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Joshua Scenario: Playbuddies Still?

“Emily! Get down here and eat your dinner!”
I sighed, putting down my pencil and grumble out of my seat and slump downstairs.
“Jeez, mom, I’m trying to finish my report,” I complained as I slid into the seat between my dad and sister, Sally. 

“Yeah, because being a senior is more important than being part of the family,” Sally rolled her eyes and shoved more rice into her mouth. 

“Not only that,” my dad eyed her warningly, “but my old college buddy is visiting with the family in a couple of days; you remember the Hongs, right Emily?”

I chewed on my kimchi thoughtfully, wracking through my brain for a snippet of anything.

“Uh, they had a son, right?” I replied, trying to remember the fading and blurring memories. “Didn’t I used to play with him a lot or something?”

Sally made a face. “A boyfriend at such a young age? I wonder why you’re so unpopular now.”

She dodged a flying chopstick while my mom gave me a warning look and picked up the fallen utensil-turned-weapon. 

“Yeah, Joshua. He was in Korea for a while, but now that he’s back, they want to visit us. So make sure to keep your rooms clean, okay?”

“Why should we? It’s not like they’ll be in our rooms or something,” grumbled Sally into her bowl. 

I rolled my eyes. “Fine, make an idiot of yourself and do whatever, but don’t blame it on me when they tell us how disgusting you are– OW, YOU LITTLE–”





“You said no hands, there wasn’t any alternative!”

Three Days Later:
I throw on my white sweatshirt, looking at my reflection.

My hair was a wavy tangled mess, unusual to most Asians that typically have pin-straight hair. 

Well, if it wasn’t gonna cooperate, there was nothing else to do about it. 

Then I heard the doorbell ring. 

“I’ll get it!” Sally shouted as she ran down to the first floor and slid to catch the front door. 
“Ahnyeonghaseyo,” she bowed as I also went down to see. 

“Hi, Sally! My gosh, you’ve grown so much since you were a baby! How old are you now?” A man with greying hair said as he stepped inside with a woman, obviously his wife, and a young man who was slipping off a pair of sneakers.

“I’m turning fourteen in a month,” she said proudly.

“Ah, David!” My dad exclaimed, giving the man a rough hug.
“It’s been what, three years?” David replied, giving a grin. He then spotted me behind my sister. 

“Hey, Emily! Jeez, you all grew up so fast! You remember Joshua, right?”

I looked to his son, feeling a little warm all of a sudden.

Joshua, the little boy who used to have puffy cheeks and a weird obsession with birds, grew up into this attractive man?

He gave me a small smile. “Hey, Emily.”

“Hi,” I said back, a little flustered. 
My mom guided them to the kitchen while Joshua stayed back with me and Sally. 

“Wanna go the living room and watch a movie?” Sally piped up, turning me Joshua with her rare adoring eyes that she only shows to things that she (ahem) wants or likes.

I rolled my eyes and beckoned to Joshua. 
“You can choose the movie.”

He nodded sheepishly, sliding his hands into his jean pockets.

Sally picked up a couple of DVDs and gave them to Joshua to choose. 

“How old are you?” She asked curiously. 
“Twenty,” he said absently, giving me a small bewildered look at Sally’s upfront words. 

“Jeez, you’re older than Emily!” She exclaimed, looking at me. 
“She has to call you oppa then, too!”

My cheeks felt a little hot. 
“Sally, watch it,” I said sharply, and she grumbled under her breath.

“Still shy, I see?” Joshua laughed. “I remember I tried getting you to play hide and go seek with the neighborhood kids, but you were to embarrassed to, so I had to promise you a piggy back ride home. Do you remember?”

I gave a small chuckle. 
“Kinda, but you gotta remember, I was only six at the time.”

He looked down at the DVDs, his eyelashes brushing the skin under his eyes. 
“What movie do you recommend? I haven’t watched any of these in a super long time, I’ve forgotten the plots to all of these.”

Sally’s jaw dropped. 
“What?!” She shrieked. “How could you forget The Incredibles?! This is LITERALLY a federal crime.”

