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I have a HC request! :) Yoosung or Seven or whoever you want honestly lol: MC and [RFA Member] are kids, about 10 years old. MC's reaction to finding out that [RFA Member] has a crush on her but she also has a crush on them. [RFA Member] may or may not have told MC themselves, she could have found out from somewhere else idk. Something cute, sweet, and innocent with the spark of love thanks to Valentine's Day xx

Doing headcanons for all of the members for Valentines Day ♡ 


✮ he had the biggest crush on you 
✮ he gushed about you to anyone who would listen 
✮ so it wasn’t really a surprise when you found out 
✮ you’d walked over to play on the playground with him when you heard him 
✮ “yeah, I just think MC is the prettiest girl in our school. we’re gonna get married when we’re older!” 
✮ and when he realises you’re there and heard everything he almost cries 
✮ but you say that you like him too 
✮ he constantly insists on playing games where you’re the princess and he’s your ~knight in shining armour~ 
✮ y’all walk around holding hands and all the adults think you’re the cutest 
✮ so pure 


✎ the friendship between the two of you was pretty normal 
✎ and she just thought ‘hey, she’s my best friend. obviously’ 
✎ but then jaehee began to notice how much more she wanted to hug you 
✎ and kISs yOur chEEk?! 
✎ she was 100% confused 
✎ and she felt weird asking her mum about it (bc she was young and her mum is still alive)
✎ so she kinda went up to you and she was super awkward
✎ and you were like ????? wot up
✎ ‘MC… can I hold your hand?’ and she was s o scared
✎ and you’re like ‘yeah of course!’
✎ so y’all walk around holding hands and being super cute
✎ and of course adults are like ‘aw look at those best friends. gal pals forever’  
✎ she just admires you so much 


✿ your friendship started because you didn’t treat him differently 
✿ because this was when his mum was really getting to him and he was insecure 
✿ and he felt like he could talk to you about everything and anything 
✿ and so obviously it grew into a fondness 
✿ he always bought you flowers and other things he thought were pretty 
✿ he just was so taken by you !! 
✿ he told his older brother who would just coo and told zen he had a cruuuuuush
✿ zen was in F U L L  D E N I A L
✿ this nugget actually asked you if he liked you 
✿ ???????
✿ ‘hyun… how am i supposed to know?’
✿ y’all think about this conundrum together for a little while
✿ eventually you’re like
✿ ‘well… do you think I’m a princess?’
✿ and instantly he’s like ‘yeESSSS OF COURSE’
✿ so you’re just like ‘cool. i’m the princess and you’re my knight’ 


₩ this little rich boy 
₩ he doesn’t get along with a lot of other kids because even from a young age other kids were made by their parents to befriend him to further their careers
₩ and then he comes across this angry little girl at one of his father’s parties
₩ you’re pouting in this cute little dress and he’s just very curious about you 
₩ he asks why you’re so grumpy 
₩ you tell him that you don’t like being around all the serious adults 
₩ he agrees 
₩ y’all run around in his backyard and then become best friends 
₩ you yell at the people who make fun of him for being a ‘robot’ 
₩ he talks to his dad about his weird admiration for you 
₩ realises he might…. LIKE you??!??!?!
₩ he collects some of the flowers from his garden and invites you out for a tea party (omg) 
₩ his face is so red as he shyly hands you the flowers 
₩ and he’s like “i think i really like you” 
₩ you just take it at face value and kiss him on the cheek
₩ everything’s basically the same except now you run around his garden while holding hands 


⌨  how would this work??
⌨  y’all met at church 
⌨  and he began to look forward to seeing you every sunday 
⌨  to the point where he told you about saeran 
⌨  and he obsesses about the fact that you care so much 
⌨  but unfortunately you can’t do anything to help 
⌨  so you hug him for as long as you can during mass 
⌨  he just really loves the attention 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna leave when he gets older 
⌨  and he hates it because you cry 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna find you and you’ll get to meet saeran and you’ll be their queen 
⌨  it’s just really pure and full of hugs and holding hands and being sad but supportive of each other 
⌨  even if you only get to see each other once a week 
⌨  you both treasure that one day 
⌨  it really was the Lord’s day 

I honestly had no idea how to do Saeyoung but I hope the other ones are alright! 

Happy Valentine’s Day ♡♡

The Sleepy Scholar

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Words: 2.1k+

Prompt: College AU + Library AU

A/N: This is my AU day imagine for the @hamwriters Write-A-Thon! I’m excited to get this out because I had this finished for like 2 weeks or so now haha. Special thanks to @helplesslylins and @secretschuylersister for proofreading and pushing me to do this! I love you both immensely <3 Enjoy!

P.S. Y/F/I means your first initial!

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This all started a week ago. You were doing your typical 11-3AM shift at the campus library. Many people would shy away from the graveyard shift but it was your favorite because it was quiet and no one was typically at the 24/7 library past 2 am so you would binge TV shows or read one of the many books that surrounded you. Plus, your classes were in the afternoon so it was most convenient for you. However this week, there was one lone student that would stay at the same table, nose in his book as he mumbled words until he fell asleep at the desk every night without fail. It was only the 3rd week of school and already some poor soul was in the library until ungodly hours. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the mysterious man with the bun, every time you went to clock out he was face down on the desk, using his arms as a makeshift pillow. By the eighth consecutive night of the stranger’s appearance, you couldn’t keep watching as he wasted his life away. So, that night when you clocked out you brought a water bottle, the PB&J sandwich you never opened, and a blanket you kept in the break room with you on your way out. You delicately placed the blanket over his sleeping form and set the sandwich and water bottle in front of him, along with a short message on a Post-it note.

“Take a break! -Y/F/I”

You took a closer glance at him, mystery man was actually really cute when he was asleep. Before he could catch you staring, you left the library; giving a quick wave to Claudia as she clocked in to take over the information desk. You were leaving Pre-Calculus the next morning when you got a text from Claudia.

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I meant to ask Feysand fluff fic I'm made you a cake

See my favorite thing as a writer is to write something totally off base of what might be expected from these prompts… I think I did that with this one… hope this is fluffy enough, friend. I’m kind of obsessed with it.

Feysand + “I made you a cake”


“Mor, have I ever told you how much I completely and totally loathe you?”

“Oh quit being dramatic,” Rhys’s cousin snapped from where she stood between him and Azriel, her hand in his. “You’re the one who said you wanted a night out downtown with all of us!”

“I meant a night out drinking, Mor. Drinking. Alcohol. The cheap kind. And lots of it, preferably.”

“There will be alcohol!”

“Yeah Rhys, didn’t you read the pamphlet?” Cassian sauntered up to his friend, hooking an arm around his shoulder. “‘Wine and Canvas Painting.’ Sounds delightful, right? A real party. I mean I personally am gonna get so– ow! Quit it!”

Mor leaned over and pinched Cassian in the side to which he yelped.

“Don’t make fun,” Mor hissed. “My friend Feyre is still in the early stages of starting her own business, and I want to support her. And you guys support me, thus, we’re going to drink wine and paint some damn canvases or so help me you two will–”

“We’re here,” Azriel cut in smoothly.

Mor gave Rhys and Cassian one last glare that would have sent other men running before sauntering up the steps and opening the door to a little shop with an overhanging sign that read, “Velaris.”

“That’s a weird name,” Rhys grumbled to himself as he followed after his friends.

Once they were inside and had taken off their coats, Rhys glanced appreciatively at the space inside. It was… nice, he would give it that. Spacious and warm and full of light.

Mor’s friend - Feyre - apparently owned this little studio and taught art classes all throughout the week. And every other Friday she taught a 21 and up class where they served wine while doing canvas paintings.

And Mor, being Mor, thought it would be a great idea to do that this very weekend instead of going out to their favorite bar, the Illyrian, like they usually did.

“Well where is this friend of yours?” Cassian grumbled. “And where is the wine? If I’m doing this I need to be drinking.”

Rhys and Azriel laughed, but quieted instantly when Mor glared at them.

“She’s probably setting up or something. But her sister and Amren are over there, come on.”

“Amren’s here?” Azriel paled. Mor ignored the other two as they snickered and walked ahead.

“Amren! Nesta!” She called out. Two girls in the back row whipped their heads around.

Rhys recognized Amren, the terrifying woman that Mor had introduced him to a few times. The other one, Nesta, must be Feyre’s sister.

