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Rescue Me [3]

Part Three of Three

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 2,636

Warnings: Mentions of sexy time, Language, mild violence, anger and fluff.

A/N: The final part!

One - Two


Tears pricked your eyes.

“Bucky,” you said, voice wavering. “It isn’t what it looks like.”

He looked down at the sapphire before throwing it back in the duffel bag. “Then explain it to me,” he said, anger simmering.

You looked down at your feet and crossed your arms over your chest. You weren’t sure what part of the story to tell him. But you didn’t want to lie to him either.

“Julian didn’t hide the bag behind the dumpster like I had said,” you sighed heavily, looking up at Bucky’s angry face. “He buried the bag in an empty lot across the street from the jewelry store. I’m still not sure why he had really told where it was, but he wasn’t lying. I went there that night and dug it up.”

Bucky was staring you, barely blinking, “Why?”

“I’m a writer,” you shrugged. “Curiosity is our… thing.”

He dropped the bag on the bed before rubbing his forehead with his metal hand. “Why do you still have the bag?” He asked, looking at you again. “What were you planning to do with it?”

“I had fully intended to turn it over to the police,” you said, stepping closer to Bucky. “But I got scared. I didn’t want them to think that I was a part of the robbery. The longer and longer I had it, the more it made me look guilty.”  

“Well now I know why those men were after you,” Bucky said snidely.

You reached a hand out to him, but he stepped away. “Bucky, please don’t…”

He shook his head at you, “You had so many chances today to tell me the damn truth.” The hurt was clearly etched on his face.

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I was thinking about something that happened when i was around 8 - 9 years old. I saw a homemade video about how to draw manga, the uploader was a kid too, and his video has around 40k of views, and i got upset because i didn’t liked his video or his art.

I told my mother that i wanted to leave a comment, telling the uploader that i disliked his video, then my mother told me: “Why would you waste your time making other person feel bad? If you want to prove something to him make your own video. Even if you dislike it you don’t have to leave a comment, he is trying to help people to improve their art, and there is nothing wrong about it. Don’t feel jealous because you didn’t upload a video and got views, at some point you’ll be able to help others to improve their art.”

To be quite honest she was right, i was jealous, because i wanted to make an video about “how to draw”, i was wishing to be the uploader - then i noticed, hate comes from envy, people say bad things because they are sad with theirselves, because they want to be noticed too.

Btw, thanks to my mother i never sent hate in my life - anonymous or not, and i’m really happy with this.


I don’t really care for my friend’s boyfriend. Every time me and my friend wants to hang out, she’ll bring him. It’s not just him being there, it’s because he keeps pressuring me and my other friend to drink alcohol. Me and my other friend don’t drink, but every time we hang out as a group, here’s comes the topic of drinking and getting drunk. I don’t need to drink because majority of the time, I have to drive back home. And even if I did want to drink, I’m going to do it on my own terms, not because you’re breathing down my neck. It’s bad enough already that already pressured my friend (his girlfriend) to drink from what she told me. I don’t know how she can deal with that. But once again that’s on her. I’m not too big on rushing to things for people just because they whine and cry about it like a toddler. I love my friend, but she could do better. But she’ll figured it out.

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"I don't want to stand in the way of everything you wan...t" "well that's going to be a problem,, cos your everything I want"

Raven hugged herself tightly, forcing her gaze to stay fixed on the ground. She knew that if she so much as saw a sliver of a glimpse of him, she’d crack. This was for the best, as she’d told herself numerous times, and Raven needed to stay focused.  

But focus was hard to attain when he was standing this close. 


Beast Boy’s voice echoed through the hallway, making her flinch. Raven took a shaky breath, willing herself to stay on script. “Because, Beast Boy, I told you,” she said. “We can’t do this.” She squeezed her eyes shut, trying desperately to stay in control. 

Don’t break, she thought. Remember, this is what’s best for him. Images of the pain a life with her would cause flashed through her mind. She was reclusive. Antisocial. She carried a cartload of messy and terrifying baggage that no one needed to help her take care of. 

