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7 x 5 Jonsa Thoughts

Can we talk about this scene a little bit?

Everything characters say this season mean something. They don’t rephrase another character for no reason.

The lines means something.

Like “it’s not you” Arya said to Nymeria.
Like “Chaos is a ladder” Bran told Littlefinger.

I know Missandei is always wishing everybody good fortune too, but these exactly words were said by this fellow here:

Sir Arthur Dayne, the sword of the morning said this same lines to Ned at Tower of Joy, before they fight to death.

The lines DO mean something. Jon could have said anything to Dany but they decided to rephrase Arthur Dayne’s words. Why?
Because it means something very important.
It’s a foreshadowing of the future of thoses characters.

It’s clear since season 6 Jon is Ice and Dany is Fire, and that the Song of Ice and Fire is about them. This title is even similar to “The Pact of Ice and Fire” an alliance between House Targaryen and House Stark during the Dance of the Dragons. So I don’t think  we’re wrong about the subjects of this song.

But the thing is ASOIAF or GoT are not about  love histories. Love always have tragic ends here. Robb and Talisa in the show, Jon and Ygritte, Dany and Drogo, romantic love never lasts. And if you think about it,  historic periods in Westeros do have poetical names: Dawn Age, Age of Heroes,and the most famous of all: the Dance of the Dragons.

I mean, look at this fabulous and epic name: Dance of the Dragons. They called it a dance but it was a civil war when thousands of people died, dragons died and the Seven Kingdons bled.

The Song of Ice and Fire is the same thing. A poetic name for a moment of war in Westeros. The Dance of the Dragons envolved many houses but it was called this way because basically it was a war between  Targaryens (Rhaenyra and Aegon II), the Song of Ice and Fire got this name because it’s a struggle between Starks and Targaryens. Between Jon and Dany. It’s not a love story between them. They are meant to fight each other. That’s why this phrase is being said.  A phrase is only adressed to an enemy.

I know Jon is Rhaegar’s son and a trueborn Targaryen in the show, but Jon is a Stark in his heart. He is and I don’t think this will ever change. 
And you know that too.
Jon will have to choose to which House his loyalt will be, and that will be very important: if he decides to use the Targaryen name, house Stark name will die, cuz Bran and Arya will probably never have kids and Sansa children will receive her husband’s name. If Jon decides to go Stark pride, the Targaryen House will die, cuz we know Dany cannot have children anymore, and even if she could the problem would be the same Sansa’s. I do think he will go for the second option, because he’s a Stark to the bone. And Dany said herself “I’m the last Targaryen” in 7x3. That line was said for many reasons and I believe this is one of them.

Have you heard the “love theme” for Jon and Dany? If you haven’t you should.
It’s a very  pretty song but it’s also very very sad.  I mean, have you heard “Across the Stars”? Anakin and Padmé theme song in Star Wars? That’s a love song that inspires you about love and fighting for it. Dany and Jon’s song is not.

Dany and Jon’s theme is a sad song that makes you want to cry, it’s like you’re listening to a tragedy. Listen to that makes me feel just like when I watched Zuko fighting his sister Azula in Avatar The Last Airbender: a beautiful song that sings a sad and tragic moment we almost couldn’t bare to see.

I already told you how I think this series is going to end in a tragic way for Daenerys but all the parallels showing how different they are, their theme song, this phrase, it’s all hitting me in a way that each episode makes me feel more sad for her. She’s clearly falling for him, but the show is clearly showing they will not end up together. A time will come when they face each other on opposite sides.

Every episode Sansa grows as a leader, loyal to Jon and the key to the North.
“The northeners will not accept a southner ruler”
“We came here for you, my lady”
“We should have choosen you to lead us”

The lines mean something.

The show is heading to a struggle between Jon and Daeneys and a arrangement between Sansa and Jon in the next season, that’s sure.
The only thing that really really hurts me is the fact there will be only 6 episodes to work “Jon x Sansa romance” and the public really likes to hate Sansa no matter what  she does, and this starkbow with Arya doesn’t help at all.

I’ll be happy to see them together but the public will probably rage and say Daenerys was better option. 

This awesome gifs came from @dreamofspring​.


Here’s our friend Mance who also quoted this to his enemy in the show AKA Stannis, also called “bend the knee or burn alive” boy:

If you think is coincidence, you’re not paying enough attention.


When Jace was young he longed to see colors. To know what everything looked like. To not just see constant blacks and whites and grays. 

His father had told him it was a silly dream, that seeing the world in black and white, that was what was right. Colors can blind you, make you weak and vulnerable. Just like love. (Love is weakness. Jace refused to be weak.)

Jace believed him. 

He didn’t think about colors anymore. (Not even when he was covered in blood and bruises, no, he didn’t wonder how they looked with color. He didn’t. Not once.)


The first color Jace saw was brown. 

It was after he got back from Valentine, after he got kicked out of the institute. He was staying at Magnus’ apartment, Magnus and Alec had left, mentioning something about ‘alone time in Italy.’ Jace wasn’t really paying attention.  

Jace had crashed on the couch, staring at the tv without really taking anything in when Simon entered the apartment. 

Magnus was mentoring him and must’ve forgotten to mention to Simon that he wasn’t home that day. 

“Oh,” Simon said, after Jace told him Magnus was off with Alec somewhere in Italy. “Well, in that case, I guess I should, um, be going.” 

“Stay?” Jace wasn’t sure why he suggested it. But being alone didn’t sound too great. “I mean, if you want… We could watch one of those star movies you’re always rambling on about?”

“Really?” Simon looked shocked. 

Jace shrugged. “Yeah,”

Simon grinned. “Alright,”

So Simon joined him on the couch after setting up the first Star Wars movie.

Jace didn’t really pay much attention to the movie, instead he watched Simon, as the vampire rambled excitedly about different things that were happening in the movie. 

It was about an hour into the movie that when Jace glanced at Simon, he noticed his eyes. They weren’t black, or gray, but a softer color. Something warmer. Gentle. Like melted chocolate. Jace couldn’t help but stare. (Don’t fall in love. Don’t fall in love.)

He didn’t say anything about it to anyone. 


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Father to the Unknown: Part 5

Prompt: All you wanted was normal. But having a superhero amazon for a mother, and recently resurrected dead father pretty much made that impossible.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part4

The place she takes you is a hill, overlooking a practice field. You watch as your great aunt commands her troops, as though she never left. Your grandmother watches them for a few minutes before saying, “Our sisters were very impressed with your medical knowledge.”

    A small smile plays on your lips, “It’s the one way I can contribute.”

    She smirks, “I saw your arrows fly in the cave. Your shots were dead on. Amazing really. Did your mother teach you?”

    You cross your arms against your chest, “She taught me the basics, but I was never very good at fighting. I don’t have the heart for it.”

    “You take after me then.” You raise an eyebrow in question, and she continues, “I know how to fight, and I do it quite well, but I have no thirst for battle. Not like my sister or my daughter.”

    The two of you begin walking. “I watched plenty of good men die in the Second Great War. I’ve seen even more die in the streets at home, but a fairly wise man once told me, We try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody, but, if we can’t find a way to live with that, Next time… maybe nobody can be saved.”

    “Wise words. Do you have many interactions with man’s world?”

    The question takes you by surprise, but you know she’s trying, “All of my interactions are with man’s world. Just not the same one my mother lives in.”

    A look of puzzlement overcomes her face, “I don’t understand.”