Amren just looked the boys up and down and huffed before turning back around in her seat.

Nesta rolled her eyes at Amren and gave Mor a forced smile. “Hey,” she said without much enthusiasm.

Mor went to reply and sit in the open seat next to Nesta, but the next thing they knew Cassian had practically shoved her aside and was careening to sit beside the young woman.

“Well hello there,” he said in his charming voice. “I’m Cassian. And you are?”

Nesta just stared at him, completely unaffected.

“You literally just heard her say my name,” she deadpanned. She looked back over at Mor. “Mor, who the hell is this guy?”

“I’m sorry.” Mor just rolled her eyes. “I told them to be on their best behavior, but I only have one of them trained.” Azriel narrowed his eyes at her but she only giggled and moved to sit down beside Amren and Azriel followed suit on her other side.

“Oh I can be on my best behavior,” Cassian continued, clearly not taking the hint. “I can be on whatever sort of behavior you want, sweetheart.”

He leaned in close to Nesta, giving her his best seductive look.

She was thoroughly unimpressed.

“Get your face the hell away from my face before I break it.”

Cassian’s brow shot up in surprise and Azriel and Rhys both snorted in laughter. His surprise soon turned into wicked delight.

“Oh just wait sweetheart, you’ll learn to love my face. In fact I’ll bet you’ll be painting it before the night is over. Or perhaps if my charm really sways you, you might even be s–”

“Do not finish that sentence and do… not… call me sweetheart,” Nesta seethed.

Rhys was just about to go sit on the other side of Azriel to avoid all of… that, when someone bumped into him from behind.

“Oh, oh I’m so sorry! I just… well I can’t really see right now so…”

Rhys turned to the voice only to be met with a stack of canvases stacked way too high for one person to be carrying. The stranger’s face was hidden behind the stack and it was clear she couldn’t see anything in front of her. He chuckled.

“Do you need some help there?” He offered.

“Nope!” The female voice chirped brightly. “Nope I am perfectly fine. Just fine.”

“Really?” He drawled. “Well then by all means, continue your trek.”

The person froze.

“Right. Yes. Continuing now.”

The woman turned slightly to the left, then slightly to the right. She took a small step forward only to bump into Rhys’s other shoulder.

“Dammit,” she hissed under her breath.

Rhys laughed openly, reaching forward to take half the stack off of her hands.

“Here, allow me.”

When the stack was considerably lowered, Rhys finally saw the stranger’s face - and felt like he had been sucker punched.

With her eyeline free now, the girl blew a stray strand of messy hair away from her face. Her eyes were blue-gray and absolutely stunning. She had a single purple streak of paint on her cheek that he had a feeling she had no idea was even there.

And then she smiled up at him.

“Thanks,” she said, clearly not noticing that he wasn’t even breathing. “Are you here for the class?”

“I uh…” he stumbled, unable to tear his eyes from hers.

What the hell was wrong with him, he didn’t get nervous around girls? Especially not ones with paint on their face and a stubborn attitude to boot.


“Feyre!” Mor shouted suddenly, and the next thing Rhys knew his cousin was shoving him out of the way to give the woman an awkward hug over the canvases she held.

“Hey, Mor,” she said in a strained voice, giving Rhys a look that said ‘save me’ over Mor’s shoulder.

“I told you we would come.” Mor pulled back with a grin. “I brought Az, who you know, and then Cassian is the one over there about to get his balls ripped off by your sister, and it looks like you’ve already met my cousin, Rhys.”

“Yeah we… ran into each other,” Feyre said, smiling over at Rhys.

He could’ve died a happy man right then.

“Well I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve got to get the class started,” she continued apologetically.

“Oh it’s fine,” Mor said quickly as Feyre started to make her way up to the front of the room. Rhys followed awkwardly with his half of the canvases. “Oh and happy birthday!” Mor shouted suddenly.

Feyre froze, whirling towards Mor but running into Rhys yet again.

“It’s your birthday?” Rhys asked, his head cocked to the side.

Feyre paled. “Yes, but don’t say anything else please. I hate celebrating my birthday, it’s just so awkward.”

Rhys grinned, his earlier awkwardness melting away and turning into his usual suave because now he had an in with this girl.

“My lips are sealed Feyre, darling,” he said softly as he sat down his stack of canvases and stepped closer to her. She looked up at him a bit nervously.

“Allow me to formally introduce myself since my cousin thought she needed to do it for me,” he said smoothly, extending his hand. “I’m Rhysand.”

He noticed her shiver and grinned a bit wider.

“Feyre,” she replied, taking his hand. “Feyre Archeron. And please don’t call me darling.”

Rhys laughed, walking backwards towards his seat.

“Whatever you say, Feyre, darling.”

“You know if you keep calling me darling I’ll have to come up with a name for you too. How about prick?”

Ohhhh, he liked this girl already. His smile said as much.

He finally made it back to his seat, plopping down next to Azriel. Cassian and Nesta were still at each other’s throats.

Rhys was watching Feyre as she set up her own easel when Mor leaned across Azriel and pinched his arm.

“Ouch! What, Mor?”

Mor grinned like a fox.

“I knew you two would hit it off.”

“You… you planned this?”

Mor only laughed, leaning back in her seat and grabbing the glass of red wine in front of her as she spoke to Amren. Rhys looked at Azriel incredulously.

He just shrugged as if to say, ‘what can you do?’

The class started, and Rhys found himself captivated by Feyre yet again. She spoke about painting reverently, it was clear this was her passion. Her eyes lit up and her voice took on a tone he could listen to for the rest of his life.

Then when the actual canvas painting began, she walked around the room and answered questions, helping here and there. She stopped by Rhys’s row a couple of times, but only long enough to chat with her sister, Amren, or Mor before skittering off to another place in the room.

Rhys huffed as she avoiding his gaze for what felt like the hundredth time that night.

Mor giggled. “The chase not working out how it usually does for you, cousin?” She teased.

“Neither is his painting,” Azriel murmured.

Rhys cursed his brother, elbowing him in the side.

“What do you mean?” Mor asked. “What’s wrong with your… Rhysand!” She shouted, leaning across Azriel and smacking him in the chest. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Stop hitting me!” Rhys hissed. The rest of the class - and Feyre, he observed - was watching them. “And mind your own business. I know what I’m doing.”

“Oh do you?” Mor drawled. “Well then by all means, show us your wooing skills.”

Before Rhys could say another word, Feyre had sauntered up right next to him.

“Everything okay back here guys?”

“Oh yes,” Mor said before Rhys could get a word in edgewise. “Az and I were just observing how wonderful Rhys’s painting is.”

Oh Rhys was going to kill his cousin.

“That’s great!” Feyre said enthusiastically, meeting Rhys’s eyes finally.

“Yeah, super great. Go ahead, Rhys.” Mor propped her chin in her hand with a sly grin. “Show her.”

“Well, Mor,” he seethed, turning his easel so Feyre couldn’t see his painting. “I actually wanted to show Feyre darling here my painting when the class was over.”

“Oh but it’s just SO good Rhys, show her now.”

“Yeah, show me,” Feyre jumped back in. Rhys melted at her soft smile, feeling a bit like a prick now. “I bet it’s great.”


“Oh for goodness sake.”

Mor leaned across Azriel for a third time, turning Rhys’s easel towards Feyre herself.


Feyre’s jaw dropped when she saw that Rhys had painted a… cake.

A terrible looking cake with blue frosting and candles that looked like sticks. And in black paint he had written across the top, “Happy Birthday, Feyre Darling.”

She was silent for a few seconds and Rhys thought she might have stopped breathing.


“I made you a cake,” Rhys finally said. It sounded infinitely stupider when he said it out loud. “Since it’s your birthday and I just thought… you’re smiling. Is that a good thing? Did I do something right or are you showing me pity?”

Feyre snorted, covering her mouth with her hand.

“I love it,” she said in between her laughter. “I mean it looks… utterly horrendous–”

“Hey now, this is exquisite.”

“But it’s very sweet of you,” she said, meeting his eyes with a genuine smile.

Rhys felt his own lips tilting upward at the corners of their own accord.

“Anything for you, Feyre darling.”

Feyre’s smile dropped and she rolled her eyes.

“You had to go and ruin it, didn’t you, you prick. Call me darling one more time tonight and I won’t go out with you when you ask me after class.”

“Oh I’m asking you on a date now, am I?” He asked, mouth turned up in wicked delight.

