i told you i was gonna get real dumb for her birthday

Good Luck, Jensen

Summary: Jensen gets jealous which leads to a fight with the reader. She leaves wanting space but Jensen tracks her down.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,685

Requested by: @marvelfreak019

Jensen can’t wait to stroll through the front door and see your beautiful face. He’s only been gone for about five hours but he misses you already. You’re the best part of his day.

He heads inside after a few rounds of golf with Jared and hears you laughing, the sound always makes him smile. Then he hears a man’s voice too and it makes him stop in his tracks. Jensen listens closely and he immediately recognizes the obnoxious voice.

Patrick. Your annoying coworker that Jensen doesn’t like.

Scratch that. Your annoying coworker that Jensen fucking hates.

Jensen always has a strong urge to punch Patrick when he’s around. Especially when he catches the dumb ass checking you out, which happens too often.

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Swapped Contacts (request)

Request: could you do an imagine where the reader gets a new phone and the contacts get messed up so after she hangs out with josh, she texts her best friend a message about how in love she is w josh & “i know ive said it a thousand times before but i just like him so much” and it gets sent to josh instead and he responds back something like “hey this isnt (best friends name) uh, its josh.” or maybe he facetimes her. idk but josh tells her he likes her back n its rly cute aa

A/N: Thank you for your request! I loved the idea and writing it, I hope you enjoy it! :) xx


Words: 1531 

Triggers: None (at least I think so, if not, please tell me!)


As soon as you closed the door, after saying goodbye to Josh, you slide down on it. Burying your face in your hands, you let a frustrated groan out.

Even if you had fun hanging out with Josh, it was a slight torture for you. Stupid you and your stupid feelings. Why did you have to fall for one of your closest friends? Especially for Josh, which you will never ever have even the slightest chance with.

But that boy was just perfect, so no wonder that he stole your heart. He was humble, funny and had a heart of pure gold. Whenever you were feeling down or needed a shoulder to cry onto, Josh was there. He was perfect, in every meaning. But that’s the problem, he was too perfect. So perfect that he deserves so much better than you. That’s why you never told him about your feelings for him. You were afraid that you would loose him as your friend, so you decided to say nothing. The only person who knew about your enormous crush was your best friend Amber.

Speaking of her, you needed to rant about your stupid feelings, in order to feel better. It always goes like this whenever you hung out with Josh. You wrote her, telling her how stupid you are for falling for someone who is way out of your league. She would always try to convince you to just man up and tell him, the chances of Josh feeling the same way being there. But you didn’t want to believe her so you stayed by your plan of keeping shut.

You fiddled around in your back pocket of your jeans, searching for your phone. It was new since your old one died. So new, that you had major problems with it. After numerous attempts of finding her number and opening the messenger app, you finally wrote her.

To: Amber <3
I know I’ve said it already like 12532663 times but I feel like every time I see Josh, I like him more and more and it’s just ughh, how does one stop crushing on a guy? He’s so perfect and I’m just me and I will never have a chance with him and that’s driving me insane rn

You pressed send and stood up, making your way to your kitchen. Maybe ice-cream could help your aching heart. After all, Ben and Jerry are always good listeners.

As you drowned your sorrow, you wondered what took Amber so long to answer. Normally she replies within the first five minutes and it’s already 20 minutes later after you’ve sent that message.

After waiting for more 10 minutes, Amber finally replied. Or at least you thought so.

From: Amber <3
Hey this isn’t Amber, (Y/n), uhm, it’s actually Josh

You dropped your phone onto the kitchen isle. Holy frickin’ Cow. After all of the people you had saved in your contacts, it must have been Josh? Why?!

Before you could even think about a way to tell him that the message wasn’t the truth, just a bad joke, you got an incoming FaceTime call from Amber. Or more likely Josh. You hesitated to pick up, would you really want to face him now? After confessing your abnormally big crush on him? You didn’t want Josh to make fun of you.

But sooner or later, you had to face him again, if you wanted to or not. So why not do it now? Maybe he will believe you when you say that it was a joke.

So after ending your internal battle, you accepted the incoming FaceTime call. Just like you thought, it was Josh’s face on your screen, not Amber’s. Dang it.

„So before you say anything, I- The message wasn’t supposed to be sent to you, it was meant for Amber! And I- uhm, it was a joke, okay? Nothing more. Speaking of it, I did mean to send you the message! It wouldn’t make sense if I sent it to Amber, would it? So okay, now that this is cleared up, I have to go do something, Bye!“ You rambled on and on, your face getting redder and redder. Just as you wanted to end the call or more your misery, Josh stopped you.

„(Y/N)! Slow down, okay? So what you’re saying is, what you wrote in the message isn’t true?“ Before you could even register what your head was doing, you nodded. As soon as you confirmed Josh’s assumptions, his face dropped. He kind of looked sad, like you just destroyed his birthday cake he waited for all year. What…?

„Uhh, okay, I should go now. Bye (Y/N)“  Just as you wanted to tell him the truth because there was the slight chance that he may like you back, he ended the call, leaving you with a blank screen.

Josh truly looked devastated, maybe Amber was right. Maybe he does have feelings for you, more than just for a good friend. As soon as the realization hit you, you grabbed your car keys and ran out of your apartment. Maybe you were crazy for doing this, but if there was even the smallest chance of Josh liking you, you knew you had to take it. Even if it meant embarrassing yourself in front of him.

Never before, you managed to arrive as fast as now at Josh’s apartment. Practically running to his front door, you ringed his doorbell like a crazy maniac. You probably looked like one as well.

It took him only a few moments to open his front door, but for you, it felt like a lifetime. And slowly but surely your new found self-confidence and the feeling that he may like you back faded. You started to debate if it even was a good idea to drive to and confront him. But Josh opened his door and now there was no turning back for you.

Josh looked surprised, to say the least, to see you standing on his door step, out of breath with probably smeared ice-cream on the corners of your mouth. You really should have checked your outer appearance before doing this. Before he could even greet you or ask what you were doing at his place, you took your last remains of self-confidence and started to talk. Or more like ramble.

„I lied, okay? I do have this big enormous and stupid crush on you and believe me, I tried everything to get rid of it because you’re my friend and I’m not supposed to have these kinds of feelings for you, but I do and I can’t change it. I’m sorry that I probably destroy our friendship with this, but as I told you that it was only a joke, you looked so disappointed, like you hoped that my crush on you was real. I thought that maybe, just maybe, you feel the same but when I think about it now, it was stupid of me. You’re way out of my league and I’m sorry that I had to tell you about my stupid feelings and that I just made our friendship thousand times more weird and embarrassing, I hope you-“ You couldn’t even finish your sentence before Josh kissed you. Like actually kissing you.

You probably looked like you’ve seen a ghost because you couldn’t take the fact in that Josh Dun was kissing you. But you quickly snapped out of your haze and kissed him back, and oh boy, did it feel good.

After some more moments, the two of you broke apart. You’re still utterly confused on why he actually kissed you. Just as you wanted to speak up, again, Josh interrupted you.

„I like you too, (Y/N), more than in just a friendly way. Or in your words: I have this big enormous and stupid crush on you, too. I just never thought that you would feel the same until you’ve sent that message.“

„Thanks to my dumb mobile phone then, which somewhat switched my contacts around“ You laughed, Josh joining in. Your face already hurt from grinning so much but you didn’t care because he actually likes you and even kissed you.

„Yeah thanks to your phone“, Josh seemed suddenly somewhat nervous again, before speaking up. „Do you wanna be my girlfriend? I mean, we practically confessed our undying love for each other but I wanna make sure that you’re finally mine.“ Josh shrugged, grinning again.

You rolled your eyes because he’s such a dork, before kissing him softly on the lips. „Yes, I’d love to be your girlfriend“

As Josh leaned in to kiss you again, your phone began ringing, showing an incoming call from Josh.

„I’m gonna assume that this is Amber, I’m sorry but I need to take this.“ Josh nodded, signaling you to accept her call.

„(Y/N)! Everything alright? You normally call or write, after you and Josh hung out, I just wanted to make sure that everything’s good.“ You laughed, before telling her that everything is alright and that you do need to tell her some things. And that’s exactly what you did, while you cuddled with your new boyfriend on his couch.

Old Maid | Joshua Hong || One Shot

Genre: fluff

Parings: SEVENTEEN Joshua Hong x Reader

Warnings: cringe because I cannot write fluff to save my life

I apologize to the one who requested this.

           “Granny panties,” Wonwoo snickered. Whenever he loses against you on any game—any game at all—he would drop remarks about your inexperienced self. He’d call you an old maid, a chastity belter, and sometimes consider you as one of the manliest men he knows. It didn’t help that your fashion sense basically consist of worn out sneakers, any kind of jeans you picked up in your room, and tee shirts that are probably either unisex or for males. By now, the only thing that makes you a girl is your hair that you insist on not tying up, for you’re too lazy to be keeping hair ties around and/or combing.

You rolled your eyes at the pettiness. “Fuck you, Jeon.”

           Standing up, you dusted off the loose grass on your jeans. A game of checkers turned into six consecutive rounds of you winning and Wonwoo losing. It got boring as time passed, and you’re craving pizza now.

           “I need pizza,” you said, gathering your bag. “Say hi to Minghao for me. He’s cool.”

           He nodded, looking up at you as he remained sitting on the grassy ground. “If Seungkwan comes and asks for you, what should I tell him?”

           The thought of Seungkwan and his sass makes you want to barf. “He can go to hell. You tell him that.”

           “Wow,” Wonwoo chirped. “What a beautiful friendship.”

           You flipped him off to emphasize the beautiful friendship, and went on your way to pizza.

           The Pizza House is the only place you trust. Students from your university would always crowd in various cafes and libraries, but you would cram last minute in a pizza parlour. The cheese and grease pizza offers calms both you and your stomach.

           You went to the counter and got your usual six slices, and proceeded to find a spot. It’s lunchtime already, so the people kept coming in. You spotted a table for four at the back, so you went there, aware that it is probably too big for one person.

                       Your mouth is opened at its widest, hovering on the fourth slice already when a soft voice disturbed you. “Can I sit here?”

