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“She was so unused to being awake at this hour, she felt disconnected from physical reality.  You could have told her the Olsen Twins had won the US presidency and she probably would have believed it.”

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Private eye: *holds up photo* Have you seen this guy around here recently?

Me: I don’t know, my memory isn’t all that great, if you know what I mean

Private eye: *slides me $50* Maybe this would help you remember?

Me, pocketing the money: Wow thanks dude, don’t know if it’ll do much to help but i’m willing to try anything at this point, by the way what was your name again? i know you told me like a minute ago but I kinda forgot

On Shinso and Aizawa

No, this is not a shipping post.

So I have many feels about episode 20 of Boku no Hero, but one of the things I would like to talk about here, is the relationship between Shinso and Aizawa.

We see that Shinso has made it to the duel phase of the Special Olympics. And while his easily excitable friend is shouting about how weird it is that Shinso made it this far, Aizawa is basically sitting there going “I TOLD you guys.”
To Aizawa, the entrance exam was bullshit, because it gave a huge advantage to people with physical quirks. And Aizawa, of all people, should know this.
I mean. A young Aizawa wouldn’t have made it through that entrance exam.

Aizawa is a hero through and through. He has the heart of one. This man pitted himself against an overwhelming amount of villains, knowing he probably wasn’t going to make it. He literally put his own body between a coordinated surprise attack and his students in the hopes of giving them time to flee.
And he would not have been able to enter UA if he was their age.
His quirk is to shut off other quirks.
It wouldn’t have worked against the robots of that year’s exam.

Part of what makes the hero business harder for Aizawa than for, say, Endeavour or All Might is that Aizawa’s quirk is very specialised, and there’s nothing physical about it. He basically had to make up a new martial art using the power of scarves in order to also have a physical component.
There’s a reason that Aizawa is always telling his students not to be a one trick pony and that’s because he had to learn not to be one in order to even qualify as a decent hero. And he knows not everyone has to struggle that hard.
When you have a powerful physical quirk, it’s easy to believe that it will be enough.

So it’s not difficult to imagine that Aizawa recognizes a younger version of himself in Shinso. This is a kid with a Super Powerful quirk, who has some serious trouble finding the right little slot to fit in at UA. 
Because that school is not adapted to accommodate his strengths and overcome his specific weaknesses.

There’s a panel in the later chapters where Aizawa is talking to Shinsho and you kinda feel like they could bond. These two have a lot in common, after all. They both have some sleep schedule issues, judging by the bags under their eyes, they both like cats and they share a common perspective on the world of quirks.
We don’t really know Aizawa’s background (yet), but it wouldn’t surprise me if he really, truly gets what drives Shinso.
And honestly, I hope he starts mentoring him. Because Shinso deservers better.


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Part 2

  Harry Styles was the clingy type of boyfriend. When the nights came that you were finally able to share the same bed, Harry would sleep with an arm draped over you. During the night, the heat would make you want to pry his arm off of you, but every time, he would wake up and put his arm over you once again. He’d never tell you the reason why, but it was due to paranoia. Paranoid that one day you’ll be tired of having to sneak around, of having your relationship hidden, of not being able to show the world, how much you both loved each other. He felt that if you were to leave him, you would do it in the middle of night. He knew that even in your most selfish moment, you would think of him and not be able to let him see you walk away. Therefore, he never let you go.

  One night, many thoughts roamed your head. Fans were beginning to speculate about your relationship, and as much as you loved Harry, you knew that when the date came to go public, you would not be able to handle the new found attention. As you kept on thinking, the clock kept on ticking, and Harrys’ hold kept getting stronger. The hold that once made you feel at home, began to feel uncomfortable. Those arms weren’t only yours, they belong to millions of fans as well. Fans who would not welcome you. Whose words were capable of taking away those arms from you.

