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My favorite lyrics from Divide
  • just my two cents
  • Eraser: I wish that love was a currency and the whole world was wealthy
  • Castle on the Hill: I had my first kiss on a Friday Night, I don't reckon I did it right // these people raised me and I can't wait to go home
  • Dive: Don't call me baby unless you mean it // I've been known to give my all and jumping in harder than ten thousand rocks on the lake
  • Shape of You: Your love was handmade for somebody like me
  • Perfect: Now I know I have met an angel in person and she looks perfect
  • Galway Girl: I swear I'm gonna put you in a song that I write about a galway girl and a perfect night // She took me inside to finish some doritos and another bottle of wine
  • Happier: But I guess you look happier, you do, my friends told me one day I'd feel it too
  • Hearts Don't Break Around Here: She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home
  • New man: Still lookin' at your instagram and I'll be creepin' a lil, I'll be tryin' not to double tap from way back cause I know that's where the trouble's at
  • What Do I Know: Just remember that life is more than fitting in your jeans, it's love, understanding, and positivity
  • How Would You Feel: In the summer, as the lilacs blew, blood flows deeper than a river every moment I spend with you
  • Supermarket Flowers: A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved // A life with love is a life that's been lived
  • Barcelona: We're going somewhere where the sun is shining bright
  • Bibia Be Ye Ye: I tell myself in every way I won't be doing this again and tomorrow's a brand new day
  • Nancy Mulligan: Never had I seen such beauty before the second I saw her, Nancy was my yellow rose
  • Save Myself: Before I save someone else, I've got to save myself
Dangerous Loyalty RP Starters
  • "It scares me what I'm willing to do for you."
  • "I don't care about anyone else, you're all that matters to me!"
  • "You know you can't refuse me anything I ask of you."
  • "You know I'd never refuse anything you asked of me."
  • "Say the word and I'm yours forever."
  • "If you love me as much as you say, then prove it."
  • "It's time that you proved your loyalty to me."
  • "I'll serve you forever if you'll allow me to do it."
  • "What will it take to make you go back on your oath of loyalty?"
  • "Will you trust me with the rest of your life?"
  • "My life is in your hands."
  • "You're going to take this gun, you're going to pull the trigger and you're going to shoot them. And do you know why? Because I told you to do it."
  • "I'd die if you asked me to."
  • "You would die if I asked you to."
  • "I could stab you in the heart and you would still come crawling back."
  • "You can do anything you want to me, I don't care!"
  • "I'll take the fall for you."
  • "I want you to take the fall for me."
  • "I could never act against you, not even to defend myself."
  • "My safety isn't important! You're what matters!"
  • "If hurting me is what makes you happy, then I'm only happy to indulge you."
  • steve: you wrote about me
  • bucky: I don't know what you're talking about
  • steve: you pulled me out of the river
  • bucky: idk why I did that
  • steve: you nearly killed tony because he hurt me. you actually roared like an angry pigeon or something
  • bucky: I don't like him
  • steve: you tried to pull me behind the shield when I was covering you with it
  • bucky: I didn't mean to do that
  • steve: you remembered my shoes and the hotdogs but not that girls name
  • bucky: I have memory problems that's all
  • steve: you left our dates because I ran off, didn't even apologize
  • bucky: your date would've wondered where you went, I found you for her
  • steve: you lied and told me you only knew me because of the smithsonian because you wanted to protect me, to make me go
  • bucky: blame the brochure
  • steve: you made me share an apartment with you
  • bucky: I needed someone to do the dishes
  • steve: you kept my picture
  • bucky: memory problems remember?
  • steve: you didn't like it when I kissed sharon, I can tell your fake smile from your real one
  • bucky: you were wasting valuable time
  • steve: you put yourself back into cryo so I'd stop being reckless and not become a criminal just to keep you
  • bucky: I was tired
  • steve: you made a vow, told me you'd be with me until death
  • bucky: idk why I did that
  • steve: you interrupted my moment with peggy because you were jealous
  • bucky: you deserved applause and attention for your bravery
  • steve: you fell from the train because you were protecting me
  • bucky: wasn't my smartest move
  • steve: you gave me heart eyes at the bar in '43
  • bucky: I was drunk
  • steve: we shared money and everything else like...a couple
  • bucky: it was convenient
  • steve: you're in love with me
  • bucky: yes
  • steve: what
  • bucky: what
Angsty OTP Prompts:
  • "Sorry I ruined your life. Maybe you shouldn't have married me."
  • "If I would've known he was going to die, you think I would've done it?"
  • "It's nothing against you...I just have to leave."
  • "I know you love me, but I'm sick of lying when I say it back."
  • "That's the problem. I love you so much, I'd be willing to die for you."
  • "I'm sorry I made you into who you are today."
  • "People change, and people grow. And I think we just grew apart."
  • "When I look at you, I see my world and that scares the sh*t out of me."
  • "I don't think I can spend another night in the same bed as the man/woman who ruined my life"
  • "I always told her to quit second guessing herself...and she never listened"
  • "I'd rather die than live in a world like this."
  • "Tell me what they did to you, please."
  • "Sorry just isn't going to work this time."
  • "Her parents always hated me, I guess they were right."
  • "The one you love most isn't always the one you spend your life with...and that sucks."
  • "I'll go home, but it's not home unless you're there..."
Otabek can't flirt...
  • Victor: can i borrow a kiss? promise i'll give it back.
  • Yuuri: mom always told me to follow my dreams so, can i walk you home?
  • Chris: if your love was a pill, i'd overdose for sure.
  • Otabek: your mom's a lucky woman, you lived in her for 9 months.
  • everyone [silence]: ...
  • Chris: oh boy.