You looked up to see a graceful person holding a tray of food in one hand, the other clutching on his bag strap. Looking around, you finally realize that there’s no more tables available, your table is too big for you, this is a really shitty cliché moment, and he probably is having a hard time balancing the tray in one hand.

Nodding, you gestured at the chair across you. He smiled an eye smile that made his eyes twinkle and made your heart go badump badump. You mentally slapped yourself. You have handsome friends. Why are you reacting like this now?

You mentally shrug. It’s not a big deal to appreciate a pretty face, right?

A few moments of chewing happened. You didn’t spare him another glance. You continued munching on your fifth or maybe sixth slice as if your stomach is a bottomless pit. The boy then decided to speak up to end the silence. “I’m Joshua.”

You looked up in confusion, suddenly realising how slow your brain is working.

“Oh, uh, I’m Y/N,” you muttered awkwardly, trying to look anywhere but his face and failing miserably.

Introducing yourself got you to look at him again. His soft features are truly mesmerizing. You found yourself staring a bit too long at his twinkling eye smile.

“Do you eat here often?”

His honey voice filled your ears, keeping you from thinking straight. How can a man look this angelic? You remember when your friend Jeonghan claimed himself as an angel because of his birthday. Jeonghan can choke on a pepero stick now. You found an actual angel in flesh.

“Hey,” he chuckled, bringing you back to reality. “You’ve been staring, Y/N.”

Flustered, you managed to gather yourself. “Sorry,” you stuttered, “I do come here often.”

“I’m actually a transfer student, and I just found out about this place,” Joshua said, smiling genuinely at you.

You tried to return the smile, but you find your smile hideous, so you opted to nod just to show you’re listening. “The pizza here is good.” You popped the last part of the pizza in your mouth and ate happily. Joshua fondly stared at how you obviously love eating.

“I’ll be coming here often, too, for a completely different reason.”

Joshua meant to flirt. You’re just dumb.

“Yeah, the buffalo wings here are also good.” You wiped the pizza grease off of your mouth with a napkin, and looked at him. His sweet little eye smile is now replaced with a smirk that makes you wonder if he’s the same person.

“What?” Confused, you blinked at him. “Don’t you like buffalo wings?”

Joshua sighs, “Can I get your number?” He fished his phone out of his pocket and handed it to you. You typed in your number, wondering what’s going on in his mind.

Joshua Hong isn’t one to flirt, but if he did, then he’s definitely interested. It’s quite frustrating since every single flirting tactic he knows is just going above your head. He knew he had to work harder than that.

“Why is Mr. Cherub always hanging out with us?” Jeonghan whined loud enough for the whole group to go silent.

For a month now, Joshua has been spending his time with you, unintentionally keeping you from your friends. Apparently, he has no friends at all, being a transfer student, so he stuck to you like glue. Not that you mind it.

He’d take you to movie dates that you thought were hang out ideas and to lunch dates that you thought were just free food moments. Every time you’d spend time with Joshua, your friends would be left without your presence. Jeonghan complained about you ditching them for a stranger, so you thought it would be better for Joshua to join your group. Seungkwan, Minghao and Seokmin are completely having fun with him. Wonwoo doesn’t really care if Joshua is added to your group, but Jeonghan opposed to the idea. Ever since you told him that you found an actual angel and that he’s a fraud angel, he would always try to get rid of Joshua.

           “I’m gonna be here whether you like it or not,” Joshua sang. He likes teasing the elder.

           You rolled your eyes at Jeonghan. “Stop being a baby,” you spat.

           Jeonghan made a high-pitched noise that counts as dramatic crying. “What did I ever do to deserve this slander? Why is Y/N choosing her boyfriend over me? I’m the bestest friend she has and yet she’s leaving me for…” He gestured wildly at Joshua who laughed at his antics. The others laughed too. Seungkwan pointed out that Jeonghan is being punished by the heavens for being a whiny bitch. Wonwoo insists that bestest is not a real word.

           Your ears didn’t miss the part in which Jeonghan referred to Joshua as your “boyfriend.” You blushed at the thought, and immediately excused yourself to hide the red thing called your face. You walked towards a near tree as if breathing exercises works better near photosynthesis.

           Wonwoo saw and heard everything, and decided to tease the reactions out of you.

           “Wow, Y/N. Joshua is so gay for you.” You hit the male’s arm in response. He’s being annoying again.

           “Stop calling me a man,” you glared.

           Wonwoo just laughed at you, suddenly turning serious. “Is he your boyfriend now?”

           “What?” You said, almost immediately. “N-no! It’s not like that.” You fiddled with your fingers, eyes cast down to avoid Wonwoo’s serious ones.

           “Then what are you two?”

           You sighed. “Friends.”

           “Huh,” he said. “Okay then. Friends. But… do you like your friend?”

           “Which one? You?” You playfully punched his arm. “Nah. I hate you.”

           “Don’t play dumb now,” he urged with a playful smile.

           You can’t help spilling your thoughts now. “Well, I don’t really know yet. There’s really nothing to think about.”

           Wonwoo understood what you mean, even if you’re having a hard time understanding yourself. He ruffled your hair as if trying to further make a mess of an already messy thing. He reassured, “Don’t worry. It’s fine if you don’t know yet. You’ll know sooner or later.”

           You smiled a little, and went back to your group with Wonwoo. Both of you laughed at the scene they’re making. Jeonghan is clutching at Seungkwan’s hair, pulling as hard as he can. Seungkwan’s hand are at the elder’s arms, pinching as hard as he can. If you’re not used to this kind of scene, you’d think their fighting, but in this friendship, it’s just playing around as long as it’s not a fist fight. Minghao and Seokmin were laughing, rolling on the ground as they witness their pettiest friends fight like high school girls.

           Joshua started explaining. “I tried to stop them, Y/N, but… Jeonghan let go of him! Seungkwan, oh my golly, that must hurt!”

           “Of course it hurts, dumbo,” Jeonghan managed to say as he wrestled Seungkwan. “Ah! If your pinches bruise my arms tomorrow, I swear to Go-“

           Jeonghan yelped when he felt Seungkwan pinch a sensitive part on his arm. The pain made him let go of the younger’s hair, and Seungkwan took off and hid behind a laughing Wonwoo.

           “Okay, that’s enough. You’re scaring our new friend,” you said with a laugh. “It’s normal, Josh. Don’t stress over them.”

           Joshua looked at you as if you grew two more heads. “This is what you do for entertainment?”

           “What? You’re afraid of a tiny pinch?” Minghao went to Joshua and pinched the latter. Joshua shrieked at the pang of the supposedly harmless pain. He rubbed at his arm that will most probably be bruised later.

“Too weak. A pinch is just a hickey in its nonsexual form, you know,” Seokmin commented, as he focused on Seungkwan’s balding head.

           “How will you protect your girlfriend then? I do not approve of this relationship,” Jeonghan pointed Joshua. Your eyes grew wide, and Joshua smirked at the comment by the older.

           You opened your mouth to say something that could potentially explain your real relationship, but before you could, Joshua spoke up for you. “We’re not together…”

           Jeonghan turned to you, throwing a questioning look at your direction. “But you go on dates-“

“…yet,” Joshua continued.

At least you all got to know each other better. Joshua found out how whiny Jeonghan can get, how Seungkwan likes to talk back, how Minghao doesn’t take shit from anyone, how Wonwoo lingers quietly like a piece of wood, and how Seokmin randomly do random things. Everyone found out how Joshua can make everyone go silent with one word.

           It’s not that you’re avoiding Joshua.

           You just refused to talk to him for the past few days is all.

           He’s been constantly texting you, trying to call you, and searching for the right timing to talk to you at the university, but you refuse to show yourself to him.

           To your friends, it’s becoming annoying. The first time you told them you want to hide form Joshua, they helped you, thinking you’re cute and still shocked. But after a few days passed, you just seemed like a middle schooler avoiding a confession when in reality, you’re a college graduating student whose virginity is still intact.

           They can’t blame you, though. No matter how potty mouthed and testosterone-ish you are, you’re still a naïve woman.

           Eventually, Joshua stopped reaching out. He felt like he’s clinging onto you too much and he’s annoying you. You obviously got bothered when he just disappeared from your field of vision. Most of the time, he’d be seen with a friend who’s not you.

           You sat on the field, back resting against a tree. Nose stuck in a book of blood and gore, you tried to mute the voices of your excruciatingly annoying friends.

           “Y/N should just talk to him,” Minghao said, exasperatedly.

           Seokmin shrugged. “She’s not ready yet, though.”

           The notion earned a huge, dramatic sigh from Jeonghan who’s sprawled idly on the grass. “She’s always not ready. What’s new?”

           “This is one of the few times I’d agree with you,” Seungkwan piped up. “Y/N is too much of a coward to face feelings and romance and sex and Joshua Hongs.”

           You dropped your book, the hard cover hitting the grass with a crunch. “I’m literally right beside you.”

           Wonwoo continued his reading, though smiling at what he’s hearing.

           “Oh,” Seungkwan deadpanned. “You’re there. Hi.”

           Grunting, you stood up. They all looked at you confused.

           “Where ya going?” Seokmin inquired, his eyebrows raised in confusion.

           You shot them a glare, one that you give whenever you’re taking on a challenge. “I’m an old maid, not a coward. I’m going to talk to Joshua.”

           Jeonghan whistled. “That’s my girl.”

           Minghao rolled his eyes. “Not yours. Joshua’s.”

           You brisk walked to where Joshua would usually be found with his new friend. Minghao stared offended at the middle finger Jeonghan flashed him.

           Hansol is a cool guy.

           He isn’t too flashy, but he isn’t ugly. In fact he’s charming. His disoriented personality just makes him less of a capable guy.

           Joshua found himself a friend that actually clicked with his persona. Hansol knew about you, of course. Joshua’s obvious staring at your direction tells a lot.

           “Why did you two stop talking again?” Hansol munched on a fry. Joshua likes hanging out on the empty bleachers. He also thought Hansol would be okay wherever you take him.