“I’m not going to stand in the way of what you want,” she murmured hoarsely. 

The following silence made her tremble. She wavered like a flower in the wind, the words to take back what she’d said brimming at the tip of her tongue. Raven bit her lip hard and remained silent. 

“Well, that’s gonna be a problem.” 

The leisurely tone of Beast Boy’s voice made her blink. Raven jerked her head up sharply, meeting his gaze. “W-why is that?” Her lips betrayed her, sputtering words before she could think. Beast Boy grinned coyly a her, his emotions surging against her emphatic barriers. 

“’Cuz, Rae, you’re everything I want!” 

Raven gaped at him, speechless. The line was so utterly cheesy and shallow, and yet so him that she had to take a moment to breathe. And think. 

Was he being serious?

Raven cautiously lowered her walls, allowing her empathy to reach out. She brushed against his aura, nearly gasping at how bright it was. Dipping below the surface, she allowed his emotions to wash over her. 

And there it was. 

A warmth of affection swaddled her being, filling her up and making her breathless. It was so overpowering, with a sizzling hint of something stronger lurking beneath the surface. She cut the connection abruptly, terrified of what she’d just experienced. 

Beast Boy’s expression softened. “Hey, look, Rae, I know this won’t be easy, okay?” He seemed somewhat bashful then, his gaze skirting to the ground. “But I don’t want easy. I want you.”

Time slowed. Raven felt as though the entire world disappeared, leaving just the two of them. She became lost in his gaze, entranced by the emotion he held there. Her hand grazed his cheek, and she smiled. 

“Okay,” she murmured. Raven knew once she left the safety of this moment, all of her fears and trepidations would return full force. But now, standing here with him, she allowed herself to fall just a little bit more in love with him. 

At long last, I have completed the prompt. XD I like this one! And I totally know this is from Steven Universe. It’s okay though, I love Greg and Rose’s relationship. :D This was fun, and I hope you like it! 

-mod vixensheart

Seeking Comfort

Prompt: The reader is nesting being in pre-heat (or heat) but she doesn’t feel well (has fever/nausea) so she doesn’t want to have sex with Dean, instead he just cuddles with her in the nest.

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Warnings: A/B/O stuff, heats

“Baby, I swear, I’m fine,” you told Dean, sitting on the floor of the bathroom.

You don’t sound fine,” he replied, giving the best alpha voice he could over the phone.

“It’s just the flu. It’s nothing to worry about, I’m sure it’ll be gone in a day or so.”

Well if it gets worse, call me. Me and Sammy are already on our way, but we’re about a day out.” He sounded tired, they had just finished a hunt not an hour before he called.

“If I start to feel death creeping up on me, I’ll let you know. I gotta go take a shower, you should get some sleep, baby,” you suggested.

We’re gonna go get food and then find a motel in the next town over,” you started to feel nauseous again, and decided to end the conversation.

“Sounds good,” you said, shifting closer towards the toilet from where you sat, “I love you.”

I love you too, baby. Get better, I’ll see you soon.

“Bye,” you said quickly, ending the phone call as fast as you could before kneeling over the toilet and heaving into it for the fifth time today.

You woke up covered in a thin coat of sweat, panting needily into the pillow beneath you. Your head was throbbing, making you dizzy, and unfocused. The blankets had been kicked from the bed, and sheets pushed to the side. You felt hot, and uncomfortable, the desperate feeling of need shivering throughout your body.


“Fuck no,” you exclaimed groggily, moving from where you lie despite your body’s protest.

You weren’t scheduled for a heat for another week, but as you felt that pang of need for your alpha’s warmth and comfort, you knew you had been mistaken.

But this heat was different, you felt terrible. And then, as that familiar nausea crept up on you, you remembered: you had the flu.

Vision still blurry, and legs wobbly, you rushed into the bathroom to puke. Your knees dropped to the floor and you hunched over to relieve yourself.