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(1/2)Hi! I just saw you say your maths teacher would confiscate your books, and I wanted to tell you about the time my Spanish teacher tried to write me up for reading. I'd finished my classwork and pulled out a book from the school Library. She told me to put it away and then complained when I sat there and did nothing. I told her I was done with the classwork and pulled my book back out. She told me to put it away again. I said no, so she tried to give me detention. I refused to sign the slip.

(2/2)We went through another two rounds of this before she got fed up, confiscated my book, sent me out in the hallway, and called the Vice Principle. He came down and heard both sides of story before calling her an idiot and giving me back my book. Moral of the story: never let anyone tell you you can’t read during class. They taught you to read, they now have to live with the consequences.

That last line though! 

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  • Negan: So on a scale of 1 to 10... How jealous did Rick look when I said that I had to get Daryl back?
  • Simon: *who has now grown a beard, has bags under his eyes and has lost 30lbs* Negan, <I>please!</I> I've told you so many times, he looked more preoccupied with the situation as a whole than with that comment.
  • Negan: So that must mean he was intentionally looking uninterested so I'd pursue him further?!
  • Simon: Yes, yes. That was it. He's definitely jealous, I'd say 12! He's a 12 on the jealous scale! Now, may I please go to the bathroom?!
  • Negan: Jealous why though? I mean, if he's jealous, does that mean it's actually Daryl he wants and not me?! God fuckin' help Rick if that's true!
  • Simon: Negan I really-
  • Negan: Or maybe he does want me. I mean you saw how he looked at me when he threatened-
  • Simon: *bursts into hysterical sobs* Rick, please wherever you are, just come here right now and bend over for him! GOD, HELP US ALL AND JUST DO IT! *proceeds to cry uncontrollably*
fic masterlist


Like it’s real (1.2k)

Neil looked at Andrew, who mouthed “don’t”, and then back at Nicky. He seemed rather desperate. Every fibre of his body told him this was a bad idea, but then again Neil wasn’t known for making wise decisions. “Okay. I’ll do it,” he said. Neil could feel Andrew’s heavy gaze on him. “I’ll be Andrew’s fake boyfriend.”

(Fake dating, fluff)

Shut up, baby (

“Can you not call me Josten when we are about to have sex?” Neil protests, tugging the hem of his shirt up and over his head.

“What do you want me to call you, then? Asshole?” Andrew says with a smirk on his face, already taking his boxers off.

“Fuck, no. Just–” The advances they’ve made so far have been amazing, Neil thinks, engraving the sight of his naked lover in his head. He can’t help biting his lower lip at the vision in front of him. They’ve come this far, which is more than Neil could have ever hoped for. He guesses it won’t hurt to try for a tinsy little bit more. Locking his eyes with Andrew’s, he says, “Call me baby.”

(NSFW, PWP, couch sex)

Wild (1k)

Sometimes home didn’t mean a place. Sometimes home was a person, or a feeling. And for Neil, a wild creature, home would always be the wild feelings that Andrew evoked on him.