           Joshua sighed, checking his phone to see if you at least read any of his messages from before. “I was getting creepy, so I stopped chasing.”

           “If you think you’re creepy then that means you’re not.”

           Joshua smiled and ruffled the hair of the younger. “Sometimes, I don’t get your thinking.”

           “Nobody really does,” Hansol grinned.

           Their conversation came to a halt when you dropped your bag beside Joshua. Joshua stared at your sweaty figure. Now, what compassionate wind blew you to his direction?

           “We… Me… You… Talk…” you panted.

           Joshua was in a daze and it took an elbowing from Hansol to get him back to his senses. “Ah! Oh, yeah, uh…” he trailed off. “Sure. Let’s got to a café.”

           You shook your head. “I hate that place. Let’s go to the Pizza House.”

           You fiddled with your fingers on your lap.

           “What do we talk about?” Joshua started.

           “Uh,” you coughed a little at the uneasiness. “I have no idea.”

           Mentally, you smacked yourself. You confidently barged to someone’s hang out place, asked to talk, and ended up with nothing to talk about. Careless and damned.

           Joshua found it cute and endearing.

           “I…” you started. “Do you hate me now?”

           Taken aback, Joshua raised his brows. “What even makes you think that?”

           “You avoided me,” you said with a small voice. His heart sank.

           “You avoided me first.”

“Yeah, but you avoided me after.” At this point, you realize that you sound stupid. Eyes closed, you threw your head back and grimaced.

Joshua chuckled, his eyes twinkling with smile. “I thought I was too much of a bother, so—“

He was cut off by you, suddenly vigorously shaking your head at what he said. “Never!”

“You were avoiding me so much, so I just assumed.”

“I was just…” eyes cast down, you thought of a better wording. “I was afraid.”

Joshua subtly tilted his head to the side. “Of what?”

“Of things,”

“Like what?”



“Like you…”


“I like you,” you managed to quietly say, praying it was heard since there’s no way you’re saying it again. It’s better if you get rejected now. It’s just your first confession ever. It’s no big deal. Not at all.

It was silent for a few moments until you can’t bear it anymore, so you raised your head to look at him, surprised that he’s just been staring at you with a warm smile on his face.


“I like you, too, dummy,” he grinned.

You looked at him confused. “Are you aware that I’m practically a man? Manlier than you, probably.”

Joshua’s brows furrowed. “I’ve only ever seen you as my princess.”

“Hey, I like you, but calm your cheese.” You gagged.

Joshua laughed. “Kitten?”

Gasping dramatically, you said, “Disgusting.”

“You said you like me!” Joshua clutched his heart in fake hurt.

“I do not remember saying such thing.”

You laughed, and he laughed. You two shared a moment of smiles and giggles, aware of how comfortable you are with each other’s company. The laughter died down, and it was just Joshua staring you straight in the eyes with his signature eye smile that never falters.


You hummed, fully captivated by his warm smile.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

           “Y/N, will you marry me?”

           Jeonghan suddenly propped himself on one knee, holding your hands in his.

           “What the hell happened when I was gone?” You asked Wonwoo who sat quietly. Seokmin, Minghao, and Seungkwan are attending their classes. That leaves an annoying Jeonghan and a patient Wonwoo.

           “They made a bet.” Wonwoo cringed. “Dorks wanted to know if you have a secret thing for Han.”

           You sighed and turned to look at Joshua. “He’s just being stupid,” you said, gesturing at Jeonghan who’s still waiting for your response. Joshua nodded, but clear displeasure washed over his face.

           “C’mon, Y/N,” the man on his knee urged. “Admit you have a crush on me, and I get paid.”

           Rolling your eyes, you snatched your hands away from him. “You really bet on me crushing on you?”

           “Duh.” Jeonghan stood up and dusted his pants. “Of course you do. I’m beautiful.”

           Joshua can’t help pulling your waist to bring you to his side. Your reddening cheeks gave away the thought. Wonwoo had his mouth agape, and Jeonghan quirked an eyebrow.

           “Y/N is my girlfriend now,” Joshua boldly announced. “I’d appreciate if you stop touching her however you like.”

           Wonwoo stood up and walked to you. Het pat your shoulder like a proud father, flashing Joshua a polite smile before doing so. “Wow, Y/N. You finally grew balls to confess.”

           Joshua opened his mouth to object, taking full offense on what Wonwoo had just said. But before he could, you stomped on Wonwoo’s foot, causing the man to hop around in pain.

           “Aha,” Jeonghan remarked, satisfied. “That’s my girl.”

           “Not yours,” Joshua grumbled, throwing harsh glares towards your flirty friend. “Mine.

for sierra (MacGyver)

happy birthday @shirostellations !!! the big 21!!! cause of death: this gif. anyways i wrote this really fast so dont kill me

Originally posted by beauitful-paradise

It was all fun and games before five red laser dots appeared on your chest. Your running steps halted in place and a soft groan escaped your mouth.

“Shit,” You hissed. You dropped the gun in your hand, the clattering echoing through the warehouse. You raised your hands by your head. Five automatic rifle safeties clicked and the corresponding riflemen enclosed you in a circle. The lights in the warehouse flared and an alarm rang sharply. The lasers dropped from your body and the five men took off their uniform masks.

“Never run towards the clearings, Y/N. You’re a sitting duck out in the open,” Matty told you, stepping from the observation unit in the training ground. You kicked  your prosthetic gun and it flew into a crate, hitting it with a satisfying thud.

“They were chasing me and I thought I lost them,” You explained, but the Phoenix director raised her hand; she didn’t want to hear it.

“Never forget the snipers,” Jack chimed, a small smirk on his lips.

“You didn’t mention them in the exercise briefing.” You said monotonously, removing your gloves in jerky movements.

“The enemies won’t mention them either,” Mac exited the small room behind Matty, though his face wasn’t disappointed or mocking. It still irked you though, your boyfriend’s face was a perfect mix of pity. It only made you feel worse about the dumb mistakes you made in front of them all. They wouldn’t know you were a finely trained specialist after pulling a stunt like that.

“We’ll try the whole thing again as a team on Tuesday,” Matty spared you no glances as she walked away, leaving Jack and Mac to examine your face.

“What?” You snapped, spinning on your heels and storming away. You tossed your belt and equipment against the wall in the locker room, grabbing the rest of your stuff and heading to the team office at the headquarters building before meeting Mac in the parking garage.

“You did fine, Y/N, don’t beat yourself up,” Mac said as you flopped into the passenger seat of his car. You slid down in your seat and rested your head on the window.

“Until I didn’t.” You mumbled. Mac rested his hand on your thigh, squeezing gently. When you did not give him another word, he removed his hand and turned on the radio. Downtown traffic was rough and your mood worsened because of the annoying jams and endless honking of cars nearby. Soon your anger at today’s training turned sad because you felt so bad about it. Mac gave a smile when you adjusted so your head rested against him instead of the window.

“I’m gonna catch a quick shower, then I’ll help with dinner.” Mac told you as the pair of you entered your apartment. You agreed, changing into sweatpants and getting some ingredients out of the fridge, all while wishing Bozer could get out of work to make dinner for you. Fifteen minutes passed and Mac left the bathroom with a cloud of steam following him out. His hair was plastered to his head but he still managed to look handsome no matter what. He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you in so he could kiss the spot under your ear. You failed to stop a giggle from escaping. You pushed him away playfully but he kissed your cheek before turning to the sink to rinse off a few vegetables on the counter.

“At least it wasn’t a real mission,” Mac said to the sink, bracing for your reply.

“Yeah, then I’d be dead,” You laughed, but it held no humor.

“I’d save you.” Mac replied, using his knife to scrape the pieces into the bowl you had in front of you. You smiled.

“Probably by using electrical wire as a lasso to pull me to safety.” You teased.

“I’d use my damn shirt if it meant saving your life,” Mac mused. You made an ‘aww’ sound and pressed a short kiss to Mac’s lips. “Don’t sweat today, okay?”

“I won’t,” You were starting to forget about it already.

You two finished dinner after a while between kisses and took a seat on the couch. Mac found a show both of you agreed on and you sat close together under a blanket. Your eyes were starting to droop closed when Mac shifted and woke you.


“Hmm?” You hummed. Mac poked your chest and you looked down, catching a stream of red light. Mac began to laugh as you jolted up and snatched the laser pointer from his hand that had been hidden from view by his legs.

“Oh, you’re an asshole.” You laughed wickedly as you started to run your hands up and down his sides, causing a laugh to burst from his mouth. Mac grabbed your wrists but his grip was not strong enough. You pinned his hands against the couch and smirked at his pleading expression. “I don’t know whether to kiss you or shove you off this couch.”

“Can I pick?” Mac titled his head to the side and pouted his bottom lip dramatically. You rolled your eyes and held his face as you kissed him. He held your hips and rubbed his thumbs over your skin there.

“I was this close to pushing you off the couch.” You leaned away from your boyfriend and held your index finger and thumb close together but not quite touching. Mac threw his arms around you and pulled you back to him. Any words you had to say disappeared and you let the softness of Mac’s touch chase them away without complaint.

have a great birthday babe!!!

Leading Suspects - Chapter 16

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, I spoil you with a treat for the weekend. Two chapters in one day. Partly because I did something I swore I’d never do and even I am not mean enough to leave ya’ll hanging too long. Oops. Sorry not sorry, @peetabreadgirl!!! Keep an eye out for Chapter 17 posting this afternoon (erm, if you’re in the western hemisphere that is…)!

“There you are,” I whisper with glee as I eye my prey through the window of Effie Smith’s antiques and oddities shop.

I’m actually stunned that of all the businesses in Twelve Willows that failed after the mines were shut down, this one is still somehow going. Of course, that could be because she’s married to Ferdinand Smith the Third, the heir to a mysterious fortune that no one can quite place. Some say it came from bootlegging in the twenties and the Smith’s merely invested wisely enough to stay rich for the next century. Whatever the source, the Smith’s have been the local rich snobs for ages. The town even dubbed Effie “Duchess Trinket” in honor of her superior attitude and her profession. She’s not so bad, though, once you get to know her, and man can she haggle.

