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top 10 gayest killers’ songs

10. the ballad of michael valentine: literally just a song about how cool this guy is

9. midnight show: “DRIVE FASTER BOYYYYYYYY”

8. sam’s town: wanting to get out of your hometown is gay culture at it’s finest

7. on top: i mean………… it’s called…………

6. read my mind: not even explicitly gay but could you even imagine a song this good being about straight people? + “a subtle kiss that no one sees”

5. bones: the juxtaposition of sneaking away on the back roads and clarifying that “i don’t really like you” vs the reassurance of “it’s only natural.” the confession of “i never had a lover / i never had a soul / i never had a good time.”

4. mr. brightside: the ambiguity of the jealousy making it gay no matter the gender of the person singing is like… the definition of iconic. the jessie’s girl of this generation.

3. when you were young: the experience of “this isn’t what i pictured for myself but like. yeah. it makes sense.”

2. somebody told me: if you’re bisexual and you ever listen to any song other than this you die immediately

1. andy you’re a star: i don’t know where to begin with this one since every lyric is literally unambiguously gay. the restraint on the “hey shut up.” the facade of indifference on the first “in the car with a girl / promise me she’s not your world” vs the desperate outburst and almost-voice-crack on the second one. the vivid memories of your first unrequited middle school crush every gay person gets when listening to it. the killers singlehandedly invented gay rights thanks for listening

Draw me Like one of your French Girls... Part 1

This fic is dedicated to @yunyin who was a big part of bringing it about in the first place ^_^ 

(Warning some spoilers for ML Season 2- (Just the stuff we knew during the hiatus nothing important from the new episodes) 

“Listen furball, I am ten times as sexy as you are. That is just a fact. People would pay to see pictures of me.”

“People DO pay to see pictures of me,” Chat shot back.


“Never mind,” he grumbled, “the point is that I am obviously the sexier of the two of us.”

“Guys, I know this is a slow patrol night but you are giving me a headache,” Rena Rougue sighed, dropping down onto the platform and sprawling onto her stomach against the cool metal of the tower.

“Wait,” Chat said with a terrifying grin, “Rena. My dear, darling, friend.”

“Oh this can’t end well.”

“You are a fox of impeccable taste are you not?”


“And you are an excellent judge of both male and female attractiveness as well, are you not?”

“Ladybug is the hottest out of all of you,” she smirked, not bothering to get up.

“Yes, that is a given, but the point is-”

“The point is that I could pull off sexy far better than this mangy stray,” Bee interrupted.

“Could not.”

“Will you two please just stop fighting, it’s been too hot to deal with this level of stupid,” Rena sighed.

“It’s not stupid, my honor is at stake!” Bee huffed. “If you want us to stop then tell him that I clearly would be better suited to being a sex icon than he would.”

“Foxy lady, please tell Bee that she is clearly pollinating the wrong flower.”

Rena groaned. Clearly there would be no reasoning with the two of them until this had been hashed out.

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It Ain’t Me: Part 8

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.4K

Genre: Angst

Part 7 | Part 9

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Feel free to use them! Just credit me and like or reblog. ^^

I had so much fun making these wallpapers/lockscreens the other day so I told myself that I should make icons, but instead of using their sprites I would use the pictures you get in the gallery after you finish every good end.


Mehcad Brooks story time!

So today I met Mehcad at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London. It was hot and everyone was under a glass roof, Melissa and Chris cancelled the day before the event, a lot of people were a bit moody and Mehcad showed up half an hour late to his signing. We were told he had food poisoning, poor guy. 

But boy was he worth the wait. 

As soon as he arrived he changed the mood. He was a ball of light. He hugged everyone he could and kept apologizing for being late, going down the line and giving people hugs and high fives. I had a VIP pass and was the only VIP pass waiting so I was one of the first ones to go and get my autograph and picture.

I told him that as a trans man who is transitioning one of the things I struggled with was finding positive male role models who embodied a positive masculinity, being strong but sensitive and leaving room for women and femininity, and that James represented that for me and was one of the first characters who did. His response was beyond humbled. He thanked me, probably gave me three or four more hugs and told me how much it meant to him to be putting that energy out there, then he asked if he could take a picture with me. I laughed and said that I had bought one, and he said but I want to take it with you on my phone. So we did. He took the pic himself (bless those long arms) then took a couple with my phone as well. He asked if it was ok to share my story and I said of course, that I’m very open and out and proud, and he thanked me because he felt it was so important and he was so floored by it. 

A little later was his panel. Due to the other Supergirl guests cancelling he was alone. From the moment he stepped out he was full of light and energy in spite of having food poisoning. You would never have known. There was a sign language interpreter there and he was trying to learn the things she was signing during his questions, made everyone feel special and welcome, made sure every child that stepped up to ask a question was given a round of applause, and when a girl came up to thank him for what he was doing for the people of Manchester (he’s giving away free autographed 8x10s to anyone from Manchester who sees him this weekend) he asked if she was from there and she said yes, so he said “come up here” and gave her the biggest and longest hug. 

He told some funny stories, and at the very end when someone asked how he feels about the show being political, he said he doesn’t think it is, he thinks it’s about inclusion and hope and light, that it doesn’t matter who you are, a black man can be an iconic comic book character and you can love any gender, and he doesn’t think that’s politics, he just thinks it’s right, and as he was saying it he made contact with me in the audience and smiled and winked at me. It was honestly so touching. 

He was also asked about what he thought of Mon El’s backstory, and he pretended his mic had cut off LMAO. You could tell he was ready to pop off about slavery, but he wanted to keep things light and positive, which was exactly what people needed, to be honest.

Mehcad Brooks, everyone.

