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“I thought you said this party was going to be ending soon - In fact, that’s what you told me two hours ago!” You groaned, turning back to look at a very wasted Y/F/N before weaving your way through the crowd in the middle of your living room. 

Y/F/N giggled, stumbling behind you as she watched you continue to pick up the empty red solo cups, dropping them into the garbage bag. “I said it was going to be over two hours ago cos I thought you’d be brave enough to talk to Harry by then!” She shrugged, leaning against you with her head on your shoulder. You froze for a second, glancing around to see if anyone had heard her. “Why’ve you gone quiet? Don’t you know what I’m talking about?” Y/F/N perked up suddenly, before stepping up onto the coffee table as if to make an announcement to everyone. “I’m talking about your undying love for Harry Style-

“Y/F/N, get off the table!” You hissed, smiling sheepishly when a couple people looked towards your direction. Luckily, the music was thumping pretty loudly - Maybe no one heard her little outburst. “C’mon, let’s go to the kitchen. I’ll open a pack of animal crackers for you.” 

“I don’t know why you’re always so nervous when I bring Harry up. He’s just a guy.” Y/F/N snorted, nearly tripping over her heels when you practically dragged her into the kitchen. 

“Why do you always have to bring him up in the first place?” You rolled your eyes, tossing some empty chip bags into the bin. “And he’s not just a guy! He’s.. He’s Harry!” You exclaimed, running a hand through your hair. Sure, it was cheesy of you to say that Harry wasn’t just some ‘guy’, but it was true! It was hard to explain how hard you were crushing on him. 

“You’re just flustered cos you’re getting a lady boner at the thought of him.” Y/F/N teased, humming to herself before popping a cracker into her mouth. “I just want you to be happy, alright? Whenever you see Harry talking to Kendall, it’s like you shut down and go into this autopilot mode where you’re just really sad all the time - And it really gets me down!” Your cheeks flared immediately at the combo of Y/F/N’s complaints along with the thought of Harry and Kendall getting all friendly with each other.  

“Whatever, Y/F/N. You’re lucky I let you have this dumb party at my house in the first place.” 

“The purpose of this party was to get you to talk to Harry! I thought we discussed this!” 

“No, we didn’t! You said we were going to have a small get together! Watch some movies, order pizza - Not invite the entire school!” 

“I heard Harry and Kendall fucked in the bathroom - You could have prevented it if you just started talking to him.” Y/F/N smirked, shrugging once again as she took a swig of water. Well, you were never going to use the bathroom ever again. 

“It’s not my fault I’m not on the same social level as Harry!” You cried out, your eyebrows furrowing in frustration. There was never a moment in which Harry wasn’t surrounded by people, and even making eye contact with him scared the crap out of you. Sure, he knew your name, and he knew you were in a couple of his classes, but that was just about it. “And, I’m sorry, okay? But Harry Styles is never going to know about my crush on him, so you can forget about me ever telling him!” 

“Y/N..” Y/F/N muttered quietly, her eyes flickering to over your shoulder. 

“He already doesn’t know who I am, and I really don’t need you constantly bugging me to talk to him, when you know he already makes me super nervous! Seriously, how can someone be so pretty! You just get so lost in those eyes, I tell you..” You rambled on, Y/F/N’s eyes widening slightly. 

Y/N.” Y/F/N said a little more sternly, clearing her throat. “Behind.” 

“What are you talki-” You turned around, your heart dropping to your stomach when you saw Harry standing by the kitchen door with an empty bottle in his hand. “Oh boy.” You squeaked out quietly, feeling your face growing hotter by the second. 

“Ladies.” Harry greeted, a tiny smirk playing on his lips as he tossed the bottle into the bin. “Yeh should wear your hair down more often, Y/N. Yeh look real nice tonight.” 

“Y-You also.. You’re also.. Looking.. Y-You look good, too..?” You managed to squeak out, Harry letting a small chuckle as he slipped past you to head back to the party. 

“You’re real cute, you know tha’?” 


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Imagine Chris taking you to Rome for a romantic getaway. (Part C)

A/N: Part 5C, lovelies. 💕 You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; and Memory Lane - Masterlist) Hope you like it. X

The first four days in Rome were spent redoing the beautiful city. The two of you visited the different hotspots and tourist attractions, recreating whatever photos you’d taken on your honeymoon; the look of love in both your eyes hadn’t faded over time, only increased. There was also quite a bit of shopping done for Jack and the others back home, now that you were parents- it seemed like everything you saw reminded you of your adorable son.

Speaking of, he was doing just fine and having the time of his life with the guys. The two of you would FaceTime him each Boston morning as he ate his breakfast and he’d tell you about what he’d been doing; his days sounded like a kid’s dream come true. Today, when you called, they were starting to decorate the house with Shanna and a few of Scott’s other friends.

When Chris asked, “why? You’re going to be walking the neighborhood with Jack.” Scott explained that he and his friends were going to mend the fort and scare the crap out of neighborhood kids, while Shanna accompanied Anthony and Sebastian in taking Jack around. You swore you saw a flicker of jealousy in Chris’ eyes when he heard their plan for a haunted house; your husband was a huge kid and he lived to scare people, the amounts of times he got you before- you were surprised you hadn’t died from a heart attack.

“Just make sure our house doesn’t get egged,” Chris told Scott as they said their goodbyes to both of you. Behind Chris’ shoulder, you waved until the call ended. “Our house is totally going to get egged,” he chuckled softly, closing the lid of your MacBook.