I school my expression into one of boredom and push open the door, listening to the deep chimes set off throughout the store by my entrance.

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A Wayhaught Birthday

A fanfic in which Nicole is adorable and surprises Waverly for her birthday, because someone needs to remember it. And also, because I needed some Wayhaught fluff in my life.

Waverly didn’t really celebrate her birthday.

She’d never really had the chance. When she was growing up, tormented by Willa and overlooked by her parents, it tended to get swept under the rug. If her birthday was remembered, she got a store-bought cake and a couple pairs of jeans at the most. And then Willa and her parents died, and Wynonna got sent to St. Jude’s, and Waverly had tried to forget about all the missed birthdays, because for all their flaws, her family was her family.

When Wynonna had seemed to forget her birthday, briefly, Waverly didn’t mind. That much. After all, Waverly spent the following minutes getting her hand chopped off by a maniac with X-men wrists, then re-growing said hand via demonic possession. So she had bigger fish to fry. Besides, she knew that Wynonna loved her, more than anything, and that Wynonna would face down an army of revenants for her. Wynonna, after all, was human. And Waverly forgave her for her occasional lapses.

Then, along came Nicole; Nicole, with her flirty hat tips; Nicole, with her perfect dimples; Nicole, who treated Waverly like she was the most beautiful angel to grace the earth. Waverly had never mentioned her birthday to Nicole; it had never really occurred to her. And when she woke up on one very particular, very special day in November, the first thought on her mind was not celebration but the fact that it was a Thursday. The second thought, quickly overshadowing the first, was that she had grown a mustache. A giant, orange, furry mustache.

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SasuSaku Month 2017 - Day 8 - Heartbreak Hotel

Warnings: Mafia AU (i am trash) also, alcohol, swearing, the usual, violence, drug use. Thank you heaps!!


SasuSaku Month 2017 – Day 8 – Heartbreak Hotel

Loud vomiting and actually horrendous sounds of the small pinkette emptying her stomach have Uzumaki Naruto, who is high as a plane, laugh in a moronic display of friendship and drunken and drugged payback for unrequited love.

“Saaaaaku – hic! - cha-a-a-n. Get ouuut. Wanna piss.”

“BAKA NARUTO! AIN’T GONNA GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Another loud belch and Sakura is nearly half-dead on the floor, Naruto laughing and forcefully trying to enter as Sakura cleans her mouth on the dirty motel floor.

It’s a party after all – you get to live there only once.

And the circle of heartbreak never ends.

“Shit, Sakura-cha-an, c'mere.” He notices the spent strawberry haired girl clutching at her stomach on the floor, as he goes to the heart of the party after leaving her in his car and grabs a bottle of water, neverminding the sleepy bartender.

The Moon is clear and Sakura Haruno is somewhat of a nuisance in this moment even to herself, as she starts loudly sobbing, Naruto’s calm and calloused hands reaching over to comfort her – always Naruto’s.

Because the circle of heartbreak never ends.

Shino loves Kiba, but Kiba loves Hinata, and Hinata loves Naruto, who loves Sakura. And Sakura loves Uchiha Sasuke.

It’s like a curse, his name. And he looks like one of those proud samurai as he exits his class, never stooping so low to talk to anyone from their Konoha University. Black is his hair and eyes and jeans and wallets and watches and soul. Black. There is nothing there, but Sakura loves him. So, so much. Needs him. As if air she breathes isn’t enough she would rather breathe the poison that comes near with being with Sasuke.

It’s ironic, that Hinata’s birthday party is in the Heartbreak Hotel, hotel known for the most suicides in the town. She wanted to be one of those numbers on the platform which counts. Yet she really doesn’t want to know that Mebuki cried. As Naruto drives, she skates once more over what she knows is real, not figment of her imagination, about her Dark Prince, her Uchiha. Pathetic, she thinks, but thinks at least.

He hates sweets, especially hanami dango.

Despises the human race.

Would rather be dead himself.

His family is the most powerful mafia in Asia.

And he’s so harsh towards anyone who tries to come near him, who tries to help. Because ever since her father, Kizashi, died on a raid together with Madara Uchiha, they have not even to pass each other a single glance on the busy street. Fugaku Uchiha’s orders. And love each other they did? Did they? Or is Sasuke that good at playing heartless? He doesn’t even try to sneak her a letter. To wire some connection, or accidentally touch her in the hallway, to pass drunkenly after her at a party.


She starts crying again. And Naruto stops driving, halfway to nowhere and moves over to hug her. Because Sakura is weeping, wailing, and she can’t stop. She just cries, cries her heart out because she thought she was loved, wanted, needed. And Sasuke obviously didn’t any of that.

But how can it be that hard for her – whom only lost Kizashi – when Naruto lost both Minato and Kushina when Obito Uchiha gone rogue? She doesn’t want to hear any of that, because she told Naruto that the Boss, Madara, executed Obito himself for breaking one of his rules. No civillians dead on a job.

Sakura was already stopping to shake with harsh sobs, when they heard loud bangs on the back of the car, Naruto getting his gun out and low, as someone presses their hand in the harsh flash through the car window. Naruto is as fast as the other man, who wields a same gun.

And the only man with a gun like that is Sasuke.

She doesn’t realize she said his name out loud as he hurriedly enters the car and shouts at Naruto to start driving, somewhere, anywhere, ignoring Sakura completely.

And she felt like a high schooler again.

Naruto swerved up the highway, there was no one actually chasing them, yet they all felt something strong and inevitable pull them into unknown and uncomfortable silence. In car were two men – once brothers. Two people – once lovers. Sometimes Sakura disagreed with reality, and as she would frantically search for Sasuke’s frowning forehead and kind yet hardened eyes in the small mirror she would find peace, and that was the most important in that moment even if the circle of heartbreak never ends, not really.

“What the fuck did you do this time, teme…?” Naruto’s voice is still laced with the afterthoughts of weed, but Sasuke ignores the endearment. “It doesn’t matter-”


Sasuke just shuts up, his eyes falling back to the bottom of the car, his legs becoming very interesting all of a sudden. “We had orders. We killed Kawarama and Hashirama Senju. Also-”


Sakura couldn’t stop the amazement in her voice. Not really. Hashirama. The Hashirama – Madara’s sworn enemy, and Sasuke just comes in and sweeps him off his feet. How?

“That is a story for another time.” He says, ignoring Sakura’s obvious wish for storytelling. As the last syllable leaves his mouth, Naruto harshly spits, “What also, Sasuke?”

“I also murdered Hyuuga Neji and am running away in your car as far as I can, since I think they didn’t see me leave. I ran too fast, stole a bike beforehand.”

“You are a piece of work, Uchiha. You murder Hinata’s brother on her birthday.”

“I don’t care. I killed Hashirama and Kawarama in one night. That is one Hyuuga and two Senju. Nothing more.”

“Were you always this heartless?” Sakura can’t stop it after she hears the robotic coldness that migrates in the air back to the surface of Sasuke’s mouth. “Did you always kill people with such ease?”

A long silence. Only the thin night air, chilly and relaxing, as it enters the lungs of the corrupted youth, and revving of Naruto’s quality engine, the dark black Kitsune with its blaring orange lights is a true beauty.

“Dumb. It’s just another job. I do as Madara says.”

They don’t say anything for a long while, except Naruto, who breaches the wall first by simply saying that he will guide Sakura-chan home, and then the two of them will talk. Sakura protests, but shuts up quick as Sasuke’s cold eyes whip hers, she feels like a banshee at the hands of a deaf man, cannot haunt him or harm him.

“Here we go,” the blonde whispers softly, in some way affectionatelly, since Sasuke has no words to spare. But actions he has lots. As she exits the car, Sasuke does too, before Sakura bids Naruto her goodbyes. Sasuke stops her in her tracks, and she melts, the foreign warmth that his touch brings, the feeling of being alive when everything around her dies. She can’t fall into him – there’s no time to waste at four AM.

“Pack your things if you want to leave tonight. When I say leave, I mean that you are dead to Mebuki. Details will be written on the fridge in twelve hours. Itachi and Shisui will pick you up and if you don’t want to return without you. If you do, know that we will never set foot in Asia as long as we live. I give you twelve hours to think. You game or not?”

Without thinking, without any kind of heartbreak as she waves to Naruto and kisses Sasuke’s forehead without a single regret she whispers, “I’m game.”

.03 pt. 2

B R I E L L E - Queens,NY

As soon as the words left Braelynn’s mouth it’s like everything around me stopped. By now I had stopped dancing on Toya and from the look on her face I could tell she was confused by my sudden mood shift. Her lips were moving and I’m assuming she was asking me what was wrong, but I was in too much of a trance to pay attention let alone respond. 

Turning my body around to face the commotion my heart dropped at the sight of Marcus’ broad 6′5 frame towering over Braelynn as she cussed him out, all the while Christian stood next to her trying to calm her with a confused face. My face frowned even deeper when I noticed the chick he had on his arm. 

So this nigga really just said ‘fuck me’ and moved on…By now I was pissed and my once shocked state turned into complete anger. Tossing the drink I had in my hand on the nearby table I quickly dropped it before I began to make my way over. 

Noticing my actions Toya quickly grabbed a hold of my arm only to have me yank it right back out of her grip. “Don’t do it Brielle!” But it was too late, my mind was made up.

Walking up behind him since his back was facing me I angrily glared at the back of his all black bomber jacket. Braelynn noticed my presence causing her eyes to shift and her words to come to a halt. Following her eyes Marcus turned around to face me, his angry glare quickly dropping and turning into one of shock. He opened his mouth to speak but I was too quick…Before he even got a chance to utter a word I raised my fist striking him in the eye. I didn’t even wait for him to react before I continued to lay into his ass, striking every part of his face that I could. 

He blocked my hits for the most part but the moment I saw an open chance and popped him in the lip is when he finally had enough. Taking a hold of my arms tightly he yanked me into his chest, his thick eyebrows furrowed together as he stared down at me icily.

“Ight…That’s enough Brielle! Fuck is yo problem ma?!” 

