i told u this is quite simple

Uchiha Itachi | Dedicated to Dena

Imagine bby Robin!Tim being completely enthralled by magic. Like, one day when Bruce took Tim up to the Watchtower with him, Tim wanders off and meets Zatanna.

Four hours and a lot of worrying later, Bruce finally finds Tim in one of the lounges, totally enraptured by the magic tricks Zatanna is performing for him (and Bruce totally has like five minutes of this recorded okay shhh).

And Tim’s just like, “BRUCE. BRUCE C'MERE YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS. ZEE DO IT AGAIN FOR BRUCE. B, I WANNA LEARN TO DO THIS CAN I PLEASE?” to which Bruce responds with a pft Tim you’re Robin you don’t need magic.

Zatanna teaches Tim a few simple spells anyway (some that cause headaches for Bruce and amusement on her part). And now like, whenever Tim’s at the Tower, he’ll go and look for her like;

“Hey Zee, didja learn any new spells?”

“As a matter of fact, I learned quite a few. C'mon, I’ll show ya.” Bruce groaning in the background like Zatanna pls can u not teach him more tricks

Or: “Tim I told you it was time to go home.”

“Oh, c'mon Bruce, he can stay a little longer. I’ll have Fate teleport him to the manor later.”

Ohmigod Bruce I want to teleport!”

“It’s the same as a zeta tube, Tim.”

“No it’s not this is magic.”