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Title: “Can I try on the Suit?” (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: A certain spider hero crawls into the confines and comfort of his own bedroom, not even realising that the reader has been waiting for him.

Word Count: 1536

A/N: OK I LOVE THIS A LOT! I’ve been working on it during my free time this week and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :) 

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Don’t cut your hair

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.764

Warnings: funny fun and smutty smut ;)

One day, you saw Bucky standing in the kitchen as he made his breakfast. Well, you thought he would make his breakfast. Actually, he was standing in front of the metal fridge with the mirrored surface and you watched how Bucky stared at his reflection.

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Would Never Call It Love | Finale

After many many many weeks of me being gone, I’ve finally gotten the courage to write the finale of a story that I’ve had so much fun writing, and have had so much fun seeing you guys reactions to it. This story is now my most popular with the most notes I’ve ever gotten on a post, and I can’t thank you guys enough for always pushing me to be a better writer. Sad to end this one, but I have ideas in store for a new story, can’t wait to share it with you guys hopefully soon :-). Enjoy.

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Previous parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 

This day had to come. This day was bound to creep on us sooner. This day may not seem huge to some people, but it’s huge to me. 

The last show of their first leg of the tour. Also known as, the day I’ve decided to go back home to my lonely, small, quiet home…all by myself.

When did I decide this? Probably about 5 hours ago at 7 am when I impulsively bought a plane ticket, while at breakfast with Luke, Ashton, and Arzaylea. While the couple talked throughout breakfast, Ashton kept nudging me and bugging me about what had me so fixated on my small screen, but he leaned over a little far at one point and gave an annoyed sigh before throwing his share for his own food and walked out of the eatery. Luke and Arzaylea still haven’t figured it out.

Now here I am, packing my things, the memories of the last couple of weeks with the boys coming down on me. I picked up a black and white stripped shirt that I wore the day of their 3rd concert, the one where Michael spilled a little too much water on me backstage after the show, and my bra peeked through; of course he didn’t seem to mind though. I then started placing the different colored bracelets Ashton gave me within the second week of tour inside a little pouch in my suitcase. They made me smile because they matched his, so I’d always have a little part of him.

Then it got to my lingerie and undergarments, many of which I wore when Calum was over. I held back tears, my throat becoming itchy, as I packed them deeply away underneath anything else I could. 

I heard a knock at my door, and saw Ash standing there, leaning against the door still looking displeased.

“You know they’re asking about what happened at breakfast right?” 

I only rolled my eyes. “Why am I not surprised.”

“I’m not telling them, you are.” He strode toward my suitcase and began taking out the nicely folded clothes and even took things out of the pouches. The room went silent when he saw the colorful bracelets, and even the same bra from that night when everything took a turn for the worst. He bent down and studied them both, the memories hitting him hard as well.

“After all these weeks, you still have these bracelets?” He questioned quietly. I only gave him a nod. “And this…I remember this little number…everything felt so right that night.” He smiled sadly at the moment that practically changed everything; the friendship, the relationship, his ability to forgive himself for one mistake.

“Well, at least for one person it did.” He threw it back down next to the bracelets and began striding out of the room. I took two big steps before pulling him by the cuff of his sleeve, stopping him.

“Don’t do that to me. You don’t get to be mad at me for the decision I’m making. So what if I’m leaving? So what if I don’t want to be here anymore? It is not my fault that because of my stupid mistakes I don’t want to be in a place where I am not welcome anymore Ashton. Sorry that you don’t have a choice. You’re a part of this band, these are your best friends and even though you’re having a fight with one of them doesn’t mean you can take it out on me because you can’t run away from it like I’m doing.”

“You’re being selfish. You’re thinking of only yourself. Which is exactly what Calum said the other night when you tried talking to him right?” Slap. Instantly my hand landed on his right cheek, making it head and hair whip to the side and cover his face. My breathing was heavier and louder, the feeling of my cheeks getting red growing. He turned his head back slowly, his eyes like dagger stabbing into my skin. I could just the anger dripping off of him.

“Y/N look…” he tried to sound sympathetic, but I only held up my finger and pointed it at the door.

“Just get out.” He knew he was defeated, and that he hit a spot in me that stung. Before I shut the door on him, he turned back slightly and whispered, “Just call me when you get there, please. I need to know that you’ll be safe.” I hummed in response, and shut the door, leaning my back against it. 

Hiding my suitcase backstage behind a bunch of curtains was surprisingly easy. It was easy access, and since I would be leaving 15 minutes before the end of the guys show, nobody would really know that I had left. The only person I’d truly have to say goodbye to is Ashton since he was the only one that knew, or so I thought.

Arzaylea caught me at the snack table and tugged on my jacket, getting as far away from the boys as possible. I gave her a confused look, waiting for her to tell me what was going on since she looked so worried.

“Arz, w-what’s going on-”

“I bugged Ashton for hours about what went wrong this morning, and he finally told me.” She crossed her arms staring me down, while I was looked down messing with my fingers.

“Look, please don’t be upset with me-”

“Oh, you think I’m just upset. That’s rich. I’m more than upset with you Y/N. You’ve become like a sister to me, I thought you were stronger and had more integrity than you’re showing right now. You’re letting a stupid boy get in the way of you living your best life. You think you’ve fucked up? You think I haven’t fucked up either! This-this is all just so disappointing.”

“You have to understand that I’m miserable here now. There’s never a day that goes by anymore that I don’t blame myself for how things have laid out the past couple of weeks. I’ve only made things worst since being here, when I wasn’t even suppose to be in the first place!” I felt the water prickle in my eyes, but clenched my fists to help make it go away.

“If you’re mad because you feel like once I’m gone you feel like we’ll never see or talk to me again, then I can make a promise that that won’t happen.” She only scuffed, but in an amusing way.

“That’s partly why.” She pushed my shoulder playfully as we both smiled at each other.

“I’ll still text you, facetime you and call you. Just because Calum and I can’t get along great doesn’t mean I have to give up some of the best people in my life. I just have to…give him some space. It’s for the best.” I peeked over her shoulder slightly to see Calum biting into a green apple, water bottle in his other hand. I couldn’t help but shutter at the veins popping out of his neck and how defined his jawline got when it jutted out to eat the piece of the apple. It’s the simple things Calum did that got under my skin.

Arzaylea pulled me into a tight hug then pulled back to smile at me, and proceeded to do what most girls do with their best friends, take a snapchat. She pulled up a funny filter to get me to calm down and smile, but after the picture was taken, something slimy and runny was piled on top of my head.

Arzaylea and I jumped back from each other as some of it did get on her too, then we turned around to find Nia with a smirk holding the big plate that was dead center of the snack table that was labeled “Spaghetti.” The crew and everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing, and watched to find out what was going to happen next.

“Nia what the fuck!” Arz yelled, wiping off the bits of tomato sauce that was now on her clothes and hair.

“She deserved it.” She came up close to my face, trying to intimidate me however I held my ground and stared her right back down.

“That’s for making Calum break up with me.” She chuckled. “You think he’d really eventually end up falling for you? Oh girl, you’ve got it so wrong. He told me all the awful things you’ve done to him, but don’t worry, I fucked all the bad feelings out of him.” Before I could hear another word, I pushed past her walking fast toward the curtain where my suitcase was located. Sure, I’d have to wait in the airport for almost 2 hours, but I couldn’t stand to be in anybody’s presence anymore. I felt an arm tug me around, and the same husky voice from before rang through my ears.

“Y/N what are you doing, you can’t leave now!” He yelled in my face.

“Ashton! Stop trying to make my decisions for me. You may love me but you don’t know what’s best for me.” His grip instantly loosened and I took the chance to take my arm from his hand. “Now let me go.” And grab my suitcase hoisting it up from the ground and running toward the back exit.

I didn’t see it, but I left Calum standing there with his food now sprawled across the floor at his feet, a dumbfounded look on his face, and for the first time in a while, an aching heart. 

Calum’s POV

The last show of this first leg of the tour was thrilling and exciting, but once my body left that crowd of energy and happiness, reality snapped back into me, and all my confusion and frustration came out of me when I chucked my water bottle at the nearest wall, and it exploded everywhere. Michael’s soft voice could be heard right behind me, telling me to calm down and to not take my anger out so aggressively like that because who knows, I could’ve hit a person instead. 

“Look, I know MIkey, I’m sorry…I just-I’m so confused right now.” We both plopped down on the couch in our dressing room, my hands coming up to my face.

“What did Ashton mean by ‘you can’t leave now’ when he was talking to Y/N? And what was in her hands when she was running away…”

“She left.”

My hands came down from my face, hoping and praying I’d see a laughing MIchael after that statement. It just couldn’t be true. But after a few seconds had passed, he continued to nod his head, as if he was still trying to make the situation seem real.

“She left Cal. She went back home tonight. Ashton told me before we went on stage tonight. He couldn’t tell you because he knew it would only distract you more. He just doesn’t want to keep making you mad mate, he cares for you so much even after everything.” His hand came up to my shoulder giving it a friendly squeeze. My chest sank lower in my chest trying to piece together just how bad everything had gotten, my life outside of the lights and music, was falling into shambles.

“I need to go make up with him first.” Michael smiled and agreed, both of us quickly grabbing our stuff before heading out. He informed me that Ashton had drove straight to the hotel we were staying at right after the show ended, and that Luke and Arzaylea were spending some time together tonight out and about. We headed straight after to him to patch things up. Even though that was the first thing on my mind, I was secretly hoping Y/N just might be there.

We raced up to the elevator and impatiently waiting until it reached our floor, only to find Ashton just closing his door as if he was leaving. I ran up to him and tackled him in a big hug, his weight leaning against mine to stop us from falling. I was holding him so tight the indents in my arms were showing through, and my hand veins were popping out. 

“Ash, ash I’m so sorry for everything dude. You come before anyone else and I shouldn’t have blamed you for everything happening.” We pulled away and he smiled so big his famous dimples showed, and the crinkles near my eyes accompanied my own smile.

“Cashton, always man.” And we did one of those bro handshakes, Michael leaning against the hallway wall watching this beautiful moment unfold. My eyes slowly drooped after things quieted down. Ashton could read my mind, and his arms reached out to gently rub my shoulders.

“So, she’s really gone?”