“Well you better. You already made me cake,” she gestured to the painting. “Now you have to buy me dinner.”

He met her teasing eyes and realized he was already in deep shit and he didn’t mind at all.

“Anything you want.”

The importance of purification

This week through my weekly goddess tarot pull I’ve been learning on the importance of purification. For anyone who didn’t see my earlier post this week, I do a regular weekly tarot pull from my goddess oracle deck and spend a week reflecting on the lessons of that goddess, learning about who she is, and brain storming how her lessons relate to me. For anyone who has never done this before, it is a really great way to expand your knowledge of your tarot deck, learning deeper meanings to the cards outside of the guidebooks that usually come with the deck, and to challenge yourself to heal and make changes to yourself.

Anyway, so this week I pulled the card for the goddess Sulis, who is the goddess believed to rule over the Roman baths in England. I’ve never been really connected to Celtic deities at all before, despite having some English ancestry. However, I have visited the Roman baths a couple of years ago on a trip to Europe, and I had already met Sulis in the baths when I visited the museum there. Interestingly Sulis is quite localised as far as I am aware, there has been not much mention of her outside of these public baths at all.

Purification has always been a major part of my practice so when I pulled this I was a little like… “But I already do this and have been for years? Why are you bringing it back up?” The guide book wasn’t much help either, it suggests “taking a meditative bath, having a stroll near water, and cleansing the body.”
Somehow I feel that this is not really all that Sulis wants to tell me. I mean, if this card came up in a reading, do you really think the person you are doing a reading for would appreciate being told to take a bath? I already have like 5 baths a week (because relaxingggggg), shower everyday, wash my hands and mouth out before any kind of ritual work, obsessively clean the house and burn sage every where, yell at people for messing my house up and disturbing the spiritual vibes with their rubbish etc. I mean to be honest I really believe that this guidebook hasn’t captured the true healing message of purification.
So I was a bit stumped at first, considering ritual purification with water is already quite a significant part of my spiritual practice.

As someone who has practised Shintoism for 11 years, Shinto has had a huge impact on the concept of purity and my understanding of how important purification can be when connecting with deities. And this concept of purity is present in a lot of world religions as well- Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are just some examples. But physical purity represents much more than simply having a clean body. 

So how does ritual purification of the body relate to purification of the mind and heart? Each time we perform an act of ritual purification, we need to think about more than just being nice and clean. The act of ritual purification is also performed to remind us to purify our minds and hearts of the negativity that so often plagues many of us in this modern world. Have you reflected on how you have been thinking recently? Have you insulted yourself? Discouraged yourself? Hated your body and the things you say or do? Made fun of yourself in front of others or in your heart? Told yourself you were disgusting, degraded yourself or disrespected yourself mentally? These are all things we do on a daily basis even without realising. Some of us are so used to doing it that we barely question our own behaviour towards ourselves. Yet this kind of negative thinking is key to a lot of our internal suffering, especially if you suffer from a mental illness. We need to be on guard and watch the thoughts at all times to keep our minds ritually pure from what brings negativity and “evil spirits” into our lives even in the mind. We need to start questioning the truth behind our thoughts rather than blindly allowing ourselves to be absorbed into them.
Ritual purification also needs to extend to our heart. How do we treat others? Do we talk about others behind their back, discourage and pull them down with our words, or speak to them in a rude tone of voice? Do we belittle others or treat them as stupid just because we don’t particularly like them or their choices? Do you stand at a check out and abuse a helpless retail employee because you can’t have things your way? We need to guard our behaviour and see through the eyes in the heart.

Additionally, we need to look at outside sources of negativity that may be affecting us. Are you ignoring a family member or not getting involved with your family for selfish reasons?Are you avoiding a confrontation? Do you have a friend who pulls you down and discourages you? Do you have an abusive relationship with someone in your life? Do you have responsibilities you have ignored but are bringing you stress? Are you pretending the shit storm isn’t there and not facing reality? We need to cut off and remove these loose ties, or fix broken ties that are worth fixing. We need to make intelligent decisions and choices, and rectify these unfinished areas of our lives so we can stop carrying useless burdens around.

So next time you perform a purification ritual, remind yourself to think about how your can extend this ritual to cleanse you of the negativity that we build up in our own hearts and minds. As the water washes over you, your heart and mind are cleansed symbolically of all this negativity that you have gathered and been carrying with you. Think about where we make some changes and tidy up some loose ends in ourselves while you perform this ritual. Where can you change your behaviour so that you do not bring harm to yourself? Where can you change your behaviour so that you do not bring harm to others? 
This is the true beauty of the purification ritual, and this is how the purification ritual can be so much more than just a physical experience!
I am so thankful for Sulis bringing this into my life this week. I still have a four days of the week remaining to reflect on this learning, so I am looking forward to applying this to my life!

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8 for a fenhawke!

8. being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterward 

Fenris’s heart hammered against his ribs as if trying to flee the scene, but he couldn’t help but to feel a sense of satisfaction when he sat back and found Hawke’s face still lifted, lips parted, eyes closed. When he finally opened them, blinking, almost sluggish, the elf felt a victorious kind of thrill. He had done that.

They were in Hawke’s chair in the Amell mansion’s study. A quiet weekend, rain pelting the windows outside. Hawke had been reading and Fenris pretending to do the same but really just watching him, enjoying the silence and the comfortable way they had and the play of firelight off Hawke’s strong face.

Hawke had poured him a glass of wine, but Fenris couldn’t have blamed the alcohol for his sudden surge of boldness. He had had scarcely half of it before he rose, and crossed the room, took Hawke’s book from his hands and straddled his hips in the chair, cupping Hawke’s surprised face in his hands, and –

They had kissed less than half a dozen times. They were still feeling it out, still a little unsure about admitting their attraction to one another in words and actions and Fenris – Fenris thought about kissing Hawke all the time, these days. Since the first thrilling brush of lips – no, before even that. It seemed he was growing obsessed with the mage’s mouth.

“What – ? Is that - ? Um. Thank you?” Hawke said.

“I like that,” Fenris told him, point blank, because Hawke was still so careful about the whole situation and Fenris hadn’t kissed him nearly enough yet.

“I like it too,” Hawke said, and he looked surprised, pleased, as Fenris, a little more boldly, took his hands and helped him slide them over his thighs. Hawke stretched his neck to kiss him again – tentative, at first, then harder as Fenris responded favorably, the sweetness of the wine on their tongues. Hawke’s hands seemed to burn him through his leggings; Fenris felt warm in ways he hadn’t anticipated. He arched against him as those hands moved around to his backside, and it was unexpected, how exciting it felt. Fenris fed at his mouth. He tugged on his bottom lip with his teeth, and met Hawke’s seeking tongue with his own, and his whole body felt flush, warm, stirring. Hawke pulled him closer and he arched against him and realized with surprise that he could feel Hawke – that Hawke was – was –

Fenris broke the kiss, and grasping Hawke’s wrists he pulled his hands from his backside.

They were both panting, staring at one another. Fenris’s lips felt bruised, and his body felt – felt –

“Um,” Fenris said, with extreme eloquence, and Hawke released his breath slowly.

“That’s – probably enough for one night,” Hawke said, as if it was his idea, and Fenris felt the urge to apologize.

“I – don’t know what I’m doing,” Fenris told him, which was only partially a lie. He knew the mechanics of it, but had no experience with his own rising reactions, the surprising urge to feel Hawke’s hands on his flesh, to taste his sweat on his tongue.

“We aren’t – ah – in any rush,” Hawke told him. He looked at Fenris as if he wanted to devour him.

When they could walk without embarrassing themselves, Hawke saw Fenris to the door.

“I’m sorry,” Fenris told him again, and Hawke shook his head.

“I’ve known I was in trouble since the moment we met,” Hawke said.

Fenris didn’t trust himself to kiss him goodbye.