 Suddenly feeling overwhelmed by those thoughts, you’d try to release yourself from his hold, and Harry kept waking up, securing his hand around you once again. It went on for about an hour, going from every twenty minutes, to every ten, to every five. Neither of you were getting the sleep you needed, and by four o’clock, you were fed up with it. His hold was suffocating you, and one last time you’d try to pry his hand off, and that time he did not put them back on you. You turned around to face him, to study his features, knowing this would be the last time you’d be able to see them up close. Moving with what was probably the grace of a predator, you got out of bed, quickly and quietly, trying to not wake Harry up, not knowing he was up with you.

  Feeling the bed move, Harry woke up, thinking his worst nightmare was actually happening. You were going to leave him. When he saw you enter the restroom, he quickly sat up, not daring to move. You’d be able to hear any sudden movements, seeing as it was early in the morning. He kept trying to think of different ways to convince to stay. They ranged from “First thing in the morning, i’m going to go up to the management, and tell them we want to go public” to literally begging on his knees “I’m sorry, angel! We’ll find a way, I promise.” He wasn’t sure exactly what he was going to say, but he didn’t care. He was simply desperate to get you to stay with him.  

  You were sitting on the bathroom floor, reading the letter you had wrote months back, not believing that a day would come when you would actually use it. You smiled as you read your letters vividly remembering the events you wrote on it, when you heard sniffles coming from inside your room. As quietly as you could, you got up from the bathroom floor, and tried to quietly walk back, when suddenly, the lights came on. There, in front of you, stood Harry, with puffy green eyes, the ones that you had fallen in love with, and a red nose. His watery eyes met yours, his mouth moved, but all you were able to make out was “please… I love you… you’re the best thing to ever happen to me… I love you.” Harry kept mumbling things after, but you were unable to make out half of what he was saying.

 Harry was a mess, he knew it. But seeing you calmly staring back at him, made him become even more heartbroken, knowing that no matter what he said, he would no longer be able to change his mind. Turning away to wipe his tears, a black object in the closet caught his attention, your suitcase. The suitcase he bought you when you went on your first ever trip together. The suitcase that you brought when you moved in to his house, the one that had become yours and his home. Harry could not believe an object that once held some of the happiest memories of your relationship, could now hold the saddest memory… the ending. He saw you walk up to it, and he quickly tried to snatch the handle from your grip, only to loose his footing, and ultimately fall down.

 You saw Harry lying across the floor, and as much as you wanted to help him up, you knew that whatever he told you next, would cause you to stay. Knowing that staying here would only bring you harm, you grabbed the handle, and started to walk out the door, when you heard Harry say, “I love you, isn’t that enough?” Not being able to look Harry in the eye, you shook your head, and left the room, leaving the note in the bathroom, and ignoring his pleas for you to stay with him.

 Harry cried for what felt like hours. And once he finally decided to get up from the floor, he noticed he had slept with the watch that you had given him on his last birthday. The watch had been gifted as a joke, as Harry would say that time would stop when he was around you. You had told him that with that watch he would be able to see how time would keep ticking and it would show that no matter how much time would pass, you would still be by his side. That watch had been the first thing to come in contact with the floor, causing it to break and forever read the same time, 4:18 a.m.

 You left him at 4:18 a.m.

A/N: Hi guys! This is my first one shot, and hopefully the first of many! I originally submitted this story to another blog ( @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy ) and i decided to post it, and begin writing other fan fiction. Please let me know what y’all thought :)


I Don’t Mean It Pt 5

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

After dinner and with what Taehyung said, you were heartbroken. You believed his words, although you knew he would sometimes say things he didn’t mean when he was upset. But you knew inside that this time was different. He wasn’t going to ask for forgiveness this time around.

Did he even consider you his friend this entire time? Did any of them consider you a friend? Or were they really only nice because you had information about them. You loved each of them dearly, always wanting the best of them. Ever since they moved in next door, your life had changed for the better. You had always had a special place in your heart for Taehyung too. The way he made you feel when you were with him was indescribable. 

But it seems that all of it was a lie. 

“If he wants me out of his life, then that’s what I’ll give him” you say silently to yourself.

