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Pets The Avengers Would Have

(im gonna kms because i was over halfway done with this and then i accidentally closed my browser so take 2 lol)

Thor: A corgi. Don’t even fight me on this.

Tony: A Siamese cat. Compulsively got her after Pepper left. Acts like he doesn’t care that much about her but you can bet your ass that he sits her in the kitchen counter stool next to his when he has his morning coffee. She follows him everywhere.

Steve: A beagle probably. Names it something patriotic like Liberty or America (Meri for short)

Wanda: a min-Rex Bunny. Must I explain?

Clint. He wanted a hawk but Nat (and literally everyone else) told him it was a terrible idea because 1, birds are hard to care for as is and 2, it’s a hawk. out of retaliation he goes to the shelter and picks up the ugliest dog he can find; a pug. He didn’t plan on keeping him for very long, only until the others gave in and agreed to the hawk. But the bug-eyed cutie grew on Clint, and he would rather shoot an arrow through his foot than get rid of him.

(^that’s my dog btw ha if you call her ugly i will literally fucking kill you)

Nat: Getting tired of Vision nagging about how having a pet companion boosts your mental health by blah-blah-percent, she went and got the simplest and cheapest pet she could, a beta fish. She admits to liking the colors of the fish to the others, but behind closed doors she also talks to the little guy, and likes the simple one-sided conversations they have when she’s getting ready for bed.

Bruce: a small gecko or lizard. Something that can stay in his lab without disrupting anything and can keep him company. Will sometimes put it on his head or shoulder when he’s working (never when chemicals are out though)

Bucky: Dogs. Good God. I can’t name a single breed because he brings home so many. Any time he leaves the HQ he coaxes any strays he sees to follow him home. He can’t leave the HQ without someone going with him because they know he’ll bring home strays. He’s drowning in dogs. Help him.

I was babysitting a little boy and he went upstairs to the bathroom and when he came back down, I could hear the toilet roaring from upstairs and the kid was freaking out, so I told him to go hide and I grabbed a nerf axe and cautiously went up to there. When I walked in, a blanket shot out of the toilet, followed by Ronald McDonald. I started screaming and beating him up with the nerf axe and he was screaming “NO! NO! YOU HAVE TO HELP ME GET BACK!” because he wanted to go back to the sewers but then suddenly I was outside explaining to the police what happened. As they arrested him, he was still screaming about how he had to get back to the sewers.

Uncle takes over

My uncle caught my brother and I fooling around. I was 7 and he was 12. He told my brother to go to his room and my uncle picked me up and sat me on his lap. He wiggled me around on his lap and then started grinding my pussy on his cock. He told me that he’d show me how it’s done properly. He opened his trousers and told me to ‘take it out’ so I did. Good girl he said, now rub it on yourself. I was sitting on my uncles lap rubbing my pussy with his cock and I wasn’t really understanding how naughty I was being. He soon took control and he made me cum on his cock three times before he sent me to my room. About an hour later I walked back in and my uncle was watching football with my brother. Uncle Rob looked at me and said 'You want more sweetie’? and I just nodded. I walked over and spread my legs across his lap, got his cock out and made myself cum, in front of my brother. This was the beginning of the best years of my life.

I don’t deserve to be loved // Colby Brock

Requested by: @honeysweeets  HI! I was wondering if you could do a Colby x reader with 34, 44, and 97 from that 200 prompts list?

Summary: Colby and you have been going on multiple dates, but every time you want to talk about him being your boyfriend he avoids it by making up excuses, or changing the subject.

I would like to thank @cxxl-gall for helping me choose which picture I should use for this imagine (I couldn’t decidedXD) 

Third person


“Well I had fun on our date Colby.” You said a bit upset. “What’s wrong Y/n? I thought we had fun?” “We did I’m kind of sad it had to end.” You said laughing making him smile. “Oh I was worried for a bit.” He told you as he wrapped his arms around your waist, looking at you as he bit his lip. “Well no need to worry.” You reassured him, as you wrapped your arms loosely around his neck. pulling him closer to you as you shared a kiss.

you kissed for a few seconds until Colby pulled away, with a smile on his face. “Do you want to come in and talk for a few before you leave?” You asked him as you unlocked your door to your shared apartment. “uh yeah sure I’d love to.” He answered as you two entered your home.

He was sitting on the couch while you went to get water for the both of you. “I’m putting some music on!” He yelled from the living room “Alright.” You said giggling walking back towards the couch, tossing him the water bottle. “Thanks babe.” You nodded slightly frowning a bit.

You didn’t understand Colby, first he treated you like his gf calling you pet names, and buying you gifts/ flowers. But every time you tried to make it official he would either say I have to go or he tries to change the subject, or pushed you away and you always sit there feeling like a fool. It wasn’t fair to you, you felt as if he didn’t want you to be with him. 

“Don’t do that.” You whispered looking to the ground, making him gulp down the water he was drinking. “What?” He asked shocked “Don’t call me babe. Don’t call me anything. D-Don’t buy me gifts, or bring me flowers, and don’t ask me out anymore.” You said staring at Colby. “I I Don’t understand? What’s happening here because you were happy a few minutes ago.” He told you turning to face you.

“Are you okay Y/n?” He asked concerned trying to grab your hand, but you jerked your arm away from his. making him more worried. “Did I say something or did something wrong at our date?” He asked worried as he furrowed his eyebrows.

“Yeah it was something you’ve been doing for a while actually.” You said in a sassy tone. “And what would that be?” He asked you scooting closer to you. “Do you even care about me Colby?” “Of course I do! who said I didn’t.” He asked taken aback from your question. “ Well why haven’t you made it official yet?” “Well I-I mean..uh..i-” “Save it you can’t even answer me.” You said angry, as he scratched the back of his neck nervously.

“We should end whatever this thing that’s going on between us.” You told him getting up heading for the door, so you can kick him out. “Wait what?! I like you Y/n! more then any girl I’ve ever liked.” He said, his voice cracked. and looked at you. “Then tell me why I’m not your gf yet? You always introduce me as your “Good friend” Y/n” you turned to him as you said that.

“Well… Because you are.” He said looing at the ground, you got sad by his answer. As you continued to head towards the door, tears threatening to come out. Colby grabbed your arm, making you to stop walking not wanting to look at him.

“Friends don’t go on dates. And I’m not going to wait on you if you don’t feel the same way, I deserve better than this. Even if my feelings for you are strong, ill move on.” You told him, but it felt like you were lying about the moving on. “Please Y/n. I do like you too, my feelings for you are strong.”

He told you pulling you towards him, as he tried making you look at him. You stared at him to read his face to see if he was lying. You didn’t see anything to make you not believe him. “Then why? Are you embarrassed of me?” You asked him worried of what the answer might be. “No!” He told you as he hugged you. 

