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Series: Opening Act (chapter 5)

“Sorry if I woke you” I said as Andrea walked downstairs
“No you didn’t. You wanna grab breakfast?” She questioned as she fixed her hair in the mirror.
“uh I actually gotta head home, gotta pack some things for tour.”
“Alright well text me later.”

I grabbed my bag and walked out to my car, I started the car and drove home.
“Mom I’m home.” Silence, I sighed, although I’m used to being alone.

I texted Nate
Dimples🙈: hey, I have some tracks and verses in my head that I want to get out. I’m going to head to the studio. See you tonight 😊
From Dimples🙈: ok lil mama, want me to meet you there?
Dimples🙈: no it’s okay, unless you want too. Is anyone there?
From Dimples🙈: Derek might be..idk

I headed towards the studio anyways. If I was going to be stuck on a bus with him for 5 months I might as well get used to having him around.
Before walking into the studio, I took a deep breath “here goes nothing”
I walked into the room, to see Derek in the booth and John and Andrea sitting on the black leather couch. “Hey what are you doing here”?, I asked Andrea. “Oh, I left my charger here last night and I thought I would hangout”, she said. “Hey, uhh Nate isn’t here Pey, John said. "Oh I know i’m meeting him later at Ooki for dinner, I just had some song ideas”. Just then Derek walked out of the booth and handed me the headphones. “Thanks, I said quietly.

Being in the same room with Derek gave me the creeps, we exchanged minimal words and his glances caught my eyes a few times. After a hours or singing and clearing my head I was ready to head home to get ready for my date with skate.

Once I got home, I ran up to my room, starting the shower and grabbing towels and my clothes for after the shower. Once I was done washing my hair, I turned the water off and grabbed a towel wrapping my hair in it and my robe to put on my body while I did my makeup.
I put on a little makeup, some neutral eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and foundation.
I got dressed in my long sleeve, black and white stripped shirt and tucked it into my black skirt. I put on an army green vest over my shirt with knee high black socks and black,chunky boots. I loosely curled my hair and put on my vanilla perfume and lotion.

Just as I walked downstairs, my mom walked in from her late shift. "Hi honey, wow you look nice where you headed”?

“Oh, um I have a date” i said shyly.

She looked at me shocked with sparkles in her eyes

“Who’s the lucky guy”, she said nudging my arm.

“Nathan Maloley”, i said blushing.

“When do I get to meet Mr.Maloley”?

“In about 10 minutes”.

About 5 minutes later, I heard a knock at the door.

“Peyton, he gets extra points for actually coming to the door”, my mom shouted.

I giggled and opened the door to see Nate holding light pink roses.

“Oh Nate, they’re beautiful”.

“Not as beautiful as you Pey”, he said making my cheeks turn pink.

“Peyton, who is this”?

“Oh, mom this is Nate-”

“Hi Mrs. Thatcher i’m Nathan Maloley”, Nate interrupted.

They talked for about 2 minutes and I knew mom fell for his boyish charm like I did.

“Nate, I want her home by 11 and take good care of her please”,she said.

“Yes ma'am and I will like my life depended on it, he said smiling at my mom.

We walked to the jeep and he opened the door for me.

We arrived at Ooki and walked toward the hostess desk.

"Table for two”?

“Yes please”.

“Right this way”.

“Your server will be right with you”.

Just then a boy about our age with brunette hair came to our table.

“Hi my names Luke and i’ll be your server”. “What would you want to drink beautiful”?

“Oh um waters fine” i said smiling.

“And for you”?

“Water, Nate said through his teeth staring Luke down”.

After we got our drinks and ordered our food we talked a lot about our childhood and tour. Luke then brought us our plates and he winked at me.

“I swear if whatever his name is flirts with you one more time i’m gonna have to beat his ass”, Nate said.

“Oh he’s just being nice, he doesn’t like me”, I said innocently.

“Nah Pey he’s got a little crush on you”.

“You jealous Maloley”, I said raising my eyebrows.

“Peyton, I will always be jealous who is with you that isn’t me”.

As I was about to say something just as cute someone approached the table that wasn’t Luke.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Peyton and Nate”. “Hey Peyton don’t eat the whole buffet this time honey”. “One the reasons I brokeup with you”, Derek said.

“Woah, woah Derek whats your problem”? “Wait, whats he talking about Peyton”?

“Oh, I’m guessing Peyton never told you about us did she”?

“Derek please don’t, I said in a hushed tone.

The flashbacks of us being highschool sweethearts (she was a sophomore and he was a senior). The weight/weight loss struggle. The anxiety and depression. The abuse. Tears started to form in my eyes and they met Nate’s confused.

"Look Derek, thats the past now please leave us alone okay”, I said.

Nate’s hands now turned into fists.

“Aight, Aight see you later Peyton. You look good now baby, I wouldn’t mind hittin it now”, he said.

“C'mon Peyton lets get you home baby” Nate said taking my hand.

We got into the Jeep and sat there for a good 5 minutes and I kept my head down.

“You wanna talk about it”, Nate said looking into my now bloodshot eyes.

I nodded my head and told him everything, every detail. After explaining everything to Nate, we both ended up with tears streaming down our faces.

Nate’s hand came toward my face and I flinched. He look shocked and sighed.

“Peyton, I would never ever do anything to you that he did”, he said caressing my cheek.

“I’m sorry, its just whenever I cried he always ‘gave me something to cry about’”, I said putting air quotes up. I began to cry

Nate then embraced me and began stroking my hair

“Shhh, hey i’m here now baby, he said soothing me.

After about 10 minutes, we began to drive home. He had his hand on my thigh. I then became self conscious of the size of my thigh, but it was also comforting. We pulled up to the driveway and walked towards the front door.

One Tree Hill Wedding Vows

Nathan and Haley’s Second Wedding Vows

Haley: Nathan its been said that there is one word that will free us from the weight and pain of life. And that word is love, and I believe that. It doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been hard or that it won’t be. It just means that I found a stillness and bravery in myself with you. You make me brave and I will love you until the end of time. This I vow today.

Nathan: Last year we stood on a beach and I told you how much I loved you and how I would always, always protect you. And that day nobody believed that this would work. But I don’t think anybody understood the love I had for you because if they did they never would have doubted us. So I wanted to marry you all over again in front of most of the world. Because today, when I look into your eyes my love for you only grows. Its even stronger now and that love will never waver. This I vow to you today and always, forever.

Lucas and Peyton’s Wedding Vows

Lucas: Peyton, I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you. And this ring, and these words, are simply a way to show the rest of the world what’s been in my heart for as long as I’ve known you. I love you, Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer. I always have and I always will.

Peyton: Lucas Scott, we have been through so much together. And despite how confused I’ve been or lost I might have gotten, there was always you finding me, and saving me. You deserve to be adored, that’s what we’re going to do. Your baby and me, we are going to adore you for years to come. I am so terribly in love with you. And I always will be.

Julian and Brooke’s Wedding Vows

Julian: Brooke, before I met you I thought my world had everything I needed to be happy. I had nothing else to compare it to, then you walked into my life and everything changed. I realized how empty my world was without you in it, and my old life was no longer capable of making me happy… not without you. I love everything about you, Brooke. I love the way you challenged me like no one ever has. I love the way you look at me like no one ever has, and I love the way you love me like no one ever has. I can’t imagine spending my life without you, and if you say “yes” to me in a few minutes, I won’t have to. You look beautiful by the way.

Brooke: Julian, before I met you my world revolved around one thing… me. And I liked it that way on my own, but then I met you and you saw through the facade. You saw me. You’ve taught me to trust, how to let someone in, and what it truly means to fall in love. I can’t possibly describe how much I love you, so I’ll tell you why I love you. You see the world in a way that no one else does and you appreciate everything, including me. There’s no one in the world like you, and if you say “yes” in a few minutes, I’ll get to spend the rest of my life trying to see the world through your eyes, appreciating everything, including you… the most unique, wonderful, and terribly handsome man I have ever met.