Yelling in his face, “You my problem nigga…Fuck off of me!” Pulling out of his grasp I made my way towards the exit of the club ignoring everyone’s calls for me. I had to get out of there before I ended up killing that nigga. 

My adrenaline was pumping, my knuckled were busted and bleeding, and I didn’t have my bag nor my phone to call an uber. “Fuck” I cursed beginning to walk up the block in the chilly air. Crossing my arms over one another I rubbed them up and down so they could warm up a bit. 


Stopping in my tracks I looked behind me watching as Marcus began to jog in my direction. “This nigga…” I rolled my eyes turning around beginning to walk a bit faster. I could only go so fast in these damn heels but I had hoped he would get the point to leave me alone.

I only got so far before he was gripping my arm again making me face him. “I swear to god if you grab me one more time, I’ma swing on yo ass again.” I threatened. He quickly dropped his hands from my arms. Good, because I was liable to spaz on him at this point.

For a minute he just stared at me, taking in my appearance. I couldn’t lie I was lowkey doing the same thing to him. It had been four years since I’d seen this man, the man who was once the love of my life. But now? I couldn’t stand the sight of him.

I noticed he sported a few more tattoos than he once had, along his neck and throat. His hair was freshly cut, his outfit was on point. He looked good, I’ll give him that much..but I still couldn’t stand his ass right now.

I shook my head. “Well, are you gonna say anything? Cause you aren’t my favorite person at the moment and I really wanna do more damage to your already fucked up face, and trust me you don’t wanna take it there.” I smirked, speaking surprisingly calm. While he did look good, his face was now fucked up. He had a puffy eye that I knew would eventually bruise and a small cut on his upper lip. I should’ve done more honestly. 

He raised an eyebrow; or should I say his unibrow. “You know what? I deserved that, I did..But can you just talk to me, for a minute Brielle that’s all I’m asking.”

“Fuck you yo dead-ass, like real talk I don’t have nothing to say to you Meech!” I spat calling him by his street name; which he hated by the way. His facial expression twisted and I knew I had him vexed by now.

“Watch ya mouth one,” he warned to which I rolled my eyes to, “and two, can we just talk? Like atleast let a nigga explain why he dipped out on you like that….Please Brielle?” He begged, his dark brown eyes piercing into mine begging me to just give in and talk to him. A part of me wanted to hear him out, hear the excuse that I know he was about to throw my way. The other part of me wanted to go fuck him and just walk away…but I was way to anxious for that. I needed..no scratch that, wanted answers and I was gonna get them.

On top of that I already feel kind of bad for causing all that commotion at Braelynn’s event. As much as I knew my sister had my back and would literally kill for me, I also knew how big of a deal this twenty-fifth birthday was to her…and I didn’t want to ruin it any further. Plus at this moment in time my mood was completely shot so I knew going back inside the club would only be a waste of my time.

“Alright let’s talk.” I caved watching as he released the breath he was holding; almost like he was relieved. Nodding his head for me to follow him I trailed behind him as we walked to his car, which was an all black Audi. 

Opening the passengers side door for me I sucked my bottom lip into my mouth rolling my eyes. He was always the perfect gentleman, even though he’s still an asshole.

Closing my door behind me I didn’t bother with a seatbelt and watch as he walked around the car. hopping in the drivers seat. 

“Aren’t you leavin’ your little girlfriend?” I threw in his direction with attitude all in my voice. I watch as his jaw tightened while he looked at me from the corner of his eye, “Shut up and put ya seatbelt on Bri.” Smirking I did as told and watched as he pulled from the curb.

The whole ride was filled with an eerie awkward silence. There was so much tension in the air, it could easily be cut with a knife. Whenever we would come to a stop light I would feel his eyes on me, taking me in…but I only kept my eyes glued out my window. 

Another five minutes went by before we were pulling up to a tall building. Parking in a spot I quickly jumped out slamming the door behind me. “Don’t slam my shit.” he barked coming around to face me. “Shut the fuck up and hurry up before I change my mind.”

“Where you gone go?” he threw back smirking down at me. I twisted my face. “Nigga I don’t got two feet for no reason.” he chuckled with a shake of the head, “Same old Brielle.” Ignoring him completely I followed him inside watching as he greeted the doorman, and made his way to the elevator.

He placed a key into it’s hole before pressing the penthouse button. I exhaled staring at the elevator doors waiting for them to open. As soon as they did I brushed against him walking out, my eyes taking in my surroundings.

He had a nice little setup, it was nice spacious area and it was decorated to the T…even though I know his mama probably did most of the work in here. 

Once I kicked off my heels, neatly placing them by the door I followed him to the living room where we took a seat…Me being petty sitting far away from him. He chuckled scratching the side of his scruffy beard. 

“So wassup?” I scrunched my face up. “Nigga what you mean wassup, this ain’t no friendly catching up talk…don’t play with me Marcus.” Yet his eyes still danced across my face, down my body and back up again.

“You look good Brielle,” ignoring my last statement “Real good.”

“Yeah I know.” I boasted leaning back against the throw pillows he had laid out for decoration. “So,” I cut straight to the chase “why’d you up and disappear on me Marcus? I mean you really just said fuck me and moved the hell on.”

“I didn’t say fuck you, it was never fuck you Brielle.” he looked at my face as he spoke.

“Bullshit!” I spat. “You came to visit me, you called me, you did everything those first couple months I was in there. What the fuck changed..why did you leave me in there?” I felt myself get slightly emotional and I tried to hold it all in.

“You think I wanted to do that…you really think I liked ignoring them collect calls and not coming to see you every week?” 

“Obviously if you did it! Damnit Marcus.” I cursed. “I’ve always kept it real with you and held you down even when I knew I shouldn’t have. It was bad enough that I was seventeen and you were twenty-two and my young ass was fucking you!…but taking a bid for you? That was extreme even for me and you couldn’t even return the loyalty I gave you.”

“I was always loyal to you Brielle.”

“No the fuck you wasn’t…even before I got locked up I knew you was out there fucking with other bitches, but like an idiot I stayed with your grimy ass!” I seethed. “Young and dumb..” I spoke more so to myself with that last sentence, even though I’m positive he heard. But it was the truth.

I would always have girls in school or even girls off the streets tell me how they were fucking with Meech even though he was with me. Half the time I knew not to even give some of those bitches second glance but some of them actually talked true shit. They would even show me pictures of them together and text messages between them. It was sickening and my feelings were always hurt but I never called him out on it. I simply kept my mouth shut and played my part as his main girl, while he fooled around with his side pieces. Thinking back on it now I looked like a stupid young girl, and that’s exactly what I was. A fool in love.

“Brielle you know I loved you, more than anything! Yes I fucked around with other chicks,” he admitted. “but I ain’t never love none of em’, and I always found my way back home to you at night.”

“You think that makes the shit ok?!” I asked rhetorically. “It’s still fucked up on your part Marcus. You had me out here looking like a straight fool and my dumbass just had to be even more stupid and get locked down for you,” I shook my head. “and the sad part it you couldn’t even give me what I gave you in return.”

“Damnit Brielle, that shit wasn’t easy for me either!” he yelled slamming his hand against the table to show just how upset he was getting.

“Why not?!” now I was yelling too. “You weren’t the one locked up, I was! You weren’t the one waiting for calls and visits that never came, I was!” I used my hands as I talked getting more rowdy by the minute. 

My voice cracked slightly as my eyes watered, “You left me there! You didn’t care and you probably never did! Why did you leave me?!” I sobbed standing up. He followed suit standing as well.

“You wanna know why?!” he hollered.

“Yes!,” Sobbing, the salty taste of tears on my lips. “For once in your life be real Marcus!”

“I stopped doing all that shit because I felt guilty Bri. The fuck?…Yeah you could say you ain’t hold no grudge against me or that you wasn’t mad but I know deep down inside you felt some type of way about taking that bid for me. I couldn’t live with that guilt and watch you sit in there, when I know it should’a been me in your position. Did I fuck up? Yes, but don’t ever question my love for you Brielle..don’t do that shit.” He pointed in my face. I only stared at him in return.

After a minute of staring him down I finally cracked. Pushing his chest roughly he barely moved. Doing it again a bit rougher this time, he stumbled a bit. Balling my fists up I brought them into his chest repeatedly, over and over again as I cried my eyes out. Raising my hand I slapped him across the face. In an instant he had my body slung down onto the couch as he held my wrists above my head. 

“Fuck you Marcus, get off of me!” I cried, my eyes closing due to the amount of tears that were pouring out. His grip on my wrists tightened before the feel of him placing kisses on my neck took over.

“Stop Marcus.” I sobbed as I fought to free my wrists all while he continued to place soft, wet kisses from the inside of my neck down to the top of my breasts. My breathing began to grow heavy, and the constant heaving of my chest was noticeable as I felt myself getting turned on. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. I was supposed to hate him, and fight him..but instead I only laid back and watched as he untied my one piece pulling it from my body leaving me in only my black thong. Holding his body up with his hands that were placed on both sides of me on the couch, his eyes swept over my exposed chest as he brought his bottom lip between his teeth. 

Goosebumps began to form all over my skin from the way he was looking at me. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks, my eyelids wet every time I blinked. “I hate you.” I whispered staring him dead in his eyes. I wanted him to hurt how he hurt me and I knew that would fuck with him.

He however ignored what I said and only began to place kisses from my exposed breasts down to the rim of my panties. “Marcus please…stop..” I pushed against his head trying to move him away but he only slapped my hands away, pulling my thong down my legs and tossing it to the side. I bit my lip as I watched him spread my thighs and kiss the insides of them. 

“I’m so sorry..” he whispered between every few kisses. “I should’ve never did that to you baby.” his kisses getting closer and closer to my region. 

“I hate you so much..” I cried. I gasped, my eyes shutting tight at the feel of his tongue invading my warm, wet folds. He gripped my thighs tight as he licked all around the area, getting me nice and wet. “Ooh Marcus.” I moaned placing my hands on his head, my nails running through his scalp. He groaned in return digging his face deeper into my ocean. “Still taste so fucking good.” he whispered onto my pussy.

