game of lock and key with Lucifer and failed, until he chose to turn his own life in the key that allowed Mary to shove Lucifer into the alternate reality. Mary, the metaphorical continuation of Amara, whose narrative was all about key and lock, was clearly going to play a crucial part in the game of key and lock in this season. It’s not a coincidence 12x21 ended with her locking her sons into the bunker together with Ketch, and 12x22 was all about Dean unlocking the bunker and unlocking his mother’s real self from the depths of her mind.

It’s all about keys and locks (and doors/doorways, and let me just drop the word ‘closet’ here. Just because. You know.).

This season, in fact, is a spectacular continuation of the theme of keys and locks that runs along the entire show. I get emotional when I think about the extreme consistency of this show, how the more it goes on the more it plays with itself and mirrors and twists everything that came before. Season 12 was difficult to read while it was going on - and that was on purpose, like 12x12, the manifesto of the narrative techniques of the season, told us - but now that we can see the entire puzzle, everything is clicking in into place.

There are many ways to look at the season, of course, and with this post I want to suggest the interpretative key (lol) of the “key and lock” theme. It is one of the big, underlying themes of the show - we have talked about it a lot during the Carver era. The Mark of Cain, key and lock to Amara’s imprisonment. The key to Oz, symbol of the way Charlie’s narrative paralleled Dean’s narrative of light and darkness. The tablets and the spells to lock hell and heaven… down to the little things like the key that locked the shapeshifter Olivia and Bobby left to the Winchesters, and, oh, so many others, from the Werther box that kept Nadya’s codex inside to Dean and Charlie unlocking the door that separated them from the vampires to get out of the video game in Pac-Man Fever. There are so many examples of doors and boxes and barriers to keep things/people outside or inside (and even passageways between dimensions, like in Safe House - where Dean goes into a different dimension and sees Bobby, reminds you of something?).

But, of course, Carver didn’t invent the theme. Season 7 was about finding a key to lock the Leviathan back after season 6 had Cas and Crowley searching for the key to unlock purgatory… Season 5 culminated with finding the key to lock Lucifer and Michael into the cage (and it’s not a coincidence Crowley is involved with ALL of those plot points!). Season 4 was about the seals to unlock Lucifer from the cage… See a pattern? Season 6, in the most meta episode possible, even contained a meta commentary of that theme, in the humorous form of the famous line “if there is a key, there must also be a lock”. Humor in Supernatural usually conveys the important stuff, after all.

But the theme of keys and locks didn’t start with the seals to start the apocalypse, either. And maybe the biggest element in the earliest season in this sense is - guess what - the Colt. The return of the Colt in the season of the return of Mary Winchester is not a coincidence… The Colt, in fact, served as the key to unlock the Hell Gate from which - guess whom - John Winchester came out and helped his sons defeat Azazel. No need to explain how Mary fits right in the pattern, right?

And Crowley - our character that is always involved with keys and locks, like the rings of the horsemen, opening purgatory, participating in the spell to lock the Leviathan back, being a crucial character in the tablets/let’s close hell forever/etc storyline - was introduced… through his connection with the Colt. His story and the Colt’s have long been intertwined. No wonder that he becomes the key now, in a sort of virtual closing of the circle that started with the opening of the Hell Gate (that allowed the demons that organized the apocalypse to get out) with the Colt, and ended (of course the story isn’t finished, but the metaphorical circle has closed) with Mary shoving Lucifer into the alternate reality. John came out of hell to save the brothers from Azazel, Mary went into the other dimension to save the brothers from Lucifer. The Colt was the key then, Crowley has been the key now.

Of course, I haven’t mentioned the other side of the key-and-lock thing in 12x23, because if Crowley’s life is the key that locks the passage across dimensions, Jack the nephilim is the key that opened the passage in the first place. The son of Lucifer, it’s no wonder he fits in the narrative that was about Lucifer before we even knew why Azazel opened that Hell Gate (or did anything else, starting from Mary’s deal and all) for… of course, we don’t know yet how he’ll fit in the narrative, other than - possibly accidentally, just as a non-controlled consequence of his power - tearing open that passage between dimensions for now. But he fits in it, just like all the yellow eyes, nursery etc imagery collocates him in a spiral of mirrors that starts with the very start of the show. Jack is going to be key and lock - we just have to take out our popcorn and see what exactly he’s going to open and close.

Kudos to the show for its incredible continuity and consistency in themes and parallels. I love it so much.

P.s. Speaking of Crowley and unlocking things, Crowley had Dean smash a closet door once, remember? Okay, I’ll stop here. Well, I titled this piece “If you need a lock… you have to get a key”, and I could finish it by adding, “if you need to unlock something instead… you can use a grenade launcher”. Marghe out.

