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I had a caller today and she mentioned cause as I waited for my computer to stop being slow I said I could not wait for once to come on and she said she was a swan queen shopper and i told her she had to call back cause my computer needed to be restarted which was a lie. I refuse to assist a swen.

What a strange troll?  Like this was such an odd thing to say that I don’t actually think you are even in Once Upon a Time fandom.  Are you trying to get me to attack CSers… or point out how gullible SQers are?  Or just wanting to see the chaos?

Like there was that incident last year with the woman who said she hated the kid wearing the SQ sweater in her daycare but that was someone posting on their blog not sending it directly to a shipper to… what … make me upset?

Which… just resulted in me doing this…

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I had a caller today and she mentioned cause as I waited for my computer to stop being slow I said I could not wait for once to come on and she said she was a swan queen shopper and i told her she had to call back cause my computer needed to be restarted which was a lie. I refuse to assist a swen.

I’ll take “Things That Literally Never Happened" for $1000, Alex!

Also, someone needs to assist you with dat spelling and grammar, goddamn! 

For your enjoyment, anon:

I tend to chew the inside of my bottom lip when I’m nervous or anxious. Right about now, it’s raw, almost numb, if that’s gives you a clue about how I’m feeling.

This morning when I woke up, I made oatmeal & let it sit until it was too thick & sticky to pick up with a spoon. I poured some milk in the bowl, watched the white trickle through the hills & mounds of oats, and had flashbacks of you biting your lip. That’s the face you’d make before you’d pull out & come on the sheets, my back or my stomach; like I was some porn star; like you didn’t caress my face a half hour earlier and tell me I “got the kind of beauty needs to be felt.” You remember how I reacted the first time you did that? Me neither, it’s fine.

I knew I had fucked up when you did that because you never asked if it was okay or cool; you assumed. Like I assumed that you really cared about me; that you were capable of loving. But that’s neither here nor there.

Somewhere between there and here though, I was late. Somewhere between my house & the drugstore, I realized that I was alone. Somewhere between my heart & my head, I decided that a baby isn’t something I needed or something that you’d want. Somewhere between my front door & the clinic my eyes started pouring and so did the sky.

This isn’t even for you. This is for me. Even if it was for you, you wouldn’t get it. By get it, I mean both understand and receive it.

I don’t want you thinking that you mean anything to me; because you shouldn’t even have to think about that. You could call now and I know I’d pick up desperately like you had something I need; because in actuality you do. I’m not exactly sure when you took it or if I gave it to you, but I know you have it. Picked it up right around the time you picked your boxers up off your bedroom floor and asked me how I was getting home. I could never make a home out of you, because men like you don’t have good foundations or sturdy walls. Your roofs leak and I’ve never been good with my hands. Any levelheaded girl would know that you needed more than just a fresh coat of paint.

I used to blame your father for leaving your mother, then your mother for leaving you be, then myself for not blaming you. But in life, you make choices. You chose to let your scars cut you again and again; to let the pain in; to let it stay. You chose to suffer.

I chose me.

The medical assistant told me it’s okay to have second thoughts. She doesn’t know this is the third clinic I’ve been to in four days. It’s not a question of whether or not I can do it. It’s a question of whether or not I want it to happen. When it does, we’re really over & I’m not sure if I’m okay with that. I’m not sure I’m even okay at all.

A smart girl would have left. She wouldn’t have had a reason to leave because she wouldn’t have come in. She wouldn’t have stay long enough to see the way you throw your head back in laughter whenever your niece dances, how your eyes squint when you smile too hard, how you crack your knuckles when you’re uncomfortable, how you breath deeply when you have to think of lie. She wouldn’t have seen you flinch the first time she reached out to touch you while you laid in bed staring into the darkness.

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment I realized I loved you. It wasn’t easy for me to admit it to myself; loving someone who proclaimed themselves incapable of love. We’d lay together, legs intertwined in a comfortable silence with your phone plugged into one of your homeboys portable speakers playing some R&B playlist you found & you’d say “you know I can’t give you what you want right? It’s what you deserve, but I just don’t think you’re gonna find it here.” What I wanted was for you to shut up.

Truthfully, I don’t regret loving you. It taught me patience & strength. Those are virtues I’m sure will be useful sometime in the future, when a child that isn’t ours won’t stop crying at 4 in the morning & I have to be up at 6.

I heard somewhere that true love is giving without the expectation of receiving. I never believed in that until you. That kind of love can’t be true though. It’s destructive, malicious even, & leaves you with a hollow chest that no amount of deep breathing can fill. The thing is, people don’t realize that you can only give what is being taken. You took my love. Honestly, if I was you, I would have to. You made me understand why hate & love are so often mistaken for each other.

You used to say I was stupid over you and I’d blush, shove you playfully, and tell you “stahpppp it” like it was a compliment; not knowing that I’d just confirmed everything you just said. It was stupid of me to think I could teach you how to love when you gave me no indication that you even wanted to learn. Stupid of me to think that I’d be the one to change you, when no one has ever changed on the basis of someone else wanting them to.

I used to go to your house when you weren’t around & sit with your mother at the kitchen table with the four mismatched chairs, hoping she’d break & tell me what I needed to do to make you love me. No one knows you better than your mother…..isn’t that what they say? I’d tell her about our arguments, things you’d said just to hurt me; to make me leave & she’d file her nails or busy herself with making some coffee. She’d clear her throat or suck her teeth, like something was stuck between them; like the truth. One day after filing her nails until perfectly round, pouring three cups of coffee and letting them sit until they were cold, she turned around to face me while leaning against the kitchen counter & folded her arms. “You know it’s true what they say…that books can’t teach you everything.” she said, looking at the floor. She looked up at me and continued “Because if they could, you’d be smart enough to see that my son doesn’t deserve a girl like you. Hell, I’m his mother and I love him, with all of me I do, but I know he’s never gonna be the man I want him to be….the kind of man you deserve. Why are you still here? You’re always here. He’s knows you’re here & he’s not even here! Doesn’t that tell you something?” She let out one of those laughs, the kind you let out when you’re convinced that what’s happening can’t be real; that it has to be a joke in order for it to make sense. I didn’t have an answer for her. Instead I moved my foot back & forth across the corner of one of the linoleum tiles on the kitchen floor that had started to lift. It made this low scraping sound that I pretended I didn’t hear. “These floors ain’t no good.” she said after realizing where the sound was coming from; “I swear any day it’ll give way right where you’re sitting.” and all of a sudden my foot stop moving because I know she wasn’t talking about the floor anymore; you remember what I said about foundations.

The chairs in the waiting room are cold & the plastic on them grabs on to your legs like it knows your secrets; what you did. I decided to stand after about 10 minutes of sitting. Nobody in the room wanted to be there. You could feel it. The receptionist kept checking the clock, then counting the people waiting with these sweeping head nods that scan the room. The medical assistant would walk in from the back of the office & sigh before calling the name of the next patient. One of the girls looked like she could be your cousin but that’s unlikely; your aunt had her on the pill as soon as she turned 15. “Listen you gotta take precaution with these young girls. I’m too young to have a grandchild & so was my mother when I had her.” I overheard her say one day when you left me in your bedroom to take a shower. It was summer time and we had just finished fucking. My skin was sticky and you’d just pushed me off of you to go shower. I turned over & laid there, letting anxiety set in. You came back in, still wet around the shoulders with the towel gripping your waist, & told me I should go home with your back to me. You were looking in the mirror brushing your hair toward your forehead. I went to the bathroom before I left; ran the water for a couple of seconds, cupped it in my hand and slushed it around my mouth, listening to it crash against my teeth and swollen bottom lip. You & blood never tasted good together.