I met him! I REALLY met him!! OMG I still can’t believe it…
Ok, so this was yesterday night after the ready player three show in London, we where waiting at the back door and after two hours of waiting they told us that they had already gone asleep… A lot of people left but we didn’t believe them, so we were only like 8 or 9 people left, it had past nearly a third hour already, we where sitting in a circle listening to Jack, Game Grumps and Mark songs, and suddenly there he was, the first thing I said was “you are real!” (and I’m a bit ashamed of it) but he just​ said “I AM real!” And that I asked him for a hug, and holly shit, he really gives the best hugs ever!! I think I gave him three in total😂 But we had a lot of time talk to him, and he is just the nicest person I’ve ever met!! I told him I came all the way from Spain just to see him, I showed him the picture I drew for the #septicart event, he even wrote down “I believe” in my notebook so a person that had already left could get it as a tattoo and he made a video for them! And I told him that I brought him coffee from Ibiza, and he had already seen it!! And that I had written him a letter, and he just was really nice and funny, and we even took group pictures,…

And he really is a small bean, he’s not much taller then I am, but he is just so cute and nice and he talks to you like a friend and ahhhh, I still can’t believe this has happened…

I just love him so much, and it was definitely worth it to come all the way from Spain!! 💚💚

Thank you so much for everything @therealjacksepticeye !!

To Jungkook you’re just a girlfriend. - pt.2

[pt.1] [p.2] [pt.3 End]

Originally posted by eatupbangtan

The more I thought about him, the more I couldn’t stop my tears from falling. But at the same time, the more I thought about this whole situation, the more I feel as though I was overreacting. He was right, I’m only his girlfriend - we’re not tied down to one another and he can hang with whoever he wants to hang out with. But her. She’s always liked Jungkook even though we’ve been together for this long, she never gave up on him and he knows what feelings she has for him. Do you blame me for being insecure? For being scared of the fact that I might end up losing the man I see my future with because of her? But it’s all too late now, there’s no use in being scared, or insecure because it all happened. Everything he ever assured you of, that they’ll only ever remain as friends, that he won’t do anything to lead her on, that he won’t hurt you like that, all those things he said, they meant nothing because those are all the things he did. 

I hear a knock on my door and I dreaded who stood behind it, but to my pleasant surprise I guess it wasn’t Jungkook.

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Six Years and Seven Days

This is pretending that Bellamy could hear Clarke talking all those years, she just can’t hear him responding, and that the ship at the end is them coming back to Earth. 


Day Three

“Bellamy…are you up there? Are you alive? Is anyone alive?”


“I only woke up yesterday. At least, I think it was yesterday. I barely made it into the bunker in time, but I made it. And the computer says it’s been three days since the radiation hit, and I was so hungry I thought I might die. Please tell me you didn’t die.”


“Bellamy, my mom was right. In a way. My face is disgusting, covered in boils. You’d be laughing at me…probably. Because she was right but so were you. I’m not dead Bellamy. I hope you aren’t either.”

His fingers slammed on the respond button, pushing it down to the point of it feeling like it would crack from the pressure.

“I’m not dead, Clarke. I’m not dead.”

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i. i think of all the people i thought i loved and i laugh. it’s a long list, and for a long time i thought there was something wrong with me for being the only one of my friends who had never fallen in love, never fallen so fucking hard that my bedroom floor had a hole shaped like my body.

ii. you laughed and i swear to god, seriously, i almost cried. it was beautiful. that’s not to say that it still isn’t, i’m sure it is, it’s just, i haven’t heard your voice in months and so, i can’t use present tense. i’m only fooling myself. i erase my call log frequently but, i can’t bring myself to erase the proof that you were once here.

iii. our love was held together by pepsi and walks by the lighthouse and caramel frappuccinos and rainy days and extra large packages of extra gum that had 35 sticks instead of 18. i think i dropped my heart in the water when you told me you were leaving. i think i left it there for safe keeping but, i can’t bring myself to get it back.

iv. we haven’t spoken in a little over a month but it feels like it’s been longer. i think you stopped caring when you knew you didn’t have to pretend anymore. i think your liberation from my mess of emotions was the only thing you got out of what we had.

v. it’s weird to think that there were people before you. i had my first kiss in the 8th grade and i thought i loved him. a little over a year later i thought i was in love again and a year later and a year later and then, i kissed you. i loved you. i think for a long time i tried to convince myself that i didn’t want to kiss you, and when i did, i knew i had been wrong from the start.

vi. i haven’t deleted our pictures. i know i said i would, i know i told my friends i have, i know i’ve told my mom i don’t miss you anymore and i know i go outside now and i smile at the sun, but i think that missing someone is harder than it looks. self help books tell you to use distractions and make plans and talk to your friends, but i’ve done exactly that for the past 8 months and my neck still has a bruise in the shape of your lips.

vii. it was raining the first time you kissed me. the storm almost blew us away but we held onto each other and you drank my coffee and i leaned on your shoulder and we watched the world fall down around us. i think when you’re 16 you feel so invincible that you try and walk right into the eye of a storm. that’s what i did that day. i came back, broken, mangled, torn apart, but i came back.

viii. the day you left, i cried. i know this isn’t a surprise, i think anyone who lost the person they built their world around would cry. it’s been 8 months, and i still don’t know what happened. if love is real, then so is closure, it has to be. i never got it. i don’t know how you managed to break a shattered thing, but you did.

ix. i still love you, please call me.

So, the time has come where I have decided to share my hidden Nashcon 2016 Cockles photo op with everyone.

Why did I wait so long? Because I told myself, as a silent promise to Jensen and Misha, I was going to wait one year from the day, before I share it, even though Misha said to share it initially. Haha. Anyway, it’s been four months past the year mark, and I have decided to finally unveil the photo, I know it might garnish some stuff from haters, and I might be called “disrespectful”, however I ask everyone to read below first, on how my situation went down with receiving the photo, and then cast your opinions.

