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A/N: My idea for this fic changed a few times because I came up with a series idea….so enjoy the fluff while you can. The relationship between the reader & Jensen has a lot of inspiration from the one I share with my brother-in-law. I basically took something that happened with me & my brother-in-law & adjusted it to fit this story. Enjoy.

Jensen x Sister!Reader

You were scrolling through Facebook while laying on the bed at your brother’s house when JJ came strolling into your room. Looking up from the conversation you were having with your friend on chat you shot JJ a confused look. She looked upset, an emotion you rarely saw on the happy three year old’s face. Placing the laptop on the bed you got up and walked over to her.

“What’s wrong little bird?” You asked her while crouching down to her level.

“Daddy’s leavin’ again tomorrow.” She replied with a pout.

Giving her a sad smile you embraced your niece, “I know,” You told her, “Sucks a lot, doesn’t it?” JJ simply nodded her head as she wrapped her arms around your neck. “Where is your dad anyways?” You questioned her.

“Wif mama, Arrow, and Zeppy.” She responded, letting out a sigh. With JJ’s words you couldn’t help but squeeze her a little tighter. Jensen and Danneel had been worried about JJ feeling left out with the birth of the twins. Their fear had led to them asking you to move in with them. You could help Danneel with the kids, spend time with your family, and it gave you more time to work on the screenplay you had been writing.

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Why I think you should play the DS remake of FFIII

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a long time and it looks like it’s finally happening. As some of my friends know, I can wax lyrical about the DS remake of FFIII all day if you’ll let me, but what it is about this game that I love so much and why do I think you should play it?

I may be slightly (okay a lot) biased as it was my first proper video game and indeed my first FF game, but there are reasons why I think more people should play it. This is gonna be a long post so put your seatbelts on kids.

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anonymous asked:

Customer called the store this morning complaining that the drinks she ordered last night were wrong, and demanding that we remake them for her. I told her it was no problem, and to just come in and let us know so we could remake her drinks. She got really mad, and said "So I have to drive all the way back?" Girl, how else do you expect it to work. I'm not gonna deliver coffee to your house.

People are so fucking entitled. 

anonymous asked:

What do people who complain about representation want? Do you want all game, cartoon, whatever creators to cater to you? Does everything have to have a black character up to your standards? If you want good black characters you should honestly just make your own shit. Don't guilt trip others into it because you're uncreative and unimaginative.

if i had a hundred thousand years to prepare myself, i still wouldn’t have the energy to deal with picking apart this argument

i’m just gonna settle for telling you, anon, that the “make it yourself” argument is not new, and rings especially false in this culture where people can and do get out there and make their own. i’ll direct you to Afro Fantasy for a much more eloquent explaination of the point i’m trying to get across, but the part that i personally want to emphasize is this:

“A last bit: I was talking with a friend, and my wife, and they helped me to dig deeper into this and consider another reason why it’s both important that we give people space to make their own stuff AND why we keep the pressure on the mainstream. We’ve gotta do it for the children, who can’t find things on their own, or whose parents, for whatever reason, aren’t able to expose them to independent properties. There are kids all over the world who would love to be able to see themselves in superheroes or fairy tales, but don’t have access to the awesome things that exist outside of the mainstream. They only see Iron Man on their TV, so they close their eyes and imagine that Iron Man is brown, or a woman, or they disidentify in other ways. If we keep up the pressure and support the properties who exist to challenge this status quo, these children might seek out these properties when they grow up–then make their own stories.

Here’s a thought: Instead of tossing out “JUST MAKE YOUR OWN, NOOB!” when someone laments, support them and support someone else at the same time. It’s not hard to say, “here’s something that’s exactly like you’ve been consuming, in case there’s a time where you get tired of blasting away the pasty alabaster veneer of All White Man Everything.” And then let them go on about their business. Stop derailing and be effective.”

as i’ve said before, you cannot underestimate how important it is for children to have heroes to look up to that look like them

on that note, i’m gonna tell you a deeply personal story that actually relates to this blog’s content and hope that it puts this in perspective

my favorite FF game is Final Fantasy IV. always has been, i make no secret of it. it’s largely because it was the first one i played- they say your first is always your favorite. but here’s something i’ve never told anyone

the first time i played Final Fantasy IV, at the age of six or seven, i thought Cecil Harvey was black

now, i realize that must sound stupid in this day and age of high-rez remakes, but consider what Cecil actually looked like on SNES. this was his field sprite:

this was his battle sprite:

and this was his menu portrait:

he could have been anyone under that helmet, and what little i could see of him looked like me, so naturally, i thought he was like me (i realize that Cecil is, in fact, a Lunarian, shut the fuck up). i didn’t have access to the original Amano concept art. didn’t have the Internet. the game was a secondhand purchase from Blockbuster, didn’t have a manual for it. i had no frame of reference for what Cecil was actually designed to look like apart from how he looked in-game

so imagine my disappointment when he became a Paladin and the mask finally came off:

on subsequent playthroughs, i would prolong my climb up Mt. Ordeals, because i knew that when Cecil came back down, i wouldn’t be able to pretend anymore and the only person in the game that looked like me would be gone forever

that’s not an experience i want any child to ever have to go through

black children should be allowed to believe they can be the heroes of the story and have it actually be the truth

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