You gotta understand that I never understood you. Now I know that it’s because there was nothing to figure out; to understand. Sometimes it’s easier to think someone is hiding some part of themselves from us; that we can get to that part if we stay long enough. In reality, it’s our own secrets & insecurities that make us believe that everyone must have them; that no one is truly transparent about their feelings. You were. When you said you couldn’t give me what I want, it wasn’t because you didn’t think you could. It was because you didn’t want to. In all honesty, I wish I could be like you; walking the earth needing & wanting for no one. Your mother told me you said you stopped saying “I love you too” when you realized that you were just saying it as a response & not because you meant it. It was never just a response for me.

They ask you if you want to see the embryo before you have the abortion. How stupid is that? Why would I want to see what I’m about to kill? So I can hate myself more? So I can think about not going through with it? Whatever the reason is, I declined the offer. It’s bad enough I dreamt about the baby ever by night. I imagined it’s face every day while I washed the dishes with my mother sitting at the kitchen table behind me, half watching/half staring at the news on the tv in the living room. “Why are you so quiet lately? You barely laugh when your brother tells those corny jokes you love so much.” she said once while she was waiting for the microwave to finish heating up her leftovers from the night before. I brushed her off, telling her I’ve just been thinking about “life”; you know like how mine would end if I told her I was pregnant.

She would have my eyes but your eyelashes because mine never curled up to the sun the way yours did. He would have your long legs but my muscles because you could never lift anything. She would have my shoulders because they’re the kind you can lean on. He would have your smile because it’s the kind that’s contagious. She would have my tenacity but your honesty because that’ll take her far, I think. He would have your curiosity, but my precaution. Then again that never helped me with you, so perhaps not. She would have my determination. He would have your arms but my hands because I can touch things and people without breaking them.

After they finished they asked me the obligatory “How are you feeling?”. I said I didn’t know because I honestly couldn’t feel anything. Physically, I felt the same as I did the day you didn’t pull out in time. I remember you breathing heavy, whispering “Ughh Shit!!” into the crook of my neck where your head always ended up. “My bad.”, you said after you’d caught your breath and for the first time I pushed you off of me, because it wasn’t your bad; it had never been your bad. It was always mine.

Love And Art.

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Pairing: Gaston x reader

Titled: ‘Love and Art’ 

Warnings: light angst, Gaston/Luke Evans feels, FLUFF, etc. 

A/N: This was an idea for a mini series! Which I am really excited for all of you to read!! 

Summary: You have triplet older sisters, or usually known as the Bimbettes, Claudette, Paulette, and Laurette, you have an identical twin sister, Odette. Much to the older girl’s disposition, Gaston loves you. Your sisters will do anything to sabotage your true love by any means necessary. 

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It’s needless to say you never had it easy in life. You were the shadow of your sisters, even your twin sister, who is only older than you by nothing more than a few seconds.  The only person who truly understood you was your father, who tragically passed away a little over a year ago. Unfortunately, your mother was just as bad as your sisters. Which only left you wondering who they could have contracted that from.  

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Coffee and Colors (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You’re a historian who agreed to help Lin through his writer’s block. You’re taken with him immediately and spend a lot of the time being distracted by the charming company you’re keeping.

Word Count: 1,127

Warnings: y i k e s. nothing really though.

A/N: Literally, @gratitudejoyandsorrow is a blessing and patiently played my soundboard all day and @l-nmanuel is absolutely a m a z i n g. This fic would’ve found a new home in the trash bin if not for these two. 

It was a friend of a friend, who had this friend, who knew someone who needed your assistance. They told you that he had ideas that he couldn’t possibly get down on paper without help and you were the perfect person to do it. You normally would brush the idea off but after having spent weeks pent up with your newest research paper, getting out and about didn’t seem like such a bad idea. You figured if nothing else, some fresh air and coffee out of a cup that wasn’t your Columbia University mug would do you some good.

That’s how you found yourself walking into the coffee shop that you had been instructed to be at, at the exact time you were instructed to be there. The soft chime of the bell drew a few eyes to you but no one stood up so you figured he wasn’t there yet. You took the opportunity to order coffee and find a table by the window, pulling out your notebook and scrawling down anything you thought might help the paper you were returning to tonight. 

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70 + 75 + Sehun (CEO au) and the reader could be is assistant ??? Make it fluff please. Ty 😄

“Kiss me, quick!”

“I need you to pretend we’re dating…”

At first you thought he was joking, but the serious look on his face told you otherwise.

“I’m sorry, Mr Oh. Could you repeat that please? I think I may have heard incorrectly.”

“I am quite certain that you heard me the first time,” your boss sighed, leaning back in his seat.

“I might have, but just to reassure myself so I can validate to myself whether I have finally lost my mind or not,” you insist. Being Mr Oh’s assistant was quite the task, doing unusual things on a daily on his request, but this one was exceptionally weird.

“I need you to pretend we’re dating…” he sighs again, leaning forward over his desk to look you in the eye.

“Okay, so I’m not mad, that’s good,” you concluded, “secondly, why on earth would I have to pretend to be your girlfriend?”

“My parents are pushing me towards marriage, and they’re even trying to find a suitable match for me. They won’t listen to me as much as I decline, so they’ve become rather… forceful.”

“Uhm… okay? What exactly do you want me to do?” you ask.

“Every year they throw one of these fancy events, a lot of people go to these and I’ve always gone by myself. My parents told me that they had a woman for me that they think is perfect and she would be attending as well. But if I take you as my girlfriend, then maybe they’d let me be.”

“This is so cliche, why are you making me a part of this?” You inquire, not really wanting to be a part of a scheme. Another reason was that you had a teeny tiny crush on Mr Oh, and the thought of dating him, even if it was just pretend, stressed you out a bit.

“You’re the only woman I trust,” he said, sounding sincere, catching you completely off guard.

This was news to you, and the way he said it made you think twice.

“Please, I’ll do anything for you in return.”

“Anything?” your eyes lit up at his offer.

“In my power, yes.”

You wrung your hands together as your nerves continued to grow the longer you sat on your couch, waiting for your boss to fetch you for the event you were supposed to attend with him.

Flinching at the sound of a knock on your front door, you walked over to open the door. You had barely stopped your mouth from dropping to the floor at the sight of the man in front of you. He always looked exceptionally handsome, but tonight he looked even more handsome. You didn’t think there was a particular word to describe it.

“You look beautiful,” the sound of his voice snapped you out of your thoughts, but you had heard what he said.

“T-thanks, so do you,” you said before letting out an awkward cough, “let me just get my purse,” you say before disappearing back inside. 

After meeting with your boss’s parents, it was safe to say that they seemed to be convinced by the act the two of you had going on. It was almost flawless, except for the few times you had nearly referred to him as “Mr Oh,” resulting in said man to nudge you slightly as a reminder that you had to call him by his first name. 

However as the time passed, you found yourself on the dance floor, Sehun’s arms around your waist and yours resting on his shoulders. You tried to calm yourself down a bit, but this was the first time you had ever been so close to him.

“How are you enjoying tonight?” he asked.

“It’s not as bad as I thought, Mr Oh. Your parents are actually nice. You made them out to be quite scary.”

“You’re doing it again, what if somebody hears?” he whispered in your ear.

“Sorry, Sehun.”

“It’s okay, just be more careful,” he said gently. You nodded your head in agreement.

“My parents are watching us,” he whispers again before pulling you closer to him, your body right against his.

“What are you doing?” you asked, surprised by the sudden closeness.

“We have to make it look like we are hopelessly in love.”

“Oh my-”

“Kiss me,” you gaped at Sehun’s face upon hearing his request.

“What? This wasn’t part of the deal!” you hissed at him. It felt like your heart was going to jump out of your throat, “I’m not going to kiss you just to prove a fake relationship to your parents.”

“It doesn’t have to be pretend.”

“You mea-”

“I want to kiss you for real, not pretend.”

“Is this your way of confessing?” you inquired, completely bewildered.

“Hmm, yes it is.”

“You have amazing timing, really,” you sarcastically reply. Why would he confess here of all places.

“I know right,” he cheekily winks back, “so, you gonna kiss me now or what?” 

Instead of replying, you pulled him down by his neck to gently press your lips against his.

“Happy now?” you ask.