“Then tell me why? We barely kiss, or hold hands. The only thing we’re aloud to do what seems to be a hug, but sometimes it feels like your forced to hug me. I don’t understand you, you always push me away when we’re with people, or when I’m trying to be open.” You said as tears rolled down your cheeks.

Colby let go of you and took a few steps back, You looked at him, not surprise about his actions. “See what I mean?” You told him wiping away your tears. “I’m not letting this happen anymore, I’m getting too attached and I don’t want to end up getting hurt.” You said serious, as he looked away from you as if he was in his own thoughts.

“You deserve better.” He whispered as tears rolled down his cheeks, as you gasped lightly. “What?” You asked him getting closer to him, but he just kept taking a step back. “You deserve someone who wil-” “Bullshit!” You said cutting him off. “Why are you pushing me away again?” You said getting closer to him as he was against the wall. “I’m not.” He said. 

“Yes, yes you are! Colby I want to know why you don’t want us to happen. you pushed at him until he answered. “I don’t want a relationship.” He said, trying to hold back his tears. “Why?” You asked, he shrugged his shoulders avoiding eye contact. “That’s not good enough why?” You asked again. “I don’t know.” He answered “Why?” You asked again. “I don’t know!” “Why?”

“I already told you why.” He said as his voice cracked. “No Colby you haven’t, but fine.” You said walking towards the door and opening it, you looked at him. “Please leave.” “Y/n please.” 

“No your selfish your just thinking about your feelings, but you didn’t think about mine. So go find someone else to treat like this. Treat her like you treated me. Getting ignored most of the time. Push her away like you did to me, push her away, until you change your mind and show her a little love to only be treated like before over and over again.”

“You told me you liked me. I was a fool to believe you.” You told him, he walked up to you as you told him all of that. “You really want to know why I push you away Y/n?” “Yes.” You replied looking at his sad face, at this point his eyes were red and slightly puffy. “Because.” He stopped scared to continue, but you waited quietly for his answer.

“Because I don’t deserve you, that’s why.” “Your lying, that’s not why I don’t under-” BECAUSE Y/N I DONT DESERVE TO BE LOVED!” He yelled as he started to cry, You saw how broken Colby looked. You closed the door and went to hug him. “I don’t deserve to be loved,” He whispered still crying, you grabbed both sides of his face and made him look at you.

“I love you.” You whispered to him as you wiped away his tears. “I love you Cole Robert Brock, and you do deserve to be loved.” You told him as he looked at you. “Y-You love me?” He asked as his eyes were full up hope. “Yes, yes I do I have for a few months now, but I wanted to make us official. I wont force you to feel the same or ask me to be your gf.” You told him sincerely.

“I didn’t want to hurt you, but I was scared to make us happen, I was terrified you would break my heart.” He said as he looked at you. “I should’ve been honest and realize I was hurting you. I’m sorry.” He said, as you smiled at him softly. “Its okay ill wait until your ready.” You told him, making him smile as he kissed you passionately. You kissed him back as your lips molded perfectly together.

You pulled away as you guys gasped for air “I trust you.” He whispered, putting his forehead against yours. “Y/n?” “mmmhh?” You hummed. “I know we just had our first big argument, but will you officially be my gf?” He asked looking into your eyes. “Yes Colby id love to be your gf.” You answered while you giggled

For the rest of the night you guys cuddled on the couch as Colby opened up about everything, while you listened to every word until you both fell asleep in each others arm sleeping peacefully that night.

sorry if there are any misspelling or if its bad written and if it was kind of short, but I hope you enjoyed this Colby Imagine. I am taking requests of anyone you’d like me to write about I don’t write SMUT. Anyway yeah feel free to message me your request and ill get right to it anyways have a great day/night Xx.

milk flowers (jane/kurt drabble)

They’re both pretty easy going about the wedding. They take the venue’s suggestions on just about everything, from the menu and the place settings, to the band and the cake. They don’t really care about any of that, they just want to be married.

But the one thing Jane is being particularly stubborn about is the flowers. When she’s sent back the mock-up to the florist for a sixth time, insisting that it’s “not quite right,” he finally asks her about it.

She bites her lip, her cheeks turning pink and he reaches for her waist, pulling her towards him.

“What is it?” he murmurs into her hair and she tilts her head back towards him.

“I want them to be like the flowers you bought me,” she says quietly. “My milk flowers.”

He smiles as he thinks back to that day, the day after she’d moved in with him. He’d told her he was going out for milk - which was true - but he’s come back with a bouquet of flowers for her, having forgotten the milk.

She called them her milk flowers, teasing him about his forgetfulness, kissing him until she couldn’t breathe anymore and her cheeks hurt from smiling.

“She has all the right flowers, but she just keeps putting them in these fancy arrangements,” Jane sighs, leaning her forehead against his chest. “I just want them simple. Like my milk flowers.”

He kisses the top of her head and rubs her back.

“Ok, why don’t you take a little break from this,” he suggests, cupping her face in his hands. “Go relax and take a bath. We can look at them together when you get out.”

She nods and he leans down to kiss her, watching her as she walks down the hall.

A while later, she walks back out into the living room, gasping at what greets her. He’s filled their apartment with flowers - bouquet after bouquet of her milk flowers.

And not just the bouquets. He’s built a makeshift aisle beside the counter and placed a centerpiece on the table. And she looks towards the door where he’s somehow covered the doorway in flowers as well, creating a canopy.

“Is this what you had in mind?” he asks, glancing around.

She’s speechless as she walks towards him, her eyes wide as she takes it all in. She clears her throat as she reaches him, smiling up as she wraps her arms around his waist.

“How is it that you always know exactly what I need?” she whispers and he shrugs, leaning down to kiss her.

“That’s what a good husband does, I think,” he murmurs and she smiles at the word “husband.”

“This is perfect,” she says, looking around and he grins, pressing another kiss to her cheek.

“Good!” he says triumphantly. “Take a picture and send it to the florist. Tell her this is what we want and if she can’t do it, your husband will.”

She laughs, shaking her head as she reaches towards the counter for her phone.

“You would do the flowers for our wedding?” she asks skeptically and he nods, walking up behind her as she takes the picture. He wraps his arms around her waist and rests his chin on her shoulder.

“Anything to make you happy.”

808 SeXXX - Keola’s Story - part 2

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!  I was trying my best to get this chapter done with Keola in time to give it to you guys for Thanksgiving.  I’m thankful for each of you guys that read and enjoy my stories and for the guys who have been willing to share their experiences to help create these awesome stories.  I hope you enjoy!

“You want some of this one?” I asked Maka, offering him the tub of poke I was holding.

“Shoots,” he replied and took it from me as he passed me his.

“I kinda think the one from Foodland is better,” I told him as I pulled a cube of spicy ahi tuna out of the tub I now had.