“Probably,” you chuckled as Chris grabbed your arm and pulled you into his lap. “Are you sure you’re okay with missing Halloween?” You asked, wrapping your arms around his neck; he nodded. “Don’t think I didn’t see that flicker of jealousy in your pretty blue eyes.” He chuckled softly, tightening his hold around your waist as he rested his head on your chest. “We’ve had four days,” you murmured into his fluffy hair, “we can go home now. I’m sure we can get a flight that will make it back before Halloween.”

“I’m sure we can too,” he nodded as he pulled back, caressing your face with one hand. “But I don’t really want to give this up yet. How long has it been since we’ve had some alone time, Y/N? How long since we got to have a lazy, stress-free, do-absolutely-nothing day? This is the first time in a long time that we actually got to sleep in, do you really want to end that early?”

“I feel like if I answer that, I’m going to lose my nomination for best mom.” You chuckled and he laughed. “Okay, we won’t go home early. We’ll continue to enjoy our romantic getaway,” you got off his lap and padded over to the room service menu. “I still can’t believe we’ve done nothing all day, except relax in this luxurious hotel.”

“I wouldn’t say we’ve done nothing.” He spoke suggestively, smirking at you when you turned around; you bit back your smile, feeling the heat rush to your cheeks at the thought of your heated activities between relaxation. “You’re adorable,” he chuckled, walking over to cup your face in his hands. “I love that I still make you blush.” He said and kissed your forehead.

“I could say the same for you,” you smirked and he threw his head back, laughing; he knew exactly what you were talking about. “What are we going to do for dinner?” You asked, slapping the menu against his chest. “Are we staying in or do you want to go out?”

“Obviously staying in,” he took the menu and began to study his choices. “There’s no way I’m taking off this cloud-like robe,” he told you and you chuckled. “Except, of course,” he looked up from the menu to wink at you, “to continue what we were doing earlier.” You laughed as he said, “I’ll take off anything you want me to then.”

“Just order the food.“ 

• • • • • • • • 

“The last time we ate pizza in a hotel room was our wedding night,” Chris pointed out then took a bite out of his slice of Margherita pizza. You nodded, taking a bite out of yours. “Can you believe it’s been four years?” He quizzed after swallowing; he chuckled and shook his head in disbelief. “It’s both amazing and ridiculous how fast time has gone.”

“Yeah,” you dropped your slice of pizza back onto the wooden serving board, leaning back against the headboard. “Four years ago, we were practically kids.” Chris nodded in agreement, lying back against the pillow he had propped against his back earlier. “You were still with Marvel,” you smiled when he nodded, “my handsome Captain America.”

“And you, my love, got your fantastic work nominated for three Oscars. You may have only won two, but it’s still pretty amazing considering who you were going up against.” He said and you nodded. “I still remembered when you were writing the script, you were so terrified about it being unfinished that you postponed sending it to Alex.”

“Well, it felt unfinished.”

“You think everything you do is unfinished,” he chuckled softly. “You stress yourself out more than you need to, Y/N. You do that every time you start working on something, no matter what others tell you- you still convince yourself that it’s not good enough.” You sighed because you knew he was right. “You’re a really, really good writer. Just place some trust in that so you won’t be so stressed when you start on the new job.”

“You should really take your own advice when you start yours,” you told him with a small smile on your lips and he chuckled. “You’re an amazing actor, Chris, and your ability to direct and commander a movie set doesn’t go unnoticed either. You think people just see you as Captain America, or just another Hollywood hunk.” He laughed. “But they don’t, and I don’t. You are so much more than that and there is no one I believe in more to succeed, remember that when you start your new job then maybe you wouldn’t be so stressed either.”

“I really appreciate that, I always appreciate your vote of confidence before I start a job. It just psychs me up, gets me ready to go. So, thank you.” He smiled at you and you nodded, smiling back. “We really are the perfect couple, aren’t we?”

“A little too perfect, if you ask me.” You smiled, giggling when he chuckled. “Why do you think Hollywood’s calling us a power couple and waiting for us to work together on a movie? Can you imagine the amount of awards we’d bring in with our collaboration?”

“I can and I have, which begs the question- how have we never worked on a movie together?” His eyes narrowed in confusion as he quizzed. “I mean- we’ve talked about it before, like- a lot, so why haven’t we done it?”

“Bad timing, I guess,” you shrugged. “Marvel kept you pretty busy, and- it’s not like we can work together now that we have Jack. We can’t both disappear into our work, someone’s got to be able to work from Boston.” He pressed his lips together, nodding. “But hey, I’m sure we’ll have our chance. You’re stuck with me, remember?” You teased, holding up your left hand to display your wedding band.

“Stuck?” He chuckled, moving the pizza out of the way so he could get closer to you. He grabbed your ankles, pulling you out of a sitting position. “I don’t think you can use the word ‘stuck’ if it’s a choice.” He pressed his body on top of yours, using his hands to prop his weight so he wouldn’t completely crush you. “And you are my choice,” he brushed you hair out of your face, smiling when you smiled. “Always have been and always will be.”

“Right back at you,” you whispered as he leaned in to press his lips against yours.

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Part 5D up next. X

Imagine: Trying to convince Sam to sneak away for the weekend (Part One)

You pouted your bottom lip and tugged on Sam’s shirt, giving him the biggest doe eyed look you could manage without your eyes rolling out of your head. “C’mon, Sammy! Just two nights outta town at this sweet little camping spot. Two nights!” you begged.