“I just got off the phone with her. I raced back here to see if she’d still be here but, no luck.” I shook my head in disbelief, disappointed in myself for being as stubborn as I was and almost losing my best friend, along with the girl of my dreams. “Her plane should be taking off soon, I’d say text her Cal. She needs to hear from you that you at least don’t hate her.”

“But that’s the point. I don’t hate her at all, I feel so strongly for her, more than I ever thought I could for someone…” Michael came behind me and leaned his head on me sighing. The weight of her gone now upon all of us. The atmosphere seemed different, the vibe between all of us was still off, as if the Earth was off its axis and everything seemed…wrong. 

“Why don’t we get some rest now guys, we’ve worked hard these past couple of weeks. Let’s enjoy these next few days before our next leg? Am I right?” We all agreed and they decided to walk with me to my room and stay the night, just so we knew that we were all there for each other if one of us needed something throughout the night.

As we entered the room, I walked in first to see a familiar jet black sleek suitcase sitting next to the door. My eyes widened and I looked up to see Ashton holding back a small grin, jutting out his chin, telling me to go see what I was already thinking. My legs quickly carried me past the small curve of the room into the bedroom, seeing a small Y/N sitting crossed legged on my bed in the first t-shirt I ever gave her to keep when I wasn’t around her, my Maine t-shirt.

She stood up upon hearing my loud strides and the shirt fell to just above her privates, her hair disheveled and her makeup slightly streaky, like she had been crying.

“Calum…” her voice croaked. I looked back at the boys, watching them in awe as Michael’s face lit up at the sight of her, Ashton looking proud. And they both walked slowly out of the room, leaving us alone.

“They told me you left…” I said in disbelief.

“I couldn’t…I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t get on that plane and fly away from you, not without fixing things first.” She walked closer to me timidly. I had to bring her closer, so I pulled her in by her waist, wrapping my large hand around the back of her head and placing it underneath my chin, my other hand tightly wrapped around her waist. My breathing became heavy, my heart beat racing, my head filling up with euphoric memories.

“You’re-you’re heart is beating so fast Cal…”

“It’s because it’s happy to be close to you again.” She pulled away to look up at me, her eyes glossy once again, a happy yet sad look in her eyes, as if she didn’t know how to feel in his moment.

“Y/N I am so sorry for never letting you have a chance at explaining things to me, or never giving you a chance to speak and finish your sentences. And I’m sorry that it took me so long to realize it and that it took you almost leaving for me to realize that I never stopped feeling for you. But I promise if you stay, right here, with me, you won’t ever have to go through something like this again. We could have the love we’ve always wanted.” I pleaded. Without hesitation she reached up and brought my face to meet hers, her lips lightly pressing the softest kiss we’d ever shared. I couldn’t help but deepen it, feeling her smaller frame pushed up against mine again. We rested our foreheads against one another as she brought her hands to rest on my chest, lightly rubbing her thumbs over the material.

“I wouldn’t have ever called this love before.” Gesturing to the past complicated relationship we had.

“What about right now?”

“It’s the only word I can use to describe it.”

YAY IT’S FINISHED. I was going to add smut but this alone took me 3 hours so I’m extremely tired you guys ;( request smut though if you want it! Again, thank you so much on the love for this story! I put up a ‘would you rather’ post so if you could, please look at it and tell me which story you’d like to write next. Btw GGMOW will be up soon as well!

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Hey hey hey hon, I luv everything tou write, you're so creative! Can I request a scenario when RFA + Saeran and MC really like each other, but are embarassed to confess, but they get drunk/high together and the truth comes out and maybe things get a little heated, and next day they aren't sure if It was real?

Thx thx! I decided to do this one as mini-fics. Hope you enjoy it! ^^

RFA + Saeran and MC getting drunk and heated (NSFW -ish?)


He saw your name on his screen phone and picked up without even thinking. “Hey, Zenny! What are you up to?” if you only knew the way his heart and his imagination race everytime you call him Zenny, maybe you would be more careful of your words. “Nothing much, MC…What about you?” “I’m just bored, do you wanna hang out?” “Yeah, sure!” he tried to keep it cool, but inside he was screaming “yes, yes, yes!” “Cool, your place, I’ll bring the booze. Just wait for me!” he would wait for you forever if you asked him… no, focus! Now he needed to clean up his house a little and make himself presentable for you.

He knew he would look gorgeous wearing anything, but knowing you were coming made him feel like nothing was good enough to impress you. “What if I just open the door shirtless?” he laughed at himself only imagining your face, no, he would never do that, what if he scared you or made you get the wrong idea? He could never live with himself if something so silly and vulgar like that made you run away from him… he didn’t imagine his life without you anymore, even if it was just friendship.“Here, I bought that grapefruit beer we talked about, I also got vodka.” He was shocked at how much booze you brought, you shrugged and told him it was 25% off, so why not?

He was a little nervous, you’ve never been at his place that late and with booze, especially that much! What if…? No, he was a gentleman! Taking advantage of you like this would be wrong in so many ways! “What’s wrong, Zenny? Cat got your tongue?” “Ugh, don’t even joke about things like this, MC! Just imagining one of these fur balls that close to my precious face…” “Oh, I would be so jealous, you have no idea!” Oh… what? His heart just skipped a beat, he looked at you flustered, you weren’t even looking at him and just chugged the rest of the beer. Were you a flirty drunk? What a grateful surprise! Grateful or… too much tempting? “Uhh, I’m hot!” Yes, you were… wait ! Oh, you’re feeling hot! He got that when you threw your jacket at the corner of the sofa… Dangerous thoughts, Zenny, dangerous thoughts! He wasn’t used mixing drinks like this, the effects were showing pretty fast on both of you.

“Hey, since you’re here, would you mind helping me practice some lines?” he needed to make those ideas go away from his filthy mind. “Sure! Can we go to your rooftop? It’s really hot in here…” “Yes, of course.” Yes, this was better, knowing some sneaky neighbor could be looking would be a good inhibition.

“So, uh… here, let’s start from page 4. On this scene, the guy confesses his feelings to a girl he’s in love with for a very long time.” “Oh, what made him decide to confess?” “You mean, the character’s motivation? Hum… he’s afraid of losing her to another man, and would be such a tragedy, right? Losing the woman of his life because he’s a coward?” “Yes, I could only imagine… so, I’m the girl?” WHAT? “On the scene…” you explained, as he looked puzzled. “Oh, yes! Yes! I’m gonna start now, ok?” you nodded and he cleared his throat. As he talked, you felt like the sky was getting darker, the stars shining were nothing compared to his scarlet eyes peering at you, waiting for your line… “You make my heart race so much, Zenny…” “Huh, that’s not… the line, MC. Are you improvising?” he fidgeted through the script pages, and stopped when he felt your hand holding his. “Would you like to feel it? My heart…?” “W-What?” MC, what are you doin… oh god!” he let out a groan when you placed his hand on your chest. “MC, don’t do this to me, please…” “Shh, it’s okay… see how much it’s racing? I want you to make it race even more… if you just…” your face was getting closer and closer…

Zen woke up completely sweaty. What was that? Another wet dream with you? How many of those did he have that week? But this one felt a little more real…Part of him was hoping for this to be one of his premonitory dreams… who knows? One day he’d be brave enough to tell you how much he cherished you and wanted to hold you tight and never let it go… he was took aback by his phone, where a text of you could be read. “Hey, Zenny! Are you okay? Think I forgot my jacket there, can you bring it for me? See ya ;)”


You appeared at his apartment out of the blue. Well, you told him you were coming over, he didn’t take it seriously, but there you were, standing at his door with a bottle of vodka on your hands. “What’s that, MC?” “I heard you killed your mid terms, so I thought I could stop by to celebrate. But I understand if you’re too busy…” “N-no! Not at all! I was going to play LOLOL, but this looks like more of a celebration for a college student, I guess… Come in, MC!”

You would always look perfect at his eyes, but there was something about you that night that made you look hypnotizing. Your eyes, your smile, the way you tucked your hair behind your ear and chugged the vodka. “Ugh, my hair is a mess today! Would you mind borrowing me one of your hairpins?” he would gladly do so, even though he couldn’t really see the mess, your hair was flawless as usual… but he took the one that was on his hair and handed to you “Can you tie it for me?” you grinned, he blushed as his fingers slightly touched your forehead. “Come on! I can’t be the only one being drunk here! I won’t look like a fool by myself! Drink it just a little? For me?” he drank staring at you, he would do anything you wanted asking like this.

He felt loosening up pretty fast after he drank. His face was burning and he was feeling tipsy, maybe he was a little stronger than he thought? That was cool… “So, I told you on the messenger, but I’m gonna say it again, congratulations on your mid terms! I’m so happy for you, you have no idea!”

“Thanks, MC, I… I was only able to do it thanks to your encouragement, you know that? I feel like I’m going back to my high school days, when I felt so motivated… you’re a great motivation for me… I mean, for my studies and… you know.” You giggled. “I’m glad to know that! So… Yoosung in high school… I gotta say, you looked cute, I would totally have a crush on you if we studied at the same school…” “Y-You would?” he felt his throat get dry. “Yep! I mean… I definitely prefer you blonde now… but back then I would still fall for you, and… wait to see you at parties, so we could play spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven…” What were you saying? You were talking so naturally, like it was nothing, couldn’t you see how thrilled he was getting? “I… I was… a big nerd back then, I didn’t go to parties… so I… I… never played any of these… games…” “Oh, what a shame, isn’t it?” “I guess…”

You looked at him, his cheeks were so pink, his wide eyes were half closed, his hair looked messy… he looked so sexy right now, his hands were so pretty… how would it feel having these skillful gamer fingers tangling to your hair? Touching your body?

“So… do you want to make it up for lost time?” “What?” “Do you want to play right now?” “P-Play what, MC?” “It’s your choice, but if you ask me, I would prefer 7 minutes on heaven, so I guess I’m a little biased here…” he gasped, what was happening right now? You were so close to him on the couch, he could feel his arm rubbing in your shoulder, you looked so soft, so smooth… and you smelled amazing! So he took the empty bottle of vodka, placed in the table and spun… it pointed to him and… the lamp? Oh crap!