Doing it Right #22

Jack’s POV

I got up off the bed and went to find my phone to call Peyton. I didn’t like that she stormed out and went somewhere; she needed to be with me, I needed to apologize. I quickly dialed her phone but she didn’t answer. I groaned. Fuck. I hated this. Why did I always have to get so angry? Why couldn’t I just keep my stupid mouth shut? After calling her for a third time, Peyton finally answered.
“Pey, baby are you okay?” I asked.
“Jack, I don’t know, I-“
I cut her off.
“Where are you? I’ll come get you.”
Peyton told me where she had driven to so I ran downstairs and grabbed my keys. I knew she was probably emotional and couldn’t drive herself home. I got in my car as fast as I could and started driving toward Peyton. As I drove, I thought about the times I had seen Peyton seriously upset. Most of the time she would keep everything in but in the years we had been together, I had witnessed her break down. I knew tonight was one of those nights and all I wanted was to be with her. I was so stupid to let her walk out of our room. Eventually I found her car pulled off on the side of Mulholland Drive. She had parked in one of the look out parking lots. I pulled in next to her car and quickly got out. I jogged to her car door. She sat in the driver seat with her face in her hands. She looked up when I opened the door. When she saw me, she looked relieved but started crying harder. Instead of putting her face in her hands, she flung her arms around my neck and buried her face into me.
“Shhh, its okay, Peyton, I’m here now,” I whispered as I held her. “I’m here now.”
I’m not sure how long we sat there but after sometime I picked Peyton up and carried her back to my car. I gently placed her in the passenger seat and kissed her forehead. I then went back to her car and turned it off, taking the keys with me. I made sure to lock it and then got back in my car. Her car would be fine sitting there overnight. Once I got back in the driver seat, I turned the key in the ignition. Peyton had stopped crying and sat looking out the window. I gently took her hand that sat sitting in her lap and held it in mine. She turned and gave me a soft smile. We then pulled out of the dirt lot and turned to go home.

Peyton’s POV

I felt safe once Jack came to pick me up. Even though we had gotten in a fight, the second I left I knew all I wanted was him. No matter how mad I got with him, it never made me want to leave him. Eventually we pulled back into our driveway. Jack parked the car and we both got out. He waited for me to walk around the car where he wrapped his arm around me and we walked inside. Jack walked into the kitchen once we were inside. I followed him and finally broke the silence.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was pregnant.”
“And I’m sorry I said all that stuff about you being selfish,” Jack said to me.
“No, you were right, I have been selfish with you and that’s not fair,” I said honestly while walking toward Jack. “I take your unconditional love for me for granted. I shouldn’t have chosen Africa over you and I shouldn’t have kept it from you that I’m pregnant.”
Jack looked down at me and stepped closer to me.
“You don’t have to apologize, Peyton. You’re scared and I understand that, you have every reason to be scared,” he told me.
I looked down as he spoke, I was scared to look at him with fear of crying again.
“But Peyton, listen to me,” Jack said while lifting my chin so that I would look at him. “It’s not going to be like last time, I promise.”
I nodded and swallowed back tears.
“Come here,” he said and pulled me against him. “You can be scared but don’t hold it in, I’m here for you, baby, I’m always going to be here,” he soothed me as he held me against him.
I let myself cry as he held me.
“Everything is going to be okay. We’re engaged, we have a baby on the way, our lives together are finally starting, Pey. I promise everything will be fine.”
I pulled away from Jack and looked up at him.
“Everything will be more than fine, okay? I promise.”
I nodded at his words.
“I believe you. And Jack, don’t ever think I’m not happy to be pregnant with your child-”
He cut me off.
“Don’t even say that, I know that’s not what this is, I know.”
I nodded and tucked my head back against his chest again.
“I love you,” I whispered.
“I love you, too,” he whispered back. “I’ll love you forever and always. Through thick and thin.”
I let myself relax at Jack’s words and at his touch. For the first time in the past few weeks, I genuinely felt like everything was going to be okay. And for the first time, I began to be excited that I was pregnant.

Doing it Right #21

Jack’s POV

I woke up when I heard Peyton turn the shower off. When she crawled into bed, I wrapped my arms around her. Even though I was still half asleep, I couldn’t help but notice she felt stiff. I pulled her closer to me, attempting to relax her. I eventually drifted off to sleep, before I could make sure Peyton was okay.


“Morning, Jay.”
I woke up to Peyton gently kissing my lips. I opened my eyes to see her smiling up at me from where she laid against my chest.
“Morning, babe,” I answered in a groggy tone. “Hey you’re okay?” I asked, remembering how she went to sleep.
Peyton gave me a puzzled look.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” She smiled before climbing out of bed. “I’m going to go help your mom with breakfast.”
With that, Peyton disappeared. I sat up in bed and watched her go. I was confused by her. Last night she definitely wasn’t herself but she seemed more than fine this morning. I decided to let it go. I figured if something was seriously wrong she would tell me. I then crawled out of bed and got into the shower.

Peyton’s POV

I got out of the room with Jack as quickly as I could. It was easier to fake my mood around his family rather than him. He could read me like the back of his hand, there was no way he wouldn’t realize something was wrong. I made my way to the kitchen where I found his dad. We said good morning and began to cook breakfast. I enjoyed spending time with David. For the half hour it took us to prepare breakfast, I finally could stop thinking about how I was truly feeling. We talked about a lot of things, from our new house to how my job was going. It had always felt so natural hanging out with David. He reminded me of how my dad used to be, always so loving and interested in our lives. Before we knew it, everyone else had woken up so we sat down for breakfast. As we began to eat, the doorbell rang.
“I’ll get it,” Laura offered and went to get the door.
A few moments later, she walked back in, followed by Sam and Grace.
“Grace, Sammy?” Jack asked as he turned and saw them.
“Hi everyone!” Sam smiled as he walked in.
“Oh my gosh, it’s been so long!” I said while standing up to give them hugs.
Everyone got up and began to greet Sam and Grace. However I couldn’t help but feel stressed seeing them. It just meant more people I had to fake being okay around and of course it was more people who knew me too well. After I greeted them, I sat back down and began eating, attempting to distract myself from everyone. As the others sat down, Sam and Grace began talking.
“Yeah we decided to come to Omaha for Thanksgiving, we weren’t doing anything in LA and we hadn’t seen you guys in a while,” Sam explained.
“Well you’re always welcome, we haven’t seen you in forever,” Katherine said.
A conversation then began about Sammy and Gracie’s travels the past month. I zoned out and focused on my waffles. These next few days were going to be long ones.

Jack’s POV

The days past and Thanksgiving was over. Peyton and I said goodbye to both our families and flew back to LA. Ever since that first night, I couldn’t help but notice something seemed off with Peyton. I had chosen to not mention it while we were in Omaha, I wanted to keep everything the way it was. But now that we were flying back to LA, I needed to talk to her about it.
“Pey, can we talk?” I asked her quietly as we sat on the flight back.
“Sure, what’s up?” She said to me, giving me a smile.
“That,” I said.
She gave me a puzzled look.
“Oh c'mon you know exactly what I’m talking about,” I said.
“Can we just not talk about this now?” She suddenly snapped at me.
I gave her a confused look but decided to drop the topic.