Companions react to Sole dying.

Because I honestly received at least 50 of these :D I shall try to make you sad, only so some of my next, super fluffy reaction can make you more happy :D

Super long post, though, so click ‘Keep reading’ or this link :)

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anonymous asked:

fic of female reader and tyler joseph's best friendship? strictly platonic, angsty then fluffy. au if u want

Tear in my Heart (Tyler Joseph x Reader) 

Note: Okay I love this request on so many levels. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Word Count: 2800+ (It’s a big one lol)

Warnings: Um maybe some cursing. 


The little girl flattened out her pink shirt and tucked a wild strand of hair behind her ear as she wobbled over the the brown haired boy who sat alone in the playground. She stood in front of him and cleared her throat, catching the boy’s attention. “Excuse me, mister.”

“What?” The boy seemed confused as he looked up at the girl with a toothy grin.

“I saw you all alone so now you are going to be my best friend.” The girl stated plainly as taking his hand and shaking it.

“Is that how you make friends?” The boy asked and the sassy girl let out a dramatic sigh.

“Of course it is. Now, I am (Y/N). And you are?”

“Tyler Joseph.”




I stood nervously as I waited to see the brown haired boy that had been gone so long. Of course I was proud of Tyler. I always told him his music would help people but it was hard when Tyler was gone for long periods of time, performing with Josh. Part of me wanted to always pick up and go with him. He always offered but I never wanted to be a hassle so I refrained from doing so. But, he was finally back and for the next week, I was going to be with him as the boys wrapped up their Emotional Roadshow tour with Tour de Columbus.

As my eyes scanned the busy airport, I suddenly locked eyes with the brown eyed boy and I felt my body boil with joy as a huge smile painted my face. I pushed among the crowd until I was finally met with the boy that I had been friends with for so long. “(Y/N), get your butt over here.” Tyler exclaimed as he dropped his bags and I ran into his arms, feeling his arms envelop me and a soft sigh of relief escaped my lips. Tyler was like home to me and it just never felt the same when he was away. He had been my best friend for decades now and I confided in him, told him everything, and was closer to him than I was with anyone else.

“God damn, I missed you.” I whispered and felt Tyler’s body vibrate with laughter.

“You will never know how tough it is not having you with me to help me.” he replied and my heart burst with happiness as I heard his words. He finally pulled away from me and I examined the face that I had known for so long. His brown hair was wild and unhinged, probably from a nap on the plane. He looked slightly sleepy but a huge smile was on his face, bringing out his dimples and bright eyes.

“Well, I don’t mean to interrupt but long time, no see, (Y/N).” I heard a voice say and I turned to see Josh. I giggled slightly and he pulled me into a hug as whispering in my ear, “I finally don’t have to hear Tyler complain about missing you all the time.” He pulled away and we both laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Tyler said with a quirked eyebrow.

“Josh was just telling me how much you missed me.” I said with a cocky grin and Tyler rolled his eyes.

“Of course I did. You are my best friend.” Tyler put his arm around me and we walked towards the exit. “Come on, let’s go home. We have some shows to do.”



“Tyler!” I yelled out as I turned the corner into a small room and was met with a shirtless Tyler who had his back turned to me. He definitely has some muscle and was toned and tanned. My eyes wandered as I scanned him, feeling my cheeks become pink. What the hell? Tyler was my best friend for 23 years now. I had seen him shirtless plenty of times but everything had been strictly platonic. I pushed the thoughts away as Tyler finally turned around, meeting me with a smile. My hand extended a Red Bull to him.

“Thank you.” He said as grabbing the drink and opening it. “I am so excited for you to see tonight’s show. I feel like you haven’t been to one in forever.”

“Yeah. It has been awhile.” I hated not being able to be at every show for Tyler. But, I had a job here at Columbus and he had a life that I didn’t want to constantly interfere with. Tyler noticed my change in emotion and stepped a couple feet away from me.

“What’s wrong?” He said as he grabbed my hands, causing my heart to quicken.

“I just…I missed you. A lot.” I whispered and Tyler smiled at me softly before planting a soft kiss on my head, causing those thoughts to crash into my brain again.

“I missed you, too. But you and me are here, together. And I’m going to put on the best show of this tour for you. Okay?”


“Tyler, we got twenty minutes left.” I turned around to see Josh peeping his head from around the door. He was all suited up in his red tux and I turned to Tyler.

“Now, go kick some ass, Tyjo.” I said as Tyler shot me a beautiful smile.