The glass shatters on the ground.
It shatters on the ground and John flinches. He stares at the glass pieces. He swallows. Then he looks at Sherlock, who stands in front of him, with his head lowered, breathing heavily.
They both look at the glass pieces and at the water, which slowly runs over the ground.
John doesn’t know what to say.
Suddenly, every noise in the room is unbearable loud. The ticking of the clock on the wall. The steady drum of the rain outside. His own breathing. And Sherlock’s.
Finally, after what feels like an eternitie, Sherlock says quietly, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lost control. Of course I will clear this up immediately …”
His voice sounds dry. Almost mechanic.
John sees how Sherlock begins to turn around and he quickly says, “No. Wait.”
Sherlock stands still and looks at him with a frown.
John drows in a breath. “Why did you throw it,” he says then. “Why are you suddenly so angry? Because of … because of what I said about The Woman? That you should phone her?”
Sherlock stares at him. The frown disappears from his face. It makes place for another expression. One that looks a lot like despair mixed with anger.
For a second Sherlock looks like he would just run away.
But then, he nods strictly. “Yes,” he says, his voice shaking slightly. “Yes. I’m angry. I’m angry because of what you said about Irene.”
Irene, John thinks stunned, he calls her Irene now. When did that happen.
“Why do you all treat me like an idiot? ‘Phone her, Sherlock, she’s waiting for you.’ - ‘Phone her, Sherlock, I guess she’s as lovesick as you are!’ - ‘Phone her, Sherlock, do it before it’s too late and you will regret it …’”
He drows in a deep breath.
“You know what? She already told you, but apparently you didn’t get it back then … She’s gay. She’s gay like me. And when I phoned her, it was because I … because I had a problem and asked her for her advise.”
She’s gay. She’s gay like me.
Sherlock talks and talks, but John suddenly only hears those words in his head. Again and again.
Gay like me.
Like me.
Oh God, I’m an idiot. I’m a bloody idiot …
Sherlock is still talking. His face slightly red, his hands slightly shaking.
“I don’t know, why you’re so obsessed with the thought that I’m in love with her. Well, I’m not. And I thought … I really thought that would be quite obvious. I thought the truth is very obvious. Apparently it’s not. And apparently you’re so scared about the possibility of being gay, that you can’t bear the thought that someone … someone close to you might be. Anyway. I think it’s time for you to leave, John. The kindergarden closes soon. You shouldn’t let your daughter wait …”
And then he turns around. Goes to the kitchen. Slowly, with hanging shoulders.
Suddenly, the air between them feels very cold.
John stands there and feels quite stupid.
Fuck …

You Dumbass! // Archie Andrews

I was thinking.. maybe something like the reader has had feelings for Arch for years now and everybody (even him) pretty much knows it but she’s done with his shit bc whenever he leaves a girl (or a girl leaves him) she’s expecting him to finally notice her, but he never does and moves on to someone else. So one day someone asks her on a date and she accepts and they have fun and all but then Arch gets jealous and they fight.

Thank you @sweetvengeancee for this request, you say it’s a bad but I think otherwise. Keep sending in requests and feedback please! I wanna know what you think of these!


People say that love is easy, but they were wrong.

I’ve been in love with Archie Andrews since I could remember. We’d been best friends since we were little, but my feelings grew over time for the beautiful auburn haired boy and I couldn’t keep them hidden, at least, not from my friends.

Betty, Ronnie, Jughead and Kevin all knew about my romantic feelings for him. Hell, everyone knew about my feelings for him.

Except him.

Every time he’d get with a girl, he’d end up broken hearted, I’d hope he’d finally notice my feelings for him, it never happen, then he’d find another girl. It was a continuous cycle and it had recently just happened with Valerie.

I honestly was fed up with the bullshit of waiting around. I knew I shouldn’t, but he was just such a good person, he was just blinded by his own ego.

Damn him for getting attractive over the summer.

I walked to my locker, putting in the combination and opening it. I sighed, staring at a photo of Archie and I at Pop’s which Betty took. We were laughing about something random, but Betty managed to capture the moment. I ran my fingers over the photo before grabbing out my books for my next class.

‘Y/N Y/L/N,’ I jumped a little, catching the sight of Trev Brown leaning against the locker next to mine. 'Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.’

'No that’s okay,’ I chuckled, shutting my locker. 'What’s up?’

'I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me tonight? At Pop’s? I’ve been wanting to ask you all week but I haven’t had the chance.’

I pondered for a minute. I can’t keep waiting around for Archie forever, plus, Trev was a nice guy. 'Sure, I’d love too. Meet you there at 7?’

Trev grinned, nodding his head. 'Yeah, sure. I’ll uh, see you then.’ He smiled, walking away from me down the hallway.

'Um…’ I turned around to find Kevin and Ronnie completely confused on what just happened. 'What about-’

'Archie?’ I sighed, walking in between them down the hallway to our next class. 'Guys, he’ll never see me that way. Plus, he’s not over Valerie. Maybe it wasn’t suppose to be and I’m okay it…I think.’

'No! You can’t give up! He’s just a dumbass who can’t see it!’ Ronnie exclaimed, 'We’ll help.’

'No!’ I pointed my finger at her, 'You won’t, he lost his chance and I’ve been asked out on a date, I’m going.’

'Where are you going?’ I turned my head to see Archie in front of us, stopping the three of us in the hallway.

'Y/N’s got a date,’ Ronnie smirked, placing a hand on my shoulder, 'with Trev Brown.’ I rolled my eyes, knowing exactly what she was doing.

'It was probably the most adorable thing you’d ever see.’ Kevin gushed.

'Oh - well, good for you then.’ Archie gave a small smile. 'Have fun.’

'Yeah, I will.’ I replied.


The date with Trev so far was going amazing. He was kind, sweet and caring. He also had a great sense of humour. Bonding over milkshakes was what I hoped to do with…Archie.

God damn that boy.

'Wait,’ I asked laugh, 'so what you’re trying to tell me is that actually happened to Chuck?’

'Yeah, he’s an absolute idiot.’ Trev laughed. The door dinged open as my smile dropped, seeing Archie walking in with Jughead. I groaned, running my hands over my face. 'What’s wrong?’ Trev asked, turning around to see Archie. 'Aren’t you and Archie like, best friends?’

'Yeah, but he knew I was coming here.’ I muttered. Archie and Jughead walked over to our table, Archie giving Trev a look. 'Archie, Jughead, what are you doing here?’

'Just for food. What are you kids doing?’ I sighed, feeling annoyance bubble up inside me.

'You know what I’m doing. I told you today that I was going on a date. You probably forgot since you’re still obsessing over Valerie.’ Archie turned his glare to me resting his hands on the table.

'We’ll go somewhere else away from here.’ Jughead interjected, grabbing Archie and pulling him away from our booth. I sighed, closing my eyes in annoyance.

'I’m sorry about that Trev, he’s just-’

'You like him, don’t you?’ Trev interrupted, a knowing smile on his face. I squinted my eyes at him in confusion.

'How did you?…’

'I thought you’d say no because of him. Everyone can see you’re in love with him.’ I put my head down, sighing in defeat. 'Hey, don’t feel bad. We can still be good friends.’ He placed his hand over mine for reassurance. 'But, go get Archie before someone else does.’ I chuckled at him, finally ready to admit feelings.

'Thank you, Trev, for a good night.’ I smiled, standing up to give him a hug good bye. 'I’ll see you at school.’ I waved, sitting back down in the booth and drinking the rest of my milkshake.

I saw the familiar auburn hair sit in front of me. I crossed my arms over my chest, glaring at him. 'What?’

'What the hell is your problem?’

'My problem? What the hell is your problem?’ I snapped. 'You’ve been acting all mopey since Valerie. When are you going to admit it? You screwed up! You can’t even see the right person in front of you!’

'Me? What about you! You’re going on a date with Trev Brown? You’ve never spoken to him!’

I scoffed at him. 'At least he had the guts to ask me on a date, Archie. I’m sorry that I don’t get as much attention as you with your new ego.’ I stood up, grabbing my hand bag.

I gave a final look to Jughead who watched our argument play out, walking out of Pop’s. I stormed over near my car, opening it up.

'Don’t walk away when I’m trying to talk to you!’ Archie called out, following me.

'What do you want to hear, Archie’ I turned around, stopping my escapade, 'Why are you getting angry of someone else asking me out on a date?’

'Because…he’s not good for you, Y/N!’

'Oh, for god sakes! That’s not good enough!’

'Why are you getting angry at me?’

'Because I love you, you dumbass!’ I exclaimed, panting a little.

I just admitted I loved him.

Oh dear god.

'You…you what?’ Archie asked, stumped. He stepped closer, causing me to almost hold my breath.

'I - I love you. Watching you go from girl to girl, getting heart broken then coming to me to fix it…how could you not see me right in front of you?’ I asked, feeling my eyes water.

