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“Crazy isn’t being broken or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you or me amplified. If you ever told a lie and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child forever. They were not perfect, but they were my friends and by the ‘70s, most of them were out living lives. Some I’ve seen, some never again, but there isn’t a day my heart doesn’t find them.”


Report: Bakuman Stage Greetings at Umeda, Osaka

On Oct 9th, I went to the stage greetings at TOHO Cinemas Umeda in Osaka.
I’ll report how the event progressed :)

My seat was the rightmost one in the fifth row.
Takeru and Ryu appeared through the door just in front of me!

S: Good evening. I’m Sato Takeru. You’ve already seen the film, right? How did you like ’Bakuman’?


S: Since you’ve seen it, we can talk anything, so I’d like to enjoy answering your questions.

K: Good evening. I’m Kamiki Ryunosuke. Thank you for coming here. We can talk anything about the film, so please enjoy yourselves. Thank you.

MC: We’ve come to Osaka at last.

S: Right. We were in Fukuoka in the morning. And we’ve gradually traveled west.

K,MC: …

S: ?

MC: East.

K: Yes, east.

S: Thank you very much. If you hadn’t told me so, I wouldn’t have noticed to the last. First we went west (from Tokyo), and then we moved to the east. This is the seventh time.

MC: OK, then let’s go on to the Q&A segment! This time, we ask you to come onto this stage to ask them questions.


MC: That girl in red, please come here with your friend.

S: Why are you so nasty?
(*note: in the film, Saiko always wears blue clothes and Shujin red, and MC seemed to have chosen those in red in other cities.)
MC: Well, just because it stands out.
(To the girls) Please watch your steps.

S: Hello ~.

K: Hello ~.

MC: Please tell them what you felt about the film.

Girl: … … … (They couldn’t say even a word!)

S: (Tenderly) You watched the film, right?
 Well, I understand you.

Girl: E… Oh… What shall I do … Very …

MC: Calm yourself down.

Girl: Everyone was so cool.

S: Thanks.

Girl: Words won’t come out … What shall I do?

S: Well, what should you do?

Girl: You were very cool.
 Just wait, I have no idea!

S: You can ask just one question.

Girl: What should I ask …

S: Any question is OK.

Girl: Would you please speak in Kansai accent?

S: Nande-yanen!

K: Umasugiruwa!)

S: (to Ryu) You’re so good. Why are you so good at Kansai accent?

K: I’m from Saitama. (*Saitama is in Kanto district.)

S: That’s strange.
 (to the Girl) Would this be OK?

MC: (to another girl) How about you?

Girl: What are your favorite songs?

S: Good question! A normal one.

K: I’ve been listening to ONE OK ROCK these days. Takeru-kun is also, say, he and TAKA-kun have been good friends for years, right?

S: Me, OOR and Radwimps.

K: I know. You’ve been listening to them.

S: Thank you.

The girls descended the stairs.

S: Next! Who was born today?

(The audience was silent for a moment, and then a girl raised her hand! A girl and a boy appeared on the stage.)

S: If you please.

K: Happy Birthday!

S: Happy Birthday! Hello. Is it your birthday today?

Girl: Yes.

S: (Looking sideways at the boy) Uh…

Girl: Nothing but a friend!!!

S: I haven’t told you anything, LOL You were so quick!

Girl: We came from Nagoya. The film was very exciting. I liked the music, Sakanaction’s. I never expected to pogo watching a movie. The music in the scene where Kamiki-kun came up with an idea was really great and I got bumps.

S: A music film, this is.

Girl: I have a question. When I was watching ‘Oshare-izm’ on TV, you were talking a lot about your love. What in him touches you emotionally and what makes you feel he is cute?

K: Well, he is four or five years older than I, so he is kind of my adult brother. He is a reliable elder brother, but sometimes nodding, so I found something all the more congenial in him.

S: Me, too. His sleeping face.

K: We are watching each other’s sleeping face, right?

S: He is sleeping defenselessly.

Girl: You look like lovers, don’t you?

S: Is anything wrong? LOL


S: Her friend, do you have any question?

Boy: Was Komatsu-san beautiful?

K: Of course, she is a heroine!

S: She is 100 times more beautiful in person! Her eyelashes are this long! (showing with his thumb and forefinger) Strangely long! I’ve never seen anyone who looks nicer wearing white socks than she. Dir Ohne was shooting her earnestly.

When they were choosing the next pair, all the audience were raising their hands desperately LOL
Unable to choose one, someone shouted, ‘Who’s wearing school uniform!’, but at last MC chose one …

S: You chose red clothes again, right?

MC: Red catches my eyes … I’ll choose blue ones in the next show.

This time, two girls were moving to the stage.

S: Where has your energy gone? (to MC) Shall we have all the people raising their hands on this stage?

MC: Why…

S: Or shall we go down to the audience?

MC: To the audience?

(It is definitely impossible! LOL)

Girl: Well…
 Oh, no…!
 This is the second time to see this film.
 Oh, no …!
 You played very well, I thought, watching it.
 Oh, it’s impossible! I’ve no idea!!!!
 Can’t stop my legs from trembling … Oh, no …

(Both her legs and voice were trembling! Someone in the audience cheered her up!)

I’ve loved the original manga very much, and when I came to know you would play the main characters, I … very … ah … ah …

S: Won’t you come closer?

(These girls were standing far from them. Takeru was so nice!)

Girl: You were really cool. (she was crying!)

S: Yup. Thanks.

(To another girl) Do you have any question?

Girl: You said you like OOR and Rad. Which song do you like best?

(a good question!)

S: As for Rad, ‘Senshoku-tai’, 24?, I’m not sure. About OOR … it’s so hard. I love all the songs. Would this be OK? Sorry.

K: As for OOR, I love the song of our film, ‘Heart Ache’. And among the songs of Rad,’謎々(Nazo nazo)’ and I’m not sure how to read it ‘Ame Otoko?’ in kanji, ‘雨男子’. I was always listening to Rad in my school days, so I like their songs very much!

S: Thank you. Please watch your step.

MC: We are running out of time. Last word, please.

K: Thank you very much for coming. We made our best to make this film, so we’re happy if you enjoy it. And if you please, watch it again and again. Thank you very much.

S: I’m sorry this event ends so soon. We want to talk with you much longer.

We are proud of this film, so we’d like more people to see it. If you’ve found this film good, please tell your neighbors so. I enjoyed myself being here. See you again!

All the chosen people shook hands with Takeru and Ryu. I envy them ~!

Photos:  みしゃりん on twitter