You laughed , took the bottle and placed it to point to you and him. You leaned to him, he could feel your breath on his face…

Yoosung woke up feeling like he got hit by a truck, his head was about to explode! His eyes were close, he was afraid to open them up and get hurt by the daylight… but then he remembered, and he opened his eyes in surprise… you weren’t there… oh no! Did he have one of those naughty dreams? This was so embarrassing, how could he look at you again if the only thing he had in mind was that dream? He would act even weirder around you… yeah, like he had a chance with you before! Wake up, Yoosung! A girl like you would never even look at him, on high school, college or in the RFA… you were too much for him! All he had was these filthy dreams…

He runned his fingers through his hair and noticed he didn’t have the hairpin on, he didn’t remember taking it off… it must be on his nightstand… oh! He found the hairpin, along with a note: “Tnx for the hairpin and for last night. Call you later ;)”


You invited her to go to a bar with you, you were feeling stressed because of work and could really use a girl’s night. She gladly agreed to, she loved the idea of a girl’s night because she never had many girls as friends, this made her feel so… normal. And it was you, so she knew she was in for a very fun night.

You looked stunning, she felt like she wasn’t properly dressed for that bar, you told her she looked amazing and she couldn’t help but blush, a goddess like you telling she looked amazing? She never felt this flattered.

A few guys approached you two at the bar, you politely refused , telling you were just in for some fun with your friend. Her heart was racing everytime you waved a goodbye to a guy and came back to her smiling.

“So, have I told you about my boss? My god, Jaehee, what a prick!” and she listened to everything you had to say, you were adorable when you were mad, the way you moved your hands to accentuate your words and the way your voice got into a high pitch, ah… it was just… so charming.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with him? He’s the worst boss ever!” “Hmmm, I’ll have to disagree on that one, MC.” “Oh my God, yeah, Jumin! I totally forgot how much… handful he is…” “Handful? We’re talking about the man that made me cut my hair and use glasses just so I didn’t look attractive to his father.” “Well, if it makes you feel any better, you looked totally attractive to me…” and you took another sip of your drink. “I… looked?” “I mean, you look gorgeous right now too, but I liked your androgynous appeal very much, it was… sexy…”

She could not believe what she was listening, gorgeous, appeal, sexy? She never heard things like this referring to her, she didn’t know how to respond, so she just mumbled a shy “thanks” and you winked at her!!! Oh my god! What’s gotten into you? And why was she feeling so hot? Maybe it was because of these fancy crazy drinks?

You knew what you were doing, those drinks really boost your confidence to finally make a move on her, you’ve been gathering courage to do this for months, it was now or never… “You look so cute when you’re shy, Jaehee…” “M-Me? Cute? MC,what’s going with you today? You’ve been complementing my… looks too much…” “I would do everyday if you let me, Jaehee. Will you let me?” “Oh, I… yes, thank you, MC.” “No, thank you…” and you leaned to her to tuck a locket of her hair behind her ear, her heart was racing like crazy! “So… my place or yours?” you asked playfully. Your lips were so close… she closed her eyes in anticipation…

Jaehee woke up still a little dizzy, she sighed knowing she was still a little drunk, and the hangover would be a torture! She could use a cup of coffee right now! So she went to the kitchen, and then she remembered… oh my, drunk dreams can be so… real. She blushed remembering the things in her dream, your soothing voice complimenting her beauty over and over… if only it was real…

She grabbed her favorite mug, poured the coffee… weird, she didn’t remember making any coffee… and she gagged when she saw a post-it on the coffee machine. “Thought you might need some after last night. Call me :)”


He invited you over for some wine, he didn’t think you were actually gonna say yes, but you did, and now he was nervous about what would be the perfect tie for the occasion. “What about this one, Elizabeth the 3rd?” the cat meowed loudly, so yep, it would be that one, he just hoped you would like too.

Buy why was he so worried about this? What was about you that made him get worried about the silliest things made him feel afraid it wasn’t enough? He wasn’t enough? To be your friend or… oh, what was he thinking?

“Thanks for having me tonight, Mr. Han.” You smiled cheerfully. “No need to be so formal, MC.” “I know, I was just messing with you, where’s Elizabeth? I brought her a little treat…” and you handed him a tiny bottle of wine for cats, you messing with him and now this? He couldn’t help but smile softly. “Oh, that’s a nice tie!” and now he was almost grinning.

As soon as you started drinking, he felt loosening up as his weird jokes started coming out and he even laughed! Truth is he couldn’t stop smiling everytime he glanced at you. That night was all about you, he asked you a million questions about your family, friends, work, and he was living for the stories of you in college. “You were very eccentric, I suppose.” “Nah, I was just trying to have fun, studying, going to frat parties, playing Truth or Dare, you know, things all college students do…” “I… never played Truth or Dare… on college or…” “Really? Not even with V?” “No, I wouldn’t be comfortable with him either.”

There was something adorable about him looking so vulnerable… you admired Jumin’s confidence, but seeing him open up a little stirred something inside of you. “Are you comfortable right now?” “I suppose.” “Okay… ask me!” “Pardon?” “Truth or Dare! Ask me if I want Truth or Dare!” your voice sounded very enthusiastic, the wine was getting to you.

“Truth or Dare, MC?” he smirked. “Hmmm… Truth.” He looked at you, confused. “Oh, I didn’t explain the rules, right? You just have to ask me a question, and I have to tell the truth, usually you ask something I can only answer yes or no, but I’ll make an exception since it’s your first time. Ask me anything!” This was definitely interesting…

“Why did you accept my invitation to come here tonight?” “That’s easy! I enjoy your company, Jumin, very much!” “Oh… I… enjoy your company as well, MC.” Your eyes were locked, you looked dazzling, he was fascinated by your honesty, spontaneity and uniqueness… “Truth or Dare, Jumin?” Oh… now it was your turn… the wine made him curious and adventurous “Dare.” “Okay… I dare you to show me how much you enjoy my company, Jumin…” you made your way to him and sat on his lap, Jumin was shook, this was so bold and… exciting! You felt his hand move to the back of your neck and pull you closer…

Jumin woke up when Elizabeth climbed up to the bed, next to his head, her whiskers tickled his forehead and he opened his eyes, longing to find you beside him in the bed… you weren’t there. It was all a drunk delirium? You were being the death of him that much that he was dreaming about you again? He felt a little disgusted at himself for covering an adorable sweet lady like you of impure thoughts! Impure and delicious thoughts…

His phone buzzed and that smile from last night was back on his face again when he read your text: “I hope Elizabeth enjoyed the wine and you enjoyed the night. See you at my house tonight!”


He usually wouldn’t drink, but you were so adamant about it, pouting and begging him to join you it was impossible to say no. And he knew it was the right decision as soon as you turn your pouting into the brightest smile he had ever seen. If you only knew how much he loves your smile… especially when he was the reason for you to be smiling…

“But… I have one condition. It has to be on my terms!” he said on a very teasing tone. “You name it!” he wasn’t expecting you would agree so quickly, that got him excited. “So… I propose a drinking game featuring the RFA chatroom!”

Yoosung makes a typo? Shot! Jaehee scolds Yoosung for wasting his life over LOLOL? Shot! Jumin posts a blurry picture? Shot! (Bonus shot if it is a picture of Elizabeth)  Zen uses the words: “handsome”, “jerk” or “furball’? Shot! Anybody ask you if you have eaten? 3 shots!

Two hours and 16 shots later, you two were turnt! Laughing of everything and you unconsciously started being a  little handsy, resting your head on his shoulder, touching his arm without apparent reason… he noticed and got nervous. You two chose some light drink knowing it would be a lot of shots, and he knew he was losing control of his good judging, and you leaning over him like this… lord help him, he was shivering!

“Are you cold? I can warm you up!” you told him smiling. “I’m fine, MC.  Hey! We didn’t… we didn’t finish our game! We should do an edition featuring… us!” “Us?”

“Yeah! You know, everytime I do a crazy joke, I take a shot, and… everytime you… do that thing with your… no,forget it!” “I do what?” “Nevermind, I don’t know what I’m saying!” “Saeyoung…” oh! He melted everytime you said his real name… “Yep, that thing with your… breasts?” “What about my boobs, Saeyoung?” he didn’t sense any hint of teasing, you genuinely didn’t know what he was talking about. “It’s just… you… use your arms to… push them together and… MC, I’m really drunk!” he was so embarrassed.

“Yeah, no shit!” you laughed. He was blushing so much, it looked so sweet! You loved how he was always trying to play cool and be the memelord, but whenever you were able to get him like this, it was just… too much satisfying!

“So… were you looking at my boobs?” “Well, it’s hard not to look when you… you do that… but it’s nothing dirty, it’s just… cute.” “Cute?” “Yeah…” “I see… do you want to feel  how cute I am?” “What? MC,I…” “Because I think you’re pretty cute too, and I can see your… cuteness showing up right now…” you moved your hand to under his shirt, he was gasping… “Come on, Saeyoung, show me your cuteness…”

He woke up with Saeran throwing a pillow at his face. He dozed off on the couch and his head was spinning around a little… but most important, where were you? You were here last night, weren’t you? Drinking with him, laughing at and with him, and touching him… oh hohoho! What a nasty dream! You would tease him forever if you heard about this. But what other reactions you could have? Could you enjoy this as much as he did?

“Get off, you fool! It’s my turn now! Don’t try to play funny and break our deal!” Saeyoung looked puzzled from what his brother was saying. “Seriously, you and MC had the house for yourselves last night, now it’s my turn! Go to her place or something, she said you could go when you wake up, so move” and boy did he move


You just wanted to run away for a few hours, work was stressing your mind off and  your family was bothering you with nonsense. Seeing your struggle, Saeran kidnapped you, sorta.

He just took you to this motel out of town and explained he would go there once in a while to run away from his brother a little and just enjoy some alone time. He was sharing his secret place with you, how cool was that?

You brought some whisky along with you. Usually he didn’t drink, but he decided to join you, it’s been a while since he haven’t drink anything but Dr. Pepper, since it was the only drink available at his house.

“To our problems” you proposed a toast. He laughed softly, “To being fucked up” and you both chugged. You loved how comfortable he would be around you, it made you feel special, and he looked so handsome under the moonlight coming inside the bedroom by the window. And a chug quickly became a few chugs, and then a lot…

“Hey, is this one of those motels with pools?” you asked. “Yeah, I guess…” “Cool! Come on!” you dragged him out of bed, which was a relief, because he was starting to feel weirdly aroused with you beside him in the bed.