You felt a thousand times worse that usual; aside from nausea, the need for comfort was bothering you more than anything else. You knew your alpha was going to be with you in less than a day, but you needed him now.

You picked up your phone, ignoring every rational instinct you had about making Dean drive to you in the middle of the night. You scrolled through your contacts until you found ALPHA, and tapped on his phone number.

It started ringing and you prayed to God he would pick up.

Y/n, baby, what’s wrong?” his deep, sleepy voice filled your ears and you practically purred to it.

“Dean,” you whispered, taking a deep breath before admitting, “I need you to come home, please.”

You could hear shuffling from the other line, “Why, what’s wrong? Baby, you gotta tell me what’s going on,” he pleaded, alpha voice lacing his request, making you squirm.

“I’m in heat,” you stood up from the bathroom floor slowly, “Alpha, please, come home. Please, I need you to come home, pl-” you were practically sobbing as you walked into your room, the scent of your alpha making you whine.

Hey, hey, baby calm down I’m on my way,” he spoke softly, recognizing your desperation. “Is there anything you can do to help, you know…” You knew what he was asking, he was suggesting you use a fake knot or something, but you didn’t feel like it. The headache currently pounding at your head, and nausea threatening to take over kept you from worrying about your normal heat needs.

You whined, “No, I don’t want- I jus- I just want you to come home.”

Of course baby, I’ll be there as soon as I can, I promise,” he sounded concerned and anxious, “Try to get some sleep.


I’m gonna get packed up, I’ll text you when we’re on our way, okay?” he asked.

You mumbled a soft okay in response, climbing into bed.

Omega,” he stated firmly, grabbing your attention, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Call me if you need me,” he said before handing up.

You knew that he had to hang up to get his stuff together and probably wake up Sammy, but your heat-riddled brain made you whimper as the call dropped.

You made it all of thirty minutes before deciding to make a nest. Well, it was less of a decision and more of an aching need you had to take care of.

You started with your own blankets and sheets, dragging them to the far-left corner of the room. They bunched up against the wall as you rearranged them, trying to fit them into the perfect spot. You grabbed the blankets and pillows from almost every room, leaving Sam’s alone. Dean’s dirty clothes littered the nest, and the faint smell of alpha took over.

It took over a half an hour of meticulous rearrangements before you were happy with the nest. Exhausted, you climbed in, moving around to find the right position.

Your phone buzzed.

Drink water.

You rolled your eyes at the text from your alpha, but followed the command nonetheless, grabbing the water bottle on the floor outside the nest, and taking a couple large gulps.

Much to your distress, as you shifted in the nest you noticed it didn’t smell quite right. It didn’t smell enough like comfort or home.

You pulled out your phone and texted Sam.

Do you still have that soft Sublime hoodie?

Sam stirred awake to the sound of his phone going off.

Do you still have that soft Sublime hoodie?

He smirked at the question.

“Her heat must be getting bad,” he said, voice deep with sleep.

“What makes you say that?” Dean asked, sounding almost panicked.

“She asked where my clothes are,” Sam replied.

This wasn’t the first time you had gone into heat while they were on a hunt. They knew your coping mechanisms, and how you nested. Somehow it always ended up with you asking for their clothing, especially when your heat got bad. The comfort and smell of it made you heat diminish slightly.

He sent back a text

Dresser, second drawer down. It should be in there somewhere.

“Fuck,” is all Dean said, gripping the steering wheel harder.

“Dude, I’m sure she’s going to be fine. Y/n can take care of herself,” Sam said, trying to sooth him as the smell of anxious alpha filled the air.

You packed Sam’s sweatshirt as well as some other clothes you found tightly into the nest and climbed in once more.

You fell asleep wrapped in large comforters, and your nose shoved into Dean’s night shirt, only waking up from the warmth to hurry to the bathroom.

Eventually, you woke up to the smell of alpha and home and a hand petting your hair softly. You looked up, eyes blurry with sleep.

As soon as you realized it was him you lunged, pulling the blankets off yourself, and shoving your face into his neck.

