i told u i was gonna make a better one

SO LIKE i think we need to have a talk you guys

and that talk is about self-insert art and fanfiction and how it is 100% okay and nice and wholesome and don’t let any FUCCBOI ELITIST GARBO try to tell you that it’s not.

here’s the deal ok. like realtalk, neechan to u, no bullshit.

i fucking love self-insert fanfiction. i write it all the damn time. i have probably ten different note documents on my phone in which i have written (mostly) shameless fluffy bullshit between myself and my favorite characters because i fucking can???? if i want to smooch jonathan joestar NO ONE IS GONNA TELL ME I CAN’T SMOOCH JONATHAN JOESTAR U FEEL ME??? IT’S NICE AND CUTE AND MAKES ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF WHEN I’M HAVING A SHIT TIME.

don’t let someone tell you that ocs or self-inserts are bad; they’re just mad because someone else told THEM a long time ago when they were a wee young fan that it was bad and now they’re not BRAVE enough to do what you’re doing and share it.

everyone self-ships, that’s just facts. i can’t change the facts, only report them.

have fun self-shipping, loves. i know i do!


Now Dawn


Dawn when we first met you spammed me with heaps of notes and reblogs but back then I use to have no one liking my post just scrolling past them but you were there.

As I was still trying to make friends we Skyped each other and became really good friends AND LOOK AT US NOW FAM!

Dawn I told u straight away when I got hated on you said stuff like “DONT LISTEN TO THOSES DICKS” and I thought u didn’t mean it but turns out u do! You kept on encouraging me to ignore the haters and bullies so I did after I got all the support from u and many special others.

I wanted u to know that u r amazing, funny, friendly, encouraging and sweet

Love u fam and thanks for everything

Modern Day!AU Texts/ Strange Magic Shitty Texting, Part 5! It gets a wee bit smutty here, so ye be warned…

Sunny: dude. monty python marathon on right now, n i got a free case of hard cider from work. u free?

Bog: tempted but can’t. mum needs yard work done, and marianne and i promised to help. probably will be all day.

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