I moaned out loud as he stuck his tongue out flicking it across my clit before he brought it into his mouth, sucking roughly. “Fuck..” I cursed as I held his head with one hand and played with my nipple in the other. The sensations from his tongue and me playing with myself only intensified my pleasure.

He made out with my center sloppily, my juices mixing in with his saliva. Sloppy head was the best head, and Marcus had that down to the T. He spread my lips apart as he flicked the tip of his tongue against my bud at a rapid pace. “Always gone be my pussy..” He spoke roughly and with much authority. 

He ate me for another five minutes and I felt myself getting ready to cum any minute now. “Marcus I feel it..baby it’s coming…” I told him feeling myself getting there as he ate me out rougher and faster. Shaking his head side to side as he stuck his tongue deep in me made my back off the couch and my feet to tingle as I let my orgasm rip through me.

“Oh my god!” I screamed as I let my juices go all over his tongue and in his mouth. Licking all around my lips, he pecked my pussy before he lifted his head, his eyes meeting mine. He had a dark look in his eye that was surrounded by lust. He lips were shiny from my cum and he had a bit dripping down his chin.

Bringing his head towards me he placed his lips on mine for the first time in four years, causing a rush of butterflies and a feeling of nostalgia to run through my body. I sucked on his lips tasting myself as he shoved his tongue down my throat. We made out sloppily for a few minutes before he suddenly pulled away, me pouting slightly. He only smirked at me for a second, quickly dropping it as he got rid of his clothes. 

Once his Calvin Klein boxers his the ground my eyes shifted to his hard dick that sat up against his stomach. I bit my lip looking at it. It’d been so long. Too long.

Hovering over me he pushed my legs apart with one hand, grabbing the base of his dick with the other. Rubbing the tip all around my wetness, I exhaled a shaky breath in anticipation. He pushed the tip in quickly pulling it back out pissing me off. He was always playing.

“Put it in!” I demanded raising my voice slightly. He stared at me with a glare before nodding his head. “Bet.” In the blink of an eye he shoved his full 9 inches of steel up my vagina causing me to yelp in surprise. “Mhmm.” He groaned resting in me for a minute before he began to gradually increase his pace. 

“Marcus…” I breathed wrapping my arms around his back, biting into his shoulder. The feel of his dick pushing in and out of me made my eyes roll to the back of my head. I missed this feeling.

Resting his head in my neck he gripped my hips while he lifted his beginning to plow into me. “Mmm yesssss!!” I dragged out digging my nails across the skin on his back. He let out a hiss as he continued to dive into my ocean. After a few more minutes in this position he sat up pulling out his wet dick that was covered in my cum.

I slapped his tattooed covered chest in anger. “Why’d you pull out?!” I whined. I probably looked childish as hell but I didn’t care. This was my first time getting dick in four years, we didn’t have time for stops.

Grabbing my side he roughly flipped me over onto my stomach, pulling my ass up into an arch. Gripping the pillows in my hand I prepared myself for what was to come. 

He slapped my ass causing the sound to resonate in the penthouse. “You gone stop hittin me!” Shoving himself back into me I dropped my head letting out a moan. Gripping my waist tightly in his hands he proceeded to lay into me, his dick in my stomach.

“Marcus take some out…” I whined as my body bounced back and forth from him hitting it doggystyle. “Nah you gone take all this dick today mami.”  He grunted digging deeper into me.

“Ohh shit..I can’t..” I moaned bringing my hand back to push against his hips, only making him slap it away.

“You gone stop putting ya hands on me?!” He spoke roughly picking up the pace in his strokes. I tried to respond I swear I did but the pleasure was too much. Slapping my ass he fucked me harder and deeper. “Answer me Brielle.”

“YES! I’m s-sorry for hitting you!” I began pushing my ass back onto him every time he moved forward causing clapping noises to be heard throughout the penthouse. He sped up digging his nails into my ass. “You gone be a good girl for daddy, and we gone work this out?” 

“Yesss…I’ma be a g-good girl for you Papiiii.” I moaned staring ahead out of the floor to ceiling windows, the NYC nightlife lit up.

Pounding into me some more repeatedly hitting my spot, I began to get that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. “I’ma cum baby, I’ma cum.” I shouted closing my eyes, listening to the sounds of our rough love making.

Bringing his hand around me he brought it down rubbing my clit in rough circles. “Cum mami, let it go for me.” Two more rough strokes and I was creaming all over Marcus’ large penis. 

Pulling out he plopped on the couch waving me over. Assuming the position I straddled his lap, taking a hold of my dick.

Placing it at my entrance I slid down listening to Marcus let out a long hissing sound. While my hands went to his broad tatted shoulders, his went to my hips beginning to bounce me up and down on him.

“Fuck.” he cursed watching the collision of our bodies, his dick disappearing every time I dropped down on his lap. I gripped his shoulders tightly letting him bounce me at the pace he wanted. 

I dropped my head into his neck beginning to leave sloppy wet kisses all over. I circled my tongue around the rose on his neck before sinking my teeth into his skin. “Damn girl.” Licking over the area I lifted my head staring into his eyes. No words were spoken, as everything that needed to be said was being communicated through our eyes. 

Slapping his hands down from my hips I took over beginning to grind on his wood. He bit his lip as he stared at me. I smirked in return knowing I was doing him real good. 

I leaned forward leaving as if I was about to kiss him, leaving our faces centimeters from each other. “You miss me fuckin’ you huh Papi?” I questioned seductively against his lips still grinding on him, squeezing my walls every now and then. “You know I do, talk yo shit Mami.”

“Que me folle tan bien Papi, te extrane…mucho” Something about my Spanish talking always did something to him. It always brung out that rough cannibalistic side of him. In a flash I was hunched over screaming into his mouth as he pounded into me from below. “Ahh..” he groaned. “Play all day.” My toes began to tingle as I felt myself cumming from how hard he was fucking me.

“Jorderme Papi!” I screamed biting onto his bottom lip. Gripping my ass tightly in his hands he continued to fuck me from below. “Cum Papi..let me feel it.” I whined. Three hard pounds later and he was shooting his load into me as I came crazily on his dick. 

For a few minutes we just sat still in our same positions. We were sweaty and breathing hard as hell. I had my chin resting on his shoulder as my eyes once again found the amazing view, and Marcus had his large hands running up and down my back in a soothing manner. He still had his dick resting inside of me.

The situation seemed so peaceful right now, but I knew it was far from it. We still had a lot to dish out and though this wasn’t the direction I had hoped the conversation would go in, it happened anyways. I didn’t regret it but still. 

As far as me and Marcus goes, we weren’t together. I don’t know if we could ever get back to being together. My trust for him was completely shot and it would take a while for him to gain it back. I knew there would be a talk about us following our previous actions but I hoped he would save that for tomorrow and not ruin our vibe at the moment. 

I wanted to bask in this peaceful state, even if the peace only lasted for a little while.

Dear Whitney,

happy birthday to you, my darling flower, from Hannah and Mari. This is part two of our collab, percabeth style, written my Hannah. I hope you enjoy it, my love, and that you’re having a wonderful birthday <3

“I’m impressed with the candles by the way,” Annabeth told her boyfriend. “It sets quite the mood.”

On the screen of her laptop, Percy flashed her a toothy smile. “Just keepin’ the romance alive.”

Behind him came a loud snort, reminding Annabeth that they had an audience. “Percy and Annabeth, keeping the romance alive since 2005,” Piper said. Annabeth couldn’t see her face as she walked out of the kitchen towards the couch Percy was sitting on, but she knew Piper was rolling her eyes.

“2009,” she corrected. “We got together when we were sixteen.”

Piper threw herself down on the couch next to Percy, taking a swig of the beer in her hand. “Right. I forget you guys haven’t actually been dating since middle school, as married as you are.”

“We are not married!” Percy protested. Annabeth tried not to feel too offended by his defensive tone.

Piper snorted. “You’re kind of married.”

Percy looked at Annabeth with a vague expression of alarm, as if he might have forgotten them getting married. Annabeth stifled a laugh at his panic-stricken face. “Piper, you’re freaking him out,” she berated.

“Sorry.” She sat up and peered into the camera. “So how is Paris? Are you missing me? Have you replaced me with a cooler, more cultured French best friend?”

Annabeth rolled her eyes. She’d been in France for over five months now and Piper still asked her the same thing nearly every time they spoke. “You’re still my one and only, McLean,” she reassured her.

Piper winked at her. “Good to know. Now, the more important question is, have you found a hunky French dude to elope with yet?”

That’s when Percy threw her out of the apartment.

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anonymous asked:

You're a fucking misogynist. Lena's a hero and if you don't think so you can go set yourself on fire.

Right. I’m misogynist?


And Lena’s a hero? This is your hero?

You want to bow down and worship her, you go right ahead. I would never stick by a homophobia, racist, abusive person like her. 

Teen Idle (The Youngest Mikaelson)

Requested by anon 1: “Can you write a youngest mikaelson based on the song Teen Idle by Marina and the Diamonds?”

Requested by anon 2: “Hi lovely, just wondering whether you were able to make a one shot about your brothers and sister saving you after you have gotten into some situation. Thanks love 😘”

Requested by anon 3: “44 and or 26 as the youngest mikaelson please!!!”

prompt list: here.

You were sick of being the youngest one. Yes, the job comes with its perks but for the last goddamn thousand years, your family wanted to protect you more than anything. It was almost like living in a cage. They always thought you were a teenager to handle but here’s the thing: adolescence didn’t make sense at all! Of course you wished to be as clean as your older siblings thought you were but no – you are not a teen idle!

And now that Finn was gone, you decided to take the matter into your own hands. Freya couldn’t stopped Lucien, Finn died during the process and rest of the family seemed like they were speechless. That was enough of grieving. First, they told you that you wouldn’t be able to face with Lucien but it didn’t matter anymore.

“Will you do anything about our lovely stable boy?”

“We are working on it, sister, you have to-”

“No I don’t.” you answered Freya. “I really do not have to do anything you say from now on. Our brother got killed by something more lethal than any of us so we have to destroy him!”