Archie took another step closer to me, his gal figure towering over mine as he started down at me with those gorgeous eyes of his.

'Why didn’t say this earlier?’

'What do you-’

He grabbed my face, pulling me in for our lips to finally touch. I gasped, Archie taking my breath away completely. He made my knees feel weak and my heart race, it was just the way I imagined it.

We both pulled away, both of us breathless. 'Well, I didn’t see that coming.’ I joked, hearing Archie chuckle.

'I’m glad it did.’ He smiled, pulling me in for another kiss.

gideonlghtwood  asked:

pls you cant just give my weak tiny heart a harry potter jimon au and only go up to year 4

hello!!!!!! i’m sorry you sent this like FIVE WEEKS AGO but i felt shy to respond to this without having some more content to give u :’( the original jimon HP AU post in my head had them all a lil bit older, so as far as jace and simon’s hogwarts experience goes they would be at the end of year 6 when they get together :D

below are some more events that happen in that universe for your consideration:

  • after the incident at the tournament, jace has trouble sleeping for weeks, unable to get out of his mind the image of simon with his throat slit, staring at jace with fear and horror etched into his eyes. it’s not until a silver arctic fox starts curling around him each night that he finds his anxious, frantic thoughts slowly come to a rest each night, replaced by feelings of warmth and comfort. simon never brings it up so jace follows his cue, and it’s not until years later that jace finds out that simon hadn’t been sending his patronus to jace on purpose - simon’s magic was instinctively reacting to what was in his heart, chasing away the monsters plaguing jace in the only way it knew how.
  • the first time they have a real fight (“clary’s mom woke up from her coma! i told you i couldn’t make it!” yells simon; “clearly i got the message and waited at that alley for two goddamn hours because that’s fun for me!” jace yells back) jace suffers more than just the regular emotional pain of not speaking to his boyfriend for three days - the house-elves and their frankly bizarre obsession with simon means that they sabotage jace’s meals with excessive paprika, refuse to clean the gryffindor dorms, and ‘accidentally’ lose his quidditch gear in the wash. 
  • once they make up, jace carefully takes simon’s face between his hands and says, “you’re not allowed to be angry at me for as long as we’re in this school and i have to rely on those savage creatures for survival.” simon says, “jace, i literally get mad at you at least twice a day,” but the look of extreme disappointment he gives to the house-elves in the kitchen that night ensures that jace lives like a king for his remaining days at hogwarts. 
  • once, after jace does some particularly spectacular wandwork in charms that sets simon’s body alight, he drags jace into their favourite spot in the library, hidden in the back of the restricted section. simon pulls at jace’s red and gold tie, murmuring, “you can’t just do that and not expect me to - to -“ he gets distracted by his task of untucking jace’s shirt and sliding his hand to the warm skin of jace’s waist, and jace takes the hint and laughingly pressing his mouth against simon’s. as always, simon’s heart races from the thrill of it, his back flush against the spines of these forbidden, ancient books with the boy he loves kissing him such intent, slow and deep and - and - 

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If you still don’t think that Dear Evan Hansen is a special show then let me tell you. I saw it with my dad who cried through the second act, and then during     So Big/So Small insisted on holding my hand. On our walk home, for the first time, he told me about his experience with undiagnosed depression about 15 years ago. Also that he had never thought that his trouble connecting with people, or his obsession with what people thought might be anxiety. That was the first time I felt like I could talk with him openly and honestly about my mental health issues. Seriously like these characters were able to reach out not only to me, but my 50 year old father as well

Mr. Dad (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: None. Cutesy, fluffy baby fic.
A/N:  I couldn’t help myself, tried to be as true to what I think Kenny would be like taking care of a babe. And special thanks to @rubyriots for fueling my headcanons      Tagged; @straightfireglow @baroncorn @tatyanawaka @lclb13 @shadow-of-wonder @kurominonsense @kelstenkiara @sietefinns @castielscamander @oraclegazes @socyd @lindseyrae20 @eliza-kitty-cat @daintymissdevitt @princess3733 @nickysmum1909 @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @raphaelvavasseur @alexahood21 @unepetitecrise @grey-acefinn @gts-widow @fightblissfight @caramara3 @rainfoxx13 @hiitsmecharlie @widow-png @racheo91 @moxtiel @blondekel77  @fallavvay @wrestlinghasruinedmylife @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans @totorototo-ro @grappling-giraffe@sunshinesamizayn @devittslegos
~1300 words

A day with baby.

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OCD things:
  • you never know if an intrusive thought will pass for just a minute or it will have a 4-month stay in your head.
  • you know your fears are irrational but yet you don’t because they just feel too real.
  • feeling guilty when you get a disgusting thought even though you know it’s out of your control but you feel like you’ll be an awful person if you don’t feel guilt over letting something so awful in your head.
  • being scared of being scared.
  • feeling like you won’t be able to go on with your life normally after a certain thought.
  • wanting to speak to someone but yet feeling too ashamed to speak up or you know that the fear is too idiotic.
  • when people think that OCD is just being tidy and washing your hands often.
  • feeling scared when you don’t feel scared over something you’re usually supposed to be horrified by.
  • every episode usually has one main thought that bothers you but other thoughts might occur too.
  • being told that you’re too smart to have such irrational fears. like, i know but i can’t help it.
  • it can be triggered by something most people would just pass by.
  • feeling like you’re sharing a body with something/someone that’s not you.
  • wishing you could just delete those thoughts from your head.
Charlie weasley x reader (Percy's friend)

Could you maybe do a Charlie Weasley X reader imagine where the reader is a friend of Percy’s who comes over for the holidays and they start to fall for each other? (PART 1) —————————————-


Percy told me a lot about his family, about his brother Charlie who works with dragons, about his mother who is apparently the most kind hearted person in the world with also amazing cooking skills, and his dad who is obsessed with muggle’s. And Bill ofcourse the husband of the glamour Fleur Delacour. Percy’s nice little brother ron told me full of enthusiasm about their house on the train. Ginny his little sister told me about the clock in their house that’s shows everyone where they are. Kind of awesome if you ask me. So I was really exited all the way to weasley residence. And luckily it was time to get off the train. I walked after Percy to his parents. “(Y/n) nice to meet you!” I immediately felt welcome by his parents. I shaked Percy’s mother her hand. “Hello! I’m (y/n).” After shaking his mothers hand I shaked his dads hand. The English manners ofcourse. “I’m molly and this is my husband Arthur! I really want you to feel welcome in our home. Bill wouldn’t be with us this vacation because he is being bizzy. But Charlie is waiting by the car.” I smiled at both of the parents. I felt warm, and loved. I walked after everyone and talked a bit to the twins about how exited I was. When I came to the car.. the chatterbox I became silence immediately after seeing the boy standing against the car. It was just like a movie. “This is my brother Charlie.” Said Percy. I shaked his hand and smiled shyly at him. “Hi, I’m (y/n).” I didn’t know what was happening.. “Nice to meet you, (y/n).” Charlie said smirking. I blushed and looked away quickly. “Nice to meet you to.” I looked at him again and we stood there just smirking at each other. Percy rolled his eyes at me. “Come on (y/n).” Charlie blushed heavily and jumped behind the wheel. “Why are you blushing (y/n)?” fred and George said to me smirking. “Shut up. I mean it.” I said whispering. All the way to the weasley residence I was looking out of the window, staring at the beautiful sky. I saw blue, pink and purple all mixed together to an outstanding sky full of beauty. “(Y/n) where here!!” Ginny shouted. I woke up from my thoughts and opened the car door. “It’s not much, but it’s home.” Ron said. Harry laughed. “I remember this sentence. I do not feel special anymore! You tell this to everyone who comes here don’t you!” Harry said joking. I laughed along with the boys. “It’s amazing! Ginny I would love to see that clock!” Fred hinted george and they both looked at Charlie. Fred walked over to Charlie. “Charlie please stop staring, she is 17 man.” I pretended I didn’t hear them and helped harry and ron with the suitcases. “Shut the fuck up fred. Get out of my face before I slap you.” Fred laughed really hard. “Phase one. Denial.” Fred started running While Charlie was chasing him angrily. I moved the trunks in the house and looked around me. “This is out the clock I was talking about.” Ginny said while pointing at the clock. “Awesome.” Fred stormed into the house with Charlie chasing him. “Stop it boys! Stop it!” Molly pulled fred by his collar. “Charlie I’m surprised that I even have to tell you this. You are a grown man!” Harry, ron, Arthur and George also walked into the house. “Ginny are you going to help me prepare the dinner? And fred, Charlie you have to clean everything afterwards. WITHOUT magic.” Fred sighed and walked upstairs after ron and Harry. “Molly, can I help you with the dinner?” Molly smiled. “No you are my guest!” I walked towards her. “I insist, I like to help.” Charlie walked towards the dishes. “Charlie! No magic.” Charlie sighed. “You can help charlie with the dishes, Ginny and I will start with the dinner preparations. You can always help us when you finish the dishes with charlie.” Ginny and molly walked over to the garden to get some ingredients for dinner. Charlie threw me a towel and started washing. “You don’t mind drying do you?” I grabbed a plate from probably yesterday and started drying it. “No I don’t mind, I don’t really care if I dry or wash.” Charlie started washing the dishes again. “I just can’t wrap my head around it.. how did you and Percy became friends? You look like an relaxed person.” I laughed. “Percy and I met in 4th year, we didn’t became friends until 5th year when he let me helped me study for the final tests of the year. Percy really is a good friend, it just takes him a lot of time to let down his strict walls. And it’s funny to troll him.” Charlie smiled. “I think it’s also great Percy found a great friend like you.” I couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful smile. “That’s nice of you, why do you think that?” Charlie put down the pan he was washing. “I can sense that by people. I just feel some kind of attraction to you.. and I..” molly walked in with Ginny walking behind her. Charlie grabbed the pan again and started washing everything twice as fast. I dried everything but after that I couldnt get Charlie’s words out of my head..