“Ecstatic,” his lips forming into a cute grin, “oh yeah, I promised you something in return for coming here with me tonight, what was it that you wanted?”

“You did say anything right?” 

“Yes I did.”

“Well in that case, another one.”

“Another what?” Sehun looked at you in confusion.

You tilted your head up and closed your eyes, signaling that you wanted him to kiss you.

“Is that what you really want?” he chuckled. You opened your eyes again and pouted at him.

“You said anything.”

“But why ask for a kiss as a form of payment when you can get one anytime you want?” he sighs, causing your face to flush.

“I ju-” you were cut off when you felt Sehun’s lips against your own again. But this one was much longer and much sweeter than the first, taking your breath away completely.

“Are you happy now?” he asks softly, gazing deeply into your eyes.


Falling to Pieces

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Word Count: 1,429

Request: @frickin-bats:  Hi! I was wondering if you could please write one with Spencer, where the reader is his pregnant wife maybe they have a family already too and it’s centered around him going to jail/ his trial ! Lots of fluff/angst if possible! Sorry that was super long and confusing! Thanks! 😊

A/N:  For this imagine, I’m using a third person pov instead of second.  Let me know if you like this better or worse from me!  Just experimenting with my writing.

PS, I’m sorry for the delays of requests, I ended up having to work for Spring Break but I’m going to get through them as quick as possible.  Requests are still open, so send them in!

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Dear Caroline,

Firstly, I would like to say that I’m sorry for breaking my promise of staying away, but after finding out that you had come to New Orleans, I’ve decided to risk your fury and hope that you might forgive me for reaching out just this once.

Secondly, I’d like to apologize for not being there to help you when you needed me. I’ll forever regret not having been able to keep you safe, but I deeply appreciate your faith me and the fact that you knew that I would’ve done everything in my power to protect you and your children, because it is true. I treasure your trust and can only hope that it has not been broken beyond repair and that you can forgive me for disappointing you.

Thirdly, I must say that Josie and Lizzie are very lovely children and I can promise you that I was on my best behaviour around them at all times – as I will always be, should I ever meet them again.

Which brings me to my final point.

I am well aware that your plans of the life you wanted to have took many unexpected turns and you now find yourself in a different place than you had originally envisioned, but I must say that I am very proud to see that you are finally allowing yourself to explore all of your potential. You have accomplished many things, sweetheart, and you’ll accomplish many more.

This is my way of suggesting that you accomplish them here in New Orleans.

You will find no city in greater need of assistance for their supernatural community. There are werewolves, witches and vampires that could use your help – I could use your help in reestablishing my kingdom.

Many years ago, I said you weren’t ready for New Orleans, I am optimistic that we could now revisit this conversation, but, regardless of your decision, my doors will always be open for you and your family.

I told you that I would wait and I will continue do so for as long as it takes for you to decide that you’re willing to have me in your life permanently – be it a year, a century or a millennium.

We do have forever, after all.

                                                                                              Eternally yours,


With You {Part 1}

Mark Tuan x Reader x Jinyoung
Genre: AU/Angst

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The summer heat filled the kitchen as you stirred the batter of the cupcakes you were making. Even with the windows wide open, no breeze came in and the air was filled with sweetness. With the back of your hand you dabbed at the sweat that had trickled down your neck as you mixed the batter with your other hand, the wooden spoon scraping against the metal bowl as you whisked away. The kitchen felt ten degrees hotter than it was outside as you had the oven running. You had made sure to put the icing in the fridge so it wouldn’t turn into a liquid goop while you waited for the first batch of cupcakes to cool. You were still readjusting to the LA summer weather. There were still boxes left unpacked in the living room, and pictures that needed to be hung on your wall. You were slowly starting to feel at home again since you moved back a month ago after five years. Your house phone rang, carrying the bowl of batter you walked over to answer it, still mixing on the way.

 “Hey mom,” you said as you continued to whip the batter, “I’m still working on the cupcakes for their anniversary,” you said tucking the phone between your ear and shoulder and making your way back towards the counter.

 “That’s good darling, I was just checking up and to remind you that it starts at 4:30.” You could hear your mom fiddling in the background.

 You glanced over your shoulder at the clock, noting that you still had a couple more hours before you had to start getting ready, “Don’t worry mom, I didn’t forget. I’ll be there with an armful of cupcakes.”

 “Okay, see you at their house later. Are you by yourself?” your mom asked.

 You starting lining the tin pan with more cupcake liners, “Yeah, Jinyoung and her are at the aquarium. They will meet us at their house later.”

 There was a moment of silence on the other line, “Mark is back you know.” Your mother stated.

 You froze as soon as you heard your mother say his name, “I thought he was supposed to be away in Asia?”

 “He’s here now, I’ve heard that he’s settling back in LA and running the operations from here. What are you going to do?” you could hear her concerned voice over the phone.

“We’ll only be there for a bit, just to congratulate them.” You said as you bit your bottom lip.

 “Okay dear, I will see you then.” your mother hung up the phone

 You removed the phone from you ear and placed it on the counter. He’s back. You ruminated over what your mom just told you. The feeling of your heart pounded rapidly against your chest and a pit started to form in your stomach. You suddenly felt too weak to mix the batter.

Both of your families were close since you both attended the same church growing up. He was at all of your family gatherings and you were at his. Growing up, any dance recital you had, his family would be there and Mark reluctantly came. You attended the same preschool, elementary school and high school. You could never remember your childhood without the Tuan family being apart of it. Both of your parents would push you and Mark together, being that you two were the same age, how perfect it would be for you two to be together. Of course as children you both were repulsed at the thought of being together, but after time, you and Mark became best friends. You’d walk home together after school, work on homework together at the library or each other’s houses, you’d call him when you were upset and he’d show up minutes later with your favorite snacks. You knew each other’s dreams, Mark wanted to run a business and you wanted to open up your own bakery. Then your friendship developed into more. Mark was the first guy you ever loved. He was your first boyfriend, first kiss, and first lover. Both of your families were supportive of your relationship and the time you were together was filled with sweet memories and young romance.  

You starting filling the cupcake liners with batter, it was Mark’s parent’s anniversary and when they found out from your mom that you were back in town they had invited you. They were hosting an outdoor celebration at their house. They had also asked if you could make cupcakes for their anniversary, reluctantly you agreed because you loved Dorine and Raymond, they were like second parents to you growing up.

 You remember the last time you saw Mark. It was his last year in College and you had just finished pastry school. He was stressed over his exams and you two barely saw each other. Whenever you did see each other, he was on edge and you felt like you were walking on thin ice around him. You were understanding though, he was trying hard to get into the Masters business program and obtain an internship for a company. He worked hard to achieve his goals and you tried your best to be supportive. The very last day you saw him, you had something important to tell him. You showed up at his dorm that night, however, he didn’t listen and brushed you off, “Jesus Y/N can’t you see I’m busy.” Mark ran his hands over his face as he stared down at the papers in front him. “Mark, it’s really important,” you said as tears had formed in your eyes. “Nothing is as important as this final that I’m studying for. Do you know how much stress I’m under?” he said pushing away from the desk.  “Mark,” you said reaching out to touch his hand. He felt the thin strand of control snap, he slammed his fists on his desk.  “My whole life rides on this last exam and this internship,” he finally looked at you, “Y/N I don’t think I can do this right now. I can’t balance school and you. We need to take a break.” His words back then had stabbed you right in the heart. You left his dorm, slamming the door on the way out not saying a word to him and he didn’t chase after you that night. Even after a couple days passed there was no contact from him. You were by yourself. Later that week you had told your mom everything that happened that night and how you were feeling. She mentioned how your aunt was busy with her café and needed assistance and suggested that you go for the summer. When you were at the airport before the flight you decided to call him, a woman had picked up, “Sorry Mark’s unavailable right now. He’s in the shower, may I ask who’s calling?”. Without saying anything you hung up, your heart completely shattered. You never saw Mark Tuan again. You heard stories from your mom about how he was doing and what he was up to, but it pained you too much to hear more. You never returned back home after that summer. You had developed your own life. You helped your aunt run her café and eventually starting baking and creating pastries. On the side, you had started designing wedding cakes. Eventually, the café became busier after word had spread of your pastries and it became the go to place for decadent treats. Your wedding cakes had been a hit that you even had to decline some clients because your schedule was full. Now that you were back in LA, you had hoped to build on your wedding cake business.