We finally got home and Peyton went straight up to our room. I sighed but let her go. Clearly something was wrong and I wasn’t in the mood to fight. I went to the kitchen and got a glass of water. I then wandered around to find Cali. Eventually I found her laying under the piano in the living room.
“Come here, girl,” I called.
She quickly sat up when she heard my voice. She ran over to me with her tail wagging.
“Hi baby,” I chuckled as I knelt down to pet her.
I then opened the back door and let her outside. I walked out into the backyard behind her. It was a peaceful night out. I sighed as I looked up at the stars. I knew something was wrong with Peyton and I knew whatever it was, I needed to talk to her. Even if I wasn’t in the mood to fight, I needed to know she was okay. By the time I finished letting Cali out and went upstairs, Peyton was already asleep. I crawled into bed next to her, not bothering to switch out of my clothes.
“P can we please talk?” I whispered against her.
She ignored my voice.
“Peyton please,” I said again.
She forcefully spun around, making me jump back.
“What don’t you understand about leaving me alone?” She harshly said.
“You’re my fiancée, I’m not just going to ‘leave you alone’ when I know something is wrong,” I told her.
“Well I wish you just would, nothing is wrong.”
I rolled my eyes at her comment.
“Clearly something is wrong!” I countered.
Peyton sat up and turned the light on.
“So what if there is? I don’t have to tell you everything!” She spat.
“You know that’s not how we work, we tell each other everything, now would you please just talk to me?” I asked, a gentler tone in my voice as I realized how upset she was getting.
I watched as she got out of bed and began pacing the bedroom. As she did so, she began to cry.
“Hey, hey, hey,” I said as I quickly stood up and went toward her. “Baby don’t cry.”
“Stop,” she said while pushing me away.
I ignored her protests and made her look at me. When our eyes met, her stubbornness disappeared and she looked down at her feet.
“I’m pregnant.”
My jaw fell open when I heard Peyton finally speak. I had no clue what to say.
“P…are you serious? How do you know?” I eventually found the words to speak.
“I took the test at your mom’s house,” I said.
“You knew this whole past week and didn’t tell me?” I asked, a little bit of hurt showing through in my voice.
“Jack just leave me alone,” Peyton said as she put her face in her hands.
I felt anger boil inside of me when Peyton told me to leave her alone.
“Why are you being so fucking difficult?” I finally snapped.
“Why won’t you just leave me alone!?”
I laughed.
“You tell me you’re pregnant with my child and you just want me to leave you alone?” I asked her harshly.
“Yes! I don’t feel like talking about it right now!” Peyton almost screamed.
“God damnit, Peyton! Do you ever realize how selfish you are? First you act all weird the whole week were at my mom’s and then I find out it’s because your pregnant, something you decided to tell me a week late. And then when I want to talk to you about it, you freak out!” I yelled.
“I’m selfish?” Peyton asked in disbelief. “Who’s the one who’s going to go on tour throughout the holidays?” She spat.
I rolled my eyes.
“You want to talk about putting work before each other? Then please explain to me why I couldn’t tell you the last time we have eaten dinner together in our new house. Or should I mention you choosing Africa over me?” The moment I said all those things, I immediately regretted it.
“Fuck you, Jack,” Peyton glared at me before quickly spinning on her heels and storming out of the bedroom.
“Peyton, wait!” I called but I didn’t follow her, she was already out the front door.
I sighed and sat back down on the bed. I didn’t know what to do. Peyton and I had never gotten into this bad of a fight. I rubbed my eyes and tried to collect myself. Yet my mind kept going back to the same thing…Peyton was pregnant.


Top 15 Leyton Episodes (as voted by our followers)#12  In da Club

Luke, I was young… and I was scared. And I did not realize that by saying I wasn’t ready, it would mean that we would never be together again. Had I known that, I would have said yes. I miss you every day. And I’ve told everyone here that I didn’t come back for you. But I did. Of course I did.

anonymous asked:

This so called fanservice scene was relevant to the plot (one of DE's best memories)! You're all so pressed because SE could never have a scene as exciting. DE is the only couple with this classic romantic scene. But I'm not surprised, because there's a reason we call SEr's the petty fandom after all lol, bye.

Lol, relevant to the plot? Dullena’s best memory wasn’t even canon. They literally had to invent a memory. JP said so herself: the writers sat down and tried to come up with something, because they couldn’t use canon material. Dullena doesn’t have an actual canon memory that they can call their best memory because all they did was bitch and whine about how they’re sooo bad and sooo toxic and about how he killed people. Again. And screwed up. Again. Don’t you see how incredibly sad that is? (Of course you don’t, if you did, you’d see how sad that entire ship is.) If Stelena were to take a walk down memory lane (which they actually did, by the way, and it’s needless to say SE’s episode got far better ratings than that Dullena suck fest) they didn’t have to invent anything. Everything Elena talked about was actually previously seen. There’s literal footage of Stelena building those memories. The writers didn’t have to pull anything out of their asses to “honor” the Stelena fandom. We were honored by every episode in the first three seasons. Nothing was invented for our ship. No, no, we actually saw Stefan swoop her up to the top of the ferris wheel so he could kiss his girlfriend. We actually saw him saving her life. We actually saw Elena look at his vamp face, we heard her tell him not to hide from her and we saw her kiss the veins away with her love for him.

You got a “classic romantic scene” that meant nothing, because what did they do? They stuck their tongues down each other’s throats while it was raining, and it was done by stunt doubles. Rain kisses are supposed to be iconic. Like Nathan and Haley’s kiss in the rain after they fought and he showed her he still loved her, because he followed her every concert and kept articles about it. Brooke and Lucas’s kiss in the rain was iconic, because they fought about something he wrote to her that he previously wrote to Peyton, and he told her that he loved her. The Notebook rain kiss was iconic because that entire movie is iconic. DE’s kiss was nothing but that: a kiss with wet hair. And it was accompanied by Damon literally saying: time to abandon ship. Now you tell me: why would I possibly be jealous of that? When I have a beautiful, consensual first time for Stelena? When I have her kissing his veins away? When I have her telling him it’s okay to feel, to care? When I have him swooping her up to the top of a ferris wheel so they can have a few normal moments? When I have both of them fighting compulsion for each other? When the one thing that is stronger than Stefan’s craving for blood is his love for Elena? Because your precious Dullena didn’t fight compulsion and if Stefan hadn’t been there, Damon would’ve torn off the “love of his life”’s head. There’s literally nothing about Dullena that I should be jealous of. Even the actors themselves loathe your ship.

And last but not least: Stelena is the petty fandom? That’s funny, because I’m not the one in some Dullena fan’s inbox rambling on anon, because that would be you. Have a drink, girl, the salt must be making you thirsty.

I mean, seriously, you ship a thing where one of them actually said: “time to abandon ship”. And you think I’m jealous? My god, girl, I’m laughing my ass off at your abusive sick excuse of a ship. 

“Alright, quit playing around with me. I know you don’t want to answer, you’ve told me nine times now - but it’s an important question, you need to. So, just tell me, come on. If we were the only two people left on Earth, would you fuck me or would you kill me and eat me? Those are your only options. There’s nothing else you’re allowed to do, you have to pick one.”

Baby Shower (Part Two)

A/N: If you want to read part one you can find it here. I know this one is a bit longer than my normal ones but I couldn’t resist. Enjoy! (:


Trying to convince Luke that he would not be anything less than a perfect father was much more difficult than you had anticipated, especially since he had missed the baby shower. It seemed as though your entire week had resulted in a sulking Luke merely because he couldn’t attend the baby shower for you and your son. No matter how many times you had told Luke that he wasn’t a crummy father because of it, he wouldn’t listen. To say you were frustrated would be an understatement.

            Dialing your husband’s number, you closed your eyes as you ran you hand over your swollen belly slowly, listening to his ringback tone. The fact that he still even had one made you want to roll your eyes. Weren’t those so 2008?

            “Hey babe, how are you?” he answered at the last minute, seeming out of breath. He must have just come off stage and it was times like this when you knew no matter how much he moped because he couldn’t be at home with you, that he loved his job more than he sometimes realized.

            “Oh I’m fine, baby is fine, I’m just laying on the couch, catching up on Fashion Police.”

            “You didn’t end up on there again did you?” He asked rather timidly, recalling the time you had found yourself on the show as a fashion “don’t”.

            Laughing lightly, you shook your head with a sigh, “No no, I did not end up on the show again. “ you told him, continuing to rub your belly slowly, “I just wanted to call and see how you were, I’ve been worried about you.”

            “I know, and I’m sorry I’ve been such a pain in the ass lately.”

            “You could say that again Hemmings.”

            Luke laughed, a sound you were so fond of, which reassured you that he was over the whole moping over the baby shower incident.

            “By the way, did we get that stroller we wanted as a gift?” he asked, catching you off guard. You hadn’t really discussed what gifts you had and hadn’t received from your registry so it was a shock to you that he even brought it up.

            “Um…no we didn’t. No one could seem to find it. I guess that’s what we get for spending so much time traveling the world.” You teased, pushing yourself up off the couch slowly.

            “Hmm…check the front door.”

            “Luke Robert Hemmings what are you up to?” you asked, making your way to the door slowly, but excitedly. He seemed to always be full of surprises.

            Opening the door, your mouth fell open slightly as a tear fell down your face to see your husband standing there on the front porch, a wide grin on his face, cell phone in one hand, baby stroller in the other.


To say you were surprised that the baby shower went off without a hitch was an understatement. Then again, having your husband at your side and ensuring that everything ran smoothly helped more than you could have ever dreamed. Calum wasn’t embarrassed in the least about questions thrown his way about the two of you and the baby from your aunt who knew just how to embarrass everyone.

            Saying goodbye to your friends and family, you shut the door slowly and looked up at Calum with a grin, “Well, that went fairly well.”

            “I think your aunt hates me, why would she ask such embarrassing questions?” Calum asked, grumbling as he pulled you into his embrace, “You know what we need to do now?”

            “If you even say celebratory sex I might hit you.”