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Under My Skin

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pairing: Changkyun x [y/n]

genre: angst(?? not sure)

word count: 854


You have to get away from him. 

Raindrops trickled on your clothes, down to every inch of your body. The rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins had you running for a twenty minutes straight. The loud pounding of your heart against your rib cage was the only thing to keep you sane but fear was creeping in. He was after you… and you know he’d be able to catch up.

Just a little bit longer now, [y/n], and we’ll be safe– your thoughts were too good to be true as you sighted him running towards you from the opposite direction, which had you scrambling on your feet. “Oh, where are you going baby?” His deep honeyed voice sent shivers down your spine as he continued to advance, pace catching up from yours. 

Fear and panic have finally gotten over you as tears spilled from your eyes. You were desperate to get away from him. Away from the man who fell head over heels towards you but could also turn 180, and become a total psychopath. 

And that man was Changkyun. Lim Changkyun. 

You were beaten brutally before, dragged from one place to another by force, being watched 24/7 by him and having those men, who were not even affiliated with you, being brought to the hospital after he deals with them. And, you, yourself, have had enough of living in constant fear and restriction.

You wanted to be free. You wanted to be away but he also knows where to find you. 

You were far from being free. 

In the midst of putting all the remaining strength on your legs, you were yanked backward with a hand grabbing a ball of hair from your head. Being harshly thrown on the ground, Changkyun has finally hovered himself over you, eyes filled with nothing but obsession ruling over. 

Rain continued to pour, and finally, you could finally feel your body losing all of its strength, exhaustion finally kicking in and all the emotions finally gushing over you like a current. 

Changkyun’s icy cold hands were now grasping at your throat, leaving you without air. You tried to pry the fingers away, but you were slowly losing conscious. “Changkyun, please…. stop.” you gasped with your eyes tightly shut. 

“Why are you running away from me, huh? Don’t you love me?” he eerily whispered against your ears, slowly loosening his grip around your neck as he plants kisses on your jaw down to your lips. Gasping for the lost air in your system, you let out a cough and watched him with tears forming in the corner of your eyes.

“Yah, talk to me.” He snapped, his hand meeting your cheek with such impact. The sound of skin cackling echoed through the empty streets. A bright red mark on your cheeks stung just seconds after. “Please, stop…. it hurts.” you croaked with your eyes transfixed on the puddle beside you. 

“Oh, I’m sorry baby but you just make me so mad..” he cooed as he slowly caresses your cheek, only to give it another slap which had you bursting out into tears.  “This wouldn’t happen if you just stayed by my side, with that cute butt of yours on my lap.” 

Anger boiled through your vein as you’ve finally had enough of this sick treatment. Gathering all the strength that you’ve managed to get, you forcefully pushed him off of you and grabbed the nearest object near you and swung it towards him, making him tumble down with a loud groan.

“You’re sick! Who in their right state of mind would love someone like you?!” you screamed as you continued to swing the object at him. Please, send someone…. you prayed as you continued to try to fend him off. 

As if your prayers were heard, a loud siren came and before you knew it, they’ve pulled to see what was going on. Throwing the object away, you didn’t think twice but to run over and hide behind the officers’ backs. “Please save me.” you pleaded with tears, one officer pointing a gun at Changkyun while the other tries to calm you down. 

“He’s obsessed and… I… I need to get away from him.” you rattled and held tightly on to the officer’s forearm. “Calm down…. don’t worry we’re here.” The officer reassured and quickly called up for backup and brought you to their car.

You watched them slam Changkyun down on the ground, gun pointed at the side of his head. Changkyun’s eyes never left yours as his hands were immediately handcuffed. His eyes told you everything, how much he felt betrayed by your actions and how it has truly angered him.

Being escorted to the other car that had just arrived, he mouths you a couple of words that sent chills down your spine. I’ll be back to get you.. he mouthed before he was pushed towards the backseat forcefully. Oh, how you wished that you could just forget everything and run away, leaving everything behind. 

Oh, how relieved you were for a second there…. not until this cruel dream starts to haunt you again…

Obsessed | Park Chanyeol

— yandere au “Where did you go?” With no hesitation, as soon as you entered your home, Chanyeol was already standing in front of you with a stern look on his face. You furrowed your eyebrows as you gave him a questioning look before brushing past him to hang your coat. “I went up to meet with my high school friends, didn’t I told you that?” You two walked to the living room and he sat you down before he reverted his gaze back to you, a sigh leaving his lips. “You did. I’m just making sure.” He rested his hand on top of yours before hoisting you up to rest you beside him, closing any space between the two of you. You rested your head on his shoulder as the two of you watched the ongoing movie on the television, but Chanyeol, however, couldn’t help but shift uncomfortably on his spot, having thousands of thoughts running on his mind. “Were there any boys?” You couldn’t help but chuckle, “It’s a high school reunion, of course there are boys.” And Chanyeol couldn’t help but feel his blood starting to boil at the thought of you interacting with other males. “Oh really?” He swallowed his anger before shifting down to lie down on the couch, taking you with him. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, pressing heartwarming kisses on your shoulder up to your neck before he let out a breath on your ear. “You know, I don’t like you hanging out with people that isn’t even worth hanging with. You should always hang with me, I’m more entertaining than them.” He whispered, sending chills crawling up your spine while you stared wide eyed at the tv. “Just the thought of them touching you makes me angry.” And suddenly, it’s like you were taken in a trance and the dreading silence deafened your hearing while Chanyeol whispered in your ear. Your heart beat increased its pace as he continued. “Just the mere thought of them glancing at you makes my blood start boiling. What if I get rid of them?”