    You smile, “I live in a sort of … parallel world. It’s different in many ways, but still similar. I found it thanks to a friend of mine, and his gambling obsession. Nearly got himself killed, but I convinced the man who came to kill him that he wasn’t worth it.”

    She stares at you, “You killed him?”

    You shake your head, “No. I married him.”

    She pauses, “You’re married?”

    You let out a little laugh, and nod, “About six years now. I have two daughters. Minerva, who we call Minnie, and Natalia.”

    Her mouth opens and closes several times, before she asks, “Does your mother know?”

    You nod, “She knows. She was there for the wedding, and the births of the girls. She doesn’t stay too long, but she visits every few months thanks to John.”

    “Your husband?”

    You shake your head, “No John’s my idiot friend who is also a sorcerer.”

    “Your life is very complicated.”

    You laugh, “You have no idea.”

    “And what is your husband like?”

    “He’s a good man. A good man who the world has tried to tear down more than once, but who keeps getting back up. He’s with the girls right now, probably teaching them to shoot.”

    “He is a soldier?”

    You nod, “He’s an archer. Mom says he’s one of the best she’s ever seen.”

    “A high compliment coming from your mother.” Before she can say more, someone calls out, “Hippolyta.”

    You turn to see Antiope striding towards you. Your grandmother waits for her and so do you, “Any progress?”

    She shakes her head, “None. Many of our best archers will killed in the initial attack. It was planned that way, so we could not call for help.”

    An inkling settles over you, and understanding follows, your grandmother hadn’t been looking to get to know you, she been testing out the waters on your archery skills for some reason.

Slowly she turns to you, “We need help for the coming battle, and the only way to get it is to shoot an arrow over the horizon.”

    “Excuse me?”

    Your grandmother takes a deep breath, “It was theorized that the gods would return in our hour of need to give us aid, if one belonging to the Amazons shot an arrow over the horizon. The gods would take that as their cue to return.”

    You scoff, “I’m good at precision, not strength.”

    “Clint could do it.” You turn to face your mother, your father and their friends walking beside her.

Your father’s brow furrows, “Who’s Clint?”

“Technically, you belong to each other.” Your mother continues.

Your hands go to your hips, “You want me to bring him here on a technicality.”

“He also belongs to the girls.” She adds.

“Mom, don’t drag them into this. He’s still …”

“I know. I know what that phony god did to him. I also know that he’s trying to move forward. And this may very well help.”

    Your father’s eyes dart back and forth between you and your mother several times before he asks again, “Who’s Clint?”

    It’s your grandmother who answers, “Your son-in-law.” She then turns to you, “Would he be willing to do this?”

    You scrub your hands over your eyes, “He’d want to bring back up.”

    “More men?”

    “And a few women.”

    Her eyes flicker to Antiope and your aunt shrugs, “At the very least it would give us more fighters. We need everyone we can get. That gate will not hold forever.”

    You turn to your mother and glare, she smiles, “Tell him to bring the girls. They should meet your father.”

    You throw your hands in the air before walking away from the group. You walk farther and farther into the jungle, until you reach a clearing. Once there, you flick on the SAT phone and dial the number, “Hello.”

    You smile at the sound of the voice on the other end, “Hi Clint.”

    “I was wondering when you’d call, John got here a few hours ago, and he and Wanda have been talking almost non-stop.”


    You can hear the smile in his voice, “Well, they had to stop for the tea party.”

    You smile, “Yeah, well tell him to break away, I need pick up.”

    His voice turns serious, “Are you okay?”

    “There’s mystical shit up the wazoo, and I need your help.”

    “LIke fixing an appliance kind of help?”

    “Like an Avengers sort of help.”

    “I’ll make the calls, and have John get us there.”

    You nod, even though he can’t see it, “Have him bring the girls too. He can get them off if shit hits the fan, but …”

    “You sure?”

    “Not at all, but I’m following my gut.”

    “Good. Your gut is never wrong. Fury even swears by it.” You laugh and he says, “I’ll be there soon, then we can fight off the family together.”

    “That sounds amazing.”

Request: I love Fionn so, so much but I want something about his character on the movie, so if you can. Can you write about Tommy and OC ( who is a nurse) about just being on their way home in the train? Thank you so much!!!!


“Excuse me boys, would you mind if I joined you? Most of the cabins are full.” You were currently looking at two boys whose clothes were disheveled and faces were dark with dirt. You had been one of the last people to board the train, making sure all the soldiers were on first.

You were one of the nurses who had gone to Dunkirk to help the injured get back to England. The first ship you had been on was sunk, but you were picked up by another a few hours later and resumed your job.

You had been an army nurse for a few months now, and already you had grown slightly immune to the war. You were still scared, but you had learned not to show it.

“Sure ma'am, it’s no trouble.” The boy on the right spoke up, a small smile on his tired face. You could tell he was about to go to sleep, but his face was now alert.

“Are you boys hurt at all? I have a few things with me.” You offered, taking a seat beside the kind looking soldier.

“Even if we were, we wouldn’t deserve your help.” The other man said, a scowl on his face as he stared out the window.

“Nonsense. Just a few days ago you boys were fighting to keep us at home safe, it’s the least I can do to offer you a few bandages.” You replied, staring at the brooding man curiously.

“I’m fine. But he’s got a pretty nasty cut on his arm. Bullet nicked him.” The man turned towards you briefly, nodding towards the man beside you.

“It’s nothing really. I’m Tommy by the way.” The kind man said, holding out his hand. You took it in yours, offering him a smile.

“I’m Y/N. Can I at least take a look?” You questioned, glancing down at the red spot on his sleeve. He shrugged, rolling up his shirt so you could take a look.

“Well it’s not deep, so you won’t need stitches. But I’m going to clean it and cover it up so it doesn’t get infected.” You told him, pulling out some supplies. “What’s your name soldier?” You asked the other man, opening the alcohol prep.

“Alex.” He responded glumly, not even glancing at you.

“What’s his problem?” You murmured to Tommy, gently cleaning his cut. He winced slightly, but kept his eyes focused on you to distract himself.

“It’s been a rough couple of days. Sometimes when you’re scared, you react out of character. I don’t think he’s proud of how he acted. None of us are.” He responded, voice low enough that Alex wouldn’t hear him.

“Yes well, war can be very traumatic. We all react to stress differently, we all cope differently. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” You were finished cleaning the cut, so you opened up a gauze wrap and began wrapping it around his arm.

“What we need to be ashamed of is letting our country down.” Tommy replied, voice laced with defeat. Alex looked over at that, eyes full of guilt.

“What on earth are you talking about?” You cried, forgetting about the cut for a moment as you looked at both boys. “You haven’t let anyone down. Everyone knows how strong the Axis is, we knew there would be losses before there could be victories. What matters is that you boys survived. You gave the people back home hope, hope that this country can rebuild and defend itself once again. This Wars not over, but because of you boys we can live to fight another day.”

Both boys were staring at you, a new spark in their eyes; a spark of hope.

“Does everyone really believe that? They don’t hate us?” Alex asked, leaning back in his seat.

“How could anyone hate you when your risking your lives everyday to protect our country? You’ll see when we get further inland, the news has spread through the country already. They’ll be waiting to welcome you home.”

“Thank you.” Tommy spoke, voice choked with emotion. “I think we both needed to hear that.”

“Why don’t you boys get some sleep? You both look exhausted.” You stated, finishing up Tommy’s arm. Alex nodded, leaning his head against the window and closing his eyes.