            Letting out a throaty chuckle, he buried his face into your hair, unable to stop grinning, “And you say I have a one track mind.” He took a moment to compose himself and pulled back, placing his hands on your shoulders in an attempt to be serious, “We need to finish our daughter’s nursery and some how fit all of these gifts into her room.”

            Looking into your living room where all the gifts were piled up off to the side you sighed, knowing Calum was right and seriously wondering how you were going to fit everything into her room.

            “We might need a bigger house.” You muttered, leaning into Calum’s side as he put his arm around your shoulders, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

            “With how spoiled she’s going to be? We might just need to purchase half of Sydney.” He teased, “Go on up to her room and see if you can’t figure out where all of this can go while I bring it upstairs okay?”

            “Sounds great,” you said, kissing his cheek before ascending the stairs and walking into your daughter’s very girly nursery.

            The walls were a light purple, as opposed to the pink everyone seemed to use for their daughters, with black and white stars for the boarder. Calum had insisted that she have what he called the rockstar treatment from day one and you couldn’t have agreed more.

            Picking up the stuffed penguin Luke had dropped off after first learning that you and Calum were expecting, you smiled and took a seat in the rocking chair near the window. Holding the penguin close, you ran your hand over your belly slowly, wondering in amazement at how your life had ever turned out this way; how you had ever gotten so lucky. You’d found the love of your life, and somehow you had been lucky enough for him to love you in return, more than you had ever hoped anyone could. Having a baby together though, you could have sworn your life was nothing short of a fairy tale.

            “Now that’s a picture I will never be tired of seeing.”

            Turning to face Calum, you smiled as he leaned against the doorway, admiring you as you sat in the rocking chair, glowing with life, and not even aware of how beautiful you really were to him.


In the two years you had been married you had never seen Michael panic as much as he was panicking now as he carried you into the hospital the way he had carried you across the threshold on your wedding night. This time however, he wasn’t oozing with excitement; fear had taken hold of his heart as he carried you to the nurse’s station in the emergency room.

            “My wife, she’s in labor, but it’s way too early, she can’t have the baby yet, it’s too early.”

            “Sir, please, I’ll get a doctor. Get your wife situated in a wheelchair and we’ll take her back.” The nurse said calmly, trying to reason with Michael even though he was clearly freaking out.

            “Mikey, it’ll be okay, just put me in a wheelchair.” You told him, wanting to ease his fears more than you wanted to ease your own. As long as you calmed him down, then you wouldn’t freak out as much. Michael was your rock. He kept you steady whenever anything in your life was unsettled and to see him freak out was more unsettling than anything you had ever experience before.

            Once he had settled you into a wheelchair, he crouched to be at the same level as you and cupped your cheeks in his hands, “I love you, so much,”

            “I love you too, we’re going to be okay. I promise.” You said, resting your hands over his own and giving him a small smile in an attempt to hide your fear.

            Michael knew better though and pressed his lips to your own lightly, “I’m here, I’ve got you, I’m not going to let anything happen to you or our daughter.”

            “We didn’t even settle on her name yet Michael.”

            Seeing the tears well in your eyes, he shook his head, “It doesn’t matter, we’ll figure it out while we see what the doctor says okay?”

            What seemed like an eternity turned out to be only a few minutes between getting into the room and the doctor examining you. “Well, it appears that your water did break and you are in labor Mrs. Clifford,”

            “She’s not ready!” you shouted, tears pricking your eyes as Michael brushed your hair from your face.

            “From the ultrasound and every other test we’ve ran, I don’t see why she won’t be a perfectly healthy baby.”

            Nodding your head, you closed your eyes and fought your hardest to keep from crying, you weren’t ready for this, there was no way you were ever going to be ready to be a mother.

            “Hey, look at me,” Michael waited until you turned to look up at him, you eyes wide and full of tears, “We can do this. I know you’re scared, hell I’m terrified, but we’re going to be great parents okay? And when we’re lost and clueless, we have plenty of help.”

            “Michael we didn’t even name her,”

            “You said you always liked the name Peyton.”

            You arched a brow as the doctor began to talk with the nurses, “I thought you didn’t like that name.”

            “I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that Peyton Elaine Clifford has a great ring to it.”

            You couldn’t help but laugh lightly at your husband as you tried to hide the pain from your contractions, nodding your head slowly, “Are you sure?”

            “I’m very sure. Just as sure as I am that I’m very much ready for us to have Peyton in our lives.”


“Okay close your eyes.”


            “Babe please, just close your eyes I wouldn’t lead you astray would I?”

            “You ran me into a wall before!”

            “THAT WAS ONE TIME!”

            Rolling your eyes you sighed and closed your eyes, “Okay Irwin, you better not run me into a door this time.” You told your fiancé, holding onto his hands as he walked you into what you knew was the nursery for your son. To say that you had been a bit slow on getting it ready for your son’s arrival was an understatement. With Ashton just returning from tour and you keeping up with your full time job, there was no time to finish the nursery. You were going to end up having your son at home with the two of you and his nursery not even finished.

            “Okay…open your eyes.” Ashton said once he had moved you to the center of the room.

            Opening your eyes you gasped as you looked around the room with its light blue walls with the name “Jensen” over the crib in black lettering. The mobile above the crib had white and blue birds hanging from it that matched the rest of the color scheme of the room. Turning to Ashton once more, tears in your eyes, you brought your hand to your mouth, “Ashton…”

            “You’ve been so busy at work and I’ve been busy in the studio so whenever we had a free day I would come in here and work or when you were asleep I would come in here and work on the nursery. I hope it’s okay, I tried to remember all of the things you told me and—“

            You cut him off by attaching your lips to his own, your hands on the sides of his head, “It’s perfect, I can’t believe you did all of this! And you were so sneaky about it!!”

            He smiled and pulled you as close as he could with your baby belly in the way, “I wanted to make sure everything was ready for our son’s arrival, even if it meant I had to put in some extra manly working hours.” He said, giving you a wink that earned him a light smack on the arm.

            “It’s perfect, Jensen is lucky to have a dad as dedicated as you.”

            “And he’s lucky that he has a mom as beautiful, intelligent, and funny as you.” He said, pressing his lips back to your own, moving his hands to the small of your back.

            “Mmm…see as much as I would love to have some alone time, we do have about twenty-five guests waiting for us to come back.”

            “They can wait,”

            “They’ll send Lauren looking for us.”

            “Shit, you’re right.” Ashton said, grabbing ahold of your hand, “Don’t you be forgetting where we left off, we have to be proper hosts for the next hour.”

            Nodding your head, you couldn’t help your laughter as you followed Ashton slowly back down the steps, knowing that Jensen was more than lucky to have a man like Ashton as his father.

Rumor Has It

Words: 1447
Who: Kristoff, Anna (Kristanna),Elsa, Sven, Olaf
Rating: T (language/twigger warning: pregnancy)
Summary: The tabloids come up with the most interesting things.

Notes: Man has it been a WHILE since I wrote something. Either way, this little beauty came from all the football tonight and of course discussing football head canons with the lovely let-it-geaux. I’ve actually wanted to write another fic for this AU for a while now and just haven’t been able to till now. Anyways, look for another fic hopefully soon that will have multiple parts that will be quiet interesting. Enjoy :)

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anonymous asked:

I saw you said the "game changer" has happened on a few shows. Although I've only seen One Tree Hill all the way through, I had a theory that it could be Angela coming back and telling Shawn she's still in love with him. This happened on One Tree Hill when Peyton came back and told Lucas she loved him while Lucas was engaged to Lindsey (Angela is married) am I right or on the right track..?

I’m addressing this ask because I think it brings up a larger point.

This show is NOT about the adults. It is NOT about the Boy Meets World characters.

This show is about Riley and her friends: a new generation to grow up with.

The game changer will not be something that only tangentially affects the kids. Maya would definitely be affected by what you suggest and Riley by extension- but it wouldn’t threaten the group. The other four would be sad for Maya but it wouldn’t change anything for them. The game changer needs to have the potential to change things for everyone.