“Yeah too small they cut da fish,” Maka agreed as he lifted a piece of his with seaweed and some onion stuck to it. “Taste ok though at least,”

“Yeah main thing ah,” I laughed and then reached into the cooler bag and grabbed us a couple new beers. “Beer?”

“Yup,” he took one of the bottles from me and used his empty to pop the cap.

“Kinda reminds me lil bit of that night we swam nekkid,” I laughed.

“Shit!” Maka laughed. “Just cause we drinking beers at da beach?”

“Well yeah,” I chuckled. “Beers, beach, just us after one long ass work week.”

“Why you goin go swim naked?” Maka asked as he took a long swig of his beer and sighed in contentment.

“If this beach wasn’t right in front our hotel with all these people maybe,” I looked around.

“Ho brave ah now,” Maka laughed as he took the tub of poke I was holding and grabbed a big bite with his chopsticks.

“You das why!” I slapped his shoulder and we laughed again.

We had already been here for the work week and were staying the weekend.  Our company sometimes flew us to the neighbor islands when there were big jobs going on and we got sent over for a couple of weeks. Today was finally Friday though and we stopped at the market on the way back to the hotel for snacks and drinks, since it was a nice day we were sitting out on the sand on the small beach outside the hotel we had been booked at.   It was a bit windy but that was normal for Kahului so we didn’t stay out there too long and headed into our hotel room.

I took a shower first and was sitting on one of the beds watching TV and drinking a beer while Maka hit the shower next.  There was some random sitcom on when he finally came out of the bathroom and I was laughing at some joke when I noticed Maka’s underwear… If you could still call it that.

“Brah… What the fuck?” I said shaking my head.

“Huh? What’s dat?” he responded a bit confused.

“Bro… How’s your BVD’s?” I laughed.

“What you mean?” he asked as he looked down.

“Faka… That puka in the back so big your whole ass hanging out,” I told him as I pointed at the torn material in the back.

“Where?” Maka felt around on his ass. “Nah… Still good ah?”

“Shit… I bet get holes in the front too,” I shook my head again. “Your nuts goin fall out.”

“Not even,” he said as he turned around and pulled at the front and one of his nuts just popped right out. “Oops…”

“Brah you mento,” I laughed again. “Might as well you just take em off throw em away.”

“Why you like see me naked again ah?” Maka laughed.

“No…” I replied sarcastically and then grinned at him. “Well… Maybe…”

He looked over at me and I raised my eyebrows at him playfully so he shrugged and the next thing I knew, he slid his undies down then stepped out of them and tossed them in the trash can.

“Better?” he asked

“Yeah,” I smiled.

“You no mind me being naked?” Maka asked unsure.

“I totally don’t mind only us here,” I assured him.

“And what bout you den?” he asked, staring at my basketball shorts.

“Why? Now you like see me naked?” I gave him a sidewards glance.

“Shit… I figure if I get for be comfortable you should too,” he laughed.

“You’d feel bettah if I was naked too ah?” I asked as I pulled at the drawstring.

“If you like go for em,” he told me as he tossed his towel on the edge of the bed and grabbed himself another beer.

“Eh why not?” I said as I pulled my shorts off and tossed them on the dresser.

“Right on brah,” he smiled at me and held his beer out so I tapped my bottle against his. “Eh move over.”

“Why? You get your own bed,” I told him as he pushed me to get me to move.

“Easier for talk story if we like dis,” he said as I made room and he sat down next to me.

“If you say so,” I chuckled and then we both fell quiet as the TV show audience laughed at some lame joke one of the characters just said.

“We never did talk about what happened that night,” Maka said softly after the show ended about ten minutes later.

“I didn’t know you wanted to,” I told him as I turned to face him a little more.

“I kinda feel bad you know?” Maka admitted.

“What? Why?” I asked confused.

“I don’t know…” he replied as he scratched the back of his head. “Kinda felt like I when take advantage of you or something.”

“Well you kinda did in the water I guess,” I laughed but he looked serious so I stopped. “Nothing you did wasn’t something I wouldn’t have done willingly bro no worry.”

“Even sucking my boto?” he asked as he took a sip of his beer.

“Hell yeah man that was fun,” I nodded.

“OK… I’m glad you said that cause I wasn’t sure,” Maka laughed, relief evident in his voice.

“Brah I’m da one that asked for do em remember?” I told him as I finished off the last of my beer and put it on the dresser next to the bed.

“Did you?” Maka asked. “By that time I was so buss was small kine all one blur.”

“Shit yeah man and I’d do em again too,” I laughed and then turned to look at him again, worried I said too much.

“OK main ting brah,” he said and smiled.

“Yeah so no worries kay?” I told him.

“Rajah dat,” he replied. “Shit kinda cold… This fricken AC works good.”

“Yeah not like the room I had last time I stayed here,” I agreed.

Maka stood up and pulled the blanket loose from where it was tucked under the bed and slid in so his waist down was under the covers.

“Wow brah just make yourself comfy in my bed ah?” I gave him stink eye.

“Eh I when scrub my nuts kay? Not like I goin make em stink,” he laughed.

“Fine…” I replied and he snorted and laughed again. “Beer?”

He nodded so I got up and grabbed our next set of drinks before pulling the blankets and sliding under them on my side of the bed.

“Thanks bro,” he said raising his and I nodded.

“So what the fuck we goin do tonight?” I asked him.

“Dunno up to you brah I’m down for whatevers,” he replied unhelpfully.

“I dunno either,” I replied taking a sip. “Was goin say bar or something maybe? But kinda lazy shit now.”

“Yeah feels good fo jus chill,” Maka agreed, stretching his arms before picking his beer back up.

“What we just goin hang in da room den?” I asked.

“Can for now,” Maka agreed.

“Kinda hard for relax though,” I admitted and then laughed. “If I end up in bed with another guy naked usually other kine shit going down.”

“What’s it like?” Maka asked after an awkward pause following my last comment.

“What you mean?” I replied a bit confused.

“Being gay,” Maka clarified.

“Shit… I dunno that’s one hard question for answer,” I said after thinking about it for a bit.

“Like… You look at braddahs and think what would be like for fuck wit em?” Maka continued.

“Yeah I guess so,” I laughed. “I mean you do the same with chicks ah?”

“Like who?” he asked.

“Shit! I no can answer that that’s shame kine,” I turned red.

“Nah nah we bros,” Maka laughed.

“Still yet…” I sighed.

“OK… How about… Alika?” he said after he thought for a second.

“Alika? Eww no way,” I made a face at the thought.

“Why? I seen him piss he get one hammah,” Maka laughed.

“I no like skinny kine guys like him,” I explained.

“Ahh yeah I forgot you like da big boys ah?” Maka grinned.

“Yeah for sure,” I laughed.

“What bout… Micah then?” he asked after he thought again.

“Um… Shit man I don’t wanna say anything fucked up,” I said kind of uncomfortably.