You added the final touches to the cupcakes, as it was their 50th wedding anniversary you had chosen red cupcake liners to match your vanilla cakes with a chocolate buttercream frosting. The color red was the significant color 50 years of marriage.

 “Perfect,” you said as you wiped your hands on the apron you wore. Now it was time to get ready, not only physically but mentally too. You weren’t sure how the rest of the evening would turn out.

 Mark pulled into the driveway of his parent’s house, the house that he grew up in. He entered through the front door, noting the streamers that were pinned against the railings as he walked through the house. There were chairs sprawled out everywhere, even more red streamers, a few balloons and as he walked towards the back yard, he couldn’t miss the big banner across the gazebo that read “Happy 50th Anniversary”. He was happy to be home after spending a couple years in Asia, he always considered LA to be his home. After interning at an international company, he had worked his ass off. Long nights at the office, travelling all over the world to set up client meetings. Eventually he had worked his way up to the fourth highest position in the company, and now he was in charge of running North American and the international operations. The back yard had tables spread out everywhere, white linen and silver cutlery were placed, and a white canopy was placed for shade.  His parents always knew how to throw a good party but he had a feeling his older sister was behind all of this detail.

“Mark! Thank god you arrived.” Tammy came bustling in, arms filled with flowers, “I need you to set up a table over there so guests can put their gifts. As well the caterers will be arriving soon so just open up the back gate for them when they arrive.” She directed as she placed some flowers into the vases for center pieces.

“Hi to you too sis,” he said as he started making his way over to set up the tables.

 “Also, underneath the banner in the gazebo I need a table there so that Y/N can set up her cupcakes.” Her sister said hastily, hoping to be as nonchalant as possible when she mentioned your name.

 Mark stopped what he was doing, “Y/N? She’s coming?”

 Tammy tried to remain busy as she adjusted flowers in the vase, “She moved back here, and mom and dad asked her to do the cupcakes. She’s a pretty popular pastry chef now, even does wedding cakes.” She glanced from her periphery to see if her brother would give any kind of reaction. When she glanced, Mark was busy setting up the table, he hadn’t even responded to her. She sighed, she could never tell what her brother was thinking and he never expressed how he felt.

 Mark remained quiet as he did the tasks Tammy had asked him too. He remembered the night he got upset with you and asked for a break. When you had slammed the door he had instantly regretting saying those words to you, but he needed to focus on school. All of his intentions were for the future he had planned together with you. The break was temporary; it wasn’t meant to be over. He remembered showing up at your doorway with your favorite flowers in his hand so he could apologize to you and beg on his knees for you to forgive him. Only to discover that you had left and went away for the summer. Your mom looked at him so apologetically, “I’m sorry Mark, she needed to go. She said it’s what’s best for you.” That is what your mom had told him, no explanation as to why you left so suddenly and vague answers when Mark had asked her what she meant by “best for him.”  He didn’t know how to describe the empty void you left him with. He was mad at you for leaving so abruptly without telling him or saying goodbye. He heard nothing from you  no matter how many times he tried contacting you and he waited for summer to be over so you would return to him. But you never came back. His mom was the one who broke the news to him that you had decided to stay and live with your aunt. What did that mean for your relationship? Had you two officially ended? For months, he despised himself for asking for a break, for treating you the way he did before that moment. It never occurred to him that he would lose you indefinitely. He didn’t just lose his girlfriend, he lost his best friend.

 Shortly after the caterers arrived, guests started to arrive. Mark was greeted by relatives and close family friends, but every time someone would walk in he would glance to see if it was you. He anticipated seeing your face, wondering if you still looked the same after all these years. He heard nothing about you. Even whilst in Seoul, he would do a double take if someone even remotely looked like you. He knew it was impossible but he still clung to the hope that he’d eventually see you again. He had reached his goals on a career level, but he was left unsatisfied. He didn’t have what his eldest sister had, a family of his own. He dated and had a few relationships, but he never offered any of the women anything more, only because he couldn’t picture a life with them, not the same way he had with you. As he was greeting his father’s golf buddy he saw you walk in and felt his heart jump to his throat.

 You came in wearing a white off the shoulder cocktail dress, it was simple but there were floral details along the bottom trim that added color. It matched the summer weather, he noticed that your hair was shorter than it was back then, cutting just above your collarbone. He stood from afar as he watched you greet people around you. He longed to be close to you. Had you always been this radiant? Mark wondered to himself. It didn’t occur to him how much had missed hearing your honeyed voice and fruitful laugh. Your smile that lit up your eyes was still the same as he remembered and he felt the jolt in his heart as you made brief eye contact with him. You still remained breathtakingly beautiful to him. He felt a deep sense of yearning, something he hadn’t felt in a while as he watched you make your way through the crowd.

 You noticed him out of the corner of your eye, panic washed over you as you tried to maintain your composure. He wasn’t the college student that you last remembered, not with him standing there in his dress shirt, his sleeves rolled up ¾ up his forearms, the first two buttons undone and khakis. He was exactly how you imagined him to look like when he grew up, your stomach formed in knots as you could feel his gaze on you. Piercing you as you moved through the crowd to say your hellos. You glanced at him and for a split second made eye contact before you turned your gaze away. You felt warm and not just from the summer weather. You felt magnified under his fixed gaze. Excusing yourself, you went to go grab the cupcakes from your car to set them up, all the while feeling Mark’s gaze on you as you left.

When you had returned, he was nowhere to be found. You laid out your cupcakes on the table, feeling a sense of relief as you now had time to collect yourself. Your mind was frazzled when you first saw Mark and after years of suppressing your emotions for him, just seeing him had the tiniest amount reappear.

 “Y/N…” you heard his voice from behind you.

 You knew you had to face him eventually. Taking a deep breath, you turned to face him, forcing a smile onto your face.  “Hi Mark,”

“It’s been a long time,” he said, trying to find the right words to say he remained silent.

As he opened his mouth to ask how you were he was interrupted, “Mommy!” a little girl with long locks similar to yours came running over and grasped your leg. You looked down and smiled as you brushed her hair away from her face “Hi baby,”

Mark’s mouth gaped open from what he was witnessing in front of him, the little girl that clung to your leg was a spitting image of how you looked as a child. Her hair was the same color as yours, she had your nose and when she looked up from you to him his heart clenched, she even had your eyes.

Just then a tall man came running over, “She bolted as soon as she saw you,” he said trying to catch his breath. “Hi sweetie, sorry we’re a bit late.” He leaned over and placed a kiss on your forehead.

The color rose to your cheeks, full of trepidation you looked up to see Mark staring at you, “Mark,” you stuttered trying to find your words, “This is my fiancée, Jinyoung” Your hands were shaking as you placed your hands on the child’s shoulders in front of you. “And this is my daughter.”


New Mark series on the way, be prepared for fluff and all the angst.

~Lea <3

Mutual Understanding||03

Wonho/Shin Hoseok x Reader x Mark Tuan

Word Count:3,261

Warnings:Warnings:Sexual Content(Soon Enough), Swearing, Mentions of Multiple Forms of Abuse in Relationships, Characters other than Wonho and Mark are not real. They were created to further the story.(We’ll see what else soon enough)

A/N:I’m glad to see a positive response to this series so far:) Now get ready for some real confliiict. I love writing dialogue. This chapter is real angsty. I didn’t completely proofread it because I’m sleepy so sorry for typos

The gifs do not belong to me. Credit to the owners:)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

You ran to the library, making no stops on the way. There was heat flooding your cheeks and you just wanted the feeling to stop. When you got to the library, you came to a halt, waiting for Mark to get done with his current customer. You took this time to calm down. Once Mark was done, you stood in front of him, unspeaking, just looking at him with a look that showed how flustered you still were.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked with a chuckle. He didn’t often see you flustered but when he did, he relished watching your chagrin expression.