Morgan rewatches OTH and turns into an emotional mess:

2x12 Between Order And Randomness

HALEY: Hey! 
HALEY: So… Nathan found out that I kissed Chris. 
PEYTON: You told him? 
HALEY: No, my idiot sister has been emailing Chris under my screen name because, apparently, the drama in her own life isn’t enough, and Nathan found the emails.  
PEYTON: How’d he take it?  
HALEY: I just told him Taylor made it all up.  
PEYTON: So you lied to him, again?  
HALEY: Yeah, and I feel awful about it, but what’s the point of telling Nathan? Chris is out of my life, okay? Nathan would feel worse if he knew the truth.  
PEYTON: What is the truth?  
HALEY: That Chris and I are connected through music. He understands that part of me in a way that Nathan doesn’t. 
PEYTON: Okay, Haley, if… if Chris were in town would you be into him? Cause I mean you kissed him.  
HALEY: I know I kissed him and it was a mistake.  
PEYTON: So this whole connection is strictly music?  
HALEY: That’s all it is. I love Nathan.

Your Daughter Gets Her Period While You're Away

He’s basically at home with your daughter as you’re away on a trip! This was requested!!!xx REQUEST!!!!


Niall: You left about two days ago with your girls to the city of love; Paris. It was a little vacation Niall hooked up for you to get some relaxation time. The day you found out about the tickets and that you could take your friends along, was a very thrilling moment for you! He was left at home with your twelve year old daughter, Mia. He was happy as well getting some father-daughter action as it is father’s day. Mia and Niall had been working up a sweat outside playing football (soccer). “Alright M, this is your final chance.” “Oh please dad, you’ll be on your knees begging for mercy.” “Oh look at my little one, ya know you’re just like your mother.” With her swift legs sprinting towards the ball, in one quick movement the game was over! “I WON!” She screamed doing her little victory dance. “I won, I won, oh yeah, can’t touch that! Because I won, that’s right,” she sings still doing her dance. “Uh sweet heart?” “Yeah dad?” “You’ve got uh, y-you’ve got something on the back of your pants.” “Eh probably just some dirt or a bug-,” “No sweetie I think it’s begun.” “W-what?” “Your period,” Mia’s face went pale as she quickly put her hands back covering her bum. “Oh my gosh, call mum! What do I do?” “I don’t know!” “What do you mean you don’t know, aren’t you married!” “Y-yeah but I don’t pay attention to that!” ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN?“ She hurriedly went into the house grabbing her cell hoping she didn’t cut into your relaxing time. "Hey sweetie everything going ok,” you say through the phone. “Oh just dandy mum, nothing like starting your period after you beat your father at football!” “Haha that’s good- wait what?” “My period what do I do?” “Oh this is too soon, okay first go through my cabinet and get some of my pads, also take a shower and clean yourself thoroughly. You’ll be fine it happens.” “Thanks mom atleast I have someone to count on.”

Harry: “Where is mum again?” “At some fashion show in Milan.” “Who needs fashion shows when we could strut in our clothes all day?” “Eh her friend invited her.” “The one we don’t like?” “Yep, that one,” Harry and thirteen year old Kelsie stayed on the couch in the basement having a movie marathon. It was pretty cool with just the two of them having some bonding time. After watching countless disney movies Kels asked if they could watch a scary one. “Dad lets kick it up a notch-,” “The last time I did that your mother was pregnant.” “Wait what?” “Nothing baby girl, what do you want to watch?” Kels furrowed her brows at her father’s mumbling not picking up a word he said. She shrugged it off crawling towards the tv stand digging through the movies. “Hmm lets see, we have Straw Dogs-,” “Boring.” “Mama-,” “Weird.” “Texas Chainsaw-,” “Nope.” “Insidious-,” “Too paranormal.” “I agree, Evil Dead?” “Yeah I guess put-,” he stops abruptly looking at your daughter’s mess. “Dad?” She looked back at him as she saw him with a shock look. “Kelsie, you um, have a little something-,” “On my face!” “No your pants,” he stutters. She turned to look at her pants and sure enough, the evidence was there. “Oh is this what a period is?” “Yes unfortunately, wait a minute if the stain is that big, then,” he looked at the couch and saw a small spur of red sitting proudly on the couch. “Damn.”

Liam: “Lets be rational about this-,” “There is nothing rational about this game dad,” it was a cold, rainy day and the two of them only wished you were doing ok in Las Vegas. “It’s your turn,” Cam says using her weird dark voice. Liam crosses his fingers hoping he would win her card. “Dang it!” “Ha, ha,” she says greedily snatching his card and hers putting them in her deck. Speed the card game was like russian roulette only no one was dying. That’s how Liam saw it. “Ok, snack time,” she got up and Liam ordered his drink and type of snack he would have for the rest of the game. “And sir that would be approximately one thousand dollars and seventy five cents,” Cam says serving him his food. “What a rip off!” “Sir do I need to escort you out of the restaurant?” They both laugh and she heads into the kitchen to put away the tray. “Alright Cam this time you won’t, you won’t oh god.” “What? You alright dad?” “Oh my god, it’s beginning you are a WOMAN NOW! MOVE OUT!” “DAD! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!” “YOUR PERIOD!” “OH MY GOD IS IT BAD!” “NOT REALLY!” “WHY ARE WE YELLING!” “I DON’T KNOW!”

Zayn: “Can we hurry dad, I want to watch The Walking Dead,” Peyton whines through the store. They were out getting some groceries for the evening along with her older brother Mike. “Stop whining.” “Shut up Mike.” “Hey be nice, your brother just got back from college.” “Ugh why couldn’t I have gone with mom? This is apparently a guy’s weekend and I’m the only female present in the house!” “Make your self useful and grab some bananas.” Having nothing else to do, she follow s her father’s orders and heads off to the produce section. Passing the sugars and fats she made it there getting six of them. At the corner of her eye she saw a cute guy walk up as well seeming to be her age. Trying to contain herself she slowly puts the bananas in the bag. He walked off not even looking at her and she went straight into a pout. “Um Peyton,” Mike calls out worriedly. “What Mikey?” “You need to come here right now.” She rolled her eyes and looked toward him. “I just have-,” she noticed a couple of people were by her staring at her but she just thought she was just Zayn Malik’s daughter people were gonna stare! “Peyton please,” he headed towards her. “Why is everyone looking at me?” She even noticed they had their phones out! “Mikey what’s going on?” “Um you kind of started your period.” “I WHAT?” She was furious and upset! No one told her and they’re here looking at her! “AND YOU ALL JUST STAND HERE TAKING YOUR PICTURES AND VIDEOS WHILE I AM HAVING MY PERIOD? HOW MATURE YOU DUMMIES! UGH I WOULD TAKE YOU ALL TO COURT DUE TO EMOTIONAL DISTRESS BUT I’M GOING TO GET SOME PADS FOR MY PERIOD!”

Louis: “Be polite.” “Be polite? I don’t, I don’t know-,” Bria and Louis were out in public at a little shop eating. Paparazzi was there as always taking every picture of her. She felt weird getting this much attention. “Is this what it felt like back then with your fans?” “Oh yeah all the time. I remember me and your uncles went shopping and as soon as we made it inside the shop, outside was flooded with hundreds of fans! It was amazing, this is nothing.” It was pretty cool to hear about Louis’s past. Bria really enjoyed listening to them because she found it interesting. “Wow I don’t know if I could do that.” “Well believe it or not, you’re doing it now.” “Hmm,” she hums squirming in her seat. “You ok boo?” “Uh yeah just,” her cheeks heated up, she didn’t want to tell her father she was experiencing weird stuff, down there. “What is it your cheeks are going pink!” “I just, I don’t know-,” “Come on you can tell me anything.” “Dad, I think it’s started.” “What?” “My you know what.” “Oh, woman hood?” “Call it that but yes.” This wasn’t the place or time. There were people outside taking photos! “What am I going to do?” “Don’t panic.” “What do you mean don’t panic? How am I not supposed to panic dad I have people outside taking pictures!” “It happens to every woman.” “I’m only thirteen! Don’t you think I’m too young?” “I don’t know ask mother nature!” “She can’t help me right now!” The two of them struggled to figure out what to do next…