“Cmon bro you know I ain’t goin to say shit to anyone,” he told me.

“Fine… Yeah Micah’s pretty fuckin hot,” I admitted, shaking my head.

“Yeah you should go get you some,” Maka laughed.

“Shit… He don’t even swing my way though,” I chuckled at the thought.

“You sure?” Maka asked as he took a sip of his beer. “Braddah neva have chick long time too I don’t think.”

“Whatever,” I replied shaking my head at him but the thought intrigued me.

“Who else?” he asked, not willing to let the subject go yet.

“Fuck I don’t know man,” I laughed. “Next question?”

“You… do the fucking or you get the fucking?” he asked after hesitating a bit.

“Brah… Why you keep asking all this kine embarrassing shit?” I laughed again.

“Shit I dunno I just was wondering I guess,” Maka laughed too.

“You frickah you like another go ah?” I bumped him with my shoulder.

“Fuckah…” Maka swore and took a fast swig of his beer to keep it from foaming up.

“Did you like it?” I asked quietly. “Your first time fucking around wit one guy?”

“Who said you was my first?” Maka asked and I did a double take.

“Wait what?!?” I looked at him in shock.

“Wow why you gotta judge me li dat?” Maka asked with a laugh.

“No no no don’t be changing da subject now you faka,” I stopped him. “Spill brah.”

“If I tell you then you gotta tell me what I like know,” Maka scratched his head after he took a sip of his beer.

“Deal,” I agreed.

“Kay well…” Maka started and thought about where to begin. “Wasn’t even as much as we did. Me and my friend was talking shit about who’s boto was bigger so I told him ‘one, two, three, show’ and we did.”

“And who’s was bigger?” I asked him with a laugh as I pictured this happening.

“Mine of course,” Maka grinned. “Nah we was both soft so he said neva count so I told him we go make em hard and we try again.”

“And you guys ended up jerking off I bet,” I filled in the blank.

“Eh you know this story ah?” Maka laughed.

“Been there, done that,” I laughed as well.

“Serious?” he asked.

“Yeah was way later like senior year though,” I replied.

“Guess it’s normal ah?” he shrugged.

“Your turn what you like know?” I leaned back and prepared myself for some crazy ass off the wall question about sex that would embarrass the shit outta me.

“When you when figure out you was into dudes?” he asked after he thought for a bit.

“Well shit… That wasn’t anywhere close to what I was expecting you for ask,” I chuckled.

“Why?” he asked as he looked over at me.

“Dunno,” I shrugged. “Well… Do you remember Mr. Cruz from high school?”

“Cruz?” Maka asked as he thought about it. “Shop teacher?’

“Yeah that’s da one,” I nodded.

“Oh yeah he was your type ah?” Maka laughed.

“I guess so,” I laughed. “You remember when we went for JV football preseason to Big Island?”

“Yeah that was fun times,” Maka reminisced.

“We stayed at that gym,” I continued.

“Yeah that wasn’t so fun…” Maka laughed.

“Yup fuck those mosquitos and listening to everyone snore and fart all night,” I laughed too. “So… Remember I was having the shits cause I ate that leftover lunch stuff?”

“Yeah brah sorry, I was laughing at you that musta sucked,” Maka said.

“Fo sure man,” I agreed. “But… Mighta been worth it cause I got up to shit and I heard Mr. Cruz talking outside.”

“Oh?” Maka looked up, interested.

“Yeah he was talking on the phone walking down behind the next building and I heard him say something like ‘ooh yeah baby tell me again’ so I followed him.” I told him. “He sat down on the sidewalk back there leaned back and I could hear him talking dirty. I think was his wife on the phone.”

“Oh shit…” Maka whispered and I saw his hand sub consciously move lower towards his dick.

“Fuck yeah…” I closed my eyes and pictured what I remembered seeing in my mind. “He leaned back more and I seen him reaching down in front of him and next thing I knew, could tell he was jerking off.”

“Fuck…” Maka moaned as he rubbed himself through the sheet.

“Yeah… I had for see man,” I continued. “I snuck around had one wall and one adda building so I snuck behind and fuck brah…”

“Big boto he had?” Maka asked.

“Nah not really probably like ours maybe lil bit smaller. But fuck man… He had his boto and balls sticking out the leg of his basketball shorts.  That was the first time I ever seen one guy hard and stroking em like that in person,” I sighed as I felt my own dick spring to life and start getting hard too. “Fuck brah… I almost got caught when he shot his load cause I made noise.”

“Oh fuck man that’s so fucking hot…” Maka moaned and he stopped trying to be subtle and openly rubbed his erect cock through the thin covers.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about it for like weeks,” I admitted. “Watching him stroke his dick and then bust one fat load right there was so hot…”

“Shit I wish I coulda seen too now,” Maka shook his head.

“You really getting into it ah?” I asked him as I looked down and watched him rubbing himself.

“Can’t help you making me horny you faka,” Maka laughed.

“What we goin do bout em den?” I asked hoping to instigate.

“I dunno…” he looked up at me. “Like rub em together?”

“Like rub mine on yours or something like dat?” I asked knowing very well the answer wasn’t that.

“Maybe…” he said with a sidewards glance.

“Oooh dirty faka,” I laughed.

“All I know is I’m fuckin horny now brah so what now?” he asked me.

“I am too…” I agreed. “I dunno straight boy what you like do?”

“Shit!” Maka laughed. “Up to you brah.”

“You like me suck em again?” I asked licking my lips.

“Mmm… Fuck…” Maka sighed as he thought it over. “I kinda wouldn’t mind.”

“Yeah?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah why not ah?” Maka made up his mind and then threw off the sheets, letting his hard cock loose from the confines that were holding it prisoner.

I looked at him and we both grinned at each other now that we decided to go for it.  I couldn’t help myself and I reached for it and the warmth of his erection in my hand felt so good.  

“You sure ah?” I asked one more time.

“Yeah bro please?” Maka begged licking his lips in anticipation.

“I wanna make you feel real good,” I told him. “You trust me?”

“Of course man,” he nodded.

“Kay lie back then,” I grinned at him as he did what I asked.

“What you doing?” he looked at me suspiciously as I repositioned myself lower on the bed.

“No worry,” I told him as I leaned over and licked his left nipple while I stroked his dick slowly.

“Fuck… That feels weird,” Maka squirmed around.

“Just weird? Nothing more than that?” I asked.

“Nah not really,” he shook his head. “What’s it… Holy shit what da fuck!?!”

I smiled slyly to myself as his body bucked up off the bed when I switched over and licked his right nipple while I jerked him.  Funny how straight boys never even seem to consider playing with their nipples and how shocked they are that it can feel like this.

“Ahh! Shit!” he swore as he gasped and twitched. “Fuck brah it feels like my balls are tingling every time you do that. FUCK!”