“No way! My dad will never let me go, let alone take the Imp,” he said, giving you a small head shake with a sideways smile. He was cute when he was obedient but you knew he wanted to go.

You buried your face in his stomach and groaned loudly. “Pleaaaase!? Tell I’m I’ll wash the car for a month. A year, if that’s what it takes!”

Sam made a small sound in the back of his throat and backed away from you, swinging his arms and snapping gently. “If I did convince he’d still suggest Dean comes with us, just to be safe. And Dean can dampen the romantic camp mood in minutes. Probably seconds.”

You stood and wrapped your arms around his neck, the pamphlet still in your hand. “Sam, the last time we did something fun was two weeks ago when we went to an R rated movie without an adult. Please?”

“I can’t-” He looked at you and you knew you had caught him, your head tilted and your lip between your teeth as his eyes met yours. He broke, looking away and sighing. “Fine, I’ll go ask.”

“And if that doesn’t work?”

He took the pamphlet from you. “I’ll sneak out and leave a note.”


About half an hour later he came back, a disappointed look on his face as he sat next to you and shook his head. “Nope, not gonna happen. He was good until I mentioned it was just us and then he shut up right away. Even Dean couldn’t change his mind, and he was all for it,” Sam explained.

“Crap. Guess we just gotta sneak out, huh?” You poked him in the side and hopped up.

“And who’s gonna take us there?” he asked, eyebrows raised.

You pulled the keys to the Impala out of your sweater pocket and smirked. “We are.”

Please tell me those aren’t my dad’s keys…”

“Whoops,” you said slowly, setting your knee on his thigh as you dangled the keys in front of his face teasingly. “Break the rules, Sammy. Have some fun ‘cause God knows you never do. When we get back I’ll take the blame.”

He held the keys in his hand to stop the tinkling and looked at the door. “Okay. But you gotta pack fast and be ready when I get there, alright? I’ll see you at sundown.”

You laughed and kissed his cheek before rushing out of the house, saying a quick goodbye to his dad and brother as you jumped on your bike and rode home. Packing quickly, you told your parents it was a go for the camping trip and said goodbye, going to sit outside as the sun was setting.

An hour after you left Sam’s the Impala pulled up, the passenger seat opening. “Hurry up, they’ll notice when they get home.”

You slid into the car, your bag between your legs. “Where’d they go? A strip club?”

“Probably,” he joked, pulling away from your house. He glanced sideways at you and hummed. “This better be a damn good weekend.”

FIRST LOVE PART THREE:http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/145532464219/imaginingbucky-part-two


“What’s going on guys?” Sebastian asked.

“(Y/n) and I was just about to go and get some sushi.” Chris answered oblivious to the awkward vibes coming from you. You had been so close to not running into Sebastian.

Sebastian seemed a little surprised and looked back over at you, “Oh really?”

You nodded not knowing what else to say. You couldn’t even form words.

“Yeah, there’s a nice place down the street we were going to go and try.” Chris said.

Sebastian had this look on his face that you knew quite well. When you guys were young, you often knew what he was feeling since you could read him like a book. He often hated how you could tell when he was upset or annoyed so easily.

Now, you could tell that he was upset.

“Well, have fun you two. Maybe I will see you guys later?” Sebastian questioned.

“Yeah maybe.” Chris spoke before the two of you walked into the elevator. Sebastian had walked off and you felt a little relieved.

“Are you going to tell me why that seemed so awkward?” Chris chuckled as the doors closed.

“It’s a long story.”

“I’ve got plenty of time.”


“So he didn’t tell you that he was seeing someone?”

You shook your head as you looked down at your plate, “Nope. He gave me all of the signs that he was probably interested and then when you told me he had a girlfriend, I was completely shocked.”

“I’m sorry for being the bearer of bad news.” Chris reached over and grabbed another piece of sushi.

It didn’t take long for you to open up to him once the both of you reached the restaurant. He was just such an easy person to talk to. He didn’t interrupt, didn’t give you judging looks. Chris listened until you were done before asking any questions or giving any advice.

“It’s not your fault,” you mumbled, “I shouldn’t have been so stupid to think that after all of this time, he would still be interested. We were young but…. seeing him again, it just..”

“It was like how it was all those years ago.” Chris finished for you.

You nodded and rested your arms on the table, “Yeah. Maybe I should just get over it. It’s probably smart if I move on. He clearly has.”

“I see the way he looks at you, (Y/n). There’s something there.”

“It’s doesn’t matter. I’m not the kind of girl that gets in between someone’s relationship. I hate that I feel this way but there isn’t anything that I can do. I just have to try and avoid any possible conversations with him or something.” You knew that it was easier said than done and so did Chris.

“I don’t think that’s possible. We are going to be seeing each other everyday for the next few months. It’s going to be long hours and close quarters. You can’t avoid him.”

You sighed, “I know. It’s hard being around him and having to hide how I feel.”

Chris looked at something behind you, “Well, you might want to start figuring out how you are going to be around him.”

You sat up a little, “Why?”

“He’s coming.”

It was like every nerve in your body froze. Goosebumps formed on your arms.

Sebastian spotted you and Chris at a table near the back. He made his way over and thought that the two of you seemed pretty cozy.

“Hey guys.” He said once he walked over to the table.