Distance #15

Peyton’s POV

My alarm went off on a Monday morning. I rolled over and turned it off. I noticed the date. It was May 26th, my last Monday of high school ever. That realization made it a little easier to get up. I didn’t get up quite yet, I was awake early enough that I just laid in bed. I kept replaying the weekend of prom over and over in my head. Even though it had been two weeks since prom, it was all I thought about. Words couldn’t describe how much fun Jack and I had. After prom, that night we got home around 3 am since there was a post prom party at the community center. Jack and I had quietly walked inside. Everyone in both our families were sound asleep so Jack and I had both gone into my room. I slipped out of my dress while Jack took off his tux. Jack stripped down so that he was just in his boxers, revealing his muscular abdomen. Even though it was only May, he already had a deep tan. I couldn’t help but wonder how I possibly got someone as good looking as him. Jack glanced over at me, I was just in my bra and underwear as I hung my dress up on the back of my closet door. “Hold on a sec,” Jack told me before sneaking out of my room. He returned a few moments later and tossed me one of his tshirts. It was red with a white palm tree on the upper right hand side. “Wear this, that way when I leave tomorrow, you’ll still have a part of me,” he told me. I slipped it on. My heart fluttering at his gesture. It was big on me so it hung to my mid thigh. I walked over to Jack and wrapped my arms around his waist. “How did I get so lucky?” I asked him. He stroked my cheek. “I think I should be the one asking that,” He said. I giggled. “You looked so beautiful tonight, Peyton…” Jack said, sounding lost in thought. My face flushed. I still couldn’t handle it when he complimented me. “Come on, it’s late, we should probably get some sleep since you have to leave in the morning.” I said to Jack, taking his hand and leading him to my bed. We crawled under the covers and I curled up next to him. We fell asleep like that but when I woke up Jack had moved back to his guest room. I smiled, I loved how Jack made sure not to get us in trouble. I realized I was still laying in bed then, I had totally lost track of time reminiscing on prom night. I hopped out of bed and put on a skirt with a tshirt and my converse. After putting on some mascara and running a brush through my hair, I heard Grace’s car pull into my driveway. I walked downstairs where my mom was in the kitchen. “Have a wonderful last Monday of high school honey,” she told me while hugging me. “Love you, Mom,” I said while hugging her back. I jogged out the door and got in Grace’s car. “Ready to go finish high school?” She asked me. “Let’s do it.” I told her.

Jack’s POV

Johnson, Sam and I walked into school. We were all pumped that we only had one week until we graduated, that meant it was our last Monday of high school. “Oh boys, this is gonna be one hell of a summer,” Sammy said, excitement filling his voice. “Damn straight!” Johnson agreed, giving him a high five. “Gilinsky, any big plans?” Sam asked me, giving me a wink. I laughed knowing he was hinting at me and Peyton. “Dude I hope so, it’s only been two weeks since I’ve seen her and I’m dying.” I told them. Johnson laughed, “Gilinsky is so whipped!” He yelled, cupping his hands around his mouth to make a mini mega phone. Sam started laughing, too. “Would you guys shut up?” I said while punching Johnson in the arm. “Yo, here’s an idea,” Sam said. “You know how a bunch of us are going to my beach house in a few weeks?” I nodded. I could only hope I knew what he was going to suggest and if I was right, it was the best idea ever. “Have Peyton come, too. Johnson is bringing Mallory and Emily, Erin, and Laine will all be there, too, so she won’t be the only girl, it would be perfect!” Sam listed off our friends that were all going to his house in Florida. “For real, man?” I asked him. “Yeah! I mean were road tripping out there so it’s not like she would need a plane ticket or anything, just some bags and well…you,” he said winking at me. I couldn’t wait to ask Peyton if she could go. It would be the perfect start to our summer. The past few weeks, Peyton and I had been busy doing things for graduation and spending time with our friends at home so we hadn’t talked as much as usual since prom. Going on vacation together to kick off our summer would be the best way to spend a ton of time with her, plus she could meet all my friends. I prayed she would be on board and that her mom would agree to the plan, too. Peyton and I had made the distance thing work incredibly well, not a single argument once, but getting a solid two week vacation together would be a much needed break from the long distance relationship. I made my way to my first period class while thinking this all through. Sammy may have just come up with the best plan to keep my relationship strong, or maybe even make it even stronger.

Distance #14

Peyton’s POV

Jack and I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel where prom was being held. Jack parked the car and got out of the driver’s seat. He jogged around the front of the car over to my side and opened the door for me. “My lady,” he said while offering me his hand to help me out. “Why thank you, sir.” I said smiling. I held my little clutch in my hand and held Jack’s hand with the other. We walked through the parking lot up to the entrance. There was a line forming outside to get in. Jack and I couldn’t find Grace or Kyle so we just stood alone. As we stood there, laughing and talking, some girls started to realize who Jack was. I felt people staring. I knew Jack had noticed be he just ignored it. A few girls left their dates then, and came over to us. “Uhm excuse us, but could we maybe get a picture?” They asked Jack. “Yeah, sure,” he smiled. “Would you mind taking it?” The girl asked me. I recognized her from around school. She was one of the popular girls of the junior class. “Sure,” I told her while taking her phone. They posed on either side of Jack and I took the picture. “Thanks!” They squealed. “You’re really hot and we love your Vines,” they told him before excitedly waking away. Jack rolled his eyes. “I’m so sorry, Pey. Tonight is supposed to be just you and me. I promise no more of that. If anyone else wants a picture they’re just going to be out of luck. The rest of the night I’m all yours.” He told me while wrapping his arm around my shoulder. “It’s okay, babe.” I told him with a smile. I understood that girls were obsessed with him. It didn’t bother me too much, I mean he was mine so I was the luckiest girl of all. They finally opened the doors and we made our way inside. Girls noticed Jack even more once we were inside. Jack paid them no attention, he hardly ever took his eyes off of me. He constantly had his arm around my waist or was holding my hand. It made me feel safe and I liked knowing he wanted to be with me so much. Jack and I sat at a table with my closest friends so I knew everyone would be cool with Jack. They were all really welcoming which made dinner super fun. Once we were finished the DJ started up the music. Jack took my hand and led me to the dance floor. A part of me was nervous I wouldn’t be a good dancer. But once we found a space on the crowded floor, Jack positioned my body in front of his and started moving his hips. He held my hands against my hips and made sure I was in rhythm with him. I moved my hips in a figure eight. Jack was an amazing dancer, there was no doubt about that. My body quickly relaxed being pressed so closely against Jack’s.
Jack and I danced the whole night. The music was so loud and the floor was so crowded but I felt like it was just Jack and me. We stayed close together, never leaving each other’s sides. Jack yelled in my ear over the sound, “Want to take a break?” He asked. I nodded and he led us through the people back to our table. We sat down for the first time all night. Jack and I both were sweating. My once curled hair had fallen completely straight. My garter was on Jack’s upper arm and his bow tie was untied. My shoes lay on the ground next to us. We drank some water and relaxed. “It’s hot out there,” Jack laughed. “I guess that’s what a massive pit of grinding teenagers does to an enclosed space,” I said to him. He laughed. “I suppose you’re right,” he moved closer to me then. “You’re the sexiest one here,” he whispered while leaning into kiss me. I smiled while his lips touched mine. His hand ran up my thigh. I felt tingles run through my body. The DJ came over the speakers then. “Alright everyone, here comes the last song of the night. Grab your date and make your way to the floor.” Jack stood up and took my hand. “May I have this dance?” He asked me. “Why of course you may,” I told him with a smile. We walked back out to the floor and made our way through all the people again. Jack got us as close to the center of the dance floor as possible. Time of Your Life by Greenday started playing through the speakers. Everyone began slow dancing around us. I wrapped my arms around Jack’s neck and he pulled me in by my waist. I gently laid my head against his chest. Jack swayed us back in forth to the music. I closed my eyes and relished in the moment. Jack’s cologne, Jack’s strong arms, Jack’s solid chest, Jack’s heartbeat. I tried to memorize it all, knowing this would be the last time I held him in a long time.

Jack’s POV

Peyton laid her head on my chest as we danced to the last song. I rest my chin on top of her head while keeping her held tightly against me. Everything in the world seemed perfect at the moment. The song, holding Peyton’s tiny little body in my arms, just being together. I wished the moment would never end. I moved my hands from her waist then and turned her chin up towards my face. Her sparkling blue eyes met mine. I slowly leaned in until I was centimeters away from her face. We stayed still for a moment, just looking in each other’s eyes. I then pressed my lips gently to hers. We continued swaying to the music while our lips moved together slowly. Peyton pulled away and smiled. “Thank you for the best night of my life, Jack Gilinsky.” She told me before meeting her lips with mine again.