I sucked a nice hard one and released it to flick my tongue back and forth on the tip of his nipple. I loved the reactions his body gave me, hips rising off the bed, breath jagged with his mouth open, and the spreading slipperiness of his precum giving me lube to stroke him.  I pushed him as hard as I could without letting him get close to orgasm.  I knew it was going to make him crazy and I couldn’t wait to get the huge load he was going to blow when he finally did.  It was taking less and less time to get him close to cumming before letting him come back down so I knew I better move on to the main event.

“Oh shit… Your mouth is amazing,” Maka moaned as I licked slowly up his sack, then the shaft up to his tip before taking it all into my mouth and sliding back down to the base. “Fuuuuuck…”

I reached back up and flicked and rolled his nipple between my fingertips as I sucked him slowly, trying to give him the most pleasure possible.  The saltiness of his precum on my tongue was driving me crazy and I knew my own throbbing cock must be leaking just as much.  I loved feeling the silkiness of his shaft sliding across my tongue and the thick head stretching my mouth and tickling the back of my throat. I used my other hand to massage his balls and then snuck my fingers lower to rub the skin between them and his asshole.  It must have felt good because Maka spread his legs wider to give me better access.

“Fuck… Oh shit!” Maka swore and gasped at the feeling. “Brah I’m getting close…”

Hearing that, I picked up the speed of my sucking, tweaking, and fondling.  I knew he couldn’t take much more so I used my tongue and lips to stimulate him as much as possible.  He bucked up off the bed and clenched desperately at the sheets as he built and built up more towards the conclusion we both knew was quickly approaching.  

“I’m cumming! Ho fuck I’m cumming!” he roared as his dick swelled and his balls pulled tight in my hand.

I felt his dick jump in my mouth twice before his first shot blasted to the back of my throat and I almost choked.  His load was thicker and sweeter this time as I savored the taste of it flooding across my tongue.  It was definitely just as big though as I fought to swallow it all and not waste a drop.

“Ah! Hah… Hah… Fuck…” Maka panted and moaned. “Ho fuck brah stop…”

“Can’t handle?” I chuckled and went back to sucking.

“Fuck stop…” he begged. “Sensitive…”

I gave him one last, good suck before I licked my lips and sighed happily.  I rolled back over and scooted up to lay back against my pillows and blew out a big breath.  

“Damn that was good…” I sighed.

“Fuck that was good….” he said at the exact same time and we looked at each other and laughed.

I reached down and felt the slickness of the precum I leaked all over myself. It coated the bottom of my dick and almost all of my nutsack it was surprising how much there was. I tipped my head back and closed my eyes at the feeling as I rubbed my fingers up from my balls and over my head. I grabbed my shaft and stroked myself slowly. I was just getting into a good steady rhythm when I felt something grab my hand and I jumped.

“Can I help?” Maka asked softly as he pushed my hand away and grabbed my dick and squeezed.

“If you wanna…” I moaned at the feeling of my best friend slowly jerking my rock solid dick.

“Brah… It feels almost like jerking my own,” Maka said as he watched his hand slide up and down my cock.

“Mmm… Yeah… We pretty much da same size huh?” I told him.

“Yeah brah it’s like I’m holding my boto but not,” Maka said in a distracted voice as he slid lower down my body until he was leaning across my belly and had an up close view of my dick while he rubbed it slowly.

“Shit… That feels good though,” I moaned at the feeling.

I was so lost in the feeling of my friend jerking me off that I hadn’t even noticed he was moving closer and closer to it.  Maka was staring at the head of my erection each time it popped up through his fingers and in his tipsy, post orgasm haze he was hypnotized by it.  

“I like taste em…” he mumbled to himself.

“What?” I asked, confused because I didn’t hear what he said. “Ohhhh… Holy shit…”

My body twitched and I moaned at the feeling of Maka’s lips tentatively sliding over my head.  His tongue snaked out and he licked that spot below my pee slit that was so sensitive it made me gasp in surprise and pleasure.

“Fuck… Ah!  Oh shit!” I moaned and grunted as he continued exploring with his new toy.

He definitely had no idea what he was doing but he was having fun so I couldn’t complain.  He seemed to be switching back and forth between licking my head like an ice cream cone and just kinda mouthing it with his lips but he kept right on slow jerking my shaft the whole time so I was trying my best not to let myself get too close too soon.  

“Why’s your dick taste so salty?” he asked as he let it pop out of his mouth. “Neva wash em good ah?”

“Nah my precum dats why brah,” I told him as I bit my lip at the feeling of him stroking my whole cock.

“Fuck… That’s what I’m licking?” he said sounding kind of grossed out. “Hmm… Nah I guess it’s ok though.”

“Ha… Hahhh! Oh shit…” I tried to laugh but he sucked on my head again and it made me shudder and catch my breath instead. “Fuck brah that feels so good…”

“Yeah?” he asked as he jerked me a little quicker. “You goin buss one for me too?”

“Mmm… Fuck yeah you keep going like that,” I moaned and licked my lips as I thrust my hips slowly with his strokes.

“Just make sure you tell me so you no buss em in my mouth kay?” he laughed.

“OK,” I reassured him. “I’m starting to get close bro.”

“Shoots! Let’s do dis den!” he laughed and started stroking me harder.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned as I closed my eyes and let the feelings build since he was completely blocking my view of what was going on down there. “Fuck yeah stroke my dick Maka…”

“Yeah…” his eyes widened as he stared intently at my cock in his hand and jerked me faster. “Shoot that shit Ola.”

“Fuck I’m getting close… You goin make me cum brah… Oh shit… FUCK,” I groaned and then gasped.

My hips bucked wildly as he rode my heaving belly and legs while pushing me over the edge.  I cried out a little louder than I intended to when my nuts pulled tight and I felt the first wave of my orgasm hit me. “Ah fuck!” I vaguely heard but it didn’t even really register as I felt my cum spraying against the bottom of my belly and splashing up onto it.

“Ha! Ah! Fuck!” I panted as shot after shot of my sperm coated my pubes and Maka’s hand.

It felt like I was cumming forever but I’m sure it must have only been 9 or 10 good shots before it turned to a dribble.  Maka kept right on stroking me and my head was starting to get really sensitive so I squirmed under him unable to speak up loud enough to tell him to stop yet.

“Shit… Stop brah…” I managed to wheeze out and then I tried to hear what Maka mumbled. “What you said? Neva hear.”

“Why’s it sweet?” Maka said a little louder but it was still hard to hear him because he was still looking down at my dick in his hand.

“What’s sweet?” I asked not understanding at first. “Oh my cum?”

“Yeah it’s sweet…” Maka said and then he took my head back into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it which made my cry out and start bucking around on the bed again.

“Faka! Knock dat shit off,” I told him as I tried to push him off me but he refused to move. “Mine usually like dat.  Some guys more salty, some is bitter, some… Hnnnf… Fack!”