(Road trip, fluff, mild nsfw)


Délicieux (tu es) (1.4k)

Anything involving baking, Christmas sweaters and a particular exy captain, would have striked Jean as far-fetched just a short time ago. Yet here they are. And Jean hasn’t been this happy in his life.

(or how to fuck up the easiest recipe ever in seven simple steps)


The Signs THE 1975 Lyrics
  • Aries: If you never shoot you'll never know, if you never eat you'll never grow//
  • Robbers
  • Taurus: I'll give you one more time, we'll give you one more fight// Robbers
  • Gemini: She's got a two-tone everything, way too intelligent. Moving but she just can't move// She Way Out
  • Cancer: Don't you need me?
  • I, I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you//Fallingforyou
  • Leo: You're cold and I burn, I guess I'll never learn//Settle Down
  • Virgo: Hey now think about what to do, think about what to say, I think about how to think//Chocolate
  • Libra: I gave you something you can never give back, don't you mind//Me
  • Scorpio: God only knows but you'll never leave her//Robbers
  • Sagittarius: What's the fun in doing what you're told//Girls
  • Capricorn: Now if you just take off your mask, to find out everything's gone wrong//Robbers
  • Aquarius: Why don't you take your heart out, instead of living in your head?//Heart Out
  • Pisces: Step into your skin? I'd rather jump in your bones//The 1975

theamateursketch  asked:

You probably don't remember me but I met you at fanime and fell in love with your art style and ended up buying most of your ink drawings, even the ones with your school notes on the back haha. Although you had to hold me back and told me to walk around artist alley first before buying more stuff from your booth lol! Anyway I was wondering if you'll be back at fanime or have a booth at AX. I'd love to buy more prints from you! Especially since you're drawing YOI stuff! Love your mafia au btw! c:

Like, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I told my friends there was some awesome girl that bought up like 10 of my original ink drawings!
I’m still happy you walked around a bit before buying out my booth, I would feel super bad having you waste all your money on me ^^;;;
Sad to say I did not get into Fanime this year
And I didn’t apply for AX, though, thinking I might want to try for next year :O
I’ll hopefully get to Fanime next year ;w;

also I just wanna say???
It’s always heckin cool to me that people who found me at cons actually did look e up on tumblr and are following me???
means so much ;A;

sineadfay  asked:

I was dealing with a non verbal deaf woman the other day and I didn't realise until I told her the total and she signalled her ear as if to tell me she couldn't hear me, so I put my fingers up to the number 8, then I helped her get her change to pay me. When she was leaving she signed "thank you" and I signed it back (cause I don't know you're welcome lol but I'm gonna learn it) and it was just so sweet. I thought I'd share a nice one :)

I’ve come across this with customers that English is not their primary language and they are just beginning to learn. I feel like I’ve received way more appreciation and kindness when there is a language barrier than when there is not most of the time. It just makes it seem so much more exasperating when someone who understands you perfectly acts like you’re speaking in tongues simply because they don’t like your answer. :/ If anything I think this is a great reason to learn another language(including ASL or other variations). There are many more, obviously, but this is certainly one of them. Good luck on learning more for next time. :) -Abby