Distance #7

Jack POV

The meet and greet was packed. It was definitely one of the biggest we had yet. I loved being with the guys and meeting the fans but I couldn’t help but find myself searching the crowd for Peyton, even though I knew she wouldn’t be there. I posed with girls and did whatever poses they wanted. The usual was mainly a kiss on the cheek or a piggy back ride. “You all good, bro?” Johnson asked me while we were waiting for the next girl to make her way over to us. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” I told him. I was just extremely preoccupied. We then ended the meet and greet and headed backstage. Screams erupted from the crowd about ten minutes later when Mahogany announced Johnson and I. The beginning of Distance started playing as Johnson and I made our entrance. I couldn’t help but smile when the crowd erupted even louder. It was crazy getting to perform for our fans, nothing compared to it. “How’s everyone doin tonight!?” Johnson got the crowd pumped as I began the first verse. “Jack you’re so sexy!!” A girl shrieked from somewhere out in the crowd. I winked and did my infamous body roll in response to the comment. I laughed as the screams increased. Johnson started rapping his verse. I danced around and touched the hands in the front row. I squinted past the bright lights, trying to get a better view of the whole audience. I noticed the door in the back of the venue open, allowing some outdoor light in. Two figures shuffled into the packed space and the door swung shut behind them. Maybe I was going crazy but I could’ve sworn that figure was Peyton’s. She had an incredible body that was easily spotted anywhere. She was only about 5'3" and the figure looked to be that height. I tried to push the thoughts out of my head, there was no way it was her, I just wished it was. Johnson was interacting with the crowd in between Distance and Flights. I quickly snapped back to reality and focused on my next lines. The song started and I began to sing, my eyes still searched for the figure that had just walked in.

Peyton POV
“You know, I normally would’ve given you so much shit for fan girling over a guy who is our age, but well done with this one, P. Logan,” Grace practically yelled in my ear over the screams of girls as we walked into the venue where the Magcon event was being held. I laughed at Grace’s comment and watched as she stared in awe at Jack on stage. I couldn’t help but do the same, he looked so natural up there and not to mention 100% sexy as well. How could a guy that attractive, be into me? Was all I kept thinking. Maybe I was an idiot for coming here and ever thinking I had a chance but I knew Grace wouldn’t let me back out now. Grace held my hand and began pushing her way through the crowd. “Excuse us, pardon me, please move,” she said as she dragged me closer to the front. I would have never even gotten in the building without her, she had bribed the security guard at the back entrance to let us in. Grace was always using her looks and flirtatious ways to get what she wanted. I can’t say I blamed her, it worked well and got her what she wanted, or in this case, what I wanted. We were about five rows back when we couldn’t push our way through anymore. “This will just have to do,” Grace sighed. I gazed up at the stage, wishing there was some way I could miraculously get Jack’s attention.

Jack POV

As Flights finished, all the guys jumped out on stage. Everyone started goofing around and dancing to the music Mahogany was playing. I started doing body rolls and dancing around, getting the girls in the front to freak out. I moved along down the stage, winking and smiling at girls when a girl a few rows back caught my eye. I stopped everything I was doing and squinted past the lights. She gave me that little smile and I immediately knew it was Peyton. Before I knew it I was running off the stage and into the back. Johnson came sprinting out after me. “Jack! Where are you going?” He called after me. “Peyton’s here! It’s my only chance!” I slipped out the door that was in between backstage and the main area. Johnson was back onstage by that time, fully distracting the audience. “Gilinsky needed a quick bathroom break,” he joked with the crowd. Peyton had made her way to the edge of the crowd so I made my way over to her, trying my best to go unnoticed. Her eyes scanned the room for me so I quietly went up and grabbed her hand, pulling her away from the screaming girls. “C'mon, let’s go,” I told her while starting to quickly walk towards the exit. Once we were at the door, we both ran out the entrance to the front of the building. We started laughing once we made it outside, still holding each other’s hands. “What are you doing here?” I asked her, I couldn’t believe it was actually her. “I had to see you one more time,” she told me, a shy smile spreading across her face. “Can we go somewhere?” She asked me. “I don’t wanna take you away from the Magcon thin-” I cut her off. “I’ll go anywhere, I’m all yours,” I told her. A wide smile spread across her face. She laughed, “Alright, follow me!” She said while making her way towards the street to catch us a taxi.

The taxi dropped us off at a hotel close to the lakeshore. We rode the elevator up to the top floor and from there Peyton led us down a series of hallways to a door that led to the roof. We climbed a few stairs before emerging on the roof of the hotel. The sun was just beginning to set across the lake. Peyton’s posture tensed a little but not much. “Peyton, this is beautiful, but why are we up here if you’re scared of heights?” I asked her with concern. She sighed while leaning against the railing on the edge of the roof. Her profile was even gorgeous. The way her nose sloped and her long eyelashes gazed out ahead at the sunset. “When I was little, my dad used to take me up here whenever I had a bad day. He told me it was my safe place. No matter what happened, he said that I could come here and the problems would blow away with the wind and the lake waves would take them away.” Peyton smiled a sad smile, remembering her dad. I moved closer to her so that our elbows touched while we both leaned against the railing, facing forward. “When I was with my dad up here, I felt safe, but when my dad died, this place didn’t feel safe anymore and I guess heights didn’t feel safe either. Not without him. But then last night, with you, on the Ferris wheel,” she paused and turned towards me. “I wasn’t scared anymore. I finally felt safe again.” Her words made my heart feel light. I gently ran my thumb across her cheek before cupping her face. “You’ll always be safe with me, Peyton,” I whispered while staring into her eyes. She stared back up at me. “So what does that make us?” She quietly asked. “I know that it would be another long distance relationship and that you could get anyone-” I cut her off by passionately pressing my lips to hers. She kissed back, moving her lips in sync with mine while running her fingers through my hair. “Peyton, I want to be with you. Only you. No matter the distance between us.” I told her when I pulled slightly away from the kiss. She sighed a sigh of relief before burying her face into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her body close against mine. We fit perfectly together, so we just stood there and watch the sun set.

Distance #6

Peyton POV

“Tell me everything.” Grace demanded of me as I opened my front door and let her in. It was Saturday morning and I was still in my pajamas. “Well good morning to you, too,” I laughed. Every Saturday morning since we were little Grace would come over and we would have breakfast and watch cartoons. She lived only a few doors down so she would just walk over. “There is no time for that, you went on a date with fricken Jack Gilinsky. I need all the details pronto.” She said excitedly while sitting at the countertop in my kitchen. “It was amazing, he was so sweet and we had so much fun,” I told her while sitting on top of the counter across from her. My mom was already at work so we had the house to ourselves. “He’s so hot, oh my gosh, but did he kiss you!?” She squealed. I started to blush and smile. “Oh my god!! He sooo did! What was it like!? Holy shit, P. Logan! You kissed Jack Gilinsky!” I started laughing. Remembering last night, made me get all giddy. After the Ferris wheel ride, Jack had walked me back to the train station and made sure I got on safely after we had a long goodbye. It was sad thinking it could be a while before we saw each other again. He texted me later that night saying he had a great time and hopefully we would see each other again soon. “So does that mean you guys are together now?” Grace asked me. Her ombré hair was pulled into a loose pony tail and she had on a baggy sweatshirt with leggings. “Good question, we didn’t ever talk about what we are,” I told her. Grace’s jaw dropped. “What!? He’s going home tonight, you don’t know when you’ll see each other again, he kissed you, and you didn’t even talk about what you are!?” Grace was appalled but I just didn’t know how to bring that up with Jack. Would he want another long-distance relationship? “Get dressed.” Grace told me as she stood up and started walking towards the door. “Where are you going?” I asked her. “We’ve got all day. We’re catching the next train to the city and finding Jack before he leaves.” With that, she turned and walked out the door, leaving me sitting in the kitchen. As reluctant as I was to do what Grace said, a part of me wanted to see Jack again and establish what we were. After last night, there was no denying I had fallen head over heels for him, but had he done the same for me?