 So, I am waiting in the photo op line nervous as all hell haha, I keep the front of the book hidden the entire time, just patiently and nervously waiting. The book I held in my hands was “The Threesome Handbook”, by Vicki Vantoch (For those who don’t know who she is, she’s the amazing woman married to Misha!!). I’ve had the idea in my mind for nearly a year on how funny it would be to take a photo of the three of us reading it, I could imagine Jensen’s “what the hell position is that?!” Face, I can imagine Misha’s mischevious intrigued face, and then I would just be there looking like a dork, haha, either way, it was a year’s idea in the making. So the time has come and here i am shaking with my book…When it is my turn…I walk up to them…I immediately went to Jensen first because above anyone else, I wanted to get his Blessing for the photo, I didn’t want him to do it if he was not comfortable with it, and I was perfectly fine if he would have declined…So, I’m right in front of Jensen and I say “I completely understand if you don’t want to do this but, if not, it’s okay, but can we do something with this?” I showed him the book Misha’s wife wrote “The Threesome Handbook”, and he was like “With this?” He replied with like a shocked laugh as he pointed at the book, I laughed a bit in embarrassment…Then at this moment Misha comes over to the two of us, he sees the book and giggles as he grabs it, Misha being amused at the sight of the book, all I could do is look on in embarrassment and nervously laugh. At this point however, Jensen’s handler came up right away and was like “ Nope. No. No.” And she snatched the book out of Misha’s hand. So he was like “Oh Well” with a shrug kinda look then I was like “Oh well”, I knew at that point it was the risk of asking, so I didn’t mind. So I turned to Misha and Jensen and was like “Hugs then?” So we did a hug picture. The bliss and awesomeness of being between those two, still sends shivers down my spine. Forgive the capital letters but this was the exciting part…after the picture I THEN HUGGED THEM BOTH AND SAID THANK YOU, THEN THE HANDLER GAVE THE BOOK BACK TO ME. I WAS READY TO WALK AWAY WHEN MISHA GRABBED MY HAND, PULLED ME CLOSE TO HIM AND TOLD THE PHOTOGRAPHER TO TAKE ANOTHER. SO MISHA HUGGED ME WHILE WE HELD THE BOOK AND JENSEN GAVE HIS LIKE “WHAT?!” FACE. I WAS IN SHOCK!!!! SO ALL I HAD ENOUGH REACTION TIME FOR WAS TO MAKE A DORKY LOOKING “Idk, worth a shot” SUGGESTIVE FACE.

It happened so quick…I was not expecting it at all…After the picture all I could do was happily give Misha another hug, and just mutter “Thank you thank Misha”, I gave Jensen one more quick one and kinda high tailed it out of the room shaking.

Now…I was absolutely happy, and just speechless, I had two ops, the op I wanted to do, and I spent more time with them. The thing is though…After some time…I felt bad…because I wasn’t sure if Jensen was upset…or kinda just disappointed, because I felt maybe he didn’t want to do it and it was forced, as much as I appreciate it…To confirm, I decided to apologise to him when I got my autograph…The stressful part of it all, was the timing…See…I had to wait for the pictures to print, I wanted to grab it right away because I know sometimes people take photos of other people’s pictures, and I didn’t want this to get out by someone else’s hand. The thing is Jensen was then signing autographs in the same time…So, I was pacing back and forth from the picture table and the autograph hall to see how the lines were, just as it seemed like autographs were almost over, as they called my row many minutes before, the pictures were put out. LUCKILY I received my picture and I was able to make the line for Jensen, photo hidden. So again I nervously wait in line, when I got to him in line, he recognized me and said “Hey you” and smiled, and of course I was like “Hi” *giggles* and then I said “Jensen I’m really sorry about the book photo op”. He smiled and was like “ah, it’s no problem at all” And I said “Okay I just wanted to make sure you know I didn’t mean anything bad by it” and he said “Don’t worry about it, it’s perfectly fine”. I apologized to his handler also and she said “ Its okay honey, I’m not mad about it” and they both said you have a good night and pretty much don’t worry. So *SIGH OF RELIEF*

Got my autograph and his Blessing!! However me being me, I wanted security…So…To Make sure…When I got my Misha autograph, I walk up to Misha with items in hand to get signed.

Misha: “Oh hey it’s you, how are you?”

Me: “I’m good thank you, how are you?”

Misha: “I’m good, I’m good, are you having fun?

Me: “Yeah, it’s been really great”

*Misha begins to sign my items*

Me: *Nervously* “Can I ask you a question?”

Misha: “Of course go ahead”

Me: “Was Jensen upset with the photo with the book?”

Misha: *smiles, then giggles* “Oh no, he wasn’t upset at all. He would have gone through with it if a certain handler didn’t snatch it away from us”

Me: “Are you sure? I really don’t want him to be upset, I just didn’t think it’d be bad”

Misha: “No, don’t worry about it at all, he wasn’t upset” *Misha hands back items*

Me: “Okay, thank you Misha, thank you. You have a great night” *I say while gathering my stuff*

Misha: “You’re welcome. You too” *Misha smiles*

*I turn to walk away when Misha says to me*

Misha: “Don’t give it a second thought”

I respond by just smiling and saying a relieved “Okay”, and then I turn and head out to the hall.