  • fp: omg i cant wait to see you
  • me: *literal fireworks inside my brain from happiness*
  • bpd: you manipulated them into caring about you
  • me: but..
  • bpd: its fake
  • me: damn. u right. :/
if this isn't love, then what is?
  • stefan salvatore:
  • she's the love of my life, i'd go back to her in a heart beat.
  • if it were my choice, i'd want to be with you forever
  • if it meant i got to be with her, have children, grow old with her.. if it meant we'd die together, be buried together then yes. i would take the cure
  • i would never hurt you, you're safe with me
  • when you and i were together every single atom in my body told me that it was the right thing. that we were the perfect fit.
  • actually i don't pretend to be anything when i'm with her. that's the whole point. i just get to be myself.
  • but you know, the life that we had, it was amazing too. and it wasn't a spell or a prophecy, it was real. we fell in love on our own.
  • you know, this is a future memory. it's where your boyfriend whispered to you that he loved you. i love you.
  • how do i not remember you? i mean you're smart, you're pretty, you're funny. obviously you're the strongest woman in the world.
  • every time that i tell myself that i'm moving on, there's this part of me that just can't seem to shake her.
  • i was a better person when i was with her. i didn't think i'd ever feel that way again. until elena.
  • i love you. i will always love you.
  • i love you so much.
  • i'm simply not able to resist her.
  • elena is warm and she's kind and she's selfless and it's real. when i'm around her i completely forget what i am.
  • elena gilbert:
  • i love him damon. no matter what i feel for you i never unfell for him.
  • no! you don't get to make that decision for me. if you walk away, it's for you because i know what i want. stefan i love you.
  • for once i don't regret the day before it begins. because i know i'll see him again.
  • but i love stefan, it's always going to be stefan.
  • it's you and me stefan, always.
  • i thought i couldn't be with you stefan but i can. you don't have to push me away. i can do this.
  • but i love you stefan. I love you stefan, you.
  • i cant lose the way i feel about you.
  • i dont want us to be apart anymore, ever.
  • stefan, my wrist. here. take my wrist. you need more blood. i trust you.
  • i cant lose the way i feel about you.
  • i love him damon. he came into my life when i needed someone and i fell for him instantly.
  • i kind off felt like i didn't know how to live anymore but then being with stefan... somehow i figured it out
  • i love you so much
  • i picked you because i love you. and no matter what happens that's the best choice i ever made.
  • look, he would never give up on me so i'm not gonna give up on him.
  • i love you stefan. hold on to that. never let that go.
  • other tvd characters:
  • katherine: you'd never look at me the way you look at elena, would you?
  • klaus: now this is fascinating i've never seen this before. the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.
  • klaus: and that's why you're her better option. i personally think she's wasting her time with damon.
  • rebekah: i envy that. you and elena. i envy the love you have.
  • klaus: well crazy or not that kind of love never dies.
  • caroline: i'm sorry but stefan is your epic love. and i'm not going down without a fight.
  • rose: stefan is different. his love is pure, he'll always be good for him.
  • klaus: personally i don't see a fairytale ending for you. all i see is stefan and elena.
  • klaus: must be hard trying to live up to stefan. he stopped himself when i compelled him to feed on elena. that's love.
  • lexi: when it's real you cant walk away.
  • caroline: you and her - epic. her and damon? ew
  • gloria: there's this girl with a necklace. you love her. you'd do anything for her.
  • damon: you're still wearing this necklace. isn't that a reminder of your unbreakable bond with stefan?

(AAAaahh I am so sorry for the long post but this was probably the only way for me to format this ;-; ) 

But yeah, here’re my pictures with the yogs at i60!! :D this post is long enough as it is and I’ve already said several times about how much of an awesome time I had, so I’ll be brief :’D 

All of the yogs and friends were so incredibly sweet! I had great conversations with most of them (photo captions on the first 10!) and their kindness maximized the positivity of my experience :) I was also lucky enough to meet some discord friends irl for the first time, which was awesome in itself!! 

Great big thank-you to everybody~ c: 

edit: That Zylus Picture is in my picture with Turps lmao


He thinks about Kit, some kind of warped, ruined saint with all her broken morals and shades of grey, surrounded by all of her foolish righteous holier-than-thou comrades, whiter than white, and he swallows heavily, because finally he understands what she meant. He doesn’t understand you like I do though, does he? he thinks, but she turns her back before he gets the chance to say it out loud.


anonymous asked:

Yo, can we have an angsty scenario between Revali and his s/o? I honestly don't care what it is, you've got full creative freedom my dude. You're such a good writer, I'd love to see what you come up with!

I may have gone too far
~Mod Sugar

Saying goodbye (Revali)

“What the hell is wrong with you! Why now of all times are you acting like such a fucking jerk!” Tears pricked the corners of your eyes. Revali stood with his back to you, his posture exuding confidence and nonchalance. He refused to look at you.

“I already told you. I can do so much better than you. Why would I waste my time when I can get practically anyone else; I am the Rito Champion after all. I deserve the best.” He continued packing supplies into the small knapsack. Not even sparing you a glance, he practically ripped the knapsack from it’s peg. Tears were running freely down you face. Why would he only be saying this now, after almost five happy months together?