The award show season came and went by in a flash. And for some reason, Tae was itching to text you to tell you all about it. About how happy he was for winning awards. About how he wished you were there to celebrate with them.

But he dismissed any of those feelings and replaced them with his anger. He saw the other boys call and tell you the good news, but he kept his distance, not wanting to ruin their fun. 

A few weeks prior, the group’s manager came up to Taehyung regarding an article that a reporter was going to publish. Within the article was a detailed description of all the places Taehyung frequented in secret as to avoid the eyes of the public. In this article was a detailed description of all the small things that not many people knew about. 

Tae was of surprised. Where had this reporter gotten all this information? His manager had said that he had gotten this information from you when he found out that you both were neighbors. He said that you had received a sum of money for the information. Thankfully his manager had “stopped the article from being published” but he scolded Taehyung for being close with just some girl.

And with that, Taehyung was fuming. He swore never to tell you anything ever again and to have you out of his life. But a voice inside him told him otherwise and he couldn’t push you out completely. He still couldn’t. And he still didn’t tell the other guys yet because he knew it would have only distracted them.

A/N: I think I’m going to end part 5 here for now. I wanted to make this longer, but I’m going to hold myself back and keep it for part 6. What do you think is going to happen? Who wants a part 6? Let me know!! I also want to thank you all for the support once again. And thank you for understanding for when I didn’t post last night! 

One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.
Sneaky bastard - Bruce Wayne x Reader (NSFW)

Since I have no shame, yet another smutty story (it’s been a while). It’s not just smut though, there’s a plot, and there’s lots of fluff@whovianayesha hope you’ll like it and don’t think it’s total shite, because as usual, I feel like it’s pretty badmaybe I rushed things a bit too much ? I mean, actions gos by too fast and don’t make sense ? EEEEEH I’M ALWAYS SO STRESSED YOU GUYS WON’T LIKE MY WRITING WHENEVER I POST SOMETHING, sorry for being such an annoying angsty woman, I just hope you’ll like  :

WARNING NSFW (smut, don’t read if it makes you uncomfortable, go read my other very safe for work stories instead ;)), LANGUAGE. It’s long, sorry.

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


If someone would have told you a few weeks ago that you’d save the goddamn Batman, you’d probably would have laughed in their faces. It seemed so ridiculous, that a rookie such as you, who literally joined the forces not even a month before, would ever save a man like the Dark Knight. 

And yet, it happened. And it was wicked awesome.


He was fighting a bunch of thugs in a back alley, when you came by. You weren’t even gonna intervene, you knew the man, you already saw him roaming Gotham City before you became a cop, he could definitely handle himself…But then, you noticed one of the guy he was fighting take a few steps back, and draw a gun. It was pointed right at the bat’s head and he was going to pull the trigger in a matter of seconds ! 

You didn’t think, you acted. You jumped in the alley, surprising all of them, and with an expertly done high kick, you got the gun out of the man’s hand, knocking him down with a mean left hook. Damn, you turned into a total badass under the adrenaline ! 

Batman quickly got rid of the las few thugs, and turned to you. Suddenly, you didn’t feel that excited anymore, the man was impressive. So tall. Large. Muscular. Yeah ok, he was totally sexy. 

He turned his weird glowy white gaze on you, and, with a voice too rough and low to be human, asked you : 

-Are you alright ? This was very foolish to jump in like that, I didn’t need your help. You could have been very hurt. 

-Yeah I’m alright, and like Hell you didn’t need my help, I totally saved your life dude, be more thankful ! Jeez louiiise. 


-Wow. Ok. So you’re an ass. 

-The ass can give you a ride to the nearest hospital, you’re bleeding. 

-What ? 

He pointed to your arm, and…oh. Yeah. You got shot. Damn. 

-I didn’t even feel it…

-Must be the rush of epinephrine in your blood. Come on, follow me. 

-Wow wait, you’re gonna give me a ride…in the batmobile ?! 

-Do you see any other car ? Climb in, and do not touch anything. 