You looked up at him and saw that he seemed to be in a better mood.

“Hey Sebastian.” You said trying to act like you were completely okay.

“After you guys left, I realized I was in the mood to get some sushi. Figured I would join you guys if that’s okay.”

Chris glanced at you, “Yeah, it’s fine.” Sebastian slid into the side of the booth that you were on. You wished that the waitress had given you guys a regular table.

You moved your plate over and yourself to make some space between you and Sebastian. Chris noticed how uneasy that you were.

“So, what were you guys chatting about?” Sebastian asked.

“Just about the next couple of days. Busy schedule and all.”

“Yeah, it’s been so crazy that I’ve hardly had time to catch up with (Y/n).” Sebastian looked over at you. You tried to give a convincing smile.

“Are you scheduled for the promo shoots tomorrow?” Chris asked Sebastian. The majority of the cast were going to be together that following day for the promos. It was the time that they did the photo shoots that would end up on billboards, cereal boxes, and the movie posters.

You had been extremely excited to be able to put on your costume for the first time. Once you were shown the sketches of it, it hit you that you were playing a superhero. You had been more excited than ever.

“Yeah, I am,” Sebastian answered and looked over at you, “Are you?”

You nodded, “Yeah, I’ll be there.”

“Great, maybe we could get some breakfast before. Finally get to catch up like we wanted to.” He smiled a little. Sebastian felt like you were avoiding him. He could feel it after you blew him off earlier.

“Well, actually Chris and I were going to workout tomorrow morning before heading to the studios.” You lied looking over at Chris hoping that he would go along with it.

Sebastian’s eyebrows furrowed a little and looked at Chris, “I thought you told me earlier you had to be on set at six?”

Oh crap.

“Oh yeah, I do. I forgot to tell you that (Y/n), I can’t make our workout tomorrow morning.” You could tell that Chris was sorry that he somewhat got caught in the lie.

“It’s okay. I’ll just go alone.” You grabbed your fork and ate more sushi before any more lies would blurt out.

“I can go with you. I think we have to be at the studio around the same time so it all works out.” Sebastian offered. He wondered if you would turn him down twice in one day.

“Uh,” you looked at Chris and remembered what he said about trying to make it all work, “Yeah that would be great.”

Sebastian was surprised that you agreed. He figured that when you guys were alone, it would be the perfect time to try and talk to you. He wanted to know why you seemed a little off around him.

“Seven o'clock good with you?”

You nodded, “Yeah, that sounds good. Could you scoot out for a second? I need to go to the ladies room.”

Sebastian got out of the booth and so did you. You walked away from the table and to the bathroom to have a minute to yourself. You didn’t want to be around him and now you were making plans with him.


Chris watched as you walked away from the table. An idea struck him as Sebastian sat back down.

“So, how is it working with your old girlfriend?” Chris asked him. He wanted to gage Sebastian’s reaction.

Sebastian thought about it for a second, “I’m really glad that she’s around. I haven’t seen her in so long and when I heard that she would be in the movie…..I got excited.”

“Why haven’t you guys connected in the past?”

“I don’t know. I guess I was upset with how I left when I was younger. I promised her that I would keep in touch with her but I didn’t. I took it up as my responsibly because I was the one leaving.”

“I don’t think she resents you for it. She seems fine.”

“Does she?” Sebastian questioned, “To me it seems like she’s upset with me about something.”

“Can you think of anything that you could’ve done to her?” Chris wanted to say exactly why you were upset with him but it wasn’t his place.

Sebastian shook his head, “No, I can’t.”

Chris decided to turn it up a notch, “She’s not seeing anyone right?”

Sebastian froze. Was Chris interested in you? “Uh, no she’s not. Why? Are you planning on asking her out or something?”

Chris shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know yet. I wouldn’t if you weren’t okay with it.” Chris had no intention of asking you out. He just wanted to see what Sebastian would say.

You started walking back to the table and saw Chris and Sebastian talking. After a moment to catch your breath and collect your thoughts, you felt okay to sit at the table and finish dinner.

“Okay, you guys can stop gossiping. I’m back.” You said as you stood at the table. Chris got up and gestured for you to sit at his side of the table.

Sebastian looked at you and watched as you sat down and then Chris followed. He noticed how Chris sat closer to you than he previously had when you were by him on the other side. He noticed that you seemed to be happier when you were next to Chris.

He didn’t like it one bit.


It took you three times to hit the snooze button on your alarm before you actually got out of bed. You felt nervous to see Sebastian at the gym. You had to think of anything and everything else to try and distract yourself as you got ready.

You dressed in shorts and a tank top with sneakers before grabbing your gym bag and leaving your hotel room.

Sebastian was there waiting for you in the gym.

“Good morning.” He smiled when he saw you walk in. There was a few other people there in the gym but it was huge so it felt like you and Sebastian were alone.

“Hey, good morning.” You said back.

You set your bag near Sebastian’s and started to stretch.

“Did you have fun last night?” He asked as he stretched too.

“Yeah I did. Did you?”

He nodded, “I always have had fun when I’ve been around you.”

You looked away from him to hide the blush that crept up on your cheeks. You used to love when he said cute stuff like that, now it just made you feel more upset.

The two of you lapsed into a comfortable silence as you both did your respective workouts. You used the elliptical while he did some weights.

The both of you would sneak glances to the other while the other wasn’t looking.

Sebastian working out was very distracting. His muscles bulging out. The sounds he would make. It was giving you inappropriate thoughts.