He gave my softening dick one more good suck and finally let it go which was a huge relief.  I covered my face with my arm and struggled to catch my breath.

“Brah you fuckah…” he said after a moment as he moved around to look at me. “You almost when ‘salty pirate’ me you asshole.”

“What the fuck is that?” I asked confused as I peeked out and then started laughing when I saw the glob of cum slowly dripping off his eyebrow that he was pointing at.

“When you shoot in da eye and they go ‘aargh!’” he explained and then we both started cracking up laughing.

“Brah I can’t believe you when taste em like that,” I said after a second.

“Couldn’t help,” he shook his head. “First one hit me up hea, second hit me right next to my mouth and some went inside.”

“No shit?” I asked chuckling.

“Yup that shit’s fuckin dangerous,” Maka laughed.

“Sometimes ah?” I laughed too. “Shit… Could you grab one towel for me please? Starting for drip off da side.”

“Yeah wait,” Maka said as he cupped his hand under the cum coated one and struggled up and off of me and the bed.

I used my hands to hold the cum that was trying to ooze off the sides of my belly in place as best as I could and he was soon back to my rescue with one of the hand towels from the sink.  He helped me wipe off as best as we could so I could get up and make my way to the bathroom for a rinse in the shower. When I came out from my clean up, Maka was back on my bed again, under the covers and grinning at me.

“Dat was fun,” he said rather matter of factly.

“Glad you thought so cause fuck man… That was hot as fuck for me,” I told him as I slid back under the covers next to him.

“Shit…” Maka said with a huge yawn.

“Hmm?” I looked over at him and caught a yawn of my own.

“Now I’m super fuckin lazy shit,” he laughed quietly.

“No joke,” I agreed. “So relaxed like was out swimming at the beach all day.”

We both laid there quietly as we enjoyed that post orgasm contentment.  The TV was still going on the ending of the news so I watched the weather and sports thinking Maka was watching too but all of a sudden, I heard soft snoring from his side.  I shook my head and smiled at my friend being all worn out from our quick play sesh. There was still a little beer left in my bottle so I downed that and reached up to turn off the light and lowered the volume on the TV.  

After the news finished I turned that off too and moved down lower under the covers.  I could tell Maka was out cold from his snores so I tried not to move around too much as I got settled.  It took a little bit of doing but I finally got comfortable. I’m normally a stomach sleeper so I managed to wiggle myself that way and keep under the blankets.  Just as I was about to fall asleep, Maka snored a louder one and then coughed as he woke up.  I half expected him to get up and move to his own bed but instead, he moved himself around and to my surprise, he threw his arm and leg over me and cuddled up next to my side.

“Mmm… You’re nice and warm,” he said sleepily. “This ok?”

“It is wit me if you’re cool,” I told him.

“Yup I am,” he yawned. “Good night Ola.”

“Night Maka,” I replied and I fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face ever.

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Hi, T.

So in the spirit of the holidays, I want to tell you a really cool thing that just happened to me at work.

I know you know I’m a teacher but I don’t know if you know that I’m a special education teacher.

We had a school wide assembly this morning and our principal always plays catchy music for the kids on a big loudspeaker while we wait to start. He told me he “put a song on there for me” and of course, Shake It Off came on. All the kids yelled and looked at me expecting some serious dance moves (which they got, in front of the whole school😅) but I scanned the room for my kids from last year because we used to listen to SIO a lot. I find them and they’re all so happy and dancing. I see one girl I had, who is severely disabled and completely not verbal. She is up on her knees, dancing pointing at me, and doing the SHAKE HANDS that I always used to do for them! I point to her and shimmy and she cracks up. She was even able to mouth the “shake it off, shake it off” part.

After the assembly I went in the bathroom and cried. Connecting with kids like this can be so hard, but knowing I made a connection to her through your music that carried over a year is really really amazing. Thank you so much Tay. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded with love and food and wine.

xoxo, J


- So, how did you get back together with Dad?

- His work, all of it. As soon as he knew Joey was out of the picture, he was on my doorstep with a giant bouquet of red tulips and a box of my favorite chocolates, telling me that he wanted me back and would do anything to make it happen.

- He is such a romantic…

- He is. Ask him to quote Baudelaire or Byron sometime - he remembers most of the love poems by heart. 

- So, does Dad know?

- Of course! I told him I was pregnant as soon as he showed up. And you know what he said? “I don’t care whose DNA is in that baby, any child of yours is mine as well.” So we gave our relationship another shot and here we are.

- Wow…

On the one hand, Therese feels sad and somewhat betrayed that her parents have kept this information from her for all these years, and likely wouldn’t have told her if not for this chain of events. But on the other hand, Joey Carmichael is just a concept to her, even now that she knows she shares the man’s DNA. And not even a positive concept. Fredrick Shell is and always will be her father, regardless of biology. 

- Thanks for telling me. 

- I would have told you earlier, honey. But it wasn’t only my decision to make.

- I understand. So, my hair color?

- Yeah, that’s all Joey. 

- I should’ve known it didn’t get passed down to me from Great-Grandma!

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Okay hear me out on this for hc: Sub! Pete. Maybe he likes getting smacked around and choked during sex 👌

I love this because I can totally imagine it as much as I can imagine a sub Finn. I know I write them quite dom but don‘t come at me for the following:

Like Pete in the bedroom is something completely different from his in ring persona.

Oh, he‘d love the choking, especially when you ride him good and he‘s so close to coming. He‘d love for you to put both hands around his neck and cut off his air supply while you grind on him, hard.

He also loves to be told what he has to do. When you push his head into you and tell him where you want his tongue to be, while your hands get lost in his hair and dig into his scalp.

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I just want to share a small story about a homophobic dude and my awesome boss. Guy came into the store one day with his son, and they are pretty regular so they’re just chilling. Anyway, I happen to mention my gf, and the dude goes quiet. I don’t think much of it, he leaves, we close, all’s good. I learn a few days later that he had advised my boss to warn me not to talk so openly. My boss told him that I am welcome to say whatever I damn well please about my sexuality. It was just really cool.

I’m willing to give shopper guy the benefit of the doubt and say he could have been concerned about your safety (although I don’t know anything for a fact, of course.) That being said, that was awesome of your boss! He’s right, your sexuality is your business and it’s your prerogative to share what you want and I’m happy he defended you!