“You should get some rest too. You have bags under your eyes.” Tommy whispered, doing his best not to disturb the other soldier.

“I’ve got to write a letter to my brother. He’s in the RAF. I’ll get some sleep after.” You promised, placing your hand over his briefly before pulling out a paper and pen.

When you finished the letter a little while later, Tommy and Alex were both sound asleep. The sound of their light snores, along with the steady rocking of the train was enough to lull you into a deep sleep.

You were awoken a few hours later by light shaking on your shoulder. Opening your eyes, you noticed your head had fallen against something.

You sat up with a start when you realized you were resting against Tommy’s shoulder. Alex was watching the two of you, an amused smirk on his face.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep against you!” You apologized, cheeks burning red as Tommy smiled at you.

“Don’t worry about it love. I didn’t mind.” He winked, some life coloring his personality for the first time since the war had started.

“Are we here?” You asked, trying to divert the current conversation. Alex chuckled under his breath, turning towards the window once again.

“Yeah, we just pulled into the station.” Tommy told you, stretching in his seat. You noticed there was a news paper in his lap, and Alex had a drink in his hand.

“I told you this country was grateful.” You told the boys smugly, making them both roll their eyes. “Now we should probably get off, before the train pulls away.”

The three of you made your way off the train and into the crowd of cheering citizens. You saw a gathering of nurses, so you decided to head over that way. You quickly said goodbye to the two soldiers, before turning away.

“Y/N!” Tommy called from behind you a few moments later, causing you to stop and turn around to face him. “Can I see you again?” He questioned, a hopeful tone in his voice.

“There’s a diner down the street from here, meet me tomorrow morning at 9. Don’t be late.” You told him, a smile on your face as you backed away from him.

“Wouldn’t think of it ma'am.”

The One With The Black Lingerie

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Summary: After Jace leaves, you’re a total mess and while Alec does want to ask you out, he feels it’s too soon. He and Izzy come up with the genius plan of setting you up with a mediocre guy just to give you a little push until Alec’s ready to swoop in but you know Alec - all jealous and brooding - there’s no way he can watch you with another guy from the sidelines.

A/N: hey followers! i would love to know what other tv show/character imagines you’d like to see on here since both shadowhunters and teen wolf are on hiatus! so, drop me an ask with ‘tv show/character’ (not a request/prompt!) and i’ll write one for the most requested or liked! 

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“Oh god, when was the last time you brushed your teeth?!” Alec groans as he climbs into your bed.

“Go away,” you grumble, pulling the sheets over your head. Alec pulls them back down, “You’re going to have to get out of bed sooner or later. It’s been almost 3 months.”

“It’s not like I haven’t left my bed in that time,” you mumble.

Alec rolls his eyes, “Leaving your bed to take a shower and stock up on snacks doesn’t count.”

You huff, turning over to face Alec, “Your point being?”

“Jace is gone y/n…”

“I know that.”

Alec’s fingers delicately play with your hair, his eyes filled with sympathy, “You need to move on.”

“Yeah,” you sigh, sitting up and pulling you hair into a ponytail. Since that night that Jace had disappeared with Valentine, you felt like you had been losing your mind. It had been exactly 11 weeks and 4 days. Whilst you had spent the first month searching frantically for him, each day felt like he was getting further and further away. It got harder and harder to leave the institute knowing you would come back empty handed – knowing you wouldn’t be able to find him. You and Jace had grown up together and even back when you were crawling around on all fours, you had always stuck together. You went from best friends to what you thought was soulmates but he had still chosen to leave you.

“I’ll get dressed, let’s go kill some demons on something,” you laugh lightly, climbing out of bed and Alec catches you by your wrist, “No, like move on – move on.”

“What do you mean?”

“Since Valentine got the cup, a bunch of Shadowhunters have come here from Idris. Izzy kind of picked one out for you…”

“Alec, I’m not-“

“-Ready. I know, but how long are you going to stay hung up over Jace? First you drunk yourself into oblivion, then you turned into like a sloth-“


“Well, it’s true!”

You suck in a deep breath, staring down at your pyjamas that you didn’t care to admit how long you’d been wearing, “Fine.”


“One date and then you get off my back. Same goes for everyone else.”

“I’ll let Izzy know,” Alec smiles. Alec was the only thing that had kept you from going insane over the months. He spent days and nights by your side, making sure you were okay and despite wanting you to be up and about, he made sure all your favourite chocolates were always stocked. On nights he wasn’t at the institute, by your side, you couldn’t help but feel like something was missing – the same way you had felt after Jace had left you.

“You have yourself a deal,” Alec grins, holding a hand out. You reluctantly shake it and Alec looks you up and down, “Make sure you hop in the shower before you come downstairs and meet him.”

“No shit,” you grumble, shoving past him and into the bathroom. As you shed you clothes and climb in, you hear a knock on the door, “I restocked all the soaps and shampoo’s and stuff.”

“Thanks,” you mumble under your breath, looking around the bathroom to find everything had been restocked and there were even fresh flowers at the sink, “What a sly piece of shit,” you laugh to yourself knowing you would now owe Alec for taking so much care of you.

You take time to do your makeup and look good before you go downstairs and you had to admit, looking so attractive after spending months in sweats and barely washing your hair, it really boosted your self-esteem.

“You must be y/n,” a voice says behind you and you turn to find a gorgeous blonde haired boy grinning at you, “I’m Isaac,” he grins, holding a hand out. You shake it, your eyes studying him and very obviously so, since he towered over you.

“So I guess Izzy told you that I wanted to take you out, huh?”

“How did you even know about me I mean I’ve barely left my room,” you laugh nervously.

“I saw you sneaking out to get the fried chicken you ordered at like 3am. I was walking to your room to ask you for some and I saw you watching Star Wars-“ he pauses, not wanting to comment on the fact that you had also been crying, “Girl after my own heart.

You blush in embarrassment. You remembered that night clearly. You had been craving fried chicken so much that you had asked Simon to come drop some off for you. When you were sneaking back through the institute you looked terrible and in the hopes of avoiding bumping into anyone, you had taken to the staircase. Unable to see through your tears or regain balance with all the food in your hands, you tumbled down the stairs halfway up to your room and as ridiculous as it was, your only thought was ‘thank god the bag was tied up and my food Is safe.’

“You’re wondering if I saw you fall down the stairs…”

“Did you?”

“Yeah,” he chuckles, “I was going to see if you were okay but you just bounced right back up.”

“That’s me,” you swing an arm, trying to look enthusiastic.

“Well, I’m about to spar with Alec but what do you say we go out tonight around eight?”

You nod. You weren’t entirely sure about dating someone you barely knew but you were sure about one thing: you had to get over Jace. He wasn’t coming back.

“Oh, and Isaac,” you call out and he jogs back over to you, “Go for Alec’s ankle. He twisted it this morning,” you whisper, winking at Alec as Isaac steps onto the mat. The fight lasted about 40 seconds with Isaac kicking at Alec’s shin and then his ankle, sending him straight to the floor. Alec growls at you as he hobbles off that mat, “You totally sold me out!”

You shrug innocently and Alec scowls, nudging your shoulder as he storms past you.

“Oh come on, don’t be so petty,” you giggle catching up to him.

“Two minutes with the new guy and you’re already changing sides?” he pouts, ruffling your hair, “So what? Did you like him?”