You looked away and focused on what you were doing.

Once you were done with the elliptical, you wanted to get a few minutes in at the punching bag.

Sebastian noticed you walking over to it and followed you, “Need some help?”

“Yeah thanks.”

Sebastian wrapped the tape around your hands. You tried to ignore the stirring feelings you got by him touching you. Sebastian felt it too.

He helped you out your gloves on and held the bag while you started punching.

“Got quite the punch there. I would hate to be on the opposite side of it.” Sebastian smiled.

“I’m sure you would.”

It was silent for a few moments as you jabbed left and right. You could feel your arms burning from the impact but you continued through.

“So, want to tell me why you’ve been avoiding me?” Sebastian asked out of the blue.

You stopped what you were doing, “I’m not avoiding you.”

He chuckled, “Not right now but you have been. Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you haven’t. I’m not avoiding you, Sebastian.” It seemed like you were getting better and better at lying.

“(Y/n), I can tell that you’re lying. You can’t even look me in my eyes.”

You ignored him and started punching the bag again.

“Is it because something is sort of happening between you and Chris?” Sebastian hated the words that were coming out of his mouth.

“No, I’m not avoiding you.” You repeated.

“So something is happening between you and Chris.”

You were getting more aggravated so your punching became more frequent. You put all of your energy into it.

“Nothing is going on with me and Chris.” You answered curtly.

“Seems like it is.” Sebastian mumbled.

You stopped, “And if it is?”

Sebastian let go of the bag, “What?”

“If something was going on between me and Chris, why would it bother you? We haven’t dated in years.”

“It does bother me, (Y/n)!”

The other people in the gym were leaving, probably annoyed with the conversation going on between you and Sebastian just like you were.

“Why?! You’ve got a girlfriend!” You shouted. Sebastian froze, “How did you–”

“Does it matter how I found out?” You cut him off, “Just know that I do and I hate the fact that I allowed myself to start having these feelings for you all over again! I know it’s been years since we’ve laid eyes on each other but looking at you…. it takes me back.”

You took off the gloves and threw them to the ground. Hurrying and grabbing your bag, you walked out of the gym, Sebastian calling after you the whole time.


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Anon asked: Can I have a Nash imagine where you just moved from London England to LA to visit your cousin and they’re friends with him and they like laugh about your accent but you get on really well and yeah you can take it from there 😊

Los Angeles was in a sense way different compared to London. LA was the famous “land of opportunities” and it was a much warmer climate change, which is perfect for me because I’m more of a swimsuit type of girl. I’ve lived in London literally half my life and decided to come to LA for change and to be with my cousins. I feel like I’m already home and I’ve only been here an hour. I hopped in the awaiting uber and let my cousins know I was on my way, I was pretty excited taking in that I’d be living here, with my cousins but also quiet nervous on how much adjusting I’d have to do and how many new friends I’d have to make. We driver drove and I admired the palm trees, the height they stood was a spectacular sight to see. I watched buff juice monkey guys work out on the beach, and beautiful girls strut what they have. Occasionally I’d see a skateboarder and wave, you could say I have a special love for skateboarding.

Within 30 minutes we were at the address of my cousins place, the driver beeped and my cousins came running out, “Y/N!!” They screamed running into my arms. I was loosing oxygen rather quickly “woah woah woah, I can’t breath” I chuckled. “My bad, we miss you so much” my cousin Yasmine said smiling. “You need help?” The youngest cousin Jonathan said, “that would be great” I sarcastically smiled. They brought my bags in, as I tipped the driver. As I turned I bumped into this tall long haired boy, “oh crap” his deep voice exclaimed, “oh my, I’m sorry” I chuckled, his eyebrows furrowed together as if he was trying to take in what I said. “No bigged” he smiled as he walked up the steps of my cousins house, “you know my cousin?” I ran up the stairs catching up, “yeah” he chuckled, “she’s a close friend of mine” he smiled, “your the cousin she talks about all the time” he smiled brightly, “I don’t know weather to take offense or be flattered” I chuckled a bit letting my accent flow out, “you should be greatly flattered I’ve been dying to meet you” he smiled as we headed inside. “SURRRRRPRISEE” I was flustered with cheers and sudden flashes. I held to my chest being caught off guard, “oh my gosh, what the hell” I caught my breath trying to laugh.

“Our bad, we just had to throw a party for you since your permanently living with us” Jason the oldest laughed. “JASSSON, you bastard I thought you were in Chicago on your "BUISNESS TRIP” I ran into his arms, you could say me and Jason get along more than the other cousins do. “I had to lie, or I knew you’d think something was up” he laughed running my back. Everyone dismembered doing their own things, Yasmine called me over to a group of boys. All of which handsome and included the young fellow I bumped into earlier. “This is Nash,Hayes, Jack, Jack, Sammy and Nate” she gestured each. The guy I bumped into earlier was Nash, I smiled brightly “Hello” I waved. “Ooh nice accent” the young one named Hayes chuckled. “Wait wait wait, say where are you’re shoes” this blonde hair boy, I think his name was Sammy chuckled. “Why?” I furrowed my brows together, “I wanna see if your accent matches with this movie I seen” he chuckled, “where are your shoes” I said it clearly with my accent present, “DUDE IT MATCHES” Nate laughed.