You tried to keep your cool. To act like it was no big deal…but the adrenaline in your veins doubled in volume as you sat in the car you so often dreamt of riding when you were a child. Fuck this was great ! 

He drove you to the nearest hospital, without saying a word, and almost threw you out of the car. Ass. 

Your wound wasn’t deep, a bullet just grazed you and you only needed a few stitches, you were out two hours later. You went home by foot, because walking always cleared your mind, and damn it needed to be clear right now. Anyway, you weren’t living too far away. 

You just saved the Batman ! YOU JUST SAVE THE BATMAN !! 

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The Ultimate Percy Jackson Characterization Masterpost

Because I have been talking about this for months and a lot of other people have too, but it’s disjointed. I want to compile it, since his mischaracterization breaks my heart and makes me want to scream with rage. Please add if you think of something I didn’t! I’m also starting the tag “#percy jackson defense squad”, so feel free to start dumping your salt and rage and theories and ideas in there because I wanna hear them!

Trigger warnings for mentions of suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence.

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I ship everything (charms, buttons, pins) in a 5″x7″ bubble mailer and it typically weighs 0.5 oz (always less than 1 oz), but it’s always more than 1/4″ in thickness so they have to ship it as a parcel which costs $13.50 USD. THAT’S A LOT, BUT THEY SAID THAT WAS THE CHEAPEST OPTION since its too bulky to send any cheaper. SO, this whole time I’ve been like I’m so sorry international friends, I have no choice but to charge you this much, so beware! (I charged $14 for shipping bc I’m not tryna rip you guys off)

AND TODAY THIS USPS ANGEL (probably worked there for a long time) TOLD ME THAT IF I JUST USE A BIGGER ENVELOPE and evenly distribute the items to fake a uniform flat look, IT WOULD ONLY COST $5.

SO I just wanted to make this post to help any of you that were having to charge your international orders a butt ton and of course someone selling small items wouldn’t think to get huge envelopes to ship things in (like me lmao)

USPS large envelope specifications:
greater than 6.5″ x 11.5″
less than 12″ x 15″
3/4″ thick and uniformly distributed items (can’t be lumpy)

For example:

You can take a piece of cardboard, evenly distribute your buttons or charms, then put one layer of bubble wrap on top of it and put it in an envelope. Just make sure it doesn’t exceed the 3/4″ and be sure you’re faking that flat look!

Also, to my international customers, I am so so sorry that I’ve had to charge you so much and I apologize for not doing my research more thoroughly. I have temporarily changed my shipping costs and will properly adjust them when I’ve gotten a hold of the right shipping materials!!

Life is Strange Season 2 - CONFIRMED!!

Oh. My. God.

I almost lost hope that I would EVER be able to write a post with THIS kind of headline. A season 2. That all I ever wanted. Thank you so so much!!!

Now what do you guys think will go down in it? I personally think that they are going to make a complete new game with a complete new cast (and maybe setting). The story of season 1 (damn, that wired to say) is told, but I am 110% sure that Dontnod will hind at it or even hide Easter eggs (after all Michel was on the plane with Max, remember?). 

I do hope that they maybe now have the financial resources they need to make the game like they want to (and maybe not leave as many open question as they did with S1, pretty please?)

So what do you guys think will go down in season 2? Fell free to Ask/IM me :) 

-Love, Lena :)

boys of summer

”You know body positivity?” Magnus asks, drumming his fingers against his thigh.

”Isn’t it like, the celebration of all kinds of bodies?” Mahdi says with a mouth full of waffles.

“You want us to celebrate your body?” Isak smirks, leaning back on his chair.

“You’ve got great arms, Mags,” Jonas nods.

“Aww, thanks bro, you too,” Magnus reaches out his hand to squeeze Jonas’s arm. “No but what I mean is, I see Vilde look at these body positivity accounts on insta, right. These chicks posing in their underwear and shit, you know the stuff?”

“I’ve been over accounts of chicks in their underwear for a while now,” Isak sucks in an exaggerated breath. “But do continue.”