“Wanna go for a swim?” you asked him. “What? No! You’re drunk and you don’t even have a swimsuit!” he was sitting on the board of the pool, looking at the water. “Says who?” he just saw you jumping in the water and your dress thrown at his face.

He wouldn’t dare to look, were you… in the buff? He sighed in relief when he saw you were wearing underwear, a lacy black bra and dark pink panties… you looked… beautiful… “Won’t you join me? The water is great!” “I… I don’t know how to swim.” “Oh, it’s not even that deep. See?” you stood up and now he could see your whole body, he looked away, blushing.

“It’s okay, I can teach you to float, at least.” You went to him on the board, he felt his whole body tensing up. “N-No! I don’ want to! Get away from me!” “Are you afraid?” you teased him, he glared at you. “I’ll show you afraid!”

He took his shirt off and jumped in the water, the – thank god – cold water. You made your way to him and  put your hands on his shoulders. “Do you trust me, Saeran?” “Unfortunately, I do…” you giggled and rested your head on his chest, when you looked up, your eyes were locked to his, his hands slipped to your waist…

Saeran woke up screaming out your name. He looked everywhere in the house for you, but you weren’t there? A dream? Really? Well, this was better than all his terrible nightmares, so much better! But still… why couldn’t it be real? He wanted to take you to his special place and make you feel special… would he ever be able to or should he just settle with his dreams?

“Hey, bro! Are you okay? You got home all soaked last night! Oh, and MC left a message, you should call her” he never thought something Saeyoung said would make him so happy.


Part 1

Word Count: 2,383 words

A few days had passed since the collision that sent your world into another direction. You held onto the book tightly, like a lifeline, as you looked at the door to Remus’s dorm room. You reassured yourself that everyone was at breakfast, so you could quickly go in and leave it without having to encounter Remus at all.

Looking in his book only gave the slightest idea of Remus. He was popular, sure, yet you had no idea who he was as a person. The book contained his drawings and even short things of writing. Having the glimpse scared you. He wouldn’t care about you. It’s just safer not to engage at all.

Reaching to open the door, your hand stilled as the door opened from the other side. On the other side, a groggy James Potter stared at you with confusion. You had froze, as if not moving would make you disappear. Before you could even attempt to talk, James’s eyes lazily wandered to the book in your hands and widened at the sight. “Oh!” He exclaimed, making you slightly startled, “You’re- you have- you found Moony’s book.” Thinking for a second without properly looking at your face, he stated quickly, “He’ll be relieved. I’ll go get him.” With that, James dashed out, leaving the door open.

Cautiously, you took a step through the door and became overwhelmed in the new environment. There were many things to see, but Remus would be coming any second. Your best option was to leave the book among the discarded socks and papers before hiding in your own room. That way, no one would get hurt or disappointed.

Before you placed the book down, you felt reluctant. Maybe you wanted to meet Remus and tell him that you found his book. How easy it should be. Just say your name and give him back the book. The thought of it brought an dreadful feeling, but after feeling the dread, a sort of ecstasy followed. You looked at the worn book in your hands when another thought occurred to you.

If you left the book, would it be over? Everything between you and Remus, even if it is only fantastical at this point. Conflict swirled around your head, threatening to overwhelm your whole body. As much as you wanted to stay and meet Remus, you knew it would be over, making you feel almost sad. On the other hand, if it was over, there wouldn’t be future pain.

As your thoughts tried to collect themselves, you remembered how little time you had at that point. You silently ran out of the room and went back up the corridor to the girls’ dorm. When you turned around, you could see Remus walking, albeit quickly, towards the dorms. He didn’t see you from the top of the corridor, but you saw his hopefulness. It was only then when you realized you were still clutching his book.

James apologized profusely when the two of them arrived to an empty room. Remus deflated slightly, unknowing if it was due to his book’s absence or the mystery of the girl. He looked to his friend. “You’re sure it was her? Do you remember what she looked like?”

Glancing at his friend’s still hopeful face, James tried to recall your appearance. He was still sleepy and your characteristics were already fading from his memory. He told your hair color and suggested that you must be in Gryffindor if you were at the dorm this early in the day. Remus nodded, trying not to look too disappointed. He remembered your eyes and how striking they were, but the memory was not as sharp.

His memory got a jumpstart when he found a sheet of paper outside his dorm with half of a picture of you. It was only your eyes, but Remus knew it was you instantly. He’s kicking himself for not noticing you, but you don’t seem like you want to be noticed. On the back of the photo, there were the words “5pm, Clock Tower, bring your wand.”

When Remus got to the Clock Tower, no one was there. Most of the other students and professors were at dinner, like the rest of the Marauders. Remus looked around, yet you were nowhere to be seen. He clutched his wand at his side and finally noticed a piece of parchment on the stairwell to the next floor. A spell, Avis, was written as well as a wand movement. 

Holding onto his wand, Remus looked over the spell, wondering if he should trust the spell. He recalled this spell as he looked over advanced Transfiguration to prepare for his N.E.W.T.s, but he couldn’t recall what it did. Placing his bag down, Remus copied the movement and said the spell. 

Yellow canaries appeared from the spell, and Remus laughed a bit. It was quite wonderful, but it didn’t satiate his curiosity. The canaries flew around aimlessly until they all fluttered up the stairwell. Remus looked around again before following them up carefully. 

You peeked around the corner to see Remus go up the stairs and knew better than to reveal yourself until the birds stopped. This is where the trail stopped. You knew that it should end here so you brought his book with no intention of actually confronting him. You brought him here to keep moving forward with the possibility of something more. When he was almost at the top of the Clock Tower, you went towards his bag and only managed to whisper, “We’ll never know now.”

“Wait!” you heard faintly. You looked up to see Remus leaning over the ledge, squinting so he could get a closer look. He turned back to the staircase and then back over the ledge. He called out, “Stay there!” You turned around towards his bag so he added, “Stay put!” With that, he began running down the stairs to try to catch you.

A new option of staying there presented itself. Maybe you could try to stay. Just stand right there and wait for Remus to get down the two flights of stairs. Maybe be happier than you were just blending in and being forgotten. When he got down the first flight of stairs, your nerves resurfaced. Your heart began racing and the only thing you could do was set his book down and run off down the corridor, disappearing from sight.

When Remus finally made it down, he was disappointed to see that you had left. He picked up his bag and saw his book. Maybe you left a clue in it. The only new addition was on the last page. Your handwriting was there, meant to be the very last thing of you he cared about. I’ll make you count to one hundred so I have a good chance to hide. Don’t expect me to play fair.

James, Sirius, and Peter entered the common room, wondering how the meeting went for Remus. Seeing him on the couch made the answer pretty clear. James looked at Sirius with warning eyes, since he knew Remus might not be the happiest at the moment. He looked at his returned book like it held all the answers. James cleared his throat before asking, “How did it go, Moony?”

Remus shrugged and waved his book around. “Got it back, so that’s good.”

Sitting next to him, Sirius mentioned, “The girl didn’t stay?”

He shook his head. “I saw her from the top of the Clock Tower. Before i could make it down, she was gone.” His friends saw how effected he actually was so they left him to his thoughts after trying to cheer him up. By himself, Remus looked at your half of a photo and little note in his book. She always vanished into thin air. 

Professor Dumbledore wasn’t in his office for a long time, because of dinner. You should have known better than to come now. Before you decided to leave and forget about coming back, a familiar figure with a long silver beard rounded the corner. He didn’t seem shocked to see you, despite the odd circumstances. “Ah, Miss Y/L/N,” Professor Dumbledore greeted with a little smile and knowing eyes, “I didn’t see you at dinner. Then again, I don’t think I’ve seen you in the Great Hall since your third year.”

Blushing, you nodded sheepishly. The Great Hall was a little too noisy for you so you decided to spend extra time by yourself and grab something for dinner right before the kitchens officially closed, lying about losing track of time. He only shook his head slightly, although he kept the smile on his face. The hallway was silent until Professor Dumbledore stated his password for his office and gestured for you to follow.

His office was rather spectacular and you admired each old spell book, half filled vials, and various seemingly ancient artifacts. Professor Dumbledore took a seat so you took one of the chairs in front of his. He gazed at you for a while before asking, “What brings you here, Miss Y/L/N?”

You looked at your hands and stated, “When you first came to my house to tell me about Hogwarts, you told my father something.”

“Yes, I remember,” Professor Dumbledore mused, “He was afraid of your wellbeing since, according to a medical diagnosis, you were a frail child, unable to play with other children due to a disability that you weren’t showing.” He closed his eyes as if he was picturing the day. “I told your father that you were stronger than he thought and his carefulness shouldn’t hinder your education or potential.” Opening his eyes, Professor Dumbledore looked at you with careful eyes. “Although, I’ve noticed that you remain guarded from your other students?”

Hastily and cautiously, you told him about accidentally taking Remus’s book and trying to return it and possibly talk to him. You told him about you running away even though you could be happy. You finally looked up from your hands and said carefully, “I’m worried that I’ll get hurt if I try to talk to Remus or try to be his friend.”

“It’s very possible that you may get hurt,” Professor Dumbledore agreed, “But getting hurt does not make anything good lose its value. You never experience wonderful things if you don’t put yourself out there.”

When you made it back to the common room, it was right before curfew. You preferred coming back then when it was less crowded, despite the odd Quidditch celebration. Those days, you would rarely leave your dorm. The Fat Lady couldn’t hear you say the password until you repeated it quite forcefully. She mumbled a bit before opening the way in. While you were crawling through the passageway, you couldn’t help but think maybe things would look up.

That thought died when you saw Remus on the couch by a burning fire. He was looking at his book, so he wasn’t paying much attention. Trying to forget all that you learned, you did your best to summon your old ways of blending into the wall. Maybe he was more skittish due to your disappearances. Remus jumped in his seat when he noticed someone enter.

Before he could turn around to face you, you turned away, fully prepared to dash back into your room. The familiar mix of fear and happiness made itself known in yourself and you couldn’t tell if you enjoyed the feeling or if it would tear you apart if you tried to continue. The only thing that kept you rooted where you were was the hesitant statement from Remus. “Stay, please.”