“What’s wrong with her accent, i find it cute” the Nash boy smiled at me, “thank you” I warmly smiled back. “I’ve always wanted to go to London” One of the Jack said. “Yeah, London is such a beautiful peaceful place, nothing compared to LA” I smiled, “my names Jack, but call me Johnson” the same Jack replied “and yeah, I dig the more quiet places, like I’m a guy that likes to be up and moving but it’s nice to be chill” he smiled, “yeah, I’m more of a adventurous type of girl and don’t get get me wrong i love London, but it’s nice to be in LA with people I know I’m meant to be surrounded with” I chuckled, “yeah that’s fresh, maybe when we go to LA for our tour, you could come and show us around?” He smiled, “I’d be delighted too” I smiled back. “Tell us about yourself” Nash flirted, and I flirted back. I kept leaning from leg to leg because I was tired of standing. “You look tired, wanna sit where I’m sitting” Nash offered, I denied his offer, “no your sitting there, I’d feel bad taking your seat” I smiled. “Who said I was talking about sitting in the seat” he winked, “gwowwww, we have a flirt over here” I chuckled, he got up slightly pulling me by my arm to his lap. “Now that, that’s settled. Tell us…mainly me about yourself” he smiled placing a hand on my lap.

I told them everything, from my singing to skateboarding and even my smoke places in London.
“Me and you are definitely gonna smoke one day” Nate laughed, “I’m down” I smiled, “ooh tomorrow we got a studio sesh, care to join and show us what you got” Jack J smiled, “I’m hella down for that” I chuckled, “care to go on a skateboard date” Nash whispered in my ear as his head layed relaxed on my shoulder, “i look forward to that” I smiled down. He pulled his phone out and handed it to me, I typed in my number and handed it back. “Future Girlfriend” he smiled, “yes future girlfriend, future boyfriend” I winked back.

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything that it was nice to get back into it - even if it was rather dark. I’m hoping that I’ve balanced the darkness out and not made it too graphic. 

Please be warned. It’s still a very dark request. Don’t read on unless you can stomach it. Thank you to @hiddenavengers for the challenge!

Prompt: …could you write a fic where its Bucky x reader and the reader drowns? Like she gets kidnapped by hydra and the are recording her drowning, they send the Avengers on a goose chase to find out where she is being tortured. And there is a “live” video of her dying. When they finally find where she is being kept, the discover that the video was pre-recorded and she is already dead.

‘Hope Never Dies’

You’d been having dreams.

Sometimes they were good, and other times they were bad. But they were frequent and vivid, and you couldn’t forget them.

Steve Rogers, your neighbour, had come up with the brilliant idea of making a dream journal to record everything in. Neither of you, however, had been able to make heads or tails of the dreams you’d recorded.

Sometimes the dreams even came true. Like the time you dreamt of a bookshelf setting itself alight, only to find out the next day that your favourite bookstore was closing. Or the time when you dreamt of a bird falling from a tree, and that weekend, Steve’s friend Clint suffered a broken leg whilst decorating. It was eerie. Thankfully, they were never horrendous things.

Until one night, when you dreamt of a dark and hooded stranger bursting through a door in a barrage of flames. He had one flesh hand and one metal hand, the latter of which clutched a scythe.

You were introduced to Bucky Barnes the next day.

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Summary: Zelda Ruiz is an 18 year old mexican/american mutant, she can stop and travel through time, when she arrives to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, on her first day she meets Peter Maximoff, the silver haired guy with awesome musical taste who turns out to be her teacher.

Parts: 6/?

Fandom: X-Men | Days of Future Past | Apocalypse.

Love interest: Peter/Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver.

Characters: Peter Maximoff | Anne Marie / Rogue | Bobby Drake / Iceman | Pyro | Cypher |

Warnings: Main character falls in love with Peter Maximoff, her music professor. | 12 year age gap | Swearing | Spanglish | Spanish |

Notes: At first this was going to be a Reader x Peter fanfic but it was really hard for me to do it so I created a main character, but you can imagine it’s you.

The story takes place in 1990.

I am really sorry if my English kinda sucks but it’s not my first language.

Feedback is always welcome.


“Zel! Where have you been?” Anne asks, she’s sitting on the couch, drawing.

“Uh, I, I…”

“You went to Coney Island.” She says, I feel the color leaving my skin.

“How do you know that?”

“Zel, you’re carrying a pink dinosaur, and you smell like sand and cotton candy.”

“Ohh, right, sorry, I’m just a bit tired.” I leave Gunther on my bed and walk to the wardrobe, I take out Peter’s Pink Floyd shirt and a pair of cotton pajama shorts.

“I’m going for a soda with Bobby and John, want to come?”

“Sure, give me a second.”  I get up, grab my hoodie and close the door behind me.

We arrive to the cafeteria, Bobby and John saved us a seat next to the window, I make my way to the table while Anne gets the drinks.

“Zelda.” Bobby says.

“What?” I sit in front of them.

“Why are you wearing Maximoff’s shirt?”

“This is not Maximoff’s shirt…” I begin to say.

“It’s his favorite shirt, everyone knows that, he says it brings him good luck or something.”

“Zel, have you been secretly hooking up with him?” John asks.

No I haven’t been hooking up with Maximoff, but damn, I wish I had.

“Why would I be hooking up with Maximoff John, it makes no fucking sense.” I grunt.

“Then, why are you wearing his shirt?”

“this shirt is Doug’s “ I blurt the fist name that pops into my mind.

They are still laughing when Anne arrives with the drinks.