“So, what? Am I suddenly not good enough for you? What about all the things you’ve said? All those evening spent together? Did they mean nothing to you!” Revali brushed past as if you didn’t exist. He grabbed his bow and kept walking. Sadness mixed with frustration in you now, creating a cyclone of self doubt and immense anger in your mind. You grabbed his shoulder roughly. He jerked back, as if almost surprised by you coming after him.

“Answer me,” Voice lowered to a hiss, you kept a hard grip on him, “did it really all mean nothing to you?” Revali suddenly turned to look at you. His face was one of disgust and annoyance.

“None of it meant anything. I was bored and you were the stupid idiot who fell for the lies I fed you.” He shrugged your hand off of his shoulder, staring pointedly at the floor again. You stood, dumbfounded, with tears streaming down your cheeks. He left the hut you’d shared together. He left you.


Revali boarded Vah Medoh with a heavy heart. He knew how dangerous his mission was. He knew how much it would destroy you if he didn’t come back. He knew that the only to make sure it didn’t hurt you was to make you hate him.

Sinking to his knees, he took a moment to let his tears fall freely. He loved you with all his heart. Now you probably hated his guts. Even if this was the only way for you not to get hurt, it still hurt him. So much.

Vah Medoh cawed and Revali’s head shot up. Something was wrong. He hadn’t ordered it to take flight and yet it was slowly circling higher and higher. A deep crimson light replaced the calming blue that was once there. Something was swirling around the control panel. Something that looked deadly.

Revali wiped his face of tears. He picked up his bow. Made his way up to the control panel. If he was going to die up here, he was going to die for you.

“I love you [Name]-” He said to the empty air as some sort of beast formed in front of him “-I always will…I’m sorry.”

  • Hermione: If you could go back in time, what would you do?
  • Harry: I'd go and se-
  • Draco: You'd see your parents, you'd see Sirius, you'd kill Voldemort, you'd save Dobby, so what? You know what I'd do? I'd go to a pri-
  • Blaise: You'd go to a primitive Muggle civilisation and use magic to become their god, we know! We got the list of things you'd do if you had an army of followers!
  • Ron: And can I say, that itinerary was an inappropriate use of a Howler. My mum's forbidden you from the house. I'd go to Tu-
  • Ginny: You'd go to Tudor times so you could gorge yourself on all the various meats and cheeses without judgement, you've mentioned. I'd take part in the fi-
  • Luna: The first Quidditch league championship, so you did say twenty-three times. I'd go to the formation of t-
  • Hermione: The Unknown Creatures Discovery Club, so you could bring back a Glubwhompher, as you already told us. Does nobody have anything original to say?
  • All: *shrug*
  • Draco: You know what you could say that you've never said to me before-
  • Hermione: Yes?
  • Draco: That's the one!
  • Hermione: ....
  • Robert: Hey. Hey.
  • Aaron: I slept the whole way back.
  • Robert: Yeah. I noticed. So how does it feel?
  • Aaron: Normal. Ish.
  • Robert: It's a shame Liv and your Mum aren't here.
  • Aaron: Yeah.
  • Robert: But to "make up for it", in inverted commas, everyone else is. In there, now. I'd have told you had you been conscious, but that does sort of go against the idea of a surprise party. Although I've told you now, so...
  • Aaron: Are you serious?
  • Robert: Yeah. Faith's been all over it. It's for Sarah as well. To make up for lost time, I guess.
  • Aaron: What? By making me feel even more like a fish in a bowl than I already did? It's great making up, innit? Does she not remember the surprise wedding?
  • Robert: It'll be hard for her not to. Do you want to sack it off?
  • Aaron: Yeah. (they get out of the car)
  • Robert: So, where to?
  • Aaron: In there. I'll just drop my bag first.
things i wish i'd been told at 13

i. you are not fat. you
might have
fat, but so does every healthy member
of the human race. you
are instead the books
you have read and the ones you
are putting off. you’re midnight walks
and ice cream and sibling fights and
if someone calls you fat,
bite them.
ii. you are not ugly and even if you
were, your worth is not determined
by how attractive you are. go
help a homeless person and i bet
they’ll call you
iii. nobody hates you. they’re busy wondering
if everyone hates them or if
they should skip dinner again or when
dad’s gonna get back from
that hunting trip.
iv. if they do hate you,
cancel your subscription
to giving a fuck.
v. life doesn’t loathe you.
you loathe life. stop giving others
to define you. wanna know
what you are?
you’re amazing. and
that’s something
no one can change.