So…This is that photo, from my amazing Nashcon 2016 time…I hope those viewing, find the humor in it as much as I do…If you’re gonna share it, please just attach this story with it, so people know, that yes while some might find it tasteless, it was done with a calculated understanding of the actor’s feelings behind taking the photo and not without asking their personal consent for it first, the events that unfolded from it, were not expected and were out of my hands, just as well I finally want to thank Misha and Jensen and just as well, Jared!! (Though they may not ever read this haha) for everything they’re do for the fans, it was a great time and is now a hell of a story I can add to my life of events. Everyone else…enjoy. :)

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Tumblr Darkhorse2231

‘Cough Syrup Murder’

(This is a fairly new case so investigations are still ongoing)

Matthew Phelps, a 28-year-old form North Carolina, phoned police on September 1st 2017 at 1:01am to turn himself in for the murder of his own wife, Lauren Hugelmaier  (both pictured above.) He told the 911 dispatcher “I had a dream and then I turned on the lights and she’s dead on the floor. I have blood all over me and there’s a bloody knife on the bed, and I think I did it…I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this.” He later told the dispatcher “I think I killed my wife. Oh my God. Oh God. She didn’t deserve this. Why?”

https://soundcloud.com/abc11-wtvd (You can listen to the 911 call here)

Matthew and Lauren were only married just last year. When asked about Lauren her relatives said she was “all about her family. Her four nephews were her entire world.” and that “church was a priority.” Lauren volunteered at the youth ministry and adored the children there. Matthew was studying to become a pastor.

Phelps told the dispatcher that he “took more medicine than I should have…I took Coricidin cough and cold, because I know it can make you feel good. So, a lot of times I can’t sleep at night.” Coricidin contains dextromethorphan and chloropheniramine which, when taken in high doses, can cause euphoria, dissociative behaviours, anger and psychoses.

Phelps was taken into custody and was later charged with murder. He is currently being held at Wake County Jail. The death penalty is a possible sentence for him.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7ZwFS0x33Q (Phelps in court)

Recently hs social media life was revealed. On Instaram he used the username ‘marty_radical.’ He captioned one of this posts with “I can’t get out of bed. There is evil in my head” (lyrics from Beg For Me, Korn.) He also apparently has a tumblr were he shared his stories about his insomnia stating “Ever since I was little, I’ve had some strong activity in my dreams. Nightmares, night terrors, sleepwalking, hallucinations, and controlled dreams have filled my life so far.”

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

171210 Pepero fansign: Kyungsoo fanaccounts

@dyodyo_chu: When I saw Kyungsoo, I told him I enjoyed his movie and that I looked forward to the other projects he would be on, so he bowed and said thank you TTT I told him I was curious about Meokmul and Huchu and asked if he could post pictures of them when he had the time, and he said he would TT

@kjybbhkjd: I asked Kyungsoo for a blessing for 2018!! Kyungsoo: Please don’t get stressed…!!!! He said that Meokmul and Huchu both grew a little bigger than what was on their papers….

Me: By any chance, have you thought about making a Sa-keul?
KS: Sa-keul? What’s that?
Me: (enunciating) A Soundcloud
KS: What.. do you do with that?
Me: Ah (just realizing he doesn’t know) it’s somewhere you can upload the songs that you sing
KS: (eyes wide, eyebrows raised) Aahh yes!! I will

Me: Hello TT Could you say your closing comment [from the elyxion invitation video]? When countless nights and stars have passed..
KS: Aahh, when countless nights and stars have passed..
(Silence) ……….
Me: Until the day we meet again TT
KS: (laughs) Until the day we meet again
Me: TTTTT Thank you TTTTT

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Damian ‘cockblock’ Wayne - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon - Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where Damian keeps cockblocking Jason and the reader (he sees the reader as an older sister/mother type of figure)


Summary - Sexually frustrated Jaybird seems to not be able to catch a break.

Warnings - swearing, make outs, reference to sex.

“God I want to kill Grayson…” Jason grumbled as he climbed through your apartment window, normally he would visit you during the day and take you out, but most recently he had been appearing in your apartment at ungodly hours of the night after patrol; he came over either just needing to feel you next to him as he slept, or just needing to feel you writhing beneath him, moaning his name as he showed you how much he loved you – he had been away for a couple weeks, patrol had practically taken over his life and all he was thinking about through those gruelling weeks was you, and how much he missed you and needed you.

“Baby? You better be ready to stay awake all night long…” He smirked to himself as he made his way to your bedroom, kicking off his shoes and throwing his leather jacket away in a random direction before swinging your bedroom door open. “Jay?” You whispered, eyes widening as you sat up and stared at him as he started pulling off his armour. “You have no idea how much I need you right now, if you thought you were sore the day after my birthday, god babe you’re not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.” He bit his lip, taking off the rest of the remaining clothing on his body, leaving him all bare before you. “Jay shut up!” you squeal, you did love his spontaneity but this was definitely NOT the time. “You won’t be saying that in a couple minutes…” He smirked, striding towards you and ripping the duvet from your body and revealing you and a certain someone else.

“What the-?! Why the fuck is demon spawn here?” He backed away, grabbing his boxers and pulling them on like the flash as he stared at little Damian, snuggling his face into Jason’s own pillow as he slept soundly. “Dami has been keeping me company since you’ve been gone!” You whisper-shouted, getting out of bed and pushing Jason out of the bedroom and closing the door behind you.

“I thought you weren’t back till morning?” you spoke “I couldn’t wait…” He spoke low, eyes darker than night as he grabbed your thighs and wrapped them around his waist and turning you so you were now against the wall; he crashed his lips onto yours impatiently, not wanting to answer any more of your questions. “Jay-mhpf” You tried to speak, but Jason clearly wasn’t having it as he pushed his tongue into your mouth, your tongues now fighting for dominance as he slid his hands into your shorts as he began groping your arse, taking you to the lounge area and throwing you against the couch.

You laid there breathless as Jason went back to his original position between your legs, kissing your neck and sucking onto your sweet spot beneath your ear as he grinded into you, Jason Jr clearly happy to see you; if Damian wasn’t asleep in your bed right now you would gladly go all the way to welcome Jaybird back home, but, he was.