“Whoa guys, what did I miss?” Says Anne as she sits next to Bobby.

“Zelda says she’s wearing Doug’s shirt, I say it’s bullshit, that shirt is Maximoff’s.” Bobby says.

“Of course is Doug’s…”

“Maximoff? There’s no fucking way that shirt is Maximoff’s.”

“Thanks Anne, finally someone is speaking with logic.”

“But, I don’t think that shirt is Doug’s either, I believe you are having a secret affair with someone, you went to Coney Island today and I’m 100% sure you weren’t on your own, you suck at fair games and you were carrying a pink dinosaur.” She smirks.

“I-I was with Doug, for real.”

“Look, there he is.” John points at the door, Doug is standing there, searching for a table, wearing blue pajama bottoms and a white shirt. “Why don’t we ask him?”

“Don’t you dare Lighter.”

“I want to know too Zel.” Anne laughs.

“DOUG! OVER HERE!” Bobby waves at him and he makes his way to our table.

“Hey guys!” I stand up, giving him an awkward hug. “Um, hey Zel:”

“Doug, we’re so happy you are here, we wanted to ask you a question.” John chuckles.

“Um, yeah, it’s okay.” Doug is the kind of person that “Um's” a lot.

“You see that shirt Zelda is wearing?” Bobby points, Doug nods. “Is that shirt yours?”

Fuck shit fuck shit fuck shit crap.

“Yeah, of course it’s his shirt, right honey?” I say, resting my head in his shoulder.

“Is it Zel?” He shooks his head.

“Yeah, totally, you gave it to me after we slept together last night.” Bobby and John open their eyes in surprise.

“Oh, right babe.”  Doug holds my hand, I look at him. “I’m going to kill you.” He whispers.

“No shit, since when have you been dating guys?” Bobby asks.

“Um, we’ve been dating for about 4 hours.” Doug nods.

“You got to third base before being his boyfriend, Doug, you’re officially life goals.” Johny says, he lets out a grunt after I kick him.

“And when were you going to tell us, it’s not fair Zel, we share a room and you never told me you liked Doug.”

“We were waiting to make it official, he asked me to be his girlfriend today at Luna Park.”

“Yeah, I took her to the Cyclone, and we had Ice Cream.”

“Well, congratulations lovebirds, I’m amazed but you guys make a cute couple.” Anne greets us.

The rest of the night passes in a blur, we move from the cafeteria to one of the common rooms, the one that happens to be next to Peter’s room, and I’m stuck with Doug, we share one couch, I sit on his lap while we talk, Bobby, Anne and John go to sleep an hour later, I try to go but Doug grabs my hand.

“Zelda, would you please explain me why did you tell everyone I was your boyfriend?” Doug asks, he seems mad, I don’t blame him.

“If I tell you, promise me you won’t tell anyone, not Anne, and specially not Bobby or John.” I beg.

“I won’t but you better have a good reason because I’m about to kill you right now.”

“It’s Maximoff.” I sigh, “We’ve been hanging around since that day at music class, when we sang The Cure’s Lullaby.”

“Wait wait wait, you’re telling me that you’ve been sneaking all around New York with Maximoff? The rumors were true then.”

“Yeah, I mean, we’re good friends, but if Xavier finds out, he’ll kill me, he already lectured me about boundaries between professors and students.”

“Zel, you know my mutation allows me to read body language and to understand the truth within every sentence you speak?”

“Doug, you tell me that everytime we talk.”

“You are in love with him, madly in love with him.”

“I know, but he’s like a shit ton of years older than me, and that would never work.” I sit back on the couch and bury my face in a pillow.

“Zel, I’ll help you, you’re one of my best friends and if you’re in love with Speedy Gonzales, I’m going to help you.” I start laughing.

“Thanks Doug, you’re the best, please don’t kill me.” I say, hugging him.

Peter’s POV.

When Wanda was six, I took her to her first day at school, I stayed there, while she waved me goodbye before entering the classroom and way after the doors were closed, in that moment, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, and I realized how much I loved Wanda, I mean, I obviously love her because she’s my little sister but I was 16 and I didn’t really worry about any other things than stealing video games and records, but I realized how much it would hurt me if something happend to her, I wasn’t going to let anybody hurt my little girl, I owed that to my mom, my dad was a dick, but that didn’t mean I was one too.

Charles, Hank and Logan appeared in my front door a week after, we broke into the Pentagon and released Magneto, according to Logan, we had changed the future, saving the mutants from the Sentinel program that Bolivar Trask was desinging, they thaught me I could use my powers for the greater good, but it wasn’t until 1983 when I decided to do something about it, I joined Raven, Jean, Scott, Kurt, Hank and Charles to defeat Apocalypse and his horsemen, we became the X-Men’s second generation alongside with Ororo.

Two years later, I told Magneto he was my father, he was shocked at first, and he became distant, shortly after, I learnt I had another sister, Lorna, and Magneto had no other choice than to work in our relationship, we’ve improved since then, and I get to see the girls pretty often, but I never felt like I belonged.

I mean, Xavier’s was great, everyone was pretty understanding and supportive, but I always felt like an outcast, partly because of Magneto being my dad, but I always longed for someone who liked the same things I liked, someone who enjoyed music, comic books, videogames, someone I could talk to about my problems, about concerts, the girl I wanted to introduce to my girl, the kind of girl who would play with Wanda and her Barbies because she wanted to, but that person never arrived and I eventually got used to the loneliness.