“What’s wrong? Oh, nothing. Just that I’ve been embarrassed.”

“You? Who managed this amazing feat?” he joked with a face a feigned surprise.

“Your friend.” you said with a huff.

“Could you be more specific….or…”

“Wonho dammit! You should get your friend!” you whisper-yelled.

“And how did he manage that?” Mark asked leaning over the counter, eyebrow cocked up.

You didn’t even see him come into the library while you were laughing with Mark. You thought back to the events that lead you here. You definitely didn’t want to tell Mark about how you were staring and got caught. Getting stared back at was not something you really wanted to talk about either.

“Does that really matter?” you  ask, arms flailing.

“To get you this worked up, I think it does.”

“No, it doesn’t. Just know that you should keep your friend in check.” you say pointing a finger at Mark.

“Woah, okay now I definitely have to know.” he laughed.

You rolled your eyes, laughing with him. Although thoughts of Wonho was still in the back of your mind, you forgot the majority of them while talking to Mark. You weren’t near the classroom anymore so there wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about now. You passed some time talking to Mark before more people started coming in and of course, needed assistance. You told him that you going off to read a bit and walked towards your usual spot, expecting to have some peace and quiet, away from Wonho.

When you got to your corner however, you were a little surprised to see someone else, enjoying their own read.

‘Speak of the devil.’

You turned around, ready to leave when you heard someone clearing their throat. You turned around to find you-know-who looking up at you with a shy smile and a hand up, giving a small wave hello. You sheepishly smiled back, returning his wave.

“Where are you going? Weren’t you here for a reason?” he asked tilting his head.

“Yeah, but I just realized I could read just as well at home.”

“Well then let me take you.”

‘Damn it.’

“No, I’m fine. My leg doesn’t hurt today.”

“Oh, come on. You don’t know who could be lurking out there.” he stood up, walking towards you.

“It’s only 6 pm. I’m pretty sure I’m good.”

“Okay, that didn’t work.” he said quietly pacing a bit.

“Okay, I want to take you home so that we can talk again.” he said with a bright smile.

“Talk about what?”

“About why you ran out so quick today.”

You stood for a moment, contemplating if you wanted to talk or not. From your last talk, it seemed like he wasn’t a bad guy. He held good conversation and you had some questions of your own.

“Okay, let’s go.”

He flashed you a blinding smile, happy that you finally agreed. You made your way through the library and went to the front desk to tell Mark goodbye.

“Wow, you read something that quick?” he asked when you tapped his shoulder, turning him towards you.

“No, I’m going home. With him.” you said, pointing towards a grinning Wonho.

“Wow, speak of the devil!” Mark laughed.

“What do mean?” Wonho asked, laughing along out of confusion.

“Y/N was just–”

“Just about to leave.” you cut him off, giving him a quick glare

“So you say you’re going home with him?” he asked cocking up an eyebrow.

“That’s not what I meant, jerk.” you said while laughing.

“Okay, see you later then.” he said, laughing along. “See you later too Wonho.”

“See you soon.” Wonho said, a confused grin still plastered on his face.

You started walking but no one had said anything yet. You were preparing yourself to break the silence when Wonho beat you to it.

“So are you going to answer?”

“You didn’t ask me anything.”

He took a deep breath that seemed both playful and frusterated.

“I asked you in the library.”

“All I heard were statements, no questions were asked.”

He laughed, running a hand through his hair.

“Okay then, let me make it a question once again. Why did you run out like that today?”

You stayed silent for a few moments before answering, fearing that your answer could somehow be the wrong one.

“You were staring at me…”

“So? You always stare at me.”

“No I don’t!” you raised your voice, getting strangely defensive. He wasn’t wrong, but that didn’t make him right either. You didn’t always stare. You just took occasional glances, you kept telling yourself.

“Then why do I always catch you?”

“How would you always catch me when you don’t even turn to see me looking?”

“Aha! So you admit you’re looking!”

You processed your words, knowing that you just gave yourself away. You scoffed at him and turned away, your face heating up again.

“I admit that I see you sometimes.” you said quietly.

“Then why get embarrassed when I look back?”

“Thing is, it wasn’t just you looking if you didn’t notice.”

“I noticed. I always feel someone staring at me. It’s pretty weird.”

“Anyway, I didn’t want all those eyes on me. Just like you said, it’s weird.”

He hummed in response, finally understanding what you meant.

“Anyway, I have a question for you.” you said, surprising him a bit.

“Now what would that be?” he asked, cocking up an eyebrow.

“Why were you staring at me today?”

He turned his head upwards, facing the sky a but before lowering his head.

“I guess I wanted you to feel how I feel when you stare at me.”

“Oh. Is it that weird? Sorry.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty weird.” he chuckled. “But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Did you feel that uncomfortable when I looked at you?”

“Kind of, but like you said, it’s weird, not really bad.”

“Glad to hear that.” he said smiling.

You continued to walk in silence for a while before Wonho spoke up once again.

“I know it’s kinda out of the blue but I have a question.” he said chewing at his bottom lip.


“What do think of Mark?”

The question caught you off guard, surprising you a great amount. Why did he care what you thought about Mark? Why was it his business? Why were you contemplating any of what he just asked?

“What do you mean?”

“Like, I don’t know…”

“If you don’t know, why would you ask me?”

“Okay, I get it. I meant, like, how close are you guys?”

You went over the question in your head. How close were you guys? You were really good friends, that’s for sure. But it never really went anything past that. Yeah, he was attractive. Yeah, he was a nice guy. Yeah, he worked at one of your favorite places, but there was nothing really there that told you that you guys could get any closer. Like really, he was living across from you. He was nice but he was nice to everyone. You were close, close enough, apparently. But it wasn’t something you would really like to disclose to his friend, much less someone you don’t know that well.

“We’re pretty close…I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Yeah, I guess. You got a problem with that?”

“Nope, you’re fine.” he said, hands thrown up in surrender. “But like, do you like him? Would you ever date him?”

Sure. Yup. Definitely.

“Why do you care?” you asked, your tone coming out a bit more aggressive than you intended.

“Just…curious.” he said, kicking a stray rock on the sidewalk.

Your complex was coming into view and you were relieved because the closer it got, the less tension there seemed to be. You were almost there when you were caught off guard by another question.

“You still didn’t answer my question.”

“I thought I answered all of the questions you had.”

“Nope. You forgot one.”

“Okay, what was it?”

“What do you think about me?”

Your heart felt like it stopped for a second. You just remembered the question and how lucky you were to be able to blow it off so easily last time. Luckily, all you had to do was speed up a bit and you could play it off again.

“Well won’t you look at that. I’m home. Thanks for walking me but I gotta get caught up on this book. Bye, see you later.” you said patting his back and making your escape. You sprinted up the stairs of the building and made your way inside. Your heart was racing and you knew it wasn’t just because of the little workout you just had. his question definitely caught you off guard but once again, he asked right when you were about to get home.

You collapsed on your coach, starting to drift off. You weren’t trying to think any deeper than this. Maybe he was kind of weird and maybe he was persistent about Mark but he was pretty interesting. It was nice talking to him. It was nice talking to someone new.

The next few weeks were filled with Wonho taking you home and you guys talking. They were fun talks and you started to know much more about each other. Half of the time, Mark even joined and you guys went out to get coffee or something to eat. Whether it be talking about something general or something personal, you were always enjoying the walk home now. You had even gotten comfortable enough with him to invite him inside. You guys would hang out and do assignments or still, just talk. It was a nice change but over those few weeks, there were some negative turns.