“Jay- Damian might wake-“ “I don’t care let me show you how much I love you..” Jason purred, tugging at your shorts as he kissed your hips. “Y/N?” A voice echoed in the hallway “Damian!” You gasped, pushing Jason off of you and turning to look at Damian. “Fucking cockblock…” Jason groaned as he continued to lay on the ground where he landed, earning a side glare from you. “You’re insufferable.” Damian rolled his eyes at Jason and then turned back to you “I thought you had been kidnapped, last time I saw you, you were in bed with me so I was concerned. Anywho, continue whatever you were doing I’m going to get some water.” Damian spoke, nodding towards Jason before returning into the shadows and back to your bedroom.

“Now where were we…” “No Jay!” you giggled, pecking his lips before getting up on your feet. “What? He said continue!” He whined, pouting his lips out at you; god you wish you got that as a picture, because if you told anyone the mighty Red Hood pouted his lips out at you to get what he wanted, well, he would indefinitely deny and no one would believe you anyway. You shook your head, smiling to yourself “Oral?” he pleaded, watching your magnificent behind walk away from him as you rolled your eyes “five minutes in the shower?” He raised his voice “good night Jay!” you chuckled “Jerk me off?!” he shouted out, he really needed you right now, soon after he heard your bedroom door slam shut. “God I hate you demon spawn…” He groaned, collapsing onto the couch.

He glanced down to his crotch, sighing, he was literally throbbing; “what am I going to do with you now?”

The smell of pancakes and bacon filled the air, Jason nose twitched, waking up on the couch in the same position that he fell asleep, a mug of hot chocolate sat beside him. “Y/N?” He called out, stretching out his body and sitting up, rubbing his eyes and running his fingers through his dark hair before glancing to the kitchen, expecting to see you in one of his shirts… and ONLY one of his shirts… bending over the island in the centre in order to get something, your ass practically inviting him to come in.

Although, much to his dismay, he looked over only to see Damian sat the island eating, and you, fully clothed.

He sighed, standing up, earning a few cracking sounds from his back before groggily making his way towards you.  “Todd.” “Cock block.” They nod to each other, as Jason made his way towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist he smiles “good morning” you giggle, leaning back into his warmth as he hugged you from behind, he began to kiss the spot beneath your ear making you bite your lip.

“AHEM” Damian spoke up, making Jason groan against your skin, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “Why is he still here?” He whines “Because he wanted to spend some time with me! You’re lucky he didn’t wake up when you were all lusty last night.” You chuckled “It’s not my fault that I wanted my girlfriend after weeks and weeks apart. I have no idea how people can wait till marriage.” he smirks, resting his hands on your waist and turning you around to face him, he tucks a stray hair behind your ear as he looks down at you lovingly, leaning his head down towards your lips. Just as he was only mere centimetres away from those lips he has wanted to taste for weeks,  Damian’s head pops up next to the two of you and his hair brushed against your cheek.

“I know you two are a couple but I care more for my hunger rather than that so Y/N may I have 2 more slices of toast?” He asks “Help yourself.” You smile, ruffling his hair before turning back to face your beloved boyfriend “GO HOME DEMON SPAWN.” He growls, earning a glare from you as you slapped your hand on his very broad chest “Jason!” you gasp “oh come on! my balls are almost as blue as Dick’s nightwing suit” he complained, hands gripping a bit tighter onto your waist.

“Todd could you refer to your genitalia more subtly, I’m trying to eat my breakfast” Damian sneers, biting into a piece of toast. “BEAT IT DEMON” “Maybe that’s what you should be doing” “DAMIAN!” you gasped, surely something like that shouldn’t come out of the mouth of someone his age. “What? It would make him less of a challenge to be around” “Dami! Go get ready I’ll take you out for ice cream!” you couldn’t help but let out a laugh, you did not expect Damian to say anything of that sort out loud, let alone think of it. “Tt” he rolled his eyes, retreating back to your room to most likely get a shower.

Once the coast was clear, your attention was now all on Jason.

“Couch. You have until you hear the shower stop to do what you want, I don’t care whether if you’ve came or not, when the shower stops, we stop.” You smirk “Ooo I love it when you take control sometimes” Jason winks, slapping your behind before dragging you to the couch.

“Y/N your shower seems to need fixing so I took it upon myself to call a – TODD WHAT IN GODS NAME ARE YOU DOING TO Y/N”

Not my best of works I must admit but I hope you enjoyed and if you would like to request just message me! 


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Request:  bath time w shawn!!!

He’s pulling up, messaging you that he’s finally home. You aren’t responding to him, the lights are off out front, and no lights are on in the house. 

He’s starting to get worried that you forgot that he was coming home to see you. His worry gets worse as he gets out of the cab with his bag, walking to the door finding it locked.

He digs his keys out of his skin tight pocket and unlocks it, met with total blackness and silence. 

He sighs, hurt that you forgot that he was coming home tonight. He sets his bag in the laundry room, kicking his shoes off so he won’t be making too much noise. He wanders off to the kitchen turning on the oven light so he can see. Looking around he feels his heart ache at how you decorated the place without him. How this house screams ‘SHAWN & Y/N’ yet he wasn’t even here to help you hang up pictures.

He can see it now; 

“Shawn it’s not straight!” You protest as he stands on the creaky old ladder he found in the garage. 

“Babe, you told me to move it to the left, that’s what I did.” He chuckles.

“Well now I’m telling you to move it to the right.”

“That’s where I had it!”

“Just do it Shawn.” 

He sighs and moves the picture back to where it was to the right.

“There! Right there!” You shout excited. 

He steps off the ladder, worried when it groans underneath his weight. When he turns to look at you he just stares at the smile of your face. 

“What are you smiling at?”