“Woah, easy there baby,” he tried to pry you off of his neck so he could talk, but you just gripped his shirt and breathed in his scent.

Realizing detaching you was no use, Dean just wrapped you up in his arms. You whined at the attention, clawing at his jacket to come off.

He caught the drift, slipping out of the coat, and kicking off his shoes. You pulled him to the nest, and Dean followed your lead.

You cuddled up against him, practically laying on top of him.

“What do you need, Baby?” he asked quietly.

“This,” you said, placing your nose back into the crook of his neck, “Just this.”

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Date Night (Matthew Daddario x reader)

It was date night. Me and Matt had no scenes left today so we thought we’d take advantage.
It wasn’t just going to be just us, we were going for a meal with Dom and Sarah as Dom over heard me and Matt talk about it in his trailer and invited himself.
We had no problem with that but it just would have been nice to spend time with each other as it was hard to do with work.

Dom drove us all to the fancy restaurant Sarah had recommended, The Grove.
Everything was great. We laughed. We told embarrassing stories. Even though I love Dom and Sarah I just wanted to be alone with Matt desperately.

Me and Sarah had had a few too many to drink so we were both giddy and fun. Dom didn’t have anything to drink as he was driving and Matt didn’t drink. “I think we need to get these two home don’t you think?” Dom asked Matt whilst laughing at the state of us.
“Is it okay if me and Y/N walk?” Matt asked whilst grinning as I spilt my drink a little.
Dom nodded and furrowed his eyebrows as a definite yes as he took a drink of his water. “Of course you can”.

We walked down the streets of LA. With beeps and honking and police sirens all in the distance. The air had sobered me up a little, but I could tell I was still a little tipsy.
Linking, Matt kept me up straight. We walked towards the river on the east side and admired the view.
There was a street singer on the corner of the street. He pulled me close to him as it was a little chilly and he did that adorable smirk that made my knees weak. We danced stupidly and horribly, justifying our extremely bad dance moves with laughter, but it was romantic. I loved every second of it.

As we walked home he saw that I was shivering and freezing as I didn’t come out with a coat as it was like 90 degrees at the start of the night. I felt a warm embrace which was his coat. He stood in a thin t shirt wrapping his coat around me, I threw my arms around his torso to try and keep him warm. We eventually got back to my place and as soon as he shut the door and jumped up into his arms and kissed him passionately. I loved him so much.

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Nico sighs: I know what he’s planning.

Lala gasps. How could Nico possibly know?

Nico: He told me everything. About that millionaire. The one you told me about the day we met. Believe me Lala, I won’t allow Remy to go through with it.

Lala: I hate that his mind goes to a dark place like that. I don’t want my son to ever think it’s okay to hurt people. Do you know what your father did to him? How he abused Remy? Remy won’t get help for it. So he could end up hurting our son too.

Nico low: None of my siblings ever told me what Manny did to them once I left Newcrest and went to college. Remy especially. And my father and I… I’m not afraid of Manny. My brothers and sisters are, but I’m not. I think my siblings knew if they told me what he’d done to them, I would have killed him. He’d hide like a rat any time I went back to see them on my school breaks.

Lala whispers: It was so bad what he did to him, Nico. 

Nico: You don’t have to tell me. If Remy shared it with you, it meant he trusted you enough to keep it between you two. I’m waiting for the day he trusts me enough to share it with me. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about anyone coming to harm. If the videos on that millionaire are true, then I’ll work on bringing him to justice. With no blood shed. 

Lala shakes her head: I don’t think you can stop Remy, Nico.

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What should I'd do when a grown man tells me (a underage person, I'm 17 btw) to get fucked because I said that something was racist? I wasn't talking to him, about him, or anything like that he just ground a post I made months ago and got madd that I said something was racist so he told me to get fucked and then said I'm not underage I'm a SJW which means he can attack me.

block him and move on. these people crave attention and never want to learn, so the best you can do is preserve yourself and ignore them.