Although you were glad to have found a new friend, there were many downsides to this certain friend. When you and Mark started getting closer, of course, some people took it the wrong way. Some girls thought it would be a great idea to confront you about it and you replied calmly, telling them that you were just friends. It seems as though thy thought this would be a great idea with Wonho as well. You were just leaving class when a group of about 5 girls decided to trap you in a small circle, outside.

“Umm, what are you doing?” you asked, truly confused.

“I’d like to ask that. What do you think you’re doing?” a girl seethed, poison dripping from her words.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m leaving.” you said, trying to push through them.

“You’re not excused.” the same girl said, pushing you back.

“Now tell us, what do you think you’re doing with Wonho?” another girl spat.

“Doing with Wonho? Excuse me?” you ask, finally getting what this was about.

“So that’s what this is about.”

“Yeah, now tell the truth. You’re fucking him, right? That’s the reason why he keeps your weird ass around him?”

“First, it was Mark, Now it’s Wonho? What’s your fucking problem? Are you their fan girls? Are they celebrities?” you ask, anger starting to take control. You put your hands on your hips to try and control yourself. You didn’t want any fists flying. Yet.

“Answer the fucking question.” the first girl said, coming towards you and pushing you back a bit.

“We’re just friends! I don’t even have to explain any of my shit to you. Even if we were more, you don’t have the right to try and assault me to check the relationship status of your precious idol. Leave me the fuck alone and don’t come near me again.” you yelled. It obviously scared them a bit to see you not scared but what reason did you have to be scared? You could fight and if any hands got thrown, you’d still be justified. You pushed past the group of girls, some in shock that you brushed them off that easily.

That was only one downside to this newfound friendship. The other one was your other friendship. While you and Wonho got closer, you and Mark were slowly, growing a part. You still saw and spoke to each other every day. You still went by to catch him at the library but nothing seemed as intimate, as friendly any more. Mark still spoke to both of you but he didn’t seem…there, lately.

Although he seemed more distant lately, you desperately tried to keep your friendship going. Mark was one of the greatest friends you’ve ever had and you didn’t want to lose that. Even though you tried to, you couldn’t stop yourself from keeping him in a special place in your heart although you knew he wouldn’t feel the same. Even if he didn’t like you like that, you liked him liking you at all.

You stayed home today, no classes to bother you for once. You read, browsed through social media, and slept as if it were a marathon. It was your day to do with as you pleased.

It was 10 pm and you just woke up. That groggy feeling that people get when they just waking up was still with you even after 10 minutes. You struggle to get up, stumbling on your way to go make some food when you were greeted by a pleasant surprise. Someone was already making food for you and oh, how grateful you were. You hadn’t eaten all day and it was very kind of Mark to know you well enough to come over and make some for you.

“My hero!” you said, swinging your arms around his neck.

“Hey lazy.” he said, eyes still trained on the food he was preparing.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now sit down and let’s eat.” he said, pointing at the coffee table in the living room.

You hummed in content, moving to bring out some plates and utensils. Mark soon followed with food, feeding your excitement and soon, your stomach. You were thankful that Mark still cared enough t make you food even with how distant he had been lately. You were also glad that you guys had each others keys for emergencies. This was an emergency all right. Even this small gesture made your heart flutter. You ate in silence and soon sat down to digest after cleaning everything up.

“So.” you said, breaking the silence.


“What’s up?” you asked, trying to lighten the mood. There was an unbearable amount of tension in the room and you just wanted the mood to be lighter. From the dark chuckle Mark gave you however, you weren’t sure it wasn’t going to get any more cheery.

“What’s up with you?” he retorted, flipping the question back on you.

“Nothing much.”

“Same here.”

The silence settled in again but instead of a comfortable silence, the tension was thick in the air.

“So…what’s up with you and Wonho?”

“There’s nothing really up with us.”

“But you guys seem so chummy lately. You guys seem to talk a lot to.”

“Yeah, we talk a lot. He’s…interesting. It’s fun being around him.”

“What do you mean fun?”

You thought about it for a few seconds before answering, not sure what you meant yourself.

“I like talking to him.”

“And you don’t like talking to me anymore?”

The question took you aback. Of course you still liked talking to him. Hell, you loved hearing his voice even if he was saying something stupid. You thought that he was the one who didn’t like talking to you anymore.

“Why would you say that?”

He sighed, lifting his head up to face the ceiling rather than look at you.

“You seem to like talking to him more lately. You still come by and stuff but…it doesn’t feel the same.”

“That’s how I feel with you. I thought you were pushing me away.”

“No…that’s not it…”

“Then what is it? You seem even more quiet than usual.”

There was silence once again. You wanted an answer from him and you were not about to help him with his response.

“What…do you think of me?”

What’s with these guys and this question? The question kept being repeated from Wonho especially. It always seemed to come up in conversation but you always found a way to avoid it. It seemed like it was a harmful, playful phrase but he kept repeating it. It made you wonder why that phrase held such significance to him.

“What do you mean?” you asked after thinking for a bit.

“Actually, answer another question first. What do you think of Wonho?” he asked, his eyes shutting and his head still facing upwards, allowing you to see the definition of his neck.

“He’s a nice guy. He’s a good friend.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“What did you mean then?”

“Would you go out with him if you got the chance?”

His question stunned you. Where did this come from? Why did it seem so important? You didn’t know where this was coming from but you weren’t going to lie. You trusted Mark and you didn’t want to lie to him.


He took in a deep breath and opened his eyes. He rested his elbows on his thighs and folded his hands. He looked down really quickly then brought his head up to look back at you.

“Now back to the first question.”

You bit your lip, worrying about the answer you were going to give. How would this affect your friendship. Would he hate you? Did Wonho tell him? You accidentally let some clues slip when it came to your little crush. Did Wonho rat you out? You were too nervous to tell.

“Well?” he asked, his gaze seemingly belittling you.

You still said nothing, keeping him in the dark for the longest. At long last, his gaze shifted from you but he let out a long sigh, voicing his frustration. He got up slowly, making you confused.

“Where are you going?” you asked as he made his way to the door.

“I’m going home. Call me when you feel like talking.”

With that, he gathered his things and put on his shoes, never looking up at you. He left without a sound. No slam, no brush of wood when the door closed, it was just silence. That silence left you uneasy, wondering what just happened? Why did he ask that? Why did he ask about your opinion of Wonho? You wen back to your room to fall asleep but found yourself wide awake with questions flooding your brain. You took your phone off your nightstand and opened Mark’s contact. You contemplated calling or texting him but you were still sorting things out. Right when you were about to put down your phone, a text popped up.

Mark 11:32:Good night

Even with the clear sadness on his face when he left, he managed to send you this text through whatever he was feeling. It made you regret your nervous silence. You should have told him instead. You were going to tell him for sure.

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This is the second fic in a series of Lana del Rey inspired stories. This fic is based off the song Cola

Title: Cola

Summary: Bianca gets ready to meet Negan, the man who is going to take over her business with or without her permission and so she decides to fight back. (AU)

Pairing: Negan x Bianca

Warnings: Smut, oral sex. 

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One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Eight)

Originally posted by sikanapanele

One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. Suddenly, an old beggar woman appears at his side and heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth and the town’s memories of him come to an end.

Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight

Tags: @harleyscheekheart ; @jordyhaley ; @thesizeofabarge ; @araceli91103 ; @the7thsilence  ; @blackxthexbeast  ; @hobbithorse19

When the hustle and bustle of Villeneuve fell to a haunting silence in the late hours of the evening, that’s when a particular stranger crept further down the cobblestone road. Vayle had been pleased with the leisurely progress of her plan thus far, and she had decided the time was now to accelerate its pace. She removed her cloak, draping a deep blue cloth around her head and underneath her chin. Tying it securely, the old woman tamed loose strands of pale, frizzy hair and strolled deeper into the shadows.

Only two men, known throughout the village as Tom and Dick, were seen hovering in the streets, their breaths stinking of alcohol as they gulped their final drink of the night. Vayle stepped behind an abandoned carriage and observed them closely as the inebriated men fell onto the stone steps underneath the back door of a local tavern.