Jack POV

I lay in the hotel bed staring at the ceiling. The clock read 9:00. Johnson and I still had about two hours before we had to be in the hotel lobby to head to the event. I couldn’t fall back asleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about last night. It was terrible having to say goodbye to Peyton, but the rest of the night had been incredible. Johnson stirred in his bed and lifted his head off the pillow. He squinted his eyes in the bright light. “What time is it?” He mumbled. “9,” I told him. “Dude, go back to sleep,” he told me before rolling over, facing his back towards me. “Can’t,” I replied. He rolled back over and sat up, fully awake now. “Last night was that good, huh?” Johnson asked me. I nodded and smiled. “So where does that leave you guys?” He asked me. That question had been on my mind all night and all morning. I had absolutely no clue. From the second I saw Peyton at that show choir competition, I knew I was crazy about her and last night’s date proved that to be even more true. When we kissed, I didn’t want to let go of her. But, I had just gotten out of a relationship because it wasn’t working due to distance, so would another long - distance relationship be smart? “Listen, man, you’re obviously totally into her, why not just make it official?” Johnson asked me while running his fingers through his hair and leaning back against the head board. “Because, Leigh and I just broke up because of the distance issue, I mean we wrote a song about it…” Johnson nodded his head, agreeing with what I said. “Okay I get that, but who’s to say that Peyton isn’t the one? I know that sounds corny, but we’ve been best friends since kindergarten and I’ve never seen you this into a girl. You’re so much happier…and distracted but that’s beside the point,” he told me while giving me a smirk. “All I’m saying is, I think you should go for it. And if it’s meant to be then obviously distance won’t be an issue.” I knew what Johnson was saying was right. Something with Peyton felt different. And maybe we wouldn’t be together forever but right now, I wanted to be with her. “Yeah but when will I see her again? Last night was our only chance,” I told Johnson, realizing I had no clue when I was going to see her again. “Well then call her and tell her, it’s better than nothing, right?” I didn’t want to say this kind of thing over the phone but I supposed Johnson was right, since it really was my only option. I decided I would wait until later since it was still early. Since I knew I still wouldn’t be able to sleep, I picked up the book on the nightstand while Johnson rolled over and went back to bed. The book was all about the hotel, I figured I had nothing better to do so I flipped through the pages. Something on the ‘History of the Hotel’ page caught my eye. It talked about when the hotel was built. I skimmed the paragraphs. 'The West Hotel, amongst many other iconic buildings that fill the Chicago skyline, were all built and some owned by the contracter Michael J. Logan. Many people say that Logan owns the Chicago skyline, an incredible legacy to leave behind after being tragically killed in a car accident in 2008.’ I stopped reading after that. My mind was spinning, this 'Michael Logan’ had to be Peyton’s dad. I knew Peyton’s dad had died and it would be too much of a coincidence for another man with the last name Logan, from Chicago, to die the same year. I wondered why she never told me about her dad.

Peyton POV

I couldn’t stop fidgeting the whole way to the city. “Would you relax?” Grace said to me. “Everything will be just fine.” She wrapped her arm around my shoulders. Grace always knew how to comfort me. Even when my dad died, we were just eleven years old but she came over and helped me get through it and has helped me through everything ever since. “Jack would be crazy not to be into you,” she said to me. “Plus, he went on a date in the city with a girl who’s dad built the city,” I laughed at Grace’s comment. “Oh please, he doesn’t know who my dad is.” I told her. She gave me a shocked look. “Are you serious? Man, if my dad was Michael Logan, I would never let anyone forget it. I would be like 'yeah, that’s right, I own Chicago and am rich as hell,” I started cracking up and playfully hit Grace’s arm. “Shut up, Gracie! I just wanted Jack to know me for me, you know?” She nodded but then added, “Still, I would want him to know if I was filthy rich,” I rolled my eyes and laughed. Grace was such a goofball. But I was happy for that, because for a few minutes she had distracted me from Jack and my nerves had disappeared, but they quickly came back, bigger than ever.

Flights #30

Jack’s POV

Had I just heard Peyton right?

“You don’t?” I asked her.

She nodded solemnly, swallowing hard. At first I was confused but now that she made it clear, I felt my jaw clench with anger. I quickly got off of Peyton and found my clothes on the floor.

“Jack, wait,” Peyton pleaded.

I ignored her protests and put my clothes back on and quickly got out of the backseat, stepping back out into the Malibu night. We were surrounded by darkness now that the sun had set, I could only slightly hear the waves crashing in the distance. I slammed the door behind me and walked to the front of the car. I stared out ahead and dragged my fingers through my hair. I was pissed but deep down I was just hurt by Peyton’s words. Just then I heard her close the door to the backseat. She walked to the front of the car, fully dressed now. I didn’t even bother turning to look at her. Peyton didn’t come close to me. She took a seat on the hood of the car and crossed her legs, staring ahead with me. It was quiet before Peyton spoke.

“Say something,” she told me.

I rolled my eyes.

“Say something?” I asked.

Peyton didn’t move or say anything.

“What the fuck do you want me to say, Peyton? That I’m happy you don’t want to marry me? Well I’m sure as hell not going to say that because that would be one hundred percent bullshit. Good to know that my proposal was a fucking joke to you.”

“Jack, stop. You know that’s not true.”

I laughed.

“Really? Then what did you mean when you said you didn’t want to marry me? Because I’m pretty sure that only means one thing.”

Peyton stood up off the hood and walked closer to me. I turned to face her. She held eye contact for a brief moment before looking down.

“Let’s just go home,” I said, “Unless you don’t want to live with me anymore either.”

“Jack, don’t be like this,” Peyton pleaded.

“Be like what? Upset? Sorry I’m upset that you apparently don’t want to spend the rest of your life with me like I want to with you!” I was screaming now.

I couldn’t control my anger. It all just boiled up. I stormed away from Peyton. I wasn’t sure where to but I just needed to get away from her.

Peyton’s POV

I had never seen Jack so angry in my life. His jaw was clenched as he yelled at me. Next thing I knew, he was turning on his heel and walking away.

“Jack! Jack come here!” I called after him, “Fuck,” I murmured under my breath before jogging to catch up with him.

I ran into the darkness to follow him. I finally caught up to him and ran in front of him, stopping him from walking any farther.

“Would you just listen for a damn second?” I begged, winded from trying to catch up to him.

Jack was silent and stared down at me. I took a breath and gathered my thoughts now that I finally had his attention.

“Of course I want to spend the rest of my life with you, you’re the only person I want to go to sleep with and wake up to every morning. I’m so insanely and irrevocably in love with you. I want to marry you, Jack. I wasn’t saying no to your proposal. I was just putting it on pause.”

I gazed up at him. His eyes had softened so I gently reached up and stroked his cheek now that he was calmer.

“I just want to go to Africa as me. I want to discover myself before I give myself completely to someone for the rest of my life,” I told him quietly while staring into his brown eyes.

He sighed and pulled me against his chest. I felt his heart pounding as he kissed the top of my head. I wrapped my arms around him, clenching onto his tee shirt that hung on his back.

“Let’s go home,” Jack whispered.

I felt confused. He didn’t have any comment on what just happened? He released me from his embrace and gently took my hand in his. He led us back to the Jeep, opening my door before walking around to the driver’s side. The drive home was filled with silence minus the slight hum of the radio in the background. We had been driving down the highway for some time when Jack reached for my hand that lay in my lap. He took it in his and gave me a slight smile before redirecting his attention to the road. I smiled at him and held onto his hand. Before I knew it, we were pulling into the parking garage. I wasn’t sure what time it was but I imagined it was late because hardly anyone else was out. Jack jogged over and opened my door before we grabbed the stuff from the backseat. We then got in the elevator to head up to the apartment. When we walked inside, we set all the stuff in the entryway before wandering inside. Johnson, Nate, and Sammy were smoking a bong and playing video games while Johnson messed around on the keyboard.

“Wassup fam,” Nate greeted us when he finished exhaling his smoke.

“Nothing much, we’re pretty tired so I think we’re just going to call it a night,” Jack said while guiding me towards the stairs by the small of my back.

“Sure you don’t want to join us for a smoke?” Sammy asked.

“We’re sure, goodnight boys,” I said with a smile and blew them a kiss.

They all said their goodnights and then Jack and I walked upstairs. We still hadn’t spoken since Malibu. I sighed as I watched him walk into the bathroom and close the door behind him. While he was in the bathroom, I shed my clothes and put his big, grey, sweatshirt on. I then set on unpacking my bag from the day. Eventually Jack came out of the bathroom. He walked out in just his tight, white, briefs. He took his watch off and set it on the nightstand. I watched as he pulled the covers back and crawled into bed. He laid his head against the headboard and closed his eyes.

“Come lay with me, babe,” he told me, his eyes stilled closed.

I stopped what I was doing and got up off the floor. I walked over to the bed and crawled under the covers, cuddling into Jack’s side. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer against him. He pulled my sweatshirt up so he could rub circles on my back.

“I love you so much,” he murmured to me.

We laid like that for hours until I finally drifted to sleep.