Two weeks ago at work I made my manager listen to GDs Ep… he texted me over that weekend and asked me who we were listening to. I saw him today and he told me that he’s only been listening to the EP since he bought it that day. AND ANOTHER HAS BEEN CONVERTED. Dear Kwon Jiyong, I’ll accept my commission via PayPal, hard cash, or a date (wherever you want to go.)

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After Warren led Sophia past several offices, he finally stopped at one of the doors, unlocked it and then motioned for her to go inside.

“Where are we?” she asked, once he had closed the door behind them. “Because unless I’m mistaken this isn’t the Mayor’s office.”

“It’s mine.”

“You told Kian that the Mayor wanted to see me.”

“No, I told him that he said to fetch you - which I did.”

“So he wants to talk to him alone, then?”

“Very good.”

Crossing her arms in front of her, Sophia glared at him in response to his revelation, “If anything happens to Kian, you won’t have to worry about him killing you. You’ll have to worry about me.”

“Oh, is that so, little fledgling? And how do you plan on enacting revenge against a much older vampire than yourself.”

“You’d be surprised at what I can do.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” he replied, slightly amused. “But you don’t have to concern yourself with his safety. The Mayor just wants to speak to him about private things that you don’t need to be a part of.”

“Like what things?”

“None of your business.”

“Ah, so he didn’t tell you either,” Sophia replied, smugly. “I guess you’re just the Mayor’s little bitch. Do you always do what he tells you without question or do you sometimes think for yourself?”

“I would watch how you speak to me, my patience only goes so far.”

“I’m not afraid of you, Warren.”

“Oh, no? Betting I won’t hurt a woman?”

“No, I’m betting that the Mayor didn’t tell you to kill me. And even if you tried, you would find it harder than you expect.”

“Sophia, I’m not here to hurt you,” he replied, adopting a calmer tone. “And to be honest, I don’t want to. But if you try to escape this room or continue being so combative, I’ll be forced to.”

“Then what do you want me to do until you’re allowed to take me back?”

“Sit down and be quiet. I’ll take you back to Kian in an hour or so.”

“Fine, I’ll sit here and wait. But I won’t promise to be quiet.”

Harry Potter

20 years ago, ‘Harry Potter’ came out and it changed my life. At least, it did some years later when I developed a love for reading. 

Here’s a confession: I never read 'Sorcerer’s Stone’ — I started with 'Chamber of Secrets.’ Now before you come at me with pitchforks and fire, I have a pretty good reason. 

When I was in the third grade, I asked my mom for a copy of ‘Sorcerer's Stone.’ English is her second language (she immigrated from Turkey) and it wasn’t very good back then. I told her I wanted to read Harry Potter, but she had no idea what that meant or that it was a series of books. She went to the store and said, “Harry Potter.” The salesperson couldn’t get any specifics out of her so he handed her a copy of 'Chamber of Secrets.' 

When I opened the book on Christmas morning, I didn’t have the heart to tell her she got the wrong one… so I read the second book and went on from there. 

Although I will be reading 'Sorcerer’s Stone’ this summer, this is one of my favorite memories and I will cherish it forever. 

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My mum knows I'm probably nonbinary, but I have anxiety so it makes it hard to be certain. I told my dad earlier today, and he didn't really seem to care? He said that he didn't understand it, because biologically I have a gender, but he didn't really seem to want to know more, and I can't tell if I'm being paranoid and he was just busy, or if he's going to have issues accepting me. Should I bring it up again at a later date? What do I do?

You should bring it up again and explain how you even though you have a sex, your gender is different from it. If it’s too hard for you to say it in person you can write a letter and leave it in a place where you know it will be seen by him. Remember to be clear and direct about what you want to say. Good luck, and you can always message me if you need support!

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I've been having trouble lately... I was born a female and identify as a genderfluid male (this blog helped me figure that out, so thanks!). I want to get a binder but I'm only thirteen, meaning I can't buy it myself. My dad doesn't know that I identify as this and I'm nervous about telling him because he's acted strange since I told him I was asexual. What should I do?