“It’s our first picture.” You sigh looking at the bare wall, well you know with the exception of the one picture he just hung. 

He saunters over to stand behind you, strong arms wrapping around your waist as his chin rests on your shoulder. He stares at the wall too, feeling your happiness seeping into him.

“Looks good Babe.”

“Would it be straighter if it was more to the left?” 

He can see it, but it never happened. Because he wasn’t here with you. Touring the world without you. 

He walks up the stairs, ready to join you in bed, make you remember that he’s home. 

But he can hear the soft sounds of John Mayer playing from the bedroom. He walks closer to the door, opening it just a crack to see that candles are lit and the room is dim. He grins when he can see your shadow from the bathroom. 

You’re hair is in a messy bun, a few strands falling down to frame your face. You have your silk robe on and are moving around the bathroom, swaying your hips to the beat of the song.

He’s standing in the door way, leaned up against the door frame. He’s so amazed by you, and how you always look so pretty. 

“Hey.” He whispers, hoping not to scare you. You had just tested the water in the bathtub when you look up at him slowly. Your smile gets bigger when you see him.

“Hey.” You whisper back.

“What’s this?”

“Thought maybe we could take a bath. It’s my favorite way to relax after traveling.”

“We?” He asks with raised eyebrows.

“We.” You nod at him. 

“This is my favorite way to be welcomed.” He smirks, making you blush.

“How was the flight?”

“It was alright.”

“Just alright?”

“It was long and seemed to drag on for forever because I knew I was getting to go to you once I got off it.”

“Mmm, I don’t think we have really said Hello.” You say walking up, leaning on your toes to reach his lips. He leans down and kisses you eagerly. “Now strip Mendes.” You whisper pulling away. 

He stands in shock for a second but is quick to get rid of his clothes. He’s in only his boxers while you are checking the water again. You put some bubble soap in the tub and swirl it around to make bubbles. 

He wraps his arms around you, kissing the shell of your ear.

“You’ve gotta strip too.” He says lowly, sending shivers down your spine. 

“All I’m wearing is a robe.” You blush just saying the words.

“Fuck.” He groans into your neck, peppering it with kisses. 

“Ready for your bath?” You ask going to step away. When you move away he catches the tie of your robe and it comes undone. You look over your shoulder at his blushed smirking face. 

You let it fall off your shoulders, landing softly on the floor. You hold his hand as you step into the tub, emerging yourself into the bubbles and warm water. You smile up at him, fluttering your lashes. 

He sheds his boxers stepping in, sitting across from you. He sighs in pleasure as he settles across from you. 

While his head is thrown back, eyes closed, you grab the two glasses of wine you had poured before he walked in. 

“Wine?” You ask offering him a glass. He looks at you and smiles.

“Thanks.” He says taking the glass. You take a sip and he watches you making you giggle. 

“Mmm, it’s good Babe, you’re gonna love it.” You say pointing at his glass. He dodges your hand, capturing your lips with his own. He pulls away smiling.

“It’s real good, best I’ve ever had.” He grins at you. You roll your eyes and sigh when you feel his fingertips on your leg.

“How have you been?” He asks rubbing your thigh with his free hand. 

“Lonely, but I’ve been good.”

“I’m sorry your lonely.” He frowns.

“Don’t be, this right here, makes up for it all.” 

“Good.” He says sipping his glass.


The water is getting colder, you are both three glasses in feeling a little tipsy. 

“You did not say that.” You gasp leaning forward. He laughs and nods, cheeks flushed.

“Totally.” He giggles.

“Shawn!” You splash water at him, making him laugh harder. “What did she say?”

“What would you say if a guy you were hitting on looked at you and told you that his girlfriend was way prettier than you?” He says splashing you back.

“I don’t know, no one has ever said that to me.” You say, picking at your lip.

“Stop.” He says pulling your hand away. “I missed you and your annoying habits.” 

“What like you and your nail biting.”

“You and picking at your lip.”

“Playing with your ring.”

“Bouncing your leg.”

“Pulling at your curls.”

“Picking at your nail polish.” 

“We have too many nervous habits.” You giggle.

“What are you nervous about?” He asks taking your hand and intertwining it with his.

“I don’t know.” You shrug.

“You know, I really love you.” He says shaking his head, smiling wide.


“Yeah, I was so stressed out on the plane ride home, then when I saw that no lights were on I thought you forgot I was coming home. That made me more stressed, but you have made it all melt away in less than a minute of seeing you.”

“You thought I forgot?” You ask, playing with his hand.

“Maybe.” He looks down sheepishly. Embarrassed that he thought you forgot when you had a plan the whole time. He knows he should have known better.

“I would never forget you.” You grin looking up at him. His gaze softens as he stares at you, head tilted to the right. “What?” You ask, eyebrows pulling together.

“You are perfect.” He sighs. You blush and shake your head. “I’m gonna make you my wife one day.” He says holding your hand tighter.

“Oh are you?” You quirk.

“Yeah, it’s gonna happen. Don’t fight it.”

“Don’t plan on fighting it, I promise.” You smile at him.

“You’re gonna be the prettiest bride.” He closes his eyes. “I can see it now, ‘Y/n L/n most beautiful bride in the universe.’”

Just the thought of you walking down the aisle, white gown making you glow more than you already do. That thought alone could save him for the rest of his life.

“Wouldn’t I be a Mendes by then?” You ask making him open his eyes.

“Yeah.” He smiles wide. “I really like the sound of you being a Mendes.”

“Is that your way of asking me?”

“Would you say yes if it was?

“I just said I wouldn’t fight it didn’t I?”

“Did we just get engaged? He asks sitting up.

“I think so?” You giggle.

“Wait.” He says leaning over the tub, fumbling with his pants. He digs into the pocket and pulls out a ring.