You didn’t move so he stood up and took a step towards you, but Remus stopped when he saw you take a step towards the door. Your hair hung in front of your face as you faced the wall. “I thought about what I would say when I saw you,” Remus confessed, “Now, I can’t think of anything. You blew everything away.”

“I’m sorry,” you spoke quietly, “I should have just left your book in your room.” Remus took a step away, but you turned to face him finally. “Don’t go, please.” Thinking that you wanted him to come closer, he took a step closer, which made your nerves grow. “Don’t come closer though.” You decided with a weak smile, “Please. I like you right there.”

Remus looked down at his feet, before glancing up and catching a glimpse of those eyes that captivated him from that fateful collision in the hallway. He asked slowly, “Who are you?”

Taking a deep breath, you answered, “Y/N Y/L/N.” Remus actually recognized the name from class. He just never had a face to connect with it until now. Noticing your nerves had gone done a bit, he questioned, “May I come closer?” You only nodded so he took a few steps until Remus was a couple of feet away. “I’m Remus Lupin.”

“I know,” you stated with a small smile. The two of you stayed up until the early hours of morning talking. It took a while for you to open up to someone finally, but by the end of their hours long conversation, Remus had one arm around you as you struggled to keep your eyes open. Being held was a nice feeling, you decided. Remus had a cuddly body.

“Where do we go from here?” You wondered. The two of you remained silent, since they knew that the world would not just pause. They had to go back to normal life, whatever that meant anymore. You looked up to Remus and asked sleepily, “Will there be troubles?”

He looked back at you, simply happy that you were here and tangible at last. The intriguing mystery might have ended, but the result was much more satisfying in the end. “I don’t know. Will there be sweet things?”

“I hope so.” Before either of you could fall to sleep, you took his book and a quill. You wrote something quick and Remus took it out of your hands to finish it. ’ Even though I am always halfway there, I could meet you there halfway. ’ The book stayed on your lap as the two of you drifted into your dreams of what might happen after.

Undeniable Heat Chapter 43: The Convention

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary:  You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

After the late night last night, you and Jensen slept in, enjoying your amazing suite and all it had to offer. Ordering room service, the two of you enjoyed breakfast in bed, spending some much-needed quality time together before the business of the day.

“So, what’s on the schedule for the day?” You asked him before munching on a strawberry. 

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Stronger/Theo Raeken Fluff

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:Hi can you do imagine where the reader is scott and stiles best friend but one day they keep her out of the pack cause she is too weak cause her boyfriend jackson to break up with her now a year later she back and with theo her new boyfriend and a new pack 

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yourtropegirl  asked:

Ooops! I thought I sent the character for the drabble. Will you do with it Steve please!!! Sorry about that.

21. College AU

18. “This is so unfair. You’re bigger and stronger than I am.”

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“You always get to pick what to watch!”

You sit with your arms folded across your chest, legs curled beneath you as you sat on the couch, Steve watching TV next to you and holding the remote control firmly in his hand.

“I told you, if you can get the remote you can change the channel. It’s simple,” he said smugly, knowing there was no way you were going to wrestle the remote away from him.

When you’d invited Steve to move in with you your freshman year of college, it was out of financial convenience. Now that the two of you were more stable in the money department you had finally splurged on activating all the movie channels on your cable box. That was a month ago and you still had yet to enjoy your new luxury because your best friend found some sort of twisted enjoyment out of playing keep away with the remote control.

“This is so unfair. You’re bigger and stronger than I am.”

You huffed out a frustrated breath and even scooted your body a little bit away from Steve for good measure, letting him know how irritating he was being. It was several minutes of you groaning and mumbling before he finally conceded to another alternative to your dilemma.

“Okay fine. One kiss and I’ll give you this remote.”

You froze, your head snapping to the right to stare blankly at Steve who was sporting a cocky smirk. You watched him for several seconds, waiting to see if he was bluffing, and when you didn’t speak you thought you noticed his confidence falter just a bit, his smile twitching slowly down into a frown.

He opened his mouth to speak, to try to salvage the situation since you clearly didn’t seem interested but you beat him to it.

“I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not.”

To your surprise, Steve let out a quiet, nervous chuckle and his eyes shot down to his lap where the remote was now setting.

“I’m not. Unless of course you’re completely weirded out by this then yes, I am totally joking.”

You thought for a moment, contemplated the pros and cons about kissing your best friend. It’s not that you hadn’t thought of it. You’d thought about kissing Steve a lot actually. But thinking and doing were two different things. But when you looked up at him again, eyes wide and wary but hopeful, you suddenly couldn’t think of anything else but kissing him.

“One kiss and I get the remote? That’s the deal?”

“That’s the deal,” he agreed.

You didn’t let yourself think much after that because you knew if you did you’d definitely chicken out. So you quickly turned, angling your body a little more in Steve’s direction. You pushed up on your knees a little and before you could talk yourself out of it you pressed your lips against Steve’s.

You only held the kiss for a moment or two, just long enough to send your heart racing and burn the memory into your brain for probably forever. When you pulled back you only left an inch or so of space between you, close enough that you could still feel the warmth of Steve’s breath against your lips.

“So,” you breathed shakily, “What happens if I kiss you twice?”

Steve’s hand that was wrapped loosely around the remote came up to curl up around the side of your neck, his thumb tracing along your jaw gently a he leaned into you a little, so close that your lips almost touched.

“You can watch whatever….”

You cut him off with your lips before he could finish, not caring what you’d get out of it because kissing Steve was the only thing you wanted now.

Em’s Birthday Drabbles

Remember Me - Chapter 2

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: After (Y/N) memory gets wiped by Hydra, Bucky and the others have to figure out how to get it back. Will they succeed or is it lost forever?
Warning: angst, memory loss

Prologue / Chapter 1

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Aaron Hotchner / Mistakes

As requested by @angelicaxhouston:

The Prompt: Hotch and the reader taking care of their newborn

This imagine made my heart melt. There’s something about Hotch and him with a baby that is so adorable. When he had Jack in the first season, he was so sweet with him and Haley, I hope you all enjoy softie! Hotch. 

A side note: Aria means Lioness of God. 

Originally posted by meranoworld

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How you met the Marauders

James Potter: Your best friend Lily Evans told you about him and how bad he annoys her. He flirted with Lily everyday and she told you every night that James was such a fool and she didn’t know what kind of bad thing she have done for having him in her life. But otherwise, she could go into raptures over James (“Okay, he is an asshole but handsome”), but never introduced you to him. One day when you got sick from the “messy haired quidditch idiot”, you grabbed Lily’s hand and went to find him. James was walking in the corridor, probably going to meet with his friends somewhere. You suddenly yelled at him: “Hey, Potter! You don’t have the guts to ask Lily for a date, do you?” Lily didn’t expect that you will say this, so when it happened, she looked terrified at you. James couldn’t say a word for a few seconds then he started to stutter: “Uhm… No… I mean… Yeah, yes, of course I have… Uhm…” But before he could finish it, you smiled at him and said: “My name is (Y/N) (Y/LN), Lily’s best friend, nice to meet you asshole but handsome James Potter, have a good date, use condom, bye!” and you ran away to your room and wondered how angry and happy Lily will be at the same time when she arrives at night.

Remus Lupin: You met at your first Arithmancy lesson in your third year at Hogwarts. Remus’ friends (as he told you) didn’t want to take that class because they found it difficult and boring. They chose Divination and created more and more mysterious and stupid prophecies about their future. But Remus and you were thinking about Divination like one of the worst joke ever and refused to look into a damn crystal ball and see your death in twenty different ways. In the beginning you only met at Arithmancy and were talking about just school, homework, teachers etc., but you became close friends soon. He told you his deepest secret that he was a werewolf after he made sure he could trust in you. You were there for him during full moons with the rest of the Marauders and helped him. One night when he transformed into a werewolf and you and the boys took care of him, he attached and hurt you. The next day when he asked about the scar on your face, you didn’t want to tell him the truth, but it didn’t take long time for him to realize what happened. He apologized you all week and repeated “he is so so so soo sorry and please forgive him” (even if you have never mad at him). He burnt into tears from what he did and told you he hates himself and the whole werewolf thing. You hugged and assured Remus that he is like your brother and you couldn’t be mad at him or leave him and you will always be there in need.

Sirius Black: It was full moon when you met. Sirius, James and Peter were in their animagus form to follow the werewolf Remus wherever he went in the Forbidden Forest. You offered them to help if someone gets hurt since you were the best in healing spells. You were walking in the forest followed the boys who were trying to surround Remus in the near distance. But something went wrong and Remus attached you – of course without his consent. He jumped on you and tried to bite your neck but he only managed to claw your face because something ran at him. It was Sirius. The werewolf and the dog started to fight while you shouted for help. Luckily, a big deer ran into your direction and scared away Remus. You said thanks to Sirius and you had to admit he is not that douchebag as you thought he was from what Remus told you about him. “You just saved my ass.” – You laughed when the sun came up and you carried Remus back to the castle. “What do I deserve for it?” – He winked with a sardonic grin. After what happened, you and Sirius were who tried their best to comfort Remus. You gave him all of your kindness and supporting unlike Sirius who friendly tasted Remus because “He was fighting like a girl and a simple dog is stronger (and more attractive by the way) than a dreadful bloody werewolf.” He managed to make Remus’ mood better and they started to laughing about how cool is that they had a fight in their animal form.

Peter Pettigrew: You saw a weird, rat faced boy who was being surrounded by three Slytherins. “Isn’t he a friend of Remus?” – You asked yourself and made your way into the four boys. Remus Lupin whom you go to Arithmancy classes was like your brother and he told stories about his friends who called themselves the Marauders. You recognized Peter Pettigrew, the last Marauder who you didn’t meet, who could transform into a rat and according to Remus, he was a bit dumb. But also “brave at heart” as all of the Gryffindors (like you) so you decided to help your housemate. “Hey, leave Peter alone you son of a bitches!” They turned into your direction but couldn’t say anything because you grabbed your wand and put a jinx on them. They started dancing and everyone in the room laughed on them. “Thank you.” Peter let a sign and turned to you. “How do you know my name?” You smiled at him. “Remus told me about you.” Peter gave a surprised look. “Oh, you must be (Y/N)! Well, it is nice to finally meet you! Moony said he doesn’t want to introduce fools like us to you.” Both of you laughed and went to find your friends: James, Remus, Sirius and Lily.

i’m posting this v late but it’s okay. anyway maddie @baratiepromise happy (still late) birthday you’re cute and ily, i showed you this already but now it is here. i’ll do the other part at. some later time. when i’m not on vacation and away from wifi almost constantly. here’s the zl cuddles you have requested

Cocoyashi Hospital:

Luffy had lost of how long it’d been since he last saw Zoro awake, so watching him start to stir is a welcome sight. He couldn’t sit up, not with that wound of his on his chest, but he could still open his eyes. As soon as he did, Luffy hopped off the bed next to Zoro’s and sat down by Zoro’s side.