Have a good day!

headcanons || billy being nice

requested by: anon

A/N: i dunno if this is what you wanted or not but i hope it is :) message me if not

  • k so billy’s niceness doesn’t really show too much
    • i mean not saying he’s a dick to you
    • just he doesn’t go the extra mile
    • usually
  • once in a while he’ll get you a rose
    • or maybe your favorite candy
    • and his gifts to you for holidays or your birthday are really thoughtful
  • there was this one day though
    • he’s in a fight with some dude that supposedly hit on you
    • turned out some dude just told him that to get him to beat him up
    • but billy didn’t know that
    • so he’s punching and punching and you finally get to the scene
    • you try to stop billy from throwing his next punch
    • he ends up elbowing your eye
    • which huRTS
    • and i mean that definitely got him to stop punching
    • “jesus, shit, i’m really sorry”
    • you just sigh
    • he gets you ice and stuff and he ends up with a month of detention
    • but he checks up on you every day after that until it heals
    • “look Y/N i’m really sorry”
    • “i know, i know”
    • he buys you like every one of your favorite candies
    • gets you tickets to that movie you really wanted to see
    • “billy really i’m fine”
    • “i fucked up bad, though”
  • there are other things that he’s done, too
    • like the time he got you tickets to your favorite band’s concert
      • you were in the 12th row
      • he broke all his cash for that
    • he’s also given you his jacket when you were cold
      • sometimes it takes him a while to give it up, though
    • sometimes he leaves notes in your locker
      • some of them are really sweet, and some of them are like “meet me in the bathroom” so you can make out
    • but he means well
    • he always does
    • with you at least

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Hey! Umm maybe you or the person who recommended Mirrors in the Smoke could help me with the tag dom/sub? I usually skim read fics before reading but this is 21 chapters...a bit difficult for that :D I just want to know how it appears in the story and well who is who :D if that makes sense. Thanks in advance

you should check the notes on this post for clarifications :D

Mirrors in the Smoke by JudeAraya

Steve told Sam and Natasha once that even when he had nothing, he’d had Bucky. The truth, he realized, was that without Peggy and Bucky, without the world he knew, Steve couldn’t even be Steve. But he could be Captain America. Steve’s been a stranger in a new world for a long time and Captain America was his best secret keeper.

Having Bucky back should be the thing that puts him back together, right? Finding him, being with him – it’s everything Steve’s pinned his hopes on. It’s a fucker of a truth now, to find this out – that Steve needed Captain America as much as anything else.

Only, Steve gave him up. Steve is no longer Captain America and he is definitely not well.

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Can I cry? Today in school I was with my friend and I told her that I want to lose weight, because I'm fat and never really liked the shape of my body. As the conversation was happening, the guy sitting behind me taped my shoulder and went "I don't think you need to lose weight. You're perfect just like this." I didn't even know what to say. Good people still exist in this world. :)


Kindergarten Boyfriend

So here’s a fanfic lowkey based on Kindergarten Boyfriend from Heathers but not really.

tag list- @luna-lovegood-wrakspurt-invasion @ghostdorkphil  If you want to be added let me know.

This was more of a spur of the moment type of thing which means I started this at 2 because someone told me to and I finally finished it at 5


It was Logan’s first day of Kindergarten and he was on edge, What If nobody liked him? Luckily, A stranger named Patton wasn’t having any of It.

They were part of the bigger kids so they were around the same size and height, Patton ran up to him along the way he tripped on one of the discarded toys, Logan offered a hand to help him up, Patton grinned (“One of his front teeth is missing.” Logan noted) and picked back up his thick black rimmed glasses and slid them back on.

“I’m Patton!” He said cheerfully, Logan swallowed the small lump In his throat, “I’m Logan…Do you know most people with freckles lose them In the winter but they return In the summer?” Logan forced a smile on his face, He remembered his mother telling him about freckles and since Patton’s face was littered with freckles, Patton’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, “You’re so smart, Lo!” Patton pulled him Into a tight hug.

Logan tensed up, They just met and he was hugging him? Patton pulled away quickly, “Sorry I get excited.” he mumbled, Logan gave him a smile “It’s fine, Do you want to play with me?” Patton nodded happily.

“Wanna play Patton Cake?” Patton offered, Logan stared at him “Do you mean Patty Cake?” Patton giggled “No, Silly! To play Patton Cake we need a tennis racket and a tuna fish-” Logan cut him off, “How about we just draw?” Patton nodded.

Logan led Patton to the drawing station, It only took Patton a few minutes to finish, He tapped Logan’s shoulder and showed him It, Logan stared in awe at the drawing, It was a stick figure drawing of them holding hands with a giant heart over their heads, Logan smiled brightly at him and took it from his hands.

“Do you like It?” Patton asked excitedly, Logan nodded and pulled him Into a hug, This was the first time Logan had a friend so of course, he loved It with all his heart, Logan pulled away “I love It-” Logan turned back to find his drawing of the planets (Only one was done so far but he didn’t care)

Logan gave his drawing of Pluto to Patton and Patton smiled widely, “Thank you, Lo!” They ran to their cubbies and slid their drawings In, Patton turned to face Logan, “Friends?” Patton asked Logan nodded eagerly, “Friends.”

They sat together at lunch and insisted on sharing a mat at nap time, Logan didn’t sleep even though he knew It was In his best Interest to, He sat and watched Patton’s shallow breathes for nearly half an hour, He slept with his mouth opened and nearly rolled off the mat 20 times, Thankfully Logan was there to stop him from doing so.

Logan gently shook Patton awake, “Patton, Patton.” he whispered trying not to wake anyone else, Patton looked around confused, Logan gave him his glasses and whispered again, “I can’t sleep.” Patton blinked as his eyes readjusted, “Well that’s not good.” Patton frowned and sat up.

They continued on with quiet banter until nap time was over, Thus the day was done.

They played on the first grader’s playground until their parents came to pick them up, Another kid named Roman had convinced Patton to play kickball while Logan cheered from the sidelines, Roman’s mom had picked him up halfway through causing the game between the two to end.

Patton ran up to him and before Logan could say anything Patton kissed Logan’s cheek and pressed a dandelion Into his hand, Logan short-circuited as Patton went to clean out his cubby so he could return home.

When Patton was on his way home, He wouldn’t stop talking about his new friend and his mom listened and laughed when he talked about how cute his new friend was.

“He gave me a drawing of Pluto! We both think It’s a planet! He has glasses just like me!” His mom laughed from the driver’s seat, “What’s his name?” She asked as she turned down the street.

“Logan.” He said as he hummed lyrics to the campfire song from Spongebob, She nodded and didn’t say anything else.

When Logan got home he immediately asked his parents If he could frame the picture, They, of course, said yes and framed It for him to keep on the nightstand beside his bed, Logan thanked them a thousand time over.

It was the last day of Kindergarten and once again Logan was worried, About losing his friend.

Sure, He had come to gain more friends because of Patton but none were as close to him as Patton was.

The day went by as usual but at the end, Logan nearly broke down, They hadn’t seen each other outside of Kindergarten and Logan didn’t want to see his best friend go.

Their moms made an agreement to let them play with each other over the summer, They did, Once.

So of course, On the first day of first grade, Logan was anxious.