“Do you really that stupid or just suicidal than any of us?” Kol asked you behind the desk but you just ignored him.

“You know what, sister, I think you should stay home and watch something. Eat chocolate and tell Hayley how awful we are. If you need a therapist I can arrange you one.”

You rolled your eyes so hard that Klaus laughed.

“I think you are the one who needs a therapist, Nik.” you mumbled. “And you know what? I wish I was some idiot blondie who fight for high school crown and crush everyone she lays her eye on.”

Klaus’ face seemed blackened and you kinda enjoyed it.

“Sounds familiar?” you went on. “And you, Kol, yes, I feel super suicidal that I can handle the beast on my own. Since you’re occupied with your crazy witch girlfriend at the moment, I think I’ll pass you on this one.”

As Elijah came in, your pouted.

“This,” he pointed you angrily. “Isn’t something open to debate, Y/N. Our family needs to stand united more than ever right now and we can’t let you get out of the compound.”

“Will you let me kill someone or what?” you asked angrily but all of them just kept looking at you annoyingly.

“Am I grounded, Elijah? Really?” you giggled but it wasn’t a funny laughter. “Have it your way, then.” you gave up. “I’m gonna burn up some bible to show my gratitude in my room.”

You rushed to your room and shut your door aggressively. Everyone always told you to stand back, you must be protected and everything. You wanted to go away and hide from them, you felt like you wasted your life for them. It’s not entirely true, since you could be a real narcissist but there was these pretty lies and ugly truths. The pretty lie was you being weak when it came to fighting. The ugly truth was, on the other hand, you couldn’t survive without them.

And then the reality hit you hard: If someone wasn’t gonna stop what was yet to come… Oh god, you were gonna die alone.

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autumnlibrarian  asked:

Hi! ( ouo),♥ I've just read here a piece about Tom finding out that Marco is genderfluid. There was that part where Marco promised he'll try not to hide this anymore and I thought... what if they go out shopping, to look for some cute dresses or something and some bully would start to harass Marco, because he wanted to try on girly clothes? *I just love me some angst/drama...*

Of course I’d love to write that! But just so you know, I didn’t write that story, it was a submission by @glittery-cyan-skies! Aren’t they a great writer! But I’d love to write a sequel! Just know the story belongs to them! I kind of based this off of experiences that I have had (for different reasons) and some things that my transgender brothers and sisters had to go through. But the LGBT community is string and we can stand together! I tried to stay way from writing in slurs in… but you can sort of tell where they should be.


“Okay Tom, how does this one look?” Marco asked. He stepped out of the dressing room in a cute red sundress, the same color as his hoodie. Tom smiled big.

“You look great!” He assured. Marco laughed.

“You’ve said that about every single one!” Marco laughed. Tom shrugged.

“You look great in all of them.” Tom admitted. A girl walked past the fitting room and looked at Marco.

“That colors great on you.” She smiled and walked off. Tom pointed at her.

“See? I’m not the only one who thinks so.” Tom said again. Marco laughed and spun around.

“I really like this one.” Marco mused.

“Well I’m going to buy you something, because it’s your birthday and I suck at picking out gifts.” Tom laughed. “So I thought I’d take you out and let you pick something.” Tom reminded. Marco smiled and they decided to get the red dress.


“I feel like I shouldn’t wear it out… do I look dumb?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“You look incredible!” Tom exclaimed. Marco blushed and looked at the poofy skirt part of the dress. He really did look good! He felt good too! He felt pretty, and he like the sound of the heels clicking on the sidewalk. It was nice. He held Tom’s hand and they walked down the street. “Marco, I’m gonna see if they have a table in there.” Tom said, when they found a restaurant that seemed nice. “Hang here for a sec.” Marco gave a thumbs up and Tom opened the door and left him for a minute.

“Hello lady~” Marco turned around when he heard a whistle from behind him. It was some dude, but when Marco turned around he jumped back. “Shit, you’re a dude!” He said, the disgust was clear in his voice.

“Please leave me alone.” Marco asked. The man was persistent though.

“You’re clearly a dude! Why the hell are you wearing a dress? That’s gross!” He snapped. Marco took a step back.

“You’re making me uncomfortable, I’m going to ask you again to please leave or I will take the matters into my own hands.” Marco warned. The man scoffed.

“What are you going to do, priss? What are you? Some of that trans-crap I hear about?” He moved closer.

“I don’t need to explain myself to you.” Marco told him. “I told you to leave me alone.”

“Well I don’t like your type hanging around my streets, so I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do.” The man grabbed Marco’s wrist, Marco wasted no time and karate chopped him in the throat. The man fell back in gasping pain and Marco roundhouse kicked him in the gut. He fell over into a trash can. Marco looked up to see Tom standing in the door of the restaurant; astounded.

“It’s… gonna be a while for a table.” Was all Tom could see. Marco looked up.

“Is it? You wanna try somewhere else?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head and ran up to Marco and kissed him.

“What the hell, Marco! That was amazing! I came out at the point when he grabbed you, I was about to call to you but you were READY! I didn’t even know what happened until he was already down!” Tom praised. Marco smiled.

“Well, I followed the rules of self-defense. I told him, several times, that he was making me uncomfortable and to back off. When he didn’t I took matters into my own hands. I was defending myself.” Marco explained. Tom kissed him again.

“That was incredible! Marco… I am for real scared of you right now.” Tom admitted. Marco laughed and kissed the demon. Tom broke away when he heard the man in the trash can start to come to and say something. “Dude can you shut the hell up? I’m trying to have a moment here.” Tom told him. The man tried to get up and Tom stepped forward. “Marco I’m just gonna… put the lid on because he’s starting to bug me.”

“Yeah go ahead.” Marco smiled. Tom did as well and put the lid on the trashcan, covering up the man.

“Bye-bye creepy man.” Tom said. He took his boyfriend’s hand and they walked off. “I so scared about what might happen.” Tom admitted. “I was ready to jump in, I thought you needed me but you proved me wrong! You handled that so well.” Tom praised. “I’m really proud of you… I don’t know why I was so worried though… you’re the karate kid, you can take care of yourself.” Tom told, mostly himself. Marco blushed.

“It’s nice that you care so much though. And I do need you, just not for this.” Marco smiled. Tom put his arm around him.

“Who know, maybe you’ll be the one protecting me one day.”



“Marco! You gotta get over and see this!” Tom called. It was a week later. Marco walked over and looked at Tom’s computer. “So it looks like somebody got your fight from last week on video! They put it online, check this out.” Tom turned the screen so Marco could see. It was the clip of the man grabbing him and Marco beating the crap out of him.

The video was titled “Old Loser Gets Beat Up By Teenager”. Marco gasped and covered his mouth with his hand.

“Oh my god.” Marco couldn’t help but laugh. “Look at all the views it has!”

“I’ve been watching this on a loop for like… hours.” Tom admitted. “This is my new favorite thing. I wonder if he’s still in that trash can…” Tom muttered.

“Why would he still be in there?” Marco asked.

“Oh because I put a bunch of rocks on the lid.”

The Mind Cage, Ch. 9

 Title: The Mind Cage
Summary: In another world, Stanford Pines places a metal plate in his skull far too soon. In another world, Bill Cipher is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Characters: Bill Cipher, Ford Pines, Stan Pines, Fiddleford McGucket
Rating: T
Click here for the first chapter, warnings and links to all chapters up so far

“No no no no NO! I am real! I AM REAL! Can you hear me, Mullet? I don’t know what you think you’re playing at, but it ain’t gonna work because I AM REAL!”

Bill’s scream echoed through the vastness of his Mindscape, reaching nobody’s ears but his own - which he didn’t really have to begin with. He had tried to tell us much to Mullet in person, he had tried, and had almost managed. With Stanford out cold, he had managed to take possession of his body, open his eyes… and then not much else.

His head hurt, so badly it made it nearly impossible for him to focus - the effects of universes of knowledge pouring themselves into a limited brain. He could tell that he was on the backseat of a car and, with a terrible effort, he could see Mullet looking back at him. He had tried to speak, tried to make Sixer’s stupid tongue and vocal chords and everything else cooperate, but all he could do was making a pitiful, meaningless noise.


Let me out of here! Let me out! I am real and I need to get out before it kills us both, you useless sack of dumb!

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Still Into You | Pt. 10

(Taehyung x Reader) ANGSTANGSTANGST

Originally posted by myeong-su

Part: Video Trailer | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Genre: Drama? Angst?

Characters: Taehyung, Mina, Namjoon, Hoseok.

Warnings: Some profanity.

Summary: You watch in horror as your whole world shatters in front of you. “Take care,” he said, before grabbing his bags and leaving you behind.

A/N: Lol i’ve been so bad at updating my fics lately so sorry for the long wait! I finally got over my 7 hour writer’s block but I still feel like this update was shit. Again sorry for the disappointment. Feedback would be greatly appreciated and idk i’m just not feeling like myself anymore. Like should I even continue writing? Idk. Anyways enjoy! Xoxo.

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NaLu AU: Not Useless

A/N: I know; the title doesn’t sound fluffy. It’s not even fluff. I actually don’t know what to call this. Maybe it’s angst…I don’t know. Shhh. ._.

Anywaysies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAIFU (AKA. @giupear)! Welcome to the twenties! This is a birthday present from me to you, and I actually finished it early! Huzzah! It’s the sequel to your first present, When She Smiles, and I hope you like this one, too!

This is not only a birthday present, but also a thank-you gift—for being the best waifu anyone could ask for. Thank you so much for always being there for me; you’re the greatest. ;w; I’m so glad that we got to meet and become friends (and waifus!), and here’s to many more fun times for us ahead! Have an amazing birthday; I love you!

Read the prequel When She Smiles right here!

Rated: T (Trigger Warning: Mention of abandonment)
Genre: Friendship/Hurt/Comfort
Character(s): Lucy, Natsu
Pairing(s): NaLu
Synopsis: There are many things that make up a relationship—and reciprocation is a key component.

Hey Lucy, are you awake? the message read.