“So, I see her look at these pics, right, and from the way she talks about them, I get the feeling that she wants to try it out but is too afraid to do it, you know?”

“You mean post a body positivity pic?” Jonas asks, receiving a nod from Magnus. “It does take a lot of guts to put your body out there for everyone to criticize.”

“Yeah man, especially for chicks, they get so much hate online,” Mahdi chimes in.

“Yeah, I can see that, so I wanna do something to encourage her, to show her that I support her, which got me thinking, maybe I should do it first?”

“Ojjj, are you leaking your nudes,” Isak cocks his head.

“I was thinking of, I don’t know, posting a shirtless pic or something. Do you think that’d be weird?”

“Why would it be weird to want to support the person you love?” Isak asks, the mischievous twinkle in his eyes gone.

“Yeah bro, nothing wrong with that. Think how many shirtless pics that guy William probably takes per day just to support his ego.”

“You heard the man,” Jonas says. “Just do it, straight up.”

“Thanks dudes,” Magnus beams, taking off his shirt. “So, who’s gonna take the pic?”

“You wanna take the pic now? At school? The fuck?”

“I just told you? I wanna show my girl that I support her as soon as possible.”

“Jesus Mags,” Isak shakes his head and holds out his hand. “Give me your phone and strike a pose.”

“Wait, I’ve got a better idea,” Jonas grins and abruptly springs up from his chair before clapping his hands. “Mahdi, finish your waffle, boys, take off your shirts, it’s summer, we’re taking a pic.”

“We are?” Magnus cups his cheeks in excitement. “How should we stand?”

“Isak can be in the back row since he’s got the ugliest face,” Mahdi shoots.

“For your information, I’ve got the best legs so I’m gonna show them off in the front row,” Isak says, throwing his leg on the table.

“But wait, Isak, before we take the pic,” Magnus says, eyes widening, “can you get Even to come here?”

“Get your own fucking boyfriend.”

Dares (Tom Holland x Reader)

omg wow okay, so I told myself that when I reached 100 followers on this blog, I would post this fic. SO here I am with 100 follower posting this fic. Thank you to everyone for following me. You guys are awesome.

Word Count: 1585 (Tom is the word most said, obviously lol)

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, a little bit of platonic Zendaya x reader

Warnings: Cursing, angst (i think this qualifies as angst?)


Part 1 | Part 2 

Spider Man: Homecoming was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to you. Acting had always been a dream of your since you were 5 years old. And now, you were living out that dream, in something you’d grew up with: Spider Man.

But that wasn’t the only reason you were happy to do the film. You’d met the most amazing person ever. Tom Holland was the sweetest, most thoughtful, funniest person you’d ever met. He never failed to make you laugh and make you feel comfortable in any situation. Since you were new to the whole fame thing (which you’d gotten almost immediately after you got cast in the movie 3 months ago), Tom was always there to guide you through it, since he was a bit more experienced with it all.

You’d, of course, gotten comfortable with the rest of the cast too, but Tom seemed to put an extra effort into being your friend. A best friend.

And, of course, this had turned into a crush. Like a real life, “I-really-want-to-date-you-because-you-make-my-stomach-flutter-and-heart-palpitate-kind of crush.” Not a “Hanging-out-would-be-cool-and-I-just-really-want-to-make-out-with-you-crush.” You couldn’t help it. He was just too amazing.

“And cut!” the director called out. “That was great guys, I think we’re done for today!”

Everyone gave a small cheer and began to clean up.

The cast was filming the Homecoming scene. You were wearing heels and a green dress. Acting was fun because you got to wear all different kinds of outfits.

The set was on a small incline, so you had to walk down two stairs in order to get off of it. As you were walking down the first step, your heel got caught on the floor below you and you started falling before Tom ran over and helped you stand back up.

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2000 Special winner!

I told you guys I’d announce it soon! “but that’s to soon– *gets shot*” 


Let’s go to the point! The winner, with amazingly since I thought nobody would participate cuz those ship were kinda weird but I love them sjdhjs the most votes is…

ROTTENBERRY YEY! longlivetheblueberryships

Mah second OTP won, tha’s incredible o-o)!!!