What If Patton forgot about him? What If Patton didn’t want to be his friend anymore? What If- His thought was cut off by Patton running up to him and grabbing his hand, He looked over at his friend, Confused, Patton gave him a smile (“He’d finally got his front tooth” Logan noted.) “We have the same class, Lo.” Logan gave his hand a gentle squeeze and smiled back at him.  

Some boyfriends were meant for first grade too.    

“Now onto something far more important. My birthday party! I’m having one this Saturday, and of course as my best friend you are invited,” Sara says with a grin.

“Oh cool! I thought you didn’t want to do anything, if not I would have put together something.”

“I didn’t because I thought Magnus was going to be home, but he left for Bridgeport. So, I’m throwing a party for once instead of Hendrik.”

“Does he know you’re moving out yet?”

“Nei, I haven’t told Hendrik either…I really should tell him. I’ll tell Magnus once I know for sure I have the apartment. Maybe the day I do move out so he can’t stop me. Ja, I’ll do that.”

☆  From the Beginning  ☆

Anonymous confession

Hi there! 43m here and I Love your blog! Just wanted to share this with you and you can post it anonymously on your blog if you like. Quite a few years back after my first divorce, I went to visit a friend and his wife out of town. I was there for work and had my own hotel room. He told me about how his wife had wanted to try other men and had always wanted to suck my cock. My friend and I worked out the meeting via text and set something up to meet a couple days later. My buddy continued to text me before hand about how hot it was and he could understand why his wife wanted to suck me off. I’m not really into men, but I asked him if he meant he’d like to suck me. He said he was dying to and he came over to my room when I got off work that night. He was so eager and did a great job. I kept calling him a good boy and encouraged him. He swallowed all of my cum, it was so hot. His wife never knew. Now, many years later, I often wish that I had 69ed with him and sucked his cock as well. I feel like I missed a hot opportunity.

-Thank you! And thank you for sharing 💋


Over at Vivienne and Luca’s house, the two of them were in the middle of having a heated discussion. When Vivienne had gotten home that afternoon Luca had told her he needed to talk to her about something serious. And once he had told her what it entailed, she was immediately shocked and afraid.

“What are you going to do, Luca?”

“I don’t know, to be honest with you,” Luca replied, frowning at his current predicament. “But I know I won’t go back to jail. Not again.”

“Isn’t there anything you can do? Talk to the guy or something?”

“He’s working with the cops, Viv. He clearly wants to take me down.”

“Why would he all of the sudden turn against you?”

“Because he got pinched and they offered him a deal. And he’s a coward.”

“You must be able to do something.”

“Like what?”

“……get rid of him,” Vivienne whispered. “Can’t you do that?”

“If I could get close enough to him, I could. But he’s being protected by police officers. I would never get near him without being made.”

“What does Ethan think? Can’t he do something? Find something on him or get someone past the cops?”

“Ethan wouldn’t help me in this, sweetheart. I didn’t even bother telling him.”

“Of course, he would. You’re his Father. He doesn’t want you to go to jail for the rest of your life.”

“He hates me, Vivienne. He absolutely wants me to go away.”

“Luca!” Vivienne cried, shaking her head. “That’s not true.”

“It is true. Besides, even if he agreed to help there is no guarantee he could do anything.”

“I understand that. But I really think you should at least talk to Ethan. He might have an idea. Please, Luca.”

“Okay, I’ll ask him,” Luca replied, placing his hand on hers and squeezing it tight. “But if he can’t or won’t do anything, then we’ll have to run. I can’t go back to jail. I won’t.”

“I know. And we’ll do whatever it takes no matter what happens. I won’t lose you again.”

“You won’t have to. I promise.”

rules: Tag 10 tumblrs you want to get to know better.

i was tagged by @gay-for-emerald (thankyou 💖)

name: Izzy

gender: Girl

star sign: Capricorn

height: around 5’1/5′2

middle name: Victoria

put your itunes on shuffle. what are the first 6 songs that popped up?:
Shape of You - Ed Sheraan, Tilted - Christine and the Queens, I’m Yours - Jason Miraz, Try - Pink, Hold On - Twin Atlantic, The Wolf - Mumford and Sons

grab the book nearest to you and turn to page 23. what’s line 17?:
‘Tell me what is right and I will fight for it’, he told his shipmates - The Versailles Settlement by Alan Sharp (One of my history readings for my essay about the Paris Peace Conference 😂)

ever had a poem or song written about you?: Ummm no, but have I ever written a song or poem about someone? You bet

when was the last time you played air guitar?:
Probably a few days ago ahahah

who is your celebrity crush?:
So many women… my top five are Emerald Fennell (obviously), Kate McKinnon, Lena Headey, Jennifer Anniston, Michelle Dockery

what’s a sound you hate?:
When people scrape their chairs on wooden floors/ tiles and it makes that really loud horrible noise that goes right through you 😭

do you believe in ghosts? how about aliens?: Yep to both

do you drive? if so have you ever crashed?:

City gays don’t drive 😂

what was the last book you read?:
Ask the Passengers by A.S King (I highly recommend it’s such a good story about a girl questioning her sexuality!!)

do you like the smell of gasoline?:

what was the last movie you saw?:
The last film in the cinema I saw was Thor: Ragnarok but I watched Kingsman: The Secret Service with my housemates the other day!!

what’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?:
Ummmmm I’ve never really been injured (luckily) tbh 😂 Probably just like a really bad bruise or something

do you have any obsessions right now?:
I started rollerblading at uni this year so kinda obsessed with that, also The Good Place, Brooklyn nine nine and Downton Abbey, my Michelle Dockery obsession is fairly new and I’m slowly acquiring a cactus collection

do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?:
Nahhh not really if I do hold a grudge it tends to come in the form of mumbling angrily about it for a few days and not talking to anyone but then I get over it

in a relationship?: Not yet, but we shall see 😂

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64, 72, 99! <3

64 “Story of my first kiss” So I’ve had a few memorable kisses but my first ever kiss with another guy was in college. I was probably about 18-19, we were both in the same fraternity and I had the biggest crush on him. Of course this was when I knew I liked guys but wasn’t out. He would always flirt with me and always want to hang out etc and he’d always find me at the parties and touch my arm in that way, you know the way, that made me pine after him even more. I wasn’t sure if he was gay or bi but that didn’t stop me from having the biggest crush. Well one fine evening halfway through a party I was standing outside to cool off because I was drunk and a little spinny and he walked outside told me he thought I was cute and I told him I thought he was cute and then he kissed me. It kind of became a thing where we made out pretty often when we got drunk but that was it.

72 “How many pillows do you sleep with?” Depends on the night, but usually 2-4 depending on how moody I am and if my neck hurts or not.

99 “Have any pets?” I’ve got 2 dogs! A Labrador mix who weighs like 110 and stands above my hips (I’m 6’7 for reference) and a plothound/boxer mix who is mean to basically everyone but me and her owner.