“I mean, he’s pretty and he’s nice,” you shrug and Alec stares at you, “He’s not a doll, y/n.”

“Well, he is tonight,” you smirk, elbowing Alec playfully and his eyes widen, “You can’t be serious.”


“You aren’t going to sleep with him on the first date!”

“You’re the one who said the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else!”

“I DID NOT SAY THAT!” he almost shrieks and your eyes widen.

“Okay,” you laugh, “Calm down,” you suck in a sharp breath, “Well, someone said it. And they’re right.”

“Well, I think that’s stupid,” he grumbles.

You furrow your brows together, “You’re the one who told me to go on this date!”

“Yeah, to move on a little – you know, realize there are more fish in the sea. Have a nice date, maybe have a drink.”

“And I’m going to do all of that… just a tad more,” you wink, unsure of why Alec was mad at all. The entire thing had been his suggestion.

Alec stays silent, “You know what? Do whatever you want.”

You throw your hands up as he walks off, his long legs carrying him much faster than you could catch up with.

“Which one?” you ask Isabelle, holding up lingerie and she frowns, “That’s a tough choice,” her lips curl into a thoughtful frown, “Red says ‘slow and romantic’ and black say mhmmhmmhm,” she mumbles, wiggling her brows and you nod, “I think I need black.”

“Black what?” Alec’s voice interrupts you in the doorway and you stare at him wide-eyed as he spots the lingerie in your hands before his eyes travel to your dress.

“Whoa, you look so beautiful,” he whispers and you look down at your dress, “Beautiful? I was going for more hot-“

Well that too,” he mumbles, stepping closer to you. His eyes travel between your dress and the lingerie, “But you know what’s really hot? Ankle length, turtle neck dresses.”

“Shut up,” you laugh, “Well since you’re already here and have already seen, black or red?” you jiggle the hangers around and Alec sighs, “Black.”

“Good to see you’re over your hissy fit,” you smile and Isabelle raises a brow. You sit down beside her to explain, “So Alec tells me to go on a date and then gets pissed when he finds out that on this date I’m going to sleep with the guy after.”

Isabelle’s eyes widen and Alec shakes his head. Isabelle knew about Alec’s feelings for you whether he cared to admit them or not. As many a times that Isabelle had tried to convince him of them, he had just continued to deny it.

“What?” you ask, looking between the two of them.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? Isn’t it a little too soon after Jace? You don’t want to jump into things,” Isabelle blurts out.

Before you can answer, Isaac appears in the doorway, clearing his throat to make his presence known.

“You look so pretty,” he pecks you on the cheek, slipping his hands into his pocket nervously, “Are we ready to go?”

“Where are you taking her?” Alec interjects, stepping between the two of you. You look to Isabelle in disbelief but she simply shrugs.


“Sounds awesome. I was in the mood for shots,” you grin.

“Me too, how about you Izzy?” Alec asks, pulling his jacket on.

“Me too!”

You stare at the two of them, Isaac looking even more uncomfortable than you.

“Okay, then I guess we’d better leave… all three of us,” he mutters under his breath.

By the time it hits 1am, you’re storming out of the club, Alec chasing after you, “I’m so glad you finally decided to leave, that Isaac guy is such a bore!”

You glare at him, gritting your teeth, “Well you would know!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that any time me and him get close to talking you’re right in the middle! I mean, do you not like him or something?! You and Izzy are the ones who picked him!”

“Well, maybe I changed my mind!”

“About what?!”

“I don’t know!” he sighs, running his fingers through his hair, “I don’t like the way he runs his hands all over you and whispers in your ear! I don’t like that you’re ready to climb into bed with him even though you don’t know him!”

You inhale deeply, “I know you’re just looking out for me, but I’m okay Alec. You don’t have to get all big brotherly on me,” you laugh, Punching his arm playfully and he stiffens.

“That’s not what I-“

“Say no more! I promise, I won’t sleep with him. We’ll just talk tonight,” you smile and Alec shakes his head, “I don’t mean-“

“Come in when you’re ready!” you call out over your shoulder, disappearing into the crowd.

Your eyes search for Isaac and just when you’re about to give up, your pulled backwards by your arm into one of the VIP rooms.

“Not bad,” you laugh, looking around as your eyes land on Isaac, “How did you clear out the whole room?”

He shrugs, placing his hands on your waist, “I feel like we haven’t spoken a word to each other all night…”

“Well, maybe we should catch up,” you whisper.

“Okay – well, so far, how have you-“

You cut him off by pressing your lips to his. He pressed you up against the wall, his hands moving from your waist into your hair.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” he yells and you feel the heat of his body tear away from you.

It takes moment for your eyes to focus on what they’re seeing but surely enough, it was Alec beating the crap out of him.

“ALEC! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you yell, pulling him off. Alec tries to lunge at him again and you shove him back by the chest, “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“YOU!” he yells.

Before you can answer you hear Isaac groaning behind you and you turn to find him grimacing, still on the floor.

“Izzy,” you sigh in relief as she walks in, clearly confused by the situation, “Can you take Isaac back to the infirmary at the institute?”

Isabelle nods, hauling Isaac up and pulling his arm over her shoulder, “What about you?”

“I’ll be there soon,” you state, stilling glaring at Alec.

Once they both disappear you rub you temples, “What is wrong with you today?”

Alec stays silence, his breathing still heavy. His eyes wouldn’t leave yours.

“Alec!” you snap your fingers in front of him face and he catches you by the wrist, “Don’t,” he hisses through gritted teeth.

“You’re pissed at me?” you laugh sarcastically, “What did I do wrong? You’re the one that dragged me out of bed to make me go on a date with some guy I didn’t know or care about and then you ruin that date – and not only do you ruin it, you actually beat up the super nice guy who was taking me out!”

“I wanted you to move on a little – I was just trying to give you a little push in the right direction!”

“And I took it!”

“THE RIGHT DIRECTION TOWARDS ME!” he yells before slumping, “I wanted you to come to me…”

For a moment you stay silent and between then and the moment you speak, a million thoughts occur to you. You think of Alec, your friend, the one who had got things going between you and Jace. The one who you complained about everything to. The one who always had and will always have your back. The guy who had seen you naked at least 10 times and whose only comment was ‘do you even own clothes?’
But then you think of Alec, the guy you always cried to. The guy who would literally kill someone for you. Die for you. And you would do the same. You think of how he had taken care of you, not only after what happened with Jace but with everything. Always. And then you think, ‘Why didn’t I pick Alec?’

“Then why did you set me up with Isaac?”

“Because you’re Jace’s girlfriend! Or at least you were!” he sighs in defeat, “And you’re my best friend…”

You stay silent and he steps closer to you, pulling your hands into his, “I was scared if I asked you, you would say no or that you wouldn’t be ready. I thought that if you went out with this guy, you’d get over Jace and then I could tell you – But it’s too hard watching you be with someone else when I’ve already been doing that all these years!”

“Tell me what?”

“That I love you…”

“Alec,” you stare at him, but he avoids eye contact, his gaze fixated on the floor.

“I always have. But the feelings subsided when I saw how great you were with Jace. I wanted you to be happy but then he left and at first I was just doing what I had always done – taking care of you and being your friend, but after a while I realized that if I saw Jace I’d probably kill him after seeing what he did to you. Because I love you and seeing you hurt, it hurts me. And seeing you happy, it makes me-“

“Happy,” you mumble, finishing for him, “Alec…”

“Tell me you don’t feel the same. Tell me there isn’t one beat in your heart that’s for me,” he asks sincerely, tilting your chin with his index finger so your eyes meet his.