“Holy shit Shawn.” You gasp as he looks at you. 

“Was gonna ask anyway.” He grins, slipping it onto your finger. 

“Holy shit.” You sit there out of breath.

“Is that a good holy shit or a bad holy shit?” He asks tense again.

“Good, so good.” You smile, connecting your lips with his.


You are both laying in bed, in each others arms.

The bath had become cold and your skin becoming wrinkly. 

He’s in his boxers, and when you had asked him to grab you some clothes while you were drying off he had returned with a pair of his boxers and one of your cami’s. You didn’t argue, just put on what ever he brought you. 

“What are people going to say when I answer with ‘Oh yeah, we both kind of mutually agreed in the bath one night.’ I mean that makes us sound crazy.”

“More like crazy in love.” He mumbles, eyes closed but fingertips running up and down your hip.

“That’s very true, but like,” You say picking at your lip again. “Does that make us sound weird?”

“Stop picking at your lip.” He says, chest rumbling.

“You haven’t even opened your eyes to look at me.”

“Don’t have to, I know you.”

“You better know me, if I’m gonna be your wife.” You mumble.

That makes his eyes fly open. In a quick second he’s rolled you from your side to your back and has a hand on each side of your face. He’s holding himself up over you, with a playful grin curling up on his lips.

“If?” He asks, eyes challenging you. “This right here.” He says taking hold of your left hand, playing with your ring. “That’s not an ‘If’ Baby, that’s a when.”

“When I’m your wife?” You ask.

“Yeah, not an ‘If this happens’, it’s a ‘when it happens.’ And who gives a fuck about what we sound like when we say that we both kind of asked one night while taking a bath, it’s the truth.”

“So when the boys ask how you proposed you are gonna tell them truth and say you took a bath?”

“Yeah. That’s what happened, been the best night of my life and you want me to lie about it?”

“Best night?” You roll your eyes. “What about Madison Square Garden, or the night you signed your record deal.”

“Baby those nights mean shit compared to this one. You are gonna be my wife. My wife. Do you know how happy that makes me, I get you. Out of 7.442 billion people in this world, I get to marry my favorite one.” 

You reach up and stroke his cheek, your eyes glued to his. 

“Yeah those nights were good. But this one right here is the best. Any night with you beats those nights. I promise you that.” 

*Part 2?*


Last night at Gaga’s show in Sacramento, I had a backstage experience pass. After me and my group took our photo, she allowed me to pull her aside to tell her a story about my aunt who had passed away three years ago. I told her though she already knows that she helped me as a young kid who was a scared closeted gay with her album Born This Way.. now, as an adult, she helped me heal with Joanne in a very specific personal way that I never expected. I told her about my family and how my aunt’s Lisa’s passing was that moment she talks about in her show that “blasts you so hard you cant remember who you were before.” I then told her in my gift envelope that I had to leave with security, I had one of my aunt’s necklaces that I wanted to give for her to keep it. Gaga then told her people to go get it for her. 

When they brought my gift in and she saw that it was pearls, at first she told me she couldn’t take it as it was too special and insisted that she’ll take a picture with me with her wearing them to cherish but I needed to keep them. She put them on and we took the picture together but after I told her I wanted her to have it and it was ok. She teared up and I was trying not to cry in general the whole time so I apologized if I had made her uncomfortable by asking her to take them and she said no it wasn’t that, it just was too special and I’d regret it if I didn’t keep them. I told her that items don’t hold the most special memories of her for my family and that we have a lot of stuff of hers. I told her this represented a significant powerful woman who shaped my mine and my family’s life similarly how she did for me. I said I wanted to represent the women that had a huge effect on both of us, like Joanne, and she should have it because the album helped heal my heart. Eventually, she agreed to keep them after I told her “I’m not much of a pearl girl anyways” and she laughed at me. She asked for my aunts name one more time and I reminded her that it was Lisa. I left the room with her still wearing them. 

Then, later in the show she came out on stage wearing them and this happened.

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Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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What If BTS Had A Rap Battle With An AI? SK Telecom CF Filming Site Surprise Interview!

We were able to meet BTS, the idols who were noticed by Billboard, New York Times, Times, Rolling Stone, and other overseas media. In the past 5 months, they’ve once more proved to be the hottest boy group after being the first K-Pop group to win “Top Social Artist Award” at the Billboard Music Awards. Meeting them at the commercial filming site for SK Telecom, we were able to ask them some questions we were curious about.

[BTS’ Update Talk!]

Q: This is your 2nd year being active as the models for SK Telecom. How does it feel?

V: Even in the past, I would always go to SK Telecom whenever I bought a cellphone. Being active as a model like this makes me very happy.

Jin: I feel proud to be working with the most popular telecommunications company. My family has also been using SK Telecom for over 10 years. It’s always good.

Jungkook: I’ve also been using SK Telecom for a long time. Now that it’s our 2nd year being active as a model for them, it practically feels like we’ve become the face of SK Telecom.

Jin: To hear that the New York Times selected BTS under the “Music That Americans Love The Most” is an honor.

J-Hope: I still can’t believe it. I’m happy to think that we’re receiving so much love!

Suga: It’s all thanks to all the ARMY that love us!

Q: We heard that recently BTS was the only group among Asian singers chosen by the New York Times for “Music That Americans Love The Most”. Congratulations!

Jin: It really is an honor. I’d like to think that it’s not just thanks to Americans, but also to fans all around the world in order to get this result. I love you ARMY!

J-Hope: I still can’t believe it. I have the thought that we’re receiving a lot of love from America. I’m always very thankful to the fans.

Suga: It’s still puzzling and fascinating. I think it’s thanks to all the ARMY that give us love.

Q: Is there a foreign artist that you enjoy listening to recently?

Rap Monster: I listen to Vic Mensa, Mura Masa, and Lianne La Havas a lot.