There’s another ship that won. Why? Because a friend that I love, likes that couple and they wanted me to give life to a fanchild. That couple is ErrorNight.


Those two couples are going to have their Stage two! I’ll soon post some options for you to choose for them. In this stage, we’re going to choose their bones’ color (for the ErrorNight since… well, nightmare is ACTUALLY a white boned skeleton), eyesockets’ appeareance (like… having just pinprick and this being blue/yellow/red/white/howrever) and their outfit!


RottenBerry will have its RottenBerry week. This will come after the Inkberry week that I’m planing to make in july!


I still want to draw Kustard and AfterFell. I luv AfterFell

Have a Blueprint picture I made since I don’t wanna post this without one uvu

THAT’S HIS WEAPON BY THE WAY! A cute mechanical pencil that he use to write his stories draw and make blueprints! It can changes size and he keeps it in his little bag!

Love you all!

BTS React to your EX showing up and staying at your house

@kissesfrombangtanatnight : Hello there! How are you? :D I was wondering if you could do a BTS reaction to your ex showing up at your shared house asking to stay for a week because his current girlfriend kicked him out of the house and he has nowhere to go. And being the kindhearted person you are, you let him stay, but it pisses off the BTS member and you try to show him you only love him? Thank you! :D

I’m doing great! Sorry this took so long to be posted (I was out of town with work this past week) but I hope it was worth the wait! Thank you for requesting this, I really like how it turned out. 


“Tell him to leave, right now.”

You try to make him understand that your ex has nowhere to go, and kicking him out would leave him destitute on the street. 

Yoongi is having none of it, frustrated and hurt that you would let the guy stay there without thinking of how he would feel about it. 

“You shouldn’t have told him he could stay in the first place. You didn’t even ask me.”

“I want him gone. If you care about me, he’ll be gone by the time I get back.”

Yoongi leaves, not telling you where he’s going. 

Your Ex doesn’t even hold a candle to what you feel for Yoongi, so even though it’s hard, you kick him out.

When Yoongi comes back home, you sincerely apologize to him, making him his favorite dinner, and opening up a bottle of his favorite wine. 

Originally posted by minshoot


He would be so angry at first that he would actually leave your house and stay with a friend for a couple of days, not returning any of your calls. 

Eventually he cools down enough to return home, though he’s still not back to his usual warm self. 

He agrees that your ex can stay, but ONLY for the week and no more. 

Namjoon is one to get jealous easily, so you make sure to avoid your ex as much as possible (no making polite conversations, no touching, no close proximity, etc.)

You pay extra special attention to Namjoon, showing him love and amping up the physical affection, kissing him good morning, holding his hand, sitting in his lap, etc. 

“I love how good of a person you are, and how sympathetic you are to others, but in this case it’s killing me, baby.”

“Sunday morning he better have his bags packed and ready to go, bc if he doesn’t I’ll throw his shit out on the curb.”

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Tae is such a sweet person, and you both are really warm hearted individuals. He would let your ex stay in his time of need, and would even make an effort for him to feel somewhat welcome. 

He loves you a lot, and you have a really great relationship, but he would become a little insecure while your ex was there, wondering if there might be any lingering feelings. 

“You’re not still attracted to him are you?”

“I know I’m being stupid and you would never hurt me by being with him, I’m just really uncomfortable with him here around us.”

You would have to show him a lot of love, and be sure to tell him that you love him and only him more than average. 

“It’ll be better when he finds his own place, I’ll manage until then.”

“But you have to be extra sweet to me jagi, just like you have been. No slacking!”

Originally posted by kpopphases

J Hope:

He would let him stay, but not in the main house. He would be exiled to the garage, and would not be allowed inside if you’re there by yourself. Hobi thinks your ex is sleazy, and doesn’t want you hanging around with him without someone else present. 

“I know you wouldn’t do anything, baby.”