You weren’t the most articulate person in the world. And in this situation, you really had no idea what to say. All you knew was that our heart was beating so fast, you weren’t sure of anything other than the fact that you wanted to kiss him. And so you did. Your hands tangled in his hair and your legs wrapped around his waist.

“Wait,” he whispers against your lips, slowly pulling away from you, “Say it.”

“Say what?”

“That you love me.”

You smirk, “You know, if you keep teasing me, you might be the one seeing my black lingerie tonight.”

Alec steps away from you, half amused and half serious, “As tempting as that is, we’re not doing anything until you tell me how you feel.”

“Alec, seriously? It’s not prom night. And you’re not my date. We don’t have to do the whole ‘Say you love me and then I’ll put out’ thing’!”

“Well, I’m gonna,” he scoffs playfully.

You knew you did. From the minute you felt his lips against yours. Maybe it was wrong. Maybe it was too soon and maybe it was going to ruin your friendship. But you did.

“Fine,” you smirk, poking a finger into his chest, “I…” you trail your finger down his chest to the waistband of his jeans, “Love…” you fingers dance across it and you stand on your tiptoes, your lips grazing his ear, “You.”

“I love you,” you repeat, pulling away from him, “Of course I love you.”

“And you’re not just saying that to get me into bed?” he teases.

“No, of course not,” you grin, “Don’t expect a call in the morning though.”

“We should get going,” Alec looks at the time, pulling you alongside him.

“But we didn’t finish what we were doing…” you pout and he laughs before his expression softens, “Maybe we should take things slow.”


“You know – you let me take you on a date and we start off right so this all goes well.”

“Well, what happens if we go fast?”

“I don’t want to. If I had asked you out all those years ago, I would’ve taken you on millions of dates and kissed you millions of times and I want to do all that. And considering Jace will kill me when he finds out, I want to do it properly.”

“Well Jace isn’t here anymore,” you sigh, the sinking feeling in your stomach returning.

“Yeah, but I am,” Alec smiles softly, “And I love you. And I want to be with you.”

“It should’ve always been you,” you whisper, pressing your lips to his, “And if that’s what you really want, we can do that,” you pause, “But… I’m not going to have to wait for our millionth date for us to-“

“Oh, nooo,” Alec chuckles, “I’m a patient, controlled guy but not that patient.”

A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 20 - Promise?

Warnings: None

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13, Ch. 14, Ch. 15(M), Ch. 16, Ch. 17(M), Ch. 18, Ch. 19 Ch. 20,Ch. 21, Ch. 22, Bonus Chapter

My hands were shaking as I stood there looking at him. “I think he had a heart attack…” I repeated.

He took the paper from my hands and skimmed over the classifieds that I had been looking at before look at me and grabbing one of my hands and leading me over to the couch next to the sleeping Jinwoo. “Stay here…I need to make a phone call.”

I just nodded and watched as he left the living room. My mind was racing; what were to happen if he did have a heart attack. Was he okay? Was he not okay? In a way the darker side of me that hated each and every bit of me opened that that heart attack took him out painfully…at the same time my mind drifted to the deal between my father and Junmyeon. Was I used as a pawn and treated like one? Yes…but what would happen to the deal should something happen to my father. What would his second hand have to say about it and if things fell through…

What would happen to me?

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  • Anakin: Ahsoka! Why are you sequestered by this old holoprojector?

  • Ahsoka: I’m avoiding Lux and his truth bombs...he keeps saying he wants to talk to me. I’m afraid he’s gonna tell me he loves me or propose marriage or something.

  • Anakin: Oh my god. That makes me kind of want to cry.

  • Ahsoka: He dove in front of those lasers- for me. I can’t be mean to him. I watched him make caf for 28 minutes this morning. But I also can’t lead him on.

  • Anakin: Obi-Wan told me not to let him get hurt tonight, so I’ll keep him away from you.
  • ...
Lux: Have you seen Ahsoka?

  • Anakin: Ahsoka died eight years ago.
A Meeting to Remember

Prompt: Time and Place ( Grangers’ Dental Practice, anytime)
Author: @azaleablueme 
Description: Hermione’s father calls Ron for a dental checkup.
Rating: G (mild swearing, thanks to Ron and his nervousness) 
Words: 2.7K words (approx)

“What do you think of the new clinic?” she asked beaming, and Ron glanced around the pristine white lobby.

“It’s nice, you know, very -um- sterile.” He regretted his choice of word immediately as Hermione’s brows furrowed.

“That’s wasn’t possibly the best way to describe it, was it?”

She bit her lip in the fashion he knew too well and he relaxed, risking a grin. Her eyes softened further although Hermione was still trying hard to bite back her smile.

“But it is a little too clean, isn’t it?” he chuckled, “Look at all the patients- they’re actually spoiling the perfect decor!”

“Ron!” she admonished, looking around to ensure they hadn’t been overheard, and then shook her head, laughing softly. He loved that smile. In fact, he loved every little thing about her, even stuff that his eleven-year-old self would consider annoying. And he was crazy enough about her to agree with her father. His stomach flipped at the thought and Ron’s smile faltered.

Blimey, he must’ve been absolutely mental to agree to this.

Hermione had missed his sudden change in demeanour as she was busy reading a Muggle magazine. Ron glanced at the cover. It had plenty of big and complicated looking words on it along with a family of three, who from their unnatural smile, appeared to have had their teeth whitewashed. He would have brought that to Hermione’s notice, but who knew what happened during the dental checkups anyway? He decided ignorance was best for the sake of his mental well-being.

The immaculate clinic with its crisp and classy furniture was located in a posh and busy section of Muggle London. Hermione and her parents were proud of it, and Ron supposed it went very well with the Grangers’ personality. The family was extremely orderly and perfect. When he thought of it, it was pretty surprising that Hermione had fallen in love with him. He was nowhere close to being orderly, and not exactly perfect, although Hermione always told him that he was perfect for her. The thought never failed to make him happy. He watched the oblivious witch next to him and smiled at himself. Man, he was one lucky bloke!

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“<In school, during Xenobiology, we had a section on humans,> I told Tobias. <It mostly involved human television programs. News shows. Entertainment. Music.>

<Music? You mean like MTV? You were watching music videos on the Andalite home world?>

<I don’t remember what they were. I…I didn’t pay very much attention to Xenobiology. I wish I had now. A warrior is supposed to be a scientist and an artist, as well as a fighter. But I didn’t always enjoy that other stuff, so I didn’t pay much attention. I suppose humans always pay attention in school.>

<Absolutely,> Tobias said. <That’s why I am such an expert on the War of 1812.>”

- Book #8: The Alien, pg. 39 (by K.A. Applegate)

I am done with being okay with Twin Suns

Like the title says, I’m done with denying my hate of the “Twin Suns” episode of Star Wars Rebels. (This isn’t meant to attack people who do like it- I just need to vent.)

For the longest time after Twin Suns aired, I told myself I liked the episode, the direction they took it in, and the ending they gave us for Maul. But honestly it was just the only way I could deal with it at the time; if I acknowledged all the things I felt was wrong with it, it wouldn’t make me feel any better, and it would only serve to amplify my sadness and regret at Maul’s death. I didn’t want to dwell on a negative thing I couldn’t change. But I’ve got to admit how I really feel about it, it’s eating me up inside.