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college!AU Taehyung
  • major: mechanical engineering 
  • minor: geophysics 
  • sports: he’s not in any on-campus sports teams, but he professionally skateboards 
  • clubs: engineers without borders, arts & crafts club 
  • taehyung got into engineering through building robots as a kid in high school and also once trying to strap extra engines onto his bike to see if it would go faster, basically he’s been into building things and science since forever so that’s why he’s perfect for mechanical engineering
  • he sorta despises all the math that goes into it, but he has a skill for drawing up plans and numbers is just a part of it that he has to battle through even though he basically died while taking multivariable calculus and kept crying into his textbook while jin and jimin patted him on the back and yoongi was just like “you shouldn’t have taken engineering if you don’t like math” and taehyung was like thE math sucKS but the cool stuff i GEt to build in lab is so FUN HYUNG 
  • but classes like designing informative devices, heat transfer, and his uttermost favorite: mechanical design lab are just where taehyung let’s his imaginative mind go to work
  • and whenever he like purposes an idea everyone is like “what? that will never work, scientifically it’s impossible!” but taehyung never takes ‘impossible’ for an answer and he just stays up for like four days straight doing the calculations and drawing up the plans and reading through books upon books and manuals upon manual until he finds a way to make his idea work
  • and then in lab everyone is just like hOLY shit he did it and taehyung, with like slightly messy hair and bags under his eyes and jittery hands from too much coffee is still so damn excited because i TOLD YOU i COULD DO IT 
  • and then he like crashes to sleep for three days straight and not even in his room in like namjoon’s room and namjoon is like this isn’t your dorm tae…..and taehyung sleep talking is like: if y=mx+b then that’ll be this much in kelvin temp and;…..basically a bunch of science and math nonsense 
  • his minor in geophysics is solely based on his obsession with volcanoes and magma and basically the physical phenomena of electricity and radioactivity and when he went abroad for engineers without borders he basically begged to get sent to Guatemala mostly because he wanted to do good work there but it’s also the home of Santa Maria one of the most active volcanoes in the world and he hAD to see it himself 
  • he’s basically a big, curious kid whose fascination with machines and science and the earth producing cool as hell phenomenon never went away and he hopes to like make a career out of it??
  • but also on the side he’s a pro-skater and competes in like local and even sometimes nationwide competitions and he’s cute he has like stickers that say ‘engineer 4 lyfe’ on his skateboard and like a sticker of an erupting volcano
  • and most people are like “oh you skate for fun?” and taehyung with like three hundred medals and awards behind his bed he’s like “yeah!!! i do it cuz it’s fun!!!”
  • and you actually meet because of taehyung’s skateboarding see you’re making your way to class with a huge stack of books and taehyung has his headphones in and he’s listening to a lecture on like thermodynamics and for a split second he doesn’t pay attention and you can’t really see where you’re going and basically a huge crash happens and ,,,, all your books are thrown into the air and taehyung like wobbles backwards and his board goes like out beneath his feet and you also fall backwards
  • and it’s just a MESS 
  • and honestly taehyung tries to rush to your aid because he’s a nice boy you know also he feels bad because your books are scattered just about everywhere and he’s like ?!??!?! are you ok??!?!?!?
  • and you’re fine thankfully you fell onto like the grassy part of the quad but taehyung slammed down onto the pavement park and you can see a slight cut on the side of his calf and you’re like !!! “you’re leg!!!” and he’s like my what?
  • and you like scramble to get your backpack off your shoulders and you pull out this little emergency first aid and you like fumble a bit with a bandage and taehyung is like “hey, hey it’s totally ok, hey listen to me-”
  • but you’re just like SHH and you disinfect the cut and put the bandage on and taehyung is like 
  • looking down on it and he’s like 
  • “did you just put a hello kitty bandage on me?”
  • and you’re like “listen.”
  • but taehyung like twists his leg this way and that and he’s like “you know, i like it!”
  • and for the first time you like focus on his face and ok what the heck he’s adorable with his hair all in his face and like a cute smile and you’re just like ,,,,,, he’s got such pretty and kind eyes,,
  • and he’s like dressed really haphazardly but it like works?? he’s got like cut off denim shorts with holes in them, old beat up vans, and this like boat necked white t-shirt with a flannel tied around his hips and a dingy old dad looking baseball cap turned backwards on his head
  • but like ok he just has the nicest vibe coming from him??/
  • and he even helps to like gather your books and then he like runs after his board and you see the volcano stickers and you’re like ??? what no way he’s a science major???
  • and you wish you could have asked but he looks at his phone and he’s like fRICK class started ten minutes ago see ya later hello kitty sticker person and he like skates away like nothing happened
  • and you’re standing there with your books like FIRSt of all hello kitty sticker person shouldn’t be as endearing as it seems coming from him,,,,but it is. It Is.
  • and that isn’t the last time you hear ‘hello kitty sticker person’
  • taehyung calls that from across the campus lunchroom where he sees you with your pile of books later on in the day and he like bounces over with his board under his arm and a tray of food in the other
  • and he just sits himself down across you, one leg up on the chair beside him as he shoves rice into his mouth messily and is like “sup?”
  • and you’re kinda like ,,,,,,,,,,ok i guess this is normal we don’t even know each other’s names but by the way taehyung presents himself you don’t really think he’s the type to care about the casualties of making friends, he’s just a people person
  • and you’re like “not much, i have to return these but the library doesn’t open back up till 3 so….”
  • taehyung like nods at you and he’s like “if you wanna kill some time, wanna come skate with me?” and you’re like hA i can’t skate also what am i gonna do with this leaning tower of books and he’s like “i can help you carry some, and i can teach you. my labs at like 4:30 so i got nothing to do either”
  • and you’re kind of flattered that he’s offering but you’re also like ,,,,, don’t overthink it he’s probably just looking for someone to like he says “kill time” with
  • so you’re like “you know i don’t know-” but taehyung’s like leaning over, stealing some meat from your own tray to pop into his mouth like you two have been bestfriends for 5000 years and he’s like “it’s like 1:30 now, we can drop your books off at my dorm and then i can teach you some basics. unless you gotta study or something?”
  • and for some reason you remember that isn’t he a science major and you’re like “shouldn’t you be studying? you’re a SCIENCE major” and he’s like “mechanical engineering” with a super proud smile as he like keeps chewing and shrugs and is like “that comes naturally to me” and you’re just looking at him like is this kid for real
  • and he’s just like “soooOOOo you gonna skate with me or not? it’ll be fun, i promise~”
  • and somehow you don’t know why maybe it’s his super duper cute face that you fall weak to you agree and taehyungs like COOL! grabs both your trays and kicks up his board into his free hand and he’s like grab your books c’mon
  • and you drop off your books in his dorm that he shares with this nice nursing major jimin who when he sees you is like “is taehyung taking you skating?” and you’re like “yeah! why?” and jimin just gives you a smile and winks @ taehyung and you’re like ???? and taehyung is like jimin shuttup or else ill throw this week old ham and cheese sandwich at you and jimin is like gtg 
  • and you’re kind of shy,,,to be in his dorm like you’ve known him for a collective 45 minutes but he’s so free and open and he’s like throw your books on my bed and you see that his walls are covered with like medals for skating competitions and like customized boards are up on his wall and his desk is a mess of textbooks, manuals, and like drawn up plans for these cool looking machines and like you have so much to ask him but taehyung’s like let’s go! as soon as your books are on the bed 
  • and you like follow him to this abandoned parking lot not far away from campus and you’re like “isn’t there a skate park somewhere around??” and taehyung’s like “yeah, but you’re a beginner what would you be doing in a skate park?” and you’re like “hey, i told you im not interested in-” but taehyung is like here’s a helmet put it on and you’re like when do you pick this up 
  • and he’s like everyone’s always so scared of skateboarding, but it’s fun you’re gonna love it i promise and it’ll be a good way to waste an hour and a half
  • and you don’t know how much you trust him but when he puts the board down in front of you and offers his hand out to hold you steady your heartbeat increases and you’re just like ,,,fine ill try
  • and you know he’s right, it is fun!! it’s scary but taehyung never lets your hand go and ten minutes in you’re both laughing like fools and taehyung is steadily helping you move across the parking lot and under the sun when you see him smile how it reflects in the light and how he’s so handsome 
  • like you can’t help but fall a little deeper and want to know so much more about him
  • that when time is up and he’s like let’s go get your books and im gonna start heading off to lab you don’t want him to leave and instinctively you grab a hold of his flannel before he turns and he’s like hm??/
  • and you’re just kinda like “can i see you again? taehyung, right?” and he gets this smile thats a little goofy but also a little hard to read and he’s like “i donT knoW can YOU~~~”  and you’re like akhfgf TaehyUNG and he’s like ofc you can here’s my number and he like gets a pen out of the back pocket of his shorts and scribbles the numbers down on the bookmark in one of your books and he’s like “see you later” and does like the thing skaters do the like two finger wave thing you know what im talking about 
  • and like the next time you two see each other its because you call him to maybe give you another skating lesson and he’s like sure where are you and you’re like “oh im doing laundry in the campus laundromat ill be done-” but he’s like “it’s fine ill come over now!”
  • and you’re like ‘oh ok- wait what?” but it’s too late. he’s already on his way
  • and when he gets to you you’re like !!! im not even done drying yet and he just climbs up to sit on one of the machines and takes like a candy bar out of his pocket and is like “it’s cool i can wait with you here and we can skate when you’re done, so what’s up?”
  • and you learn fast that taehyung isn’t one for dull conversations like it’s never a “the weathers nice” “i had a hard exam the other day” kind of topics he asks  the most intriguing, sometimes even personal questions and like if anyone else even tried to approach you with that kind of questions you’d freak out but with him….it feels safe
  • like he’ll hold onto your secrets forever so somehow over a period of time you and taehyung open up to each other like neither of you has to anyone before
  • and you learn that as much as he loves engineering he hates the way people associate him with laziness and some kind of unhealthy lifestyle because of the way he dresses and because he likes to skate and you tell him about all the shortcomings you’ve experienced with college too
  • and you become a frequent guest over at taehyung and jimins dorm because taehyung is always like “come over, come look at my new plans!!” and you don’t know half of the terms he’s using but you love seeing him get so excited about science
  • and one day you guys are out late at night because taehyung also enjoys making you go get snacks with him at like 4 am from the corner groceries off campus 
  • and taehyung is telling you about how radioactive decay works when he suddenly stops and is like “hey there’s something i don’t really know the answer to” and you’re like snorting over your ice-cream like “yeah, what is that?” and he just looks at you and he’s like
  • “i don’t know why the hell i always want to kiss you.”
  • and you’re like “oh that’s- what?” and you meet his eyes and taehyung lowers his own ice cream and is like “can i try it? once? i want to know, but if you say no…..”
  • and you’re like ok to hell with this ice-cream as you toss it to the side and wrap your arms around taehyungs neck and he’s like oh oh ok we are doing this and like
  • it’s the most ???? interesting???? first kiss you’ve had with anyone but it’s somehow still romantic with like the night breeze and taehyung’s soft touch against your cheek and like before he walks you home he shrugs off this big hoodie he has on and lets you have it for the night and oh my god you two cuties think about kissing each other even once you’re separated
  • like it’s so cute jimin wakes up to taehyung over pouring coffee into his cup because he got caught up thinking of your lips and ok it’s the beginning to something aDORABLE
  • so you and taehyung meet up at the parking lot for another skate lesson but this time taehyung is slightly more cautious about touching you or holding your waist and you’re like is something wrong??? and he’s like 
  • well he’s like “there’s this small local competition for skaters happening later tonight, do you want to come with me?” and you’re like oh sure!! and he’s like “it’s gonna be a lot of skaters so it might be awkward, but - it’d be nice if you cheered me on….” and you kinda blush because alksgjdfemfw but you’re like ofc ill come
  • taehyung picks you up at around like 7pm and the competition starts at like 9 so you guys take the train into the city and it’s cute taehyung like holds you close against him when the train gets crowded and you guys share like a quick snack and like once you get to the park where it’s being held everyone is like taehyung!!! and he’s so popular and everyones like fawning over him and trying to get his attention
  • and you’re not surprised taehyung is an amazing person it’s cool that he has so much recognition and like right before it’s his turn he like leans in and kisses you really fast and winks like “it’s for good luck!!” and ofc he ends up winning and everyones like taehyung let’s go get drinks and party but he’s like ahh maybe another time!! and like wraps his arm around you and is like “well, did i do well?” and you’re like “ you won!!!” and he’s like “YEAH but DId i LOOK cOOL?” and you’re like giggling like yes yes you did!!
  • and you look up to see taehyung like watching you and instead of the usual boyish charm and sunny smile, he’s got a more serious even kind of mysterious far off look in his eye and he leans in closer to you and is like placing his lips on your neck and you’re like taehyung…? but he just bites a little into your shoulder and you’re like oh! o ..h…
  • and taehyung is like we should get back to the dorm shouldn’t we? but you’re like there’s a little alley next to this park and the wall will suffice and he’s like are you su- but you’re back to kissing him
  • and taehyung like lifts your legs around his waist and just continues to let his mouth wander downwards
  • and if it wasn’t for the fact that you were on cloud nine with the feeling of his soft lips on you you would have been like taehyung we’re still technically in public but like no one is gonna see
  • and taehyung’s shirt can easily be unbuttoned it’s no big deal and you’re wearing something lite because it’s hot out so like 
  • you get my drift you know where im going 
  • and when taehyung notices you’re a little tired after he’s like ill piggyback you to the train and you’re like thanking him but he’s also like do you think i can piggyback you AND skate at the same time and you’re like taehyung pls don’t try to kill us both
  • but yeah you get to the dorms and you don’t want to let go of taehyung so you two just collapse in his bed together and it’s so soft
  • jimin wakes up in the morning to see you walking around the place in taehyung’s big ripped up shirt and taehyung is like asleep with very prominent marks on his neck and messy hair and jimin’s like
  • thank god i have an early morning shift at the hospital and he zooms out of there
  • but you and taehyung are like the most endearing couple he like skates from lab to your classes to meet up with you 
  • and you always make sure taehyung isn’t late to any of his math lectures even though you know he hates them and he makes you give him a shit ton of kisses before going inside so he can brave this horrible course
  • you get taehyung a custom board made that has like an engraving of Santa Maria on it and he gets so hype about it he won’t stop showing it off to EveryONe even jimin whose like ‘ive seen it a hundred times we dorm together’ and taehyung is like ‘look AT it ITS Great’
  • and anytime you hear someone say something about taehyung being in the engineering program you just talk really loud about how SMART and HANDSOME your BOYFRIEND TAEHYUNG A MECHANICAL ENGINEER MAJOR is and you’re not shy to be like his number one supporter 
  • taehyung picking you up into his arms and like skating you to one of your classes and you’re like kinda half screaming like taEHYuNG nO this i S DANgerous and you like hide your face in his shoulder and he’s like “don’t worry!!! my balance is gr8!!!”
  • took you to one of his arts & crafts club meetings so you two could make couple bracelets for each other and it was so cute everyone in the club was just like you two cuties look at you and you and taehyung just grew so red hehehe
  • also just imagine getting to wear all his big loose comfy clothes like what an a+ addition honestly WOO
  • kissing a sleepy taehyungs forehead when you come over and see him knocked out over one of his new plans for lab and you’re just so proud of him he’s so cute and hardworking !!!!