“Won’t be surprised if we sleep through the wedding tomorrow,” Dick slurred his words.

“We can’t miss it. Everyone’s talking about Gaston; They all think he’s going to be there.”

“At the wedding? He wouldn’t dare show his face around that castle.”

“He’s Gaston. Doubt he’d care,” Tom spoke matter-of-factly as Dick huffed in agreement.

It was a perfect segway into her introduction, Vayle thought as the two villagers elaborated on the war hero. The old woman had been stalking her daughter for weeks, recently attempting to kill her in the woods after unleashing a pack of wolves. But this Gaston, when he saved her daughter, well, Vayle could envision his significant importance in her plan. He was the only reason Anne would stay; She had seen her daughter’s enlivened expressions when she was around him, she could confidently sense her internal battle to stay in Villeneuve or return home. It was all so perfect. Vayle was conniving, as vicious as she was dangerous, and she couldn’t dwell on the thought of losing Anne to this monster. The old woman had her reasons...

“Gaston, Gaston, Gaston, Gaston,” Vayle moved from behind the carriage, revealing her presence to the two awestruck men. Her words oozed with disgust as she spoke steadily. “I swear, is that man all you two ever discuss?”

“Who the hell are you?” Tom rose from his seated position, swaying unsteadily.

“I’ve been following you,” she announced, ignoring their questions. “And I’m aware of your hatred for Gaston. He’s someone I’ve had my eye on as well.”

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Underneath the Bandages

Summary: Dan hits his head whilst masturbating, and despite being rather awkward, the incident brings him closer with his best friend, Phil.

Warnings: vomit, hospitals, head injuries, fainting, mentions of masturbation

Word count: 6.7k

A/N: Disclaimer, probably not my best work but I wrote it so here you go.

A loud thump from Dan’s room interrupted the TV programme I was watching. At first I thought it was nothing, but as I replayed the sound in my head, it started to bother me. He probably just dropped something, he was known for his butterfingers, but something made me worry that it could be something serious.

I turned the volume off on the TV and called out his name, “DAN!?”

There was no reply.

To ease my mind I decided I would go and check everything was okay. I stood up, slipping my phone into my pocket and made my way to Dan’s room. The door was shut, so I knocked, again saying Dan’s name loudly. When there was again no reply, I decided I would go in. I guess he could be asleep and maybe the noise came from the neighbours, but something in the back of my mind told me that I needed to know.

I opened the door and was met with a sight that I had not prepared myself to see; Dan lying, naked, on the floor.

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Do Not Anger Her

Requested by @justcallmecinammonMay I have a Loki x reader oneshot with an AU where Loki and Thor are on good terms and he takes Loki with him to visit reader to figure out something difficult for their mission. Her and Thor are good friends and when she meets Loki she’s sweet and openly invites him in. Thor warns Loki beforehand not to mess with her because it’s definitely best not to make her angry, but Loki’s like “I do what I want” and when he does he regrets it. Then afterwards he’s like “… sorry” and she’s okay with him and he falls for her. He learns she loves geckos and snakes and frogs. With a funny and fluffy ending plez? Reader is short and loves Hamilton the Musical. (This sounds like the most random shit ever and I apologize XD I’m getting over a bad cold and I think it went to my brain.) you can decide how he upset her and whether or not she gets quiet when angry or the opposite lol

Here you are, lovely!! I apologize for taking so long. I do not own Loki, Thor, Steve or Tony. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: slight angst, fluff, mentions of snakes and other reptiles and it’s a bit long (apparently I can’t write a Loki fic less than 1,000 words!) 

Pairings: Loki x fem!reader, Thor, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

“Thor, we need you to convince her to help us,” Steve told the Asgardian, who agreed. “We shall need her assistance in this endeavor.” Steve smiled and clapped Thor on the back while Loki simply stood by in confusion. There was a mission coming up and apparently, the Avengers needed your help.  "Whose assistance do we require?“  Thor turned to his brother with a bright grin. “We require the help of Lady Y/N.”

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If you're still taking prompts some elucien angst would be nice. Could you please do 43 elucien, love your fics!

Hellooooo dear nonnie. So according to my notes, you sent me this prompt on February 23rd. Hope you didn’t mind the wait! :D

Prompt: I can’t be in love with you

Summary: Elain goes to talk to Lucien about their recently-discovered mating bond and finds him less receptive than she anticipated.

AO3 linkage - (This goes to a fic where all these small prompt requests are posted, btw - and I’m not taking more right now. This is just really old.)


A knock comes at his door, and Lucien closes his eye momentarily. Setting his pen down on his desk he leans back, his jaw clenching slightly. He knows who is on the other side of the wood paneling. He knows what she wants. And he knows he can’t give it to her.

Lucien is only here at the Night Court temporarily. He is still assembling his own court and acts as his own emissary, not yet trusting anyone else to carry out even the simplest of tasks. He was thrust into this position of High Lord, and while Rhys has been more than welcoming and patient, he has discovered that being High Lord does not automatically command respect.

Nor does it automatically sort out his personal life, as it were.

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Sweet Home, Louisiana Pt 1

Summary: Owing the Winchesters a debt, the reader finds herself harboring a vampire friend of Dean’s, but he isn’t the only one who has to worry about being hunted.

Word Count: 2206

Warning: None.

Author’s Note: Hello my pretties! I return, and this time have a SERIES for you! This has long been in the works and I am so excited to be writing our favorite vampire again. Please tell me what you think with your feedback as you follow along this story; I would love to know your opinions!

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The moment you heard Dean Winchester’s deep, gruff voice on the other end of the phone, you knew you were in for some trouble. As the saying goes, nothing good comes from a Winchester. It wasn’t entirely untrue. Ill fortune seemed to follow them wherever they went, and most often than not the fate of anyone who got close to them was not a pleasant one. You couldn’t say you were thrilled to receive the phone call. Their name was quite well known to you and left a bad taste in your mouth, and you weren’t exactly buddy buddy with the brothers. The only reason you had even met them was when a hunt went very wrong and they came to your rescue in the nick of time, and as luck would have it – or rather a great misfortune, you were indebted to them because of it. After finishing the hunt together, albeit hesitantly on all three sides, you parted ways but not without telling them you owed them and volunteering giving them your number, and all they had to do was pick up the phone.

A year and a half have passed without any contact with them, and you had hoped they forgot your promise.

Apparently not.

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Creepypasta #1048: I Am A Truck Driver, And There Is A Reason I Don't Stay In Motels Anymore

Length: Medium

I have been a truck driver for some time now, and I have experienced many things on the road. Some have stayed with me for years, whilst some will probably stay with me forever. One of these experiences will for sure stay with me until the day I die.

I had been placed on a very long journey, taking a load 10 hours cross-country. There was nothing but dreadful music on the radio and I was beginning to get tired. It had gotten dark some time ago and was now extremely late. I decided to call in for the night at the next motel I came across. I didn’t even care if it was a bad one.

I now really wish I had.

I pulled up and looked around. The place looked awful. The paint was peeling off the walls, the windows were dirty, and there were multiple letters missing from the sign. The strangest part was that there were no cars in the parking lot. On any other occasion I would have taken that was a strong warning to stay away, but I’d been driving all day and did not have the energy to get back in the truck and drive somewhere else.

I went over to the reception and there was no one there. I rang the bell and still no one came. I waited a few more minutes, repeatedly ringing the bell. Annoyed, I turned round and began to walk away, but then I heard a voice. I looked round to see an elderly man with very few teeth grinning at me wildly. He welcomed me to the motel and asked me if he could be of assistance. 

I told him that I needed a room for the night and that I’d like a room with a view of my truck. I always ask this at quiet motels, it makes me feel more secure for some reason. 

He fumbled around for a bit and then threw me a key with a room number on it. I paid him upfront because I’d be setting off early in the morning. As I was walking up the stairs, I heard him say in a muffled tone “You have a great night sleep”. He then chuckled to himself quietly. This should have crept me out, but I was far too exhausted to care.