I felt a pair of arms wrap around you as you stood in the middle of the Newport Music Hall stage. I turned my head to see Tyler’s on my shoulder, smiling brightly. That same feeling in my stomach returned and it was one that you had been feeling a lot as I have been around Tyler. It was gnawing at me completely and made me feel absolutely crazy. This man was my best friend and if my feelings continued to develop, it would completely derail our friendship which I would never allow to happen. “Hello there.” He whispered in my ear.


“What are you thinking about?” Tyler asked.

“How proud I am of you.” Tyler pulled away from me and stood at my side, smiling brightly at the empty concert hall. “I always knew you could do it. But, seeing you last night at the Basement… I mean this is where it all began. And while that was years ago, it feels like just yesterday that I was watching you perform in front of less than a dozen people. And now you are performing in front of hundreds.”  

“Thank you, (Y/N).” Tyler whispered and I raised an eyebrow, slightly confused.

“What do you mean?”

“I am only here because of you. You are the one who always pushed me with my music and told me I can do it. Without you, I wouldn’t be standing here, wrapping up a world tour in my hometown where all this started. You have been my rock this whole time.” Tyler said and I felt my heart swell and eyes water at his words. I pulled the brunette into a hug and I buried my face into his neck, feeling him wrap his arms around me and pull me into his body tightly. He kissed my cheek as whispering “I love you.”

“I love you too, Tyler.” I mumbled quietly. I felt Tyler pull his body away slightly, still holding me in his arms as he stared into my eyes. He smiled at me in a way he never had before and my body felt tingly as his lips moved closer and -

“Tyler, we need you.” I turned around to see Mark pop onto the stage and then his eyes widened as he saw Tyler and I. “I’m sorry…umm..I just needed-” He mumbled awkwardly as he stood a small step back.

Tyler pulled away quickly and smiled at Mark. “I’m coming.” He turned to me and said “See you later, bud.” before walking off.

I stood on the stage alone, completely shocked and stunned at what had happened. Was Tyler going to kiss me? Or was I imagining stuff due to my thoughts that have been clouding my mind lately? I wanted to scream as I buried my hand in my face, realizing that my newfound feelings for Tyler were blossoming into something that I wouldn’t be able to control.



I sat on a couch in a empty room as I scrolled through my Twitter. Obviously, since I was best friends with Tyler, the clique knew who I was so a majority of my feed were tweets from the boys fans. I read comment after comment about the fans reactions towards the end of the Blurryface era and Tour de Columbus. As reading each individual tweet, I felt enormous pride and joy towards the boys success. But, as I was scrolling through, a photo of Tyler and I caught my eye. I smiled softly as seeing a photo of us in the airport, with Tyler’s arm wrapped around me and both of our faces had full grins on them. I read the caption and felt my smile fall upon doing so.

“I swear, if @(Y/T/H) and @tylerrjoseph don’t date one day, I might die #(Y/S/N)”

What did that mean? My mind wandered as I clicked the hashtag that featured Tyler and I’s name combined. I sat there completely shocked and dumbfounded as I read over tweet and tweet that seemed to endorse a relationship between the two of us.

“Okay if #(Y/S/N) isn’t love, what the hell is?”

“@(Y/T/H) and @tylerrjoseph are meant to be. Don’t tell me otherwise #(Y/S/N)”

What you were reading was surely ridiculous. Tyler and you had sleepovers, cuddled, facetimed constantly during tour, and told each other everything but that was because he is my best friend. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I then felt someone plop down on the couch next to me and I quickly closed Twitter before looking over at Josh. “Hey (Y/N).”

“Hey Jishwa.” I giggled and Josh rolled his eyes playfully, running his hands through his neon yellow hair.

Josh’s tone then changed from playful to serious as he said “Can I ask you a question?” I nervously nodded and Josh let out a sigh before continuing. “So, what the heck happened at Newport yesterday?”

I felt my throat close up as a blush overcame my cheeks. “What do you mean?” I stupidly mumbled, knowing what he was discussing but not wanting to face the truth.

“I’m not stupid, y’know. I saw what happened and Mark wouldn’t shut up about it.” Josh said with a smirk as I groaned, leaving my head back and closing my eyes.

“It wasn’t anything. He just hugged me and I talked about how proud I am.”

“Really?” I looked over at Josh who had a cocky smirk on his face, one eyebrow raised as he knowingly looked at me. I rolled my eyes and I sighed.

“Yes. Really.” I claimed and Josh shook his head, standing up with a chuckle.

“You two are too stubborn for your own good.” Josh said and I felt my cheeks darken even more.