find namjoon’s ver (here), jimin’s ver (here)
find vixx college!au (here)
and please look forward to the rest of college!bts soon~ 


“I would give up all of the seven seas if it meant that i could be with you”

“I love you”

Marriage in the skies~, i kinda think that bill wouldn’t settle for a ‘normal wedding’ so when they were told “You may now kiss the groom” he flew them up to the starry sky and kissed

i may have a slight obsession for overly complicated wedding dresses and it’s taking a toll on my wrists BUT it looks wondahfuuullllll so m’happy

( the things i do for love, i hope you like it @randomfangirl01 i will now accept your eternal love -holds hands out for a hug-)

Mystery Valentine

Marinette was completely expecting to spend Valentine’s Day alone, but things change when a secret admirer with a love of puns leaves her a mysterious box.

[Chapter One] [Chapter Two] [Chapter Three]

Chapter Four

It was February Thirteenth, the day before Valentine’s Day, and the day before Marinette would know for sure who her mystery man was.

               The note on the final gift read “I like you a latte” (great; coffee humor for the person who didn’t even drink coffee). It was a coffee mug. A coffee mug covered in kittens. If the puns hadn’t already been enough then this was definitely the final straw. Her admirer couldn’t be anyone but Chat Noir. Alya would be devastated- she had definitely been banking on Adrien being the mystery man. Marinette groaned. She had just started to process her feelings about Chat a couple days ago, how was she going to face him in just 24 hours?

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before alex, maggie never knew what amortentia smelt like.

or a sanvers hp au


“Who is this?” She pointed at Maggie and before Maggie could introduce herself, Kara chirped in and put one arm around Maggie’s shoulder. “Maggie Sawyer. Remember the one I told you about? The one who is as obsessed with quidditch as you are?”

Maggie scoffed and playfully rolled her eyes at the fellow Hufflepuff. “I’m not that obsessed.” But Kara gave her a look.

“I’m Alex. Alex Danvers.” The girl, Alex, hold out her hand and Maggie got up from the bench and shook her hand. “Maggie Sawyer. Perhaps you are up for a match some time?” Maggie irked her eyebrow and for a brief moment Maggie could have sworn she saw Alex eyes flickering over her lips.

“Think you can handle me, Sawyer?” Alex gave her a smirk which turned into a small smile and Maggie felt her heartbeat rising, and smiled back at her.

“You are on, Danvers.”