You could get the binder through a friend by giving them money to order it, or you can use some alternative binding techniques like these


also, check our binding tag for advice on how to bind properly, what to avoid, etc. good luck!

- peach 

Top 10 Bias List

I was tagged by @heebiejbies. Thank you for tagging me but also why would you do something as cruel as this? 😂

Okay so this is supposed to be TOP bias list but it’s mostly just a bias list (that contains 10 of them 😂) because gahh I love all of them equally and omg I have been thinking about this for a week? now, I also decided to go with stage names this time, so yeah, let’s start!

1) Taeil - Block B The most precious thing and the most scary sometimes also hands down one of the best vocalist out there

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honestly same

2) JunQ - MyName Omfg I love MyName so much ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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3) Jooheon - Monsta X A very sweet hoooneyyyy~ 🍯

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4) Rap Monster - BTS Have I ever told you that my sis been sending me Namjoon for I think more than a year now whenever she has the chance, it started because she wanted to annoy me but she didn’t know he’s my bias and that she was actually doing me a favour 😂 Long story short but I have to post this one day 😂

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Okay so these 4 were pretty simple, I knew they would be in here but after this it’s just a mess 😂

5) Jimin - AOA Her voice her in general will be the death of me

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6) Bonkuk - INX Jesus people please give INX a chance, they’re great! 🙏

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7) D.O - EXO The squishiest squishy to ever squish but getting serious tho, I relate to Ksoo on a such deep spiritual level it’s scary 😂

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8) Listen - The Legend I’m still so freaking sad they disbanded at least they won their lawsuit 😢

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9) Bitto - Up10tion rallararallalla yeogiyeogi buteora~ it’s not even his part but I love that part😂

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10) Sejun/Hanse - Victon Agh actually I’m so lost in Victon because Hanse keeps on giving me a hard time but we and Sejun share birthdays so it must be fate wth 😂

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Thank god I was tagged in another bias thingy, so I will continue my rant/list there 😂

I have no idea who to tag, so if you see this and feel like doing it, go ahead!~ Just tag me in it, I would love to read it!~ 😊

I’ve got stuff to tell you!

My dad told me that after graduation it’s very possible to take me to a trip wherever I wanted. I proposed Portugal in May for Eurovision (mainly for fun, I expected him to say no) AND HE SAID YES!! My dream is very close to becoming reality!! 

this imagine request was sent to me by message by an absolute sweet heart who waited for my lazy ass like a little angel so this ones for you love! also if you didn’t want to send a request through the question box thingy feel free to message me!

Request:  Hello! I have an imagine idea for you. Maybe an imagine where your in Eric’s basement, and you’re just chilling and cuddling and stuff. You’ve been together for maybe like a few months or something. He hasn’t told you that he loves you yet. But tonight he does. Perhaps you’re like having a convo about everything and he starts talking about his insecurities e.g. the sunken chest & the prescription medication he takes.. And y/n goes something like" you shouldn’t care what the bullies think of you, they are just jealous of you/ you are better than them. You’re perfect and gorgeous etc" then Eric just pulls her into an embrace and says something like “no one has ever said those words to me before…” Etc. Then says “I love you, Y/N and then goes on says how beautiful and lovely she is and how she understands him. They kiss and cuddle. Just lots of fluff! Thank you xxx

Trigger Warnings: no! you’re all  good here!


Eric had invited you over to spend the Saturday with him while his parents were out of town for the weekend and he was by himself. You guys had been watching movies and eating junk food. After the movie finished, neither of you wanted to get up from the couch to put the next one in so you decided to just sit and chat. 

You had been dating for 5 months now, Before that, you had been pretty good friends. i took ages for wither of you to say anything to each other. you only exchanged smiles in the hallway and the occasional mutter of a “Hello.” 

After you finally grew a pair and started talking, you realized how much you had in common and you mentally slapped yourself for not saying anything before because you realized how much you really liked him.

“Are you insecure about anything?” He asks shoving a few pieces of popcorn in his mouth.