“But that guy is nothing but a creep. No wonder you dumped him.”

You would be sure to cuddle up to him after he gets home from work. Just watching movies together covered up on the couch, or laying in bed at night having long and thoughtful conversations. 

Your relationship would be stronger then ever.

Originally posted by minseokhoseok


Jungkook would be so angry at you for letting your ex stay.

It would be a huge deal to him, bc he would NEVER let on of his ex gf’s stay even if they really needed it. He wouldn’t do something like that to you, or do anything that would make you feel insecure in your relationship. 

“I’m so angry right now, just leave me alone.”

“Don’t talk to me. I don’t want to say something I”ll regret.”

He would reject every kind of advance you’d make. Not letting you hold his hand, hug him, kiss him, etc. 

You would do your best, apologizing to him and asking him to understand. 

“I don’t understand. I’m not going to understand. If you want to make it right, then tell him to hit the road.”

In the end your ex does leave, sensing that he probably shouldn’t have even came to you as a last resort in the first place. 

Jungkook would take some time to cool off, but your persistent, and eventually you win him back over. 

“I know I was mean about it, but I couldn’t stand him being here. It was driving me crazy to see you around him.”

Originally posted by 7bboys


Jimin would be so sulky, acting like a brat to you for letting your ex stay. 

“I can’t believe you’re letting him stay here.”

“I honestly feel so disrespected. You didn’t even listen to me when I told you no.”

He would ignore you most of the day, staying in your room and avoiding the unwanted guest. 

That night, you curl around him, wrapping your arms and legs around him so he can’t escape, and beg him for mercy. Asking him to forgive you and to just let your ex stay a couple days, no more. 

“Only a couple days! You better be on your best behavior while he’s here too.”

“And you have to make breakfast everyday! And we watch what I want on TV, no more “say yes to the dress’!”

You agree to his demands, and you both snuggle together until you fall asleep. 

Originally posted by syubbed


Jin would be very disgruntled about your ex being there. 

He would just confront him head on, laying down the law. 

“You don’t touch anything without permission, you don’t eat our food, you don’t drink our alcohol, you don’t mess with our stuff. No exceptions.”

“Yah! No using our toiletries either, or bathroom tissue!”

He would be militant about it, determined to make your ex so miserable he leaves quickly. 

‘I’m not happy about this, but don’t worry, he won’t be here long.”

“I give it a week.”

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Marimo and Witchcraft

As you may have noticed, I picked up a new plant recently.  

We have gotten to know each other rather quickly, (this marimo is mighty friendly). I would like to share with you my personal experience with marimo’s and magic! 

The folklore

If you would like to learn about the story behind the marimo, you should check this out right over here. The post describes the story told about the two lovers, the symbolism, and the more accurate mythology. Overall, it is a plant of love, bonds, and caring deeply for nature. 

Overall traits

These little guys are so helpful and friendly. I find the energy to be very calming and grounding! They are gentle, kind spirits that deserve care and love, and give it back in return (you can feel the love gently radiating off of them when they are well cared for). 

My associations

* Can be petitioned in cases of love (all kinds), wishes, bonds

* Associated with a love of nature

* Nurturing. This can be to nurture a relationship, a career, yourself, or your dreams. What you put into the marimo, it gives back. 

* Grounding and centering (great for meditative work)

* Strengthening ties to the rhythm of nature

Making marimo care magical 

* Put a charm that has been lovingly charged in the water or on the tank! 

* Sigils on the bottom of the container

* Add charged waters to the tank after cleaning (I will be doing moon water). This makes a great offering, your marimo 

* Do some energy work while holding it in your hands during a cleaning (fav way to bond so far)

* Charge the stones/marbles you put in the tank

And that’s it so far! I will add to it more as I learn more about MoMo! 

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Please Read!!!!

    So i don’t really post any personal stuff on here and not a lot of the 45 of you know me well but I’m A low class POC trans-guy who lives in the US.