For an episode that “wraps up” Maul’s story and his life, he only has 5 minutes worth of scenes, including the parts where he’s just a disembodied voice harrassing Ezra (which I thought was not believable anyways since Maul, while not above using Ezra, genuinely cared about the blueberry and wouldn’t intentionally torment him.)

Now I love Ezra as much as the next fan, but he had way too many scenes in this episode and most of them were of him travelling across Tatooine. Why couldn’t he and Maul have had more scenes talking to Obi-Wan and less scenes of sand?? It’s just not believable that he meets Kenobi and asks 2 questions then is forced to leave. He (AND MAUL) spent too much time searching for old Ben to only get less than 2 minutes of interactions with him.

I realize now that there are definitely more Kenobi fans than Maul fans in the writer’s room at Lucasfilm because Maul’s entire death was more about Obi-Wan’s feelings and Obi-Wans character development than anything else. We get to see the emotional aftermath of the battle and Obi-Wan gazing over the horizon at Luke. We were never intimately shown Maul’s struggle of longing for a purpose, clinging to the past, and the results of his horrific upbringing. The episode is framed in a way where Maul is the obvious “villain” and we don’t get a chance to sympathize with him except for at the very end.  

But the part that dissatisfied me the most was the discussion between Maul and Obi-Wan before the battle. There were so many things that could have (needed to) be said and yet the two of them just fell back into insulting eachother for a while before fighting. There was nothing new about this interaction between them and Maul’s dialogue could have been ripped straight from a Clone Wars episode. The lines were uninspired and it was lazy writing, and showed none of the changes or character development Maul’s been through in the last 15 years.

They made such a build-up the entire season about Maul wanting to find Obi-Wan, and they even purposely left Maul’s goal ambiguous, which led us to believe that Maul could have a different reason for wanting to find Kenobi. Why would they tease us with all the possibilities all season long to just give us literally the most uninspired and predictable ending ever? Maul said he wanted “hope” when opening the holocrons with Ezra- how does that even fit in with what we were given in Twin Suns?? We as viewers can rationalize this by saying he ultimately finds hope in the chosen one defeating Palpatine- but why would Maul himself say there’s “hope” in killing Obi-Wan?

Also don’t get me started on all the things that were cut from this episode. There was supposed to be a scene where Maul is hallucinating and talking to Savage (which would have been so powerful and emotional) and they cut it because “not enough viewers would know who Savage was”– are you kidding me?? Maul already told Ezra in Twilight of the Apprentice that he had a brother, so the audience is aware of that- but I bet most of the viewers have watched the Clone Wars anyways.

So they cut out a potentially beautiful scene of Maul coming to terms with Savage’s death and replaced it with Ezra’s “Saturday morning special” lesson at the end where they all basically go “Ohana means family”?  A lesson that Ezra has already learned time and time again?

Anyways. There’s my rant. I recognize that many people are going to disagree with me and that’s okay. The point is I feel a little freer knowing I don’t have to accept Maul’s death like a “good little fangirl” and enthusiastically gobble up every single piece of lazy writing Filoni throws at us… It’s okay to not like something the writers did even though you like Star Wars as a whole. I feel better now.

If You’re Lucky-Prologue

GUESS WHO’S BACK?! ……………………………………… Hi!

Okay so I’m tired of having this sit in my drafts, even though I’m not 100% satisfied with it. If you guys could give me feedback for this, I’d greatly appreciate it. Please let me know if I’m portraying Stiles in a realistic manner or please talk to me about how I could improve!

Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Prologue: It Happened One Night

Song rec: If I’m Lucky by Jason Derulo

Word count: 1,022 words.

Warnings: Swearing (it wouldn’t be an ellie-bee fic without swearing!), implied sexual content, implied unprotected sex (PUT A BEANIE ON YOUR WEENY), drinking. (i apologize in advance to anyone named Eve, Evie, or Evelyn)

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Drarry go out for a movie

So like I’ve said before, I’ve wanted to get into writing Drarry for a while now and I found this post by @drarryparadise. It’s basically a list of muggle activities that Draco and Harry could do together. I figured I could start off with something as simple as this and then advance onto more difficult, multi-chapter fics. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this. It’s a cute, fluffy piece.

“But, I just don’t get why we have to go out to watch it when we could just watch it on our television.” Draco complained.

“Because it’ll be fun,” Harry tried to persuade his boyfriend. “It’ll be on a huge screen and they’ll have speakers everywhere, so it’ll be amazing, and have I told you about all of the visual effects and 3D effects that they have? I mean I’ve never even heard of anything like this before.”

Draco continued staring at Harry, unimpressed. “Do you have any idea how unhygienic and crowded that place is going to be? We’re going for the first day first show of this movie.”

“Come on, Draco, I’ve always wanted to watch a movie in the movie theatre. I never got to watch in while I was at Hogwarts and certainly not before that and you know how hard it was for me after the war, I wouldn’t even get out of my bed.” Harry explained.

“Alright then, just for you,” Draco said softly, biting on his lip. Then as an afterthought, he added with a scowl, “but it better be worth it, Potter.”

Harry practically lit up as soon as Draco agreed and nodded his head repeatedly. “I promise you’ll love it. You won’t regret this.” Looking at the pure joy on Harry’s face and the enthusiasm with which he started preparing to go out, Draco didn’t think he could ever feel any hint of regret for agreeing to go to a movie with him.

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unclemoriarty  asked:

i know how much you love pierretasha so for those ask memes, pierretasha with 28 AND basorexia. your choice if it's one fic or two :)

28. Teaching the other something new

There was no chance of going out that night. Outside, the snow was falling fast and thick, the beginning of another long winter.

But it did not bother Natasha. She was curled into a corner of the sofa, feet tucked under her, her knitting needles sliding against each other with soft clicks. Pierre sat in an armchair by the fire, reading, now and then pushing his spectacles up when they slid down the bridge of his nose. Natasha glanced up at him every so often, filled with wonder that the two of them should have found each other after all the pain that had filled the beginning of their lives.

The clock on the mantelpiece ticked on, and Natasha noticed the rasp of turning pages growing less and less frequent. She glanced up at him once more and caught him studying her, his head tilted to one side, his book closed on his lap, forgotten.

Natasha smiled. “What is it?”

“Your hands,” Pierre blurted. “I mean…I…I just enjoy watching you knit. You’re so deft about it, so clever. And…in the war, there were men who knitted their own stockings. It calmed them, they told me, and better to know how to make and mend your own than lose your toes to frostbite. I meant to learn, but I never…” He shook his head and removed his glasses, cleaning them with his shirt. Natasha had noticed he did this whenever he wasn’t quite sure what to say next.

“Would you…would you like me to teach you?” Natasha ventured.

Pierre looked up at her and returned his glasses to his face. “I–I don’t want to interrupt you.”

“Don’t be silly,” said Natasha, putting her half-finished mittens aside. “I have an extra set of needles. Come here.”

Pierre moved to sit by her, and she pressed herself against him, savoring his warmth, before producing a ball of soft wool. “Marya Dmitryevna taught me how to knit when I was very small,” she explained, “and I swear I can recall those lessons word-for-word.”

“One doesn’t quickly forget things Marya Dmitryevna says.”

They sat up late into the night, Natasha showing how to hold the needles, to cast on, to do a run of basic stitches. Her small hands guided his larger ones; she remembered how many times he had pressed her hands with his own, and kissed them, and how he had held her when her world came apart at the seams. How he’d helped her knit it back together.