“Yeah. Of course I am. What kind of silly question is that?” You laugh slightly.

“I just think you’re one of the most genuinely beautiful people out there. And I don’t mean that because I am your boyfriend, I mean it actually. Your just naturally stunning and I wondered if you were insecure about anything because you legitimately don’t need to.” 

“That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.” You say picking at your fingernails and looking down at your hands. “Well are you insecure about anything?” You look up at the popcorn stuffed boy and smile. 

“Well yeah just look at me. I’ve got this dumb sunken chest, I’m the scrawniest mother fucker out there, I’m so unstable I have to be on medication and everyone in the school seems to hate me besides you and probably Dylan.” He sighs.

“Eric, you shouldn’t let those assholes get to you. They’re jealous of you. You’ll forever be better than them in every sense. I think you’re perfect and you shouldn’t have any insecurities because you are the most genuinely kind and beautiful person I’ve ever met. You’ve got a heart of gold and I doubt I will ever find any person as amazing as you. You are beautiful.” 

He just sits there for a moment and looks you straight in the eyes. He sits up so he is right in front of you and wraps his arms around your chest, his read resting just on top of your heart. You can feel him smiling so you hug him back.

“No ones ever said anything like that to me.”

“Well I meant it.” You say as he pulls out of his hug and is staring into your eyes. 

“I love you.” He says with this big goofy smile on his face like a five year old who just got a puppy.

Your heart melts at the sound of his words. Your eyes start to tear up a bit. You look into his eyes deeper then ever and smile, “I love you even more.” 

He grabs you into a hug and leans back so that you are laying on top of his chest. The two of you stayed like this for a bit, you were enjoying listening to his heart beat. You knew you loved him. This was it, this was that moment everyone talks about in the movies. You were in love.


this is so cheesy but i loved writing it this is one of my favorite imagines.

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I was his first kiss but after that he told me he is in love with someone else. Do I love him enough to know that he'll be thinking of her while kissing me and stay or do I love myself enough to leave? Please should I stay or leave?

You have to make your own choice, babe, but I would leave.

You deserve someone who truly wants to be with you. Everyone has baggage, but Being actively in love/pining for someone else is too much. He can’t do that that if he’s still in love with someone else, and esp if he felt compelled to tell you/confess that after your first kiss ❤️

stay his friend if you want/can, but save yourself lots of pain

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Hi it's your eccentric Ravenclaw daughter and sorry I haven't been on a lot I've had some crazy stuff going on!! Anyway, if you remember I told you about how I hated where I lived and wanted to move. My dad really wants me to move there with my mom and brother and he said he would let us stay at his place for as long as we needed to get situated but we know that my mom will never agree!! HALP!!!

maybe try to convince her? maybe she will surprise you. that’s my best advice💙💙 good luck -remus

so earlier this morning i came out to my mom as a pansexual

you know what,, she wasn’t actually mad?? i explained to her
“mom i’m pansexual and i like all genders. can you tell me if you are fine with me having a girlfriend in the future?”

“yeah, that’s fine as long as you love her it’s fine, make sure she’s not abusive and it’s your choice. i don’t care who you like it’s your life you can do what you want”

“wow, thanks mom?? really i thought you were going to freak out.. and what if i get a boyfriend?”

“like i said, it’s your life. it’s your decision.”

“wow.. now i have to tell dad, i hope he acts the same way you do”

i never told my dad yet. i only came out to my mom and brothers and all my friends. i hope he accepts me being pan..

i love my mom, so much. not to mention she’s an asian mom,, it’s hard to have parents like my mom. she’s fine with me having a girlfriend.

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Ntamw messages you asking if you still want to be friends bc ypuve been ignoring him and you always seem busy. I have a full time job now akd i havent been messaging anyone unless they message me first and i told him that before and he didnt make an effort. He messaged me once asking about my favorite superhero and i was on the phone so i forgot to respond. Why is it that the burden of our friendship falls on me though? And why doesnt he believe me when i say im busy?