Jin: Julia Michaels for me!

V: Lately, I’ve been listening to Bruno Mars.

J-Hope: Vince Staples!

Jungkook: Rather than listening to one particular artist’s music, I’ve been looking for a variety of music and listening to them a lot.

Suga: I’m always enjoying Vic Mensa’s music.

Jimin: I’m listening to Zayn’s music.

[Learning About BTS’ Mobile Life]

Q: You must have a lot of schedules overseas. How do you use your roaming?

Jin: We do have a lot of overseas schedules, but I usually just request automatic roaming and use it that way. Not too long ago, we had to go overseas for a schedule. But I forgot that I already put in a request for automatic roaming and contacted the advisor again to place a request. I remember being embarrassed because they told me that I was already using automatic roaming. Haha.

Q: Do you usually use your smartphone often? We’re primarily curious on how you use it.

V: I do a lot of things on my smartphone. Calling, texting, taking pictures, listening to music, SNS, and the Internet. I call a lot, I text a lot, I take pictures of the scenery, I listen to music daily, and I use SNS so I can’t be without my smartphone.

Jimin: I use my smartphone to monitor videos or listen to music. Also, I use it when I’m contacting another person.

[What Does BTS Think Is Happiness?]

Rap Monster: My happiest moment was our concert at the Gymnastics Stadium!

V: Me too, it was our first solo concert so I was proud.

Jungkook: After our debut, I’ve had so many happy moments that it’s hard to just choose one moment!

Jimin: As expected, every moment I spent together with the fans was happy~

Q: Until now, when was your happiest moment while being active as an artist?

Rap Monster: Our first concert at the Gymnastics Stadium. I can still remember it clearly.

V: I agree. It was a stage just for us, and I was proud that it was our first solo concert!

J-Hope: I think I feel the most joy when we’re having a concert and I’m singing while I look at all the audience members.

Jungkook: Um… I’ve had so many happy moments after debuting that I can’t pick a particular moment, but I think I was about to feel a lot of happiness due to the fans.

Jin: Every moment that I perform where there are fans. I get so filled with emotions that I feel like I’m going to cry. It makes me really happy.

Suga: I also feel alive when I do concerts, so I like it.

Jimin: Every moment that we meet the fans that cheer us on at a concert arena!

Q: What do the BTS members think is happiness? And what could the members put effort in doing together to become even happier?

Rap Monster: I think that happiness isn’t something grandiose, but something that begins from a small habit. Like a habit where you don’t compare yourself to others. Also, if you continue to devote yourself to what you like a little more and continue to believe that you’re right a little more, wouldn’t everyone be happy?

J-Hope: Oh, I feel similar to you. Loving yourself and slowly becoming satisfied is a big happiness. Let’s all have hope and passion in order to fulfill our dreams!

[What If An AI Had A Rap Battle With BTS?]

Q: Recently, an AI that was created using techniques from the 4th Industrial Revolution has been gaining attention. Overseas, the AI has already progressed to possessing the same skill level as humans in terms of writing novels and composing music. If by chance the AI came to challenge BTS to a rap battle, what would you do?

Rap Monster: I will do my best to fight it!

Jungkook: I’d like to carefully think that Rap Monster would completely defeat it…

Suga: I would not accept [the challenge]. How could I beat an AI! Haha.

Q: Finally, please say something to the SK Telecom insight readers.

Rap Monster: Insight readers of SK Telecom! It’s autumn. I’d like it if the heat passed by quickly. Please always be healthy!

Jin: Everyone, SK Telecom has a lot of benefits! Search well and use it in a variety of ways.

V: Please gives lots of interest to SK Telecom from now on! We’ll also show you an even better image. Please anticipate it a lot.

J-Hope: Please give lots of love to BTS and SK Telecom~

Jungkook: Thank you for loving SK Telecom and BTS. We’ll show an even more fun and diverse image from now on.

Suga: If it’s a telecommunications company, it has to be SK Telecom. I’m always thankful.

Jimin: I hope to see even more interest in both BTS and SK Telecom. Thank you.

Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
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wade kidnaps peter the daily bugle photographer because he’s got something he wants to ask spidey about and thought this was the easiest way to find him

except peter is a tired, hungover, late for his midterms college student and he does not have time to deal with any of this goddamn bullshit, not today universe! fuck you!

which is how wade ended up with the single most uncooperative kidnapping victim he had ever napped, the first thing peter said when he woke up was “i swear to god i had better be dead or somebody else will be”

he laughed in wade’s face when wade told him why he’d kidnapped peter, peter was very adamant that spiderman was not going to save his sorry ass because he was just some guy, like spiderman forgot his name usually, they made a deal once and that was that

peter made wade take pictures of him all tied up and unhappy and post them so that peter would have a timestamp to shove in his professor’s face when he went to beg for a retake

“just kill me now, it’ll be easier than trying to pry a retake out of my chem professors’ cold clammy hands”

peter doesn’t do well with awkward silences, “sooooo if i suck your dick can i go home early”

eventually shield sends barton to pick up the civilian wade had been bragging online about kidnapping, he’s actually pretty impressed when he gets there and wade is threatening the kid with a knife and peter is just angrily arguing that thor is objectively hotter than captain america, as though a crazy merc wasn’t waving a knife in his face while he was tied up

clint leaves an arrow in wade’s skull and escorts peter home, peter decides to push his luck and ask clint for like written proof that he couldn’t get to his midterms today because he’d been kidnapped, clint does one better and sends captain america to charm peter’s professors into bending, half of them just straight up gave him an A instead, and it wasn’t because he’d been kidnapped and threatened with bodily harm yesterday, noooooo, this is america, a hot 70 yo in spangled spandex is literally the only reason peter gets good grades this semester