“Josh, please. Don’t say anything.” I pleaded. If Tyler knew of any feelings that I was having, he would completely hate me. It would make everything unbearably awkward and I couldn’t live without Tyler.

“Okay. But, may I just say, you two would be simply adorable.” Josh let out a deep laugh and I hid my face in my hands, my whole face going red with shame and embarrassment.

“Who would be adorable?” My head flew up as I was met with Tyler walking into the doorway, an unreadable expression on his face as he grabbed a water bottle from a table.

“No one.” I quickly replied, shooting a glare at Josh as if to warn him to keep his mouth shut.

Tyler turned to me and raised an eyebrow. “Since when do we keep secrets?” He asked with a stern tone and I heard Josh clear his throat as I silently cursed him.

“I’ll see you two later.” He replied and ran off, giving me an apologetic smile.

“So, who is it?” Tyler continued and I stood up, grabbing a bottle and nervously opening it.

“Tyler, it is really nothing. Josh was just joking around.” I muttered and looked down at the bottle, too nervous to look into Tyler’s eyes.

“Fine. Guess this is how it will work.” Tyler huffed. I finally met eyes with him and was shocked to see an agitated expression riddle his features.


“We tell each other everything, (Y/N)! Why are you lying to me?” Tyler exclaimed.

“I’m not, Tyler. Just drop it.” I lied and seeing his betrayed face broke my heart.

“Fine.” The room stayed eerily silent as we both stared at the ground. “Maybe you shouldn’t watch the show tonight then.”

Tyler’s words cut the silence like a knife and I couldn’t help but to be hurt. I felt my eyes become watery as I still avoided his gaze. “Fine.” I muttered as grabbing my bag and leaving the arena.



I stood in my kitchen, sipping a cup of tea as scrolling through Twitter again. It broke my heart everything I saw something about the boys Express Live! performance. I had hurt Tyler because I didn’t tell him the truth, but telling him the truth would just ruin things further. It was 10:32 AM and by now, I would be in the arena with Tyler. There would be a twinkle in his eye as he talked to me about the previous night’s performance. But, it had been two days since their last performance and the two of us  hadn’t sent even a single text to each other.

My train of thought broke as I heard my doorbell ring and I walked over to it slowly, pulling a sweater that I stole from Tyler onto me. I grasped the door handle and pulled it open slowly, met with the figure of my best friend. I couldn’t help but to smile softly as the brown haired boy that stole my heart stood in front of me, giving me a dopey smile. “Come on in.” I whispered and Tyler walked past me into my apartment.

“Listen, I am sorry. I was being a total dick and shouldn’t have-” I interrupted him as I wrapped my arms around him, feeling him pull me in tighter. It may had only been two days, but it had felt like forever since he held me. I leaned my head against his chest as he kissed my head. I closed my eyes and felt a smile come upon my face as he rocked me back and forth slowly. I heard him quietly start singing.

She’s the tear in my heart

I’m alive

She’s the tear in my heart

I’m on fire

She’s the tear in my heart

Take me higher

Than I’ve ever been.



You watched as Tyler and Josh stood on the stage, both of them getting ready to play Tear In My Heart. Tyler looked over at you on the side of the stage and winked quickly, causing you to blush slightly. “Okay, okay, before we start this next song, I want to thank someone who has now been by my side for 23 years. It’s been an incredible ride with her and without her, I wouldn’t be here. So, thank you (Y/N).” Tyler looked over at you and you smiled, feeling tears in your eyes.

“I am so grateful everyday that you went up to me on the first day of kindergarten and told me we were going to be best friends. Never did I think that I would still be your best friend or that I’d be in an arena like this, singing this song that I wrote about you.” You suddenly felt frozen in place as you heard Tyler’s words, hearing as the crowd screamed hysterically and Josh pumped his fist. Of course you understood what Tear In My Heart was about. Everybody did. But you never, ever imagined that he had written the song about you. You couldn’t move as your heard Tyler perform the song, continuously glancing over at you with a semi-nervous smile as the huge crowd of people sang his very own lyrics back to him.

You had spent these past few days (and years to be frank) scared to reveal feelings for Tyler due to your friendship. But, you now watch the same boy sing a song about you in front of hundreds and you realized he wasn’t only your best friend, but also the boy you were in love with. When the song came to a close and the fans cheered, you ran onto the stage without any doubt in your mind and crashed your lips onto Tylers. You heard the crowd roar wildly as Tyler’s arms wrapped around you and you linked your arms around his neck. You kissed each other like you had wanted to for years as you smiled into it. You pulled away from Tyler to hear him whisper “I love you.” so only you could hear.

“I love you too.”