Lorna and my mom set me up for blind dates but it wasn’t okay, I believe they didn’t get the concept of having chemistry with someone.

I tried college and I dropped it on the third semester, it was just too boring, why did we have to study about the color symbolism in every damn Shakespeare play if threats like Apocalypse were wandering freely all around the Universe? Somehow my dad convinced Charles I’d be a good teacher, so he offered me to teach music, and I’ve been teaching here for 3 years, and my mom was glad I had a steady job.

And then Zelda arrived.

With her sharp questions, sarcastic comments, her blue hair and her hazel eyes, filled with curiosity,  and her smile is enough to light up even the darkest of my days.

On Friday’s, after binge watching horror movies, she’d fall asleep in my arms, while whe listened to The Smiths, Radiohead or whatever she wanted, she had taken the control over my record player.

That night, afterI left Zelda in her room, I felt the kind of pain you feel when you miss someone, I take two hours to convince myself that I need to make a move before I screw everything up, and I make up a plan.

When I open the doors of my room, I hear her voice in the common room, my heart beats faster as I speed up to find her, she’s sitting in some guy’s lap, with her head resting on his shoulder, I recognize him, Doug, he’s in her class and has his arms wrapped around her shoulders, giving her small kisses on the top of her head, and the sharp pain I felt when I took Wanda to school on her first day, comes back.

I speed back to my room, taking out a backpack from underneath the bed, I begin to fill it with random clothes

I wait, as the voices fade away in the hallways, I lock my room and walk to the front door, I close it behind me, and start running, it takes me a while.

I don’t want to think, but I can’t help it either.

She’s fucking 18 Peter, she’s not into you, don’t you see? You were his toy all the time, she was just playing with your feelings.

I try to keep running, but focusing on the road is difficult when tears are blocking your sight.

I finally give up, somehow I arrived to a park, and throw myself into the grass, sobbing.

It’s the first time I ever cried because of a girl, and it sucks, because I love her.

Title: Match Dot Com 19.0

Summary: Belle and Pongo surprise Rumple by visiting him a day early. While Rumple is at work, Belle spends the day in his apartment for the first time alone with Chip. Goldie Locks and Midnight think they will starve to death. I don’t know why I added that part about the fish in this summary, but they do think they’ll starve to death :)

Rating: NC-17 (Bubble bath sexytimes, just a little.)

Note: This fic is back. YAY! Sorry it took so long to update. I hope this chapter is enjoyably. I found it fun and a lot of things do happen, which is why I think it took so long. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. Happy reading.

Links to the full verse: [ao3 link]

Belle French is in her office at city hall on this slow Wednesday afternoon. She has completed making all of the necessary preparations for next week’s Miner’s Day Festival and now she sits without much to do. Being the mayor is an important job and she positively loves doing it, but being mayor of a small town does make some work days, or even weeks, more uneventful than others.

As much as she hates to think about it, Belle knows that Rumple is at work and with that broom-riding-witch right now, just the very thought of it sends prickly tingles down her spine and goosebumps across the scale of her arms. She is disgusted in the way Zelena treats her boyfriend and menacing ideas of what she wants to do to Zelena comes to mind. They have become a common occurrence for Belle. She’s never really had these type of thoughts about a person, but she’s never really hated anyone either. Having these thoughts running through her mind is leaving a repulsive taste in Belle’s mouth and she needs to know what’s going on with Rumple at this very moment. She removes her phone from the pocket of her skirt suit jacket and texts him from the Equal Match app.

TCup_Chipper: I’m sitting here thinking about you, Pookie. Are you alright at work?

She stares at the screen, waiting for the little notification that he’s typing, but it doesn’t pop up.

TCup_Chipper: Are you alright?

She receives no reply. Usually, it doesn’t bother her when he doesn’t respond quickly, but today it does. She’s bothered by it immensely. All she can think is that something grim is happening to him.

TCup_Chipper: I know you don’t want me worrying about you, but I can’t help it. Please, message me back soon.

She sits the phone on her desks and sighs out, resting her head in her hands. She wishes there was something she could do for Rumple, but she can’t, not while she’s in Storybrooke and he’s in New York. She hates this feeling of uselessness.

Belle pulls herself out of her slow descent into anguish, lifting her head, and decides to distract herself from her thoughts by checking her email. She push the mouse of her desktop computer and the welcome screen appears, then she sits tight for the load to complete.

Waiting for the load, Belle cuts her eyes at her phone, hoping to see a notification on the screen or to hear the buzzing of a call, but nether of those things happen and the cell phone remains deathly still. “Ugh!” she growl and opens the top drawer of the desk, sliding the phone inside. She can’t stand to look at it any longer. She slams the drawer shut and focuses her attention on the computer screen.

Belle clicks on the icon for her personal email and it instantly opens, then she selects the first address that doesn’t look like spam.

From: pan_pan-he-is-our-man@heymail.com
To: a-bookworms-rose@heymail.com

Okay, so I thought if I gave you a bit of time to cool off, you would change your opinion of me. I know you blocked me twice on Equal Match and that’s fine, I’m okay with that, baby. I can understand why you thought what you thought about me, but I’m here to prove you wrong and that Pan (That’s my name btw. You never asked what it was. Which I thought was a little rude on your part. Anyways, I forgive you for that too.) is not a little boy, but in fact a man.

Here is a picture of what you’ve been missing.

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