Pierre set his work aside when Natasha began to fall asleep against his shoulder. He scooped her up in him arms–a dramatic gesture, he knew, but one that he indulged in nonetheless–and carried her to their bedroom, and the snow continued to fall.

Basorexia–an overwhelming desire to kiss

Natasha could barely take her eyes off him. 

The newly-married Bezukhovs were attending their first dinner party since their marriage, and Pierre was holding his own in a literary discussion that had taken a detour into the theological. Natasha was obliged to engage in conversation with those seated next to her and was thus unable to follow the entire debate, but every time she looked down to where Pierre was seated, his face was alight and he was leaning into the conversation with his usual artlessness. Natasha often wondered if he had any idea how brilliant he was.

Or how distracting. Perhaps it was because they were still in the honeymoon phase, but watching her husband talk about God and books and politics with that beautiful spark in his eyes made Natasha want to curl up in his lap and kiss him for hours.

She felt a flush creeping into her cheeks and forced herself to pay attention the opinions the countess sitting next to her had on the latest French fashions.

There was dancing after dinner. “How was your dinner conversation?” Pierre asked, drawing his wife close to him for the waltz.

“Far less edifying than yours, I’m sure. Oksana Nikolaevna could try God’s own patience.”

Pierre snorted in spite of himself. “You’ve inherited your godmother’s tongue.”

“And you love me for it.”

The corner of Pierre’s mouth twitched as he tried to repress a smile. The small movement drew Natasha’s gaze to his lips, and then that flush returned, her whole face warming, her own mouth parting slightly. The only thing that mattered was the heat of Pierre’s hand against her waist, of his other hand pressed against hers. 

This was surely why happy newlyweds were rarely seen in society.

“Natasha?” Pierre murmured. “Are you alright?”

“Quite,” Natasha replied, trying to remember how to breathe.

The waltz came to an end. Pierre took both of her hands in his, pressing a kiss to them, and it was all Natasha could do to stop herself from ordering the sleigh brought round so they could return home immediately. It would be the height of rudeness this early in the evening.

But all parties draw to a close eventually, and as the Bezukhovs sped toward home, Natasha held fast to Pierre, reminding herself that sleighs were not the appropriate place for ardent kisses.

Once home, Natasha divested herself of her coat, dismissed the maid, and hurried upstairs, knowing Pierre would follow her.

“Natasha,” he said, crossing the threshold of their bedroom, “are you sure everything’s–” Natasha pulled the door closed and backed Pierre against it. “Oh.”

“I’m sorry,” said Natasha, skimming her hands over his chest, his shoulders, his neck. “I just–seeing you out in company tonight, listening to you talk about everything you’ve studied, hearing your voice from across the room, so full of–” She pulled him down to her, unable to finish her thought. 

Their noses brushed; Natasha savored the last of the anticipation that had been building all evening, then pressed her lips to Pierre’s. 

In an instant his arms were wrapped around her waist and he picked her up, held her close, returned her kisses so fiercely that he almost lost his balance. He felt her mouth open, her tongue sliding against his, and he was lost, utterly lost, and he heard Natasha moan, her arms tightening around his neck. This was the center of the universe, he was certain. There was nothing outside of Natasha, warm and close and alive, blood racing under her skin, loving him for his words, telling him how much she loved him without any of those words. She worried his bottom lip between her teeth and he felt himself lean back against the door with a thud, his knees going weak.

He put her down when his arms started shaking and bent to press his forehead against hers. She leaned into him, her breathing still heavy. 

“Better?” he asked.


Prompt list!!!

I have decided to make a prompt list because it seems fun and I’ve never done one before! It can be with anyone from the Dc, Gotham, and Uncharted universe!!! And you can pick more than one!

1. Why the hell would you do that?!

2. That’s kinky~

3. No, I said don’t do that!!

4. You’re joking, right?

5. You bought a dog?!

6. I may have accidentally did the thing

7. I love you but I hate you!

8. That’s what I said!

9. Can you shut up for like 5 minutes?!

10. You said you wouldn’t do it again.

11. You broke my heart so I broke your arm.

12. That was my sister!

13. I’m not an idiot!

14. Please don’t do it again.

15. You promised.

16. Are you an angel becau- Imma stop you right there.

17. I just wanted to walk the dog.

18. You just looked so sexy, I couldn’t resist.

19. Why is the cat blue?


21. I’m sorry, what?

22. I’m going to stab you.

23. It’s a baby!

24. Did you think I was joking?

25. Just because they did it doesn’t mean you should

26. You can’t ground me!

27. Did you just bite me?!

28. Is- is that a monkey?

29. You watched our show without me?!

30. Screw it.

31. You’re in jail again?

32. That's the third time this week!

33. Is that mine?

34. I don’t see your point

35. Pumpkin spice again?

36. Watch me!

37. You dyed your hair pink?

38. It’s just a show!

39. Your the best!

40. Have I told you that you’re beautiful lately?

41. Did you even think before you did it?

42. I declare a paintball war!!

43. Did you even try?

45. I can’t believe you just did that.

46. Have you no shame?

47. The floor is lava.

48. Just one more episode.

49. If I win you do whatever I tell you too for the next 24 hours.

50. I don’t see it.

anderwelt  asked:

I love your dedication for SNK, still after all this months and years Isayama just fucks with us, sadly I am a little child and super sulky we got introduced to a bunch of new characters and children while many other characters STILL TOTALLY DESERVED AN ARK OR A MOMENT TO SHINE. ;A; any thoughts about that?

I mean, I’m totally not without salt. I wrote plenty of sad and sulky posts about the transition from Paradis to Marley back in the day. 

I think I once equated it to going to watch a monster movie and more than halfway in realizing you’d accidentally sat in a theater featuring a world war II tragedy. You’re disappointed, but the movie is still good, your chair is comfy and your friends are all there. 

The Marley arc needed to be told. I complained for years that we needed the warrior backstory. I just didn’t think we’d be getting it in this “all or nothing” fashion.

We are now 8 months into the Marley arc, and while I enjoy it, I can’t defend what Isayama has done from a storytelling perspective. The pacing and arrangement are a master class in what not to do.  But regardless of the flaws, Isayama has created some of the most compelling characters I’ve ever read. And I trust him not to betray them. Or me. I feel like if I’m patient, arcs will be finished and shining moments will be had. I believe the completed story will be a satisfying one.

i bought us matching keyrings (part 2)

in which i still refuse to use the correct punctuation, captain america : civil war is just a documentary and the reader is not at all bitter about peter being spiderman

link to part one : https://marvelstom.tumblr.com/post/163207954489/i-bought-us-matching-keyrings-peter-parker-x 

a note from me : hey guys! so i promised to update this with a part 2 when i reached 100 followers and this morning i hit 100 so i guess its ur lucky day finally if u somehow like my writing  

flash forward a few weeks, and it was time for yours and peter’s monthly movie night. it had turned into a tradition every month since freshman year to get together at one of your houses and just spend the entire night joking around and illegally streaming movies online - because lets face it, much like other teenagers his own age peter was way too smart to be caught out watching movies that he hadn’t paid for. before the whole ‘peter could maybe possibly be spiderman’ bombshell hit a few weeks ago, it had been decided that it was your turn to host the next epic movie marathon. you had originally been planning to dedicate the whole night to watching the entire star wars saga, however you thought it might be fun to instead joke around with the idea of peter being spider-man just to see if he would ever tell you himself. unlike other people, your reaction to peter potentially being spider-man hadn’t been one of hurt for not telling you, it had been amusement at the fact that your clumsy, awkward, best friend who wouldn’t hurt a fly could possibly be the superhero that the entirety of queens was talking about. You were definitely going to have some fun with this. you had just finished preparing the front room for peter’s arrival, when the doorbell rang. “just a second” you called, to no one in particular, before quickly smoothing the corner of a blanket down and racing to open the front door.