“‘Never lose again,’ huh?” Luffy asked. His voice was a bit quieter than usual, he’d gotten used to the silence around them. It was already dark, so the hospital was empty except the two of them. The party was meant to last the whole day, and most of the doctors had left to go home already. Zoro looked him over, checking for bandages or new scars. Upon finding none, he looked to Luffy’s face.

“Can’t be the World’s Greatest Swordsman if I lose too many fights, can I?” Zoro asked. He tried to sit up despite the wound on his chest, only to find it a lot less painful if he lied down. Luffy hadn’t noticed his attempt to sit up, or if he had he ignored it.

“You’ve been out for a while,” Luffy said, “Everyone else is out of the hospital now, they’re all pretty much recovered. The town’s throwing a party.”

Zoro nodded. He’d been wondering about how everyone else was doing, before he’d passed out. He was sure that if he was fine, they would be, but the confirmation was still nice.

“What’re you still doing here if they’re throwing a party out there?” Zoro asked. “I’d have thought you’d be all over that.”

“I wanted to make sure Zoro was okay,” Luffy said, as if it were obvious. He poked a finger to Zoro’s chest, where several feet of bandages were wrapped around his chest to cover the newly forming scar. “Sanji told me Zoro was trying to jump into the water after me even though he was all beat up.”

“I wasn’t going to just let you drown,” Zoro explained.

“And there were lots of fishmen who would’ve been able to swim faster and fight better than him in the water,” Luffy continued “making going after me a suicide mission. But Zoro still kept trying to jump in after me anyway, even though there was no way he could’ve made it to me. Why?”

“I just told you. I wasn’t going to let you drown.” Zoro repeated. “If it were somehow reversed, you would’ve done the same.”

“I can’t swim,” Luffy said, though he knew he would’ve tried.

“I know. But if I were captured by some pirate and trapped like that so I couldn’t move, you’d risk it all to save me, wouldn’t you?” Zoro asked.

“Of course,” Luffy nodded, with no hesitation. There was no reason to hesitate. Zoro was his swordsman, his crew mate, and his friend. If Zoro’s life was on the line, Luffy would stop at nothing to bring him to safety or to die trying. “Then you understand why,” Zoro shrugged.

“I guess I do.” Luffy said, lying down on the bed by Zoro. Because of the limited space, he had to lie down on his side, electing to face Zoro rather than turn away. Zoro paused a moment, hesitating, before picking up an arm and putting it around Luffy, looping it behind his back and to pull him near. Luffy practically suctioned himself to Zoro’s side immediately, never one to shy away from physical contact. He rested his head on Zoro’s shoulder, an arm over Zoro’s chest. Zoro looked to his face, figuring the return of contact meant he was comfortable, and was satisfied.

“The doctor said Zoro’s wounds were really bad,” Luffy said “I could’ve told that from watching Zoro get them, though. I thought he was a goner for sure.”

“You have that little faith in me?” Zoro asked “I’m a little stronger than your average human, you know.”

The look in his eyes as he grinned at Luffy hinted at something, a joke only Zoro was in on, but whatever it was, he wasn’t inclined to tell Luffy just yet.

“Can’t be World’s Greatest with average strength,” Luffy said “I don’t have to worry about that, though. Zoro’s already far from average.”

“Far from the best, too,” Zoro said, more somber now. “Might as well be the weakest in the world with that difference in strength.”

“Zoro will get there,” Luffy said “He’s got a whole ocean. I already know he’ll do it.”

“You have to get there, too,” Zoro said “Pirate King is just about the only dream harder than World’s Greatest Swordsman. You have more work ahead of you than I do.”

“And I’ll do it,” Luffy confirmed.

“I know,” Zoro said. There hadn’t been a doubt in Zoro’s mind since day one. “You don’t have to sit in here with me, you know. You can go out and party with the rest of the town.”

“What, does Zoro not want my company?” Luffy asked. “I like being with him.”

“If you say so,” Zoro said, moving his other arm to reach over to Luffy. He couldn’t get very far, not totally able to move his chest yet, so Luffy closed to distance by reaching the rest of the short distance and grabbing his hand.

“I do,” Luffy assured him, closing his eyes. He hadn’t slept much, waiting for Zoro to wake up. “Zoro’s supposed to rest a lot more, so his injuries will heal. And the party’s continue till tomorrow.”

“You want to sleep?” Zoro asked, the beginnings of a grin on his face. Luffy nodded against him.

“Zoro and I can go join the party tomorrow,” Luffy said. “Right now I just want to spend time with him.”

“Then we’ll sleep,” Zoro said, closing his eyes as well. “See you tomorrow, Captain.”


Word Total: 1596

Request: Anonymous asked: Hi! Can I request a poe x reader where she is his x wing engenieer/meachanic and best friends who are in love with one another. Then he finds out she is a Skywalker then they get into an argument because he think shes didn’t trust him enough to tell him from the start.? Thank you so much ! Your amazing❤

Pairing:  Poe x Reader

Notes: I love you nonnie~!! You’re mazing too \^^/

The initial sunrays painted the partially black horizon; metallic collisions along with curses resonated through the inactive, central command infrastructure of the Resistance.

“How in the name of the galaxy—”

Frustrated growls were heard from a small, metallic structure; far away from the living accommodations in consideration of the noises. A series of small explosions were heard followed by a huge crash. A small woman stood in front of a partial destroyed X-Wing; white, dense fumes came out of the second valve of the secondary motor. Her hands were on her hips tapping her feet rapidly against the white pavement. “Not my fault”

The petite female turned around and glared at the source of the voice, “You got something,” Poe Dameron signaling his left cheek, he coughed trying to disguise his laughter. The woman’s face was covered with oil and her H/C stick to different directions from her head. Her only response was a tilt of her head. Poe sighed; standing in front of her he put his thumb in his mouth— Y/N raised her hand and pushed Poe’s hand away. “—right, sorry,” he said rubbing the back of his neck looking at the ground.

“That’s disgusting, Poe” Y/N said rubbing her cheek with the sleeve of her uniform. “There are a lot of germs, on saliva. Not to mention to different pathogens—”

“You don’t seem to complain when I kiss you,” Poe said winking at her with a smirk on his face.  

Poe’s face was so close to her; she could make the distinctive indents of time on his face: the laughing lines adorning the perimeter of his mouth, that characteristic indentation of his nose, that stubborn curl on his forehead, small creases on the sides of his warm, brown eyes. Their breath mixed on the small space between them. “Shut up!” Y/N pushed Poe away and made a beeline towards the small squared-mirror behind her. A dark, red blush covered her cheeks; taking a small towel she dipped it in the cold water on the small bucket beside her. From the reflective surface, she could see Poe looking at her. The redness on her cheek augmented and she furiously started to rub off the black smudge from her face. “What are you doing here?”

It had been months since they started dating— since then, they become best friends, after all, they had plenty of time to be together. She was the lead mechanical engineer for the Resistance.

Poe looked at Y/N and smiled opening his arms; she raised an eyebrow crossing her arms across her chest. “Remember, when I told you about the map that the General was looking for?” Y/N nodded, not understanding what the point was— Poe clapped his hand and with childish glee took her hands in his and started to twirl around the small shop. “Rey went looking for him” Y/N pursed her lips; she had busy repairing spaceships that she had no idea what was going on in reality.


“Luke Skywalker”

Y/N froze at the mention of that name, it can’t be; he had abandoned her— “Y/N, hey are you—” Poe stopped and looked at Y/N. She seemed in very deep thought, her hands laid limp on her side; her knuckles were turning white. “Y/N, babe” he cautiously put a hand on her shoulder. She pushed his hand away, Poe was about to protest but stopped seeing her teary eyes. “Y/N”

“When is he arriving?” Y/N said blinking, trying to hide the fact that she was about to cry. How could he? Her fath— that man that donated 50% of her DNA structure to show his face in front of her. She bit her lip trying to contain her anger. Y/N didn’t want to explain Poe why all her tools were floating in the middle of the shop. “Today?”

“In a few hours,” Poe answered; Y/N walked towards her small working space and started to pack a few things on the small, worn duffel bag below her. “What are you doing?” She ignored him and continued to put things in the bag. “Y/N—”

“Am I interrupting something?”

General Organa took tentative towards the couple; she frowned seeing tears on Y/N’s face. “Dear, is something wrong?” Y/N kept silent trying to contain the hiccups escaping her lips. The rebellion leader looked at Poe; he sighed and rubbed his arm.

“I told her about your brother’s arrival—”

“Y/N, dear look at me” Leia put a hand on the younger female, Y/N’s eyes were teary and her nose was red. “Does he know?” the general asked, Y/N shook her head and sadly glanced at Poe.

The doors opened and the three of them turned around to see a man with a large cape, gray hair regarding Y/N solely. “What are you doing here?” Y/N’s tone lack respect, it was vile as she glared at the man. “TELL ME!” Poe flinched and looked at the General.

“Oh, sorry” Rey entered the room; she could sense anger radiating from the petite woman between Poe and the General.

Y/N scoffed biting her lip, “I see,” She could easily recognize that lightsaber everywhere, while it hanged from Rey’s hip; that small wooden box that her father told her it was forbidden. “I wasn’t worthy enough, hn?”  Y/N shook her head, her father had ignored her and instead, he had trained her cousin… and just one day disappeared.

Poe looked confused, between Y/N and the man. The animosity between— well the man looked unresponsive as Y/N threw insults in his direction. He glanced at Rey who observed as confused as he was. “Y/N— ”

“Shut up, just shut up!” Y/N darkly stated, Poe shivered in fear her voice it sounded so different from her usual tone, hell it didn’t even sound like hers. It was like she had turned into a different person.