Lucy sighed and rolled over onto her stomach, staring at the message on her phone blankly for about a minute before she bothered to check the time.

7:44 AM.

Lucy blinked again and sat up on her bed, letting her blanket slip down onto the mattress as she quickly texted back.

Yeah, I’m awake. Question is, why’re YOU up so early? Send.

She sat there and stared at her blank screen in the dark, wondering to herself that same question even as she’d sent it. Natsu was never up this early—not even for school days. And it was a weekend, too…

Her phone buzzed hardly a minute later. She quickly checked the message.

Couldn’t sleep, he’d texted back.

Lucy frowned to herself, worry beginning to slowly coil in the pits of her stomach. She’d never dreamed that she’d ever hear him say that. If anything, he slept too much.

Did something happen? she typed hurriedly. It isn’t like you to not be able to sleep.

Her phone buzzed again.

Actually…that’s kind of why I messaged you, he’d replied.

Lucy furrowed her brow in confusion. What do you mean? she asked.

About why I can’t sleep, the reply read.

Frustration began building up in spite of the concern. Can you tell me what it is? she typed, just barely avoiding the use of an angry emoticon.

She flopped back down onto her pillow and waited for his answer, her thoughts whirling uncontrollably. He was acting strangely…something was definitely wrong…but what could it be? She couldn’t even take a guess. This’d never been an issue with Natsu, even before they’d started dating.

Lucy wasn’t sure for how long she was letting her mind wander, but it occurred to her that Natsu hadn’t yet replied. She checked her last message—it’d been over fifteen minutes. Had he finally fallen asleep? Had he chickened out?

Her phone buzzed right as those thoughts came to her—and Lucy was faced with a huge wall of text.

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Fic: Change of Plans

@skivvysupreme: you should write something angsty about Kurt having to deal with St. Berry being together.

me: What the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK - Okay.

Grab your tissues and direct all complaints to skiv. ~1725 words, PG-13, I’m sorry.

It was Elliott’s birthday party, of all things, that made Kurt snap. The whole gang was together - the friends formerly known as One Three Hill, Blaine, Santana and Brittany, Sam and Mercedes (though not SamAndMercedes this month) and Rachel and-


Jesus Christ, Kurt, you can’t even think the guy’s name? Kurt berated himself mentally, scowling from a corner of Elliott’s living room. He’d gone off by himself for a moment to recharge and enjoy a piece of the fantastic devil’s food birthday cake Dani had bought when he’d caught a glimpse of Rachel talking wildly with her hands to Mercedes in his peripheral vision. She was standing only inches from Jesse while she barreled on, somehow not hitting him in the chest every time she made a point. Jesse, meanwhile, was looking at Rachel with a fondness Kurt had only previously seen on one other guy.


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Until the End of the Year

 I had a gathering with my friends when one of them told me that she gave her boyfriend an ultimatum to propose to her. I joked that it would happen on the New Year’s Eve.

And then I spent three hours in a train thinking about Gail/Holly fanfiction.

Until the End of the Year

Gail marvelled how well Holly fit with her fellow cops. Standing at the bar waiting for drinks, the blonde watched her girlfriend interacting with Oliver, hands moving in fast gestures and laughs reached her ears. They were not extra loud, but Gail knew the doctor’s voice and would look for it and find it anywhere.

“Here you go,” said the bartender putting two jack and cokes in front of her. The cop paid for it and returned to the table.

“How long has it been since my petulant Peck stopped being so petulant?” asked Oliver.

“Four years,” replied Holly smiling. “I believe it was the same day you met Celery.”

“Ooh, yes, it was four years ago. So maybe it is time to seal the deal, hm?”

“What deal?” asked Gail, reaching the table.

“Marriage deal, darling,” he looked up to the young woman who placed one drink in front of her mate. “I believe you should put a ring on Holly’s finger before the end of the year. You know to make a step further.”

“We are fine the way we are, Oliver,” said Holly, offering the younger woman a small smile. “I am happy to have Gail after all the crap we have been through.” She placed a hand on her girlfriends leg and squeezed it gently.

“It was just a suggestion not to fall into a stereotype. Or someone may come and break the happy sappy world you live in now.”

“Now that is not gonna happen,” stated Gail firmly wrapping an arm around Holly’s chair. “We are the real deal, and I mean it, Ollie.”

“So you can see us in thirty years still together?” asked he brunette tentatively.

“In fifty, Holly. We will be old and wrinkled but still together playing pranks on our children and spoiling our grandchildren.”

Holly move so fast not even trained police eyes noticed until their lips were locked together in a kiss. “That is good enough for me,” smiled the scientist and kissed the lips that tasted sweet from soda and bitter from alcohol.


Gail never thought much of weddings, especially after her own fiasco. She did not even think about it when she was with Holly until her former trainer mentioned it again. Her getting married… It was almost surreal and yet many times she found herself looking into shopping windows of jewellery shops by which she passed.

And then there was a wedding.

Sam finally proposed and married Andy within three month. As usual when it came to this couple nothing was easy. The pastor got stuck in traffic, the dressmaker gave Andy the wrong size and the wedding cake got damaged on the way.

Nonetheless what were bride-maids for? To fix everything.

Traci used her years of practice in making birthday cakes for Leo, to bake two stored wedding cake for Andy. Chloe got herself busy to find the right sized dress and Gail used her connection and unyielding attitude to release the pastor from the traffic jam, transport him with a special escort and make a rookie take care of the pastor’s car.

The wedding happened. The couple got married and left to enjoy their honeymoon while Gail swore to sleep for a week. Weddings were so stressful!


Friday 13th, THE Friday 13th.

The day when Oliver met Celery and now they lived their happily ever after.

The day when Gail met Holly in the woods over a dead body, spent the rest of the day with the unusual doctor and could not scare her away.

Since then they were happy in spite of the ups and downs, they were content, why to change anything?

Because people were still hitting on her girlfriend. And Gail did not like it a bit. She had full trust in her special better half, so she never interfered unless the person was too dumb to understand or determined to make Holly straight again. Nevertheless the blonde did not like it at all. Especially when one of the first things was that those people checked Holly’s ring finger and since there was nothing, they kept their attempts of seducing the fine doctor.


And another bad/awkward event came. Even though she and Lisa managed to become sort of friends, Gail did not want to spend the New Year’s celebration with Holly’s friends. She usually felt out of place spending time with them. They all talked medical language which the cop managed to at least half understand now, but still she did not blend so easily with Holly’s friends like the brunette did with hers.

The police officer stared at the table lost in thoughts and playing with her glass of punch. In her vision was Rachel’s hand with a golden bend and Gail could not tear her eyes away.  She wondered how her husband proposed.

She was ready, she knew she was ready but how to pop THE question. In her mind she heard Oliver’s suggestion “the end of the year”. She still had a few hours to figure it out. Twelve o'clock was her deadline.


“Come on, let’s get outside to watch the firecrackers!” called Lisa and ushered everyone out. “Ten minutes, people, come on!”

Gail felt sick. Her nerves were driving her stomach crazy.

Five minutes to midnight, she could hardly breathe. The explosives were set and everyone was chatting and joking around, impatiently counting the last minutes.

Three minutes and Gail’s nerves lost it.

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” the blonde cursed and took Holly’s hands pulling her aside.

“Honey, what’s up?” asked the other woman, her eyebrows raised in question.

“Okay, look let’s just do it. I tried to think of thousands scenarios but nothing was good enough, so let’s just skip it and be over with this.”

“Over?” asked Holly confused and made a step back.

“Yes. Just say yes.”

Holly pulled her hand from Gail’s. “You want me to say yes to our break up which is happening…” she looked at her watch, “two minutes before New Year.”

“Break up? You want a break up?” If something broke it was Gail’s heart. She felt anxious and ready to throw up.

“Well, you want a break up. You want to be over with this,” she moved her finger between them.

“What? NO!” Gail panicked. “No, no, no, not that, definitely not that, this…” she searched in her purse. And she searched some more. “Dammit, where are you,” she muttered to herself.

“If you are looking for a gun, skip it. You don’t have to shoot me I will just go,” Holly sniffed and turned on her heel.

“What again?” the blond woman looked up to see her partner leaving in fast determinate steps. “Holly Stewart, stop it or I will shoot you to stop you.” To her surprise and luck, the scientist did stop. “Now turn around because I want to look into your eyes.” The doctor shook her head, refusing to turn around. Alas some onlookers did. “Holly, turn around, I am not proposing to your back.”

“You what?!” The doctor snapped and turned in a moment of blink.

“Marriage.” Gail stood with a ring between her forefinger and thumb. “Just say yes and let’s get this over with. Please?”

“You idiot!” whispered Holly and came back in fast long steps. “You almost gave me a heart attack.” She grabbed Gail’s head and kissed her deeply.

“Oi! It’s not even New Year yet, leave the smooching for later!” called someone from the crowd, immediately the person was shushed by the others.

“Oh yeah, you have thirty seconds to say yes.”


Gail grinned like a lit Christmas tree which stood behind them, she slid the ring on Holly’s finger and not minding the rest of the year, she started kissing her… well, fiancée… again with all her power.

Midnight stroke, firecrackers cracked and people were celebrating the New Year in which major changes were about to happen.

The Fix-It

This one’s for @fauxsciencedork. It’s all your fault for posting that thing about possibly Rupture in 2.20. Like, yes, I know it’s 92.4% going to be Dante, not Armando, but man I wanted to write this.

The Fix-It

When Paulina Ramon got pregnant, somebody said it first. “Well, that’s good. This will be a replacement for the one she lost.”

When it got back to her, she just nodded numbly. Even a year ago, she would have screamed that nobody could replace her Armandito, her first born, the charming, rough-and-tumble little boy who was already the star of every sports team he joined.

But by now it had been two years since he’d disappeared. Dante no longer asked where his big brother was. Fernando never spoke about him. It had been months since they’d gotten even the faintest wild-goose chase lead. And she couldn’t look at the pictures anymore.

There was a hole dug deep inside her, a yawning emptiness with Armando Francisco Ramon carved into its walls.

Maybe this baby would fill it.

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