i told you horrible selfie was going to happen

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I just shed my first fucking tear for Killian Jones.

As you probably don’t know, I’m not an easy crier. I’ve only cried a handful of times for movies and series, the most stereotypical one being Inside Out, but just so. I can get very emotional but I don’t cry easily when touched, in fact, I’ve ironically said I have a frozen heart because of how rarely I cry.

I’ve also been a fan of Killian Jones for more than three years now. I’ve seen him in all types of angsty, sad and painful scenes, I’ve read countless angsty metas and headcanons and scenes in fics. I did tear up in @drowned-dreamer‘s Find Your Way Home, twice, but no tears escaped ( >:( ). Also in Firebird because fcuk this episode.

And I’ve always been sad, that I haven’t cried for him. I haven’t loved any character as much as I’ve loved Killian and I though I’m only 23 I’m having a hard time imagining I will ever love another character as much in the future. So I was sad that I haven’t taken that step yet…

And then I decided to read @ripplestitchskein‘s Light of All Lights. I haven’t even finished the first chapter, but (spoiler?) when Emma told him he was free and he couldn’t believe it at first, and thought how lost he was after Liam died…

It happened. IT FUCKING HAPPENED. I teared up, and the bastard escaped my eye. I even tried to take a selfie but the lighting is horrible and you can’t see it.

But seriously, man, it was a life-changing experience. I paused reading the fic because I had to come here and tell you (though can’t continue reading because I have to go to sleep).

Honestly, @ripplestitchskein, I don’t know if you did it on purpose, but really, really, thank you. You have no idea how much that meant to me. Thank you.

(Once I have some decent free time I’ll finish the fic and leave a proper review :P)