“Y/N, my love; calm down—” Y/N felt a dark force invading her insides, she felt it— for a moment she felt powerful. She shook her head and put a hand on her chest. “Don’t let it control you”

“Did he just—” Poe stopped seeing different objects started to levitate around them. Y/N face was red, something was off; her eyes— he was about to get near her when she turned to look at him. Panic was written all over her face. “Y/N—” all the things suddenly obey the law of gravity and clattered around them.

“What’s going on?” Rey asked she had taken off the words from Poe’s mouth. Y/N stay silent trying to regain her normal breathing pattern. But that dark force tried to crawl to her soul again, bad memories started to feel her unconscious. Her father had chosen to train an unknown girl instead of his blood. Given his lightsaber without question, how could he!

“Y/N, she is my daughter” Luke confessed looking at Rey, then at Poe.

“Luke, you should’ve waited—”

“Wait, wait… you mean to tell me that” The three pairs of eyes settled on Poe. “That he is Luke Skywalker” Rey nodded with a smile. “So that means… Y/N is a Skywalker” Poe glanced at Y/N.

“I am sorry; you had to find it like this—”

“But she was Y/N Solo, I thought that—”

“He is not my father!” Y/N said with a cold tone, “He is merely a sperm donor” she narrowed her eyes, Luke shook his head; “No? You left me here! Alone!” Tears run down her cheeks. Poe put a hand on her shoulder.  “You left me, Han Solo was my father. You’re nothing to me” she spat and sharply turned around.

“Why did you never told me? I thought you trusted me? I told you everything about me. My fears, hopes and—” Y/N looked at Poe. “I love you, Y/N. What else did you lie about?” he seriously asked. She knew all his secrets, whether small or big she knew everything about him.

“Thank you, father, you ruined once again” Y/N started to slowly clap; Poe frowned and took Y/N wrist. She glared at him, “What?” she said tugging her wrist but it was futile he was stronger than her. He dragged her to the corners of the small shop to have a more private talk.

“This is not his fault, you could’ve told me from the start. I would never tell a soul if you were so ashamed of it” Poe shook his head in disappointed. Y/N growled in frustration and started to pace like a caged animal. “Relationships are built in trust. Not in lies, Y/N. You have broken my trust, Y/N.”  He hissed running his hands through his dark curls. “Why did you never told me?”

Y/N took off running instead of answering Poe; the emergency exit wasn’t far away. Now she had shown, she was truly like her father run away from the problems.  She could take an X-Wing and disappeared just like her father. Sound like a plausible plan— but wait, she had never asked Poe to teach her how to pilot the damn ship. It couldn’t be that hard if her grandfather and father were the best pilots why couldn’t she?

Y/N panted, she had never run so far in her life; all she ran was from her little room to the shop. “Took you long enough” Y/N turned around and saw a man with black robes and a silver and black mask. She was about to run again when an invisible force forced her to stop. “You haven’t changed a bit, Y/N/N”


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Lance is upset that reader spends a lot of time with Keith and won't tell him what exactly they do together. After a few days Lance gives up and follows reader, when he catches them in the training room he blows up at Keith for pinning reader to the ground only to find out that Keith was just readers prefered sparring partner.

Lance whined again as you tied your laces tight and stood from the chair. “Don’t gooo~” He complained grabbing your hand and pouting.

“I’ll be like half an hour,” You sighed planting a kill on his cheek “I’m just gonna train for a little while.”

With one last protest from Lance, you kissed him goodbye and left to start training. On your way there you had bumped into Keith and had asked if he wanted to spar with you. You enjoyed sparring with him as he was around your height and was faster than most of the Galra sentries so you could get used to a swifter target, you never thought that Lance would get jealous of you sparing with Keith, so you never worried about going with the red paladin to train. 

You had been training with Keith for around a week and each time Lance seemed to get more and more upset that you were leaving him, you assumed he knew you were only training with Keith and nothing more. Lance had followed you when you had left one day, and became jealous when you asked Keith something and grinned pulling him from where he was sat.

Lance peered around the corner to look into the training room after he had heard a thump followed by a small laugh. Keith had pinned you to the floor, and you laughed. “Good job Keith! But you totally cheated.” You joked breathlessly, your face red.

Lance felt jealousy bubble within him and stormed in the room “Hey!” You and Keith jumped a little and the boy sat on the floor beside you. Lifting yourself on your elbows you smiled at your boyfriend.

“Hey, Lance!” You wiped some sweat from your head and Lance looked at Keith.

“What do you think you’re doing!” Lance yelled surprising both you and Keith, “Back off from my girlfriend!”

“We’re just training!” Keith shot back standing up.

“Hey!” You clambered up and held your hand on Lance’s chest. “Lance I’ve been training with Kieth to get stronger to help you guys better, nothing more than that.” He looked at you and his anger subsided a little.

“She’s improving a lot,” Keith said, sounding a little angry at Lance’s outburst.

“I’m sorry I never told you, I assumed you would know…” You sighed, “If it makes you upset I won’t spar with him anymore.”

“No…” Lance smiled slightly, “I was worried you liked Keith more than me,” He sighed, “I thought that was why you were spending so much time together.” You giggled a little and hugged him.

“Why would I like Keith more than the most handsome and amazing pilot in the universe!”

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Super Sappy Lines Prompt #16 w tsukkiyama pls!

I wrote this one first since two of you asked for it! Also, ahhh, thank you! That’s such a big compliment! 

Tsukkiyama - “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?” (based on this prompt list)

He could remember every missed chance, every close call and every moment of hesitation. Each time he thought this is it, this is finally the right time. His heart would start to race, his chest tighten until it was hard to breathe for the suspense. Tsukishima would get close, so close he could see the tiny screws holding his glasses together at the sides. Sometimes Yamaguchi would even close his eyes in preparation, wanting their first kiss to be just like in the storybooks.

And then Tsukishima would pull away. Or he’d bow his head, looking down at his shoes. Or a door would slam somewhere in the house and they would both jump like scared children.

Other times it just felt right, to least to him. When they won their latest match against Seijou everyone was cheering and smiling, the pressure of the game released in one giant shout of victory. Yamaguchi had done something he never had in front of the team before and ran to Tsukishima and threw his arms around him. With a gymnasium full of spectators he had gripped him back, clutching him close. Tsukishima was coated in sweat and nearly dead on his feet, but he still had the strength to hold onto Yamaguchi. The other boys were embracing, too. Yamaguchi could see them out of the corner of his eye, congratulating each other and sharing in their moment of victory. When he turned to look fully at Tsukishima he found the other boy staring at him, something deep and warm in his eyes. Yamaguchi lifted his chin up instinctively, only to have Tsukishima drop his arms and turn away.

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Note: WHY AM I SO EXTRA. I made this in honor of @oftempestsandteacups and @ofdvorakanddastardlyschemes for their wonderful creation, “You and I Have Begun to…Knit”! But, being me…I had to add a backstory to the story and…here we are, a little over 2k words later! I just adore the both of them, and I wanted to do something, well, extra for them! :)

Will looked at his reflection in the mirror, running his hands down his electric blue suit. It was too much, but Hannibal had somehow convinced him otherwise—as he had done everything else. He looked well—happy even—but the scars upon his face told his story; their story. Sometimes they were hard to look at, and Will had caught himself steering clear of mirrors altogether.

Will knew how he looked. The scar on his forehead was nothing compared to the vicious, jagged, line that Dolarhyde had given him. Hannibal’s mark was carefully made—despite the action—and the scar was light. Dolarhyde’s mark was a deep purple-ish red color and it was harder to hide; even with his longer beard. So, Will had tried not to look. Hannibal eventually picked up on his reluctance, much to Will’s dismay.

Now, with every given opportunity, Hannibal would parade him in front of any mirrored surface. He would speak words of love in whispered Lithuanian, pressing himself flush against the younger man’s back. He would press sweet, tender, kisses against Will’s flushed skin and smile when he would try to look away.

Hannibal made him feel beautiful. He had made him see the beauty of his scars, despite the harsh words others—soon to be victims—would spew whenever they would venture out. Their scars led them to each other. Despite the pain, years apart, and mental exhaustion, they found one another fully. They found each other the moment their feet fell from the earth and into the sea.

“You’re thinking,” Hannibal noted and Will half jumped. The cannibal’s lips tugged with a smug smile and Will rolled his eyes, leaning into the embrace as Hannibal’s hands replaced his own on his velvet suit. Hannibal plopped his head on his shoulder, looking at their reflection in the overly guild mirror.

“I tend to do that,” Will told him simply, his hands wrapping around Hannibal’s forearms tenderly. He held onto him like a life-raft, and Hannibal’s eyes lowered into slits. He hummed and Will felt his face heat up. He looked away, earning a tsk from his lover.

“My darling,” Hannibal half cooed, his hands roaming along Will’s expensive suit, “You look good enough to eat.” Will groaned long and hard at that, pulling away from Hannibal’s laughing person.

“God, do you sit for hours pondering horrible puns? Are you planning on publishing, or something?” Will asked as he walked away, feeling the heat of Hannibal’s eyes on his back; and his smile. He plucked a small package off of their dining room table—the present he had been so adamant about the second Hannibal had said anything about his birthday.

He was forty-two. Big deal. One step closer to death. Will did not even know Hannibal’s birthday, and it was a rather dark subject when it came up. So, if Hannibal was forcing him into a monkey suit, and spending an outrageous expense, then he would do something too. Or make something, as it were. Hannibal, luckily enough, had loved the idea. He had insisted that he do the same, and Will was enthralled…If not a tad hesitant. He did not know what he would do if Hannibal’s gift turned out to be a severed head, or anything of the like.

“I have yet to decide,” Hannibal mused, earning another long groan of reluctance. “If I do, would you help me with a title?” Will gave him a sharp look, his eyes twinkling despite himself.

“Oh yes, I can see it now,” Will said and waved his free hand through the air, mimicking a reporter. “Elusive serial killer Hannibal Lecter and former FBI agent Will Graham caught after publishing a novel on cannibalistic puns! More at seven!” Hannibal laughed hard then, and Will found himself chuckling along at the thought.