Joshua gave another sheepish look. 
“Sorry, being in Korea turned me.”

Sally went on a rant for each movie, explaining in detail almost the entire plot for all of them, I but continued studying Joshua’s features.

He still has his cute double-eyelids, and he lost a lot of baby fat in his cheeks. His jawline got sharper, and his shoulder broader. But his hair remained as silky looking as ever. 

“Okay, how about when unnie stops staring at you, we can start watching?” Sally said scathingly, and I blush and look at my hands.

“Stop assuming things and turn on the TV,” I told her with a frown. 

She stuck her tongue out, but proceeded to waking to the other side of the living room and taking the Spirited Away disc to the TV.

“Well, you know,” Joshua said quietly to me so that Sally wouldn’t overhear. “For the record, I was staring at you quite a lot too.”

If that didn’t implode my brain, I didn’t know what would.
We sat on the couch until dinner was called, the entire time Sally kept shifting on the floor while Joshua and I sat on the couch. 

A couple of times we would shift around too, accidentally bumping hands or thighs, but never more than that. 

Although I didn’t want to admit it, I did move just to touch him, but that would seem weird and make me into a pervert and he would be so disgusted that she would stay away from me for the rest of the—

“Okay guys, time to eat!” Joshua’s mom called, and Sally paused the movie. 
Joshua stood and turned to look at me, and offered his hand.

I took it, and tried to ignore how rough his fingertips felt, but how soft his palm was.
Our hands lingered slightly, but I let go once Sally turned around and looked at us suspiciously. But we walked to the dinner table full of food, and sat down. “Jalmeokkessuebnida,” we chanted, and began eating. Suddenly, Joshua’s dad’s phone began to ring. “Excuse me for a second,” he said apologetically, and left to the other room.
“So,” my mom said, “what were you guys up to?”
“We were watching Spirited Away because Joshua said that he never watched it before,” Sally said as she swallowed a mouthful of food.
“What? Joshua, you’ve watched it before, what are you talking about?” Joshua’s mom said.
He flushed slightly, taking a bite off his plate. “I must’ve forgotten,” he said.
“But that can’t be, you watched it at least twice a day with Emily, and even watched at at home whenever you missed her, that’s impossible.”
By that time he was choking, and I slapped his back, holding in my laughter.
“Bad news,” Joshua’s dad said sullenly as he entered the room and sat down. “Our hotel reservation was given to someone else by accident, and because we’re not there yet, they gave it to them. We’re gonna have to just drive home tonight.”
My parents exchanged a look. “Why on earth would you do that? You’ll be exhausted,” my dad told his friend.
“Just stay over.”
I froze.
Stay here?
In this house?
“Well, isn’t this gonna be exciting?” Sally said suggestively, wiggling her eyebrows at me.

Okay, how was that for my first fanfic/scenario? I dunno if I wanna continue this, so let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading!💙
-Admin Amanda

Partners in Crime Starters
  • "Dad can't find out."
  • "Mom is going to kill us if she finds out about this."
  • "I can't believe you have me out here doing this."
  • "You wanted to do something fun. This is what I call fun."
  • "Want to go stay the night at that haunted house?"
  • "You be the look out"
  • "I'm not going to be the look out!"
  • "I'm going to wet my pants. That's how scared I am."
  • "Shit! Is that the cops?!"
  • "Okay, no that wasn't the cops. Back to business"
  • "So, where are we going to find some booze?"
  • "I swear if you get me in trouble again..."
  • "Who do we know that can bail us out?"
  • "I can't believe you told the cop that!"
  • "Let's do it!"
  • "Let's check it out."
  • "I'm going to beat his ass."
  • "Why is there a chicken in my bedroom?"
  • "I cant have a party tonight!"
  • "How many people did you invite?"
  • "Just a few people on Facebook and then they invited their friends. This party is going to be kicking."
  • "Oh my God! My parents are going to kill us!"
  • "Oh my God! Your parents are going to kill us!"
  • "Can you call your sister/brother to come pick us up?"
  • "We're not going with these people! We don't know them!"
  • "Up for a little adventure."
  • "It's a party. Lighten up."