“hey pete!” you greeted your best friend with a hug, before pulling him inside to dump his stuff.

“hey! sorry im a bit late, may got distracted asking me about the stark internship.” he admitted, laying down his stuff in the corner of the room.

your ‘peter peter as spiderman’ radar immediately perked up.

“the stark internship, how is that going by the way?” you casually asked.

peter shrugged. “alright, i guess. mr stark still treats me like a kid though and recently its like may wants to know every aspect of my life.”

you saw the opportunity and you took it. “i guess may just doesn’t want you to go flying off the hook before you graduate high school.” you told him, placing emphasis on the word flying.

peter didn’t even flinch. “im tired” he groaned, collapsing into the sofa. “and i don’t wanna talk about it.” he muttered.

“fine, i should probably start the film now anyway.” you told him cheerfully. no response.

you slotted the film into the player and clicked play. the avengers started playing.

peter moved his hands away from him eyes to look at you. “i thought we were gonna watch star wars?”

you smiled sweetly at him. “i thought this would be better, and also im in such a mood to watch a documentary right now.”

peter didn’t even seem to hear you, he was too distracted moodily typing away on his phone. the film had been on for twenty minutes and you still hadn’t had a single reaction out of him.

“im kinda bored of this one now. maybe we could watch civil war instead?” you piped up. this was the big one. you were sure of it. this is the one that would make him crack, mainly because as spider-man he had a front row seat throughout this entire event.

“sure.” peter didn’t look up from his phone. you smiled to yourself, and proceeded to slot the film into the player.

you fast forwarded the film until it reached the bit that showed spidey.

“i don’t even understand the relevance of spidey here.” you told him. “i mean he adds literally nothing to the documentary.”

peter shot up from his seat. “hey, you take that back! spidey is a great addition to the team.” he protested.

“i thought captain america was your favourite superhero anyway?” you asked him, trying not to smile.

peter looked down at the floor. “well, the guy is kind of a douche in real life.” he muttered, so only he could hear.

“what was that?” you asked him. again, there was no response.

which left you no choice but to bring out the big event.

you reached into your pocket, pulling out your spiderman keyring which had never left your side since the day you got it. you also had peter’s in your pocket.

taking a deep breath, you went for it.

“i thought the keyrings were kinda lame after all, maybe i could have the one i gave you back?” you showed him your keyring, holding your breath.

peter went white all over. “ i don’t know where mine is.” he stuttered, avoiding your gaze.

you reached over and took his hands in yours, before pulling out peter’s spider key-ring from your jacket pocket and turning his head to look at you.

“i don’t think that’s true pete. when i bought these, i marked yours with a ‘P’ so everyone knew that it belonged to you and that we were gonna be best friends forever.” you were shaking, but the words continued to pour out of you.

“i found this outside my house the other day after being walked home by … spiderman.”

you opened your palm to reveal the ‘P’ keyring which was scrawled in black marker in your exact handwriting.

“peter… are you spider-man?”

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I wish you would write a fic where Hera and Kanan have a serious diagreement and others (I don't really mind who, it can be any onlookers from the Ghost crew to Hondo or Inquisitors or whoever) are super uncomfortable about it bc they're the ORIGINAL SHIP HERE SERIOUSLY stop fighting and kiss okay? Bonus if Ezra is the only one who is super cool about it. What say you? XD

“Are they still at it?”

Sabine looked worried.  She was biting her nails as she strained to hear what was being said on the other side of the wall.

Ezra frowned, she seemed far more bothered by this than made sense.  “I dunno.  I guess so?”

Sabine tucked a nonexistent strand of hair behind her ear.  “I don’t understand,” she said.  “Why are they doing this?  It’s Hera and Kanan; they don’t fight!  I mean, not with each other, anyway.”

It was true, during the time he had been with the Ghost crew, Ezra had witnessed disagreements, differences of opinion, he had seen both of them frown or roll their eyes at something the other had said, but he had never seen anything on this scale.

“I mean,” Sabine continued.  She got to her feet and began to pace back and forth across the room.  “How long has it been now?”

Honestly, he wasn’t sure.  “An hour, maybe?” He suggested.

“Should we go in there?  Maybe there’s something we could do?”

Ezra shook his head vehemently.  “No way I’m getting in the middle of that,” he told her.  “What are they even fighting about anyway?”

“I don’t know.  I wasn’t there for the start of it.”

Ezra shrugged.  “People fight.  They’ll stop eventually.  Hey, why don’t we go for a walk or something?  Get out of their way.”

Sabine frowned hesitantly.  “Sure, I guess,” she said.

“Have they gone?” Hera asked.

Kanan was quiet for a moment, head cocked slightly to the side as though listening as he reached out using the Force to check on the whereabouts of the rest of the crew.  Chopper and Zeb had left earlier, reluctantly roped into helping out with something around the base.  Sabine and Ezra had shown no signs of leaving at all.

He nodded.  “Coast is clear,” he confirmed.  “Finally.  I thought they were never going to leave.”

Hera sighed.  “You don’t think that was a little mean, do you?”

“Yeah, definitely,” Kanan told her.  He stretched out on the bed and grinned a little wickedly.  “So, I figure they’ll be at least a couple of hours.  We have the ship to ourselves for this first time in years.  What do you want to do?”

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ripsara + star wars

okay I’m doing headcanons for this but everyone do urself a solid and imagine space bountyhunters! ripsara and bonus round: sara dresses like han solo

- anyways so all the legends love star wars, they never shut up about star wars, every time they land somewhere even remotely seventies-adjacent they’re like puppies following rip around like pleasepleasepleaseplease can we go see star wars?

- rip replies no, real danger happening right now, but the truth is that he’s never seen star wars and doesn’t want them to find out

- they do. there’s a minor riot. it is decided that they’re all watching star wars, right now right here, and yes rip, you have to

- rip is squashed onto a couch between sara and jax and is told in no uncertain terms that he isn’t leaving that room until he has seen all seven star wars movies. cue rip: ‘i thought there were fourteen?’ *ray faints* they go to the future and watch every star wars ever made

  • - and I mean, he likes them, they’re okay, but he just doesn’t get why they all love it so much. but he pretends to love it. for them. all of them

- so begins the saga: the team tries to break onto the star wars set and be in the background of their favourite scenes, while rip is duct-taped to the chair in his office, screaming

- sara, lying on rip’s bed: aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?

   rip: im calling george and he’s suing

- because oh yeah, rip remembers his time and phil and the team totally bully him into visiting his old pal george lucas, just to catch up, hahaha you didn;t tell anyone about being attacked by supervillains did you?

- george did not, however he DID think up a story about a scruffy looking gunslinger and a princess in white not long after

- sara to rip, as they’re lying in bed together: you know for most men princess leia in the gold bikini is like the ultimate nerd wet dream. i mean, it is for me too, but -

rip: to be completely honest, sara, i’d rather have you