    I created a Paypal to help pay for a binder, packer, and some guy clothes. The ultimate goal is 100 or even 80$ but Just enough for a binder would suffice I’m pretty young and my mom is unsupportive. She has outright told me she doesn’t support my gender identity but I’m not in any danger (Luckier than most) My dad is out of the picture.

  I don’t have any way of making the money myself without doing some illegal things that may become a last resort.  I have a mental illness and being severely dysphoric really backtracks my progress. Even if you only donate 50 cents id be so grateful. I have a support system and I just need this to feel like myself. I can do Art, Magickal workings (Spell writing, divination, etc,) and One-shots of any ship if you want alongside your donation. Please even if you can’t donate spread the word.

    If you know someone or even yourself that has old binders/guy clothes that you/they would like to giveaway it’d be greatly appreciated.  I can’t pay for shipping fees though so that’s entirely up to you.

My paypal link is: paypal.me/tylersfund

This will also be pasted in my account bio.

    Thank you for taking the time out to read this and I wish well upon anyone who can help spread the word. Sincerely,


Dua Request

So there was this rlly amazing sister that would always end up in the prayer room at the same time as me. She would always pull treats out of her bag and wouldn’t let you leave without sharing some with her because she wanted to reward of sharing and eating together. She was honestly one of the kindest and warm people I have ever met in my life.

I didn’t see her for a while so I figured she left or moved or something… But one day a close friend if hers stopped me on my way to class and told me she had passed away. She didn’t have any family and lived alone… So can you guys do me a huge favour and pray for her? Her name was Maryam

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Laura’s goodbye

Hello petals, yesterday and today I talked with Laura about why she decided to delete her blog. 

I understood her reasons and I agreed (ofc, duh) to post this message on her behalf. Now I beg you, please read her words, for she really, really wanted to let you all know why she did such a thing. 

What you’ll read it’s extremely important and I hope you can find a bit of time to think about her reasons and the whole situation concerning our fandom and the relationship between writers and readers. 

I’m sure we all will miss Laura, because she was not only a great writer but also a lovely, beautiful person <3

So, without further ado, these are Laura‘s words for you.

Hello guys! It’s Laura (previously @pantaemonium-deactivated2017062).
First of all I want to thank my dear Conny for allowing me to post this on her blog. I really wanted to have a chance to say goodbye to you. 

Many of you will be wondering what happened, how did someone who had just posted that morning and gave no sign whatsoever that she was going to leave… actually left with no explanation at all. Truth be told, I had been thinking about deleting for the longest time. As time passed, I felt more burdened, more pressured to write Fallout, or create contents you would like instead of going for the stories I wanted to write and, at some point I could no longer write a word of the many stories I had started out of an impulse. For someone whose only way of expressing herself is writing, this was devastating and it was taking a great toll on my mental health I was not willing to face for the sake of my blog. 

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Being Misha Collins' daughter would include...

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-Having a very nice relationship with your parents.

-Telling them everything.

-Misha always helping you when you have a crush in someone. 

-Always traveling with your dad to conventions or to the Spn set.

-With Jared’s help, playing pranks in your dad.

-Playing pranks in basically everyone. 

-Tickle wars.

-“Dad, stop!" 

-Misha’s fans simply love you.

-Having interest in directing and writing episodes. 

-Helping Misha or Jensen, when they direct a episode. 

-Secretly shipping Destiel.

-Being afraid to tell Misha that you are bisexual.

-The only thing in your life you was afraid to tell him. 

-Jensen noticing it before your dad, and talking to you about that.

-He told you that would be good to tell Misha as soon as possible, and that he would be happy with you telling him.

-Finally having the guts to tell Misha.

-He laughed a little confused and said "I already knew.”

-“Jensen told you…?”

-“What? No! I see you looking at girl asses all the time!”


-Bear hugs all the time.

-Ice cream sunday afternoons. 

-Dinners with political discussions. 

-Birthdays parties with a strange and crazy theme.

-Misha being your best friend.

Hope you like it! Tell me what to do for the next “would include” post. See you guys next Sunday <3