The first thing I noticed when I entered my room was that it was not facing my truck, like I’d asked. Instead it was facing the dumpsters on the other side of the building. The bed was comfy and the room was big, but I couldn’t help but feel that something wasn’t right. There were stains on the carpet - dark stains. The walls were covered in marks, and there was something in a plastic bin bag in the bath. I couldn’t tell what it was but it was big, I lifted the top to see in and I was almost sick. Inside was the head of a pig, not nicely severed like a butcher would do, but a deep, rough cut. This was absolutely disgusting, but as the walls were crawling with cockroaches anyway, I decided it best not to use the shower or the bath and drew the curtain across. I tried to forget about what I had seen.

I awoke not to the sound of my alarm clock, but the sound of voices outside my room. It was two in the morning - who would be out of bed at that time? I assumed it to be another guest and tried to get back to sleep. But before I could, I heard the unmistakable sound of a key in the lock. 

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* Lafayette X Reader

* Hamiltime

* Requested by anonymous

* Request: the reader is Laf’s wife from France and she comes to visit him and finds Alexander and I’d like “Have you seen Lafayette?” And he’s like “Um who are you?” And she’s like “I’m his wife” and the hamilsquad is all like “Laf you have a wife???” And he’s like “Yeah I love her hi boo this is a surprise why are you here?” And they’re like “YOU DIDN’T TELL US?” And he’s like “I mean, we’re in a revolution. It was never the time.”

A/N: So its kind of short but oh well. I didn’t plan to get this one done so soon either but here it is. It’s like 98% fluff. Oh, and this isn’t proof read so there will be mistakes. Anyway, enjoy!

Word Count: 1, 759


You stepped off the boat you just spent months on, grateful to have your feet back on dry land. Now you just had to find Lafayette, and that’s no easy task. You never knew what he’d be doing or who he’d be connected to. It didn’t help that you had very little knowledge of these little colonies. Lafayette believed the people to be brave and fighting for what’s right. So he came to help. If Lafayette believed them to be good people, then you trusted his judgement.

You needed to stop someone and see if they knew him. Unfortunately you weren’t very comfortable with English. You could speak it but tended to second guess words. And now you had to have a fluent conversation in the language. After stopping a few people you were having very little luck. Either people wouldn’t know Lafayette or you couldn’t piece the damn sentence together. “Excusez-moi?” You asked and tapped a young man on the shoulder. He had his dark hair pulled into a ponytail. He could use a shave and looked like he could use some sleep as well.

“Oui?” He replied and your eyes lit up at the possibility of finding someone who spoke French.

“Français?” You asked hopefully.

“Eh, I speak it a little.” He said in your native tongue. “How can I help?”

“I’m looking for a man. Last name would be Lafayette.” You told him.

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The Office Affair // Bucky x Reader // Meeting Him - 1


//A/N: New fanfic! I love making these, probably will take a break on Matrix though. Oh, and this is going to be a dirty one, so enjoy. ;)//

“Oh - and could you get me my coffee?” Tony Stark, your new boss had just finished a lengthy list of errands he needed you, as his assistant, to run. You had frantically jotted them down on the list so you would remember, and now you topped it off with: Get him coffee.

“Anything specific?” You asked, readying your pen once again.

“No, I have a recipe hanging up in the office kitchen, I didn’t want to have to keep relaying it to my employees. Thanks, (name).” Tony said, giving you a surprisingly warm smile for the guy known mostly for his ego.

You just smiled back and nodded before turning and heading out into the hall. You nearly tripped on your 2-inch stilettos when you almost ran into a man that had been standing there near the doorway. You straightened your pencil skirt and looked at your ankle to make sure it was okay before you looked up to see an amused (and extremely handsome) face.

Alright. Be professional, you told yourself. “Hi! I’m (name). I’m Mr. Stark’s new assistant.” You told him with mock bravery, sticking out your hand for a handshake. It was then that he unclasped his hands from behind his back, and he brought forward a metal hand.

Damn it, you knew he looked familiar! It was the god-damn Winter Soldier! “Oh - uh - hi Mr. Barnes!” You said, trying to hide your worry and look peppy. I mean, Bucky was about as close as you could get to being an Avenger… without being an Avenger. He deserved just as much respect as Captain America himself.

“Uh - you can drop the whole Mr. Barnes thing,” he assured you once you had finished your nervous handshake. He scratched his neck. “So, (name), need any help with directions?”

As much as you would love to spend more time getting to know this hunk, you didn’t want to look completely needy and helpless. You shook your head no. Before looking at your watch and back into his stunning blue eyes. “No, I’ve got it. Now, I have to go get Mr. Stark his coffee. See you around.” You blurted, before dashing off.

You hoped you would.

Bucky smiled at your retreating form behind heading into Tony’s office. “Your new assistant is cute,” he told him, sitting down in a chair opposite Tony. 

“I swear, Barnes, if you distract her. Her job is to do paperwork… not - you,” Tony reminded him, a disgusted look briefly crossing his face.

Buck shrugged before leaving the office. Whether Tony liked it or not, he’d find a way to get you to go with him on a date. That cute, embarrassed attitude you’d had in the hall was just so adorable. He knew he liked you, and he hadn’t even known you for a full five minutes.

This was going to be fun.

You scampered down the hallway, unlocking your apartment as fast as you could. You shut the door behind you and locked it, careful not to do it too loudly so you wouldn’t disturb your nit-picky neighbors. You threw off your trench-coat and bag to the side, frantically sliding off your shoes.

No, no serial killer was chasing you.

You had to pleasure yourself.

And it sounded weird, it did. You had seen Bucky in the hallway, and headed, instead of for the office kitchen, for the bathroom. You were pissed to find out your best panties were soaked through. So over the rest of the day, you tried to ignore it. You’d see Barnes every once in a while, talking with other people or walking by, but you never had a conversation like you had earlier.

But as it had gotten later into the day, his face and body was etched into your mind, and now you were placing your vibrator into your pussy, turning it on to the highest setting. You pulled down your bra and began fondling yourself, imagining it was him.

God you wanted that man inside your soaking clit.

And as disgusting as it seemed, judging on the fact that you had only known him for like, two minutes, he was so damn hot! You tried not to come just from thinking about his member inside of you, clutching at your walls, making cum spurt out everywhere. I mean, his voice was pure sex! As soon as you had heard him speak, you had wanted to drag him to your apartment and fuck him right there!

And what did you do?

You said you fucking had to make coffee!

You groaned at how stupid that was. You were a strong, independent woman, you should have asked for his number. Or on a date. Who the hell was going to wait for the guy when the guy looked like that? 

You stopped thinking about how damn awkward you were and focused on how it would feel if he ran his metal fingers up and down your back, tracing circles and making you shiver.

God, what could he do with that mouth?

It had to feel good, and you wanted to know.

//P.S: Normal chapters will be longer than this, but I’m just setting up the story-line at the moment so they might be short for a while. Sorry babes!//

The kids go to the grocery store. Karkat charges through the aisles like he’s been given a mission from God and the cart is his holy battering ram with which he will obliterate all obstacles in his divine quest. Dave won’t go unless he can sit in the cart. Rose rides on the front like a maidenhead on an old ship and insists on stopping to sample the Organic Deer Jerky so she can write scathing reviews of it later. Rose also occasionally lurks the organic section and masquerades as an employee distributing free samples. Would you care to try a lock of eldritch umbilical cord?

At some point (after Rose and John are caught with their bootleg samples, where did you even get those uniforms you two, Kanaya stop hanging around the butchers it’s not good for you), an employee discovers the rest of the group locked in the family bathroom and goes to confront Karkat. The following ensues:

“Sir, I was told by the guy in the cape you locked them in there. Why?”
“It’s for parents with young children, babies who need changing, people with disabilities, and other people who need the extra space and assistance.”

Jane is waved over from the other side of the store after ditching the other alphas to be peacefully overstimulated in the cereal aisle. She does her best to pretend she doesn’t know these people.