“I imagine Jack would be rather shocked—if that is even the word for it—considering we have been dead for two years.” Hannibal said, a whisper of venom in his voice at Jack’s very name. Will shot him a warning look, darker this time. He slid his present in his back pocket.

“I find myself bored of this talk,” Will sighed, changing the subject. “Do you have your gift?” He turned and blinked in shock as Hannibal stood before him like a wall. Though they had spent the last two years together, Will still found himself tense when Hannibal would do this. He was deathly silent, reminding Will of the dangers of living with a predator like Hannibal Lecter. Though, as Hannibal simply pulled him into a light, lingering, embrace, Will felt himself relax completely. Trust him, completely. “You know that I hate that,” Will hissed into Hannibal’s chest, and Hannibal simply hummed, half swaying the both of them in a mock dance.

“You do the same, love. Even if you do not notice doing so. Yes, yes, of course I do. I have long awaited this day.” Will rolled his eyes and pulled away, looking at him with a soft smile.

“It’s just a birthday, Hannibal, really…To go this far, it still baffles me.” Hannibal smiled and pulled Will closer, his arms wrapped around Will’s waist, pressing them tightly together.

“It’s not just a birthday, Will. It’s your birthday. It is a day that I have worshipped in silence since we met. Now, it is a day that I will continue to worship for as long as you live.”

“As you live…as we,” Will added, feeling a hot flash of fear in his gut. Needing to be closer, Will pressed their lips together, his sudden fright transferring through his tongue. Will wrapped his arms around Hannibal’s neck, gasping as the older man slid his tongue against his own. They worshipped each other that way for quite a while, both fighting for dominance and submitting all at once. It was Will that pulled away first, pressing his fevered cheek against Hannibal’s own, their breathing both sharp. “We’ll be late,’ He said, as if that really mattered, and Hannibal chuckled breathlessly in agreement, pressing a quick kiss under his jaw.

“We can cancel it,” Hannibal murmured uninterestedly and attacked Will’s neck with his teeth. Will gasped and felt his head tilt back in utter submission. Hannibal smiled, victorious, and before Will knew it, Hannibal’s hand snaked itself into his back pocket and plucked his gift free.

“Hey!” Will cried rather joyfully, watching as Hannibal turned it to and fro in the palms of his hands, as if trying to decipher its contents through touch alone. Will had no doubts that he could do exactly that. “No guessing! You haven’t let me touch mine, so give it back!” Will extended his hand, eyebrows high. Instead of returning the gift, Hannibal backed away and went over to their fireplace. Curious, Will followed and he let out a huff of surprise when Hannibal fished an incredibly ornate box from the center vase on their mantle.

“Are you twelve?” Will found himself asking, and Hannibal laughed over his shoulder, the younger man feeling a hot wave of love through his heart at the sight of his lover’s sharp canines.

“You make me feel as if I were so,” Hannibal said lovingly as he walked over and placed the gift carefully in Will’s hands. It was light, Will noted. So, it wasn’t an arm or anything…then again. Will gently shook the box, his eyebrows furrowed in worry. Hannibal half rolled his eyes.

“It’s nothing that is living.”

“Yeah, that really does not help.” Hannibal bit his tongue cheekily as he watched Will gently explore his creation in awe. “God, Hannibal. The wrapping alone is gorgeous. Are these all…stags? How do you expect me to open this?”

“With your teeth, if you’d like! Just open it.” Will looked at him and gestured to his gift that Hannibal had tucked in his own pocket.

“Well, go on then. We’ll do this together. Like a Band-Aid.” Hannibal laughed again but gingerly retrieved Will’s present and looked at it adoringly. His hands held it like it was something holy. Whereas Hannibal’s gift was so incredibly Hannibal, Will’s wrapping was simple, and very Will—the color however fitting: a brilliant crimson. Hannibal’s was a deep forest green, the man taking the time to sketch stags of multiple different sizes on it in jet black ink.

“I find myself reluctant,” Hannibal said suddenly, his eyes watery. Will immediately looked up, noticing his tone. He walked closer and placed his free hand on Hannibal’s neck, noticing how he trembled. Will frowned.

“It’s just a gift, Hannibal. One of many, must I remind you.”

“It’s not just a gift,” Hannibal sighed with a soft laugh. He looked Will dead in the eyes. “I can feel your love through its every crease and fold. I can feel it, Will.” Smiling, Will pressed his lips against Hannibal’s cheek.

“I’m glad…I can feel your love too. Even through its frills. Here, you go first.” Hannibal smiled at that and Will’s heart swelled. Hannibal nodded and began to gently unwrap his gift, still rather teary-eyed.

“Oh, Will…They are stunning,” Hannibal gasped as two crimson and maroon cufflinks tumbled out onto his palm. They were hand-made, as they had requested, and Will’s craft was utterly brilliant. They were carefully knotted, and the toggle itself was made of fine dark wood. Each stitch was filled with meaning, and Hannibal could feel Will’s very soul in the palm of his hand. “Is this a ‘blood knot’?” Will nodded bashfully and Hannibal smiled wide.

“I made them in honor of us,” Will told him, as if Hannibal did not know the significance already. “As we are officially as one; conjoined, as it were. It’s a knot stronger than all others, and I could not find a better fit. I told…someone…once that you always name the bait after someone you cherish. It was always you, Hannibal. It will always be you.” Hannibal looked at him with so much love Will thought he could drown in it.

“Will you do the honors?” Hannibal asked him, extending his wrists, and Will happily obliged. Will noted that Hannibal’s suit was cufflink less, then, and pursed his lips.

“You knew, didn’t you?”

“Hmm, I did not. I forgot.”

“You ‘forgot’? Dear me, Dr. Lecter, the audacity! What would high society think?”

“Nothing too terribly rude, they’d hope,” Hannibal teased and Will rolled his eyes again. “Go on, it’s your turn.” Will nodded and began taking great care in not tearing the wrapper too much. They would have it framed, Will would see to it. Will inhaled sharply at the very sight of Hannibal’s gift. He tenderly pulled two forest green gloves out, his face one of utter shock.

“They’re for when you go fishing.” Hannibal commented, watching as Will examined their every stitch. “You like to feel what you do, and I very much would not be able to feel them; especially in the dead of winter!” Will chuckled and Hannibal continued, “They should keep the heat in whilst not limiting your movement in anyway. Do you like them?”

“I love them,” Will said softly, touching the fine knitting, his fingers tracing the horns that ran up the thumb. “Hannibal…the stag. My stag?” Hannibal nodded, stepping closer.

“Yes…the stag of your dreams.” Hannibal told him and gently touched his arm, eyes soft with empathy. Will went into his arms easily, sighing with content, the gloves tucked close to his heart.

“It’s weird seeing it outside of my head,” Will explained, a sharp laugh spilling from his lips. “I can see it now.” Hannibal squeezed him slightly, humming.

“I see you, Will. Know you.” Hannibal reminded him, pressing his cheek against his tuft of chocolate curls. “Happy birthday, my dearest Will.” Will closed his eyes with a smile as Hannibal began to hum a silent song, rocking their bodies together gracefully. They would definitely have to cancel their dinner now, being as late as it was, but they could have cared less. Standing in the center of their living room, surrounded by one another, they found their peace with the world. They had each other; now and forever.

Courage From the Bottle

Originally posted by spn-spam

Pairings: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 819 (drabble obvi)

Warnings: drinking, some angst??, mentions of sex, some fluff


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Kylo Ren x Reader #3

Description: Being an 18 year old, and possibly one of the smartest people on board had it’s advantages. BUt after a meeting with Snoke, a certain Commander makes your work come to a halt to have some fun of his own.

A/N: Happy Easter y’all! Stay safe and fun, and I won’t be thinking about Kylo Ren hiding Easter Eggs around his house for his children… If they celebrate Easter.. Who knows, not me, thats who!

“Oh darling, we’re just so proud of you!” Hux shrieked, mimicking your mother who had just said goodbye to you minutes earlier. Rolling your eyes, you shove him to the side. “Oh shut up Hux, at least my parents still have communications with their offspring” You growled, he chuckled lightly, wrapping his arm around your neck and dragging you along. “Oh c'mon Y/N, working for The First Order is one of the best jobs in the world, ya know? All that killing and being angry at everyone, so much fun” He teased, letting go of you as you both walk down a long hallway. “Course, being 18 and already working for The First Order, sure is a blessing” The door screeched as it opened before you, both of you still walking forward, only pausing when reaching a large window, stars decorating the sky. “Not to mention, being possibly, the smartest person on board” Rolling your eyes, your eyes searched the galaxy ahead of you. “Now now, don’t get to jealous General, wouldn’t want any of your crew hearing that a female is more superior than you” He rolled his eyes, standing up straight, maintain his bossy act.

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A Group Effort

Anon: I would love to see my boy Lance with a headcold!! Make him suffer :’)

Anon: i’d like to see Lance with a headcold! and i dont care more than that. just as long as i can see my boy with a snuffly nose.

A/N: This is my first cold-based fic! I’m much more used to fever- and stomach-based things, so here we go with expanding horizons! Pray for me and spelling out sneezes. This had a lot of Lance and Keith still hating each other, it almost hurt my heart to write after all the Klance stuff.

It’s silent in space. It is a vacuum, there’s no medium for sound to travel through. Even while in their lions, practicing maneuvering through fodder the castleship threw at them, the paladins remained silent and focused.
It didn’t last long.
“Alright. That’s it. I’m done. I’m going back to the castle.”
The other four paladins sounded off in Keith’s ear.
“Wait, why?”
“I don’t understand.”
“What’s happening?”
“What is it, Keith?”
“I am done listening to Lance sneeze into the intercom.”

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In Spite

Imagine: Klaus Mikaelson kidnapping you to get back at Elena and it leads to things getting heated. (Requested ~Smut~) The story line is mine and probably in no way accurate! It’s just for imagine purposes! 

“Ah, Y/N. Elena Gilbert’s human friend. Now I understand you’ve been friends for say, eight years?” Klaus walked in a small circle around you. This couldn’t be happening. One minute you’re in your bedroom, the next you hear something outside and you go to investigate. Now you’re stuck in a neat little apartment across town without a way out. How could you have been so stupid? You know about Supernatural beings and yet you still go outside when you hear a noise. 

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